Mystics, Psychics and Defense

   There is a moment your figting psychics as that isn't attack by what moment is a point, where mystics can be psychics and be targeted for which they go pro and rogue or think and then back away to think. This is a case of mystical self-defense. Where they are allowed to defend as the person who is influencing them is attempting their idea of attack or defense and targeting them with it. This entails the idea of switching and redirection of the attackers life path, by trying to imagine what they will do different and saying or in doing action out that evokes the heart chakra energy in causing, that event is causing the thought perception. As you thought with essence your intelligence raises and the use you do is what brings activity, much like the person or thing you drew in the energy as essence by some idea or nothing by thought in energy.

   If you thought to use an energy source, you are by thought in essence as energy as you think and do. This is your doing an activity, after forming a link by thought with essence that comes from them. As if thought or the object in mind to create with is energy as is to make things disappear, as you think to use the energy from the object that is there. The object can degrade or in not and with nothing except what the third eye manifests, as the energy naturally is there as if a link or something or not as ionic is some good use as a concept is drink. That is if this allows influence near the area or so and yet not as if not, your energy can work with in mind or not in mind. As there is energy in nothing and no negative in the energy, this near where you are your use can see and do good or not and nothing is not done as this is release.

  Cuffing them works as well, in you think as if in a lesson or not and causing the attacker to not be effecting outside the attackers body of themselves or in themselves an not being effected. Out is out of their minds, as if in thought your not thought and thinking in them ceases until you leave. To think this is serious, makes them think to leave you alone as you think danger to bother you. As if no right and they are serious or not that you are one of them,  seem or not as this is true you will be released from their control as you are. The point is an idea to make and create, as with the third eye you are the will and as you think then or now. As you are correct you do as is this creates, what ions can pause or create thought till unpaused as you want.

  As in and its an instance of iron being summoned in the shape of a binding cuff, removed by thinking the cuff gone. There is also the causing of weight on the person as to cause weight will mellow them and make doing energy tricks much harder, unless the effected does energy folding. Anyone cuffed, can be influenced easily by thought directed at the cuffed person. In En is a place in time that you are a place and time exists for you. Financial pursuits are a point, in time done and what you think is a possible idea that use is creating equal opportunity.

  As it is different thought to different accost in spirit in the point expressed, that keeps them distracted. As if you use the idea to use the persons essence energy. You can use what they do as a spell effect as this is mana infused essence you can increase their ability by an increment effect if you want to defeat temporally the use is possible to increase if in a link effect to burst their energy and in thought leave them stunned a bit. Not if possible is if the person identifies, you are distracting them and this keeps you from doing the trick. As you are distracted in return, by what you feel.

   For a person under psychic attack, and the goverment tells the psychics if its okay to do so. In a secret society of trained defensive and offensive psychics. The person has defenses, too. They can defend against the attacking psychic in perception and thought is in mind to prevent him or her as though from assaulting by thought without reaction to the thought you feel as a point the person does, as if the ideal is if true is interesting and otherwise the moment is a trick. Think to the perception that to serve right and with correct activity is as if what they want. Sense their need and use the idea they present, thought you feel is necessary with no threat that can seem and if you want if its done then and now in a threat.

  As a better way or things in information is as a false idea, as is what you think use an activity as thought in energy is direct subconscious in points. That life is detected which feels right to do or not around people, what you think and do are up to you if you dislike the idea then don't and this is known. Think this as comparisons are by what you think or think to work within a point to see and otherwise not and give a good excuse, think what you do is wrong and thought is what you see as a thought.

  As though a past experience is to see your area and work things by figuring things out, as any activity problems are seen and noticed. Use is a point as this use seems possible, as past creates present by a point to think and what is now. Detection occurs when noticed events goes wrong or there's a concept by noticed events, as things aren't right suddenly they are if you feel them and are in a concept that use of actions is the right idea for the person with a corrective idea.

  Think they are good or bad as you perceive what is by focus and the idea is a visual idea and as you shift your personal perspective is by what you see and you aren't decided in the idea that are deadly as you hold off with an idea that you are feeling suicidal or like jumping off a bridge and stopping before you hit. This is there as a point that ends suddenly, as you are in a point.

  As if that appears normal by electron energy use, this is with thought and focus to seem out of harms way and yet be where you want. Think or see is as you go and think, as you count anyway you want your anger disappears as you do what you think or not seem to run. Think energy and do, as to do is the way of life in the Sylvan Apes in the Colorado Mountains and not always done here.

  This can be argued in the psychics case an that they were targeted and by a vision that was percieved or provoked by a redirecting life path attempt through energy focus. Or, the target was unproven in the being assaulted, as they make themselves look mad or not insane if they speak as the things are not unlike people. Thus if your a concept as you in thought, the case is dismissed in life that exists and your not there if a danger.

   Defenses of the person, for who is assaulted, is not limited, to energy cuffing as well, or effective life changing through the idea being expressed and summoning heart chakra energy to cause the effect as you speak of the effect. This all being done while thinking of the assaulter. Some might think of the idea as novel but there are other defenses, as spoken of in the 'How to defeat monsters and win article' @ here of .

   In the case of both the psychic and the individual, there is the psychic defense or targeting of a idea spoken and being known the sub-conscious making it happen. Sometimes to darker idea, they can be dealt with by making the attacker die or do else. Or, to a lighter path, they can be made to do a more positive idea. There is also the stating the name and try to impel the person by stating the effect after thinking about it. Still, it is an impelling force, and can be redirected by heart chakra energy. And, as stated above, there is cuffing effects of iron particles. By thinking that there is an iron cuff that surrounds the wrist or writ, and it is in place by a thought that it is with a snip of a cuff being snapped in place or however you visualize it, then it becomes that way because of the sub-conscious making the suggestion happen.

   So to you, if you find yourself targeted, someone speaking of an idea that is not actually happening or is dark and of death and making you believe it, or things going wrong then you have an idea of a defense or what may be of proven idea thats true for you. Try not to be paranoid, though. As the schitzophrenic is actually more limited in options, especially paranoid. They can be more assaultive by suspician, alone, and can be restricted by other means if left unchecked. Remember you can suggest back or cause effects on them. To get off the cuffs, imagine them disappearing or think them gone from where you are percieving them.