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Another way by the chemistry of psionics in magic comparison

  Another way to think about psionics with comparison to magic, where magic and psionics are nearly one and the same at some level except by the method used, some can think of it like a chemical reaction. To understand this material, you need to think about what a pattern is from chemical reactions on how the atom is built, the (-) is negative and represents a pull of energy or subtractive effect, the (+) is a push charge of positive atomic energy and of additional energy charge, and the (n) is a neutral neutron charge of disturbance or both positive and negative. As in this material, I use the atomic structure of the cosmos to model for patterns of life. This isn't an explanation on how to work on machines but it can apply to machines.

  This isn't a world model but a set goal of patterns in real life, thats to clearly be set as if it were advantages to get a desire by the many different patterns of life, to redirect the path of life to your idea situation through attraction. Consider this magic of ritual and imagination or authoritative usage of appeal, and as a (-) radiation pull, that is to gain advantage. Where psionics is a constant (+) push charge of direct influence, with radiation to control or guide the disturbance, and to make a clearly set advantage by being a pushing force. The solid objects can react in an opposite manner as its also a (+) charge and pull toward the area.

  Its very clear from experiments, that the solid object is reactive to both (+) and (-) force. Its clear the set energy patterns are sometimes hostile to each other even if set by psionics and magic, like matter and antimatter. Psionics and magic can use each other, if each use is to have a separate action and equal or similar goal effect as a set pattern, like a bit of dark matter takes the charge of the energy forces and by a anchor, created by seeing and feeling a pole of energy spread, to channel the influence somewhere to do as needed.

  In a atomic equation of idea and chemical interchange;
2 (+) = 1 (-)
2 (-) = 1 (+)

  With the combined rule 2(+/-) x 1 (-/+) = 1 (n) and 1 (+/-)
except 3 (+/-) = 1 (+/n).

  Where there is the rule of a better possible existence, is to use two worlds or possibilities of (+/-) atomic natures, to make a better one of positive (+), negative (-) or neutral (n) effect, in nature but whence created the bad possibility of chaos or chance (-) that is a negative, acts like a neutron and both effect is dropped and where there was two, theres one.

  In this, you don't take without asking or being asked, as its crude and gets a secluded interaction of energy with a share offering of war and peace. The two worlds coincide, it seems and cannot exist apart without intercession or interconnections except in seclusion of everything or things fall apart, as represented by a neutron effect (+-) or (n). The neutron is mostly offshot to disrupt or to cause chaos at least 50% of the time. An unset pattern in this, is to unravel both the set idea of a pattern or other advantage to cause disuse and dissolvation.

  In an equation of neutrality: 1 (-) + 1 (+) = 1 (n) of neutral disturbance greater than the whole. Use of this is to neutralize a probable wrong or right to create a new possibility with guidance by a set anchor, for no bad feedback and it can be allowed to disallow burnout from things as in harmonic abuse or overload. If the unraveling is done too quickly then absolute disruption and probable breaking of the ability can happen to occur by burnout. And only if no anchor will occur. Following a neutral disturbance is a moment of stillness and another better action.

  All through document so far is support of psionics or magic and not the evil one might think it is, as it is good, and thereby being there are opposing views. The evil is the usage and examples without explanation and the sometimes combined action with fear to cause rejection or a reaction. Bad here is to neutralize something without explanation with exemptions to the rule, like sometimes people won't believe it happened after the fact or people might feel they are exempt for explainable situations and exploitations.

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Written by Skyhawk
Proofread by Ahria Swiftbanks
sources by: Dmoisant, RavenWolf, Pug and Nostradamus along with varied tv programs.