Aura chart  


The chart


  Vibes are what you think you detect with indications that exist by feel. We have energy vibration that helps us realize the level of reality that we're in. Say positive things and do positive things so you keep up the high vibration level. The thought sets the vibration and this vibration is set off by our aura. So our vibrations are what sets aura to a specific energy or color in life. It seems to have an idea associated with it, a frequency that your thoughts set it to by feel. The thought you perceive is the energy if you think to see the aura. This is the point you know as perception. The third eye opens up and you see the area color or the persons energy color.

  This indication is more of what you feel so think of the idea and you coul attract it to exist and you know what is there by observation with the third eye and the brain vision giving it away. This is an aura vision, that is easily detectable and the third eye or pinneal gland does it. This means the pinneal gland that is in the brain, makes the third eye appear and you can "see" whatever you want to see, such as a piece of paper with writing on it as your two eyes are closed. This is a feat done by feel. So think and you can do things with the third eye by feel.

  Seeing the aura is with the third eye detecting the frequency of the area you see. This is sometimes with indication that you tend to see the blue energy, the aura surrounding with color by indication with area or the head smacked in. Sight to see the energy field of the body, that is made up from colors with the elements the use of bio energy. This takes and uses energy from the auratic, area with energy by field sight or the surrounding area its possible sometimes by physical magic. Some can say that the physical magic by feel is what allows us to meditate and perceive an idea such of that as of an aura. I think then that if you can go do, as you want you won't get any problem if you image something or imagine the point when you do things. This is a meditation called meditia or think to create or mend, as you are aware for meditio or meditation to occur some medicinal effect.

  As the actual physical magic is an ability to share yourself with the source and make your will happen by stating statements or feeling things, seeing use is done by imagining, think or feeling for the event or effect as you are sometimes let them know what you want. This is energy to use or what you see is what you get. See that is easy yet focus is some use. See use or seen by use with focus thought is idea to create, as you are to see the area sight "see is focus sight is use or will think you create or uncreate." This is the ritual you can note colors with usually by thinking the colors you can see it, so you see to use things right or use is cool by idea.

  "See the area you create the flame thats there, see as you are the water see the earth so you see the air what you see is the flower the area blooms create as you imagine to create as you will. See this is life you see you are what you are, see or created as equally useful is gift or use alike use alack non indemnity no use. So your a false demon, false or true presenter do not die unless you need to."

  Aeblo are a being not really liked as they are demon spawn, so this has then to stop as you see they are demon. The way they feel are what you sense as this is an indication by feel. Form from fat they create themselves in the area, you see or don't bother you if no reason to the area they respond or non responsive. Because if they have no reason your not bothering you. Any of the aforementioned should happen unless you are almost empty of energy because of all the focus, that is all that is needed to sometimes cause an event so be careful so don't abuse. Say as you are aware there is a meditation you can use.

  "See to relax you think then you won't be on edge think to meditate away the stress then your work place will get better. So think about the point then think to relax as you count to 5 backwards, stating I will relax then is awake by the count of 5. to create peace of mind thats what this is thats how this works. So *the count to 5 line won't work if you aren't in alpha mode or think calmly or breath then sit up. I think this works for me though as I am aware to work with others. You see you can gget anything done for alpha is usually by mode with no hit." Written by Ben, michael, caz

  Yet if you do things, you can overdo the event that is undoable by far to the event. So you see unless you revert or your with the time by thinking about it as a hurt tsunamos or sometimes to use before the event so times are like, so see or nice to sense "oe ie is fire drill" that got you out of the belt or seems a fire drill yet this is away by sense. So not as if it never happened or you can't create by energy or aura energy feel with, so you are with this or thought is what you create with if necessary.

  However don't overerase any event for it in use can turn people against you and this shows in their spirit, just as it can be as if thought antagonistic. Some people in a research study have told its a cause of your aura, as to see things in your aura and have want and need that shows up, by necessity. Though some say its your subconsciously effected idea, to which occurs and is reflected off the person or thing nearby.

  So if you allow for things whatever in the case, don't overdo things as this only meant at the time that you could do some overdose. Otherwise you could see the area its allowing you to see by the aura revealing itself, as a thought and action/reaction. As active of the body is the mind, being of the mind theres thought and creation of the soul or action of the body that seems things to be near. So that being of the mind is where and seeing the soul is by thought. That and energy is that you know or figure out by gnosis or think you know then a point is from the air you are knowing is with people, consider or think you know and the spirit indicates that what you know.

  So to see auras is by belief that you can see the aura, as if your level of perception sees what energy is there is to focus. This is the shape or the nose and neck area and the shape alone, use is the aura that can be revealed and without details. Thought alone think not on the thought except to do what is correct then blur your eyes, already considered or able is to do whats by focus. Think then you are aware so you know.

  As right after closing them and refocus is thought, as the eyes you will are to create or in manifest with life. Think as you will project and the eyes that create are each different, the right eye is what can see what manifests. As you are if thought to use energy creates physical idea, so technically this is when enough free bioenergy kinetically is use or activity. The left eye manifests or sees otherworld things. The third eye manifests by energy as you can get the crown chakra to cooperate that creates.

  What in this idea helps is realization to say "I can see auras as the original response is done this is the greater you try that tis more or less is creative by the feeling. As this is concept to creative use your use is enerrgy by the creative in as devising." After the fact after that blurring of the eyes or use in the focusing of your own eyes. Then you will perceive the aura.

  The ideal is use in what energy area is angellic or theory in testing or useful as use is an area with people, that included what is the apple pie taste you can taste by thinking you can taste apple. When you let off the area use and create te feel to see by 2nd sight or creative motion. I think then is where you see the color, seen and so your use is ideal points you see so response is the point you sense.

  Then and now are two different things where by belief nothing is there but a thought in the use of usable creativity, this will or make as this is won't work according to your thoughts. Think at the time you did it and time is, what might help this is working, an think by the will with the crown chakra as the thought "perceive aura" at any time you think to have thought to observe. Think as to achieve to see with the attempt of aura sight, you can see what is there as you focus you are area aware.

  This is the end for this or use as I know you now. Then there is an end and so your use is ideal by points you see so response is the point you sense. This is the point you see that were separate from ourselves by watching then were observed. Then think the point is achievable then you block the aware point with a view point that you can think or state. Then as your aware you are able to work. Think the point to work then you know the area to go or go create with things as you want.

  That is to see and choose what you appear or as you see we aren't the element so the area is by feel or the place "not by appearance", so what you are to see is the area as area energy is there to allow. See you are cool by theory as your in what you think or use is focus by feel, when the area reveals what you are able to perceive to use. So another advantage is using networks that show not colors except feel by emanation that show weights color is for things like telepathy - creating a network effect that reduces the 'white noise' you get while attempting to receive telepathy, seen and increase or decrease is the change of you sense by understanding the correct message.

  Think to do long range area perception or aura detection is thinking so you can by thought, try thinking on a person as use is theory to where the people are that you read feel or you feel by your perception. So if you move to their physical location by thinking your near them, think as though you're looking at them or feel their presence from a few feet away like you're in your room or the same room, and then you simply perceive their aura's colour around them as if a filter. This method is contributed by Heron.

  The energy itself is alive or not as a point in time. A point is some area you observe to the thought, so use to see or focus by thinking to see what is with breathing or some focus. So there is a point in something you continue to think, as a dream in action that is real until disbelieved and dismissed is what exists it from the energy as use is concept as particles are what is seen. As if nothing exists from what you do is what the in area is conscious, that creates as this is what it picks up of our intent.

  Thought is done by those that care to, that want to practice atleantian ideal or isn't done by those that don't know about the techniques. This is not done as you are not understood, if unable to understand the ideal and this "as if to use is a thought. As if usually things are what you do that prove themselves in life. What you do is what you get, if as you are with this is what you think unless you don't intend.

  This is usually by intent or interest their purpose is there, when this makes life interesting so we won't do things that are illegal. By now your wondering what is illegal? Think of something you want thats not possible to get then see, what your reaction is due for is sometimes with others reaction. That is what illegality comes from. So you you see this means life isn't always fair.

  The point is the use of thought to see the point then you see the colors. So if you know this makes things easier if you think alike or not with a thought" by josh. Some person and a kid used this, so you see this isn't always fair and in thought this can appear in what you do in life. Then it's easier on simple, light backgrounds, seen and a beginner can't see colours, see thats just the auras as energy you see to observe as the light is bending around in sight. They must feel an aura's colours. Everyone's natural yet nothing so bad, we just lose it as kids and have to gain it back or not as we keep the idea off.

  Maybe some very few people never lose things or lose it under stress that creates pressure to remain calm though. Each point you do while concentrated and the idea is thought is a transistioning point, used is then if necessary they who try or do by thinking they aren't wouldn't be beginners by what they can achieve.

  I thought some could see the aura colors though they never did. So I thought to some though you create you can or can never percieve then they did, so I think to others this doesn't get sensed so the colors seem personally useless. Activity is the use or not energy that is unexcited or particles by element, that's set by alpha with water till seen by area feel. This is thought to seem noticed as all they can see is within a few shades. Helpful to other people sure, but these people get the same things that you get from the colors as from just raw empathy. I am aware that is what empathy sometimes entails.

  Even better yet: they don't have to check a color chart as they tend to see the intensity but not the colors that give the idea away that the other will do. I think I can then think to know as I think to see the area or people to be read, so use as I was aware or awareness is where you are or you can see. This is all a scenic thought or the scene, as you listen to music then think to see the aura you can see what is there.

  If you do a drug though, some can see the aura as though seeing a known point or bodily made aura is usual, there is no way to actually see the colors except for thought thats the drug or area chemistry. Which is just a surrounding energy, some see it flame coloured as to the mood sometimes with colored flashes. With the body one sometimes works, this works if an intense thought passes through an area lit by electricity generator or engine power.

  This is use as thought don't do it if you don't need to an do anything at all, this is usually by things that sets off alarms or causes the flashes of lights. You know nirvana is a drug haze effect that is set off by the medication. Any drug can keep you down so this means is otherwise away from other dimensions, this is where your aware as you are doing wacky or ideal things.

  This is use drink water then you could see the aura easier, then the chi element listed in the element is medication. That can be separated by filtering out or a drug placed by the government into the water. I think I will practice with this. The chi drug is a medication, remember that counting to 5 is for alpha or 10 forward calms or cools tempers then use is the uses. Where you think a vision that sometimes disappears that what creates means the drug disappears, where there was some or use by separation of the medication is there with focus to the water this loses its effect.

  Their way is a bad word for this I will use instead there is, what drugs normally are there you can create by feel where a better activity are used. If you are bored or aware sometimes of stress. Then what you think occurs. I think then things seem to happen or your aware or alert. That is why when they say you can't ascend or think your feel is higher than the clouds, their right or you feel as though the wind passes you by in a still or moving aired room.

  Taisha abelar was a seer, used a great deal of this. As a seer is using thought by ideal, though to use the technique that was used that allowed her to find out the meanings or coloration. That allowed her to say:
"Sometimes if you use a drug or music or think to see. This is how you can see the color sometimes that stands out by few colors. The aura is like an egg. Think to see the color or know the color of the aura. The aura is where you see what is possible as though sight were from a standpoint. So use thiis technique if you think to see the color then you know the coloration.

  Thinking this is by feel, this is set by alpha with the element thats a drug. That doesn't matter where it comes by ideal or from water or other sources, till seen by area feel thought to seem noticed. This I think is noticed by the ideal you notice or work with. So if we should keep seeing them then one day we'll be dead or alive by use with distraction, so one can be able to see every person as an egg. Always is used things that allow a colourful egg. This I think is the end as it made life impossible so I could die from it.

  Others use meditation sometimes or alpha thats a mode with the unaided eye to see things, though for use the ideal with human instrumentality is with focus that we can see the color that stands out more easily. Where you not only see them as their energetic forms by drug induced trance or area feel to see as you think to see the aura, also you know them as life traces that show what you see or know is there.

  What's him/her going to do if they are true allegations to what they indicate, as the coloration traces back to the source. What they did etc is what they are aware of to do. Their feelings are sometimes obvious, some uses are many and as mindreading but that requires lots of years. You could even use a battery to your tongue."

  The 'egg' thing mentioned uses thought or many drugs that you percieve with the other for with a light that shows the color, thought useful is very similar to the effects of empathy mixed sometimes with color viewing. You can see what the color is besides the green, this is usually by thinking what they are showing that colorates the aura.

  Think as a trace or track point that indicates what your act is they feel or think not to do. This is used to conserve energy or no longer to waste your time with drugs. This may be what causes you to associate color to the natural green or yellow coloration. So think then if you think you know then the meaning comes clear. That is how you read an aura.

  As theory is what or where this takes you in medication your use is now in idea, so you can perceive the intensity with the aura color where thought is what you can see. This in mentality or otherwise whatever use you had planned is useful by your area. As a mode god thought your invincible, so be warned this can create whatever defeat by what is with the felt reaction that is possible to focus on something and not notice the problems that could exist. This is as though if to make a blocked out ideal with the event you can see is by what you think, seen by use and if you want to see the aura color use is focus to perceive in the use or concept. This does not mean your doing drugs if for a good reason where you are, not bored or stressed from non results so with life you are enticed by other things. Think your calm then your sometimes relaxed and calm in appearance. In that way you aren't overstressed. If overstressed, you won't see things normally, so think and you know what's there as your in a relaxed or reposed mind. Then you will see what you want to see.

  The idea by use that is some of the persons essence, gotten by in fire aura absorption in an idea with use moments. Think to use is from in the feel to do what they say. Things use in thought if their consciousness is with what is or reasoning. Use is the part in that non overeating is an idea to create with and otherwise, use is where these auras colors, are that which is formed by activity and is part of the empathy you can feel in place of your own. This is from another idea that is controlled with a concept, this is done by what you use and do and color viewing mixed together with all that you do.

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The aura chart

 Herein are charted where these are coded in the values table below, think this in a comprised aura chart that might be the auratic meaning yet there are others as no aura chart is completely accurate. Only because accurate enough is the aura is green, except thought causes perception or multicolored hues so the aura reveals colors. I believe this also reveals intention by feel or area relation.

  Stay still or moving as you think this also reveals intention. This is the way that was possibly done with aura colors that is considered hue like paint. Like a painters brush or with a colorful egg, thats splashed across the aura you can see what is there. As I was in pain this meant I could also use pain or a wound to see the colors. Otherwise I could think energy to the third eye to get the result of seeing the colors, this is by thinking the pineal gland does what I want.

 The self-psi then is the hue master of the earth. Think then when you are at some place think then do. This is their technique. So enjoy what you think. This is by ben, spelly, caz from a past life for now. Then I wondered what life this was with color the answer was this by subconscious, as then by focus I wanted to see the colors so my mind blanked out then I could see them.

 So I think if you embue the body with energy the mind can pick up on colors by now or so that was then someone else then myself. Then I could see the aura colors. This then is a way to see the aura with thoughts that are there. The color or the feel of the aura gives the indication to the activity sometimes, that means you notice or could get other feelings with the aura feel as though "for sure as though a point were there". They are not always useful but the colors are below.

Here is an alternative aura color chart..

Here is a chart I made from observances..

Clear or crystal

Clarity, understanding, confiding, control, open to change and good

Crystal red, slight red, slight pink

Heat, created fire manifest, unassuming, suspicious or slightly presumptuous

Light pink

Advertising, display, act, seeking attention or promotion

Light pink gray orange

Convicted, fed up, sight or normal by upward area, sorrowed by use

Pink (light light red), pink puce

Romance, love, generousity, giving, receiving, faithful, treasonous, seeking, fight mode, turncoat-like, heat [bodyheat, warmth], hunger or pain

Pink and blue or rose red

the sea, oceanlike, cold, permeable or changing feel

Pink and purple or pink purple

Unseen, unnoticed, crazy or rage energy

Pink orange

Unique, considered, consternated, concentrated or opinionated

Light red

Focused intent, heat use, contestant, near at the end in thought is healing propensity


Independent, non-comformist, big-hearted, artistic, funny, fun-loving


Vitality, strength, passion, ambition, perfectionism, groundedness, blood energy, hurt, hot or pain, infection, anger, frustration, minor aggression, sickness or danger, lust, power as energy or spicy-attitude, purity of heart

Red when surrounded by green

feel energy, flighty in reduced pain by what there is in the area or the infection being healed or create by energy naturally dissolved

Red intertwinned with Red violet

Jealous, unstable, insane mood, calmed varied and some very angry response forthcoming

Red violet

Quitting, ruinous, ruin, sicke or intense

Red violet intertwinned with Violet

Painful, badly wounded, so you see highly energized or felt enraged as white light

Ruby red (light gray black red)

Pride, bleeding, lascerated, deep wound, depth or deep cut

Dark red (black red)

Bruised ego, creative bloody or near death


Perturbed, knowledge, old fashioned, smart and well-rounded or fit, seem free-minded or super in idea

Blood red intertwinned with Black

Torment, very cruel, cool surface violent inside, causation, murderous or lethal

Blood red

Vampiric, needy or bloody feel, utterly destructive

Crystal violet

Uninhibited, intent, uncomfortable, thought feel by air power or felt need for food

Light violet

Giving, creating by cheating, stealing or injustice

Violet (blue red), purple

Magical, playful, creative imagination, charming, coonected to spirit guides, violent, disturbed, desecrated, deturbed, energetic peace, dealing with energy, destiny, freedom of chance or tempermental


Teacher, speaker, confident in knowledge, ready to be seen as a leader

Brownish purple

Complaint, defunct destiny, magical possession or marginality

Bruise purple (violet blue purple orange)

Abusive, prideful, brutal or distance effect on the aura in feeling

Puce (red red violet yellow orange)

Diseased, calm rage, fire slowly, very ill or desperate

Dark purple

Creative despondant by early anger later calm, some are use dependant, creative or early anger later sorry

Blue green with violet

Sick,  thought in shark or feeling like an example to take advantage and not mentally ill or mentally sick or sicke/n by thought in use

Blue violet

Bad Violation, discrimination, absorbing or crime, sick thought in dolphin

Crystal blue

Active, incriminative, water power, water creation or healthy

Light blue

Danger to don't or don't need to, very intense, warding or very deliberate


Intuition, devotion, loyalty, wisdom, empathy, encouraged, considerate, happiness, peace, mystic force, meditative, peaceful, cool or tranquility

Vibrant blue (blue yellow opaque green)

Focus, Earth power, earth manifest, criminal or earth flaring or happy

Dark blue

Fixation, inclined, pure and true in sight or enduring feel

Light bluegreen(yellow blue green)

Coolness. envy, poison or conclusion in thought by energy summoned for spiritual healing with the liquid area thought with use for energy healing

Teal (greenish blue), Pale blue

Cool non help, resourceful, responsible, calm, reserved rather than wasteful, simple rather than expansive, organized or open

Green blue

Sick, creditive, upset, reprehensible or recovering

Green violet

Determined thought or deliberate in motion, some non reprehensible area feel, responsive or working

Crystal green

Dark mood, darkness, deadly, felt or unreadable

Light green or lime

Sickness, jealous, sea and earth manifest or Mana power as auratic energy with the colors that you feel in energy if you can associate to see what egg of colors are associol or associative pattern, abundance or overuse with conclusion or sense in confliction if near or non working if open by machine

Jade green

System healing, healed, or a system that can heal those around it

Pale green

Faith, dependance, independant action, pure thought


Healing, harmony, charity, prosperity, unconditional love, joy, peace, Light fever, restrictive, to heal, one who can perform miracles, retributive, span time and used for all

Bright green, Emerald green

Stronger healing, in system healing

Viridian (dark green blue)

Liesure, stopping by point by use or an attempt to stop or lazy

Forest green (opaque green)

Repulsion, unbalanced, disturbed, stopping by feel, feeling distrust or discouraged

Pine green

Weak system trying to heal itself as if feeling or eating to heal

Dull green, weak green

Slower process, slow healing or creative feel

Yellow green

Fleeing, fate, chaotic power or desirous

Crystal yellow

Bruise, wounded or victim

Lime (light yellow)

Fear, lies, sick or fever


Happiness, optimism, friendliness, intellectualism, patience, self-control, misconcept, denial, thinking cute, purity, liquered or spottable condition if spots, a bit hungered or receptive by ideal

Canary yellow (opaque orange, white and yellow)

Sensitive, birth or indication

Dark yellow

Fire power, mild wound or very warm

Yellow orange

Rightful, productive, responsive or ice power

Crystal orange

Usurped, auratic signature or sensed

Light orange

Mild pain, creative energy, sensing or warmth


Sensing, confidence, optimism, creativity, inspiration, emotional balance, senses, indiscrimate, climate, binding or uprising

Bright orange

Inquiry, Enquiry, importance or sane

Dark orange

Endandered, en dangerous, toxic, smelly or critical wound

Red orange

Positive, knowledge, law abiding or lawful

White or off white

Purity, oneness with higher self, self-mastery, spiritually motivated, cosmic wisdom, very hot, reflective, blind or rage


Neutral good, arranging, pure, strong influence considered spirit force, spirit strength is creative spirit will or felt creative spirit influence as use is auratic if full manifest or other concept thought in energy form that in true purity or dispirited motion is creative energy indeed

Very white

Very pure mind, consensus, incidence or purity

Vibrant pure white

Neutral, undecided, ever changing or unnoticed, or dead

Light gray (gray and white and white)

Neutral evil, disinterest, selfish or feel is recursive by sudden bouts of jealousy

Silver (gray and white)

Doing project, done, telepathic or psychokinetic, dire is thought projective

Gray (white and black)

Conniving, refined by insight or insightful by soul thought with the spirit that is what your body can seem with instinct from auratic influence by not use or thought to us is excess energy to remove from you by thinking in the water the unwanted.

Dirty gray

A remainder of something as if not existed, corruption

Dark gray

Councelling, talk or open-minded

Crystal brown

Manipulative, earth power, uncertain or discouragement

Light brown

Evil, thought ill-tempered and otherwise normal, bad smell, earthen and depressed or bade, bad

Brown blue

Idea put or sensuous


Emotion, lava force or love

Dark brown

Purity, clearness or negative

Chocolate (Dark black red brown)

No temperature, different kind of mood by no emotion, absorption or violent

Crystal black (clear black)

Attack aura, revulsion, bad or bade feeling, horror, very varied feel, very depressed if not death or get away


Absorbing, purpose, insanity, intent, possession, morbid or pertaining to death or what is thought is realized

Black redgray

Crazy, unclear, willing or unwilling

Black gray and red

Peace intent disruption, attack aura, disturbance

Black graypurple

Chaotic notion, Insane, directed chaotic, tally

Black greengray

Absolute command, calm, purpose or collected energy

Smudged black, Brown black

Depression, confused, confounded, mischief

Pitch black

Zealot or pure greed, better as not noticed or not lacking

Crystal gold (clear gold)

Temptation, charm, light character, upcoming idea, inside shift or unresistable feel you use

White gold

Thought idea point, energized, purity of thought, creating

Light gold

Passionate, confirmed, conformed, appeal or seem in thinking mood out loud, telepathy (cognistating)

Gold, indigo orange or at the end gold orange

Magnetic, globally minded, highly talented, talented, discipline, ready for up-levelling, think attraction, draw, drawn, intellect, of joy and extreme happiness, of intelligence or appeal, ancient and advanced type of power that is not always possible

Gold yellow

Bewildered attraction, disbelief or unwilling

Goldenrod (red grey gold)

Resentful, rejected, consolidated or thoughtful

Dark Gold

Greed, appointing, drawn to, entrapment or opinionated

Color key: Transparent = No color
Crystal = Clear, slight and faint color or transparent gray trace
Medium = gray with color
Very or true = white white, black black, blue blue etc..
Opaque = white white
Light = white or yellow
Dark = black
Pitch = black black, This is like Spots or holes that are of black in the energy flow is often caused by alcoholism or excessive use of drugs. There are holes eaten into the energy and into the personality. Holes eaten into the mind. Spots are also often seen over cancerous or troublesome areas where you see the things or ideal, you sense what is there that is how you see pitch black.

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