Chakra stimulation

  Chakra stimulation is to work with what you get use with your energy center areal, of the body for healing and manipulation. These energy centers, if blocked up and closed can be unclogged to clear up symptoms to some diseases or headache or if not cleared up they can cause sickness, nonworking actions, writers block and other possible diseases, or it is good health and idea if open and unblocked up. When unblocked in life, and out a point the chakras flow into each other and there are seven chakra energy centers. Found here to discover your secret to opening your chakra points as this is some . for more information is chakra stones.

the chakra centers

  We are going to discuss the seven chakras as you think you did it you can perceive the idea of what and where things are in the body and with the perception you can see what is the body and its chakra area. The study of the chakras is fascinating and the benefits of this knowledge can change your spiritual, mental, and physical existence. Basically speaking, your chakra system is your spiritual power supply.

  Again or not is the issue resolved to not yet deny by your feel yourself, see this use is turning issues to situations or by resolvation an idea. The use is to direct the chakras and the chakras are energy points and by thinking you can correct them you do, as if you did it and the energy within your body which will receive and transmit life force energy in a spiral manner will correct as with the idea to fix or seem done. There are seven chakras total, six of which are aligned along the spine to the forehead and the seventh represents your conscious level (which is an energy point of it's own). The function of your chakras is to keep your mental, spiritual, and physical body in balance by receiving and sending by direction with a point life energy (prana) while spinning. This is to use an idea, in that focused use, think is create and that in use is a magic as life is the energy is unblocked. This is the mantra: The area I think I am aware so you see I bear the scars with living or no scars exist to exist nothing that i don't want.

  Each chakra corresponds to a different color and crystal. The correlation of chakra colors are based on the science of the moment life energy enters and is light in a spectrum. Along with color, this is an idea that each chakra point has it's own sound (or frequency) associated with it considered pitch in sound and use in what you can use the idea this focus can shift you by thought, with a tone you adjust the chakra by thought and frequency science is use by energy. As crystal use is a point to focus to cleanse or think energy is clear, and this reflects the idea to fix what is not correct with the chakra points. As that is a thought to fix and use but focus, since your chakra energy is flowing within alter or not as ionic energy is your body.

  Think as you want or don't as not necessary, focus life and alter by what you think in music unless you don't intend to change and that moves from one frequency to another in a spiraling fashion and not to do is not to do now you can use a thought to get what thought is in energy to make or work in thought to use as a considered view to shift. Color sometimes by crystals, usually is thought and sound that can all be used to stimulate your chakras and get in-touch with the life healing energies that surround you. Think and you know what I mean as you listen to chakra music.

  As thought to direct the thought you direct the focus by voice with thought and use with discipline, you can use a thought to create a thought in focus with rhythm in what use thinking can create by feel. As you create by thought, will is by what you think and focus is by the considered point. There is a point to life as living is in thought, as what you will is in a use to create or not as in you think, in your thought your in focus and out whether or not in life. There is in life that supports you from what you do that think, focus and you direct or are with direction of the sound idea. If the thought you detect from within can create, as you think then your aware so you think then you do. If you think by thought you know what is there. Think in thought as you will and you create at will.

  Think unless not needed and use is energy use, as to direct is with voice or a considered idea that is expressed. This can kill the person, that and is as use by what they do, as they feel disoriented and can collapse unconscious sometime in the wrong area and an not possibly to energy loss and coma. As if you knew this, this can be relieved as to drink water as if a flow now do you want to use this?

  This is why chakra stimulation recordings or your favorite music work so well. They relieve the pressure and energy, sometimes they leave an icky feel as energy is thought to relief somewhere to relieve a thought. This is where you think energy to the earth to relieve your own problems for ideal points or situations. The recordings are tuned to interact with each of the seven chakras on the frequency level which it vibrates. While you listen to chakra binaural beats, I think to make use and think a thought you direct use for good purpose. As what you want, also helps as then a focus goal is to visualize and feel the associated colors. If you think a trigger or the music thats otherwise color, as the trigger then this is done if you think it is. The magic of the subconscious I call this.

  Some have tried that kind of music with binaurial beats and I actually once called out to Raphael, made me almost puke by awareness and I felt warn icky warn you were restoring yourself. But it made me icky so accept the fact as this sometimes does that. How can you block the ickyiness, you can think it gone then the ickiness is not there. The magic with the suggestion to the subconscious that I think then the subconscious is what does or you can do things for the ideal is there. Think then the suggestion clears away the icky feel as you think it away, so I think therefore the point is made use is defining for the subconscious what you sense. That allows you to work with those that want to work with you with calmness by feel.

  Now as you see or use, this in a thought is as what to get from this. This is what direction the chakras are going spinning in a spiral by thought, control the spiral in thought and you direct the pattern in that life you think on i.e. from root to crown. So as to know power from energy is to focus and use things and create what you consider focus in the idea called arts, its not to be mistaken, as of crown to root from inner self to outer self. This be what some would think but if you use, the chakras to use spiral and think to control. The area in conscious control and the energy that responds creates as you will, the area by the consciousness by the energy.

  We are going to cover each of the seven chakras in this document. We will start with the "Base Chakra" and progress to the others. This is the chakra area:

  Think to activate by feel is with a spiral that is left for leftward movement or right for the right movement to the area, for a spiral that is from a point outward to open or outward to see the ideal for some point to close a chakra point.

head top = crown shashasrarain now is shasasrara
head/teeth = third eye ajnai now is ajna
solar plexus = throat yishudai now is yishuda
upper back abdominal = heart anahatai now is anahata
lower back abdominal = navel or gut manipural now is manipura
lower stomach = sexual or sacred swadhisthanal now is swadhisthana
pelvic/gender area = root energy generator called hara muladharais now is muladhara

  Those are the general names. So if you think about it then we will cover them through three possible methods an the third method in life, is to live as your will is alive and if you diet good or think in your life is dead energy that is blood clots removed by the blood flow. As to relieve is to piss in a toilet or in a stream that is water, as if things to use in idea is in 4 Lessons your use is as to use. As if your in thought to create and now your use, think in thought what weight you intend, thin by the thought and touch to the stomach at the base and with thought to do and think to create.

  Thought is what life use there is, and as there is a pose in life to create. As in with a will is to make with what you think. Now think as you will and do as to read the points you create, as you in think and seem in view. As in what you think to sense, think. As if what form you are in, is what you think to live as if one life but many bodies. As if you have a thought, your life changes to what stimulus there is as if one mind. As if mending bone, correcting is according to your thought as is what lives as there is life.

  As is your thought is what you will, you control the idea in what you mind as you mind you are a thought to seem. Never is a "thpought" or life energy, The area energy creates by focus the feel to the power of a shipment. The area or what you were is as you think to show by area feel. Don't block unless what you think won't hurt unless you think as you need to defend or use is not, reason is not to hurt you by what is there yet you feel or react by that. So as you realize the idea as it disappears by considered or "cosidered" is considered sign aura in feel. The idea is the energy you feel by focus to some or not use is use is will, see to split the t is interest or not yet no reason is no reason so you see or think calm. See the area by the force that contact is good as to get energy feeling, better or the bad shot is show that feel is bad thought in contact so don't worry about it.

  Tis is use in the energy that electrocutes is chi as build up, so focus and this is by what you think and thought is what resounds through the aura. As a cure is felt you feel the disease, as you recur what is before any others get it you regenerate. That is what a practical joke thought and thought is power to stun and awaken is by the realization dreamer known as lucid dreaming, think as you feel as energy is life that cures as if to the person diseased. Just think and its use done. Think as what use is as this is a long and dedicated history, to us thought is to make use with the energies of the earth or sun. Thought personal isn't always done as you see the printed, or discussed idea you feel the sense imprint in energy and realize this is okay as if by trace.

The first method

  The first method to chakra manipulation  will unblock chakra points and restore ability to do things, for the point you think is to listen to soothing music or chakra binaurial beats as it lies in use of incense and color thought that is hovered over the chakra points, in while you are focused on the thought think 'reopen' and then think the color associated with the chakra point as you wave the incense in circles near it. As the circle in the right direction in directs what in life pulse is, as a flow in energy as life follows is life as a will is a path in life as if a point.

  All in an act to reopen the chakra points starting with the base chakra as you listen to the soothing music. As the restoration point lies with the base chakra and the mind expands outward. To link to the rest of the chakra points, and from where they are in located in the mind associated by the idea in an order time can correct. There is a thought to fix, and as the thought in what you do exists, as you correct as the thought "fix" by energy thought works in directed. As life is in thought this creates as if to make the area do thought, as if done with what you want and otherwise things you do make are gone.

  For quick reference, the chakra points are:

  1.  The base chakra is at the lowest point of the spine and is located between the anus and the genitals. Its represented by the color of red and acts as the bodies grounding force which connects us to the energies of the earth or sun.   
  2.  The Sacral Chakra and the center of the Sacral Chakra should be a few inches below your navel or scrotum where its associated by the color orange.
  3.  The Solar Plexus Chakra is located just below the breast and 2 or 3 inches from the navel with the color yellow this is from the fluid in the body that use is seen as this collects in the area as yellow energy.
  4.  The Heart Chakra is located near the heart area, where earth energy collects in idea and by use is a thought in an area that is or notwhere the Heart Chakra color is green as in a use your use of earth energy creates what is a thought in energy force as if not as that is changed by the liver and used with the colon.
  5.  The Throat Chakras is located near the throat area, where the Throat Chakra color is blue. As you are needed in life you can use a thought to generate energy, and thought is pure blue as mana is life fluid that is your use of mana to create with what concept. Otherwise the in use thought is by absorption is what changes in life force, as energy as the color is changeable by thought as you think an if the color is possible to change by water. As "thaty" is that as this is in the body and what you think is what you can create, as inside your body and or not use is magic to generate outside in general life that causes you to use in focus any energy to raise and fall as you think. Full use is a choice as you use your body, as in idea and or not as if a thought you are around if you are felt to seem needed as you are what is a point in life remember the point and you are as you want.

     Think in focus and use is focus, to create in thought that creates in thought. As if a thought, you focus life to create by the idea and as you are in life or not. As if in use by focus, full energy comes as a will is felt as need is thought or menace is there. In the throat chakra use you think to use the blood in a stream of life, that flows through the body by focus in thought and water energy allows a manipulation by thought in focus you create at will. This is focus in ability to create, as use is will and thought creates by what you do. As if creating a point is use by what energy you have, when you correct for thought as to fix you have focus and have fun by use is easy as to create is thought energy in what you can use. As to think in user ability you are out with use to create, in user ability is out as in use by energy. This is by use in a concept as thought creates, in thought as what you consider is what you get.
  6.  The Third Eye Chakra that is positioned at the eyebrow region with a color of indigo by the use of ultraviolet energy that is what creates an energy use and causes the body to fix and use things. As if thought were a purpose, you use what is a considered thought and direct the third eye by thought that the third eye is materialized and use id by thought to do.
  7.  The Crown Chakra which is positioned above the head or at the top of it with the associated color empowered by ultraviolet light is sensed as if of thought that is violet color and connects you to the sky. This is the unlimited use of the ability, to fully manifest as you think to do and focus on your thought, and state what as intention or state your intent as a single point or as a phrase. This is as though the crown chakra has a personality of its own to direct as you suggest, direct by a thought and the crown does as you want as to think talk is a possible idea as to whom you think to. 

The second method

 The second method is auratic cleansing and is to visualize bright white light all over the body for a minute or so and that visualize is becoming brighter and radiating all over your chakras. This can heal your body causes with faster recovery and unblock chakra points as it 'removes dirt from chakra areas'. Just two minutes and thats it, as white light is really powerful, but if you are ill you need long time. 

  It also cleans the aura and makes it a positive or not as the area energy is with broken idea and uncleanliness, so think positive you are positive. As you think positively. Things that are pointless are pointless till you think they aren't. As i think to use the point, things mean the positive aura means more positive life and negative energy won't come. But usually colds or whichever illness, after which you recover the aura and chakra flow, is dirty so we have to clean it and in that case it can take a few aura chakra cleansing sessions to clean it of 2 to 4 min or just a one time 15 min cleansing. 

The third method

  The third method is listed below by chakra points and Lessons. This is what i saw that triggered this article seen off some website now defunct called awareness by feel, "think to use the point you think isn't there to use things right by feel." See to count after each lesson that its a stopping point or so as its for you to practice till your think that as your ready for the next lesson. Seen or use that is what is there, that you are satisfied with the lesson experience, by your own feel in private or do this with those that will accept this practice.

Lesson 1

  Muladhara: The Root Chakra (aka. The Base Chakra)

  The Root Chakra starts at the lowest point of the spine and is located between the anus and the genitals. The Root Chakra is represented by the color red and acts as the bodies grounding force which connects us to the energies of the earth or sun. Since the Root chakra is altering at the beginning of the energy flow to create, all the other chakras rely on your Root Chakra to pass energy through it. Sexuality, stability, security, lust, and obsession are all governed by the Root Chakra. Your gender organs play a major role in your health and spiritual development and you must come to peace with your sexual energies to progress.

  How to use our binaural recordings at here or with other music think to look for the music to stimulate your Root Chakra: When you start listening to our chakra selections or your music, focus on your lower genital (between your anus and genitals) area. Visualize a red energy spiral extruding to the front of your body. This spiral should start about the size of an egg and grow to the size of a flat baseball as you progress. You should feel and sense the energies flowing in a spiral manner. The feeling should bring along a sense of security and stability and your worries should dissipate. As you stimulate the Root Chakra, you should notice (and visualize) earthly energy coming from the ground and entering the red spiral. The ground energies may appear as a natural earth color, but when they approach the chakra spiral, the energy should start blending in and merging with the red energy. As natural earth energy enters your chakra, it should slowly and gradually grow.

  As of now, you should have completed the steps of drawing the Earth's energy into your Root Chakra and witnessed your Root Chakra grow in size.

  This lesson part is a great start to stimulating your chakras. Practice it for a few days and in the next newsletter we will progress to the Sacral Chakra and the Solar Plexus Chakra. We will learn how to pass energies from the Root Chakra to the Sacral Chakra then to the Solar Plexus as is next. Now take a day or two, or think to work with the procedure, before going on, to Lesson 2.

Lesson 2

  Now we are going to go over passing the Root Chakra energy to your Sacral Chakra which is located in the Sacrum area. Your sacrum is the area where your ovaries or testes are and is directly responsible for hormone production and reproduction. The center of the Sacral Chakra should be a few inches below your navel.

  The Sacral Chakra is represented by the color orange and is responsible for addictions and violence, as well as pleasure, emotional needs, reproduction, enthusiasm, creativity, joy, sensory and sensual. Sensory, as in pleasure in tactile things
. The Sacral Chakra receives energy from the Root Chakra and passes energy to your Solar Plexus Chakra. For full chakra stimulation, it is vital to focus on growing the energy levels within each chakra to pass to the next.

  Picture your chakras as mechanical gears which rely on each other to turn. Your chakras spiral energy patterns do bleed into each other naturally, but by stimulating them and drawing more energy into them, they will pass more energy, to the next and your spiritual essence will grow as your physical and mental bodies follow.

   Sacral Chakra:

  Lets begin back at the Root Chakra. We focus on the red energy spiral and watch it draw earthly energy and grow in size. Now the enlarged red spiral of energy starts to intersect with the egg sized Sacral Chakra spiral. This in turn causes the orange Sacral Chakra to spin in a spiral fashion quicker while growing. The Root Chakra should remain enlarged even though it is passing energy upward because the earth's endless energy source is feeding the Root Chakra. Soon both your Root Chakra and your Sacral Chakra should be enlarged and the energy will start passing to the next energy point.

   Solar Plexus Chakra:

  The next chakra is the Solar Plexus which is represented by the color yellow. The Solar Plexus Chakra is located below the breast and 2 or 3 inches from the navel and will fill your entire essence with fulfillment when stimulated. The Solar Plexus is responsible for both self respect and respect for others as well as personal power, cheerfulness, intelligence, relaxation, spontaneity, and all matters of growth.

  The energy from your Sacral Chakra spiral should start effecting your Solar Plexus Chakra causing it to become enlarged like the previous. Also, the solar plexus recieves 1st attention energies very easily, and can make you have a power too that can be thought of or a scene can be imagined of, to activate it and things appear or manifest as it is a byproduct of the power.

  This is the foundation of passing energy from one chakra to the next. It is good to understand the importance of each chakra and feel the effects as you progress from one chakra to the next. When each stimulated chakra is open, the pleasant feelings associated with them should engulf your entire being.

  Again "clockwise" or counterclockwise spins, take a day or two to rest. Think about what to do with what was talked about. As this process shouldn't be done too quickly, it should be done slowly. As you can say the point or ideal, going too fast can cause imbalances or other problems. Resolved by what is there because the chakras directly connected to everything. Think to create by created feel to create by what you sense.

Lesson 3

  Today we are going to cover the Heart and Throat Chakras. Our previous Lessons covered the process of drawing the earth's energies into our chakra system through the "Base Chakra" and passing that energy to the Sacral and Solar Plexus Chakras. It's time to go a step further.

   The Heart Chakra:

  The Heart Chakra is located in the chest and is represented by the color green or pink. Complex emotions, unconditional love, equilibrium, compassion, and tenderness are all associated with the Heart Chakra. It is the gateway to higher states of consciousness and is the sole reason people care about the better good.

  In recent times, the world is seeing an increase in Heart Chakra energy being emitted from person to person. It seems that people are caring more about mother nature and the earth, as they are taking more steps to preserve the planet and the life link forms that as you inhabit it. This care is a direct result from stimulating the Heart Chakra. Slowly but surely humans are moving towards greater powers of unconditional love even though it is often not shown in their daily actions. Stimulating the Heart Chakra is a vital step that one must take when embarking on a spiritual transformation.

   The Throat Chakra:

   As your Heart Chakra grows with energy, and is used, it strengthens the body. This energy passes along to your Throat Chakra. Your Throat Chakra is symbolized by the color blue or light blue and is located where your throat is. It governs communication, self-expression, independence, fluid thought, and security.

  As you progress and become in-tune with your Throat Chakra energy, your life and people within it may change. By this point in your spiritual development, you may feel the need and desires to tell everyone about your experiences and urge people to follow the same path. Superficial friends and acquaintances may be turned off by this,  but your true friends will show their colors and stick by you. Don't allow these social changes to affect your quest for spiritual development because changing your own energies for the better will attract new contacts who are heading in the same direction.

  At this point in the lesson, you should already understand the process which your chakra energy progresses. The exact same energy that started from your Root Chakra worked its way up  to the Sacral and Solar Plexus Chakras. This energy then transferred to the Heart Chakra which resulted in a growth in size of the energy spiral which started moving, the idea the Throat Chakra can change the throat is to change the throat. This in pulse is at a faster rate, as if to create a faster pulse is thought for healing or not as its not needed.

  You should be feeling the revitalizing energies by now if you have followed the previous steps, and it is about to come to a peak in the next lesson when we cover the Third Eye and Crown Chakras. If you haven't already picked up a copy of our chakra binaural beats, I suggest visiting here with youtube and consider giving the chakra recordings or look for louder music to try with youtube or go here for musicfiles for music you would like for that you can try.

  Now take a day or two, to do what was talked about. We will be done in the next lesson when I present the conclusion of the chakra lessons.

Lesson 4 (Final lesson)

  Now for the conclusion of the Chakra lessons. We will be discussing the Third Eye and Crown Chakras which are responsible for some of the most beautiful aspects of humanity. But just as it is important to focus on these areas, you must remember that the previous chakras (which we already covered) are responsible for feeding energy to the top of the chain. Change the third eye and you become insomniac.

  So don't neglect the previous chakras because every piece of the chain contributes, be well to do as its unified strength. Think to endure and endurance creates by thought, as a trick this is to endure and as you are enduring you show longer life. As to eat rice increases of spirit strength and boosts, the aura as if nothing in life is an illusion. That can seem right to know right is as if all life is done, as finished in life is as thought to be done. The lesson in this part is to work and use the chakras, as thought is clarity to make a point and to seem what clarity can create is something in focus.

   The Third Eye Chakra:

  The Third Eye Chakra (aka. known as the Brow Chakra) is associated with the pineal gland and located roughly between the eyebrows. It is represented by the color white or dark blue and is the center of spiritual and metaphysical development. The pineal gland is light sensitive and regulates sleep and awakening. The Third Eye is responsible for ESP, higher intuition, spiritual contact, psychic powers, telepathy, astral projection, and past life regression. Stimulating the Third Eye is an important aspect of remote viewing and almost all other metaphysical challenges as it is the gateway to the spiritual world.

  When you direct energy through the Throat Chakra it should make its way to the Third Eye Chakra causing it to spin faster while growing. You should focus on feeling and visualizing a white energy spiral when simulating your Third Eye. When your third eye is open for this, you will be engulfed in feelings of ecstasy as you learn to trust your inner guidance and open up access to intuitions and spiritual growth.

   The Crown Chakra:

  The Crown Chakra is the center of your consciousness. It connects to the central nervous system and is represented by the color violet. This is the Chakra that guides us as spiritual beings. The Crown Chakra is located in the crown of the head and covers the entire top portion of the head. It is said to be your seventh sense as cosmic energy is sensed through your Crown Chakra.

  As the basis of consciousness, this chakra is responsible for your inner wisdom, release of karma, and will ultimately lead to universal consciousness and unity. Once your chakra system passes energy to your Crown Chakra, the energy can then returned to the earth or sun in a transformed manner.

  With the Crown Chakra, when your awareness is including the outside too, then your brain has some pressure of energy which is an enlightening enchancement. Where, you are becoming more aware, of things from the outside, and from the pressure of the area, represented as energy pressure. As if  activating the Amygdala by tickling in another way, it's as you become aware of anything you want. And if you're skilled, you can use it on your skills, or if you want wisdom then you feel it as it's a releasing moment when you get influenced by received energies, or programming from that energy if from other than earth or sun. Pulling power from the sunset is as a little more as when you pull the energy from the earth. And the same but more perfectly are things that appear when it's dawn. Much like a celestial energy but its a very nice thing as you get more enlightenment.


  Hopefully our chakra lessons left you with a good understanding of how the Earth's energy feeds our chakra systems and provides the spiritual nutrients which enhances our well-being. Everything a must go through a certain cycle, and stimulating this cycle will bring you much inner wisdom and purity as we all move forward towards the same goal or focus is what we think.

  Remember as we focus, we create by feel so we offer a series of Chakra stimulating binaural beats which will help you attune to the proper frequencies of each chakra. You can get your copy @
here or for binaurial music here with to search for used meditation music, just think to listen for music you would like by now. Then search for the music by name or work with what you get.

  Thank you for taking the time to read and digest our chakra presentation, otherwise ignore some things by feel is use and look forward to creating results.

Jim McElwee