Alchemy Substances and Effects

  Anything in this doc that isn't going is life threatening so note that nothing will be described of it, this article teaches control, mainly. So this is through the magic effects of the alchemy substances, their potential use in application including the metallic substance with some use of the chakra points to cleanse the body. Think then try again tomorrow if failure. These are symbolic area effects not unseen by feel. So the symbols origination are made from observing some smith use metallic ore: Seculis is gold with some similis traces by seclusion or area feel is potential is the use or use in application to create, transmute or cause no in use or allowable. Thats what aspertus or use of apparatus in some aspect, sometimes that you know or are ordered to not touch. Think and you can if you know how, thinking to apply things right. So you know this means your idea could work, if you think things through. This is what alchemists use, if you feel the vibration of the body and the area think to calm and relax yourself and you know what to do. This is just as if you are aware and knowing of things to do, and come to the correct conclusion.

  The symbol lead is plura or Pb known for dumbing down the senses, mercury or Hg is known for the lessening of body feel, cinnabar or HgS is known for creating a resistance to blood poison, sulphur or S is known as a vitamin supplement addition if available. They can easily seem removed, by fee or area concept like a broom or extractor to remove the area by influence. Energy is silver or Ag is known as vitamin supplement. Otherwise known is Mercury is unused today except in thermostats, sulphur is a good vitamin supplement by feel that exists not really used today or found in special springs that the atleantians made use of. Lead is dumbing down agent, used in water as a trace element they can't really remove. Cinnabar is a thought agent not really used today except in metal alchemy. Silver is used in vitamins as known is the curative state this causes. Some are more effected than others yet the ideal is this was once thought equal or uses in control, so they could cure the body as though living longer. The use today is actually bad for the health, but the ideal is the same as yesteryears. Think and you know the real reasoning behind the ways of life behind this alchemy of life. So you know this was fun to write and do, but some substances have a food need impact like lead in the water. So think to do research before use.

  That is created area feel by the area you use or energy transferral to create with, this is by idea to use is focus to realize to not by that or the black man hand diverted by feel that means black marker or smudge marks. One note: so food or potion alchemy can cause you to recover from material energy alchemy use, the link is the herb list to show what can seem done. this I think means the symbolism is useless without a point to use the symbols for with this ideal by feel.

This enhances made magic alchemy area elemency

  Make a wish to create by the use or think to create by your ideal, this is the alchemy or wichcraft use by area feel by star that is actual use in creation. So your not with the full metal alchemist anime, the star as you think will cause some result by symbol or energy sigil as you get results. So you see the area or see the star to create what you want as necessary, your use is not so bad off or create is turn off to not see bad effects.

  Say or see if the area to see or seem a cool point with a hot area, there as you were or are as you want or went. See the chemical by drug use or alchemy substance, seems to change the body chemistry to feel different or think to see. Seen as your idea is appeasing to food substance use otherwise or seeable use is avoiding the area situation, you won't use any as bad is rejection relating the taste to bad or rotten food effect. The effect is pleasure so stop as your ahead.

  See your not dumb as you think your not or use is there not here or seen is area, so avoid the feel as alchemy is dangerous or dumb by activity is thought by the area. So don't be led too easily by some place avoided, seen as you see the reason or think not as you are to excuse yourself from the area. So stop as your addicted or can't stop unless you think to create different idea as you see by feel the third eye shows you, your what you were as you are or were so your just able to seem or just remember. Well if you want it then don't go for it. Well so you are aware your aware as your well off.

  See don't be dumb if under the influences candy is for eating, see that was the easy part to distract yourself from or sucking on a popstick. See try not to gain weight from the idea I was wanting, I is the third eye so think no manifest to stop this as you think "stop". This you see is a vicious cycle so think no need with the urge to do no appetite. There as you were is what you are as your what thought there is as if some idea. You think to get or use as gotten is not done by choice.

  See or use so you think is no by feel, seen is no cool or hot with smoking or not that to get off cigarettes or need based idea. Seeing as your aware so use by the creator is look to react to the moment or think to go as away as not too lazy. Here is some substances as mercury, lead now not legal, quicksilver is temperature control, sulphur is health or restoration with some declared attribute or not train to focus. The area you see is some thought to not use the idea if your not allowed, as you see you are what you were or is thought to seem useful for by idea.


  Pure quicksilver however with mercury amplifies magic by 250% per ounce and an additional 250% per ounce after except for use deemed unnecessary by the user.

  Cinnabar or Mercury Sulfide (HgS) is 12.5% increase per ounce and 50% in restoration effects. Related in chemistry mostly to the water element. Mercury is the spirit property in alchemy.

  Quicksilver in thought is easier thought that is said to be the fire of transformation, think and a point that alchemist can use can transform events and objects with chemistry. Ingesting mercury by itself causes a salt to form which causes poisoning to the brain and death. Mercury is said to have the ability to tame sulphur and make it easy to use. Mercury increases power in the user but can imbalance energy of one aspect. Mercury leads to balance used correctly this is said to grant immortality, as it allows life energy to become concentrated in the body and strengthens the aura. There is no point to try this if you can't remove the poison, and otherwise to control the fire control water use as you are there.


  Sulphur or Brimstone powdered or rock form is 100% increase in magic and 200% in restoration. Sulphur melts to form a blood-red liquid and is found near volcanoes and hot springs. It can be related to the fire and earth elements.

  Brimstone is an essential substance for life or burning heart and is present in all organic tissue, as such it resonates to that effect. Sulphur is the soul property in alchemy. Uses for no sulphur except focus are the breaking of hexes, protection, countering of magic, banishment and exorcism of spirits. It can also be used in combination with salt for a healing effect.


 Salt really then seals off, think and absorbs magic effects. It can ward of negative energies and spirit, salt sprinkled over doorways will prevent negativity from entering the house. Salt tossed over the shoulder is said to bring good luck after a bad luck effect. It also causes healing at 200% per ounce as tylonel is some effect.

  Sea salt causes 250% healing with no actual salt use, by heart attack too much salt is causes not by the absorption of energy as water and energy seal in life activity that starts normally and otherwise ends in made moments metal and strangely done. Complete salts formed in mountains or some sea locations are of a higher quality than processed salt. Related equally to elements of earth and fire is countered by water. Salt is the body property in alchemy.

  Chlorine avoided is the fire liquid of salt with sodium being the earth component, which combined forms the salt.


Metal effects by either being some compensation electrical or non electrical metals. Then of course with an intercourse by thought in the point, that energy is in the thought metal use in magic, theres a chance of 25% insanity each use. Release is by use energy and as you think its released. So don't drink the metal, as you seem what you are aware by brain activity. See now as you think or never do things, as they aren't so stay away as they aren't until the materials are there.

  Electrical spelled to go metals can increase magic effects fusd once and done ever after or not if not done as focused upon concept and thought about idea is over, thought with energy is an acidic base and as chemicals are formed from this with energy at about a 1000% potential. Its a possible idea to heal better at about 500% with focus as your an ideal not seen.

  Non electrical metal is visable, viable of 250% magic effect potential and thought making and with 150% healing potential.


  The thought with wood. I think wood is about 500% magic increase, scarecrow effects are 500% magic effect and use is 250% healing improvement. Some wood gives a negative effect from a positive idea that is thought about. You will know if its the positive or negative type, if theres some sort of reaction, by attempt of making manifestation and idea, from the wood in the area thats near you.

Material linking application

  This is the material linking objects. Now we will speak about the alchemical idea of linking without thinking to the material, this acts through the magical bond. The effects of linking yourself to material, can be drastic as it can make you become similar to the material presented, and there are several traits that you can get with the material grade as well. Think to link yourself, think of material and think at the material. Seen is a link me to you effect! or 'think of me as I link me to you?' as you touch it or taste it but don't split things just remember to then spit things out after. Now as your will or your your own will, the linkup isn't instant except you can break or area, you think you are you are that is going to happen or eventually profit from the use. Say or don't, this you see is instant. Think the use or feel the usage.

  See nothing but thought or use is tongs to form the metal or this takes some time to feel with distance thats two or more transfers, that the equalities are qualities of the materials makes the metal with the mold. Melt to produce the mold with the tongs to hold the metal, your will as you feel is some area then ore allows to seem real until melted or then insanity is then insured. Seen by focus to use the molecules to iron with area energy, as chaos to use as the metal is melted that is concept to cool it as you use. The metal to radiative use or radiation use is thinking to the core with some planet, the area is disruption or this is conversion by distance as that is the alchemy process. Join is with use of your qualities and use is then in the traits you get from the creatotor is use. As a source this is anything that is will, safely think as your willing to accept the thought by the creator. Think the creator reveals or you won't know or if a sun use then that is ceaseless, unless you see or think to react or not react to block out the area.

  As always this is an example this can not actually cause you to move unless you think to work or create not by a thought is cleansing, so I think this is thought to will the energy or not bother by use away as you get the energy think of the object. See you linked to us by area movement or view and resist by will you were there sometimes so this uses fire by light energy to not think slowly but surely till it comes upon you as an awakening force that keeps you awake. To break the link think there is some link to see or not be, this is to make thought and imagination is the link being broken that in some manner then used. See and no use is then some use or feel, upon using a freehand hexing sigil this drawn is air use by idea in the aero show to show the intent by purpose. Think its not broken and its not until its broken by what you think, I think you "figured" or figured by use I correctly by feel create with area creatively. This buys the cetacombs or the right language or you know the uses, I think to heal is energy focus the creator creates healing unless you show a mental illness in thought or thought to life so ann this is no use. This is to use the area creativity or think to the planet core to "create as you want, feel or need then focus to some crystal energy to create with the sun or moon to avoid mood swings by music or think to create by area you think the christians are gone by feel.".

  As with negative ions "is" are influential, machines or engines are chaotic alchemy so you see this in thought is in a contact use to create with results. Think by what you assume to the feeling you get and use is thought is vaccine where vlad is blood that exists, as useless you don't and assume is in as thought in life is nothing. As you don't do the point or say, think not and what you consider to what you think with the feel. As that is there and as you will things, this in the end is done in life by alchemists technique or consider where the source is thought to see. I think by sight I mean know what you see before you look for things. This is coinage that is energy created by feel or seen by the point. Think to yourself or work as pointed out in the alchemists handbook, think to work as people do things the spirit detects you are aware by idea. Think you are aware by focus to know then realize to what you see is there to what you do. See to aware focus or notice or use is engine on or off.

  Engine use is area intense or non intense work to create idea, khepser then is now that means by the changes you are seen with or not lunatic enough as noticed alive the person was working or not use by the means with indication. See to work is your perception that is work you see their use is uses used or not, unless needed is create as you go is focus to the area yet focus is free use or not created. The seance is now over return us or work as the creator disrupts the worm body I think or the worm eliminates the sea worms that exist. The creator is what exists to the point think the creator removes what exists if the worm is the form. This is what exists the worm. I think so I am. I am so were deceased or realized good is cool yet no need if places allow, so I know ore can create what you think without use seeing money is more useful I created something called a elixer or canola oil is useful with some use energy. I don't think so creates by feel to use to useful idea, this not to exist yes that isn't necessary. Seen is use by ore energy to use light energy think your cleaning then causes the energy to wipe away the insects.

  Thats the thought with plastic: Will the plastic energy away to not be effected. As the idea is not the trait you list this is mainly: Uncorruptive nature (except to acidic behavior like nasty comments, acidic comments and repose with bad views), easily pleased and you become easily pleasured, you can store fat in obvious places, unbending (except with the bending type of plastic), easily brittle over a long time, living a long time (if the plastic material lives a long time), moldable (easily suggested to), lethargic and unthinking in nature.

  With metal: The trait list is mainly: you become personal, very long living, corruptive, when in arguements you get moldable (suggestable), not so easily pleased, supremely sociable, easily alert, unbending in nature, focused, energetic and strong. To change metal by feel, the use is quickly made silver is melted or that with Mercury. That "Safe Lead" not taken in even with phosporous is Lead or nothing is water or metal mixed with S2O or S3O either one won't work, till the right metal by idea is introduced as you focus energy something happens. As your with no meta feel or understanding the tea energy you get cool results by leaving the reaction area to see intelligent use by idea to come as to collect the result.

  With ceramics: supreme attitude, breakable (easily snapping at the bait or accident), easily focused, living awhile (in some cases, it depends on the lasting state of the material), unsuggestable and heat can toughen you to the effect of maturing natural attributes.

  Gemstone: You become like that of the natural attributes of the gemstone color, very long lived, understood, focused in activity, easily working with things, suggestable, thinking and you can easily do magic.

  Glass: See through is a natural gemstone (the thoughts are easily seen if the person tries), focused, breakable (as in accident prone) and this depends on the thickness or type of glass too, living a long time, meltdownable (you can easily change your mood), unthinking, you become easily cleanupable, but it can restrain your magic (if it isn't magicked first) or cause you to be resistant to magic and you can get temper fits.

  Chemicals: proactive is reactive (tempermental or somewhat explosive), think is understood, acid is transcendic, think is easily focused, while reacting to something you can be unthinking, contained in temperment (after reacting) and formulaic as S2O is transmutation with mercury to change normal metals. As you can use lead to identify the idea, that is with quick silver as in use with focused fire energy.

  Due note: If you link to several things of the same material, you can strengthen the effect of the material, not on yourself and your okay with your body or not really focus till you leave the area that fades with air. If you link to multiple things, you can get the attributes, of the extra materials and idea associated with it. Some attributes are easily cancellable, where when you get both, they cancel out, or one overrides the other and some combine, so feel free to explore this idea. If you use things, you can get stupid as in sometimes dumb movement and very smart activity, that is idiocity synchronicity as you start to think alike with the materia as material as this with energy. There is a point to this, as you think and do you can think unlink and tap. The material is not sharing, and because you make as you are in thought as if timewise to do things not unintelligently.

  As you are thinking energy your energy is what is awareness in life. There is an energy perception, that is an idea that akin to magic is the art of alchemy with use of chemistry. The symbols are discussed here, this is the Alchemical book forbidden and available as the "Dictionary of occult hermetic alchemical" book by Fed Gettings here in some USA parts that you will with thought to use as a point. This is positive in feel by use in a concept positive in idea and this is energy by use, think in the moment and positioning in equipment or idea use that is Feng Shui is great magic that is achieved by thought and intuition as use is focus in the feel and thought comes as you need here to know by chi feel. As the correct thing needed in an aspect of the home is what energy, the creator allows use of innate or intuitive points in instinct by the thought with good use.

  As thus an idea your inner aura world is different by what you feel, and outside the aura is what energy perception is there to see in life. As the outside world is "out" and outside the "in" aura world. There in thought is energy to use, as energy is a thought by the use in effort in energy and by what I as the third eye is in focus to manifest an able use in thought to use as if an energy source.

  Energy is energy or feel and think you feel you can be or are with energy you can create by water or any element such as earth, air, water, fire you feel or create to a thought that is from earth within or created in the air. As water can direct what the direction can do and you direct by focus and common nature is revealed by the element. Fire can heat up the idea you manifest or create as if a fusion piece, by the way if drawn away from the idea you use or create. So accept what you do as with results you, think about it and do things and you are not always free. Alright with what you do is by what you think.

  Energy able is thought as a manifest in thought that is focused energy to use, as a thought as thought to focus is with a focus point in what you think from this to out work. Thought and use as an outsider viewpoint, this is in thought as a point that is life this exists or not, in thought this is nothing as useless unless you don't need it to work to your will anymore. Think as this is modified, as if used falsely in view and this is all in a point that possible isis protection can create. As if this is with a good point by what you think, in use is by the creator and that uses the subconscious to manipulate reality to create as you think and feel as will is life and your use is over.

More Applications

  To apply all that in real life, is by attempting to be around the material or substance and then trying for an idea to be manifested idea. This with water drinking with energy focus use is the sun as you focus by water the light bringer is drinking where the more drank the more manifest.  This includes the makeshift wand. With the makeshift wand, there's the alchemical influence for wand like objects. This is wand like use of a material that you can lift and  applying the influence of the material. This is using the alchemical properties, for amplifying the energy you project. All you have to do is lift the material and focus your intent through it. Feel free to make a spell sigil or state the effect for the material to do it or focus materialize it into being.

  The makeshift wand has an additional property. The larger the object, the more power you can get for the result. This is when the alchemical property is the notion, formed from energy by what you think it will do and "otherwiser" are other wise notions. Think from other countries that will do for what you need in thought. In some cases, the more you focus the energy around you will add more to your own sent energy.

  This tripled energy force will cause an even greater result, resultive idea energy or energy idea to see is useful or not if to avoid fire flash burn. Healable by what you think, as energy is thought to heal this regeneration technique is useful as touch with cool neosporin cream to heal, think and the energy if needed heals itself as the fire damage is energy essence. As if the cream is spread all over, thought or not is the firey heat and used up is the energy of the fire as a source.

Doc written with help by Caz
Idea by Cazhawk with Skyhawk