The stone effects and color healing

  We grow up in a world that teaches what is normal but not what is true. Until that fades we will be doomed to repeat it all over again. A big LOOP of life and death in what auratically created calm by what water or thought, not by what is use in life this is until your done and not necessary.

  What is happening here needs to happen so that we will wake up to a truth that has slipped by us. We will be forced to relearn what we always forget. And we are teaching ourselves what we keep forgetting.

  The idea is that we cause the loop and no if light is where you don't think and do as the matrix supports, as we loop event or not as this is some water with energy for better results. To say the first time is of luck but the next and last time is of values that come from the repeated loop to reteach us what we forgot. To see the truth that slipped up on us, we need to get out of the circle that we create. I think seeing you feel or created idea that isn't there, so if you think to create the creator creates or no longer creates.

  To step in as an idea and leave without being seen or out of the idea of the loop and do things different unless it seems necessary. Then the circular pattern changes by including whats outside, think "cleanse with the loop" and we are outside of the loop and think. As we grow and it stops or lessen, and if "en" your thinking outside of the box your free.

  This is of healing with colors and stone effects that is an abstract as can be. To actually color heal you must understand something of energy, how its built and how auratic idea is an included idea with it. Then the uses are by technique to be of use for the colors and stones.

How energy is

  I believe that I can say that to do things is an energy builder, where the more we do the more energy is build up. The stress relation in this as to build energy you build stressful relation. Except that we are somehow tired from the work as work by stress acting as an entropic force an its so that there is a happy medium that will exist if we thought on it. Where thought is energy and moment that builds up, it goes into work and then activity. The more activity even the more work your acted out on is as applied energy that is to gather a force that is made from others energy applied to your own.

  This then if reassorbed back into yourself would quadruple the energy you have to act on with action and outwardly as to use events as energy to act on. To cause relaxation as an idea in mind is relaxing and color can do this as color is made up of energy. For every good action theres a good response and equal action that is of action that can be bad that is equal to the response of the action.

  To suggest that this is nothing, compared to real work well it uses real work to back it. To suggest that this is work related is true. As energy (at least kinetic) works by movement of some kind. We are products of our own world and to know this, helps us know we exist. So to take that energy back into you yourself by drinking water is the cause by force that your body is to work better due to the charge of it. To effect the aura by strengthening it and the aura shield.

  In auras btw. that energy goes most places, it just leaks off and goes to burn away but it is selfcontained at first and builds up energy by activity to break away from our gravity well. It goes on but its also its recycled. As the body constantly reproduces it by activity. It feeds off into objects, people around them and you and then the other people who recieve sometimes an energy boost. Its how auras can effect other people by emotional idea and emotional feedback comes from this. As our in auras feed into them, its provable by feeling something for more than 1 second and thinking of or being near another as then they will feel it too.

  Some knew that part but weren't as sure about what happened to the aura energy an it always seems to just be going off like a DBZ aura. Straight out into the atmosphere, basically thats also where they go as in the earth and atmosphere to feed the gaia. But some thought just nearly 100% burn-off. No if it was 100% burn off then it'd go to the area as well and cause life to grow and exist. Some can do that at least once, an cause 100% burn off by special chakra and mind tricks and see grass growing. I was at least amazed. It can make colors more real to you. The aura is a good way to start with healing with color

What the colors mean

  What the colors mean is in that which what they can be for you. The chakras are like working with the rainbow an everyones energy will balance out the system.

  You might notice certain colors work with the bodies aura....and so do the rock people as their spirits within, are in the rocks.

Color healing methods

  There are two methods of color healing and either one can work for you..the first one is color healing choice 1 and the second one is color healing choice 2.

  Relaxation with colors is to be relaxing and this allows your mind to relax by visualizing your favorite idea and color so it is to heal your body without stress. Make sure you are sitting comfortably, move your body until you are. Take a couple of deep breaths and follow your breath without influencing it.

  Then gently move your attention from one color to the next Begin with red, and stay there for about one-two breaths. While you open up to the color. Then simply sit down for a little while. Let thoughts pass by without consciously dealing with them. This is from relaxation exercise colors.

Stone effects:

Basic stone information

  A yuwipi man is a stone dreamer. They can do two things so far, dreaming and healing by stones. The lakota knew the rocks are sacred because spirits dwell in them. You see spirit remains constant living core of thier energy. Its as if they are alive at times and animated when spoken to or of. This is thier stone spirit that may dwell in them.

  Stones share the same electromagnetic structure as our bodies do, an the spirit remains the same....where stone vibrations, nature vibrations and sound vibrations with thoughts /dreams/images/visions and actions. Reveberating waters in all conduct the rhythm of what is life. This rhythm is through out in the mineral kingdom, as stone beings (spirits)(gems).

  Water responds to the energy field that is around it. We are comprised mostly of water and we respond as well.Its actually pointing out that of water doesn't hear, its effected. Its being effected by the vibration of the word and thoughts as if it was spoken, where writing is a form of speech. Its being vibrated to and by ourselves and other things as well as our brainwaves to effect the materia of the fluid. So water in truth responds to the energy field that is around it.

Stone applications and effects

  Know theres stones that you can make elixers with. Like amythest/quartz crystal place in a bottle of water will help strengthen and amplify the healing. Smokey quartz strengthening the auratic field.

  Then in stone dreaming, put a stone of amythest, citrine or quartz near you as you go to sleep and you will remember a dream that you had. Have an amythest or citrine near you and if you focus then you will will remember even dreams as if it was a wierd vision. With clarity as if it was its sole purpose. The vision comes and goes with focus, if you wanted to remember what something was and have a citrine or amythest near you, then the vision of you going about it comes. As so forth.

  Healing by a holey stone is possible. The nitty gritty of the technique is to Focus on the victim. Then feel a pull of energy to you from the victim, while thinking of the disease symptoms. Feel within yourself and will it to happen a pull of the disease into yourself. Most have thier own rite but to say heareparo (heh-hare-repare-oh) to improve the effect. What should happen is a drain of your body to some degree, with a lessening of the victims condition. Use of a holey stone, or meteorite improves it more by holding it over the area while channeling disease. The most you can expect, can be 40% improvement of the victims health everyday. Repeated healing sessions may be necessary.

  To assist the body's healing process by holey stone, to become faster at healing, charge a holey stone to absorb the disease. Place this stone in a tub of warm, salted water and soak it for several minutes. Repeat once a day for a week. Cleanse the stone via salt water after this and repeat as necessary.

  To enhance psychism, try a wild and lonely place, preferably in the moonlight and hold the holey stone up to one eye. Close the other and look through the hole in the stone. It's said that you will see visions, ghosts or nonphysical entities. I can't vouch for this. I have no interest in being in a wild and lonely place, in the moonlight and seeing anything more than I already see. It is also said that to look through the hole in a stone, (even at home and in broad daylight) will improve your eyesight.

Some stone properties are
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