The higher states

  The Higher States are the Astral Plane Version of the United States. Everything is almost the same except for it is a world based off the idea that everyone is a mage. The elves live hand in hand with dragons that live hand in hand with humans which live hand in hand with faery. Everyone is at a constant state of peace. The state of this peace is brittle however. Any mistake could get said person who made the mistake dead before the next day. So people make certain that they make no mistakes. The courts are based off of magical based rulings. The commercials are always interesting as the ads look like ours except they get more creative with the magic aspect. Items ordered are instantly delivered. Sometimes the telepathic idea by ordering can happen. Magic is definitely at a higher level there , so I suspect they could set things up here if they were recieving our thoughts. The technicians and repairmen have to have a firm base of magic as an added condition or they won't get hired. Think a base of information and you know a based upon view, that they scan out for you with their subconscious minds set out to allow us to know.

  Realizing in Antipathy is what the higher or taller states are is possibly a jeapardizing thing, as they watch us by thinking to see us or work with what you do as if their own idea. Feedback is an interesting "interesteng" thing to see so what you feel, if you think to see the area is the area consciousness or thought use creates attention to you. What you think can manipulate the area with or without an idea of what in the use can happen. So if your seeing the idea as what you look to see or diction, you can get the result you see there written down. So what you think may happen, thought or otherwise you cash in on or with things to create better results. What you see here is not "undeux" or possible, to change or fix what you see is what you can use to see like what you feel is good to you. Thats it for the idea, so I think the point is done for now.

  Thinking what you won't always do is things by wat you notice. The fix an otherwise idea is just a presence till necessary. So far the only thing I noticed is that the power goes down in machines, as the area energy goes up in thought noticed by result or not. If you think to use their energy the things that you use draw some energy to where you want, things that change are what you want as you are awarenesses. As you are sensing what you see this corrects or causes what is here to adjust, so things that are possible can create as thought to sometimes that you feel are good to be here or to see in an area this changes nothing. As you adjust things to te surface, there is energy by the use to create or no inner urge to ill people as they don't need to kill sometimes things that can be killed. They who die are sometimes creative in spirit or do to fix, as they believe themselves cost in a form that is how things are in there.

  So what you see is what you cannot get till you think to use things as energy is convection except when you don't need to get things. So you could craete things here, that were thought not possible or supernatural act by activity. There is nothing but an idea that a cold wind or hot breeze, can tell when this occurs till unnecessary by wat you do. Things you use are sometimes what you create by feel or thought in idea creates as this is not an idea by safety to not always doching. So things you say or create can happen here, there is to see things that is what can occur.

  When you enter a library, try not to think too loudly because if you do someone may come over and say "I can hear your thinking from across the room. Please be quieter". Pictures aren't just pictures, they are moving pictures as in animated. The newspapers are also animated. Just check the new york times and you'll see a murder scene in full color as if it was a video image on paper. The technology has included the magic of the parts into every device. Cats are easily understood. Smart animals can actually talk and are unique pets. Politicians must have the charm ability down to a tee. Everyones a telepath that can be a telepath. They have schools that are based off the magic and the technology also for specialist as well.. The president almost certainly has an air of command and a very glib tongue. With guards of at least one psionic master, one master of the arts, one weapons master, several military people and most certainly all mage trained. If you think a point to create and you know or feel the thought occur then you create by magic. Thats part of mage training.

  The army is comprised of the mage arms corps, the marines, the army, the army reserve and the SWAT corps. The mage arms corps deals with the military magic and weapons that could happen or may happen and this includes seers as part of the corps. Army is normal army as far as that is concerned except they handle truly awesome magical weapons. Heavy bullets, or the energy charged bullets that could shoot through tank armor from a pistol, are a norm. The army reserves are a normal functioning group as well. Power armor serves as the kevlar vest of today. The SWAT teams handle the heavy civilian and noncivilian warfare with an equal base of magic and technology at their understanding with training in telepathy and telekinesis. They are the ultimate fighting force. The greatest weapon of the SWAT Corp. is the heavy M-60. Ths little beauty can shoot heavy bullets that only need one shot to destroy an entire building structure. Exception to this rule is if the building is shielded by a shielding unit or the building was tesseracted. Tesseraction is the act to which the building becomes separate from the dimension it appears in and is linked only by the front door to that dimension. In this case only, the building would only be scratched if directly hit.

  The police force are well trained into martial arts and weapon mastery. They use seers actively. They always manage catch the criminal and they can reconstruct the scene of the crime by making an illusion of the things they see. Also available are magical phorensics specialists who can recreate the scene of the crime by using illusion and psychic ability together. The phorensics team can put it on video tape through the telekinetic ability they practice at a maximum range of 20 miles. The amazing image is crystal clear and easily done through symbolic link to the tape machine anywhere within that twenty miles. Thus they keep the criminals from happening. That doesn't keep the criminals from trying though. The criminals usually try to block the seers from finding them or seeing the crime in the first place. The thieves are actually mage thieves with even more luck than normal thieves. Just one unlock or knock spell will open any door. They could easily teleport out of the house with a bag of holding. How do they treat their criminals? They don't put them in jail. Instead, they reprogram the criminals into "model" citizens that respect the law by magically tagging them. That is, if they catch them. The cops here are called the time police.

  Next, we look at the telephone system. The telephone system is quite complex, as it is made from symbolically linked phones and networks which use the same rule, requiring telepathy. This saves on telephone wire. If one knows the trick, the could "link in" for free. If the free linkers get caught, they get erased of that certain knowledge of how to link in free. The alternative network is wireless networking. The taxation of the phone system is non existant. Where the taxes on the broadband connections are high in the United States, they are nonexistant in the Higher States. When we talk to the operator we get the question "Which dimension and state are you calling from?" Each call also has a possibility for an automagically selected according to mindset automated menu. Collect calls are 20 cents a call that are unlimited in time and can call into any other dimension. A specialty of this phone system is to have private dimensional zones to which the caller has to punch in first.

  Next, we look at the social structures of the Higher States. The social structures are thus. There is the tech sector. In the tech sector we find magical engineers, magical technicians, magical computer technicians and the magical repairmen. There is the jobs sector. In the blue collar jobs field there are molecular electricianists, constructionists, biotechnicians, the electrician, space ship builders, ship specialists. In the white collar field there are the mage teachers, the teachers, the dimensional field experts, the mages, the magical computer experts, the molecular physicists, spacial fold experts, hydro engineers, chaos field experts, chaos field engineers and chaos mathematicians who specialize in chaotically predicting the future and past up to a million years. The fighters sectors. In the fighters division there are mage fighters, martial artists, military mages, military men, weapon masters, psionicists, master psionicists, chaos fighters and chaotic mages. They are known for what they can do.

  Now we look at the technologies in the Higher States. They have molecular self-repairing devices including computers. molecular viewscreens, self shield units. shield units, chaos electrical engines, chaos math supercomputers that can predict accurately the future. dimensional fold devices, teleportation devices, phase devices, nanotechnologies and biotechnology. These are tricks of the trade for them. They share it in order to make the use ready for themselves.

  We now look at the weapons division. Their is point blank devices like missiles that will open a dimensional holes by folding space to the target and hit within five seconds of launching without possibility of miss. phase guns which will hit the target instantaneously with high gamma radiation. This will deteriorate and destroy the target within 100 milliseconds. This can span distances up to 1000 miles in only 1/2 seconds.

Black hole generators that can take out whole armies up to 2000 men within 10 seconds. The range on those suckers are five miles. The radius of the black hole generator singularity is one mile without destroying the earth. The hand held version of this generator can only do the same thing except it tends to generate a larger singularity gravity hole and is more erratic. The way they work is you get three shots before the plutonium fuel cell clip is drained. It opens a singularity the rips people inwards towards the gravity hole. In the end the people that are pulled into it are ripped to pieces with no sound. When you release the trigger the singularity collapses inwards leaving no mess. However as you say right, it has a tendancy to disrupt and make chancy the reality around you. The reality is iffy anyway so its arranged by what is done.

  Then there are the molecular control devices which can control a person from 1000 miles away. This is the High range frequency control or HAARP systems relay towers, that is thought about but not actually seens unless you know where to look.

  There is also a device called the velocity bullet. Also called a Rael Gun. This rare gun shoots a depleted uranium shell at light speeds with the impact depending on ammo type. The explosive rounds could tear down a building with this example. A person shoots the velocity bullet with explosive rounds with the effect of the velocity bullet ripping huge firey holes up to a mile in a straight line. In effect, it could destroy the building in the process. With non-explosive rounds the velocity bullet would fire in a straight line and shoot through humans and walls for up to a mile. This would leave no holes in the walls but killing simply by infliction wounds that pass right through the human body because of the bullet being depleted uranium.

  There are also plasma arc guns which are only good up to 10 feet ahead. They shoot a plasma arc which melts anything in front of the device up to 10 feet. They are used for melting tunnels in the ground or in a mountainous area.

  The phaser bank is a unique device which can drill holes into anything up to a mile distance while using a very small amount of energy. Its the most effecient weapon created. Use it on a ship and watch as the ship loses atmosphere in seconds while people inside die from implosion.

  The neutronium cannon is the most powerful by far. It works by using a nuclear sun as a energy source or as an alternative it could also use a planetary core at the cost of making the planet go cold. Nicknamed the core gun it uses five crystals to create a symbolic energy link to a source of your choice. It self repairs and uses nanotechnology to accomplish it. It has unlimited range to shoot at. You could shoot all the way across the galaxy and hit a single target with it. When it fires, it shoots a narrow beam of neutron energy to bypass everything but the target using spacial fold technology. It hits the target to implode the target completely even on a planet and damages nothing else. What is needed? Things that could help subsist the need to do things to others.

  The operator needs to know three dimensional spacial mathematics to get the target right. It uses an aperture opening focusing device to make the radius of the beam more powerful or less powerful. When more focused, it does more damage and when less focused, it makes less damage. After it destroys the target, expect to not remember that it existed as it will erase it from timespace itself. You activate it with mental command only. It listens in on any dimension for mental commands. It is mainly used for assasinations, revenge, entire space fleet destructions that are hostile to us, quick star destructions, ghost killing, wraith killing, demonkind killing, can kill angels, can destroy planets in a single hit, can destroy asteroids, it can also take out whole buildings and can knock out devices if aperature set large.

  Now we look at the treatment of people in the Higher States. The treatment is very decent to the people. For fear of being killed by magic the peoples of the higher states would rather prevent war. The tenuous peace exists because of the need for getting along. The beggars are ignored socially as a necessary evil. They are not given any food and welfare. Thus by doing this they save money and force the beggars to reconsider their condition. They are forced to get jobs. Their is a general rule amongst them. Everybody must have a job. If caught without one for three months then they are forced into one not of their own choice. They treat others in accordance to what is done by the person or what they themselves can need.

As a result, of the idea of keeping people in shape, their is a rule to keep in shape and said person is paid to be in shape. As a result, there is no longer any obesity to be found in the Higher States. The average lifespan is 300 to 1000 years for the normal everyday peoples. I suspect it is because of the biotechnology that is combined with nanotechnology to form a superior hybrid that is unknown to us. However good this sounds, their does exist social injustice in any civilization. The more perfect the civilization, the more it hides. The longer it lives, the more chance of cultural breakdown.