Drug free use or area cures as drugs use in magic

    "In do is not to do ruling as this is seeming or does not in apply to use as tis ased on or not to be used does the rule seem fair? Do what you want and as energy allows you to do things, unless you do illegal drugs. As there is another way to think or some energy to use did you lose your mind? The energy of the drugs can induce stability, as you remember them if used right this is the point you think. Thank you and see that? You don't believe in bad practices by them." -George Constanza and George Norwood from a different solar system.

    This is an about the drugs in energy works and is to use the thought ritual or you can think to create magic and you are magic in an idea, this means difference is separate idea. Say as you don't unless as thought is to see what is safe as everything here and there is sometimes, as you don't think it is another person unless necessary. This creates a safe haven that you see as safe or they saw is safe, that was what they thought so you see as you deal with a person near you you use trust or feel as if you can allow things to create otherwise do wisely what you want. The memory can recreate if the body has a cell memory or not, if no use is no need so fish oil with eggs can cure nearly anything as no necessary until necessary. I think salt with bread crumbs or some dust with food causes by feel high emotionalism.

    Some in the early use from very early ages thought you can go with this, as you think to use the drug culture of the early tribes as not to encourage the in use drugs your not drugged or used to ideal. This is but one example to trust those that you think to or no as that doesn't mean they don't have their place. Some shamans have been using safe drugs or water thought for years to be the right drug, including salvianolia (a ritual plant to heigten not deaden senses), Seiamolia (mandrake from a hung man or woman), Seamolia (a different root with a different feel that causes interest).

    See energy as you drink to think to do nothing that is weight to feel, that allows the effect to wear off much like "ci" energy cleanses. As chi is the circulatory system blood energy to help them or need help, so dangerous as that is the area that the indians call a blood ground. This rot no by idea is from the root that is named from it as brown with black and red, as with a smallish bulb base most important. This was used to work paranoia by thought, thus to change things while you do or die or stay away.

    Permuloia or thought isn't energy till rage for fighting or thought to release innermost use by the theory is cured by salt or piss oil, if anything comes up they can create with the area energy focus. So they create an interesting result or feel if lust as they need or not need. So if you think drink water with rest or "no need" to cancel, the idea is out with the correct idea expressed.

    Think as you do this is energy focus, that is thought as you want to focus manifest especially on idea and you will understand. If they don't want an idea then don't do to their senses as you act unconcerned.

    Just avoid the first witch on spirit journeys if she catches you with it she will insane, as to then slay as she controls with suggestion for the first witch dislikes shamans. As you can think and various other effects are, reasons that come to mind are for thousands of years she won't bother you. If you don't bother or touch her if she appears. Unless not needed as restriction you can do what you think.

    As she is effective to manipulate or create, you can use the idea to create by thought, felt in desire you create as you feel to make or create by idea felt or used from aura energy. The area you think is te area she thinks to work with. So as she is energy in use to the thought that is there she can foldup, tent or create the idea as you are sincere or carefree you get some cool idea.

    as your use was wine extract to elongate life. So in this point or creative feeling to use this is the fun area you see, that I worked as I realized when the effect you want was what you wish for is over. The idea you use is not always necessary to do things with, you do have to keep yourself sane though or not as your energy is actually a cure if you think it is. As this is possible by a drug plan, otherwise a crises is energy diverted by a crisis plan or blessed release is thought by backup plan or thought. Think to use idea to control the state of in consciousness as thought is or thought can seem.

    As to do a common thing is a common effect common rule by ritual in magic in the indian style thought is by used drugs, thought is to think and do things and make use of the prescribed drug. So think that they are and they might be, the creator set up by the spirit is with the guy or gal. That is by the creator of this with the wiccan body or some other area. That is useful for any sort of magic as a natural energy effect or fear magic is possible. Assumed thought is not needed so you can try and make as if this were possible. Some ways to use, the natural fire, water, air and as this earth is an elemental rock that is in the elements chart are in this article if for safe places to use this in like a fireproof dish or don't if you aren't intending to hurt if misused by what idea you do.

   "Focus as your hand or body has a slight bit of pain, as thought in use your ability is focused on te feeling or created as your thought is where you want it. Tis is a concept to the use, and tingling is the point that the body awakens with energy. Tis is the tings effect, think as your energy is use with an energy by water to adapt the aura by feel of fire to create better feel or use thought as for the point in use." -Myself. This is a method by myself, thought to get things right are what you seem to do correct.

   Think to touch the sweet spot as your not doing anything, don't suggest "to not seem effected or not feel pain" but touching, the left side of the body as the right suggestion comes up by the creator. Don't overuse this as this as thinking, this is a possible way to get out of pain is a point to be overlax. This by over relaxed muscles and passing out is a body reaction, as nevermind if thought is doing a math concept or equation problem seeing that your mind changes to create a concept by the use on or off or near focus.

    "This is to reduce the pain actually can increase the body feel or sensitivity unless by need, to get used to the pain where you touch the right side or swirl on it. This will take the weight off you, as you focus body energy to not have in thought any pain as if a wish." The actual method. This is to not be in pain or no headache sometimes, you can't avoid the non drug water use of allure or to avoid the pain as energy in water by focus is also a preventative to pain reactions and not pass out as you don't need to take drugs to do drugs.

    False ore considered "or" is the corruptive essence by death energy caused by the area corrupted feel. This influence is use by what you seem to think useful, that creates a placebo false feeling. An isn't by the ionic energy or not if you get bad anger, this is in response by the touch to an area you don't want touched. So use by the results is nulle or no result at all if you want something ask. Due to the point an idea with the onset of corruptive influence, tis with the clutter in the area or energy that is bad.

    "Think by feel to find the right spot on the body, for the energy by health and act that prevents with the use of machines. This is not always with use as a focused body is possible, as you think to touch the sweet spot and if focus to doing and you don't always sense the act. Think as you see the true idea or as if that is by what you feel there in life, your idea is what you think and if the time allowed is not. As thought you want can manifest, if the subconscious doing invisible idea is unallowed unless necessary." This is yet another method.

    Don't touch the sweetspot though if you see something by vision because the sensation you get from that touch is your feel that you don't really realize till you notice, as you can experience it this is a possible creation you can seem to need by feel. That is why the sweetspot can create as you think the thing you see or notice you can do that see or think, as you see the sweetpot is a body pressure point and nothing more than that till the touch wears away by drinking water as though instant non effect.

    As you realize there is a link tere is have in your country that isn't, as you seem to remember the feel of the activity to not create. Seem by what you feel as you can create by water, see use by focus by feel or not always use fire like water as you think is necessary. So don't touch the sweetspot or what you can see or to feel is different or as control or will is possible, will creates what you can seem otherwise to be a view or will occur.

    This is te reason the sweet spot works as those that use it are indetrimented by feel to do the thing they think is energy in use and practice is what energy is to seem useful for idea, so stop if you don't want to find yourself doing things as your feel is intense so use is not done. So by life energy in concept with an ideal point is knowledge, as focus is magic or feel is to the concept.

    So as you see this as control as touch or teletouch to an object releases the energy, that excess to the core. So thats all this is as if gone is dismissed, you can think life cords are different people. That are apart to see your body as separate or realization is achieved.

    You can use a concept for tis thought though as a thought for better is to make better, think separate the bad from the good and the good will seem there. As good responses and better possible work. Thus is a concept in use, there by the subconscious is with energy in or by work with the creator.

   This by use or thought is energy, as from the air to form by your will or remove forms. As if that in a thought or what you will should not be there, this is possible in your own mind or not as this is your own in time. So enjoy it while you can or not as an out is an outing.

    As your thought is not actually realized for what this is or if you do as you want, seeing your beliecving not real your point is to not always fill in unless necessary. This is the idea you use some point to seem in the area you create, as your idea is some not interrment your idea you create is wat you create with feel. As your idea is illegality, what your use is your own doing that can get an idea things are right if not caught. Think as you are or not, if not tempted to get in trouble you get better things than what you get than from what you think to do. As you get what think, you see you realize this as what you were to use.

    As an assault is nothing if caught or doing things is unrealistic by a change in approach or not as the point is attack is arrest. As this seems an idea is assault is undeserved if use that use is thought. Mostly by the concept experience energy with chi as a use with foci. What you can get is what you feel, so in truth there is no right or wrong as long as this doesn't seem wrong. Don't turn into something that you focus to grow, see as by this is some concept to change if you add paprika.

    Such as a energy device or drug agent, that is not water based and think your use creates things allows no use. This is as energy is protrayed in your system of drugs by the use. So things seen wrong are sometimes right or not considered at all. As your energy is what is felt or can cause a triggered response, think and your will energy can viewably seem. This is "subroot" or what is by avoided use that seem useful except to throw things away.

Ritualistic drug idea and method, including potions that is three or more centuries older

   This is a shamanic ritual to use by air as oxygen or thought improvement by nitrogen, as a drugs smoke is there and your near. Think the oxygen separate from the contained contaminants in the air, think to use the oxygen and you will by energy to create or see no smoke inhalation. Think to use, focus your mind and as you inhale and exhale you are more able to think your thought. This and use now is made by what you go by in the effect, use is by what you think into existence.

   This energy by feel creates as nothing exists with nothing in mind done, as if you can create any result or not and this isn't in effect. This creates as you think and if your too wasted, you cannot actually do things so the magic ritual is not actually done as the effect is gone harmlessly into nothing. To use discipline, is a point to think on and you can get more from the idea. If you don't want, to do this you don't have to as all you really need is to think to a gemstone, and you can get an effect as you think fear you can get fear as if in thought don't do as you project it from your aura. Whatever you project through the aura, is effective as the energy is influence by what you think.

  Since different people have different views on it. Here's a warning that it may be inconsidered as dangerous and/or unethical by some people. Thus, keep in mind that this is in use is now an open door and minded in view, that is possible as you can cleanse your aura as this is expressed herein and to make people work or work with you easily use this. Try not to be offended as its only a viewpoint. I am not responsible for others views, you know why you do that.

  "Some may also realize their potential by thought that's more taboo because of the mass media social stigma surrounding it. Ie the war on drugs. Most people don't even think about what that means. They're useful tools for altered states, the problem is they often cause damage more than they help over the long term. a quick getaway into technicolour dreamland and yet not effective as you don't will or use the essence of the chemical but you can get better results from the learning process to produce the state yourself by thinking and meditation - and to control it as if you read it before your seeing it or not and you stop or do something else.

  This is the point that is when you are angry or extrememly stressed out, dangerous as if you used things and thought in use created in use to be hate that is to avoid what you hate in an idea that you can use things by what you abide abandoned the use to abuse it with and things are what you are in life. This is there if you intend to use it, and if there is a thought to use then it can be used. If in need by what in use, is a point to usage as if a point that they agreed to do as its not done as necessary.

  As if in use is a usa in their will that in their mind they see a thought use as you did it, and want unless denied this in use is a point in a pointed out mention that is use in thought and nothing more. If there is a 'tought' moment as to seem and in do is to stop time and make things a use you think to do and now do else if you want touch and go moments, otherwise you and others can then set the purpose as this is not done by the chi use. Now set the moment and do not do things in life that make chi use that means use of life energy, as the chi use is focused if abandoned is harmful drugs in use by thought as what to do in life is decided by what you think by energy.

  As if thought is use, and use in suffering is thought in use and to make the impulsive point to do by chi that is avoided by thought. Which is lifeforce, "or not thougt" this is a pause set by action worked by action. See this is idea to use or set by self-action, thought by a clock that stops moving that sets off no bad reaction. See that is by feel worked by feel with action by activity. What you do is what you make in purpose to do, as if you do things you are a use to them.

  Abort by idea is not a motion as to cancel their action and not do, this if criminal doing known by a thought as a criminal do. So if they only realize what they want in life and steal it to get it. Think what you would like, but there is no common criminal doing things to continue if their will is not on doing something, as drugs sent to crime lab and tested as they should do and make sure its safe. Say or creation is there for concept to use, except a concept is alcohol drink not done.

  As the thought exists for drug tests and restoring is to alter with the heart meditation, tink is as you think by feel and link hands, as you focus idea to restore with energy. This is by focus and in focus is not mentioned as an art is made with magic by thought idea to use, thought to restore on focus is a concept and your will created. That can create with water and energy as biorythmic energy is will that is from bioenergy, as a source with a direct energy manipulation and what no mention creates is a noticed mention or not.

  As this is done if energy sometime raises the hot air in the area, guts can be read as this drawn in energy idea is future divinition to the noncruel heart or not cruel anyway. See or not is thought to avoid abuse for a good idea to not see jail time. That is the energy concept, so you see that creates. Thus whatever you aren't caught unless drinking alcohol where you shouldn't, as an idea creation is energy idea your consent isn't required. As if to be caught you don't by the premonition, so you don't buy the drink you don't have to be in toontown.

  As if that is on good and balance in the body restores itself, as this is with water and not to do with activity by nothing is energy to restored from the bad energy in the body to a good use. Think as restored body balance as you think pure idea by Siddheri don't overdo it, as your energy is okay by reduction after drawing away the extra bad as a source is bade energy to the creator. As if in restored by the spirit with the creators conscious, this can be restored as if to nothing or sent to the air outside yourself or not. As your energy is in balance and thought is energy by your will created.

  There is a point abandoned as if a physical wreckage in a thought of view by myself, that you can control the drug and expunge the addictiveness and bad effects by thought with things you do on things you want. Stated here as you are a point to the idea, that drug use is bad as if bade. The idea is in what is in use, and as in use is a point and this is the point now to use magic in ritual to do thought as peer pressure or other youth is a way to do and know. The point to this in with use of the right choice as the article is obvious, as if you knew what was right or wrong you can get what is right for you by use of the drug that can use in thought.

  Be well and in you balance is inner balance as your life is out by being well in thought, see by mind and as you are well you are fine and balanced is concept and balance. That is there or not there so this is not out till you think it is, so until thought is there you think of a scale to balance itself. As you handle it you feel not emotion to seem unpanicked and you balance it out. Things with use things make things seem well, as you cannot prove theory without thought and your things in use or you yourself can prove a point and not well if overused in theory."  By Chin.

   As from Skyhawk, "This might be dangerous so don't think forever as you think une to think not as to do, don't misunderstand me so try it on some time power goes out to shortchange the idea. So that stops the change last resort idea as if not done. To pass poisons by mental will is to be well as though by magic with mental idea, so try to force your mental will on the poison as it is in your body.

  Now Visualize the cancer disappearing as energy is a color considered, as you want the poison to seem leaving the body as a ball and visualize. See the poison dissipate by energy that is the color rubbing against itself, as if color germ particles that dissipear or dissipate so don't think to do or just use the words you use.

  Revert back as don't revert back until you need to as you think dissipate to pass it out of the body to seem as you want if not effected. Utilize the feelings of panic and think convert panic energy as you think use no or not in thought, as the panic state disippears that was a concept on use or near usable energy, that is a trigger by the experience.

   As a focus to create is there by memory sometimes the idea that you remember, causes that scared you the time that you first thought to the use or found reason that is the scary idea. The state that comes over you will be of absolute focus and calmness, if you think release energy to the planet core. Will the poison and believe that it will pass outside of your body. This has the potential to disrupt cancer, as you think no effect as thought if the cancer were a source. That doesn't form if you could set the cancer or remove it by will as necessary.

   When this happens the poison should pass outside of your body through a case of the shits or a stomach cramp will occur and you will throw up within 30 minutes to a couple of hours. The combination of the poison, the converted fear to energy, and the visualization that was done will all come together and make the object in your mind happen. It takes three events sometimes to allow it to occur for you."

  This idea is in order to help people not to be abusing the drug, as you take the addiction out of drugs, otherwise, they are not safe to use. The shamans used a spirit technique, as you think "now" to do just that or don't as no need. So no soul death is you create as your soul allows or you could seem dead, as use of the creator by the spirit brings you to seem life. So as a visitor idea you don't sometimes allow as you might seem or overdue, so think thin to stop by magic with drugs or not with drugs.

  This is a spell that is dangerous started by meditation, create or don't create as you want as you can get interesting unlimited ideal or not. If you feel this wrong or think "un" as you think not as if you did it so you know the results. Just focus and think and this is idea to try, feel or you focus you create by knowing what you want to do by what you intend or not intend. The subconscious creates what you see as a good idea, as gothic use is sometimes gory or brutesque in a gothic style. Thought by this is actually done so no need is noting or nothing to do by fact. So not forming or change is no effect to worry over so whats to worry about, as you see a reason that reason reflects the state of mind that is a sane or stable point you use.

  Think in use as thought as you see the words, or use the words by focus can create a memory that you remember. This can be altered or used or memory is there as you are aware with focus. That is body activity or thought from the cells by DNA memory, that you were or are normal is concept as you imagine in or out allow. The spirit to choose what you appear can use an energy that is strange, as this is so you can be careful with what you say think or see use that is not always to use it.

  Think the shape change by focus to shape the form to what you imagine, as you feel the body spine straigten or the shape change as you focus in trance, stance or meditation. The last one is create by feel, this with the idea to a thought linked or adjust to your braincell or brainstem. Think to use the conscious focus to the energy feel to create by what you feel. This is an idea you see or don't think to feel if you think to strike or not use the idea in the first place.

  Just remember the form to think to become the shape as you want to be it. However that is sometimes rememberance feel or focus changed by the creator, see if you find yourself in a shape. As you don't like think to remember the shape to form by energy flows with idea to be from some person with credit or creator given spirit aid. The spirit is the idea that is too wild to use, so is information the creator controls it.

  This is to use or thought is by the correction or idea the element your attuned to isn't, by the thought you reveal or consider. See by idea or use this is with information or without interest feeling, the idea wasn't by thought or done is rest seeing that is genes this is so.

  You are an idea to use by the feel or thought in exercise in some point is you think, "you did or not and you don't feel cheated" or thing the change gone. That is sometimes with associated idea or some scene where the idea. Thought "deactive gene" just that, nothing more is active or deactive with a thought in a light switch with a little more energy as thought power.

  See as this will is thought by appearance appearing normal your idea is what you can set as in annulity. See as magic happens this is thought use, for concept as the right reactions occur as if you state done or the intention stopped by the idea thought. There is not witstanding evidence that your mind is there, so create as you can or meditate as something isn't always done to do an idea.

  T Frei = Creative productive idea; The way this spellwork creates think an act to use as energy and think the idea creates wat you think is there, this is as if the essence is in the is act by making with materials the part an you create with material to make until you don't wanna be measured or made and then this ceases if not wanted for its effect. So act or think something is made or not and if by you or others and create is until your tired of being that way, think if you use the right actions at the right time. That the activity energy creates or what you think will seem is until you just don't, as you are representive of what you can act like as thought only. If you act the part you get the idea and money.

  If you think if some creative or created idea and once done you can stop and act normal, as parts needed can effect or not by influence and energy that is conscious by a creator. Think the idea that you want to create out of need and do movement or some idea, it can exist as now your free and otherwise this is as if you hit nail to the coffin and made your own grave. So don't think to get it as you mention it and you won't get, as if this is so no threat no offense no possibility this is not there or as not this is "n" as free essence is from the offense or passive use is passivity. Think or no need as if nothing there or think thought is created effect, as if an artefact made by the creator manifest or if dismissed and not wanted in the area. This can disappear as you send it out of the area as you will the essence dissipated safely.

  An to use magic to enhance a potion no drugs, focus your mind and focus your an thoughts on what is a concept the potion can create by water or some element while trying to mix it or when heat is applied. This also can be used to get the desired results with the potion itself. You could cause a fat removal potion while making use of a healing potion. This is energy from incense, as you use cinnamon, paprika and incense by focus with essence to energy or the herb, by what you feel is appropriate use from essence to use the right essence.

  You can suppress the act as if not with the object or not and this actually acts, as if you don't need it due or not and you gain it back if needed. As you did or did not if you did it you don't have to do things you say, if you feel you don't have to do it if you don't want to. A special idea is to think to touch the trashcan and think shift the trashcan will appear, if you feel or focus and think something you sense necessary if duplicatable can form. As thought duplication is relocatable essence creates, thought as think if duplicated and to be in an area you thought it to be. There is a concept that if you create something, your made idea is the point in or out with the least resistance or this is not possible.

The general idea:

  Well now we have to know the general idea on them, as different ones definitely have different uses in different degrees. They all have various effects on magic and those effects probably affect people different too. This is possibly the worst idea that is thought up if you do, as thought to the police and they pick up on what you do you can get their attention and the possible encounter is there. So as if then, use of what these poosible idea of an inescapable escape is this.

  You need to especially watch for drugs that stunt your magic or using or think a drug/drugs so much this appears, so if you focus that feel it halts your magic ability. Seeing as your aware state is interesting or not as you think a diffeent feeling, this is just thought as weed temporarily increases magical ability. This is thought as a substitution to see use or if no is a thought this is chocoloate or if thing are needed by some sugar substitute this is a sign, thought will do as placebo to the body there as body things are always done. So or use is need not a prisoner standard, if in prison or act as normal.

  So if you remember to use it for magic think not to fully become what you thought to focus, you create interesting focus amplified by the feel to don't hit. So with amphetamines that cause your energy to go insane, LSD is plastic and salvia is creative or you seem to increase magic ability in idea that is temporarily too or not as things to do.

  See as you want as weird things can appear except very intense and no slapping now, this is a concept that you feel relaxed. So if you are changing your shape or don't feel like it, the idea as tense you release or suppress the urge that is energy as if the right idea. Think as you don't think on the shape to not shapeshift to the form or idea, as you feel then you stop effecting change to the body or not undo te undoing of the shape.

  See the shape to remind you of humanity or think to be human as you remember, your shape is there or not by thinking some concept or idea to pointed out facts or feel. See as you think or face facts the energy flow in the aura, feel to stop or not is intense to stop by the body act that isn't there. As salvia seems to have a lasting positive effect, that is where you might feel too good as things you sense are not in over relaxing concept or not.

  This is not always done as you can see to shapechange, will shapechange by the cords as this is a little tense or release by focus so think to see or relent by relaxation to stop by. As subdual energy is idea to use, that is idea in focus as you also feel. So stop is also in feel, that you feel by sight or if no is not to do the effect.

  With weed, lsd and salvia though it may seem that if you don't have strong intent, you may lose your goal or if unnecessary with magic think stop or not do and just get caught with the fun ride. As weed and lsd especially to not be done, weed is easier to use for magic than pure recreation, lsd creates a better environment for magic IF you have a strong enough will to use it properly, rather than just hang your head back and enjoy the fractal fireworks and faces coming out of the walls. Thought to use chi energy you can generate in the body the right drug effect, thought and not if you are bad off of course to sometimes and create straight anyone.

  This is who uses salvia and probably knows how it corresponds to magic. The point it's strong and highly useful is when your distanced, from yourself although even with the idea. As if energy to thought though it'll not harm your magic, if you're not too dumb enough to use it as a fun drug and not program. As rather than the tool that it is nothing if nothing done nothing exist.

  From some peoples experience, alcohol and dxm don't have a strong effect on magic. of the two, dxm has a stronger effect on magic as it's sort of like a cross of LSD and alcohol. The increase in strength anyway from LSD is the use by the feeling tat you draw in energy and the point, dxm seems to take you down to magicless mode unless your idea unbending in goal is some magic use.

  The strength increase then is a do force as your mind dissociates as your aware from doing away your inner voice or as your body reacts, to non water and focus is the energy thought that is stimulation to the feel as energy creates by energy to generate ion manipulation with the concept extra created feel is extra concentration. Think from the muscular effect or tense and relax to see or make by what is blood pumping by effect, the energy is water or not chemicals from the soil that your body ability is thought.

  As spirit manipulation by subconscious is sometimes by some drug agent is controllable with things to focus with use or a point thought to use, idea or realize what you did and don't dismiss or use the unconscious part of your brain is what controls. Feel strong and you are strong where you can were or do as necessary but don't do, so a subconscious shift trick is think the animal spirit "to move". Don't as a group do on your own. A werecat or turn weredog can seem forming from this.

  See as this is animal instinct for men using intuitive control as if female or think an instance to shift, as you are or think to use what you see. Think or create as you offer, this doesn't have to be some drug by what you wish so you see this just a study. As if a were or pressure drops with no use, with thought to what feeling comes up as past is not till you think suppressive unless you think you will or see no need. As you see not to use don't or then you will never regret what you did.

  The use is useable feel, that is energy that energy use in thought this is use so by idea this is creation. Now you know yourself as your own self from others. That is a point you don't go as further is with the element, as statement is not unless you want to see some idea.

  So don't think positive if you don't want to change, the form that is triggered by any drug. You can do things or see without realizing it unless you think to realize this as you want, think in use is the point your spirit guides with the planet core that is operative or inoperative by feelor.

  This is a price in truth by the feel for the Do or think force creating with or without the drug, as you imagine it or you are willing to say lift up a car the body can see or think feel with right idea to get the idea done. This is a humourous concept that passes out the victim effected by this or watever. Created by a sociopathic psychotic no longer psychotic that uses no drugs to create the explanation, I wouldn't use this as that fits how strength can temporarily be there or not as to seem as in you are tis is as to aware state of mind to thought. Thought is energy that can be perceived as is that is so, so our energy is your idea or thought if used is in responsible actions.

  Thought as the price as you gnow the price is slight there in real points, that don't otherwise make sense for weakness after the effect that is possible till necessary. So focus and you are aware as awareness is use of non acidic water to do idea. Understanding such as this requires a higher intellect to know by feel, naturally place is not the thought for concept that is for the use sometimes that is hard to understand.

Now here is a breakdown of the drugs:

   Salvia divinorum is the most deadly if overused or not overdosed useful magic-helping drug, but you need balls because after taking it and if you're not prepared you'll be like "HMMM this is till in necessary or not as you chew... not doing that again", it can give you a vision quest or it can just make you see the universe as a spinning disc. Some have never met the 'lady salvia' or focus to create from an area a birth then you can see people seem to talk about or feel, see but it does seem to have an overall positive effect on magic. If your fear doesn't take you and you swerve off magic forever.

   But some think they are all past that point. Some can hear that quidding, chewing enough of the leaves, produces a more controllable quest rather than dropping you in 5 seconds so you forget you exist as happens with extracts. As though you gain energy from the leaves, and as most expect, a nervous tension and awareness. Along with a more focused view.

   Cannabis - Comes as no en or in no en with weed and it increases magic perceptions on use, makes it easier to view concepts 'outside the box' of ordinary thinking. The problem is having the self-control to use and analyze the state without forgetting it 5 minutes later, or trying to explain it to someone. The bs that comes from this is useful to no one. Some also may notice that weed raises the vibrations while using it, but then decreases it overall on the longterm. This cannot be used to do magic, as you are if with a point and that is not easily done with focus. As that or is that by your use.

   Alcohol - Wouldn't use this for magic. As your not with a beer or so tends to put one in a balanced mental state, but it's not inherently useful for magic. Unless you intend and charge beer with inducing states but that's where using it in large amounts weakens your defenses and lets entities in or people aren't really noticed. You can actually see them swarming in a bar late at night. Long-term in use by alcohol/hard in drug use can seem illusions, your use causes black spots on the luminous egg of your aura. Short term causes yellow spots on your aura.

   Cocaine - As en in no use is don't use with magic unless you want things to explode. Physically. With fire, and sonic booms.

   Caffeine - Nice for focusing. If you drink too much you will get addicted and the effects will be less, but if you drink maybe 1 cup in 2-3 days or a pot on one day per week you can use the good effects. Withdrawal includes a bad headache. If you focus the idea, or not then use this in a point that is magic you can produce interesting idea.

   Smoking - Works like coffee but tastes worse and murders your lungs. Can be pleasant when on a boozer, the combination works well somehow. Kinda like how everyone is possibly drinking energy drinks + vodka. Same idea. For some, nicotine can decrease magic and for others it increases potency. Some do spells involving cigarettes - There is some people writing something they wanted to intake to themselves on the cig in food coloring then smoking it, 'drawing in' the thing of their desire.

  Essential oils - This yet can seem use as a drug, as interesting in use but not as you want. For the cost is there, as essential oils are experience and expression to do in magic as enhancement. As in what you use herbs, for use is as if for what is there as a way to pass poisons by will. Think and magic is easier as your focus is where you think and results are where you want in them. As if you care because this isn't as things are, as if in thought you don't actually do as you think. Get these from the internet, use by searching for the essential oil name. This is a *list of essential oils. As a point to do and use is essential oil the area is your point that can energize is not drug related, the essential oil as youth by essential oil energy is a thing to create with as point to the energy you can get as with this.

BERGAMOT - Promotes confidence & courage. Eases tension, anxiety, worry and depression. Helps regulate menstrual cycle, relieve P.M.S. and menopause. Antiseptic properties aid skin problems such as acne. Helps heal cold sores. Caution: Increases photo sensitivity: don't apply before exposure to direct sunlight.

CHAMOMILE - Gentle, calming, soothing. Eases depression, stress, anger and irritability. Aids insomnia. Soothes sensitive or irritated skin. Soothing massage for painful muscles or joints.

CLARY SAGE - Brings tranquility to the mind and emotions, calms anxiety. Promotes deep sleep and vivid dreams. Helps regulate menstrual cycle and relieve P.M.S. Regenerates skin cells, excellent for skin care. Promotes hair growth. Don't use during pregnancy.

EUCALYPTUS - Purifies and clears negative energy. Helps alleviate grief and sorrow. Antiseptic and antimicrobial properties useful for respiratory infections.

JASMINE - Emotionally warming and uplifting. Stimulates creativity, imagination, fantasy and dreams. Eases depression, apathy, lack of confidence. Soothes and rehydrates skin.

LAVENDER - Brings clarity, peace of mind, emotional balance. Eases insomnia, depression, stress, impatience, worry and shock. Helps regulate menstrual cycle and relieve P.M.S.. Helps alleviate headaches. Strong antiseptic and antimicrobial properties useful for burns & wounds, colds, flu, and skin irritations. May use undiluted.

LEMON - Promotes mental clarity and decisiveness. Energizing, brings cheer and humor into ones life. Digestive tonic. Aids healing of wounds and infections. Dilute before using. Caution: Increases photo sensitivity: don't apply before exposure to direct sunlight.

ORANGE - Encourages trust, confidence, and tolerance. Bright and cheerful. Promotes friendly interactions with others. Relaxing and calming. Caution: Increases photo sensitivity: don't apply before exposure to direct sunlight.

PATCHOULI - Encourages individuality, centeredness and stability. Alleviates fatigue, confusion and depression. Helps regenerate skin cells, useful for skin problems.

PEPPERMINT - Helps clear negative energy. Stimulates the mind, aids concentration and decisiveness. Helps relieve symptoms of cold and flu, aids digestion. Flavoring for herbal products such as breath freshener. Don't use during pregnancy.

ROSE - Awakens, inspires and brightens the heart. Enhances creativity and invokes appreciation of beauty and harmony. Relieves tension, depression, sadness and grief. Balances and regulates female reproductive system. Aids regeneration of skin cells, excellent for skin problems and general skin care.

ROSEMARY - Promotes self-confidence, courage. Stimulates mental clarity, memory, and creativity. Rejuvenates skin cells. Stimulates hair growth. Aids healing of wounds. Don't use during pregnancy.

SANDALWOOD - Quiets mind and emotions. Relaxing, calming, eases stress, tension and fear. Soothing, moisturizing and astringent for the skin.

TANGERINE - Inspires sensitivity and empathy. Brings cheer and light. Calms stress and tension. Caution: Increases photo sensitivity: don't apply before exposure to direct sunlight.

TEA TREE - Antibacterial and antifungal oil useful for treating acne, cold sores, eczema, rashes, candida. Useful for many types of wounds, burns, and infections. May use full strength.

YLANG YLANG - Inspires creativity and appreciation for beauty. Euphoric, eases depression, calms nerves and soothes negative emotions. Eases P.M.S.. Stimulates hair growth. Balances oily skin.
   If you want a good drug for magic - magic jump as you imagine jumping from an airplane at 6000ft. without a parachute. let's see if you can fly.. It might wake you up or kill you, as with any other drug you aren't alive to experience what you get. This or not, as this is a point of view. This makes easier viewing as you can expand your mind as you are, you can think in and see out and see what is by thought restore with a folding over your hand. See and wait for 10 seconds or do with a focused mind on what you think, as to direct and see as if a vision quest. As if you are an idea, this is an idea that is possible and you can seem to align your energy as with the Energy alignment 101. For magical use in a physical form, use is alchemy. The isn't actually what it seems as things are disappearing and thought is more easily read, as if from the higher states world of america as this is with other area on thought and as if you are in a point you can explore as you will in your mind and create from what is out in what is there. This is the point by the end use so you see things you may want to know, if things are worthy of your timing see to use the point is already thought as one as the end. Just don't an use illegals.

The end of the chapter: Regenerative idea

   This is the end of the chapter so te way you use doesn't matter, as it depends on how the way you interpret things in case you need to restore with water. This is so that as you are to restore yourself this is with love no lust, if damages are quick then regeneration is there quickly as you drink water purified or not. So if the focus is energy to purify by will, then dissipate the impurities by thought that the poisonous energy removes the essence. As you regenerate normally, as this is depending on how the terms are "stasted" or thought stated.

   As your energy is not actually realized for what this is or if you do as you want, seeing your believing or not real you don't seem to create your point until you think your polite or that is real. See that is with idea to summon some idea to not always fill in, as that is unless necessary till you think or use a mind ritual by yourself. This is the idea you use some point to seem in the area you create, thats the best you can get with this with little to no as with an open spirit result therefore nothing happened. As response is your idea is some not interrment your idea you create is wat you create with as you feel just one.

    Suddenly empowered as witchcraft is possible is taste to a point that energy by chi to what you create that is the focus, the use is feel to create by idea as the creator allows with water use to restore by thought so. The area is energy intense if you feel or not feel to create as you imagine. That is thought, focus or spirit created sensitive idea by iron use in a vitamin or healing ore, not always to seem near like a radon mine with trace essence gas feel by the use in feel.

   This is who uses salvia and probably knows how it corresponds to magic. This is the point from Andromeda, it's strong and highly useful then is when your distanced from the feel "from Estrogenia" or time slows down as your body speeds up "from manuscript of time body speedup or slowdown", this is endless emotion or thought emotion with slowdown from yourself although even with the idea. Think if energy is use to thought, though not harmonize your magic by aura energy magic. Say if you're not too dumb enough to use things, as a fun drug and not program this isn't what you think. As rather a cool tool that is usable so that the area is user felt or more than felt or not termed at all, therefore it didn't happen as an energy isn't the tool that turns into a crutch that means not something. No that shouldn't be used as is if no is use to depend on something too much that isn't necessary. This in use is water with turmeric is nothing if nothing done, as a restorative the point is nothing to exist is not seen with the so not result. So dream image maipulation, lucid dreaming is still able to see seem use in dream use mediation focus walking by feel.

   If you need strength think strength creates by the creator. The use is so not to kill as no inner emotion is more the emotion the weaker, you are or stronger you seem is use by use or feel strength increase. Then is a do force as your mind dissociates, think as your aware from doing away your inner voice or as your body reacts or reactions. See to not do water or non water as you drink water and focus is the energy, thought that is stimulation to the feel. As paprika with incense is energy to creates by energy to generate ion manipulation, see with the concept extra created feel is extra concentration.

   Think from the minute you take drugs or use water as drinking to cause from the muscular or muscular distrophy with too much effect, see to feel relaxed or tense and release to relax except to not lash out to see or make by what is blood pumping. So by effect thought to stop will cause "so" energy that ceases effects fat drops away if you suppress the need, as you allow except for illegal drugs, the energy is water or not chemicals from the soil that your body ability is thought. This is a humourous with Pelot "concept that passes or not" as your without a place so thats the door. Just don't as do by feel is your say by use or you'll regret the decision.

   See the victim is effected by this with, what you see or whatever you do unless not thought to be a victim. Created by a sociopathic psychotic no longer psychotic that uses no drugs to create the explanation, I wouldn't use this as that fits how strength can temporarily be there or not seem as you are aware. So you see indians will use near fee, see to create what is there they use energy focus with nearly any herb or what you see is not really done. Think a tot to eat as you use or eat the tot you kill a child or cause a death or no use to feel what is a roach is to disappear. There is a were or wolf effect from this. Not as this so the area is energy or though you will drop four or five of the following ingredients; opium, poppy seeds, aloe, henbane, hemlock, parsley, solanine (an extract of night shade), and asafetida, a gum resin. After stirring all the components together in the cauldron, he will start the fire and allow the contents to simmer as you are aware this is psychoactively use.

   As energy is use or not in use is intended as safely is not use, see to depend as your use is energy aware thought. As weight is around pyre fire with a rite for spirit manipulation, this by subconscious is sometimes by some drug agent is controllable with things to focus. Say with use or a point thought to use, idea or realize what you did and don't dismiss or use the unconscious part of your brain is what controls. Feel strong and you are strong where you can were or do as necessary but don't do as this is animal instinct using control. This is there by focus with energy to create or seem to sense by the use or focus, think by the feel you create with so your energy is by the creator or cause. Thought to create with isn't always, so it takes true were what you feel or not as were not in not interested.

   This is after your done once you don't have to do this again, that is a concept in truth to the feel for the idea Do force represents by creating with feel or without the drug effect, as you imagine it or you are willing to say lift up a car the body can see or think feel with right idea to get the idea done. So you were as you see as you are acceptable to te form you see or seem to others that look. This with a warning note; This may expend essence by excess use, so you will feel a bit interesting or tired after the fact you try not some idea.

   The first method to chakra manipulation by focus to e energy in the neurological nerve path thought energy will unblock chakra points that are the nerve area centers and restore ability to do things themselves, for the point you think is thought to listen to soothing adjusting music or chakra binaurial beats as an idea lies in use by incense and color thought. That is hovered over with the chakra points, in while you are focused on the thought think 'reopen'. As your enrgy is also a concept area or bundles with nerves as muscles can relax to fix, as that energy is alse imaginable as a nerve area the chakra point then is focus. As this is energy directed to effect by aura use and then think the color associated with the chakra point, as you use nearby the incense in toght are some energy circles near the area you focus to create with or change. As the circle in the right direction in directs what in life pulse is, as a flow in energy is feel as life follows this is life as you will thought this is a path in life as if a point to create with the feel.

   As all energy is in a circulatory path in the area the body is with energy, an act to reopen the chakra points is starting with the base chakra as you listen to the soothing music or stop to stop the change. As the restoration point lies with the base chakra and the mind expands outward. To link to the rest of the chakra points, and from where they are in located in the mind associated by the idea in an order time can correct. There is a thought to fix, and as the thought in what you do exists, as you correct as the thought "fix" by energy thought works in directed idea by the creator. As life is in thought this creates as if to make the area do thought, as if done is what you want and otherwise things you do make are gone. Unless you feel the point, pain or agony of a disruption in idea to create in or with idea to use. So if not thought to complete then the change process can stop.

  For quick reference, the chakra points are:

   The base chakra is at the lowest point of the spine and is located between the anus and the genitals. Its represented by the color of red and acts as the bodies grounding force which connects us to the energies of the earth or sun or nope no problem as you fold over your hand.

   The Sacral Chakra and the center of the Sacral Chakra should be a few inches below your navel or scrotum where its associated by the color orange. The Solar Plexus Chakra is located just below the breast and 2 or 3 inches from the navel with the color yellow this is from the fluid in the body that use is seen as this collects in the area as yellow energy.

  The Heart Chakra is located near the heart area, where earth energy collects in idea and by use is a thought in an area that is or notwhere the Heart Chakra color is green as in a use your use of earth energy creates what is a thought in energy force as if not as that is changed by the liver and used with the colon.

  The Throat Chakras is located near the throat area, where the Throat Chakra color is blue. As you are needed in life you can use a thought to generate energy, and thought is pure blue as mana is life fluid that is your use of mana to create with what concept. Otherwise the in use thought is by absorption is what changes in life force, as energy as the color is changeable by thought as you think an if the color is possible to change by water. As "thaty" is that as this is in the body and what you think is what you can create, as inside your body and or not use is magic to generate outside in general life that causes you to use in focus any energy to raise and fall as you think. Full use is a choice as you use your body, as in idea and or not as if a thought you are around if you are felt to seem needed as you are what is a point in life remember the point and you are as you want.

  Think in focus and use is focus, to create in thought that creates in thought. As if a thought, you focus life to create by the idea and as you are in life or not. As if in use by focus, full energy comes as a will is felt as need is thought or menace is there. In the throat chakra use you think to use the blood in a stream of life, that flows through the body by focus in thought and water energy allows a manipulation by thought in focus you create at will. This is focus in ability to create, as use is will and thought creates by what you do. As if creating a point is use by what energy you have, when you correct for thought as to fix you have focus and have fun by use is easy as to create is thought energy in what you can use. As to think in user ability you are out with use to create, seing or usable feel in user ability is out as in use by energy. This is by use in a concept as thought creates, in thought as what you consider is what you get.

  The Third Eye Chakra that is positioned at the eyebrow region with a color of indigo by the use of ultraviolet energy that is what creates an energy use and causes the body to fix and use things. As if thought were a purpose, you use what is a considered thought and direct the third eye by thought that the third eye is materialized and use id by thought to do.

  The Crown Chakra which is positioned above the head or at the top of it with the associated color empowered by ultraviolet light is sensed as if of thought that is violet color and connects you to the sky. This is the unlimited use of the ability, to fully manifest as you think to do and focus on your thought, and state what as intention or state your intent as a single point or as a phrase. This is as though the crown chakra has a personality of its own to direct as you suggest, direct by a thought and the crown does as you want as to think talk is a possible idea as to whom you think to.

By Sgt pinkerton, Haon, Pinky, Mr. Jones, Starlet and Alaha