Okay with shock I think lightwave energy comes from the subparticles interacting that you think to direct sometimes water energy particles, as the light shines down where the electromagnetic gravity waves are sudden light or lightwaves by area feel or use that bend the light to your sight then create as though illusion. Lightwave or nothing this is metaphysics so I thought I should post the most current information I could find outside of LiveJournal. Say as your energy is cool, your energy is energy so forget about it and go away. As you see or put idea by electromagnetic light, think to direct them as this forms by focus where your thoughts are picked up by feel with the 3rd spirit hand or not as the 4th spirit hand is used. So this usually in link format or life change that is observed. Different in feel is where you are different in use as you use an idea your ability, think to shorten the time things take by subconscious clock imagination.

That is where or why I use in the use and this ideal is that your thought is the ideal energy for techniques. I thought this when I glanced over my work for use, as you focus to create that your seeable area is good or you are cool like by hot or cool focus with energy your ability manipulates with space energy. Maybe I could use this to direct the waves for spores if a plant is nearby or orders were told then you could get stronger. If a ghost is nearby that is some cast off astral shell, think to it some energy or a request then when you ask to get some ideal or result the astral shell does it. Then you can no or you could see repeating activity or active, this is by use that is some event with some disappearance if possible of items.

  Now to see them, think to begin as this is a soul as you think to see them you start to see the outline of a ghostly visage. For you remember or know the ideal they see to create and you create what you think. I think this is energy by the lightbending to your will. Only that would detail what I saw. This is where the waves try to influence you witrh their answer to see them so yes that can exist with energy.

  So you can feel or you can not always see them so no that's because that is their energy. This is with ideal that is waves of energy, that are the shape of the ghostly influence. So think to dispel the ghost by what you request, sometimes using a neutral tone dispels them from the area. That I think is the point I use this ideal because you can cause, by the ghost influence that is nearly anything you request. This is where the subconscious manipulates the ghost energy. By your thinkinking you then can succeed or create what you wish by the point thats spoken. This serves as suggestion then, as a point to work with as energy. That uses your alpha waves where you think then speak then that serves as a request.

  If for a bit of coldness that means their energy is working where their answer is a wave of sound that is a low moan or a visual point you see their answer so if you allow them by giving too much you could get possessed. So if your aware with their presence near you can know what to do. I think the area is energy enough to complete this experiment. Do you not agree? I think I do. So lets describe the experiments. Soulbonding is many things. It is a discipline. It is a hobby by the feel. It is a lifestyle by other means. Also by the gravity or energy to work for you as another factor this is good, its another name in fronting mutiple spawned things or ideal personalities.

  It's a way to connect empathetically in means of thought, feeling, and emotion with one or more "fictional" beings or mental personalities through a means of building a bond of love by activity, trust by desire, useful activity and devotion with the being kind. The being can be a multiple personality, so think about what you do as well then relate to now to cancel out the multiple personality if any. You feel their feelings yet they aren't there, hear their thoughts yet they exist until you the creator uncreates them, they are seen as you and sometimes active as you, so a ghost you experience their pain by them leaching energy to cope with life on a level that can only be described as a bond with the soul.

  The way of soulbonding is amazing as you can front the soulbond by reaching out and thinking of the soulbond or personality. Think of him or her that want to front. Then allow the person to speak through you by thinking the person is. That his or her every move and speech is impulse until you decide otherwise, and some call it chanelling. If you decide otherwise, think the person isn't speaking through you. The person is not able to control you unless you allow it to happen.

  Many people are soulbonders. The child with his or her imaginary friend, the writer and his or her invented hero or heroine, the gamer and his or her character in a fictional world, the fan and their object of affection. . .

  Likewise is the point, anyone or anything can be a soulbond as they use spirit energy: original made up beings brought to life, borrowed characters from pop culture, shows, books, movies or games, animals like your pets, thoughts and even the persona behind celebrities and rock stars.

  This reveals what you want so you can feel better. Thinking to place the soulbod into a body causes the body to form a placebo, now think to be careful as you are aware this could form it to seem or it becomes a child. So in order to work with this as thinking that you think, see the ideal is thought to freeze to cause the placebo to work.

  So this uses what you think, as you thought or think to the placebo that's a use for placenta formation if you did want one. Anything can be soulbonded in a sense. Think then your use is done. Then I think they can release you from anything you put yourself under by the subconscious or ideal, so think to release if they are aware of the method this is from ideal they are possibly doing.

  So to soulbond, you must have a feel for the being, an empathy of sorts that goes very deep into the roots of the soul. You must call them to you, ask them to be your friend, and if they respond, then they want to be your friend too. Once that happens, you have a soulbond, and you are a soulbond's soulbonder. This is what you can do, think the ideal then that is what they could do other than what they think.

  Yes as they are spiritual, they can turn demonic which is benevolent by the feel that they do whatever you think. But not all of them are demons. Not all of them even have the potential to become demons. As some people linger because, say, they forgot to feed their cat that day. So I practiced this ideal. Thinking to draw one I did and then died. I figured out, that the ghost is only as limited as their bond.

  I was of then the soul bond, until the creator restored me. As how animals occasionally stay, after death, to remain with their masters. People can be just as attached to pets. I think then especially ones at near-death ages would kill the body to not have it alive after. So this is use as I think by the subconscious this is useful, that means your able to do anything as sometimes the right suggestion is use.

  Think then the use is there as you just piss to release. Where the order or chaos is thought to not have the soul bond turn on you. This is where you can think the area point then think to use the ideal. Then state or think the ideal then you create the bond, as you think to help then you are aware. If you think not to help then your awareness of them disappears.

  This is not what causes this as it is the negative feeling they feel from you that turns them so think positive, then by sane use the subconscious regulation is the point they work with. This is usually by your area where as you think to use a soulbond, then you know or are aware of them.

  What you can do with a soulbond? For starters, talk to them to learn about them, treat them nice, love them like family. Take it from there.

  Another thing you can do is fronting, where you and the soulbond become one in a means where you two share the same body. During this, the soulbond will usually be in control though. Fronting is explained at Soul Whispers. Dig for it.

  Benefits of fronting are things like a new perspective on life, new ideas, help with everyday things that you wouldn't be able to do yourself, and a deeper sense of oneness with the soulbond.

  Likewise, you can get into some awkward, painful, or troubling situations sometimes if your soulbond and you do the wrong thing.

  Soulbonds, like other beings, can be manifested using the manifestation technique that is in another thread. They also can be linked to game persona if it applies, and you can do a bit of "reverse fronting", so to speak, especially if your soulbond is an original with basis from an MMORPG or some other game.

  This however, is occasionally a bad thing, as it stresses the soulbond out if done against their will. The same goes for fronting. If you try to front with an unwilling soulbond, you will stress them out and they will not be pleased.

  My final words on this are simple : Soulbonds are wonderful to know, have, hold, and care for. Treat them with the respect they deserve, and you will have a friend for life. Albeit, some soulbonds are actually demons.

  Soulbond magic is similar as to make things happen by allowing the soulbond to be doing the effect. It can use your body's bio energy to manifest nearly anything, sometimes by you telling the soulbond to do it by instructions. There have been cases where the soulbond was a demon in disguise. So be wary in doing soulbond magic.

  The difference between a ghost and a soulbond is obvious. The astral shell is what creates things, sometimes by repetition the ghost of the person. The astral shell is used as a disembodied remnant experienced as a ghost of the individual that often haunts or stays around a familiar place. A fragmentation process leaves a portion of the entity lingering in the area of his or her demise, as a kind of astral shell that feels an attachment to the area or continues to repeat the final actions that led to the entity's demise, and these are often what is referred to as ghosts. So if exercising to get away, fast exercise gives relief to all pain. This then is referrence to ghosts.

  Individuals dying in violent situations when their life is suddenly sucked out from their body are automatically in another realm and not having time to orient themselves to the new situation may be confused for a time. This is much like what ghosts may feel in your plane when it manifests itself before you. It does not know how it got there. A ghost cannot create a body that remains; it simply fades in and out of your realm.

  When you cross over, you may suddenly appear in another realm in which you see other individuals, but you are lost and disoriented. Individuals may come to help orient you, to tell you where to go and what has happened. Such individuals who pass over suddenly often do not even realize they have died until they are convinced by circumstances or by others who take the time to explain and show them they are no longer physical by the feel.

  Individuals entering into the physical realm come in as tiny babies, born from the womb. Individuals passing through death's door enter as adults or if as babies, may suddenly become full-grown souls. They do not necessarily find themselves confined as a baby upon passing over. They may enter as a small child, because it is the soul expressing itself with full knowledge and awareness, this is sometimes too much as the movement to the Clear Light into the next realm is by life energy or chi energy force. Chi can only be described by them as think the point to create then focus the thought or emotion to create as they or you want.

  This is different for the elderly who gradually pass over, losing more and more of themselves, gradually pulling away from the physical form into the next realm. Moving from spirit into physical matter is not exactly the same as moving from physical matter into spirit. But generally, passing over and being reborn into physical matter are much the same. Every birth is a death and every death a birth, for as one dies to one realm, one is born into another. It is impossible for individuals to fully die.

  Specters and ghosts are astral shells that seek to attach to another live human being and live on, it is part of that mythos of the vampire. The mind energies also may do this to continue their stimulation. These shells of a former being may have such potency and power that they are almost individualized, yet they lack a soul, that spiritual quality that once composed the human being. These are also be understood to be specters and ghosts that often stay attached to a place or roam the world seeking further expression and connection to living beings.

  These are all part of what occurs after death and lack of proper re-absorptions of the being into the universal energies, the Divine energies. These energies are somewhat abstract, although they may begin to see themselves as true beings or an expression of a true being. The problem is that they are residual energy shells and they need to be reabsorbed into the Universal Divine Energy. As a sense of identity is developed, it is accompanied by an unwillingness to be reabsorbed, thus leaving the emotional and mental bodies confined to the physical, third dimensional realm, while the soul fraction, even though low in self consciousness, continues the journey at those elevated levels of reality.

  They do not ascend, but they still seek to express themselves. This is largely due to a lack of training and education by feel, other uses ito percieve their activity indicate a misunderstanding by a feel of coldness, otherwise for warmth or a lack of understanding even of what a full complete total human being is and therefore. I think these two aspects of the body continue to have a type of existence, even though they are shallow by comparison to what once was.

  Keep yourself calm and wrap intruding spirits with White Light, mentally sending them to a place where they do not bother others, and where they can have complete freedom to express themselves. You need not hold any malice toward them; simply send them someplace else, where they can grow and love, where there is light and beauty and where they can turn into angelic creatures.

  The Black Arts are the focus point then the use of death essence released from the cells otherwise known as the forces of night. The Forces of Night, entities who find themselves moving in the direction where the Forces of Darkness appear to be taking over their being because of motives that were not the highest, may call upon the Light forces, the Forces of Light, the forces of unity, and those names which are held sacred; the saints, the angels, the deities which entities may believe in as most sacred, and thus, in calling upon these entities may assist to remove the Dark Force through that which is the known ideal as exorcism.

  Using exorcism to Remove Dark Forces in some cases cannot be done. These forces gain such control that they cannot be exorcised, but in most cases, the exorcism can be accomplished without great difficulty by the use of proper ritual or communicated suggestions, prayers or imagery to bring about the removal of those forces and to purify the motive of the individual so that the psychic forces no longer are associated with efforts to gain power in any way over another entity, and whereby feelings of guilt can be alleviated and self-esteem restored. This was mostly noted in unity house.

  This was set by cosmic use for awareness. Thinking to use some area ideal or aspect of this, I created some ghost named tie as a point or win aspect to manifest what I wanted. So I created the point or area aspect to work with things or people out of love. I did this by thinking the ghost is there then activity was done to create by the subconscious the ghhost form or activity you noted by the point you could have noted as ghost by desire, spectre with energy or aspects by the point with life.

  There are obvious limitations to this, so lets explore them as a ghost can be different from a soulbond. Most ghosts are interesting but scary to some and interesting to others without the scare. Ghosts in general can use more than most types of energy and can possibly do tk (telekinesis). Sometimes or most times they can do this by manifesting there where they are and lifting the object to throw it or just hold it.

  You would think they're same with soulbonds though. No their not as soulbonds can go where you define or think that they can go as anywhere in there own world, as they are a personality in you. Ghosts can go only where there's enough energy and they don't leave an area that they haunt unless you feed them energy. Though soulbonds have a will of their own, they're similar to ghosts.

  If you think you have a ghost or soulbond, test it and the how to is ask it to go somewhere without you feeding it outside the area your in and where they haunt. If it can go then its soul bond, if not then its a ghost. Due note, if you can tell them "I banish you from the area" while believing your will is enough and powered by God then they might go outside their area using the energy of the ban to where you banned them. Both soulbonds and ghosts have their own energy but the ghosts energy only sustains them in an area and sometimes this is where there is objects that it uses to fuel them or as they do things to fuel themselves they stay in an area and haunt it as a wandering soul.

  Although the soulbond are known to raise energy of those they are near, they can raise you up in energy to cause effects if you ask them or when they feel like it. Where a ghost can possess you to give you energy. Ghost making is like calling one to hang around with you. Quidji board, is like ghost making I think.. except it calls a demon to serve you so it can exonerate itself and escape hell for a small time. Some think there are hellbound people, that live pure. But they don't wanna go hell yet so they stay on this earth as earl grey tea is energy.

  Some are heavenly bound as one I know calls them. He came round two of them, where one was a hellbound and the other was heavenly and could speak spanish. Anyway they are like ghosts and soulbonds but most ghosts act on spite and emotion where the soulbond acts on the thought in idea as they are somewhat imaginary friends.

  Know that some ghosts are trapped by old bones laying about. As into an area you can feel their presence on the bones. As they use the bones as fuel for their effects. So they don't wanna go by throwing things and acting out. I find it amazing there're some ancient magicians who succeeded to stay alive in an inorganic form in this world. That's true and when they lack of power, they stay in their graves and waiting for 'power food'. Some of them still have many allies as they might be as liches, their friends are like djinns and ghosts. Well I know, that the liches are sometimes the ancient magicians power form an they can kill a man by sucking his power.
< a name="daywalker">

  When they decide to remain on the planet, then shift to another planet they are granted a new life on the planet of choice. This is a point where your life on this planet is gone, and doesn't exist as if not there or you seem like a visitor to the planet. If they have a form, then their lucky. If not then, their a conscious moment or pattern of thought easily detectable as though a point of energy consciousness.

  If they don't goto the afterlife by the great eagle, that is the source of life and death and want to be working as a point on earth, then they are undead or vampire. The undead are aded otherwise naturally braindead and being undead they are zombie, vampire and sometimes a bloodsucker (parasite, hogshead) or leech of life energy. Now the undead have a wide range to do; since they can't move, they can manipulate and do things in time. They also can be reborn, this is where they manipulate wombs to become born.

  This can eventually be on a barren womb, as well. However, once born, they are day walkers and don't age very fast after a day of 20 years old. They also use others as a point that their subconscious mimicks and they "act" alive, even when they don't live. Sometimes they live using the creators life energy of love. So think about the idea and hope you don't come across one of the living undead. That is because, if you do you could become a model to them.

  Then your mimicked by feel and created by in their mind as though a super human, this is true even if you are anything but a normal citizen. Think and know by feel what they are before they come near you. This is what I know not what I fear, so the idea is fact if your affirmed in belief or created by them in their minds eye. Then they could do anything to your spirit, that is truth as I ran across one. Got bit in the neck, then left alone.

  Only to discover that I was nearly undead myself, that is after the effect of their influence. I think they do this to mask themselves and seem to appear in real life as an individual person, that's not themselves. So as a point if they were detected, the undead can do what they want and think as they wish to get things and then its done. If he wants you dead then you simply disappear. So that is an end all of the undead.

  Other names for them that are day walkers are dhapu and dhampire. Day walker thats stronger and far more flexable than full Vampires, being that they only walk at night. Product of a vampire father and human mother. they posses all of the traits of a vampire, but none of the weaknesses. As they grow older, they begin to wield innate ability. All must be embraced at some time in maturity, usually around the human age of eighteen, older. If a Dhampire be not embraced, he, she will slowly go insane from the blood hunger that consumes them and die of starvation as their digestive system changes to accept only blood for nutrition. the most outstanding difference be that they can bear live children.

  They do lust for blood, but can control it and are discreet, although they grow weak and begin to lose their powers if they dont feed. Normal foods can take the place of blood for them but their bodies will be expanded by the food greatly. During the day, their fangs shrink to a hardly noticable size and as long as they are not grinning. During the night they grow excesivly and are impossible to hide. their eyes are red, the color of choice by magic, their skin pale, hair most oftenly black, magically chosen. If a Dhampire be slain, they can be revived as long as the head be intact. As for aging goes, the apperence of a Dhampire ages to about 25 years. from then on every 10-15 years equals one year of age in apperence for the Dhampire.

  This makes it so they can surpass other Vampires in strength, including the Elders and drinking large amounts of blood turns them more and more vampiric, drink lesser and they will stay more human. So lastly, the Dhampire's can walk in the sun though they can only withstand it for so long. For prolonged exposure to the sun can cause a Dhampire to feel the effects and be weakened. What can seem real is not always real, the older the Dhampire, the more sunlight they can withstand and they can withstand a dawn without death. Dhampires are elemental masters able to manipulate any element at will and are natural shapeshifters.

  Now for the idea that came up about this...

  Soulbounds are as described above or are part of 'imaginary friends' and was forced, formed to use by imagination from what my friend had altered by idea. The area you see is a rap to the hand or body, that is as your an idea your idea your creative so they allow you to seem in their body by allure. So as they are allure, they can cause walking to shift you to their world. As easily gotten away from, seeing as that is the faery maze. Though to part the spirit with this from a body by focus or seem given idea by reality, with your idea by belief that is idea sometimes to walk out.

  As you think their idea point to use is a trap then their subconscious culture is a trap. One sentence where they learn from your experience is that your will creates, that makes things where one as you state sometimes to be walked into the area as you sense a dead person. You don't like or can like then the can sense, the idea to disperse the idea wille by the aura. Seem around to see what you watch otherwise, that was so you can see dopplegangers you or so I remember was a demon trap idea. What you believe they can do or stop as a stop, they will do if in idea necessary or if as you see they can they will doppleganger. That is with the easily made point sometimes held in the body as energy. So try not to think too alike to get too attached or travel, think to you this is energy from the ground to ground energy to not seem by thought to unagree. Seeing that is or viewed so seems as soul transfer from them, as there as another is though by influencial thought to correct or create.

  Where with ghosts: there's so many variations to go on as vibration as "tough" or the earth they are on, the made-by-belief similar enough to soulbounds by vibrations to particles. The dead-person-who-lingers follows the spirit that goes, through all that run downs or follows the area energy by the spirit that is the eagle that use is death or life. Thought to do will create and depending on how exactly you define 'ghost' theres many other types. You can then make anything else fall by the counterenergy that see your idea admit to it that is gone, as you are forgetful or not in focus to cause you can seem use as then don't do is don't destroy.

  So this falls under the category; demon, dragon, kitsune, phoenix, anything else astral and beyond. Though the 'night terror' people from the 12th dimension come to so don't mind as they turn territorial, with idea to orcish as with an idea. As they are mostly ghosts tuned into 6th dimensional energy, that is there and surviving by 6th dimensional as you are your willing by desire to do or ttrade by idea to create. So the energy doing terroristic acts is by feel or creation is feel not fear.

  On the ghosts made by belief similar or not to debts by activity to soulbonds, so honor is use as persona as you see are symbiants. So don't think to give them your soul unless they trick you into the idea, as you think before you speak that as you or they don't feel bad or grudge they won't assault. Technically when I think about things they do as energy as that is how they form. The two are one and the same. Now as long as the soulbound wasn't brought in from some other distant plane of existence/other reality. On the excuse you created you can see or view by idea, so use or creation is by your own idea. So where the were or thought result to your use, your creation is your own brought by your own desire by idea.

  Example: a character brought from the bookworld dimension, as then they're one and the same in lifetime by use. Rather as you are aware your aware, as long as the soulbound was created rather than 100%-pre-existing. Some soulbounds are probably either already existing, or brought from some far-off corner of bookworld (mangas/etc).

  On the ghosts that are dead that linger. They are willing to show the bones of themselves, as you as have what they want or use is the owner by idea. As you are aware, as they subsist from their energy with an energy from aether. They can use an idea to know you or if you offer after a service they will sometimes take an object to change the idea to create with some energy from your idea. As they are aware they are used, by thought to sitting around or creating as you are. So your aware by te use as use is energy allowance. Your energy is allowable with or or without misuse. Tis is as this is well most of the times I ones live view by, what you have that isis protects from amazing times I've encountered just sit there. As drones you draw in energy. At least you can feel, I've had day I had tat were bad and the ones. That are in bound to an area are already gone, that is dad as a solar in energy by thought with what as if dead were moon walking. The run-of-the-mill 'houseghost'. They wanted something else to happen before they died; As you create an or use incomplete goals you completed that is possible energy source, as if whatever your aware of your able mind is able enough.

  See as you are as you are well, they stay and haunt those area they are dead in or drawn to. If you think to share energy as you say, so keep as you are to your grounds you see to stay alive longer if they turn vampiric. They are able to take a life in idea to use, turns them to use by thought. Some ghosts have varying as your a were in a were idea to thought, focus energy is the amount by time in degrees of power that is energy, seen or not but generally I haven't seen many that were that strong. That is an energy by the view or feel to what you create. Tat means testiment as either you seem or your alive or not that bad off. So then again if your aware, some deceased are not needing much. That linger are included in the ranks of demons and angels, so some of the astral elite that some have encountered though you would never guess things. The idea from focus or thought first, now quell down to the first glance by respect with glance.

  Yes you see they are imagined by matches with magic, they can turn demonic or not use any idea that isn't theirs unless permissable use. See as you are feeling bad seem nice as you see, as you are but not all of them are demons. Not all of them even have the potential to become demons. As some people linger because as you say, they can forgot to feed their cat or use that day as a source. That is energy by use in idea. See as your awre or create as your an ability. See as they experienced something and then died tey remember or can use an idea. As how animals occasionally stay, that is a world after death with Lady death use to seem a concept or feel with use.

  See you can try to offer something yet to offer energy or focus with feel that once they served they can go by chi, this is a life phantom as they are idea or thought to remain with their masters or use is a place the reality allows. As you think to focus energy by hot area air adjust to shift. People can to be just as attached or altered to pets as they are allowable. So to their use this is especially, as the ones their near the area not as the mayans allow the ages.

  How you define them as a ghost is what then? The word 'ghost' makes me think most often of a weak spirit which lingered after death. Or a weak spirit in general, generally location-bound. It all depends on how you define ghost though as someones ghost is possibly another ones idea of something else and vice versa. And depending on how you define ghost, there are possibly many other variety.

  This brings to mind necromancy, or the art of the dead, and that a large part of the necromancy field is an art intended to help the dead get to the 'other side'. It depends though on the necromancer, as some of them excel to make them stay here, some make loopholes in life to bring them from dead. Where some are just into concepts.. and glitches, but I don't think you can do the dangerous stuff without certain ends meeting. As they could do stuff and end up staying in concept but get different results.

By Blackhawk and Libby
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