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Core and deep core energy

  Core and deep core energy is a more dense energy in a usable form that seems easily usable, its like psi energy as it responds to your will to focus it and make use of it, so to use it you feel the core energy and then direct it by saying what you want it to do, or imagining the energy achieving the result. Then its easiness of use is to move it the same way you do psi, to focus on the energy and visualize it moving to get used to it.

  Some have managed to use it and influence events by it. Its amazing and easy to use. As to one core energy user, 'All I had to do is feel the core energy and speak with intention what I wanted. It reacts like earth energy. Its easy do whatever you want with it. It can be used for multiple things at once too.' So core energy will reproduce what you imagine or state. Some use it by healing with it, and make it part of their shields. Others use it by will to create/recreate events by the use, thought to draw by thought and the gesture pointed down to energy create. As you create don't do this or not use energy, if as the aura feel is what shields you or creates better by use then you gain control. That represents the body to see better, days or not as you see use or think to do other things by instinctual intuition.

  How to get other people not using core to feel it, is to push it into them. To push the energy into them. They then generate it. By reading this and wanting core or deep core energy, the energy of the core or deep core is now in you and you may manipulate it at will, if you want it to do something. So, if you wanted it and are still reading this, the core energy will have been pushed into yourself. Unless you already have core energy. This core energy shouldn't be mistaken for Arcanes core. If you wanted deep core energy, you now have that.

  So some say core energy is the same as chi, but its different. Chi is green, where core doesn't really have a color. Core energy is denser but 'slower' and more potent. Where some generate allot of core and deep core energy, as deep core is fun and even more denser with a even slower speed. Some use it to do very intense idea and action that derive off the idea. All you need is to think the idea and it will do the deed. Its the center of the planet energy, and very potent as in gaia energy. It also derives off heavy elements. So it can make you feel good while it works and you generate it.

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Written by Skyhawk
Proofread by Ahria Swiftbanks
sources by: Dmoisant, RavenWolf, Pug and Nostradamus along with varied tv programs.