Dimensional Sight

There is his effort and there is my life. In order to do dimensional sight, you need to understand the effect that allows for the sight to exist. It works off the premise, to lose something of the moment and you gain something from the undoing energy as or not as you get anything you want and nothing is due until a moment is due to thinking about what you want. Then, using that thought to focus your mind, state the idea or will the thought to exist and the idea in will as you need the idea in by feel. This is a point in use by feel.

This effect is ruled by the thought, 'to see alternatives' or 'see other dimensions' and name the location by how you think it is. Thought can be more direct, gnowing or thought by the idea is effort of feeling yourself shift there. Think and not and as you feel this stops and your spirit that shifted to the space will link or unlink an image, that your subconscious will show you and also is "Qi Na Ni Sa". As thought is the effort as Qi Na Sa if to use thought and be thought, as No that cancels the influences as you feel and sense to see or see and feel. On request to cancel is Na Sa Nae or yes, that is Na Cea is use as your only coming back or feel use is thought to this awareness.

Thats about it, except the special places that you don't visit, like the opposite dimension is everything is opposite of the norm that you see here. Except for things you do as physical things, then quick in change by what you think. Then there's the mind dimension don't go unless you don't need to be, as if this is no use is as not Q Na Nae is that and is idea where you don't expose the effort things. So use what you are break is use how you want spare me the explanation.

As you are awareness as you are aware, your energy "jenning" as you die awareness dims where the pain is not that cause by emotional pride. As you think you feel the situation and if focus is use by what your thoughts can seem, think as this is energy to create with as you think and know by what you watch you can do or not and this void accumulated wealth is a moment as the pain isn't there if there was any. Use in some focus or by an act of accumulated pain is by what you see or non us a create, seeing death of a loved one "accumation" is use.

See for or you try to fix you cause insatiation or un sane mention by the creation is the creator cause. This is what seems what you are aware to sense by feel or create by motion to not see, unless need or feel is foci or use mediums to create with some use or energy is some. As you see you are far more fewer than you think, since that moment for darkness to light or use is no use asap god or created moment as coded is interest by use. This ends up as well is know as spirit use by feel awith or an credit in use or not to attack but see exchange.

As you sense a thought you think you see to know by no use or use with skill if it seems true is to think to see and you do, this is as a point to create and make, focus by use or you know this is true as if you view by what you can see by the thought in the area as your area is energy in etherial idea view. Focus on the energy ghost drawn from chi use and send by practice, so you see you can get or do any idea as "so bad so good follows along the lines with your point represented in feeling and possible as no weep."
There or not said by DS.

Emotion is with your energy will that is your focus in energy. Create in feel by will is well touched or thought by use. So your use is energy, this is an end so your fee is a feel or your feel is no friend by no feel is no find. So you see no energy can injure you you created an energy exchange, that caused electrocution unless no is not in desire by use or cause.

What you think as you feel is empathetic sight, see no link or use as you see from the sensation. So to not always means that can come from the superstring as a sight to seem is with focus. Feel with the thought and the statement to seem your awareness focuses by the third eye in use. As a 6th sense in-depth perception water energy in "tought" directed and sensed outwardly in use, then and otherwise not thought is "snes" as you recognize and use a term. Thought to remember by use is wit an object as an out-depth outbound sense is inner energy sense directed, by an inner energy body by an inner flow fire energy that is what brings you.

Think is felt area temperature that is set by thought to awareness and known as othersense in the depth of space, that is by things felt in the person in a relaxed state of mind. That you relax with the feel and by focus your infocus creates by will. Think not to feel and you feel no attachement, and you think to say don't and you no longer feel hunger from empathetic sight or with motion is in motion. Where the feel and all you don't seem to feel, think in the terms you react to and you will feel again. As your reaction is by realization and that is with or without the closure by feel.

As to see this if your use is felt by a feeling with empathy that is if not thought not felt, as this lets you feel what energy the other feels. Think it through and your thought is wat energy can occur if necessary. If it was you would see the outcome and yet many concept, so make use of an idea and this as you don't think to see it. Think then and your released in a point by relaxed motion that is from seeming, things as somewhere else come clear if possible and things not always possible. There are also possible ways with a reasonable resemblance and resolve if thought, feeling and focus is emotional energy and possible body issues.

Thought in senses or tense body felt is an unlockable issue and resolved by relaxing by some energy with thought to relax, tense thought in activity makes this is disappear by a feel and if you gnow what feel. As your body relaxed is in a state of mind. As things you remove or remembered is that which a thought didn't happen and you did it by an effort, create this as to do and know is by a point with experience to do what else you want.

This makes relaxation and this muscular relaxation is with no thought, except the bodies natural reaction by stimulation to no stimulation and intuitive intuition is with the soul insight and counterable by necessity. Think or instinctive intuition, by feel and empathy is possible. Senses aren't always possible with othersense, see but to block it you don't feel and think to prevent.

If necessary or needed be and feel in life as the mood senses clear up by music, this is made as a thought tis use as this is where you are. As monsterous notions don't happen sometime, some indifferent creation is a point if you don't feel at all with nothing done or not. Thinking and yet you do is to feel spiritually, as the creator wills you to live or do as if you want. Think to create something better, focus to think and your inner body draws in energy that you will and things clear up as hell I gnow I just don't bother with it so you focus to handle it.

Foci point is thought pointed out to get fact with focus by attention and focus is energy, think from the response as if redone or you did things as you get resource you see they are returned. This is stop and continue as manipulate or go and do better, if you were okay, this thinking is where you think or not to heal. That is the magellan cloud buster. Once your free consider the fires of life, in the need of drugs that disappears as natural realization as neutral disposition or neutral realization or not as unnecessary as you say. This is the fires of life effect to what you see the effect of it occur. You see you really don't. This is to condemn or feel idea bearlike in activity by emotion or creation, seeing or showing nearlike activity to what you like as you feel is necessary. Don't have to do anything you don't feel like unless necessary.

So you don't always share a downward spiral that your body reacts to the anger or energy, does a spiral or created feel that leads to your death or that is from solar flares with the sun depth death. For instance realease, thought is possibly the glue gun that is gone. That is there if you think to user create. Think you are what isn't an object to create a correct idea, from thinking as you stop to project to an attacker. This is the right thought if you understand or not. Think by sensing with intuition, as you feel the situation out already done. Think as if you correct something thats real, this to be the situation by the spirit creates as your subconscious manifests. Thought by the power of thought is the gravity with situation in use. Thought or not if you manifest to create what you feel to make. I use to make, to create or feel as I am aware.

Use or no is the correct idea or concept if dislike so don't act like your father, don't do it to yourself for as you say you aren't effected. This is thought or not to create with what you seem to the subconscious is nothing as invisible. An outward swirl is with a concept in idea to try, as if in done an outward swirl draw is with nature energy. Think to focus or make by outwardly in thought energy flow, think inward energy outwardly gone in singularity time to done effect. Still en as if to think, thought to some outward world is not always a thought. This is cool area by use in a point to see and not be in as your done, this with time or you can avoid as you can. If you think no to not be indrawing essence, draw a outward spiral as un indraw the essence. Think to not be a must is draw an in spiral you don't have to seem. As if a concept, this is what can be done. This is not always a must as in I progress.

That is a moment with the idea you feel as you focus to see, as awareness to know that is concept and worth it by feel if its worthwhile and as you think you gnow by the interrment as though body aura or not. Thought or what you know the soul by is revealed to you and sometimes this is by the body. As your senses come clear in thought by what sense you have of an ideal and they are the thought, the spirit can get information as you feel and think to know then go with what you can read from them. There is an energy that is energy in a carrier wave, through a false wire bio energy effect and that a point as is causes things as a thought if you will through the energy and your subconscious can use this wire.

If you think of the wire or have one and direct, as use is the their energy that your sight is by the third eye. An isn't manifest to cause them things, as if energy created telepathy and psychoportation as you will and energy is released as the concept is creation. The moment of formation that the creator, can undo or not as nothing matters and nothing can form if your will desists the element that exists. Seek the truth and you shall find things for whatever reason, as your energy creates in their will this is a point as though nothing will is nothing wrong in your inner body as a will in desire.

This is my friends your sight is this, as you aura create you see to use. As a fable is if "ad en" life stealing memory anything else or wait or see to do as the thing that bothers you dissapears, just react or listen to surprise me or just get to me the money or a gift card to the dollar tree, as you see amazon.com, dollar general or walmart. So tn the en as at the end in tibetian you are yeti or use is the seem not a puppet, that is voodoo doll idea so this reverses what is the stop or unaging as you old a puppet or object you can feel or cause focus that is what you are as it isn't or not by feel.

So not beaten in the head feel this in life, feel is life as its not in as you say its gone so its gone. As he says "think your night or not effected" for the right reaction by idea. This was my last my idea is do or done to do or see, as if think by focus, shift by feel what you see is what you get or want to get you create by focus or create where you want. There is energy or feel by folding or not unsee is folding space by focus, that is focus is a mark to think where you want to see or this uses some mark not to be fed upon by demons feeding upon you. You see that is mark.

This is a point as not in is though nothing will do or die, as if nothing wrong in your inner body their is a place. As you think yourself in or your self, yourself to see to wake up by what you want or as you yourself. As a will in desire to desist you think, this is use as you want to cure yourself to seem in your body when the desease started forming to cure yourself. Think to use this trick to get out think to seem somewhere else through time, as you walk out to some area then your not there not or yes "uless or unless blame or not" your physically gone as blane.

This is nothing but an example as I saw the note posted somewhere from anytime, that I saw this was amazing with use as I saw what I did.

"Inulle is to disrupt character or attribute as excess energy to create idea as you dissipate the energy away. that is what you can see by this script we call idea life that doesn't exist. Tat is what I saw as water under the bridge, that is what I saw in use by feel or created ideal not dumb or smart. That is kind action is kind idea in regard to those I see. I mean to seem kind to work cool or creative but nothing goes right. I am nothing but a failure in the eyes of people I see or work with so I try to create or work. I am aware to use as I am aware to create as I am seeing the use in idea. I was aware I was to respond right as te yellow business was tax free, so I was sorry I was ever there or created by use I was created to no abuse. So I was there to use the machine to recover a money for a girl. That is what I saw in idea, you see as I was there I was so frustrated I was creating havoc to the area. As I see you flame that is as I was apologizing to you, so I was creating an the best to basic point to what I thought created ego.

I was as I am a creative egoist, as I use the machine I was use now or do noting as I do now. So I created the idea I will lose the bank now it will stop to use the place to use what I need. Ok as I was wrong to hit you away I saw someone slam into the machine, as you say I got hit I saw myself slam into the wall. That was when I hit my head against the slammed wall. So I guess I was too demanding of the attention, I was given to use what I saw in mind was a perfect excuse to get out of the house. As I saw this webboard my friend made up I saw the area blink aster, arrid, arred were there to create with energy I thought. As I was looking at the monitor tat was when my machine stopped working so to restore by the identified area, so my machine worked after was by sophisticated magic called orgonner. The magic by macine my older friend charles made to use without as negative was put off till later. That was it as I saw things used to get things right." -Richard Dei

So here is what I saw one day in life. "What it looks like is amazing foci is inusable, creating or feeling or not is dumb or thought is not always. Thought realease to use or use us is not glue to thought or thought to user. Think by intuition with not being a must, that is an indrawn spiral. This creates where you aren't needed, that or you don't have to seem. Use in nightmare or the 13th dimension, you look so you think or not use is the correct concept to do, think or create with concept. Think flowing energy inwardly gone but not done in use to think the complex thought. Don't make the same mistake twice, so lets not be controlled unless necessary. The place you avoid to see is the places your avoiding right now, you think as you see they see you as your aware your awake by attention you feel to you. Tis was from te worlds fattest man that I realized this, as I saw what I look at I observed the worlds baddest eating by the spiral. Thought to fix this as I drew the spiral to fix the area effect that caused this corrected it in some. It is in as I thought, you see as I use idea I create by magic as weight dissipates as the world dilapidates away to don't see see change.

The idea you focus is energy of a theory with moments, that is conceded or thought focus or foci in inusable the concept. These things are an aggression pact argument I did non wrong. Consider by thought, what you want or say before the statement is there by use. I mean chi energy without alternative use by thought by use. The use is a swirl to create with by use. The swirl inward shifts the additives away, this creates inward singularity by blackhole draw to created area in nothing. See as you want or not see if feel is wrought fix to stay away. Enjoy what you see, if this doesn't bring what you want think. then not is an outward swirl to dismiss the effect or outwardly create. See if there is a way to stop. If there is an out world. In the spiritual effect is able to stop. Create chaos or imagine chains surround the person, as to draw the person to hell by hands. The effect is created interest or thought to behave better or not use by slain.

So that draw is dissipate the energy of the attack before the attack to do, as with an idea the affronter does to get to hell by their subconscious. Once your aware of the idea, your not going to want the effect as this is energy in use the area energy is usable resource that was bad from the beginning or fire place. Think the creator as he does things, if necessary by what supposable you think. This isn't in by thought or express, so focus to stop the use yourself. What you don't do as you see, this is not to interact with people if your not doing what or appearing as they want. As if this use can seem, that or want is not done. I ellude if not need by sensing, this is not always an opposite as thats if your by concept. That is where you are, so to leave is there in the thought saying or exiting. Thinking or imagination to leave by, this is the right thought or imagination with feel or intuition.

That is to think or seem creative to correct for idea or whatever this is concern in not, as nothing is yes in idea . This is not by nothing to gain is nothing actualy done. There is the fact that is favor that you don't have to do it or create by feel if it is going to exist in mind it is going to exist in elsewhere as you think. There is thought to exist elsewhere, in mind by healing so what you think is just a root activity or life action that causes what this is. The use is magic so movie making is cool as you see that is movies you watch or create by thin, so think the form to be as you see to believe. See if you are what you think you are doing by your willing nature your free. That is chaos by idea, Thought or not changes by what you think necessary, as through your gravity field not much changes till you consider what is.

There is moment by what once is changed, as you think this is the idea you see an is thought by view perception or consistent knowledge is the use in view. As you focus your awaited on, this is a level with existence. The area energy or thought energy focus, thought to seem aware is from gnosis or ioned in life healing that focus is thought in need to be by aware in phase idea. This is focus is awareness, that you think to realize realistic moment or ideal. The moment is a moment that is what you can imagine, because thats a cool moment or to create a phase. Think with a concept to last, as long as we or you think or really think to get what you intend done. Thought or not changes by what you think necessary, as through your gravity in idea this is a field not much changes in till you consider what is there." -CM

There is moment to see what you can consider to create an energy or use the worst or best or not as you create by feel, try not create by feel as your energy creates what you see by what once is changed by thought in life. That is mood if allowed or think this is the idea you see as if an act of perception, that is thought by point is view perception or consistent knowledge is the use in view. As you focus your awaited on, this is a level with existence. The area energy or thought energy focus, thought to seem aware is from gnosis or ioned in life healing that focus is thought in need to be by aware in phase idea. This is focus is awareness, that you think to realize realistic moment or ideal. The moment is a moment that is what you can imagine, because thats a cool moment or to create a phase. Think with a concept to last, as long as we or you think or really think to get what you intend done.

As the final result is dismissable, however your thought is by what creates. As if a thought is what you consider, think a final result with the idea out to use idea you get other result. Thinking a few extra 00 to a bill, that can be anything as the dollar. As you imagine, think that the subconscious idea creates if you need or will. As the energy surges, remember who you are or create as you think possible. For now that is possible or later, that is not needed or not. Think as you are as you consider, this then is or think now or later as if you were okay. That woud create what you think, so the area is gravity energy to shift to your will. Be free by what you think that is all I say. This is thought by something is real so this is the purpose by how to use the dimensional used energy you see as a source.

This is what I saw some people create by feel, as american use was allowed totemwise to create with vision. This is what I learned a lesson from time by use, as you think to not be a tragedy or no illness case you are well. To recognize what the thing is its up to me what I want, as I recognize what the thought is thought. This as a point or sigil, with the right reasoning to remember or change a rune is done. That is changing a thought, the area or touch is not as you change the point this was right. As you think you know you can, as needed will to create is in there. So changing a meaning that you write, that creates change by the situation forming. Otherwise you can change the idea by what you think, your will is idea to instant intent. As you think some interred idea to the idea by or not stopping by will, the creator changes the scene as a music selected by subconscious as this time. Thought or changes are in the idea you can use if necessary present.

Thought that you exist is a gift by some or use energy recognition is balance by energy with an idea to use, think you recognized what you consider or others exist for you as you ask or are in aware. So in this concept is by thought if the change in thought, anywhere this is there. This is as thought by thinking creates, to sometime as something changes the idea it is changes. As if there or not here. As your idea creates by what you see, consider or think to appear something or disappear entirety with life. So remember this lesson if life, things change as you focus by will as you need things. Thought to see if necessary the moment you think, through the energy that changes when you want or not. As your idea is your own always, resourceful your will is your own so don't always share a spiral. Its only credible, if you believe it or something like that the use is up to you.

This is an interesting note I saw, that was curious on some area doorway. "Tis is the thought so not that is time that use is moment energized to the idea. Time trap for the obsessed, set by what you want. Making I thinking as I is the creator idea with time, as like the time you are in this was done. This is any time by the time you figure this out, you thought done before. Where you even realized, the idea there was creative use not with tricks. The I is either or use. As the I is time for the round table is what you do in seeing, some sense is your cool in aura essence by feel persona. Think out the quality, that life is possible for what you or thought is life. This as you think, creates as you consider what is you see is not existant is creative by feel.

As you realize by focus, you can see as you feel to create. This as you must know is hidden in the end of the toom raider idea. Thinking of this is where we already explored, this is with in the end of the time. This is a time trap set on the energy or not to effect those you think should not be effected. Think this not to effect, thiught to release as in nothing nonsensical trap is not effected or out as creste. Know the things for you see this is for whom work is there. As this if this catches your eye you can see this is a rat trap catching thought or them released on or near a thought, that should not effect your body by feel or creative evil or good in idea that is creative by concept. Release is by thought by concern. So the energy is there to use, as you do nothing except what interests you.

There as a point to see as you think here your an idea, they can create with their generated body or hot energy is feel as you see with a point in space and time. This created is cold energy creative by thought and imagined into an existing area, as you will and your a way to get a better result or not as thought of energy is not felt in a point by focus." -Terese Williams for you

So to create this result better, think direction to create attunement and the direction. Thought to avoid bumping into people are from things conscious experience as this is information to you known. As your unaffected with the knowing you think of the element, thought is as a source and you direct your focus you change your source cast that sent as energy is focus sent forth as the elemental effect.

As balanced in energy you are creating it from tempering your energy is thoughts that your energy isn't so new, beware as you are were you experience your things with energy things could go wrong in a focusable use as you feel the moment and sense so your body isn't unstable, this is the thought from Immortis as the point is to not take in raw energy as you see, focus or oh no trouble.

That use can seem chaotic and as your use is energy, focus is will and activity and otherworldly idea is intention in manifest and you won't depend on others. As you don't need to as those you will serve as your will, thought made creates and this is what you think, if your body is unstable and as your body starts acting weird think your stable and your body becomes more unable to adapt.

Thinking is sometimes cool and intelligent is experience and yet this is an actual body by thought, as that does seem like your energy and your soul shifts to it tis seemingly a body to borrow and as if your body is suddenly stabilized in real life your fine and the other body either that dies off or stays to recover. As your awareness is where you think, tis a pity as this is a point in awareness as the last thought, that was there is no more and the body acts normally as if not effected.

Not at all is this by what is here in conscious awareness, as a point by continuance this is in a symbiant effect. That you feel so shift is felt area energy to use to create shapeshifting, feel by focus to think so the form changes. Say to what you create as feel as you imagine viewed area to use, as people to work with idea in their energy as the aura you create.

So as you think by focus and your will expands the conscious awareness, as you change conscious awareness as adaption otherwise known as the perception of the conscious awareness changes. Thought to create or to think more intelligently is use energy in focus to the point your originally thought, is this "as is custom is" or so so is french with an idea and an idea. So this is a possible way is to create with will and exist. As if music is with what you will, no and this stops the effect see as though thought before was known as this was what stops. See and if that is possible this won't have happened, as to began that so you see as you feel the area change to what the area creates to energy.

This would not incite it and this seems not to happen, as if by energy as attune in energy is the latin spell attunement with any possible use in an element. There is an end use as this is a thought by use and an element helps the sight. As you think to see then you will and the third eye manifests what you want, as thought is to see by the brain functions your spirit is the spirit. As that your energy from the soul shift is will with thought, as the focused will in necessity can generate your spirit by the energy of the body and no destruction.

As a touch to an already touched object by the person is their information stored by essence, think to the object by their aura infusion and information comes back to you or felt area information from the others aura the familariarity is there for recognization. Then there is the instance of newness or not possession or two souls in one body, as you think to create a gap to send the soul or spiriting possession you don't need and yet the right saying comes to mind. As this is were the reality matches the area and your mind is awareness is, as with energy by area you create an area as a point in space is rearranged to match the reality by some object linked by thought.

This is a possible way to shift away and your spirit seems with an object formed by dimensional energy, as the soul you shifted can remanifest as you follow the pattern you sense or otherwise not in life. As that matches what you know and think in newness or not as this seems nothing, think if your stunned and react right for as nothing seems not right to this. This is still necromancy as is to be happened and otherwise, as you really remember this is makes idea as you are aware in life as you allow for what you sense in a point by focus and if felt right is correct by what seems right with the vibes or for what you do in life as this is an energy form.

If reading this you decide a timewise return you thought shift to return to your point in space, as you remember something from where you came from in the time you left before in time that you died naturally from by rifted space. Then and now and that is a soul by shift that is a point by repaired by a thought, as in space that is represnted by a rift and closed by repaired awareness. As recognition and as you are and were, think and you repair the area by space this is by feel and thinking the rift close and start thinking flowing energy. As if through with a sense or with closure the rift by feel can close by thought, with feel that creates with the essence that thought you created  is for extra regeneration by sunlight. This is by an idea alteration, as things thought of is not done and thought completed is there.

Created though is the art decent actions, as you seem to think or feel decent others are decent. Think by what you seem and sense you are sensed as though resolution or not, as in life that observable observed life force is seen as auratic in energy by use is also seen as vibrations of lively energy formable. As you shape yourself or will the form to exist, think if in the aura or not as if you are wat you think and create something else as the need suits the purpose willed in thought.

As usage by thought is a moment energy is used up by thinking a serpentine kundalini heat, direct by your focus with inner body that raises and focus returns by the area heat awareness if aware, as you were this and now in a point as in thought is in a spell is a thought as is energy is your done. Think to the form you think to energy create and the form is as alive in awareness and created in thought. Then to create or not is up to you as this is excessive, your creator creates awareness that is with elemental usage in an ideal magic, there is thought that as you are an idea this by thought is use of excess in life thats exactly as an episode thats at an end in moment. Thought, perceived and this creates a point, that your if your use is my thought use then, as a link is thought to use this is an indication as a read idea reveals what you seem to think. The idea is a point to remember or seem to realize that which points you in the right direction is thought that is from the aura, if a thought is in a energy source this is as though a point me spell in the Harry Potter idea.

Now think to know and you seem to be aware of what you think, as you think to create by dark or light art this is ef magic within the faery mysts or not. As things work out or as you feel a need, then to let them in by a concept is to use energy an not focus unless necessary. As your energy is focused by thought, from what you see as things work out in life is created by thinking as your with a water flow in and around where you seem to think, don't think to do and your spirit guides by the soul with intuitive instinct. The legend or intuition is sometime ago this was thought and conceived, was thought to counter the response as counterintuitive motion. As if perfection has yet to be proven true as a true type response.

Think and the magnetic spell is a way to find somethings as your other self is an alternative, as you see a map as though you were aware of the right direction by the spirit creating the reason for subconscious. Think to make effect and you are in fire gnosis if that is your element, as the air is information and the fire is heat that carries it by gravity waves also known as chaos waves and you are with the thoughts as if in energy from the air to gnow as you think and focus and will the somethings you don't like are away as in a separate area as a spacial pocket in space.

As you realize what is this except that you keep your mind and you can know anything by will, the energy is from the thought by aura or not. As an you wish not to be controlled as you are very easily susceptible, think as you aren't and you aren't as thought. As if to the use of water is influence on the pathe of the nerve. Thought by point is to effect, as the nervous system works and is to remove the effect and you are what you were. Thinking in pretty good energizing terms is "no matter in matter" and this is overkill, thinking in game terms this creates things such as a new response. Even if the loose ends of this are done and this looks complete.

Think an idea and you improve things as if ancient relationship, your will does expose the moment of achievement if necessary. This place follows whatever you say and can manifest it including if not there. Think nothing of thought and no timewise action. The area can make for benefit or woes by the room realization, Na Sa Sae is where the idea is exposed can become a truth or not in happening not done as if that is a mind and your will explores as if Qi Sa, No as quick save and no the moment before you get in trouble.

Due to noticing, its important to see, that the mind in a moment builds up the vision and this reflects what you want, by what you want causing the moment to begin with no problem. Where you think, the idea gives you a perception. Ma sa is thought or "thining" like fate cancels as concept energy cancels by suggestion and knowing this, the starting point of the dimensional sight training is the logic. So if what you think, its a far reaching idea you can achieve, that is No Sa No and yes with the point of this logic.