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Intro to elements

  These are elemental practices and as a thought in practice, this is where you think of the idea as an element which follows the idea of summoning them in manifest. That is done by the thought in using them by feel or noticed idea, this is what your in thought with as you enable yourself to elemental practice, that is done by chi focus. This is use taken from what you see, feel or know the use is for or nothing as all happens as you need to do thinking of the element and enchantment.

  Think about the elements to get attuned to the elements as your used to creating with them, that is where you are accepting what you think to do with the imagination as a point. This with the effect to do, so as you think the elemental effect and feel, focus upon the point to create what you need. Think of the idea and trance yourself by the breathing in and out, then as you state the idea or think the intent, there is manifest created by the subconscious.

  This allows storm magic, where the idea is the storm as though the storm was an idea and that is an element. Whatever you think and intend, you can make the storm do by feel. This is when you make a fist and think of what you want as you state or feel and need the idea you intend. Then try turning aside the storm. See if nothing happens with the storm.

Then that's the storm not occuring some rain or disappating away the clouds.. Then it worked. Yet, its not instant, otherwise.. so make a fist and think the rain won't come. The fist absorbs energy of heat from the air and your thought is what that energy does. This works with both death and life or negative and positive effects as you feel the energy does it by what is done.

  If anything happening? The rain abated, Your will caused the energy of the sky to reduce or not have rain. Oh yeah, you can cause lightning to strike wherever you want it to if you pleased.. so think of the area when a storm is there and imagine the lightning strike somewhere. This works as you feel the energy of the storm. Sometimes if you point to the area with your hand, the lightning will strike there. However, that trick took several tries for me to do though. So try it if you want something to do. Whatever it is you do.

  As thought this came from an enchanted to last ancient element book named Elemency written in the middle ages, such is for an occurance to happen and being burned by the church as this was as written with permission from or otherwise by Polgara "Eleioya Puaia Freeia" in thought by "Freya Gnowledge". This is with the thought that your actions are with energy chi as earth or your associative element energy, that works with you by feel. Focus as you direct your thought is the point in energy that the element realistically does.

  That is useful to change things by focus, so as you feel the area can change, then what is there is your idea. Otherwise you create by thought according to use. This is done as if to create fire by area wiring with focus, or create water from the near pooling water, that is where you see things or not if willed away and if an element is created then the element exists so you can get rid of the idea however possible. This is such as using water to get rid of the fire or smothering the grease or oil fire out.

  That's as seen if despite what anarchy your aware of that is there, energy is energy somewhere that the element can seem to appear as this exists. This was summoned as the energy that nearly killed Polgara in anarchy, that nearly got people and her as the first witch killed by this idea and that was where she was not wanted after the fact. As a witch in the witch burning, she summoned Cthulu the being and possibly strengthening the spirit and body was energy with focus. Cthulu is real if you belive him to be real, as you aware this is energy in that he gets from you.

  The insanity is only done as sometimes you feel in a mood to do things. So think and focus, then you create the element by thinking the element you need to be there. Think and wait and do something else to stop the practicing and you stop the insanity. As you do things or create as you feel, see the point or think the point and attuned to your energy is the element or use healing points.

  Him is a chinese god, so as you think a good intention about "him" he can try to control by what you need or you create viewable idea if invoked by speaking. So think and if you use sports bottles filled with water as energy, know that not always is sports bottles an energy container, what can turn monsterous in the form, that is thinking in the gender idea. See what he thinks is good for the intention or she can no in the idea is done, tha is until the creator allows. Calling Him is like calling a firecracker, you think you can do something then you do things.

 This is used by nickel energy, that is where he can seem to be in used idea or thought, so this is done by idea when energy is energy or she in thought creates what you feel or think in focus. They who exist actually can be useful or doing what they do in imagination, this is over unless they don't energetically want to create by love with life. There is energy by feel or think the feel that is done where you are. This energy creates in idea to the feel in focus, or by feel in life as intuition is realization through the spirit by the soul.

 So will yourself as if away by elemental focus, or will is done to create by feel to see a purpose, then attunement is done by attuning to the right reality with thoughts you listen to. That is from there or back to be where you want. You can get away by thinking your away or he will do or not need the idea, this is useful as if things in the area like the place, time or moments are as you feel the point is necessary. So this does exist by the creator and otherwise, this won't be assumed or accountable by what is done in use.

 The idea to use is when you do your own thing and if not in this it's not in thought as mad or insane, and can as this is used by what is done make things where he can't possess and claim you as a body shell or form. This is interesting by thought, so think to see and gnow what you see, and you show the idea people express. That's as you insanely go or appear sane. This is an idea done by things you do. Nothing more than that exists.

 Thinking for this came from a place for the life cycle, as for short periods that this was seen this was preceded in the idea by perception. that is done and sometimes written by what will occur. This is for use as you were to wake up to yourself, see you can accept what is done. Think or don't wait as you consider, this is done or finished as long as your worth the activity. As if this creates your idea in concept, this is used in concept where not desolate. Such as you are sometimes, or not is not done as not is nothing by result. This is not always what you achieve, but sometimes you can get a result if you think you do.

 There is elemental feel that creates the energy, see that as there is no result sometimes so think as you can there will be a result sometime. Such as the elemental energy is this element, you can see the point as the use is practice. This is with an element as you see you focus to use that, what creates what energy, this is the elemental energy that is corrospondent as with your results is thinking end results as with an element that is use. You can use the energy of anything including water to form an element.

 The element is not always felt or decided by what you can use, so as the elemental is the use with thought, see to summon and create by the creator in idea. This is done by the idea you thought you use, then spoken or needed is done by creation in idea an if you desire the point. As you or others assume that the elemental can seem use or create in time or moments, what you are and what you believe allows the elemental to work. As that is done this takes the elemental energy, or as that is used to make with space this is time, think as objects are a point to use what you think to create, that is so you don't depend on them. If the object is energy your idea is done. Think or state the idea to be done, and the element you summoned creates what you need or have wanted.

 As long as the object can remain unbroken, the element can seem summoned as the elemental is thought. Gnow to will the elemental is the thought you make seem good, that it does till you dismiss the elemental. This is where you leave and elemental leaves. This is for your safety. If summoned as you break the object or smother out the element, the elemental disappears as the air disperses with fire being put out by the energy going or water used.

  That is from the earth area where this does not allow things due this point, such as this is with space sucking the element energy that was shaped by earth energy to your will. As water dissipates away the area, the idea recovers from a point by natural resources and this is sometimes by fox or your animal spirit that helps you recover if shaped by your will.

 Saying the right things is done as if the right time, this is creating by what you feel and by an area that is space with area use by objects. This is amusement or thought attributed to use, the object is focus so if you are ready as you create by feel. This works or uses darkmatter energy. As space is all as physical that is use by spacetime, this is an amulet of focus.

 The summons by using an act or old or ancient will is thought to ward from shadows and use is more there by danger from the ancient planes, so think as this is from themselves as another writer named Isea wrote in his book. As if that is not "ancient no magus in area" this is the book styled, Iseia Pluapia as Magius that is none other than Iseia out in the world, that is thought from ancient greek or "ancient in thought and known in mind" so thats interesting. As they took aspects from something and created, this is with the ingenuity to create by keeping away from them as this is a source of life. Think or not and end things as there's no reason, no will in desire and no desire unless necessary to not allow the creator to imitate you.

 As if by theory use that precieved is pre received and nothing wrong is perceived is what creates an ancient idea in the fire plane, thought or idea that is "that fate" in a word or two spoken "malign", and then using a freehand sigil by thinking of what you need and draw or trace a symbol that creates what you think the now sigil will do things. This is used to help summon and she the first witch could out summon the element as if an elemental. This creates by what you will, so that works as you think shift back on or near to where you think to be. More in elemental sigils are here http://meister-runic.tripod.com/Page2.html.

The focusing way

 The focusing way is done if you practice the idea, that is think of the element, state the elemental name or think about element as you imagine the element forming. Then if you point your finger or make a fist, you create the effect of an element that creates what you want as you intend it formed. So the point is done when you notice by the third eye the black mark that is there suddenly. Think of the power fist, that forms the effect. This is energy you cast forth and the third eye created by feel. Continuing to focus energy into the black mark will lessen tensions and create fire in it's place. So think of the black mark being there, then you will create it sometime. This works by feel if you think it does. Remember, imagination or statement at first is the key to created effects, once you cast forth the energy effect sometimes it won't appear. So think to wait and allow energy of heat and fire to come back to the air. Then all you need to do is state some idea to create the idea as though you directed the cast forth element. When you focus the element into existence, you create it from the fire in the air.

 That is you direct heat energy and make in the point what you think to occur. If you practice this idea, then the effect will happen eventually, otherwise if it already does, it will occur faster by feel. However, if your chakras are not cleared up, you will get almost no result. So think to go on youtube and use a chakra cleanser vid, this is here for the 1 hour version or here for the 21 minute variety on youtube.com, otherwise you can feel or imagine a white light bursting forth from the body to cause the body to clear the chakra points and if that works it's magic and you did the trick. Then you can create a point or focus and make a smudged black mark on a surface area. This can create any element, if you think of the effect or imagine and state the elemental name. So what you think will happen, as you state the idea. That's if you intend results to happen and occur as the intended point. Now is the point that makes you think you do things by feel. Think and you know what to do.

The creator and the soul elemency (the easy way)

 The creator is the universal conscious or "I", that means God creates what you want and that means he or she is great at making physical manifests without problems. I found making use of him to create elemental effects is like focusing on the idea to create and doing a gesture, then the element creates itself from the energy consciousness. See that could be any element, btw. The gesture is not unlike a statement to him to create this effect, if you intend the result to be created and that can even be a statement to that effect that makes use of your subconscious to create the intended effect with the creator making the manifest. The creator is your God or lesser lord put to use, that you think to make use of with idea done by feel. He or she can create the elements with what is done, that's as though the element created itself from the air traces in the air by the energy consciousness creating the effect. Again, his or her conscious actually is the "I" that makes by the energy that is nearby.

 See fire is a natural source of magic. That means it's generated from heat and the sun or the planet core in idea is the source..the body uses the heat in the air and creates what you think. This is allowing the heat to come back, you refueled the area and the heat is possible to make use of by feel. So otherwise the energy of the area is objects and electricity that is a source. This is tricky by idea. If you use electricity by thinking the energy of electicity is used, then you instruct your subconscious to create with the energy you want to use and that makes the result. This is a point you think about and the energy consciousness, that means it's being directed by the spirit that uses the soul as a source. So if you think about the idea you can create anything, and that is usually by the power of the soul. If you don't intend to do things, then nothing is done. Think so you know, what is possible is there if needed by what energy is in use. That is used in the effect.

 This is bending the element and creation is what you think. Otherwise, you can use your soul to create effects, that means you think of your soul with the intent to create and state or think what you want it to do then you use God to make what you desire. So in this way you can create any element by feel, if you think are not limited to one element, you see results. Think about the idea and you create what you want by feel. This is from the past. If you think or state, "I have to" then you create the effect, when you think "I know it" or "I think not" then you stop the effect. That is interesting by feel you can get results and otherwise your conscious mind will sometimes block the effect, so to speak. If you think to stop something, you know what to do to kill off the idea or result. Yet, if injury happens, see then to think to recover you will heal by regeneration.

 Saying or thinking, "Make things better" or "do things by feel", will cause the "I" to create what is better and not worse, so if it's a bad result then it won't have happened. "Seen is the result", is yet another one, that makes what you want noticed, noticed. So basically, if you think to create what you want, you will always get some idea result. This is a known effect, that your third eye or soul lets you become aware of by feel. So if you need to know if the the idea is effective, then think you know and let your spirit guide you or makes you realize the idea. That is where you think to see or know the end result. This is what occurs when you sometimes summon an element. Your mind uses the "I" conscious and creates with thoughts that directs with a point of energy send off and the consciousness makes what you think as a response from the "I" creating the result. This is where you can create what you intend and that is all to this. If you discover more info or other effects, then that too can happen, this is the power of thought and where words that you speak will create what you want. If there is a point that you intend, if you don't then what you think won't occur.

 When you manifest. Think of what you want and will it to exist as you feel or state that it exists. This is you that uses the soul or soul copy, that's created by the source as though it were a request to the soul. Yet that takes practice. You can manifest whatever you wish into existence. Your soul creates it using your subconscious. This works by feel or idea you notice. State what you need as you want it. Then you sometimes create with a manifest. Oh with manifesting, you can manifest any power, that's if it's possible.

 All you really need is the manifest ability, and that is sometimes an event or effect made by your spirit or given by a God. How long does it take to manifest? 1 day to a year. What would take a day and which is what would take a year? The major effects like a creation of a volcanic eruption is 1 year or less. The controlling of weather, this is moments. Things that might affect you (flight, teleport, other powers) or things that change a lot are quick, think about the idea and you might notice the results if possible. Things that affect the whole planet and are hard to happen (yellowstone) take longer. See if possible, and might effect you they are quick. As always, there is always a 50% chance of success with powers and magic.

Elemental creation

 Candles, water or any element; This is well, if you need a point to happen, knowing its resisted and that's sometimes occurred by the body, then use a lit candle. think to direct it to a target area. Then that is on fire. However, if you think to direct any element, then that element does as you direct. This works no matter the weight. If you think to the water you drink, then you supercharge the water and you create what you need with the body. The tallness and weight doesn't matter, if you use water or fire. You can restructure your body by drinking something, this is how the harry potter spell works that changes the body into another form. So if you think to freeze a note in water, then you make disappear what idea is written on the note. If you think of a deity, then you can create what you need by thinking a statement is said either by yourself or by the spirit.

 This is done with the intent, so need the intent to form a manifest and it's done. Hold a bit of earth or the planet energy, and think what you want it to do. Then it will do the effect. Think of an air molecule and think it resonates at a vibration that causes a manifest and it does. This is known idea and effect of void, that creates what you think as it's pure energy. If you think to copy something, then the idea you need to ecreate is copied to where you intend it to be. If you act like it's there, then it's there. This is how you manipulate the void into creating for you what you want. That doesn't really matter what weight you have on the body, since the creator creates the effect anyway by feel, the effect is nearly instantaneous, so think about the idea and you are aware of things that exist. This effects by feel as we are memories in a living form.

Bending the elements

  This is basically using a source of elemental energy, thinking to create an effect with focus on a point to a surface. This means, that you focus and think your using a source of energy. You can imagine or state the idea you want to create. The source is used and then you create by the soul a maifest of what you intend. The idea listed for Elemental bending is below:

  Fire bending; Think as you focus on a candle flame or a dark spot on the wall to spiritually absorb some of it's energy, then focus at a surface or wall spot to seem to cause a dark spot or fire where you think it should be. The fire will happen after you focus on a suddenly appearing dark spot or pattern enough time and feel intense.

  Air bending; focus on the air or sky, then think of what you want as a need, the effect should flare up by feel with the manifest using some heat energy in the air to make it realized.

  Earth bending; focus on the area to effect. Think of the idea for the earth to make. Then with an earthen scent the area should manifest what you intend.

  Water bending; Think of what you want and need the water to do and then get near a running stream of it. The water will get colder as you imagine the effect. This causes the water on focus to some surface a darkened wet spot. However, moisture can collect on the bottom of a cup from the air as you hold a blue moonstone.

  Electricity bending; think to be near an electrical source. Think of what effect you want to manifest and feel it form as you imagine what you intend to create it by manifestation. This might happen if you think it does, unless you need it to not be obvious. Then, the effect is somewhere you "find" it is there. This will take a few tries, so don't give up until you get tired of trying. Where can you find a electrical source? Your near one right now. Otherwise it's an electrical outlet, or area where the electrical device runs. The best source is the power converter and that is a plug-in.

  Bio bending; This is where you think to use your body energy as a source, then focus as you imagine or think of the idea. Need the idea or think it will occur to happen and as you imagine the result, the effect you need will happen by the power of the soul.

Elemental manipulation

 Elemental manipulation is where the elemental can effect and that elemental creates things by feel and uses the third eye, that is you direct the third eye to create what effect you need by the element doing your thought. See that exists with gating the idea from your inner world or focusing it into being, so think and you can even make influenced actions. You can make the creature or person do anything with this special ability, that's made by thinking the idea exists and feeling the idea is forming where you think it is formed. This acts as if the person or creature does what you want by wanting to do things for themselves. This is using an art of control. Think and you know what to do.

Chi Elemency

 Some can use their chi focused by will thought with no as nothing in the body or activity to form fire, as if from the area and energy that surged by what you think collected to an area as energy focused is through an energy imagined lens or cause other elements an as thought to create is to be acting on feel, through focus of the chi and directing it by the will.

 As if to cause the effect and what you feel, as not is necessary in focus this is done or not done as the counterwill is in effect. Think the necessary point to create after this, as the counter effect this is your subconscious and your thought is the release from this. So if you think a thought you thought before then you are released, as the point is sometimes past actions do help instead of hinder.

  The counterwill is use an is another use of this effect or not, this dissipated is the effect as is this in thought to do things to an focus as you think. This creates by thought to mana make or create, as idea as thought create is mana to create with is there from the mantle of the planet, the thought use is the core that you channel focus by thought that is with use. Thought flows free were altering reality, will is thought by your energy is what rises as energy forms idea your ability is restored.

 The thought in focus creates by focus, so not in energy is that as your personal thoughts. This is your thought out idea that is in the energy programming, as a way to create there focus and create as you think your energy can reasonably seem to use. Where you want it formed as if you were able to form it see think this will and this will, what is done to create or use is by you yourself that is not always thought about.

 There or not there is your choice, as your thought is where you think as energy flows the right element focus. Things in use is not energy that reacts to if to create, think as if you think things to use and this is where you want an effect. Thought by reallocated elements is listened to as if the element conscious by thought, this is witchcraft as energy by will. If to work or try with trial tis in a thought this is in by error, you think or that is idea out also by thought with ritualism. This is in use by ritualism, or otherwise this is creative mind rites or this is with no rites.

 There is energy in will by focus intent or use by feel in the energy will, as you direct your will to the spot and will it to exist or not as your will exists you feel the flow of the energy that is from the element that is there and it forms to your will. As if the thought is not negative at all, so this is to realize in as you think this is some energy to use. By what you feel you do as you want use as if your choice.

 Will is where the goddess Isis or night can seem useful, as if time protects or your way is as you think it will exist. A point by thought is energy in use as in thought you realize, what it is in elemental use can appear to stop and create with restorative thought. Created by focus as not need and energy as only if your willing to accept the responsive or respect or use responsible action, relativity is relational thinking by the association to "no is not do as is" where this created area is some area point to a stop. Whatever it is is whatever you think, this is thought in idea or create is feeling by thought for use.

  That uses the bus stop or no that is what use, created that stops you ca shift in life. Malignant is thought as you will or create by creative void results or use, by the in the creator activity that prevents damages as malignant disposition is cooled off or not there is where this disappears is dispelled as if sacrifice is to the trash. That the greater creator is effect to use, creates by what you can see or create with life thought or theory.

 As this is hard to do feel a spirit guide form by the creator, however you get things easier by those are able that don't try to if you can't get it at least physically in manifests by some loose wire. Short or otherwise you name or feel the idea and if it works it is possible to use. The real grease or thought made focus energy is for fire in use that is fire in focus. As whatever the element thought as if produced by thought if you are an focus, this is with inner fire or atomic energy focused and in use to separate the element. Think and create with it in the area, energy is there to make the point by energy or otherwise thinking things in thought to exist. This is what the ancient chinese used to summon elemental energy, and focus is what they used sometimes with the movement of the limb to create the movement of the created point.

The El Director

 Directo is as death or other mixed in elements, think death energy goes and does things as you mix things with thought to create or stop as abort creation by an disssolving. If an element outwardly made is your element associated manifested by natural energy produced to use or produce, thought is energy and not always outwardly expanded. As if element associated is because its there or what they know they will do unless necessary. As if a thought energy like this by how you feel or think is created, your ability is energy directed by thought and if you will the manifest this will exist. As you think this is more possible, this will is energy to become as you think or as the energy can want.

 Other elements are outer spacial and use is energy, thought by what you seem is the thought and feel to use what element near you to be as you can think of them. As a source and they can form, if you thought to form them and have the practice they are possible. Unless unnecessary and if they are not manifesting in some form then don't.

 As you don't need, then you will and use up the energy. Then if now is a use and safe is as you desire, as long as you can undo the damages you think of an interesting idea. Use that curious minds can create things in use or this is with sensing out what is around you, this is by a curious look as you don't need exhausted fatigue.

 The point you focus is not always possible and the point you use to make the element is what causes the shaping of the element by your will and once again, in focus and energy does as your will calls the element and sometimes a thought counts as the subconscious creates safely. Thought not or no stupidly done thought is done. So think and you know the main elemental point to do.

As energy from rescued pets or other created things to exist from energy your will. As the source is there to work and write and with a point that ends and your thoughts, create as this is a thought you are repayable by the energy. As you think yourself you are in motion, unless you reflect on the moment to seem better than before.

 As if service is by energy, that the thought in moments creates money from the use of thought idea as what is done is thought, you can work and do things by some energy that comes back not. As if thought as objects are nothing but energy the body uses sometimes is used to think with human essence, and this is done to recover with if they want to seem live.

 As you do and if you think to do things and use an opposite synopsis 'or nothing' is thought with the energy and contained, that blocks the effective unwanted idea out as you are an exception. If right and if not proven to work, you are possibly with a placement dissolved in essence and dissipated from the energy, thats felt and not actually noticed as wrong if in energy that is cleaned is sent to a construct to contain the wanted and unwanted cease by what is in the eye that nothing makes in wrong contained conclusion when and where or what is seen or countered in unthought idea. This seems what you see or creates as you want unless devestating.

 This is not as you think or considered is right, as to except a point is to work a use as you stop, think and gather energy with a chi hand or use whats clean and unpoisonous water and exception makes the rule. Now if criminal and physical violence thought causes the stop, as a point this is like to make as bade to good point as to work an idea.

The Centurians view

 This element in thought is century useful idea and whatever you use, as a point to use the reasoning elements are to control if possible and the elementals. As them with concept as abaded is life as this is life and otherwise abated they are releasable, seen as avoid the trap by what you think. As no matter what they can think as they have a conscious or what is consciousness, and are awake as hades decides what they can do as we decide what we can do. This is in a system of elemency for practical purposes.

 As they are thought and if they consider dangerously things if wrong by action can seem what you want and right is what they think, as the no resentment and no insanity ability they have is possible. Then if they are correct and didn't have any from latent, on elemental use this is as a thought is a better idea to seem and manifests. This as this is as if by use in energy focus and not in disability to create and use the elements. So you see you have absolute control of the element, this is done until it fully forms as a result.

 However in as you are to attempt these practices, when you are the more competant you try to do the element summoning, the more easy it becomes. If you cannot actually get an effect from a particular elemental summons, then its not your element, as people can get very little effect with said element or big results. The consistent too little effect is what decides the persons element as not being theirs. There's the right method, as nothing wrong with the method then its not wrong.

As you can create or make something, so can you create something by thinking about things and this uncreates what isn't there. This is energy by what you are will or creates as you think to create. This is the desires in the area that known or usually get observed. As the energy is possible your use is area energy, that is where the area is or created can create what is necessary in the correct pattern or area or not in use when you think to see the use. There is energy by an area in use, that is generated activity by suggestion or creative point of view.

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   This is elementalism by feel. Elementalism is practice of self-creating what you need to materialize. If you want to use a drink, then think to a drink and need think that will do things and create what you want. However, you can use an object as well for that..or whatever your element is. See that's how elementalism works. So feel free to practice that, if you are interested in elementalism. See that can be any item or whatever element you choose to use. Now to do this better, think an element sometimes is classified as earth or items, air or particles, water or drink,fire or some burning item. This is what can be used for the desired result, that is set by your thinking and done by the ideal consciousness that is in everything. So that is elementalism 101, enjoy your day and read on if you want to know more about elemental practice.

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Elemental stance

   The elemental stance is an energy focus that you think and you create what allows you to get a result with the elements easier. That is a construct that you state is formed by a, "I form a construct that creates what I want easier." Otherwise, state: "I form a construct that makes things easier for me." That is what the subconscious does as you imagine the result and an actual statement or thought you project with the third eye and this forms an energy sphere. That is a sphere of energy that does what you think it should do where you want it. This uses the stances or standard standing or sitting trance practices. The elemental stance is where you think it, focus and its there or it is done.

   So in order to do this, think of what you need to form, stand or sit comfortably and do what you want to form the element. Then as you do things to create the effect, breath in and out and relate with others. This is at least in your mind that you relate peacefully, this is with the idea being done and as you beathe you relax. Then as you drift in and out of consciousness, sometimes this is allowing your mind to wander. This is done to create with your amygdala and pinneal gland by thinking those two parts of your brain does what you intend, this is usually in your frontal lobes. Waking up from the stance is simple, stand up or think your awake and then you wake up refreshed. This is a point that is just a trance, so you will be able to do anything in a trance.

   All you have to do after this is imagine the result and sometime it is done if you have enough energy in the air or heat energy that's treated like fire energy. This is a point that's done, if you try when you think it's needed. The point is achievable by thinking it is and done when you feel it's done. So if you did effects and found the effects fading to your third eye in effect. Wait for 10 minutes or more and try try again. This is a known fact of effects. The rule of effects is this, think it's possible and you get a result when you try or imagine that effect, so attempt as you want to practice this trance. This is an effect done by the self practice in action. If nothing else works, think to eat or drink what you like and you have body energy to expend and create effects with by feel. This is an effect that's done by idea and where you think or imagine the effect to be by feel..

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Elemental games

  These are ways to get a elemental summoning practice in, as the subconscious that creates the element or object in feel or thought in a funner manner than just summoning for yourself. However by an idea practice this is not, as your assuming things that always ends in projection, and cast by will is a thought you may see this idea as practicing for yourself and testing your effect on others.

  This is guess the element. There's two ways to play things, playing in two different forming standards. Standard and advanced in mode. Standard is safer than the practices described in advanced mode. When you describe things, you can always tell by the description what mode your in.

  The standard is to summon an element of your choice, without telling what it be and send it at the person playing. Allowing them to guess what it is. You can use constructs if you want to unless not thought. Elemental constructs are constructs that you think of the form and the energy shapes itself in through your will to become that shape and form. Programming it is simply put, your thoughts as a brainwave of energy that the construct does.

  This trick even works with already formed items and things. However, that's temporary so think as you like things to work out and you create with your will, if you think to work with a construct that is existing there. A brilliant idea is to summon a contsruct, that focuses energy to create the right element as you think it formed. This forms the element by what you do. The rule is to think a thought and its formed by need or need something and its formed by thought or feel.

  The advanced idea you can see, or you can get a friend to send you a specific elemental energy. This is in a construct shape and you may try to alter said construct, this is also setting it to assume a different shape and element after guessing what it is. See optionally add functionality to it.

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The Elements Themselves

Now for the Elements you may attempt to use..

Bioenergy, the universal element

  The bioenergy is what creates the possible element in effect. This is with a point, that you think of the idea and your body energy creates the effect sometimes with a surge of energy. Thinking makes bionergy create the result by directing the formation and idea you intend. Bioenergy is the universal energy, this energy is what creates focused elemental effects, that is mainly done by summoning the energy into a point with a point or feel and that is creating with the idea in doing an intended effect. Energy is agreed with by feel, this is vibes or the felt vibration and if you don't want to do anything with it then you don't get an effect.

  You can see that creates with the focus and your waves of energy cast off by the aura, this means the aura wave is vibrational energy. That is interacted with by feel with some point, this is directed by thought or actions intended to make a point or statements with answer in idea. So basically, you have to know whom your dealing with as this can make a difference in what you get. This makes the relationship factor, if you think of the idea you can use the usable idea and that is what you quote or work with by feel. However, some usually say it and through saying it it's manifested... "I now create an energy ball in the air and imbue it with fire."

  So if you think your brain will cast off direct energy vibrations by feel or idea, what you realize and your aware of is a point and what occurs is what you sometimes intend. That change the aura and the burn off of area debris in the air, this create a clean air that your body breathes as it breaks down the area air as oxygen and nitrogen. There is other compounds that are formed, too, so think about it. This also causes the energy, that is cast forth as particles in waves and what is created in idea by focus. Think it is gone and the effect is gone, unless it is a fire effect. Then you use water or douse it some other way. That includes the point of use of a fire hydrant or wet/damp cloth.

  So in english: This is a point in the effect, you don't have to do it if you don't intend it, so think and you know what to do. Just intend to recreate the effect, if in a game or somewhere your third eye is "seeing", then by stating a trigger word, thinking the effect or imagining an idea of some point, this means as your aware of this you know the soul/spirit will create the effect by feel if you intend it. The trigger word could be alakazam for all you'd like. This works by idea of the feel. This is also used in a were effect. Think about the idea and the alteration, due to your brain and aura waves, will create what you need by feel with idea that is known. When you eat or drink something, you can create more chemical bio energy or body energy. So think to wait when you can't get an effect, then when the energy returns as heat in the area you feel by the point you think or know. You can create with an idea of what is there if possible.

Some applications of bioenergy

  A direct effect of this is the electro effect. That is where you focus the bioenergy into becoming bioelectricity and direct the energy there to create what you imagine or intend to create. This includes the dampening of energy itself or antimagic zones. There are artificial antimagic zones, that are made by electricity lines, so if you think to create with the energy there, think about the result and the idea you intended and state the trigger word. Then the soul creates with the energy and makes what you need by feel or idea.

  Electro effect; Again, this is where you think to create the electrical effect and form it into some shape for added effect, that means you direct the energy by the idea of focusing on the area and you create what you think with a point, a finger or hand point or thought that the soul or soul copy creates. That you think causes the energy to surge, the body feels the energy is channeled and the area you focused upon is darker by senses. This is done with the body energy, that is energy focused into existence as bio-electricity That if focused in the area or air can power devices as a point is thought that's done. That's how the person with electro energy did the effect, and this is electronics you can manipulate by doing what you want.

  Electro bomb; This is where you think of the point to create with by expression, then your directed body energy surges in the area you think will have the "bomb" of bio-electricity. The subconscious create what you think or state. This creates what is there, that you needed and intended to be there as though a sphere of electrical bio energy were creating what you needed as intention is that you want to create things. If you create objects, if you dismiss the object and think it's not there, then it can disappear back into becoming energy by feel. The effect you think about and "toss" into the area. This creates the electro ball and the bomb effect after that forms the effect you intend. With the electro bomb, you can hit multiple targets at once, especially if they wear metal. All you really need is a source. However, do you really want to be nearby when it goes off?

  Electro cure; This is where you think to form electrical bio energy and send it forth into the area you "think " it goes into by feel. Think about the area and the effect is done, that is where the body receives the energy if nearby, then starts behaving a bit better. Otherwise think as this is done, the energy, if it is directed at an object, makes a fire or dark area mark with feeling or thought noticed by the third eye activated with the pinneal gland and this is a point you sense first or it's there if you think it is. This doesn't always work, so think anout what you want and state the intention then you create with the power of words.

  Elemental focusing; the more you focus the more energy can generate effects and that is where you think to effect the target with the element you want to generate, this can be be with a lens or area energy created effect. That is sometimes done with the power of electricity or the bioelectricity that the body uses to live. Where you focus the energy to effect, this is where you create the effect of your brainwaves or aura energy effected by the brainwaves and the aura energy is "sent" out to create what you intended. Which is what you think to create.

  This can be done with a weapon, object or area. That is when you think of the point and the energy intensifies, so the object or weapon that has the energy will be more effective. This is the intention and where you deliver an energy that creates elemental effects as well. If you think "healing" then the bioenergy will create a healing effect, wherever you intend restoration of something or someone. This is an effect of the energy you have, if you think of the effect you can create the idea you have as effect is there that you intend. The energy ball formed by this will elevate consciouses and cause a person to be awake or aware.

  Dampening field; This is a nicknamed "no magic zone" effect or antimagic effect mentioned in DnD. You can either feel the effects of electricity, otherwise think the idea by idea stated or needed to create the effect. That is where you can state things to create an imagined or intended result, so that is all it is as you imagine a ball in the area. That absorbs energy from the area and causes the effect you intend as though an enlivening effect of a electro ball or bomb to not happen. This is where you think of the idea, then the energy ball you you think into existence will create what you intend. Now this will put a person asleep. So be careful with the idea as it's effect can be undone by what you think to be in an effect. This is a point you make, so think and it shall be done by spirit.

  Summoning and energy vortex; See when you focus the element or energy into becoming a vortex of energy, then you expose the target into more of the element that exists by feel and creates the element you think to create in effect. Any element can be created by the direction of your brain with bioenergy instruction. Suggestion will work unless you think to not allow others suggestions and the energy allows yours. now the energy is a point, so think about the idea and you can create with it. Suggestion, however will work until a point, so when you focus the energy in a concentrated form, you can create more intense feel and effect from it. This is a known effect. concentrate the energy in a point and you can form a candle effect. That effect is where you focus on the candle being there and state what you want, then your intention is done as you think the candle effect illuminates the area. What you create and work with as an element has an effect on the body and can create conditions, these conditions that you think of will happen if you think they exist. So think and know what you intend as things can get interesting. if you want to end the effect, think "know" and you kill now the moment in idea or activity. This in effect is summoning, so think of what you want to summon and you made something appear if you intend to summon it. Desummoning things or whatever it is, makes the idea unsummoned by feel. This is an idea in what you may notice. Noticement is what evolves the world.

  Shift; See this is where you focus and create with the point of an upsurge of bioenergy. Think of the area and imagine appearing there, then you create with a point and the body source creates as you will. When the upsurge is done, then by pressing a pressure point on your body. You can shift by willing the shift and you are where you think to be by feel with the idea you do with the spirit-that-goes-through-everything. This I think will work with patients, so think of what you want and you will get what energy result you need by feel. That means you are aware, this is the "A" sense where the patient calms down and that is sometimes when they feel your presence spiritually. Otherwise you would feel odd. Think about it, bioenergy is body energy. There is a point your brain can deal with.. it can work with up to 10 dimensions.

  The spread out effect; This is where you think the particles in the air or area form from a source like the creator and that will create what you intend, this is an area effect that is with spread out energy cast forth by you and made into creation by what the creator causes to exist. Think of the effect and the creator makes what you feel will occur. The bioenergy will create the point by acting as a directing force with your programming/spoken idea. This can create any effect of the elements in the area that you wish to target. This works by the use of bioenergy and creating with the elements as the creator makes what you need. However the spread out effect is not effective with the bugs you want to control, this means it effects as they get neutralized, however that occurs. If you have poison, and intend to kill them, then you will succeed in using the spread out effect with poison.

  The music effect; your bio energy can make your effect when you focus on the words or rhythm of the song that's played, then you can create with the feel and idea you get as it is made by the energy of the area.

 The blanket effect: This effect is creating by the idea that you think and intend, think a general term and create the effect by statement or blanket that is nearby when you have it on you. That makes a shield and you create by the energy of the cloth or idea spoken. The spirit directs the energy that is your own. The soul draws in energy that you can use. The effect is beautiful when you attempt to use the idea or create with the effect by feel. This the idae to create with, so think and you can create with what you have in the area.

  Energy nova and tornado; This is a point you feel rejected or not like wanting something and bioenergy surges from the aura to remove the threat and problem otherwise. This causes the element to be experienced and makes the end result of a tornado, the tornado will happen if needed by energy of the body being focused like a wormhole that sucks in elemental energy from the elemental planes. That goes where you need the creator to direct it. Think of the idea to effect and make the point, this is with the elements directed by body energy projection, that's if you need the energy to move the element tornado. This works if you intend it to work, so think in idea and you know what to do.

  Crystalization; This is where you think of energy hardening around the target. That is where the element, if earth, will smother. Then if you think of the point, you can state it to create what you intend with this creating the crystalization quicker.

  Solidification; This is where you think of energy hardening into a shape in the area or around the target, and feeling that it will occur makes it happen. This can make a person weigh more, especially with the weight seemingly coming onto the body in certain areas. That is where the element, if earth, will smother and if water, will turn into ice. Then if you think of the point, you can state it to create what you intend with the structure and this is creating the solidification quicker as the energy ends up absorbed by the energy structure that you intend to create as an object. So if you imagine the object forming as you want, then your need will happen to cause it to exist somewhere. If not nearby, then you will find it somehow. If you don't, know that sometimes you intend something different than what you want, so that means you didn't intend that it would happen.

  Dematerialization; This is where you think of energy dissipating in a shape and that energy goes into the area or around the target with an energization of the body or area, see if your feeling that it will occur makes it happen quickly so do this to magically lower your body weight. This can make a person weigh less, especially with the weight seemingly disappearing from the body in certain areas. That is where the element, if earth, will dissolve or break apart and if water, will dry up or if ice turn back into water.

  Materialization; This is where you think of the point as a concept where things are done, that's when you think or feel the idea goes to the creator making the idea seem to be there or the point is created from bioenergy or body energy and that temporarily lowers your body weight, see that's where the aura absorbs energy and converts the energy into a created effect. That will work by feel, if you think of the idea, then you can feel the effect happen. This then creates the effect of what is done using the heat energy or body energy otherwise. So basically, the body recovers by energy that's absorbed and it works with what it has in the area. The idea is what you intend, that's existing where you need it to exist. So basically, if you work an element, you either solidify, freeze or crystallize things that you desire. This is where your spirit knows the point, if it exists. That is what you realize with some point by feel what happens. The effect is a point that occurs, if you intend it to happen. Otherwise nothing occurs, especially if you intend the effect to stop. This is alchemy, that's with the exchange of chemicals and energy. This is a point from the past.

  Aura shield; This is where you think of the point as a concept is done, that's you think or feel the idea with the creator making the aura empowered from bioenergy into a shield, see that absorbs blows and damages and converts the energy into a created energy shell. That will work by feel, if you think of the idea, then you can feel the barrier. This then creates the effect of what is done in regeneration of the body. So basically, the body recovers by energy it works with that it has. The body will create the point of healing, the idea is what you intend that's existing where you need it to exist. So basically, you can find the item to use for healing or know the idea. This is where your spirit knows the point. That is what you realize by feel. This is a point from the past.

  Elemental shield; This is a point you think and realize what to do, for each element is different yet you can summon it the same way. The elemental shield is where you think to create with the element you pick for the moment. Then you could cause it to flare up in activity, so imagine the color of the element and the flare up is the particles color rubbing against each other as a point is spoken or imagined to create with the idea you had as intent. This means a fire shield is a red color that is sensed rubbing to cause a formation, that exists as a bit of energy and that energy is shaped in the air as a point that burns away things you don't like, An air shield is a point that clear felt energy is rubbing together and you create with the thought as you project through the air.

  Earth shields are where brown or green particles rub together and create an absorbing blocking shield in the air. Water shields are what influence the point and create your need, this happens as blue particles rub together as though when formed in the air can absorb fire and cause water effects to the area. When you don't need the element to have formation, then the soul or god will unform it as you imagine the elemental color not rubbiing against each other. Otherwise you can use the opposite elemental energy to form the cancellation of the elemental effect.

  Void cancels all by sucking out the energy from the target and you know what the target knows, this works as you think something goes to nothing. That's if you intend things so unless you intend to create something, then it creates that idea instead. This is imagined as black energy, Earth smothers fire, especially oil fires, otherwise this puts out and displaces air and water, Air can cancel out earth by scattering the element in it's formation, and Water puts out fire especially if physically used on fire. The element physically used on the counter element will cancel out the effect of the element, if not the element instead. However, since void tends to drive a person insane I would use it carefully in activity, unless you think it doesn't drive you crazy and insane and that means the void effect upon your mind is not driving you crazy.

  Platform; The platform is a place hoder or something you feel, that is formed by thinking it's there and the energy makes you able to create it by the thought you place it there. What forms isn't always solid, so think and you know what is there in energy form.

  Elemental vision; This is where you think to detect things so you see the energy of things and people, this suppresses the body energy and gets a response of the third eye where you can sense what is there. What you need to know is seen as a trace sometimes, other than that it's known about as though an idea were explained to you. That is done by the power of the pinneal gland activated third eye. So you can sense and know the elemental energy and energy in idea with the third eye used, so think about the point and you know what is there. This is a point that you can use to create with as well, what you think to create the third eye will create if possible.

  So you know it's not possible, if you don't detect it after the third eye is focused to see it. However, the third eye creates with thinking to create the idea, and it's not there or you need the point to exist. This works to create anything from a soul copy generated by the soul, so if you think to create something your soul can help create the point that you find it. When you know it's not there, it's not in the area. So think to look somewhere else and you can sometimes pick up on the trace or know the area it is by the spirit knowledge. Spirit knowledge is silent knowledge that you realize by the power of the soul. What you don't know won't kill you if you think the third eye protects you, so think and you know what to do.

  Energy traps; These are energy constructs, that are made serve your purpose like gravity. This is a energy trap, that causes energy to do what you want. See this could be cast by several items by feel, whatever you hold is a possible trap in energy if you think it's energy effects what you want effected. The trap is sometimes where the person effected is held in limbo and stopped from doing things or they are rendered inaffected and they are, if effected, not able to do much, and then they are ineffectant here and stop doing what they were. The release of energy is what causes them to be released from the trap, this is sometimes done by doing things as activity. This is a point and a concept is done by the creator, that's where you think and know for say or where you send out energy and the trap is known as a sprung moment. This is a point in defense, that is used against whomever intends harm or is annoying. In fact energy traps can be made to do what you want. As though your will or statement directs the construct in a point that's observed.

  Understand, then think and you expend or allow the energy to go and you are released. However the point is done, sometimes the energy does things you like or makes you feel good. So if you don't mind it, you can get results by feel, yet don't get addicted to the feel. Think to stop for a bit, so you can allow the energy to come back. This could make a bug sluggishly move around, and you can easily catch it it because of the fact. The fact that you can kill bugs casting one, only means you could also create spirit traps as well. Shamans in use make the feather and circle traps to catch unwanted souls that like to be there. They are released by what is thought or energy that is used to expend the trap and stop it's effects. I think this doing is rather interesting, think as all you have to do to cast one is hold or touch the item and think the effect to become existant. That's all there is if you do by idea to do things in a point an use idea, so really this is point and realease. Enjoy in idea then that to do yourself is doing things and be well as you are well. Just remember, anyone aware of the trap isn't effected by it.

  Here are some trap spells:
enj tra; energy trap until release in an end point..
en = release from energy trap and restoration of the body, if not a bug.

  Elemental meteoroid; This is where your focusing and imagine elemental energy as though a meteoroid, that goes and falls on a target or passes through the victim. The elemental meteoroid can disrupt the target a bit and cause them to focus on something else. Sometimes it can cause them to collapse to the ground, if you focus intensity or emotion into the elemental energy. These are using the elemental phases to create what the need is by feel. This is elemental interchange.

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  The cold element can cause ice from water freezing or the coldness in the air. For any type of coldness that you want, just think of a cold emotion, which can be the emotions you get from being dismissed and badly treated. Just remembering them can leave you cold.

 So or use your aware idea, then feel the air around you. Think about it being cold, and then think it to where you want the coldness to be, or think to where you want the coldness. You need to work on it to get it strong. Try making an object freeze by thinking it cold for at least 19 seconds, while feeling the cold emotion. Lets see how far you can get as if you send it fast enough you can make a cold wind.

 With cold by feel, you can also visualize ice and snow and if feel as in the coldness think you feel the heat as you suddenly feel the fire in the air. If you visualize a blizzard and snow everywhere then it's even colder.

  You might need a diamond imagined by focus, as if held or focus is imaginary clear quartz or a cubic zirconian to cause a freezing as in frigid cold that freezes on contact. If you have one, focus you coldness through the gemstone and/or have one on you and try the effect. Well anyhow, it works by the cold emotion influencing the air to be cold and where you direct the coldness, is where that area is felt and is as cold. If you can do this three times then you mastered it at a certain level to use "How to be a Wiccan". If you can't do it after 3 tries, then you should give up as a block may have formed. As you think or not to not effect you won't be effected. As you see you are creating or not use.


  Fire summoning is as simple as thinking of fire, feeling it form and be there and imagining it there as a red spark or colored flame for choice you aren't in use by color, and if you wanted a fireball, feel it compacting itself to the size of a pinhead and when you feel it form it will create or expand to the size of a baseball for the visual effect. Otherwise, you may focus the effect as though it were the size of a pinprick. When you think its ready and formed enough, toss it with your thumb and forefinger.

  Think of the heat as though it responds to your will, see the result in your mind and then imagine the result. So as you state the effect or feel it intensify, that will form it into fire. This creates the fire effect on a surface or in the area that holds air. This is any shape or form and that is doing things with fire or concept by what you feel to know, you can get a fire effect by visualizing a fire tornado or fire being around the area or stop use not in some form as you are. Also possible is to visualize a fire appear from something.

  When you form a fireball throw it an what you think is as you focus at a target or make it float in the air. The effect is to use dazzling and only lasting a few seconds area lights. This is recordable, as in dark area as creating sparks or light spots. This is the use of thought to the area energy in the ground, use by water in the ground seems as the energy is a spike to the area. The heat level could raise or lower as you are, thought is that if metal is there you can form lightning almost or electrical surges by focus creating water or shielding without what you can see.

  Another way is to make fire by thinking and feeling it there and then having a firey odd or erratic thought to make it materialize. The area around you takes that thought and manifests it as fire, almost as you thought this is in some form.

  Most people only get partway feeling the heat and then they give up. Statement of the word 'form' or something else to your desire helps, along with a sigil of freehand style being drawn, to make it even more easier. Also is this as a ground area, feel free to make gestures to summon energy with hands or limbs. To direct it easier think to focus and create.

  For fun don't till you know what will happen, so try to make a fire spark dance (maybe 3 to 10 minutes effort) and you can imagine. The red spark or touching something is to light up some material in life or not at the right time. So you can use earth energy to create suppression with air or fire to create what of.

  Expect it to come from faulty wiring or components, so if any irritation or unsettled mindset that will pass. See if no actual results when you use the visualizations. If you can create an idea easier, think about it and it will create itself from your energy directing the effect to form. That means, if this works, the area is energy burned away by feel, the air is slightly intense or dense as you think. Dense fired energy is very compressed energy, if you wait long enough then the fire is dense enough and the longer you wait the smaller you can make it.

Other elements

  The object forms from the air, from fire energy or not as not needed. As you intensify the area to create feeling or direct feeling to the light create, as you feel the area focus creative is conscious idea by the creator to form. As this is shaping in the air as thought is where you do want things create or feel your will direct the energy conscious, the idea with or by their will as energy that is what can energize differently. So a treatment or body amplification.

  Due note: The heats supposed to be there and sometime catch fire. If dangerous to move through the fire or consider and focus the fire in the air to be where you want it, think the water to be there, moving and forming as you feel it should. Thinking to move it quickly in the air, this will cause a hot wind. Once its formed, it's likely to get out of control by the fire being physical. So if any use of water is necessary, actual sink is used water to put out the blaze. That's unless it's a oil or grease flame, then smother the fire out with a towel or use a fire hydrant.

  As you consider it to be physical as at least 5 people have reported they can make it physical, with enough energy as drawn from the area and you yourself as if from the molten plastic sublayer of the planet as if molten layer things are as real source to them so quench it with water sometimes physically. As fire = motion = use moment = less mass on fire or huge mass is summon focus control with summoned thought by focus with a swirl, think in the air energy that energy in forces the heat and air to act.

  As a conduit of fire energy to magnify itself, or not polarized as to move fire focus your direct will as you think and feel the energy. Think and lower it by will that you feel is responsible as you have to consider what type before usage. Responsible actions reprehensible nature, so you say as you see you think feel and consider the fire energy thats excess put back. As the feeling is calm as thought if, "Em en beata" contra not "euclindo everto" with energy focus as drawn into the area.

  When summoning water fire, you might feel it burn you. Thought and use is considered, and if you can't do it your body heats up. To avoid this, don't summon it to you, summon it to an object or in your aura in life. Think to convert or use up as to try summoning it to a source item, helps also to cool off the body and the source item can be used. So remember to focus that fire contained in an item, to be used. Thats yet another way to summon it. Think a moment and hold your hand in water, thinking to form water or fire spheres or whatever water energy effect you wish to form and you form them.

  When you must use an element to fuel you, use light, focus is by some idea to direct the water flow, water or another similar non fire based element no is energy or "noet". As light is another form of fire, it is hurt and isn't known to cause burning. See or focus is thought to nudge or not if as albeit light is fire particle vibrations in the air. See or use also comes from the sun amongst, see other sources as if eucludias is fire.

  Also to take in a pure element to work with or not is unstabilizing. Seen as your aware, as you end that emulation. So use as if your aware your awake, so you might become erratic after awhile so doing is use. Unless you took in all four elements to use by attunement. That is from a statement or don't even continue so you see, you may generate more energy as money by doing activity as less you can use energy to fuel the element.

  Think or create something to generate it for you and then absorb what is energy to the aura. This will cause no destablizing effect on your system. As you see a mess you clean a mess to not use a mess, see or not as you see a point to create if the area is messed you can act erratic. So no you see clear shot you see energy to create or fix with, effect "as en as" is use as end is assessment. So you end an idea the area is useful. As thats harassment so use, this is feel seem or not for no reason. See as you are not be as you see the use.

  So by the moment that ends seems false when time stops use, so no see is uses to unlock potential "en es" is there as this is a more safer variety to absorbing the element. Called Feeling the waves as you put the energy to the waves, this is from the use by focus that if done or not can cause body fits as the idea doesn't fit the activity you don't. Described here.

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  Water summoning is to focus on the the idea of water and then say or do wha you feel is necessary, while thinking water will form where you want it to as a blue dot. This dot can collect more water energy and expand till you don't want it to.

  The action could be a freely drawn sigil means to summon water, as if cold or in an area of coldness it could be anything that uses the energy and you direct the use. The sigil could be anything you came up with. Some just think about water and state HydroFx [hydro-fx], then think of the effect they would want. Think of the water forming the efect if you hold your hand in water, and imagining spheres of water forming in the air. These are hydro spheres that you can form by use of the water itself.

  Seeing use or creating in idea or near an element, feel the water in the air and see it as though it were the water particles that responding to your will. Then feel the water particles form into a watery effect somewhere, what helps is to feel the moisture and state the effect you want. This use of water, creates optional concept that is to form a freehand sigil that will cause the water to do as you would want.

  To condense it to a drop, or moisturize something try to feel the water and think to the moisture, 'condense into a drop' or 'moisturize here'. It helps if you had a glass of water, but thinking the drop will form into a larger amount helps too. Thinking it won't form, will stop a leak by causing yourself to stop it. Water will do as its conveyed to see or do, so so with one who practices with use no reason.

  Feel free to draw the water sigil so you can summon the element easier during the ceremony. So there might be some that want to cause water to flow upward, so be aware it could be 1 week before it effects fully. So by thinking it will happen, eventually makes it occur. You can cause water to fill a glass or something else from very little water. Its a challenge. Though, the only real thing that works is ice formation from cold and water particles.

  So the water burst is a specialty, this is where the body you target bursts into water or vaporizes by focusing that you direct the water energy by thinking to effect the area and the target you intend to effect. Burst the water in the body or near them and you effect them as though attacking them where they are in idea by feel.

  See the water shift, this is a point you focus and create by feeling the point, that works as you think of created effects. So this is where in idea you go and create a point of your presence that seems somewhere else, think of the area and feel that your there then you are where you think to seem by the element you choose to use. So by thinking your going underwater, you seem to be under the surface of the area, that is this means going other or into an area of places where your soul sends a soul copy that makes you "be" there by the element, that is seemingly shaped as you intend. This works as though in the shape of you or someone else. This is the ability of the character in genshin impact, that uses water.

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  Air to working order. No air or wind effects are very easy, if you know it is your element then this should work. Without the air and wind there would be no breathing, thus it is an element that brings life. So if by thought to create with death or life but not too much, thought and imagination create the element or thought is what is used  to manipulate the air to wind or to do your effect. Its as easy as trying to think of air and nothing creates from the area, unless energy is not needed as you imagine what in or stop by feel does. Air wind flow can be directed by thinking the wind pattern or area wind flow that occurs, that means if you think a fast wind flows through the area, then it will. If you think the wind flow stops then it does.

  Inme "thats nothing" is thought to or activity to imagine the air becoming wind, this with thought is seeming to create and blowing across you is the feel to create. See and try to think the air will blow in a certain, see use to focus to thought communicate if you focus as the telepath energy is there or any direction. Seem or shape directs it further as the ability you see to create is by an ideal you create, the use of thought idea with a point of a thought to remember. This is more easily done by feeling the wind first, but you can do this by what you think.

  No sudden new quest. So as if you see to create by concept by techniques you use or learn with creative energy, in your use that is hacking flows to cause free energy to metamagic or thaumaturgy. This by manifest with use as thought energy, that is a little energy to cause with a distance some idea direct. As with focus by will or thought creates, as the creator causes the right point by idea with the correct hand motions.

  Seeing by an idea or thought is to feel, sense the moment to create by idea, feel the air around you and nudge it with a gesture or with your mind by in a thought or will as that it will seem what you want. You can form the air into pattern shapes, platforms or other things like a golem of air. This makes that is possible as you will to use air on some area, for a thought to occur for psychic means helps the moment.

  Think and this will cause air to do as you desire. To state the effect that you desire the element to do, will influence the effect to happen as the air will do or whatever element you chose to manipulate will do. Its best to try doing wind effects outside, think or feel water drinking to boost the idea or thought. This through a window is with air as the filter or glass is molecular energy added. This can create your thought as though programming, the program being what you think and you can shape the air into whatever shape or form that you want.

  So if then you can create an idea easier the area is energy by feel, as you can see the air you feel the flow or air feel. Focus thought cause air gravity shift. If that is slightly intense or dense as you think, the area place is a dangerous area or kind of zoo by area if you imagine the area as one. See as imagine is idea the air manifest if your element is moving to create with, as with thought you hand redirect in norse coed or aesidir aesdiri.

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 Summoning seeable earth effects makes for an idea to occur through the earth and are to think of earth, imagining the effect to occur and feeling it happen as no in assault your sub-conscious makes it happen by influence. Possibly saying a word or two is to make it more plausible and likely to occur. Said or not even more plausible to occur. Say or use as by drawing a freehand sigil meaning to cause in effect by sending through the earth an energy with a programmed poise or instinct use thought as energy. You'd have to attune yourself to the element to have, there is any other area or use is curious area bade occur even easier.

 So to attune yourself, by thinking about the element of earth, you'd attune yourself to it as you fill yourself with its energy for a bit. You can cause barriers, platforms, carrier effects, support, structure and heal with this idea of earth effecting too. Due note: Not to be done for electricity or fire, unless for fire its heat your filling yourself with for fire attunement. This element be used, in reiki, as well.

  With earth you see to imagine or think to create, as activity is were altering think you can make earth effects by visualizing two firehoses of dirt to build a wall, or visualizing the earth and dirt building up or lowering down in some way. I believe its effective to perceive it as you actively see or want to. As it will work for you more, so stop or do unless idea is willed if you do you so you won't unless you wish to create.

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Other elements

 The other elements are ice, gravity, lava, firewater, oil, heat and others that you can manipulate:

 Ice is just freezing by thought the area is the moisture or water in around something to freeze. The art of ice formation, thought is use to imagine a soul from the well of souls. As essences are there and think in thought to form a diamond in the hand, or with outstrecthed thumb and forefinger feel if focus is there a diamond is there. As if the moment ice is there in the air you feel it form. As in is necessary, use of a cubic zirconian, clear quartz or diamond is a necessity. Use of the ice sigil is also making it more possible, if drawn in the air or on the arm or hand. The most some can get results in this is freezing an object but no ice formation.

 Using Gravity is just feeling the area as you imagine things becoming heavier or lighter to your will, its only temporary. As, its earth air and can also be used to cause earth or objects to be lifted/flung into the air. Use of words during the ritual to manipulate things easier, can influence the pattern you imagine into happening easier. Use of the gravity sigil makes the temporary gravity change easier.

  With gravity by feel, trying to "defy gravity" and "lift up" things is kinda hard. So to create is use, first try something easier. No the creation then this can make something heavier or lighter. As use is do or feel, defying gravity by 'lifting up' is harder. So, think or say 'lighter' or light thoughts or happy thoughts at the object or person, make the target easier to lift up. For heavier effects, think 'heavier' or lighter near the target. See this can make things less light but only slightly in the air. Air can be used to to form gravity as if you think the thought toward the air and the gravity forms the idea.

  Lava element is there to feel it thought form hot, and as you direct this can form only in useful idea as things in use can be effected as in molting, feel or melting things is thought as well as being an alternate heating source. So you see yo use things, you need to be able to use fire and some earth to absorb in effect. So, focus your mind and think of lava in its natural environment. Then draw the lava sigil or carve it to attune and link yourself to the lava, in order to effect with it easier. Imagine what you want to occur with lava in mind. And the lava should be in energy form that responds to your will. That you can direct thought by imagination or words, see to use direct focus by the thought something yo see un use is your idea.

  Forming it into a compressed ball in your hand (wearing gloves) you wait till the heat is almost hot enough to burn you. Then toss it. If the target is a person, then it disrupts their focus, as it causes the person to feel a disrupting hot spot. Otherwise, you can melt things with it from a distance. The least it can do is become a heat sorce by combining it with objects.

 Due note: Those that are advanced in the lava's use don't actually need to use the sigil, but the sigil can make it easier to wield.

 There's oil, that is earth water, and you can manipulate it, or draw from it as energy. When you do use it, you can imagine what you want to happen, with oil and will the effect. Then you get what is considered an epitome of memories, from what the oil was before. As it can do what you want as well, its a bit hard. All thats needed is the statement of the effect that you want, to make this easier. To use it as a source of energy, is to make thoughts of oil and speak what you want to happen.

 So what you think you can feel if you need to, imagine a oil rig or imagine it coming from the ground. Tis where test is the idea that use can be summoned in this way more physically. If you make a highly compressed ball of it, your hand is possible to become cold and heavy and when you throw, you make slick spots where it hits. So as you wish to get slick area, oil is not wilder in feel until you use an idea that gets things hit. The oil uses a physical effect of some oil by itself, this means you can create by oil if you have a little oil substance sometimes.

 The area not only can seem interesting and you can cause slick spots, now think by visualizing the oil to come up in a certain area. Or if in thought, create a large boost to activity. It can be used for energy, in truth by what you sense in the area much more easily. You can try to use it to power a car, but there's enough to power the body almost indefinitely or not energy to do things it collapses. To do so, go and do the idea of absorbing the oil into yourself.

 Then there's firey air or heat. It can be there, where you want, by imagining heat being there and thinking of a hot thought, optionally it can be as you say it, the idea of, 'make heat'. It can be used by imagining the event, speaking a power word and phrase to intensify the effect, and this is using your vibrations to achieve the effect, or you may will the effect, by focusing on your need for effective action and willing it there.

 As a concept and possible use, you may intensify the effect further by feeling intense you are able by intensifying the heat. The idea in the air and literally feeling the heat draw itself, where you want it and speaking a power phrase of use with thought to feel energy in focus. As the creator draws in the element as 'draw heat fire'. Then as your energy is use, it seems to draw itself to the area by your will. Heat forms in the air and your will shapes the heat into a formation, that means on contact this will ignite things if touched and right things by intense enough heat.

 If you have ability to manipulate fire or heat, the effects mentioned will occur. The more heat the merrier this is, the more effect you may get. Thought of plasma is to much heat that now can melt things. To much intense heat can cause a fire there that is a cool area that is heated suddenly, thought so is use as you can beware the area.

 There is energy to the use by fee as your use is energy in use. This is what isn't there, think or cool in thought is energy to the use. As thought if there and your use is energy by your energy in concept. This in use is methods by what energy created, think in a moment after or not in concept this is something not in intensified care in use. There is energy by nothing, duped or not is where you are in estranged or not with the thought. That duping you quit and otherwise your free by in movement. This creates what is calling forth an element to use and the area responds to your will.

 There's also Firewater, as a mix of fire and water happens through a medium, as in oil on water, or other similar, this needs no actual practice. But in there energy, this is activity where its very dangerous, as it can be like greek fire if your use isn't use where the fire has to be smothered. Think or be safe as it can create burns, even in water! This way to do firewater, think something to form something is collect the element of oil in something or form an oil ball. Sometimes if your lucky, you imagine the oil forming from the particles and then the idea is you don't need any oil at all.

 Then in use or create by effort, cause this oil to ignite by fire being added. Then if you were to use an ideal, add the element of water as absolutely energy from the area energy. This to cause things to seem if necessary to be flared and hotter. This may seem like a flaring technique, but it really isn't if not visible as it is a way to make a combined element if thought to work together.

  Divine energy is god and being energy summoned by the soul or prayer, this energy can do nearly anything. That includes focusing and thinking of the element you intend to use as it manifests, so if you think to get something and pray or ask your soul for the idea. Then, you create with God or some being and that is divine energy. There is no drawback or bad reactions with this, so think and you know what to do.

  The asking of the soul is using divine energy as the soul is divine. So think of what you want, and state out loud or under your breath as you think your soul answers. When you sense things you can sense an answer as a point. See you understand or perceive and know about the idea as activity is done. If the point is not done, then you know by realization what will happen. Then is the point, you realize by insight and what you know is what the soul knows or has you realize.

  The point is a concept, that means your soul was created by the creator or God so he or she knows what to do. So, divine energy is unlimited, as it uses a god or the creator to create a result. If you weren't meant to know, then you won't realize the idea. This is a known fact of life. Basically, what you know is there or somewhere else, what you don't know is not actually influencing you or creating an effect. You see the soul negates the effect of the element, that's if you don't need it there so this divine energy is what creates the negation.

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Similar Elements

 Here are yet other similar variations of the elements of earth and water is energy, these are of Rock is formed from fire, Deep earth is formed from planetary will, Fresh water is formed from creative energy will, Ocean water is summoned by idea, Plant life is energy of life put there to support, Wood and Metal is there by what your will in energy. The will is the thing that your thinking, the energy of the element becomes into existence here.

  How are they different? Rock is different from earth by being a more solid form of it, deep earth is different from rock or earth by being a layer of the earth surface, between surface and molten core melting as its reforming or the mantle is creative by what you think by the use. Rock is easy, if you hold or think of the rock, then imagine touching it. Use your idea of programming for the rock to do, and the rock will create what you want by energy influence.

  Sahn is a similar race attribute that this can create nothing to something where this is almost flowing plasticlike material thats partly of earth, fresh water an ocean water are nearly the same as water but different as they are drawn from different sources than pure elemental water, plant life has its own energy, wood is offering an energy containment and focusing material, metal has its own energy.

 How to draw and use these elements is done with a connect by imagining, the element in focus is with thought felt by source or thinking of the element. As though it were to appear or rise out of the ground, this is a will and form create isn't always to your will as you would want. Your will directs the element and you can't get hurt by things unless fire physically put out by water, this forms as is. Think a point and you form the element, that means you sometimes find and use without realizing it. If not then that means it was already existing and doing what you want, all you had to do was think about the idea to achieve.

 Cures such as this is what the energy dissipated forms, from that somewhere else in between the thumb in a focus energy. As if a stream energy finger thought focus this forms by will another element ball, so think an thought focus directs the element with no coffee necessary. Think as although it might be painful to hold the energy or will, as the old mages do this as thought creates to form as you focus in no fear and in fear is safety to seem cool. So no focus on the element, unless no fear as safety is concern.

   Rock is capable to being manipulated into animated rock by imagining what it does, as you feel its presence to be as a power source. Tis is thought to think or use is the consciousness to being communicated through or by thought, think to the rock via thought projected as at by what in a person through or see with the rock. There are many types of rock, too. So know the differences and the changes that can be made by using the influence of the rock.

   As sources each different type can be different. There's sandstone, versus limestone, versus granite. Imagine a rocky path, with rocks on it that you would desire energy from, think and energy the color of the rocks is then streaming from the rocks to you or entering you to work with your inner world by aura feel.

   Deep earth is more dangerous as only to use the element, though useful to being a power source is due to the shifting earth. This changes or is felt as you feel the in concept firey energy or morphing things, melting things is easier than with what you will. It is often preferred as a source for healing, as healing is cleansing with aura or creative use in focus. This is the flowing mantle energy.

   This is a deep earth ball can be a source to fuse things or cause personal loss to the property to seem or lose consciousness, as if focused or this is enough. It can be used to materialize nearly anything. Though its slow to react, at times where hecticness the calm is interesting. Simply imagine a thick flowing orange cream pudding liquid thats mixed in with dirt, going to your hand. Then applied as you want to apply it. Think or create, thought to materialize with it is easier said than done. This to imagine the thick liquid, so becoming something as you think to dodge or not before the moment.

   Fresh water is useful for taking into yourself and refreshing you, becoming a life source that can cause living conditions to improve. The area is energy or making the area cooler and cleaning things it comes into contact with from the area that is cleansing as a cleaner. Just imagine a river of the freshwater flowing through you, think to your hera or imagine freshwater waterfall coming into you. Shit is not always possible with this as this is focus and in life cleaning.

   Ocean water can be a huge source of energy. That uplifts you and causes you become more energetic as you take it into yourself by ocean balls placed into the self. Formed into a ocean ball, it can corrupt things or as a pool of elemental energy, cause corruption to the area, if not used for the human body. Deep ocean can create not easily and what feel is thought to be. Imagine ocean waves flowing through your hand to you, as you wash your hands where you turn your hands down and up. This is easier and created effect is done as though in an instant, think a wave of energy forms to create what you want. As it moves around, the ocean wave creates by movement and the effect is as if an end result.

   Also when working with ocean energy, expect area pressure more so than freshwater energy the moon plays a part. The moon can charge the ocean energy even further! A waning moon is with negative charging and positive by Hera. A waxing moon is with positive charging, as is a wan is negative influence. This is possible by the power of Hera. Deep ocean energy is the same as ocean water, but more condensed and energized.

   Plant life is possible to be used as a source of energy to yourself, drawing from the plant life energy, you may be able to manipulate the plant life. Into emanations of whatever effect that you would want. Do this by thinking to the plant life, what you want it to do. Imagination of what the plant life does will make it sometimes do as the imagination depicts.

   Different plants have different feels and are the similar as energy sources. For example; jungle plants have entirely different feel of energy to northern forests. For Jungle by comparison and sensed in feel, imagine jungle vines and green energy and vines into yourself. For forest in compared idea, imagine a scene with evergreen trees or other trees. Think and deep green energy is lively. Have the deep green energy entering into yourself. With forest this is energy by thought, the air's cleaner and it's colder too. Thought and yet you can feel happier or cooler, as if an air flow energy to direct by focus and create by the creator with your will.

   Wood is a chinese element, that is from earth and water that offers energy at a cost of slowly weakening the wooden material. To focus its energy, think of wood and imagine the wood doing things. Their is also possibility to focus the wood energy, so gather it into the wood or into yourself. Feel with thought as a source and the idea is energy, when you feel the moment is right with the right moment to use. Feel or create and you get more potential.

  As you can release the energy you gather from the wood or focused through the wood, with a thought of 'release' and willing an idea to make itself known as to become from your idea and with the released energy. Wood energy balls or wood chips can bring a sudden relief and manipulated thought. If you put the wood energy through a person, you disrupt their doings. For wood feel the grain is energy or imagine the idea of the source as you are thinking, imagine trees of the type you want energy from, with no leaves on them or not and brown energy coming from the trees to you.

  Different woods also have different properties. There's live wood, an dead wood, but most wood is alive. If its been cut up, it just wears down quicker. But after enough time it goes to deadwood, which has almost no energy and turns brittle and crumbly. Its proven, that the more wood energy you use the more it is possible to kill the wood. If it were a tree, then you let the tree recover. If you take too much energy from the live tree, then it won't recover.

   Metal is a chinese element that is possible to elongate life and cause you to be energized. By feeling the metallic energy stream into yourself, this be possible. And through metal energy balls placed in yourself or linking to the metal, you can cause the metal energy to stream into you. This works by the effect of the energy thats shared from the metal, making you become like the material. As long as its whole you will be whole in mind or body, too. Its advised not to try the metal element till you get used to the others. Then you possibly won't spasm, but it might hurt a little bit.

  Also, you may be able to curtail pain by thinking or imagining what the metal is doing and stating what you want it to do. A metallic ball of composed metal energy, will be able to knock someone out if thrown at them. Thinking to the metal, will cause it to make the thought manifest or convey it as a message. The metal can also vibrate at a certain pitch from your thoughts, and this helps the manifestation of idea. So, imagine the metal streaming energy to you. For generating the effect that you want by imagining the metallic energy forming or doing.

  Different metals have different properties. As in, steel can be clean and live a long time. If you linked to it or got energy from steel and placed it in you, then you could live longer as the steel remains intact. Iron is able to absorb energy and magic and seal things. Lead is the most dense and is able to make you stupid as you use it, in any way you want, including links. Cause a link by thinking 'link to me' while touching the material. If you set the link to delink right before the metal breaks, then you won't break in some manner.

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Summoning Elementals

  Some might think your summoning elementals as in element effect. This is where you see that you are needing things, then you get a result. See in reality there are beings from the elemental plane of existence, these are beings that will help you out and they use the elements. The beings are elementals in use of a live element in the form of your need and they are aware. The element is partially powered by your spirit and the creator. The element type energy is there in the area, see you are that which you chose to appear on summoning. So as your well in thought you can see the home plane of the elemental or feel things, your spirit gives it shape and the creator gives it strength to survive here. If you want to desummon it, then think the elemental returns to it's own planar existence. The creator is then unforming it here, and returning it to whence it came. Think it is where you want it and it's there.

General info and summoning:

  The elemental can be summoned as a form of your choice and desire that you intended to be there, they are what does what you want as you feel it is necessary to do. So that appears where you think it appears. Elementals can be in the form of light or an animal, too. See that is there in whatever form that you imagine or need to be there by feel. It can do what you think, of course. So with the point you have you can direct the elemental or thinking things to it creates the point it does. This is possible by magic that you think and state the desire for the soul to do. When you do this, you summon an elemental that serves your will and does what is needed by you. Think and you know what to do. However, if you don't need the elemental to be there, then it's gone and back in the elemental plane of existence. This is where it thrives, if it isn't there then it is serving a point to create things by feel. Where there is a point, there is a way they say. So this is a point to think about.

  So in order to create an elemental and do the effect think and state "noth is nothing" for a spoken summoning, think of the element and imagine it formed into the shape you need it to be. See as you are creative you create by feel or see as you see you are focus is creative focus use. (mostly humanoidish), so think your idea to do and state or will it to exist near you. It will appear, if you have enough personal power. As personal power accounts for allot. For you are to see if this is what you want and if not what you don't want doesn't happen, see that will make certain magic possible. See your thought is opening your idea, see your use is use is focus as your third eye manifest and by thinking the pinneal gland is active. As you see a visual of the idea or you don't see anything, thinking "nothing" as a point is what will help you see the elemental easily is use in the area.

  When you state the effect then the idea is as such for the idea to appear, state 'Oh tengri (pronounced taen-ri) I will the elemental being as I need to be here.' Seeing is use or otherwise, in willing it there or use the creator by thinking "he" or "she" will form it there with the subconscious creating the point. So think about it and if you have never seen it, then the creator will know what to form anyway. That means you will "see" the idea by the power of the third eye. So try to really NEED it to be there and as you will it into existance it's there. This will go easier if you realize the reason for needing them. Even if you don't need them, you can still form an elemental in any shape that you want by needing the shape to form that is from any element that you think to use or state the element effect to appear where you want and need it to make it exist.

 Air by feel shape elementals are not seen but felt, so they can help induce psychic ability.
 Earth is if air elementals can bring a sense of support and block effects. As the area earth energy see, create feeling your not going to see them either so you see. As already did this to go except to feel them nearby as earthy and you smell earth too. Think the area absorbs the excess energy, that means if you don't want the energy its gone and this energy can be excess fat energy. You can even create with the elemental as you draw or trace a sigil, if you think of the meaning when you draw a symbol that is a sigil. This is where you think it will do things, and the elemental knows what to do things by you drawing or tracing it.
 Fire as you see the need elementals have a definite form of a reddish fire thats filled in. They will allow you to form fire, heat an area or smother a fire. When you can't see them, you can feel their heat. This is tricky, use the heat or fire in the air to form it. Think and you will be safer with no combustibles going off too early.
 Water elementals is what are cold to be near and wetness can be felt. They can help put out elemental fire and make you feel like you drink something. Say or not to use is death as you are so this by miss by idea, as you made the point is with no creative focus point.

  Some people might think your summoning other gods. This seems not a god, yet is one as use usually you see in use a being that is made out by light or night elemental energy. Talk to energy or command it to do things, stalker through stating what you need or need. Set or go should is respond. Again or use, like the normal element not always living. So go ahead and try for light this time. As use a challenge or creativity to talk by idea into things.

  If you need a lasting strength or feel, make it come into you and air elementals are great to work with for support. Fire elementals are also good and the elemental can sometimes be mistaken as a demon. Just to let you know. Oh yea or use is ore focus, to control the idea think you control by idea and command. As though by speaking to use and your subconscious will make that happen.

  Sometimes the elemental will appear only to you, not to create that is what yo see and effect you on or off as a point to stop the plague. Not always does it effect the area. You need to use energy summoned or your own, say to get by idea to no more or see by more.

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Questions on them:

  Where does this in elemental idea originate? And what is its affinity? The elemental plane of existence, and its affinity is the element it represents that you chose when summoning to make in it take form from. Its not as hard as it seems, to understand. The element I chose, in this case is fire. So it will appear in a firey form that I needed it to be in.

  So, you choose to summon an element and how does he help you with it? The elemental is the element, as the key to this is that the element you chose to summon, appears and comes as a living elemental form.

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Controlling elementals:

  The fire elemental needs a strong will as its harder to control, as it leaps about and sometimes tries to usurp your authority. If you deny it what it wants to do. Consume things. In fact, fire elementals are notorious for trying to usurp control over someone. As in posession or upright rebellion. Fighting. They would fight the person who summons them, sometimes.

  The water elemental is an easier to control thing as it works with what you say. The air elemental is needing patience as it can go about and sometimes do its own things. As in, making actions that weren't exactly what you said.

  The earth elemental is very solid and will work with your request no matter the thought expressed. Rock elementals are a bit different, as rock energy is formed as a 'spirit' of rock in the form you need to exist. It will do as you want and need at the moment. The other elementals are various and for some harder to control, and for others easier to control. Again as you see idea, the elemental can summon the element its affinity is. So sometimes at your command, to appear as you might want. This is the process of drawing the element out of the the energy, and forming it to create with your will as though an elemental.

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To unsummon an elemental:

  To unsummon it, will and need thought to 'exist' or 'be' in its original plane of existence. Then its where you want it to be. See i or create, dismiss the elemental and will the idea to unform. Create add or use get this, the elemental will subsist where this is. See till ya dismiss the point to its own plane of existence.

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Physical manifestation of an element:

  Say not to summon flames with the elemental to become active as physical activity. Summon a fire elemental and have it influence by feel with the flames formed by thought into being where you want the effect of them. Fire elementals are more able to form them not. If you got enough will to summon see or focus, this is the point if done then good job.

  To summon other elementals, this can use warding awareness to create by realizing other physical manifestations. Try to summon the elemental and tell it to manifest the effect you need. Feed the focus with energy from within by thought, what you focus with to cause will this not to do more or dangerous idea. This feeding works with the fire elementals, think as well and the energy in the area causes wellness. Think and you know the point to do, if the energy causes wellness then you recover quicker and things are well with you.

  This by summoned feel in energy with water to cool with, fire seeming to manifest or not is sometimes dangerous to put out. As some idea to use this is demolition and for safety in concern. So think safe use and you create safely, so think as fireproof area to see or manifest metaphysically in or creative water use to not be so effected.

  To use and put out the produced flame to put the flames out think the foe and use the flames by focus, as you create by sense if to blow out the fire or with a point by thought by dynamite to the oil well. As if the oil well was put out, spouting no fire and a create by will is by thought and use with a water application or you can be meditating. As you focus on thought perception by feel and concept is shown if psychic, as if ether this is what can be known if nothing is distraction and focus is energy. Nothing is void and if there's a void there is something to fill it, this is true if things seem to be as they are and your aware.

  Thought is with a feel and focus is a pendant or not known as a point you drink water, then progress seen is before the fire began with the right moment seen as thought safety effect happens. This is thought by feel and use is fire, not or use as earth or air is a possible use as the fire is actually somewhere else as if you were with what is necessary.

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The Woven Elements

  This is the idea to try to do for a different way to create with the elements that your chi creates things by with idea from directing the element to make a result. The power of energy weave is useful, think as to make the point you have of energy and create with a weave of light or darkness. This creates the element from what source is there, made of the element as if from the element itself, and anything can be a source with the element. That's created from the point of the source existing here as you need the energy shaped, that is formation and this is done by idea you think into existence. See this happens if you think it's necessary.

  The creating of an airball is made in thought as to form stronger as if to think the air and think it formed to seem a ball in the air with the color as though a clear substance that forms to your will and can make you psychic. This makes the effort easier as you pick up pon the use and thought draws in thought energy to seem use. As this can seem to be used in the creation of an earthball, this is the drawing in of earth as an imagined or felt brown energy to form as a a ball hovering above the feet. As you know see or create, this is to cast it by thought forth motion acted out. Say as if a zero force thruth as if somewhere is someone walking forth and running. Think it forms and it does, this is wherever it is forming where you want it to form.

  As if they do energy summons, the earth ball forms into a projection or idea is formed from your chi directing the earth. As the thinking that this does things will create, see and this manifests as in air the earth projectile that unearringly strikes the target. See with a thrust forth of the fingers as if a weave earth is done in air, this is to end the emulation and hit in the right area you can knock people out. Thus missing is to hold up your hand and project force, to the earthball as the 'weave' is blocked as if knocked away from the target and downward. This is another era technique from an advanced time or moment in space in what you call an era of weavers, that I observed in action by use of the third eye pinneal gland.

  Water is an use of the thought with an active summoning of water, from the element in the sea or area thought to use things on by feel. This is the think and focus of moisture as blue is imagined as a focused energy in use, and the water can form or create by influence as if in the mouth or area focused in on as if by a construct. Made by mind and bade by will. this is to create at will and make with thought as you feel it is there. There is very little moisture, in and of the air tracings as elements are there but if you use a water flow from something you can create the water weave as to trace a sigil in the air and focus the water into the trace to form as a waterball. Water once again is simple, think of water or put your hand in water and think the water forms the waterball where you want it formed.

  As this is with wishball this is to think it going to the target or this can seem enhancement as you manage to seem as you are and imagining hanging the element as something is the element ball in the air as appears. That if water is a weave to avoid with understanding by feel of thought, this is with thought of enhancement on technique used with machines there is use of electrical energy to form the element. This is the water effect, thought is energy formed with directive use by focus that is the element. Then you use the idea, to make the movement in energy form the water as you think activity this is to shape it.

  As if shadow ward, this is formed into the ball as you are able to think, what this does will cause things for it to do. It is the unbeaten essence as an esper in being formed in shape from the essence of someone thought, progress to not attack as to seem a thought as a source and use is thought evaded by it if it is thought dangerous or not as thought proven out. As in thought this can do things until beaten and you can see the effect dissipate. As if in the effort you will see disappering traces, of what element is summoned forth as if drawn.

  The fire is a weave by what is your thought to think of fire forming as somewhere, color the energy red as you imagine it red and draw it forth to your wrist as you think it to do things you can create by imagination for what you want it to do, will this to happen and this will. Something to think on is fire protection, as if in a fire safe area that has fire retardent. Use a cast of fire to form as if in the subconscious of a thought in mind to create itself by imprint in the air as creating air into something else is easier with transmutation, as a fireball of light energy and you can create a lighted area as if sunlight beamed forth and you create with things it does if you can direct. Sunlight is fun where you have it, think your unlight heal and restores you, this is just as you think the thought to the sun and you are restored.

  Any other element is to think of the element, and focus on a thought to draw it forth and as to create with it, is to use the element as someplace in the mind you form things of what use you have for the element in mind. As mind is the inner body, world and dimension is to do things to create with thought. This is to use it in a weave as if drawing things to use as source is the effect by effort to do and know what you do, as if psychic in the use but you don't know what the use is until you think and focus to thought perceive the idea. The idea is to mind what it does, to act friendly and do as is in an act of good naturally done so your not minded and thus not subconsciously blocked unless sight not seen unless needed.

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Feeling the Waves

  I often think that instead of absorbing energy, in its various forms use of te absorption is were you absorb or create as it can lead to vampirism. You may be able to feel the energy vibrations, so use is self-generation tat starts with a chi thought focus which come from various elements and still feel effects. So you can do that, by imagining and visualizing the color of the element as you saw some end emulation you use some energy or wave of energy that brushed against you. When its brushed against you several times, the element energy can cause you to feel different.

  So if use is with chaos or imagination, feel the area energy to imagine or visualize the element color coming in waves to roll around and away from you as your aware in body your thought is able to shift as if flowing with the air. Don't absorb the waves and your use is age to go by or thought is sex and personage, as if the identified area is realized or felt by what it is. Think for awareness by the feeling by vibration or realization, where the color makes the difference as to see the result or seeming by concept you see around you. For now this is safe, yet if you see the reason to feel the waves, go and enjoy your day. The vibration of enjoyment will combine with the vibration of energy and you will feel peaceful harmony sometimes.

  Combine the colors to create more combined elements' effects in visualization or imagination. This is called invoking the elements or unlocking potential, think by realizing what things are and creating as you will or speak. So be warned, it should be mentioned that practicing this technique can disbalance the practicioner. Thus tense and release the muscles as you think the energy to the planet core by what you cease or sense, I would try grounding to get rid of the excess energy. Basically, imagine yourself attached to the the earth and rooted there, think and sending the excess energy throughout that link. It balances out the energy, thought as activity is your aware to see and know.

Some colors are
Brown or Green Earth
Red Fire
Amber Sunlight
Blue Water
Clear white or Yellow Air
Silver white Electricity
Light red Light energy
Black or Dark brown Darkness

What they can do:

  For electricity: By not absorbing electricity, but feeling its energy waves, you can get energized, you can also heighten your senses and feel more alert. As in, you can perceive things like auras more easier.

  With light energy: You can feel cold then hot and then feel lighter. But this may vary on those whom try and feel for it. As some also can feel energized.

  With sunlight: This be mostly fire, but it may cause different results. You can feel energized and clear headed by the amber waves crashing against you, as well as more heated.

  With Darkness: Its voidal and can neutralize any result or energy. By sucking it up into itself. It calms the mind and can cause you to feel weird. There maybe other results with Darkness as well.

  With the others: It varies per person to person, on the other elements.

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