Consciousness expansion

   This info came from Sk8 Boy. Conscious expansion is the act of transcending your consciousness upwards in dimensions, and place your perception to think more of the surrounding place. Moving your consciousness from the third dimension, to the fourth, and then fifth, etc. In conscious expansion, when you try to tell your 3rd eye to help with the conscious expansion process this, as by thinking it will and thinking you are to your third eye then to do so, tis thus a moment by what creates and creates to seem as you then attempt what you need. As that unlocks the power of the soul, an your view can help you understand what you see.

  The energy of chakra technique will make the conscious expansion energy seem at work or you could feel like this is not good, as the thought to think better and by what you do with the point. This is how you can establish and create, thinking by use is usually as thought is energy that you can explore the inner universe. As the inner universe is energy in the body, think and you see what your energy and the idea that your universe.

  This can expose your flaws by feeling the point in use, think that you are aware and with that is with the energy in your inner universe. See to think by energy and focus is concept that your aware of nothing more than that. So as you are if you think then there is a point to the use you do. That leads to thinking then understanding the point you have as new experience is there you can sense things.

  Thoughts to do the technique, I believe is think and feel your chakra energy and focus your mind on the idea, that your compressing all of your chakras energy into your third eye. This makes things happen to occur results as though you imagined the end result. Then allow your 3rd eye to help you expand your conscious mind upward, as you relax yourself then think or meditate.

  Until you don't need to go up in height, which is the secondary physical or pituitary response to this. So to stop height growth, think as your aware this is creativity. Unless you need height think to expand the consciousness. As you think not to expanding outward or upward. So think about this, as you go near giant height or upward in height.

  If you get more capable to creating a physical result, for non physical magic results are in life are physically created. You could think then react as thought or though you did something, as though through the air is used as though creativity were creatively done. You can create as you wish and sometimes not react as though you did anything.

  Then I thought you could think to lower your weight, then I did to keep from expanding weight or not done ideal. So its true as your consciousness expands. The images will come so when they do things those that are enticed by feel, are aware to what you did then you either correct or suffer the consequences.

  As you think to do things and use the thinking, understanding by what you do will come, as well with height by the pituitary reaction and then experience is by the point you make or percieve. So when done right is when you think its right, this sometimes is by the correct means where you will be wiser and understand what you need to do with what occurs with the point you are ware of or think.

  As you 3rd eye receives the energy of the chakras, you perceive more of the other dimensions. If curious what conscious expansion does for you, it will move your consciousness upwards in dimensions, as it moves your assemblage point up, where your assemblage point is the conscious collection area of your aura, that can control your thinking processes and it is connected to all your mind and body. So you find what you are looking for, think to find things then you do.

  Thus as you can seem, you become more spiritually aware and enlightened, of everything. The focus to gnow is to know by seeing or hearing the right answers to the point, think of helping with everything you want to help with or can help with, literally everything possible. As within the thought you do, the energy is ki stored as concept you find useful or not as sympathy tempers your reaction.

  You become wiser, stronger, etc by feel or use. You are aware of what you do. Thinking this and eventually knowing things, that you use will help you become a god. However it takes so long to become a god unless you think to use the creator that is the energy consciousness. That is why consciousness expansion happens over time yet can seem to happen in an instance, so think as your idea is possible and chi energy that is your body energy with activity. That is if you think or consider what is there before you attempt this. Otherwise you could find different things.

  This is made by the bone marrow where blood flows free, that with more blood flow is more energy like the kundalini. That is meant to open gates of the chakra points to create with the chakra like heat, you can think or imagine this is a rising heat snake. That is rising or falling in time with the heartbeats. So that is when you think the ideal to manifest, the area is the source then if time is thought you manifest till not necessary. Dropping the point is this, you can seem things not usually done instantly. That is to know what it is or what will occur, unless energy is high energy use or direct focus the use with the area energy not always necessary.

  As you suggest things and do as you want, you make what you think created is a point in mind as thought creates an expanded minded. As you expand your horizons you can create what your taught exists with by focus, and inward valves the use is with focus and your use is an idea. Think to use energy from witin to create by body or not, as to create by will and as your aware. As you are aware you can get energy from thought, as the power is energy that seems energy of elements and this is inner fire and creative fixes.

  As that can seem a two-way transeiver effect and with water use this creates as what is energy by thought, think and as your idea is a point to creation with thought by request. The point you get across is thought and energy don't matter as you have an inner universe, assume as you want and as you can create you can make or get an easy idea to do.

  Otherwise if your aware of the facts, don't assume and you won't get bad results by now you think the ideal before you attempt things. Later you can do it. As things that discarded are not actually done, as you don't assume it won't exist if dealing with the mind except for the physical point.

  As yes there is a point you think. Know that your aware that this is the conscious expansion that does this. Right or wrong you are aware to what you do, so think then what you did so you modify the correct activity or ideal. Then you create by what you work for to get the results. Some results are allowable where some are not.

  This creates positively as you want something positive, otherwise its a negative point with a positive experience unless you think by the feel and create what you think. That means if you do magic with the conscious expansion your body can bloom in weight. That's when you think things are created. As eventually your technique can suffer. If you don't use it your ability is greater, and your evenly matched skill is there to stay.

  As your ability is equal to the energy you have, known by what you do. Until you don't think and your way is default, think to not seem so your able to keep good skill to use in life this is expansion of the mind to use. As touch in instance and go moments are thought touch to use, I am thinking this is godlike as energy is awareness or thought to be or do things or thought for the concept.

  You can even use this idea, to shift and drive as with a tunnel with light shifting. As you think to focus the creative energy, to the use and create by will to shift away. My drive idea for the in 5th dimension is the the black gemstone dimesional jump drive which consists of three rings that twirl, around each other and a black gemstone in the center to make instantaneous jumps.

  Think to anywhere in existence as if a New Horizon Solar Ship, this depends on the rings being made of deuterium or yttrium Uranium (time metal). The speeds of the rings are: The outermost ring is the slowest, middlemost is the the medium speed and innermost is the Fastest Speed and these deuterium rings converge around a black diamond that, that is empowered by lithium batteries to equal 12 volts. Think to know the use though, before the use is a point to avoid the ideal.

  Surrounding all this is the magnetic/electromagnetic field, thought to make certain lethal gravity forces contained. Thinking to make it work is making you allow the ideal in the first place, so try to wield your thoughts, this is where thinking is thought direction or projection. Thought to project at the crystal, where you want to go makes this an easy manifest if any can seem there. So think the need to go where you want to go and feel yourself appearing where you want.

  Project at the crystal that image, that is by the crystal you think that you perceive. As anything you do is thought by perception. If it works you should reappear there, this is where your thinking a point and you can disappear from where you are. This is thought by focusing on the thought of:

  "Gem take me back home with what I want to take with me."

  Then you should think reappear or invisible by the residual translation energies being brought back as your energy creates your shape as necessary, through the forged black diamond symbolic link effect. In effect this could bring you back, this could also affect time space and bend space, communications as well and events could be affected in and by time trips or walking with this device operating not alwys on you. Thinking to the uses you do you could realize what will occur, what is there and what you did to get there then your well prepared to be on your way.

  As you think and you shift quicker through time, assume and think or jump and possible tap the table. As you shift through the area you can use a energy displacement idea, seem to cause the body to displace as you think to go. As you touch the area and think where the spirit can cause the device to work better, you can want to see and be as you can shift and feel or you think you are linked to where you think. This is by the feel with what you have so if you get somewhere, you may find the objects that you own are there. This is used as though a touch then thinking the location sends the item ahead.

  You came from as you travel by foot, not that this counts as a legitimate way off the planet to escape gravity or so you know. That yes this is till you don't need to be there. As you are aware and thought exists something, as your aware in the mind by what you do, there is something to get done as energy is there. Imagine and feel the energy you are getting, what is use is create an idea to do as your awareness is what energy is there or no energy is nothing done unless necessary.

  No knock on the whatever head if you fall over and nothing malicious is possible, where your excepting information is this point though as you feel lucky enough to not kill you off during transition. That is the point or time where you think to be somewhere else then you are where you thought. This can even create a point to use, as your idea is a point to thoughts. I think that your use by mention creates an idea.

  Some thought is where you tap the imagination and your the superstring operator. Unless you already are one as that is theory put to the use. Think or not to cancel the point out, unless necessary is a point to do thinking. As the stargem is just energy, so if the creator allows that is what it creates. As this is by focus is wormholes in a other spiritually thought placed location, this is with possible use amongst other spirit or physical idea.

  So I think to release things or create what I wanted by feel is where I go, then someone could if interested appears as me so I think this is the area use. For a point by origins this is self-creation by the area, that you think the origin then feel as you did then. When you realized it then you create your thought. That is all there is to this, so think then you are aware of the possibilities that exist. That is all you really can do with this.

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