Getting over addictions

By Shizuka

(If your don’t comprehend to the terms presented here, please exit the document)

The name of the document may give an impression of it being not of great importance. For those with addictions reading this, the document will be really helpful as it will not only allow you to have full mental control but also encompass yourself away from any addiction e.g. alcohol, drugs etc. The inception of the document will be by ‘masturbation’. But, at the end of it is a way to get over other addictions.

Masturbation may not seem as big of a deal when just heard of but when implemented, it can become a severe addiction. Now you may say that what is wrong with masturbation and why do we need to stop it? I will first give you the discrepancy between masturbation and sex. Sex is the type of a non-regular system once in a while thing and of course no negative aspects to it plus it may not always mean anal insertion or orgasm relating; but as for masturbation, it is a full ‘anal-play’ (penis-touching) and partner-free. Masturbation has more to do with psychological part of humans as ‘playing’ with penis in a reiterating manner will soon make you your own ‘partner’ and once reached an orgasm you will want to masturbate again and again to achieve the same overpowering pleasurable feelings. From here on addiction may start but of course not on your first try because your mental activity regarding sexual acts is quite low.

Now about the dark side of it: Believe it or not but masturbating or having sex to orgasm causes your life-force/chi to flow out of your body in a copious amount because as in a single ejaculation there can be 100 million to 500 million sperms each having a part of your life-force!!!. This not only escalates your stage of senescence but also leads to lethargy. Further more it leads to a build up of testosterone which attacks and weakens your hair. Due note: The dark sides are only to be taken into consideration by masturbators because it is an addiction done daily or regularly and hence affects the body more and more. Also sex has no down-falls to it because just like I said before it is a type of a once in while thing done with a partner and May not always mean reaching to orgasm or anal relating (though it is always anal related) plus it increases your stamina and gives you a semi-conscious exercise.

If you are not willing to leave masturbation than don’t do it daily or regularly but at alternate weekends as you want your body to recover from the unhealthy effects you put it through.

When you reach orgasm, a refractory period goes on afterwards to recover back the sexual ‘element’ of yours and why that happens is because as soon as the orgasm is reached, the prolactin hormone is released which causes this refractory period and also reduces the testosterone (effects hair + other) level to normal which is increased due to the orgasmic action. And also doing orgasmic masturbating regularly can lead to a huge level of masturbation in your body and this may cause libido etc.

When you get addicted to this feeling due to constant orgasmic masturbation, then whatever work you do in your day, you will always get interfered by this feeling of wanting to reach orgasm and that’s the major reason why people want to get away from it as it affects their lives a great deal.

It is different with girls though, as they are able to reach multiple orgasms but tantamount in affect to them also because doing multiple orgasms makes their vagina change to a darker colour plus doing it regularly can have more drastic health effects then males do.

The method I will place here in will allow you to get over this feeling plus also any other addiction you may have:-

(NB: Doing this method will also increase your will power)

For those who are addictive to orgasmic masturbation: - Reach the point of orgasm but not orgasm. Once you penis in standing, use your mental will to make it fall down and that is by either mentally repeating in your mind “Penis fall down” or by finding you anchor and stop doing it and then let it fall down while feeling the pleasure fade. Anchor can be a visual, audible or tactile, something that keeps your mind off the masturbation while focusing on the anchor and hence your penis falls faster.

Anchor can be a thought which keeps your mind away from your current practice, or a audible which I told you in the first (it can be self-made) or a tactile which is when you touch something you immediately shed your sexual feeling away though this is tougher and seldom. So after making your penis fall down, again masturbate to the point of orgasm and repeat this process from 6-10 times and take a deep breath. That’s that, your have now gotten control over your mind. For serious addiction held people, it makes to take you to do this method twice or thrice. If you do this method and finally get control over your mind, your will power develops and you can get over any feeling of addiction.

For those who are non-orgasmic addictive but are taken over by some other addiction, change the method I gave you, as instead of masturbation you will involve drinking to tolerance and then making your anchor point.

People are addicted by drug-like effects. The drug users seek to use to get over a feeling generated from the past memories while getting a good feel out of it or to see visions and to get over a condition or conditions. The visions replace the bad feeling and what if the bad is unimportant the visions are the main or only goal? Then they are of a second type of drug user where the bad is already unimportant and they are thrill seekers or exploration of other dimensions. Mainly they can experience nirvanna.

The vision reveals the other dimension, which they can't enter as the drug blocks them out from the dimension. Its a thrill to see it though. Even though you don't interact it will feel great to experience the vision. The seeing of the vision is to experience it but thats only half of it. But you don't think you can go in, as there are other methods to see and explore the dimension. Basically, your not using drugs in it. So you can't break the lock of the drug to travel with the drug. As its an almost opposite place where thrills are gotten from any action.

As to where your trashy personality is not there and your sane self is. If you were violent, then that violence turns to calm cool idea and activity. If you were a druggy, there is no need of the drug there nor the bad if there as any action is a catalyst. Its amazing what you can achieve except for fire and its seeming too as drugs don't seem to have effect. One last idea of nirvana is that any thought can be made to happen and its practically an idea made real. But, you have this constant good feeling there.

What drug makes these effects? Oh its not a drug as its charged water that can get you this. And also take the place of a drug, but I tried it and it got me into this dimension without blockage.   You can  also meditate to get the effect of being in the dimension. Ah, but as some monks say, its like nirvana. The blockage is a blackout and some don't remember the actual experience except the feeling if you used a drug. Its like a exception to be a wall though. If you can't see yourself there then you weren't there except in spirit as your thought put you there in spirit, but your action can shift your concious or block it. Its a very interesting place as your always feeling good or the effect of the drugs. Sounds normal though get this, its so real it could be virtual reality where the things important to you that didn't work do work. Which is a suspicion as to why druggies love it.

Document by Shizuka
Edited by Skyhawk