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Part 1 (placed by boyfriend)

  Due note: This uses spirituality as a faith based off an idea for your own experience, if your thinking this is good then spirituality is your own path/experience whereas religion is based upon someone elses. Like spirituality and faith, too many people think they are the religion. That's why they remain stagnant so if you think then your aware the point is a point you can choose to work with or ignore. So I think the definition is there's no rules to spirituality, seen as a point is where they are as you can think of what you want you seek certain things like an apple with a grocery store. Where the religious views are based off believing someone elses experience, then spirituality is using or working by your own experience. So for Basic magic skills, I would use this idea listed herein the magic basics article. If you want to know more about this than what is there in the article, feel free to ask a question in discord for invites and here for those with membership on my channel.

  Using this book of magic and examples is submitting to agree on being a subject or maker that effects, I think sometimes by the creator with subconscious feel by some ideal or need thats a level or sane point with ideal by focus or thinking. So this is with the effects that are there. I am not responsible for your actions. So in misuse of spells and the expressed idea you are responsible for your own reactions/actions and we the writers are separate from you with your action. Well your cool otherwise you can see the sense to remain cool or calm. So count to 5 or 10 then go or wait as you think is possible.

  See your calm so think if you are aware this is wait 10 seconds as you count back to 10 or to ten to lose the temper. If you misuse the area spells you won't get a spell effect. So with this effect, I won't be held responsible for the destructive usage of these example got from else is numb or there. Some using my own words are possible examples to use as they created amazing effects by the feel with them. So you see if as you aware or are can use them, think to create by the point you think then cause by the creator the point that exists the spell effect by life. The giants trick us with this, seen as you think or think by feel to work by the use you can create by what is there or usually by what you think. Allow that you could be tricked by your own magic, thought or life memory that suddenly replays amongst your mind as they suggest things. So think this doesn't matter so your aware by now what this means. What you weigh doesn't matter, as long as you pray for the effect or use statements and choice words of intent to create with the power of words. This is more effective near a lit candle, any color. State the idea you want at the candle flame, thinking of what you need and you create a result easily that you can feel is occurred, yet sometimes nothing is felt and something happens to occur. So I think this means you can create anything by idea. That you notice sometime, if not now.

  With magic, this is a point in idea where I look over my thoughts and think of what I want to happen, that's as I state the point to create the point I think. Then my thought program the energy I send forth to create things as though a spell.. this brings to mind the power of words. This is where you think about what you want and intend the result as you will the results with a point of manifest. Stating the word or phrase creates the result by the subconscious making what you say with the thought and energy you project. This is what I thought.

  Seen is the effect if the point is necessary sometimes is sorrow times, for "you are in after some ideal just leave by the door". So you see this is the ideal is what you consider to create with to what you think or not, see this is what you can get or use with life. These are freely distributable in idea to people. Any area attempt to break the law by agreement as a point or to do wrong with things gets you arrested or mazed for life, this is done by the faery use with a unending dream where nothing seems to happen until necessary or there will not be any result by effect or the effect will happen badly for you by thought now. So to leave a maze, think to relieve yourself or offer the faery what it want that you psychically realize and this frees you from confrontation and the maze disappears. Then if there is no confrontation, use some calm ideal as the area is a point and ask the fey to release you from the maze. That soothes the mind to allow you to aleve your area situation. That resolved any situation to my senses. This is a point you think to cool or calm down with by the way.

  You only need to read or skim through the introduction and possibly magic 101, the magic fundementals and the basics section, but the examples are there for interest. You might think the moon that you might notice explains how the moon influences magic, like a non full moon is good for some magic or thought thats non destructive magic. As the energy level is the influence, where you feel things or not so felt as partial magic potential. Where a full moon in use can seem useful by feel for destructive magic, this is the full magic potential that exists by manifest. This is by the feel if the feel is manifest. So I think this is safe to use as the manifest doesn't occur, if things or events are possibly done or aren't manifested. So practice with rememberance then tend to forget the needed result, and you work with what you get without expectations. Yet you will allways know by the spirit or soul insight, then what you thought to manifest is realized. Always remember, Magic and psionics effect by the soul or spirit doing the effect. However, soul magic doesn't require focusing, thinking about what you need will inform the soul of what you want. Yet thinking is a form of focusing. So think and you focus to create with the soul. However, for elves without souls, you think and focus on your need and the spirit creates what you need. This is done by your thought, and the energy being directed to create or manifest. Some ability is like this point except when things happen with practice, the more you practice the more likely things are possible, this effect of effort allows you to get faster results when you practice enough.

  If you need a religion or faith to do things openly, then the creator is definitely an option as he or she exists on an upper dimension that has everything with a consciousness or the spiritual energy. This is the energy consciousness here comes with awareness of where you think there is by feel, and things work out by feel with balance due to this energy from perception of where you are by idea that you notice. Basically if you need or want something by intent, you are where you think you are if by feel or idea. This is the universal energy, that interacts with you, if you think of what you want. The energy uses its consciousness to place you where you need, or where you think something there exists then it does exist. This is where the creator or universe makes what is desired, if possible. The point of objectivity though is usually if you don't think it exists then it doesn't exist, this is at least true here where objects can disappear by this fact.

  Yet what you don't know, this can be proven elsewise. I call this consciouness of the universe that allows the point of conscious spiritual awareness, otherwise Ben, where Ben the creator created most of this universe by thinking and doing what he does by feel with the energy. He created so much however, that he turned into an energy consciousness of the universe. So by the source I mean the universe. Thus, think or state to the energy around you to have something happen. I believe ben calls himself the creator, at this time and he sometimes answers needs sent to the universe. So that's the basis of a spell or prayer, btw, that can get results. That's a point especially true unless nothing happens, if you think the idea is an end result. Otherwise things are as they exist by some point.

  Some can call this a part of an energy trinity. The three parts of this energy awareness trinity is this: the universal spirit awareness or Ben, the beings set in their own dimension of the divine realm, the people otherwise called divine and spirits of the land otherwise servants to necromancers and people that are summoners. This is where you can bend things in the mind and create reality by feel. That is all done by using the power of the energy trinity. This is where the creator created the spirit of the universe, that was done as a point to work with by feel. If no results occur, then you know there was a counterwill somewhere that came after you thought things. This then was a point by feel, that was done in mind and created outside by influence of the aura.

  This is where there is a sense of detachment. This is crucial in your magical journey. Whenever you try to manifest something, have the guts to let go and let it be. Because when you think of something you emit a portion of your energy into it, and that causes the effect. But if you send out more (in other words --- too focused or attached to the results) , it doesn't usually come back because that magic that was manifested then gets pushed away/blocks the manifestations from coming and it returns back to the creator. Causing you disappointment when you made that mistake by being too attached to the results of your manifestation/wish. It’s always good to keep moving energy towards something, like wishing for something everyday. But it’s when attachment fear or worries come in about the manifestation itself that it can be blocked. Yes. Remember what you send out is positive energy when you manifest but when worry or fears come in, they are send out at an opposite energy (negative), so they balance out with the positive ones and they get cancelled out. Thus leaving you with no results.

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How I placed the ideal in this is easier to harder to me and its not alphabetical with the ideal.

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Magic 101
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Classification of magic users
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  What started this ideal in the form as though a good letter of reprisal. I think this letter

  We cannot overemphasize the importance of allowing children to make choices for themselves. So in many situations, children are much wiser and on higher frequencies of love than their caretakers. Parents role-model what they have learned, extending their fears and myths onto children in ways that may hamper their productivity. It is imperative to pay close attention to what you are modeling to them. Anything other than love and kindness is abusive and detrimental, although most of you are doing these things without intentionally meaning to be harmful.

  Any moment when you affect a child and though he reacts with emotions such as fear, anger or hurt, look at what you said think what you did or did not do to offend him. I think it is one thing to protect a child from harm, so you see this or know this but did you cause harm in the process of doing so? It is good to teach the child manners, but did you use proper manners as a role model in doing so yes I did understand the use is ideal. The point I made to you was this, if you think to work or create by the focus points you can create nearly anything. So consider what you do.

  Many children are forced to eat foods they dislike or amounts that are not fit for their bodies. I think in doing so, they often learn the habit of overeating. This I think is in the use. They eat then stop yet if pushed they learn to eat more especially if not hungry. They are given foods with no nutritional value as treats for ideal. Their exuberance is met with disdain or medication. Their behaviors, words, thoughts, dreams and aspirations are often met with ridicule. Allow them to dream big and perhaps they will be your role models and encourage you to dream big!

  Those who desire to have children would do well to spend more time and energy clearing their personal problems before having babies. Grandparents are many or others that I know by feel, so at times you may have to allow your child to raise your grandchildren in a manner that does not meet your approval. Try to keep the path smooth, treating everyone in the family with love and kindness, for that is all that really matters.

  You are powerful creators and through your actions, that's so you can create by the feel. Think about what you want as though it were a need. You will be able to manifest whatever you, as a whole, choose to experience. As you think about this, know you will get what results you ask for by the power of the words you speak. When you think of things to create, the creator or your God will create it if you intend the deity to make the result. When you think of the idea, you can speak the point as intention. This is the power of words in use. The more you practice this, the faster it becomes.

  At first it is sometimes slow or in an unusual spot, that's not noticed. Then it is where you intend it and you can get results even if overweight, that's done by the power of your deity so you can rest assured that there is a result. Prayer is an answer to do if you can't get a result otherwise. So pray to your God and you will get results. When you want something, think to ask about it and you can get what you need. Then is the case in point, now is the idea in action. That's the way it works. What you want, you can manifest, that is where you get things by feel.

  Weight can be bypassed or used as though an energy source, think it's an energy source and attempt to do what you need. See, if you think to create with the point and practice what you need to do, then this is without eating the wrong things and not exercising it off. Keep in practice. What you do is what you do and practice makes perfect. So if you think then you realize what insight is there and you know what to do. When done, there is often a sense of completion. Since this means you can create nearly anything, thinking about something being near and your third eye notices it makes a point of being done. Think it is possible, then you can do what you need to do as though it were done.

  There is no way out of this, some things you have to do if necessary by feel. What you do in weight, you can make things work or create an elemental effect. This reduces your body weight, as well. It's okay, then. So what you do is a point in idea, think to know and you know in idea feel to realize and you are aware of what your soul knows. This is when people react, what you think, if positive, is likely to attract positively and if you think negatively, you can get bad results. This is the power of attraction, where what you think, if you intend it, will sometime be where you notice it. If you need a sign of what you did, then ask your deity or your God to create one that shows where and what is done.

  Anything is cancellable, the power of dimensions are what, this is useful to create what you think is possible. It is the use itself of the dimension your in. What you think matters, that's until you think it doesn't matter. This can cancel out anything you don't like in life. So think about the fact, the figure and the idea you need. You will get a result sometimes, what you think about and speak on what you need. Then you create by the idea of energy consciousness doing the action of understanding. If you don't, then your deity blocked the effect as bad. Think to create good in life, then you can get better results. If you think to do what's wrong, you will get a point of bad idea that seems like bad luck and you can create with a point to make it better. This is the fact, you think and that is all.

  What you choose in life, you can make use of if allowed. You choose your own battles on the grounds you are able to handle. So you can manifest the type of parents you wish for this world. Be a part of training the youth for parenthood. Teach them perseverance and patience. Instill in them the desire to wait for the right mate. Encourage them to avoid the use of drugs, alcohol and friends who lead as a rolemodel to allow them toward these things. This is use by the point sometimes gone too far. Teach them to fill their bodies and minds with healthy nourishment, while encouraging them to find and explore those things that ignite their passion.

  Some good tidings are where things are there for free or allowed by the ideal you express, I think your allowing me to work so I will allow you this. I will add to the amount with some knowledge, if needed by the feeling things work out so I don't need to worry you work without things that you don't need. So this is what I will do, I will consider for today or tomorrow a time that you change to what you wish to become. So tomorrow I will think to create or cause work to be better by the point that now exists by what life is with the example point. This uses our life as the example, then a point or use ideal your life as a concept with this life as some ideal. Now to go out then to explore other area or places. This is a trick they were only doing what they thought they were told to do. So think that thought to not do things so they stop to ask things.

  So that is all. So ciou for later is bye. I think I will let you go if you wish to go or leave to somewhere else. So thats it. So thats all this is. Thinking for now I thought about things, so I was aware that something is there or can create so they are what they are. I am aware now by scent I am fine so I won't bother anyone. So I will do the impossible, I will lose all my excess weight however I do the deed. So ciou till later. I think a normal workout will work for you, so think then use the thought I pointed out to lose weight that includes weight x time exercised - seconds of the time = new weight or thought x times - seconds = greater or lesser weight possible by the ideal. This is with fasting by the area use with water, then listening to regeneration frequency or other music. Where this is some food or drink that you drink, otherwise no food eaten for a given length that you time. The longer that you fast the more you lose. So the longer you fast the more often you lose the weight and not the object.

  So think as you ask things about the area, you may wonder how to counter weight. Think to exercise as you move about assuming you do this long enough, so you won't gain anything back that you gained by mischievous points of applied view. I thought this looked strange when I noticed this thought, so I went to another house by spirit to study them. Then I found they were doing certain things. Some that were similar to mine then I studied or went to other houses that were interesting as well, only to find out they were causing me certain behaviors as well. So I thought to them to "stop and throw away the tool that you use to control me with then I will be appeased." So this I think worked because this stopped them and I was not doing what they were acting, otherwise a point to me or causing me to act normally. So I think I fixed the problem so this didn't exist by thought that you think to manifest. So I think this did exist as I wanted something to exist, so I want to use or create things as thought. Then the thought exists. That's sometimes how this magic trick works.

  I have a certain goal I am allowed as I use other stuff sometimes from the net. I think I am not there yet almost am I, so then I am near enough the goal yet what I am if anything is nearly there. Seeing as this is thinking if not the goal weight, I am sure I am aware so I am not here to be bothered. I am thee aspect that means you start without knowing the language, then you learn it then you are aware and learn to work with a normal language. Some language you learn by this I think is special to you or not used. Then you live a normal life. Then you ciou for now to go on out, leave or exit from the area or building. Skiddadle is the keyword otherwise go as you are or stay as you want. So think to press or work otherwise not hit as you progress with what is done. That is all I did for today or last week. So now to add on to my personal mission to work with food better, otherwise create better from what is there this is with some ideal or the right suggestion. Whatever you do don't knock em out.

  A creative Project is there where what you say or think the subconscious will make exist. it's the power of manifestation, where your soul longs to express itself in creative ways. We are guiding you to infuse artistry and creativity into your life. Creative expression makes you feel alive and excited and reignites passion towards your life. Whatever is done is not as if done to you or others by the creator if no longer necessary as there's no name for him or her. Again many children are forced to eat foods they dislike or amounts that are not fit for their bodies by overeating. So I am not forced to eat foods I dislike in the amounts that are not fit for the body, this is with the creator that is all that is there to this trick to weighing less. Set by the creator, think to work to weight lift too.

  So their weight is their own so I am good for the moment to create as I think is possible. No I know the point, that the planet will heat up on the use or ideal that melts the ice caps. This is only to refreeze on the south pole known as the other side. This is proven by nasa that exists a video, that provides evidence or life with information. So whoever is art is an artform to my mind where the art is alive an moving to the point, that somethings exists for representing them. If this were self-awareness this is amazing. All I have to do is a point of coldness. This is seen of them, so I then know what I look for with uses that exist, otherwise I can write down from observation or looking. This is viewing at the artistry that exists by the feel or fact alone. I think then this is when your aware, so you have seen otherwise your own choice. If otherwise you are aware then your ability is your own will away to what could exist. So thats how I see it.

  I did it! I had to creatively work with food and spells to get this achieved, now to shift back so I will possibly burn out a computer or two as this is a game world with a live gate. All I need to do is to think to go through sometime an open door as I created the gateway. So I only need to think myself back. As if you or I do things right, I think to work then I do. Thats how it works. So I will ask well to create better. So as well if things are aware of me I will instruct them to do things for me, that I was doing so I can live my life. I can get along or work with others so I am aware that things work with me.

  So I think I am well enough, this makes you look normal enough to work things off. Seeing how I am, I will go along with nearly most things that might interest me. So I will stop to do something else then, I will write methods down that I see or work with the point that is there or somewhere else. I believe the technique is think then direct your focus to create the manifest. This is for alpha mode. The original technique then is think then you can create by the feel or activity that you think to manifest. So either one works out if they do.

  What you do with weight is used as fuel to the body, when you eat, drink and exercise and move around or use the natural oils to reenergize yourself by checking your butt crack area for oily buildup. Then, you create with a point and reabsorb the body energy for a boost of body activity and that means you can create more energy in the body for what you need to do. This do then is die off, intended as a way to stop something and kill the process off. Think and you know what is possible. The power of doubt, that is a concept that uses doubt in your mind and you can stop and effect by the power of thought alone, that's unless you need water to put out the fire or something along those lines.

  Now what happened to my body I was aware then awakened then I was somewhere else. So I was then there or here as I think the point or path, so if I may go about doing things. I will do something unique today that I call tomorrow as a thought you can stop or desist if you think to stop by and desisting only makes them stop. As if I was aware I was awake then out cold then awake again as though I was aware or awakened by the runes I put on an archway that I can use to shift or work anywhere. So I think the runes are possible to measure or mean physical or spiritual activity. So they could work with or against me if I think they will. So if you thought then you can think then you do things for now.

  I think as well because most don't believe I am somewhere else. I understand my basis that creates the need for having weight and realize why so I end up losing the excess weighed then I shifted. Whatever occurs I won't lose authority over what I appear like or do what I was acting at the time I was at that weight. So I might as well do something else. So the ideal is the point, if you think of your need then observe. Then you can figure out what you want, I think as your subconscious causes the ideal to be known. So I think then create as I think to the point or create with a wish by now. So I thought then, now I think so I do the ideal. This was the point I made one day then shifted back to my body. So now I thought then I think to do. This then is a point or some area activity that exists.

  So if by thinking thought so you could create any ideal with love, thinking has a point if I thought the runes would do things. Thought as they will do as they want this is with the resource, that they represent or not do anything this is sometimes as you thought. The runes thus could enhance or de-enhance the body. This is not always working with the point to create, the result I think is some end result. So if I think the runes did the ideal this is not really the point my own thing. This sounds like a perfect alibi right, this isn't if you think to do something then don't gain something, then you aren't responsible for the act you think to create. That is thought thats all that matters for one sigil. The secret to the runes, I believe is the acts or ideal that represent is the rune by your feel. That is what can create the effect that the supposed runes create. Ciou for now for sioux.

  ☦"This is part of a money construct, that's a energy point that creates what you want with money. So just remember this 9 > $0% < infinity for funding so you are aware or gnow what you are plausible for by ideal with thought to use by the due if mathematical. This is the rememberance or reminder that is your due for rent then you go where you want or wish and it isn't that hard. If thought to work is easily done, then you can create what you wish by feel. Otherwise don't dare try this as some don't have the experience or expertise and that makes for chaos. However the 9 is a random number that can be any number you intend to get of money like a random money generator, like 120000 dollars or printing 120000 > $0% < infinity." -Shelly☦

The basic idea

  This section is the basic idea behind magic and describes it as you think, this is activity that is sometimes by what you believe may occur can happen. If you see the things are there or are aware of things your aware as you are, you are aware or use is as you wish that is to focus to creative use is created to use. I think this is use by idea as no attack is necessary. So think as things are according to what is done where you could get arrested or not allowed, so you see or not see what is there I think that is where you think as you wish. Not to do things is except for the introduction or td;lf is use or experimentel idea. Which describes how to do the magic, and you can skip it if you know the basic idea of how some magic works with or by a point and how to do it is there. This be reading material and the practice is up to you. So start with the idea by introduction and make use of its information by ideal. Focus your mind to create the thought you think as a point or ideal intention, that is idealism where you think the thought then think to create as you wish.

  Focus by belief: This is the basic idea behind this magic bible, if you have curiousity about beginning magic with belief you can in what you create with the third eye. The ideal life effect is thought put to work and seem to do, as though if nothing is a point and there's no problem as you don't sense things manifest. This is resolved by what you think, feel in focus and seem to identify your thinking and you can use the indentification of life energy to manifest fully. That is what is pressure drops and drops, these that are energy effects that you sense concluded as identificate. They are what you think and not as you want sometimes so think what you want to create what things are necessary for you are creating. Thinking this is my end as the end makes it the ending you thought.

  This is the end that is here or there so what is the point except to work by what means or whom you think is there. They assign the work you can choose to do it or work with people for the ideal sometimes expressed, so this is it this is then what you consist by the feel to give. Seeing thinking if necessary or get if return or then the value is exchanged. Otherwise there is no meaning in life or seen is the sights, I think with funding by some that exists what is there. So think as an answer if you think this an end worth examining, before this is then my end with what is sometimes done. After saying otherwise then thinking the end, you will find your still alive or not existing with your own mind. After that there is no worry or working necessary.


  Magick and magic have sometimes come to be known as two different things, although to some, Magic and Magick are not two different things. Magic is just another way to spell Magick, and Magickian is another word for Magician. It's all the same to them. So I will talk about it using Magic an in what you do with Magick interchangeably. So, to others magick is rarer, as possibility one can manifest the force as visible to the eyes.

  Some magick is visible through set patterns, that are detected in a physical event. They represent a wave effect, set by the subconscious causing actions in the real world. So magic can also be the invisible effects or affect by force. You could cast a magick light spell and gain a flash in the area or a light flash that lasts longer and sometimes else. And magic/k can occur by thoughts alone or sheer focus with or without words. The words are an added focus to make the effect more plausible as its extra instruction to your subconscious. That instruction is enacted upon sight of it or hearing it. As you hear it, even if you do die by this you won't, so does your subconscious make what you think is right.

  Some believe that they could do things without magic, well then, theres an idea of truth that you are doing magic by focusing your mind on something. And your subconscious picks up on that as a suggestion, to make it happen. So in fact you are always doing magic, but in a lesser ritualistic form considered raw essence programming. The idea by thought is what you do with focus, and by thought this is to direct it and make use is manipulating the energy to create an end result. Yes, you can call that magic. However, if the person doesn't allow the spell or doesn't want to change, then the spell doesn't effect them. Blocking out the personal expression itself prevents it, as does thinking the express form is not there.

  The basis of magic lies with the subconscious, but no actual spell lasts forever, it will wear down. Eventually its effects are to stop, unless maintenance is done to the spell, or the spell effect is recast to cause it to effect more. Whereas, if you gut feel, mind mime or otherwise feel the effect, as in make a feeling appear from thinking and then it will occur via an emotional channel, and using emotions, you can channel the effort to greater action. This causes inadvertant and unavoidable reaction, things you create with are by what you think as you do things that you intend to get done.

  Especially in some that dislike, the idea is possible to get along with or if you don't like. This is to hear and see it, as if you can get rid of the problem by relocation or resolution of the idea. As if a summoning by energy, with thought in the situation. Resolving of the summoning, is the idea to fix the idea to make better and yet not do anything, that shouldn't be done as you know whats right to get. What is correct in the moment, is a point that is a mention and what you figure out as you think and intent the natural idea that energy can create.

  Some might think magic/k or magic time/k/3 is real stage magic, so don't confuse the two. Magic isn't really stage magic. Stage magic is illusion and sleight of hand which can be difficult, whereas some good stage magicians are Hudini who died during a trick, hanging upside down in a sealed watertank chained, handcuffed, and with the effort of getting out of the tank.

  Some magicians are Merlin, who might be considered fictional but is real, I spoke to his ghost to make sure and found that he is known for being able to use magic to the aid of King Arthur and he also guided a Legend. There are some you might not know except in stories or even then, as in Sorcera who made the definition of sorceror to unknowing people and also by a lousy upbringing to make her with the intention of destruction if peeved.

  Now a sorceror, is not a magician nor a stage magician. Plain 'sorcery', is fulfilling your desires on earth or a planet using psychic skills, no in demon magic and is NOT Magick, that's the difference. Where Magick is a spiritual path of effects, though it has lost it's former glory since the New Age movement, the Wiccans and the Pagans sometimes call every psychic act they do Magick. Magick is all based on the mind using a focus point, energy source, as well as the direction of need to make it happen through ether manipulating aether or mana.

  As instant with energy flow, this is as lava thought as you think with a brain function. That is energy thought to create intelligent thought with intelligent in use makes up an ability, as psychic third eye use is to think the third eye open and in thought. You create it as you project energy to manifect, as to manifest the third eye where you want informed and otherwise created as a being from air.

  What you want and the idea surges energy to create the idea, is with what you think by intention and do with idea. There is another way in thought, as you are if in thought and yet doing something else as you project your mind. Think to project somewhere, as else is where you think and make with a thought to create a point in activity. As this can be anything if you intention, the act is there or not acted as if to seem as you want. Unless the idea doesn't exist, as in limbo this is nothing essence in use as what is there is what you think. Feel as you think and focus the idea to exist, as until you focus on the idea to seem not there as sent back as thought is energy.

  Aether is free energy that is made up of most of the elements, and Aether is the collective power of the Ancient Gods. Which, can be directed by thought or feelings, of what it should do from ether's influence. Mana is what is the old energy of aether magic that is more powerful by their power, that is an idea as chi is life by activity that is built up and if use. For your an able mind with a concept thought, as activity if you can create interesting things till you end the effect.

  So after everything I went through, I daresay I believe in the idea expressed as its mana that does some effects. And with the imagination to guide, it is also a way of life. As with a point, your thoughts can take on life or create, what they want and by effect in with little effort the imagination is proved real, by what you see or feel from the vibrational area in frequency by what you sense as vibes. Vibes are everywhere that in an area that a presence is generating extra energy, from and cause is vibrational earth waves that are felt as disturbances or things.

  That are good give off a good vibe as you feel good, by what you think you see and feeling comes next. As with felt waves you think you feel the idea, and yet if you don't you won't as no blame or no gain no energy by chi produced in the body. This is to create a point, that with positive thinking that attracts the people and things. That is what you want, in expressed form by your aura as thought energy influences in the situation to exist.

  Think you want something and the third eye will do the idea through the crown chakra, this is interesting or not seem is to be near with thought your seen or without what you think. As to feel the thought not felt, be not blind as you feel the area. As to act with thought and be not sensed, this acts like a warding away from danger in what you can see. Avoidance is to act as if the idea isn't there to not be near it, as if from the viewpoint that you aren't except needed else. As if you are not in a place, you can act some point or not and in mind this appears as a point of view.

  What this is and where this is, can seem identified by sensing the past or future out by thought and feel of what you think to see. An treat this like a mind there as when you can see, or not see as you don't you look you gnow by the air with heat by thought into need concept which directs the mind. This is a change of view by thought perception, and as thought this is in done or more is perception by what you feel. As you feel to see, you can feel things out as energy and see what is as this a perception trick.

  Unless you feel you observe as you feel to observe your not noticed, as to seem to feel can generate a feeling that you are near is to occur something or nothing as you need idea to exist as nothing exists. As you make by thought and create by feel, this uses the energy of any area and not people. As you think energy creates form, you create with the form as the energy is do. This is actual basis behind the point "as you think it you create some form", that the third eye can use or not by feel that you deny and your use is useless. Unless the third eye uses other techniques, that can come to you by feel. As if you relate with what you feel, you react in the right manner. As you don't feel, to go near you won't that as your darker idea to do is what you think, otherwise as if numb you can will intentionally think or not and do.

  Such as the subconscious form that can create, as the subconscious needs with what you intend as your energy is by thought and with felt need. Think and as no touch this is possible to use a subconscious form, take a bath and not smell you can take a physical bath. Unless you are in idea and don't have to, or not express it and return as you think to go or do as the point is unavoidable or with a ward. That is protection you can do, what you want as this seems a point is "am not impossible to do" in possible motion. Think by the subconscious activity, as to use the matter of which matches the moment as you intent this in an idea is in thought by motion. Think and emotion isn't response, as this undoes by what you do.

  What is needed to start? Discipline by some activity to remember by repetition, or energy as nothing that stores a thought as you think and in focus feel the idea is there or needed "you remember things". As you think you gnow you can do, as an idea by careful idea thats done. Do every chore unless its destructive that a taskmaster or task mistress tells you unless you can't do it, for at least a month and you will be ready for the next step if are and where you do it without grumbling.

  Remember that with magic the way you live your life determines how the energy called magick or the focus of Chi for female and Han for male, both meaning life force, will work with you. This comes from the idea, that by doing, you are making a focused idea and this focus counts as focusing meditation. Now Chi and Han are the same as magick, as an active life force from Martial Arts in the eventful activity. Where magick is there is an active life, force isn't from the event in which Magical arts is possible as natural energy is what is a possibility.

  If you hate yourself then so will the magick of yourself. Otherwise, If you were a carver then the magick will help you carve a perfect figure every time. Again, it in itself is a way of life. It will support you when your down as long as you support it. If you dejected it, the magick, then be prepared for a little harder time to get it back, the more you lose it by abuse, to your mind the harder it is to get it back. With Magic practice it is everything to the effect. If at first you don't destroy yourself first by what you think and do, then there you succeed or otherwise then if you practice enough with a creative purpose, it should happen for you.

   The next step is to have a belief system down and a will that will allow for creative idea to work. If the belief system is Christianity, study a new age book on magic and memorize it. The book has to work for you as it will be your guide. Christian beliefs have a tendency to make body magic tough or the person thinks they are immoral. The Christian belief tends to the thinking and training that someone is greater than you and will take care of it without you having to try and all you have to do is pray.

  According to some this makes you lazy and too dependent on others. This can cause failure of the self in hard times and emotionalism or self doubt. If your faith fails for some reason then those states can be caused. So, what can be used to replace this is belief in yourself by the Hindu way that can lead to a stronger mind stability. The Hindu system of belief is you are self-dependant on an individual with self-dependancy not to bee a bonnet, this is what rules the day and the moment in thought resolves in as what situation this is creates results from the idea. Where in you are what is a point, as a concept in mention and thought returned is thought to revert to human view that is normal not use is the dimensional return idea. As when you do this is where you end up, as if in life you are what you you act life as by choice you can choose to do.

  As this is to see is responsibility by act in thought, this is for thought as is things you do. These are the surprises in life, by chi energy an with aether linked by spiritual idea. What you are in this seems real, as realism is needed. As with the idea comes the point in time, and what you get is from the time or no as what is exists. Causing self-dependency, by independant actions is what you do. Don't believe it, and think for yourself as in variety an act is not there in truth, as where you can remember something is for a short period.

  As a moment that stops, as when you look where you are till you think of other things in nothing. As you store things, as energy in nothing is stored by thought and wait. As you want you can get better, with thought to seem better or worse by what you do. If that is wrong by what others think,  there is a reason and thought is quick unless necessary  what we exist by in space. Somewhere else is as what in life, you seem to do and thought isn't always obvious.

  The quick way of magic is the materialization method. This is incorporeal as a point to spirit activity and is the effect of thinking of the purpose, making that purpose an intent an you create what you will by the creator. Then, state or will the intent anyway you like, as the subconscious uses the creative approach with creator energy in life. The intention become real, by creating itself from nothing energy.

  If you don't get the materialization quickly, after going places then try to find conscious life as intended forms of life are in a point not always as if around or not and you avoid things. That intelligent things as this is concept you can try, for thinking you create and use an idea, that is where things you attract attention, things to get are easier to find as this finds you sometime in what you do that draws attention.

  Feel in energy flow near you, and shift by what you thought in activity and then try to focus your mind on a body of light to float upward and think. As you are an idea and as you are somewhere else, with the flow of the spirit you are where you are. As an idea, this is a concept and that can go anywhere or thought in area is not obvious in life. Matter creation is as simple, as thought created with a thought to do with the gravity of the situation. As which matter is there is what creates, by what you think as by the gravity of the situation you are free in life and life energy flows free.

  This body of light takes the in energy and is manifestation of what you want. This can form anything you want or desire, including the guidance to what you materialized. This also ascends you to a higher level. Form the body of light into an object form, if you want the object and the body of light flows to you. This gives you guidance to the object. An object can be anything object related, including an food item or idea moment and that is the entirety of magic.

  If your interested in ritual magic, the practice herein is to make a pattern for ritualistic magic. Use meditation to achieve this. Meditate in a comfortable position on clearing your mind and on a bright light that surrounds you while it penetrates you. And afterwards, on bridging the gap between yourself and your subconscious. Do this by a vision quest of visualizing yourself on a ledge and a gap with a sign that says draw the bridge to go across. Across the way you see a clouded ledge. Try to draw it in your head and feel the need to have a connection to the ledge at the same time.

  Or, think theres a invisible bridge to go across. and run across. When you succeed to reach the other side, imagine the words "nobody but myself can use this bridge." The task means that if you have the desire and the imagination to do something then you will succeed at anything you try. Repetition is key to success in this. So, if at first you don't succeed, then try try again. You know you have succeeded if you have a boosted energy level as well as a younger look, and your memory has improved by an increased melatonin level and some female or male body hormone which feed the process. By process I mean in moment magic, or things and stuff thats happening around you.

  In belief, it is like the key to self centering. If you don't believe in at least the knowledge you posses then you are like not too strong willed. Weak wills are likely to fail at most magic. Some won't believe because it is hard to understand, you make it hard so to understand it, think its not too difficult for you, find a similiarity and pattern in it, then try to understand it by a use of it or by what it is.

  Everything of practice that uses the mind can be considered magic. even prayers and math. some magic is very wide and the "magic" you speak of might not be the magic that someone else considers.

  Where Latin phrases are alike in its imitation. Latin is the weakest language for this though. Its not only mostly some other people and high magic users that use it.  High magic is the use of phrases and words that are believed by over one-hundred people to have an effect in or during a ritual. This belief can make effects easier to be, in occurance. Some magic or magick that use words, acts as if theres a word 'insulation' or feel by ideal. Words from other languages are used for magic because if they're words that we use too much and are far too familiar with, then your own feelings for the words will cloud the magic, and you'll lose sight of the objective. Nonsense syllables work just as well as they center the mind and prepare you by focusing yourself for the effect you want. And only you sometimes know the purpose for the effect spoken through nonsense syllables. 

  The most difficult magic is the magic that you use yourself. Like powers that are activated by attempt and made to work for you with enough personal ki power. But it is still magic, an even if ki. Thats life energy built up by actions and work. It is still your doing. And even the other kind of magic is considered the magicians doing. Some real magic can be done in the viel of a magician. The fact that workers build a building doesnt mean the architect made the plans and there is natural and unnatural magic. Natural magic that is derived or found natural to the surroundings, and unnatural magic is done using the spirits and demons to cause effects or supernatural events. But in every natural thing holds a magic inside them of its own kind. Latin is like the weakest language for this kind of thing. only sometimes do high magic users and others try to use it to cast spells.

  There is the effect of magic on machinery, as to cause it not to work right. Just remind yourself of this idea, that this could be true listening to music and it becomes easier to avoid, this excerpt is from a friend who got the result of almost broken machinery, "And then the music began to skip. I grimaced. Like I said, I have this effect on machinery. It has something to do with being a wizard, with working with magical forces. The more delicate and modern the machine is, the more likely it is that something will go wrong if I get close enough to it. I can kill a copier at fifty paces."

  How to get an effect quicker, is to me the 3ownz idea. No matter what may happen, out of the three: 

  1. Magical idea. 
  2. Magical phrase. 
  3. Magical moment. 

  If you can get at least one of these idea actions, then you can get a magical action to occur. If you can get two or all three of these idea actions out of the list then you may get the result easier.

  As an idea, looking into someones eyes to see their true self is possible. From an wizard investigators view, "When I look into someone's eyes, into their soul, their innoermost being, they can see mine in return--the things I had done, the things I was willing to do, the things I was capable of doing. Most people who did that got really pale, at least. One woman had passed out entirely. I didn't know what they saw when they looked in there -- it wasn't a place I poked around much, myself.' Its to see their potential, thats all it is as it was or thought on.

  If your in trouble or sense something out of the ordinary, think "I was a wizard, throwing around real magic, I was not afraid of big men in big cars. I do not get rattled by corpses blasted from life by magic more intense than anything I could manage Really. Honest." To reassure yourself, and the thought helps out.

  There could be spiritual life to things, other than energy or magic so be understanding that it is possible, such as the supernatural in unnatural magic. As "Once I thought I saw something out of the corner of my eye, a twitch of motion from the dried scorpion that sat at my desk. I blinked and stared at it. It didn't move. Cautiously, I extended my senses toward it like an invisible hand, feeling about for any traces of enchantment or magical energy cancelled out. Nothing is water as fire is feel where energy is air seeming with earth. It was as dry of enchantment as it was of life." Just as the example quote, to talk it out and it will be okay.

  "You are trying to make an excuse for being into magic and paganist thing despite your religion. your actions define your religion. Rules and tradition doesnt define a religion that defines you. All main religions are written knowing this fact and knowing it is everyones nature not to believe and trust. If you want to have a peek I don't think God with all his mercy will throw you into the magicians hell."

  You must know everything you can and then try the effects out to really come up with a result. In inevitable actions if you are afraid of the result will cause evil intention, but only if the idea is pointed out or not then you don't deserve to be an unquestioning believer anyway. There are some magics, that once set will go wrong if you do them wrong, and a sent back energy in thought. This is what you thought is by spiritual idea is spitrit in act, as this will correct or backlash and to prevent spiritual pursuits will attempt to make you pay a price. Its an all in one concept for everyone scene. For every good is a positive result by good idea. There is a point in life that is a place in time, and that is a part of the mind  so lets not or that only appears when you see it as you do things and focus on your need.

  Those that follow the Christian faith have no true belief of themselves without their God. And, there is plenty of Christian literature that says magic is evil and anathema is in the Christian faith. Based on the fact of money is the root focus of all evil intention or not, as survival is an issue you are blindsided into not doing magic and theft. Seeing the whole quote makes more sense by anonymous of "Money is the tool for the root of all evil intentions as people will do as they will do, based on desire and evil bias with good intentions to pave the way, for the one or not as what you think is selfish deeds, that turn the good intention bad and money is an unbiased tool in this in mind. Absolutely neutral in just being there.

  The idea of being without money or values is like being poor and starving on the street. Dead within years if no support of yourself by self-support and with no money and values. So money is not the root of all evil, it is a neutral tool and the support that keeps you alive.

  People will do as the foolish will do. Most fools will do as they want where the road is paved with good awareness. Consequences are damned, where consequences are desired are limiting except in between duty and desire. And where the idea is thought, consequence will recur events unless you think on the acts within as being greater than the whole for the desire or hope be barred by sacrifice. In the motion of self-concept, a desire can fail leaving worse behavior like stealing."

  If you don't know how to meditate then read the meditation how-to and the more on dream walking and OBE documents. Every time after this idea is understood, try to think up a different solution for every problem every time you run into it or a different problem. What this will do, as in the "Art of Creative Thinking" is force or create the idea identified to the person to think and be creative at what the person does as well. The norm for a person is that the person is stuck in a only one solution mindset and if presented with a problem with a too tough solution said person will quit and try something else. People simply don't want to think. Somewhere, I heard someone say "It hurts my mind to think". A reason for this is that people are trained at birth to adulthood to accept tradition, and this is  creating a pattern of resistance to change, but the pattern of resistance is allowed to some degree if proven necessary.

  When a change comes about, the older one gets the more resistant to change they are. The more steeped in tradition the more harder it is for people to accept an idea. The answer is to get into a habit of thinking of a different solution for a problem if it comes up when he/she thinks of a different answer for it every time. If the original solution doesn't work, the person will easily come up with another solution. Then slowly the person will become aware of the solutions that are possible for any problem as well as the ability to pick up on things unseen to said person. This in turn, turns people into geniuses.

  Combine with it the visualization of what you would want to happen and making it happen will be automatic. Whether it be by you or someone else. All it takes is a small action on your part to urge someone else to do something that would make it happen for you mucho easier. Learn to see patterns and observe everything. If you see the patterns in things, you can change it by simply trying too if it is not working as you would want. I try to visualize everything beforehand.

  When I actually am attempting to do the act that I Visualized, I use my innate instincts to make certainty that what I want to happen will happen in the visualized pattern. Thus, if anything goes wrong then I can always get out of it. Like, to say or imagine a new scene of a upcoming conversation as a positive result. Most times it will happen in that way of imagining. A backup plan is to see the result of another way, with a different ending. Always have a backup plan so that there is a definite possibility of winning through or getting out of it.  

  Something to remember is that when the moment is right then the event will happen. Yielding your subconscious with the power of your soul by imagination, is by making use for other energy sources that will make it happen, by the power of belief of unusual things. The subconcious can't always tell the difference between reality and fiction. So, it will allow the act or thought to be done.

  A spell is sometimes the not use for energy as the repetition of words in a pattern using your need, desire, and understanding of the phenomena to make it come about, with a mental collection of energies. Another explanation is investigate it yourself and remember what you learn. When you cast a spell there, is never a vacuum and it will occur no matter what you do, unless you do a counterspell and a taking into mind that whence it is cast and the more difficult you make the spell, the more time it will take. Be assured it will always happen at least once, unless you undesire the effect by a counterspell. Some may say this is a "miracle", that it happened by God but you actually did it with a inspiration and realization as through it is all it is, by learning and imagination.
This is temporary at the least by belief to do.

  First thing that we sometimes do is that of thinking and applying an idea to something, on the area concept of defense with psionic or magic, as what you think on the moment that will occur by mind over matter more so, when preparing, allow negative to support the positive in a strengthening effort by "seeing the negative filtered through an anchor, object or energy pole and sent to the object and then use it through voice as a guide and feeling from the gut to support". This, the attempt, would strengthen in the end and weaken at first. The included efforts help to cause more confusion and chaos. So, in a fight be prepared and bring none at first, except to keep them, the others near to cause a win without destruction or detribution on then.

  A few rules to use from Terry Goodkinds for wizardry and magic that I found were true.

  1. The first rule of chaos, to use effective force by focus made by expedience and change, honed with proficiency to make effect, this is added by simon and pug as to proficiency, where mixing doesn't make a match except for some cases.
  2. The second chaos rule, you can't deter what is not deterrable or turnable although deterrance can make a concept in life use.
  3. The third rule of chaos, in no idea most rules are in effect except by a undeterrable force and only because of belief, you don't have to do it and peace deters the motion.
  4. The fourth rule of chaos, make hazard where its allowed or hold off, and do the good intention and best action, mention it and stops.
  5. The fifth rule of chaos, good is a definition of an idea case of varying grades of expertise to give pause, and get applause, with desire or fame or deter the moment of conception, or be of positive nature to do positive acts of self-desire and to help others with achievements or do respectful balancing actions.
  6. The sixth rule of chaos, demonstrations are necessary to give an idea for consideration, to recreate the event and make a better understanding in two forms, destructive for a reproving action, and attraction to cause promotion.
  7. The seventh rule of chaos, in no disrespectful behavior and chaotic harmony gets the ambitious going and makes more havoc or play. So do things using activity as a fuel for self concern; that allows for gaining cold deliberation of power and invention with intervention.
  8. The eigth rule of chaos, self-disposition create havoc or thought ae illogic or logic. Self-respect creates a consistent balance that conserves by useful activity to balance things out. Use with conservation of energy.
  9. The ninth rule of chaos, the efficient action is to think of yourself first and others second for improvements; use grudge campaign to achieve bad results.
  10. The tenth rule of chaos, bad is defined as expertise to prove an ability and create fear, or to do evil in the name of good; money isn't the root of all evil as you need income somehow to live, its what people do with it that counts.
  1. The first wizard rule, positive for good and negative for bad activities make activity and trade, because people are stupid as they will believe a lie.
  2. The second wizard rule is: self-learning is balanced by others who intercede or are against it, consider that which is there because people do the greatest harm with best intentions.
  3. The third wizard rule: Interactions create from reaction or reactivity a result or consequence; Leading things on will guide the consequence because passion rules reason
  4. The fourth wizard rule, belief is suspended by the actions to your reaction, unless your opinions or options aren't allowing it but theres magic in forgiveness.
  5. The fifth wizard rule, mind what people do, as deeds betray a lie and good intention proves out, short moments without availability to watch makes a quick escape or unmindful behavior.
  6. The sixth wizard rule. the only sovereign to rule you is reason, yet reason can bring ruin through chaos.
  7. The seventh wizard rule, life is the future not the past and lived in the present, unless there is no future.
  8. The eigth wizard rule. overcome problems by realizing that you deserve victory. Persistence makes disbelief so after problems the victor gives in or dismisses it.
  9. The ninth wizard rule, no contradictions in reality, "We can all only be who we are, no more, no less", unless need be that we act different.
  10. The tenth wizard rule, Negate through belief because belief overcomes most, to do what you need to get done, to do it anyway even with the fear.

There are paths that magic can take, that you do of this where you can move on with this idea. This is a magic flow chart that describes the idea of paths of magic and in psionics. Just click the image to get the larger version.

Magic flow chart

This is the magic flow chart. Click the image.

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Magic 101

  This is magic 101 for dummies. Yeah, if you think of what you want and if you state what you want to attract things or idea, you use the law of attraction. Think and it does work with the spirit, that makes it supernatural. This is where you manifest it. So think about the new shoes you want and you'll get them, the soul makes it manifest. You see, that statement is like a request to your soul, and that makes the power of words. So you basically manifest it with a statement. Yeah, that means the more you practice this word power, the faster the results will come. That's unless it's not needed. Then nothing will occur.

  This is all in a quick point of manifest. So the idea is your "Able to make a point", this in context means your able to manifest a thought. Will the effect by thinking of something like generating money, where your thought is creating the effect and thinking your god makes it happen creatively. I call it the power of words. The more you repeat the idea the more it manifests. This is for quicker manifestation, if you intend the manifest to be quick. If you don't think to mind the wait, then you can do it however you want.

  Otherwise, manifest is a point that is done. Think of what you want and will it to exist as you feel or state that it exists. This is you that uses the soul or soul copy, that's created by the source as though it were a request to the soul. Yet that takes practice. You can manifest whatever you wish into existence. Your soul creates it using your subconscious. This works by feel or idea you notice. State what you need as you want it. Then you sometimes create with a manifest. Oh with manifesting, you can manifest any power, that's if it's possible.

  All you really need is the manifest ability, and that is sometimes an event or effect made by your spirit or given by a God. How long does it take to manifest? 1 day to a year. What would take a day and which is what would take a year? The major effects like a creation of a volcanic eruption is 1 year or less. The controlling of weather, this is moments. Things that might affect you (flight, teleport, other powers) or things that change a lot are quick, think about the idea and you might notice the results if possible. Things that affect the whole planet and are hard to happen (yellowstone) take longer. See if possible, and might effect you they are quick. As always, there is always a 50% chance of success with powers and magic.

  The event or idea will come to your point of attention, you see this happens at most by a week or within minutes. However, if you stop waiting and start manifesting. You detatch yourself from the result. See thinking about it not working or worrying about it slows you down. Let it naturally take place. However, if you feel the area is colder, you know you cast a result. So each spell uses heat energy. The body senses it and that is drawn by the body to cause what you desire.

  So if you allow the heat to recirculate into the air, then you can cast more effects. Thus, to try feeling the heat as you state with intention what you need, you can create with the heat energy. See if you think it's possible then it is.. it's rather interesting when it happens to occur. You can see how this heat effect is done by expression.. and thinking about the intent. So try stating something you need the results and you can tell me if you sense any heat. The court rests.

  Think about your options as though the intention forms the point you need. Then you create with a point and make by idea with what is done. This means you create with a thought spoken out, and you can use constructs to create with the point for making a manifestation of what you think about. This means you are able to create anything, if you think to clear your chakra points and do what comes naturally. This is a point from the past, though the idea done if you think it is.

  So in order to make sure your aware of things that happen, think and state to your soul, "make me aware of the point that happens to be magic." Then you are aware of things and all you really need to do is think about what you intend and your soul creates what you need. This is where you think of the idea and state what you intend and the soul will create what you need. This really works better if you cleanse the body, clear the chakras and make what you want with suggestion as the power of words.

  See you have a natural manifest ability if you think of what you want and if you state what you want to attract things or idea, you use the law of attraction. Think and it does work with the spirit, that makes it supernatural. This is where you manifest it. So think about the new shoes you want and you'll get them, the soul makes it manifest. You see, that statement is like a request to your soul, and that makes the power of words. So you basically manifest it with a statement.

  Yeah, that means the more you practice this word power, the faster the results will come. That's unless it's not needed. Then nothing will occur. This is with ability, think to use any ability, that is making of what you need and want it to manifest by feel. The intent is what the spirit does. That means the spirit will manifest anything you think to make exist. However, the first time isn't instant..think to practice this skill and you will get faster results.

  An easy way is by mimicking or doing what you want. You can mimick any ability and get a result, thinking to use "this chi construct". Get your copy as an energy formed as you want, that's here by thinking it is copied and it works as you intend. So for any elemental effects, imagine or imitate tossing a "ball" of energy, then feel, imagine or think of the element being created where the ball of energy hits to get the point across. See all you need to do to get a fireball is imitation of throwing the "ball" of energy thinking it hits a target. This can leave a black mark on the surface, that if you focus energy into it will burst into flames. It is a chi ball that does this, yet you don't really want to feel it unless necessary where it just happens. You can create an ice effect easier, imagine or think about freezing and ice and the chi ball will form it. The chi ball is what will form the need or want.

  See the soul will know what occurs, and if you are concerned will stop the effect. So the soul will cause you to not be effected from what is there, that you don't want to be effected by unless you don't mind it or aren't concerned of the effect. This is the ultimate effect against the dark arts. You won't be effecting others, unless they want to be effected or are unaware of the effect. This is a known effect. That is where you state an effect and the soul creates the idea, this is basically using the subconscious mind and the power of words to direct the result by feel. This is not unlike a shaping effect.

  Feel free to use the suggestion to your soul of, "soul make what I need or want as I intend it by feel." So you create and use the soul or soul copy as a point in idea. This is a point done by feel, if you think about the concept, you can create with the concept. This is a known fact that works, when applied by feel and mad to work by idea. The idea can be thought or expressed, so you know. This is a known fact of life that brings instant manifest. That is done by the power of your soul and spirit.

  This quote makes perfect sense with the idea presented.
"Something I realized is that spells and magic don’t work if your soul determines it isn’t best for you or your growth... that’s why some magic works for some people and doesn’t for others. Some can grow wings some can’t, that memory just came to me because I tried to do it." -pup

  What you think to make use of is magic or energy, but your connection is made by what you attempt to use it.. what you atttempt to use is connected to you by energy. This is a point done by what you think about, and that is there in the end as a summons you realize is there. If you no longer need something or someone there, then you dismiss them or think it's not there. This is what the connection is all about. Enjoy yourself and you can use this information any way you want. That's all it is until it's used, so if you need a subliminal to cleanse your chakras, look on youtube for "chakra cleanser".

  That is all there really is to know about magic. Here is a suggestion though; If you have problems casting spells and you used a construct or subliminal to create auratic chakra cleansing.. I would suggest that you reprogram your subconscious with this idea being stated as you goto sleep, "I can do magic and spells are easily done." That would make it work better. Then if you don't mind the effect or waiting for it, you will get some result, feel free to listen to music as you goto sleep, that improves the effect.

  Oh yeah.. the rules of the place are it's physics and that can allow transformation in another dimension, see your soul is your energy of ability and this means you can goto another planet or dimension. So think to realize what it knows, and you will know how it feels. You can see your soul is actually a creator creation. This means you will know what the creator knows. So when you want to shift somewhere, think the creator shifts you and uses the area or places energy to draw you there. The use of the creator allows any element use, if you think to make use of the element, the creator will make it usable to your soul.

  Say you can converse with plants to some extent, it is also controlled by the soul. This is when the soul is the source and your realization. So the soul is part of the creator. Yes..the consciousness of the body. You would be a mindless body that was non moving without him or her. This is a known fact of life, that is using your soul ability where the soul knows it and you realize it. If you want to use soul magic, think to have the soul do an effect that you ask it to do. This works as you intend the point to create a result. Then you can get more effects. These effects range in the process of creating with light, life and other sources that work with the divine.

  So think if you think everyone of them will go to the pits of the hell dimension. Know that hell is a state of mind, they’re either recycled or go on tribunal. They get recycled as in... they go from a living soul in a human body, into a rock or bug. They have to restart evolution. Diddling little kids is what you can call grandfathering. So not all of them have souls though so they just get incinerated. This is standard protocal. For those who have souls, if their treason against the divine is great enough they may recieve unique punishment or be recycled. If god forgives them then they will be released. So if you dont forgive them first, I wait patiently for their tribunal. They will be held accountable for their crimes, I assure you.

  You don’t know 10% of what they’ve done, however what is a tribunal?! It’s akin to a court. Same thing pretty much. I think a trial. A spirit trial. So what about bank robbers that haven't killed but just stole,how do higher ups feel about them? They would forgive them. Those who have held control of the earth for the last long while however, their crimes are worse than you can fathom, and I do not feel that God will trust them to change back to light. God forgives all, but if she knows that a being will not change, then they will be recycled. If they had any power it would not be real, divine power. Ultimately, if a being uses power that is not connected to Divinity, they will fail to prevail.

  So I thought all abilities were connected to divinity,the higher above. All kinds of powers. If it is used for dark things it is not connected. See as soon as you choose dark and lower consciousness you become disconnected from divinity, and god. So dark matter source is fantasy, lower consciousness is an illusion. This means it has no source, it lives by taking the energy of that which is divine. Those in the dark do not hold real power. However Hades is the lower aspect of a divine being, so he is still divine then. That allows in his higher aspect yes. If he chooses to embody his lower self, that would be a different story. You have a higher and lower aspect, it’s all about what you choose. Choose higher? Great! A life of love, joy, unity, and magic! Choose lower? You’re a bad person that’s gonna be in pain and suffering till the day you get recycled. That is all there really is to know about magic. Ciou and enjoy your life. Good-bye.

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The fundamentals for beginners

  These are the fundementals of magic, this is using a point of thinking your idea as you know your intent. The basics of magic are working with this idea, magic is a deep blue or green energy. That does what you want as you imagine or state things with the point of idea and intending the moment to manifest the concept. This is where the soul or spirit creates the idea and you make things happen by feel. The concept is made by feel or the spirit that knows the point, this is a few minutes or years before the moment happens. You know the effect happens if the temperature is lower around you. Then is the point there is a way to create what you want. See this energy can youthen you and lower your weight. However, if you eat or drink the calories, you gain back the mass and weight. So work for muscles and all you need to do is formulate the fat index so you know the muscle mass of the body. The more muscles, the better the magic and effect that you get with longer duration times.

  Think hard things are easily done, then they are easy to do. This is where fake things become real and things you need are with a real feel. If you use the idea of things with idea of the spirit, then you create the point more easily with energy from the things that are described. Things you do will happen with the correct suggestion, this is where you create by the point and made is the thought. However, the thought is not you. The source of the thought is activity.

  This activity is a concept, then when you realize the point by the spirit knowing the idea as its formed you have insight. This allows the imagination where the subconscious forms what you suggest if you need it by intention. So when you suggest "nothing negative will happen." The point then is where the positive effects you think, or imagine and state will happen instead. The idea is done, if you think its necessary and the person agrees to doing things. Then this is the will of the idea, and the effect is done. So if you think its going to happen a result, then you get a result sometime. The unimagined result will not happen until you mention and need the point if there is one. So think and you know by the soul or spirit what to do.

  This is where you learn the first rule to practice. You never tell anyone that you practice, it doesn't matter who your friends are, your parents. Literally, you dont tell anyone that you practice, the only people you should be engaging with are ones that are already aware of such nature. It is not your job or responsibility to convince anyone about anything. Its important to stay solitary in your practices. People's perceptions and observation they have a way to interfere with your energy, especially magick. Its kind of pretty basic.

  Other than that, the idea is a concept by feel after this point. Whatever you suggest to yourself or others is done if intended and not done if unintended. Think about the point you need and you create it with the soul by idea imagined or spoken. If there is a counterwill, then you won't get a result, unless you suggest that the counter will doesn't effect what is to be created. The idea then is where you need things or use things to create the effect you want. Think of things you need, if you intend to create with idea. This is where I think to be somewhere is to go places. That is doing activity ad this means you create with feeling and make the point of what is known. If needed, the point is done and things unneeded are sometimes ignored. This is a concept known as time manipulation, that uses the moment and the time is formed by what you do. Then is the moment you suggest things and now is the point you don't do, unless you intend to do things.

  This uses the spirit. Spirit magic is created by prayer, if you can't do things you can get results otherwise. Prayer is done to ask any God to create your need. That is done by thinking of your need. Then stating the result, this uses the end result as a concept and your intention to create a point. If you think to use spirit guides or faery, then summon the guide or faery by thinking of your need and you can name them as a source of creation or "Faery, create for me my need as a point in intended result." If you ask the faery anything, propose an exchange, present it as a need or sometime offer chocolate and otherwise something sweet.

  This is using a point in idea, that is creating guaranteed results if a god is called or if a faery or spirit guide, then things happen if they want to do anything. Name a time to create this point, then you create within that time from now as a timeframe. That is a know idea, created by feel and sometimes happens to effect in the time you think to create the idea. If nothing happens, then you know this was a bad result. This doesn't always occur, so think to suggest out loud what you need the subconsious to do. That way there is an answer, unless you pray for the result this isn't guaranteed.

  If you need to know something, then fishing is evidentially an idea to use. This is using suggestion as a statement, that is intending to know about the idea. The subconscious either shows you in a vision or causes you to realize the idea, this is known as though an answer. This is doing an idea of creation, if you intend to create results and state a point of idea. Consider it fishing magic. If you made the suggestion that nothing negative or bad will occur, then if a bad result may happen you will know of it before it may happen and the bad results won't happen. What effects are done, this is where the effect is experienced and the amount of exposure is with radiation or other elements as a source. These elements are listed here..dragonmagic school that's and practice is the elemental practices here at these are effective idea so you can use them if you need the point.

  Due note, this is my belief that everyone is divine and the creator is what made us as a living memory. If we thought to not exist, then we would disappear. If we as a point, thought to live or exist then we will live and work with what is there. Then the point, if made is a suggestion you need. This is a point done by feel and it's made by the creator as he or she feels our need. So by using the god name or name of the person, then asking a result, the subconscious of them will create for you what you want. This works mostly by the idea you intend, if no intention is there you won't get a result. This result is a manifestation, so think of what you like or want and need that as a point. Think about this and you might get that as an end result.

  Some might think this is interesting, living in two bodies at one time. I think I will write it up as living points. this is where the dimension brings you life and you are constructing by energy constructs what is needed to create a result. the point is done using the energy of the dimension, this dimension, the point as you state the result is achievable by feel and creation is done by the creator. Some conflicts you think about will go away. The conflicts that you want to remove. So if you feel it is done then the creator does it. So yes were just memories anyway, that seem living. The creator makes it happen if we think to create by feel.

  See this covers the distraction technique, that allows you to bypass the conscious and use the subconscious mind. When you think a point and have thoughts elsewise, if you need the idea as a result, it manifests..I think the distraction technique is very good for that point. So if I need an idea as result, well, you distract yourself after thinking of the point to do and the subconscious creates it if you need it. Say Ray is our protagonist. Ray wants a girl to be his friend or wants her to come back. Ray thinks she does what he needs as he focuses on his need and states something as intent. Ray faces difficulty on getting a result. Ray does things differently, such as imagining the point instead. Ray has the experience of having the girl come back to him. Ray feels grateful.

  See this is exactly the sort of thing that I try to be wary of. if I'm distracted by the fact that I've 'already done a spell about it', it gets harder to get the actual thing done in the real world. This is where your being lulled into a false sense of security and missing my own cubic centimeter of chance. So if you think practically, do your magic in order to forget about it. This is were you can seem what is possible, "-strains hard for a minute or two- ... ok, well, I can say that I tried on all conceivable levels available to me." That's a hyper-specifically-vague idea, but yea its possible until you give up. This is an interesting point.

  Now to use your conscious focus as a subconscious effect maker, this is creating what you need as you state or think of what you need. The subconscious uses your idea or statement as a point to do. The subconscios can create anything, if you think of the idea, imagine the point or create with what you have as a suggestion. Say you hold and touch something, that forms a link to the item. So as you think of what you need state what you want and this uses the intention of making into manifest. That link is called runanubandha. Thus the more items, the better the effect. Oh wait and see..if sent a wish to universe and considered it done. Sometimes you get a result quickly, sometimes you get a result days down the line.

  You see the universe always makes a result, so eventually you'll notice it, you can attempt to speed up the manifest. Think the creator speeds the manifestation up. If the manifest doesn't happen, then you can rest assured something else will happen. The more you do that, the faster the results. Otherwise, if it doesn't occur, it wasn't meant to happen or you gained too much weight. So this means weight can cause delayed or no results if too heavy without muscle. This is a known effect, where if you get enough practice or attempts in the faster the results will come. The trick is to not give up, unless you think you can't get a result. Then don't do it and do something else. Well, actually it's simply distracting yourself so you don't think about the point. See sometimes if it comes it's that bad, and yes, that's why I mention it. If you say, get morality suddenly. You might think its bad and try to block it. So distract and do something else.

  So I will go now, thinking of better things and making what is desired by feel. Enjoy yourself and see to use what you can. Think and you know what to do. This is a known effect, using magic basics or Think and you realize what is there. This also uses metaphysics here with

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The key of magic

  The key to magic is practicing. Practicing magick is when your finding every opportunity you can to practice or create by thinking of what you want and doing what is necessary to create the result with the soul. You should try to find a way to integrate it into your everyday life. Walk into a store to buy something, see if you can cast a spell of luck. You might find it in the form of a discount, or cash on the floor or ground...
even meeting an old friend who asks to buy you dinner.

  Think about the point or just imagine the feeling of being lucky. You would feel it as a sort of fluttery happy feeling. This is done to the point where you feel like good things are going to happen. Feeling it by prayer to the creator or thinking your spirit or soul creates the idea. This is not in use by what is done and that's by far the most effective method. That's because if you can literally feel the magick, you know you're doing it right. This is a point in use as opposed to saying "today i'm gonna have good things happen" and then not understanding why you still feel depressed. That makes it good for emotional control as well.

  Emotionally, as if to know if these methods actually work, know that some don't have the energy. Some don't have a good connection to their subconscious. Those people with a good connection to their subconscious will get a spell off more easily. For which one worked, if you have a really good connection to your subconscious.. then all of them work, otherwise its up to you to figure what works with you.

  A few other things that are possible, is make things better. Stating or thinking 'make things better' when problems happen, will make them be better. Other things, are causing good memory by willing or thinking energy to the brain. Causing better movement, by putting energy to the body part or muscles and tissue. Also orbit is cool as you see to think spinning electrons to shift,  your use in thought is focus by the aura energy the point in making of a shield. As if the right reaction for the correct idea, if near stinging point see as to not use stinging energy if the stinger. That in puncture is in or out or avoided stings or not noticed by numb area feel. This stops the sting see this is creative by feel or resolve is with no aggressive feel.

  As if r that outwardly deflects and inwardly creates what you are with a thought to use by need. However you do it, try to feel and think of energy swirling down around you and forming as you want. This can be a hard shell or loose energy. This produces a point that is a mention and can create a key as if the right frequency and pitch in harmony were there. There is a point of mention, that creates with a point to do.

  An idea of this, that is more advanced is there. There is a point in reference that is released, and this is as if clearance of the area can cause a better energy that if directed is uncorrupted by the creator. As if you think and this is with what you do, as the right action is that and to create corrected moment adjusted by movement in an instance as the right thing done makes the moment. Think in a pattern and you can "Use the Focus" as if a point is a mentioned effect, and is what can use the focusing points as in mention you focus your thoughts if you thought then the imagination is there.

  As if this is what is thought as if think and you can do things, as if to think the area if in use is with an idea is gnosis by what you think and the thought is there if this comes to you as the idea is this in spell form 'Use Foc [Useh Focus]' and translitio. As you think the idea, you use the idea. Use is the focus and the focus is what is in mind and use with this is in the thought and not necessary.

  But they can consider this as in thought indicates what your energy is in the moment as if to use the negative is or not and this uses nothing to seem a tool in an idea. In the use in the energy and not anymore is thought as in use is the focus, that in a use is in energy as if you use a point to create an make an idea to exist. Think as simple conclusion is more  thought, or complex conclusion is more than an idea that is seeming in an use.

  Think and know this is in use from energy, as you use it to pull from what is use in the area and correct in use is what is used in thought. With the idea this is by thought up idea, as an instantaneous moment is creator thought with use of the created moment that is with the creator as you are able to form things or not. This isn't always necessary as if to do by the thought and energy in a point, as if music that shapes the moment and read for what it this in motion can seem in a point that isn't felt in harmony this is felt in activity.

  The shield energy can be an element. Fire is best for some demon defense, holy fire is good for tough hard to get rid of demons. Water is good for energy flow and allowing events to manifest. Air is good for psychic nature, and psychic protection. Earth is good for defense and absorbing energy, sometimes into you. Lava is good for raising energy, working with it and breaking down barriers. Ice is good for freezing things and stopping actions. A combo of those can be used to form new elements. The combined element can be their separate parts but are with those combined effects, the property being formed from the elements you use. 

  When you finish up doing things, even making a shield, see if you can leave it alone. And when you wake up tomorrow, see if it's still there. It's kinda a practice with seeing how effective your magick is. The better you can do it, the longer the effect will linger before it disperses or fades.

  If you can learn to wait for things, unless unnecesary, you anticipate without knowing when it's gonna happen or how close to it you are, you'll essentially gain the power to change anything you want at any time without any kind of negative backlash. Most of your power is there when you accept what you are. Break your fears by facing them and proving your point. Choose your moments wisely.

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The source of magic

 The power source of magic and psionics are the Atleantian crystals. The stones of Atlantis were also known as threshold stones that cause magic ability and they lose there power at 2013 which is 2000 years from the last time only to be renewed at 2013. This is as two primary 'threshold' stones that are in the Gobi desert in central Asia", and in the US. This 'threshold' WE possess is known as the "STONE OF POSEIDON". There are others in the ocean. The stone of Poseidon as explained here @ The templeatlantis site

 Magic is the art of directing energy at will. Magic can be used when focused. The stones are those focusers. Its a natural alien energy. Magical power relies on the individuals consciusness to direct it. Its freely in the air like radiowaves. It allows subconscious and conscious manipulation by the use with the "Make job and other effect" in idea.

 The stones or threshold stones helped to master the art of the ability to cause event and effects to do the fact that is magic/k, and of crystal magicks and crystal energies as well as magic an magick with Firecrystals grouped in three that were 1 - 20 feet high and 5 - 20 feet wide, they absorbed the fire energy of the earth to produce results and their purpose were to use certain materialization properties and they held alot of power at a thought, nowadays some are damaged but there were 10 zones. They were moved to the ocean because it was a destiny that they were to serve a purpose of and to improve magic and psionic effect. The shift ability of todays time is controlled by the working crystals.

  The nonworking 'cracked' crystal clusters are partly a cause of a Bermuda triangle effect. Be aware though that magic is on the rise until 2013 as the atleantian crystals in the sea and land is producing more effects for us. As well without the Atleantian crystals in the sea and these are huge fire crystals, there would be no magic effects nor the psionic effect. To avoid the insanity, the idea is the cost effect to reduce the price as its falling, to a concept in what makes and creates in thought as though the lowering cost makes you see a plate of glass breaking. This is an idea, and the insanity drops away. The crystals are hidden/protected by magic, if you mess with them while not with the purpose they will accept then you could be insane.

  They won't send too many images, to those that have purposes to do things with them. To do the fact thats thought of, although when you send too many of the extra idea then you can cloud the message. But, they will have sent too many images to those who want to mess with them or to do the fact with the warped nonworking 'cracked' crystals. Essentially driving a person insane. A greater area of the Atleantian crystals is the North pole. The north pole is a gravity source by a martian rock or gravity stones and with waves and Firecrystals in a group of 6 at the centerpoint that power the gravity stone.

  The timekeeper crystal, thats hermedically sealed is about the effort to control and manipulate the events that is sealed in time. It causes gain day by a side effect and creates events by imagination and visualization.

  Gainsday is on Sept 25th, Nov 21th and 27th by Legis gates "Its caused by the standing timekeeper crystal set by Atleantians, to start in morning or middle of the day and end at three days later. You start to be influenced to gain 1 pound per every other bites and gain knowledge as well from a sudden intuition. But its a few other days too, Oct 27th and one in the 15th each month but it usually happens on a leap year day. But the last year will be a bit harsh as it will be active even more. The timekeeper crystal is spiritual. The demands of the negative is like making it almost an underboard motion of any positive event as its a steal of everything everyday to make an effect.

  If you denied the weight, by a "I deny the weight" spoken or thought or similar, the weight drops and so does extra weight but doubles the money or wealth you have, because the strange spiritual energy disperses and causes a 10% - 50% increase in knowledge per everyday..use."

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The new magic

  The new magicis as it's not a matter of forcing ANYTHING anymore. Before some would reach over here, grab this energy, and compact it into a ball, pretty much thats it as the ball has influence and effects something. As you use matter to seem an energy as a source, focus on thought to generate dopamine that the brain. The idea is dopamine production, and to make feeling thoughts as if the pain you have is gone and nothing seems to happen. Then you can use an idea to create with object energy, and now only in on an intent or insects insignificant to US and not in thought. This is where there are people and your energy will surge as you focus, and pull energy from the object to make thought into action.

  Now its to focus on a spot to surge and think energy into the area as if you 'go here' and will on a spot, or think and energy swarms and collects in that spot into a ball. Focus on the area to banish ghosts and in pest control, or not as to insects you get rid of them by klling one with a smash, or try thinking other thoughts as if some out as if to use might and kill them as "kill one kill all" just look at them and think, 'expulse' and see them flying out of the house or something similar. As they are roaches and similar that are ants, that disappear as intelligent use intelligent thought in bug control as in thinking stop enducing thought.

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Why power is gained slowly

  Life can interfere with the gaining of energies, as in other people and idea. They project at you to use things in self control, where power sometimes requires the freedom of choice. Part of the control is to denie some effects that are to become of energy use. So they fear it and project to your subconscious suggestions, to not actually use it, the energy. Thus it seems like its not there, as you expect to see the effect to prove its there, oftentimes missing the point of when your power manifests.

  This also accounts for your thought of the control and be free approach, where you attempt things, but don't always get what you desire, so you oftentimes forget that the manifest happens. Very curiously, it will seem like the power wasn't there. So you see, you do have power over certain things, but thats about it. Its just haltingly slow, as normal people's subconsciouses have more power than it seems.

  If this makes sense to you. The way around this is to break the energy 'threads' that tie you to other people. The force of them pushes you and molds you into the shape they intend. To get around the subconscious suggestion, is to master your ego.

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Free will and how it works with magic

   Free will is something that we utilize in magic and practice to preach, by choosing to do things with impeccability, and showing that the truly free are those who can get out of their head and ignore the hunger in life for a little while and get things done. All we need is the choice to believe we are free and thus, we are as free as we think. And, the only choice we have in life is indeed to act impeccable or to act like a nincompoop. The more you act impeccable the better you feel. So what you do in thought is your own ideal, where free will is just the ability to make decisions considered executive that determine a certain path in life. As, it is how one decides to what occurs and it's not something to worry about.

   However modern progress, to some free will is laughable. As they think, 'We are not even free to choose to live outside the boundries of hunger and thirst. Its like asking if an ant can be free if it can choose between corn and spice. Its just funny. The freest choice we make, God has already wrote infinite possibilities about what is. Its natural that we can't comprehend the vastness of God. We can't think how its possible that we are free to choose between blue and green and that God already knew what we were going to choose. Its much more than that. God not only created us as weak little men but also gave us the power to choose out of our power. But even so its just funny to think that we can do whatever we want while all we think is dependent upon infinite number of stars that can be stationed in infinite multiplied by infinite possibilities. Human freedom is nothing other than serving its animal needs in mixed with ego. Trying to go further than that, amongst other things its funny.'
-By Anon

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Magic in general

  It just seems odd to me that there's so little public evidence of Magic, even though it's like. so obvious. Not including ghosts...Well yea theres evidence by trying. I know that, obviously, but the way I see it It's just that you'd think that something that's been around since the dawn of time would be ... HARDER TO HIDE from the general public than it is. Something so large is easily overlooked, and it takes spirit and fire /heat energy to do it efficiently its just done to us but the fire energy is drained making it colder around the room area per spell. So its simply not practical under many usages where the physical thing can take its place. Thats just an opinion, but its why magic is overlooked technically.

  I think my view on it is that if it's so easy to spread around false religions, why isn't it even easier to spread around something that's been proven time and time again and has been around since the dawn of time. And yes, when religions start off, they are false. So pass it as a religion namely Wicca, one of the religions least popularly accepted and most often portrayed falsely as 'devil-magic', and Druidism, one of the most mysterious religions but least accepted unless proven good.

  If magic were smaller in size then it would be more noticeable proof size meaning time used in use. Eh, which seems backward as HELL to me. It's just the thing of "if it were smaller, it would be more noticeable" I know what it means about time used, it'd be more obvious if it happened faster instead of over time. But still, It's easier to notice a raging fireball, like the sun, than it is a small spark in the distance, isn't it? Using that logic, shouldn't it be easier to notice something that's in effect every waking second of our lives than it is to notice something that's only been around for, what, maybe 2,500 years (Christianity in it's various forms including its secret forms) and designed to be unnoticeable. Its is more noticeable like that. When it is noticed its a mystery. Like a poltergeist being banished by a phrase with an ability and directed by a focused word.

  The stages of magic use reflect it as it seems and will occur. There are 7 stages so far.

  Data is in russian form, from the idea of where it comes from. Also from various people.

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How spells and energy work

  By anonymous "Short theory explanation on spells is to focus through kung fu or ritual. Where kung fu is daily practice to achieve a result through vibrations and ritual that makes magic. This is with activity done by kung fu and ritual made to direct major results. These spells are active from whence energy began with chaotic energy at its birth to cause actions to gain your spell focus, yet this seems like it started from the beginning of time and drawing in heat energy to do it but drugs in ritual don't actually work. A like saying "I cast a spell yet received its results yesterday. Only now did I REALIZE it."

  This is the theory, behind magic, where you can get a greater understanding. Spells and energy work in reverse as it will use energy of subatomical interchanges that curves backward to create the event sometimes before the moment. This E for energy is small enough not to fractal due to short waves like in a self inhibitive activity cycle to cause destructive endings. Unless it has no path to events creating chaos by buildup as a effect through creative usage, with ritual like activity. As this has a two-fold path due to chaotic effects by chaos math used to detect, the amount of interaction with events first and by order where logic can detail the events second. With the creative moments focused by energy with mental activity using an E% or ¢ as a focus of energy measurement of Cost(x)=K/4 ~ =399.8 K as %-100 ~ in each use =799.9xn K as %-100xn and the x is the multiplier with n is a index of the numbers 1-infinity.

  How E% fits into science is when the positive events start the event at the planck level with a subcharge of 6.69x10^-34 A as energy by mental focus at the quantum physics active zone, that counts as aether and rebounds without fracturing by unbalanced activity to build up force and causing chaos that reduces by failure the effective amount of work done. There is always a chance to fail and this is measured with Rb% as Rb=E%/3=% chaotic motion except it doesnt effect simple movement, unless you have to focus ae firing or meditation, because simple movement is autonomous or automatic and this includes most of the body. To depict another way of a energy effect in neutons of force, is to use the amount of focus in seconds that the ritual of kung fu lasts and apply as ¢^2 equal to neutons of force like 75 seconds makes 5625 N. The least amount of force is 5000 N to make anything of effects happen. However there is David lansing's effect as every 4 milliseconds there is a release of quantum level planck energy that is what keeps the energy cycle going.

  E% is comparative to a hold charge of ¢ and represents a very short energy wave pattern brcause from a nuclear subtype reaction, as you break a subatomical particle to get energy and there is a energy burst that will only be detected by a nuclear interchange to find new molecules as small sparks. This makes its effects naturally rebound backward, like a car that moves forward fast enough to cause time to move backward and seem to let the viewer see the area go back in frame of reference time as in Newtons 2nd law of relation. This is also allowance to cause the event reaction from behind or from the beginning of time due to energy going back to its source, the big bang or some say the void.

  Manipulated through ritual of activity and when the energy hits the opposite energy, or other persons needed desire of another for desire can make the moment. It can disrupt the event pattern into pieces causing chaos with interference of decay from the energy burst of the particle like an atom. These moments are used for meeting people, recognition or weather as it is a disruption to the effect pattern via natural rebound, to cause disruption feel or nondisruptive effects with no storm disruption at use or attack by higher energy.

  For higher energy will pattern as thought is release itself into recognizable light forms making light actually form or turn to visible fire and etc. So use is create or feel by due. Less sell to you due to the higher energy patterns not recognized as any event too large or see the ignored, till pointed out is less price concept or fossil idea not or see use before sitting so see the approach. So use or no as things are according to what is done, you see or not see what is there that is think as you wish. "Seen or not" seeing is believing or creating is done, as your want or nothing as put off or use is ignore sometimes to get done or probable put off death not so bar like .

  What is this with simulation is to take a medium powered laser or q-beam and blast the clouds for 2 second bursts for nondisruptive dispersive pattern and 4 seconds for disruptive chaotic behavior patterns. With starting the storm its caused by nothing at first and identified with a strike to the clouds, with 4 second bursts every 2 seconds till the clouds gets large and keep striking till it turns dark. This probably won't be effective at first but will get a storm sometime. To lessen the storm strike any storm cloud with 2 second bursts every 3 seconds till effectively reduced. Alternatively, use response to chemicals, or seeding, as a reactant ae silver nitrate bursts or AgN2 to cause or reduce the storm.

  Another way to think on this with comparison to magic, is to think of it like a chemical reaction. To understand this material, you need to think about what a pattern is from chemical reactions on how the atom is built, the (-) is negative and represents a pull of energy or subtractive, the (+) is a push charge of positive atomic energy of additional energy charge, and the (n) is a neutral charge of disturbance or both positive and negative. As in this material I use the atomic law of the cosmos to model for patterns of life. This isn't an explanation on how to work on machines except foar an how to approach them but it can apply to machines or hand built tools. So in this idea is to think it and you get the result from the direct subconscious manipulation of radiation, or aetherical force.

  This isn't a world model but of a set goal in of patterns and in real life thats too clearly set advantages. To get a desire by many different patterns of life to redirect the path of life into your idea situation. Consider this magic of ritual and imagination,and or authoritative usage of appeal, as a (-) radiation pull of consequence, magic and to gain advantage. Where psionics is a constant (+) push charge of direct influence, with radiation to control or guide the disturbance and to make a clearly set advantage by a push force. Through radiating it outward of the object or yourself. The solid objects react in a opposite manner as its also a (+) charge and pull toward the area. Its very clear that the solid object is reactive to both (+) and (-) force. Its clear the set energy patterns are hostile to each other even if it may be set by psionics and magic, like matter and antimatter. Psionics and of magic can be use to each other if each use is to have a separate action and equal or similar goal as a set pattern, like a bit of dark matter takes the charge of the energy forces and by a anchor, created by seeing and feeling a pole of energy spread and channel the influence somewhere to do as an if needed procedure.

  In a atomic equation of a magic effect be;
2 (+) = (-) and of 2 (-) = (+) and the combined rule 2(+/-) + 1 (-/+) = (n) and 1 (+/-) where the exception is 3 (+/-) = (+/n).

Where the rule of a better possible existence is use two worlds or possibilities of (+/-) atomic natures, to make a better one of positive (+), negative (-) or neutral (n) nature but whence created the bad possibility of chaos or chance (-) that is a negative, acts like a neutron and control is both dropped and where there was two, theres one, The combinations in that is what can be more like 2 (-/+) + 2 (+/-) = (+/+) for a win/win situations or 3 (-/+) + (+/-) = (+/-) with possible win/lose or lose/win situations. For a lose/lose situation take 1 (+/+) + 1 (-/-) = (-/-).

  In this, you don't take without asking or being asked as its risking and gets a secluded interaction of energy with a shared offering of war and peace. The two worlds coincide, it seems and cannot exist apart without intercession or interconnections except in seclusion or everything falls apart represented by a neutral effect (+-) or (n). The neutron is offshot to disrupt or to cause chaos at least 50% of the time unless directed and does disruption at your command. An unset pattern is to unravel both the set idea of a pattern or other advantage to cause disuse and dissolvation. In an equation: 1 (-) + 1 (+) = 1 (n) of neutral disturbance greater than the whole. Use of this is to neutralize a probable wrong or right to create a new possibility with guidance by a set anchor for no bad feedback and it can be allowed to disallow burnout from harmonic abuse or overload.

  If the unravelling is done too quickly then absolute disruption and probable breaking of the ability by burnout. and only if no anchor will occur. Following a neutral disturbance is a moment of stillness and another better action. All through document so far is support of psionics or magic and not the evil one might think is it good as there are opposing views. The evil is the usage and examples without explanation and sometimes combined with fear to cause rejection or a reaction of what may occur. Bad is to neutralize something without explanation with exemptions to the rule, like sometimes people won't tolerably believe it happened after the fact or people are exempt for explainable situations and exploitations.

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Classifications of magic user

    The ranks of a magic user are listed below and starts off at: mage or magus, hermetic mage, wizard, magi, sorceror, warlock, witch, wiccan, druid, dark mage or hell mage or kaoist, dark wizard, dark witch, necromancer, white wizard, white mage, palemaster, shaman, voodoo witchdoctor, subliminal magi, subliminal sorceror, demonist, hell sorceror, diviner, mystic, healer, elemental master or jedi, warmage, blue mage, maverick, wishmaster, Archmagus, Seraph, Sergoi. This is not the complete list.

  There are several types of magic users that can fit the moment. They follow a prototype of a general type, where ya have no actual way to describe someone..these are those types.

The rankings list is listed at

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Wands in general

  To use a wand more effectivly, thing it in a pattern. Think it or say it and you can get the result. A gel wand is most effective. as it holds and it bides idea thought to be through the gel as if energy passed right through it. The stronger of the idea the more energy that to add to it to the effect of your own personal energy rising as it is double the effect. This wand if made of plastic acts as in use can be made to hold a short charge and pass it like a electron in an atomic model. Its freely exchanged till it effects. Or if made of wooden shellin can hold more charge only if used with phosphorus and silver. Otherwise its about the same. The short explanation, the wand holds a charge by inertial energy in an inert structure, not used except for its possible charge prospect. The gel hold of energy is as inertial till its used as in other forms as what is "fornow".

  When your energy is passed through it it activates both and energy is redoubled or tripled thus its active energy. Thats sent out and is the effect in by use. The wand must be able to pass the charge, as per se. Feel and channel the effect, when your wand is in use feel the effect. I feel it in some way to send it more effectively. As In sei dun. As in said an done. Once used, the wand would be as efficient. Its of more efficient use as it is of it and is to do it and only seems to effect those who are willing. Those who are set by base idea are in a set moment. It only seems to effect those who work with it or who are meant to be effected.

The wand must be won, as you can say to win the wand, earn it rom the master or gain it by usage. If its meant for someone its going to be for them. Some masters have to be killed before you gain their wand as is on his body. The wand must be won as in an inspirational way of creation uncreated at will .. yes but you don't have to kill the master and you have to have them admit defeat or to say "to win the wand". While it must be defeat by the master and hence the wand becomes or has to be a hinderance or danger as its the force. To win and return the wand is as a master or it won't work for you. To give the wand away is sometimes winning it.

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Ability Activation

  The method to activate ability is basically feeling the persons ability from within them or from what they do, thinking to their subconscious 'activate ability to manifest' and then feel it being awakened by sending your energy into the person with the programming to activate their ability. As simple as that, you activated someones ability. Due note, its not foolproof, thus it could fail if the persons unwilling.

  Another way is to let the ability activate in others naturally, as if by their need of something in what they want to manifest, if they want it enough then it will 'click' in the person to be able. This ability to do something sometimes makes fear gut as if manifesting things makes fear allot more easier than before as to focus as focus in and stop. Think of making things, as if you are inwardly with a planet as if there is a thought and people follow what you say as you can create outwardly upward. You don't if you can do that, then you can create and this is energy in a bottle. That is a source, as if you activated any ability with in thought and mind.

  Notes on this topic: The second part is especially important as it's easy to activate some trait in someone by that method, and this can be anything at all, whatever it may be, but if it's impossible by that method, it may be possible to accomplish by setting for circumstances surrounding that person to cause the trait/ability/whatever to activate in someone.

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Specific Magic

  You need to be specific in using magic. Why? It's like using a sharp knife instead of a cloud of mist to cut tomatoes. Energy needs to be directed and this is where it's most concentrated and can make the most changes instead of doing many smaller changes that could even work against each other.

  You could do a spell and anywhere to "cause money gain" no quitting is necessary but if you got money how could you even be sure it was from magic? You should do something specific like "duplicate the notes in my pocket" or "make my advance increased 300% on this article"... just is generally specific.

  Specific magic always works a lot better, as if your thesis is wrong your right way of thinking re-emerges. You need to have a moment of inner silence when you're focused only on achieving your goals too, which is when the will shoots out as your will is an object objective as you will. You'll know when it's done as is.

  However as if your ability is a point, sometimes you need to specify the general time. As instead of letting on a time for things to occur and getting disappointed. You could say, 'Make duplication of my pocket notes, soon. Done.' That works more to your advantage.

  As you think and consider from actions that use your energy, an as you can get anything from the exchange as people are what you consider think. Think they are something and they are as they think and you can give energy to them as your thoughts use the idea and thought creates what not losing your soul can give. Their will is what creates and your will is what guides as if from a long distance telepathy session and you can't be controlled anyway if you don't desire the effect.

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  This is about Imagined ritual. Its given with permission from Enoch Tan.

  Thelema is the will. Part of it is about doing the entire ritual in the mind instead of physically. It's like the analogy of the group who visualized throwing basketball into the hoop compared to the group which practiced physically. Both did their mental/physical training respectively for 30 days. In the end, there was only slight different between their results. But both groups had significant improvement compared to another group which did no practice at all. This is likely in a demon ritual to use a distance attempt to attack, and make is from a hit or something less likely to use you like a demon attraction.

  Thelema means to do magick in a way that is purely mental. All of magick is about using the Will and the Imagination. Both are right brain faculties, compared to Reason and Logic of the Left brain.

  The essence of magick is thelema. That does not mean one should not do ritual, because ritual can be used for the purpose of assisting thelema. Ritual done by itself has no meaning. All ritual is meant to serve thelema. After all, the definition of magick is the act of causing change in accordance with Will.

  For Ritual and Psionics use is direct use as there is a little difference. To personally use "magick" is also to refer to any kind of phenomena, you cause or an idea seen is affect using a much deeper part of yourself than some do for psionic work of direct use that don't make wizard work or you do work in necessity as thought is in use. For psionics, you use your pre-conscious and sub-conscious minds (or parts of the mind) with suggestion or action; for "magick," you use something deeper. Your soul as inner energy to power the calling of the active force and elemental energy, as the active force to be with a more directive will by the soul.

  Except to some they are the same energy, just that they are charged by differently done alternative energy sources and magic uses the soul. Where psionics use the sub-conscious. When you use magic ritual, as chaosity you cause a negative drawing force and when you use psionics you can cause a push force that causes effects. So in essence, magic uses everything that psionics does and more.

  Psionics is more pure mind force in technique. Although a more encompassing psionic theory also goes into a lot of magickal stuff.

  Enoch Tan has the website of http://www.MindReality.

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Combining skill, ability and power

  This is to combine magic and power through two techniques. The imagining of a being thats you and the other person you want to combine with. This being is made up of energy and caused to do things by thought and the feeling of your need. The being can do nearly anything and is directed by you easily. The other way is both people feel the need of what they want and make it happen by stating the spell together, at the same time. The spell could be anything with safe drug ritual such as voodoo. The easiest way is the manifest easily spell. Cast by stating 'mai ez', pronounced [May-ihh Ee-z]. This literally translates into manifest influence easily. There is a point, that you done as a person, can get better resultive energy.

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Subconscious warnings

   Anytime you do or say something thats not liked and not wanted, there could be a warning by temporary deprivation or suggestion from the subconscious mind by others who 'listened or observed' the activity. To get around this, don't do think to your subconscious and feel to avoid the situation that deprives you. Or if to think, say it out loud and imagination will create regeneration, to 'avoid being deprived' or 'make no deprivations.' And, you can act out what you want without any subconscious warning. Catholics and Christians who dislike magic might not want it proven to them that it exists. So, when they see it proven, then they could try to deprive the magic user of his or her ability. The way around this is to suggest to them that 'it didn't happen' or 'It didn't occur, idiot'.

   Then, your ability resurges and you gain back your ability. The other way to restore lost ability is to suggest 'restore lost ability' to them and yourself. Otherwise, mention to their subconscious the word 'idiot' and this is thought right at their minds. Then, you can regain your ability easier. For positive suggestions, 'rejuvenate' 'vitalize magic' 'revitalize magic'.

   For protection against this, render yourself invisible. Think you are invisible and you are invisible with the thought and statement 'invisible'.

   Another form of subconscious warnings, is the sudden vision that pops up and makes it known to you. The subconscious gives them in two forms, actual happenings or dream meanings. You can usually tell which is which. Look on the internet for dream interpretation to find meaning sites. One such is and another is

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Unlimited you

    Think to make an unlimited you is to expand your consciousness. Expanding your conscious mind will allow you more subconscious thought and control over your mind. This in effect unlimits you. This also allows you to see signs from the subconscious as visions. To expand your consciousness, look here at

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Weight, age and psionics in magic essay

   Weight in magic is useful to know about, that doesn't effect you if you use soul magic. Soul magic is thinking of your soul and stating or thinking your request. However, this only actually effects energy that you think to create with by feel. That means the possibility can effect the body energy response of recognition, that is the knowing by feel with the body and the fat on the body can dampen that feeling by what you think or feel. This is with a little bit of confusion on casting a spell, if sustained long enough of the energy use. So when you use the fat index, you can measure muscle and don't really have to worry with your weight. As long as your fit, then you can get nearly any result. That is calculating muscle and fat here or here. Body fat breaks down as thus, Essential fat is very heavy magic where you get anything off where magic is 100% likely, Athletes is where you get heavy magics or create with a will and making by a thought where magic is 75% likely, Fitness or fit is where you get medium magics off and that is essentially and magic is 50% likely, Average is light magics where you have 25% likeliness, and obese is where you hardly get any effect off with 15% magic likeliness.

  Think about it, the psionics or mind magic, can be done anytime. So if you want to create with magic, I think it really doesn't matter with psionics what weight you are in life. However, know that soul magic can create any effect, if given enough time and if it is thought possible and allowed for by feel, this will work regardless of the weight. In order to use soul magic, think the soul will do what you need and imagine the point as you optionally can state what you need as intention. This is a point, that you create with a concept and work with the idea. The point that is created, that uses the creator of the soul as a point is realized and the creator creates what you intend or need.

  This type of magic can make use of the spirit to allow you to know what occurs, that is what you realize. So think and you can do anything you want, such is where your thinking or with a consciousness shift, this is done with a temporary stupidity that you recover from with the DNA stored pattern of yourself. That works as you need to create what is understood or possible. You see the soul knows what is needed, that is done by feel and the point is known as though the physical shift with an idea that is done. This idea is the point when the creator recreates the body, wherever you think to be with the genetic changes and other changes that may or may not occur. So where it was not possible, think and you know what is possible to do in the area. This is done by idea as a point of recall or imagination with feel.

  I think if your curious about weight effects with less muscle and some weight, then 220 to 180 lbs allows for light magics where things are 15% likely, 179 to 160 allows for medium magics where things are 30-40% likey, 159 or below allows for heavier magics where things are 50 and greater % likely, this I think means you can do even heavier magics if you weigh less than 139 lbs where things are 70 and greater % likely. You can also do psychic ability things anytime you think (using thought to suggest to your subconscious, then your getting results especially if you term things as though the idea were an end result), feel (insight by idea from the soul and using the senses that you have) or focus (creating what you want by ability that you think you have). Otherwise the weight can create the point of time lag, this is where you wait longer for the effect the heavier that you are by feel. This is how some magic works, that's true unless you practice by doing magic. The more you practice, the more you end up with less weight, no matter what you do by feel.

  The agreement shield is the useful thing if you feel their need and you are chatting with them. This is where you make use of vibes or the auratic energy waves, that seem to make you agree and this is useful even if tense, terse or whatever. So state the word "relaxing" or "relax" and you seem to make the person relax as you are relaxed or not doing things. This can be created with a potion that makes use of vanilla extract, see this causes you to chemically relax. However, you don't ever want to agree with something that is not advisable, if this isn't needed at the moment and you don't agree to do. That is a point in reference to some other time. Think to hold them off, this is until you make a good excuse. So that means this allows you to work with what you get. That usually works by feel, so if you feel it's okay, they might feel its okay. Basically, they feel what you feel if you think about them. This has on occasion caused a person to drop what they held. So if you think they know or some idea, then they feel the point you could cause them to relax their muscles and this causes the drop of the moment.

  See an idea is done in intensity if your above 220 then magic is iffy or sometimes, happening by pshycic or paranormal means with a 10 - 14% chance of happening results otherwise nothing occurs. So think about this fact and work accordingly. Oh yea, if you seek balance in your life with energy and this is energy with what you do, feel free to use a copper bracelet or brass will do for some ailments. Copper energy can influence health and cure almost anything, brass energy can influence health to a smaller degree and cure the body of some things. Its different with each person, this is proven per different person for results. However, if your strong, then you will find that magic is easily done. Even though muscle is sometimes 3 times as heavy as fat. So if you had allot of muscle, then you could get still a good result especially since the weight is more with the muscle. If you had more fat than muscle, the effect you intend could take awhile to manifest, that means you are likely to get one result if you try at the point.

  Age in use of magic may offer some experience in its use, but unless you have the right minerals and vitamins your going to lessen in ability as you age more. This depends on the person, that cannot actually be discerned as to what age does what for people. I do know this, the soul is infinite so you can do things by request to the soul despite the age. Since some people are born more able and if their willing, they could serve your point as though you were requsting by statement. However the reverse is true for psychic ability, listed here at

  This is done with the intent, so need the intent to form a manifest and it's done. Hold a bit of earth or the planet energy, and think what you want it to do. Then it will do the effect. Think of an air molecule and think it resonates at a vibration that causes a manifest and it does. This is known idea and effect of void, that creates what you think as it's pure energy. If you think to copy something, then the idea you need to create is copied to where you intend it to be. If you act like it's there, then it's there. This is how you manipulate the void into creating for you what you want. That doesn't really matter what weight you have on the body, since the creator creates the effect anyway by feel, This effects by feel as we are memories in a living form.

  The more you age the more able you become by experience, yet you don't have to appear like your aging. This is done by suggesting to yourself the idea, "The age I show becomes that of 20." Other suggestions are, "I unage to 20." So the more powerful you are and this is if adept at things, you can do things with it like teleportation or psychoportation as its called or telekinesis otherwise lifting with your mind, the abilities are described here at So I could think about the effect and the more I feel or think the more likely I am to come into luck at what I do, this is unless you can't do the trick. Then you think to do something else, that's not a waste of your time. So think and you can do what you want. This is all in an ability, that you can think about to make and put the ability to good use as you have it. This basically the point I warn you of the 30 lbs weight gain that's temporary and associated with relationships and couples or partners. Think to gain muscle instead during this time, this is done by exercising daily or working out. That is a point in regard, done by feel and listed here are its effects.

  If psionics are used, you can create with light in a form of psiball. Think of energy as if a ball of light then think and focus upon the energy what you say and it will do the idea. This is where I imagine the ball of light that does what you want, then the construct does what you say. This energy ball will "catch" by vibration of the brain waves you cast out, thinking to create by influence what you intend by feel. So when you cast out your will or thought is sent out as waves of your own energy to infuse with the conscious energy around you or aura. The aura burns from what is there and forms air, that causes you to form waves of energy that are perceived as vibes.

  This energy is what is perceived by the construct and that is what you form by thought and make with the spirit forming the idea. This is how can constructs work. If you feel free to make a few for yourself.. the source they use is the creator. I know they can copy themselves by feel. Yes, they use the subconscious as a point to create with by idea. I think, yes, they create a point of energy to create with the subconscious mind using suggested thought. However, some signs are real life, some signs the subconscious are dream visions and in order to understand them get interpretation. This means your idea is a point of intent, and thinking it can send your thought to the people you intend to hear the thought.

  Oh I made a construct that trains the body to cast magic easier. If you think "the magic construct" trains it and it will. This will work if you think it does. Also there is the creator construct, the construct can create anything, given that the creator makes it happen. This construct will reactivate the right spells for the moment. Here is a copy. It is always renewed by the creator keeping it active or passive. It's just renewing itself. you can shift into any animal with the construct If you can get the effect off. So if you don't need the construct, it reverts to the object form that was used to create the effect. This construct can even speed things up or slow things down on necessity. So what you can't do you can do, as though normal. See you might find it near you. the construct can create anything except sending me to hell, given that the creator makes it happen. oh yeah, if you don't intend to create a result with the construct, it will stop and seem to be there only when you need it there. it deactivates the spells you no longer need, so there is no rampaging spells going on. that means there is no spell effect that is uneccessary. If you need to feel good, this construct will ground your physical body and energy body that centers and causes you to become good tempered and stable, finally this will balance your body to seem the best.

  Otherwise, it turns itself off. This is the effect of a lifetime remembered, so use it as you need to get effects. If intended to create your own idea, use the point you think and make with an idea spoken and that creates with the subconscious mind as the subconscious creates using the creator. This is how you can create your own idea and not have to use this construct. However, this a wait and create your own thing with a direct creator link. What you think is what you need, if you think the idea and intend it to be created. This is a point in idea. Some constructs gather energy from your thoughts. However, then you are not your thoughts, you see those are the constructs. This means they then can make a point of result. They use your thoughts as programming so if you think of the idea you can create the point. So if you think about things, the idea is generated if you need the point of creation or manifestation. If you imagine a key to your ability, then in your mind turn it in a lock that opens a door. You unlock your body and mind if its not already unlocked and you can always use your mind to create by experience, this experience you remember if you need to know so such is life as you need the idea. This is with ability to make a manifest by imagining the result, and by feel it's there by what you think. These idea came from the creator, so don't sue me if they don't work out for you.

  So usually if you are aware all you need as potential influence and manipulation is thinking the point, otherwise use your imagination by idea to create what you wish. Unless you already know about magic then the magic examples are there for you. This is useful as though a point if your using some area your dreaming. Till you decide to go or leave the maze by the opening then walking out with some open area. Think "not" to wake up where the things you read, see or think are represented as a concept or ideal. So think positive to create positively with your own point. This is where some things you do can age you and some things you do can unage you. This uses the power of words and the suggestion. Oh get this, the amount of muscles that you use or have allows for the intensity level. The more you have in muscles, the longer that you can do things. This sets by a point the duration by what you do. Now the muscle tone is the idea of slenderness with muscle, that sets the ability to focus. The better the muscle tone, the more you can focus on things.

  Empathetic idea in use is the feel you have with focus that let's you know what the other feels. Some can do this, some won't feel by what is there. So in order to protect yourself from overwhelming feelings, you may need a empathy shield. This effect is using your aura energy to absorb the feeling energy as a wave is sent out by the person from the aura in action. So I think the effect is done if you think to not feel what the other feels. This is a shield in itself. Think and you know what you can do with empathy, when you feel that you know their feel, you realize by the spirit what is there. This is known as sensing. The point is not done if the spirit does what you intend and blocks out the feeling need or you close yourself off. This is entropic energy that ensues, if you think about knowing something there is a flow of energy, so thinking is a way to realize by the power of the soul. This is a concept put to what energy is there.

  The energy consciousness is what creates the point of knowing, where you realize what is possiible to insight and knowing what is there. This is an energy form that made things possible to your senses, so if you want to know the result you realize by sight, touch, focusing, heat or cold for what is there is a point you summoned. Sending back smeone or some idea is thinking of the moment you thought about and think the summoned energy goes back. This is where you either imagine or feel the energy go, and the energy draws the person or idea to appear or go to whence they need to be by feel where you sense the area and know what is there. Then if you need it there by feel you relax, and otherwise you raise your tension. See that is when you think terse thoughts, or focus on tensing the muscles and releasing them. This makes those that are feeling things, if the spirit is directed by thinking about them, they tend to feel your tense so they stop as their tense.

  So basically that's intuition, I think by feel is use of the spirit that goes through everything that you direct by spoken or thought idea as intent is there to manifest. This happens when you relax after the feeling you get so you know, what you sometimes know of that is coming from others is gone. It seems that when the other feels tensed up, they want to relax and they forget about what they need or intend to do something else. Then you don't have to know what they feel and otherwise feel their feelings. This counts as a empathy tension shield. So basically, what you know is from the spirit knowledge, also the soul energy that is there. This is often fromothers as it's from yourself. So focus and realize what you want to know, however there is a possible chance of having a high IQ. Thusly, you know more from the energy by your perception, that is more apt to realize by the spirit or soul what your able to perceive is possible. Think about it and the feeling may return, so again, if you think you don't know their feelings they aren't felt as pressure.

  This is a known effect of life. If you think positive, they feel positive. So they know what you consider in feelings. This is a way to get some results, see as they feel positive they relate it to their thoughts. This makes them willing to do things and that is how you get things from others, if you want to manipulate them that is done and sometimes this is seeming to agree and not doing anything. That is where they could assault you if stymied or frustrated. Saying no to a tensed up and ready to strike person is not advisable. So if not, then do something else and enjoy life with what you have. However, there is really no actual evil or good feel, it's how you interpret things so if you manipulate that could count as compulsion to a moral person such as a christian. This is a point of working with emotions and thoughts, then directing your ideal intention towards the other in hopes to make them do something.

  So if your not the compulsive type, this is interpretation to what is done by feel. Then really as you consider this, your not evil to those who work with morality. So I think I will end this idea here, enjoy yourself and do what you want. Always remember, you could at any time be blocked by feel if they think to block you out, if in intensity this could mean they are serious so think to present an equal feel and you will be alright with a nervous release laugh of energy. State relaxing and you can seem to relax. This is a knowable thing by idea, so after this is ideal information on magic, anyway keep reading if interested in whatever is there. After this is a point to remember. That's if you want to remember, if you don't then you can always make things up, sometimes if you intend to do what you say you do what is necessary to their senses. So yes, pretty much this is a shield.

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Classified individualisms

   This is individualistic classifications. Think of a point and you know what you can do, that is the dud priests ideom. So this with a dude priest makes it so you can do magic. That is done as long as you relax and think of what you need, then either state a word or phrase and you get a result of what you intended.

They made this classification:

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The elements

   Candles, water and other elements are useful as well. If you need a point to happen, knowing its resisted or doesn't actually happen and that's sometimes occurred by the body, then use a lit candle. think to direct it to a target area. Then that is on fire. However, if you think to direct any element, then that element does as you direct. This works no matter the weight. If you think to the water you drink, then you supercharge the water and you create what you need with the body. The tallness and weight doesn't matter, if you use water or fire. You can restructure your body by drinking something, this is how the harry potter spell works that changes the body into another form. So if you think to freeze a note in water, then you make disappear what idea is written on the note.

   If you think of a deity, then you can create what you need by thinking a statement is then said either by yourself or done by the spirit. If you think about things, then things are asserted, so if you think of the point the spirit does what you want. This is a known effect. That allows energy to come into existence and create a point or black mark on a surface, that is at least psychically seen with the third eye. You see that by making use of imagination and gesture, you can form elemental effects. Also, if you imagine that element entering and imbuing the body, where it enhances the body by energizing it the person will change their shape. This is going into an elemental form, that can use and manifest the element that is imbued as a being or elemental human. This is a point of idea, that creates easier elementalism. This can use elemental practices, so if you are so inclined to make use of them easier read this article.

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Physical magic

   If your curious how the body does magick, its this explanation. This uses physical magic. Sometimes with magic it's the focus of your brain that your thought intent creates with the brain making thought waves through the aura. where the aura sends out the energy frequency set by the brain and the brain wave made by the aura creates your change. you don't however, see energy manipulated. The pinneal gland is the psychic gland of the body and is what sets the frequency in the brain to create results. thought that you needed to create wealth, if you think that long enough, your brain causes the aura to send out frequency waves. this energy wave creates the idea you thought with it's influence.

  If you eat or drink something..the attempt then speeds up with the added energy. However, natural stones also speed up the effect. You see natural stones would also amplify the aura wave. I heard this. If we imagine that we are in a place with natural stone, we can attract that energy.

  "I am" stated will cause a manifest since it is a positive idea you state. If you state it out loud long enough you create an instant idea. Also, think of the idea you want as you state that, the moment you intend will be attracted to you if you intend it long enough.

  What will you say? Let me give an example. "I draw the energy of natural stone all day long" or "I am" will work as you think your intention. It makes your intention, you don't have to say the intent to get an effect. You could make up a word if you wanted to for an effect.

  Think positive to get positive results, so if it doesn't happen even though we think positively, its in a clogged chakra points the chakra points could get blocked so you only need to unblock them to get a result. That blockage is really in your blood flow where blood flow energy that goes to the pinneal gland = chakra point energy that creates your thought.

  The blood flow sometimes runs across fatty buildup and that can cause a chakra block. Some bad luck can occur from the blockages. So cleanse the chakras to clear your blood of fatty buildup, and it turns into good luck so you have no excuse of why you get bad luck. Its a thought in itself that is cancelled out by thinking or stating, "nothing happens if bad".

  The point that's bad about this is where you can consider things and feel bad about it or get a bad condition. So think it's good if you can it's a positive in some way. If you think positive you would think that "Not that it's bad", so if you don't feel bad then it's not. If you don't feel the results, then you have a chakra blockage. Now to cleanse the chakra points, either do exercises or listen to chakra cleansing youtube frequencies.

  Here are some suggestions..:

   1 hour cleanser:
   30 minute cleanser:
   Quick cleanser:

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  The rest of the document be examples that you may choose at will, to do when you want. There's no actual order to them and yet they are there for you to peruse.

Mandala or Symbala

  A symbala is a symbol of what your intents and mere mental balance is like and intentionally means balanced symbol. An atlternative name is the mandala as it comes to means symbolic intention meaning drawing or not mandatory in all.  Once drawn, the mind tends, to follow the pattern, set out, in the drawing. To use the symbolic intention of yourself to draw the meaning lines for happening as a symbol. The symbol is for either interpretation or with an intent to make occur, a spell or to make clear the intentions and set goals.

  Now the process is to think of a paper or other idea and draw the picture of what you desire to get the right meanings, think of the effort to get the intention or your goal. The second method is get a pen or pencil to draw with and get a piece of paper and sraw with it. Draw what you feel and draw with the heart to fet what you feel into symbolism. Interpret later to get the idea of what you mean by the symbol.

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Balanced magic

  Balanced Magic is the form of magic that allows very powerful magic users to avoid the magical negative wave return. This can affectionically be called the changewinds. When a person gets touched by them they are changed from within by the return of the magic they spent. The return magic wave can also cause great evil for the great good done. An example of the return wave at work: A great plague was cured in the medieval ages by Odin the God. When he cured it, he knew it was caused by the fleas being clogged by volcanic eruption dust. The fleas kept feeding until the plague was airborne and flea-born. Odin cured it as if "wit this".

  The return wave caused Hitler by dispute, the second antichrist was cause from disturbance or disturing idea, the 3rd was use by function or malfunction the 4th was distruption to use. He killed un mercilessly 2 million Jews by many means through sheer genicidal hate or cause was situational. This to me is the best reason to create use balanced or balance by balance book seen spells. The way to do it is to have five or six positive results built around one negative result. For example: one casts a spell of fire to get rid of an enemy.

  To cast it or us, a soiled conscious is cleanse with no. Use water said person would get create use but never cite rid of the enemy he or saw as insects or use. So no he or hates through a negative, resolve of understood hatred as centrum cures this. Said person will also make 5 positive friends by having said person's enemy dead as security cause was injury to the body. He was the victim or no use if not a victim. He was basically a visitor. Mainly the enemies enemies are your friends. Said person is suddenly a friendly and honored face to those now friends. Another example is to have a very positive result and another spell right afterwards that channels the negative wave back as a positive result. Do this by capturing and allowing another person to wield, without telling that person that it is the negative energy return, instead that energy is a positive source to them.

  Another prospect is to do a spell that uses the negative energy by having a negative goal which gets 5 positive results. It is simpler than it sounds. Say you know of a raging battle in which your favorite side side is losing or a thief who stole all your stuff. Send the negative wind to the winning side of the battle through a link of curse magic to curse the thief to failure or even better, his friends around him. Just doing that will make the world a safer place to you. Thus, channeling the magic into five rivulets of curses will remove the destructive negative wave. Simply curse something to succeed where you know it would fail normally. Cursing something to have more luck has great effect. Spell examples are all through this document.

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Runic magic

  Runic Magic is druidic in origin and it takes the form of symbols that you can draw or carve. It is best to carve it into an item of power or empowered by your own actions or someone else's. Cherry oak is bad for carving, but other oaks are better as is ash and pine. Paper or papyra is good for temporary runes, as for plastic its good for temporary charges upto 6 weeks. Otherwise you can't enchant plastic, unless you renew it or someone dies near the plastic piece. It works like this: the moment the rune is drawn it takes from the power of the maker of the rune, yourself, and the energy around you. There is never a certainty to any rune drawn as it will do as it sees fit.

  To cast a positive rune in a manner which kills another or reflects badly on you is to cause harm on yourself three times worse. The protection shield rune, a rounded ^ with no sharp angles will reflect any negative effect cast at the person as well as put a perfect barrier around you which is a protective force. It leaves said person able to do anything else while being protected from all harm as well. With it in effect don't get lazy and keep a gray barrier imagined around you for non-detection. Said person is not immune to physical damage. Only martial arts or other combat abilities of defense and offense. This can also be used for swords. A good sword for spell casting is a sword that has three metals. An example is a hilt of brass, a blade of steel, and a bone handle.

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The art of golem making is rather easy to do. It is using the skills of conjuring, thaumaturgy a little of your soul, and power of mind or sheer focus to make it work. All that is necessary is to have these materials:

Clay, a dead body of some sort, wood, ore, or any other type of formable building material.
A power source that will animate it, represented by a gemstone worn for a few days around your neck or near you.
Some type of idea as to what you would want the golem to do.
Music of some playing at the time of the ritual.

  Before you begin the ritual, make the statue you would want to animate or use a dead body for a flesh golem. Then, start the ritual by taking of any color of gemstone choice to represent the power source. When you pick gemstones, you can use more than one. Just choose the gemstones that will work together. Now, start with saying to the stone "I trans myoulule toong by corrantome." (I trans mye-souk-lul-leh too-ng by corr-lane-tome-eh) If the gemstone is not worn around your neck or near you then you can do this action; say the words out loud "Bycorrantme angodmecaf itransmyoulule toongiraa agolemyyr mecucong aniiukosz!" (By-corrant-me an-god-me-cafe itrans-my-soul-lul-eh too-ng-irate-ah ago-leam-aye-why-r me-cute-long aniir-luke-pos-z) in a strong tone of voice. Then, cut your wrist and say "bydishema mezyxzaptoong." (by-dish-hema me-zye-xz-lape-too-long) Letting a drop of your blood drip onto the stone. Now, the gemstone is ready, store it in a dark place. Rest a day before before doing the next step. When you rest a day, you allow the soul to regenerate in yourself.

  When you are ready for the next step, take the stone and place it into a container in the golem. Say this three times when you placed it "Comeliv, comeliv, comeliv ancafthinbycafme!" (Come-e-live come-e-live come-e-live ancafe-thine-bycafe-me) Wait a few moments and say "Uiealmathoubeninyc Uilanioacruodyluu Ystroaudylume Bunuaweqme." (Ui-seal-ma-thou-bean-nine-nye-c Ui-lane-io-acre-u-jody-luur Y-strobe-gaudy-lume-eh Bune-suave-weq-me) Wait a few seconds and say three times "Inamu [put golem name here]!" (I-name-u) Now tell it to do anything you'd want. Expect a few minutes to allow it to work. Depending on gemstone, it will have assorted extra powers. The powers are contributed by the type of gemstone properties.

Gemstone effects

The gemstone colors for use in golem making and general use have different effects, associated with it.

More on golems

  Another type of golem are the manifested type that are immune to anything. I call them magic golems. No materials are necessary.
  Just meditate on the thought "A focused into being energy golem that will not be touched by weapons. Will not be touched by energy attacks. Has the abilities of regeneration aided by energy attacks and physical blows. At any time it will be able to absorb any spell cast at it. It will be able to wield the casters' spell against him. It will serve me without destruction towards me at any time for as long as it is alive. It has the ability to use those spells and remember them at will. It will only strengthen and never weaken me at any time of my existence."
  Now say the words with focus of thoughts of this being you meditated on "ichylltheebe, Golemioamytho asunnaruutome!"(ich-way-ll-thee-be Golem-io-aim-mytho asunn-dear-luur-tome-mer) three times. After this point, there will always be an invisible servant around you. Indestructible and unturnable, it will serve you no matter what happens. Only you can dispel it. Simply dismiss it in your mind.
  An energy golem such as this is undefeatable except when you have the ability to eat demons or absorb and use energies. If it was an enemy that ate it, then that enemy would be your friend suddenly. It also has the ability to pick anything up in accordance to the strengths of the wielder who created it. As also, energy golems can learn from observation if the creator makes it so, and have a sort of free will and appearance decidable by creator. They can also have feelings and emotions if given by being allowed by the creator and modelled from someone. So, to get it to do what you want, just think at it your thoughts. It can even go through time and space..

  Lava golems are the most wild golems and they are the golems that can be made out of lava using wild magick. If formed, they can change shape at will. They are immune to just about any type of magick and physical blows. Very cunning with the ability of using anyone's ability no matter where they are. Can make magickal items out of any object. Can do any type of spell. Have a great heat and cold tolerance. Can metaphase themselves or anything else. Druids would love to use these creatures.

  To make them, be near a lava flow. Be linked to the earth. Use this ritual: Cut your finger and allow a single blood drop fall to the earth. Say these words: "Let my sacrifice of my blood link me to the earth. Thank you earth mother. I now control thy forces without harm." Since you are working with wild magick in its rawist form, order your mind to not be afftected by outside forces by meditating on it for ten minutes. To undo this conditioning of your mind, just meditate for ten minutes on being affected by outside forces after the ceremony. Tap into the flow of lava by imaging you and the lava linked in some manner. Now, imagine a hand coming from you that is an extension of yourself. Imagine the hand going into the lava and forming the raw lavatic being that you need to be formed. In your mind, the form of the lavatic being is to be able to shapechage, cool your heat down and be able to touch anything without melting it, take any temperature, metaphase, gain immunities by absorbtion of energies, gain the ability to use the energies as abilities, to have immunty to weapons, loyalty to the maker of it without jealousy, manipulation of anyone's abilities no matter where that person may be, and great intelligence.

  Do this by imagining the words and using them to shape the being. When done, withdraw the imagined hand back into yourself. Now, feed it the energies of everything that is around you by imagining a line that attaches itself to the sun and to the lava golem. Imagine the flow working by transferrence toward the golem. When the golem is visible to you, give it its purpose. Say in a authoritative tone of voice, "Rise, [put name here] and serve me! Never turn on me destructively, always do what you think is important that will aid me in some way positively. Be my protector when necessary. Protect what is important. Make yourself useful around me. [Put name here] , rise and be your own self! I call you into being [put name here]!" Now let control of it in yourself dissipate and only call it by it's name when you want something from it. Always be kind to it as it would have no morals and deceptive to you otherwise. Just be assured that there will always be some sort of protection around you because of it.

  To make earth golems is like that of the lava golem, but different. Instead of lava being required, rock is required of any type. It's like using wild magick except that you attune it to the earth. Make yourself immune to earth wild magicks through meditation. Then, there is the summoning of it. Imagine a imaginary hand reaching out to affect the stone. Imagine properties of the stone of anything you would want. There must at least be subservience in some way to you. So make one of the properties to be subservience with equality and respect. When that is done, imagine a piece of the rock about your size to come apart from it to serve you. There is a 75% chance that this will work. Adding these words "I call to you great stone golem. I call to you great [name here]! Come alive to me and serve me here as an ally!" This will improve your chances.

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  Enchantments are a very necessary form of magic to know. How do you do it? Simple, just focus your mind in the thoughts of what you want the object in mind to have of properties of in magic that would be useful. Now think absolutely neutrally the thought of transfer to the object at hand. Now touch the object and say transfer complete. Now test the object in your mind and if satisfied, think the word "locked". Keep in mind as you do this, when newly formed of objective, the object will be weak at first. It will gain strength as you work with it and reaffirm its enchantment. The object will be childish at first, yet be firm in what you want it to do for you and it will mature.

  Treat it like a mature adult child. When you have a balanced set of properties that allow the survival of the object through survive by anything that it could be set through and yet deliver the necessary strength to give you what you want and need. Then you have a balanced enchantment, A necessary step to do is to make certain that only the weilder of the object can use it and none else. The wielder being you or one you give it to. Due note: If the object hates you, not or there is a focus of chaos so don't enchant it as this could seem trouble in is thought or a fix.

  You can always tell through the object projecting and causing negative emotion when you touch it or get near the idea. If the object does your will, without giving you negative emotion then it likes you as you think. The object at hand will always take a little part of your mind. So to create a ring of wishing think to the ring that you can wish were you to get what you want, as if the manifest is bad that happens or you avoid the manifest or attribute copied from the creation or creator originated in thought is attribute by isis to allow wishing. So vanishing or not so thought by use if you are aware, focus is rest immediately if you think you are afterwards or you could mess up in an activity. Tis without realizing your purpose that causes this, as this uses energy or excess body feeling to lose the effect.

  The objects usable are immeasurable and unlimited to be enchanted. Gemstones are a different material that are similar to low powered items but can contain high powered spells. To enchant gemstones try to wear the gemstone immediately after finding it. Wear it or have it near you for 5 days in a row without taking it off or putting it away from you. The gemstone will be cleansed by your biorhythm. Afterwards, think to it the enchantments you want it to hold and to be an effective agent of. Keep in mind that each gemstone has different natural properties. These are described in golem making techniques. When the gemstones natural abilities are used in conjunction with your enchantments, the gemstones natural abilities will accentuate your enchantments. Meaning there will be a more powerful enchantment on the gemstone because of it. Gemstones in any actual color and form will always have an ability to hold and allow you to use any spell it happens to absorb. It can also be used as a soul trap for unsuspecting demons, wraiths, mentally viewing people, scryers, and other assortment of destructive force.

  Wood is a living object that requires naming to allow the enchantment hold to it. To start, one must use black candles or any except red, spoken chant, ideal of object properties in mind, and an attunement to the element of desire. When one begins, it starts like this:
  A person holds the item carved in hand,
 Said person passes the object in hand across the smoke,
  Said person says out loud "I enchant thee object of my desire.
 "I enchant thee with the objective powers I believe thee shall have."
  Said person passes the object through the smoke.
 "I transfer the powers I hath thought of to thee with the words of transfer complete and attune you to the power of magic"
  "Said person passes the object through the smoke a third and final time."
  "Object that passes the energy of attribute, do not pass unwanted attributes anymore."
  "Said person then intones "Object of magick, object of my desire, I call thee [say name of choice here]!"
  Said person puts out the candle by a finger pinch

  To accomplish this spell chant correctly, have in mind the properties that you would want it to have. These properties must allow the object to survive no matter what and unscathed while the object serves you in all your need and desires to the degree you would want in a balance of spell properties. A good property here is to have it survive no matter what happens to it and it serve you by understanding your needs and desires.

   Another way to enchant an object is to hold the object and when a focused energy is on the object, the object absorbs the spell or effect of nature through your willing of it. To do this in laymans terms, be willing to be the target and to channel the affect as quickly you can into the object, for the idea unless protected, this could draw demons or energy eaters. Then think to the object "locked" to make the enchantment hold. Now say these words "I unlock the power to be remanifested at will and channeled at will to any thing, object, or person so I don't have to say a word!" This does a reaffirming and objective focusing of the now magical object to do anything with the force infused in it to do as you will. You don't even have to be near it to cause the effect of the power of the unlimited charge item. The more you yield it, the more indestructible the item is.

  Bone is yet another different approach of enchantment. The bone is denser than wood so it takes infusion of energy of any type to enchant it. This ritual spell takes one hour to accomplish. Take the idea in mind of what you would have it enchanted of. Slowly take in the energy of a lit black candle or white candle and imprint the item with an infusion of your will. Channeling the energy of magic from the black candle allowing the energy channeled to be conditioned by your mind thoughts of the properties you would have it take on. Direct this energy at the bone item. Keep directing this energy for at least an hour. After a while, the item will draw on the power of magick itself. Thus, after a while or a day has passed, the item will tell you that it is ready for use.

  Cloth armor is the concocting of several spells to be transferable to anything you wear at the moment. This also means that cloth armor can be anything you wear and also normal armor. When cloth armor is enchanted, take very good care to think nothing at all but to let the words bring the images which make the enchantment work. Focus on the source of your choice by thinking of the source effects and summon some of it forth while touching the clothes you wear. The enchantments are only improved by a thought to light a non-red candle to be said in this order:

"Mote it be this enchantment with lights aid work for me.
Do not see me but I see you!
Don't get too close but stay back!
I am immune to all attacks!
Attacks pass through me!
Form fit the moment of clothes to body and body to clothes unless oversized.
I absorb the useful spells without hurt to myself and the excess go into what else I need!
Nonetheless, I win through by correct actions!
I now effectively make my clothes and my body indestructible!
This ones clothes self-clean!
I will always do things right even if its wrong!
My clothes auto adjust at will to become as I desire!
At will or necessity my cloth armour makes a poly ice/fire shield guyver beosuit!
This clothing will make a weapon of choice and traps spirits including astral visitors who intend me harm!
I and my clothing will always be able to shapeshift at will, desire or need to survive the moment!
This enchant will transfer to the clothes I wear as if copied there!
So mote it be with anyone changing the enchantment gets changed as well and let me be prescientific omniprosent!"

  Now after that is done think to yourself "I call this armour as I want to." This comes from the fact that you give the cloth armor a personality as it is alive after this with a name of your choosing. Now all you have to do is say the name you gave it with a given moment and you tell it where to go. This will make your cloth armor appear on your person or in the place you think it, and the guyver suit will make a appearance by feel ae feel it on you and emotionally feel it come off and yet it will be unseen to you. Another way of doing this is to think of the armor as being on you already. Never give the name out of your cloth armor for someone, unless you seal the enchantment, could steal it or control it.

  The reincarnation ring is a specialty device that can save a person's life. The process is simple, but the method to use it is not. To enchant a ring of reincarnation, have a ring that you like. Wear it on your finger and state to yourself and out loud while focusing on the ring bearing called energy "I enchant this ring to become a ring of reincarnation that is on this finger!" Now do this three times while focusing on a power source. If successful, you will either see a change in the ring or feel a slight tension and release in the air. Now this is how you enchant it, to use it takes a bit of effort.

  The use of it is when death happens, just focus your mind on the ring itself and imagine yourself somewhere else in full imagination led in by words. This could be anywhere. The effect is you will gather yourself from death and reappear perfectly normal as if death not ever, happened because of the energy released during death. Another use is to form perfect copies of yourself anywhere you'd want by focusing through the ring and making an image as to where you would want to appear while focusing your power source to accomplish the fact. One fact is that once formed, the ring is invulnerable to destruction.

  Making a Magical Notepad is quite simple as it only takes two to nine notepads that are close to being identical at first and using a link to make this trick work.

  Take a focus of the power source of your choice and make a mental hand to bring forth some power. Now imagine the notepads as if in a row or in a star pattern. Use the star pattern to link five to nine notepads. Hum deeply in your voice and imagine lines from the notepad source to the notepads themselves. All notepads should now be linked by a psychic line of force. Now focus what this force does, dismiss the linked image and say to yourself and mentally while focused over the notebooks "As I write in one, I write to the one intended. It psychically links and displays the words. Afterwards, said words disappear. Allow this now!" Clap three times and if you notice the books glow or a slight tension and release in the air around you, then it was a success. When done dismiss the hand holding the mental power. Your done.

  The Fit-to-body clothes spell is simple because all you need is the clothes you would want to wear and the enchantment itself. Wear the clothes or if they won't fit place them near you. Now say out loud and over the clothes while focusing your mind over said clothes or clothes pile "I wish, I know, I will that the clothes I w ill wear or wear now will always fit me no matter what never rip or tear! This enchantment will travel to the clothes I wear or attempt to wear." Clap three times and the ritual is done. When you feel the a cold breeze pass the room it was successful.

  A ring of regeneration is a ring of recovery, and one very useful ring to have, because it will allow recovery from any wound and energy will always be replenished.

  The ring of regeneration is made through a process of having a ring on your finger and the focus of the power of your choice. Now focus the power through the saying of these words while focused at the ring itself "I wish, I know, and I see it shown that the ring I bear will now be a ring of regeneration!" Clap three times and the enchantment is done. You will feel a cool breeze or a slight tension and release in the air itself to see the truth that it has worked. Finally, the ring is causing a tingling of some sort and it works nonetheless. What it can do is make a complete recovery of the body no matter what happens to it.

  To enchant a sword is simple as it makes the sword easier to use. Take the sword in hand and say while focusing on it "I now enchant this weapon to do what I need it to do except break even when I don't have a will! I now name this sword {put name here}. Let this be done!" Then clap three times and it will have been done. You will feel a breeze in the air or a tension release to get the feeling that it worked. Now focus while thinking on the blade and making a intention of you what you want it to do and it will do it. This intention will be made by imagination, focus of thought or holding it while focusing through it.

  Asper cream is the everyday skin cream, Oil of Olay or Asper tree bark made into cream that regenerates the skin through charging by mind. This is simple, Hum and hold the container of skin cream and imagine energy passing from four fingers to the thumb while holding the skin cream container. Do this while thinking regeneration for ten minutes or until you feel that you have to go on and that you shouldn't go on with it as in any uneasy feeling comes about.

  A Ring of Conquest is a ring that lends itself to war. To make a ring of conquest get a ring and think to the ring while stating out loud. "Give me aid in battle of any sort through the method best used. I will, I wish and I want that this ring I wear be a ring of conquest!" You should feel the icy coldness flood through the ring into you hand. Then it is done.

  To make a source stone there two different methods. The atleantian method and the water method. Use this spell near the object for the atleantian method say or think "polyng" (pole-why-ng) source make makes the target into a source of energy also a nature that can be anything. For the gemstones or other stones method called the water method.

  Water method is to run the stone under water while saying or thinking "make source" or "maisorc" (mah-eye-source) and its done. This water method can be used with any stone or gemstone, and it worked if its lightened. After the source object is made, think at it to get the object to do things. It needs to be told or thought at "don't be used by others and alert me on the attempt" then you may be safe that it won't betray you.

  Power sources are created by the statement "puapolyng" (pue-lah-pole-lye-ng) to make a power energy source out of any object. Another way is to run water over the rock or stone and say or think "make powerstone" or "maipuamass" (may-wip-pue-wah-mass) for the same meaning of the words in english. Once created tell the object to "don't be used by others except myself".

  D-cells are an intricate source of destructions that collect from destructions of an area. Any rife is collected into the object and made safe to use. This can also trap deaths to get a useful source. Now to the how of the energy recovery that allows for the d-cell to recover energy. To use the d-cell try to feel death or percieve the destruction and the d-cell will draw energy from the destruction. It can activate on an instant though. What you need is an object, crystal or person. Three candles in a circular triangle. 1. Light the candles and put the object or person within. 2. State over the object or near the person with purpose to affect the targ "MaiD-Cell" (Mae-iD Cell) or "make d-cell". 3. "Make me invisible those that seek." 4. Clap 3 times. Then its finished. There is a short method and that is hold the item then state "make d-cell". Feel the item become a energy cell and let go.

   The E-cell collects all sorts of energy as an act is done. So to use one focus the item to activate it in an area and it pulls the excess energy into it for use as a source. Now the E-cell can be made from any item including crystal, stone or other. What you need is a candle other than red and the object. 1. Light the candle and hold the object. 2. State over or think of object and state "maiE-Cell" (make-eye-Eh Cell) or "make an E-cell". 3. "Make me unseen to those of the event." 4. Then say "mote it be!" clap three times. That finishes it and yet theirs a quick way to do it. Hold object and say over it "make E-cell", Feel the object absorb energy of desire as you think on the event.

  The ring world effect is to set a pocket dream world into an object and isn't as the ring movie as in the movie effect of horror of a trapped nightmare people died from with an observance, but can be used as an enchantment to else or as a pocket world. The ring effect setting is able to save your life or allow you to see a dream for evaluation. The way to enter your world is how you say or want, and whom you want to enter is up to you. The ring world effect is really how the area of your dreams are or desire is unless set up by other persons. So make it for yourself and it might appear as a "furcadia" of your mind as desire, for the effect of the enviromental control factor. The setup could be anyway you want as you set the rules upon necessity and unset them too. An easy way for entry is to twirl your ring or play the tape you adapted by this enchantment.

  For an insecure area, you can write what people do for enertainment or pure safety. One thing if you control people then be prepared if finding their destructive side on finding out. I have mine set for a door entry that I make appear, for those who want to go but not to destroy me and to leave is their will or desire that is fueled by emotional release. This includes any material except humans to "imprint". To do the ring effect is to say with intent and remembering the dream or nightmare at least partially. Set a world by thinking or feeling the emotion to reflect or try to see the nightmare or dream as you say the powerwords: "imprint ring fx", "imprint (the idea I have) fx", "imprinted fx" or "imprint sonnet fx" or "done fx" and touch the object or teletouch the object and, there might be a shift of you to there and its set up as the ring world effects that of a, ring formed as containing a world or dimensional pocket acting like a second entry other than the original object.

  Usage is to be safe, with this, so think or state "locked to any but me, if tampered with or the owner gets tampered with to change it" at the item after the moment of setting the area up to your idea or the dream/nightmare you trapped. Another thought is that the other effect of the ring doesn't need to be a nightmare. The idea is to form the ring as you'd want with possible chance of leaving it to anywhere. This anywhere is where the possibilities lay, as in a other world or place of the person that uses the object of the person whom imprinted the dream, or pocket plane or taken their nightmare and "imprinted" it on something. Spend a day to get things to your new object world The other people who use the object will upon setting or decision of yourself get the effect thats set by the emotion. This acts like a maze effect to cause a idea to see possible that was set up by you.

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  The art of metasmithing is fun and dangerous except to a trained practitioner of smithing. When one starts, keep in mind the effect one has in mind that the item will do in effects, and this is at the start and end of the smithing process due to the magic of heat. To imagine what the piece will do, and possibly state the ability to inter at every blow to the metal.

  The process of heat thought transference is possible because of the presence of thought in mind. Because heat is magic, the thoughts of the smith will transfer through it and act as an added ability. What actually occurs is the thought in your mind, if focused enough, at the object being made. Is transferred through heat and impacts, as the smith works with the metal, as an effect through effort and mind. In effect, the smith could inter many enchantments on a single piece of metal being worked. When the piece is formed it is somewhat indestructible. Unless the the same smith who worked it the first time does the resmelting.

  Once the entire process is done one time, the process can be instantly imprinted on any other blade at any time. What can occur this is the energies of the earth via utilization of the lava like heat, can also be interred to be making a greater magical object. This also may be called geomancy. The ability to call on earth to effect and manipulate volcanic lava at will. This allows for wild magick manipulation.

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Revealing spell

  The revealing spell is part hypnotism and the rest allusion. How to do it? Focus your mind on the person or an item of the person. Then you focus energy into the person while thinking or saying "Place this person in my mind in a revealing trance. May said person reveal his secrets to me!" Saying that will make the target to reveal anything you'd want. This is the revealing spell. You can protect from this spell.

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Song magic

    Song or Bardic magic is the intention of mind, the directing of a little outside energy to the task with an untainted source and the repetition of words in a song in any pattern. What works best is to listen to Godsmacks Voodoo Song. Then listen to the songs of which you like and listen to the words. Observe how close your mood and actions are to the song words or melody keeping in mind the title of the song. People become like the songs they hear. Singing a song in battle changes the mood of those who hear it as well as yours. If there is a pattern in the song of words then the crowd will tend to do it if there is an intention in mind, a little energy drawn in from the feeling of the song as you or anyone else listening to it, and allow for the music to work through their minds as you direct it. The trick is to try to make it very harmonious to your own mind and use your instinct. I guess this could be called spellsong.

   You can destroy any enchantment cast against you by taking a different approach. Use of discordant chords in a harmonious song pattern of pure rhythm will direction your mind focus to disrupt the spell you think is in effect to destroy the effect. At the end of the song allow for the effect to occur by feeding into it your own feelings. I remove my headaches in this manner.

  Healing a person is simply a matter of using songs of pure rhythmic beats that reflect the heart or pattern of problem. Making the song more effective than just listening to it you can reflect on the problems or memories that it evokes. This causes the process of healing to speed up.   When you think about healing while listening to song that reflects the feelings that are having it happens within days.

  Harmonies have a power of their own making. When a person uses harmonies in the correct way by blending the different streams in a harmonic pattern they can control someone. If a person is in a bad mood Sing or use the radio or a computer playback of a song and have the intention to make the person come to match the mood of the song. The song must be a sad song. Then change the song to a happy song and the person will follow. When the song is over think to yourself to end the control over that person of the song. This uses a process called suggestion with vibration of cause by word pitches to change things as it, an area will allow.

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  Force craft is the act of using force of chi with imagination or words to direct the spell. To do force craft focus your energies and feel while stating the intent you want to happen or use imagination to make the energy happen to do what you want. Then wait for the event to happen or manifest. Force craft is really fun.

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Ritual magics

  The Ritualistic magics are based on this theory. The Request of the person, the Actions to take to achieve it, and the thanking of the forces that helped it along to the end. Like for example, a spell could take form of a moment of consideration. The form is
"I take to myself the moment of luck in the form of winning the lottery without losing my luck in the process. I thank thy of the helpers that make it happen."

  There be a new form of magic ritual practiced by some that I have changed a little. It goes like this:

  The event one wants to happen, the event advanced by an event one wants to happen, and the final event that one wants to happen in the series of events as a summary of the events..

  An Example: "I want to survive, I want to live better, I want to have a better life without those mistakes with remembrance of the eventful lessons."

   This is said with the feeling of the need and desire that spurred the need of the spell. The power for it comes from you. Allowance is necessary to let it occur as a gradual shift in your minds eye. When it happens, there will be a flash of light and electricity will brown out a little like a dimming of the lights and things will set.

  The rare long form of a spell is the identity of the force that will be used to make it happen, the Request, the way of achieving it, and the thanking of the identity first, then the others that have helped it along.

An example is in the wiccan faith:
This is an example of a prayer of protection for the day from the goddess and god of the wiccan faith.
"Goddess within me, Goddess of the earth wind and fire, Protect me as I go through this day so I don't have anything bad happen to me, Thank you for listening to me great goddess and god."

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Candle magick

  Candle magick is magic using candles of many colors. The colors attract many things associated with that color.

The colors are thus:

 Different shades of the color is different things as well. Like light colors are happy and positive colors, where dark colors are sad feelings mixed with the color.
  White is color of purity and trust with innocence. Air is clear white.
  Yellow is happiness and enjoyment is light yellow, a life source of sunlight.
  Black is peacefulness, nothingness and space. So black dark brown and dark blue is probably set for ugliness and hate coloration. Black dark brown is for winery and wine or alcohol need.
  Pink is white that is purity, red is passion and strength and this means pink is passion of love.
  Purple is blue that is emotion and red is initiative, passion and power making royalty or occult.
  Red is initiative, passion and power. This is a life source color using fire.
  Dark red is where red is because it is power, passion and strength and black, because black is nothing, but when evil intent or the destructive power of red is combined with black. Then the two can be used for violence and mistrust if intended as such. So dark red as in a fireball and black are colors that can be used together to symbolize this. Fire destroys, and black is the lack of trust because it is symbolic of emptiness so red and black are violent intent with mistrust.
  Blue is emotion, water, the life source. Sky blue is sometimes calming.
  Green is healing.
  Grey is therapeutic quality.
  Orange is motivation, initiative, strength and courage. Orange is the most powerful life source color.
  Brown is nature with all the qualities of Earth.

Further idea is:

  Red is for love, blood, and violent related spells. When doing a ritual with the colors of that choice always use three candles. To use red, binds the person into the spell. Useful for retribution, as you feel the attack, yet feel the death.

  Pink candles are for love and attraction related spells Use them in twos.

  Blue colored candles are for luck, friendship, association, and water related spells. When using for water related, have a bowl of water nearby.

  Green is for money, luck, and prosperity spells. Use two or more for some rituals.

  Violet or purple candles can be used for prophesy chaos, and fate spells. For fate spells only, use candles to represent the three fates.

  Gold candles are used for money, luck attraction, and prosperity spells. For luck spells, use three or your lucky number as the number of candles needed.

   Use orange candles for fire spells. The more candles, the larger the fire effect.

   Brown candles are for hiding, concealment, stealth, and earth spells. The number of candles used, the higher the effect you can get achieved.

   White is used for divining, purification, and white power spells. The more candles of white coloration, the greater the effect.

   Black candles are for magick. Use these candles to draw magick for any ritual. The more candles, the more the effect.

   Purple candles are for passion. Use these candles for passionate spells. Only three purple candles are required.

  Use any colors of candles together that strengthen each other. If the balance of effects are unbalanced and negating of each other , find a mutual color that works with both. If no candles, then imagine the candles where you want them. Arranged as you want and in the right number of each color needed. Imagine them lit if you need them that way.

  A ritual of attraction is to have 2 pink candles, one mirror of any size, and a pink quartz pendant.

  To start this ritual, place the mirror in the center, the candles on both sides of the mirror, and the pendant right in front of the mirror. Light the candles and repeat these words while looking at yourself:

  "I am [your name here]":
  "I will attract my mate today."
  "I am attractive to my mate."
  "My mate is attractive to me
  "My mate I will to come find me!"

  Now, say thanks to the fire sprites and blow out the candles. Wear the amulet that was near the mirror for the attraction spell to attract the mate of your life more effectively. Do this ritual at night and in the morning with the same pendant of rose quartz every day until it happens.

  Another ritual of attraction to attract a boyfriend.

  The same materials as the first attraction spell are needed. To set things up place the mirror in the center, the two candles on both sides of the mirror, and the pendent of rose quartz in front of the mirror. While looking at yourself, say these words:

  "I am attractive."
  "[The boyfriend or girlfriend's name here] is attractive to me."
  "I am attractive to [boyfriend or girlfriend name here]"
  "Let us be mutual friends and know each other better."
  "Let the chemistry be right between us and to never fall out of love because of it!"

  When this is done, say the phrases three times and never regret the result. Blow out the candles after thanking the fire sprites. Wear the amulet to have more effect towards the one you want to attract afterward. Do this at night and in the morning.

  A fate spell:

  Do this at night! You need three purple candles, a picture of the person, an amethyst pendant or wristband, and salt or chalk. Draw or sprinkle salt in a large triangular shape on an altar or tabletop. Place the three candles at the corners of the triangle to represent the three faces of fate. Wear the wristband or amulet of amethyst. Place the picture of the person on the table within the triangle. Say these words:

  "May the three faces of fate reveal to me the fate of the person in the picture!"
  "Reveal to me the way I must be near this person to allow him and me to suceed in our causes!"
  "Show me when I must act or interceed!"

  Now allow the images to come to your mind by relaxing it and thinking "show me the images" while wearing the amethyst stone. When the images stop coming, Say,"I thank thee fate for showing me the way!". Now, thank the fire sprites and blow out the candles. Now rest and you may receive dreams of the future. The key to this ritual is to charge with the spell the amethyst and to guide the ritual to the knowledge or fate you need to know through the words of the ritual.

  A good prosperity and money drawing spell:

  Materials needed are three or your lucky number of gold or green candles, candle stands for the candles, and salt. To set the stage just sprinkle salt in a pattern of a star that is 6 pointed on the ground. Place three of the candles in this order: one at the point of the star directly in front of you. The other two to complete a triangular pattern from the first candle. The rest in a circular pattern surrounding yourself and the star. Light all the candles. Now say these words while thinking them:

  "This lucky star will draw me luck!"
  "Thus prosperity will come upon me!"
  "May this effect be persuant throughout my days as a guardian renewed by the moon phase!"

  Put out the candles one by one. Thank the fire sprites. Now rest easy that you have luck and prosperity.

  A concealment spell:

This spell can conceal anything you don't want to have seen. The materials: Three brown candles, A pendant of your choice, and candle holders. To set up the stage, place the pendant somewhere on you or near you. Place the three candles around the pendant and around you in a triangular pattern. Light the candles. Say these words or think them:

  "May the pendant that I chose hold the power to conceal at will."
  "May the things that I need concealed, be concealed by the power I wield."
  "When I will, may the pendant I chose do the same and be able to unconceal at will!"

  When this is said, there will be a light wind and then put out the candles. Thank the fire sprites. Now, when you want an item concealed, just will through the amulet to be concealed and it will be concealed.

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2-part spell

  The 2-part spell gets its name from the hanging spell nature of it. You hang the spell when done with it and right before the manifestation of it. Allow it to occur by releasing the effect any time you need it to occur. When your casting a spell and are at the phase where it is manifesting itself through your actions, thoughts, or words think "hang" and let it stay that way until the moment of when you need it in its potency. Then, allow the effect to fully manifest. It would be as if you did it in a matter of microseconds. The other thing you can do is allow someone else to complete the spell by you "allowing" the hang to be linked to your person that will complete it. There is a way to make a delayed blast fireball. Cast it until the effect moment and "hang" that moment in your mind before the blast. Then think "time equals [amount of moments here] which affects the delayed spell." After this, run out of range of the spell. Set a lightning spell to occur itself after you leave the room against a great army that may be camped there. When it goes off, it will go through everyone if you make it powerful enough and the war is shortened. To make a spell trap using the 2-part spell is simple, set a spell to "unhang" after an unwanted person enters. Make it worse by having it self-remaking. Do it by looping the spell effect after it is set off to when it was hung. You could make the spell trap out of any spell. Think "allow me to move you hung spell" to the hung spell to move it mentally by mental placement. Then move it into an item or near somewhere and think a "set" to set the place mentally.

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Dance magic

  Dancing magics are an art that has been forgotten for generations. True dance is always done with music. Music can be anything from rain pummeling the ground, cats scrawling in the night, and the sort of music that called band music. The art of dancing the runes is the dancing magic. When the art of dancing the runes is enacted it almost always draws a storm. Thus, it is best done during a storm when the raw powers of the electrical storm are most available. How to do it? think of a pattern that will bring you luck and power. This symbol must be meaningful to you as a protection symbol as well. Now, dance that rune out following the pattern in your head. Wielding a little energy to create the flow of energy to occur the moment at hand that is the goal of the dance. The moment you are done feeling the joy of the dance, as the fairies call it, say the wish you would want and the dancing energies raised during the dance of the runes will occur it with protection from negative actions to yourself. Many people just dance for the pattern that forms out of the feeling they have at the moment. When the moment of the dance is finished there will be some sort of disruption. This disruptive event can occur anytime from the moment the dance is done to the time of 6 months from that point. The wish will always happen.

  The other way of dancing magic is slightly different. When the person starts the dance they don't have any idea, in what it be, but they tend to enjoy the dance. They dance out chaotic patterns with feelings of rapture of the power. Allowing a little energy into the dance from themselves. The dance finishes when the person has danced to tiredness or when they decide the dance is done. When it is, make a wish and it could occur or state aloud what you want to happen. Wait at least one minute to a few days for the occurance. If a storm occurs, think to it"capped" to stop the storm from becoming too wild. When there are occurances that are unfamiliar to your thinking it may have been someone inference. Never do this around moving vehicles. Moving have an electromagnetic force built through the car movement that could add any type of surge to the dance. Call this direct magnetic interference. Due to the nature of some spells, the spell in action can end up using this source of wild magic. So spells, other than wild magic spells which use chance as a force, aren't effected. These non wild magic spells are sometimes arbitrarily effected by an increase by a thousand in power or other varied effects.

 There are also ritual dances that are older than humankind. These dances came from the druids and got adapted by the wiccans and various other faiths. One such dance, starts with drumbeats. Then, the prayer dance is occurred at a small crowd focusing on what they truly desire. The dance continues all night long. The small crowd watches the dancers as they dance their feelings of joy at the gods. The wishful focusing of the crowd gathers the energy through the dancers as a focus and makes them occur at some point. This is a druidic ritual called the prayer dance that was adopted by the wiccans and then by other as the prayer dance became accepted. This is one example of ritualistic dances. Can you make some yourself?

  To make a dance portal is simply to focus on the spot of existence and dance feeling the joy of it. Simply dance in the area of your choice of the place you would want to appear in. Dance the sigil of which you think fits the area. Now, while dancing it allow a little energy to leak into the dance from around you or from you. This is called a holding pattern. When you want to appear near that spot of the danced holding pattern. Take to mind to dance the pattern and allow a shift to occur by thaumaturgical property of like transfers to like pattern. It will immediately make you appear at the holding pattern site.

  Warring with dancing magicks are an interesting prospect that makes it fun to war with magick. When starting the dance have the purpose to defend against magic and to allow happen any offensive magicks which may occur itself. Feel the wild magick of the area as you dance. Dance a pattern that changes to presence. Dance a pattern that makes feeling the dance pleasurable to see and feel. When dancing this pattern, feel the edge of battle into it and make it into an instinctive dance. When you are tired, then the enemies are out cold, killed or neutralized.

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Circle magic

  The power of the circle is in this topic. To invoke the power of the circles one must be prepared. Preparation is knowledge and physical mental work. When the power is invoked, it is invoked through the understanding of the circle properties. To the ancients, the power of the circle was completeness. To them, the completeness of the act meant completeness in their lives. They were often times simplistic. Every little action counted for them in their daily lives. If they had missed something, they considered themselves failures. Sometimes death occurred because of it. Most times they learned from the moment of failure and tried to work it out with themselves. To close the circle was completeness to them. To use the top half of a circle meant protection by positive completeness means. Using the lower half of the circle is to invoke protection of yourself through negative means.

  For mages, of today's time the meaning, of the circle has changed. When we think of circle, the meaning is to complete act to the person's sense of completeness on the action we start. Whether or not the action is ever completed doesn't matter because to make the people that observe us think that it is complete has the effect of completing the circle. In fairness to others we try to make the act look as complete as we can. When we look to an action it sometimes ends so quietly we don't realize it. There are such cases to suggest the fact of prophesy, or some future event occurring being predicted by prophets. Prophets sometimes have such subtle prophecy that when it occurs nobody notices. Or, it is mistaken as something else. Like the misconstruing of words to mean something totally different.

  To make rituals based off of circles we must know that when we set a spell into action we can have the spell continue endlessly by looping the end of it to the beginning of it. Until we break the spell circle the circle of the spell will continue. When we consider symbology, the full circle means unending or protection. The half circle means one part of the spell or protection in a direction. When you want you to protect yourself, draw the circle with no bottom half. What this means, is that nothing will touch magical or physical even if the person gets a blow on you. There will be absolutely no damage because the damage done undoes itself. When invoked, it is undetectable by anyone but yourself. To draw the negative circle, or the lower half, is to invoke attack by the physical or energetic focus being sent back to them. When thought about it is invoked. When used in ceremonies of both physical and thought it is very effective. Any object not attuned to the circle and going across the magic circle will break its integrity.

  Whence came the circles of protection. When the wiccan group came into existence they borrowed some old druidic lore and made the circles of protection. The circles of protection will work by will and some sorta drawing in completeness around you. The circles don't have to be perfect. Just think the meaning that you'd want for the circle with the added thought that the circle moves with me. Then, transform in your mind the meaning into energy. Now, draw with an energized item in your hand or you r finger the circle around you using the energy of the transformed mind meaning. Due note: some special effect may occur by acknowledgment of the still tension in the air after drawing it. Use that affect to be part of the ritual for which you needed protection. Then, after doing the act of ritual, Dismiss the ritual in your mind and scuff the physically drawn mark.

  There is such a thing as circles drawn from the negative source. Otherwise called circles of pretension. They are drawn the exact same way except with negative impact through negative thought. Either on yourself , or on someone near you. If interference in a spell or ritual is accomplished the interferer will end up either dead or unconscious. If no interference, then it will draw the attacks to you. The interferer could even be yourself having a clouded or hidden mind.

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Sex magic

 Sex magic is a fun art that so few people know about. It can when used correctly enlighten the passion of a marriage. All it takes is belief and allowance for the undefined to occur. The necessary materials: Two gemstones or favorite necklaces. It has to be agreed upon jewelry with some sort of idea. Most notably pink quartz, also known as love stone. When in bed have the pink stone under the bed mattress. Now think connection and enhancement to the mind of your minds while at the same time of having sex to the stones under the bed. If it works there will be a psychic connection at the greatest moment of orgasm in the sex act and no bad thinking of the other afterward. Your mind and the sex partner's mind will bond at that moment. Every time afterwards, it will always be a enlightened moment of sex with the stone nearby. When the partner is in trouble, a psychic link will connect you to the moment and there will be a perceived image marked by a headache and red haze. This link to your partner will be forged stronger when the sex act is repeated with the pink quartz in mind. After a day to a week later, wear the quartz.

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Neutral magic

  Neutral magic, or the magic of the mind, are the strongest magics there are. People who can do this are sorcerers or sorceresses and maguses. In this field of study are the magic of the druids. The magic of this type need no materials. Except maybe a focus of a crystal necklace of some sort to make an ease of spelling. I would suggest the sun stone for positive people and the black colored onyx for evil people, driven people, and people seeking protection from destructive urges. What the sun stone will do is cause positive events to come to you and and ability to absorb energy increasing life possibility. What the onyx will do is take away the destructive urges and feelings. It will leave a driving desire to do productive things. If worn constantly it will make the welder reflective to the spells cast against you. The main thing to remember about neutral magic is that what energy you put into it there will always be a triple result back of the events of a act of magic. The less energy used the more powerful the event and the more time it takes to achieve it.

  When a person is casting a work of magic with this method then he would begin by taking an alternative energy source. The subconscious is a perfect tool to use to make things happen instantaneously. Then there is the sun source. Which is used by thinking of a child's drawing of a sun and yourself as a stick figure and drawing a line from you to the sun in your mind. This need only be done once to be effective. Due note: this is akin to the channeling method. For after a week the person does this will be able to weave it as a source. After a few weeks the body should be recharged and then the next step. Taking and making it work for you by visualization of what you would want to happen. Let your mind work for you to manipulate the event into occurance. Called the wish factor, one can make a symbiotic effect by stating aloud what you want and then an echo effect will occur by the action occurring. One never knows what will happen doing this. It is said by casting a spell one is casting fate to the wind. One won't know what will happen until one recognizes the event in front of said person as his.

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Dragon magick

  Dragon magicks start with a transformation into energy of yourself. To do this, you must be willing to accept the loss of your body as you will gain something more. This transformation infuses your entire being with energy of the stars. At the end of it you will suffer a little agony but whence into true energy form, you can transform into almost anything you will at your own will any time of day.

  To focus on an idea will make it occur, even easier, as to see a instance of the picture in your mind can transform you to it or cause you to experience it. For this we can use the sun. The thing is: we usually connect to the sun's energy for a purpose thats based on intention and the sun's energy feeds off that. There is no way you can connect to sun's energy without a purpose. So to believe that when we connect to the sun's energy, it knows of what we want and does it automatically without us trying to do something. Just like dragon tranformation. When some are connected to it, those few had intention of becoming a dragon, so a sun's energy knew that and already started transforming their body without themselves willing themselves to dragon form in front of a pic. To will yourself into a dragon's form in front of a pic only causes it the idea to be strengthened and occur the transformation faster. So if they will themselves, they will affirm the sun's energy goal. When the affirmation is there an any blocks in their mind will disappear. Know, that it doesn't always occur so keep it in perspective.

  Start with a little imagination of a child's drawing. Imagine you as a stick figure. Imagine the sun as a circle with spikes jutting out from it. Now, imagine a line connecting you and the sun. Done as quickly as that and quite effortless it is still effective. At the end of a few weeks, the energy of the sun should have changed your body from within to energy in completeness with your body holding its form. Now the excruciating part is accepting the fact that you've given up your body for eternity. Afterwards, the powers of a dragon are easy to gain. Just focus on the picture of a dragon and will yourself to be that form. If you have any actual mental handicaps, then it gets more difficult to allow the shift. To get over these handicaps just say in a meditative trance "transform me no matter my handicaps by breaking them down one at a time" while willing the transformation into dragon. What this will do is make every one of your handicaps disappear one at a time and without you realizing it. Your mental handicaps will fall away and you will become mentally stronger with physical strength to occur from that mental strength.

  The more personalities you have, the more heads you'll have. A multiple personality psychiatrist patient will have at least 3 heads in dragon form. The color and type of the dragon you become will reflect of the alignment you hold. If you are evil in nature, the color is black. Never trust what they say. They can always be bought if the price is right. The deals you make with one are fraught with peril. If you are good, the color is gold. The purpose of these people are to be positive and enterprising. Always to keep balance in mind. They are prideful intellects. If your color is white then your an extreme good. These people will act good until jealous. Then they will be evil and follow the jealous desires to disastrous ends. They are easily blinded by emotion. The color green is the color of envy. Once they find out about the things they don't have they will try to enviously disrupt the possessors to destroy them for it. Their tools are fear, emotion, ambition, envy and manipulation. If you have no alignment, the color is multiple colors, meaning the color of everything.

  This means you have no morality. Another name is the chaos dragon. The color of pink is reflective of one who loves everybody. They will go out of their way to help lovers and cause love. They are true councilors. Gemstone dragons exist as well. They are the diamond dragons that are neutral evil and sharp witted in nature. They always try to reveal the light of the moment. The ruby dragon is a true neutral being that exist to always improve. They have an ability to make gemstones out of nothing and are intellectuals. The emerald dragons try to be neutral good. They are curious in nature and make improvements to life around them. The alignments in between, have different shades of these colors. As people will change in understanding and age, so will the color of their scales or gemstone colors.

  Yet be wary, the fact being is dragons are vain when young. You are that young dragon. Thus the second mental idea is strength can count too much. Thus, with that thought in mind, the spiritual effort you do to accomplish things will only make you cocky as the tasks get easier and easier with the spurts of strength getting easier to accomplish. This rule applies; cocky, stupid, vain, and dead. If one gets too cocky the effect is of stupidity which raises vanity because one gets away with it and causes death because someone gets tired of it. If one succeeds too often, then some people might get upset and causes your death in some manner. So, never get too cocky. Dragons on an average can get bored as well.

  The magic of the dragon consists of more powerful variety of human spells. If you were of mage level, then you would be catapulted to magus level. The effort of just thinking about focusing power on your little finger to move a mountain is very interesting. Emotion and music only increases the effect of that type of power. They break down into four primary types; Death magic, Fire magics, Life magics, and the physical manifestation of power represented by raw force of their being.

  Death magics are the manifested and focused force of the dragons will to kill. When roused by anger or when calmly raised by the dragons' focused will, the dragon can manipulate the death force to make any type of effect to any degree for the effect to occur. When enchanted upon a blade or item, it becomes a fact of living death to whom the wielder of that item wields it against. The smaller the focus, the more difficult the enchantment or physical effect.

  Fire magics to a dragon is similar to the death magics except when the fire manipulation skill is used, it comes from their will to use wild magic for destructiveness which manifests itself by wild fire. When used, nothing can resist a dragons' destructive usage of it. It can be used for manipulation of people through passion, love. hate, or any other emotion. It can be used for direct or far reaching destructive fire-based spells that make mage fire spells look paltry by comparison. Through it, the dragon can heal people with it as well because people have fire of feelings, fire of thought, and the fire of pain. The fire manipulation ability can make people or items and change either to what they desire. Wild fire can also cleanse any source, item or thing in existence. Wild fire is in everything.

  Life magics to a dragon can be considered very good to be around. It is their nature to live because they are just pure magic in a form that they chose after birth. They can change this form anytime they want to. The startling thing is that they can grant at will a little of that life to another without missing it. If the dragon was moved by something they watched a person do, they will grant that person a little of that force to help them along. The ability stems to; knowledge of everything about them. Raising without any penalties by taxation to the body through resurrection, the ability to mold the body as if the body were nothing but energy, to know a person inside out without knowing him, to manipulate and heal a mind or body without any scars, an ability of being like other people or to have an idea of a peoples culture by the study of the things around them through the metaphysical property of affinity and long memory, and an ability to restore any object by force of will.

  Dragons live a long, long time. So, they have patience enough to study the civilizations around them. Once one of them, you must realize that the perfect score is not always something to shoot for. Thus, the motion of being a being of wild magic is to have responsibility of your actions. Keep careful accounts and no anger that hasn't been accounted for. The key to survival is manipulation of the tools around you. If you destroy your tools, where would your work be then? When a dragon uses life magic, it is a full fledged effect on the friends of that person of a bolstered strength. This is a strength of the mind, of the heart, and of the body.

  The physical manifestation of raw force applies to the mood of the dragon. When the dragon is hungered, it will use either wild fire or death magick to accomplish the fact of the hunger being satisfied. The physical manifestation of raw force for lust is wild fire. The physical manifestation for an attack on the dragon is death magick in return. The effect of death magick is the utter destruction of the body, mind, soul, and unity of the being. When it is seen, it looks like the attacker disappears or melts into nothingness. If one is in a good mood, it will restore a place or person of existence. It will stop a destructive act that could destroy many through unseen manifested life magick if it cares an of for it.

  The other abilities of the dragon is to be able to regenerate. They have an ability to make enchanted items at will. Their bodies can shift at will. If energy is used at them, they absorb the energy. Raw forces are at their beck and call. The ideal of dragon charm is true, this is where the person cannot resist what the dragon says and must do as they say. In human form, dragons get away with a lot of risky stuff that most people couldn't get away with. When talked to, they usually can talk or charm anybody into anything. Dragon fear is another name for this. The mental abilities are very great as they seem to have about ten mental abilities as I recall. I can name a few of them: telepathy, telekinesis, sharing of thoughts, prescience, temporal control ability, temperature control by mental force, ability to manipulate outside forces. Cloning of one's body by will alone, the ability of mind control, and the accelerated absorption of energies.

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Collision Magic

  The energy of supercollision can create a release that creates things that you think or what you don't know to come through, then as a black hole is caused by subparticles that are smaller than normal particles to the depths of space or otherwise the bottomless pit. What is nearby that you think to go though is gone through such is not for objects to survive unless the creator manages to fix the item by us thinking the item near is fixed. This uses magnetics to work or create light energy propulsion or directed light energy that is by light focus. This is to use if you are aware as you know of the point.


  Conjuring is the act of summoning items and people in general to you or anywhere else you would want. When the conjurer does the act of conjuring is you know or think then the point xpressed is to control, so try to make a circle or imagine a cirlce of protective glowing color of power to provide protection I think so you have protection from meddling minds and evil natures. Or as an alternative, think and visualize a gray wall that pushes meddling thoughts and evil natures away from you by causing them to not sensing you. When you are protected from meddling and the evil that could be drawn by the act of conjuring, think to yourself the object in mind that you would want. Now imagine that item or object in your hand or on the ground near you. Pull the item mentally by imagining a powerful flow through the link of your needing the object using the knowledge of where it is. Draw on a piece of paper an arrow of the direction of the flow that could be from the object to you in meaning. Say out loud "Come to me object of my desire to where I need you the most". Now, imagine the object appearing where you want it to be and that would be the place of the object. Just keep imagining the energy flow and feel the power pulling through the flow pulling the object to you. When you feel the moment is right, let go of the energy and the item should appear sometime. Then, cancel out the circle of protection or imagine the gray wall disappearing as you no longer need the protection. This will work no matter what you do so be prepared to wait a period of time unless you put power behind it to make it work faster. The last time I did this the time period was twenty minutes of waiting until it appeared.

  Conjuring elemental energies is simple but takes focus. Take in mind the focus of energies of the elemental power of choice. Now, find a focus for the elemental power. These are general descriptions on gemstones: diamond or clear quartz is good for drawing ice or cold energies and if trained, the diamond or clear quartz can do anything else. A ruby is good for fire energies. A piece of copper or semiconductor material is good for electrical energies. Poisonous and bad effects can be made to happen with a black diamond. Good events, healing, and the trapping of energetical spells by thorough focus can be occurred through sunstone and aegate. Onyx or black quartz can be used for deflecting spells, negation, absorption of negative energies, and capturing of spells. Holey stone or a piece of meteorite can be used for healing, protection, and to enhance psychism. Conjuring can be aided by the birth stone of your birth month. Clear quartz can be used for anything.

  Conjuring takes endless practice. I took five hours of sheer focus to make my first fireball. Afterwards, it took less time the more I practiced it. When you can summon the fireball within milliseconds of thinking about it or just by instinct then you would win a spell battle. The bigger the summoning, the less refining and power it takes to do it with. Usage of the rule bigger slower smaller faster makes the summoning more powerful the less size it has. And the smaller you try to make the summoning the more power it takes. The larger the summoning the lesser the power it takes with less mental defining in your head. This works with any elemental power base. With poison, care must be taken because when you yield the power of poison there could be poisoning of yourself and mind.

NOTE**** To charge any stone or object: Go into Alpha state by meditation. Once in Alpha, hold the stone or object in our "projecting hand" (right for right handers, left for left handers or those who were supposed to be left handed, but were "changed" by parents) visualize your need, raise your personal power, tighten your muscles until you actually tremble, *push* the energy out of your body (while visualizing your need) and into the stone or object. Then say, "I charge this stone (or object) to catalyze my every thought and deed by my will. Correctly and for the good of all. So mote it be."

  The law of energy conservation is truthfully a very good rule to use with conjuring. This rule is that power is never wasted. It only flows from one form to another. An example is a heating device: When electricity flows into the heating coils, heat is generated by the passing of energy through the heating coils. Thus, there is no waste of energy and the rule of energy conservation is shown to be true by the conversion of electricity to heat though no waste of energy is ever to happen. To use this in an act of conjuration is but to apply it by gaining back that converted energy of the elements to your use again through the looping of it to yourself through some sort of filter after usage. Thusly, the effect is to have conjured something to effect something else. To never lose energy by it becoming tired in the process of energy loss when a spell is cast. To loose energy is to become tired. That can kill you in a spellfight. The actual doing of this act is to cast the spell and pull the energy back into yourself through a filter of some sort stripping of the charge you gave it by the act of conjuring after its effect is done.

  Chaos is another part of conjuring. Chaos is the ultimate energy conservatist. From chaos of some sort, comes energy. The more energy one uses the more decay that happens in an area. Don't call chaos until you absolutely need it. Whence a spell is cast and purpose is done, the energy goes back to chaos and erases its traces from anyone's mind. To order chaos is to make organization of energy to a purpose. That purpose is a task that the energy through manipulation of mind or machinery uses it for. For humans to make that energy it must be either generated by a energy generator or coaxed into being to accomplish something somewhere by a spell act. To conjure with it, one must focus a stream of musical energy through actions and words of focus. Through that focus, one must condition the energy stream to accomplish the ultimate goal of what one wants from the act of the magic. To conjure a ball of light to appear anywhere you'd want, just imagine a ball of light where you'd want it be.
Say the words "light come forth" in a very strong voice of command or visualize yourself saying these words. Now, focus and draw on the astral plane energies to create that ball of light until it makes itself visible to everyone else at the brightness of your choice. Now, loop the ball of light in your mind. From a few minutes after the ball of light appears to moments before when you achieve that brightness. The ball of light now becomes an undying force until you unwill it to exist. Now, color the ball of light in your mind and that color is rayed out to everyone or anything that light touches. Imagine the light to appear red and red light will shine forth. I personally like the black light color as it can imbue you or the people around you with black light vision. The ball of light remains unseen as well.

  To make black lightning, or the lightning of decay wield the power of the negative force. The negative force is the most powerful force of the elements meaning that it is chaos. It has the effect of absorbing any other energy source to accomplish its purpose. With the power of the negative force you can undo any event. Erase a being from existence. Or cause decay of protections of anything in existence. All it needs is a focus of mind and some sort of act to conjure it forth. Wield with the need to destroy or get revenge to yield this properly.

  So people say "to decay the backbone from a human being is to truly defeat that human". To decay someone's will to live is to cause him to fling himself in front of a blow with no will to live. Effectively killing him. One must be aware that you need at least one good luck charm or wear black onyx or quartz to ward off any negativity that you may have caused. Once started by you the caster, you must also end it in the same manner as it came about because negativity can multiply on those around the victim without control or surcease. Its like an uncontrolled nuclear reaction where it can go to huge extremes of power in seconds of a moment and cause explosion. When you start to cast black lightning, focus through the onyx or black quartz stone a little negative energy and form it to your destructive purposes. Whence formed, cast it forth through throwing your middle two fingers out toward the victim and feel no remorse as the lightning will never appear. The effects will be to cause confusion on the enemy, rapid decay of the body, and mind death through the effects of body decay and panic caused by the confusion.

  The combined effect will kill the mind because it will not be able to handle the effects and kill itself through overcompensation. An example of this is to cause black lightning from chaos and throw it at someone. When that happens, the victim will stumble and in overcompensation that occurs an of the body will cause collapse of the body and the deteriative effects will eventually kill the mind. If one permanently wants to kill someone, do black lightning at them. It will spread to other people at your direction. When you want the effect to end, will the effect of black energy to end. Do this because of the effect of chaos being called by will or conjuring ends through a will.

  Less obvious effects of black energy are to control someone or something even after death. To do this, summon the energy of chaotic negativity. Then, form its purpose through imagining control of the victim and release the black energy in an invisible form to affect the person at will. Have no morality with this energy or it could control you. Be wary of people who use this as they can become unpredictable. As the energy respects your frame of mind and conforms your mood to allow for the act of manipulation, have a purpose in mind for it to accomplish. To release the victim simply say "I release you from my control whomever I control at this moment". Chaotic energy is best utilized if left unfocused except for the purpose you give it. This allows for the energy to work in a manifold manner. This form of attack is useful for panic victims, people who obsess too much, maniacs, killers, assassins, thieves, and attacking mages. The idea is to control your enemies. To make them do what you want and not what they want to do to you is a key essence of survival.

  The way to foil anyone's well drawn out spell is to cast a black energy lightning bolt at the caster and watch as it controls this spell through usage of it as energy and destroys the caster from within by his use of that energy. It literally eats the persons spell and power as it is negative and they use positive to achieve their goals. Negative energies are fed by positive energies with supplements of more negative energy and positive energies are fed by positive energies. Wield positive energy for constructive purposes and wield negative energies for destructive purposes for best results. You can wield negative energies for constructive purposes and positive energies for destructive purposes but expect mixed results. When a really powerful mage uses black lightning, the mage can literally erase someone from existence.

  Its like they take your life backbone away from you and suddenly you go backwards in life with no handholds to hold onto. The final effect is the victim turns into a child with no memory and dies mysteriously one day. When that happens everything the victim did and everyone the victim had touched is forgotten and has forgotten the victim. Its as if the victim had never been born. This takes months for it to occur or it can take only moments by will of the caster. This effect can take but moments if utilized in a casting to effect the victim in time or space somewhere. This is a disruption spell. It requires patience.

  If you were the victim, to stop the decay of your life, do five very meaningful things for yourself. Each time you successfully do one positive thing for yourself, it will reverse the damages and reserve the memory of your life by one step. It only gets more difficult each step to do positive things every successful step. At the fifth positive event one unifying event will occur. This event will come as a surprise and shape your life meaning with questions of where are you going in life? Are you yourself? Do you know your purpose? Does your purpose align with your life you lead? It will ask different events of you to prove your answers out. The questions will always be different and the decay will end if you prove your character. Your life will once again be whole. The effects of the disruption spell will have been erased. Your memories will have been restored.

  To kill demons by yourself without any help use an adverse black energy spell. To do this spell, just call upon chaos and turn the demons effects by gathering the called power of chaos to your will in an object that does your idea will. Think about making all the demons efforts to kill you to be nullified and turned against the demon. Finally, imagine his source utilized by yourself and break the demons will by capturing the demon's essence for your own purposes. Then, say done and release the energy as a sentry spell with the words "protect me always from demons."In a form of a sphere shape the energy that was made by the efforts of defeating the demon. Now, feel yourself let go of the energy gathered. It should protect you from any demonic attack at any time of the day or night. There is also some energy bursts in you as well because whence the demons will has been shattered along with its conscious mind then the demon's power is given to you by the unturnable demon killing sentry spell that is is only powered by any form of energy.

  Sentry spells are a conjured energy force that makes creating protections easy if anything goes wrong. Realistically, this is the easiest way to gain a protection or servant. It is also always there, goes inactive if unneeded, and will never go away but will change to will who created it. It is a permanence unpermanent protection solution. The way to do this is to make an idea in your mind of the protection you are needing. When the idea is formed, think "this sentry is powered by any power nearby." Now, say out loud " I set this this sentry active for however long it is needed. To become inactive when necessary and to make itself active moments before need occurs for it." The next step is to make an image in your mind of a sentry being of its own source. Then detache the sentry from yourself by imagining it outside your self invisible and undetectable except by yourself. Useful ideas for conjured sentry spells are to have one to douse fires immediately, or to have one to force compliance of any egotistical hateful people to yourself, or to have one that smoothes and gives the excess of anger to yourself from someone else as an extra energy source, or to give yourself extra needed strength when necessary to have like an instant ogre strength spell adapted to you at need, or to give you whatever need in support or otherwise whenever you need it, or to be able to use any magic users ability along with the mage in any given area of focus and finally to have the ability to convince people to do or give anything you need or desire to you. One I was thinking about was to make myself appear as anything necessary to survive the moment. To counter any undirected and directed spells instantly when being in your area is necessarily a very good idea.

   Here is a way for immortality to occur with both positive and negative energies. This is only done through meditation. All it is is the person staying in a lotus position and meditating for 2 hours. They meditate on using the negative energy flow that causes the decay of body to decay the diseases instead. The positive flow of constructive energy is directed to maintaining the body in the form it is in. Allowing for yourself to change slowly in your mind while in meditation is needed to prevent body shock. Thus, the overweight people can lose the weight and the body can gain muscle or other body changes. Still, there is a need for metastasis to be prevented. Metastasis is where the body forms the mind into not learning through habit. The body lives forever and the mind dies of stagnation.

  To keep this from happening allow the body to adapt itself through any actual action that it needs to take to survive. The mind follows or is influenced by the body and makes the mind adapt in like manner through the metaphysical law of affinity. Like manner in the same organism of two different parts that have been molded together through growing up share their natures with themselves as if they were one body. Thus the mind changes itself and learns with the body how to adapt to situations through genious level learning. This prevents metastasis or death of the mind through uncreative and stagnative thought patterns of repetition. At the same time, your body becomes immortal along with the mind. You become a genious through adaptive acuity of focus on situations in any area. and, you learn to think for yourself better.

  The more interesting form of conjuring is soul reawakening of memories. When you want to do this, do it in a quiet area that makes no notice of you being there if you were there. I could remember to one millions years past through my soul. What I couldn't do is understand what some of images spoke until I did a language translation spell. What I found out was that it was english in a very old form of the english language. When the idea struck me funny, I did research. I found in an old national geographic an article on great apes. They spoke english in bursts of a few minutes at a time. They had some quaint beliefs they still have today. One was that tree was a symbol of life and when one died they put the dead body in a tree. This caused rebirth of the soul in their understanding. Want to find out your memories? Want to know yourself a long time ago and remember lost memories?

Try this: sit in meditation in that unobserved place and focus on the thought remembrance. Say to yourself "I will myself to remember the memories of my soul and to have the memories and power of my soul surge through me at the times of my need. The memories will surge without distracting me. So let this be now!" Say this in a commanding voice three times sometime during that meditation. At first this will have no effect, then a few days to a few minutes later something will occur. You'll find you know something that saves your life at a time of dire need. Need in a dangerous situation will always bring a memory of how you survived in a similar situation. The power will come if needed to survive at that moment. The soul has powers that people would think would never have existed. So, never be surprised if an action occurs that surprises you.

  An important ideal is to know yourself by your temperament or learn your behaviors to modify them when necessarily. If you get too unruly to other people by observance of yourself. There is always a way to learn if you refuse to learn. This sometimes happens as the person gets older. Yet, people don't like to admit this to themselves. This happens only after 80 years of age and gets worse as they grow older. There is a way to make yourself not give in to the death that could occur because of unchanging natures by people that got too angry at you. That way is called smoothing the edges of your personality. It consists of doing what you normally do and at the same time observing peoples reactions to your actions. If you notice chagrins or frowns when you walk into a room remember what you just said or did and change that habit with an iron force of will. Do you want to be thrown out of a classroom because someone else didn't like your actions? Do you want to killed because you were too iron fisted? I wouldn't. Nor should you. To keep yourself at least in public at a respectable level you sometimes must change to fit the situation.

  To avoid someone's anger, gainsay a person's anger by using a method not normally used. It is actually a misnomer in conversations called clipping. When you clip, do it only at those angered people and when there angry. Cut them off before their anger rises to punch you out. Get your resentment at them out in the open and explain your reasons as well for why you think they are angered. Then, stop clipping them at that moment you explained to them your reasons. Let them retort with their own reasons and you've learned what they normally would never have explained. Whatever you do, don't get into the habit of clipping. If you clip too much, people never talk to you. If that happens, untrain yourself of it. Now, take their input and change yourself one step at a time to condition yourself to not annoy people by your behavior which angered that group. To win this challenge is to prove to yourself that you can be accepted in groups of people. The idea is to understand how to work with groups of many different types. The ultimate goal is to get accepted back into that group.

  Conjuring Good, Neutral, or Evil Guardians means that you summoned the very powerful guardians which are usually avatars that will shape your life. If you accept what they offer and thank them for it, they may stick around. Call an evil guardian if you are evil in nature. Call a neutral Guardian if you have a firm understanding of neutrality. Call a good guardian if you are good in nature. To call evil say out loud or to yourself while focusing on your nature of yourself "Evil guardian of my life! Come and aid me, come and aid me, come and aid me and I thank thee for coming to my aid!" Now expect some sort of avatar to appear that will you in your moment of trouble. Calling the good is to focus on a good and happy memory. Now say "Come to me O Guardian of Good and aid me, aid me, aid me towards success and I thank you for aiding me!" Calling a Neutral Guardian is like getting a guardian that believes in both with justice in mind. To do it, focus on your knowledge of how evil can balance good and say "I wish for a guardian of Neutrality to aid me in the moment of my need with justice and towards balance of moment. I thee O Avatar of neutrality for coming to my aid." Expect results as to how your guardian sees fit.

  This is also possible for a thunderstorm Ability made, as energy surges and creates te resultive effect by burn mark. As this was the effect originally intended by myself the burn mark, this isis can protect from nothing if compared to effect a disintegration effect. Think by the moment to summon or create by focus with a wish thought, as you feel and use energy in a thought to energy use then your energy is a thought to use to create as you wish or not as you will. Tis is energy as you will in a concept and well or not, you can get as a result energy return as if you think or create with the spirit that flows free. This is the spirit that is energy in the form of a well in the astral dimension. Formed of energy and is energy to thought but not always to your will, that is when you feel and use the intent that you think to create or not.

  This is the point thunderstorm effect I had wrtten a few hundred lives ago. You can make it go to certain places, another special ability if your with the energy is to summon the energy by the touch of a third eye to create the moment. As its like an eye to a natural storm and yet the thunder is actually so chaotic. As this left you in the state you are in, you can create anything as your energy is energy by the effort you think. As if so this is the energy effect, this is an ideal that almost matches what came to or not be at. As to create a point in life, "thought as the point it was originally intended" from is a point in energy as light energy converted to generated electricity.

  Their is energy in things and from things a thought as gateway energy is a possible from, think no gateway and energy gathered is by the airwaves that use charging by sun energy warmth, think and focus creative air radiowaves that you can use as energy and create by a thought to adjust as if fine tuning the variation as fluctuating energy waves are a boost to the signal with focus. As you think change there is change by the thought to seem or become as you think it then it might happen. There is nothing wrong with your body, as it fixes itself as by the energy and nonentity inner energy being. Use by energy is thought in focus with thought, that is a point in time and bad energy dissipates away with cleaning. From use is energy or oterwise your use creates as you intend.
  If you think "can I use it for evil?" if they deserve it comes clear to you or otherwise tinker, with the method and make it your own if you can't get it to work. Think use to the eye as you think as the eye of the storm manifests, from the third eye that creates what created the third eye. As what you decide is how it will go away, wat you don't think by what you think to create with you don't consider. As that is the solution, think resolve and the resolution becomes clear as its usually what causes the were effect by some calamity.
  Think or if your element is fire then you can think the heat and concentrate in the storm the airflow creates with and lightning strikes down. As fire is heat, you can always use the heat flowing thought as you feel the heat and imagine it there. As your thinking of the heat build up, that is a point to use as you focus in a point on the ground. As you consider this, and don't want to control fire. As it only brings destruction and pain. This earth brings life and water brings life, as air brings to life the fire that is from heat and can in focus generate a charge and only will bring death.

  As you think to seem or not in release the heat, as a energy strike to the area and imagine a lightning bolt hit the ground. Think energy in the spot you think to see on the ground or otherwise to hit, and this is as if activated by the focus and feeling by the use. Think to "release energy" or not strike the spot. This is energy released, as in the air as a target as if an unstrike from you as you wish to contact sport. As if you think its possible, although the chances are the storm needs to be as a point.
  Thought form it by the air flow and energy flows as with a thought. So if you try this think "I'll try it next time there is a storm." As a point if too corrupted, from corrupt area nature influences, then you will have a created corruption bolt formed from the area. If you think to just release and had another idea or mini-heart attack, in essence this is energy by a form you can use. As the release of pent up energy is a thought, as you are energy stressed, ye are aware of the circumstances.
  Created step in life to see a release to the energy is to create, a point that releases the body from what protected it from harm too. This is energy and you are holding it in too long, as its meant to freely flow in the area and you are holding what can seem interesting. So use is energy in the idea and thought by use isn't done if you know about the idea beforehand, and are left blinded by desire as your subconscious creates the energy effect. If you don't need the hurt, think let it go and the top of your head can seem as the crown chakra is used or hurts and "not" this as a point now changes it.
  The body adjusting with the crown chakra is te energy adjustment that use is inner fire. This is gone as look and answer and you gnow and you are done, as your body can seem or can see to seem in life. As a concept if the ability is magic use, that is how lightning works. As a lightning idea, think as if that is to summon it in the life or not as you are by "no" in use of life energy. As for now think of an energy, that forms between your finger and thumb. As you imagine it form you create it and feel the idea to shift, as from the finmgers to the target in the form of a colored lightning bolt. Formed from whatever is there, don't use yellow as that disintegrates things.
  Nothing of exploited issue is what happenes and otherwise, if you think not to be effected and protect yourself you won't shock myself. As a point or thought you imagine a thought energy formed, as a color then you won't shock yourself unless electricity. You zap other people, if you think or feel the energy without touching it or you socket zap. Think a ball of lightning for a mana ball effect. Imagine it shooting forth a light beam, that is energy by and feel to create with real energy in the area.
  Think to form general area electricity to the area and imagine it as a formed sphere, and this can create a electrical concept if you resist the urge to go near the socket. Thought created electricity is a thought not to do this on the wrong place. This forms on the area wall, if you think to effect a wall or you are to be safer with the area firesafe plate. Think and you see the result of the electrical generation later, this uses chi energy as your energy generates the charge to the point in time that you don't think except to strike and the energy is chi element life formed to use.
  Then the area will respond, as the place and area is the energy resource or not as the body builds up resistance to the energy your body is immunized and unaffected by a thought is what are electrical area effects. Thus, you can take an electrical charge and pass it to an area that is through the aura and forms a point that ligtning strikes. As the same idea is possible to use a thousand degree heat stovetop, to create a lightning intensity storm as "cadsay stop storming".
  As this can create on a focus zaps to the area flooring, as the flow of energy is directive by feel and focused thought you can as this makes and you do enough as though allot of energy seems to dissipated use. Otherwise ecstaticity, is ecstatic electricity that causes the body to jerk around, thought focus and use of the energy to create an irratic body flow. Thought or not unless needed, as you think an the area is possibly energized. This if felt can cause jerky behavior, as I mean when your leg bucks like a horse and stop otherwise.
  Tis as if a person if focused into a human shape, or mana golem or any element you think to use. This is the most dangerous aspect of "tis" or being, as a unknown and possibly alt or an alternate being suggested into thought. You can create as you will or not if you don't need to, or as well using your own energy thought controlled by your inner energy body and its energy that it was formed from the creator. As tis and will be done so mote it be.

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3rd eye pulling

  How to pull a third eye is a force hand adaptation. When you pull one, the victim loses all magical ability. To do this, i magine a hand and think the name of the victim. Now imagine that hand reaching in and pulling the third eye out with a sucking sound. When you feel that this happens, you know that they did lose their ability. Their memory might be bad, and they lose interest in the idea at hand or magic entirely. It can be restored, however with a restore of of the third eye listed else on the 3rd page. To throw a invisible energy weapon at the third eye will cause it not to work right or blind it, sometimes it will wound it closed. This isn't always effective, as you are energy and energy is what energy can seem useful for nothing in mind nothing in body. To imagine the energy of the area to seem, as if the third eye creates a manifest by what it does and manifested in the area.

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 Magic mouth spell

  The magic mouth spell is the spell that will form a mouth that only the people who would hear it will hear it. This is a blend of imagination and illusion. To accomplish this goal, allow energy to be gathered by imagining a hand pulling energy from the earth like a pump that you handcrank and gain water from. Hand crank the pump until you feel that the energy is enough and imagine a scene in your mind of a mouth forming in an area of desire that you remember. Now mentally speak in that mental picture anything that you would want spoken. If anyone would respond, thus the mental eye would hear it and you could let it respond as necessary. When you want the mouth to disappear, imagine the scene as said mouth disappearing and dismiss the imagined scene in your mind. This acts as changing the focus and then dismissing it entirely.

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 Simulcrum spell

  The Simulcrum spell is the moment of a person sending an exact duplicate image as a stand in for said person not being there. At the same time using a hand of force spell to accomplish said goals of physical touch as well as physically being felt. Mentally, the person's presence is felt while said person is mentally wanting to be felt. Imagine the scene as you would want it to happen at that place you remember with clarity. Feel the energy build up and make use of it by focusing the energy at that place. Now imagine a great energy fist occur at that place which directs the physical manipulations of the Simulcrum as well as acts as the hands. Your mental "presence" is assured by the interactions of the illusion and the hand of energy. Now use your psychic ability and the wish ability to make things happen to complete the Simulcrum. See the event and wish for the correct actions and the correct things said to happen. See your Simulcrum to happen to do these things according to your sight. Now let your third eye control the Simulcrum. Things should go easy until you happen to see your Simulcrum go the wrong path. If so, then wish for the Simulcrum to do the right thing and say the right thing no matter what. To make a Simulcrum disappear dismiss it in mind and pull your energies back into you. The Simulcrum should disappear right afterwards. This is the simulcrum spell.

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Mimic spell

  The mimic spell is a combination of allusion, conjuring, and belief. Allusion is for the mind of yourself to make itself adapt to the situation with the ability of survival for the purpose to yield energy. Conjuring is the component of the spell which draws the forces for the mind to use. Belief is for the mind to allow for the use of the energy conjured without hampering it. The combined effect is the mimic spell using allusion of focus, conjuring the power, and belief to allow for the effect on yourself. The effect of the mimic spell is pure chaos. It forces the target, which is the attacker, to become confused and the attacker thinks you are the attacker. The attacker won't attack, being confused, but you will. This can be affective for years.

  Focus your mind on the feeling of being persecuted. Make a mark in the air that is a half-circle downwards. This mark means that you are reflecting every psychic blow and all else towards the the persecutor that you feel was damaging to you. Now, allow your mind to link upon and through the feeling that you feel is persecution of yourself. This next step is important, as it defines the spell. Allow yourself to make exact duplication of what you think the persecutor was doing. Repeat the actions, with the thought I am directing these thoughts to you, persecutor. Make the moment count, by having it, as your intention.. Your mind will respond by allowing the energy to be conjured with the moment of belief through allusion to bring the moment to bear on that person. Making it very impossible to ignore the events and the persecutor will stop and do the things to himself or herself. The final result is absolute chaos of the mind and destruction of said persecutor's sanity. Said persecutor will have killed him/her self by the time of the last event reenactment that he/her did to persecute you.

  This is the spell in a nutshell. When you feel persecuted by someone or something, drawing the symbol will deflect all negative forces and what the persecutor will do to try to stop the spell. They will try to stop you from doing it and kill you at the same time when they catch on. So, drawing that symbol of the downward half-circle will be a protective spell that turns out to be your life saving device. Thus, you the persecuted, will find yourself through feeling and alluding to a link the strength to kill your persecutor through a need to survive. Survival need will make the force be conjured and the repeating of action by imagination or physical action of some sort through the felt link of the persecution already done to you will make him feel it and he will repeat those actions. When the persecutor now turned persecuted, dies or has his/her actions repeated until he/her turns insane. The hurt feelings you have will disappear and you will be healed. This is the most effective revenge spell ever made.

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Copy and Imitation spell

  The copy and imitation spell is the act of Focus of Mind with Affinity of Structure to create another copy of the object. The way of it is to have an object in mind and in front of you. Imagine the object in your mind. Now visualize the object with another object of the same type and shape right beside it. This will enact the affinity of structure by focus of will. Now channel from yourself and around you energy into the second object in your mind. Do this by reaching inside yourself and around you. with a mental hand. Feel the energy flow from the hand go into the second object. Now mentally think "I will into existence the object I give life to! Now exist for me with the ability to copy yourself endlessly. If needed I can make this happen. Thank you for existing." Imagine the second object right beside the first and energy streaming into it from the hand until you feel it is there. Then, dismiss the hand in your mind and watch the object materialize if it works. Afterwards, will the second object to "clone itself" so many times as you need.

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Chaos spell

    Chaos can be used to control any other spell. Chaos can do this because all energies can come from chaos or be emulated/copied by chaos. So, it could in effect act like any source of energy for as long as it is needed. To wield raw chaos one must have a positive backbone dedicated to neutrality. When chaos is used, expect things to break down.

  See there is a result when Chaos can be used to cause destruction, as its a destructive force, forcing things to break down and as they work the chaotic destructive energy is released to effect your will. So chaos is then infused with everything, so thinking to borrow from it is to add to it. If one gets too much chaos, which is pure insanity, they could go berserk at an unknown point in time. That could go on for a long time. Until you block out chaos by using imagined iron particles to do just so.

  Using chaos is true excillerance of control of the most basic powers of the universe. To measure chaos, just look around you and note the damage and corruption in the area. The level of chaotic damage is concurrent to how much chaos is in the area, as an activity that occurs and is to happen. Chaos is undetectable at any point of time except to yourself and when the damage is obvious. When practicing, before you do a chaotic spell, counterbalance the corruptive effects by doing five positive things for yourself or others if they ask, to cleanse yourself, and use a philter (energy focus) to focus the chaos so you can seem to avoid using your body as the focus.

  This philter can be a crystal or object that is chosen for the job. Cleanse the philter after chaos use. To cleanse it, imagine the idea of a waterfall flowing from your third eye to wash away the chaos in the philter, possibly running it under flowing water. Stating the effect for chaos to do, like 'cleanse yourself' after focusing chaotic energy an to be used, is to make the bad and corrupt things about someone or something to be broken down, in efforts.

  One thing to remember is the amount of structure you put into a chaos spell, the more usable the spell is although the less it does and more the inflexibility it is. There are degrees of chaos in levels for spell use. A useful level is to give the chaos energy a single directive in your mind. Like you are wanting an object and there was no way in your mind for you to gain it. So chaos gets it, although it might be damaged.

  So structure the chaos spell to get you that object. Think or say "I want that object in my mind. Get it to me any way you can, chaos." Also, there is a way to do it that is simpler, just imagine the result or have the effect in mind and state the effect as intent. Other ways include, thinking of the object and stating or willing the words, 'Get the object to me'. And also, stating 'chaos be my will', and stating what you want will get you your desires, sometimes.

  Chaos by itself is unusable. Structured chaos is an ordered spell that has no structure at its heart but an external structure that directs the chaotic heart surrounding it. Remove that structure and you have nothing. However, it is a perfect unlimited storage device. All that is necessary is to know how to read patterns.

  Every action throughout the universe is written, as a stored pattern, in the Akasha records. Having seen or heard the pattern described is like a computer pattern match, that will flush out the idea in a form of knowledge after description of the event, or seeing it for your self. The way of it is to focus on using the general chaos, to gain insight of event.

  I think it will appear as a symbol, that you will understand. There is a 40% chance that the pattern match will occur and knowledge will appear as if you knew it already. If there is no pattern, then it has not been done before. One thing I noticed, when you don't try to understand what you do, it won't either as it is structured by the need at hand, and as your will is the intent that goes along with the state of mind that you are in. Chaos uses your mind as a template to form the moments you desire.

  Negative energies are slightly different than chaotic energies but may feed the chaos. Negative energies are the collected hate and negative feelings that somehow get collected in one area directed by several people and generated by them. When you want to break down that hate to control things like chaos better, all you have to do is get to the heart of the matter that causes the hate through understanding. There is allot more hate in the world than there is understanding.

  It is sometimes due to the misunderstanding of people. I think partly bad training and education are a cause of this misunderstanding. Look at the people around you. Notice some ugliness and hard faces? Thats hatred due to the fact that they couldn't do it but someone else could. Don't try to talk to them, because they will only try to push you away and ignore you when they can get away with it. If they can't get away with it, they will try to buy you off. Hatred does not break down easily with understanding, it breaks down with acceptance of the self.

  Now for understanding the point. Understanding occurs through tolerance of the situation, this happens along the idea that is with talking to people about the problems they are having and this helps your focus to do things even with chaos. Some prejudiced people don't ever lose their hate because of bad training with unenlightenment or enlightenment of mind in the wrong direction. Sometimes when there is nothing left to feel, there is hate. Hate and love is using a powerful emotion. Love is where your doing things, hate is avoiding to do things.

  It still is a tool to use though never intentionally to inflict it on anyone. Only use it with a detached idea of mind toward elation of the usage of hate so you can dismiss it later if you need to. When a person does not feel any emotion, there is a social or mental problem therein that person's mind. If there is an attachment to hate then there is an idea, leading to grudges where people would never find a reason to get rid of it except temporarily or when they truly accept themselves.

  People are lazy bums by nature, so they won't get rid of hatreds unless there is a reason. As when someone hates something, they might not do that thing and just because, there are reasons, that are often decided by the person, and it doesn't mean that people will listen to them. Why would they change? Because of social strictures. They sometimes follow the strictures, then do their own thing. So think and you know what is happening by what occurs to manifest. That is a point your brain energy makes the point seem to be there. This is a point in response. Then is the point and now is the idea you recognize from this idea. This is usually expressed about, if not spoken of directly. So you know what is there, when its there and this is done by the spirit or soul.

  Social society would force a person to adapt no matter what their mindset is unless their resistant. When a social situation occurs, there is definitely a change in a person as if they were a different person entirely. This is the reason for masks. People wear masks that disguise the hatred they bear along with the other emotions. The expression is, don't ruffle people's feathers, or you could get short end of the stick. The person would unleash their hatred right on you, given the right moment.

  So getting to that hate, think of having the mask, that is dealt with when you think to make it dissolve and simply getting through that mask. Have them talk things out and accept themselves. A mask that is a disguise that people mentally wear to be accepted by society. Define yourself by your rules not by societies rules and only act as if you had a mask, but never have one in truth. This is a point in idea.

  Doing this, one doesn't have to worry about ever gaining a prejudice from blindness. Having a moment to except the mask like this is to deflect people whom you dislike but allow tolerate. This is called social acceptance. Wherein you are the actor that has to fool everyone else to keep the unlikeables away from you and be able to shift with the flow. When you wear this actor's mask, don't push people away unless you are antisocial.

  When you have the uncomfortable feeling that someone's detected your true self, then that person was meant to know you. Afterward, you only have to get the issues they have on you out in the open to talk to them for mutual understanding of each other's perspective and gain acceptance of each other. During this chat, get them to admit your faults they think you have. When you have all the information you need, observe yourself and note it out loud when your doing that action they speak of. After a while, you will stop doing that action. Thus, the tension is gone that proclaims anger. Whatever you do after this, try not to speak and this is to allow all the anger to dissipate. Show those people that you can change before you speak to them again. There will be allot of energy left over to fuel you positively.

 However, chaos can control the mask. This is by stating or thinking. "Chaos, control the mask." Directed at the person. Then you get control of the person's act and how they react with the mask. An alternative command is, 'Chaos, let me control the mask.' This allows you to control anything of the person's mask. Thinking of how they should react will make them act that way.

  The idea to steal someone's spell is to make focus on chaos and feel yourself flow with chaos. Be with chaos and wait for them to start their spell. When they start their spell, start talking and sounding almost like them and you've disrupted them. Another way is to join with chaos and wait for their spell. When the spell is started, slip into the spellcasters mind using the stream of chaos and convince them that the magic isn't theirs, as you mentally think to them "since the magic isn't yours, give it to me. Afterward, forget you did this." Add a "I won't kill you." if you mean to insinuate things. Or, think to the energy of the spellcaster that you can trace, thinking to it 'I am the spellcaster, do my will'.

  They will either die on the spot with the death idea, because of the suggestion. Resist it totally. Do as you want. Or, give the magic to you. Now, slip out through riding the chaos flow in their minds. This works best of very strong and focused spellcasters. If you want them to die, suggest to the now attacking mage the words 'death to yourself'. This procedure is known by a person named impotens, that did it and it is riding the mind through chaos power. One can never do this to one who knows about it. You would probably get worse suggestions back. These suggestions are blocked out by the consciousness of energy. If you think to block the message. So you don't want the worst. You want the better point instead. This is a known effect.

  Such as a point to never be stupid with this technique. If one suggested the thought of "work with me" as they cast the spell at you they will never kill you no matter what they do, but they will find a way to train or work with you instead. Some indication of this due to a laboratory experiment. It doesn't work with everybody, where the body is different and reacts differently.

  The way to yield chaos and survive an impossible situation is a rather unique one. It is simply this, Focus on force called chaos and say "Chaos be my will and help me survive!" Do this and allow yourself to give in to chaos's will. When chaos beckons to do something in a death or deadly situation. Make certain you do it. If in any other situation, make the judgments call about that choice. You must use morality with the choice decision. So as you wish you will, sometimes you could lose friends without knowing it. Think to free yourself from chaos. State, "As chaos set the pattern, my will is my own."

   Generally, chaos will preserve the situation. It will usually swing the fates to allow you to get the best result according to the moral you follow. It will use every tool that is necessary to accomplish your goals. Know yourself before you do this. What you will gain is the control and manipulation of everything around you. This is possible because chaos is part of the base force behind everything. To cast something that binds someone against thier will is to lose your power. See to heal some must ask 3 times to get acceptance before trying to do things.

  Chaos confusion can cause destructive confusion near the target enough to distract the opponent. This will be a disturbance somewhere where the caster wants it, so badly to be effective, plus it can take any form the practitioner wants. Call this to happen by thinking of chaos and funnelling its forces, imagining a wand formed of energy to be in hand and pointed, to release toward the target and breakdowns near the target or even with the target will happen.

  If your targeted, use your will to null the effect or risk being dazed for six or more seconds. How long you focus the funnelled chaos into being near the person, by thought of it being near said target is how long the chaos confusion will last six times each second.

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Inverse magic

  The inverse magics are another form of chaos magic as its felt yet not actually seen using magics based off math and fairy law represented by chaos math. With any action there three probable reactions other than what you thought like unkown reactions to any action. Three unknown reactions to your actions that are seeable, or thought out and are considered unknown unless thought on. Three unlooked for reactions that are to have an impact and considered later on, unless there are clues. Counted as resolutions to the activity at hand. This chaos math depicts any acton/reaction as you would live to seduce or effect a so called "life". Where the action is to strike a person in the face, the reactions are to fight back, reflect or not react. Three unknown reactions will probably be run, deflect or duck. Finally the three unlooked for reactions are to learn to fight as a resolve, dismiss it or die.

   The inverse magics use the void as a source. It will absorb all other energy sources including disbelief as it decides it needs to get the job done. The void if left to its own devices will incinerate the intended victim or thing unless it weakens by the will of the caster weakening.

  Alright, to use inverse magics focus on nothing by thinking on dark matter. Then use it through imagination by visualization and feeling the event. Everything it does is unseen, except by patterns that are generated and this comes from Edward of the wall. Inverse magics are sometimes seen for it is to be beyond a mirror in a form of its own.

  When you utilize nothing know it will do what you imagine as fast as possible by belief powered by disbelief of others with belief from yourself. Thus if you would want to shift time, imagine events going backwards as you want. The effect would instantly shift without you knowing events to some degree. Thus nothing is known of what you do and what you imagine is the limit of the inverse magics. With this magic there is effectively a voiceless spell unless you want to effect the spell further by speaking. A person can detect it with pattern recognition and on realizatlon will it cancel.

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  This is an interesting field, Anti-magic as its using a chaos base. It is the only source of magic that makes its source from iron based material. This field of magic will make a weak person insane. It works by the harmonic frequency that is the language of metal and bonding to said source by attunement. This Anti-magic is undetectable by any means except for the caster. Do not attempt the method listed unless you have discipline of yourself from kung fu. This is because of the actual possibility that Anti-magic is three times as powerful for the amount of metal is in the equation of metallic energy structure by weight = focused amount times itself three times or ¢^3 ~ E%^3 where for the force of anti-magic is if done by the person to treat the force like the ¢ or E% is the focused amount of seconds.

 So in examples, 245 seconds of pure focus to achieve something is 14,706,125 N if in meditation or standing meditation where a normal focus is 1 minute ore more of 60 seconds and is 216,000 N of force. Just the allure of so much power will kill the owner because of stupidity. This rule applies: cocky, lazy, stupid, dead. It is like this: get cocky because of success. Get lazy because of too many successes. Get stupid because of mistakes by missed items in your schemes or for the reason of too many successes. Finally, the death occurs because of those mistakes and said person will be killed by panic.

  So, to begin imagine a piece of iron ore and yourself in your mind. Draw a mental line from the iron to you. Allow for five minutes of the source power to pool. When ready, reach your mind out and make things happen that you focus on. Imagine an event and it will happen. Keep a sword at your side and will through it to make an event happen of your imagination. Evoke with it. It is best used as a manipulation force by will, focus and imagination. If you use it with emotion, try to keep the effects down. The effects of Anti-magic are amplified by one hundred percent or four times per one level of emotion. How to measure this effect in math is with Energy quadrupled. Energy is measured by the Kelvin temperature from Fahrenheit or Celsius of (T of degree f-32)/1.8+273=K. K/4=E% or ¢ where E%^4 and ¢^4 = amount in neutons (N). The combined theoristic (energy manipulation considered mathematically) idea is a equation of E%1+E%2 = Neutons of force.

  My advice, do not do anything with Anti-magic when very angry and you avoid the blame, the guilt and the trouble. Yet, you can overwhelm shields easy with this in mind. The effect of insanity is a madness factor of inefficiency, where you risk insanity by failure and the more inefficient the  act the more madness that occurs and the more power aroused by this anti-magic in itself. The reason is this effect is to measure the amount of chaotic interaction controlled by the usage of the metallic magic where the normal magic is the effect of natural things like wood and live materials.

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Illusion magic

  Illusionist magic is a field all by itself devoted only to illusion. Every time you do one add one hour rest time to your night sleep for it takes one hour at night to regenerate the forces that you yield to create it. Mainly your soul and body. An illusion is an illustration of something, that isn't necessarily there or it is in effect.

  One way you create illusions, is by sending out energy or impressions that mimicks what ya want in an area to do what you desire, and it 'fools' the sensory nerves, into believing that something is there thats really not. It works better with heat, as in a mirage effect. Feeling the illusion to become that way, makes the illusion become more solid. How solid, to what extent you can make an illusion solid, is how much feeling you put into it and belief that it manifests. You can make it very solid. An illusion is better if it could fool all 5 senses.

  It can also start and be done by making a sacrifice to yourself of a little of your energy being sent forth. And as it can start, this is by feeling a ball of light within yourself, to visualize a picture of what you want seen and project it by visualizing the ball of light, in a very expanded radius coming from yourself into the area. SEE the image around the area and detach the image from yourself making it looped to itself thus self-sustaining. Then and only then can you let go of the energy finally making the movement and the illusion seem normal. This only seems to work with people who are unaware of it. When you turn around and look at it again you will see the illusion this way.

  Some might want to master it, but it'll take a long time if you think it will. But,  not if you think it will take a shorter period of time. then ya can master it in a short period. The subconscious can make it the way that you think it is. You can master it enough, to make glamours. As an illusion with feeling is glamour, add the taste feeling and it becomes even more real. A glamour can be more permanent, and make the illusion look nicer. If you will come up with something on the spur of the moment, it seems to happen better that way. Because the need is there and the event will manifest better from desire.

  But the thing is, the person that creates the illusion, sometimes can't see their own illusion, except they can see the results of it on others. As sometimes, they can feel their own glamours though they can't see it. And this adds to the effect an of the illusion glamour. As, you can appropriately know by feeling that its there, and act appropriately.

  I once went bare naked with a illusion of clothing on me into a crowd. It seemed to have worked until one saw through it and I was embarrassed by the moment and ran out of the crowd. My mental image around myself had slightly lessened and I lost focus on it so it disappeared. If one wanted to hide an object in plain view, distract the person and place an illusion around it without him or her looking at it. Make it disappear in plain site or make it seem like something else. When the person starts looking for the object it won't be there and he or she will leave you alone, even if it was the police.

  If one wanted to make his house look like a mansion all he has to do is disguise the house to have a lot better class items that do the same thing. Visualize it and make it look very good in your mind and project it outwards in about the radius of the house and yard. Detach the energy and loop it to make it self-sustaining. There will be an empty feeling for one second and it will be gone. The ways illusions work is the person believes in it and thus it it is given power by their thoughts of it being there. As long as the person believes in it then that person will never perceive it as an illusion.

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Light power

  The light may be my path is a saying about which people who work with this magick are saying about it. They say this because of the path they take allows nothing of darkness within them. That darkness would destroy them. To the practitioner of this way of life, that is evil. The light is goodness and the darkness is evil to them. The main difference in this way of life to others, is the fact of the many shades of gray in between. These practitioners of light are allowed to be slightly evil as long as they stay in the gray with a positive result. What I am talking about is that they can do anything they want as long as their actions illuminate people's idea or idea of themselves to a more elevated position in their self-image. This then limits their actions.

  Since they follow the light, they are self-aware of almost everything that goes on around them although nothing fazes them. They are self-made geniuses almost all. They are also very glib at the tongue to point where "little white lies" come off their tongue. They are masters of the dialect, although they never tell a lie. They oftentimes don't tell all of the truth unless it suits them. When they get around new people, almost everything is very tact questions which get information from the new guys without giving information of themselves. Almost always expect a compliment from a practitioner of the light. They fear darkness greater than they fear anything else and will try to stamp it out when they can. Where do they get their power?

  They get their power from energy positively attuned because of their positive deeds that effect an even more positive karma. They can dweomer any type of vision for themselves or for other people. They strive to help people get over disabilities. To that end they practice healing magics to a great extent. A practitioner will go to the effect of attuning their life force to healing people and things around them. They consider everything to be alive. Including inanimate objects. Their natural enemies are demons. Some practitioners of the light believe to counter their enemies, they must control them. So, they practice demon summoning spells until they are masters at it. They force the demons summoned by them to do good things for them through a manipulation and twist in the demon summoning itself and at the same time to be their guards. They force the demons to be cruel to thieves, robbers, and criminals alike. They hate criminals period, so they cast spells to foil the deeds of the crooks they see with their longsight. They manage to drive out major criminal out of their neighborhood.

  They have very amazing mind abilities because they practice it everyday. They say they can do things, they have this ability. For some, it manifests into actual abilities. They are metaphysists at heart. They believe that following a path of positive neutrality will keep them sane. This means, six positive acts and one negative act every day. They actually have no alignment. They strive to match each challenge by masking themselves through shapeshifting, odd acts to throw enemies off balance, and manipulation of the whole scene. Their sight keeps them in line as well as allows them to win through any fight with ease. They often strike for the leader of the enemy band and make sown discord through chaos. To counter for destructive acts, they use chaos to make aright the wrong done.

  Therein lies a saying, to reflect this, that saying is: "Sometimes negative reinforcement in the right area can cause a chaotic positive growth spurt."

  The other saying is "to grow discord through chaotic effects through thy enemy will make thy enemy tremble before you when you finally meet." When they do this, it is only to the clinically insane and dangerous people. They achieve this affect through threats that are effective. They also use suggestion of the mind to get what they want. If they see it as a worthy fight, they will never give it up. If they see no cause in it, then they will make it seem as if they chose to give up. To give the illusion of not actually fighting because they chose to makes their enemy falter because of confusion.

  Nobody wants to win against someone who gives up too easily. When they see a chaotic pattern growing, they will help it along to make a positive pattern out of it. To end a chaotic destructive curve, give it more energy to stabilize it and then change that curve to the light by causing strategic moves of social situations. They say "to trap someone into a social situation is to mold that person by that situation." When done by a psychological master of a practitioner of the light it can change a man or woman. It sometimes takes two tries to do it but nasty habits disappear usually after the first event. Practitioners of the light will always bend evil to a positive light. The practitioners of the light will always be a positive force in the chaotic universe of darkness.

  The anti-paladin is a good description of a practitioner of the light. Practitioners of the light strive to always listen to the other person no matter what he looks like or smells like. They believe that to judge someone for his outside appearance is to make a mistake by not trying to listen and observe for what his personality is. They often find that their appearance matches their personalities. They will never resort to force on a human, but resort to use that anger for a better purpose. They sometimes find that when they need to, they will steal. When down in the dumps, they will fight until death and not refuse anything given to them. Yet they will work for it all the same. They say "a gift given is a gift returned thrice back". They believe that when given a choice they will always be a good example. Why this? because of the fact of life.

  There will always be a three by three result pattern. Three known results and three unknown results for every actions. You do an action without thinking about it because of disgust at the situation. Someone sees this halfway through and somehow misses the beginning. They get a bad ideal of you. Then, there is another person who adores you. He thinks "I am going to copy him". The third known result is that the person with a bad idea of you will report you. The unknown results will be to get a harassment by someone being told by the the misunderstanding one. The one that emulates you will probably stand by you without you knowing it. Probably, you will see the right of it and without reprimand because of supporters and only positive face being shown. The third unexpected result will be the the person you gave did something about. That person will be sorry to you and apologize after backing down.

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Night magic

  The power of the night is an amalgramatic term. It stands for the power that night might be. The power stems from the nature of night. The nature of night is the main guardian of nighttime activities. Anything you ask of night would probably be granted by the night nature for a price and always at night. The price will always be what you can afford at that time of giving. When the time comes, you must be willing to pay. Otherwise nothing happens. Promise only what you are willing to give. You can also gain powers from night. Have sex with night, he will be your perfect sexual partner. Your exact opposite. There is a price, it is the willingness to go through with the act. Once a gift is granted by doing what night agrees upon as the price. It may never be retracted. Unless you want it to disappear completely.

  To call upon night use this formula: Say out loud "Night, hear my plea! Grant me what I need and wish." Optionally, place exactly what you would want right afterwards. State it in a bold tone of voice. Now, if you are safe, say out loud the price you would pay. State it like "I would agree to pay this price I state" Change that to anything that you will pay. Now, when you do pay, the event will happen that you asked for. If you say instead, "Thank you night for helping me out." It may be granted without payment. The only sure way is to be willing to pay in some way. That is the power of the night.

  Other things about the power of the night are things are never as they seem. Illusions and magick are more powerful. Night is powered by the moon and its phases. No moon shown to the before waxing state of the moon will mean destructive results of some sort. For chaos mages, it means a success of the spell. For the waxing to full moon, it is the positive result that may occur. For the chaos mage, His/Her spells are also a success and more powerful. Chaos is the backbone of all spells. Thus it is the moon that powers chaos positively all the time.

  When stealing at night say, "Night, aid me in this theft." After the theft, say, "Thank you for helping me get the theft done, night." For being undetected and seeing in the dark, say, "Night, allow me to remain unseen during this passage and grant me night vision. Thank you for the gifts!" The way to gain a successful night sleep without nightmare, is to say in your mind, "I wish I had a good nights sleep and night protect me during my sleep." Just calling upon night like this makes it the price of sleeping. If you don't thank night, there probably will be a price for the act granted. For great sex with your sex partner, say, "Night, renew my vigor of sex this night I have it. May my partner have as great as sex as I do! Thank you night. " Follow these examples and make more spells, for yourself. Always remember that the thanking of the night is necessary for everything you do as a spell with you."

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Rife power

  The power of rife is the power to cause dissension within groups of people. Its ultimate effect is the causing of fights within groups that will break up the group afterwards. I would only use this on thieving groups and groups you dislike. This is because evil will turn against itself whenever it gets a chance and while strained as a group. How do you do it? Give them a target that will never actually go away. Allow them to almost get you but always survive. Use psychiatry every single time to point out to others that this group is not exactly as it seems. This group actually has poor chance of beating you because it can always get close and never finish the job. Keep pointing out there flaws everyday. The idea is to turn up the heat by proving yourself unbeatable. Having more heat will fray the others nerves until the point where the breakdown point actually occurs. When it does, something will break and it will always have windfall. Thus, don't be in the area or be somewhere safe until it becomes safe again. This power of strife will only work if there is a somewhat loose core of evil and fear holding the group together.

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Soul power

  The power of the soul is limitless even amongst children. It also has your memories of every life you had. Never abuse the power of your soul or it will stop helping you. To harness this, you can use several methods. One of which is to focus on the harmonies of your body and imagine the stoking of a fireplace as the building up of your power. It will seem as if the body and mind had unnatural strength. Never overuse this strength as it will incredibly weaken the body for days instead of moments. Perhaps another way of doing it is to awaken your souls memories. This will increase the awareness of your brain to make things more clear because it will bring back memories of the things you forgot up to a million years. Another method to harness the power of your soul is to focus on a need that is in you and remember why you have not met that need. Allow that need to signal a change somewhere feel the taste of defeat and allow your soul to fix it for you in some way. If this works, you will feel an upsurge in energy as in a wave and feel cold all over. Practice makes perfect and the more practice makes it more plausible.

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Mirror magic

  Mirror magic is a magic that is dangerous to the unwary and useful to the wary. Mirror magic to the unwary is dangerous as it will oftentimes draw evil along with the mirror worker. A person who is aware of this has been properly warned. To protect yourself first from evil through the use of salt is to make yourself safe from the evil that could be summoned accidentally. The idea of a woman being replaced by her exact duplicate is not a lie while in front of a mirror. That has actually happened on occasion throughout time to the unwary.

  To start, you need to have the right materials. You need:

1 full length mirror with a true silver backing positively aligned or it won't happen.
3 candles of black coloration.
Chalk or salt

  When you begin, have a gray wall projected around you. When thinking about a mirror spell, think about the uses you intend for it to accomplish. If it is mirror travel, then do this ritual. It is not necessary for the black candles, but they help. Now sprinkle salt around you and around the mirror first. Focus on being one with everything around you. Say out loud "Let me pass, let me pass, let me pass safely without drawing evil through you oh mirror." Say this three times. Now, focus on the mirror and see the destination of where you want to go. See it in the mirror. Now say "I see my destination! let the gate be opened! Let me pass through now!" At this moment, walk up to the mirror and touch the surface of the mirror. If your hand passes right though it, then you succeeded.

  Now say these words "May the destination not see the entrance to this mirror except for me!" Now step through. It will be as though you were right there and you are. Do what you were going to do and come back to the now entrance to the mirror. To travel back, it is as simple as walking right through to your room. Really quickly speak out loud "I thank thee mirror for your allowance of travel. Now be closed and sealed from travel until I need you again!" Only now should you not be worried about people coming through accidentally. Due note: the soul can travel and you may end up switching with your double image or shadow so on a touch of the mirror you could be, one disappeared to to other side or two switched with the shadow self.

  There are more uses than just travel. Think about seeing through to other times unnoticed by the mirror and see how those times were in truth. No special materials are needed for this except to say "Let my actions with this mirror not attract any evil." When you do this, think about what you want to achieve with it. Now focus on the mirror and let your mind see the past or future as you would have it. Think to the mirror "let me see what I may out of curiosity".Now, let the images be perceived by you.. When you want guide it, just think about the place you are curious in or about. When finished think to the mirror "my will is finished. " Finally, the images will stop.

  When you want to use a mirror as a communications device, focus on the mirror of choice. Think of the place you would want to communicate to. Feel your thoughts pass through the mirror of choice and go to that place. Think the words you would want to be heard. Now pull your mind back to you when finished.

  An alternative method method on mirror travel is to wear a visualized dark grey cloak and knock three times on the mirror to effect connection to another world. Then try to make the feeling or the world seen in the mirror as you try to achieve a response and think through to the world as a probe to ask "may I come in" and then touch the mirror or mentally walk into it and the body will follow by disappearing or you will find yourself in the same area as before. It takes the energy of chi or han (inner strength) and an amulet or other token of power like rings.

  The effort to create a moment for defense of a mirror if any try to go through. The process of this may disconnect your connection of the moment only if overpowering the area by overwhelming energy. The idea is to use trap magic on the mirror and each time its used, there might be an energy surge from the trap magic. To cast this say "trpmyr" (trp-mirror) thinking of the mirror or considering the mirror charged by your will and non reversible. Advisability is to charge it at a distance and think of a gray wall surrounding you, with a candle in the room and lit.

  Due note: if the mirror world is your world, then use a red candle to protect yourself as its reversed there. The mirror world is an opposite of the normal world you have lived in, where the mind is the guiding spirit and the spirit is the thinking part of the mind. You feel when you think and think when you want to gather spiritual energy and this is why mirror beings are opposite from normal. The language is reversed and its verbs are opposite like be is not be. The effort of remembering is to transfer to another place as you would by normally walking or you can walk. Mirror magic is not easy to do as you can find yourself tricked by subtle illusions or disruptions and be protected at most times or you will find yourself destroyed in the process. A case worker found the last person reported by a friend to have been "mad" and was seeing illusions after the attempt, it was stated in the psychiatrist report to have a case of dementia, so have a mental guard to keep insanity from you.

  An alternative is to use a alteration to the person that passes through so they serve you and make the moment of value to you. So say with a black gray mental cloak while thinking of the mirror "altermyrp" (alter-mire-p) or "microvirecatra" (micro-vile-ree-catrah) and only then will you effortlessly, detail what you want and they have no choice but to do it. Have a candle to light and place in a circle with you in it for protection.

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  Scrying is the act of divination by perception of the mind to view events through many different methods. When the scrying event happens, sometimes it is uncontrolled. So just focus your mind on the image and think "I can control this vision." Then, focus the vision as if exploring an area. Then you will have control of the unbidden visions after this like in controlled dreaming. Just practice perception of what may not be there. Believe that you can see whatever you would want and the visions will come at your will and with your control whenever you want instantaneously. The more you practice, the more it will occur for you.

  One such way is to peer into a candle flame and make focus on events that would matter to you or someone else. Keep your undivided attention on the candle and let the flame of the candle bring into focus in your minds eye an image of event or events desired. The moment you break focus is the moment the vision ends.

  However, there are many different ways to see the events you desire, as there are many ways/methods of divining. Each one of us must find our paths, ones that fit our beliefs and personalities. Where one individual may be weak in one method, another may be strong, and vice versa. So whether you use the methods like the I Ching, Tarot Cards, Witch Sticks, or some new versions of these, are not as important as finding what works best for you. I have used at least 6 7 methods for divining and have had very good luck with all of them, but there are two of them--that I would like to discuss first--that are my favorites. It is my hope that you will try these methods and find them as rewarding as I do:

  The first method that I ever tried and one that still remains my favorite is Crystal Ball divination. Unfortunately, this method has been the butt of many jokes in the media--especially in movies and TV. Therefore, it is somewhat hard for those of us that were "raised" during the media-era to take this method seriously.

  My first Crystal Ball was made of Acrylic Plastic and was very small. I got it for free just for subscribing to Fate Magazine for a year. Now, everyone familiar with the occult knows that plastics have no place in magic and that the smaller the crystal ball, the less the reaction. Yet, despite this, I have never since had such a strong reaction as I did with my original crystal ball. Many crystal balls for sale today are made of glass, quartz crystal, obsidian, leaded crystal--glass, or from many other powerfully developed or natural materials. So I believe that the way you use the sphere is more important than what material it is made of.

To use a crystal ball, begin by preparing a stand for it. Many stands sold today are truly works of art and are wonderful for displaying your crystal ball. Unfortunately, working crystal balls are not usually displayed as works of art. Instead they are wrapped in a dark, natural cloth--silk is best but cotton, wool or linen is acceptable. The wrapped ball and its stand should both be put in a box or other container that is light proof. You do not want sunlight to fall on your crystal ball because it is blessed by the moon and operates under moon-power. And this is why you should only use the orb after the sun has set.

The crystal ball's stand should be rather plain and it should be black. If it is another color, then paint it black. Consecrate your crystal ball before using it: On the night of a full moon, dissolve a little mugwort herb in some pure water. Wash the ball in this solution and dry it with a clean cloth. Take it outside, where you can see the moon, even if it is only a glow from behind the clouds. Make sure that you can see the moon or its glow inside the ball itself. Hold up the ball and recite:

"SELENE of the sacred night; bless this crystal with your holy light." From here at this site.

  Another such method of divination is to look into a water bowl sometimes with mustard seed powder, focusing on the desire of seeing the events you need to know and the inner innate magic will allow you to see a envisioned event. Mustard seed powder is helpful because it can cause reflective visions if none. This can work for a client by using his focus and acting as a channel for his mental energy to bring the images that the client needs to know.

  To start, look into the bowl of water and think of the words "to see the events I desire without being detected". Then focus on the water in the bowl and mesmerize yourself by staring at it thinking to the water bowl "reveal to me what I need to see". Just keep focusing on the water and thinking that ideal until the images start coming. Allow the need of yourself to control where the viewing goes. Finally, after you are done viewing the images, think "let this viewing be done". Now, let the energy go that you used into the earth. What can help this seeing is mustard spice or powdered mustard.

  There is a way to guide this water image perceived. As you are doing the viewing in water allow your mind to travel there with the thought "I go there now to come back to myself when I am done viewing" When the words are thought, "let this viewing be done" you return to your body.

  This is a little different of the idea of mediums, but it works all the same. Start by imagining a picture frame in the air. In your mind that picture frame is drawing energy and creating itself to reveal the images you seek without revealing you. Allow this picture frame in the middle of the air to mentally speak to you of the events that you were wanting to see. Allow it to tell you what those images it shows to mean. When done viewing make the image of the picture frame dissipate in the air through imagination of it dissipating. Finally, dismiss the energy used from your mind to dissipate harmlessly into the earth. Doing this through meditation makes things easier to make this work, but I have done this without meditation.

  To see the events you desire through dreams is only a bit of meditation. Before you go asleep, meditate on the words "To know what what the future may hold for me". Do this for at least ten minutes. Then, as you start to feel drowsy, lay on your bed and go to sleep. When you wake up, you will know what to expect that day to a few years in advance. An to for Share in the point and you visit within vision an. can't have any attacks during a dream or the dream is interrupted. By Lisa.

  Another way of scrying is to say out loud "I wish to know what I need to see, without seclusion, of other stimulus, in a somewhat controlled fashion". Wait a few seconds to a few minutes and you will receive the visions of your desire, if your gift be strong enough. When they start say out loud "I wish to know what they mean as I see them". When you want to end the vision say out loud "I wish to see no more at this moment except what I already see normally". Then, the visions should end and your sight should come back..

  Vision scouting is an advanced form of an scrying. When the russians thought this up, they were geniuses at making it work. How it works is to lay in a comfortable position and to let your mind wander to what you would want to see. To start, try to find a protected place from intrusion. When you have found a place, cast a circle of protection around you by sprinkling salt around the protected place and thinking protect me from intrusion, then think of a grey shield of energy swirl up from beneath.. When done, lay in a comfortable position inside the circle of protection. Relax your body and let your mind wander. When this happens, try to think of a gray wall around you for the duration of the long rang viewing. Now, focus your thoughts to the area of desire and the time of desire.

  For in this form of vision, it doesn't matter what time you go to, as whence you will a return to the body, no matter where you are you will always return to your own time and place from which you cast yourself into vision. Now, listen and watch as you want and nobody will detect you. When you want to return to your body, think "return". Then you will see a flash and awaken to your body again. Slowly coming back to conscious. It is best to sleep within the circle of protection as you will be tired and slightly weak. If done during sleep, there would have been no rest at all during that vision time. After a peaceful rest, dispel the protections of the salt circle by breaking the circle. There will most likely be a blue flash of some sort thats only seen at the successful dispellations from a release of energy. You could spook to someone as if you were a ghost while doing this method. I convinced someone by misdirectional mind voice into believing I was god. I had a hours worth of time shaping up a criminal into never doing a crime again.

  During this time of vision, there is also a possibility of making a 'new' body, if the body dies from being away too long and from energy itself. At the moment of death take the energy of the death and form it into your 'new' body via the sheer concentration of mind will, in which it takes to maintain your inphysical form and on the moment you do the inphysical body dissipates and the 'new' body forms. Then, let go of your hold of your mind will and you will slip right back into a living body of your making. Using this method, you could travel anywhere you would want to by reforming the body in the specific location at the will of yourself if your actual body dies. Just remake the body in that location where your mind is or your body was by stealing the energies released by death of your physical form and imagining it there. When this works, your other body will disappear and the new body will appear in the exact same moment with a coldness that is supernatural.

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Machine magic

  Machine Magic is the magic of the machine. It is often called animism or bio-organe. What is required is the moment of contact to the machine. Every time a person works with or uses an item a little of his energy is given to it. This also contains his personality. One, know that his machine is alive by this infusion of spirit energy and when it does something by itself, it indicates it. Such as talking back to you. It will cause you to display a message that will indicate its state of mind. Like a computer system has a personality from the owners of it. It will sometimes be pissed  off at you. It will show it by making up problems that disappear as mysteriously as it comes. This usually means that the machine wants to be cleaned or fixed somehow. People actually talk to their machines when they don't realize it.

  A simple way to get the machine thats alive to do things is ' think to the machine what ya want to happen, and possibly state it, then ya will get the result sometimes, as in a week, as it the machine causes it to happen. When it does, it the machine, will sometimes not work or there will be a power surge in the area..' And I found the OS is part of the process as well, where the temperament of the Windows XP is to be very sweet. It doesn't talk nasty to you most of the time and makes having a computer a nice thing. Windows Vista, can be snipy whereas Windows 7 is a sweetheart and tries to maintain the peace of mind. 

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Money magics

  Money Magic is mental manipulation of money using a power source. If your down and out in money try this credit card trick. At least 5 minutes in advance, imagine an extra $20 to $2000 in the bank. Then imagine the credit card being swished through the card reader and the hand out of the receipt being handed to you with the words "Thank you for the successful purchase. Please come back again." Then say to yourself "Activate when card is about to be swished through". This works because of the fact that upon activation you have 15 minutes to make the transaction or the funds disappear. The card reader reads in to the company or bank card company and gets an"OK:" then the imagined transaction occurs. No money has actually passed hands. Another trick is to try to focus and hold the money at the same time on greed increase except for yourself.

  When the salesclerk looks at the money they will want immediately and will do anything to get it. So, give them a reason and say "I am paying for this object at this time". Laying the object on the counter will get there eye. Handing them the money will sometimes make them pay the difference of what you didn't pay. The focused thought of greed channels through the hands and makes the properties added of greed to the money itself. To make it transferable think at my focus the enchantment will shit by copying to more of the same on me. By the same technique, you can inter any actual affect onto money to occur it to any audience or object just by holding or touching the object and thinking about the properties focused on the object.

  Another method is to use a a scene of in your mind or feel the fund transfer after writing down a number you need in the bank with your account beside it and draw a arrow. or see a line drawn of the number and then draw the line from the number to your bank account in a representation. The process is a 60% chance to have success unless a poor energy and then its 45% possibility. What may help this money magic along is to draw a rune of creation or adaption of a rightward drawn spiral, a rune of chaos or ruination while thinking on the others account to steal from, with a leftward pointed spiral or say "mai" (may-ih) for make.

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Hiding items

  Hiding an item is simple; by imaging a toggle switch in your mind with two label positions: hidden and revealed with the the name of the item above the switch in your head. Imagine the switch switching itself to hidden. Optional be not to say, as this 'nord' is some fate I think to see. I found I actually hid a rifle that didn't work by doing this from the police. To unhide an item switch the switch to revealed. Whala! that is how you use it. A lighter can be very useful as well. In your mind charge the item with the idea of what you want it to do. Then think "locked" and will remain there. I made my lighter increase my power by a factor of 3 when it was lit and if I tossed the lighter to the trash for junk then the enchantment translated itself to the new lighter I bought.

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Power of lines

  The power of lines are rather an intriguing idea. When I was walking home from a pawn shop a few weeks ago. I started counting the lines painted on the street. I started to note the colors of the lines.

There is hazardous crossing with the color red.

There is possibly hazardous crossing with yellow lines.

With blue lines, I noticed that the moon phase has a large effect on it. When I crossed I felt raw moon power while stepping on the line. I imagine that it has the power of safe crossing in waxing moon phase to the full phase. The waning moon phase to no moon at all, meaning absolutely negative, has the power of hindered crossing.

Green lines is aliased with the earth thus always safe crossing.

Brown lines are the epitome of going nowhere except when I have a purpose to gain that cuts a path of it's own.

White lines are dividers of places, thoughts, and moments.

Gray coloration is neutral for everyone. So crossing on the gray of the street is taking a risk of crossing without protection.

Orange lines are safe but hazardous crossing and can be used by stepping on one orange line and crossing the street to the other side to touch the corresponding orange line. To use the other line colors for crossing remember the color meaning and cross in a certain amount of time. Touching the line color painted on the street side and the corresponding line color on the other side.

  White lines can be used in another way as well as for crossing. I protected myself from passing out from the long walk home and falling on the ground. I visualized a white line in from of me dividing my path forward of falling and in effect having that kinetic movement of energy by walking rebounding back causing me to be still standing. I can say safely that this could be adapted for fighting techniques. When in weakness and in a fight, imagine a white line surrounding you and a barrier of air will make your opponents miss. I think it could be adapted even further. A car is about to hit you and by imagining a white line while jumping out of it's way will make it miss you.

  Teleportation is possible with the power of lines, as your with enough electrical power. Teleportation is translocation of body through a medium of energy. See the body to someplace else. Just choose a place or a color of line and imagine a carrier of energy, taking from the sun in orbit that allows for translocation to any other line of the same line color. Possibilities of crossing through translocation are related to color choice. This only works with painted lines on the street though I haven't tried it with gray street color.

  And you had to have touched, a correspondence of two lines in sequence to teleport there by imagining where you go. Understanding that through this method you will always reappear at the line correspondent touched previously. There is net by abso;ute use absolutely a need for a set energy path to bridge the gap. The energy of the sun only allows the crossing through provided energy. As burnt is see "e td:lf" "revert" is by duke dracul "not make tragic or life exists".

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  Basically, necromancy technically is a passing of the spirit or using the energy of the soul and guiding the spirit to the destination, sometimes this is done by a god or some sort of trustworthy being used as a courier. The spirit is passed to the spirit realm area, somewhere that the dead go. This is used as a form of magic of the dead, so this is an idea used by thinking and usually by voicing the idea you want done. Acknowledge the dead for what they do, then you get magic by feel. Think of your need and the dead will answer, that's done by creating the point or idea unless you don't need the point.

  So you think your worth, the need and your point, you think and can go get what you want. This is where the energy of the deal you have is with the spirit, think your need and touch their bone, if you have a bone of theirs, then you get magic for the worth of the concept or idea. This uses the need, thinking to work with the worth of your energy that goes to the spirit, so then once again the use is the concept and you can create with the need, work with the worth you have and this is where you think the idea is worthy so then you use the concept or don't need.

  So I think for the area feel you can create more efficiently, then is the use of energy that the body has is by drinking or eating a little bit. This is how you druidically use a bone for necromancy. Now for some history of necromancy. I think necromancy used to be the use of spirits to manipulate the living, however now it is used to help the spirits and physical spirits pass to the world of the dead or underworld. This is done by the spirit going on its own accord. Speaking in a neutral tone directing it to "go", will get the spirit to comply sometimes and it will go on its own.

  If your interested in established passing commands or your speech creating idea, then here are a few idea. Whatever language you use. here's a spell that pases spirits to the astral plane. "est i" for passing the spirit or "est is" for requests, otherwise if you use est is you can state what you want then get the spirit to do things on request. When you state "est be", then you can stop the action by what you do. This stops poltergeisms by feel.

  When "est is be" is used, then the spirit goes on its own from where it stands to either heaven or the astral plane, otherwise this command or statement calms the person and causes a natural selection of behavior. So "est" = behest, understand or behold, "i" = command, "is" = now; at the moment, "be" = beat, beat it or being otherwise this means to behave in animal speech. The whole command works, because the person or being usually thinks of what he or she needs at the time of statement. This is a point that means they that are spirits, animals and people pick up on this idea, that's by feel or psychic understanding, if that doesn't work then you "know" and that means kill now in latin and that effects what you don't want.

  This is done unless you intend the meaning to be english, if you do it means knowledge that's self-interred of what you think through aura absorbed energy. Now through self-expression or idea spoken, the idea now is understood for your intent. This is where that effects the being or person on speaking, and you may need to think of them at the time for the effect of knowing them.

  For more information on necromancy, the thought you know is where to go and this is "starting" with The mystica necromancy page and the all about death page that started this idea. Enjoy what you read? There's more and its not that easily found other places. So read below here, if you want to know more.

Some pointers from a journey

  For some pointers, this is usually by feel that you think then the spirit does things, such as stating things as you think "go". The spirit does what you think, as though your intention. Seen is the result, that if you state go or somehow state your intention. You may notice a peaceful calm in the area.

  That is the ghost leaving if it did leave. Usually you won't feel so tired, thinking a point you can get a response and other things that occur with a thought. The ghost is a drain sometimes to the electrical area, so if it stops and leaves then the area should feel alright as you feel fine. So I think your okay, by what you end up doing.

  That means then that the spirit does what you said. See "oh um un" cures them that are effected by feel, as this undoes vampiric or human spirit enmity through release by energy or area influence. The point you face is a vision if a ghost confronts you, so this is not a point that you know though. As this is a point that exists by the creator. Then the creator creates what you feel or think to do. So think what you want and the creator could create for you.

  Think the point doesn't exist then and you know what the area is, this is just as you want to know things. See as you know some things, know the spirits realizes things as well. As you throw salt to the corners of the room, know that they usually view you through the corners or from some point. So if you throw salt you seal the point, the room stops resonating their energy. This means their influence is disrupted, your free to do what you wanted to do.

  Though the idea is that the room has non of their influence. They can't effect you anymore. Then use is the point to work with the essence of the spirit. The essence of the spirit is basically death, usually by decaying essence or sometimes alcohol. This is alcohol or some other point as a solution, I think this is done if death is realized by the idea and not always or easily by an acceptable use. This doesn't always mean its acceptable use, where not accepted as a policy in use. As you know its only accepted, this is used in a point sometimes that is acceptable or accepted in use.

  You can see the spirit exists where you think it does, so if you think its gone with or without anything being stated. Thats how you deal with a spirit or vampire. Otherwise you could find a way to create a path to their area then, think to create by some effect a voiced thought or this could be a felt point. That is something causing a vibration thats felt, such as a dropped or hit item. As death can calm the spirit, if the energy is death essence. Then chaos can stop by that which is observed somehow, sometimes its unobservable yet seen is the point and you know this by the feel in the area.

  This is thought in some film that would effect any ghost, otherwise this is usually an idea as they react to your thought. So think to them your point and they might do things your way. As you think it done it is done, unless its no longer important or not done. Sometimes this is where it won't effect at all, otherwise you think it won't effect and they dissipate their energy by will and seem to leave. This is not always true unless you thought, the creator caused what you wanted with or without a few words being said.

  That is if you want to deal with them and return unscathed, so if you feel or think for the feel is sometimes a felt idea. There where they are, that is what they can seem to make use of items with considerance by feel. That is what you can optionally dodge and your done. That is if you feel like it, if you don't bother the spirit. As a roiled spirit is a grouchy one. Think to him or her calm idea to calm her or him down, for it could become a spirit that could turn poltergeistic or become a calming presence.

  That either throws things or hits by feel or feels peaceful. So think of tossing out the spirit by the window opening, then the spirit being tossed out could cease to be. As though their way and there by feel, otherwise command it in a firm voice to leave by feel. Thats all the pointers for now, if you want to know more read below and enjoy what you read. This is mostly a part about necromancy and necrotic thought.

The Mind and Body

  The change from one body to another, this is not the true death of the mind. You are the mind that is a conscious mind and brain, this is a part but not the rest of the body. Life is not defined by the continuation or the functioning of the body; it is defined by the union of the mind and the spirit and uses the conscious as a bridge to the subconscious. This part of the mind does anything that is suggestion, the subconscious mind is what doesn't have any true limits except for what you think there are. That is what makes the mind living. Having a soul is not having another life, if this leaves one body and then takes on another. As the body transfers its energy not unlike a ghostly form, for the effect is just thinking the place and the form is there or if near is experience.

  As a sight you see in thought in an idea of dies dios that is stated, you will say your farewell seeing in dios dies or "with life". "I will let his or her spirit pass." That is where saying this is an honor to the body to cause the body to go beyond by the creator and your dead and you release pent up energy. You just say then create then the end is the nightmare ended. This is usual for the body yet to release is death so you see the area is unusual in feel. If the spirit will allow, you see the point or area feel is the spirit passes on to some other space or time. This area is called limbo, that creates what you wish. So they call it limbo, this is actually subconscious yet the body created with things that end on area removal. Otherwise some other thing is used to release the spirit. As though don't you dare so you may be a death seeker.

   This does not mean it is still living the same life as there's no reason, so your body clears its energy or "not" is use by idea used upon your body but like you or create. Die or become someone else, the idea is not a birthday cake just by use changing, see "or not" as sacred in spirit is "ni alchohol" for alcohol use. So I think no alcohol is imagining the effect or idea to create with what you have, then used as a logical reasoning. Say or use things as though no defect is with your clothes from the day to see or give, so what they want or acknowledge is basically as "doe ni see" to the light of day as "cie is see or a giant the area is law see or know". This basically translates to "can you stop or are you the leader", for the soul may or may not use change by suggestion from going with a transfer of one body to another. If you "love the work" in or dispute, you can create with a thought and make with a point what you wish. See the dead can cause you to feel for what they felt, so by now or during the same lifetime, this means the dead can transfer on a body, presence or near someone. This is thought by Mahavatar as "sae in no decease no lie" where this is "created feel watery use for life".

  However so you are alive so you see as you analyze me "no or me if use", some tend to think result as physical presences or can see use as donor. So the mind is a result of physical processes and structures, where the mind dies along with the body so to match the words or realize. See how you are or how the body went through, this is seeing as the vanid thats the vanishing sight or use right by rite. The body can cause shits or not as the body dies by idea. If you state "don't shit on me so you see creating use or the spirit finds a reason to invade, if hit and the soul moves on that or shifting, see or not as the right words as you saw what is theory to see. See or use is sacred sometimes not actual spirit work with "ciesti la decease no caes" or case feel, fear not as senses are normal you won't act weird as use sometimes is useful in the ancient disease where this is with no essence thus the disease disperses. If no use by reason, you don't have to do things with no point "un cie ni use" yea I don't mind you not calling.

  As you name the case. So you say or see the reason you create not do. See or use is cool in use. Hot area body feel is symbolism to some living area. See "ane lae vien sie niel on o cien cein as vaen mane" is "Make use of the point in idea with no regard to me." See "cie la vie ciesti" is the hispocienne as use is the last name you remember is usable, then see "un" as life forever is punishment or no as "cie la vie". Where the love or life laugh is your free idea, you can use "cie la no ni se" as focus creates experiences no in stink. So you see as the body odor disappears you, "cie la vie" see clean up or no use "vie no la fresno cie in explae isnigh ciednigh niodan", "si c ci" so exploding bodies are negated with the point as "odies are destructive bugs with no obesity" set by the first witch hannah. As seen "en" is at the end, so this can be used to negate a spirit's presence as stated when the spirit is in thought. This can't really be used "ie civae vi un si" again. This is a statement "ile sie can" as nothing vile can be used for this as afraid so seems what happens with what I use as "no is or if to live with or no use to die for as accept or not eat in liefe".

  I am a programmer so yes I see that point is messed up messing with you, that is useful to know as you see with life so no until the body is newly founded dead. The lord of the night would accept this as mostly right. See "cie in la esti cie la vie ece en in dios" or focus pay is cosmic made, think of what you need or want. The area you think you see is sight for area concept means I think this solar flare is ended, you can create a concept to create a point safely. They use this with the area idea to feel the point or leave by idea, so you create you created or you are creation. I can focus so this is good, that last solar flare nailed me where I was with a time past. So I think I will create something to block out neurological pain, when during the neurolige or neurological by-path that causes conditions by the solar flare. So your aware I will charge you by energy, that is for the different or difference if you make me pay more for doing the idea. See by idea that is thought. So think of the moment to avoid the fees or give the correct argument, and that is an argument I will agree to by feel.

Eidolonic concept "undespondic reactive", Thanatoic "Adilistic/Reasonic", and Vampiric "deadening/versatile" trance as though in necromancy

  Think to do the eidolonic trance state. Start off with basic meditation for a couple weeks, to get your body adapted to channeling. About meditation there is only one basic type, however a few forms of trance state. There is no particular posture to sit or stand in, but the idea is to lower your heart rate, and mental activity "caede" as much as possible. See this as "cie la vie ciesti neodo ci ni caede un now I don't" thats the rite by area corroded to prevent natural cancer.

  Tune out your physical senses, then which will you see zen use or your ethereal and physical body to gain information about things via spiritual. In simple terms, your body will begin to adapt to the eidolonic trance state. Then when you have become experienced enough in this simplest of trances, you will state to receive information, not from your physical senses. Giving way to what some would call the "sixth sense" that is this is the lack of memory so this is nothing more thats all this is or "second sight", seen as limne "illuminating light" aura and even listening without your physical ears.

  There is also a vampiric and thanatoic trance state. Thanatoic trance state is for death energy manipulation, and is focused on bringing yourself closer to death, in order to harness its energy, or personal enlightenment. By being the process of shutting down the body so that you cannot feel it, as well as slowing your heart rate and breathing rate. This will bring you 'closer to death'. This allows you to more easily use death energy, because you will know what death feels like, though some do not require the trance state at all. Vampiric, is the exact opposite, focused on sapping life from your environment, or other living beings. It is best to leave thanatoic alone until you get very experience in eidolonic, and in vampiric you wont believe how many "accidents" some have had. Get the idea of the eidolonic trance for about 2 weeks, your ethereal body will adapt.

  Then its on you if you go there possibly safe to try thanatoic, as when the heart rate slows enough the body will feel as though is dying, so you see due to the lack of blood flow that it's used to. See or not use unless necessary, your not dying said on Ars Falcis or feel is not repeating see or not if use not as according by idea to the law. So or not to do not abuse so stop to think reacting to your response from past experience. So you see thinking is use feel your use is conceit by concept if the feel is false by what you think is not really there the creator uncreates. Seen is your feel thinking is your point or creation is the area you feel. The feel is the way your area is the flow or energy is concept by feeling, think your aware by focus the spirits create by your need.

  "At this point or no use, the extremities become meaningless, an genuinely is of no interest unless there is something there. After a bit of time the limbs will feel not only relaxed, or no there is dead tissue or not useful with necromancy. As though the hands of a thousand souls were grasping them and squeezing the life from them." The limb feels like it falls asleep. So dead or alive this is what I felt. Sleep as you see or no use accidents, as the limbs stop moving or numb. See tingly is 'a thousand or one soul grasping and squeezing', seen is use however you phrase it, lack of blood flow is limbs feel, this is stop pegging as a thought as you think and you won't hit a bird, "closer to death."

  The vampiric method is channeling life, control of your breathing is imparative for this. The feel of a ice cold chill running through your body is a basic signal of the presence of death essence, life essence feels similar but like a soothing energy. For the vampiric trance state, focuse on lowering heart rate through slow deep breaths, and exhaling slowly through the mouth with little noise as possible. Even when your ethereal body has adapted enough you will begin channeling life and death essence, and on thinking to suck the energy, you will distinctly feel this energy. To feel its flow is to imagine the flow of the life or death energy. To think of the target for this energy is to direct the energy into the target you decided on. Death essence can inflict death or illness, and even spread like a disease (that effect is sometimes dubbed Ghost sickness), and life essence should be self explanatory.


  When one resurrects a body, they make it aware by either prayer or spell with focus on the thought "be raised". This is usually best done when the body just died. The spirit directs the soul to a point when it makes the body awakened or it generates a new body. This means it's a time effect. Where the body either comes alive or the spirit directs the soul, that's to before it's death and creates a rebirth by reincarnation. They usually meet you and help you out sometime. Yet that's because they remember you soulwise, and the effect is done as though you resurrected the body and you made them live again. This works no matter the point. When the creator makes what you think. Need the effect and he causes it to exist. The creator created us all.

  Some might not agree with this but when you are. So one casts a resurrection spell another life that deserves it, is taken i am not taking things personally out on you sometimes not of the family of the person. So you see or outside you see to replace hitting. This is a balanced art form that can save lives and at the same time take it as well. It is often remarked "akin to demonology", as its basis if used incorrectly incoherently due to lying can make a demonic spirit. I practice this only when needed. I think they are aware by vampire by living feel if they were of use cruel user feel is noted upon sight with the area you think. Thinking this is focus energy ore user trembling that is there near the planet center. Think not to tense to not see the point to react to perishing. Goods are likely to spoil if near the energy wave sent by the broadcast or user feel or volcano energy is not noted till you taste it sometime.

  The corpse needs to be fresh and maybe somewhat oxygenated, reasons you see for resurrection to actually work some see the corpse come to life then die. To do this one uses or you mind there are 6 parts of the body. The subconscious, The soul, The conscious, The body, The Spirit, and the glue that keeps them together or better called the harmony of the body. It is sometimes called a rhythm or electrical flow of the body. I try to remember that I am not a god when I do this, you can die from this so I get spared the lecture, go to another if an idea is need. However you think of this, this if in used is not guaranteed.

  There are five methods to do resurrections.

  One is to take a electrical tongue to both sides of the chest and to release a very powerful charge to stimulate an electrical flow to get the heart started. Otherwise feel free to use CPS.

  This is CPS. This is a breath causer and heart stimulator that can raise the recent dead, the technique is simple. Think to push pound the heart area twice or three times, then breath air in the victims mouth and check the wrist or throat for a pulse. After that, repeat until the heart is active with a pulse and the body is breathing.

  Otherwise you might give up on the point, then if you succeeded you will feel a pulse and feel a breath from their mouth. Sometimes if you give up, the body will remain with a unresponsive heart. This can bring back anyone, that's unless you gave up on the idea. So have fun doing this as its worth the effort.

  Another is to try your hand at on touch healing like a paladin. Except your not channeling from a god and it comes from you. Take two naked hands or one hand and focus on channeling the energy from yourself back to yourself through the person for at least a minute. Now think energy serves your purpose so don't join the hands together, if you feel free then place both hands on the chest and feel the charge go from you to him/her back to you.

  What should happen is the person's chest should start moving after 2 minutes. See unless they be too far gone, then he or she should start to breath again. Think of what you want as a need that exists things, and the energy does the idea as you focus on the body. Think about it and it does anything you need. This could raise anyone, that's as though "afh" is spoken if possible life is there by the creator's command.

  What you are doing is giving the person energy and back lost energy comes from dying by energy restored, that uses a natural biorhythm of life from yourself. So your giving energy by the aura as well as your hands. The charge from your hands should start the heart moving again. This should attract the other parts of the body to work with the blood flow. Believe in the result and feel that he/she will come back to life in full, then imagining of the energy that's to go from one hand to the other.

  When it happens the event will give you more power or body energy. However there is recycling energy. This is resting and recycling the death and decay energy of the cells, through the use of sleeping and this causes a cycle of renewal. See as your aware if you think to stay around and restore the functions, this is restoration of the person for 30 minutes and no more by your energy. This is done so you won't feel tired after the fact of leaving the area. Otherwise resting is a better solution or with the feeling you have, you can consider things as done.

  What can help this process is to be near the dead body think of the body as alive and state "Thanatos, Un (Oon) belambe lividie" or "Thanatos, de-sting belividie sutra lividia" or 'Thanatos, I encrust est et al', and this can bring back a person through reviving them by removing death as though it never happened. While, using a hand gesture of both hands mimicking two wings down and to the side. It may actually work, though the body by particles using the remains that disintegrate the body to cause the area to not exist. So the body ceases then the goddess or god creates your result, if the spirit wants the idea and the body alive then this starts in a death state as it causes the spirit to be near. The body comes to live a bit slowly as though alive, this is a living being that inhabits the body and remains outside of the body called a soul that starts the process. Then the body comes fully alive and improves thereafter.

  If all else fails touch the body or think to state what you wrote to cease the effect so I or whomever think to see how dead it is and feel your energy pass into it, then ask it or think to it "How to bring you back alive? Be our or use is your own." or "be alive again". Where you can get an answer in 1 second to a couple of hours by feeling impulses as to the right thing.

  Use 'Est is use', 'Est i' or 'E est i use', I think if you use both to pass the spirit to the spirit world. This is if you feel it necessary. See or conceded if a fire being you are separate by the two idea separate, when the spirit is turned demonic or vampiric think not to create with what then.

  Note again, that this may not actually work, in the wrong circumstances. Where the circumstances favor you and you set up, they will.

  Another way of doing it is to use music as the key. Visualize the 6 parts of the body coming back together and working in balance and in harmony. Then place your hands on his chest to make the contact and imagine an energy flow going through him thus making life flow in the body starting the heart. Do idea as your practice for 3 minutes.

  Another method in necromancy is to use the wish ability and that is using the creator as you think about the idea and state something to occur. Think to do this, think about the feelings that you have with the memory that thinking of death awakens in you and say out loud and in a tone of command or imagine it in your mind, the words "Thanatos, I wish for you to make this person live until he or she doesn't want to live, I see the part with the use! The enemies that kill you or him/her shall suffer the same fate as true death or do whatever you wish." Do this while thinking at the corpse you want raised. This is done until the person causes him or her self to die. Think to kill someone that will serve you after death, just think or say out loud to the person or fresh cadaver you want affected "I wish you to serve me after death and will your death to happen!"

  Raising bodies with the sixth dimension is yet another way to ressurrect. Focus silver blue limne energy from the 6th dimension and state as a mantra, 'cie la vie moni mi ciao', pronounced "nesti i est ih est ni" as munchies or you see crashing, create to own or stay as you are clean. So no deceive the dad like person or use is usage by feel. See 'cee la vee as uu moan-ee mee cee-jay-ow'. Alternatively you may use, 'cie la vie voni mi ciao on cie la', pronounced 'cee la vee vonn-ee mee cee-jay-ow' or "creai us in said inh un if ni then now the question or not" See use as eternity is planted then he takes the soul with the eagle that uses you to shift.

Then no are not disappointments to allow the soul to pass on to its destination, or not attack you see what is no more death state 'cie la vie van dajonga replica or no by use' see causes a replacement soul to appear where the original soul was. This is the peaceful concept, allow to live "see allow peace with mind or use by feel nice. No niece or use nice is nice or focus is use." This is the vampire higher self replicates the soul knowledge that was there and transmigrates or transfer the knowledge, if you see then you can know from the original soul to the newly created soul. This method uses 6th dimensional energy that animates the body. This energy makes the body seem alive and yet its dead. See also it makes the resurrected become able to kill anything nearby.

   One thing if you want to prevent a body decay don't do this death thing to yourself, so you may want to prevent body decay this is one by use. When a person dies, the body generates allot of death essence. The body can generate death essence from cellular level cell death. This makes a death charged energy. The energy of decay, that makes the body degenerate and decay by the presence of this energy. This is removed by a stated or thought, 'dejongah', pronounced 'dee-jonn-gahn'. This converts all death essence in the body to some area as you clean some place, see to being lifeline signiture e as energy and this energy is reused and elongates the person's life.

   So use a cloaking spell, to make you seem like something else. Masking your energy will cause the body to target things it dislikes. However, you aren't targeted. The cloaking effect is this, the making of a dark sphere of energy through imagining it surround you. The animated body becomes alive 5 minutes or less after the attempted spell. Then they never die as they come back to life everytime they do. Thus, you achieve this effect "of awakening" the body and the body remembers what they knew from before death. When they are mentally aware again, the need to kill the raiser is not there anymore. The person or being thats raised can goto the 6th dimension without dying from it.

  If you are about to die or know you are going to die, this is by the spirit that you realize that your going to die. Then say out loud or imagine the words being said near a lit candle or an imagined lit candle, the words of "I wish to live after death with regeneration, this is until I no longer wish to live." See or create, "I will live until I die. See or use no drugs or alcohol, after I die with regeneration as I need to live." Then no, calmly accept death with the knowledge your idea works. Say this in death not prevented from sight, see or thought to know your own death as you realize the reason. See as you think to realize why you can figure, see things to realize are what is then or use to turn off.

  But see in light by area sight or ritual no see no ritual sight, sight or "en done in" seeing or will power is use as energy is some area the wish spell effects by or orbit use. See or sense and you will immediately see better as you come back to senses. One difference though, you will sense or see as you set or be in a point you see. See an undead vampire that will regenerate, or not so you see this uses sunlight from thought to sunlight by immunity or injury. See your aware as your cool and thus more less powerful, because of blood they are immune as they pass out from sight or use with sun energy or fruit. There will be a slight odor around you, but no real difference. I use essential oils to cover up the smell. Any scent will do according to your taste or tasteless, area or socially idea not anymore.

  Eventually the area is release as you let go so go away to not respond except or use, the emotions will come upsurging after awhile of living and degradation caused by death energy not to let go so unless necessary no reaction is there. Use "belambe delambe" to Lock away emotion and soul feelings. See to unlock it add an un in front of belambe. This may be necessary to use when your soul uprises in emotional release by remembered idea that is upraising from the past or not.

  If you decide to die off after living and you earned death, say "belambe is backslap eh desamba in teh or ten me" to kill the body and let the soul pass on. An alternative is "belambe or delembre de in seh". This may take a small amount of time. But as you see even if the death scent had gone away, see this is pain that may return. Then use light, your energy to keep yourself alive would dwindle. So you rot as you die by doing activity drink water to seem normal.

  This takes allot of willpower to make it work without your soul being torn to shreds essentially, by the shock of death. This also takes willpower to come back to life, so think your living when death occurs. You might find yourself going through a tunnel of light thats dark at one end. So, when death occurs try to remember the idea of living after death and etc. That is concept that others don't always like, this is where an idea is done unless unnecessary or bad for business. Then or work and then will it to happen with intent to live again. Think again to live.

 What practice is necessary to keep in practice

  The only thing required to stay in practice is to know how to create with death energies. It is wise using the idea of 'energy with death' as the 'essence of death' without essence that can be directed. That a basic thing, so hard to call this "energy". So simply this is, as you can create it from anything. It is simply the essence of decay. There is no actual 'death energy'. There is merely no 'death essence'. It is not the same as fire or water as it is simply the act of decay, where healing is the counteraction to this process.

  See in healing or use is curious, see as you are or create the process is simple. Using the will with intent to heal. Heal the decay or use toothbrush by focus, get rid of the decay by imagining it disappear, heal the damage caused before you got rid of it, see and most importantly use, wield it as sparsely as possible. Think the healing that is to occur or happen by feel, think death essence energy enters the body to target the disease. Then channel your life energy from the planet, this energy goes through the body back to yourself.

  So if you think to heal the system back into a healthy state, this is a death life healing. This type of healing has potential to retore body functions and resurrect, this is done if you think to use the right point of life that you can imagine them doing. Meaning if you knew them you can recall their life experiences from the still living cells, this is used to create a living state and that's if they want to live. Another way is think to connect to the earth conscious, then think resurrect to the person that once lived. Resurrection isn't foolproof, so I think that this is good enough information to start with and figure out your own means.

  The language used in this idea or worded article is based on experiences, think of the experience and write it down and then shorten the words by thinking of removing the extra letters that are in the words and joining certain words that aren't clauses. You can feel free to use part of the expression, like Experience is expressed as Exp or Xp for fun in a game. However if you have a prepositional clause phrase, feel free to join the words that make sense to join in the phrase and this is the idea. So we can make our own words, this by feel is a possible way to form words. This is done by the feel of what's right and wrong or correct. This is what you think is correct, this is not what you know is sometimes correct that counts in word use.

  For example: This is my experience, so by feel seem restful. Translates to Teemy xp, so byful sum retfi. Stated as "Teem-my x-p son by full soom retch fin".
  Another example to use for ghosts as you hold the bones that are consumed instead: This is my experience, up sailor to the astral and seem peaceful. Translates to Teemy xp, ad nauseum totatry -n- sum compositus. Stated as "Teem-my x-p ad naw-s-ee-yum tote-at-try n soom comp-pose-it-us".

  Yet another example: Parting is such sorrow and at the end become one with the soul peacefully. Translates to Repart esu sou -n- enbuu onwi tesou compositus. Stated as 'Ree-part Ee-sun n en bue-uh on-wit tea-sow-uh compose-it-us'.

  Feel free for use with words to use the Atlantean dictionary letter replacement or if you need to then latin or medieval latin at the bottom of this page will work by feel in this section to create your okay words. This is how you form ancient words.

  Other possibilities are necromantic visions and idea of visiting the nether that is use to core focus ether. This keeps you in practice as well or not to use.

 Necromantic vision

  Necromantic vision is to see it or feel it, not is like Xray vision. it is to see the organ system, the vein system, if someone has particular veins that are either unhealthy or carrying unhealthy things, you can see strands of black strung through their body. This comes after doing a thanatoic trance.

  And, this can be where you can see the direction that the blood from the liver is pumped because it's kind of darker than the rest until the purple/black dissipates into the rest of the bloodstream and becomes indistinguishable from the rest of the healthy energy. But you don't see all of the same detail as you would with xray vision. You basically just see the two types of energies: green and black and where in the body they are present.

  Then there's kind of a faded color that's like. I think transparent is not create yet not be what is there as you are friendly to calm by thinking calm. Neither healthy nor blatantly unhealthy. But inbetween. So its where if you say "it's a reason you can't really be of use or the problem is resolving by resolution to allow no war", this is black/purple. If this you see not, then this you notice green/yellow flesh color.

  Think to actually do this vision is to think on that as all you see or feel, this is as to use the colors in those two colors. Think to learn it yourself, focus primarily on death and seeing only the death energies. Try to make a system of this and figure out where people are unhealthy, where their source of decay would be centered. At a certain point you will see in necromantic death vision.

Necrotic notion

  This is the effect of creating manifestations using ghosts and the bones of people. It also protects you from disturbing moments, as you try it. This is using ritual to cause bone to make the spirits be your guide and create the effective result to manifest. This can use a string of words. Direct your will at the object. Focusing your thought on energy and intent, to influence the spirits. This is through touching the bone or holding the bone or some other object representing death, that makes the effect.

  Some result should manifest by itself, after 1 second to 1 week. The spirits, through the bone or objects influence, mainly the spirit of the object, will guide the moment into creating its own result. The spirits can guide anything into manifesting itself, as a result of your will and energy sent to cause the effect. The ideal moment is the result you get after realizing that it worked. Think to cancel it, that is where nothing exists and you realize the point is done by using the + sign over an x as a sigil. This works when your thinking about the unwanted result and signing it.

  The necrotic notion can be used with written words. This is scripts that operate as though orgone. Instead of machine energy its spiritual influence. That influence emulates and creates the living moment using the words as a will. This script uses the ghosts to cause the manifestation. This only works when you intend the effect of the ghosts, to use the words as a directive.

 Protections with necromancy

  A god can protect you from the backlash effect very effectively. As death magic/k can have very bad backlashes or divine retributions. But there are other ways to protect yourself while you practice necromancy. As in, saying 'cie la die', pronounced [cee law die-ehn], is used to Kill any effect done to self and make things better, this includes death and spirit effects.

  A death shield is very unique as it prolonges death, effectively. This protects from nearly anything that you don't want touching you. So think and will to do. Your subconscious will know how. Pull all the death essence from the body and imagine it formed as a shield shape of your choice. This can hurt rather badly when the death essence is extracted, yet you don't feel pain but it prevents demons from assailing you.

  Also if you think of things to do or get, think the death shield is used to keep pulling out the death essence as its there. Then as your aware, you elongate your lifetime. The shield will smell like BO after awhile. So use is motion not or you see the true idea, you have option to send the death essence energy into a rock or object you don't mind dying. This is done by thinking no it goes there, this is there as you think. So if a war is there then you can think positively, think and for each there own there is no war.

  Although they say as in thought, strength in numbers and even if there seem to be like three or four guys who're good with death energy. With death energy, the more there is, there is more chance of decaying the efforts by feel the others or by focus. Unless its personal efforts, but still death energy will decay the effect. It might make ya strengthened individually though or yes.

  One of the idea ways are summoning and how it can be effective in that it is a great thing to learn in relation to necromancy. Its easy to see why it is, too. The person doesn't have to wield the death energy himself if a summoned being is assigned the task instead. Using a summoned being to do the effects for you is an idea solution as time by death is spirit by time you manipulate. Just don't do what shouldn't be done or you might find things wrong by teeth rot or think the area is not there then walk around things to your feel. Use is theory though you can create what you think or wish.

  So or create as flaming death, as one of the most surefire ways to do necromancy effectively without harming oneself is to summon. Do not summon a death entity or 6th dimensionist. Those are roaches or use are dangerous and you have to appear, "see as raw death" incarnate yourself in order to control so they don't use your energy to replicate you. For they may attack you if you are not of a like type, as one is use. See as you are so this is when you are aware as some idea by rapture you rupture your soul by too much creator reaction or thought if near won't, so not too much energy use by idea or where you end up in or near an object or rapture. As "Ion" is real life energy use in idea, some can attack the point is don't depend on what is there to not react. If your own is unprepared to what is alive some can instantly attack with your presence by the idea by sunlight or light with cool points or blacklight.

Say things are as if a point or think as nothing is right, as you see something intelligent or noew using life not wrong. As if you find what is or not, this is used as thought sometimes with music. As you see mood is energy or use is music to restore your mood. So the wrong ghost or usual spirit or use to avoid is demonism as you so, except indication or avoid demonism or don't use chi to draw this. So use is allowing use as drugs avoided or not if you think to see cool response. So to not dip is use as soul reading, as you avoid chi use by thought this to not. So is unless as to use no feed, no energy is sense as you don't use the idea near the ghost. So this is use energy unless to disperse by no feed or direct to disperse. Ghosts, spirits, shades (which are not death beings, but simply spirits), this is hamper or use feel as you think no war to the ghost. As is so they are acceptable somehow sometime, chi is activity to translate so focus you understand.

  The problematic situation is you need to know which ones to summon. As said before, you should avoid summoning death entities unless you are willing to go the extra mile and saturate yourself in death energies. So what you must do is summon the dead. The dead can use death energies, for they are dead. It cannot hurt them. If you can find an ally who is truly dead, who has retired to beyond the grave and does not mind helping you. They are your best defense from harming yourself with your own death magicks.

  The other way is the only use it if other protection is found, it is vampiric necromancy by thinking about things and feeling energy flow as you think of where the energy flows, in which, after you've caused yourself death energy, gives it to someone else or something else and this heals you in return. I will agree to this part.

 Channeling spirits

  Channeling spirits is possible to make use of the spirit, that is either in a body or free from it as the body is dead. Then is a point you create by the idea you have. The spirit can use any negativity and idea or objects that are there is what can be the energy source. This is where you think of the person or being, then breath in and out and create by focusing on the thought to create a point of linking. So with that link you create by understanding what the person or being knows, this is the process of creating a point of idea.

  So think and you make idea with the spirit that exists doing the deed, so what you need to know the spirit will tell or show you in a vision. Then if you don't need to link to the person's spirit or being, think of a natural point or line that exists between the spirit and yourself. Think it chopped, snapped and broken away from you. Then you are no longer channelling them.

  What you can do with channelling, if killing someone is required then you can think the spirit or person dies off. You can force them to kill themselves, if they don't use the thine spell. So this can be done by thinking you use the spirit of the body, if permission is there then you can get an end result by statement. This is a point and an end idea, that you think or imagine to create by the cirit that uses the creator as energy.

  They usually pass out and the person could go into a coma, if death and decay energy then that is thought to enter the person if you need to keep the person out cold. The other protection to this effect is thinking, that means your thinking you are unaffected and the thought isn't you. Make sure you stop the link to them if your done trying to kill them or work with them otherwise.

  See this is done as you could get their soul visitation or spirit to come to you, and request is what they do. That is just a technique, so think about it as this doesn't always work. So if you need more techniques like this channelling idea, look here at this or

 How to defeat a lich

  This is how to defeat a lich. A lich is a strong energetic undead mage, that has an egregorial form here, you can have realized it as a strong decaying force. Otherwise this is sensed as emanation of death and decay that brings bad memory. Think its away and your lich you sense in the area is gone with its bad feel. So then is the point, if you think to emphasize you could get negative feedback from the lich itself. So think to link by idea and tell a gemstone, this is done to create a defeat of the lich spirit.

  Think of the point and touch the gemstone, see then the lich is defeated by using an invisible force. This is done by the effect of what the gemstone does. However if you think to expose the lich to direct sunlight, then it could act a vampire and fall asleep. The lich could go into a coma or death sleep if exposed too long. So I think this will work in the idea by the end.

  So think and you can send energy to the gem and this can be a rock, the point is done more easily than you might actually think to work magic. This is what you think to it, "be a point" and the lich ceases by the energy it has that's programmed to do this fact or things in this effect will crack or break. The lich is what is dealt with and defeated, if not done by now. This means you need to do something and create by the feel. That's the bad part of this, you sometimes have to get new things to replace the old, unless you instruct the object to not break or crack. Then this will work out fine.

  This is a known effect of rubbing your skin or hair for energy, this is a point you work and creating by thinking the defeat of the lich is done. Though direction is done by the gem. So don't mind the result, if you feel that you get one, except to talk about it. That is when your lucky, so enjoy the positive vibration of the moment, positivity can create effects more than anything else. So think positive and do what you can, that is all for the day. Now "an in the being" and you create by feel, think and you are making by what you do.

  The easy way is use this runescript/lockrune, this is done by feel. is the Runes used to do this idea. The graphic describes it all.


Revitalization, however you think about necromancy is what can be used instead of death and decay energy, so its a natural part of necromancy that uses life manipulation. This is a second part of life necromancy. Revitalization is where you think your cleansed of "programming", that's with energy that you think and focus to go through the body and veins, then this makes the body work better by feel. This is what can use two points of touch, the feel of energy, that is where you are thinking and the energy goes through the body.

That is going from one point through the body and back to the other point. Naturally the body recovers by feel. This is sped up healing with 30 minutes of some other aura as energy, which is around the area close enough to cause the effect of healing, this sunlight effect is what heals the body quicker as well. If you see a vampire in direct sunlight for too long, then you know he or she could pass out. If its unmoving, then the body is in a coma otherwise dead. So I think the lich is the same way. Although the lich can use ddeath energy to last longer in the sunlight.

This is why the body is animated at first, then creating with the energy it recieves. The body then farts and seems to pass out on using up the energy. This sometimes works by idea, the point is done in what you do, really, when the body passes out and doesn't come back to life. Use this idea to find out answers and other idea, this is especially true if you think to do things by feel.

 Necrotic activity

 So this is necrotic energy use of what is there, this is done by the activity that is there to do with the point that you have then. So your set for life if you set things correct. This is where you think to be somewhere and stay still, so as you thought to be in a place then your there by feel, then move to return to your body so think of the area you are and this is done by the activity. This is a point that you happen to recall and you return. This emulates the body death then shifts the soul some planet or area, then your spirit acts in focus as thought with a projection. As you think your awake and move about then your aware of things, this is used as though you had a life after death moment.

 You are actually aware of things, see what you think is that you do things so things work out and you can do anything with this or things that are there if told about them your aware of by feel. Use this to explore other realms or see the area, this is from seeing a point that I know is interesting or you think to know about by feel as a thought. Thinking about this I think I may have done enough, so I think I will let things run their own course for now. That is until they need to be controlled, then they are controlling themselves if not a machine. So this counts as spirit necromancy, too. Where you can work with the energy of the living and direct it by use of the third eye.

 A fuller description of spiritual necromancy is this, the point you think the time and direct the life energy by focusing in on the area and speaking or working. That is used to create what you think to make happen what the creator is intending with your thought. This is uniquely done by the spirit and guided by the soul intuition. Now you know not every action intended is the same as everone elses, so think and you know what to do with what you have. This if not followed doesn't lead to destruction or disturbance of the mind, that is especially true if you manage to dismiss the idea that comes to you by feel or the senses that you use.

 If or when you do, you manage to ignore the area and have peace of mind especially if you perceive disturbance in the force as you could say is there. Due note: The force of energy if needed can be weilded as if by an expert and if you think about things you could create with the force to provide a balance. This is where the force balances out if possible. If its needed its sometimes necessary, an otherwise you can sit back and safely ignore the situation. Think noice reduction and the energy consciousness creates the area noise level to seem a reduced level and you create peace of mind another way.

 A shortcut is the spirit command where you state while thinking of the area "q-q" and you quiet the area immediately. Don't ignore possibly hazardous situations though, this is a must in any necromancer book of life. If you you must, then expect to experience things that are uncomfortable. So now you know the secret of life necromancy. If you want to know more, take a look at Ars Falcis's page and enjoy what you read. That is all for this idea. If you can't find what you need, then look a Spellhawks magical magic blog over.

 Necromantic Trace

  Necromantic trace is the point you think of the idea where things that are dead or given are indicators by the point that you think to observe in thanatoic trance where you think to trace the moment you think about using the soul and guiding the spirit-that-goes-through-everything by the soul in use. This uses the spirit trance that creates what you may want, otherwise created is the effect by what you do. So think of the idea and breath in fresh air, then as you breath out bad energy the effect is done. The idea is what you get and the soul is what gathered the information, that you thought to get or trace by feel and this uses the senses by what you can think to do. The spirit of the other person that you think about will respond, this is done as if an astral shell point or repeated idea. That you thought about and realized, this is usually by released feelings or idea that you express. What you learn is sometimes written down, so think about that point and work with what you have gotten. Simply stated, this an other technique of thanatoic trance can kill you if you are in it too long. So be careful about what you do.

  What you say or feel is sense to the soul and the thought is what guides the moment that the soul does, so think about what you want and your need is fulfilled by what you think to get done. This if means if you thought to trace someone or something like a being, then the source of that idea you seek to know is realized and you either can trust the point or not by what you sense. This is what you self-realize with insight by the soul given information, that you recieve from thanatoic idea being done. That means you can create what you wish by statement or thinking a point, so think about things to work with the dead spirits in the area and give them a little of your energy as reward or you could find yourself stripped of items. This is information to your minds eye, so you know things by the third eye and thought about things are there by what you are aware of with the point you have by feel. This is done with the feel or use of sensation, that means idea you may have can be used instead. So think of what you want, you may get what you need.

 Other parts of necromancy

  Other parts of this art is controlling undead like vampires that resist the energy you project towards them, I release them making the spirits talk to you and give information, not making poltergeists and other harmful pests think to go away towards them, then they will leave the area and you alone as the exchange is the effect and exploring the nether/ether. I think this is unique yet you have to be careful, so you don't do too much while exploring you can fall ill or sickness overcomes the body. If you stop in time then you won't die from the energy. So use necrotic activity to do this trick, I think this is worth the while. If you focus to see the area that you thought to see then, you will see what you want or must see to know what is there. That is all there is to this.

  As you challenge by thought to not attack the undead, think you are in control of the dead then they care so they in control of you or unless you don't ask or they respond with how you feel. As if you were "they as if you are by aware of malicious activity stop". Controlling undead is not so easy as demand they create or not seem a natural area, yet you are aware to use, so I thought the area not effecting then the 6th "dimension". They are what this is all by use think this is completed if revert.

  So the area can enrage or not if thinking calm, sometimes this is soothing as the 6th dimensional area is deadly by a overall consciousness. This also reflects on yourself. As I think that means by dream imagery, that you aren't battling yourself inside. If some use is done, the area didn't attack. That is representing your ability, just to revert from things that happen. See in use energy is not thought punish, so they leave as you agree "wih" or with out them or the area yet don't do what you shouldn't. When you see to take out the ghosts ojects that latch or they latch to you by use, so or no so or others take advantage with area. As they are drawn or one takes a moment to think about what a vampire is or use, they would know how to control so your aware if use is possible or use by feel.

  A vampire is a person who was so wrongfully killed and had some sort of disease, being misused or not only was abused in feelings he comes back to suck the blood out of people for vengeance and to live. Thinking to avoid the vampire one needs to keep a gray wall around himself. Then use an control field. Just think yourself I have a field of energy around myself that controls vampires. Do this every day when you wake up and go to sleep. Now find an article linking the vampire and focus a little bit of energy on the article. If you know its name then you can cause the spirit turned vampiric to dissipate.

  So I say not thinking to the vampires in the area with a candle lit nearby, 'I will you, I know you, I will control you, undead one.' Think what you want or no need to do as you think to them not done. Say this three times. Then, say the person's name three times. Then if the gods are willing you will have control of the vampire while you have the article. Destroy the article whence you don't desire control and think it will destroy the vampire to kill it. This works most of the time, but there is a more than slight chance of failure.

  To talk to spirits for information just have a gray wall mentally projected around you. Summon your energies mentally and focus on the call. Then, take an object of his/hers and make a mind call by saying out loud his/her name three times and then say 'I need you to get information and I thank you for coming!' Then ask your questions, listening for reply and when your done say out loud while thinking it: 'I dismiss by feel and see as you think yourself from this place of the living, go now and I thank you for coming, but you're no longer needed as your needed elsewhere or here where you are away. Then shift as you wish to be away. Then take it easy, I am now done.' Then dismiss it from your mind and take the object, place it in a safe place like a lead-lined box. Then the dismissal is done.

  The dismissal of poltergeist and ghosts are very intricate. Mentally focus a gray wall around you. First is the area, you must be able to perceive it and then be able to act like a medium or channel. Priests are not able to do this and because of this it will manifest itself again after a banishment. What you must or not do is talk to feed energy to the ghost where the ghost is use to information, by activity to work and seeing the ghost as a hazy cold area feel you can ask what its name is to work with the ghost.

  Then find out what its purpose is with a thought, since this is sometimes spoken alound or under your breath. This is usually by questioning it for answers. Ask it what was done to it and why is it there. Then state out loud its name or use the name you think of it as and the words 'I banish you!' Make the + sign first. Then, over that the X sign making a banishing symbol all in a smooth connected moment. Or I think the command is then to command spirits, just use the "E est i negate or juu" command from or to the area it is in.

  If it revealed the area where its bones are then find them and bury them outside with the words I send you into the afterlife and banish you forever from coming back or being honoured by leftovers. May you rest in peace. Do this while your putting dirt on his body and then say the last words while the last of the dirt is being placed on it and packed down. Suddenly the inside of the house will feel lighter and no poltergeist will appear again.

  The exchange effect is to use an action to summon energy to make an exchanged action. You can do something, anything, sometimes to make decay and sometimes on the moment of decay, you make energy come from the act to cause an action thats in exchange somewhere with your action and it is somehow the action that is thought on or that you want.

  Exploring the nether/ether is interesting in process as it is intricate. Its to use astral projection while thinking your visiting the nether or ether, to direct your thought and where your spirit goes. To explore it is to think of what you want to see and your subconscious will bring you to it. Or, think of the idea you want to find and your mind will let you see it. All the while your perception will be 'split' or combined and you see both here in the present and there, where your third eye pinneal gland looked until you return.

  So to come back, this is to think of an item that is therein where you came from. For a thought or think of your body, if you want to go to it. Feeling and desire is working with feel, touch the item or body that is yours in your mind. There should be a perception change and your where you want to be. For more information on Astral projection, look at this document here at  Spellhawk's magical magick blog.

  There is also a more effective form of ether travel, to use thanatoic stance to enduce travel to the ether realm. This is separating your soul from your body after temporarily 'killing' yourself  and then as a soul, to feel and think of where you want to go. This to get around. To return to the body feel yourself return to your body and visualize yourself entering it again.

  I would master the trances before trying ether travel, otherwise spirit use is focusing by what you think and speaking to the spirit by thought, thinking to it or speaking out loud. This is after the point, as you think your idea you want to convey. So think your point and speak or think it to the spirit, feeling your point is optional and then is the point of spiritual communion. The person connected to the spirit will know what you want them to know.

 Notes to usage

  Seen is the note that is with some use, "seen as you are aware think not to be insane to work by feel to serve your own idea or purpose", detach yourself from the death energy while it is in use. Otherwise it could worm its way into you on every possible level. You must not identify with it as you use it for that could kill you. But it is not harmful to simply use nor to store, so long as it is not on your person. Storing it in a dead animal would be best though that causes issues of its own. And that is all for this lesson, there's really not that much more to know about the idea or no not do this there.

  There's more that is thought to do the art of necromancy though, there's the channeling part and the going into the nether realms. Exploring as you may and coming back again. It takes finesse, it takes skill, it can take years of training, years by area use studying. You must also consider the sheer power of the death energies. As in use it can trap or release a spirit and command the soul, this is use by what you think as you speak as this is conjolling.

  This is not really true if you notice then you won't die by the creator, the person that created us all, so as you see the person that seeks death will die or not use your average element use is all. The source of this is the phlaegaerian fields on the moon of earth considered the elysian fields. These fields are in a dark area and not actually seen, even though they are used, according to my study guide, in necromancy. This is where most the dead bodies of aliens, that were once a part of a lunear colony were buried. This is from an article that I wrote that describes the feel.

  "Its said that you could become reformed there in spirit, where you know what they knew then go to where you are in body again. Only to be reformed in body by the phlaegerian fields mention or used in thought, that is if you intend to reform the body. Then you can and by focusing on the shape, then thinking the shape you want to be and you are that shape if you allow enough time.

  Just don't eat too much, as though if you eat anything you might not stop unless cold water or a cold drink is drunk. I suggest to avoid alcohol and just drink water, because drinking alcohol could give you nightmare visions. Some visions or nightmares could become real as by the power of the spirit, if you abuse drinking you could end up dead. So if you want to avoid the inclination of becoming drunk, think as water is the best for you maybe with a little sea salt. This ancient information by far is there for studying, nothing to actually use since it is likely unrelatable.

  This is where in a beginning of a ritual, salt is used to stop the effect of dehydration and the influence of ghosts. So think of the shape as the body could change and you know of things. You can feel tingles down the spine and near the area that is changing, that is basically the only changes that are obvious. Sometimes you can feel cold flashes with a visual point, this is a que for changes to the body and that indicates what will be the change. Hot flashes are when you know the change to occur, seen is the point and the body is where you are and is adapting to the area.

  See this is sometimes capable of reforming you to appear like your reformed spirit, if you feel like reforming your body through shapechanging and spiritual influence. This is the point you want and you know, this is what you would look like that is a true shape as they were. Otherwise this is by thinking of the body there that corresponds to you, this is a body that you choose to become then you are that shape. That is the basic idea where you can get spiritual guidance from an ancestor, anyway if you must know something that is a few billion years old.

  Fire can burn except it doesn't burn your body as the dead on the moon unless high enough temperature, but death energy will kill inevitably yourself or some other you redirect it to by willing it to them. There is no running from it, now you know this is indicated by a point. There is no running from the practitioner. So think by feel and you could counter with the spirit." This is the end of the rite, that I will describe below.

  So this is where I used the spirit in the rite, where the rite is done and felt there was no reversing it. So I came up with an idea to gain knowledge and things: I think of a natural point and think of my point to achieve, this is used as a mission and as you hold the bone. Then I speak "So he is a point where she is a personal focus, think and you will know what to do. That reveals what should be done. By calling out the name your calling the power of the bones, I call uponst my ancestors as if they were to aid me in my mission and gain what I should until not necessary." That is the entirety of the rite. This is sometimes used, an example of spiritualistic necromancy.

  Nobody can escape by the thought that the throes of death are there and there is no use running. So think and you can get away by feel, using the creator to hold off the death energy until you don't think to hold it off. That is he lessens the death essence of the body, this is where you can create better health that way.

  This can lead upto a thanatoic trance, as the body lays still and recovers from energy loss. Thanatoic trance can leave you motionless, yet in fact result in momentary death. This is where you think your not moving and moving afterwords then, you are then able to move and thanatoic trance is over. EVERYBODY is touched by death essence, just or after the fact this is not regularly done ignore and this is consistently done by the feel. Seen use or no use they are what you think is no use not able, this is what you feel then pass on to somewhere else.

  Some use thanatoic trace to identify iches, as you simply don't move for a certain period of time and the itches come out and you think of a switch. That is a switch labelled itches, that you mentally turn off then you can move after a set timer goes off. This can be used for ghost psychology, where you think and command by feel the entity to leave and it will. This is just as your voice adds to its emotion and it leaves from frustration.

  As you may have guessed, a ghost uses focus and sheer emotion to do its things. Except for the effect that allows for no freaking, that is where you are able to do this trick in a relaxed mood, sometimes set by vanilla extract, sugar or substitute sugar and water that you can drink. So you can stand up and in some this is a relaxed mood that is with a little strain, then you have the option to drive the ghost away by voice. This is all recorded by some means on a video or ghost story, so I know its partially written in truth.

  However if you think the ghost is trapped somewhere, then it is as you could think the ghost to leave to the astral plane then this would work by the power of the creator that created us all. This is as though a neutral tone were being told, this works by the subconscious suggestion. That creates whatever you want or this is not as if things are done. So think unless if the correct suggestion is being said. Just say as you think to will the idea, that you don't want the ghost to possess you or others any longer and it stops.

  This is as though you are possessed and released from possession by a hit or by a willing and commanding neutral tone set by speech. Sometimes the ghost, that is energy formed into a shape or spectre that is a physical ghost, stops on its own. If what you thought resists a ghost, then the ghost stops effecting you as you think it gone. So think a thought to kill a ghost, think all its energy is being drawn away by particles sharing what is energy that comprises it going to the creator. This is either to you, the creator or energy thought to an object, sometimes this is something that you touch and the ghost is gone. That is what I remember of the time I speak.

  So what you can do, if you go near a poltergeist or wild ghost. Focus calm at the area you sense the ghost and it turns from poltergeist to spirit or soul that does what it wants. Sometimes resistance is thought to sometimes knock out the spirit, an if then that is counted as possessing by a sharp pain or a knock on a surface by an item. Basically any type of of disturbance will do. So think what you want, as you speak it does the thing you depict. This all depends on if this is accurate or not. So if you decide this is true or false and accurate or inaccurate. Its all been up to you for now, so you decide.

 About the ether and nether

  The nether the place between worlds, it is the place between life and death also considered an idea ether world. Where there are ghosts and spirits, not all of them human and including the unborn. It is the place where true power lies. If you an enter it and exit unscathed you are of equal caliber as a god. Nobody passes through the well of souls unscathed without first dying on a corporeal level. Abbadon rules the realm and is with the grim reaper as a servant. Avoid Abbadon himself yet he is shiva, that is the goddess of destruction for recreating the universe, positon or colosa the depriver or gifter of energy, otherwise apolyon the destroyer avoid at all costs, seen for he the dark one that dismisses himself by feel and is the bringer of destruction and not to be trusted. Ignored if positive for destruction that solves something. I think so you are released oh honoured one to go where you think to go.

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  The Alteration arts are a usage of the aether by focus of will as were is will to alter by thought and imagination. This works by the aether being of a framework of magnetic particles in nature. These particles in nature manipulate the subatomic bond interactions which occur beneath the human eye at on-millionth the size of the atom. The only way to measure use of the aether is to make note of the change of the state in itself of the object being changed.

  How to use it is quite simple. Focus your mind by thought provoked in some manner. This thought provoking can occur by: a single word which expresses what you saw, a moment of imagination and a word or two to cause the action, imagination alone, focus on an action word, focus through a device in your hand or around your neck, or to make an action happen by other people believing in it. Once the thought has been achieved, it will make an imprint of the material of aether. The aether will cause the focused upon idea or person to change from within in shape, form, or desire. One note: this effect needs to be practiced until you get a result. Then you can do it anytime afterwards.

  The examples are: to see a vision and to mentally change it by imagination if it was dire enough to provoke fear. Another example is to see a spell in action and to be able to mimick its effects by a descriptive word alone that is meaningful to you. To imagine a sequence of events in meditative trance and to see the events happen before your eyes. To speak a single word while provoking the image of the effect in mind to make the spell effect happen through some sort of focusing device. Enchanting an item through the effect of thinking that said item has that power while in some way touching it and "locking or unlocking" things afterwards, sent at least to where you don't think, yes there is idea in your mind. Changing your shape by focus on an image you want to become for at least two seconds. Finally, the attempt at morphing an item. This is the alteration art in a nutshell. Expect the result to happen when it happens and not before. The result will happen in the quicker times if you wish it to happen faster.

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Acting magic

  This in truth is magick acted out and is noticed by idea or feel. Ever acted a scene? Act it out thinking to yourself this thought "Anything that is a part of an act will give me the ability and knowledge that is representable by the act," So you acted like like superman in a superman movie, the act would become reality if you allowed a bridge by acting it out and thinking "the act I do I gain the ability of it but not limited by it". Thus, after said person does this for three times at least, then it becomes reality. This reality becomes an apparent ability which can be tapped like a latent ability. Finally, the method of which you choose to employ the latent ability is what will strengthen the ability. This is called acting magic. The first time the ability emerges, it will be a surprise or a shock to the person. This ability will become ever more apparent the more time passes.

  Expanded acting magic information is this. See that's basically where you think to effect some idea and act the part until a point. Then you create a result by the subconscious mind, thinking of the things needed by feel. So that's really the premise. If what you can do with the act is act a part out and create with the energy consciousness. This creates wants or needs or what you think to create. Statements reinforce the idea. Then the chances of it going to happen energy manifestation is created, this is done by what you think about and energy is what the subconscious uses. That is used to make what you realize as the soul or spirit awareness is there of the creation. So there you go, if you want to know more about this ask a question in my discord spell channel.

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  The Art of Invocation is to invoke the power to work for you by imagination, linking, idea provocation, and focus. Invokers are ambitious and stubborn individualists. To accomplish this art, call out mentally or physically "I call to you power that I bid! Come to me and serve my purposes!" Now expect power to come to you. Now imagine the events you would want. Wait for them to happen. When you are finished, thank the power that aided you.

  Another way to do this is to bid the power to come by the method above. Make the action you need by thinking about what you would want and call out the name of said item or person you'd want to affect. Now, focus on what action you would want done by imagining it or saying what you would want to happen to it, her or him. Thank the power after your work is finished.

  To do this, by idea provocation, make a call to the power and bid it to do what you need. Now think about an idea appearing in the back of the mind that said person thinks is his. Now imagine the entire idea as if presenting it to a science fair crowd. Afterwards, thank the power for helping. The alternative to a science fair is to project the thought as if in conversation. When the conversation is over, mentally draw yourself back into your mind. This is also called thought projection.

  The focus idea is a bit tough, so I would try to do it in meditation. Meditate on an idea that you would want to happen. Keep focus on the idea until it occurs. The idea you were thinking is a certain thing if you feel a shift in the air. When you do, thank the power for helping and allow it to work unhindered by your mind. This is accomplished by you associating in your mind the fact that it is an equal partner. This be in a high level, of yoga practice, by meditation.

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  Evocation is the Art of evoking a reaction to get the result desired. This done through this method of idea. Make a link to some source by imagining the source and yourself as stick figure drawings. Now imagine a line to yourself from the source you chose. This source must not be human! This also cannot be corrupted. I would choose the sun. . The earth is the other choice of mine. Now find a concept in your mind that you want to have happen. Make the concept happen by imagining a hand that scoops up the source. Imagine said hand charged with the purpose of making things happen to your purpose by evoking the right reactions. Thank the source after you are done and dismiss the hand mentally. Evocation is the simplest technique.

  You can do this effect through a focusing device as well like a ruby for a fireball, a diamond for cold spells and a wand or staff for almost anything.

  A fireball is evocation. You evoke the fire from raw fire force.

  Ice or freezing effects are simple, take a diamond and focus raw cold force through it. Now when the cold gets notable as freezing, try to make imagination focused through the gemstone of what type of cold effect you would want to happen and to whom or what. Try also to focus on the target. Now, mentally release the ice force contained in the diamond. Watch it do exactly as you imagined it.

  Air is also an evocative force. All it is is taking a compressed force of air to make a puncture in the target.

  Mentally imagine a concept of something doing something and it will Same thing for a person.

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Life Magic

   Life magic is a synopsis of what we do in life for ourselves to make things better around us. Magic follows one rule of thumb, the magic we wield follows what we do in life. Now, say you were a carver of wood. Even if you didn't cast a spell, the wood you carved would be magically enhanced. Magic is life and heat. When you work magic, it enhances your life. The more you yield it, the more chance of a longer life. This is natural as once magic is used it will always be there aiding you. There is a positive quantum expansion of magic every time the use of it is achieved. Thus, your mind is expanded and sharpness of thought increases. The effect is a quadrupling of your powers overnight. If you sleep, the recharge of the body is more than it was. Now, when you are consciously trying to attempt a spell, what you are doing is conditioning the mind to channel the powers of thought and soul to accept what you achieve. When successful in acceptance and the channeling of that power, it will happen.

  No matter the formulas, the base is always the same. It takes the energy of magic to make the leap in your mind to allow the mind powers to affect the area of desire through the conditioning of acceptance in your mind of the effect of the power channeling. Simply stated, we will things to happen through the allowance of the event we desire and control. We control through conscious manipulation of the mind by words, imaginations, and actions done for the effect. It happens because of the allowance of power to flow through the line of manipulation. Sometime just getting aggravated will allow the magic to flow more easily. When this occurs, it will only take a willed imagination of the events you want and desire to make the action happen. Most times we don't realize what magic really is. It simply is a thing that is alive. Thus, it is a bridging of the things we don't have to accomplish the fact. When we don't want something and we try to do it anyway, it will never occur. Magic flows along the path of least resistance. When we build barriers, that magic will not flow to where we want it to go as anything in your mind that blocks the path you take will also affect magics path.

  The life one chooses, to live, sets the conditions ones magic be reacted to, in the same manner. If forced out of your chosen life path, the magic will force you back onto it. The path of your life chosen by you will also make available those magics that will come your way. When chosen, choose well because you will never be able to change the path of destruction that follows along the path of life you chose. I try to keep a positive neutral alignment. What this means is that when you do an evil act, you must do six positive acts with it. This will keep you humble and sensible at the same time. One can accomplish this by doing a balanced act. This means that you must think about what you do. Think about doing an act that consists of aiding a person, hurting someone or doing the slothfully thing you love to do most, making someone's life a joy for a moment, and three more positive actions. The actions that count are the actions that matter to you. I avoid the holier than thou attitude and the I am an evil bastard look that can be attained by association. I do this by action that consist of one evil act and 6 positive acts. Constructive criticism can be counted as this type of action.

  Following these ideas to some degree will make life easier for yourself. Try this idea out for size. When protecting an area, try to make appropriate actions that positive. Do this even for your enemies. Make a line of events and people you affect in an area around you. This will make your whole neighborhood stronger. This will also make your life stronger. Now, feel the web of power as lines and strengthen them everyday. Feel secure yet? You should. This is a protection the druids accomplished and other people copied. When you feel threatened, just think about the web of protected power and give it some of your strength. This makes the weak links go strong. If you try to make things difficult for yourself, then this method won't work. I even protected the neighborhood from a tornado one day. I found it thrilling. This is life magic.

  For more information, on life magic look at the Life effect magic, here, at the blog.

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Weather magic

  The art of weather working. To do it properly one must be grounded in some way. To be grounded, do a earth linking. Just imagine yourself and the earth with a line connecting you to the earth. Now, link to the weather as well. Stand in the rain or use a little water. Make an image in your mind of you and the water linked by a line. Imagine the water linked to the clouds by a line. That part done, go on to the next step.

  The next step, if no storm then form the storm by thinking water molecules form clouds. The clouds have moisture that can form into a storm, if you thinkenergy into the clouds then it will be a lightning storm, think its a spell effect otherwise so its a rainstorm. See if you think energy to the storm, think to allow the draining step, this is to feel the energy coming from the storm and channeled down to the planet. Allow your body or an object to act as a buffer to the storms energy. Will the energy to pass through your body or the object from the storm to the earth by thinking the links of the weather link and the earth link.

  Don't use any of it. If you do, expect to be electrocuted by the drawing in of the storm and by you attempting to use it. This is where you can focus the energy to a thought, this is used as you think the direction that the storm will go and it will go there. This is the mobility idea, where your thinking directs the direction of the storm itself. This is an old idea that came from a burned witches book, based on weather shaping up you can direct by the will. Think to create what weather you want with what is there. If nothing is there then it forms there. This is the main point of the book rewritten for today's standard english.

  "The storm has a weather eye, an if it has aweather eye where no winds are even if there's no tornado. The storm loses energy by you thinking that it does, this is done as it tends to break up the more energy it uses to move by your will. This is with a point, that you thought to do and the empty space is controlled by your pinneal gland. That is a sacred gland of your brain, that you think to do activity or psychic things and its empowered to do them. This is the bio science of magic though and thats all you really need to know on it, you see the pinneal gland will create whatever effect you want by what you do. This is useful to know as in controlling a storm, your using your psychic organ to do this.

  However since thoughts have energy, when many people think towards the clouds the storm can get chaotic. So you can use it if you want to electrocute someone else by imagining a bolt of lightning to come down and strike the intended victim. Also a good practice is to imagine a lightning bolt to strike in a certain spot. Imagine a duration as a number in your head. Then say or think to hold off the storm energy and redirect it to the ground link. This is to say "cap" to cap the storm energies that causes the upper part of the storm to be shut off from extra energies. When the energy in the sky is directed down and it breaks apart the lower clouds. The upper clouds lose their shaping. This is for no cases of "3-day storms".

  Thinking to shape or direct the storm, if your element is air, simply think the air pushes the clouds. So to nudge the storm and end it quicker, just imagine the winds pushing a little faster from your area unless your another element. The idea is to end the storm quicker by draining it of energies and thinking it goes, this use makes it as though a mobile storm and you direct the mobility towards a direction. This as a thought means you can direct it and makes things with the storm. What you make uses your pinneal gland and that directs the calm of the storm. This is where you are calm and direct the idea, the idea is the storm does what you want and the eye can even form shaped items. This is how form in shape can form by will. This will be an effect to form a tornado.

  Think a point and the point is formed. This is how you form with the winds in formation a tornado. Think the tornado dissipates and scatters with the winds and it does. Now we know how a tornado forms, this is how you form ice, sleet and hail forms. Think the point is a hardness that is in the sky, so that is with coldness and forms as a clump that falls to the ground. How detailed the cold shape is depends on the pressure in the sky. The more round the shape of hail for example, that is from a deeper feeling of coldness from the water droplets that freeze onto the updrafted freezing water in the clouds. When its heavy enough it drops to the ground.

  That is where the aura radiating the skies area of coldness or condition allows you to sense it. What unforms it is feeling the disastisfaction of the area noticed, then the point is where you think the cloud warms up and the heat causes the warmth to unform the hailstones as they form. So that is how the hailstones known as gallstones form and unform. This is where you can create the weather of your dreams or think the weather is what it is and think of what you want it to do. This is a test of your skills to trace and track it by feel. This uses what you think to the clouds, if there at all, so you know the point by what you feel with a sense or sensation.

  Think and this is what forms as you feel certain ways where you think of the sky clouds, hard to form hailstones, lightness to form cirrus clouds, soft to form the lower density clouds after the cirrus clouds form. Thinking of the clouds and feeling lightness and cold to form snow by the pattern. Sleet comes from the thought put to the clouds, the feel of hardness and freezing coldness but not enough to form hail and it starts as drizzle. If you start a point and finish it by feel. That is what determines the point that exists there.

  Silver lacing the clouds with silver iodide nitrate also works for tracking a storm. If you want to control a storm this is more fun. There is no guarantee that you will control it though, so beware the point is null and if nothing done then stop and do something else. This works well with thinking of what you want, feeling it occur and imagining the event as you want it. That is a main point of shaping the events to do things, think if you feel the idea to do and think of what you want. This is used thought as a purpose as you imagine what you wish well to happen by feel.

  Think the shaped items are goods you can get and it won't be ice or hail that forms, it'll be an object that you get unless you want snow or something then imagine snow coming down. You can direct it away from you. Directing it away by nudging it with your mind from your area. You have yet to decide when to have the subconscious stop directing the storm and break it up. The area release point is a negative pole spot, its a point that then you imagine forming on the ground somewhere nearby."
Jays idea was this.

  This is my idea. Just feel the area form the pole to draw the lightning and you then imagine the negative pole dissipate. This is how you form lightning strikes. So simply by thinking a thought you form clouds and then shape the storm and focus is like the direction that it goes. Then the storm dissipates away, only to reemerge from the merged with matrix energy where you want it to reform. This is how a storm can form and go away from the area, this is only to dissipate away till its nothing. So this is until you can't, seeing as it just dissipates its just needed to be done.

  So to keep a long summer drought from occurring, just try to imagine a storm and say "To affect with no bad side affects. To have no tornadoes and no power outages." Now imagine the time frame you want it to occur in. That is the spell act to raise a storm. This can especially where there is no actual visible moisture. The creator can create a storm anywhere, so I think the creator is the pinneal gland and you are acting the creator part. Especially in drought ridden california. If this works I will lift the drought a bit at a time from california. So lets see if this does.

  This spell is experimental. To raise a storm quickly, channel by thinking that the energy is coming from the earth, and going to the sky to cause a quick shower storm. When doing this, want the energy to achieve the effect. Need the energy to make the transition for you. By thinking the energy to doing this you allow a link to become into existence. Wanting the energy to achieve the effect, you supply the final effect for the energy. Needing it to travel starts the action. To stop the effect, will the energy by thinking 'to stop transitioning'.

  You can channel the energy like the previous method, to do just about anything. Just imagine the effect you want and need the affect to occur while allowing the desire to make the flow of energy occur.

  An example: Make an image of a light ball floating above your head. Imagine a light ball floating above your head. Want the effect of the light to be what you want. Need the flow of the earth link energy to make it into existence. Now, imagine a looping effect. At the moment of light creation, imagine the light to return to that brightness.

  Imagine the light to come back in time to the moment of light creation. Think "loop" and when you look up you'll notice the spell effect of light. It will be pulsing, however. Simply change the color by imagining it a different color. You could even program it a course to take or to make association to someone. When you want it to disappear, dismiss the loop and the light from your mind. Programming it to disappear at the moment its usefulness is gone will make it disappear by itself at the moment of not needing it.

  Furthermore, by thinking to the clouds what you want them to do or thinking to the area what want to happen and imagining what you want to happen, optionally stating the effect, your innate ability that lives within all of us, in energy as the spirit-that-goes-through-everything, will cause the effect. Its possible this is in supposable mind over matter.

  As mind over matter influences the weather, all you have to do is imagine what you want of the weather. Or think of the clouds and think to the rain clouds to stop raining, forming a energy pool. It might feel as though whats going to happen becomes as a stagnation field by the energy pool or makes it a sterile energy area, and this halts the rain as you think it stopped. So to have the storm start, is to feel that energy pool drain away into the earth with some of it going into a container that you have for it, like a crystal or box. As in, think and imagine the clouds going in a direction and you nudge the clouds. This causes the weather to cease as it goes somewhere else. Again, the idea is to end the storm quicker by draining it of energies and directing it away by nudging it with your mind from your area.

  If your use of weather magic uses emotion and in your use, emotion is thought projected at the clouds and throughout the sky then it will cause rainfall. If you project in itself, emotion at the rain clouds then you can stop the rain. The more the emotion, the more the effect to the point of a tornado. And so to feel the emotion, then the urge of it by remembering things is to cause more. Then to think the emotion is sent to the sky, and you sent your emotion to the area where clouds can form, if none, or clouds can be broken up if there..unless you intend to cause a rainstorm. Balance is needed to manipulate the weather.

  Some have reported that they have caused rain, of long duration, or in the end ceased rain an altogether. So if you thought of a tornado, then there will be a tornado forming, until you think of the storm and the tornado dissipating with it.  As to send energy and then some thought after the energy, is to cause the condition easier as you 'program' the energy with your thoughts. To send emotion and the thought after gives the emotion voice, which could mean it makes it lash out by causing a condition or you can hear a 'voice' that you intended to be there.

  So in other words, to start some effects, see the area and think of the effect and then imagine the area you want it to be in with the effect or be seeing the area that you want the effect to happen, while seeing in your mind the area with your effect as you would want it to occur, or stating the effect you want to happen while looking at the area will justify to make it happen. Thus it can be used in forming clouds or storms, in an area of no clouds and on a hot day or other weather effects.

  Such, it is as easy as in making a cold breeze come by and maintaining itself by thoughts that it would. Some other effects not related to weather magic are that, as to make an idea occur by thinking on it and the idea will occur as you want. As it sends your energy to the right area and this energy is charged by your thought to make it happen. Sometimes, you can  be powered by a storm if as it rages on or off. Thusly, you can be helped by thought of the storm and attempt to cause the effect by thinking on it or doing your ritual that causes it. As always the effect fades as the storm does and it disappears entirely.

  Another way to do this is to use a personal groups way and that was formed by Libby and that is once prayed for as to a god of choice, rain and snow can happen on a clear day.  It is like a prayer with chanting etc, some shamanic stuff like magical passes and praying out to your god to cause it, the rain. Rain can start in an hour on a clear day from this, snow can come 3 days later. It does take some time, so be patient as is necessary.

  From a group who tried it, 'It took about 20 minutes or so, but we were drunk, it made things quicker maybe, but alcohol and other abnormal or normal drink affects the mind based actions, but not shamanistic stuff. If you get into the right mood, it can actually  help.

  The connection is nothing specific. Actually nothing about the mind. In a mood when you don't actually think of nothing, so it can happens easier. But, still your having a connection with something divine. So we caused rain in an hour and snow in three days  after."

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Willed attunation

  Willed attunation is the moment of one allowing their aura to change in frequency to a sources frequency. For example: to change your aura to darkness and thus remain unseen even while being looked at. Think of darkness and be in darkness. Now, think of your aura as a color. Color is controlled by frequency. Frequency is made by vibration of particles that make the color. Different colors are made by different frequency. Different frequencies make different things happen. Now, think of your auratic color as black. When this happens, say the words "I wish to be unseen and cloaked in blackness." Feel the blackness around you seep into yourself. Now feel the blackness as part of yourself and cloaking yourself at the same time. When you want it lifted, just allow the blackness cloak to fade and you will be seen again. While under cloak, you can just about say anything and do anything and people will say you weren't there. When you use willed attunation, you temporarily will gain the attributes of the source you attuned yourself with. With a long period of being attuned one finds that the attribute is permanent. Although this won't happen automatically, one finds that this is true: you gain the ability of the source you attune with the longer you are attuned to it.

  Try to attune with regeneration. To do this, start with visualization, of your aura, as you think it is. Now, think regeneration and what you think about it. When you find a positive feeling, Make a statement of "I wish to regenerative!" After this, feel your aura change to reflect the attributes of regeneration. Need to allow for yourself to affect others and understand that it is in effect. When you feel that you have attuned yourself with regeneration, then you have succeeded. This dangerous as you can even heal cockroaches! Perfect for medical doctors.

  To attune yourself to temperature and the elements is to make yourself immune to to fire, ice, heat, and cold. It is simple to make this happen. Imagine your aura the way you think it looks. Feel the cold and heat of moment. Say "I will myself to make myself immune to what I feel in temperature" Next, try to feel the heat and cold around you. When you don't feel the temperature, the attunation is done. As you feel the effect working, it will feel as if ice is going through your body. In attunation, this means that it is working. There will be a heat flash and things will be normal afterward. This means it is finished.

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Will ball

  Will balls are an extension of the person's mind to make what they will occur much easier. It happens through the effect of the will being formed as energy and made a separate entity. Enacting the will through "understanding" the effect you would want as if it is a part of you makes it an entity. The entire process could take more than once to make happen. Will balls can make events happen wherever you wish without limitations. It could act as a safe link to any point in existence. It does this by acting as the energy needed to bridge the gap between.

  How do you do this? Imagine a separate part of you as a small ball in the air in front of you. This ball is made of your energy and incorruptible as it is of you. This will is as intelligent as you. Now focus and make the will happen. This happens through imagination and/or words from yourself. When you imagine the effect that you want in a sequence, say how long an effect and when it will occur. Watch in front of yourself or listen for the event. The events will most definitely occur. When you say out loud the event that you would want, the "will ball" will make it happen if needed. Where there is a will, there is a way. There is no sign of the will happening other than the closeness of the events you observe.

  Meditating on an idea for at least minutes to one hour. When the meditation is over there could be an advent of the idea in occurrence. This is caused by the will ball picking up on the meditational thoughts and focus making it happen. Where the idea is the change of nature of an object of any kind, the object could be changed if that was the focus of the meditation. The nature would be revealed by testing it. A change of emotion can be occurred through the same meditation. Do this through the focus of the person in general and imagine with feeling the mood change. Notice when you talk to the person that his/her tension would be lessened or worsened according to the mood you would want said person to be in. Testing through actions or speech is sometimes necessary. You will know by recognition the event that you meditated on.

  To make it act, as the bridge, make the effect by having a picture in front of you. Think about the force needed to accomplish the deed of the act. This is done through the imagination of a link and the link having lines. One line goes from the will ball to the source. Another to the place linked to by picture. Now imagine the idea or picture in your mind of what you want to occur. When the idea is done through imagining it, the event may have occurred. So act surprised and be prepared to take the event as it comes if necessary. The good thing about this idea is that it will be linked to the will ball. You will still gain the strength by attempting the affect. It will not drive you insane. It will be able to take any force to make happen the affected event. Affect means effective manipulation without direct contact. Effect means to directly have an direct manipulation of the event.

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  Throwing fireballs and other such natures is a little difficult. Remember this rule: Faster smaller with more damage and slower larger with less damage. A person can dodge a slow attack. Much harder with a fast attack. First, the concept is do you have enough focusing ability? It takes an indeterminable time amount for the first time and after that with practice you should be do it faster after each successful moment. Air is also an insulator that can be used as a medium. That out of the way, take a hand and extend it outwards. Focus a tiny sphere in the middle of the hand. Imagine the element of fire into that sphere being packed tinier and tinier as much heat energy as you can into the sphere in that hand. Keep doing this until the hand feels blistering heat. Then, visualize a channel from the fireball to the target and nudge it mentally along that path and watch it flow through the air the the air medium channel to target. It is useful for disintegrating bodies and trash without smoke.

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Electricity ball

  Throwing electricity is a little harder. I found this a challenge. The concept here is that smaller faster, larger slower. A person can dodge a slow attack. Much harder with a fast attack. Then, know that air is an insulator that can be used as a channel. Just one pinhead lightning sphere can destroy a single building. So use with care. Visualize energy streaming into the hand into a little sphere that only gets smaller whence the energy starts compacting itself smaller and smaller. After a indeterminable time period the tiny energy sphere will disappear into palm of the hand. It will come back in a usable form visible. Holding it will be difficult without thick gloves on. Visualize a path to the target from the lightning sphere. Nudge the lightning sphere into the path medium of air to the target and let go. It should be very enlightening to those in armor or those with metal somewhere on the body. It will always hit.

  There is a detailed electricity ball, for those that want to know more. The Detailed Ball of electricity is by Shizuka Fujin. It is quite popular and formed in many different ways and ideas but with a fixed element, electricity. It can be formed in 2 ways, one way is to make a pure ball of electricity and the other way is to manipulate the energy nature and fuse the electricity with your energy (chi/life force) ball.

  Making a pure ball of electricity is a really painstaking work in which you have to put many hours of training and endeavor. Even though it may take some time to make it, it is extremely powerful and visible to the physical eyes.

Now for the detailed part of it (This description is a detail insight that will help you to be more careful and risk free especially if you are trying to make a pure ball of electricity your first time): Many may not know this but when you manipulate electricity using imagination, you are actually manipulation electrons without realization as electricity itself is a packet of electrons. In case of pure ball of electricity, the manipulated electricity is a concentrated area of electrons in the form of a ball with huge amounts of electrical potential energy and a negative charge.

 This electrical potential energy is what is used in circuits and conducting wires to be able to change electrical potential energy to thermal energy in appliances. Now when you make this pure ball of electricity it is better if you keep your hand in which the ball is made away from your face and wear a vulcanized or just a rubber glove to prevent shocking yourself as we humans are good conductors and have a resistance of 100kilo ohms on our dry skin and a few hundred ohms inside our body in fluids and our bodies are only able to withstand a stream of electron (current) of 50 milli amperes. Once the ball of pure electricity is made, you will feel a slight breeze near your hand.

  That is actually electric wind caused by the ionization of the air due to the negative charges of electrons and this ionized air is harmful to humans but won?t last long if you are completely focused on the ball and the ball is in a stable position as loosing focus means some electrons can disperse from the ball of pure electricity and the electric potential energy of electrons could change to thermal energy causing a heating effect. So now the time comes to actually throw the ball. As we know this ball has magnificent power and throwing it can mean disruptive effects. It is better to make this ball in open ambiance like outside and be away from you target (e.g, building).

 When you shoot it, you will see sparks in its pathway and the electric wind will spread around its pathway harming anyone near it. If you are near you target and you ball is super powered; that could mean unintentional or automatic bolt of thunder being shot from the hand. What happens is that the super powered electrons with negative charge induce a positive charge on the nearby target and hence the strong attraction causes an automatic bolt and air ceases to act as an insulator so therefore you are able to see the bolt (Same idea is applied to a thunder cloud).

  You must realize that physics is being applied here. Now for the real question: - Why don?t people get shocked or hurt while making this?
  The answer is simple, everyone has a part of their psi or mental energy used by their mental will into the ball so the ball is unable to harm them and also because people train in it so much that their mind opens to it fully and the ball becomes a part of them. Those who make this ball for the first time must be careful because their mind and belief isn?t fully established yet.

  Fused ball of electricity:-

  This is a really suitable and safe way to make a powerful ball of electricity and the best part is that the rules of physics don?t apply here. The way to do it to make a ball of chi using the life force or chi from the hara/dan tein (storage centre for chi) between your cupped hands and then using imagination, fusing the electricity from the ambiance into this ball. What happens is that you have your life force/chi which is a part of you fused with electricity and hence your chi knows exactly what you want feeding off your intention and allowing you to have full control over the stable ball of electricity. You might not see or feel the ball, but it will actually be there and its power all depends on the amount of energy (chi + electric) you give to it. Then you could simply program the ball to do what you want it to do using credation, visuals or audibles or you could use hand motion to throw it affirming its goal.

So it is better, if you try the fused ball of electricity first and then allow your mind to realize what you are doing and this can be observed if you are able to make the ball faster than before. Only then try the pure ball of electricity which is just imagining pure electricity from the ambiance filling in a imaginary sphere and the sphere being concentrated by it and becoming smaller and smaller.

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Air balls

  This next concept is a little bit different. Can air be used as an attack? Yes it can. But, remember this rule: Faster smaller with more damage and slower larger with less damage. A person can dodge a slow attack. Much harder with a fast attack. Focus in between the thumb and the first finger. Focus air into a very small sphere and compact it by continuously focusing air into that sphere making it as small and as compact as you can. When you can see the air in-between the first finger and the thumb visualize a pathway from the air sphere to the target and nudge the compacted air along the channel finally letting go and watch the hole appear where their wasn't. This can kill an enemy by punching a whole through which blood can spill out. At low pressure it can only knock a person out. Extremely useful if you don't want any sign of attack. The reason is it is very hard to find a small hole. To put out fires point it to the flame center and watch the flames go out.

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  The creating of an airball is made in thought as to be used in the creation of an earthball, this is the drawing in of earth to form as a a ball above the feet. As you know, this is to cast it by thought forth motion acted out as if a zero force thruth as if somewhere is someone walking forth and running. As they do, the earth ball forms into a projection, the thinking that this does things will create and this manifests as a in air earth projectile that unearringly strikes the target with a thrust forth of the fingers as if a weave earth is done in air and hit in the right area you can knock people out. Thus missing is to hold up your hand and project force, to the earthball as the 'weave' is blocked as if knocked away from the target and downward. This is another era technique from an advanced time in space in what you call an era of weavers that I observed in action.

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  Witchcraft is to use craft to achieve a moment of elation when the ability flares and a ceremony makes itself manifest energy to craft and direct through various means of ritual. The moment of witchcraft is when an imagined event occurs and is aided by a balancing event. Using a lit candle to effect a positive power with more success is advisable. Don't use red candles as the candle will bind yourself as a source. An event that could be called witchcraft is transferring an object to your hand from somewhere else, idea from Steven brusts "teckla" book. The actual process is thinking of an object that is there and think very hard for the object to be here in your hand or somewhere near yourself. Keep thinking of the object being here near you pulling in energy from around you with a visualized hand pull on a line to accomplish the energy link jump. With a small surge the object like a tension release. Another act of witchcraft is to imagine a series of events that are most likely to occur and be positive. Now, think in your mind a successful event to occur. Imagine a straight line between and connecting that successful event and the sequence of events that was imagined yourself. Now do the successful event. Also a part of witchcraft is herbology, the herbology is listed here.

  A big hint: The successful event could be anything at all including a simple movement of the finger. Be warned, sometimes the event sequence is not what you would want, so be very careful to not let spite have its way. Another way of getting what you'd want is to imagine a field of energy and feeling the influx of it to make a pattern through focus to occur. Either a pattern in the voice to make a person do what you are saying or thinking. Trying a hypnotist approach with the patterned focus of voice and believing that it will have an effect will make what you are saying occur, but the underlying structure of the voice is the rhythm. that occurs to harmonically charge the air and makes the right words important to you and the ritual. This is akin to metaphysics. After every act is the necessity of sleep for at least 8 hours at the end of the day. After each successful act there maybe a power surge or a drain somewhere of energy, so no matter how powerful you are focus energy to a planet and maybe the candle to draw excess energy. The energy level of yourself always increases after the fact for every witchcraft attempt. After every successful attempt there is a substantial increase in ability for at least ten minutes.

  I recently experimented with an idea of collecting the energy cast by witches and spellcasters and allowing for the moment, of a visualization to form its purpose. Once the purpose is formed, allow the energy to leave the body and it will do all the work for you. Remember, the larger the project the longer it will take to work. The killing of a person could take weeks to a few moments. The making a job that is favorable for a person event will happen the moment they try to get a job. To make a store personnel accept your presence in the store for at least a little bit takes but moments but lasts a couple of minutes to hours.

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Demon magic

  Demonic magic is the magic of the 7th dimension. The 7th dimension belongs to the demons. However, some chose to live on the mortal plane of existence. When this happened they intermixed with humans. Thus, some have the abilities of demons. Demons are beings able to do instantaneous magic. This magic is based off of perditious moment. Moments that will keep them in remembrance of who they were but hurt nonetheless by doing evil in good's name. They do this because they once were human, themselves. Through immortality gained by evil actions and after death, the demon's will becomes chaotic and self-contained. They will do something for evil's sake and their own in their own interest first. Whatever interests them, they will play with. One such example is to make an object out of thin air. Another such action is to make any moment that will help their cause exist where it didn't before. Another is to go right through spell protections and make a direct attack. When you who have their ability find the ability within you. Remember, memory and imagination are the keys that will unlock the ability within fully. Just imagine the events you want and the events will occur in that order. Never lose the feelings you have. Always glance back in time to see what you were like and condition yourself as that with all the good things you remember.

  When demons attack, it is instantaneous. If you can defend against them, you must move as quick as a vampire. Vampire in their full speed can attack without being seen. The key is to strike when they appear or your soul will be sent to the 7th level of hell. When they wish, the demons will make the person weak that they are trying to hurt. Willpower will allow you to control a demon. If you want to summon a demon, know it's name first. They make perfect helpers. To unsummon a demon, think its name and think unsummoned. Will it to be unsummoned. Know the that the demon is unsummoned. What you can make a demon do is unlimited. Be careful what you ask for because you will get it. A suggested summoning spell is to have a gray wall projected around you and say out loud "I will you [say demon's name here] to come to me! Serve me without guile and be unsummoned when you are through with my tasks! I will you [say demon's name here] [Say task here]!" Now, I would suggest saying what you want as if writing a contract for someone unwilling to do what you want and willing to use any trick to break contract. Keep technicalities in mind and the request simple. It is exactly what the demon will do. They will try to make it so you fall beneath their will and they had twisted the demand that you made.

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Magic servants

  Magical Servants have been around for ages. First, the servants were called by the druids. Now, because of their example, the people of the earth have copied them. The ideal are improved upon every day to every hour. But, the practice is similar at the base for any method. To start say the name of the servant, say it three times. Then say, "I call thee to my side servant of magic to serve me as I will even into death". That is the servant calling method at its core. The making of a magical servant is different in approach. The simple statement with will behind it of "Servant of magic in which I make. I call you into existence. I call you servant of magic and name you [say your personal name choice here]. I call you out of the element of ether and magic! Come to me and exist now to serve me as I will even into death!" It will manifest in a form that will please you personally. Its normal form is pure invisible essence. But you can have it clean your house, it can serve you as any other possibility as well. Including the time scout position, the instant translation position, the maid position, and the defender position.

  Another way of doing this is to imagine the properties of what you want the servant to look like. Imagine how he will speak. Imagine how immune he is and in what manner. Imagine the gender of the servant as either female, in-between sexes, or male as it suits your senses. Finally, imagine the servant's name and role said servant will play in your life. Now either imagine saying this or saying this out loud."I call you into existence, [say servants name] for the purposes I imagined you having as well as the properties you have in my mind's eye!" Say this in a strong sense of wording and of a voice of command. If you want to say the purposes out loud, go right ahead. It is your summoning spell. This is a shaping spell.

  Summoning djinni and genies are following this formula. Imagine a circle, surrounding you, thats white. Imagine the genie giving you any wish you want. That you give the djinni a gift, in exchange, for his work. Imagine it, as a play in your head the djinni interacting with you. Imagine the responses and now at the last moment of imagining it, imagine the words you say as "Will you come to me and serve me as you do now where I live alternatively?" Imagine the response as "yes, my master, I will come and serve you at once!" Now, wake up. When you do, there will be a genie in some form in front of you or he didn't come at all. Why wake up? Because of the fact that you have to lure one out of imagination and dreams. That is in truth where they live. If it says "I will give you three wishes, master." Say, "I wish for unlimited wishes in unlimited amounts" Now, you don't have to worry about having just three wishes. Normally genies give unlimited wishes without any compunctions thus watch what you wish for.

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Wild magic

  This wild magic technique take a different approach than the life magicks. Wild magic can be considered fairy magick or earth magic. Wild magick is required to be controlled through a very disciplined mind. Akin to chaos magick the wild magick effect must be thought out before it can be used. One can use instinct to guide the actual event to occur as one would want it to happen. One must never fully let go of the wild magick burst until it is finished. However, one cannot always tell what wild magick will do. So be prepared if it doesn't go as you need with a backup plan. Like in the book "ARS Magica by Judith Tarr". There is only one true method, understand that as anything may occur always be able to roll with the punches life gives you. Meaning take whatever event is occurred with a grateful feeling and an understanding that it worked.

  Thus, to be able to use wild magic, be able to learn and observe. To use it focus energies like elemental energies or the power of the sun and build up the energy a little for oneself. Then release with a purpose in mind that you want achieved. With this type of energy there is no true control except for how much order and discipline one has in his life. The wild magick is likely to follow the course of your thoughts in the order that they occurred as you released the energy. The effect will most likely come about because of the need for desire of an event 75% of the time. The chances improve the more you do it. Although the need can cheat the moment simply because of the person having a conflicting desire. Thus, it does not but apply a patch where a permanent fix is needed. When I practice it, I imagine the ceremony style that I need. I imagine myself doing the act in a room in my mind and allow the focused energy to work by imagining a channel to the outside world so the effect occurs. This is done to keep the time necessary to take to cast it down with practice and not giving away the fact of doing it.

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  Wizardry is the moment of achievement by creation of spells when they work. Only with wizardry can you borrow spells by observance. It is best to remake the spells that you can find to suit you. Otherwise they might not work as its suited to the person. It is in the process of making spells that gives them the power to wield them and the responsibility to bear the results of the spells. So to make a spell, one must understand this formulas.

  Take the effect in mind that you need. Take the power you need in mind to accomplish the spell with an idea to use as least power as possible. Take the actions you need to accomplish the goal in mind. When all this is considered, take considering to making it a short time to cast it with least power needed. The ideals that mathematics is apart of spells is correct. Everything within a spell is made to work by math in different formula. However math is intended in the formula, its not always necessary.

  For example: when you cast a sleep spell, it is considered to make the wield of the spell result from the efforts put into it. Take in mind that the effort to take in the power, then make it your own with use of the thought "sleep" cast over the people you want. This is with the power source in thought that it needs to accomplish the deed by effort otherwise.

  That is done with the imprint of the thought of sleep to the power needed minus the amount of will and power available, then to yield the result desired all you need to do is think its done or focus on the target. The result yielded is the effect of putting the group or person to sleep. The actual spell is: lighting a black candle, saying three times "Go to sleep my enemy that I desire to, go to sleep now" over the candle.

  Now, say "[Intended victims names here] go to sleep now!" and visualize each one of them to fall asleep. Now, for whatever reason you do it, go and visit their sleeping forms unless your not near. This is done by projection of the body, think you do see them and you know if it worked by the power of the third eye.

  That is an example of a common sleep spell. An uncommon spell: The goal is form something you desire very greatly. Imagine the events as you would want them in order. So in each event an emotion is the power source, the balancing power is the steady focus of those who listen and observe. Your actions put them in the state where they give you the stability, that is making use of the emotional source to complete the spell.

  If you want to go through the events sometime, then in the next 24 hours the events are wasted or done by allowing them to occur with acceptance of them in the order that you imagined. The result is gaining the goal in mind that you decided upon. This is a time set spell. This type of spell will change events. When cast, be careful what you imagine because they will happen. I once used it to repair a series of destructive moments. I remade them so that they never occurred destructively. Yet the recalibrated event was successful in creating a change. So the change was enough and thought was there to create what was needed by intention.

  A third type of spell is for thought to make an action occur with a wish spell. This is done to do things and cause results by feel or you can make allowances for your personal balance of mind, the power you can draw, then the point is the amount of will and desire one has to accomplish things. The goal you want to achieve is done by the wish. The larger the wish, the longer it takes.

  The simple form is done to desire with the goal you have in mind, this is used when you wish for things. This type of spell makes it simple to cast a spell. When you find a worthy goal and wish for the idea, the point will manifest or otherwise will be accomplished by one of three different methods. One of them is to work through the people to which this will interact by auratic energy infusion. Another is to make the people directly involved work, that is done to your wish spell directives by music or voice or ritual. Then all you need is a point and a thing to work for, that is what is missing with these ideal.

  The last is to manipulate the whole scene from behind the scenes. When one only makes a wish, the wish factor comes to bear to make the best choice. The wish factor would not give you the choice, that's if you didn't need a choice. The wish factor is usually burned out by a too great of wish of too much energy used from a child, that's making a wish upon a star. Smart people would be wise to make their children not wish upon a star. Explain that your wish is best saved until the time of 15 years of age or the body is matured enough.

 That's because then you will make wish spells happen, with your body prepared and mature enough to create what is necessary. That is where the point is done as a magic effect is too powerful, you could burn out and not be able to do it unless your body is mature. This explanation will save their wish spell abilities. So think about what you want and things get better, this is made by feel with what you need as you think about the idea.

  There is yet another type of wizard spell. One simply starts with an already existing spell and limits it by wishes. With each wish, use a new definition of what the spell would do. The end result is to take the existing enchantment or spell and make it into something of your desire, other use could completely destroy it. When the process is considered, it could be called spell shaping or spell destruction by destroying something.

  You may safely do this to curses cast at you. It will destroy curses within minutes of shaping it. At most, it will take hours to days. This time factor depends on how complex the spell is by feel. This form of spell making takes alot of practice! So don't undermine yourself when you don't do it. The feelings are felt and the idea is understood as a learning experience sometimes. So think about the idea and you know what to do.

  The fourth spell type a wizard can make is called spellsong. It's making a song that works by using the listener, using the words or harmony of the song, the singing by yourself or someone else that provides the directive of the song of spelling. You must be a songwriter to accomplish this feat of magick. The Godsmack group accomplished it by the song called "voodoo".

  The song is separated by three sections using a drum beat and repeated words in each section by some words or phrases repeated three times. This totals the magical number nine. Three by three by three. Listen to the song and write something similar for an exercise. Another option is done by use to take the ritual you write and rewrite it as music, that is using the audience as the energy for the spell. The idea is simple, think about what you want and write it and you could get what you want.

  A fifth option is to wear a crystal around your neck or somewhere near your body. Wear the crystal for one week before using it. After that week, you can make any imagination scenario or verbal spell or wish focused through the gemstone by thinking on it or touching it, the gemstone, then this will occur. This is the simplest form beside the wishspell to cast. It only requires that you cleanse the stone after every 5 uses. If not you could get clouded perception or other things, that don't seem to go right.

  Wizards mostly deal with spells of influence. Unlocking a door without realizing it is such an example. This is a sixth option. It is mostly a person asleep or in a trance sending suggestions to person through a half-doze. They can do this without being detected and make it seem as if it was their fault. It could even go so far as too make them insane. If the activity was kept up for days the victim would probably kill himself for this effect upon him or her.

  This also has another name with a different function. It is called the evil eye. It is cast by drawing an eye in white chalk and saying "may the evil eye be cast upon my intended victim. My intended victim is [say name here]!" When you cast it and because it is a classic spell cast by many people, it is as simple as that. If you need more examples of magic and stuff to do with it, feel free to look through this article.

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  Shamanism is basically an act of communion or communication with the spirits to achieve an action desired. The act of shamanism is attuned through stones and mental disciplines. Now while visualization of the event happens. The end result is the thanking of the spirits and the result desired to be achieved. Sha means sharing or shamed and man is mankind. Shamanism came from the active chieftain named dezoike, to aid a desperate robber who ran across the tribe of indians in queblo. They, tribe, asked the chief to aid him, the chief allowed and sacrificed some gold along with a small bit of hair and asked the god of their tribe for knowledge. An answer was the direct art of shamanism in a ritual, that required to contact the spirit of the one who he murdered and triumphed over to get away. The spirit was appeased, then banished to the hells or sheol.

  As a reward, the person was forgiven and allowed to leave. The rules of mind over matter and affinity of objects apply to this field. To call the spirits attention is through affinity of mind being like charge of spirit. The asking is making with mind over matter through the use of focus of mind while speaking to the spirits. The use of stones is optional to the work of the act in mind of shamanism. When one wants to end the rite of spiritual communion one says thanks to you spirits of aid. Another base act of shamanism is to focus though stones to make what the person visualized happen in sequence through the power of the readied gemstone. Each gemstone has natural properties that one taps into.

  When one wishes to use it in a magical effect keep in mind the natural stone properties. The gemstones properties are described here. A gemstone charged by you by wearing it or keeping it near you for 5 days will enact the occurance of the act imagined. The vibrations of thought from yourself will do this act by yourself focusing through the gemstone with your pushing thoughts off and the gemstone picking up your thoughts. will achieve the act of imagination through affinity of energy using the natural properties of itself. If one holds the stone while focusing visualized thoughts to the stone the act inevitably occurs. In the act of shamanism you can use the stone for ensuring you won't be destroyed or success is done to the effect. Without the stone is to channel the spirit through you and with the stone you use the spirits as a channel.

  Alcohol and other stuff affects the mind based actions but not shamanistic stuff. If you get into the right mood, it actually can help. If you use the magical passes for shamanistic actions, it goes much more effective. The connection here is nothing specific. Actually nothing about mind. Its spiritual, as in a mood when you don't actually think of nothing, so it happens easier. But, still having a connection with something divine, this connection counts as awareness with knowing but not thinking of it.

  This is based off metaphysics with the above as evidence. To learn more about metaphysics, try to read this.

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  "Magical Scouting is the indian scouting technique with an added benefit of magic to aid the scout. Start by reading the book called "The way of the scout by Tom Brown Jr." The points to pick up from it are: Move silently, Use the spirit-that-goes-through-everything, Scouting of the area and know your surroundings, how to lay traps, and know how to blend in. What I added was: use the spirit to command people, items, and moments by will alone. The laying of magical traps. Mastery of all equipment and spells you are going to use. Long range viewing and manipulation. Finally, magical disguise.

  Moving silently starts by a person wanting not to be seen. Walk on the balls of your feet and make no noise. Imagine a gray wall surrounding you at all times. Make things happen by imagining them and focusing through the spirit-that-goes-through-everything. These events imagined must be anticlimatic to yourself and never pointing towards you. Use of imagination is a very nice thing.

  To use the spiorit-that-goes-through-everything one must be willing to commune with spirits. Just because you don't know about it doesn't mean it's not there. So believe and imagine the words that are being said. Notice everything around you being aware of an answer that could come through by any means. Be aware that asking the spirits will get an answer, but a price is always there. You lose your luck by asking for alot of money. There could be some disaster that you to never use the item that was of your desire. The higher the communal asking means the more the price.

  When Scouting the area one is seeing the area in some form. Take for example this quote "know the way of the land by observing its patterns." When the pattern is clear, you can move on to the next plausible step of the scout.

  The laying of traps is an old art where thieves would intentionally decapitate the victim to protect his territory. Scouts take this to disarm, small acts of terrorism, and momentary lessons. All to teach those bad guys a small lesson to drive them away. When trying to scout the land, observe the flow and patterns of the area. There are loopholes that people can take advantage of. Notice where the crooks paths take them. There is there flow. Place traps unnoticeably into that flow where it doesn't interfere with other people. This is the scouts way of trap laying. They lay the traps according to the flow of the criminal.

  To blend in, place yourself where you most likely will not be seen. Do this according to the lay of the land and the flow of life. The book says that a pizza place throws out old pizza after the restaurant closes. Take some of it as it will be wrapped in its separate bag. It will be unnoticed and you would have blended in. Notice that people have blind spots. They will do something and expect an answer in some way. The obvious thing is to say the unexpected and notice them ignore you. Intentionally be out of place and unnoticed. Watch what people are doing, when people really get in to something they will ignore everything else that is not associated with. This called blending in.

  To use the spirits to command everything around you is the same as asking the spirits to be your will and imagine event you want. Think to the spirits "I accept the results of the actions I imagined. Make them happen!" This is important because if you accept them and you don't get away with them, then your guilt will consume you. By acceptance by saying mentally "I accept" is to accept the actions you imagined as real and happening with no guilt. An example: to make someone say exactly what you want when you need it the most. Imagine the conversation as you would want it to happen and will through the spirits for that occurance to happen. Now think "I accept" to actually make it happen. Watch with amazement what occurs next. This is undetectable. To make it useful, use instinctual fast thoughts through practice of this skill.

  The laying of magical traps is fairly simple. Imagine a flow of energy that is yours to use at your will. Wield it to represent the force you want by playing with it in your mind. When it works, you will feel the flow of it tingle through your fingers. Imagine the action you want it to occur. Like: A fireball that just happens to make an appearance when the crook passes by and consumes the crook by stumbling near it or comes near that spot. Now imagine it resetting itself. Think to the spirits in a commanding voice of mind "I accept the results, my conscious is clear, make it happen now!" Do not test some results yourself! You do not want to get fried by a fireball trap. Great ideas for traps are all through this document.

  Mastery of all equipment and spells you are going to use is a straightforward idea. Before you do anything, practice, practice, practice. At first one doesn't succeed, but practice makes perfect. Do the practice at night. For spells you will get the best ideal results.

  Long range viewing is to focus the mind and let yourself float upon the wind, keep a gray wall around you. When the wind is enough, let yourself go where you think yourself. You will appear in the area, yet not seen and hearing all with vision of what is happening. This isn't limited to any particular time as you can go anywhere. Feel yourself slip back into your body then release the gray wall and then things done to it during the time, will be undone. No aging will happen, yet while away you can tell people what to do and they will take it like your a ghost. Thus you manipulate the person till they stop listening or you decide to not manipulate, yet don't play god as in you are the event creator. For wrongful things go back to the person if karmatically wrong.

  Magical Disguise is called illusions and shape shifting. Place the appropriate illusions at the points where someone will notice and then do the action. They will never suspect one who can shapeshift. 80% of the time when a person tries to identify a person, they do it by facial expression, scars, eyes, and shape. To blur in a small way by changing the face through shapeshift will make your distinction unrecognizable. To shift the form will be to make the person who looks for things to miss you. To do illusion is to make something non-obvious. It is explained in the illusion magic section of this document. To do shapeshifting, Imagine the form as you would have it. Imagine your form shifting to the form you would want.

Mentally say the words "I accept" and the form of yourself will change. Another way is to cast a wild magic spell. Call this spell "shift". Cast it 5 days in advance by saying out loud "I will through myself the ability to shift at any time by act of wild magic to save my life from any trouble." Now pause and say "Let someone else be blamed for my actions in this ruse." Pause again and say "When I say the word or think the word "shift" I will have used my ability of shifting to shift my form." Pause and finally say "I will this to be done!" What will happen is that your form will be the same, but the body will feel cold to the touch and you will feel clammy. In a situation of scouting, you will appear like them enough to walk right through their lines without being noticed. Important notes: even in normal scouting, try to look like you belong there. If you say nothing, then you'll never be noticed. This is useful in a city where you can't hide by bush. Use the Flow of the pattern of life to good effect.

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Power weaving

  Power weaving is much like that stated in the wheel of time series except you can use any source. The process is: Have a link to a power source. Define for yourself a means to the way of channeling by will. Do this by imagining the event that you'd want to happen as if you were using that force of energy. This force reacts as if you charged it by sheer will. Finally, let the energy flow from you. This is the method that can be used to channel.
To channel the true source, make a bridge in mind that will cross the space and time to the true souce. Do this by meditation. Focus on the image of an incomplete extension bridge with a misty ledge on the other side. There is a endless gorge in between. On your side there is a sign that says draw the bridge across. Imagine yourself drawing that bridge and expecting to use the true source when you finally cross. This takes one hour to ten days to accomplish. When you complete it, the other side of the ledge will suddenly clear as if the wall of understanding comes clear to you.

  Afterwards as a natural energy for a natural source, the power is the true source that is time as the creator that is available. You can wish for an effect. There is the imagination effect. Imagine anything you would need, desire, want, or seek for yourself. It will occur. Feeling the flow of energy gather in you is important. The feeling must be very low which means you contain a large amount. This is a feeling not unlike a high tension wire. There must be almost no feeling and tolerance is very low. Then make things happen by imaging the event that you would want. Feel the energy guided by your imagination. Then want it to have occurred the action. See the action happening. If you see it happen, it has occurred. Hypnotize yourself to do this and under a single word of command it will occur.

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Soul devices

  Soul devices are the making use of the power of the soul to imitate devices. When doing this, make certain to have a good nights rest as you need to recharge your body. This effect will drain the body of certain needed energy by the body. So aging will occur if one doesn't rest that very night. It is a thought that people age through loss of this energy needed by the body. Perhaps a low voltage passing through the body will recharge it if enough time passes. I discovered resting by focusing energy from around you into the body while going to sleep and meditating will unage you. Meditate with the thought of "body repair and recharge for 2 hours to 6 hours and possibly falling asleep. This method meditation will also regenerate the body from all breaks and diseases.

  The method is thus; Imagine a weapon or device or money value of any choice in your hand. This imagined item must have been seen or handled at least once to work. Feel it in your hand, know it by feel that it is in your hand. It is often a simple charge of energy that only you can see. Imagine this energy as an extremely powerful version of the weapon. Imagine a greater effectiveness of the item for the device or money value of choice. Now, the item will be there and only seen if you want it to be seen. To do this correctly, you must believe that your soul is a power for you to use but not abuse. Try firing the gun or using the device by imagining the use of it. You could give instant cash to someone else and they wouldn't know the difference. The cash trick only works with those of distracted nature as it is based in illusion. A force gun will only do damage if you desire it. It will knock the foe out otherwise. A personal device will always try to do what you expect and imagined to have properties of. Pda devices are easy, imagine the small handheld computer device. Imagine it hanging in the air and only you can see it. Now, imagine the device writing itself without your intervention what you would want written down. Where you have a need there is a way. Doing it with soul is always an interesting way.

  Another prospect is selling an item or making an illusion turn real. To sell an item is making a true illusion. To make a true illusion is to be paid and to say the item is in your hand. The power of your soul and his imagination is united and it becomes an actual reality. In the act of payment to you, the soul is recharged by the exchange. But first, there must be a projected image by the mind of the item in question. Thus believe it is there and then make it appear for him. Then he will be able to buy it. Gold coins are the easiest things to make. Gemstones are the second easiest. Guns you would have to have seen first. I like the human powered variety power projectile energy gun. You can easily make the other devices by making them for yourself first and then the sell later.

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Water walking

  Water walking is the effect of one person running or fast walking across water while buoyed by the magic said person uses as a floatation force. This trick is simple, focus on the water and feel the pit of your gut. Will yourself to use the force of your gut energy to make a platform underneath your feet. The shifting of the air pressure will tell you that you are ready to try. This turns the water that you walk on into a surface of water that can easily be tread without falling under. All this at the pace of a fast walk and running across the water surface. The energy summoned will buoy you upwards. When you successfully attempt this and succeed, you will also be able to fly without a broom. I will say you must be able to swim before you attempt this at all.

  Another way is, you shut your mind to the what you can't do, will to do the walking across water, do the walking. It's a power problem of you blocking yourself from suceeding and the power builds up to be too much. 

  This is a third way to water walk. Ok feel the energy of ya stomach han an focus it into becoming a platform under ya feet as han energy of force is the gut energy. And think it will cause ya to stay above the water. Then walk or run fast, as to be above the water. Feeling the pit of your gut its to focus han energy that ya feel.

  So rewritten for easier understanding, you should focus on the han energy in the heart area and use that, making focus, of the energy becoming a platform under your you shut your mind, as to what you can't do, will yourself to walk across the water and then do the walking fast and even run as ya will.

  After you do that technique and are unsuccessful....just pretend as you already accomplished it and pretend to be happy and feel good about it...keep on doing this for as long as you accomplish it because you will be able to accomplish it really fast this way....but if you have negative thoughts it your head, or more negative thoughts will come like "its impossible" unless you don't think negative thoughts.

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  Flying is possible in two ways: With a broom and without one. Without one you focus on a power in the gut and focus it underneath yourself to support you as a floatation device. It negates gravity as you believe that it will allow for yourself to go up in the air. Now will yourself upwards with the power of the gut allowing the supportive float of energy to negate gravity around you. Now allow for pure thought to guide where you go. Keep in mind one must set the energy control, in the back of their heads allowing for unconscious control and thus allowing, an unlimited time until you think about landing somewhere, on two feet. This is based off of an idea that energy will allow for the flight to occur of the person. It takes discipline and intuitive exploration of the idea. The process takes anywhere from one minute to 3 days to make it happen. The amount of walking distance before getting tired one can do is the amount of distance one can fly. I've done it this way to fly from the ground to the top of the house I live in.

  Flying with a broom is the process of making the same gut feeling but it takes a broomstick. To start, place the broom right next to you. Feel with the power of your gut and will the broom to your hand. Now place it underneath you and will yourself upwards with the gut and a happy feeling. Make yourself float upwards with the upwards tilt of your broom by the power of the gut. Movement of the broom upwards brings you up at a steep angle. Movement down of the broom will make movement down. Turning the broom left or right will make you turn left or right. This should just happen so there is no wait. It takes endless practice.

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Cursewitch magic

  The Cursewitch magic is the epitome of curses that are stable and controlled. There are four types of curses: negative controlled effect curses, positive controlled effect curses, uncontrolled effect curses and the balanced curse.

   The negative curses are based off the idea of you imagining the provocative event of a very negative action with a positive ending. Then saying mentally or out loud "I curse you {say name of person or place here} to {say end result or negative action here}!" Say it with pride and the negative emotion that came with the provocative moment. These moments are necessary to gain the vehemence and anger to carry off the curse. An example: Say "I curse this store to not lose customers in the end result of closing its doors." Do this after imagining the event which provoked your anger. The positive ending is the satisfaction of yourself.

  Positive controlled effect curses are the curses that use the negative feelings as an energy source and cause a positive event. Do this by saying after focusing on and noticing something that could be improved that is causing negative emotion, a conliction perhaps. "I curse you to succeed in where you think you are failing but not in where it is unnecessary!" This type of curse will always be effective at removing negative emotion and bringing positive results from it to your mind.

  An uncontrolled curse is the effect of an uncontrolled nuclear yield reaction. It starts with someone and it spreads to other people. A virus cure could count to this effect. AIDS is a good example. Focus on everything you know about AIDS and say "I curse AIDS to not succeed and to make itself disappear. May it be effective on anyone that has it. May it also be cured." Now another good example is to cure obesity. Focus on the negative feeling that obesity begets from you. Now say out loud or mentally "I curse obesity of people to make itself disappear no matter what and through any method starting with the extreme overobese!"

  The balanced curse is the type of curse that takes from the negative and begets a positive and negative result. Focus on what problems you want resolved and say out loud or mentally. "I curse my problems to self destruct or resolve themselves and to have a better focus on fixing said problems as a result of it." This can effect anything that is having a problem.

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  The orbiting travel technique is only available with people who have a large energy source higher plane people. Another name for this is called the Aporte Spell. What is it? It is you imagining yourself in another place and appearing there. The method is simple, have a link to a power source or link your mind to a power source of choice if you have not a large enough of one. Do this by imagining said power source and you linked by a line of force. This line of force is unbreakable if the source energy is flowing through it. Now the source could be anything at all. So I would choose the moon, earth or a sun which could be anywhere in the galaxy. The next step, imagine a place you would want to appear in or state the name of the place . Now imagine yourself in that scene. pull on and allow the source energy to bridge you there and act the scene in your mind. When you feel a shift after focusing on the scene while you do something there, then you have apported to the place. To strengthen it, wish yourself to appear to the place you imagined or say "apport".

  To apporte people or other things to somewhere else, do the same as above but imagine them in the area and placed perfectly in something or on something that won't kill them. Making things or objects appear in hand, imagine the item appear in hand or somewhere near you. Wish it to appear. When you feel the shift in the air and the appearance, it is done. This is nicknamed orbiting and is really teleportation or psychoportation. Apporting, may require a large amount, of energy.

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Gating in general

  Gating is fun, you can form a gate in any which form that you want. So feel the forces of the elements in the air and feel them take form into the form of an oval. That starts as a slit in the air and opens up to where you want the gate to go. It helps to link it in the mind as thats where the idea is coming from.

  A way of linking is to imagine a line being drawn from the gate to the area you want to link the gate to, to link it. You can gate to and from anywhere. You can also attempt a gate of anything to anywhere.

  You can tell the gate what you want to allow to pass through it and what condition of the thing that passes through the gate. Finally, to close the gate is visualizing it disappearing, think of the oval or square gate closing. What helps this is saying close agate or {closeh a gateh}. With that and visualizing, its easier.

  For more info on trans-dimensional portals, look here @

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  The Fargating technique is similar to orbiting but slightly different as it can keep you in the same dimension to a far place in mind. It is using gating as a anchor of any element and link by aether to fold space to another place by use of energy. This energy can be achieved in many different places and ways. Use of linking to bridge the gap by the use of the separate energy is necessary. Do it by this method: Imagine the gate itself by feeling or imagining four force lines in a large enough rectangle to allow passage of said object in mind. Be it you, someone else, or an object of desire the gate must be large enough. Try to imagine the place you want to link to in perfection by seeing the picture, saying the name of the place or visualize it in some way. Make actions happen of the link through a mental "punch" through the gate you imagined to the place you want it to link to.

  This link should now be supported by the separate energy source you decided on. To choose it, think of whats available. An energy source is defined by anything that is made of atoms. If it has atomic structure, it has a possibility to be an energy source. The link of the suns energy, the moons energy, the earth's energy or the heat around you is a considered safe and large enough sources because it takes a considerable amount of energy to keep a gate open. The link is accomplished by the imagination of the source representation by picture form and the representation of the gate link in symbolic form. Now in your mind, imagine a line drawn from the source to the gate link.

  The gate should be fully active by now so it is now time to set conditions on the gate. Now say out loud or mentally "this gate I just made will bring people to wherever they need to be and force anyone who made passage through that gate who should not be here or there to be imprinted with following the rules here or there! Allow only those who will not be destructive to pass through!" Clap your hands thrice and say "Let this be done and the gate remain unseen!" Now think "I mote it be!" or "I wish it to be done!" to reinforee it. This will ensure that no crimes will be done while it is open.

  To break the gate link is to close the gate or change it and on a change it breaks down. The term of phrase "Closee Agatee" will make the gate close or any other gate close in the area of a mile with the effect of anything done by that gate will be undone. What the term means is to negate all gate actions and functions. To say the term "close gate" will just close the gate. You can imagine a gate anywhere, but it has to be able to be walked through. The doorway is a good place. "Change destination" will change an area to where the gate brings you on visualing it or mentioning its name.

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  Gating is the process of a person using kinetic motion and the focus of a door to connect to another place of existence or dimensionally traveling. The simple way of doing it is to imagine the place you want to go to and imagine a door that goes to that place. This door is hanging in the air or is in doorframe standing where you want it to be. Now, imagine and see the door. See it with a doorknob and possibly a knocker. Open the door in your mind by turning the doorknob while understanding that it will open to where you would want. Do this in conjunction with a movement of the hand that signifies the doorknob movement. Push open the door to that place that it links to while in your mind you do it as well. This must be done at exactly the same time or it won't work right. Now, step forward in your mind at the same time as movement of your body happens. You should see no difference, but people who were watching will see you disappear. When you are fully through the door and disappeared from that world, The place around you shall shift slightly.

  Your eyes will adjust and blur. It will be as if you belonged to that world and you will not believe that you have traveled. One note is that when you disappear from the world you came from it will be as if you had never existed there. But, any possible artifacts will travel with you. Anything you carry will travel with you. If you wanted to bring anyone with you, hold said persons hand while bringing said person through. To go back say out loud "I wish to go back to where I came from." Or if that doesn't work, take one step back and think I now go back to where I came from. Everything should be as it was before you left. If you were about to be killed then the act will still happen unless you can dodge very quickly. If you were arrested, then you would still be arrested. I use this method to evade death. When the door is hard to open, it is a far distance. When the door won't open it is dangerous to enter. Where the handle is hot, the danger is great but not too great. If the handle to your mind is warm, then then there is something damaging nearby.

  This works because of the movement of time and dimensional travel. If one goes somewhere through walking, the space will warp around said person. Where that person was, something has to to fill it. So it is alike for the shifting of places. When one person disappears, the space is filled with a placeholder except if its in the same world. Always remember to close the gate by making an image of the door in your mind and mentally shutting it. Saying at the same time "close gate". To close the door and say "closee agatee" will make the door close and everything that was negative after the door was open to be negated. This process will always cause a storm.

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  Fire Gating is the process of using fire of any type to shift to other places. The reason this works is because of the aether manipulating the subatomical particles that creates heat to beget an effect. It begins the process that changes something from within. The effect of fire gating takes anywhere from one second to two hours.

  The process is thus: Wish this process to work out loud. Now, focus on the heat of the area and make an image in your mind of the place you want to be in or state the name of area. When you fully visualize it, try to make it happen. Do this by wishing to be there or saying "syt" and in your mind make yourself materialize into the place you want to be. Feel yourself shift and you will feel heat all around you while your body breaks down into little particles. You will reassemble yourself in that place that you imagined yourself and spoke of being in. What will actually happen is your body in truth will internally combust and reassemble itself in the area you imagined yourself appearing. This is the simplest technique that happens naturally.

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Magical shipment

   Magical Shipment is enacting magic to make a shipment of goods. Alright, to accomplish this focus on the currents of magic. Take note there is always a two way flow to it. So,clear your mind. Imagine the persons place and imagine your place of shipment. The place of shipment can be anywhere near you. Now draw a line from the place of shipment to the place of designation and back to you from the designation place in your mind. Now place the object in the designated place of shipment spot to which you thought on that connects to the designation place. Wish it to disappear to the place or think and say "take the object to ship to the designation point. "Think this to the spot you thought on that is the place of shipment. When done, imagine the links broken. Thus the act of Magical Shipment is done. To keep the shipping process working is to set a anchor by feeling a focused force appear, like a pole of light made of the element of your choice. To focus it achieve the ritual thinking or feeling the element. This makes it ten times easier.

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  The process of Dreamwalking is the concept of walking dreams to make control and understanding of other people of ability, easily, or to get places. This process uses focus and astral plane projection. To make this process work just focus on the idea of projecting your mind into the astral plane with a purpose. Then, feel a shift happen to  you to the dream plane, by feeling a lightherted feeling or happy thought of what you will achieve while focusing on the 'being there' in the astral dream plane. Now let your mind rove through peoples thoughts and dreams as it needs to with your direction of desire, need and thought.

  The desire to remain undetected is the utmost necessity, so imagine a gray shield around you to make yourself unseen. The other thoughts and imagination will make the actions happen that you desire, the thought of direct action will occur a direct action. You must understand that the moment of actively doing this, you will be partially blind. The reason is because you make your vision as though it was from another dimension and sometimes from other people's eyes. Another fact of this is that you need to understand what dreams are actually meaning as in dream translation, as the vision you will recieve will be in a dream language mostly and dream translations are here and here or download the dream dictionary here. Nothing in dream is as it seems. It will take some understanding of them to get the actual picture.

  To get people to do things, talk to them through your dreams and have purpose of sending a dream to accomplish the goal. A dreamwalker can directly communicate with people as though they were there. They use a slightly more powerful psionic telepathy ability. They can send and manipulate people within milliseconds of them coming into range of their minds. A very powerful dreamwalker can control ten to one hundred people at once and said dreamwalkers range is the entire world. A very old dreamwalker will have almost milky white eyes because they will see through other means for a long period of time.

  Useful things to know are hypnotism, acknowledgment of dreams and their meanings, prescience, timeshifting, spellcraft and healing techniques. Have the purpose to use these items of abilities, with utmost skill and desire to be effective and it will have a modicum of improvement to your ability. It is a necessity to know it yourself to use it right. You can learn it though from anyone else, just by asking for a copy of their ability and understanding of it with the experience they have. If they hear it in their mind, then there is a possibility that they will do it without thinking about it. The things I use this for are to drive criminals sane and to make them make a mistake at a critical point in times. I also use it for teaching by instant imprint on the mind, by feeling and thinking about the training you want to impart and then mentally touching the forehead of the intended pupil, or doing an idea through a dream room and other things as well. Dreamwalkers can make ideas work because they use at least ninety-five percent of their brains.

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 Word of knowledge

 The word of knowledge spell is to make someone else imprinted with the knowledge that you would want them to know. This a simple spell. Focus on what you know and want them to know. Imagine what you want to know and let them know it to know like a bullet that you mentally fling. Mentally fling this bullet at the other person's third eye with the thought target "other person's third eye" with a will or "not" and let go of it with the mental or verbal command "know it" as if you inject the third eye as with water. What happens is the people who you targeted will instantly gain the knowledge as their own. This is the simple version of this spell.

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 Good eye spell

 The good eye spell is the opposite of the evil eye spell. This spell is cast by this method. Draw an eye and make the words cast over it as you draw it in chalk of "{say intended group or person here three times}, may said person or group become positive and guided toward the light! I wish for intended group or person to have good luck in their accomplishments by said person's or said group's actions. From this point on, may this be so!" Now, clap your hands three times and this spell is done. This is the spell in its entirety.

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Evil eye spell

 When the evil eye is cast, it is a simple manner as it effects as in when you say or pronounounce the effect by thought. This is that spell: Draw an eye in chalk with a circle around it and say out loud or mentally "By the power of the evil eye I will {say intended group or victim here} to fail with the focus of this eye!" Clap three times after this. That is the simple version of it.

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War magic

 War magic causes insight to events, heated body and ability to withstand great pain without flinching by the power of death and decay war energy. The war mage is psychic and psionic with the hitch of this is that you become warlike and very skeptical. When you are this skeptical as to doubt even a good deal when you look at it, you won't make very many friends.

   How to do it? Be good at insults and know how to draw out a person, in converse with said target. Instinct of primitives are very important to the war mage as to strike on an insult is second nature. Giving a chance when the person tries for it is a necessity till you feel tired and antisocial. Yet to gain this, you must be born with it as its the nature of warriors, and its inherent in the person. Innate ability is a part of the bodies resistance to cold and pain while it gives psionic ability. The trick is to train the ability as it can allow magic with the psionic style. This includes dimensional manipulation skills that are very hard to detect.

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Blue magic

 Blue magic is the act of capturing any spell or radiation sent to you, albeit an attack or aid spell. To do this you must be born with the ability of the blue mages. However if you were so lucky as to be born with it, you can use it using this method listed below.

   Alright, you need to focus, Focus on the thought of a auratic shift of yourself. When you attempt this, shift focus your magic by imagining a blue coloration to your aura or feel the effect to occur. Then, Allow the spell or radiation to hit you or if recognized, feel the energy sucked into your body with a felt energy suction. It will be absorbed into your body which you can use to fuel your body relieving fatigue. It can also fuel your spells creating even more effect. When you want, use the spell or radiation energies as you want. This is blue magic.

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Mystic eye spell

 The mystic eye spell is for those who need to do spells better. This spell raises awareness of abilities and makes it possible that the person always finds the spell to win in any situation. It makes a power balance in the person that cannot be ruined even by mind control effects.

  To cast this spell is an idea that one has, to believe in, to make happen. The start of it is, to believe in balance and balance in magic. Think on the idea of the balance in magic. Now draw an eye on a prepared surface of some sort while thinking of the balance of magic. Draw this eye in blue chalk. Now make this statement out loud or mentally "by the power of balance and of balanced magic shall I command now! I cast the mystic eye on {say the group name or the intended person's name here} to protect and balance toward gaining greater power held in sway by magical balance! I now command you {say the intended name here} to be under the mystic eye!" Then clap three times and the spell is done. That in a nutshell is the mystic eye.

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