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   A. Sparring
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Additional information

A. Sparring

   Sparring can be done without a referee. It's essentially two or more energy workers/practitioners that attack each other where winning is not the goal, but rather learning what each attack does/how it effects the other and their shielding. Sparring in general doesn't have any rules besides not physically killing or making the other person have irreperable harm. What happens in the astral plane, this is where you create energy constructs or structures. Your energy structures create the results, and that makes what results you have. The structures are no longer there if you don't need them, unless you look for them after the fight.

B. Different magickal routes

   With different magickal routes, you have the runic system, sigils, chaos magic and ritualistic magic amongst others. The runic system which odin did give its breath into actualization is also mystical. Because its the means to bringing the system to use instead of being stuck in unknown. That's also a real thing. Listed here @ Meister runic runes and sigils.

   Sigils are unique, as you draw, trace, see or carve what you think is a good symbol and think what you want it to do. How sigils work: You can make any type of spell using sigils, but its not guaranteed. Think of your need. If you draw/trace/carve the sigil, then it will happen. If possible and there is always a 50% chance of success. Well, the consciousness of the rune/sigil senses your need as a thought, and is programmed to use its own resources. Aka whatever its linked to, and forms reality to create your idea as intent. This is where you think of a symbol, draw/trace/carve/see it as you think of your idea to create and do. This uses brainwaves to create the idea, and you make what you think into becoming manifested. See to marking down/draw the sigil and write what you want it to do, then you can create the effect by remembering what it does. This is a standard practice. The consciousness of energy creates what is needed, that is wanted by the rune/sigil in effect and you make what you think by feel. Drawing the image gives it a bit more power since it is physically tethered to our world.

   So the consciousness with idea of energy is using the magic energy or a deep blue energy signature. Yes, the runes serve well. They are the sigillic alphabet. That means they are considered runic. I use the atleantian symbols myself. They are more powerful as they are older. So they are empowered by the energy of the planet. They direct the sigil to your need that is thought. The atleantian are in a dimension that creates the effect here where you need it. That's even across water bodies. This is rather interesting as a point is created where its needed. The symbol I like is crine, that creates what you think. As you draw/trace/carve the symbol and this symbol is a spiral. Meaning the creation symbol will dwindle what is not needed, and then create what is needed by released energy. However drawing and symbol doesn't really take our energy, it uses the consciousness of energy conscious state. That means it creates what you think and all you need to do is think and state the effect by feel.

   Chaos magic is where you think freely to create with energy and that's the consciousness of energy. All that's needed for this is thought of what you want, thinking of it as you need it as the result. This has no religious structure and the energy does what you want. More information is listed here on the My magical magick blog.

   Ritualistic magic is using a candle that's lit. This can be any candle color. So if you look in the flame and state what you want to occur, or repeat what you want to the candle flame as though a chant were done. This is thinking to use materials like a picture of the target, and some rock or object representing the forces you want to use on an Altar. The result is summoned by fire into existing where you want it to exist..ritual magic is preferred in the church because it has structure where chaos magic doesn't.

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Written by Skyhawk
Proofread by Ahria Swiftbanks
Sources by:
Dmoisant, RavenWolf, Pug, Nostradamus, Alusa, Feli, Spelly, Adfeng and Cpt
along with varied tv programs.