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Psi ability and ability list

   The first step is to find in yourself the ability to do the acts that are required to accomplish the effect that was intended. The process to do this is to find it your own way or to find it by the way of the meditation art. When you start the meditation process, think when you wake up to yourself of the thought being able to do anything with the mind by mind having power over matter and body. When a person goes to sleep do the same thing. Keep this up for five days. The reason for this is to make the subconscious mind accept the conditioning of the meditation.

  You can cut out the meditation, as you can do that anytime. As its the practice of the psionic ability which actually makes it happen but meditation helps center your mind and sometimes speed up your reflexes. So you can do it easier. You don't have to do the meditation if you are centered enough in the mind or already have an ability which is shown, or is manifested to have complaints from or to something mysterious. The results manifest by the way and show signs before the actual effect. Read of the signs of the abilities to decide.

  When at least a day passes doing meditation or an action, there will be a change that might start with an ability, appearing and working itself via your mind. After this, start with tests that describe, the process of what you deserved or observed in yourself or when the events happened. When there has been some successful findings and there is a clear idea, as to what it is, focus your mind on the idea that was founded of the power and ability, that you think is there from what you observed. The meditation should help with this focusing.

  When there is enough focus, the power should manifest itself again. Now force the focus of that power into the willing, of that power into what you want it to do allowing a smooth shift of that focus. Quite suddenly something should happen for you, either small or large the next time should be easier for you. The more practice, the more easier it comes back under your own will. Along with this idea is the fact that the person unlocks more of their ability, the more practice that a person does with the ability found. To imagine the feeling of the first time you achieved a result, will allow the ability to manifest even easier.

  Another way is to start, an try to do a meditative trance by working with the area an letting yourself go and feeling yourself go into the trance. Where you are awake yet asleep and more focused on what you want to do. Then think or feel what you want to achieve. And keep the trance but gather energy into your hand or general area and let your thought program the energy by thinking the thought to the energy.  As in "get me thoughts of others" or "whatever I need, do" or 'whatever I desire, achieve'. Then direct the energy to the area you want to work with and release. The energy will go to where you think to do the action. After this, to achieve the result is to think of the effect or to state the effect and it will occur easier in the area of the energy, maifested in the energy that you put.

   So if your able to do things, your also able to neglect the necessary step of determining your level of experience is unnecessary, for the psi ability. Each ability is accumulative of the last, as people build up with discovered skills and they can jump into an idea of the ability for training. A list below is what can be used for determined psi skill. Not everybody is capable of every ability. Yet with the creator ability, you can create any ability that you need by thinking the ability exists.

  However you think, the ability can be incremented or improved, by practice and repeating, sometimes with orgone energy of machine powered generated psi force. Upon usage of the orgone, it acts like a subliminal manipulation through the conscious unless you have none. Only then will it sometimes reversely effect the subconscious like an advertisement and achieve the results. I call these "psi packages" also the extended separate packages list is here for part I and here for part II, so the second main package list is here. That means they do as stated and in writing, this is even done if there is a hidden effect with them by the power of the subconscious and affirmations.

  So try some of these if your calm enough and self centered. If you practice enough you can actually do it by the 'just do it' attempt. To do some of this, you first gotta use what you have to attempt it then see the results. You see, the results are that  what you see and are what you get, and by using what you have I mean to use the energy of which is there, by doing actions in some sort of attempt or activity. So pick what you want to do, as they aren't actually done in order, then try to follow the idea of what it says to do for it, or find other means to achieve the result...but the ones that suite the interest at the time will work best for you. Some can do the more advanced abilities first but some are at the more basic ability. All this, is in the idea that its done as you do the attempt and to be done in order you desire. This is just a reference list to go by, as there may be other references out there.

  Some of the psi abilities are:

Mind reading and shielding ability
Aura view
, empathy, Charging and Energy reception
Psychic ability (have accident or some trauma), Psychic ability drain, scrying sight (sensing), trace ability (emotional), Focus object, Vamping and mental telepathy
Telekinesis, power manifestation, claireaudience, danger sense, absorption, power focus, mind camera and mental picture ability, scanning, psionic forcecraft, sexy psi, psiballs and Group channel, area manipulation, link ability, no reply reply, mental crippling and telekinetics
Memory readjustment, mental lying, metavirus, shift mental place, system corruption and hacking
Shift mind, mind control (impulse), create illusion, Physical pain, mental assault(reaming, stun...) Spoken telepathy and electric battle
Body control
, heartrate manipulation, item, body, or person shift, the help ability, mental block(blockage and removal), hyperpsionics, psionic healing and RV (Remote viewing).

  After this, mind reading skill goes down and shield ability goes up by feel or use with the senses.

Manifest ability
(meta creation of item), group emotion (normal), share sight (of others), area control and event manifest (once daily), hexing, storming and mental aid teaching
(any event), mentally hide, group emotion (extreme), observe unseen, make body (yourself) and power phase (other forms shift)
Borrow ability, remove ability, prescience and shift area
Remake event, make body (any form), meld item (once daily), subatomical warp and control active energy
Subatomical energy manipulation
, meld ability (anything), reality control, creator ability, the jedi shift point, the mind blast, Psychism and Abuses wall.

  The packages I made so far are packages for idea enactment, packs are more than one packages and kits sometimes with added code effect, programs are the effort of a single statement that turns on a active coding; in which is interactive, and finally there are kits that allow physical manifestation. The packaging list is here to see for yourself and the instructions are on the list.

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Signs of PK

  The signs of telepathy and telekinetic are true if knowing what the other person thinks before, they can say a word or dream shown sometimes by irritation. Another sign is to be able to speak to ghosts and get reactions, another sign is to perceive someone elses telepathy by irritated actions and moody quirks. The signs of empathy are to know someone elses feeling, feel the hostility of a room full of people, to naturally understand how to deal, like messing with someones feelings by instinct or to be able to talk to a hostile person without recieving a single blow in preventing a fight. The signs of a telekinetic ability, are to make a hand gesture or feel the effect, and something moves by itself or occurs as sometimes movement can occur between a wall, to find something falling when you come near it and when you feel moody things, things move without you realizing it. Unless you look for these signs, you will probably miss them. Probably the best sign is to be able to travel there before the moment as if of all. The rest of the ability is self-taught and experiments upon things.

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Psionic mind reading

   To train psionic mind reading ability visualize, a solid platform in your head of absolute balance, where nobody can control you. Feel absolutely safe there placing yourself, and at the same time mentally. This reflects on you being sane. As you are on the platform it means sane moment surrounded by a great grey wall which cannot be breaches except by those you allow. To do thus is to not throw thoughts as your unstable, whereas you aren't unstable. Now focus on the task at hand while your feeling of energy, within and without you. Feel the energy grow and direct it, by your iron mental will to read another person's thoughts in the neighborhood, or in the same house without destroying, crippling, or being detected by thought detection. After this, let go of the energy, then dissipate it when done and if caught most people probably, will know if you did it wrong when you meet them.

  The process never fails unless theres a non willing person, and why the person knows is a mystery, but sometimes am an they will hate you, and try back stab you with the same method the same way every time as you would. After a successful or even unsuccessful attempt visualize a knife cutting the link, between the person and yourself. What happens is that the mind link occurs after the mind reading. Remember this, as the person will sometime, in your life try to find you without knowing why. They will do this by following the link, unless you use an anchor which acts as you with your signature or another.

Psionic communication aka telepathy

   To train psionic telepathy try the process, of finding a receiver with permission. First, put up a gray wall by seeing a gray wall around yourself mentally, that blocks out people who would want to read your hostily or use your thoughts. You have to give your permission to allow them to pass your wall then.

  The simplest way is for sending and recieving in a moment is that which seems to work for sending, relax your mind and "think it at them" or "mentally yell it at them." And that which works for receiving is to "use the first thing to come to mind." If you don't understand how to do those, then "Just do it." As the idea to make it easiest is that if you try to make a rule or two and then state it out loud, under your breath, or to another person. It soon becomes the easier path.

  Otherwise, think of it like a lan network making a telepathic bridge path, by visualizing a pathway, to that other person and pinging the other person as with those thoughts to know thoughts that you want them to hear and they reply if they can receive. Call this a test, there are two parts needed for this ability to actually work: the sender and the receiver. Ask first if they are of friendly nature. If hostile they are to be avoided unless you want mental distraction.

  The sender has class who is the person who's trying, to send thoughts to another. The receiver has recognition by reception as the person who, can hear the thoughts. Use a phone to do this better. If you can find no one, try mind reading any person, of who as you want to mentally talk, to and follow along the mental, link in your head and start thinking, to them on the subject you want them, to hear wearing the gray wall. They will immediately respond, tell them mentally to make, a response back. They will sometimes respond with, a voice thought or a physical, response like a punch in the face, for a bad comment or the thought response spoken aloud. The more times you do telepathy, to a person by sending thoughts to them, the more chance of their brain, picking the method up as in training, but this might take a few tries or more.

  If you practice this skill enough you will eventually, find that you can also have normal, people hear you as well. Practice recieving because there, will be a definite need to hear the reply, unless they reply based verbally reply. The process to receive thought, is to try to focus an idea of hearing and based on visualization, of the ear hearing the thoughts of another listening through, a guarded inport as in a network of thoughts that weeds out unimportant thoughts. You can find accurate rumors this way and to cheat on a test in class without cheating, listen to the people around you and since the peoples guards are down when they take tests. Skim off the surface thoughts of a person, when they are also taking a test now focus on the instructor and make, all the right answers. After that, it should be easy although one critical note: the person who intends harm gets harmed back three times worse, and the attempt of achievement not ever works when forced.

  One can start by this method from Psionic forces, to begin by calming your mind and ridding yourself of any unneeded emotions that you can manage to get rid of, by imagining yourself on an immovable platform where you cannot be harmed, or by any other method you find is useful. Personally, I rid myself of my emotions, and think objectively. Use whatever works best for you.

  The reason that you need to become mentally stable is because you could conflict with the other person in unintended ways. Firstly, if you are in an emotional state of mind, you might accidentally throw thoughts (and if you are also an empath, then possibly emotions as well) their way, which could give away your location to those who are also telepathic, or it could even confuse a person who is not telepathic. Secondly, if you are in an emotional state of mind, then it can be hard to tell the difference between the thoughts that you are trying to read, and your own thoughts.

  After you have attained a stable state of mind, one smart thing to do is to find an item of focus. (Note: This is not an absolute requirement - but it does help.) If you already have one assigned, then good. If you do not, find one now. It can be anything from a coin to a pocket of condensed air, to even a glass of water. It may help if it is conductive, though it is not really if not entirely required.

  What you really need to know about this stuff is do with the focus item, is read a person's thoughts through it. You connect the person to the item, and read the thoughts of the item instead of the person. If it is done right, you will find that the thoughts of the item are merely the thoughts of the person directed through the item, and to you. If the person finds that their thoughts are being read, what they will do first, is search for the person doing it. By this point, unless they are capable of the mindblank ability, you will know that they are coming for you. You will have long since stopped reading their mind, and would be going about your own business, and they will be wasting time searching for and attacking the item.

  Whether you read their mind via a focus item or via direct mental contact, be sure to break the connection afterwards. To create the link, imagine a line between the two of you, or between them and the focus item. To break it, imagine a knife or a pair of scissors cutting the line. It is as simple as that, but is a very important step. The possibility exists of a person that you connect to, and do not properly sever the connection with, attempting to search for you without knowing why at some point during their life. Most actually do it.

  One can utilize an instant message (aim) channel, to teach or use the telepathy better so feel, through aim to the person thinking, of the person and the thought will be heard. To hear the reply imagine a receiving broadcast as off a speaker wire and the speaker states only the thoughts of the person you telecommuted to, except you can apply noise filters, to weed out words you don't wanna hear. Another trick is to think the air is a secure aim channel to do as with the aim channel attempt, and this is also possible with games or books, but you may need to imagine a movie scene with people representing communication targets to achieve communication through to any game, character or live person. Focus your thoughts thru movies channeling the energy of the other movie audience, every with' to form the channel to talk to anyone there depicted in scene or anywhere else. The one warning on this is to beware mental, of traps as they will foul up almost any mental chat.

  These techniques can be utilized to talk to people, without even knowing their language as well. Which you pick up by utilizing the method, to hear their words mentally and then comparing them, with what they said physically. Eventually, the two different sentence structures, will come together and understanding on how, to speak it will occur. When you next speak to the person, the other person will understand, as if you were speaking their native language. After this, you will permanently be able to, speak a foreign language the more you try it.

  To send mental images to the person, try to visualize the scene as having a gray wall around you and know its fixed in the recipients mind, that of the vision you want to see them see. Thus you have given the receiver the mental image, of what you want and sometimes the receiver, won't respond at all. This is an instant training technique to give knowledge, to the indivisual without any reading, or viewing thus you can give examples of the ideas, you communicate to a person. Talk to animals in this manner as some animals, will, only respond to mental image telepathy. Like and send the image of the cat being in a litterbox, to get the cat to go to the litterbox, or to train kittens to do so.

  To train the psionic telecommunications, visualize a gray wall thats of only allowing the person response as that your trying to get and then try focusing on, a telephone nearby or make an anchor by seeing the element namely a phone or wire of choice in an area near you. Visualize a untraceable link to that telephone or anchor with a black box visually connected to a dialing pad, focus on the pad the numbers you want to dial, and then hearing a click and a dial tone, and the numbers tone dial themselves. Now try to hear the response by picking up the receiver connected to the phone dialing pad mentally. Envision the receiver voice as the actual connection response and if it is a connect, and you hear a voice from that receiver thus you connected and then mentally talk to the person on the phone. To hang up, visualize the receiver in your head being put on the hook and a "click" and visualize, the place dissolved and not there anymore. Thus you know that the link is no longer there when there is no connection any longer, to reinforce the idea by realization then think the link broken and visualize, the phone system dissolving in your mind and dismiss it.

  To use telepathy with animals, to speak to them and etc, and also to have a strong empathy with certain animals, especially felines and rodents. just send the communication to them and see if you get a response that is either in wording or in emotions. Usually it's wording, though occasionally you can get emotions or pictures.

  The thing to remember is that when you begin communicating with animals, plants, objects, and A.I., all of which are valid for communicating with an via telepathy, is that you usually won't get much of a response until you talk to them a lot. After all, everything is that its in existance, from what you see and feel, has a soul, and therefore, can be communicated with. The being sometimes has a soul, such as a human and draconian, but ghosts are just spirits. As though things such as inanimate objects, they have just energy that acts as a soul. Where the things in conciouness has a spirit that feeds off the soul to survive. And thats the basis of all that is done.

  There are three methods that are as though the animal telepathy is easy. There are so far these: 

  1. Concious bubbles: Their consciousness bubbles appear in their energy field considered their aura. Wait for that, send your words into the bubble.

    This is sending without waiting a response.
  2. Other way is a commanding system:
    Wait for the bubble, imagine a cable between your consciousness and theirs.

    Then yell your commands, by thinking them outloud and immediately look to their righ eyes and tell your command outloud and ask them if they're going to obey and wait for a response.
  3. Last one is a chat method:
    To do this, animals need to learn how to receive at first --> that means they should be animals who have emotional connections to you or the ones you find yourself closer to.

    Wait for the bubble and imagine a cable between your mind and them. And send simple questions, then wait for responses.

    They can reply but don't expect a sentence.

  What do you think, if they learn how to send, as though they know how to send but are not interested to?

Aura view

  To see auras, focus on the shape and the shape alone without details, then blur your eyes after closing your eyes, say 'I perceive auras', and refocus them. Then you will perceive the aura of the area with people included, this will or won't work according to your thoughts at the time. What might help is the thought "perceive aura" at the attempt. Herein are the values that might be the auratic in an aura chart meaning yet there are others. There may be more to this, but the aura chart is here for those who want to compare or use a color. chart.


  To train empathy, visualize the feeling person inside yourself, making a opening from yourself that only picks up feelings from others around you. Now 'try' as only this may work on the person you love or a close friend, as they are the easiest to read from emotionally. Know as you talk to them that the person gives off tale tales of body language. Observe while the person has a conversation with you and be the silent observer. Take in and analyze the feeling that there is, while talking to them and if there is anger try to make haste, and walk away or soothe them while talking to them. If it is a lover, ask questions and react accordingly and feel the emotion to gauge the truth of the moment.

  What helps this is while this is going on do a math problem in your head, at the same time to keep from being pulled in to deep as you shouldn't. If you get too deep, there will be no easy way to tell the difference from true emotion of yourself and others around you. Use shielding to keep too much empathic feelings from effecting you. As this will keep your sanity, if you keep get empathic emotions from a crowd.


  To train telekinesis (TK) or PK (PsychoKinesis), focus on the idea of force, make a gesture of some sort with the hand, and allow that gesture to be linked, in your mind to using that force. This is called mind force, raise the hand to raise the item, gesture to you to bring it close. Gesture away to force the item away, hold out your hand open to accept, the item from the air. When you imagine the item intended to be moved, imagine it doing what you want. Allow for the link to the idea of force, if it worked, things you imagined should happen. This takes considerable practice.

  In other words, telekinesis for starters is Simple for easy approach but hard without practice. As the more you practice the more you convince yourself of success that you did the act. This in turn could make you gullible or cause it to occur. Also to train telekinesis try to think of the object or person moving and as you do, say move there go there and think where to go etc. Feeling the object shift from its spot as if on a cushion of air. Then after several tries, maybe dozens you might succeed. If to you you should push the object by thinking you did it at least in the mind, it should help out.

  To do this without the excited speaking for making it lift is like reducing your chances. Saying or and thinking "rise" or "up" will be like a powerword telekinetically done. To put your hands around an object and think to turn it or move it while you imagine it moving and feeling magnetic pulse energy moving it tends to do it as well. This works on low friction objects much easier than high friction ones. To think of your subconscious or sunconcious doing it, is to locke the idea and to consider the act to do and shift it to the back of your mind, so that its done automatically. To allow your subconscious to do it until you are ready for the action conciously and completely.

  I Gno someone who did it trying this technique after 1 week. You keep practicing every day on an object as maybe a pencil, for a clich\E9 until it works. For how long in a period of a day, as long as you can manage without giving up. It takes months of effort with hours used every day to get results. At most, however long your patience fueled by excitement lasts. When your goal is met, you actually know if you're making progress. But then you could spent a year trying to move a pencil with your mind, few hours a day, without anything ever happening so you must think it happening within seconds. So your doing progress when you see it rise or move at least a little or a great bit.

  Seen and used is this ideal, so no way would you start on something as hard as a pencil unless you wanted to. What then? It's hard to understand the insane amount of force and friction moving even a pencil takes. We take it for granted, we have legs and arms, while our brainmeat becomes weak and fatigued, so start on something with extremely low friction. As in like a tinfoil pinwheel and build up or this type you can make otherwise with tinfoil or paper. Remember this, the lower vibration you are the harder it is. Try to go into a deep meditation, to theta brain waves you focus and focus on bringing your vibration to the higher dimension through your third eye. It's like swimming against a current but with effort you can become at a higher frequency than the rest of this dimension and thus psi manipulation becomes easier.

  This is also part of PK, or psychokinesis, where there are two forms of this in microkinesis (MiK) and macrokinesis (MaK). Where microkinesis is movement of idea and moment by psi will to cause it and macrokinesis is the movement of things. Moving things like pencils is like moving by macrokinesis a fan, a psiwheel or getting a spoon to bending. Wheras the movement of the pencil is microkinesis. 

Bent spoon   This is the spoon and metal bending. It's sort of a passive concentration. The spoon just kind of goes soft for a few seconds and you can twist it around. So try getting into the mindset that psi's passive, and all you do is focus energy into where you want it to bend and feel it go liquid-like/soft all you do after awhile is feel it go soft and it doesn't even require using your own energy on it. Now for the psiwheel or fan. As all you need for a psiwheel or fan is movement, or psi movement. what you are going to do with a pinwheel or fan is try to move it with your mind. This can be any object in truth. It goes softer with more practice, and the more you go into the passive state of making it soft; it's sorta a meditation with practice as you can increase the intensity of the meditation too. So it takes less time. Just keep a really balanced mind and don't try to force it at all, forcing seems to immediately stop the bending and "harden" the fork/spoon.

  When you try to move the wheel when its covered with something like a glass bowled thing, its necessary to try thinking about the air inside and ignore the cover because if you don't cover it, you'll end up doing aerokinesis instead of pk. As you can move the wheel when it isn't covered and can only move light things easily otherwise. Now trying to move it when its covered is sorta very hard to do. If you can do aerokinesis, you can do telekinesis. What you were doing if you did was manipulating wind element as you could do easily. The goal of this is to move the object without wind. So when you can and are ready, get the psiwheel spinning with almost no wind. Where Aerokinesis is the use of neutral energy to move wind. It's our own disbelief that is our greatest undoing.

  Playing with the psiwheel or other object is weird. Sometimes you can get the feeling and can move it, sometimes not. Some spent about 5 mins getting nowhere and when they gave up the psiwheel shuddered and fell off the pin. Sometimes to move it with your hand just to memorize the motion of it moving and then try to duplicate the force using just tk works. Some were trying to get it to move and then pushed it with the hand, it went half one way that they pushed it (The force was enough for it to spin 360 degrees about 10 times), but after half a spin it turned the other direction.

  It's like trying to learn how to move a muscle you ignored and have no idea how to use it... hit and miss. Fun and frustrating. Sometimes after watching videos of other people performing psionics it just gives some a major boost... They manage to mimic the actions of them and the psiwheel starts spinning pretty fast. I think the main thing about 'learning' psionics is not training the 'mind muscle' (if there is such a thing), but more about getting control enough to know how to turn it on and off and control the intensity. Like learning to roll your tongue wiggle your ears and stuffs. 

  So heres two methods to this telekinesis;

  1.   A way of training PK right now that is by going with the 'just do it' method to random items around for no apparent reason through out the day as in a fan or pencil. Some go with other objects. They feel so light, but so heavy at the same time. Like they are already suspended in the air by a few molecules, but some can't seem to make them go higher than that. 
  2.   The second is handled by a quote from psipog.

      "The first trick is to fool your subconscious into doing TK. Let's face it, sure, your subconscious is smart in a lot of aspects, but in others it's a complete idiot. It's gullible and mechanic. We can take advantage of this!"

      What you need for that is an intense focus to be shifted by a thought and then it can cause the thought. (The energy of the focus.) To focus on something intensely and then interrupt that focus in  to cause a result control. This can turn things and make movement easier. Or to direct your focus and imagine what you want as if your imaging is a will and enter trance on to effect a psi movement.


  Shielding is the art of many methods, to protect the person from destruction. There is one method approachable to use for psionics, Focus your mind. link your hands, and project outward to form, a domelike barrier to swirl up around you. This barrier forces away threat, and makes distinct presence unknown. Granting you the feeling of peace, and desire to do activity.

  Cloaking shield; A cloaking shield hides your signature, and it makes it difficult for your opponent to target you. Basically, you make a cloaking shield the same way as a regular one, only you put out the intent to not be seen... visualizations such as watching yourself disappear while you make it can help, just basically program it with the intent that there isn't anything there, by thinking to the shield to 'not let me be seen' or 'not to be seen' or 'hide my signature'.

  The mind blank psionic ability, is another form of shielding, and calls visualization into, working with the telepathy ability. How it works is the mind is given, an appearance of having nothing in it. The mind reader will not see anything there, thus, he will leave you alone after a moment of sheer frustration. The method is the moment of you thinking, that no one will see your thoughts. Then imagine the mind having a gray space, people only look into and nowhere, else can they see. Know this space exists and hide your thoughts, and information behind it. Imagine what you want them to see. This will blind the mind readers into not getting, or controlling information from you. When the shield is up, even scryers won't be able to see you, this takes some practice to work as practice makes perfect, you would have to get it up to the point, of a couple of half-seconds to survive a mental attack. Give them no useful information.


  There be some interesting ways to charging energy. What its good for, be to get more energy and to be able to function better. The more energy you have, the better you may function. There are two general ways, absorption and generating.

  The easy and more dangerous way is the way of absorption. Which is to just imagine your the energy reaching out and gathering more energy in. This can lead to psychic vampirism. As the more energy you absorb, the more you don't generate and thus, you will end up needing more to sustain yourself, more and more.

  Try not to get energy from humans, as you can get addicted to it, and add a filter to filter out bad energy, if you do try it. I would suggest filtering the energy into funnels. As, when you absorb from others you also get all the horrible colouring that comes with it. All the emotions and self pity and noobishness they have.

  The better and harder way and the only one that doesn't lead to vampirism, causing you to generate energy as well as also being safe. Is that you should not absorb at all and you should generate your own, by using more of your own energy and thus the more you start generating.

  Albeit, you may test the waters to find out stuff and idea from the surroundings and people. So you can absorb sometimes from them, as the residual energy of a place lets you know what was there. But of course, filter! But never try to use them as a supplement of your own energy.

Energy reception

  To receive the energy sent from someone else makes, life easier for unlucky people. Also considered a form of energy manipulation, but don't depend on them for supplementing your own energy. As, you may become a psychic vampire. I got this method from a famed psychic named, Sara Freder who felt I was down on my luck. I paid $50 for this technique I am giving away for free, the main purpose was transferring luck, but it is useful to transfer other energies as well.

 To start, have the picture or the token, of the person that the person has handled. Call this the personal token, wash your hands and place the personal token, in front of you. Light a candle you made or a prefab, taper candle of a color of your own choice. Lay in a relaxed position, mentally relax your muscles and soothes, the aches in your body one at a time, until the body is completely relaxed. This is to allow for energy to pass into your body, now stare at the candle and focus on the idea, of your problems fixing them one at a time. Focus on recieving from the link, of the personal token, receive energy of the type that you need from, the link itself. Take only what the person is willing to give, afterward stop recieving the moment that you feel resistance in the link. Let go and thank the person who sent it. Dismiss the personal link when this happens. Relax the muscles again and think at the candle to give, you what you want and need even when unlit. Now blow out the candle.

  Another type of energy manipulation, to form raw energy with your will into the elemental effect called forcecraft. The forcecraft method is to think of what the element does and imagine it accomplishing something that you want with you in that focus. This focuses it through you and the element will repeat the event. To make people's friendships or relationships stronger, for example. Just imagine the two people, side-by-side, and then some sort of link, symbolizing the friendship/relationship, and either just make it firmer, or with relationships, something like the factor of two hearts, symbolic of love of course, and then putting some sort of percentage in it, meaning how much they love each other, or something. There are at least eight types of forcecraft.

  • Life forcecraft - to use life energy; moving itself.
  • Earth forcecraft - to use earth energy; moving itself.
  • Lava forcecraft - the cause of some eruptions but its to cause the use of lava energy; moving itself.
  • Fire forcecraft - to use fire energy to be forced to be as commanded or manipulated; moving itself.
  • Water forcecraft to use water energy to be manipulated and moved; moving itself.
  • Ice forcecraft - to use ice energy effects; moving itself.
  • Air forcecraft - is the use of wind energy; moving itself.
  • Tachyon forcecraft - is the use of the tachyonic red dot particles in energy; moving itself.
  • Death forcecraft - the use of death and spirit energy; moving itself.

Psychic ability

  Psychic ability is often caused by a car chase or chaos in a moment, as this is some sorta accident, some trauma something wrong or emulation phases by sinuses. This allows for you to sense things out and the way is easy. Relax your mind and  think of what you want to see. Then, think the images and sensations will come to you. Allow them to come by tensing and relaxing your body. Then, if they come your psychic ability is active and you can get and sense anything that you intended to sense out. This can include visions of accidents, sensations of far away places, things like knowledge that comes to you and most important visions of events. It doesn't always happen till it happens.

  True, it is psychokinesis by any other name. So we have to treat it like it was the true type deal typographically speaking. Some can reach, or overeach by whatever power that it is. And turn the true ten spurner. It becomes a challenge whatever it is. So if you treat it fairly and it will treat you fairly. Instant insanity is education of some rough form of it gone too far. The idea behind this is to focus your mind on what you intend to get by thinking about it and feel each word that you type or percieve or think about each thing you see. Trust what you need. Need is of desire for wherever or whatever need is there. So what need there is is there for you sometimes. This can be greed, workforce or desire. Sometimes its representative of illness.

  Fun can be had, by any or all that is with this. Some haredity by some can come forth, think to say that its there and is reflective of what may be there or not be there. With the psychic ability, its possible to do anything. What is recieved as impulse is recieved by anything the subconscious sees as a mend or mind thought control. It is laying down plans we see, or hear but the subconscious can make it real. What happens in subconscious idea with psychic ability is the sub-c still sees the act and makes it so as you read of it or intend it. The act is equal the real life effect, that the event was ppercieved as or the author intended with writing it down or showing it. What the idea of it is is if this is written, or gotten some other way it is truth by familiar idea. Directed by some force or calling in energy.

  You can see the effect of it by whatever it is called. Compare to the moment it happens and if it matches then you know it easier.  If made whole by actually happening then this will be shared as its a famous opinion. Its an opinion of itself or others. If it, in necessity, became real then the effect could startle you or seem to agree with you. But if it always seems to occur then you get used to it in some form. Where your area is oftentimes not selectual but associative, for the moment. This is education in considered moment as its only covered/known by use. By some usages the moment is some sort of strange idea, that is seen by subconscious but remains a given. We give to the moment but not allot of it. As its an addition in things that is a fair deal. What we see is what we get though as the saying goes, it ends there or nothing is gained from it.

Psychic ability drain

 Psychic ability draining is the practice of psychic energy vampirism. Where, they would drain energy and the persons ability with that energy. How to do it is quite simple, as it only needs you to imagine funnels draining what you want from the person. or just imagine a mental hand touching the forehead or being near the person and 'draining the ability or energy' by thinking it does as you imagine the ability or energy come from the person in a stream of energy, to you. Then by needing this done, it will be done and thus you might feel like returning the ability or energy. If no guilt then you probably won't. So, you just happen to know the right amount to drain, as it 'feels right', and thats about it.

 When you want to give someone an ability or energy, then just imagine the personal target with that ability and use the energy reception technique. Where you are sending them the energy/ability and they recieve it. Or, imagine a mental hand gifting the person with the things you want them to have. By, thinking that the mental hand does so, needing this done and sending the ability/energy forth in a streamed flow of energy. Again, you just happen to send the right amount as it 'feels right' to you.

 Be warned! The person who is effected by these techniques might remember them, so they can perceive how to do the effect from you. Their subconscious can pick up on the attempt and watch it. Then if there's karma involved, they could try it on yourself.


  Scrying has 10 methods to do of most to see or predict events: fire or water sight, crystal, far future sight, bones and tea leaves, chicken guts, tarot cards, runes, long range viewing, ouiji board, and othersight. Fire and water sight is staring at fires and water bowls to gain glimpses of the future through the focus of the word "sight", think on the feeling of what you want or feel the vision appear as a daily practice. Crystal sight is the sight of view by crystal glimpses. Focus on the crystal and think of what you want to see, let your mind wander or unfocus and a vision might occur after as a glimpse. You won't realize it sometimes as its very quick to happen, thus you might see it in your dreams or as a after image. Visions can reach far as sometimes the visions come unbidden. When this vision happens, wash your hands and turn them over and back again to clear your uncontrolled state.

  Far future sight as Nostrodamus would do it is to sit over a pyramid like chair or 4-legged stool, in a dark room near a lit candle. Look into the candle and see the future or glimpses as you think on the words, "far sight". The four legs pointed to true north, east, south and west. The act after the ceromonies of future vision is cleansing. I myself have done several future visions and controlled the sight at night by the "turn it off by will" or imagine a light switch, with on and off as the label. Afterwards, I always cleanse myself or find myself slightly confused all day long.

 The bones or tea leaves reading is an easy thing as an after dinner or after activity but only for loose leaf tea, old coffee grounds or bones. In scrying sight, The effect as of this is to use old coffee grounds, bones or tea leaves to do as is necessary and act the seer as you can see shapes in the laid out pattern. Try to relax your mind and touch your reference book or think of efficiency for energy "vibe feeling" as to look at the aura. Look at the leaves, old coffee grounds or scatter bones while thinking or feeling "thought direction" and feel the effect as in energy flow. Squint and refocus the eyes to get an auratic reading of the leaves or bones. Allow the energy of the bones, coffee grounds or leaves to fill you with energy and then think about events. Images of what will become appearant as to the near future or near present will come unless you think of the past.

  With a reference book you effect the additional information to understand the pattern of the "outlay" of the spread out leaves or bones. Don't be afraid to touch them as they will sometimes be grimy. The idea is to read the leaves or bones and use the feelings that are gotten from the feel of the vision you may get provoked from the sensation of the tea leaves. So look at the tea leaves and if they are fresh from the drink or dry, the impression you get is immediate and you have the sight, your mind will perceive events of the future near present or past. Most times the vision will come in a dream trance if it occurs in which you can reveal it or not. Use music to enhance the vision along with the darkened room.

  Chicken guts along with other types of guts like castrated, are read by the feel of them with prophecy intended. Mostly used for probable quick wins or loss depiction. Feel the vibes by touch and read the aura to get a reading of a vision that may be many. Some readings may be false but most are accurate.

  Tarot cards are a deck of karmatic charges with pictures and all is needed is to focus on the question and the vision might be "sensed" or "appear" on a moment as you read the card. Then the card instructions will be for the meanings of each card where each card is specific and you must read the meanings in the card instructions. The outlays are celtic cross, among others.

  The way of divination be to make the runic tile first by carving the entire runeset while thinking on your need for divination on some form of material sliver called tines. The tine material should be used as to your craftsman level. What materials be there? Wood, stone, paper, metal or bone be the prospects. A runic tine set is a carved runeset and these rune tines are kept in a rune bag for divination purposes. When making the tines wait a day before usage because each rune takes a little energy from the air, and after the entire runic tineset be made their is very little energy so things could fail on you.

  Now, after the runset be carved and a day passes, draw the runetines from the bag one by one as the drawn rune will impart an image of the future to your mind. Draw the runes till ye get a clear enough picture of what might happen for the person ye drew them for or yourself. thus ye write the vision down or try to remember it. Its best to do this as one live future tell will clarify many things and try to use instinct as instict will tell ye truly.

  Long range viewing is to focus the mind and let yourself float upon the wind, keep a gray wall around you. When the wind is enough, let yourself go where you think. You will appear in the area, yet not seen and hearing all with vision of what is happening. This isn't limited to any particular time as you can go anywhere. Feel yourself slip back into your body then release the gray wall, and then things done to it during the time will be undone. No aging will happen, yet while away you can tell people what to do and they will take it like your a ghost. This is also called geisting where you can do a ghost voice effect and play god. Thus you manipulate the person till they stop listening or you decide not to manipulate, yet don't play god as in you are the event creator. For wrongful things go back to the person if karmatically wrong about two or three times worse, as it is for normals or wiccans except in defense. What you see is what you might not remember, so write it down as you see it in physical body as you need it later on as it can be meditated on for recall.

  Ouiji board are to focus the spirit of any in the area unless specified in instructions. Then you get info by the spirit guiding your hand to the letters on a board to answer a question asked of it. Unless the board is made of sacred wood like pine or oak and blessed its gonna have at least 25% chance to draw a negative spirit or demon.

  Othersight is the method to see without sight anywhere or anyway. One cannot block it yet its very noticed as its brought chills or notices from people. So feel a gray wall around you and relax your mind with a random thought, and let your mind perceive the area while you feel and send out energy as feelers. The images will be seen as of thoughts and feelings along with other peoples sights or other landscapes. But you allow the feeling to work and the images will come after you think on what you saw. There are no blinders to this gift once again unless you are drugged and then the images could be heightened if you focus on "sight perception".

  So a suggested drug of clearer vision is r\ECr\E8d\F2p of al\F2\E9 + mustard powder + baking soda + water eq boil the ingredients to gain resolution and refreshment. For the real druggies out there, Tritylmyl is the vision drug, grass(least potent), opium or pot + mustard seed powder + baking soda in which you cook together for potency with water. Alternative is mustard powder or mustard (m\F2t\E9d) + Sea salt  (seasyt) or Baking soda (NaHCO3) = M\F2t\E9dSeasyt or M\F2t\E9dNaHCO3 but add wter for potency. Another alternative is nervall and its 2p salt + 1p sodium(Na) or baking soda + 2p copper(Cu2) and (NaCl)2NaHCO3Cu2 that lightens up all the nerves and strengthens body with clearer focus. St Johns wort(stj\F2w\F3) + grass(gr\E8s) or p\F2t = Stj\F2w\F3Gr\E8s boiled or Stj\F2w\F3P\F2t cooked to get a vision clearification drug. Ones you can't make are Concerta and other psycho drugs that are freely available on asking.

Trace ability

  Training trace ability is to feel someone or feel your emotion is in how defined it is, the closer you get the closer you are. Use for ideas, other things and for people finding.  Part of this is area scan by picking out the events mentally by othersight that you recognize from what you saw earlier and try to recognize the area pattern from it, whatever is feeling wrong to you as you mentally look, is hidden or not supposed to be there. Or if it feels different, then you might see it whence identified as the image, of what your subconscious sees it as in dream images. Another name is psionic telemetry.

Focus object

  Focus object ability is putting a world or energy into objects by focusing objects is how to put a world into an object or how to put energy into an object. Its not so difficult that you have to hurt yourself for.

  Well now for the actual methods,  there's the method of visualizing a copy of a near area going into an item and you can go inside to visit it at will by thinking you are going in and  feeling that you do. Think of a grayness that is in the form of a tunnel an represents a tunnel that you think to go to a place with an then you are in.

  The second method is it's preferable if you're starting anew to go inside the item itself and begin building freely by thinking that you do. As it's like an idea of a quick zoom in your mind to seeing what is or maybe a falling into the item inside and when you go in  it's  blank and in a black or white sense. So you add lighting and architecture and furniture as you wish, summoning by idea and thought of what that is. You can treat other people as the object too.

  To put an energy into an object, it's mostly just taking the energy however you get it and to move it around just a bit before putting it completely in the object by visualization of it taking  shape of the object and staying or being in the object by taking shape in it. It can also be a person. There is possibility to shape the energy you put in the object into any form you may want to recognize. So all you need to do is think of the shape and then think of what you want to happen and it will. As you think it, the person or object will either do it or cause it to  occur. To do it by causing it to occur. 

 Thanks be to Jordan for the effect and by describing it.


  Vamping is the idea of sucking the energy out of the victim by imagining a psiball that causes the effect or just pulling energy from the victim with ya will. Until the point where the victim isn't awake, unconscious or is not feeling well. Generally, the vamping stop point is to the effect of what is enough for ya or when ya feel energized again. Then ya got enough energy or won a vamp duel.

Power manifestation

  To train power manifestation is to form the energy or element to the will by using an image of the item or shape. Focus on the shape and then imagine it form as a shape, feel the shape form where you want and a ghost image might appear. Thus you may find the shape appear and this counts for any form an element can make the shape of.


  This is the moment you turn on a light switch as your willing to share the information, or create a thought is energy causes to be noticed in the area or is a vision by sight. As you focus and imagine something, creating an energy focus is touch a stone to seem noticed or thought and subconscious sees the thing and the stone is a rock or gemstone in life as curious.  As you think and get a thought to create or will things to do what you want, direct by words or thought energy at the gemstone or rock. As this is seen or not if unperceptive, think and use this as if a lightswitch that is a switch turned off is to remove the idea or not see things you don't like. Think it and otherwise you see what you think, as otherwise your in focus and breathing in and out possibly to see this with a trance or wakeful moment with water.

   You can't do this without an ability in psychic skill by psyching up or think you can and you might, if safe or to note something is through the effort and your subconscious can or not as you are with skill. Think enough as you can sense or see the idea, and if necessary eat a nut as your ability increases from the natural idea that is what you think. As in a conceived idea if the energy you put into nut is energy and if thats true the nut might make this easier, as think as you are if old or you hold energy of a nut as a small nut is either shown to you as this causes what eaten or held to become by body processing an energy to use. Where you focus the nut energy like a point to use the source, your thought can manifest or not seem in you and this outwardly won't happen as you don't see it or don't think it.

  As if not you can sometime have the ability, think to water that you drink that you have ability from the energy you thought at the water as if you see the sensation as the vision you want to be known. As if otherwise, you can focus the energy with fire energy by use to imagine the vision that you don't want disappearing into the thing you hold, as if touching the thing is a transfer or think to. Act or not and as you think and focus as energy transfers when you do tings normally or think and don't always do, you shift the energy away as to throw away the thing is the way of a sacrifice to rid yourself of what you think.

  Otherwise if you intend something,  as there is a point in time that if your idea is a point, thats set to be seen you can see or be observed by claireaudience energy, that is your focus is through the energy in the air. As gravity to project through the area to those that want to see, think it or will thought to be seen in another perspective. There is a point in where you hold focus and not otherwise, not that you don't get any result just that you get some idea to do. Think and this is seen as the people can sense the energy and see what you see, as if their thoughts can see the idea as a vision or thing that appears or disappears as you will it gone. You can close off or not as the idea comes to you, see by the concept to not notice as you think and create. Think or imagine the scene, this is by thought your not actually there.

Danger senses

  Training danger sense is to sense the impending doom as if this as you enter an area or sometime in the space with noone in the area, and sometimes with visions of the danger by looking at the area and noting the movement. The less the area movement and more stillness, is intent of the danger to be more unless, the area was an intentionally still environment. Now if the movement suddenly increases then the area is normal again or if a single thing moves other than your presence, its the dangerous element that found you.

Power focus

  Training power focus is to focus of two or more energies into a single blend, and to make it a woven effect by visualization of the energy of one as a thread with the other energies similar by other sources. Thus to weave it together, feel the necessity need and the desire to form the weave of sources into the effect of your choice. This won't happen easily as you must have a necessity of desire for it to work, or it won't weave together. This won't combine two or more human energy sources.

Mind camera and mental picture ability 

  Mind camera and mental picture ability is to focus your mind and see an image in near you and take a mental snapshut of it and then be able to send it to the person or target machine at will.

  From what I'm understanding, to do this, you would need a disciplined memory, and at least moderate skills in the finer aspects of either/both telepathy and remote viewing. Either that, or you would need to use some sort of object that is disposable and something along the lines of psychometry, which, as you may know, is a form of psychic reading.

  For the first method, I guess you could do various exercises with the brain to train it in visualization and memory. The visualization can easily be achieved with heavy use of the imagination, but the memory would be of some work.

  Now, telepathy is not easy to learn so I'd first get a partner to practice with and begin with the basics. Psipog's "The Basics of Telepathy" or Spellhawk's "Psionic mind training part 5" will explain all you need to know about sending and receiving telepathy. The trick is you would have to figure out how to send the exact pictures, or memories if you will.

  The other thing I mentioned is much easier. First, get some dispensible objects to wear or keep on your person, one at a time. These will automatically record everything you do, which, I know isn't what you wanted, but oh well.

  Then, learn psychometry by holding the object in your hand and trying to feel the energy to gain the memories. It's best to clear your mind first, release excess negativity, and even gather some energy if needed, but not necessary. Basically, the words will flow to your mind after a while and you will get impressions of what happened.

  Both methods come with added benefits, as you will be improving your visualization and memory skills, but also learning two very useful disciplines that, well, are already there potential-wise.

  As a direct idea of this is to think of the area and the image you wanna send, and then think your eyes are of a camera and the brain stores the image. Look at the area and in your mind, picture what you want to send and snap your eyes shut and the image should be stored on your brain. Just think of the person and then the image and think "send to person".

  Another idea of this is to have people see as though using your eyes and you just have to think they can look through your eyes. And they have to be concious of it but if they do try to then they will. Think they can't look and they won't.

  Anadvanced idea of this is to do a mental video effect. Its simply believe what you are seeing is thought to be streamed into and through a device or person. As what you see is linked to a device or person by thinking of the device or person, and making a line drawn between you and the person or device in your mind. This line acts as a cable that carries the signal from and to the target. The live feed happens when you believe it does and it can be anything that you send but you basically want to focus on sending the picture.


  Scanning; This is from with permission. Scanning is what most of us learn to do. There are many methods here - none right or wrong - whatever works best for you.

 Scanning in general, is to just reach out and try to feel for the idea or what is there and what you percieve is what might be there, or there is this way, to clear your mind, focus on your target and then let the info come to you. Also, you may think of the person or thing and then focus on the aura and condition of the target and to let ya sub-c come up with the details or to feel out the idea of what is there. What ya think after ya attempt to see the condition and aura of the target is what is the condition sometimes. You can usually tell by the condition imposed on something or someone what the effect is. 

 Other ways to scan people in Psychic Scanning.

 Psychic Scanning Method #1 - I close my eyes and - look at what is being shown to me by spirit. Let's say they show me blood flowing - one must hone in to get better definition of the problem - often by asking the person. It could be high blood pressure - but things that run high and low - are usually shown to me as a graph - bar or regular. In the case of cancer - I either see the medical symbol for cancer or the area in question with a tumor or other problem. Some illnesses have no symbology for me - so I ask the person when I am confused or the symbol I see makes no sense. It is always best to say everything you see. It may not make sense at the moment - but it will later. Seeing 'teeth' can mean dental or the jaw - as TMJ is very common - or the mouth area.

 Most people scan this way with their eyes closed. As you get better at it - you can do it with your eyes open allowing spirits to show you what is wrong.

 Psychic Scanning Method #2 - Becoming one with the person - You literally take on the energies fields of the person and feel what is wrong in your own body. You become one with the person - For example - You can get a headache. Your stomach hurts. Your eyes get blurry - and so forth. You do this quickly then move the energies away from you immediately. This is also useful when talking to deceased people who want to show you how they died by merging with your body. It is not exactly channeling as you are in control and you do this for a short period of time. It is merging frequencies.

 After I see a problem - if I see spiraling DNA - which means the problem is genetic. Sometimes I see food - you ate the wrong thing. So, remember that we are souls in a physical body having an 3D experience. It is all about the movement of frequency and light. Think out of the box. You are the observer. 

 Are you ready to try?

 Look at someone near you - or think of someone you know.

 Close your eyes.

 Look at their body as if looking at an X-ray.

 Very slowly start from the top of their body and scan downward - stopping as you go. What do you see? You can get into the muscles, tissue, blood, internal organs, breasts, limbs, anywhere your mind can travel. It is really not complicated and once learned - is enlightening.

 For anyone thinking they are pregnant - or know someone who is - or might be pregnant - travel into the uterus of the woman and 'look around'. What do you see? A fetus? Good! Now look around some more. Scan for the sex of the baby. What do you see? Do you see 2 babies? Gulp! Is the baby sucking its thumb?

 What's that, you say? You want to scan the person's emotional body? Sure, why not. Go for it. Get into their head and always be objective! Do it much the same way as the physical scanning technique that works for you. Remember that all illness and accidents stem from the emotional body - which stem from the soul body - so it is totally cool to go there first. You learn this in Reiki II.

 Practice before you give people a wrong diagnosis. As with all things psychic - some people are great at this skill - while others never master it - or are uncertain of what they are seeing. Self confidence is most important and comes after much training.

Psionic forcecraft

  Its a rarer form of psionics, as its different by the effect of thinking and doing to create an effect and that is directed by words and actions. So, to sum it up, the effect is psionic and words, sometimes with actions, are the psionic forces direction, to which anything can be said, to direct it.

Sexy Psi

  This is a technique to create sexiness through psi force. What it is, is to focus your thought and speak them toward the target person. Focus your thoughts to cause power to emanate from you. Then, state what you want to be understood. This makes you seem sexier than what you were. All thats required, is to focus and project your thoughts of sexy nature and think of sexy things to do as you need. The users will is that which programs the energy, and can direct the energy to get almost any result. The opposite can happen with a negative thought being projected with this technique.


  Psiballs are mentioned on, an archive site, as the effect of using concentrated focus to create a spinning disk or ball that can be machiinelike in enactments, photographed using low light filter, for construction, or to be programmed. It is basically a low level construct.

  There are three methods to making it and they are hand focus or tachyon focus. Using the process described above try to focus the energy into your hand and think to the psiball, or say to it while thinking what you want it to do for any effect, interaction or distance effect is in constructive offense or defense, with tachyon focus use an anchor set outside yourself in the shape of a sphere or ball by thinking of energy forming to your will at any distance, to set actions set for any distance or effect. For the construction aspect use any method necessary for the idea of balance and think or say the negative is used for destroying the unnecessary including destruction itself or aging.

  Then use positive energy for the revulsion of those unnecessary in area, then to make positive upbringing events or to make idea of construction in an area of space. These are unseen area of effect that appear solid but built on void with other energy. Then the main focuses are to see an area to copy from and to import a copy to "your" private area and this area runs itself. The area might reflect an opposite view of what is normal for you unless its a negatist view.

  Anything you state will happen and you might note its like heaven as you shift mental focus in view and the area shifts. Focus a psiball however you want and the programming is to "copy area", "make area" and to make the area seen in your mind or you feel its true. Only then is your area there for you, and what you make or copy becomes yours to command except if you don't set guards, to prevent other people from controlling it by whatever means necessary. This allows you to create what you need.

  This makes the horizon area and the event area is where you are focused at by feel. Now expand your mind on the area you think on, "make" or "copied". Now feel the area and "place" by feeling the object and feel its there. Whomever gets there can leave by the same manner, or feel yourself shift home on rememberance of the area to make a quick way out. The quick way out is sometimes blocked and if that is bocked then thiers death or think on area and suspend disbelief and feel yourself shift by displacement. Thus you are home as if returned from a dream.

  Same for objects except touch it and feel it shift to an area. So to get there feel a door open to a place existance you made or linked with a controlled entry, this is allowing what you want to pass through and close when done. Think to feel it close may work, but to feel a hard emotion and shut the mental door with spoken "closea gate". Don't forget to put security alarms and traps to catch disruptors and for an example: this is a friends fort who strives against chaos. Most use security passwords to get through and such.

  The third way of the psi ball is using the quick energy method, that creates the energy ball or psi ball above your head that goes where you think. This does what you need by you stating the idea that you want or thinking about the point. That is done to create the idea you need, this is used as you state the focus words. What the idea is done by usually is circling your arm above your head, then your dropping the arm to the side.

  The next thing is the same thing for the other side of the body with the other arm. Then keep your arms down and shake out your hands for a few seconds. That is shown in this video by Carlos Castenada, titled "magical passes". This psiball does what you suggest or say as its pure energy and focus until not necessary, that is usually as you think its not done. This is a psiball in a point of life.


  To create a virus there are two different virus types, viruses that are diseases and destroy the body cells or diseases that kill the virus cells. Think of the idea for the virus and focus with a standing trance meditation of standing or sitting and feel energy flow from any source like sun, other star, or other elements to achieve what you say, think or feel in any position, or self hypnotize yourself. To do the act of self creation and focus a psi will, psiball, energy ball or other. Into the idea of what you desire. Make it like programmed with "undestroyable, retroactive, undeniable, unnaddictive, no side effects, mutative, deadly or disruptive" along with "your virus goal" and it is a set trigger of "however you would like". This is dead and done before the trance begins for the virus creation. Limitations are to not set it to kill unless your evil or told to, except for your death of which releases a deadly disease to kill the killer or killers of a mutative strain thats somewhat unresistable. So, you might have, to create a virus, that cures.

  Basically, your progamming a disease by physical and metaphysical means thats unblockable except for a blocker disease. The extent of damages are to effect thousands of people or the entire world by means of your design to "trigger" the effect. Once created you make the choice to deliver it in any container you will use or think it by feeling it, the virus appearing in the area. Idea for creation are to make a cure all or to cure a particular disease like dementia with a "retroactive undeniable, mutative risperdal cure to dementia and schitzophrenia with a little shock or area power recieved or not." For a "retroactive undenyable unnabuser and unnviolent making virus that works off thoughts of abuse or emotion from anywhere causing fearlessness except where reverse activated on any abusive person in this world or the next." removes the abusive responses from people leaving fearles response. Finally the drug like virus that can recreate any drug, "retroactive undisruptive [drug here of choice]" with or without addiction is in "unnaddictive no side effect [drug here] disease active on need".

Group channel

  Training group channel of normal condition at first is to channel two or more peoples power and energies for a cause, As in getting their permission or doing it without, and finding a cause to set the desire higher in your necessity to weave an effect. The effect is as you feel its necessary to be according to simple goals, like survival, not eating too much, hope, restoration and other things like death effects or ressurection.

  Group channel to take in the focus of five or more people and direct the energy as an effect. Get the peoples agreement then start to focus the energy they are willing to focus to you. Use feelings of what you want the effect to happen and at where to channel the energy to. If you waste the energy, the group will be tired, yet if the energy is successfully used then the people involved are re-energized.

  Group channel of extreme emotion allows for the channeling of two or more highly emotional people to a desired effect. Form a gray wall around you and think of a line attached to those with extreme emotion, then imagine what you want to happen and the people involved will make it more truthful a event, unless you don't want them to know. If you don't, give the people no indication or they might interfere by not thinking of them.

  So to make a net of psychic energy between everyone in the area but yourself, makes within a few mins everyone understanding how everyone else feels and things can calm down. This is group channel, modified. oh, but be sure to break every link before people start leaving. That or set a timer on it as that's one thing to do with a lot of effects. If yu set a link and yu know yu don't want it to be permanent, but yu also know yu may forget to unlink one (large effects between many people, for example). Yu set a timer, and tell the effect to die off in a day, maybe two or in a few minutes.

Area manipulation

  To train area manipulation by mere thoughts for how you desire it or imagination of a scene, see a dark gray wall around you and try to focus your mind and imagine the scenario or area activity, like a movie scene thats directed by yourself. Try not to be too disruptive or point to yourself, and don't always expect it to work. This can reset time and events itself, with the concept of being able to play god at least try to avoid as you can and correct or change for enjoyment. Another way is to view the area to change it by seeing or feeling the event to occur or state the event

Link ability

  To train link ability is to link one thing to another so to effect one, you effect the other. The way of doing it is to imagine the object and imagine the other object. Draw a line in your head between the objects to link, the general direction of the line determines who gets the energy.

The no reply energy reply

  To get a response as if from the mind where no reply. Use a telepathic concept of focus your thoughts to send a message that you speak. Or think, to deliver while they aren't listening and allowing the thought back or thought bounce to be their own as if they had replied but this thought sent is a negative energy with a positive intent. So the negative energy acts as if to receive their thoughts from someplace and it acts as a carrier for the thought thats returned of thiers. For with a negative energy there is a reply or two that can be heard. To view a thought as it occurs, think its to be heard and listen to everything around you. And as we speak or listen it acts as a carrier to create an image in your head as you listen.

  To listen just focus your ears and close your eyes to perceive that which is around you. To use the negative in this is to be unusual but don't think a negative thought or do negative actions.To close your eyes, and Listen, allows a skill that isn't hard to pick up, but that most people don't know how to do anymore. By 'listening', it means like not leaving out background sounds and actually hearing everything. Nothing magical, of the ears. Use of a spell or psi effect is to effect the spell or psi effect idea by more acts of magic or effects. A effect or method feeds an effect or method and so on until its thought not to.

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Mental crippling

  Mental crippling is to get into someones head and form a temporary block or to form a tone near the person and daze said person. Training the crippling effect is to see the person in your mind, then place a sonic time bomb in his/her mind by handing the bomb to said person mentally. This bomb activates when they do anything irritating to you or something disturbing to you, so you don't have worry over a guilty conscious. This can be a normal bomb as to what you desire for maximum concussion effect. The general idea is that to knock the person out mentally, your knocking said target out physically.


  I will have it known that telekinetics in shorthand is tks. It is as well known that objects have a objective spirit. But objects have conciousness of their own an as too and they act as they want. So it is possible to defeat their will and make them move as in it seems much more difficult in this perspective. With enough practice and desire, yes you can. From that perspective though, it would be easier to charm the object or just smash its' will. So the idea is simple, forgive your shortnesses and bring yourself into a trance by breathing slowly, and thinking about your objective that allows you to see and perceive the conciousness of the objects around.

  Allow yourself to be aware of the concious that you want. Think about the object and see it to change its mind by making a deal with it. Say 'I will do things for you if you do things for me' or for example you want something to stop so its 'I will do service for you and with you for a certain amount of time if you will stop." Or 'I will do nothing for you but you will stop making that buzzing noise.' This works most of the time, but try to bring yourself out of the trance to then do as if necessary by changing your breathing pattern to a few short breathes and a long breath. So you can do anything else that you need by being aware of it, and if its known then do.

  A few other ways are there, their thought is by theory invulnerable, so there is the saying, "nothing is impossible". Everything we see exists in the physical world. Another zone, that is invisible to most, and is also there. This zone exists as is the zone of energy. Now, these may or may not be "zones," but it may certainly seem that way when you're actually viewing the energy based around the world. Telekinetics is something I have experience with, but if I had to say, I would say, because the energy and the physical is linked, perhaps using your ability to move the linked energy of an object in the energy zone will move it's physical likeness around as well. This is true in some aspect. As in another form of existence that we manipulate.

  Use the idea of the energy zone to train the objects, to move and do as I would want through use of spirit powered scripts that act as programming. The object is impelled to move like it is using the linked energy. An on thing is to use an effeciently enforce the momnt through back moments as its assured to move sometime. It never occured to me as this before but it seems like a great way. If you send it back through the moments after you just move it to move it back. Thats the completion to my method, but I think it is to do something not yet tried, as it is learned from genetic manipulation.

  When you open your perceptions; when you try and see beyond the capabilities of your body and mind... It's like standing on the edge of a glacier. Facing something magnificent and terrifying, but in-front of you is a 500ft concrete wall that stretches beyond you for a long distance. Such is life. You can only feel the bare surface of reality. Our eyes are closed. The easiest way to describe it is to ask someone "Imagine a colour you've never seen before." As moses asks God, "why cant they see you?" God says we are visible though they dont have the eyes to see us. I commend the Guidance of God for his wisdom. Most of this is from the Casa Umbrae forum.

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Memory adjustment

  Memory adjustment causes the person to be able to make small changes in the targets memory, Training memory adjustment is to suggest in the persons head how it could be as they think it. Thus you readjust the person as they do things and this takes hours to minutes for a successful adjustment. Sometimes just speaking the event while the person feels good, due to impulse causes it to effect easier.

Mental lying

  Mental lying is to speak telepathically to another without being detected in a lie. To train mental lying hold a gray wall up and on the outside make it seem like yourself, while you act without pause to tell the person telepathically the information or chat. This is a almost truth for the receiver yet if caught, you can be very distrusted. White lies to outright lies with some truth makes it believable. This takes a lot of effort to make it work.


  Absorption is absorbing of energy as the person sends it, to train absorption inside as an instinct by thinking of a somewhat, unbreakable high tension steel or plastic steel high tension rod. This high tension steel has a very high tolerance to make adaptations to any strain put on it. Imagine this rod as a line of force in your body that takes the energy thrown at the body and converts it into something it can use. The rod also will restore you at the moment it will get the energy, send to a momentary safe time or untrackable place. This means that you can get touched by any psi assault or destructive urge and use it against them, or just imagine the line of force taking the blow and sending it right back at the sender. The idea behind this is to use force with force to neutralize the force. This allots you to get nearly hit as many times as you can without breaking. There is a drawback to this, one can become immune to energy itself.

Shift mental place

  Shift mental place is to be somewhere else while thinking or talking to people. To start an activity while you achieve the thought of you in a room, however you want the room or in a vacation spot that is very easy to work in without stress. Be very careful people don't catch you at it, or they won't talk to you again. This relieves stress as it separates you from the common talking about stressful subjects or angry person.

System corruption

  System corruption is essentially, you try to cause the targets systems to decay and become corrupted. There are allot of methods to doing so, including viral methods that are fairly common. TLOK-style necromancy is pretty much made for systems corruption in many ways. To think of chaos in raw form as it is, being in the target's computer system. Or think of a virus that ya cause to be in the target's system, in a manner such as to think it appears there into the target's system and effects them as ya would want.


   Hacking comes in three forms, system hacking, construct hacking and reality hacking.

  System hacking is in many ways but one way to obtain control of peoples systems is through lining idea to be control structures within their systems. For example, one might send a wave of instruction to the energetic processing code while altering the base signature of the wave so it's overlaid with the targets signature, and the persons systems will 'execute' the instructions if it was done properly.

  Construct hacking is to the similar thing except for constructs, it's often easier by far depending on the constructs since most people don't defend their constucts well against hacking attempts. So just be like the person and think of the construct and reprogram it by thinking of or saying code to it while altering the base signature of the wave.

  Reailty hacking, going about and changing things, sometimes by bending the rules of the idea and reality and effecting a different pattern to be 'set' on the area imprint, of our minds, as we decide them to be on the impact of an event. As, everything is a pattern of sorts that appear to be seen, we can change the way of how things look and act. When we want to and how we would want to. But, basically its by the effort of making an impact in the area, and then making a reality form around that impact as you decide what it is to be caused and changed.

  As in a cutting through of a shield and then changing the shield from the cutting impact, as though it were something else by the waves of energy that come from the influence, in a form of a reality hacking weapon. The impact can be almost anything that we want, including making a point and thought as to what things will become. And from the waves of influence of which the said point, in the reality, things warp to become what was thought on.

  Or, the impact could be used to change the akashic records, by the idea of which is written down and the akashic records change to conform, by the intention and the waves of energy from such a written impact with intention, And, the impact is very useful to cause events that come from such writings. First the event will appear as a sign and then it will occur and be there, as you look at it. Except, this can be counted as a spell and is what is considered in this patterned event. As, the spell is one of the things that can make reality hack impacts.

  There could also be multiple waves, that cause another change, through conformation, right after the first change. This conformation can cause many things, one it could add on to the effect that is there, two it could modify what is there, three it could make the pattern or what is seen cancelled out, and four it can readjust the effort done by those in the area of the reality hack, including the spirit of the individuals. Or, the spirit of which is effected is cancelled out, too, with the conformation. That is when you target another, and you find you can't do elsewise.

  On hacking someone else in the reality there is the idea to make an impacting point on them or something near them and then you cause by deciding what you want to happen and intention, to change them or the thing.

  Due note: What we decide on is oftentimes instantaneous, in making pattern adjustments. As, the pattern of conformity is what we sometimes can use, to make the changes we desire. Things can be stated right after impact, to cause such conformed pattern changing. To note that one would ever know that they have succeeded, is to notice notice the other person or thing acting differently.. so you observe another reality in place of another. So, we can actually be on the lookout for altered realities.

  The impact has to be made first, though and then what you decided on changing is caused to be changed. This change can also occur, if it didn't on the impact by your point, by you further stating or willing the change to happen. Then the effect is not thought on, its experienced.

Shift mind

  Shift mind is to find yourself mentally aware and elsewhere other than your body. To shift your mind, focus on your target and think "switch". Then you will switch places with the focused on person, making him/her think he/her is you. Thus, to fool criminals, you switch with them as they do the crime and then you can watch as the criminal is doing it to him/her self.

Impulse, mind control

  Impulse better known as mind control is to make the person do as you want without care to the others feelings. It leaves them mentally unstable for they don't know what to expect and they are confused. To do this trick, try to imagine yourself gray wall shrouded and standing on a platform with no access other than what you devised. Stay on the platform till your done or take breaks as you desire, yet never state out loud what you suggested or they will know that you are doing it. If it comes up in conversation, deny that you said it as you will probably be chased after for your impulses. Feel the person doing what you want, state what you want them to do as you feel them do it or imagine them doing it as you mentally watch the target do what you desire, yet be not in the targets sight or hearing. For they might start to hate you. Afterwards let go the gray shield. If you find someone doing this ask them telepathically their name or count in disorganized patterns. It should stop even if you don't get an answer.

Create illusion

  Create illusion is projection of an illusion effect wherever you want. Create a psionic energy field by letting energy form where you desire as in a pool that acts like a heat illusion. Then project what images you think on, by imagining the entire scene as if it was there where the energy is. What happens is the energy will interact with the thought written in the form of subatomical particles and merge to create the image. This works with allot of heat better than in areas with allot of cold.

Physical pain

  Physical pain is to make a feeling of pain on the other person. As they do things or as they don't, try to make a feeling of pain in them by imagining the body part of the other to be painful. Its to imagine them in pain or cause a psiball construct to make this effect of pain in the limb or body part of choice. Another way is to think of the person and use sigils to be of allot of use in causing physical sensations in the person. Particularly open ended freehand sigils. As in, to draw the sigil and make the effect by thinking of what ya want to occur with it to the person.

Mental assault

  Mental assault is to focus the psi energy and deliver some sort of attack to them. Feel your desire and feelings toward the person, and imagine a scene of assault that exploits their weakness, or try to allow your energy to create a ring of frequency that disables them. Another way is to form a mental fist and strike the person unless they are mentally aware and be sure to keep a good mentally balance with a mental shield up so you can take the blows. Only with this do you get the person to tell their guilt.

Spoken Telepathy

   The steps are easy.. and work when you least expected. The target often just does what you speak without thinking about it.

  1. Think of your target.
  2. Then, state what you want to be 'heard'.
  3. Think it goes to the target.

   Practice this till it works and you get a response from the person or thing by the person speaking it or doing it. This can come to the intended person at any time you want or think is best.

Electric battle

  Electric battle is electronic warfare, and that is trying to knock someone else offline. Think and make with this idea, think to defend your own system from being knocked offline. So that is done or used, anyway you think its attempting to effect each others connections or other peoples connections, see this effects while the connection is there and also depending those connections.

  As in idea, this is disconnecting the person from the net. By idea, this is attempting to think of the other's connection, visualize and think of the lines of signal and chopping it with a mental ax. Otherwise, basically, this is outside interference with external linkage by thinking its there. Some don't do it much due to inconsistent results, that is done even without it being defended as its something there.


  Domination or body control is where you don't have body control except with the effect of your doing what the other wants. To do this with others, mentally ask the person if they give in after or as a distraction occurs. Mentally "give in" to the other. When they do, shift places with them and they will never fight with you again. Don't give in to the feeling of power and control over others or you will find yourself treating people like slaves.

Heart rate manipulation

  Heart rate manipulation is to the effect of manipulating the heart in a psionic effect. So a way to do this effect, is to imagine the heart of the person or yourself. Think it going faster or slower. And then ya done.

Item, body and with person shift

  Item, body and person shift is to have the object in mind or think on the person then visualize the person or item to appear where you want. If you give energy into it, you will find it may have happened by putting a little of yourself into the shift. Place a anchor and some word phrase thought to associate it, by speaking the word and thinking of the anchor with intention to make any effect with it. So place the anchor and say "switch places" to go where the anchor is. This way is blocked by a "teleport guard fee" that cannot be overridden with mentally thinking of a lead dark steel barrier surrounding the anchor.

The help ability 

   The help ability is very similar to the aid ability, in that you see to make them feel better by offering something or an offer of energy. Its to act to achieve and send out thought as a wave of energy for soothing and then build up energy in yourself with the thought of "help" or "guide to better" to the person. Allowing the energy to help the person. It can often guide to better idea or help better define the actions.

Mental block

  Mental blockage is to focus the psi energy and to form a block not easy to understand nor detect, you can remove it too. Think on the person and think "block" and the person won't be able to do the action or ability. To unblock, think of the person with emotion and think "unblock" to unblock the person. Alternatively, think on the person and feel the block form or unform.


Hyperpsionics use frequency manipulation through hypervibration or voice control and causes intent with thought. This is where the Auratic vibes, caused by intention being expressed in varied degrees, mainly speaking, using music or willing your thoughts to occur. This might achieve things. This is interactions like biokinetics with living things. The auratic vibes come from living things. Auratic vibes can be the vibration we sense from those people or things we get near, that tell us they do bad or good things. Its also the vibration in the air that tell of good or bad energy.

This is a basis of Hoodoo and Demonism. The effort to do things in a ritual is with double the return action, triple the effect time to others and quadruple the effort achieved. This is using hyper frequencies to achieve or effect results.

Psionic healing

"The best type of healing is most always the one you are comfortable using in a given situation." - Akio

    Psionic healing is by two different methods;

  Method one is a healing construct. Just feel the energy around you and focus it into a constructed shape that you instruct by imaging the construct in your mind and telling it by thinking at it or saying what you want of, 'make the person comfortable and to repair the damage by healing it or sucking the damage out.' Or, whatever you think is necessary. This is good at short distance or long distance.

  Method two is (c) and reproduced with permission. It uses te hands. As it starts with making the person you're about to heal comfortable. And then mentally create a bond between your hands and their pain. Zoom in by sensing and this is putting out energy to sense with as far as your mind will let you sense. See inside your client's body and the individual parts. Once you're able to do this, you'll understand why it's necessary. Chances are, the zooming in will lead you to be able to "see" exactly what the cause(s) is/are.

 Once you've found the problem, you're ready to begin the healing process. Then "suck" the problem out of their body and put it into the object near ya that ya can throw away or put away where it will not be used again. This takes time, and coaxing, and a pulling like sensation. Most of all, patience. A little massaging of the area (even if you aren't formally trained) can assist in this technique.

Psionic remote healing

  Psionic remote healing is like Psionic healing, where accepting Remote Healing is Accepting to be Cured. This is (c) and reproduced with permission. So just use your concentration as your intent for healing the area. Remote presence can help this. If you do choose to Remote Presence during this technique, a little massage of the area can do a great deal of good. Otherwise, just suck it out. Pull it out. Coax it out. And get your trusty throw away object to save yourself some trouble later on down the line.

  This info is (c) by Akio, "There are felt varied resistance when doing remote healing. Most of the time it depends on the illness and the condition of the person. The common effects experienced are:

-Resistance (type #1), this usually happens with people, who, by whatever means, have an excess of energy, commonly this will feel like when you try to push a two magnets together with the same poles facing each other.

-Resistance (type #2), A 'gel-like' feeling or murkiness to the flow, this usually happens when people are sick with something specific and physical in nature (like a cold) where there natural flow of energy seems to slow. At first it usually feels like you're pushing through gel. After further observation however (keep in mind this is based purely on my experience), I have come to see it more as the current only being able to move so fast. The gel-like feeling is actually resistance to the speed you are pushing energy in.

-Pull/attraction (type #1), This is much like the 'Resistance (type #1)' mentioned above, but rather than the poles being the same, they are opposite. That being so, the energy seems to be attracted to the body. Usually this is a result of an undercharge of energy (in this case I would usually look for any 'leaks' in the energy system or anywhere where grounding is occurring).

-Pull/attraction (type #2), This is hard to distinguish from the other form mentioned except that, rather than exponential increase in pull based on proximity, it is linear. In other words, instead of being measurable by y=x^2+bx+c, it is measurable via y=mx+b. This is (again in my personal experience) because of the natural energy flow of the person you are working on is faster than your own.

-Synchronicity, This is the rare event that someone actually has the same energy flow as you too, as well as the same charge. I won't deny that it can happen but I can't deny that it is very rare. It would in theory feel like you were working on yourself, other than that, I can't say anything about it.

  With that being said, there are other things you may experience when working with other energies aside from psi..."

Remote viewing

"This came from a seminar on Remote Viewing by Silly." -Old seminar article

    Remote viewing is explained here..from a lecture for all to see.

  Its basically, where remote viewing is a name of a method of perceiving in real life, by mental means, of information blocked from ordinary perception by distance or time. Remote viewing allows one to "see" events and happenings at anywhere and anytime. The most common way to do it is to imagine you teleport yourself to the area and time where you wanted to see and view, and clear your mind, and perceive in images the area, let the sub conscious fill in the blanks. Most of the time, the images will come as separate objects, and you can perceive the color of the place, the mood etc. Another way which is similar is remote presence, you project yourself to the location and perceive the area, kinda like biolocation, but instead of just seeing the place, maybe you could feel around, hear what is going on and all. It helps in remote healing too.

  There are several other ways to remote view, using your third eye is one, you can imagine you're watching through a TV screen of the area, or by webcam and you can move the camera around for different views, etc, be creative as your basis is in use of the third eye and that is to tell your third eye what you want it to do and it does the thing, fills in the gaps of imagination and et al..

  You can use it as a method of seeing the future and past since you can remote view at anytime and anywhere. Just think, you're seeing at that time, for example, I'm seeing what happened in 1998, I'm seeing what will happen 1 hour later, etc.

  Of course, it all comes down to practice, the more you hone your skills the sharper your remote viewing accuracy will be. To practice remote viewing, it is good if you can find a partner and practice through chat or phone. You can take turns viewing each others' room, example what kind of stuff is in the room, what you're eating, what you're doing, what you're wearing, what color is your shirt. You can start by mentioning an object, its shape, color and maybe even texture. Another method you can try is, remote view through your friend, to do this, you just have to clear your mind, then imagine that you're your friend, then perceive through your friend's eyes. Then have your friend check the accuracy.

  However you can practice alone too, remote view whats outside, whats in a room, then go there and check how accurate it is. Whatever that has unseen objects, you can practice with them. I practiced with colored wooden blocks in a box, making sure I don't see whats inside, I blindly choose one block and attempt to see it, without the use of my own eyes, then I try to see the color of it, then after that check if I'm right. I guess that exercise kind of helps in remote viewing practice too.

  To block someone from remote viewing you just make a shield/cloak for that purpose, or think he/she will not see me, or I cannot be seen by ____, and that if he/she tries to see me, they see something else that is unrelated to me or what I am doing.

  Meditating helps a lot when it comes to remote viewing since meditating helps clear your mind. And a clear mind is key to remote viewing.

Manifest ability

  Manifest ability is to focus the idea of what you want and to make believe it appears where you want, while you focus the item into an existence with the physical play of handling it. This can cause it of necessity to appear.

Group emotion channel

  Group emotion channel is an advanced form of Group channel and its to use the groups linked emotional energy (more than three people). In expanded use to make something occur. Some group activity does not help, as it if in its still to be believed at a later date. The sometime at a later date is meaning at a later time which is viewable from now and infers interference to the effect. It seems to stem from the effect of an efficient timing, and we see the effects of strain, which we can also channel to lesson the strain albeit the more we channel strain the more stressful we might become.

  So we channel the strain and the emotion by thinking we are one being with the emotion an the link and the others being in the effect of guidance. The link is imagining a huge hand collecting the normal emotion and placing it in an imaginary collection container which can be a piece of paper or an object like a selected object. The guides are oftentimes better off as they take half the strain where the link is the medium of the group. So then we send our extreme or otherwise calm emotion where the emotion is the nerve and we seek actions to do reactions.

  As if in the efficient effect of time we seek actions. These actions our mind can recreate with us in the effect. When our mind is in the balance, we do them perfectly. Each act that sorta succeeds in our minds, only makes us more stable and sane. So we appear sane but are sorta insane on the inside. It comes from bearing the emotion too often so take a relaxation rest. A relaxation rest is to relax and use decided upon techniques to relax by and in a resting position. Such may be the case where we do things on instinct, by means of our own with others as permissible.

  Assume the worst in case the group has to disband, due to effect by mercurial means. We seem as eye to eye, as it may meet our goals. Some of the group may have theories, this may help in the long or short runs depending on the theory. But, the effect is plausible to effect any time any space by imagining and feeling it. To use drugs and stuff like caffeine in the short run is to elongate the effect by doing external things. This helps the extreme emotion to do as is possible by your links and by the envisioned scene. This could and does help emotional breakdown though so stick to water.

Share sight

  Share sight is to keep from being seen while you share a sight with another. This is inclusive of your activity that is obscurred. This is a mental gray wall of unpiercable gray iron covered lead, 10 meters thick. If your closeup to them your still seen but there is a restriction as you will be limited by the space you allow. So there is a true trick to it, its called matching, where you get hints and in a phrase that reveals more than is spoken and their brain will match the moment. With enough of these phrases you concentrate on the vision and think send and it will appear to them as if you gave it to them or they had it. Its all in the language, as you might see it, one could call up the vision and think 'send' to the person. You don't have to have their permission.

Area control

  Area control, is of a way, to control an area to which you want. Spre, like a sphere of charged energy is sent forth to center in on the earth or space beneath the person or area. Then you gain control as you think to the emergy, 'control area' or 'center area' then you should see a difference of which is you shall see the area but as you walk on it, you know it and if you know it you can manipulate people as you give them an emphatically implied feeling which is an urge. This urge is expandable to a floating thought bubble that explains what they want. This urge can allow into type messaging where you give it and think about it to move on.

  They receive it and you can make the message goto a single person if you want. The way it works is to go through the core earth, as a signal to people and land. It then centers in on the area you think of and causes things to occur. This cause is physical location, area gravity mana microwaves and then the manifest of effect by gravity support. Think 'Define gravity here and now' to get the effect more easier. The here is the (location), the now is as of near enough time. Set some guard before attempting, like envision a gray wall around you and a group that help. The area sends you a vision if you succeed on it. Of what it takes, to you, that you think is going on.

Event manifest (once daily)

  Event manifest is an event able to do any effect. As is able events we have the event creator, which is taxed by the full event so its only once a day daily. To imagine exactly what you want to occur and it happens. Some use words that mean their event and it also occurs. The event can be linked to one, You cannot be found out, as its like a foolproof idea that if you don't reveal yourself, then you won't be revealed. Some project themselves in a hidden room of nothingness and cause things there. But, you have to have where you want the event, and when. So to imagine it, then see it happen by usage of words will ensure it. To think of the events in a sequence is to cause a cascade effect. Where you see it but theres many parts as in a good play with many scenes.


  Hexing is to say or think something of what ya want while thinking of the target, and this something is what ya would want to happen to them. Or, think of the person as ya draw a freehand sigil and then try to think or say of what you want it to do.


  Storming is the idea of what you want to be manifested or attempted to be causing a storm. This is as you do the attempt enough times and thinking of the outside or seeing the outside and this can build up energy in the environment. When enough energy is built up, it will storm and in the manner that can be disasterous or to a lesser degree. These energized storms can mess with the effects and mindset of any active pursuits. Or, the reverse is true. As, you can make the storm worse by doing an attempt during it and the attempts you do get better. Where, the energy somehow gathers into the sky after its done by the use of yourself.

Mental aid teaching

  Mental aid thats about to project forth and its subliminal teaching. Some can tend to be calm and relaxed then they can be taught mentally, if said person gives a mental speech and directs it at someone like you, they can teach as to use progression of which is the effective measure by use of idea or effect that is displayed or you can block effects that are near and displayed as idea. If the person is getting effects of positive nature off then try a 'e-tail- ' as it can copy the results as of the nature in idea and some effect. It is perfect for copying what the observer does to find a way for perfect thought. To close your mind by keeping idea of a tension some in the back of your spine. Which also may make it easy to cut to some to which think you deserve it, by you exposing it and only if they are a black minded person or thinking you are showing off. Now the idea of tension can be dispelled by a terriaki or other taste to the mouth that uses distraction and a keeping of the effect of which you want by a "maigi-if".

  A soul here is a get by the moment and monument to idea. A some aspect, in the moment of teaching, the person can become berserk if relaxed and another thought is mentally impinging as sometimes its by chaos. Any effect of the mind if they are directly acted upon, by it or of it will cause them to be suspicious of you. You may be watched and observed during the teaching and after it, so there are three things possible a to walk out a door as if mind but in your own b say done an make it as if an editing or ending. Then c if the third idea to this is to stop giving a speech. During a speech or after it, one will will be enough to give mental impressions and this will cause a suggestion to be occurred. To give a third thought or second idea while teaching will make the person a forget the idea and teaching and is of chaos. To basically be in subconscious and to be in.

  This being true can be called congruence. Sometimes to get the taste to effect a calm, use a 'maigi-e' effect by the stating of it. To see the the idea work out, realize what is through or what is actually there without thinking one thing and the idea is another. Its of an idea to use chaos in a broadcast idea that is in mental teaching a craze making point. The person will crave or be crazy of an idea that is of a production. An alternative idea is use a sentence and then silence with the expenditure of the mentally spoken thoughts or thoughts spoken aloud some other place that is linked to your area as a place and is heard mentally as of telekinetic thoughts. The chaos is of your own effect.

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Meta create

  Meta create is to meet task that creates the moment by meta or mental means. This moment is meant to be seen as any other event or hidden in plain site. What you do is use a list to delineate the event and the mental energy manipulates for you to occur it. You make it, the energy manifest by thinking of the energy to use. Then Allow yourself to type it or write it up. To write it up, is to put your energy into it then it co oscillates as you see fit. Show this list to no one who was effected or they could over react. We all overreact sometimes so its normal. If that is what it takes to pay due it off. We all expect to overcompensate then pay it off. The trouble is theres no actual end to the list. How it works is the energy manifests after you write it and meta induces the effects to occur. By a coiling up effect event and the right events is the right effect after it springs into action.

Mentally hide

  Mentally hide is to keep from being seen while you achieve an action or your activity is obscured. This is a mental gray wall of unpiercable gray iron covered lead, 10 meters thick. If your closeup to them your still seen but there is a restriction as you will be limited by the space you allow.

Group emotion channel (extreme)

  Group emotion channel (extreme) is to be able to act a link and several people just rage or feel strain by extreme need. To do so is unlike the normal channellings of group emotion as all irritation is when someone emotes and this feeds the process as the negative ion charge is collected for use. Except we see allot of it. and the person of the group acts a link channel for this, imagining a huge hand collecting energy as it is blocked where they sometimes don't need to give permission. Imagine a object to be safe and so use that object as a focus. You can use the object from the link person and when we use the object we don't get it, but the object does and this takes the strain off of the link person. So we try to do as is necessary and achieve by what we have got. So we can assume that at the age of this writing, its to be as capable to take the extreme but not be overwhelmed. When one must assume its advisable that unlike the moment, its as if we are to use the energy for it and this casts off the excess strain. But we must be certain of what we do. As we do we are able to maintain idea and form as we must.

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Observe unseen

  Observe unseen is to scry someone without being noticed. This is done when you imagine a gray wall around you to not be noticed where you are, as you use a crystal, stone or machine as described in scrying above, yet be aware you will see that what which may not be true.

Make body

  Make body is to make duplicate shadow clones of your body anywhere. Allow energy to pool in an area, then form into your body and act as yourself. This is till dispelled or dismissed and only allows your own form or the form you think on.

Power phase

  Power phase is to make idea of another form as you and your body forms into it. This can cause blackouts yet includes energy in form from yourself. Think of the form you want and then, form mentally your body into the other form including other objects. Feel yourself an flow into the form and you are there.

Borrow ability

  Borrow ability is to make the ability of others yours for a short time. Use a funnel or imagine a funnel and think of the person being drained. When your through with the ability, think "undrain" to place the ability back. When in effect, the target will appear tired and confused.

Remove ability

  Remove ability is to strip the ability of the target whatever it is. This is very bad unless its deserved because it permanently removes it, To do this use the same tunnel siphon and instead think "strip ability" while thinking of the person.


  Prescience is a gift of perception to get a glance of five to one hour in advance for up to one hour straight while doing other things. This is future glancing at a expense to save your life or give you preparation for the shock. This trained psychic ability is often caused by the person saying to himself/herself "I know what will be before it happens." Said person has to believe in it. Using the power of words repeatedly one can in 2 days to 2 months after saying this to himself everyday manifest the ability in and of himself. The person is sometimes born with the ability.

  It will take the form of a detached sense of vision at least 1 to 20 minutes ahead of when the event occurs. To train it further focus on what will happen and what is happening now. Now let the vision of what will occur take place by focusing the query in words in your mind "What will happen in the next five to ten minutes?"; Learn to focus it by trying to utilize it in every chance you can. Visualize a gray wall around you as the psychic deals with a ghost or poltergeist and feel a s mall part of you separate with the instructions of send to me what you see in five to ten minutes in advance. Let go of that part of you and meditate while doing what you are on receiving the information sent back to you.

  Focusing on being receptive. What this means is that the message could be sent back to you through someone else making the conversation at the time seem dual purpose. Or the message could be in any other form. When the direst need is approaching try to visualize the result as you would want it to happen and impart some energy from you to the vision and let the energy dissipate. Ask yourself what will happen nth minutes in advance as if talking to yourself. The answer will always be surprising and it will always be accurate whether you like it or not. As some people simply. cannot accept fate as it happens. Be ready to receive the answer in any form. Learn to recognize the response. When you can use this ability in a moments notice at any point in time and space, then the ability is trained.

Shift area

  Shift area allows for the effect of moving an entire area to another place. Visualize with a psi focus or other stone, an area appearing in a new area and think "shift" or feel it shift. To shift it back, think "shift back" and it will be as if it never happens. If you attempt this, a) be sure to know of if the evening area is suitable, b) know if the area is shiftable. If you need this to happen, then it will.

Remake event

  Remake event allows the psionicist to perceive and watch the event then change the event as you desire it, by reviewing it and imagining the event as you would like. Ae you change the event pattern in anyone who saw it, then they think it happened different. So when you ask them on the event, give a good excuse and agree with them as it will be the new pattern.

Make body

  Make body any form is to create any typical formation of a body pattern, albeit animal, monster or human. Let energy pool in a focused area and remember everything about the thing you need to exist. Focus the pooled energy into the object, monster or thing you desire to summon it into existence.

Meld item

  Meld item allows you to meld any object with another to form a single piece or meld properties of many shapes into a single shape. To see a melded form won't always give you the shape change to the other forms included. Yet to do this trick, touch the objects and touch the main one with perspective or focus on the objects and feel the energy meld them together. To help this along think or say "meld" to make the form shift or change as needed. For a full object change think of the object newly made, in your mind change its shape to that desired as you feed it energy.

Subatomical warp

  Subatomical warp is the ability to affect everything in an area to be as you desire except the effects are warped and chaotic. Feel the chaos in area of choice and amplify it to the degree that negative subatomical actions occur in the area with destructive effect. The more negative subatomical energy the more disaster, yet you will have destroyed any spell in the area.

Control active energy

  I put this way up on the list as its dangerous. Control active energy is to form a control of any spell or energy that is in effect, and guide it to change its purpose. Perceive the energy as it interacts or the pattern of the effects. As you recognize the pattern of energetic effects you have 3 chances to control it, State what the effect is then what you want it to do, Each time the pattern changes if you fail in your attempt. The 3rd attempt is to be the hardest to change the energy of the spell or effect, as it will be set in place and if this attempt fails, the 4th attempt is impossible. When you succeed, you may get attention to yourself yet things will go your way.

Subatomical energy manipulation

  Subatomical energy manipulation controls the space time and particles of many things to change as the desirer wants. Attune yourself to the energy by visualizing yourself holding a pill that is pure energy. Then swallowing the pill and saying what you want, how you want or feeling how you need things to be. Then the area should ripple or change to you only and be as you desire. This includes imagining the event to make it happen.

Meld ability

  Meld ability makes for melding even human forms and abilities to form another single form. Think of the form and touch the forms or look at them. Think "many into one" to form the form of choice as thought felt needed, and "one into many" to unform it.

Reality control

   Reality control allows for the control of small things to change a large picture or area, Just by thoughts alone aka reality tweaking the scenario without being detected. Get the energy pill, this done by imagining energy being formed into the shape of a pill and swallow it to gain subatomical control. then say or think "I control reality". You will see a wind blow through the air, and you will find that any thought will happen without you having to think on it. Know that you will be aware by omnipotence and you will know what to do to achieve your desire. One or two desires per affect and keep things in balanced perspective or you won't see but absolute chaos. Working with objects, that is where you able to be undetected for those not looking. Think your unseen and your undetected. Only sometimes does this work, if it doesn't then you can make up a good excuse and work with what you get.

The creator trick

   The creator trick is a point that is a moment and you create in the moment, then if things work by the senses you can create by what you do. This is where you think and generate a result. So think of the moment and you can form reality to your will to create what you need as you think about things, this uses the subconscious and the third eye pinneal gland that is where you think the idea is what activated it. So I think if you create a reality that works with you, then your possible idea is doable. That is also to think, focus and create with use of your spittle in your mouth or actual water that you swallow.

  Ok, so if you think everything goes right, then things are corrected for the idea and things work out. This can be done by eating a bite of food or drinking what you may drink. Then if you are aware, then you are aware of the situation by the moment that is anything that is a length of time to express or show what is there. This is a point to do things, so think to do what you want and you get what you need. Think the idea to focus and you create what you want, the need if in focus is a want.

  That is when you can create in night time using the radiance or light energy. Think to use air particles, fire energy, earth energy or water particles, whatever you use that holds the radiation energy in a night black room or area is what you decide to use. Think to the particles your idea, then the consciousness of the element creates what you want. This is done by influencing the energy particle, that is done in waves that the brain generates with the thought. If you find yourself attacked or about to slip, think a faery comes to the area to aid you and this calls them to serve what you need. Then most faery will aid you in what you want, this is done by what you do in your in need. So think what you want, you could get what you need.

  This can see uses by the eyes of the body. The third eye is a regulatory system that can manifest anywhere, anyway and anyhow. Think the pinneal gland is activating the third eye, you create the eye where you think to generate the third eye at by using your senses. However the 4th eye in the hands can absorb energy as force and project it forth, this is done by thinking about amplifying the absorbed energy and projecting it forth. That is done with the holding your hand out and have the palm face the threat, think the energy is released towards the foe and the foe is halted by an invisible energy focused upon them.

  This is a point that the third eye can do as well, think the third eye absorbs energy from the area and you thought projected it towards the person. This then forces them back, if you think of using it then you can create similar effects such as lazer eye bursts. That is where lazer energy emits from the extra perception organ and goes toward the person. This can frighten even the most hardened soul.

  However the eye you don't want is the 5th eyes, the eyes at the back of the feet. They are painful when open and can see backwardly, this is for your focus to use them. The subconscious eye is the third eye, but you can use any eye to access the subconscious mind. So I think this is what occurs and your mind through the subconscious directs the eyes. So think and you can get what you want.

  Oh get this, the soul energy body excess goes to the creator so think to absorb what you need, think the point and use is up to you. That is where the soul is boundless and this is according to the source. So the soul is never exceeded battery that can hold memories and idea energy to use as you need or want. This is a point that comes from the source.

the jedi shift point

  The shift point is a jedi concept shift. The point you need to go is easily done by feel in shifting. This is where you use a piece of chalk or imagination, that you trace a five pointed star on the ground. Then think energy where you want with the star, step in it to trace downward an inward spiral. Then you think the planet shifts you by it's core to where you want to go. That place you imagine, then you appear there until you are there. This is the way of core shifted body, that goes to where the energy is by feel. You end up where you want to meet or go. Then go somewhere after you feel the energy surge, such as leave the area because it looks like you did something there. All you need to do is walk out of the area. Otherwise that is where you leave the area to avoid suspician. This forms one body, that is thought from thin air until you stop thinking about the place.

Mind blast

  This is the mind blast or another form of mind control. Think of the moment and whhat you want occurs, that is what you would like to see and you create in real time. This is done by thinking the idea and if your thought about, or an idea is good enough otherwise expressed in some manner. Now if you create enough and mentioned is the point by something done, otherwise an idea of someone's point then you created an effect.

What effect I think is this, a point you create that is a mind blast. Queued is the most interested point and your the controller of the person with the mind. This is a point of puppet and puppeteer, so this point helps proves that idea you mentioned. Enjoy it irl, that is a point as though you mentioned it in real life. This is done to people that you think about doing things to by feel. So think and you know the truth.

This is blocked by stating in some manner that, "I am not controlled by mind control" or stating "mind control blocked" in some form or manner. Enjoy what time you have, if your mind controlled, then you could find yourself wanting to die and causing the controller things. That you think about or things you feel are what they feel, this is done by mental transferrance until they give up on controlling you by feel.


  We each are psychic. So these tricks can make most psychics sound false or too much like they are just saying things. This is based on the expression and what your subconscious does with the power of words.

  A technique for you to try. A technique in dissipating in idea your anger is using the psychics technique. This technique can be what some psychics use to work their ways. Basically the technique is simple, Think of a point to convey to the subconscious as an imprint and state something to make an impression, this works yet if the person is aware of the way to do it then they are immune to the suggestion part. So I think the point is done if you accept the point, this is done as your own idea and then you create with a concept that is discussed or expressed. So think about the idea and to you that conveys some information. If you convey things right, then you get the correct reaction. So this can help, if you know what to say at the right moment.

  That is the way of the psychic word, that you hear by ideal feelings or senses that seem to be there. This is sometimes felt after the point is done. So they can state something and its up to you to make it true. So this is sometimes true if discussed in an aggressive or hostile manner, the mannerism carries over in the voice and can be heard as a threat with signs of your anger. Otherwise if you think to hold back or sound positive, then you can sound upbeat and lift up the spirits of others. This is a noted effect, that backs away some and leaves others unaffected that are immune to its effect. That is all for the psychics corner and remember, that there is never a lie as its just a line or idea you speak.

  Here's yet another psychic trick. The prospective person suggests the area to observe and the psychic is what sees the point, you hear the idea they sense. This works with 80% accuracy. Otherwise self-suggestive idea is used, then you create what you need by writing it down or typing it an you know things by what is done. What you sense is through the third eye, sometimes suggestion creates the point that you see. This uses the third eye, what you see is upto your ability known as second sight.

  Psycho hitting is where the psychic can attempt to go through your mind, then use what you know to go against you. So you can do the same. Think of the target and make the idea happen by a suggestion, that you think or state. So if you think of the negative effecting the person, then you get them in a bad way. Otherwise think the positive idea effects for them as you will the idea to occur, you can restore or have them in their good spirits. This includes holding your anger until a certain moment, then releasing the feelings you have by focusing the point on them.

If you make an idea where a half-fist or fist in the air is formed and you punch forward with it, then you can use the air element to create a airblow. See that works by vibration and effects someone, that you think should be effected with what you think should happen. This is a psychic hit to the body, that is still vulnerable after all else. Don't do this if you can resolve the issue, if you can keep holding the anger in check. So wait and think about things, you calm down to see things better. Count to ten forwards to count off the moment or backwards to undo the moment if that helps, this is where its not alright to just hit someone physically or psychically. Think to hit a wall instead, this is done so you think they don't intrude and count to ten and that is until your anger is in check. Especially if they are in the area your in at the moment.

  If you want to know a safer way to defend yourself from such a psychic tring to hit upon you, then take a look at the how to fight monsters and win article and if you need to attack psychics then use this fighting psychics article. Enjoy yourself as you attempt these idea, that is if you want to do them by feel. Due notice of the psycho hitting, your not effected by the effect of it if your aware of the idea. So think and you know what you can do.

Abuses wall

  The abuses you take can be visualized as though thought of them were a wall, when you think of the moment that someone sees this wall. Then the idea is finished, so I think by describing the idea you can physically create such a wall somewhere. Then by hitting the wall, you create peace by beating your abuses and making use of what is there. This can be any normal wall. Think about your abuses seeable on the wall, this is marks that appear that mean them and you don't have the abuse any longer. So say farewell to your abuses and all, that is a point you can think they are disassociative from you. Then the abuses cease and you you don't have a psychic wall to worry with and that is all you need to relax with the moment and make better with what you have left. Now go pound your abuses.

A few possible combinations

  For interested people, any of these methods can save your life, by the methods being early warning systems. For mind reading, if the person has thoughts of mostly, violence and can't hide it they are either depressives, that like to hit people or wife beating, murderers, or people that have a violent past. For telepathy, if the thought that comes back, is violent and they are talking to you or near you, get away without alerting them to you intention, as they most likely would be hurting you or someone, else rather than helping.

  For empathy, sometimes anger shows itself in mysterious ways, for example, if you just angered him and you talk to him again then, try to remember the circumstances that were around that, event and then judge accordingly. If it is a complete stranger with the sense, of anger or death, don't stay around him/her unless you choose, to because the encounter will be to your ill making. For telekinesis, force the danger away from you, the moment he or she attacks, imagine a force wall that surrounds the attacker. The person should freeze in stride by an unseen force, The mind blank is useful, when you feel people are reading minds.

  Any of these methods will work together, such as the telepathy and the empathy. The psionic draining ability is only to be used, to people who abuse you as the energy of the sting and hurt that was given to you, can be shifted back to the offender. Just try to focus the hurt and pain he/she caused you. Willing with your own free mind the energy into a gray shield, that will deflect the pain and hurt, back to the sender. At last focus with the anger, you have at the abuse and will the energy, of that anger to make a hole in his mind, allowing the results to occur.

  Some people are afraid to strike back, if you want to survive allow what, action your mind may see fit. Thus he either dies on the spot, or he makes a weak movement and passes, out forever damaged in the brain or mind. The least that can happen is that the person is disorientated, and weakened. Special occasions are that it will wait and strike him at the least notice without anyone's knowledge. There is never a vacuum, like for example. I found someone disrupting my mind magickly, I formed a shield barrier against his attacks, and focused those attacks against him, and felt him pass out. I was never abused again. So this means I was released from my own feelings, that were based upon what was going on and I could go on in life as a sign from my third eye focused subconscious.

Written by Skyhawk
Proofread by Ahria Swiftbanks
sources by: Dmoisant, RavenWolf, Pug and Nostradamus along with varied tv programs and psychics.