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 Shamanism in general

  This is my general idea of shamanism, as I experienced it. Shamanism is basically an act of communion or communication with the spirits to achieve an action desired. The act of shamanism is attuned through stones and mental disciplines. Now while visualization of the event happens. The end result is the thanking of the spirits by thought or expressed idea and the result desired to be achieved. Sha means sharing or shamed and man is mankind. Shamanism came from the active chieftain named dezoike, to aid a desperate robber who ran across the tribe of indians in queblo. They, the tribe, asked the chief to aid him, and the chief allowed and sacrificed some gold along with a small bit of hair and asked the god of their tribe for knowledge. An answer was the direct art of shamanism in a ritual, all that was required was to contact the spirit of the one who he murdered and triumphed over, to get away. The spirit was appeased, then banished to the hells of sheol. As a reward, the person was forgiven and allowed to leave safely.

  Explained in metaphysics term, the rules of mind over matter and affinity of objects can apply to this field. To call the spirits attention is through the affinity of the mind being with the charge of spirit energy. The asking is making with mind over matter, through the use of focus with the mind while speaking to the spirits.

  The use of stones is optional to the work of the act in the mind of shamanism. When one wants to end the rite of spiritual communion one can say or think, "thanks to you spirits of aid." Another base act of shamanism is to focus though stones to make what you visualized happen in sequence through the power of the readied gemstone.

  Each gemstone has natural properties that one taps into. When one wishes to use it in a magical effect. Keep in mind the natural stone properties. The gemstones properties are described here.

  A gemstone charged by you is by wearing it or keeping it near you for at most 5 days. This will enact the occurance of the materialized effect or act imagined. The vibrations of thought from yourself will do this act by yourself focusing through the gemstone. This is with your pushing thoughts off or dimissing them and making the gemstone picking up your thoughts.

  The idea expressed will achieve the act of imagination. This is through affinity of energy and using the natural properties of the gemstone. If one holds the stone while focusing your visualized thoughts. The stone will cause the act to inevitably occur. In the act of shamanism you can use the stone for ensuring you won't be destroyed by some element or spirit. Success of some action is done to help the effect. Without the stone, this is to channel the spirit through you or another object by touch and thought. With the stone, you can use the spirits aid as a channel.

  Alcohol and other stuff affects the mind based actions but not shamanistic stuff. If you get into the right mood, it actually can help. If you use the magical passes for shamanistic actions, it goes much more effective. The connection here is nothing specific. Actually its nothing about mind. Its spiritual, as in a mood when you don't actually think of nothing, so it happens easier. But, still having a connection with something divine, this connection counts as awareness with knowing but not thinking of it. So, having the spirits do the deed is similar.

  This is based off metaphysics with the above as evidence. To learn more about metaphysics, try to read this.

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The seer idea

  The seer idea is sometime how the shaman and the seer can percieve their idea. For the seers idea, theres a shamanistic and normal view as its the seeing of an idea, and it comes to fruition. The normal seeing, isn't without its flaws, but it can lead to directly viewing a scene. By focusing in on an idea you want to know about, relaxing the mind and  either thinking or letting a vision of what you want to see come to you. Now, the shamanistic view is similar. It's not symbolical. The new seers' views are directly based on what they 'see'. As in, the person can see a hole as it indicates limits. Where they can see the 'hole' at the people's who have children, in the stomach point (aurally). At the ancient days, Old Shamans were drawing what they see in other realms on walls, tablets, stones.

  Some have seen a realm, not astrally, where djinni totally looked like egyptian gods and aztec/mayan priests, who have masks as you may know. There was the exact architecture of Mayan culture; motives, walls-drawings, not like heiroglyphs). Even the portal to this realm had the same architecture style. The only thing popped up telepatically in their mind was the Old Shamans' aspects on those realms. They claimed that thos Djinns were Gods, directly copied the construction style an et el.

  Symbolism is the way of Old Shamans. Since the Spanish Conquerors invaded their lands, a great amount of those shamans died; because they were active in social issues and on ruling. A really few managed to survive and they developed the 'sight-based' magic. This is not astral sight. It's totally physical.

  Also, there's a different take on Shamanism, however, so see if you agree. Where the idea is to think the whole shamanic system is symbolic, and that's the fundamental characteristic of shamanism, not just for the Old shamans. Yes, to those who believe in shamanism, it's not astral, it's not physical, it works on a different level, it's all symbolic, and that's not bad or good, it's just how it is, that's the level it works on, so may it represent all of reality through symbols.

  Where there is no real hole in these people, not on physical, not on astral, not on any actual level, the hole that is seen by shamans is a specific symbolic hole that means that they gave something up, gave up a part of themselves to create their child. So once again, the hole is a symbolic representation of the fact that they gave up a piece of themselves to create a child. Its some Shamanistic act of the moment in shamanistic view.Where 'no one has an actual hole, it's the manifestation of seeing to your understanding, rather than defining those people with that symbolic expression.

  Seeing and other actions of the Shaman, take a certain amout of power. The higher the Seer/Shaman's vibration, the more power they have and the more vision that is possible. As, to Shamans, the energy from our actions go to the place they call The Dark Sea Of Awareness. And those energies are retrievable from that place with a special technique. To them, if you want to get the energy back, you need to remove the remembrance of the action from your energy field and replace it with the power of this action from the Dark Sea Of Awareness with some magical breath techniques while re-living the action without missing any part of it in your imagination. Breath techniques are described here.

  Which, brings us to what can heighten the awareness and allow better seeing. The eating of meat can effect the visions you may have. As, you might have noticed that especially if you don't eat meat, it's more effective. Also on that 'eating meat lowers vibrations' theory, its because of the lowered vibrations created from abusing animals before slaughter etc. Some have become vegetarian for 1 month and noticed their vibrations raised a lot, world was 'brighter' in vibration terms, like the feeling of being near high-quality orgonite or enlightenment. Using orgonite, can also raise your vision of the things you want to see. Just google 'orgonite' for how to make it.

  What else can heighten the vision we may have? When we are in 'higher awareness' from doing these things like fasting, vegetarianism and other things. Where, some of it comes from the discipline and some from the energies themselves. It's more difficult to seek out energy so an easier way is to make it so any energy that is sent your way is warmly received and integrated. We can do that with these ways of being.

  Also, using Salvia heightens your power and vibrations, to allow easier seeing. Even as you do the drug by smoking or chewing the leaf. And its effects can last after its use, as it keeps them slightly raised afterward. It's said it's also helpful for health with some distint usages. But, getting high and getting drunk lowers the vibrations too; but for pot, pot is the gateway drug and raises them for half an hour or less but then when it's effect passes away, it lowers them more than the current state before smoking. For more information on pot, look here.

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 Shamanistic conscious

 This is in four parts.

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4

Part 1    

  This is further information, on the shamanism idea and the shamanism conscious. Shamanistic belief is sometimes a conscious interpretation at its core and this is what makes their belief, as to allow shamans to understand what they see. This is going to take a moment to talk about Shamanism conscious. At its core, a shaman is the oldest known type of conscious magical practitioner. In order to become a shaman, in days before consciousness was more thoroughly explored, a tribesman would have to undergo a near death transformation and return with messages from the other side of the veil as well as an ability to speak with the dead.

  As many ancient cultures revered their ancestors and even asked them for help and guidance, the Shaman would be used as a mediator between the spirits of the dead and the living.  As time went on, cultures merged, and safer methods of developing a shaman consciousness were discovered.  Let's take a moment to discover what some shamanistic beliefs are, and how you can use these tools to help you every day.

  Cultures with a strong tradition of shamanism believe that spirits, both good and evil, are interacting with us every day.  Some are working to improve our lives by imparting us with good luck, moments of inspiration, secret insight into situations, and occasional bursts of energy and focus that allow us to do good in the world.  Likewise, evil spirits are working against us, making us sick, chronically weak, and giving us a generalized sense of unease in certain places and situations.  The shaman detects the presence of spirits and beseeches the help of good ones, while banishing the evil.

  Before advanced techniques of meditation, and before there was such a thing as brainwave entrainment therapy, the mental state of openness to the other side was very difficult to observe.  Those attempting to acquire shaman consciousness should be warned that the painful process is beyond what most today are capable of enduring.  And why endure such suffering when the mental state of the shaman is scientifically studied?  If Shamanism is something that interests you, be sure to read these excerpts of the Shamanism entrainment therapy page at shaman.php.

  "These magical men, chosen by their spiritual ancestors, would commune with the dead to act as mediators between the world of the living and the unknown world beyond the veil.  Those who were on the brink of death were often taken to the Shaman of their village, so the holy man could barter a deal with the dead and gain right to remain on behalf of the sick.  The shaman is seen by followers as bearing some characteristics to specific totem animals, such as the Amazonian Jaguar.  The Jaguar can swim, climb trees, and move freely on land just as the soul of the shaman.  Shamans travel up and down the allegorical 'Shaman Tree' of the three worlds, from the land of the underworld to the normal day-to-day real world and finally the higher plane.

  Those who practice shamanism find it easier to maintain communication with the spirit world, eventually seeing guides with their third eye and even communicating with spirits that can communicate back without even going into a trance.  Imagine a world where communication with the dead is possible.  What could we discover about others, and even ourselves?  What treasures of knowledge await us if we can just pierce the veil between our world and the world beyond?  What wisdom could you wield?  The spiritual realm is a mysterious place that mere words could not even begin to describe.  Those who dare venture into it for counsel are never disappointed by the sheer number of spirits that they can communicate with.

  Unfortunately, the shamans of long ago were unable to reach a state of consciousness allowing spirit communication without engaging in a number of dangerous activities that led several aspiring shamans to become forever injured mentally, or even die.  Luckily current methods are far safer, so you can realize your true calling without damaging your psyche any more than a night of restful sleep.  The old days of painful rituals, hallucinogenic drugs, sleep deprivation, starvation, dehydration, sweat lodges, and dangerous journeys sending the participant to the brink of death are over.  Now you can safely unlock your true shamanism without the psychological and physical danger with these recordings.  Simply press play and you're on your way!

How Does It Work?

  Binaural Beats- Sine wave generators are used to create two separate frequency waves which are introduced to each ear independently. The brain reacts by creating a third tone, making up the difference between the two. The brain instantly reacts to these frequencies causing a Shift In Consciousness.

  Monaural Beats- This technology uses two tones of equal intensity which result in a crisp and clean sound. Unlike Binaural Beats, Monaural Beats are easier on your brain because there is no need to balance the tones and your mind does not need adjusting time. Monaural Beats use a single tone that pulses on and off in specific patterns, which is tuned specifically for the frequencies that produce the desired effect.

  Isochronic Tones- If you are looking for the most effective type of brainwave entrainment, Isochronic Tones are the way to go. Isochronic Tones also use equal intensity tones, but the pulse speed is greater, causing the brain to synchronize with the rhythm.  In 1999, Thomas Budzynski Ph.D.  published a case in the Journal of Neurotherapy which showed that a group of 8 college students increased their GPA with the use of audio brainwave stimulation, and their GPA continued to increase even after the brainwave entrainment was finished....

  Delta, the state of mind we achieve when in a deep sleep, is just below the level Shaman consciousness is unlocked.  Normally when you are near the state of shaman consciousness, you're unconscious and dreaming, so you can't understand or appreciate what's going on truly.  Often dangerous rituals were implemented to induce this state in shaman students, but no more.  Our unique recordings naturally take you to the Low Theta range required so you can reach the area of your mind associated with astral travel, intuition, and spiritual awareness without losing the experience due to sleep.

  These Recordings gotten here  are designed to bring your mind directly to the Low Theta state without the need for any practice or other influences."

  Those hoping to communicate with the other side should practice focus and protection first.  As you attempt to see your surroundings, remain calm and imagine a bright blue or white circle surrounding you.  Focus your imagination in a way that says that nothing from the other side can enter the circle without your permission.  If you find a magical incantation that reinforces your ability to focus your energy on the circle of protection, feel free to whisper it to yourself.  Some people find this communication is better by themselves, while others like the presence of others who will take it seriously.  If those in the room are in harmony, they may be able to observe the circle with their third eye.  The third eye is the name of our ability to understand the position and general appearance of objects in the spiritual realm.  In this realm, everything works as a symbol that is interpreted through the subconscious into a series of images the viewer can understand.  Often shamans will see images from their own mystical traditions (angels, demons, Egyptian gods and goddesses, figures from mythology, etc.) and find this confusing.

  This is because all energy is interpreted through the lens of our own beliefs.  As you practice, you may be able to even shift your paradigm of belief (if you choose to) and pick up on useful or important symbols you would have missed with a different lens.  Of course that would be up to you.

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Part 2

  After a brief discussion of Shamanistic culture, and the basics of Shamanistic principles, it's time to discuss the potential avenues for spiritual communication.  There are several different means of divination, and contacting of the other side.  A common misconception is that spiritual communication can only take place through traditional ritualistic means, but this is simply not the case.  A shaman essentially finds communication out of chaos. 

  Forms of divination throughout history have spanned from direct perceived conversation, in which the shaman "hears" the voices of the other side and speaks back to them verbally to the reading of tea leaves.  Does a ghost come down from the other side and physically move the tea leaves knowing you'll be able to interpret them to divine your future?  One interpretation says yes.  Another would say the spirit communicates with the mind rather than the tea leaves.  The communication occurs when we allow ourselves to see the signs rather than depend on the mathematical nature of rituals.

  While some can use everything from the voices they hear coming out of crowds, to the arrangement of gumballs in a machine to help them interpret signals from the other side, others find it's important to be able to turn these impulses "on and off."  Ritual serves an important divider between the concrete every day world and the world of many fold truths the entranced shaman sees.  Ritual can be everything from a simplistic listening for whispers in moving grass on the wind after saying "talk to me, spirits," to interpreting shamanistic visions gained through the implementation of our binaural entrainment therapy.  Shaman Consciousness Entrainment therapy is an incredibly useful tool for just this sort of mentality, as it helps focus brainwaves in the exact way required.

  Let's take a look at one of the most common and controversial devices used for spiritual communication.  What makes a piece of cardboard with a plastic cursor a dangerous tool?  Is it the mystical symbolism emblazoned all over it?  Of course not.  Often the symbols on commercial Ouija boards aren't even remotely mystical in the traditional sense.  The reason the Ouija board is a powerful, and potentially dangerous tool, is because of the consciousness it creates.  By moving your hands across the board, you are using the board as a symbolic gateway to the other side.  This gateway could be dangerous, depending on what you let through.

  If you wish, you can create a symbolic token that will keep the evil from the other side from coming through.  It can be anything from a favorite stuffed animal from your childhood to a magic crystal or even a sign bearing the words "No Evil Entities Allowed."  It may border on comical, but the truth of the matter is, it's all in intention and symbol.  If you do not wish to be bothered by the negative side, intend on evil not passing through.  Absolutely you should focus your shaman consciousness before using such a device.

  And if you must use a Ouija board, try to keep in mind it's a divination for two people.  So don't go into it with someone who has not likewise become in tune with methods of spiritual communication.

  Another thing to keep in mind when contacting the other side is this: when you intend to communicate, you narrow down your targets for communication before you strike up a conversation.  Social venues are often divided up so like-minded people will congregate.  By setting criteria ahead of time, you are far more likely to have a safe communication experience.  And this goes for all forms of divination.  There are entities you won't want to talk to out there, and others you likely will.

  With this in mind, it's easy to understand why people have attached such a negative connotation to mass produced objects such as the Ouija board.  Should the average uninitiated person use it?  Absolutely not.  The potential for negative forces to intervene is far too great.  Could it be a useful tool for those who know how to, and have their minds focused the right way?  Undoubtedly yes. Some get quite the entertainment from its use.

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Part 3

  Since we've discussed ways of communicating with the other side through the Ouija board safely, let's take a look at the more advanced forms of spiritual communication such as would be seen on a ghost hunt.  Though some people have attained a higher level of Shaman consciousness, or "psychic ability" as it's commonly called, it's important to understand that this potential exists within us all.  Ancient cultures commonly describe shamans as those who have broken down a mental barrier, rather than a genetic aberration or super power.  This is evidence of the fact that every single person on Earth has the potential to open up communication with the other side.

  As with many other factors in the subject of spiritual communication, safety is key.  Having said that, it's important to understand that you have the power to end communication, close gateways, and send consciousness forms or "ghosts" back to where they came from.  This form of shamanism is extraordinarily complex and could fill volumes of books, yet its basic tenets are as simple as the human imagination.  It all begins with inner peace.  Find the quiet peaceful contentedness in yourself and you will attract spirits who are attracted to this peace.  It's important to first focus your mind on how relaxed you are through breathing exercises, being in the presence of positive loving individuals who are spiritually conscious, or through personal ritual means.  Make yourself comfortable.  Don't be afraid of your environment, and don't be afraid of the entities you are communicating with. 

  Let's take a quick look at the "Never do's" we were talking about before in being a medium.  First, never give an entity permission to symbolically take control of your environment or any part of yourself.  You'll see and hear about other mediums doing this, but it's a quick way for a situation to get out of hand.  Second, be aware of what entities ask of you.  If they start telling you to do things that seem strange or suspicious, don't oblige them.  Transparency and honesty is key.  If you suspect something strange, ask the question "Who do you serve?"  Several age old traditions suggest that this phrase will elicit an honest response from an otherwise deceptive entity.  Refuse to communicate with anything that seems to wish to enter a contest of some form or another with you.

  When communicating there are two methods.  There is a method of mediumship in which you make contact with a "spirit guide" and one where you directly communicate with the entities you are studying.

  The first method requires meditation until you "connect" with an entity.  Spirit guides can be ancestors, friendly strangers, and/or a thought-consciousness your own mind has sprung into existence.  In other words, a spirit guide is quite often merely created by your personality.  One thing that's important is that a spirit guide is always the same, and always attempting to help, even if it's by saying "I'm not going to help you talk to something dangerous."  Spirit guides are also helpful for novices because they act as an intermediary between the Shaman and the things they are investigating.

  The second method is merely speaking with the entities yourself.  Psychics rarely have serious problems with this method, but it's still not recommended for novices since it can be troubling at times.  First of all, it's important to build a symbolic "on/off" switch for communication.  Hold your hand a specific way when communicating, or designate a totem object such as a pocket watch or a specific crystal or quill, or merely designate your mind in an open/receptive state.  Of course the physical totem is merely a physical symbol for yourself and others to understand when you're communicating and when no entities  are allowed through.  Then, while you're in a receptive state try to detect thoughts and words that are coming from somewhere outside of yourself.  Soon thoughts will turn into conversations, and you will (with enough practice and some level of mental discipline) be able to pull thoughts from the place beyond your own consciousness.  At this point you are sensing with your "third eye," which isn't really an eye so much as a window through which all senses can understand the other side.

  And most importantly, in the rare event that things get weird or too intense, don't press on.  Close your third eye, leave the location, and don't return for a while.  Uncommon as they are, there are negative energies out there you don't want to interact with.  The Shaman can use his or her own powers to protect themselves and others from these energies.  If you find it difficult to stop viewing the other side, do something mundane to take your mind off of the situation.  Things connected to everyday life effectively "ground" you, and get you back into a state of the physical world.  I'm spending a lot of time dealing with potential problems, but the standard session should be friendly and free of negative interaction.  The warnings and defense techniques are for the other one percent of interactions.

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Part 4

  After our discussion on mediumship, you likely know that Shamanism and communication with the other side isn't something to be toyed with, but something that should be taken seriously.  Those who have had great success with this art have done so by traveling a careful path of peace.  Think of the consciousness as a pool of water.  If it is rippling and murky, the shaman will only see themselves reflected on its surface.  If it is, however, clear and tranquil they will be able to look into another world.

  But many mediums are asked to do away with presences that are not friendly, or are even harmful to the environment and the consciousness of the people who reside in them.  These exorcisms, at an advanced degree can eventually be done with a single thought by the shaman.  The simple act of asking an entity to leave is often enough, but if this has failed there are other ways.  The medium can use their consciousness as a tool to guide entities away.  All entities, even hostile ones should be dealt with using great care and consideration.  Evil doesn't destroy evil in this case.  Malicious intent doesn't dispel malicious entities.  Balance in your consciousness the concept of good, strength, love, and power.  Not power for the purpose of self progression, but another sort of strength we feel coming from within the heart.  It is the emotion we feel when we suddenly have an immutable desire to help others, or when we wish to protect those we love.  It is this inner power that the Shaman must use in the face of great adversity.

  There is no shortage of tools designed to help you find this inner tranquility, but one of those I most highly recommend is music, which is specially designed to help you discover this inner well of strength at times like these and put you in contact with the other side.

  When you're in touch with this side of yourself through meditation or mediation, you must find a way to channel this energy.  We talked about visualization last newsletter, and I can't stress how important this aspect is.  In films we see conflicts between the forces of light and darkness as bolts of energy and spells brought about by magical cantrips.  The secret to magical influence is similar, but happens on a different plane of existence.  You can focus your energy as a tether to push negativity away, but you must visualize it first.  This visualization is a powerful force that works on several different levels.  The psychological conscious level brings about a great change in your attitudes and the attitudes of those around you when you can finally enter dark places with the careful responsible confidence required to defend yourself.  Shamans of many mystical traditions hold that these beings of energy, even if somehow given physical form are bound by the same laws as those of ghosts and spirits.  Banish them from your presence if you must and they will be gone.

  Let's take a look at a few visualizations that will take you farther along.  Only use these, however, when no other options exist and never seek out negativity to use them on.  The following are merely symbols, but they are effective and have worked for many mediums.  These symbols are just like any others and are based on focus.  They are not based in any religion.  Religious symbols you are comfortable with can be implemented into your arsenal as well, and may even take precedence over these if you feel more power with them.

  When confronted by something you fear might be evil or harmful, focus a bubble-like shield around yourself.  This is a barrier built of your own consciousness.  You won't be able to see it or feel it, but you'll sense it with your third eye.  Focus on it following you or whoever you wish to protect.  You can set the barrier to filter out evil entities.  Tell any others who are involved what you are doing, as it won't work if they aren't likewise focusing on it.  Of course they have to be willing as well  This shield will hold up as long as those visualizing it have the peace of mind required to visualize it.  Know that nothing can pass through this shield unless you give it permission to.  Then, don't give it permission.  The shield is a powerful tool that can be expanded from the surface of your body and encompass everything in your environment you have the ability to focus on.

  When something seems to be lurking in the darkness outside of your ability to see it, visualize a spectral watchdog searching the area.  This visualization will have no real ability aside from those you grant it through the power of your mind and heart.  Imagine it honing in on the source of your anxiety, then study the entity you believe to be causing it.  Oftentimes you will find that there is nothing there, and that you're merely worried about normal sounds in the darkness, but if you find something remember your shield and 'vanish' the watchdog.  You won't need it once you know what's there.

  Communication is an important way of dealing with energetic creatures.  Occasionally, however, you'll find something that isn't receptive to your positive intentions.  Any entities you encounter, you should attempt to "feel" at by trying to focus your positive emotions on.  Don't hate or fear them, as these are feeding negativity.  In a way we're all responsible to some degree for negative spiritual energy.  First, let it know you're different.  You're not like others who will be intimidated by it.  This will often be enough to "starve" the negativity out of it.  Either it will gradually become better, if there is good within it, or it will vanish.  Visualize a small amount of positive blue energy from a source of goodness moving towards the "entity."  How does it react?  Does it feel fear?  Does it respond with anger?  If this doesn't make the entity warm up to the idea of leaving you and others alone, move on to the next step.

  Occasionally it will be required that you ask an entity to leave.  If it refuses, you may have a problem.  Heroes of legend would often use trickery to lure monsters to a place where they no longer could harm others.  If the entity haunts one room, focus a different colored bubble around the room and shrink it, taking with it the negative entity while letting positive forces pass through it without harm.  As the bubble shrinks, it should be focused on a physical object.  If the entity decides to alter itself to be more positive, it will be able to leave.  If not, it will be forced to remain  trapped within the bubble.  Move the bubble to a safe location, like in a small box.  Bury the box or keep it.  Don't open it.  It would be wise to seal it somehow.  If the box idea doesn't work for you, imagine a white room somewhere very far away or on another plane of existence.  Transport the bubble with the entity in it there.  It will not bother you again unless you want it to.

  Cleansing is an important aspect of this too, as it allows for you to positively seal any sources of negativity.  Cleanse the location, but even more importantly cleanse your minds as well.  Think more positively and don't let negativity be a driving force in your life.

  A word on responsibility: These are serious concepts we're dealing with.  If you don't want this type of interaction, don't have it.  Remember the tools should you ever need them, but don't describe yourself as a medium to others unless you want it to be a real and ever-present part of your life.  Sometimes the greatest advantage we have in a situation is one no one is aware of but ourselves.  Spirituality and psychology are different, but they're intimately entangled.  You can't have demons in one without the other.  Practice responsibility and over all else be safe.

  Have a safe and enlightened journey!

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Spirit Guide Contact

Section Menu in Four Sections:

Section 1
Section 2
Section 3
Section 4

Section 1

  Now that we've covered channeling, let's take a look at the concept of spirit guides.  Spirit guides, in particular, are a part of shamans consciouses and witches consciouses. This is where a spirit guide is an entity from beyond the corporeal world that you make contact with directly within your mind to help you on your travels both within the spiritual realm as well as through life's vast wealth of experiences.  The mind is a powerful tool not only for its deductive capabilities, but also for its ability to communicate with things that exist beyond the periphery of the five senses.  One of the most important communications a human being can have with the other side is the relationship one creates with the spirit guide.

  Spirit guides can be perceived in many forms, including an ancestor, a departed companion, a mythological or fictionalized figure, or even a mysterious spectral entity of undefined or shifting form.  It is a representation of your own intentions as you progress through life.  The constant in the case of a shifting spirit guide is one of feeling, and an unspoken yet immutable understanding that they are the one.  Some of the most confusing and vexing aspects of spiritual communication can be circumvented entirely with the assistance of a loyal and adept spirit guide.  It is supposed to be an image that brings comfort, but also bears great wisdom.

  The first step of communication with the spirit guide is to put yourself in a positive relaxed state.  In order to get into a positive state, your mind will be moving in a direction similar to the one we visited with channeling, but different as it focuses on directing thoughts toward the inner spiritual plane rather than the external. Entrainment therapy has been designed specially to focus your brainwave patterns to develop your mind in exactly the way it needs to go.

  The spirit guide comes as much from the self as it does the external spiritual world, and is largely a fusion of the two.  Try to remember a dream where a positive force or entity helped you out, or revealed something you found later to be important.  Think about what that entity looked like, and how they acted.  Were they human?  What qualities did they possess?  If you cannot get a firm grasp on what the spiritual guide was like, it may still be easier than you think to make contact with them as long as you draw your experience from the positive warm aspects of your personality and clear your mind of any negative or anxious thoughts.

  When you have a conception of who or what you think your spirit guide may be, you can begin the process of making contact with it.  Keep in mind that the spirit guide has always been there guiding you in one form or another, and what you're looking for is direct contact with it in a way that opens a direct and honest dialogue rather than fleeting moments and glimpses of conscience or inspiration.  The second step in this process is to put yourself in a relaxed state where you are open and simply allow the spirit guide to communicate with you in a way that you can see and/or hear with your third eye.  Keep in mind the spirit guide is only there to help you make decisions, and will guide you in a direction of wisdom with suggestions that can at times seem vague or distant.  If this is the case, don't worry, the decision making process is always yours, and you are merely taking suggestions from the spiritual persona that comes from your own experiences.

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  Now that we've covered the basics of what a spirit guide is, let's touch on exactly what it can and can't do.  Unfortunately there are a lot of misconceptions about this subject.  Think of a spirit guide as an astral entity that can at once guide you through your life journey, yet is an integral part of your consciousness.  It is a cross section of your personality that has been shed off the greater whole.

  It cannot provide you any new information you would not be able to discern yourself using your wits as well as your peripheral psychic energy.  It will come to the same conclusions you would in your wiser moments and ultimately leave the choice to you.  Highly random events, such as winning lottery numbers are just as beyond its scope of ability as your own.  You cannot expect it to understand complex concepts or mathematical algorithms that would be beyond your own.

  It is, however, the embodiment of our own drive for success, spiritual fulfillment, generalized happiness, or whatever goal you have in this life.  Be without a goal in mind and it will be as shapeless and confused as that drive.  Decide on a clear result you want from your actions, and it will grant you wisdom in a way only you can fully appreciate.  The spirit guide is as much an internal force as an external one as memories are just as internal as they are a recalling of the outside world.  One of the aspects we cover in our entrainment therapy is the ability to recall these spiritual pathways and help you get into a mindset where the spirit guide is not only a companion, but tapped directly into your own subconscious mind so it can give you the most efficient images possible.

  The spirit guide also, however, has a personality of its own.  This can be a representation of your fears, your desires, or your general understanding of the world around you.  As you change so will it.

  What does the voice deep within you say you want out of life?  What things do you think of shortly before going to sleep?  Are you plagued by petty rivalries or financial problems that in the end only serve to hold you back?  The spirit guide understands these apprehensions intimately in ways you are unable to due to your connection to the outside world.  Our minds can only interpret the world around us as a series of symbols.  The spirit guide is in itself a symbol that interfaces directly with the world.

  Once you have a direction, your spirit guide will help you traverse the treacherous path on your way to success.  It is a constant reminder, not only when you want it but when you feel like you need it.  The symbolic creation of a spirit guide is a powerful tool anyone can use.  Even in mythology the hero is always shown a guide who imparts him or her with wisdom they may have known deep down to be true, but nonetheless need an external source for because of their own shortcomings.  The spirit guide is a useful tool that has been called upon since the dawn of mankind.  It is as deeply entangled with the human experience as any other spiritual aspect.

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  I'd like to take a look at how to communicate with your spirit guide.  First, it's important to understand that these entities are (as we've established) a part of you.  The dedicated part of your mind that filters out your consciousness and the deeper understanding of the world around you is required for applicable purposes of day to day living and a world filled with symbols.  Once you've made contact with the spirit guide, however, you can begin to understand different avenues of communication with this helpful guide.

  First, dreams are a very important place for spiritual communication to take place.  When you sleep your mind enters a state where communication of all parts of the consciousness takes place.  Often the dreams are nonsensical or deeply symbolic.  Your spirit guide's presence in a dream, however, is something important to keep an eye on.  If you see them while dreaming, pay careful attention to what they say and you'll soon be one step closer to understanding the path you must take.  The entrainment therapy helps with this communication with the spirit guide in a sleeping state as well.  Just listen to the therapy sessions shortly before going to sleep.

  While dreams may be the most guaranteed place to see the spirit guide, many people don't remember their dreams and that makes this level of communication difficult.  For these people, it may behoove them to examine the possibility of deep meditation initiating guided spirit journeys.  Sit in a comfortable meditative position and imagine yourself traveling to a world created in the image of your current state of mind.  Open your mind up to possibilities and allow images to come naturally to you.  Your spirit guide will appear, and you can communicate with him/her then.

  A third method is with the "third eye" method.  When we were talking about Shamanism, I mentioned the third eye, and its ability to discover things outside of the normal five senses that our mind perceived.  With the third eye, you can make contact with your spirit guide and communicate with them.  There's no need to talk aloud during these encounters, as the spirit guide can read your thoughts and communicate directly with them.  This final method is the most advanced and useful, as the spirit guide will be able to appear to you during times when you need it to.  Trust your spirit guide and open your mind to the concept of it showing up to help you when you need it.  Then, you will gain the most benefit from your relationship with it.  The most important thing is to listen to it.

  The less you listen to it the less your mind will see it as a tool for spiritual development and attempt to make contact.  For every success the spirit has, however, in helping you along your journey, there will be more and more connections tying you to it.  Though you'll always have a relationship with your spirit guide, even long before you make mental contact with it, you can always cut yourself off from it if you don't want it to be part of your life simply by symbolically telling it to leave you alone for a while.  Of course this isn't recommended, as the spirit guide is an integral part of our lives whether it manifests as a spiritual entity or guides us through a series of "gut feelings," or intuition.

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  I'd like to wrap up our spirit guide manual with a list of important and commonly asked questions about the subject.  The spirit guide is a powerful innate tool we all have, but it's important to take into consideration exactly what we mean by spirit guide to ensure you are in direct communication with your true inner self.

   Q: Is a spirit guide an internal force or an external one?

  A: In order to answer this question, we must first address the concept of the internal vs. external universe.  Have you ever had a dream about something and had it come true?  Have you ever read someone's thoughts when they were not even around?  Psychic ability is just one demonstrable example of a force of nature and consciousness that blurs the line between the subjective internal reality of consciousness and the external objective and quantifiable reality of the world around us.  The Spirit guide is a subconscious link between the two that can manifest information that is both internally quantifiable, and a limited amount of information that is externally quantifiable.

  Q: What is the difference between a spirit guide and a "helpful ghost?"

  A: Some people like to leave subjects such as this as undefined, and say it doesn't matter, but we believe it does.  The spirit guide as it is defined in our entrainment system is inherently internal, and helps those who need help defining those things in life that aren't always obvious.  The spirit guide is a force of internal understanding that will provide advice that is true to your greater goals in life, or help you acquire knowledge regarding them.  A "ghost" is an external force and a consciousness beyond your own that may attempt to make contact with you, but will only be able to provide insight based on its own experiences.  Also, a spirit guide will never attempt to advise you in a way that is not beneficial to you reaching your ultimate "bliss" or "true will."

  Q: How do I know when I'm speaking to a spirit guide, as opposed to merely a compartmentalized area of my own consciousness or a "helpful ghost?"

  A: That's where the entrainment therapy comes in.  The conscious mind is filled with "faux" spirit guides who will sound helpful, but will ultimately not be as wise as the deepest spiritual sectors of your soul or "heart."  The conscious mind is constantly blocking these impulses with short term gains in mind, but unfortunately it's difficult to get a hold of the long-term consciousness transformation required to truly make this beneficial.  Fortunately, studies have shown that the spiritual mindset is largely manifest when the mind enters a very specific Mid-Theta frequency where the external world becomes strongly blocked off, and the focus of the mind naturally moves within the subject.  Trying to map out the brain with visual foci is like trying to map the exact location of Earth relative to Mars with a stop watch.  They are largely incompatible, which means it's difficult to describe exactly.  What we do know, however, is that this specific Mid-Theta mental frequency is precisely where people go when they are engaged in ancient rituals ( with universal regularity, regardless of cultural background) where they make contact with their spirit guide.  It has been shown with such consistency, that when the entrainment therapy is utilized, the mind naturally moves to this position and opens you up for internal contact with the spirit guide.  Psychics who report contact with ghosts, on the other hand, use a vastly different frequency to tune in to the external forces.  This is why entrainment therapy is perfect for making contact with your spirit guide.

  Q:  Is there anything else I should do to make sure I maintain a relationship with my spirit guide?

  A: Initial contact and introduction of the images and words of the spirit guide into the consciousness is an important and deeply spiritual ancient practice that only recently has been perfected to the degree that it has.  Surprisingly very little ritual has been found to be necessary in order to contact the spirit guide when using entrainment therapy.  Simply sit in a comfortable position, or lay down if that is preferable, and listen with a contented heart and open mind.  The entrainment therapy will do the rest.  When you see the spirit guide, open up a dialogue with it about whatever you feel is important.  After you have done this a few times your mind will recognize your spirit guide's presence and you will be able to make contact on your own, though it's always helpful to utilize the recordings every now and again.

  Thank you for taking the time to take a look at our Shamanic Manual.  Have a safe and enlightened journey!

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