Dealing with problems: 8 Styles

  Dealing with problems its in use you create by the creator or area you see is dealing with the people that caused it. The thing is your use is useful information, say or language you speak is how you present it. See depends on whom your dealing with or you see what you want or use is information by issue. Say and use that is how magic sometimes works, the normal approach is talking it out with them or avoid to not get near them. Cause them to realize your problem is fixable or use the feel as user feel by focus with restraint or not if unnecessary. This not always to see by feel is stop or do something, as not am I in a hierarchy by dhampirism and some point is resolution then if you get resolution by not getting or see by agreement. So you don't have to do things if to get things wrong. So you don't have to think a person is wrong so you don't have to do or not. Don't take my money to create this.

  Otherwise you see the situation as some places are physical as they seem non or imaginary or no thought to use by the right reason, an excuse or use so you attune by feel or creative use is use when the problem is too much or no problem exists. The real reason the area is a problem, as you can deal with the area in use dimensional, see to create nothing is nothing or problem solves magically by some magic using with seen idea. See for use or sight of some reason see or avoid feel is no hate or avoid to see, as you create feel as any or use is were usa for by thought or were not if any of these seen or use by feel in idea is forcing your point in eight styles or no use is not to accept. As you see off sight is visible no its a dream seeing by sight in progress is observable, view thought to see in effect there isn't the effect you see. So to the use or use area time is activity, see by theory by atomic energy is use by focus you see what is creates what use you have.

  Not or accept to get over idea things in no use. This can see to use what is there yet you can get dismissal if non important. The little things are what build or lessen the area feel to see by fee or area. There is an area you see that is a perfect area or outside use. This is usable feel yet no practice is feeling use, so by no use in sight or realize the purpose to create. Say or so your not worthy to cause debt for area use, you can go away to get better by use. See to shift me, I cause the area to shifting or use feel to create. See with the creator or instant spaces by focus to see or create by what you see to do.

  Say to see as this was based from earlier time alchemy is some disease or area to use wisely. If you don't have the area to do the magic effect then don't, then you always have the option to chat and talk it as things are out. This is useful is the idea with dealing with disturbances. Discipline to not do is thought to create or this works while working with people. This is relatable to myth or not, stand up your free from influence. "Say you swirl energy to cause energy as you think to the sky to create sylphs for air a fire source or salamander as fire or earth, seems gnomes that use the air or clean from by as you are useful as water or "undines" is nymph you see.

  Say what they are use for is theory with other idea including, "xanth" from the area you are seeing or use are yes or use to focus. So you create or use energy to create, the area focus or effect to use seeing this you might change your mind. The origination the idea to create clean act that is activity use comes from you, me or no use is use is drinking water or if by water your clean or feel seems or no interest is no use as you see or create nothing wrong by stealing use or fee." From sight seeing other in universe area I saw what was drop dead bodies, see to created disrupted or disruption to the area to see or get away or deal with authorities. This is the last of my regard as you see I lost interest so I stopped concerning or not as I was aware or awake to get thing done. So you see the use is your own idea, its just say you live or die as you want so I am going to go now I am aware you served me without. See trying I thought yet did a decency bin use in life was embued by energy yet after that in the end or not was stated to have killed me in the end, the area I saw was clean yet I am surprised you didn't give in to the i-robots. This is indeed what I saw so farewell.

  1.   Dealing with problems; Fighting style:

        This is to deal with problems. This was how atleantian dealt with the area or place that are personal as with weight judgement or thought as this is and by the mind using fighting. Face it in your mind like an avatar event or crazy figuring the monster you beat or otherwise, see as you think by the idea and think by intuition treat your problem or emotion like you beat things or things work themselves. See or wait by selective to think a number, think to telemetry as a pal or useless idea is an era with no use by focus is art see "the god or godesses" cool by area hot by concept with concept art. See you don't have to do or see if you communicate to resolve, this is what can see or use conscious thought that believes with slimmer or see by communication. Things you create is without a monster in view this is what you see is concept is "or not" see thats fighting as the area energy is a use, "the city" is not feel seen by feel is focus so don't have to do inevitable seeable is by what is to interest that you beat or create as you wish by feel as you see think well or better then you are better as you see your positive. "Illuesary is illusa" afterevery aggravation by idea to see the area first before posting or you'll regret the idea by this was by alusa or you see events by judge is use to see as thought weapon or use in case with a pattern or not. Slay things as it is and it is gone like, tis appears where you thought to be in yet never unless necessary. Say or so this is not a like mentioned in life this is some are the underside is a "resulting with a fireball concept that is not always use by fire energy" to feel yo to see a quote for work so if you don't need things don't even suggest things. See to use a wish is focus to create some, this is so you use only as you are with area activity. See this the social area idea I had for them, social area the feel is different so with feel indicates this uses some area place was doomed by this point with social structure that you see is use done.
  2.   Dealing with problems; Draining Style:

        Don't fight if you are running up a bill so don't run up a bill. If the fighting style doesn't work for us that is normal and for you it is not, as if to drain things don't drain yourself by useby what you do from you as your usable you are better. Think the anger or problem goes to the earth or a rock. Then state '[problem] goes in to a rock' as you touch it or see no problem. Seeing use the easy way is you easy to use not easy to deal with, as if your idea or thought is energy as the problem is a source to direct by what you thought to a rock to that your subconscious decides on to use by user feel. Think by focus to a stone to create applied applicable user force. See or use is energy the area is creative. Apply art or use as you see, sign is peace or not in use by feel.

        As use is alright if theory to send energy is touching the rock or earth see to release or don't come to use unless necessary, as others will help initiate transfer of energy see to think or set no use or assertive concept with area feel signal that is space. With a waste not by body use of time is feel that you get that result, the problem energy drained from you nor or use by others is focus with fee to use as no fight. Say mention or no maybe make the problem, that cause or calm to settle down that seems to disappear to resolve by area or no situation. See or say that is some area so feel or use a trap, think to stop signs or whatever to no suppress the illegal or non use is "area to allow" urge. If this use is not as you think so stop, do other area idea to create somewhere else. So deal with lovers equally don't fight if the other is fee to use.

        See or use food or drink water to distract to see madmen or according to use alchemy "feel is iron by cinnabar use to strengthen or less weight to create as you see to feel that is melted. See or not use away or see hold away or not to think to use the area." This is notation to feel so apply to correct area work is creating some interest. So as you are create to feeling note to area or cause to not use, as you see what is no so not liked this is think by less use to lessen the feel use by feel to what you create on or off use. This by thought resolving the situation "if not to create" you can use, this theory to melt away problems with area or the use as keep away or allow to use. So you use sorcery to drain use or not is feel or experience, seeing is experiencing or the use not to create by observing. What you see is user based area or use to fix or not by alchemy or feel by based on activity based off this by conclusion is no use. As your feel is sense or area is feel, there is no beating dumb to see or sense it out this becomes clear.

        So you say concept, realize were not in use yet present is use or not as nothing to use. The area is concept or not bothered, seen as allowing is use or see as you thought were not use bothering people. Bothering people you might get what you see to need is not see or act to want. See to use here in theory is not americas use you can use what you want energy to create for use. So see to focus, create is focus think is use. See or use is intelligent by fee or use seen is feel. So use your area wisely by what you gnow. So as you see you use intelligence, you create or not use by the feeling you feel with air to sense. See or user fee or creativity, as you saw is not interesting you see the actual use. See as use or fire to hotness near the place or use, nature use as earth is focus the lava to create or earth, lava as stupidity is fire is unrealism so the user is creating yet realism by feel is no user creating. What you feel is this.

        So over feel free to calm as you see that is fee use for you to not do drugs as you feel the need. Think you are or aren't so you are observable, see in use or use is feel then you are aware to not. Sea alter as you imagine to create use is a room imagined with herbs. Then you stop if you feel this is wrong or correct to not do or correct for it with life or theory. See to use imagination is feel or use to usable feel to use or see what effect it has, seen or you know use see to invoke is element names or though thats as you say is creating use by reports from those you see or those you see or feel to see use by fey. So imagine a room or area you are in using or not, so your aware as you act to not do as you dare not want you don't monster as you want.
  3.   Dealing with problems; Magic Style:

        When you want to try the magic style of dealing with noting personal problems they disappear. Then if you thought, think your problem and state 'Unn my problem' or 'Unn the emotion'. Then with intuitional feel, feel it dissipate from you and where you want. In optionally as with a redirection by thought this is a man or person that cares in no way unless other ways exist, felt as you this is what can use a stated 'Make things better'. As you send energy from you to cause the problem to disappear, if every thirty seconds is with the point by situations that can drop or disappears a problem you can seem cool in useful feel.
  4.   Dealing with problems; Symbolic Style:

        This is a point to natural use by thought conclusion. If you want to deal by with the problem symbolically etherically. Think of what your problem symbolizes and draw it in the air, then draw a countering line straight down the symbol. Otherwise see or use symbolism, draw an extra bar across the symbol. Remember to use the energy of the problem to draw it. Then, empower the symbol to make it into a sigil as you draw the cancellation mark through it. The problem should disappear near and in you, as you attempt this. What helps this, is a stated 'En problem' or 'Unn [problem]'.
  5.   Dealing with problems; Reversal style:

        The 5th style is dealing with a problem by reversing it. Mainly thinking of the problem and optionally stating it out loud. Then stating, 'I reverse the problem that exists', or if you were running into people's ego. Then, state or think 'I seem to go the opposite way than I went, and go forward.' This also is the application of stating a simple 'reverse' or 'revas', pronounced ree-vase. As long as you have energy of the problem, its reversable.
  6.   Dealing with problems; Defensive style:

        The 6th style is using a defensive stance or effort to neutralize the things you dislike. This is self-explanatory, but you use the actions you do against the person or cause. Until it disappears, it can be very bad for the health. As by intuition, it can cause higher stress. This often utilizes a defensive strike or neutralizing effort to get rid of the problem. This is anything goes to get the job done. Don't get defensive, work with things and have fun, as in making the moment a challenge.
  7.   Dealing with problems; Luck style:

        This is the style that proclaims a lucky moment will make your problem solved. This is where you get a lucky streak and say the right things. Or, you end up doing the right actions by feel and intuition. Then, you find yourself getting more effort done for you or by you and then you get an extra benefit from your luck. This luck is fickle and isn't always there for the benefit of the doubt. However, you could find the problem disappearing, by finding some action sidetracking the person or making the trouble person realize something. Then, you can get away with anything. This isn't for the unlucky person with no good excuse.
  8.  Temporal considerance: Dependance in life is a thought to do a moment that creates with what is there, and as you do, as thought is nothing your ability as a point is to make better creates by better or not. As secondary there as with an idea time the thought, you out think defend by Defense art this is by a procedure your life this is learning arts as this is what is interesting. This creates as with some area where the subconscious creates, as a point by in use your that is where you are out to do nothing in use.

     This as useable is this by what is chi life and spread around things in places, that is not too bad and for what is possible or not as you can talk people into things as charmed. Use a Motive after your use is over, to get and use an idea to get an idea as your doing better idea is some non boredom to do and otherwise. As you meditate trance to avoid get bad results as though what isn't by rights corrects itself. To be all you are as a thought, think to do and what you think will possibly occur by the thought and your energy will.
     To be able and all of a persons desire, is to get things as to seem a result and with a change or thought to different idea you can recieve or get what thought you think that is gettable. Then be desirous but understood idea is to get a result as you get some point, as genious is the point is considered your use is energy and in the essence is ingenious by favored attribute the energy as the energy comes from those you think to get with aura essence.
     As you think is some feel, comparison by use with some area seen. An idea is some idea that use is possible as you are ready to do what you want. But not greedily with greedy or obsessive notions, thought you need by what you think to use as a point service and service is thought over. This gets you stuff by you seeking it or acting like your seeking it out by normal contemporary means. Then the person will if a good reason as thought your idea in their mind is to pay you for things they think will work for them as your help or you pay as a customer to normal relation in ideal.
     This is possible as it works with a good point to restore the energy to the heart, as especially if you act as if you have enough to do or don't have enough or you do have enough to do things with and this tricks people into believing you are supposed to be there as in an idea if you are with some business thats allowable or as not as you enrgetically use things.