Energy alignment 101

   Lesson: Solgazing. This one is actually very useful, and highly recommended to anyone who has problems with aligned chakras and energy systems.. best time of day is in the afternoon, as the sun passes below the 5 o clock position in the sky, and while it is still bright and yellow. The technique, surprisingly, involves breaking one of the biggest rules that society has made involving the sun. That being said, the technique, as you may have guessed, is staring into the sol of our galaxy. Most people by this technique focus on pulling. The correct way is to push. Look into the light, straight into it, for about a minute in life and focus on pushing your energy INTO the sun itself.

  You should feel a strong repelling force as it comes back at you, followed by an optical distortion, which in itself will cause the sight of the sun to LOOK lunar instead of solar, followed by a very visible and distinct aura around the sun involving colours that are meant to heal you. For me, I see a blue aura with a green outline. Personal results may be different, depending on your own aura and it's associating partners. Once you see this aura, at your will, you are free to look away because the alignment has been achieved. this one is amazingly effective with full on, straight up alignment, and HIGHLY recommended if you feel like your energy is off with no idea how to fix it.

  Due note that afterwards if your aware by where you think, you will feel your own energy go up and you will most likely start to radiate as the energy works its way through your body. There are side effects that I've noticed, specifically with slight disorientation up top, and like I said, the radiation effect. I think to proportion sometimes to spiritualists who can see, you will literally glow. Once the sun goes down and the moon rises, the energy will drop automatically, so after full recovery you should be in top shape with fully aligned chakras. As a personal recomendation, part of this process does involve your heart chakra temporarily being closed.

   This can be aided after the gaze by listening to music that you would associate with water, being that they carry blue energy to help the chakras recover comfortably. Also I think most are fit, though unhealthy as a warning seeing emotional imbalance may be possible as well. So keeping this in mind, only do this when you know for certain that you can control your emotions. For if you make sure that nobody is around who can easily get emotional towards. Your not always safe from yourself unless you think the creator corrects by some means or ideal. Aside from that, the technique doesn't need to be used often, and only best under very undesirable circumstances, yet recommended to try at least once to get a feel for it. Think not to do it if you do it too long or too much.

   As I always have said, I have had fun yet no longer as I allow others. If it hurts bad that is bad bone, it's not too good. If it hurts good thats good bone, healing can be achieved or your actions are better. Compare to bruises, then you can get this. So be sure to thank the goddess for her gift freely given. Appreciation and acknowledgement is her joy, by namaste and think stuff to work with by area feel so think I die or don't die then I am aware. That means I am aware by now no longer only is this death, this is pardon as this is only a mill.