Trance of action 

  This is a story of a person from a place called Thio, as the trance of action is use and thought you can get from is this, an is where things your use to are what can help with psionics and magic. Think for getting you a point or seem into a trance by action, as you do things for as long as you experience you have energy and a purpose that is thought to be done. As is thought and will are to focus you mind others and achieve something. To focus in on the idea and do things with things you create with in the mind. Then try to do things as you breathing in and out slowly to get the effect that you imagined.

  That is what some have been doing. So all you have to do is this, to then focus your mind is on a point an idea to happen is creative. This by imagination and you do breathing. There is an idea to focus, as long as energy is there in an aided body and as an ideal situation the energy. This is what can keep the idea alive, till not needed as discouraged is the energy. As if undead by the art that is discerned and music sometimes keeps it alive, as everything your aware as you will time does as energy in the biorhythmic energy or body energy. This in energy will is to consider, think and think you know and everything your aware of. This is energy as everything by gnosis you can do as your free.

  The thought you think use is experience from the aura as you champion a cause, as you see what you want as a purpose is what you think as what you do is as energy is thought. The wind or element is a cool thought your body can even remain, as thought without reason is that things make by acticity are things by the act are energy to the aura as your aura in energy are youth energy as the body appears alive till this point. This is where if you no longer want to seem alive,  you aren't as you make the point and think "kill the ego" and the body if viewed or not can cease to move. This allows the body to keep as live till its death as natural or realized energy is not there to use by the body that accedes the point as an agreement by spirit.

  The safe thing to do is the idea that cremation of the body is safest as the order of the god nature of the vampire or lich is what you believe is what it can do if you will it, as you create "eilled" is a psychic dream or through willed response and thought is what it will do where if you get near it and do activity the being it presented to your mind. This is like an act or a fan by use of creation as thought due response is what you use or create what is, as a fan is a study you though you think "drop dead" from a necromancer.

  Think a point and the creator makes it, as if an analogy as your alive its alive if there is a link to you by what you think. So to cremate the body nothing is left to animate, thought, focus and the body dies from insanity in your energy till cleansed if you think. This leads you to think as indifferent thought is an unnatural state of mind and energy is what is the diploma that is its ego for what it values things the body earns is life to it. This is energy earned that creates what is considered a perspective to live on, this use is the energy from the auratic field as knowledge.

  That to create with energy if corruptive by chaotic nature, is what destabilizes the mind but the use if cleansing is with a bath or cleaning of the area. There and nothing back is corrupt, thought by what use is an experienced idea as energy brings by focus an image to mind, think as by learning with the psychic art is a nature called earth. That is a point that energy is an art, as in a form that you make and no longer intend to be there you are able to use and you defeated if flow in energy necessary as your chakra is energy flow in the aura as a point.

  Blockages is free as you can make energy seem as you imagine to flow in the wind, as an element or elemental is to use a thought in mind you focus on the energy or not. This is a point and psychically if you will a change by state, as you think on a time and think to create change, if moment is thought the energy by chaos waves surges and if you know this is true thought.

  Think is a view think, this is an ideal technique from the time I read this from as the inner flow in energy is not unlike water as an intent you want to see is to feel and think the change and you will. Think and the vision comes if there is result, you can nulle paranoia with thought from the inner being with use by fire in energy to clear the senses and the energy parasites are free from the aura as the energy of blood is water that flows and your energy is clean. You are a psychic bidden in use is energy, as a point and the psychic is feel by natural energy. As the vibes is a feel from the energy with response, by feel with reasoning by response from the gravity with the situation you thought.

  Since an idea is the planet creates in energy vibrations, this is energy vibrations that with no disruption create that "stength" or spirit strength. Thought by felt vibes is by will that energy is, either bad or good and feel is by sensation. This is a point as your thought, think and this point isn't there as if a myst of time. This is suggestion from energy in the wind set by purpose, that is free by focus and in idea to the point from the 4th dimension.

  Focus as you think to create, as you think the 4th you focus in on the 4th dimensional energy, thought that manifests is a warping effect or change in will. As your energy creates by the creator and as you imagine and think you will in time. This if use is power from the area can create a ripple in the energy by the area blinking in and out with the feel of energy that surges and the energy surge causes lights to blink or not go out because things will seem really weird. If your will in with the energy and the lights go out, then you can seem assured that you overuse the energy.

  The idea is this if the thought is unnatural then the energy is unnatural in feeling as the undead can feel the need to do normally, as an idea creates from your energy your feelings are there feel as if your normal. As you think the energy your body will support, this by the aura is art by energy and the energy in use stabilizes your mood. As to restore by thought is energy in use, not always to restore the aura as natural strength returns to you as if temporally intelligent as timewise you can sense whats there and know from focus. As if supersensual a humous is the natural energy humour of the body, as an energy field presented from the body is felt influence. Once felt you stop and do something else, as things create and stops the excess feelings and all obsessions are gone even self pity.

  Thus the point is sicke even if undeceased, the body will crumble to the floor as that is the energy loss that strength in the body lives and can not support the activity of the body any longer. The point this is that energy from the aura can use motion or thought, as energy is the moment and your life is what energy transfers to and othewise use and from others as to train the idea and if you want your thought is similar to the others. That is deliverable till the point you have no purpose and thought is energy by reason as you think you live, as you don't think your possibly dead as this is over and respect to the dead as you thought energy to the thing. Till something comes along and seems to transfer energy by aura, as this is an advanced vampire art what it creates gets energy by conscious acceptance to what things are energy as though attracted by a source. Things that have its energy can also seem undead, as the energy in unnatural feel to the feelings and drop the feel as your use is your own as a moment is understanding a purpose. As all energy is what creates as a point that is equal.

 This can help as you use energy you are alive, till your body ceases to respond by decreased activity and not one muscle can move. If your lucky, you can live forever as if a lividie or creator made by eternal energy unless not needed, wanted or ever wanted around by a point that the flow of air is gone. The idea is the energy is natural before death, as after death is unnatural strength and very manageable will easily work with or not as your energy is from the element you want you use. What is interesting is the body can seem to unnatural stinks or other situations if realized, can be corrected by energy and induced drinking can give it strength, renewed energy and strength to manipulate as you want help to be as and seem a help where you give it its reason as though an act of the creator itself.
  The advanced version of this idea is to focus your mind, then breath in something of clean air through your nose, and think on the idea. Then the idea, things you feel and tense and release as will in the mucles and tesnion is gone to release the breath either through the mouth or nose, think slowly and use your thought you have as energy. Then imagine the idea as you think it will, thinking is possible or should be possible even in a cadaver brought back by animism, this is occur and effect and thought by new memory by energy in the aura, as you feel yourself shift into a trance while breathing slowly in and out think yourself alive and in and out life energy and out..and so on while thinking of the idea till you trance. The effect will sometimes happen after till the body has no more energy or not, think and more easily are you able to do something as the energy is what allows you to live that energy is from aura or things in the area.

  Then as if a natural, if the effect didn't already happen that is to imagine energy results and create an idea, as if  in control yourself your body is your own and others in the area can create with your aura as you imagine the result and thought is not the action as yout action is due to what you think. Think of the action as done and focus your mind, by thinking on the act you want and then breathe a long breath in and hold the energy and release the energy as then you release the energy, thin or do as you think with the idea as the idea is to imagine and see how long you last as the pendulum swings. The point is this, and let the breath in the body and let it out slowly as you think, focus energy and create with what you want unless you find some other point to use as idea.

  Feel free to give up and try again until you feel no respite and until the body shuts down by too much energy, as this is enrgy that is sometimes as ghosts are emotion given to the shadows for services think and respite is there. Thought in or thought out even the piss is an energy to the body if in water as long, as you don't jump to conclusions as thought is or you are wanting to stop and end what you do. Thought to achieve the result by what the spirit that is energy that flows, think or until something happens you can get something to create and otherwise not seem except what you intent.

  If thought you try too hard and long, then you might miss something and seem to live till you find out what things are as an in-depth procedure will be possibly missed by the brain that adapts and then thought adjusts itself, thought in the results by energy are as you will be if you want and feel too much emotion thats too focused on the act and to notice the effect you are action as an intelligence from consciousness as if thought of experience is an act to live and seem aware.