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What types there are

  A psionicist force master psionic is a force user with -kinetic (channeler) or -kinesis (ability) at element name end using any one element in use by element, Jedi (spirit force controller) are feel taught by idea that is with an idea and appended -master, Special force master with a -mancer (practitioner) and -mancy (master) at the end of the element name, the element can be summoned or formed into focus. These abilities fall under Magic or Psychokinesis for the mental ability of psychic mind and energy manipulation in practice, by Metarules of Affinity (likeness attraction), Thaumaturgy (like effects like any distance) and Mind over matter or Mind focus (focus of mind rules over objects and bodies).

  Some use constructs and egregore (living constructs) to create what they need, this construct can use whatever source as a point is the energy is used to make the construct exist by needing it there. Think your need and use idea as intent to create with the construct. However, there are many different ways to use the thought construct. So think about this, then you realize what the construct did and you know what to do.

 Who/what is egregore btw?: A living construct or energy being empowered by the spirit as spirit construct. That means you've created a being to exist what you intend to be there. So I know a spell is a bit of energy and willpower that you send out into the world to achieve a goal done by feel. This is a point done sometimes as you are relaxing, so think and you can create what you need.

 See a construct is a bit more solid, this is an energy structure strucured by the mind and created into existence by thinkink about it. The construct does what is instructions to it, so think and you know what to do. A construct can make you lose weight by feel en idea or hold off from eating by idea.

 So a familiar or whatever you want to call 'a spirit that you have created' is a generally understood idea of a living construct.

 This is interesting as an egregore is like that, but bigger, powered by the attention of multiple people rather than only one, something like a godform if it gets big enough. The thing is that egregores can get kinda bigger, and can change with public intention if it's feeding off of enough people. Intertwined, the creator might think that they're making it for the sake of helping their company.

 Then they have a big PR problem, and now every time people see their logo they immediately think of that bad public relations fallout. Now their sigil works against them. So it's necessary to dismiss the egregore and think its not effecting anyone. If not, the egregore is living by thinking a copy of your soul is working with it, then the soul copy makes it intuitive and it will know what to do for you. This is a known effect.

  For idea with it, guard and regard to then effect//to understand how to use the element efficiently and then attempt with it, and how to make effects to appear along with speed improvements. The worth of this is the fields in this usage as they are different named. So far people use the terms of the four elements along with others for the elemental forces, like the element that excites you is what you could do. As it concurs that to focus on something will get you results as of reactions. These reactions allow you to also do something which does not excite you. But this is called negative working as cold stills and heat makes actions by excitement. The negative working is also a cold working because of this.

  Biokinetic is life interacting with objects and people that allows, for the reading of genetics or body type and races in people. Through looking at the soul aura with focused sight to percieve the colored aura pattern by brain interaction and by blinking your eyes. The aura can be seen as rendered perception of coloration in the original shape reveals what the aura is within the limitation of how the mind can see it. This will work in pitch black too. Anything of life manipulation by biokinesis is through reeiki as pk effects sent through a channel of energy as to the target by earth or a body channel by feel or voice to conjole the action intent by the wave molecules to enact a vibrational carrier wave through a medium of earth materials from the planck level.

  To control bodies is the effect if told in some manner to do the action and it will happen. Using the einstien law of gravity in simple terms to explain the wave effect, is if you move forward and then space moves around you by displacement particles or electrons. Your kept down by centrifugal force and the displacement happens from that of air molecules that look like waves that flow as you shift in movement and reallocation of weight that flows in movement from the centrifugal force.

  Beokinetic as pheromone control that makes you able to to control the body scents to speak or for feeling interpretation. The pheromones of the body are capable of being a totally different language in itself. This language can make what you say very understandable. The control of pheromones can make attractions possible. It can make you attractive to the other sex or to your sex. It can control within reasons, others as well. It is very easy to do by the quick way meditation.

The quick way to doing this, using pheromones is to use intention of seeing aura for pheromones by feeling that you can from Dr.lehr, To blink your eyes and then sniff while expanding your consciousness to allow the brain pheromonal adjustment as your sniffing, activates your scent detection. See the scent by allowing your eyes to adjust to the persons aura or even food and then to sniff for the pheromones. After this, use the effective feel and watch idea, to adjust and see the reaction of others and the effort is easy as you feel the pheromones.

The easy way of blocking out the scents your aware of and don't like smelling. Use the thought of active scent of that which is not desired. Then shrink your consciousness of it by visualizing a , the idea, and how it seems to you. Thus, ignore the result of its scent to dismiss it. What does this accomplish? You subconsciously manipulated, through the meditation of your body to be able to control, pheromones by your will. Now, the scents of pheromones have different meanings.

And its not as if you are of any effect as it is to not be counted as if in any fruit that was eaten before you scented it, as the fruit makes the body scented of the fruit.

The burnt scent means anger.
A citrus or pomengranate scent is to make aware for easy scents and mental ability.
A flower or fresh scent means happiness.
The nasty body scent means disgust.
A body odor or dissimiliar scent means attraction.
That body waste smell means distracted.
A perfume scent means wonderment.
The control yourself scent is the smell of sulphur.
A burning candle or feces scent means lying.intent or a trying effort.
Judiciousness, Expert or Judgemental is the baking or pigment color scent.
Tiredness is the scent of rubber.
Burnt rubber or putrid gas is the scent of burnout or octane.
Cleaning solution is the signature smell for changing events or changing moods.
Serious intent is the scent of annoying perfume.
Flowery or Pine scent is the scent for understanding and clarification.
Sex is a scent of unwashed body, masculinity or femininity or
an onion scent.
Barbeque or Mesquite charcoal is the scent for hunger and eating.
Mental disorder or dispute is a burning coal scent.
Addiction is fresh charcoal scent.
Sweat scent means not believing.
Boredom is a scent of wood or wooden.
Tangerine is a immaturity, concern or concent.
Potential energy is potato or potato peel
Charged or Inert energy is orange scent or orange spice.
Energy usage or focus is cleanliness or undeniable stench.
Intelligence or Interest is the scent of flower, fairy flower(any) or primrose that the stronger the flower the more it, the interest.
Stupidity is the scent of unwashed leather, muave perfume, unwashed body or pig.
Ash or Compost is the scent for death.
Sweet orange is the scent of determination and discernment.
High or Drugs is the scent of sour grape for betaphetamines (mental or brain drugs).
Old shoes or mildew for cocaine or cocaine likeness except weed.
Medicine scent for herbal usage.
Rotting dirty shirt is for weed.
Moldy mancheuser cheese, incense or mold for abuse and overdose.
Curative of drugs is the scent of old moldy calcutta and mint.
Healing is the scent of mint herbal flower.
Love or Strong interest is the scent of roses.
Attraction is the scent of something sweet or lotus.
Rotting fruit is the scent of an edict(speech) or reprimand.
Dissent or Ridding is the scent of keylime pie or pearl aroma.
Hate is the scent of liquorice or bad candy.
Distance is the scent of pollen or people sneezing.
Bad disease or bad nature is the scent of skunk or bad antiseptic.
Plants is the scent for planting or season change.
Decaying matter or pungeancy is the scent of undeath or dying.
Desire is the scent of green wood, pine scent or something new.

  Geokinetic as earth where these are healers by feel or seeing brown molecules in a scrubbing motion to scrub out the disease while thinking of the disease, manipulators by pk movement or restorers by destruction or repair of objects and bodies, Along with shaping ability and dimensional effects as your forcing the earth to shape by pk movement with thinking of the effect and seeing the brown earth molecules rubbing together, Some would say this falls under the lines of pk as your moving earth as a energy. They have a limited ability to control lava as in control its flow until its positioned right and as you the controller work with the effect, the objects touched by manipulation cool down only if you the worker see the brown molecules stop rubbing. Earth is considered healing because its condensed into a form of energy called gaia energy, it will cause rapid healing if applied or rapid disruption if over applied or applied by negative or means to negative. Thus it suites as a medium of our will that is sometimes to heal.

  Liquentkinetic or Magmakinetic that allows for lava control (liquentis control) and can control volcanoes along with emotion in general because the emotion is used to control volcanoes. Similar to geomancy yet this offers more control over lava as it is in as lava specialization and where the earth is brown, emotion is purple or pink and lava is reddish brown. The lava manipulator can control the emotion by inciting the pink or purple molecules, like love or hate along with other emotion in most people including themselves. The liquent master can cool down or heat up lava with a will to move the molecules slower and not get burns easily unless not done right. They can control the flow of lava as well as geokinetic. With a linguistic type control of language that is progressed by or with a lavatic control.

  Pyrokinetic for fire masters that are emotional and sometimes capable of loving destructions along with tricks, their control on fire can be able to make or unmake it at will. They can excite any fire particle of heat (red dots or tachyons) to some destructive force and little excess. These people are not needing their hands to make psiballs unless they desire to.

  Hydrokinetic is linked to electro magnetic who use water from air and other water source manipulations to get their result, they can see and breath water well enough to effect form it anywhere including in people, see as you are and dry things up by removal; See the light blue or aquamarine colored molecules and attempt to incite them by making the particles vibrate and rub together while you feel the result or think on a result you desire on a focus at the object or area.

  Cyrokinetic for ice and cold to freeze or unfreeze objects at will, they excite or compress any cold particle (blue particles) for the effect. including water, fire (putting it out) or air, leaving a excess of energy.

  Aerokinetic controls air by use of neutral energy to move wind and to get readings psychicly through reading a concious of most work or universal conscious of most time, they have omnipotency, force form barriers and air walls as in efficient barriers of air, along with support for mental control for or mental with mind. State the rule to get the effect. This is a more advanced version of psychokinetics as it is as the psychic nature or psychokinetic part of the element of air itself. So think of the effect and feel it occur an imagine the scene as if roleplaying as it may or may not happen. One thing, Air Forcecraft is use of wind energy; moving itself. So the aerokinetic and the air forcecraft could be confused.

  Tachyakinetic allows small red particles (tachyons, active energy subparticle) used in pyrokineticism or waves (lekton, gravity or light waves) manipulation used in biokinesis along with their interaction to form magnetic fields. This earth air is the particles of subatomic level as it supports magic and psionic ability separately because at the base level, the planck level of quantum physics that forms the sublayer foundation of energy manipulation. These people can control time and events to make what they want happen. They don't need their hands to create psiballs that are concentrated psi energy or psi effects. All thats really needed is the voice or focus to get the effect in place with intent.

  Necrokinetic who controls spirits and death by different means of kung fu and ritual where chaos and demons are their key idea in working effects including death or mental propiety itself; For the necrokinetic think of death particles as bone white. To cause death just incite by feel the death particle of bone white which is to rub or vibrate. and incite the particle to uncause death by causing the vibrating death particle to stop or see the particle rubbing together and then stop the rub by feel. The reason for this is to stop death instead of causing it.

  Aekinokinetic is the ability from aekinothestics, the study of light energy conversion involving contigency effects ae probability to generating electricity and energy or channeling it; To incite it the current, feel energy sparks to occur in the area and then incite the sparks by feeling the spark flare. Then shift to normal vision to see the results unless its not near.

  Atheokinetic is also Alakinetic the effect of depicting a scene by description, drawing, acting or talking. The depicted event will happen through energy, psi or pk enactment from subconscious manipulation. This is Spelukin enactment with energy and magic effect added in. The material is what it needs as in psimaterial that you infuse with energy as its worked with or is of a psiball combined to the object or item. As you work with the item infused its instructed by speaking, feeling or seeing the event and making a portrayal on what you want, Such as in laymans terms, paint the scene while feeling its alive and the energy transferred from you in small bits creates the psiart from depiction and a psiball effect. Due note: the red dots of tachyonic energy can be used to infuse the objects without touching it.


  Pathokinesis is the manipulation of one's emotions. Evoking emotion in a person, will make the object of conversation appear, as the object of conversation is the result, you desired from it. Emotion can cause a person to become, clouded in a conversation, although you may have a losing conversation, the path of evoking emotion is pathokinesis that will cause you to win or lose by feel. It is bit of imagination and feeling, when focusing the force on the feelings, you want the other person to feel, and in the midst of conversation, imagine the person showing that feeling. Now imagine the conversation as you would want it, and this will cause the conversation to be gaining, the end desires. Due to someone else's desire, the effect may be canceled, for if the will of the other is similar strength, then neither get their way, When the "desire" of the other is stronger, they get their way, and if your desire is stronger, you get your way. Consider this a contest of wills, that when it seems ludicrous to get your desired effect, you don't continue with the effort, or seem out of sorts.

  This evoking can be used along with the jedi mind trick to more easily achieve a desired result/reaction from a person. When you can include both of them, the results can be phenominal. Some anonymous person used it before to convince his friend to take him home when he didn't want to stay. He would feed him an aspect of desire to be alone, filled with the sense of annoyance and anger at every little thing he did. Then he would use his words to help influence that desire for him to be gone. As your idea is creative or use, your idea is create or not use is thought as that is attraction by the way you speak.

  Psychokinetic the usage of the area most elements in mental schools, They tend to use most elements as they are influencing the other elements or provoking the effect by the law of invoking gray magic or mind effects by use of the universal conscious of many minds. This makes the person aware of most troubles and events without being told by omnipotency. To do this think of silver or gray particles for most elements that are incited with a feeling of the particle vibrating or rubbing together or alternatively, feel or think on the element or feel energy. Then shift your frame of mind to the normal idea of your own and speak the result, see the result or think of the result.

  Ethekinetic is the same as Etherio is Ethe is Ether and derives spirit and most negative efforts including death and void manipulation to happen with very little effort. These are short and long distance efforts that occur as a dream after the spirit-that-goes-through-everything obliges. The people act shamanic that are using this spirit as they gain what they can of wisdom by knowing it and knowing people by it. The ether user can derive drinks and drugs from air or spirit. The shaping ability of spirits and formation of body to other forms as well is possible. With ether manipulation one can make spirit essences in the formation as one desires.

There is a key to the effort to help the effort along and idea to occur, its the color ghost white that allows the effort to occur with an exciting of the particle, by adjusting your frame of mind and see the particle excited or rubbing together with the color of choice. To get the result you only have to excite the particle, speak or feel the effort you desire and when finished the occurences can be stopped by unexciting the  ghost white energy. Then unadjust your frame of mind to normal view. But, if you find yourself in a dream vision as these visions are prescientific in nature and range from any time point including in the past, then the only way out before it turns bad or worse than ever, is not to fight the vision but manipulate it through actions until it, the vision ends. Feel free to use lucid dreaming to control this vision.

A vision can end through thinking it ended, die in the vision, sleep or unexcite the black particle. If you die in the vision you lose the memory of what occurs in it. Within the vision the rules are to have fun and make the vision of your dreams once you gain control of it, the vision that I described. Due note: people within can act if given permission outside it, call them troops if you want as they will try to protect you unless they were attacking you. All thats needed is to deny their permission to being there.

  Redeokinetic Is the darkmatter manifestation. It is said that unseen darkmatter is 98% of the universe. You can easily use darkmatter, with skill and manifest of any element you want. You can manifest solid objects, with a small concentrated effort.  This is done  by  thinking of nothingness, as nothing is a hollow energy of love that may make itself appearant through thinking it is there. Focus your mind on what you need and  imagine it appearing there.  This is where you want it. Stating what you want works by inciting darkmatter to create the effect. This is the point where you get results and they are only noticed by yourself and those who are psychic, as they are results that are actually unusual. Dark matter creates by  making the effect manifest from nothingness itself.

  Black, Purple red or Violet red particles (This is more purple less redness) represent dark matter and can be incited by focusing your mind on them and thinking energy to it, as you imagine them rubbing together. This creates a darkmatter manifest of whatever you thought about or need, at the time of inciting. To unexcite the dark matter, imagine the particles stopping their rub and dissipating. This removes the effect and can drain some energy from you, so be careful. The darkmatter particles themselves can't be seen, except personally. Even then, the onlooker won't but notice their effect.

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Written by Skyhawk
Proofread by Ahria Swiftbanks
sources by: Dmoisant, RavenWolf, Pug and Nostradamus along with varied tv programs.