To gain immunity to drugs

  Take a moment to think. Are you willing to make a sacrifice to be sick like a dog for a month? If you are then continue reading this document because the steps listed herein are dangerous, proven to work and can make you sick for a couple of months. This should be done if you are very self-disciplined.

Authors note: I wrote this as I did it and I was sick for a week till my body got used to it. I felt high forever after that even without drugs. I have yet not touched a drug.

  To make yourself  immune to a drug is simple, just build up a tolerance. Take a very low dosage not enough to kill you and don't increase the dosage no matter what your cravings that you are having at the moment. Continue to take the very low drug dosage every 2 days.  Don't take any more dosage of that drug that day and don't take any other drug. Do this for a month with the help of a friend because after 10 to 20 days your willpower will fail in some manner. Being in very good physical and mental shape or stability can help you get through this ordeal. What this did was the equivalent  to building up an immunity.  When  a person does this his body is being restricted only to that low amount of the substance and has been forced to adapt. The effect is the body as well as the brain loses its need for the drug after a month.

  After a month, or less, the person will never need it again. Simply mention it and the peer pressure of drug groups will no longer interest him. The simple truth to the person was he did it already and it is no longer important to try it anymore. The other effect is that the person will be immune to the drug and it will no longer hold an addiction. For those under high pressure for need of staying up purified water will replace it. What you think energy to is purified, if you thought purification by feel to the drink. Read the Charging Water document for more info.