Vision Quest

   A vision quest is where you send your mind on a dream like journey. The Indians do this trick through drugs. This is done usually through a drug intake or meditation. The drug is up to you, but weed and divinorium is usually safe when chewed. When you start with drugs, start carefully so you don't get addicted. Think of your purpose and keep you focus on your goal, to have a vision quest. When you start your journey without drugs, imagine an energy stream pass through your head and send you to your dreams and this energy stream continues till you stop.
  This is where you get a waking dream. The dream will happen quickly, if your lucky. You can be assured that if you tell your subconscious to remember all the signs you see then you can recount the dream images. Where you go is up to you and what you see is what your subconscious tells you in dream moments. When you are in a vision quest, imagine a scene like a forest or a city area and think your walking around. What you discover, your subconscious will pop up out of nowhere or you will come across something. The dream ends when the drug wears off or you want it to stop and you get to a point where your satisfied. If using the energy stream technique, then think the energy stops streaming through your head.
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