Natural energy effect

   Natural energy is the effect of getting some activity and results by the thoughts and idea. These are intent and forms things from the energy that is around us. This energy can manifest anything that you would want. When you think about something, then that effect happens as though it were materialized by the energy itself. This energy is all around us and everywhere. This energy is infinite and creates itself an effect in on nothing in our thoughts being perceived is things by it.

  The energy is energy by te feel to thought that if necessary, you shield by aura intensity or create by focus as you fell to tense. There or not is release by tenseness gone with nothing or not, know what you hit that heals as you create or you can defend or not. Think as necessary or release the feeling, as energy so you see why lets not as you think.

  The energy itself is alive or not as a point in time. So there is a point in something you continue to think, as a dream in action that is real until disbelieved and dismissed is what exists it from the energy as particles. As if nothing exists from what you do is what the in area is conscious, that creates as this is what it picks up of our intent. Thought isn't done or not and this "as if to use is a thought as of things in what you do prove themselves in life.

  What you are as you do with this is what you think unless you don't intend, by intent their purpose makes if think alike or not with a thought and in thought this can appear in what you do in life such as cleaning or cooking or working with you to work things out. Think the creator comes up with something then allow your body to do or find something to do, this is intuition by what the body feels right to create your idea that comes to you by use that is interesting.

  If you can create what you do, you make as if nothing else creates. As you can identify things by feel and you gnow what you see if from nothing and yet if to see it in real life, as you think the idea is some way and the idea isn't then you won't actually notice it until you feel what you think and know what you do. There is an energy by feel and senses are what you are, think or create if in thought and your ability is energy by what you are as a god.

  Use a thought if a thought exists as the idea is not allowed, as you think it will it won't as misuse allows what is to be "diallowed" as nothing is done and thus you are not allowing yourself to do anything. There is a point that is to do, as you did it you are guilty otherwise this is not as thought to yourself. There is no more "in" awareness, just don't by the thought is to use or forgive as if to give and do as you think is necessary.

  Thought or otherwise incentive is what you think makes, you think something is supposed and yet if you think it will appear. This in some form is a way to do an idea and things you do are what appears, this is like another as this is true mischief as you might dismiss the idea. This is through ideal as that isn't diabolical, and that isn't a match and that which is done is ignored.

  As this is a point what you consider makes sane past thats as you don't allow by telling with a statement to effect, what you think or not by what you prevative idea that creates instance to preventative measure that makes the thought to stop reactions. As you don't do the things that get situations, you won't get effect that is bad for what you think. The idea you are what you don't just do things is in the idea you do nothing.

  As what you don't think will effect, you will if you are stupid or not do. Thought is there if you are not and nothing effects you, and as you think and do as what you think brings a concept by thought to use as if to create and physical magic occurs. You can usually be sure to effect, an idea to seem real or not is as you think and don't react as if a situation won't occur.

  If the idea doesn't use a point and yet can happen, as if things in thought does things you seem as you want. This is possible with mischief, to think "make mischief" is as you think of the person. Think to get and "fix" to make as you send and release energy in an idea spoken, as nothing happens where things don't exist. The idea you think to use is corrected by the point and thought, your use isn't done by the tactic in the combat that you think.

  Think not and what is created by insanity, undoes as the energy dissipates as thus this makes and as natural magic does an idea to think and attention is to a thought. You want them as if to seem to do, thought they see created by metainfluence makes sense as what you do is what you think. Think or act a certain idea as if in the mind, that they notice and as they see the idea is to create the effect.

  As that is to make notice, in use is magic and as you send them an image. That is the right subconscious idea this is what illusion is, and by thought to do as what they see they in thought might act in the right way and known. As the effect otherwise known as a thought in an area effected, can if a cruel idea happens or thought is from a bad mood this by nighttmare creatures and nightmarish idea summoned in from dark beings.

  As this is what appears in thought as a scene in the mind, will as you think not to see it or feel the idea. This is to make things, anything you think creates as if natural. To counter what you think, think and you don't and you won't, as the idea doesn't in thought manifest and as if you are not feeling it. Then feel what you want, think as you "stop the mischief" this is as you don't do what you think you are what is considered sanity.

  There in mind is the influence, if you don't mention what will get you in trouble then you will do as you want as agreement think nothing is a point and as if agreement or create something in idea with corruptive idea brought about in an idea to create that purifies it. That spreads dark influence correctable, by a night being from the nature of darkness. There is nothing wrong, as you are a point and as you consider what you do. As you want and if in thought your what you think, as if a point is a thought your deed is done as if "no tick".

  As if you are aware, you are understood in a point in what is, the past is made if what you did was to make and get results. As intention creates itself, you are away as is the use of this technique. This can summon demons or unwanted attention, as if in thought you walk away unless not wanted and you feel no danger sensed in an afterthought. So you don't have to do things.

  This is a danger sense, by energy that is a sensed motion or activity that draws attention to the point, think the attention is gone as you think they see someone else and some other scene. Then your subconscious can create it, if you want them to see that then wish the idea and as the image isn't thought. Seen area feel then is area thought to work or not do if not important.

  So thought projection is that your use is what you think, as you feel the area in senses by focus and use is a point. Thats somethings odd your body feels sense thought things in a coldness, thats there and gone is what created a premonition, as a thought draws attention to trouble in a sensed situation. If your essence is thought gone, as if you can never be detected as walking out the door you aren't detected and gone as if never there.

  All you need to do is think of the original moment, and think as to create a change to the present from some time thought on as you do what your spirit thinks is necessary. As this can seem in another life and thought sent back, creates what is, as you think you can your ability is restored as if not lost and nothing bad is possible. As you fix and remember, you fix the point and correct as though thought makes magic through clean air and clean motion.

   This energy is the equivelent with effect by just thinking about it or stating what you want. This can be a shaped effect, a woven effect or just plain manifestation. The only way to prove it scientifically, is needing an effect and finding it manifested and had an effect in some manner as in an effect you can get what you think is right or what you consider. Even though you can get hurt, you can still do things as you think you can use an idea. Things you think and use as an idea, as you feel good and unage with an idea as you can manifest or stop the concept with the correct energy in the area.

The shaped effect

   The shaped effect is more like crafting and the attempt to make shapes and objects manifest. Mostly, by thinking the object is there and then creating it with an intent to make it be there. Acting as if its there makes this more interesting and possible. As you see in you see out, the mirror or area energy can show or use idea with your elemental energy imagining. I think this is the key the area ring is the focus oe the area focus is some other object. I think the rule is think things there and not acting as though you were near things or holding things then think what you are aware to work with that helps the area correct the point or things that feel off the creator is what corrects. When in doubt don't return to a dogs mind, think to work to create some area idea that is what is needed you see or wish to create then do. Note no dungeon keeper is advisable to work by you.

   Time by use is work area use by area thought is sometimes by what you see is work, this is uses by feel that is really what you think is important. Seen is the area to use is your point, this was were tactics to relax by so think a little tense to want to work or see what you think needs to be done by the area thats reasonable. Think to area uses or feel this is as I was this is the first night in the cetacombs that was noticed by feel to beat nothing except area ghosts. So laugh to get over things as you see this was area to work by so easily done I was bored so I explored to the area. I found tidbits to the area I sensed that meant messages to other places that I talked to the dead to work out the meaning to the area that is what is outside.

"So the area I think is the area I consider useful this was the first time or night in the cetacombs though. Thinking allowed area feel to create things with useful meaning that fades away to mean nothing was one ghosts meaning. This was to understand the ghosts speech so I won't stay. I was to find out how to work with others non menacingly so you see a point. The point I got was the ghosts don't mind the area you can stand or to seem nice. I think you do but you were interesting so think to clothes yourself, as you walk out or allow slender area build use water drinking to use focus to weight reduction."

   The other that was interesting was the wall area was there by area feel or not is nothing to do as not to do is the famous speech this is amazing. So to correct the ghosts there I created things to work with or focus to remove was waste removal or burning. Then the area was no area to see or be in as I thought this was some use after all. I wonder now if the next few days will go easily. See I am gone most the time so I work other places. So I see or find things to do, then wander away or go tempt to create some area fun idea. So as I was I quit the area to work by what I call self-assigned area by area thought or to use self-work, I think time will tell as one or another the use is a job description. Seeing the area or use is focus.

    This is self-assigned job uses to by your own idea is use as some area purpose or avoided intent is avoided problems. I had to avoid 8 people so be careful think to be of use if nothing was to be beaten. Once more we can tell when you hallucinate seeing you call things, other than what they are or not use things when you say you do. Then claim things as you wish as a wishspell that aren't yours to claim or are yours then avoid mentions. Claiming to dreamwalk or sleep walk you go about by use or wake up after to create with the creator. Then your fine by area use or think by working so you talk to others now the language isn't opposite.

The woven effect

   The woven effect is energy that is thought by the sending out with a concept of tought energy streams. Thought and creation is to imagine or bewitch by focused will with energy in the use, this is of imagination or made thought by what you want to happen and the intent is done on the target. This target can be the air itself. If air is the target, then it makes a spread out effect till you in stop and the weave on air halts. The streams of energy are possibly elements or any thought elements to use and this can be any element.

   Think your rei or reincarnated think your able, see to use skin dancing or shift by the creator. The right direction is the correct combination you can create anything you desire. So the basis is defined, think the meaning then say the understanding to create or not is think to say as devestation is not thought this is experiment to see what you get by what you do. Just projecting your energy will create an effect from nothing or make a dark matter manifest. The point this is noticed you will be alive by idea.

   This uses raw primordial chaos that directs by your mind direction. Do no drugs as your energy can drop to not actually seem reliable after. There is energy this is nothing or noting that is energy, the aloe vera plant is useful by the "use by idea noticed" to create with as you just think. The meaning of the clock to the subconscious by ace yyou see is to create or focus then what area is focus to use or thought to help is chaos induced or avoided, so think another place not to touch your own by some other area. The thought being direction is your thought is your thing by feel.

Here is more elements:

 Fire is red energy that is useful in warming up things.
Ice is light blue energy, this is useful in freezing effects and things that come after you.
 Air is clear white energy and useful for creating psychic nature or cold effects like making things colder.
 Water is blue energy and is useful in healing and causing flows of energy.
 Earth is brown or green energy and is useful in causing blockages and dampening effects.
 The lava energy is stronger than fire and comes from the deeper parts of the planet. This is actual lava that has a dark red color. You can create nearly anything with it.
 Spirit is bone white energy and useful in creating effects of resilience, strength and endurance. This gives an euphoria that signifies a mental clarity.
 Time energy is silver and is useful in creating time effects like making things slower or faster.. including stopping events.
 Void is dark or black energy that allows absorption of any energy thats directed at you. Also, it can suck the life essence to itself of you and others nearby. Void woven effects are useful in removing something you don't want. It can, however, have its side effects. So, to safely weave void, is to think it won't weaken you or effect you at all when you use it. If you use void too much, then you could go insane. The voice of darkness can be heard and it seems at first you can ignore it. Then, if your psychopathic, you may end up doing something bad and violent. A woven effect of two streams of black energy can turn a person darker and more insane. Thus, the cure for this is to do a woven effect of life energy.
    Life energy is chi energy and is from your body. its color is light green or white. This is life energy from the ctreator himself. The effect of life energy is to do things and not realize what you did. The effect can be anything thought on or needed. What you have woven with life energy is a pattern that weaves itself and creates an action that you desire. This is a woven effect of life itself, where you focus the energy and then it does what you want. This creates a new pattern out of nothing and this inserts itself in the pattern of life at a certain time. This can freeze a shadow into a crystalline form.

Some woven together effects are:

 Silver and Brown weaves can create control. To break the control, use a woven effect of fire at the target.
 All four elements of earth, fire, water and air creates anything in effect of what you would want and intend. This includes restoration.
 Anything woven with spirit is strengthened.
 The air, water and earth weave can do a better healing effect.
 Pure energy woven at the body, is strengthening it and creating more energy in the body to allow it to endure more time in activity.
 There's fire and water for greek fire of unkillable fire or heat,
 Water and air for ice.
 Void and all elements for that which effects as damage to even magic immune creatures.
 Void and raw energy for pain (dazing).
 Air and void for darkness effect (blindness) or a black hole that deals excessive damage to machines and this includes them not working right.
 There's a possibility of using air and fire for a energy nova that is instant but doubles the effect.
 Use fire, spirit and time energy to create life energy that destroys any dark being or freezes dark bodies. 

Other woven effects

   The other effects of weaving is gateways, that bring you to another place of existence as this can be any time. The time gate can bridge the gap between this time and another time.  Weaving gates is simple, making energy streams and imagining the time energy stream form into an oval and "z" then visualizing the place you want to go to. Then the gate closes as you step through, stepping through the oval and learning your new area. The time gate is formed by using silver energy streams and visualizing the place you want to go to and thinking of the time you intend to go through the portal to get to another place.

   Void gates can bridge the gap to another planet and allow you to travel there, where you can explore by creating wormholes that you think about where it goes to make you go there. This uses links and thoughts as esper is to direct the wormhole. The link is forged on creating the void gate and then using thoughts to cause it to link to another location. This is in spirit travel first, then it draws the ideal as to the body to where you want after a certain amount of time. This can cause objects to disappear to the linked to location. To fix the moment thin or think, as if to fix what you want to fix and the time fixes itself.
   Wherever you go and die, you can appear and remember to think an air bubble that replenishes air from your normal world to come into existence around where you are with a 'done' or a thought of 'air bubble'. This keeps you in or out from dying on the spot from the atmosphere and air create with a concept and prevents contact to you of harsh air elements.

  The gateways that can shift with the body, as the spirit more easily moves with time as with thought there is a will and think or not your will as you create and the body is what can do things with focus, so it appears like a double vision of the area overlayed on the area your in. Roving gates can move at your thought. Formed by thinking they move and in what direction. They could even be made to kill off targets, by thinking they will and having the intent for that purpose for them or as you think.
   Making viewing gates is simple, make the gate in the air that shows you what is happening Thinking the gates unseen makes it unseen. The viewing gate is useful as its pointed down. It can be formed anywhere and any distance in the air. When its there, you can perceive what you want by directing it with thought. The gateway may give you a double vision of the area thats viewed. The subconscious can be told to make it seen as though another overlay of the world.
   If you leave gates open too long, the dimension you think of is the gateway itself that can retract in the body energy as an inward motion or thought as this is to draw the life force from the body and you could die from it, sorta like that one movie where the sorceror once dead sent a pulse energy that evaporated nearly anything to life. The life force is the energy in the body by what the body uses to do things in its natural form in things. These are the things the body does in thought to keep by self, what you drink to keep alive in an alive state. As that you think and create new idea or thought as stimulus, that is sometimes tough or not moments.

      Think as your alive and your alive, as the energy of the gate creates what you think in your physical reality. When it dies it can turn to dust, the body decays rapidly by rapid pulse now as a point and the spirit and soul evaporate and what is there to be reborn on planet you view or visit. As to alternatives the rule that creates is based on belief, this rule still applies as this is neccesary and yet not done if the thought isn't there. There is a point that there isn't any life left, and that is when the body collapses to the ground. 


   Shields can block other woven effects on you. Formed by Time stream energy not of light or dark light in energy is never as you think of the events as a way stop in moments that in life and not as if disappeared they are imagined or thought is to do if the so decide to, Air and Earth for absorbing and breathing. This is in two forms with a possible 3rd. The aura shield and the shield of light. The aura shield is to channel the shield effect into the aura.

   The shield of light is channeling the energy and imagining it form as in light shielding in front of you or wherever you need it. With the shield you can also block other people from weaving at you by cutting them off from the elements. The third is the energy shield effect to get energy to use energy, and think as the time is instance to use as what you think. As to feel by what you see and the aura wards away by what is energy, nor unless necessary is that you don't seem to need that are away from you.

   Seem in or not and things infinite aren't always in energy, as that which is done if a possible in idea. Think or intuitively do or not as is feel presence is a defense. Seem a defense as that is possible concept, this at some point in life is gone as if you don't feel to see whatever there is, is gone. Sense need to heed or see a use for what you do, think and use is the idea for thought. As no use is in, there is by user energy a fair use as with tolerance. This in manifestation is not used from excess.

   Now as the third eye wants is correct, as in idea this is by a concept as that in a point is similar, thought with life is by things or perception in idea. As what you do or see in, as a safety this is for use as a trap. As you want if a thought with feel, make by will as if create with energy. If what you seem in thought is to wish things you manipulate, think as to feel is to create by what is if the energy is. To create but not dangerously as you are doing things, in energy manifest use as a thought or not as the energy is there. As you make a point unless dangerous, and this is acceptable this is dismissed.

   Thin or think that as invisible cast and felt in idea is thought or noticed visible, if regard or make use as you think. As you want and only if you want, make use the existing original object to see a visible idea as if to seem a practical use. If as a manifest is done, then create with a thought and make with what is there or not as nothing is there.

   As if you don't need in the idea or thought, energy to manifest dissipates in and out to the planet as if this is nothing that exists. As if nothing is done, think and in no hurry feed if necessary if in on a point there is no thought to do. Unless if in no excess, then in no visible weakness is there in no possible collapse that occurs.

   The energy you think in to use is there by reality, as to do and make with concept here as if necessary and use is a possible moment in a rest or save time unless no not that. Timing and any source is a point, or not as necessary is a point as if nothing is thought energy. Use after thought is pure elemental energy, and things you can do is make things better or lesser. As a use there, if you want to do the idea or feel create in life, or in seem to think as you feel better or are now done in life.

   Tying off the weave is a rope to the imagination with the weaves tied together in knots as if by a rope tied that is as though with the associated weave and this keeps the weave in place even after until you in or out stop the woven effect. When you shield with time, think until or not to the core as with the magnetic flux as this does in thought that you think then don't as you ward away in the effect and event before it happens. Shielding with earth stops things you don't care to see, you block the effects from touching you. Shielding with one power air, you can stop or slow things moving at you, in such things as thrown things that move in your direction or move in the direction that is. To remove a shield, think it removed or no not as nothing done. 


   Enchanting an object is simple, pass energy through the object and it retains anything of your intent from energy residue that you were wanting at the time. Intent is your thoughts that you need to occur or will into existance. Thus, the intent is done by making the subconscious do the effect with an attempt that tells it what you want done. The subconscious is the energy gatherer. The gesture or thought is the telling it what you want done. A gesture can be useful to make complex weaves.  

Plain Manifestation

   The plain manifestation is less effort and done when you intend to create an effect and have it form in the manner you would want it to. The more focus you have in a plain manifestation, the more likely it will manifest. This can manifest anything, given enough energy.