The Amygdala

What is the amygdala?

The amygdalae (Latin, also corpus amygdaloideum, singular amygdala, from Greek aµ??da??, amygdale, 'almond', 'tonsil') [from ^] are almond-shaped groups of neurons located deep within the medial temporal lobes a of the brain in complex vertebrates, am including the humans. [^ University of Idaho College of Science (2004). amygdala. Retrieved on 2007-03-15.] Shown in research to perform a primary role in the processing and memory of emotional reactions, the amygdalae are considered part of the limbic system. [^ a b c d Amunts K, Kedo O, Kindler M, Pieperhoff P, Mohlberg H, Shah N, Habel U, Schneider F, Zilles K (2005). "Cytoarchitectonic mapping of the human amygdala, hippocampal region and entorhinal cortex: intersubject variability and probability maps". Anat Embryol (Berl) 210 (5-6): 343-52. PMID 16208455] Read the rest from

Tickling as both your amygdala for increased mental abilities

   From or here "Mental visualization technique proven to increase your mental capacity, creativity etc. Easy to learn, simple to do, and the knowledge to better yourself is free. Here´s a couple quotes from the article:

    New research in the field of brain and behavior now allows any ordinary person to learn how to control and self-stimulate their own brain for such results as mentioned above. Studies by one particular behaviorist and researcher, T.D.A. Lingo, in his work from 1957 through 1993, has been able to pinpoint this area of the brain which seems to be responsible for releasing enormous levels of untapped intelligence, creativity and pleasure. Additionally, and remarkably so, self-amygdala stimulation frequently additionally turns on such "hidden" brain functions as pre-cognition, clairvoyance, clairaudience, telepathy, telekinesis, and in can even allow the ability for some individuals the ability to communicate with non-ordinary physical and non-physical intelligences and entities.

    Lingo conducted a 30-year study of three hundred and nine students and test subjects involved in long and short-term brain education, behavioral, and thought self-modification programs. The resultant increases in intelligence, creativity, and positive emotions were demonstrated and measured by a variety of objective and subjective means, standardized tests and analysis methods. Lingo reports that
this included 10 to 40 point increases on the Stanford-Binet I.Q. test, and 500% to 1400% increases on the Getzels-Jackson Creativity Index. Presently, similar results continue to be reported from individuals from across the U.S. experimenting and doing brain-self-control on their own, following the standard procedure and brain "exercises."


   Amygdala stimulation directed at the front or anterior portions of the amygdala apparently can additionally produce an intense emotional state known historically throughout world cultures and religions by various names: nirvana, satori, samadhi, born again, peak experience, cosmic consciousness, one-with-the-universe rapture. Among brain laboratory subjects this has been affectionately nicknamed "Popping your frontal lobes."

   Now science understands the actual neuro-pathways and brain physiology responsible for this "mystical" state, and makes it available to anyone from bus drivers and short-order cooks, as well fasting monks. Only now, you don't have to meditate for twenty years to experience it.


For example, by simply imagining that you are tickling the front part of each amygdala with a feather, you change the flow of electro-chemical activity in the brain- and voila! This clicks the amygdala forward, if only temporarily. You can set up events by imagining them or work things in your mind, and then things create what you want.

   This imaging alone increases frontal lobes activity and begins increases in creativity, intelligence, and so on. The more frequently you tickle, the more you click, the more pronounced the results. These changes are measurable by modern brain scanning medical instruments such as PET and MRI machines. The brain is a thought machine- and thus, one controls the brain and it´s electro-chemical circuitry with simple thought. (No surprise there!) This simple exercise properly done often brings immediate results, with sometimes very pronounced effects. The brain lab developed hundreds of methods that further refined, accelerated, supercharged, and make permanent the results."

The basic use and element

   So you can use your amygdala to focus and fuel an event, or element to power your structure of a psi object and possibly the other events as well. Really its the basic idea of think what you want as to happen and feel it occur or tickle your amygdala to make it happen faster. It is possible and might occur with a thought or two. To any of this may get yawning, yawning is reportedly a sign of activation. Although the debate is whether or not its a psychological reflex. Therefore you could yawn if you think of your amygdala activation or if its a psychic event. To be active or to notice to affirm the idea or info and it somehow is done it occurs as it stands to do if possible from an element. What element you feel excited about, when thinking about the event is what it is that helps it, the event, along. The thought doesn't have to happen, if you think to not have it occur as you state it then the amygdala will cause no activity.

The way of the amygdala

   These are just facts that I noted. Its by use in imagination, and if you think about it, then things might occur because the amygdala can interact with the energy of systems and make things occur. As its the degenerated psychic organ as well as the biological facts of it as it has lost size and cannot feed on enough blood because of devolution repaied by create or energy focus with feel. The only way is to use it is unconsciously, as it is with conscious effort to get partial results.

   Subconscious/unconsciousness effort with better results by thinking the activity is happening with the back of your mind. With its use, you get your brain strong enough so it can also cause your brain to regenerate. You might be aware of this, but the amygdala is possible to be used for the effort and you might get some weird results. Yes, the use is what you want, the effort is what you put into it. Yes, amygdala clicking is to cause it to do things for the body, where as frontal lobe popping is to focus the frontal lobe that includes the amygdala more to get effect by effort. This may improve efficiency of idea and experience. As an improved experience to tickle both of it while thinking of the the idea. Of offermentioned efficiency in use.

The other methodology

   You can also dismiss pain by causing pain reduction with the amygdala. Where you don't exactly remember the pain and its dulled where it is. This is visualizing that you don't feel any pain.

   Then there is using the amygdala as a diffusing device. Where you perceive an idea or a vision and you feel the amygdala absorb the emotion and energy from it to be used as personal energy, its to use it to grow stronger or weaker depending on the energy. As the negative energy unless filtered get you weaker, and the positive energy is making you stronger.

   Sometimes you can just use it for an energy boost.

   How long you have to do it is a concentrated 20 minutes a day or something as long as your tolerance level allows for it. then one day it will work but sometimes if you get frustrated over it.

Weight loss and other things

   You can get immediate weight loss with it too. By thinking and feeling the weight that can drop like an anchor while tickling both the amygdala. Then now be surprising and mentally drop that anchor.

   To tickle your amygdala, and pop it forward is like smell something you see as good, or to use energy in the form of a feather to stimulate them. Just feel the energy form as in the form of a feather and instruct it to constantly tickle your amygdala.

To perceive an answer that may be as correct as possible is simplicity. This is a psychic idea that comes from the question. To focus on the back of your head and think of both the amygdala being tickled and then energy at the forefront of the brain, then hear the question and let your feelings come of the answer as you then let words come to you as it is pulled by the energy. Its up to you of what the answer you emit or admit to be heard. As its if the odd feeling is its wrong, and the other feelings are and that as its right.

   To cause through telekinetics an object to be some idea or event or to be of some idea or event. Imagine the event and it being done as in the idea that you want by the object. Then when you are doing it in your mind your doing it in the objects mentality. As it will want to do it as well if you receive it as if it was intelligent. As most objects can replicate the event if you think it will. So think it will do as you imagined and it will use people and idea, sometimes including yourself as if mimicking for it can pick up on the mental images. Usage of the gesture will help this and touching the object will transfer some of your charge to help it along. Just imagining it will activate your amygdala to do the intent. What helps, is due trust as to see it, know it and it will.

   Using your amygdala to raise or animate people. Just focus on the thought of your amygdala and the person and think their alive or animated. Tickle your amygdala lobes and wait till an feel an energy surge comes up. Consider this a backwash the splashes into the body or allow this energy to enter into the body to cause it to come back. Why I call it an animation is it depends on your amygdala to exist for it to continue to work...what might happen is the personal body might be disappearing and they will remember dying after coming back. You then can possibly control the person or thing, by a sympathetic will or a will to help do as for whatever in any way if your not careful. Unless you intend to control with this.

Popping your frontal lobes

   What you do to pop your frontal lobes, well the method is different. Feel the idea and think of what you want and if it happens then its like a popping sounds where the intense situation of a feeling comes over you. To feel the idea is to imagine what you will and think to use the frontal lobe as to have something. The idea will manifest in a visual scene which won't always be where you are. But the lobes will replay a moment where you are of you or someone else doing the idea out. The event you want is likely to occur when done correct, inexactly. This can cause if used too much throat closure not the least bit like choking on your food or strange manic behavior. There are other methods to doing this as well. Now what it may feel like, is that “It was like... a rush of understanding, almost enlightening as it occurred, it was just an accident“ quoted by a friend named Caz. Due note, you won't always feel something or choke for the idea.

Shifting yourself

   You think the effect you want the amygdala to do and then have a thought to where you want to go or as you want. The idea is what your brain frontal lobe is doing to what your amygdala is doing. When they both sync together on a point of contentment you do physical movement and you shift Focusing on amygdala and eyesight, visualization a different world and 3 objects, etc. This is a method of shifting to another place and what one person did. When those two thoughts are going and your content. Step an forward to go to another space of existence. To think of your world and 3 events related to it to you, and think of the idea you want the amygdala to do and when you feel contentment then step back one step, then your in your own world again. This can even get you into another's mind if they are near



   By the way, clicking into the Amygdala is a sudden 'logical' manifest for the brain and a physical process of a movement of the uniting point of the body as the real activation is happening on the uniting point of a person's aura, which moves the uniting point, the uniting point being where the body, mind and spirit unite together in the aura. As to when is being moved by thoughts, the Amygdala receives commands from it. Also the Amygdala commands the uniting point to move. They're connected to each other and it's impossible to expect them to work solo. And it would be stupid to ask 'how an energy field commands an organ?', or on the contrast. Moving your uniting point takes allot of energy. So rest up and sometimes use the Summarization techniques to gain it, the change of or recharge of energy. Optional is charged water to gain what energy you use back.

Some more exceptions of what nots and fixes

  If that you've been up to using the left amygdala since a year to a half a year, you may constantly perceive different realms. When active in the left amygdala, you may perceive different realms every moment. This is quite dangerous for mental health too, not like schizophrenia or a mental disability, but you stop visualizing; you rather 'see' when left amygdala is totally activated. I don't know if danger is the word, but yes, uncontrolled power is not a power. This amygdala thing should be done carefully and balanced. The left amygdala is the converter of the information an receivings from the  assemblage point to the human brain. and the right amygdala is converter of emotional and psychological things. balance is ==> pumping the blood equally. To activate them both equally, is the goal.

  When you care so much about the left amygdala, try using the right one for a week. And this should be done: drawing a line over the known and unknown to get the balance. unknown is unknown, and we shouldn't care much about the unknown when we're up to the known, and the reverse. Drawing a line is literally distinguishing the 1st attention from 2nd and 2nd from the 1st. We can sometimes not magically do this for convince ourselves that 1st attention and 2nd attention are different.

  It can be done to convince our brains; as we know, when we write something, we learn it more effectively. What you gotta do is make it concrete, not just explain a theory. Okay, let's put it this way then: we should know that the world of what we know is the world that we know, a world what we don't know is the world that we don't know. We shouldn't mix these worlds up; what we do in the world we know of, stays in the world we know of.. what we do in the world we don't know of, stays in the world we don't know of.

  How to make a difference to show we recognize the difference.. we do it by our actions an thoughts. To make one active think of which side to tickle and tickle it if you see too much of one side. Otherwise, we become in between the two worlds: known - unknown. Both meaningly, both literally in between, I mean. An example from myself: I try to convince ourselves that 'known' and 'unknown' are different things. Some psychic abilities are things that should be used under control. Thats good, since 1 year, my left amygdala is active almost every moment of a day an I constantly see, an my right amygdala is not as active as the left one.

  When you get into the super-consciousness, everything about the normal consciousness is reduced. You don't feel fear, you don't feel hungry, you don't feel love, etc. So that made me feel fear, happiness, anger etc too in super-consciousness and to some, that's what we don't want. Because, in the world of unknown, you shouldn't feel the emotions of the world we know of. Oh thats more sense, as when you feel the emotions of 1st attention in 2nd, that makes you open for psychic attacks all the time.

  Because inorganic beings -in every kind- like our emotions and else and that makes them get closer to us. Thats very true as we're 'open' to psychic attacks when we're up to emotions in the world of unknown. And that's the way of shielding our shining spheres from psychic attacks in the world of unknown. But if we still feel emotions in 2nd attention, we should keen on our right amygdalas for some time. As being with other people makes a shield for us from psychic attacks because when they don't know the 'unknown', this 'not-informed' mood shields us too.

  Seem to do what is acceptable or not as you think not and do your own idea, if you tickle the correct side of a brain while stating what is there. As this focuses ya amygdala, you can create an effect this way as your brain triggers the amygdala to simulate the superconcious. Writing some idea is what happens as you experience the idea is also stating it. I believe thats your drawing the line as well. The amygdala is not magic. It just sometimes pulls in the chakra energy to cause events. It's a natural organ. Think or people who can use both of their amygdalas, who don't feel the first attention in second and second attention in the first in the same moment, become genius.

  Thats tickling both at once, while you state what you see an want. Try it sometime as what your trying to form is a superconcious awareness thats w/o the emotion. The amygdala is a converter of receivings from two centers: we get the emotional receivings from our stomach, where our emotional brain is, and assemblage point of aura, where our psychic antenna is; it works totally as a cortex and totally natural. doing magic on it will sometimes break it because it's like a device.

  Where some can cause events, by popping her frontal lobe and that's a chakra thing. Only to notice the effect of what things are as one wants it. Thats what I am talking about. Some cause the effect that they should or would want to see. Tangent is energy use by thinking is what even if it is this isn't, it is to them after through perceptions.

  The amygdala is for perception, its what perception that they saw as there that is what they formed it as what is based in society. This is a concept of what you see by thought in an area, from different places and different concepts the place they were thinking. As a scene to see showed what could be done and te results after.

  Though the thought exists through a point in chakra focus in the aura, additions are as they gather energy on crown chakras. Its only possible w/a usage of both sides of the amygdala at once. Thought is the concept in use, with nothing in mind the is some concept. Use is to protect and not use drugs as you imagine energy being or creating, as those whom want protection are thought in perception protected.

  Think by the creator or idea, as its uncontrolled or not if it can or doesn't happen. This is there, tis is the energy that felt. As air pressure is what seems where you are, your able to see someone view and climb a wall or some idea that genetic change was interesting to create by improved perception. This air pressure or considerance in idea, led to mutants or created view in a shift in strange gravity felt out by energy with firewater energy as that was the drug pelot. I learned to be careful as that is not to do.

  I noticed some don't actually draw from the crown chakra. Its like, only a few people who have very high iq and eq can use the both sides in the same time. The draw happens naturally with a frontal lobe popping. As they gather energy on the crown, the bodily energy which they manipulate from chakras or abuse from outside, and use it for purpose and yeah, i can read minds when my frontal lob pops up. So the popping of the frontal lobe is naturally using chakra energy. As if we consider the energy of intent is from chakras. Things go well when we think of or say the after event and not the actual want without the means first. Things can go bad if you only say or think the want before the means.

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