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The accult and occult

  This explains some of the actions of accultist and occultist as listed in the ranking list of magicians to date along with psions. Where, an accultist is a person that is similar to the occultist yet are activists and do magic acts with an open view and use any typical source including "spirit", "elements", "metamagic", "magic" or "magick" to achieve the activity desired.

  And occultist are dark ritualists who study most their life in understanding life by trial much like monks and can do rituals or simultaneous magic of nature, demonic or other possibilities including time yet they will do one or two sources at a time for safety. Their are mostly close minded silent types and some open minded types that will speak without worry except in too open an area.

  Nothing is unrepeatable and can be attempted by other people as if its noted and then its observed or can be understood. To understand the ability is to sometimes try it. So their in ability sometimes is from the God in His or Her maryad versions as is Pi. As Pi is a possible power source of the ability in number an representing ourselves or a single person. What they divided Pi by was 1.8, the number of conversion. Its also dividing the number of people they were converting that was for the natural number of possibles by the number 1.8. Its how the number works out.

  This uses shen-pi, as the art of pi, as power, and idea action done. The idea of pi having power, could also mean the math of e, having power. And, other things. But, so far we are gonna work with the powers of pi, as a discipline.

  It came from atlantis so they think to use it. It means there is pi or the people amount divided by 1.8 and this is how much power increase you can get thats a minimum. The power of Pi that is alike a power source, to the area from sun and God that allots ability by unknown means by conversion of people. Where Pi is God or the sun with a measure of 3.1416 and solvable upto 50 million digits. For Pi to equal power, one must emulate it by treating an action sometimes an do an action as its seen or unseen as solvable or unsolvable to a point and an action is likely to end at a time of choosing. As the imaginary number idea, where everything is needing to be counted so theres an imaginary number till needing it, then you think about it and it may become useful and counted. Then it becomes hard to remember unless you have an immediate use, as it was thought up from nothing anyway.

  Theres a beginning to nothing as an end as any direction an not is any action is near the time of choosing so where that, that is with Pi the calculation ends at any given time as this is not this Pi has over 50 million digits. Now some say Pi is a spiritual idea and its power is supportive, by manipulating ability and energy without detection as its basically powered after the decimal and sometimes counts as negative. The focus of Pi is positive in the outlook but with a negative reaction at some point and similiar to a job as it occurs, their is representation of Pi as its spoken as if pie an as its said the same way, it acts as a substance of addiction and support as it was the energy which supplies the most. With numbers it is the 1, 0, and -1 to represent this. To help understand better, an exercise is to apply what makes 6, -6 or 0 using 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6? Answer is below at the bottom of the page.

  The type of personality this sometimes causes is chaotically adaptive - A personality type that uses positive and negative values to, accept that which allows you to feel good, and not that of otherwise like destructive idea except to tolerate that which allows for chaos, evil or disruption. The forces against you effect a balance and to a normal, we the tools, are like a record to work with and to a chaotic adaptive we are a tool to manipulate at a distance. We, being that which is used for known or unknown purposes. Like treat a person well after browbeating them or do a somewhat nasty action and then treat them well after as in pms (Male or Female).

  If you understood this, then the lesson was taught that the atomic structure can emulate a life pattern in the goal of intelligent actions or Artificial Intelligence (AI) and with this last thought that finally comes to mind. "People can teach, but not really do the things taught unless they prepare. Where people can do if they, the student, learn to achieve by what is taught and cannot actually teach except by showing what was learned. If the person tries to tell, they won't get a clear message across. If they do actions as the meaning, the message is clear."

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  Answer is: 3+3=6, -3+3=0, 3+(-3)=0, 2+4=6, 4+2=6, 4+2-2-4=0, -3-3=-6, -4+2+2=0, 5+1=6, 1+5=6, -2+1+(-1)+2=0, 1+1+1-1-1-1=(3+(-3))=0, 1+2+2+1=6, -2-1+2+1=0, 1+1+1+1+1+1=6, -6+0=-6, 6+0=6, 6+(-6)=0, 0+6=6 and altogether its 19 ways or more.

Written by Skyhawk
Proofread by Ahria Swiftbanks
sources by: Dmoisant, RavenWolf, Pug and Nostradamus along with varied tv programs.