A step by step guide on how to fly

  The steps I will describe in this document are experimental. Only try it if you want to.

  1.   The first step is meditate for 5 - 10 minutes before you go to bed and after you wake up on flying and the taking in of kinetic energy as one moves.  Do this for 3 days.
  2.   The second step is to get as high up as possible with thought of the cords of life with a parachute.  Think with a will to shift and create a thought by feeling the energy cord spring up, thought and create as thought is as you feel the area shift from under you and up in the air energy. You bunch up or release by releasing the might an in the attempt you can fall and magic energy you think and go with can support as feather fall, think as you think a source focus, think yourself there by the feeling with the cords of life.

      Connect by imagination where you think you are you are, as a thought to seem. Just remember that you will be meditating on absorbing and falling in thought by kinetic energy while you go down. Pull the shoot and think to yourself that your bodies absorbed it. Then if you are ready, and this in purpose can get you to glide on down to the ground.  There is energy to do, as if you can use and get results.

      Do this for 3 tries.  When accomplished that far, the next step is to meditate for one day or a day to yourself on utilizing that energy to stopping or pausing yourself in the air by force of will and need.
  3.   The next step is to get on that high place or an airplane and jump wearing a parachute.  Then focus on the idea to pausing or pushing yourself to go up in the air.  This will take 5 tries at least.  At the appropriate level pull the shoot and glide down. 
  4.   The next step is to meditate on the idea and visualize on the concept of willing the direction and/or place you go while utilizing the kinetic energy by thinking about it all day.
  5.   Next, try going to that high place on the airplane and jumping and flying with the thought flying in your head with a parachute on your back willing the direction other than down and if you can try it three more times.
  6.   Next step, take off from the ground by the effect of willing the neutralizig effect of gravity around you through the stored kinetic energy in the body. Wear a parachute as protection for just the first 4 successful attempts just in case you succeed. Just remember that after this all there is is practice to achieve it.

Another Method on Flying

  The method herein is extremely experimental. Only try this at your own risk!!!  I was watching a method being described on Dragon Ball Z. Where the gohan grown up was trying to teach his girlfriend on how to fly. I found it intriguing and absolutely plausible. It starts like this: Focus on a power in the gut and focus it underneath yourself to support you as a floatation device. It negates gravity as you believe that it will allow for yourself to go up in the air as with the cord. A cylinder cord action is what is required, as you think to create you get things or not get things do. As you think and the energy is what shifts you, use in life actions considered to make the string as universe energy is where you think to seem.

  The cords of life shift as you think and feel the cords bunch up and energy surges as you think and release is by the body as to bunch the muscles and untense you spring shift as fly with the will. Now will yourself upwards with a step into the air allowing the supportive float of energy to negate gravity around you and to allow for pure thought to guide where you are in go out to go.
There is in another way the thought, that is the concept and this is the way to get shifted as you seem the area to create by the reality that exists or not in thought as you don't think to seem there. There is no concept to go with, as you think or not these area are not actually wanted to be confined in as visited.

  Keep in mind one must set the energy control in the back of their heads allowing for unconscious control and thus an unlimited time until you think about landing somewhere on two feet. You see, its a switch of the mind that one thinks about and envisions turning on or off as desired. If 'on', then it must be thought about for the effect so you can do things but not have to think about them after the initial thought..This means you enable yourself to do things that require a lot of energy or some things you want to do but you also want to do something else. I call it the unconcious control of ability. As though just by switching on an imagined switch, you gain the ability to do things without having to think about them and at unimagined power levels.

  This is based off of an idea that energy will allow for the flight to occur of the person. It takes discipline and intuitive exploration of the idea. The process takes anywhere from 1 minute to 3 days to make happen. The amount of walking distance before getting tired one can do is the amount of distance one can fly. I've done it this way to fly from the ground to the top of the car I have at least once.

An alternative to the way to fly

  An alternative to the steps to flying is to meditate everyday before you go to sleep and when you wake up on visualization of the words flying through the air with mental thought control. Do or think this everyday for at least a month until it happens. The more you meditate on it the more chance that it will happen. When it does happen just do as you think direction, then if you can go and with focus the chords of life causes you to shift off the ground and you fly by a thought.

  Those are strings that are energy strings, that means this will do things for you and lift you off the ground. This is exactly by how you focused your mind on the thought, this is use with a point of being somewhere or you can use some happy feel. You don't need speed to do this trick. All you need is a little patience, as though a thought could exist us anywhere.

  If you think a point is done, then you can create or feel in focus to shift or create what we think. This is where you go to when you want to go and become aware, this is usually as though if we exist we are aware of our environment and what we can do for it. Think and if we can exist in peace, then war does not exist for us as our thought is as all we need and this is usually to think "flight". Then reach out and we fly by the unusual gravity chords of life energy and vibration.

Another way to fly

  How to fly in this method is started when you look at the sky and when your speechs in inner you, is stopped or over, you'll see the lines of the world. Will to use your strings released from your fingers, hold them and will to hold the world's lines wih your strings. Gather your hands together and fly.

  Flying is fun like this, but needs a perfect balance and peace sometimes gained by meditating on perfect inner balance and peace and flying. With the higher self while seeing, and being consciously while speaking not innerwise. So innerwise speaking is your inner speaking. Meaning what you don't do is inner speak when flying. You have to stop it and attune yourself to your will and sight. You gotta be careful when you're doing it, as there had been so many warriors, apprentices fell down in history which is the case in point. 

  To attune yourself to your will is feeling your entire self while non-speaking innerly. This is flying, as binding your 'strings' to the lines of the world and being pulled imagining the lines and then the strings and the strings tying themselves to the lines. As it's like a will to astral projection but being on a conscious level, and letting yourself by your will to the lines. Sometimes running and jumping is able to help the process.

Written by skyhawk