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Field background by Jay
How people think and rules to go by
Color therapy
The psyche idea and memory power
How to achieve it
Conversation effort
Medical concerns
Chi needle work
How to survive in a fight
Field hypnosis
Meditation technique
Chaotic therapy(slightly dangerous)
Coping game
Rated Rages and Anger
The art to discussion
How to argue and disargue
How to do discipline
Life Philosophy of some


Field background

  I have been working with the people in field cases and studies, I took 3 years of classes toward the goal of knowing people. To understand what field psychology is and how it works their first must be a know how of what it is. Its self psychology dealing with people who intend things that are slightly crazy or deranged. The field psychologist is a person who is capable of this and more like getting people to better lifestyles or diverting destruction. As in a talk down of a lunatic or hypnotism to handle most problems in life and not out of control as is forementioned by action with intent to do an activity. As if your energy is what you can see to be, your ability is wat working solution is there to work with as with ability your energy is cool to use.

  This is to cause recovery quickly by energy as in thought if "there you go" this is what we we try to achieve and thought was their idea to make people with control of themselves where they in idea, that we don't beat them we work with them unless you don't need to as to think as your aura causes a peace by energy influence in them as if they are not out of control. By many other idea and many means available to seem, as if yourself as in consideration of life. Don't push people beyond their limits unless you want them to react.

  This is the fate as the consequences with a thought of fate and getting results from fate the setting creates by what you do in life work in life. As you feel what creates emotion, the tought to create is to withhold the feel so they resolve the issue themselves. So this is no attack or effect is done. So as you eat a little then you gain a energy boost. As you think the transigent physiology you must be aware, that this is the brain activity or neural pathway.

  That is energy buildup or release. Such as dendrites where you feel stress you could by feel if denied allow or go your own way. As your thinking your sensitive then you are, so as you could think your not sensitive and you aren't. This is sometimes by the chemicals, where you take in ideal or lose it and become psychotic. So any other ability is ability that your aware of by feel. So think your getting, along then you are.

  Unless conditions change they are feeling nice and are aware you just want to act nice, think to present calmness and don't act slow to them as they are likely to catch on and make use of you. As you think to make them wait then they sense that, this is what causes their reaction to be seen by the feeling that they get. Then you are aware by the feel, that your existant point is thinking by the point.

  So when you feel the area energy or are sensing things, with the psycological sense they think you are sensitive like them and are calm towards you. As they are calm then nice this doesn't mean they are aware, sometimes to their inner feelings where they act normal and yet are insane or sane by activity. So when they are aware, by what they think is good to act like.

  They are self-assured with feel to get or go with things they have. Call this a nervous twitch or ideal by activity that you do become aware of by feeling out their senses, that means they are aware till they think to be aware of something else with directed focus. So let them become aware of your feel, then you know by what you think.

  As then you are aware to what to do, as they are aware as well by what you do. So if they aware like that where you sense the act with accord to what you think, that means they are aware so think you said something so beware their reaction. Think so your not doing what you think or why say things. So you know what to do by what you consider.

  As you think to fate you can get a response as they are Nord, Nordic as in the act is to use fate by created effort or effect in use, Nords or the three fate sisters as if getting the idea or explaination out, and etc.. What drugs, if any for use are alcoholic and as in AgCu2NO4C2 + H2O that causes easier talking to or agreement without thinking about it along, with others that effect the mind. The effective antidote is any drink. As the idea is you are popular, if your accepted as such as the point. We are a point and you are a point that isn't actually due to be seen anymore. As the reason is the we and you can be seen, if not and not antually liked by imposing idea that in a sentence is actually not in use by the english speaker unless necessary.

  Think this is how you act and is association by your action, can seem to be accepted for the act. Stop the act as you don't need, to act out or don't is to not want what you see like a error message or stop on red as if to do is exactly a stop sign or do what you want. If you feel down, you can go ourt and eat. As you feel like chatting to people, and you pretend to chat with people as work you do by pretending or pretension that is removal of the tension that comes when you chat and you are wat is so stop pretending after the fact.

  As you think to correct to create and thought to make with energy, things you use are what a word or thought is by influence and as if engineering the future or past your will is what becomes. This is with the will by the others in the energy by others your wyrd or fate is what creates with the others energy, what others does is what you can seem to do with life in an aspect or with what lives.

  As lifes you use are what you are as essence to magic or energy in life as energy, the energy is what created by electricity creates things that fade away. Think you know you care, so you do as you know you do. This is energy to the use as residual energy in traces so trace the source, think to collect the source energy so this to saturate unsaturating or creating the energy to dissipated use as I remember I saw.

  Where this idea came in from and is how to use the psychology treatments without a big room, in a hospital room or a couch as is in a field of people, and try to get a calm situation of peace of mind to make a solution instead of a problem. Even though the problem could be worse than the solution or vice versa and cause more destruction. Reform is necessary with those whom you can as in nothing with cost it can be very hazardous to their health of the moment or crazy making with too much to do. Who use it in different forms in mind by will to go as needed, cops by action in thought you did it, reformers with console or consolement and those who control are control and rehab people like admins or concept law.

  Psyche use for this is the 5 types of psycholigically feeling related repair, that is to relate by feel or focus to create clear idea to clear away a problem. This is a basis to what you feel, so off the basis is to talk it out to work things out. Reverse psychology that isn't always useful that is say opposite idea to create a positive or non positive thing, as the person could use this in idea on you or nothing happens unless badly thought relieved by meditation.

  Alchemical in based idea is thought water to correct something in idea, law or idea appeasing is the body if it hurts by thought or to not have physical pain. The fourth is what you see as use, talk it out or you can see as you use or count an idea attack. As he appears several ways in different area that is an idea. He is him in thought, think unaggression to the person if aggrieved so the person allows or not. What you say to do as you walk around him. Just remember, don't be bashful. As your idea is an idea to use, relational values are where you are. If you think the right idea, creative if your energy is up, your not effected unless realized use is what you allow. Thought to not linked to you, so no effect is where you yourself are respectful.

  Focus as you think to get what you want, as if you are aware this is not done. The idea you see is the thing you show or can see use to do, think by the creator making or not as no need in aspect. The last idea is thought some idea is useful or not so useful, as relaxed in mind your concept is done to user feel. Thought is feeling not expressed to the use, think or not is thought by feel or feel what you will as energy responds to the area activity. With insight or the right words is what come to you, with the correct methods in life unless punishing so don't punish yourself.

How people think and some rules to go by

  How people think is quite simply amazing, as it, the actions, will achieve themselves once your aware of the thinking process. A good example of this is with field psychology and is how people think with pain to make sure that what is said and done doesn't remind the person of the pain they went with. This can cause the person not to shrink from attempting things when they go to do in thought as things you create are create createable with the conceit. Its the conceit of the moment with the possibility, that you think and your thought energy creates things by what is subconscious that creates.

  Think to remind yourself as they create and you are where you are of the pain can cause the effect of the person half-heartedly attempting, and fearing the pain they stop and do something else unless they take strength from the pain and then they do things with it. Think to create te formula or wat you want as generally specific this is not painful, as the pain is gone by the energy feel from the aura in idea by concept. This pain could in imagination be caused by a moment in time or incident, which nearly did not seem to have crippled them. If too much pain don't give the pain a path, as that was from then or at the moment they will attempt to be safe and negate their effort if the attempt brings pain to them or not thought is the pain.

 As it is nothing with essence, the drug name can seem or that is create or cure different idea by no conditions with no results. Think most try to do the things they do or not and avoid the pain, as the right time correct idea with NSO by teeth as thought by repair with dentistry. To avert stupidity is to use (H2O)2 with the cure NO2, so as I just thought it to exist for restoring wakefulness or whatever in thought you want with or without influence, so we didn't know to do it to you here.

 Think to thought as if to restore or I (HNO2)O3 or with idea by feel SNO with (HNO)3 is with composition by (HO3)2 with water that is NO cure as if with concept by blood focus where the apetite or insulin is gone by focus energy, thought to create awareness or NO is concept in thought where the actual cure is HNO3 with O2I done for laughing gas only if proven. Effect or (HNO3)3 in idea is not to creative cure or not to use. Thought as some necessary is idea in yes in money making sigils.

 So energy to use is that by idea to create things or curative thought by application to skin as Iodine. Then think to use is thought not as you won't get the effect. Don't use these if you don't know what they will do as NO will cause blood clots where the energy is too much, tis with thought will seem magic as the correct right thing is with the right time.

 This is that you aren't disgusting or as you bathe you clean off or think use because it is use, as no this is a secluded in a point with an alternative point by feel. Think to know with thought to no or yes by view by imagination, or focus by aware thought in concept. There is nothing wrong by the teeth as you brush your teeth. As you imagine with teeth as a construct you can create, the results you chance or no to the use is thought to be of use.

 Thin or not is if not needed this is no use or thought by use. That you can create is not in your mind, as first you think by a lessened effect to not do as you discourage you not. Think or not do what is right so as you can't do "wat" is possible with energy, think something else to do in thinking to do by what you can feel is correct.

 This is to mask by estrogen or testosterone by imagining a balance scale or thought, this with the pain is the pain disappears or no pain by thought. Think to dissipate by separate activity with energy "focu" or think to imagine "separating two parts of bread being cut". That is the separating the cult way with the disease from yourself.

 This is with no thought of terrors, with no worry except to focus on water or thought and you can think with the pain as though "nothing treated nothing lie" so say as you say the least. This is there as is another thing about this, if you think to your use in use energy tis chi energy. As a chi thought in focus is thought to create a energy balance, release energy by needle thought or inserted points to the right spots.

 This is like a concept or thought with an animal spirit or thought, its a life experience and make your decision separate. As your idea is not inseparate the idea, the more this gets more difficult the more you can stop or indicate things but you don't have to do whatever. As this is it is separating two words by separator ernest energy with earnheart in ideal. This is the idea that allows you to bring there, you are there as think or be there or not as in noting is noting or there or there now you continue your own life as there is here.

  So now we get what is thought to use as look at how idea and events are interpreted by what you see, the brain can do with the life cycle to keep the feel alive now don't keep the thought. Otherwise you are watching what you see or consider not, so to seem or be using and this is for the thoughts and how they work think the use as the idea is usable. Life cycle (lcl) found at the link. Some people make up their own minds, on how to deal with things, that would otherwise seem impossible to them. Where some rules to live by are found, as a list of conditions that you put on paper or a text file to clarify the situation for yourself with questions. To prevent distress and pain go here at But to analyze the person is to be able to treat the condition or to win an arguement. There are types of personalities and mental opinions, that follow a pattern and that make up how we think. I classified some of them, but not all can be counted including mine and therapists and other people who contributed to these opinions. These patterns are only just opinions of what can be.

  We start with recognizing the 19 distinct patterns of cognition for the psychological types; chaotic gain, ordered gain, respiteful gain, insight gain, retrospect action, recognition action, disposition act, sanity act, mistaken conceprion, insanity act(despoiling act), acceptance act, carrier act, conclusion, recognition pattern, concerted effort, conceived thought, intuition effort and intuitive thought. 

Pattern of cognition

  1. chaotic gain = a sequence of included hell act(any disruption); inversion(feeling or idea); you gain intent
  2. ordered gain = starts as reaction of focus; incent, insight or incitation; yielding gain (any)
  3. respect gain = incite(provoking); incitation(informing) or invoking; attention, explanation; ends as clarity or interception.
  4. insightful gain = actions of intent or thought is use with incense; focus that ends up insightful activity or genious thought.
  5. self-respect action = rearrangement, retrospect action, starts as insightful or determined; emotion or calmness; ending with repose.
  6. recognition action, rememberance = acts of focus or purpose; stimulas or interaction; ending as resolve by knowing or insight.
  7. intents, disposition act = despondancy, actions in observance; moments of silence, oddity or no stimulas; ending as cool off or distance with alienation or disintention.
  8. sanity gain = sanity sequence of stunning sight or shock, discovery, clear thinking of normal activity.
  9. congruity, ingenuity = integrative activity, contributive to an idea or stimulus; interaction, integration or disinterest; useful activity, or inactive and active repose(any sort of meditation) or things to do.
  10. insanity act = sequence of disturbance and thought, chaos activity; shock or disbelief; disruptance activity, craziness(for woman that are uncalm and emotional) or insanity(male unless if woman sane).
  11. mistaken conception = seeing something, knowing something; response of comparison or following your own idea and signs; incisive, deceited, blind moments or mistakes.
  12. acceptance act = sequence of proof or evidence; suspended disbelief or acknowledgement; acceptable gain.
  13. carrier act = carrying on, motion, information; concent, allowance; intention, independent act, medium.
  14. conclusion = evidence or idea; thought, concentration and focus; self-delusion or self-perception and awareness(thought).
  15. recognition pattern = perceived pattern of thought or idea, thought on moment; understanding motion or moment; perceived recognition.
  16. concerted effort = thinking of something or making an idea; focus on idea and sometimes ignore surroundings; making of concerted effort that is from thought.
  17. conceived thought = thinking of prospect in thought by mind in body, focus on idea as your thought is any area in nothing; hearing an idea or what its about; thinking of what it is; self-conceived thought.
  18. intuition effort = to make idea or to think of something; to focus your mind, feel to try the idea out; to allow intuition to come to you from your focus and thought; to be in an intuition effort.

  19. intuitive thought = focus on idea or awareness; to be at an end with intuition or motion; finding out idea and thought at an end; self thought of intuition effect.
Mind pathologies

  These types are caused by different states of mind pathologies such as: arrogance, errogance, irrigance, irrogance, orragance, urragance, urrigance, yrragance. To gauge in these idea, field psychology was used, or sehpsych for field psychology with on-the-spot intuition as in-depth psychological field action and practice out of doors. Part of this is motion as the motion you in thought to imagine what you do is energy and that the energy is a transmutational point in a clean area, the fact that life you use creates from the energy you think in what this does what you will.

  There is a point in space that time exists and is a time that is as points in space coexists as that is a point think the area in space and create what you think as in a point you think and the area exists you coexist it to your own area and as you think the space is existant as the extent is what your space is you boundary in their mind sets the space apart from you and as you think this is as a point that the existing energy barrier your will is what shifts you away as you can create what your thought is the existence creates what is there. Thus, to change the perceptional space is to create a different view, that adjusts perception and your reality is what in-changes.

  There is no point as is this is a sphere effect that shifts as you think, as you are where you are this is what comments are meant as nothing and created in thought unless not desired. As if nothing creates some idea by the intention with focus. As you don't need the effort, your will creates what thought not to need to look. The reason is magic can create what is in the point, there and back again mana is essence with life that exists.

   As you gather plant and life that is in any, as if a plane with a planet reality in the area of some space thought as a concept is reality. There is no view that can disrupt your focus, if you don't want to be disrupted as you focus in breath and your in focus as if somewhere else that can seem by mention. There or not is the point, that torment is discordant energy that happens in the mind is not in thought. As a concept and this provides, as answer assumed in thought is not a point that is an example, as what you think you do in life in that as what you don't think to do isn't in life.

Personality types

  The types are: anthrovert, controvert, introvert, extrovert, angrovert, extremist, radical, pacifist and omnivert. The colors effect personality of when and what colors.

  1. Anthrovert; Anthroverts are outgoing, type A personalities(active). A perfect type A personality, will get people against them. The fact they would know all, except for what isn't obvious and be too perfect causing envy. Athletes, actors, scientists and active outgoing people, are anthroverts. these people will take any field and succeed in it. Sometimes, treating the fields of study as a competition. these people are introspective, and are willing to study if need be. Anthroverts, sometimes study bones as a hobby or job, like in anthropology.

    Anything old they like and only the interesting ideas, will they accept. This includes, new ideas and old alike. Only proven ideas will be acceptable, and they are skeptics at first with each new idea. Places of other origins will be of interest, and the older the better. Self aknowledgment, study and acceptance are the goal of the anthrovert, to better their lives. The life orientation of anthroverts are goals, and without goals they are lost. The athroverts privacy zone 5' 4" unless dispersive nature.

  2. Controvert, contravert, Controverts, one who loves to chat and express emotion. Why, its a controverts passion, that draws a person and they love to cause controversy and self interest. There are few controverts, for they love themself first then, love others to enjoy others love for enjoyment of themselves. This is the controverts nature to be associative and unfearful of others. their main goal is to be passion in nature. If they feel hurt, they will lash verbally with the pain they percieve. Getting verbal blows till the person leaves or percieves a lesson learned by the inflicted. These people are conversational masters. A controverts privacy zone is three feet.

  3. Introvert; Introverts are people that have no self-interests, and no self control, unless they learn discipline. Except from others, its how they react to people. Being as they will percieve the events as intrusive, unless invited thus not talking to people. Even then, they don't talk much avoiding the angrovert, as they are provoked easy if they cannot stand the person. They will strike without reason, set up the person. To be introvert is to love themselves, then help others because of it. They have no emotions except maybe for love and friendship,

    There is no emotion except love, hate to them as they try not to feel jealous, for it provokes them to strike out. This is perfect for an introvert, to not be near any physical presence if possible. People near are an aggravation to introverts as they tend to not like people, close up and strangers, Their privacy zone is ten feet. What the introvert can't have they love, desire. yet keep their desire controlled. An introvert, is an opposite, negatist, antisocialist or sociopath. Hypnotists will set them off with only a proven result.

  4. Extrovert; Extroverts works best with controverts, one who loves to chat and express emotion. they will have a love for displays, of any sort, Like cats, they move on at being side-tracked, to another activity. their minds are never focused, except on a single task. they can focus their potential, of getting a project done via meditation or anger. Or, to focus on other things, while on a project. this turns them, into becoming introverts. Extroverts will get angry, yet show no emotion, except to get some response. these people will quickly forgive, if there is reason. If no reason, then they hold a grudge for years. the only way to get them angry, is to cheat them, on a project, goal. The range of privacy is 4-5 feet.

  5. Angrovert, aggroverts, People that get aggravated at others for their differences. If too different, the person will get introspective. Till a moment, that the person they disagree with, gets too close, too personal. then, a verbal lash out, or a situational setup to humiliate the disliked one. Their personal zone is fifteen feet out. These people are extreme in intent, their demeaner, is nice to look at but skin deep only. Meaning, they will be civil till they are forced by disagreeable natures, These people hate sociopaths. Which go on their own rules, avoiding the normal rules, people grew up with. If they spot a introvert they will find it hard. to keep from being civil. But social to all others making these people bigots and hard asses. People can be angroverts to people who stink bad, even if they were other types.

  6. Extremist, The extreme personality type, that will think every idea is their own to begin with. they make intelligent guesses for what they see, do not know, and made as to how things are done without asking first then they ask a person, who knows the experience, to make corrections and to make sure of their guess. Some extremists have short memories, and will try memory fixes to correct for this. Like, cues; questions, repeated statements and faking. These people are theorists and can get aggravated by inappropriate questions, due to a severe temper to assault or reassessment. If assault then the extremist attack something else, except the person who aggravated them. They arent bothered, by disruption, disrespect. Disrupting their plans or unexpected plans make them crazed. Their disposition is to keep calm till unnecessary,, keep calm under pressure.

    This fact makes them go into cold rages that last for days. If they see a victim they will try to help, yet associate with others. Criminal behavior they will support, when there is a reason. Their private space is three feet away and these people show no bias, yet have extreme thoughts when it comes to familiy. When pushed,they will react in an unpredictable opposite manner. They love the idea of bad things to happen, so the extremist can live through it they get a thrill. When offered a thrill they deny it, unless bored. If force is directed at them, they respond through opposite force. As in with direct anger they are nice and use calm responses, craziness with a calm demeaner and disregard with an attack, antagonism, They disregard it as childish and will assault, when they see reason.

  7. Psychotic, Radical, Radical personality that disregards all personal rules of others, except themselves. The radical has a smooth, always calm visage and never seem to overreact. If they think they can be controlled, their is all reason to think that someones out to get them. The typical response is to wait till they are proven right. When the radical feels impinged upon,, crossed, they get revenge no matter the reason given. Some radicals, go far as to deny the decency of a bath and some will kill the unbathed person. Most radicals are schitzophrenic except a few and the radical is never aware, and yet aware of what he/she does for this only spurs the radical on and they do greater deeds unless they feel desire to change.

    The change only occurs with their desires blunted by voice and examples given of behavior they will find better or to allow of people to get close without suspician and at least listen suspending disbelief or deny entirely. Where their opposing beliefs, make them unlawful and somewhat dangerous due to the suspicians, and biased view. If you want to divert the radical, use reason and proof, the same force against them. Like kill them if they want to kill you. Only if you beat them, will they listen sometimes. Otherwise, they choose the moment to strike and they will consider the mark, their target, they wanted to kill or sought revenge at an insult to people they talk to. So these radicals, will kill who was talked to by the mark.

    To prove to the mark, that their lives were errors and needed to show them the way they will do this. If the mark gives in they teach them ways to either destroy themselve by,, to humiliate themselves by or to survive by and these ways are many that you may value. However if the way is to survive by, its considered pity, so ask yourself this "Do you accept pity for life, and a pursuit of happiness?" If not, they kill the mark and expose it by an exmple. Either way the mark will die by pursuit, disgrace, suicide,, swift death. When the radical sees justice is needed, they will do vigilante justice, try to teach others how to survive, other information of interests.

    When they tell you something at least listen without interruptions, you might get their suspicians. Never deny a radical what they say up front,, they might see reason to disregard, kill you. Another radical will instantly try to incite the other radical to attack. If bored the radical will sack things or seek trouble. To defeat the radical be nice till they arent nice. then be firm with conviction and they will back down. If you deny their service, then they may try to ruin you with your studies, unless they feel nice. Their privacy space is ten feet unless they regard you as mark and then its thirty feet.

  8. Pacifist, A pacifist is the person who always seeks peace and is an opposite to radicals. Will use negotiation for purposes, of solving their troubles. Has no intent of violence, sometimes to the point, of willfully forcing others to do the same. they use social justice, social situations, social engineering to teach lessons. When snubbed, defied, denied and distraught, they lash out, by doing something else, backstabbing the person. Talking behind someones back and to ruin reputation, happens for people who disbelieve and use heretical beliefs.

    If in this regard they are denied or themselves proven to be heretical. the pacifist will destroy the person as a personal enemy by vendetta. When they cannot kill, destroy,, ruin the heretic. the justice of the pacifist will be ignore the activity, till they see the right time, to strike with what the heretic uses. This behaviour can repeat. their privacy space is eight feet, and the pacifist will always worry over something. To defeat their purpose at the moment explain your purpose, excuse, and the anger dissolves. The pacifist will tolerate or not mind, to a very great extent anything near them and they will spar as necessary or constantly. Pacifism is caused for the sight of less pain.

  9. Omnivert, An omnivert personality is a "know it all" with anyone as if reading the "soul" of the indivisual. Their natural ability is to read auras with anything in site with natural understanding. Given time to know the person through speech, they can hypnotize the target if they desired. Their objectives are peace and to get their goal as they have no true friends. They show no hate,, emotion other people can latch onto and talk them around with. They are psychological in nature as if "au natural", They always know what they do and are aware of the results if failure or not.

    To know what the other is thinking is their ultimate desire unless they can't achieve rapport. Then they will be resistant, manipulative, sometimes they will do criminal activities to undermine authorities, for purposes to achieve their goals or work through good people if they can at first. What they love is to achieve from natural results and their actions. Where their are people, some are targets if possible, otherwise they are tools to use wisely. Its rare they have a relationship with a person,, marriage to the effect of the right one, true love with multiple relations.

Color therapy

   Color therapy starts with imagining the body as color. Red is for pain and blue is for coolness and healing of the body. Imagine the red of the body pains fading to blue and notice the painlessness of the area thus setting the moment in your mind by noticing the emotion and thought before the recurrence and making it real for yourself by making it happen with a statement. The more advanced way of doing it is focus while exercising on the parts of your body that are hurt, strained, or in your mind the red spots. Turn the red into blue practicing the act and it will heal your body while you are exercising thus making the work out longer. This is the way to get rid of pain and only by stating a phrase, imaging the color or to heal another.

Now the colors are used sometimes as a guide to reactions that denote the wound or personality. Personal color associations for wounds and people are the colors associations, to a person that is associative with how people react to color and the hair color and this will effect personal character and clothing color that is effective of most people, thats around and their are mixes between. Some meanings don't apply to certain situations.

   To imagine the color, being there. You will become of that color, in reactions. This is very useful, as you become what you want. And, can start to reflect a new attitude, but it can also be temporary. What's certain though, is the fact, that your subconscious makes the effect, as it listens to your every word and thought. This also works in the idea associated to being with the coloration. Sometimes, by thinking of a color, you can become the color.

Hair color

Cloth color

Misery and cruelty colors

\E2  Coalblacky = Inky, Willing to gain knowledge and material goods and seek it out while doing so for material values. They the person are responsible to doing many things with a good disposition. Their motion is for the person to see the truth and accept almost any answer. The emotional state is for bringing grief to the person who hurts them with revenge of grief, otherwise they downplay the feeling.

\EA  Blacky = Willing to behave and gain knowledge for the sake of understanding. In emotion they will bring misery to those they want, but their emotion is blunted. Also in emotion, their is an overachievement.

\EE  Creamblacky = Dictator, A point almost cruelly and unfairly dispositioned is personal by one who lives for the moment but not glory. As if on a two-edged sword, but the story is most important. Who lives for more understanding with no time for him/herself unless emotional. Where he/her dictates to the stuff he/she owns or other people if around them. Added by Jack.

Service and availability colors

\F4  Coaly = Always available to do things unless necessary but will burn with desire. In emotion their attempts are destructive and everyone else is scathed. Added by Serena Coyl.

\FB  Creamcoaly = A compassionate person thats always available, who works for a living and tries to deal with things as they come, by making time as needed. An emotion response is to overreact with precise timing and act to calm people down.

\FC  Creamy = Passionate person who is knowing, and rejects waiting, until it comes of them by passion. Their testy if they lose as a "sore loser" unless their emotional and proceed to win with sabotage and random acts of violence. Given by Amy.

Seek and destroy colors

\F6  Coalbrowny = To see and burn with the truth of moment and a dark heart, that burns with desire to heal those necessary. These people are philosophical softies who work for a living or try to seek employment. Enjoyment is with jibes or creative idea that are worked with and listened to by others. With emotion is to effect an idea that was talked on, otherwise its just "their own thing".

\EF  Browny = Ruddy, Fudgy, A person who is very much a faery in personality, yet serious in mind, intent, and serious in body to actively achieve results according to how their lives are, but almost always to aid. In emotion, they are persistent and try to disrupt or divert.

\EB  Creambrowny = Creamburger, With chocolate feelings or passion by food like fast food or sweets, the cream browny is a associative person, They, the person, works as they desire within a framework. of positive idea or motion as information. They don't really care for fitness as its food and thought. The emotional state is cool if necessary, given to talk people down with their own emotion.

Rage and emotion colors

\E4  Coalreddy = Coalragey, The person bears confrontation, they will attempt to retain a constant emotion that keeps them warm inside. Like be alight by a fire inside and make actions count. Where the actions don't count, they feel empty and they won't be a coward. They, the person, can channel high emotions. They, the deep feeler, won't feel rage as their emotions are to feel a deep empty emotional pang that can drive the person to kill.

\FF  Reddy = Ragey, Raged with emotion, yet will almost be raged when doing things. A person swinging a sword with an extra strength is like one of them.

?  Creamreddy = Cream coating of rage, Allows no rage while achievements are happening. Focuses the emotion into activity so its served a purpose When emotional, they are 3 times as strong.

Manipulation colors

\B0  Coalorangy = Dangera, Demonic type personality, with ability of being independent or stupid, but the general rule is instant is good and I can fix anything. In emotion, they usually are determined by extreme effort.

\A7  Orangy = Manipulative but manipulated into moodiness and able to achieve things, by digression of will and for progress. If slighted, they are raged, and when they achieve their result they sabotage those who work for them in case of defunctness. Added by jay.

\A9  Creamorangy = Creampuff, Sugar sweet cream with manipulation and deliberateness. These people can pile the sweet words and be charming as well. In working with others, their separatists and in emotional states their scientifically brutal.

Cool colors

?  Bluey = Coalbluey, Cool as a whipsnake and able to manipulate information, yet will blow up at a failure if nothing else. If in emotion they, the bluey, will be driven on sometimes by desperation.

?  Creambluey = Cool informant, Cool blue, Cool as a whip but twice a striking. They're willing to give information only when they see reason and goof around and yet they never lie except when pressured or when pressured, they allow almost any answer and are uncountable as white lies. Their studies are general and they are very knowing in most things. They have some greed for information and living staus. The emotional state of mind is to be in straight white lies or action.

Expression and headonist colors

\A2  Coalgreeny = Coalhedgy, An energetic person that can cause a war if not perfected in the idea. To use or make the energy of many or use energy as from drink or food. These are likely to be emotional is strained, Persistent when undenied and when denied, wait or do other things. A reaction is to deflect idea or use magic by mixing or matching with safety in mind, if any to get things to do. The emotion is directed to fuel a flame of desire that is objectioned to violent people and yet might do violence. In emotion they are calm till the target of choice.

?  Greeny = Hegdy, A person will mix and match till success often dying for the effort in some way unless safety is made possible with enough information, Excellent martyrs and willing to achieve what is desired, these people use reasons to get the goal that is set by dreams or others. Emotional responses are actions that cause a glory of some sort including causality and fate.

\A3  Creamgreeny = Mr. passionate, Girly, A passionate hedgy, that allows for dreams to interfere and intercede, a "I can do things but I..I get cold feet" so they never finish what they want and end up on another track. They do finish as they desire and sometimes without help. They see everything as a benefit, any tool has a use. Yet in emotion they will not panic and finish what they start, unless they don't know what to do. This is when they're the hardest to influence.

Fame colors

?  Coalyellowy = One who is shadowy and focused on the desire of the moment to deal justice and use plausiblity as a heroic or momentous deed. With emotion, they too are destructive.

\B1  Yellowy = A nonhuman or human person that will cowardly attempt, secretly and persistant acts to do things in an effort or secretly kill something and openly acknowledge an activity and act the positive deed for glory. With emotion they run away as its often fear.

\E6  Creamyellowy = Hosty, Boston creamy, A boston cream with a yummy filling and and just keep on giving. Nonhuman and human alike to give deserts as items asked for when needed, and give food as a device or when feeling nice. This may sound like mom and some fathers are like this with gifts. They sabotage or lash when emotional and have to be told to get over it or let live.

Pleasantry and moralistic colors

\F7  Coalwhity = Evensteven, Servicy, A downright dirty person in their own right with duty. As they have moments of greed that are unseen unless spotted. They are service people that get the job done with less than needed if its necessary. When emotional they, the greedy, will attempt any act to clear their name and getting even. Including trashing others with falsehood by jealousy.

\E7  Whity = A person that is of peace to effect desire and emotion in others of peace. Often by desire to cause chaos in a positive intention or to meditate for an answer. In emotion they cooly downplay the event.

\B6  Creamwhity = Creampuff, Whitepuff, Moralistic passion person that willingly do things, including suggestions. When they are doing things they are independant and not taking idea unless it suits the project. They are flighty and able to mate with anyone, except when they're working. Some can go insane, in a moments notice. The dreams they have give them pause and, they are well understood and understanding with a pose. With emotion they are either superstitious or calm and derive the emotion into fear or strength.

To move on...  

The psyche idea and memory power

  Giving someone something to think about, by the idea expressed in an example, and possibly an inserted memory. Will make the person not want something, if the memory was with a bad result, or make them want it more, if the idea expressed was a good one. This can be a dirty psychology, if the idea inserted as a memory was bad, to prevent an action, and it works only if they consider it important to them or as though it were a warning. Thus, the bad becomes good. As though, the memory of a bursting water pipe and the place flooded, was placed, then the person who had the altered memories would work to get rid of bad pipes or flooding the place he is in. Again, this doesn't work if the person thinks the bad is good.
  If the idea qualities of some interest or strain is projected and felt on or by others, then if they have those qualities and their aura can reflect it they can show sign of it or not if not intending to be effected by how they feel in strangeness. As psyching out and taught is thought in psysioligical psychology and research that taught me tis idea. The Psych class I took and ideal I got was to use what was given, as a trait if necessary there are many ways of saying things.

    Thought through actions or intent is by speaking the idea, some can think by energy from amongst the influence and use calmness with aura others are projecting to you. The opposite idea or monster idea, seems that if thought of this point is not liked. As if they that be with the energy can seem that moment, considered an aspect they want to show and feel and the body is reactive or otherwise that be of an idea which is good for the moment. This idea, that can be true and is simple, is the basic moment of when a person changes his ways to seem good because when a respected person is stating something.

    They listen and respond or do things by the thought they decide to seem independent, if a thought and then bad can come from good intentions the spirit can show you what you want to make you feel better. You can make reparations or create better, think from what you see and reflect on the moment as if an omen. As the spirit knows by what you think to see and knows, this is before the moment and as the idea and thing is formed.

   Where if the point is not necessary or a waste of time, its sometimes to be with a bad result or home reaction. The only good that comes from this idea, let it be that the moment be the cause of good feelings and feeling stronger or not and do something else, think by them suddenly accepting the results of their actions and 'doing their own thing as if love'. Them being the one who is capable, by thought tis of the doing.

   The subconscious is a powerful analysis tool so if suggestion is right to the feel, then your spirit can allow for the activity or right and not and the activity seems not to happen. Thought made by this in an os is a point, as to see and make intelligent idea by the suggested programming as the right things said if at the right things at the right times and done correctly is what you will.
  The idea can change peoples lives in the lives viewed by soul reading, or make the person's life philosophy happen, and sometimes to be altered. Especially with a win win situation, and by result. As, if it works for them, then they will accept it and maybe promote the basic point. But if a thought is individually done think if proven wrong, there could be a bad reaction, with a point that is and the idea that does, this can go along with other similar idea and in necessity be discounted. Sometimes it is a learning tool thought that is unreacted to or not created, as the originator of point is energy in the idea, thinking on what is can reveal what is considered a bad liar and a fake within notion that doesn't pan out.

   Where the test is to answer an idea, or is in the use that is presented at the end that is concept in a point. That they might give by feel, this was to test the idea by a Super computer with the right suggestion named Watson. Amonst other names this show here, shows what that was given to validate them.

   So if things were in the point of use, thought and appreciated moment then as tis by what you view or not in now is with this case can turn into a win lose situation. As if association is a natural transition, to think by associated words by subconscious and thought sometimes with prevention. "This is "or not" or thought is to do by other words, that the meaning is defined right now."

   With in the tester feeling as a feel by satisfaction in life, thought with a win or win win idea is as a sense of purpose is the thing you decide to do. There is a point and if the loser being the idea giver or energy is with like credit, as if the idea giver is discredited and return answer or exchange is credit.

   Yet the moment can accelerate, as to seem into a snowball, in a moment thats detailed only by the effected or those that sense. Remembered in an ideal is the fundamentals of dreams by the effected, thought and understanding treated is in a moment as though a taught concept in energy use or lesson learned. Think or seem indifferently in mind and yet unusually taken and used, the machine made is the idea in use even with magic.

  Due note: The idea can change, if given a reason to, and this reasoning includes the opposite example, that works as well. For contrast, the opposite idea might appeal more, to their senses. As, it is less troublesome or more troublesome. By thinking, of the idea, you can become the idea.

How to achieve things

  The effect of one holding a calm demeaner and keeping your resolve is a strong demeaner and keeps you from being doubted, Using the calm of the moment or the calm of a stressful situation and getting the person to chat about it, if they care to talk then you resolved the problem. Due note: sometimes druggies are illegally violent to cause destruction if they realize you got them to talk about it. If they think they would be giving info up or they were used, then you are likely in trouble.

  Anyway, to cause trouble else to seem distracted and keep them off balance through words that make a person wow or think twice. For pattern setting as an example of positive idea, let the person see you as defeated, and act it out to get reprieve or effort of aid from the person. Make them think they arent manipulated by examples to improve their mood and that you were right and they were right without much effort, effectively proven to get better resolve by allowing them time to think on it, situations or with good examples and they, the subject, might not be suspicius. Not true for tormented or targeted victims of the moment. This is very difficult so remember, use examples and it would be better.

  So give them something else to chat on, and you don't have to worry on what they said as it will divert them, or you can end up ignored, messed up or dead. The idea is to get them to do something else other than drugs, their activity, or the destructive activity that is irritating. And pseudo-rehabilitate by enforcement. Use of the frame-up, saying 'I __' statements, to get them to do what you want and then force the issue, to frame them, and to give up on their actions, the atttack or usage of illegalities.

  When you sense it, a bad moment, give up the idea of a idea chat and go elsewhere because what will occur may be the rejection of your idea, for some other idea. If your address is revealed then likeliness they won't remember it or or you can move to other area of an existence. Simple rule, if you see trouble don't be there, to avoid being assaulted and change your pattern, if you think it might be of your life, thats effected in the area of yourself.

  If you find people annoying or disruptive, be unnannoying with professionalism or just as annoying, then triumph by effecting a release of emotion to get your way. or the other option are to beat them, with their own game. Now the effort to debate can arouse attention so make it short or guide by choice words, to make understanding and avoid hostility, unless the person is sore or tired with the tactics and then keep them busy. If that fails, then the idea is necessary, and not to say much, as you walk away. Thus the subject won't think on your words, but on the action, so only give idea for working with and talk not at them if you do at all. In this manner, they will ignore you and effect a tension-wrench release by work alone. This also acts like a meditation to effect a job of self-promotional work, for the cause of self-production.

  Otherwise, if its you, then use the effort, of stating a point to ignore the effort and annoyance, and do as you want as some would do. If the person is in pain, they would suicide or actively trick you into believing your views, that they would want. While doing other things you won't want to happen, if your preventative, give them more resources to subdue the pain they have and cause coping, by some action or walking or talking. A worthwhile source of activity gives them, the activist time to reconsider.

  A person will steal if they, the thief to happen to have more pain than resources and then the idea or desire of the item occurs to overcome the pain. The person manages to connive a way and stealth occurs. Added by suggestion of Frodo of de Baggins aka crystal peaks.

Conversation effort

    To get what you desire, need, or just have a person allow for your actions, try common sense and think of the facts. Do certain things, as in hold a heavy object and the person might wait for you, for an answering reply. As, they will wait for you, they will also back off a bit. To hold your tension and then speak, will also make you seem serious as you are. To also be nice about this, is to say 'Maybe later..', or 'Not right now', or 'wait a bit and I will get right back to ya'. Sometimes, to get out of a situation be technical and point out the situation as though it were unavoidable. You can only use this once or twice, before the other person gets tired of this, unless you agree with what they say after they make a point.

   If the person your dealing with, isn't all there or says something strange. Point out the obvious or some fact to get them to be normal and 'there' again. Optionally, you may point something out as though it were a fact and get responses where there isn't. This isn't lying, but making things up as you go along. This is the art of creating and directing the conversation.

   To be believed, make a statement with a straight face and use feeling that its true for you that you project with the statement. Try to make up an idea or arguement to make it seem more plausible. If they don't know you, then they won't humour your actions, albeit there may be a few exceptions to this rule. Where you laugh a little with each expressed idea and alleviate tension. If you do ask for something, see your reasoning and use your feelings to help reason things out. That approach may get reasoning worth the other persons time.

    Don't acknowledge what you think isn't worth it. To appear polite in this instance, seem to appear observant and acknowledge the other person and/or at least listening. Don't appear to give approval of things that irritate you. Don't mention things that were done that you wanted one or two days before and expect to get agreement with the same reaction. Don't be too insistent, insistent behavior can lead to rejection. Don't make nonesense up and expect to be listened to or taken seriously. One's nonsense can appear differently to others. It only appears like nonsense if one can't make use or get the sense of it.

    Finally, just to make conversations, try to state a point that is there for the other person. This is to point things out. This point can be a situation for a situation totally unrelated to their situation. For situations with no answers forthcoming, then use explanation of some idea or just leave the person alone. And for unknown situations that pop up, use a problem or a idea that comes to mind, at the moment, for conversations. To keep a conversation going, pipe in with an okay, keep going, go on or similar. Sometimes making conversation is using a point of your own experience. Or, use an example or story to make an impact and thought. This can make a conversation more meaningful.

Medical concerns

  With some but not others, there is medicine that can work to cure the victim like Risperdone or Risperdal, and yet it will do side effects, so what it will do is the same as making the person, a different person. So on medication they might appear undisrupted but underneath that focus and calm reserve, They are probably piqued, feeling something or panicked and some can be this same way to effect smooth concern for most things. The term is seamless interaction to effect an understanding mood that does well to be seen.

  When the person is to focus that much to get things done, they are likely to not show anything wrong. If the person did they could find cause to fake a moment and hide the reactions. What not to do with field psychology around these people, is to act falsely and not prove your point of speech.. If done so, you could be ignored or pushed out of the area by methods sometimes unseen. If pushed then they could be disruptive and yet there is an opposite reaction. This doesn't work with all as its for a moment of other wrongs they remember.

  Sometimes medication can be with bad side effects causing extreme emotionalism, Thus, use the "walk-on-eggshells" technique is to avoid their attention and the above idea of irritated activity. Remind them of what they did or might do and make certain to let them be undisturbed. The fix is not used around criminal types, to be apologetic and willing to get to an area on command by the person and appear strong and prepared or appearing weak and insignificant, or to say the least cowed.

  Then use emotion with speech to get the result of desire as it seems to allow moments of begrudgement or respect for the moment. Most definitely will you get a reply of noncommittal activity or non antisocial behavior. Always be willing to adapt as there are malcontents to effect release of the moment violently. with negativie emotion. Thus the use of persuasion is makes for free speech and to stand up for the law that you would peacefully follow.

  A stand-up peace code is a necessity to have, that uses white lies of part truth and devotional lying or lies to divert attention. The idea is to effect a emotional balance of agreement without agreement. Use of mabey's and noncommittal answers are for these people will not remember the address or effort if done right. Making the area unseen by undisclosure with a lie or two or a straight answer with one intention, to cause doubt or amazement. Pathological lying is acceptable to a point but white lies are acceptable after.

  When the effect of a person is destructive, then use positive actions and if the person has negative intentions use convincing or positive intentions with an act of positive or negative negation, but don't attempt to attain the physical action of equal reply like brutality attack where attack is or browbeat unless you can accept responsibility. Don't be dismissive to people who agree or it could be a insult. Take everything as a lesson with suspending disbelief. Don't honor terror but the peaceful intent instead, by honoring solutions with use of terror or small destructive instention, to create a peace with small terrorisms that make a person think twice or not be dumb. However with it you will be dumb.

  This follows the rules force negates force of equal intention along with power of emotion. Disruption or disagreement is only aiding in this cause as this is chaotic therapy that follows the golden rule of like gets like result with a measured balance. Don't use this with the "I feel like beating you for it" idea and then counting it a win. If this don't work, use the example technique of a story to get the meaning across and reduce tension or use force with force to negate the emotion and make even reactionists pause in good intentions.

  Their is a focus of degrees of insinuation to provoke a reaction, through legend and speech that most won't "catch" but they will impulsively act on or disregard. Make an assumption the person has to correct with a more accurate view and force the person to revaluate their idea in an arguement. The effect of relating an idea is to explain the event to cause resolution. What it doesn't do is cure schitzophrenic and mental disease, only brings people around to sanity or focusing them. If you want understanding try to make things clear for those seeking answers, or deserving an answer, unclear to those who want violent action except to white lie, to make clear an idea use ephemeral statements or commentary that give directions where needed but direct the emotion to calmness or you will find digress.


Chi Needle work

  See that is chi energy used as to create a cure or needlework, think a cure or drug name to create the drug by need as you focus to imagine shooting the serum. That is possible if a source from something in use, to create what is not a drug or cure unless by aura use so lets not if cancer. Think or not as creative needle magic is ci or chi needle created with feel with energy as a substance, this was by or from what I remember so that is what I saw. This in is use that was interesting, that I saw in use was not always there so what I saw was energy in use. As "Umen" or lumen energy by the energy field or thought power created by computer in use thought, this was with bioelectricity with watt energy by thought.

  This is not if a drug that allowed memory to come as focus is aware concept. The idea you use is thought that creates by idea or figuring out that energy is the focus to a needle to create what shot you think to create. This is in energy by thought the area that in creates or doesn't create, think by what you can see or feel is necessary as no need no mercy or nothing wrong nothing bad off.

  This is any idea of a formula or substance not abusable, that you are in use of to create effects with. Except to those that don't deserve the drug, as your mind is subconsious minding things if you think or not in to use. Thought or not is with thought you can use the idea not to target, as this is not always possible. Don't as you have no reason as no reason is no reasoning to do.

  This is with the creator to make what is necessary if necessary. So think the drug name to use as thought be where you think, as energy is forming unless not necessary this is energy to the use. Think as if your energy is forming from the area energy to create what you want, not created as if you think the need this isn't there unless not illegal.

  This the moment that by the idea is the end is much like a mobile needle an that is clean where creatable is seeable. Te Ci is ci energy that is energy drugs or what you think to use, as drug or water essence is the chi or substance energy to use. Boosted by feel is boosted by thought, seeing is believing were alteration is possible to cure by or where your idea creates the formula or thought touched drug from the area energy that the use or substance was use or expensive to get.

 So think a formula or some drug essence to create with to make use of this, such as AgN2O3(SP)2 Silver nitrate oxide or FeN2O3 is with a possible way to lose weight. So only if by imagining the energy from your area, think to gather energy by imagine chi hands in the aura energy to use collectively unless thought ot necessary. As if you in manage to breath pure oxygen with Sulfer or focus energy, tis by nitrogen with oxygen or thought to use no sulfer or think "without potassium" as you eat a banana in thought to use the surface area energy. This can also use the crater surface energy in crete, think to use "hot ashes" or "not ashes" by the concept thought with mention to focus or not do unless necessary.

 This with idea to use "or not" as particles with ashes or trace elements essence as carbon by hydrogen in use by energy focus if present as trace gases allow thought focus. This is focus energy or thought where you can see use to nulle high fructose or some idea in mind from drinks, think to see or create with the excess potassium in use as you think a source with copper, hydrogen or helium to allow magic or body essence that dissipates.

 So life is possibility yet if you don't think this is a possibility, then you can find your body doing reaction to create as you focus when moving. The idea you think is as if thought or not, as you might find yourself doing something like no disruption to life or thought life is not as I actually understood unrealized potential. These is the area not hit that are the idea of life to lose a life, things that doesn't like life are fire energy related so not use is to do in excercise with focus that can disrupt energy parasites are "so what" that disrupts the diseases.

  How to survive in a fight

  Field fighting and use of psychology, is to use of two modes: verbal or physical. either way the idea is to avoid the fight. First thing, on the concept of defense, what you think on the moment will occur so when preparing allow negative energy to support the positive energy of your effort in a strengthening move with an object by "seeing the negative filtered through an anchor of white or black light and sent, to the object" and then use through voice as a directive guide to form its purpose and the feeling of a happy moment.

  This, the attempt, would strengthen in the end and weaken at first. The main purpose is not to fight but to create a unstable mindset thaat serves an object lesson, up to a point and until they the attacker leaves you alone and without anyone dying. Yet if you must win then triumph to survive or distract and run. Strive to win by disarming and then to kill if you must by maiming to disarm, and then as if ordered not to kill, knock the target out.

  There are three possible outcomes for the fight: fate by unusual circumstances or incidences, conditions with people who are skilled and conditioned with a bad side or injury, and shortcoming as what they can't deal with and what they are trying to avoid. Point out the obvious so they will do else. To win use the freakout technique of unexpected things or items to occur with speech pattern thats unforseeable, the person could find it funny and leave. Best way is clumsiness or accidental effect thats observable and thats non painful to you for a clumsy man will not always win but you can stop a small fight or be missed unless a fatal mistake.

  To goad a person is to sometimes win a fight because at first they, the victim, will not react and then your getting them angry if your persistant. Sometimes you can drive the victim off or get them to fight, yet if your pointing of gibes aand what others say of them, the victim will leave to go after them and leave you alone. Sometimes the victim will attack you as you can get the goader to be driven off or away by police as someone might notice.

  Use of things they, the opponent did works to sometimes get guilt trips to the foe. As in a taunt of "You don't understand, you did this to yourself." With a followup of "Whatever, or however (state a good quote." Sometimes use white lies, to get the effect of what you desire. If possessed, see or make an image of a dagger to "toss" at the person to drive away the evil, in the area as the sacrifice to drive the possessor away by moving into the person mentally, Innuendo has the effect of use on lies or white lies to get the reaction or action if no other reason, or panic and dive away to get away but with good speed or throwing arm. Don't do this these things with friends. Trust me, you might find a repeat of your actions.

  A political term of innuendo, is to blackwash or use dirty warfare like a dirt campaign to make the person look bad. To just make the person look bad allows you to make amends and if you stop their aim or goal then their is a chance to regain friendship or the friendship is lost. In a fight of debt or honor the warfare will actually end if one gives in to their arguement. A blood debt or blood war is settled by death or someone disappearing before the fight and they, the victim must not hear of the foe they claimed.

Field hypnosis

  Field hypnotism of the person is as straight facts of what you observed, and a strong tone to convince the person of a story which is opposed of effect and to advent a set idea or to achieve unopposing actions for victims. Go for their weakness of what they don't like to do or what they didn't say that was observed. Give examples to stop what they intended as evil or as idea such as freedom for the enslaved to cause an uprising. Use thought focus to effect more efficient idea or effect of voice manipulation without screaming. This takes two points of fact to one factual opinion that you want attempted with a negative reaction at first to work well or two nouns and one verb or adverb to effect at least as desire would allow. Now this isn't clinical hypnotism to effect a thought by a rhythmic voice and get the broken resolve or resulting effect trough subconscious manipulation. But this is just as useful to make the idea of clinical hypnotism mixed with the strong voice of a story to effect a desire from a positive idea.

    But normally a field hypnotism is likely to get results without the clinical addition. Use of the freakout and the idea of hypnotism may induce an assaulter to pause enough to kill as a unexpected fate or making a personal attempt to attack the morals and get a self suicide. Use of field hypnotism to get a unsuicidal attempt and a will to live on is also good. The use of questions will only happen to work if the person feels guilty to do a favour. When your aware of this you say firmly a "No" several times to resist or shake head and or suggest something else. Another way is to walk away and not talk to the field hypnotist because they could try again.

  The strength that they have is their weakness in a fight and their other weakness is the actions they may not want to do. If they are aware of this, then be aware, its a strength instead. What they resist is what they don't do unless you know them as a stranger or tried hypnotism before on the target, in this case they will attempt to do as you say and not to do as a action. To misquote on purpose their intent or what you think they want to achieve gets them to quit and them to state the effect. To get pity gets more to your favor what you want as long with stating rules of an encounter and explain it unless their not listening, only then stop and consider options. Last but not least state your reason of white lies and you might get unharmful relief, but project with feeling by strong voice or channeled or cold emotion or you won't get your result of a resolve of some sorts. When their realising they can't beat your attempt, they might act like a trapped rat and fight unless you give the person a way out. Appear to give in and they will gloat a little or not, but readily give in to yourself.

  For more information, in or on hypnosis goto the Hypnosis document. @ here.

Meditation techniques

What its good for.

  Meditation hs been around for centuries, ever since the buddhists in their religion of knowledge and meditation, has it been allowed in religion. What it does is to create the mindset of a peaceful moment. This process of soothing mantras allows for a calm outset of which is considered thoughtful and your non panicked. Whaat to do for people is to talk them into doing it if they don't already. But, only if they are willing to and stressed. There are 3 or more different types possible. Standing, calm and relaxing normal, and chaotic. If you want more help on the subject, look it up on the web under meditation on your favorite web engine, or look at My friendpage account and choose any one document site, Then look at the document list to select a subject of meditation to read.

What to do

  Standing meditation is to put forth to the unconscious to achieve, the action and then call the effect forth by feeling, seeing(visualize) or saying the intended occurance. Another name is suggeston or self-suggestion.

  Normal meditation is to lay down or sit comfortable and focus on clearing your mind, then think of your goal with a murky shroud around you to see or get an idea of what you achieve or to instruct the subconscious on what to do. Alternatively, use a focus of a white light for an easy meditation, and spread it to your self roots from sunlight to spear through you and change yourself to surround your being and body in a 2" circle. Change the color to that which your desire for desire to occur for a different effect.

  Brown for control, wall and absorbative, golden to use infini shield, pink or purple for emotion, gray to cause concealment by cooling to no temp and absorb radiation, blue for healing; almost anybody and alteration, and black for nothingness, coolness and absorbing. Ask your subconscious by a question to get a keyword to speak and to achieve the desire. This ensures better results on projects to desire a successful ending to. One thought, light a candle first to achieve results with more clarity, preferably not red.

  Chaotic meditation is to raise emotion or hope meditate with not thinking of much to clear your mind or think of what you have to achieve in orderly thoughts. Then using unordered murky or disruptive memories of which you unrelate mentally with a switch labelled on/off and feel the disbelief of the memories to effect you and turn off the switch for suspension of disbelief. Once your dazed, try to be startled or snapped out of it on meditation end. By "The art of creative thinking" to become calm with the release of tension by remembering the soothing chaos. To avoid suicide tendency, make yourself not see the memories as memories but as moments that are dismissed or emotional detachement will occur with numbness and madness.

  For more meditation techniques goto the How to to meditate doc @ here.

Chaotic therapy

  To do chaotic therapy is to use three methods indivisuaally or together, but the main goal is to set in mind a framework of tolerance by giving examples or getting agreements to work together. These methods are Chaotic meditation wherein you start to to get used to chaotic events that are very disruptive to people normally, Chaotic counselling where you are treating an described or observed behavior pattern of people, Chaotic conditioning is where the person is conditioned by talking into actions not otherwise achieved.

  Chaotic counselling is to use a chaotic pattern to fix the moment of which people speak of and devote people to better methodology and peace while your looking the part of an authority. This includes chaotic consultation where people derive a meaning or purpose to give them a better purpose unless they don't desire it. With this set purpose of desire into set purposes is to shock them by actions they do and hope to get better with a "click" to put it all together from random idea. The bases is illogical patterns make a person sane or figure things out.

  To suspend disbelief allows for understanding of a set purpose as you listen to both sides. Two things can cancel each out with the idea to disturb problems to cause more stable relations and by using unstable action. Last but not least, use reverse psychology and reverse freudlike approach to cover for mistakes. Fixing a resolution and sometimes bad thoughts from a truthful exposure, yet this approach can leave a person in a bad mood. Choosing a different approach everytime to fix the situation through use of strain and emotion directed by their will, as they, the client is the controller and guides the session toward a new goal or a better solution. Exemporary use, on warfare area victims, thieves and people with lost hope or desire. To derive a false beginning and end the story or example with the truth is to make for a calming tale.

  To hope is by random focused thoughts to give people a direction and to chat things out by given questions, using field psychology the worst case scenario "is" to drive a person insane by crazy making and set goals where people will set alot of goals to give a crazy moment. Always use compliments to get a better result with cocky and humorous idea for adults. Being humorous is to affect a outlook of be as you are but a little exaggerated. Like "Your doing fine this morning with just yourself". Using the right words make a better idea with resolving possibilities, or other resolutions.

  So for children and adults behaviour, its cocky but self-assured with affirmative speech To use direct focus with speech and command with reason is a failsafe, to guide by sound reason and use the conditioning behavior in your voice powered by emotion or relaxed idea, is to see the directed use of slight tension. A thought of what can happen to something or a destructive cause to cause harm as in jest makes it possible to calm people. Things are always possible if your mind is set in an openminded idea and if not state the obvious to cause openminded nature. Chaotic council made by skyhawk for critical thinking and other area where this can be used along with distraction or to get things cheap.

  Chaotic conditioning, use two or more different idea to effect a pause and reconsideration, to fix a thought in the head by stating a chaotic thought to make forgettance of the other idea that was suspected or thought on before. This works similiar to hypnotism but is different as you need no hypnotism to make it work.

  This is clinically adaptive or chaotically adaptive and it uses the idea of chaos and some pain to stay stable, which is a personality type that uses positive and negative values to, accept that which allows you to feel good and not that of otherwise, to like a destructive idea except to tolerate that which allows for chaos, evil or disruption. The forces against you effect a balance as to a normal person, we the tools, and are like a record to work with and to a chaotic adaptive we are a tool to manipulate at a distance. We, being that which is used for known or unknown purposes. Like treat a person well after some person browbeating them or to do a somewhat nasty action and then treat them well after as in pms. Also be a bastard and come up with good ideas. So to sum this up with a quote by unknown, "Perfection to a degree with persuasion equates to perfection in itself".

Coping game

  To cope, some use life as a game to find the moment of peace and envelope the pain so they persevere, as in a game watched and it makes an impression, and they cope as that impression is like a stigma or thought that you can react to. So to be forthcoming with the feelings allows you not to be brutal but happy and cocky with humour. When confronted, be aware that things can intercede and distract the pursuing party. When watching on a request if the person is not making a mistake, then be nice. When the person is inactive and making mistakes be alert. Not doing as stated, be ignorant and act a if they didn't do anything or when emotional and unstable be miffed or silent.

  Be devoted to a cause of glory and peace to remember that ruin may happen if not careful. So to effect a calm but cruel demeaner is if they, the worker is active and wrong. To work and see people in action try to act approvingly, then be aware that you were watching and if done in the wrong, right it with advice, unless their unnaccepting then be silent. But if they are wrong, then hinder with critcism or other ways like leave and hope you weren't seen. Some parts written by others and the first part is mine. The effect of people on the nerves can be startling so meditate as you can. Meditation told of here.

  Brownie points are the nice things you do to get peoples appreciation. It stems from when you do an action and the other appreciates it, then you earned some brownie points The more brownie points, coping is easier.

Rage and anger

  How to deal with anger is symptomatic and apart of coping as its dealing with several types of anger. As anger can be stressed anger and pressured anger and is within all of us except when were calm. Anger is easier if stressed. So if stressed there are some off switches and that is to breathe deeply, count to 10 and listen to soothing music. You may also cry it out. Except when you get the pressured anger where your so angry that you can't breathe... or think... the world seems to be on fire, and then the anger lasts for several hours more unless you can find some way to release it. Simply stop talking and leave if your that angry.

  On pressured anger, some can cry easily under this pressure and some are as stoic as the silent types who lock it in and sometimes keep it as a grudge. Normally you can cry it all out, either that or slam doors, bang table and walls, but the most effective way of venting the frustration without doing any harm to others is to take a piece of paper, write what you're angry about or who you're angry to and then tear it into as many pieces as you can. Writing helps the feelings come out. This can follow the rule of say or find what it is, do and then think. As you find out or say what it is, you do the act necessary and then think about what, how and the results of it. Knowing it was okay if it got some result that was unharmful. Otherwise it turned into rage. Most rage is deflectable or stopped when something is destroyed.

  Rage is active anger and this anger is gotten by frustration and stress or focus. Rage allows for strength modifiers, to energy and the body activity, as long as the rage lasts. Like a orange range gives you 10% more energy into the activity and lowering the intelligence by 1% every second, unless its a controlled rage, cold rage or fashion rage that negates the reduction. Where the rage leaving the body allows for a stamina reduction of 10% and restoration of intelligence as you start thinking as your not enraged. This, the rage lowers the body temperature a few degrees, 1 Degree Celcius per second of rage, so they cool off the rage and are normal after 3 or four degrees. There are different types of rage as listed.

  1.   Red rage (anger rage, striking rage, moody rage or favour rage). A red rage is where a person technically will be feared and for a memory, physically and cruelly hurt people in a crowd or singularly. A practical rage.   
  2.   Blood rage (blood debt and the persons enraged or beserked over some memory like a disturbing concept or with berserker rage).   
  3.   White rage (emotional rage that blood boils and the voice is calm and they do mishaps and destructive urges). Considered the Blind rage of trashed people.   
  4.   Cold rages (emotionally blind and likely to be treacherous by striking the nearest person, or follow suggestions in tragedy for the unseen rage). Cold rages can last for months.
  5.   The Orange rage (warm rage) is to sabotage in a mood with no loss of feelings. Most likely to rebel and dismiss things for grudges. Not all fit this role and the warm rage works with the mood.
  6.    Green rage (extreme rage) is to attack with destructive psychology or reason and use jealousy (extreme emotion) as the fuel. But the rage only goes away with a severe messing with some person. Similiar to a jealous husband to strike without thinking and mess the person whom went after the wife. A woman will get jealous over too much superiority, it ends at the person admitting he/she was wrong where she/he was right. At any rate the jealousy rage of green envy can end with a hit of sorts. 
  7.     Blue rage (musical rage, absorbative rage, cool rage, complaint rage) A rage that causes ruckus and a cause to make disruptive purpose, like loud music on purpose or acting out for attention. The rage lasts a few weeks and ends with consideration after being forced or driven away to stop. Pleased with themselves, the blue rage person may attempt an action or guaranteed motion that gets result. Absorbing most complaints to anyones grief. Another example is to focus complaints and tell it to someone as they let it out, the blue rage disappears.
  8.    Black rage (absorbative, hold it in, grudge) by D. They would do away with miscreants and deliberate cruel tricks. For deceit is their practice when excited.   
  9.    Meringue rage (fits of all types), A person whom is concentive and taken advantage of, or predictable and disruptive. Subsuming no time for revenge but to do their job anyway. In a fit of rage, they could yell at many without warning and yet if pushed as they are similiar. Given by drama teacher.
  10.    Yellow rage (Conniving rage, Contrapulative rage, Sickness rage) A technological rage that is determining who to disrupt and when with too much information. These rager types will go for the drive away and hope to distract at any distance. What sets this off is new info that seems strange to them. When the yellow rage hits, the person seems fevered and tries to con artist the people around or near without realizing. Any favortism gets a revenge strike at the favored moment, placed by Monty. 
  11.    Light yellow rage (Fashion rage, Favortism rage, Gold rage) To be idea and clothing for the purpose of creating a fashion to copy and make lives better. What sets this off is to effortlessly make creative displays with enjoyment, a symbolic moment for artist and actors and normal people to make for better fame. Also considered greed in action for the plot of getting an action. For "its all the rage" and easy to waste money on. By witches of eastwick for example.

The art to discussion

 The art of discussion is to use an integrity that allows you to be kind, interesting and to the point. This is making a point that can be talked about and worked with by the other person. Where, the art of discussion takes place, this be when there's sometimes a switch-off to commanding or arguing. To which is using a different set of idea or where the other doesn't agree. The goal is to get an understanding between the people discussing things. So remember this, when you want to get along and to get their agreement, you can make your idea seem like theirs and then if possible make it seem to have come from the other person. Sharing a viewpoint, if you can or asking a question for a question when you actually don't have anything to say.

  However this is what I remember. When it goes to either of the two, then its up to you. The discussion has to be ended sometime, so be aware of that and try to either give an excuse to talk another time or to state that you must do something else or let the conversation end as you 'choose' to walk or go away from the discusser. Sometimes not saying anything is to end the conversation early and you have option to choose to go away from the other. So sometimes when there is no way to continue a conversation, it is ended and somebody walks away.

  Where I am certain that it is somewhat more interesting. This is when you are trying to bring up what they said and tell it in your own words, as a restatement to make the other assured you heard the thing said. The other thing is to restate what they did as a fact. When you make them think, by doing so, then you can get them to be swayed to your point. Sometimes to discuss something you gain a possible friend and someone to work with. Sometimes they may be abstinate or obsessive and go into arguing a point. The conversation with discussion is to make a point, not to actually argue and try not to stress the point. So, make it seem as though it were a good point as it can make a difference, otherwise drop the idea.

  Otherwise, you can state your problem or situation and in the place of a response. This can be useful when you don't have anything to say about what they say. It serves to point out something of the moment that can be discussed or resolved. Try combining those idea of conversation, if you want to try something different. Try using the feelings you get through empathy, then you will know what to say, as it feels right.

  This is the point though, to seem to give in and yet make a point to get you a winning point of recall in the discussion. This is like a debate, where the art of discussion is the idea of working with another for a result. So, they can turn into associates, and it can lead to pride and friendship. Which leads the future conversations you might have. On the other thing that can happen, be that the meeting can turn into nonchalance or dislike.

  So watch what you say, as some things said could lead into disaster. This be where the idea of holding back on saying the irritating thing in discussion works better for you. In fact, I believe its knowing when not to say something, also called saving face, where you state what they want to hear and leave off the rest. What feels right to say, should be a good approach than just bluntly saying things. Always remember the final last words. Where the dismissal of a discussion is the final last words.

How to argue and disargue

  How you argue is with a win win type situation. That is to win and have the other win, in some manner. The arguement is key to the conversation. So, to argue one work out their viewpoints and must be aware that each side has views that must be expressed to get understood. Thus, to win, one must wait out the anger or emotion and not react to it while thinking of what he or she will say. The emotional outburst can cause a reaction in a heated moment. This reaction can lead to attacks, of many sorts. If the other person feels they are ignored, then they will leave off arguing or attack. The key to this is discussion. Don't be afraid to express your thoughts and get things understood. When an understanding is reached, then you are free to do as you want.

  This is done in many variety of ways, one of which is presenting your arguement in a firm or focused manner that makes sense to the other, as long as its practical they will agree and may end the arguement. Unless the other is obstinate, they will agree. Another such way is to be present for the idea you want to discuss in a manner that causes them to think they won the point, where you actually win by sacrificing something you want for getting the agreement. Thus, feigning or seeming to lose is sometimes winning. This may be seeming to give in, and presenting a point thats similar to their point will win them over. So, if done right you both win. Where the idea is to get dismissal of the bad thoughts.

  Be willing to say, 'Ok' every now an then or make it a point to allow them no arguement. Be willing to be concillatory to the point of effort, by any method you want to use. This means accepting the point of view and working with it, adding your idea in with it, and presenting it. The arguement is best ended quickly before it gets bad or violent. Albeit, don't seem to be a pushover too many times, as they might take advantage of you. In the arguement, be sure to state the situation to get the other to understand where your coming from. If necessary, make a stand-off moment where you may request time to think it over or similar. Waiting 10 seconds by counting backwards from 10 can work wonders. Don't be afraid to to say 'no' and point your reason out. This is being assertive.

  Stress the point that is important to you and they will get the point. Don't yell it though, just firmly state it as it can act to get attention to you. Thats the reason you can't always tell what the outcome is with concillatory moments except by concillatory actions. As the concillatory moment is changing the outcome where you can tell what's going to happen with the person who's dead-set and made to act with emotion. Its better to act with concillatory moments. It makes an interesting point, either ignore the points that don't fit with the object you have in mind. Or, take notice only when it deems important. Ie, they must make a point of it, with evidence that supports their idea. So the only way to actually win is accede the point, accept the situation and work out an agreement. The one exception amongst many is that sometimes people argue over the idea they have to release stress and they can make up after working things out.

  So, be willing to laugh the problem off and let go of your pride. Pride is ego and takes up a position in your mind that promotes emotion. Emotion can make stress and a health problem may result. Thus, to lose the stress requires meditation or a decisive mind to achieve and not sweat the small stuff.

How to do discipline

  Discipline is gained from a repeat moment that has results that can be desirable. There be three ways to do discipline and Willpower is part of all of them. To even attempt to use the three possible ways, requires a will to which you want and need to do something, mostly with your life. As, if there be a will then there is a way. But, it can be with others.

  To be knowing this can help you in the end.

  'Attitude is a main ingredient to discipline. If you have an attitude expecting failure, you will practice your hardest and inevitably fail or hit a wall when obstacles present themselves, even if you surpass those obstacles a negative attitude degrades performance, whereas a positive attitude can change your outcomes for the better in every sense.

  Also, this means that you can have the will and the discipline and work hard but attitude can make or break what you are doing. In the end, a negative attitude defeats you as does one expecting to take longer to achieve results, even one that allows memories of a past injury can alter results and actions in training. To have a positive attitude will make the result be clear and a success.' - Aryn

  The first way is the training way to use activity and decision to make an achievement which effects others or yourself. First, decide on whom to discipline, either it be yourself and/or others. Then cause the target to do things that help them improve on the effect you need them to improve in. Doing the repeat moment enough times that cause the basic idea you are attempting to train, into becoming habit. The more you attempt of an activity, or genres of activity, the more will you build up.

  The warriors way is yet another adaptation to this. Its the second way thats done by the self. This is to do things that are impeccable and to store poder. By, not doing things or results, that aren't needed, as in being too much of anything. This is the effect of choosing the more efficient option than doing something that wastes your time or choosing to do things that you actually need to do. Poder is your personal power that helps you understand and get things done. As you use controlled folley to get even better results, you can use controlled folley by choosing on the moment to which you will do.

  Don't do the wasteful acts, basically this includes getting emotional, which consumes maybe 70% of our energy, and stopping our inner speakings. However, positive emotions don't steal our personal power, but also they make us vulnerable for psychic attacks. that kind of energy is usable, manipulatable.

  And also, things like fasting, -especially fasting of silence, limiting the masturbation etc.. helps you with gaining personal power. No sex? Nope, just limiting masturbation as sex energy is important. Its the life blood of our body's energy. Its only the body act, like doing sports and at the same time having orgasm and wasting some of your life giving energy; but its probably better than wasting that power with your own hand. When I say 'life giving', I don't mean making a baby. What I mean, is that its life energy.

  Everything is a choice, with the warrior's way that you attempt because you choose to. Either from thinking about the situation, doing an activity on an educated guess or from doing the choice on a whim. Thus, controlled folley is very enduring. It can be very unique to do your own thing, that you choose and get power from. And we only actually have a certain amount of power that we are born with. That can be redirected to better purposes. As though everything be a personal challenge and fight to achievement. Work with things that come your way.

  Recapitulation is necessary to reclaim lost memory and poder. Which is named other things as well, like summarization. Listed here @

  Also, try to laugh at everything that happens, as you also laugh at yourself. This improves the mood and you learn to not take everything seriously. This creates an idea situation to do things better and you don't get 'down' on life. Try not to let the things that happen be too much of a concern. And, worry is annulled. As with the saying, 'don't sweat the small stuff.'

  The third way is self disciplining, which be to attempt to achieve that which effects for yourself and have the guff to do things till they are done or you get tired of the actions. Decide which you want to do and go for it! Use controlled folley for things you are unsure of. It helps to talk about and will yourself to want to do the actions with intention to do the necessary acts. Again, don't let things be too much of a concern. In fact, meditation on the act or effect you want to achieve, also meditation on just nothing, is helpful. And, if something was done that you didn't like, laugh it off.

  Feel free to use psychology with these techniques and combine some of them for better effect. Always remember with using discipline, to work with what you get or work around what you get and laugh off the small stuff.

  Controlled folley and the warriors way is from the Castenada books.

Philosophy of life:

  •   This is a response of a review for the quantum physics/mechanics movie "lifes moments". That says "life is allot about exploring and experimenting with addictions and glories." Not all is true but some can apply. "More good people die for the knowledge of their quest in life." Some will strive to survive in strange ways. So stay neutral if you can and then try to get things done civilly where the true mark of a hero is to remain alive after the idea is achieved of the quest. So it is with solipsism or overuse in an activity of addiction. Double linking allows for them, the hero, to do it without pain or disruption. The hero could take on more than necessary by considering it the "duty" or "honor" of the day. 
  •   Honor and greed allow for a "double duty" by work consiration and necessity. Some heroes will try to think that staying is being where they are. So they are where they can be and if circumstances allow that they leave when they can. Why do the heroes do things, because of poverty that creates a sorrow for loss and profit. Singularly motioned in this is a need for wellbeing and makes for the hope of survival. Some seem to think opportunities are to recover things or an area in and this fact might drive onwards the daring and creative person. I try to do justice where justice is moderately deserved and if a strong sense of justice or funny, do nothing unless asked to.

      Not in every world is this possible, so express a mature self to get results from a set area for environmental safe experiments. When in risking it, make it easy for yourself and ask appropriate questions of the moment. When in doubt, that appropriate question turns to finding a reason to act sensibly and make others seem reasonable to fight your addiction when overusing an idea. Where theres a target, don't use addiction for knowledge or power over people, as an act displayed near a person and there won't be a cause for panic. Even if you are finding it tough or trouble. Even where your going with doubts. So where your going is to be open minded and attempting to see or feel with a grain of salt. On conception do as you feel is right and let people alone to void out conflict, or on not trying. As when your attempting an act of communication your deceiving yourself with a need to know. Use the need to know to learn of competence and to be noticed and understood better as competence is looked for, in a person to compell and denote an aura of professionalism,

      Still, when your deceiving yourself, some can try to overcompensate by solopsism or momentary overabuse, thanks to Susan Surandon. So stop deceiving yourself as it can cause discomfort. Momentary levels of blocked emotion but with allowed paths. To look at mean people I discovered they respond as if they can tease more people of similiar ilk to the same fate. To force consideration and not feel emotional pain for fallen people. But will not damage except for psychic or psychology damage by clandestic statement. They manipulate for addictive reasons, meditate to get over addiction and discover lost or new things. The only solution to myself is to observe or be active and divert addiction by hope of another idea or action. Together, information for more experiments or true moments of others doing goes into attemping and not out of meanness, thanks to Amanda "whos Amanda".
  •   Most alchemical or chemical relations, in comparison can be diverted along with bad chemistry for momentary order. Thanks to durands with a quote. "I try to be capable and see as you can. As sanity can be considered natural points of time where I can find acceptance by others. through their idea and accept my own idea as well. For life is a moment of thinks and trials, so push the envelope. Apply to work as one who can see and is with reality by self-adjustment. With a self-concept and most people around be to improve on the reality by a negative (approachless, antisocial) and positive (social, approachable) viewpoint, The competing view is for the people who cross compare and consist of both with an underhanded method. Where some or most have time, as on their own."

      Actions are then sometimes observed with emotion to remember by and well to allow identification as much as possible. unless trained and the response is systematically concieved or pursued and followed through. Thanks to examples by Ali baba, G. W. and G.W. Neal. The difference is undisruptiveness or people who are victors in a personal game of understanding as amount of losses from the other side who are competing, where so many compete and they don't know it. The game is sometimes spoken of with each victory as a brownie point. Like I won't go the distance unless pushed and the world is likely to behave with some attention but only as a sight or perception of the real area. I can not ever explain the compliance. Where the victor is one whom is with more brownie points or wins; and with less loss and achieves more by direct actions or indirect actions.
  •   The perception of dumbness consists of where people stop learning, and know it all without listening, for without listening one won't catch up to the times. Perception is where one consists with evil and good training; the bad training is forgotten and yet the evil can be to learn to kill, and the good training proves to cause condolence and understanding, for an idea of resources or indecisivenes, is where resource is a path where people give a positive or considerate reaction. Pain comes in the form of rejection from bad reaction to your act, in a personal area of important idea that you wanted to communicate. Bad taste is to know a symbol and use the wrong representation for the symbol. Good taste is to use a good symbolic idea with a positive idea where the idea is the basis of fact or meaning, thanks to the gangs whom kill on bad taste. On the other idea life if profitable is worth and some say like jack "Life is profit and fun". Another saying is "Learn the barony, but theirs nothing to baron as people rule themselves." For the cases of seeing an empty area or where you barge in and this ties in with dumbness as you try to control it. Ignore the dumbness and try to not notice to barger. Another option for more physically fit motion with morally unfit motion try if you want to be dumb but smart on the right moments and almost bossy in-between. Others may go with just one. I know emotion causes dumbness and calm causes conception except in sex.
  •   Children, in this case, is to expand by three states of perception, resource, hope and coping to create self-awareness. and out of a sense of loss to keep your memory alive with a sort of immortality and almost brutality, thanks to George. Perception is where one consists of evil and good training for an idea of resource and activity. Indecisiveness is where resource is a path of too many choices and where people give a positive or considerate reaction. Pain is from the rejection of bad reaction to acts of communication. So, to cope with pain, balance the resource with the reaction and have more free resources or get some but not by stealing, as you can get into more pain. Cope by physical activity or a thought spoken out loud. When you need a good point concede with the other person and add your own first. To have them think its their own idea and then give the person more to add into a better idea, you can win any arguement. From the suicide relief page. So to hold off suicide and infamy try to reconsider your thoughts as unimportant, compared to others of similiar ilk and this allows for thoughts come after naturally. Importance is when the idea is made to seem as important, or told to be of importance from somewhere.
  •   Self-respect is when action is done by several reasons and facts for good results. Self-respect can cause deceit with activity by self-respective goals or to gain a position with activity, in occurances that happen with some thinking on something to occur. Think on an enduring moment, feel the moment to create consideration and unity. Where unity comes from the able perception to allow a pacified moment. As some buddist think, where other is of other minds. Madness is induced by pain and introducing an idea thats new and not well understood. Insanity is made when pain is intolerable with paths that open, however pain comes about and includes physical pain, and intention is blocked by expected social pressure. Where physical pain and intolerance gets a trained response with body shivers thanks to examples by torturers, to fix think pain relievers to get over it. The end result or grand result is to do illegal things with only untested paths left leaving destructive actions. Unless allowing for circumstances to be immune to pain and then the paths are open because its only physical pain with automated motion it, the pain becomes tolerable. When pain is enough, people stop listening and snap only for the effect of too many idea, which can make one dumb for a small bit of time. This can also be counted as writers block for pressure of writing can halt the writing.
  •   Crazy is to have so many paths that are somewhat insane and the pain that is from blocked physical activity or others triumphant moments creating a frenzy. Sorta like locking a person in a room and then waint till they plead, in the pursuing craziness they attempt to flee. In the leavetaking(aftereffect) of craziness the person creates a calm from those that watch. Self-decency is an act to promote self-goals for good values, that is thought to be good by both sides for peace. Intolerance is a intolerable level from when people try and have their own idea. Only to find someone else with similiar idea and considered from pain and emotion. In a view that destroys it or tries to in a view of destruction, the idea is dismissed. To relate to intolerance use inconciderance (Ica) to the moment of poverty or the bad activity. Use what is most likely to work and leave short term solution alone, unless you yourself are cruel or to get rid of something for a longer period.

      So inconciderance is tolerance pushed by intolerance with inconsistant pain and imposing nature. Allowing yourself to not be effected by the slights and being civil by ignoring the faults. People in power by any means are more than likely to be nice to the enemy unless not possible. To keep track of movement and prove points of theology and idea, to convert any possible person to a friendly state. When courage is possible in people in mind, that use motion to curtail thought and energy for ability and life. To create a product people take thought and use energy in action to create life for the product, and ability to use the product. In effect we are a product of a live social animal considered society. Theology can make the the life of the product if the products worshipped or bowed to, King solomon found in his time this was true and used it to seal abilities of djinni or magic crafters as punishment, as djinni can get bad.
  •   The parts of the body and mind are responsible to the physical actions due to eating and drinking, as to what the body creates, in emotion and addiction, for whatever food, drink for the calm and energy surges or emotion surges to support any addiction.

      Physical activity to cause a temporary fix is in two parts. The turning over the hands releases stress or to hand over control to a fresh person can cause spiritual pressure release causing renewal. By pressure point manipulation and movement of the wrist, from the orient and egypt. And, to use a brownian motion to instant recharge by somewhat frenzied activity with feeling of nothing or numb with intensity.

    Now the formulas that are responsible for the above. Thanks to examples by Steve Kamm, Steven Spielburg and Karl with advice from Curt.

    1.   Perception = Pce = c (thought=3.0x10^8 m/s)/E%(K/4; keep the remainder as %) = a/s (actions per second). Pce = 3.0x10^8/E(10%) = 8.571428x10^6 a/s.
    2.   Intolerable level = Pce/Rb(dec) in amps = % intolerance level. Pce = 3.0x10^8/E(10%) = 8.571428x10^6 s/a; Pce / .117 = 7.326x10^7 a/s.
    3.   So inconciderance is Pce*Rb(dec);Pce = 3.0x10^8/E(10%) = 8.571428x10^6 s/a * .117 = 1,002,857 a/s.
    4.   Now courage in a equation is thought/energy = life/ability; where, thought = speed of light (c, 3.0x10^8) x Karma (bad actions/good actions) / E% ((K(elvin)/4) take the remainder beyond the decimal as %) x Power (Watts = Amps of Rb%(E/3) as decimal * Volts E%); or c/E%*Ka/W = c*Ka/E%*W = 3.0x10^8*(6 Bad Acts(Ba)/3 Good Acts(Ga))/(.243*73%) = 3.0x10^8 kg/s*2% Ka/73 %*17 W = 483,481 Kg/s*W.
        Now the units are exchangeable between Kg/s*W and a/s or Kilograms of mass movement per second * Watts = action per seconds, As the courageous moments above is the total of 4.83481x10^5 a/s. or Kg/W of actions from Kg/s*W because 1 s = 1 Watt of active work or can be thought out as 1 W/s or 1 W = 1 Kg/W. The a/s = Kg/W because 1 Kg/s is where mass is essential and movement is in seconds. Watts is Power and related by work amount if actions.
    5.   An Edwards field is a hidden general warp area created by a puae pyrm (power pyramid) ot similiar energy such as electricity. To say anything in this field retains the value of your thought to create any effect, but only in the awareness of it, the energy field in itself. So to say the least, it makes it, an event happen and actions per second is the measurement from Pce*Sq.rt(E^2)=% Ohm.

      Politics are the essential actions to make good a example or promise, plus you can pursue a moment and give the good example or to get a result, in a result, as you yourself would. Where any great thought deserves death that is proven out unless their is to be more or no sense of ending. This is built off the face system in china and japan where in fact it came from the mongols (false honor) to get promoted from battle, thanks to a chinese woman. Where the deeds of good intent then its known by some,anner as fame The bad result is a bad deed and criminal intent and known as rumour and smut. With some its dark deeds and and is left mostly unseen. Where for good deeds, some say its openly known and some say applauded. Some info by people such as Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, other people like Vanna White through influence and example.

      Quote by "A.O. Kime" First in one idea, one must understand that realities dictate what rational manner of thinking would be most suitable to function within those realities, otherwise so the manner in how one thinks as this must fit the circumstances within that reality and the most prudent and effective course of action would be considered the logical course.


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    Game of life: written by many suggestions and observations by gamemaster/dungeonmaster and Rper, of which some are Danny, Jay, Paul, Roger, Slinky, Leppy the Leprecaan, among others, Aaron and Ben.

    Philosophy of life is by the movie "lifes desire".

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