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   Psionics and magic are based on the idea of thinking a point to create an effect with what is intended or felt. The effects of psionics are similar to magic, so you know which ones are positive or negative in effect. This creates a polar effect, which means that the initial energy is neutral, and what you do shapes it into either magic or psionics. So, if you intend for something to occur, the effect is achieved by thinking that the desired outcome is the end result. This allows you to obtain the effect you desire or design something based on the idea. This is determined by how it feels when the effect occurs, which will be further discussed in later sections. This is also related to the idea of the mind, subconscious, and spirit guidance.

   This can be understood as the act of stating things that become known as you feel the need for the effect. This usually initiates the action or result, as the initial state is nothingness. If "in an effect" is stated, it cancels something out. This is achieved through thought and tapping into the energy. Once again, this utilizes the metaphysical ability to create the desired result.

   The idea is considered accomplished when you believe it is done. This is achieved by using the mind and thinking based on intuition or necessity. So, what exactly is the difference between ESP and psionics? ESP occurs when you think and create what you need, and it is part of psionics. ESP is the utilization of psionic ability to create the desired result. It is important to note that if no result occurs, the attempt was not successful and further attempts should be made until you tire of the idea. Psionics can also be used to slow down the aging process, allowing individuals to maintain a youthful appearance even if they are over one hundred years old.

   Psionics is based on the energy manifesting what you desire. Without this manifestation, the results would be minimal. Psionics can have both positive and negative effects. While some psionics may use negative effects to their advantage, it is generally observed that positive effects yield positive results. Therefore, positive effects can be deduced through observation. Consider this and if you feel like reading the rest of this information, then you are suited to be a psionicist. Enjoy the read.

   Psionics is the ability of the mind to accomplish anything. By speaking or focusing on this idea, you set yourself on a path. However, be aware of Highly Sensitive People (HSP) who may target you and influence your actions. Sometimes, merely speaking the desired idea can prompt the subconscious to take action. For more resources on psionics or if you prefer not to read all this material, you can go here. Additionally, there are Symptoms of psionics that you can explore.

   Please note that you can utilize this concept to create like a psychonaut or work as a psychic. A psychonaut is a person who explores activities that induce altered states of consciousness for spiritual purposes or to explore the human condition. This includes practices such as shamanism, the traditions of Tibetan Buddhism, sensory deprivation, thought-provoking or directed focus, and the use of entheogens, both ancient and modern. This utilizes the sixth sense or higher senses, and I believe you are aware of how amazing this is. If you want a PDF version of this article, you can find it looking here. The PDF was last updated on 5/29/2023.

As psi is use

   As psi is used, then the use is known. When a point is useful, think of the ideal, and then you know things by what is done. As you transfer energy as a concept to create body change, using tension and release to generate body energy and dragon strength. Using pzi or enemy chi as life energy, you can use thought to make a depiction with the ideal. This transferred psi or life energy, known as chi, interacts with your aura and can be projected forth through focused thought. While moving, wave your hands or think to mask your trace through aura detection.

   Isis protects you, together with Atheos, the Greek god of protection, who enables this ability. Thought and use are not always present; you must be in a focused and realized state to be engulfed in fire and unaffected. Unless you consciously choose to use the elements that naturally invoke fire, by utilizing body energy, the ideal is not present. You can manifest fire by channeling the form of Atheos.

   As psi is use, this is a cool use as if magic and that is in your perceptual awareness. Think your not effected, and your not as this is sight. This is thought in motion or not use, as you redirect the thought to some object. That is where your immune to most energy effects. Things in thought can be redirected by the thought to yourself to see and do, things as redirected by what you think. As dimensional is the use, use no feeling and no focus, think and no as energy is there. There is no essence, except that what you thought stored. Then and now is a point to create, as your thought is essence that keeps a body alive. Time allows your thought that is your own individual use, and is not the actual use until you think it is.

   As the thought then you think if this is redirected, think of energy in the focus of whats in mind. Otherwise you won't be seen, and nor the thing you look at from the personal viewpoint of your parents and events you experienced. As this is the soul that is revealed in a thought, focus and this lets lets you see. What the soul wants you to see or not are as the memories in the soul, that are not observed by the block.

   That they see you, as you thought they did in focus. This is when the thought was in idea, on the area and the thought they perceive is a released thought in mind. As to ask, you can seem to think they are a point. Think to work with idea to be friendly, as you know what you are doing in something. Think in thought and meditate as you thin up by the effect with what you want. See as you think about an idea to do an idea, this is used to pass the time.

   There is the thought, that is the focus point. As you point things out, your focus shifts them around as if the thought were a wheel. As you think a wheel in what you create, or think a gauge and shift your focus. You shift what your thought is directed at, that isn't noticed. As in, if you don't think of the wheel, the wheel actions stop. Then, that what you notice is gone and you won't be psyched out anymore.

   Pointed thought in focus and use is a concept to show things, as you direct your focus in use of the focusing word. You see what is there, as energy is that you see. This is what they who see psychically can use, as directed to the real will in thought. This is words as this is will that can be what you think. Think to see and show what you want instead of what you do, as they will see what you thought with multidirectional omnipotency. Thinking such as this is use with a breath, that's in for the subconscious and out is focus.

   Think you use your own psi, and this use is absorbing the energy you see and feel is useful. Thought as this is a trip to the hospital, that's from extrenuating circumstances. So to stop the idea that weight is from this, think you a slender person and not in weight. As this is anything tattoo effect and leads to the effective restoration, by projected energy in use with focus that creates as thought is will.

   As thus thought is nothing, as the point is use, this is as if a car is usable otherwise and your thought is not noticed. As in use if our thoughts are used, its not noticeable by effect. As psi in use is the thought, you don't want to focus in on the tires to use the area energy, as this is a brain reaction where you perceive things. So you can see 10 different things at once.

   The concept you don't want to feel is not felt or reacted to, as from the past when your use is the city block to redirect to. That's with feel or not done and the thought stops there, that's by the feeling and drawing the "U" as in the thought. There is no reacted to moments in time.

   Think and direct with your idea in feel with this is psychic ability, as this is from use of thought. As a point or useful idea is energy in thought, think to cure like a "grater with cheese" thought as thought energy can cure you. This is energy. As use is greater undeterrable effective shielding, that does what you want. Thinking to use with gnosis is to get a point, that's in pointed out mention or thought in thought that reveals nothing.

   This is possible with a use you can do, consisted with idea in ordered points by energy. As the fire blow. This is the idea of expression in a thought to do, think and use energy in effect to be in seen use. That's where your view and create effect so you can avoid hate. As you think, think to create a hot energy that is there, as you will use what is realized. So work unrealized and done by intuitive thought, as a power is a energy gained by use. Then this use is or is not in psychic ability. Gain chi energy as a possible use, "time to go" is to use energy converted from a source to use. "Built up" is a thought as energy is chi, use in and out as is the heart restoration by your concept. That's use as is the han or heart energy, that guides by thought projected energy.

   Water chi effect is to use the thought and you create a transformation, that is a khepser effect. Such as the element in use is thought, thinking to seem what element you want and that's use by the element manifesting. This is done by transformation with thought changes things by the subconscious. So by thought that your use is in thought, this is created by thinking and is as thought can exist before the time. As you are straight in the moment, your use is a point in considered idea.

   As this is nothing in use, as thought is converted by the conscious use with the subconscious mind. Think "by the creator" and the point is mentioned, you can either make or not have the idea. That you think to create with idea to do. Think not and the thought doesn't need to be done, seem to think and your thought is there. Think the use as thought energy in use, this is possible by instinctive feel and use guided by intuition.

   Fire blow is make or not, thinking to create as thought exists in the place by a chi blast. See as a release of energy is a fire blow, as an incident thought can be as energy to use. This is this as energy and chi creates. As the fire suddenly exists and unexists with a focus by thought, this is use as a thought. Where your natural as you feel your unnatural in ability.

   As you think to draw in the fire and use is the mention by symbol, you are hitting with idea as you trace with the thought moment. This is done, as you project your energy with a meditative trance. That's with a point where your idea is there. As a point where there is a concept there is a way, think of the reference and what you see is what you feel. Otherwise you'll not feel as if an ad were there, that's in legacy by the felt idea in effect. That as that what you think creates, this is useful as a thought is there to mind.

   Think "release" at the target and only if deserved will this effect, except for exceptions in electrical source energy. Think in a thought and this is a point, as Chan Li in a video that used as a source was shown. So think of use, as a use is a point you need. Think of the fire energy, that you can in use and build up in the aura. As this is not use, use a focus at a walk to get what is the use in use. As you focus at the wall with a value in thought you can create a black smudge. In thought you forgive with fire, as it heals by touch don't acknowledge touch.

   What you value will appear if you think, you see and sometimes you can fell with the accidents. As the idea can happen and seem, if necessary to react to the memory. Quit the pattern if you think about the event you see, think it stop and it will as the wall will reveal the thought you used to make the motion. You can manipulate the memory as the past or future is modifiable, as though the thought occurs. You think at the wall and use is to change things at will.

   Perception is a trick of the mind, and the mind has the power to shape the things you desire. Avoid psyching yourself out by thinking you can do things. Instead, think "stop" and take the necessary action before colliding with someone. Stop and react naturally, allowing your thoughts and actions to flow authentically.

   By thinking "inme" and pointing out the idea, your thought becomes a reference. Whether written down or not, it is stored in memory. When you are in a focused state, your thoughts can appear to others, and they can draw upon that energy to create their own memories. This is accomplished through the concept of thought creation, where what you think can bring forth memories and focus awareness.

   The bioelectric field plays a role here, as energy becomes a point of creation. You can generate effects through thought, utilizing the energy spheres within your mind. By thinking of using a thought, you can activate its power. As you engage with objects and concepts, you can acquire them easily. Your thoughts are the source of creation. Leaving a mark with thought is like leaving a smudge on the wall—a testament to your own creative power or that of others.

   When feeling psyched out, you can enhance your body's energy by stimulating the blood flow and channeling energy. To ensure things seem right, you enhance them with your use of energy, allowing others to perceive your intentions as well. To sever the connection, visualize a knife slashing through the link until it disappears. If someone possesses psychic abilities, they may observe the effects, similar to how clairaudience can be turned on and off at will, like a switch on a wall.

   If they can see everything through their thoughts, it is due to the signature trace effect, and your trace is detected through their feelings. By thinking and focusing on the person's actions, you tap into their energy emanations within their aura. Their psychic minds can shape and create with dream energy, focusing their thoughts like a dream. Fire, when focused, manifests from specific areas of energy. By perceiving and directing your thoughts through gestures or points of focus, you can create and shape things with your will and desires.

  While it is less likely to manifest energy through thought alone, it is possible if your chi is not fully within your body. This allows you to see and interact with objects and concepts. By thinking of the future and focusing on the energy associated with it, you can freely create through your will. As you think and perceive, you can see what you want, and by thinking of the known time, you become aware and prevent harm through your thoughts.

   There is less likeliness that even if your thought, you will seem like energy. Only if your chi is not actually in the body. This allows the vision effect to see and use things, as you think of the future or life feel in the energy. That's with thinking "future focus", you can create freely with will. Think as you are and focus brings fire, that's by kudilini and this is done by the fire will. As they see the emanations, you can see the aura and the colors. As if a colorful energy shell or egg. Think time and think the idea you know in time, as the time is known you are aware and thought keeps you from harm.

   Think about what you desire, and you can manifest it through focused thought and will. Your thoughts provide insight into what the idea holds, and your feelings confirm its existence. As you feel the point formed by your thoughts, you gain perception, and the thoughts you utilize become known or unknown to those you believe should be aware. By viewing thoughts on the wall, you can see what you want and think in a way that aligns with your desired creations. The creator serves the will of the one who thinks. Others become a tool for your use and thoughts, guided by their energy and will. They are mere ideas used for effort and thought, while your character remains non-personal, driven solely by your thoughts.

   This technique is employed to reveal even invisible things, as the results are based on your thoughts and manifest as desired. By using your thoughts to shape an idea, you engage in intuitive actions driven by spiritual thought. The buildup of fire within you stems from your inner energy, your chi. Fire can originate from the concept of energy utilization. As thoughts occur and time becomes a focal point, Bayer Aspirin can be taken to prevent headaches caused by this process. Svanning, the act of focusing thoughts in time, allows you to perceive events, and the observations you witness are shaped by the thoughts that come to your attention. Through this technique, you can control your reality and shape it as desired.

   Intuition in action is a spiritual thought, that by the use in action. This is your use as though thought were a point to do. That build up of fire is with an inner energy, that is chi and fire can exist from the idea. That use is worked in an use by idea. As thought is a motion or thought is in time and bayer aspirin, this is a drug to keep from the headache caused by this. Svanning is where thought is focus in the time, that is thought and the perception you see is useful. Thought comes and you see what are things in life, where you think in time to be or as you want to seem as you are.

   This is in use by thought, your focused thought is in use if your own idea is a use to create by will and thought. Make by will are as you think, as you want then chi comes up and makes with the will. That you project forward or otherwise nothing happens. As you can get what you want, as you "do" and this is where you make with a thought in focus. You think your done or not and thinking this stops will, creates better for something else. This is the effect that is to seem or be, as that is the secret to this. That's in the area of what you think, that manifests in what thought you use.

   Using your thoughts, you can create by harnessing energy. Thoughts are the means by which you make an idea exist or cease to exist, driven solely by your will. Whatever you desire to exist or not exist is a result of your thoughts. This insight is attributed to Dr. Electra. The aforementioned text provides a glimpse into the intentions that arose during a past life when thoughts were employed to resolve issues. "I will do what I must. First, I will confront her, and if I can't reason with her, I will use energy to incapacitate her, making her aware of herself." It is intriguing to consider what the individual might have thought. For my part, I will continue to protect through observation or physical activity.


  The first idea to consider is to imagine that you have protection, but then think that it doesn't affect you. Visualize a mental guard or agent as your mental protection. You can do this by mentally feeling guarded, believing that you can't be hurt, or stating that the effect won't affect you. You can also call upon a being to help you through psionics, by stating the desired effect, focusing, glimpsing, or imagining the being present to serve you. Alternatively, you can think of a higher being or guardian that acts as your protector.

  Now, to embody this idea, some people envision themselves as their own guards, while others see their mental guards as dogs or bright energies. In some cases, individuals perceive their guards as fairies, which can be mischievous and cause things to go wrong for troublemakers. However, be cautious as there are guards in astral realms that serve malicious purposes, such as goblin guards that might appear friendly. Additionally, receiver stones can serve as a form of protection by storing energies and allowing you to manipulate them. You can hide telepathic messages within these stones. To create a receiver stone, focus your thoughts on using psi and magical effects through the stone by simply thinking at it. Find a stone and project your message into it.

  Using thoughts like "You will be as if me" or "Receive and act for me" can cause the stone to carry out the actions you desire. However, be careful not to send messages too frequently to a person, as this could make you appear erratic. This ability can also be used to receive thoughts. You can have the stone "send" the message to you, and in response, you can send a message back to the sender either directly or through the stone. The Yada stone, for instance, was a receiver stone that harnessed powerful natural energies capable of even causing rain. It was used by kings or esteemed shamans in Far East Turkic tribes.

  Regarding the "wee," there are goblins or hobgoblins to be cautious of. Pixies are the mischievous types, while brownies are friendly hobgoblins. Brownies can accomplish anything except harming themselves or working for the enemy. Sometimes they may require a fee, like chocolate or food, to continue assisting you, as a measure against bad tendencies. When considering your abilities, assess them against both good and bad tendencies. Remember, most tendencies lean toward the negative due to the choices made in association with them.

The Amygdala

 The amygdala is associated with the psychic pineal organ, which is believed to act as a third eye that controls memory. This is a fascinating concept that combines sight, sound, and psychic notions to direct thinking and facilitate easier manifestation. By using your amygdala to focus and energize a psi object, you can potentially harness its power. This knowledge was once held by a government branch that is now closed to the public.

The basic idea is to think about what you want to happen and feel its occurrence or stimulate your amygdala to expedite the process. It is indeed possible and may happen with just a few thoughts. Yawning is considered a sign of activation, although there is a debate about whether it is a known function or merely a psychological reflex. This is where your sensory perception comes into play.

  Therefore, by utilizing your thoughts, you can explore the depths of the mind or inner universes, and if you focus on activating your amygdala, you may experience a yawn. Being active and consciously thinking allows you to notice and affirm ideas or information, making their occurrence easier to realize. By understanding and recognizing the actual idea, you can make it happen more effortlessly. Thoughts prompt action, and repeated patterns can be observed and acknowledged. You can find more information about the amygdala in this document.

The Soul

 The soul is believed to be the part of the self that exists beyond the physical realm. It is often considered the core of one's being, and it is thought to work in conjunction with the pineal gland, which is responsible for psionic or magical abilities. Since the soul is believed to transcend time and space, psionic actions are thought to be unrestricted by these limitations. The soul is said to act by transforming itself and establishing connections through thoughts about a person or what has been said. This process is often remembered through research or symbolism, as most people recall what has been experienced.

 It is believed that all psionic acts directly influence the nature and development of the soul. As the soul matures, an individual becomes more capable of performing psionic acts. The soul also enables individuals to manifest their thoughts into reality more easily, making things materialize with greater ease. If one thinks of psi as a lesson in psionics, they are correct. Similarly, if one associates it with tire pressure and applies the appropriate mindset, that can also be valid. For instance, if a person experiences a loss of tire pressure, they can focus their thoughts on causing a pinwheel to rotate, symbolizing the loss or restoration of tire pressure. However, it is important to note that this approach may not always yield the desired results. In such cases, one can consider utilizing magnetism, thinking of a magnetic material to induce spinning through focused concentration. Nonetheless, this practice can be seen as futile and time-consuming, serving primarily as a means of practice when one has nothing else to do.

 Expressing psionic abilities is facilitated by the creation or verbalization of intended thoughts or ideals. This is where the developed soul plays a significant role, and such expression is often referred to as enlightenment. It is crucial to exercise caution when wielding this power, as misguiding someone is a potential risk. Merely possessing knowledge or enhancing thoughts or moods through speech can influence the direction in which someone is led, similar to speaking words that enhance a thought or mood.

Thought control

  It is best to have control over your thoughts and prevent them from becoming actions. This advice complements the commonly given suggestion to be in tune with your instincts. It takes some time, but learning to avoid letting your thoughts unintentionally wander is worth the effort, as the wandering can be sensed.

  It is normal to be curious and think about reaching out to those you communicate with, but it's important not to rely on physical touch, as it can lead to unwanted consequences. Instead, practice self-observation, focusing on the task at hand. For example, when chatting, consider the people behind you, out of sight. This is where you care, while the others may prioritize getting things done.

  However, the result or idea expressed audibly allows you to communicate with others. They can then respond if they feel the need to express their thoughts or feelings. Try to visualize them while thinking or speaking, as if thought control doesn't exist. Speaking your thoughts is an easier way to achieve this.

  Thought control refers to others controlling your thoughts, but by simply thinking about it, you can break their control, as though you give permission or are unaffected. The key is to focus on your own thoughts and be aware of your direction, treating others as your peers. Note that some people believe this is a waste of time.

  Some people's subconscious scanning tends to be more open-ended. They glance at people, but they don't delve deeper because it may be seen as invasive. However, if you think people are open, they tend to be more open as well.
  It is a good practice to maintain a level of openness, just like trees and animals typically do when looking at people. However, if you close off on the surface level, animals won't look at you as much. They might become more distrustful, wondering why you have something to hide. Animals, as a rule, are usually open with each other and don't pay much attention to the concept of privacy, although they still respect it.
  Essentially, you need to learn to control your awareness. When you think about something, you perceive it and become aware of it, instead of projecting a small part of it onto others. You can redirect your awareness to something else, actively scanning your hand, the keyboard, or the tree outside, anything to shift your awareness away from others. Alternatively, you can focus your awareness internally in your mind, but if your mind tends to wander, the former option might be easier. It's best not to continue this practice if you consider it foolish, unless you choose to control the folly or let it go.

  When you are physically present with others, imagine a personal energy field surrounding yourself. Practice holding it close to yourself, not allowing it to extend or forget about it. This helps maintain personal space, creating a separation between you and the other person.

  The level of effect this has depends on the sensitivity of the people involved. Some may not notice it at all, while others may be greatly disturbed. With some consideration, some individuals might notice it but not care, although they might become slightly irritated if they think about it. Sensitivity improves as you progress in your awareness, so use meditation or other techniques to enhance your awareness. Meditation is a primary method for learning to control your awareness.

  One simple meditation is breath watching. Think to do this using the method listed, use the listed ideal in Symptoms of psionics as well. Otherwise, gently focus on your breath, as though a point exists to relax. Think then for your created ideal. As a thought, this is where breathing is done. As if "yes I accept that", for half an minute to an hour every day. When your thoughts wander or become distracted, think to attract the right things. So you gently bring your focus and attention back to your breath. This will also aid development in general considerably. Other meditation methods, these are here.


  Who should you fight against when you feel the need to fight? You may choose to fight against individuals you perceive as bad or those who pose a threat. However, it's important to recognize that people's perceptions of good and bad differ, and what you consider innocent may be seen as morally objectionable by others. It's possible that there are individuals who consider themselves "bad," although they may be a minority.

  In cases of uncertainty, ethical considerations come into play. While some people have their own ethical frameworks that may not align with societal norms, most individuals have a general sense of what is acceptable behavior. There are, however, some individuals who frequently find themselves at odds with these norms.
  In the past, some individuals have misused psychic abilities in morally objectionable ways. However, many have learned from their actions and chosen not to engage in malicious behavior. For example, if someone attempts to disrupt you, you can respond without causing harm. Instead, you can create a reflective shield to deflect their actions back towards them or damage any focal point they may be using, if applicable.

  It is crucial to differentiate between self-defense measures that only cause harm when there is an attempt to harm you and malicious acts that intentionally attack others. By setting the intention to only defend yourself, you establish a fair exchange of energy. Instructors may use mirrored shields as a teaching tool, allowing students to observe their own internal struggles without causing harm. However, if you knowingly set up shields that harm someone who will not back down and will injure themselves, you are intentionally causing harm.

  In general, it is advised not to inflict more harm than you are willing to receive. If someone initiates an attack and faces the consequences through a mirroring device, it is considered fair, as they are unable to receive anything they wouldn't use against someone else.

  Now there's an important point. The recourse is ethics that intends to do harm to another, this is used in defense of ones self. Basically as I think this through, things that would deflect or cause damage only on attempt to cause you harm. It comes down to this point where you get what you give. Its a malicious act, if you set the effect to attack despite the next attempt. Otherwise this is the attempt to ideal points that you view to work things out.

  Instructors use those shields as a teaching tool. Set them, and observe the student while he fights. With himself. Excepting, there's no damage if theres no further attempts. Its a review of self ethics. If you set the shields, knowing the person will not back down, and will indeed harm themselves, then you have knowingly and intentionally injured someone by proxy.

  In a general viewpoint, never dish out more than you are willing to take. So, if said person attacks another, hits a mirroring device and gets his ass kicked, he had it coming. Its actually quite fair, since he can't get hit with anything he himself cannot use on another.

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Written by Skyhawk
Proofread by Ahria Swiftbanks
Sources by:
Dmoisant, RavenWolf, Pug, Nostradamus, Alusa, Feli and Cpt
along with varied tv programs.