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Part 4 (Particular by use, for the purpose)


 Things placed in after of this is done by ease of use as they come to me and has no specific order.

Blowing objects
Body stepping strength
Teeth and gum regeneration 
Pain and condition removal
Unlocking a magic of objects
Matter materialization, manifestation technology method
Container magic trick
Air conditioning
Body chi fire travel
Animal resurrection
Superhuman strength
The mundu effect
Yin yang electricity
Defensive magic
Blue rain meditation
Object magic
The nature strike
Immunizing immunity bell
Wall and object walking
How to not age
The magic subseqhuel word
The magical god prayer
To invasively dream
Testing and mental libraries
Body manipulation and regeneration
Natural magic and in magnetism
YAAE Yet Another Anti aging Effect
Power brush
Purifying the heart
Crows eye effect
To train with energy
Love effects and attraction
Sending items
Transforming into an animal or bird
Intention magic
Tracer clouds
Living in the sub-c moment
The shot effect
Totem magic
Energy folding
Trans-dimensional spells
Molding magick energy
The moon and magic
Physical shield effect
Spelling immurity
Soul transferrence/Channelling
Synopsis effect
The God Guard
Imprinting chakra DNA pattern by voodoo
Past life rememberance
Summoning monsters magick
Murphy's Curse
Nature Strength spell
The Power focus
Think to stop being lazy
Inadvertent Magic
Elver Spell
Magic no-Flea and no-pestillence spell
Assemblage point magic
Coil Strike
Time Walk
Laid Pattern Effect
Magic and Psionic Constructs
Spelling in Physical magic
Chaotic Puppeteering
Tendrils of Energy in Sunlight
Reverse voodoo doll
Sprite Splits
Immersion Fields
The easy ritual
Shapeshift Trick
To fill with light
Prison trap
The beat you effect
Anti-Lice spell
Protection by chakra with shield effect
Mentally teleporting to parallel worlds
Circle wards
Magic ward for pain
Alternative elements list
The 1000 manifold manifest
Astral and physical manifestation
Magic effects and the nine phases of magic
Word and dictionary magic
Anti fertility and Fertility spells
Life effects of magic
Fairy musketeer's effects
CU Spell Exchange spells
Magic word combinations
Various effects and shields

Siddhi or Sidderi

  Siddhi are occult powers related to the serpent kundalini that is heat that rises to unlock or open the gates of the chakra points, so once the chakras are fully developed by your realizing the ideal. That is there by what you think to feel or use is heat sense, that you realize the heat of the body that you can use to open the senses to your feelings. Each chakra has its own siddhi and are the best chakra of them all, as this is the 3rd eye that uses the pinneal gland which once open. You will be able to use a teaching to physically manifest.

  Any object of desire is using the particles of light from the kundalini. Each time that you manifest, where you can even use external heat to create as you draw it in. So you use a little personal energy. They are useful as its in use this is a technique to enter a trance state, so you think or I think and we activate our right hemisphere of the brain which we can program using affirmations or imaginations. This is with the left hemisphere activated by thinking a logic point, thought with thinking to the bridge that creates as you think it does.

  I think to bring what we want in reality, thinking is used ideal as we imagine the ideal exists then act. As though we don't act until we need something or need to do things to act, as though the ideal was there that we summoned as though the act summons it. So it does as we sometimes can find things that we summon. Thinking to which we direct the elemental focuses as well.

So this is generated from the particles of light, otherwise that is what we made by thinking. Sometimes there by the light of the kundalini within us. This is use to summon from within to create by the external voice or activity outside our body as we want to perceive it. Then with use of now and thinking its 'there' where we want to generate it. The item or ideal is there.

 Kundalini meditation, that is basically focusing your spiritual energy through your chakras. The idea is to feel warm. Close your eyes, and as you concentrate on the inside of your chest, you'll start to feel warmth. That warmth is what you want. Because you want to feel the warmth spread through the body, that means its working so you create what you wish that exists what you think.

 Once you discover it, your goal is to get it to spread as much through your body as possible. It takes less thought to activate, yet is more effective than normal meditation. That heat basically unlocks all your chakras and energy networks. Even better is you don't have to find a quiet place to do it. As long as you know how to summon the internal heat, you can do it anywhere. The trick is to get it to take over all of you. When the heat doesn't reach somewhere. Then, that area is blocked at the chakra point. Force the heat to be there and beyond, if necessary. You can open your chakras up, using this technique.

  There are several poses that are stances for the elemental type in focused idea that are up to you. The water style is like 80% dodging, No wonder water elementals are so stereotypically defensive and not offensive. Think the ideal that you are with peace. This is a point that you consider as is. If that's true, most elementals know how to dodge by what they feel from you. Fire attacks a lot more than dodges and earth blocks more than it dodges, some barely move in that stance. Air and ice dodges more than it attacks or it can actually attack more than it dodges, plus it's an invisible one that can be used a lot in public without drawing attention. As with the air barrier you can do a lot.

  When you take on the earth one, it literally makes you heavier and it feels like you've actually gained like 20 lbs then you lose it. So use the stances that are think of the ideal result then create with a point, that you breath in good air that is fresh then you breath out the words of a mantra or your intention as this is either speaking or ideal. See that's there as a drawn symbol that could cause corruption or what you wish. As the thought is what the subconscious does, this is used by what you feel like with the ideal that is worth it.

  By use of the creator there is no corruption, otherwise thought about or traced so that the energy is going from the hera or sensory organ to create what is possible. as it travels with heat sensory feel to the third eye that the pinneal gland takes to produce hormones that the the crown chakra all directed by the subconscious creates what you think to want. The air stance makes you lighter, a lot lighter. When you take up the fire stance, you feel  excited or just the heat around you. With the water stance, you can feel buoyant as if everything is moving in movement and movement is easy as the right gesture happens to occur.

  Air magic stance is like free. This is where you are flowing. Ultimately I think, it's meant to be used while flying. The stance acts accordingly as though magic.

  Just as the Water stance is like buoyant and ultimately intended for use underwater.

  So you see how the Earth stance is like solid and ultimately intended when you're on stable ground.

  Fire now, it's got the most movement. It's like 'Excited', like the nature of fire. It's not so much meant for use while you're on fire, as it is for motions that can create fire.

  Air stance is flighty. A lot of movement. Your limbs become light. It's another one of the ones not quite meant for offense as much as it is for defense.

  Fire and it's movements are intended to keep a flame alive. Fire's in a kind of ideal where your free. So think then that if your aware. You were free anyway as though 'excited'. Like its said its what you can feel, it's not meant so much for use while you're ON fire. But as you think about this. The point is a thought where you are aware.

  Then you are actually able to create what you wish by thought to use, as you speaking things or thinking the point. If you are thinking opposingly then you can see the point, otherwise thinking positively you can manipulate energy by thought that exists with the focus. This is usually by the flame movements sometimes cancelling themselves out, for I think if I tried to put the flame out I wouldn't put the fire out.

  With water this is a useful feeling, where you are with thought that you flow along or I don't care so much about destroying the opponent.

  With what you know the Earth is where, this is the rocks or soil that's necessary, as I feel this that's all I care about as though thought were bone crushing blows and blocking like a brick wall.

  Air you realize makes some feel floaty or fresh by the feeling.

  Water makes some buoyant but not quite like I'd drift into the air that exists life unless I want to die or something.

  Fire's somewhere between that you feel. It's definitely uplifting on the feel, instead of pushing me down. It moves like hot air so I think it moves by feel upward.

  Earth makes some feel solid and as if they are going on till they can be aware to stop and thats as far as you see things, as earth will move on people that want to go.

  Ice makes some feel cold and you stop as if on halting movement.

  This is by the feeling so you think to do things or think then feel, so if you look you know what the end result is as its done. The spiritual realignment is where you are aware over a point, that you think the point that you are aware is done. So the easiest way to define most of the attributes is to compare them to one another. There's a lot of crossovers, and a lot of uniqueness to each one. But overall, it's like they flow from one another.

  What can I say? I think I know things so I have been an elemental mage on the astral realm for years, thinking and doing ideal that make this seem the point is done. Physical representations aren't that much different. Just. I wouldn't go charging into a fight with these stances yet. Earth now, if some had enough body mass to back it up. Sure its like using ormus, it makes some feel heavier, so now you could weigh anything as ormus is white gold powder. So this is where some only weigh 120 lbs or are heavier then lighter. See that is the main point that I think, that I have thought so I can use that thinking. But not always is the thought allowed, so I think this is a point to do things by now. I thought I knew this topic, so I realized by spirit what I knew. This is what I came up with by feel.

  The other thing though, is the way that you actually do the shifting, and what you see when you do it. To state the element clearly in your mind, and sometimes aloud.

  Fire gives an image of a person coated in fire, but it's not quite touching me. Some of it is literally coming FROM the person, but the fire that isn't is just half an inch over the surface of my skin/clothes.

  Earth is the one some are the least certain about, since some have never been much of an Earth user, but the body turns to stone and the hair turns to something resembling moss growing off of a rock. When you move it's like an earthquake in your limbs, but without the breaking and cracking of earth. The feet grow roots and kind of sink in.

  Water has evaporated water vapor surrounding me, rising slightly from me. As an aura, or as fire. But the area around me is thickly coated in mist.

  Air is definitely the clearest in mind. It's all white, and there's the point that you can think. That you feel the air and know by what you think with then. As you create or cause ideal. The air currents are around that look nearly sharp or sometimes white. The air moves outwards from some primarily, but it also goes up and other directions. Some will see through themselves. So this like your body is a collection of air energy, concentrated into a near-solid. Your eyes are purely white, sometimes by feel that you can detect are semi-glowing. That indicates energy use. That is the point you think, then you can use ideal that exists for you.

  Fire isn't always as fast. It can be slow, too. Very slow. But that's one thing that makes it so flexible. It can stop and go on a dime. It can go fast one second, then just stop and the only evidence that you slowed down is that the fire energy around you still sorta tries to move that way.

  Water needs a more gradual, fluid stop.

  Earth just slams on the brakes, once it decides it's gone far enough, so to use it you could think it won't move.

  Air can stop on a dime, but it can also turn on a dime. If you need to get out of the way or avoid a blow, so think then you can.

  Ice moves and flows to a halt or stop before you hit someone and this doesn't move as though it melts slightly and refreezes somewhere else. When it melts, there's a little squeaky kinda sound or something. You hear that when you do certain movements with ice. So it's to the point like it's half melting in order to make the movement since it's constantly frozen in place. Some have used it to stop by things, but moving with it is strange and sometimes foreign.

  The roadblocks are with the elements too as in;

  Earth. Aside from moving stones and boulders, You might not see much else towards its application. Seems too one-dimensional, if you get what I mean.

  Air then is a point, go too far then you know more than you should. Think then that you know so you stop when you should. This is a point you think. So it's everywhere, it can be solidified and sharpened into a blade and it can be used as a shield, used to push things around and block things, if with ormus the earth could turn black and it seems like that should be enough. But it just seems so neutrally this is done.

  Fire and water are the two that some are more intended for, water is as it's almost identical to fire, just colder and less prone to vanishing if the situations aren't ideal (temperature). Fire just burns things, thats about it where water can smother or flow and dampen things.

  Ice moves haltingly as is semi melts and reforms to your will. If you've tried moving with ice, every time it stops moving, it stops you from moving, see this is thought so I think or doubt it literally. Then your mind is clear as you think to work with others you shift away as though this is where your not any longer.

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  Daizeratsu is as its like a single line of a horizontal beam of energy that finishes off as many people in a sec. You focus the chi in your index and other finger by it and program the energy to do what u want it to do and in this case finish them off and them swing your hand horizontally and let the energy go. Its power depends on the amount of energy in it. For aid you could use mana or demonic energy.

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Blowing objects

  Blowing objects: Look at the target or think of the target and blow air thinking its 'wind through your lips' that blows the object a distance and then the object might blow over or blow a distance. This effect may not actually work. The most it will work is a breeze to a gust.The gust may last a short while.

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Body stepping strength

  Body stepping, An interesting trick, it starts where you slow down time and visualize yourself stepping into your body or someone else's. By slow down time I mean time stopping and then to step into your body gives you strength. Amazing ability as you and the body moves, it triples your energy doubling the effect and its so.

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Tooth and gum regeneration

  This is apart of teeth and gum regeneration. Well to purge the top layer of flesh, so it was down to young skin. Force some of it upward, up to the base of the tooth, thinning it a little. Kept doing that until you have a base to work from. Then force the young flesh to grow upwards, and then use energy to graft skin from your cheek, settled it on the base, and merged it with existing flesh. Kept switching between grafting and forced growing untill it was at almost normal coverage and thickness. Then finalized it by adding one stronger layer. As you expel and replace the damage thinking the tooth is a whole still, you cause it to repair for the teeth.

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Pain and condition removal 

  Swirl energy up into  the nerves in your teeth or area effected and push the pain out. Then make the energy stick out arounf the edges of the nerves to keep it out. So to fill the area effected with swirled up energy to push out the pain or condition through the pores then cause that energy to stick a bit out to keep it out. And stick out the energy a bit to keep an aura defence up. With the pain diminishing. To think regeneration and repelling the damage by pushing it out will cause regeneration. As you expel and replace the damage you cause it to repair for the teeth replaced from nothing energy.

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  To feel the force, then use the energy of that force and feel it by visualizing the force impaling you. As its impaling you you become immune to it. This is not to be done in a physical means. As if done physically, it could cause more damage except for exercises that make you used to it.

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Unlocking an objects power

"A Dark.par.wood dar.wo  par.darpfr (diaper)  dar darp4r to be dark. To be inconsistent or consistent, to be persistent. To be of it, to do and be if it does then it of works."

  A dark power of wood brings dark woe. Partly of a dark fire and in a diaper where dark, a dark power is to be dark. This is thought to be inconsistent or consistent, otherwise known to be persistent. Think to be of it, that allows you to do with things and be there, so if it does as it is then possible with it then it of course works.

  The objects magic is kept for at least 4 hours after its used unless its focused energy used in it, the object. It based on the three parts of the effect of it as the founding, the grounding, and the condition. The mention of it having power is what causes its own ability to be upsurged or made to happen. In effect its being stirred further by your ability and action that puts your energy into it unless its an energy trap. Where it traps your energy to do what it was going to do with it. Its your energy that mixes with the energy of the object that causes it to do actions and unlock the ability of its magic. If you think it has magic, then it does and if you continue to think it has magic then its ability is there till its a no longer needed. As its your will that makes the magic obvious. This is done to cancel out the objects magic, so you might need a closure spell of saying three times to the object, "The reason as of this object is now done."

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Matter materialization, manifestation technology technique

  This is of the matrix use to generate the idea into a form thats like a production to you. Used something that with it is to manifest free stuff. To manifest items, use a crystal and/or gemstone that you like with metal to channel energy think of what you want or even describe what you want and let the crystal cause it to manifest it for you. I had one ring sent free as if made for me. I believe in progressing humankind and I believe harnessing the matter manifestation technology is the key to freeing the human race. I don't know who sent it, the crystal caused it to be made for me and sent.

  Its all in the process of it, think as it also caused a bird to appear in the house and all that was needed was to think emotion, touch the crystal to cause it to direct the energy through its metal wrappings and send it bouncing along in 3 or four streams. Till the energy becomes so great it dissipates into the form using the crystal by tapping it for energy, and the metal wrap of course served as a focus. although, the bird felt evil as I used bad thoughts to be directed as a energy stream. When I use positive energy thought it the object turns good to the feel.

  What kind of crystal and metal wrap did I recommend to be in use? Gold for men energy and silver for women energy and it was a obsidian crystal but you can do it with any other type of crystal. I used silver because that was all there was. Look online anywhere to get the silver wire or gold wire as it can come wrapped around the amulet crystal. Its proved that a bigger crystal has more power and the flaws in the crystal matter. Well the flaws only put intelligence into it but the more flaws and the more its likely to break, and a bigger crystal has a lot more energy transfer capabilities.

  So to transfer energy within the crystal, think what you want it to do and the crystal does. Crystals do run out of charge, you have to be touching it though or the crystal can be touching you.. this is used to make it more effective. In truth also crystals don't run in outta charge. To focus the energy further and speed up the manifesting, say what you want to appear. It channels from your energy source so if your source runs out so does the crystal, so if you run out then the energy does. The crystal can crack.

  How big a crystal do you think you would need to manifest physical objects like gold etc? A medium crystal is good for medium sized objects as it effects a decent energy flow. Added to this is what kind of energy source could you use for the crystal. A lamp would work, by shining the light through the crystal an as you say what you want to appear, to imagine it appearing to you in anyway that you want. Its well that crystals have their  own energy added to the effort of a external one so yes it would.

  So a higher wattage lamp would have better effect I guess? As a plant growing bulb and yea if you wanted a large chunk. I created a seven inch to 1 foot bird.

  How long did that take? what crystal/energy did you use? Using a crystal and thoughts alone, the crystal was obsidian and it took 1 minute. The crystal was mid sized though if you get a small crystal then it could burst.

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Container magic trick

  This is a trick to contain an element within a container and have its influence contained as well except when you will it felt or not. One could collect and trap within a coin to contain something. The bottle caster can contain the effect as if it was cool even if hot. And lets just check the thought here. Be cool, no, be uncool or forever cool, is simply thinking at the bottle 'bethr' to a point or direct your point. And so theres a direct point, at the bottle that will redirect the point of thinking that it the substance is there to make it there.

  From the point of where it actually exists, creating the effect of being there and effecting as if it was cool. Where it was in effect, however it still won't do to unobstructing people as though a warning. Or don't give to the people that don't deserve it. As perse, that give to the people that are undeserving. So again, the method is think that the bottle contains it. And it effects as if out of sight an outside. Such as causing the ozone layer to be here, and getting the effect on people that gets near it. Which is an directed by idea 'to be direct comn'.

  To think bottle will share the essence of it with outside, with people and within of the people. To contain it, the influence and element essence. Will cause it to do so. However, once noted you think its cool and it will be cool as its metaphysical as it shares. The ozone is exactly 9000 degrees someplace in the ionosphere. If this trick is done right, then you could get a glowing or glowing warm object.

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Magic air conditioning

  Someone came up with a way to cause cool air conditioning. Its to sit and think of a superheated air jet passing overhead an saying if you think its necessary "SupaAerJet" pronounced as (sue-pah-aye-er-Jeet) and then you will feel cold air jet below. As the opposite has to occur sometime. it seems the cold air happens near you because the super heated air jet draws the heat below.

  There are alternative styles to this procedure. Written else as here of the make cold from heat and make heat from cold effects. These effects are possible to place on a heating vent or window to cause it to convert via spell and cause the effect.

  The create cold from heat in another alternative effect, is to say 'quam en on dux" as a chant to cause coldness from heat. Again, this is another way to produce cold from heat.

  The create heat from cold in another alternative effect is to think of heat as colours, then turn blue as cold to red through thought or feel the temperature of water or liquid flowing over the area rise till a point. Alternatively you can chant 'quam in on dux'.

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Body chi fire travel

  There is possibility on a way to turn your entire body into chi to travel great distances in seconds. The person that created it was also reading some article about shouzika , a saint of japan who was able to use blur speed while in a trance state. that gave the idea. I believe its where you can go to a higher state of existence by going upstairs, at least in your mind, so as you go up the stairs then you actually vibrate at a higher frequency. So you end up in another existence. Which allows you to move much quicker and the higher dimension might also move quicker. But, to 'think your faster' makes you faster and it becomes easier the higher the dimension you are in.

  So he developed a method that can only be used by soke ( the grand master at art). The method is to go into deep trance ( delta state ), then become one with chi and turning the entire body by thinking of your body and feeling the chi around it, from skin to hair and bones to chi changing into chi and then programming the chi to take you where you want to go or just moving about in a transformation. This is to turn the body into chi by becoming one with it, willing it to change every cell into chi by programming it as every cell has its own mind. chi is everywhere, around us and in us and using it will make this possible. Some people use the fire element instead of chi to cause spontaneous combustions. To use the fire element, think of the fire and the cells as to burst them one by one in a chain reaction but keeping it in your memory and feeling the heat of the body increase or decrease. As you so choose.

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Animal resurrection

  This may or may not work, although practice may perfect it to make it happen. As it could also bring back the animal in another body. Think anout this idea to resurrect a cat, or other animal, say while looking at the animal "adverta" and then "Isp Juss plinahn"  and "juss pligh en in en after" but an alternative is "Isp jespah en" and then "in jespah en". Now anytime during statement you can draw a spiral to the right for creative action or to the left for destructive action. While you imagine the animal alive again, is the best time to do the spell. With the body just dead.

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Superhuman strength

  Super human strength come in two distinct forth as Super inhumane natural strength and Super human strength. Super inhuman strength comes from super inhumane action and is like super human strength where its called by "bekke idde" pronounced as (bekkeh-iddeh) and "sidde bekke" pronounced as (siddeh-bekkeh) and caused by super humane action. That you might cause yourself to do by stating the words with intent. Instead there is an inhumane property to it. You can call this strength by a super inhuman natural strength effect  with "a inhern idde" pronounced as (aye inhern iddeh). Along as your aware of it, you might find yourself doing actions that are super inhumane.

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To mundu

  So to mundu is to borrow the energy of ability of some character for a second or longer. Think to be mundane ability in action these energy formed abilities are not actually visible. Some are an parapalegic character in nature. To do this, think of the character and start acting like the character where he, she, or it uses an ability. If it exists in real life it will manifest if thought upon by positive and effective idea. It follows the rule of "As it is, so it is."

  Otherwise to do an action as with someone or empty air is to cause the idea to occur, that works with having the person in mind. You can actually do a transaction, but it requires that you drop the item into something like a floor or surface and it continues the travel. On touch of the surface it would be finished. When the ability appears to work, it is effect that is sometimes unseen and can sometimes only be unlocked doing idea or things from the anime or show. 'To be of emergence is service.'

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Thinking to use yin and yang energy as electricity

  Yin and Yang energy electricity, now as its about and the idea that your male and female energy sources are an opposite but equal. You can summon the yin energy into your right hand or left hand and the  yang or Yang in Yin energy into the left or right hand and focus the yin and yang energy together, into the hands and meet the hands to send forth electricity.

  There is another possibility of focusing yin and yang to do different things. To do this, think of the source as of Yin or Yang and collect it as where it is to be applied. Then focus by thinking on what as what you want and apply the energy by letting it go. As though the yin can be chi (which is unstable and creative) and the yang can be han (which is more stable and creative).

  So use yin for unstable idea that is of chaotic or femalish means that last until you focus on something else. And yang for stable things that is of creative means and that last even after you focus an on something else an or until you decide if not to be there. The application is possible to be done by unique idea as you do an action that thought up. By use it gets easier.

Yin-yang are Opposing

  Yin and yang describe the polar effects of phenomena. In viewing any one phenomenon (or the comparison of two phenomena), yin and yang describe the opposing qualities inherent in it. As yin is the dark female quality and yang is the masculine quality. For instance, winter and summer would be the yin and yang, respectively, of the year. Yin-yang are Mutually Rooted in the effect and momentary idea.

  Yin and yang are two complementary qualities. That is to say, the yin and the yang aspect of any one phenomenon will, when put together, form the entire phenomenon. Yin-yang is a philosophy of duality. This is the reason the Chinese word has no "and" between yin and yang - the term always expresses the two making up the one. In the example above, winter plus summer makes up the whole year.

  But it can be made up into further groups, like a little Yin is in Yang and some Yang is in Yin. So we get the female Yang or Yang in Yin, and female Yin or Yin itself. Then theres male Yin or Yin in Yang and male Yang itself or just Yang.

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Defensive magic

  Defensive magic is to ward away or cause danger to be somewhere else by trick or trade. For some defensive magic you don't change your physical expression, you change your auric expression. Possibly shifting the color could help, but not to a stereotypic one. If I want people to back the fuck off, I make my aura look a really evil shade of red.

  If you want to hide, make it a silver gray. Then back away and go another way to get away or to go and make them go another way by telling them to in your head which is shared into their minds or in their minds.

  Heres some idea of what will happen from someone who attempted the trick. "I did something similar, I told someone in the bus not to sit with me with my mind, he went towards me and somehow suddenly changed his mind and went off to the next seat." It turned out that I just look very angry when I'm in my 'neutral' mood/face.  Some try to look fierce and it doesn't help, so to change your auric expression instead of your facial makes it work as a trick.

  Another way, a thing to do would probably to learn how to flare and suppress your aura, which will repel hostility from you, or make you unnoticeable. I actually can flare both my aura and my resonance field to do this.

  All you need is to visualize the effect you want regarding people and beings, then combine that with a visualization of your aura flaring like a burst of energy or suppressing like you are fading away. To reverse it, visualize it going back to normal. My personal method is to tell someone to not sit near me and flare near him to cause him to back away.

  Here's a ward spell that is pretty easy, and effective for keeping beings, physical and not, away from you or places/objects you need to protect. Focus on the emotion or the idea, in this case, the feeling of wanting no one to go near you or the target, and make this feeling very strong. Focus on the target afterwards and pretty much everyone will stay away.

  This effect will either last for an unlimited time or end when you are dangerously low on energy (below 5% normal capacity), as it needs the energy from the caster to be maintained. It could be altered to make it so it doesn't need your energy, but maybe energy from the surrounding enviroment, which there is a lot of in most cases, but I've only tried this with areas I want privacy in.

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Blue rain meditation

  Blue rain colour energy meditation is to you by meditation on an innersilence, and adjust your imagination and intention about this astral rain, and you decide what kind of emotional and energetic state you want, and you choose the colour with that opinion. It's more likely an imagination ideai thats produced.  What it does achieve though is to make you feel what state of emotion and energy you want and yeah, you wash yourself with it. Then think of the idea, almost the same with drinkcharge I guess without the drink.

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Object magic

  Object magic is the focus and the will to cause effect or cast effect with objects as the gathering point. Its easier and safer than with doing it while using your body as the gathering point.

  The obsessed object caused event, once you are focused and seeing in mind you then see the object in mind and can focus energy of a sort to be in and of the object. Focus on the target and think of what the energy will do while touching the object or being near in mind the object then think of the target and release it the energy.

  The pearl or object blast, Use the object like a pearl to be charged with microwaves and moon or sun energy. Then blast it forth, by thinking it goes to the subject. If you gather enough microwaves then the greater amount of objective force. Which means the energy is quantified forth by the qualified energy and the objects power. That combine with the microwaves and other energy collected. Force is generated to obliterate the target or cause a state like a heart attack with infinity or intensity but then again the area person. If you smelled during the effect on them, then they will smell too.

  The mass blast, To do this you focus energy of some sort, specifically the moon or solar with added other energy like microwaves or an element. Think, 'thousand times' and then see the area you wanna go and strike at physically or in your mind as the area around. Then release, have at the area striking at the indivisuals in which you want. If its struck toward energy that you want to effect people with, then its to focus moon or sun energy and microwave energy into the pearl or object as this focus could also be another object. Think of the area to strike at. along with the people or things that you want to strike at. Then think release. When you release the energy, you might feel tired and do it enough times and you might by will, strike out the actual targets. Alternative is to focus the energy at the aura and you damage them quicker.

  The moon shield, Focus lunar energy or solar energy into your aura and extend your aura into a globe or other alternative shape around you. Thinking, and intructing it by this method of thinking. To "immortalize me and protect me' Its actually being the attack deflected to the person or people.

  This will or won't work according to how one does magic and the way of power. The way of power for some; to start as they will and get some effect, go astral effects, then go physical effects. Whatever effects astral is astral in idea and this counts the astral magic, where for the physical the magic is physical in effect.

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The nature strike

  The nature strike, it helps against those who attempt on you but theres the thing that they have to assure the moment. To make with your right hand a strike down near your chest area, The other hand does a diagonal and a strike down next to that to the left. Think 'ingd' and then think of your aura, see it wrap around the victim by folds. Then nature will strike against them.

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Immunizing immunity bell

  Immunizing immunity bell is in three phrases. Think 'on the sound of the bell tone I am unaffected.' Then to hear the bell tone of the phone or a bell and you revert to 'as though before but advanced in time'. As its then you say or think 'A lil before but as of now. Let us be, let us be.' To finish the effect off.

  What should happen is that you get the effect and you aren't effected by it much. At the sound of the bell, you revert from what you became when you were in effect by what it was. Finally, you get what you want, immunity to even diseases. Think about it though, you arent fully effected by things and you get an effect on you so you get aggravated. The bell ringing or watch alarm going off revertys you to what you were or want to be.

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Wall / object walking

  How to walk up and down walls is done by cords of your energy field. Think the intention cords on your stomach and try to use them as ropes and be passive. Its a bit harder, so that means you shut your mind, will to do, grab the wall with your intention cords, and walk.

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How to not age

  How to not age? Personally, it is simple if you have a great amount of personal poder/power. Calling the mental dot as uniting point, it can represent that uniting point that can move. This uniting point is a unification of forces that make your perception up. This movement of it causes your perception to change. When you are dreaming, it's moving to left. When you're shapeshifting, you're moving it to down. As in shapeshifting, its done by holding in your thought of what you want to become and holding yourself by your aura and it becomes spiritual. You hold your assembly point which's on your collerbone (on aura), and make it go downwards. It's called as the devil's inn among naguals or spirit warriors. As you shift your shape immediately.

  There're hundreds of movements and changing physical appearance is one of them with a down and right diagonal movement or slides right and goes left and down. It must be done with great poder/power as if you lack of it, you can't. If you can't and you know you have the poder/power, probably the poder/power prevented this to happen as its negative by karma. This is done in magical passes, looked at here with this youtube video.

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The magic subseqhuel word

  The magic word is where some people think it would be a 'please' or 'thank you' and thats a magic word and it might be for some situations. But it can also be a word that you make up or means the effect and then think it will do something. Saying the phrase or word will sometimes make it occur like a sugar pill for the real thing unless its meaning is the effect, and then not thinking of the word after will prevent people from trying to stop its effect. Thus making it work forever until you think it won't. If you convince someone else that it will work, then get them to try it and it does, try making it up why you knew if they ask.

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The magical god prayer

  Magical God prayer is where this gets an almost instant result as though thought through prayer theres a magical result. Its to have prayed, with intention, for something you were thinking an about. It uses the energy that you are used to and sometimes comes as a blue fog or a fog flash to show that it worked. Some of our prayings are part of telekinesis too, as well as some forecraft as well. The flash of something thats sometimes a fog of sorts, is to show that we got our prayer done as if magic.Or feeling that our faith was answered and achieved, shows that we got our prayer too. Part of the time it can be a vision. When you pray with intention, its intention thats followed through some sort of invocation. This type of magic fails when dealing with pain and a will to which is against it.

  An example of this is to call on a god or God to make an effect. As in 'Oh God, make this appear for us!" or "God, make this for us!" As you think of what to appear or to make happen or as described before. Or, use another name for a god sentience is Tengri, pronounced Taen-ri, and he always makes things appear or appearant. It seems the Mongols an Islams worship him as another name for God. He can make any effect manifest though and on a god prayer request.

  This may follow the rule of: To do and to glorify and then to desire results by desired result or some reaction. To do as to direct and be as able to do for yourself or of your desire.

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To invasive dream

  To invasive dream are as to go and make invasive dreams that are to do something and then the action of a dream is seen as a dream or dream mimicking. So to think an do this in the inner world is an idea that is reflected in dreams of someone. Sometimes you can't do it in the physical world and it essentially be seen as a dream after. Unless you try to think it was done (the action) to cause a dream that is seen by all or one in and all.

  To invasive dream anbother way, is to seem polite and idea like in essence to send some of your energy by will to another and tell it to cause a dream. This dream may seem alien or somesuch and it may appear as though you were them but it was you. There are several ways to tell the energy to cause a dream. One such is think 'cause dream' and act the dream out at least in your head or your inner world. To see and allow it to effect them, of another idea or shocking sight, is to also cause a invasive dream. If the person is protected, or they are against it then it can be against you.

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Testing and mental libraries

  This is an amazing feat, if you can get away with it. As the brain has an amazing capacity to read whats stored in the soul and is known by the spirit as silent knowledge. This can be shown by imagining text being displayed in your mind and your soul's recollection is revealed by what the subconscious renders it as. There can be thousands of books to be read in your mental library.

  'Wow, obvious what's on my mind as multiple weeks of studying in 1.5 hours and took the test and aced it. I used mental library techniques to the fullest.' This may seem like magic, but it is as though it were skillfully done. Its all done by mental library's as of effect of stored knowledge mentally there. Those don't always work till you are in the right zone out phase. But, with some it works fine. Just because it forces so much learning into me at one time. Till the point that you need to rest. It's a normal, proven-helpful studying tactic, that when you get to the point where you read the same line multiple times and/or forget what you just read you need a rest. But mind library techniques cut the time that it takes for that to happen in half. So normally it would be a good half an hour to an hour of studying, and twenty minutes of rest, then you can study again. So instead it's like 10-20 mins of studying, then 2 minutes of rest.

  Just have mental librarians taking notes on what your writing and studying, organizing it so that the knowledge flows correctly and in a non-confusing way, thats putting them into books, editing other books making the knowledge work with one another instead of having random info scattered around in ways that don't make sense. Then you have to put it all into a bookshelf that works for short-term memory and therefore quicker recollection of the information. Then your ready for the test. Problem? your third eye and head can both hurt like hell right away because you had to do it all so hurriedly. The one effect of what a mental library in overuse is is a blinding headache.

  Ecstatically we do things or idea but we go where we do anyway. Everyone has a mental library. Where you decide how its outlayed and looking. This includes the librarians. Just focus your mind on nothing and breathe. Observe the remaining thoughts but think your there in your library and decide what book you want to read and you can see images of it or even read it in your mind. To imagine or state in some way how your mental library is, makes it so.

  This is how someone named kel organized his library..'The way that I manage my brain is typically as follows: I have a library. A very large library. Inside of it are many books. Many, many books. My library is more of a tower than what most people think of as a 'library', so that the books are all within view at any time and are that much easier to access and find at any given time. As I learn new things throughout the day, the information is placed into books. The books represent memories, knowledge, and/or both.

  I have a shelf near the floor level, where the books from that day go for my short term memory. As I sleep, or whenever my thoughts get too cluttered, I tell my mind to sort itself out. The short-term shelf is cleared out and the books are sorted into all of the upper-level shelves. Most of this takes place by the control of my subconscious mind, though I can move anything around as I see fit. ... obviously.

  The things which are critical for me to remember for that day remain in the short-term shelf, while the ones which I likely will not need for the rest of the day are sorted into the long-term shelves.

  Because they are books and not simply wisps of memories, I've noticed that my memory has gotten a whole lot better since I've started doing this. My thinking patterns are less cluttered, too.

  Oh yea, remembering your past lives by reading books in your mental library is also possible. Personally, I thought for quite a while that I had 'alternate personalities', but upon reading their respective libraries, they seem to simply be past lives. They each have memories unique to their own libraries, and their own times. As for that idea I went into my mental libraries and found books that were too high up, or too far into my 'long term memory', that I hadn't noticed before. I'm unsure if everyone has that or if, doubtedly, I'm the only one who's able to set it up that way...But each one of my past lives has their own library as well.

  Most of the sorting takes place either when my thoughts idle or while I'm asleep.

  The sorting thing is pretty much the same as in anyone's brain, though. My Psychology teacher gave us a studying tip that's already helped me greatly... Study for a half an hour or however long it takes until you keep reading the same line over and over again because you 'can't remember what you just read' (or equivalent), and then take a break.

  "Now, the point of 'taking a BREAK' is NOT to TURN YOUR STEREO TO FULL VOLUME. The point is ALSO not to do your math homework instead of your biology homework. The point of taking a break is to calm yourself, allow your thoughts to be sorted out by your mind and put where they should be. You don't have to meditate or anything, but you should take a break. Cramming does NOT work." ~Dr. Dickson, Psychology teacher, in the second Lecture class. I can make my sorting period shorter though."

  Another mental library user named Silent does this, "I get a librarian, and I organise books by alphabet order.  I ask my librarian to read out the text in the books for me and my librarian is a ghost.  I tell it to my librarian in point form and this includes recording things.

  Example :
  'Both sources agree that there are people in the world suffering from malnurition.'

  Point form :
  'Both sources agree, people suffer from malnutrition.'

  Its something like that."

Memory tricks

  1.   You can walk into class, and sit down.
  2.   Take a small team of veteran librarians which understand the workings of the brain, how things should be sorted and where they should go.
  3.   Then place them at a long table on the ground level of your library.
  4.   Set up a projector screen which shows what your seeing through your eyes, and speakers that let them hear what you hear through your ears, and even allow beings at the lower level of the interior of the library to feel exactly as you feel.
  5.   Basically, they experience exactly what you do and then have them take notes.

  They add reinforcement to what you learn via repetition because they are all mere extensions of your mind, so what you learn, the first one learns for a second time, the second for a third time...

  Not to mention that they all fill up about a book each when they take their notes. Then they just put them into the 'short term' shelf, and when you sleep, your subconscious filters through the information, takes the useful, casts out the useless (which is barely anything), and sorts it all into more neatly-organized books with chapters, headers, subheaders, etc.

  Now, some never actually read the books, but understand all of the material inside of the books just because they're in the library. That's probably just about the hardest part to explain.

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Body manipulation and regeneration  

  You can use this technique to make your body feel something, to cause regeneration or to manipulate your body. Relax your body, focus on your body energy, and focus on exactly what you want to happen, and then put energy towards it. Say it aloud, say it in your head, whatever you need to do. If necessary, focus on a specific part of the body and send the spell towards that part of the body. Thanks be to Dei.

 The subeffects of this body manipulation can happen too. To think a certain thing, or say a certain thing that you take to mean to submerge an action. This will help to cause you to say something or think of things that occur beneath the skin. So to say testy teo is to cause effects like getting near heat once and the heat is trapped in your subdermal layer to always warm you, until you don't need it to. This will be as to think of certain things, after rellaxing your mind and then be exposed to heat and you will feel it as though beneath your skin.

  Or, to think of idea that you want to happen as beneath the skin and its beneath the skin like healing. So, to relax the mind and think of the purpose. Then imagine it happening (beneath the skin) or think it does happen to have it occur easier. This effect can hurt. So feel free to make adjustments to the method. A statement in another language that you can use as spell words of this is, "As e i an though, it is as sub."

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Natural magic

  Natural magic and in magnetism. its what magic does for us. Ya are using a natural magnetism boosted by natural will and caused magic. Some can't do it as often when older but it is still possible. As ya get older, that naturally caused magnetism is harder to achieve because you are less open. Yea, it takes openness and a willing mind. But if you train hard young you can still do it when you're an adult. Sure, only if ya sorta look desparate, as its a trick of the homeless which keeps the magnetism alive. Well they gotta pity you. Exactly so even if ya have alot of moolah ya can still get free stuff. The older ya get the more desperate or desparate ya get and it depends on if ya are a success. Money adds a boost to ya naturally gained animal magnetism.

  So any thought to age an how success effects desperate or desparate actions? What drives this action is peoples reaction. A lot of people feel sorry for kids not having much money or still being young etc, and  about adults is if you act desparate and insecure than they will do things for you because it shows they want to make you feel better'. Some adults act desparate because they perceive a need to get an do things and they never get them done as I see.

  That's not always true as they can't fulfill the necessary acts needed later on sometimes. But, a lot of them had one big dream that they never get done. An they get more desperate because of that realization. Success lessens that desperation, Yanno but the stress of success makes more desparate actions. Oh I see it as the moment of not achieving and wanting makes more desparate actions as well. Yet people purposely ignore the failure and focus on success to catch that dream and gain more success. So it goes both ways, I guess.

  Depending on the individual's reaction to stress and how they take chances. As yea, the chance taking determines this. Gamblers are very bad at this as their  failure makes them more desparate and taking chances. Some desperate and desparate actions are from expectations. As of people thinking they are amazing or amazed at things they are not.

  The suppression, of almost anything is a part of natural magnetism. As in nirvana the water could be the drug. As nirvana is feeling good and the suppression is making you feel good. This goes into the extension of your aura. Extend by thinking 'extend' of your field of magneticism or aura around the person or thing or yourself. Feel it happen while thinking of the person or effect being suppressed. To static it basically, helps this process. Bringing up static energy around your body and area. You can then think or feel suppression of the effect. Compression occurs when you feel or think it suppressed and while thinking it doesn't have to be. Or something similar.

  To quantify is to make use of suppression and flare the energy. Use energy by your method or focus and will. Suppress the effect and let the suppression go. The effect rebounds 100 fold to 1000 fold if you kept compressing energy into the suppress effect. So basically your suppressing energy into the effect while its being compressed. What causes suppression, when you suppress, you also compress the actual effect also to unnoticeable amount. Meaning, you give it power by compressing it.

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YAAE Yet Another Anti aging Effect

  Blend science in with magic. Age progresses like a disease, as the person gets older, even though the body's cells do still regenerate, and every 5 weeks, every cell has been replaced, when they're born, they're 'older'. They behave as though they went straight from 0 to 30 years old, etc. So all you have to do is push that base back a little bit. With a thought, 'Cure aging like a disease', Google that and you'll find some scientific stuff about it. I suggest that you do your homework regarding the scientific approaches to 'curing aging like a disease' before seriously attempting this method.

  Just regenerate the cells with a though of 'make these cells not age and to regenerate' and try to make them all more healthy/etc. You don't really need to do the effect more than once as it feeds off of your aura with an infinite loop effect. Its very slight but even works still. If you've also been experimenting with infinite-loop spells, then you can get the effect easier.

  As its feeding off of your body energy, it SHOULD last until you die, but logically i know that's not going to happen until you perfect the method. So it'll last probably a few weeks to a month or more but any changes it makes will last. So it's not like if you're 30 and you get unaged to 20, when the spell wears off 3 years later you'll go back to being 33, you'll just be 23. Of course it's not quite that drastic of a change.

  The other thing some have been contemplating is joint cartilage and whatnot stops regenerating at around 18-21, and a lot of bodily materials stop replicating themselves as well as they should. I've been wondering about just how to get the body working like you're 17 again, Minus the puberty. Thats easy as you just think you are 17 again an you will act like it. But, that'll only work 100% if you add the effect of what you want it to do too. But since it's an effect that would have to bind to the soul if you want it to last forever. If you take tha antiaging pill it won't overdo any effects or anything.

  You set a regenerating effect to tha cells by the infusion of energy with a thought of more healthy will cause it, coupled with whatever healing method the person uses. It's a rather advanced effect. Because when you tell the cells to stay at that age and to not age like they naturally would, you don't really tell the /cells/ themselves as you tell the oneness. An speak to the fabric of magic and the universe, more than just the cells themselves. If you dunno how to speak to the universe an the fabric of magic then you can't do this effect.

  The point is to make it so that when the cells are created, they don't behave as though they're older than they should be at birth. They shouldn't act like newborns, either, because then we would simply be amorphous blobs of nondescript flesh. The best way to do it is to set it to a point in the average human's life cycle where the person is not having issues such as puberty, and where everything in the body still behaves as required. For example, most people are not going through puberty by age 17 or 18, and joint cartilage stops growing somewhere after 21.

  Therefore, 18-21 is a smart age to set it to. And remember; 'make these cells never die' is a HORRIBLE idea. 'Make these cells not age' is probably not the best idea, either. Instead, the effect should be something similar to feel the flow of energy and the universe and think... 'When a new cell is born, it will behave as though I were 17 years of age.'

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Power brush

  The power brush is where you do an action that is deceptively evil, for effects that can be felt by others as though a brush with power. Think power or think of power, then think 'e eq equine' and it but causes actions that seem positive but are deceptively evil. To the point where a surge of power moves about and causes what you think. As the surge of power is the action by energy. Sent to burst in a power of moment.

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Purifying the heart

  When we perform an action, we do it through intentions which are in the heart. So action is from the heart. A bad action leads to starvation of the heart. In fact, heart has 40,000 neurons and has a life of its own even according to science which shows that a heart doesn't need a brain. There is a two way communication from the heart to the brain. Heart is the core of humans and the center of consciousness

  So even scientifically its proven that heart need food (nourishment) which is our good actions to be a wonderful heart. So the first thing is to perform good actions to purify the heart. Its a wonderful topic, every warrior of the past including a ninja had a section in his training dedicated to spiritual refinement and of the heart which shows how much the physical heart in which the spiritual hearts resides is important, even in akido.

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Crows eye effect

  Well you find a crow or a bird by envisioning it there in a place and use the void telepathy technique to talk to it and see through its eyes by asking it to share its senses. The void telepathy technique is as described.  You rip open this world by will on the astral plane and imagine it as a dark space between your head and the other's head. Then to transfer thoughts to them, you, in your mind think you are talking. You are talking to them, but just through the void gap, so make sure to close the void when you are done by by willing it closed and sealing the rip with a little energy. This technique made by Maurice.

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To train with energy

  To train by or with the sea or other energy, just imagine the ocean or the source an think of it, then attempt something. It should be like that energy of the ocean or source which will come an be used for ya source of the event. Ya can use it from anywhere, but ya don't have to imagine the sea if ya are in front of that sea. The same goes for the energy source. Ya just have to think of it first. As when ya are trying to do something or as well ya want to do something with the sea as a source, ya think of the idea of the sea an what it is..then ya do something.

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Love effects and attraction

  There are several methods in love effects and attractions. So far there is three methods, but more are being made.

 Method 1:

  Pretending attraction.

  Use the power of pretending, pretend that you are the most gorgeous person ever and that your pheromones were really high.  In a few days to a few minutes, some chemical changes are going to take place in the body and in the metaphysical world and through the power of the law of attraction, your seduction increases.

  Warning: This can get stalkers on you if you aren't careful. But it works generally for anyone near you.

 Method 2:

  Instant eye love technique.

  In this in method, Is the usage of chi from hara and putting it in the iris of the eye by thinking it goes there, and programming it by thinking of the qualities of the feel of love. So, in the programming, remember that love is a chemical addiction in the brain. There are three stages of strong love which are Lust, Attraction (intense focus on the loved on), and attachment (idealizing the loved on)as the qualities of the feel is both psychological and physiological.

  Then, with the thought or statement to the held chi area of, '..make them fall in love with me fast and they are addicted to me, they feel lust and attraction for me, they  focus on me and they idealize me and are attached to me. Thus, they are in love with me. So, when i say the word 'release' and its with intention, the chi effect of love on you will finish and you will return to normal.'

  It, the chi is charged with the purpose to make a woman or man fall in love fast by seeing and thinking of the woman or man while passing the eye charge, and that by will they will fall in love fast., Then in transmitting the chi from our eye to theirs by feeling a shift of energy to the eye of the woman or man, as if by feeling the charge pass from your eye and into her or his brain. So because chi is bioelectric, the effects will be fast. And, the effects work by the eye meridian an in the eye meridian, it effects by transfer charges through the optic nerve as it does.

  This is alright, as long as you think of the person and have the intention that chi will make this happen. So its now to practice it, to make our minds used to the technique and to practice, we can go to a trance state by breathing slowing and thinking of what ya want to happen and visualize ourselves applying the technique. This way we can improve. Although an idea way to release the effect of this love from someone, is to just say 'release' while intending it as a release for the love effect. Another way, this is done by will that you can do as you think at the person that, "this love is done to fix itself not to be..", and it will act as a charge to the persons mind. The subconscious will then act on that charge, then treat the idea as suggestion that is used as a programming point. In which, it acts on by acting it out an making it happen.

  Notes: This quote is from one who used to use love magic, "I think 'love magic' should be renamed 'lust magic'. Because it works wonders until it wears off. It's great for a one night stand. But I'd never even consider using it for anything longer than that. But I have used it before that and it never ends well. It, the love spell, undoes itself when it feels like it or when the caster gets weak. And when it does undo itself, it's disastrous and the relationship crashes and burns violently as some love to love, and hate to sway love with magic for this reason."

  For the feel of love, I interviewed three females and four males so far. For what to cause in psychological and physiological condition is important, so we go by how to feel when in love.

  How females want to feel when they are in love is emotionally sound, happy, pretty, in appreciated, useful, supported, cared for, better than anything, and validated. Sometimes if pregnant or negative its to physically feel painful, as when you really really love someone it hurts. And sometimes to get physically sick when around the male, to the point of always looking like a fool because your sick.

  For a male, how they want to feel to be in love is really good, to know someone cares about you and there is someone you care about, happy, perfectly and aesthetically in aestheticity where it feels right,sometimes confused. Some also want to feel important, cute, validated, in fantasy of love scenes and supported.

  Method 3:

  The intention love approach.

  Say with intention on this happening, is how ya want her or him to feel, by stating the idea as thought and as it will happen, or has occured and think it causes her or him to love ya. A simple 'love', 'love me' or 'love me again' will do or if for someone else, a 'love him' or 'love her' while thinking of both of the people. As ya think of him or her, even if you dont think there is anything you can say. While not being near the other, but if you want to get more direct results then state it near them.

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Sending items

  So to effectively send an item, hold an equal value or think the item in hand, then think of the item ya want to send and pay or think it the item ya want sent is sent. Another way is to do actively an idea while thinking the person will get the product or plant. It will find it way to the recipient by growing near him in some way if a plant or the recipient finds the product.

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Transforming into an animal or bird

  That is a process done to make yourself into an animal or bird form, this is to stay still and think of the animal or bird. Then think and feel yourself shift into it. Keep thinking of the animal or bird until you are one, but your actual body won't change. Your spirit will take form physically into the form and you will feel that its in a separate view or remote viewing in a bird or animal form, but camera mode is still in 3rd person while you're bird or animal. Its how naguals (spirit warriors) do it as naguals actually shapeshift.

  Their body turns too into the form. In the form, you move in sped time. It's so easy to cause someone to fall. Well, with the technique your body physically might change if you think it will but it will take at least 30 years. Because it's a special technique which is given to nagual's by the 'rent-er'. He teaches you.

  If you have trouble doing it, try to think of the shape, changing into the form, as you do the spell. And then instruct your third eye to see in the way that you want, thinking to your 3rd eye to see as in the 3rd person and from the perspective of the animal form that you chose to form into.

  This is from someone who did it. "I did it in 2 seconds and I made a circle while flying in my room. And now my uniting point is itching. It's like remote viewing in a bird form, but camera is still in 3rd person while you're bird. Remote viewing is awesome....I did your technique again and I got outside from my balcony, flew around and came back. And found my light vibration."

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Intention magic

  Intention iteration magic is like aether manipulation, where ya think that's why ya can do things in use of just about any element. As long as you can imagine it and as long as you think you can use it, whala, aether lets you use it because you think and imagine that you can and it is the power of the mind. So Intention magic, it's kinda odd as it works on subconscious intention as though ya had the thought in mind to cause, and if ya have no 'desire' for the change it becomes easier, and ya gotta keep distanced.

  As ya focus on what ya want and think what ya want occurred as ya default and would want it to do. This is intention that is basically what you focus your mind on. What you focus your intent at, what you focus your efforts toward changing and causing. In effect and based out on desire. One intention can counter another. Also, sometimes you can have a stray thought that counts as an intention to manifest weeks later. So there are those words that are "not, don't, shouldn't, wouldn't, no" and etc.. that count as denials. This can work as a negative intent, as it's more powerful if thought by a negative person with strong energy, as in anger, as of and for fear and etc.

Thanks given to Skyhawk, Cazruzult, Ben.
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Tracer clouds

  The tracer cloud is formed by thinking of a cloud and envisioning it over the head of the person ya wanna trace. Then think about the cloud forming or say some thing similar to 'form cloud' and then think to it as if it formed, to 'darken and follow around this person', then think about the person being followed around by the dark cloud. As it will then darken above the person and follow them. It can be people or objects too that it follows and forms over.

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Living in the sub-c moment

    This is the ability to be fully present and aware of yourself and your surroundings as you live each moment.  Achieving such a state requires observation, appreciation, patience, quiet, and the ability to turn off the clock and put away the calendar.

    While most of us don't experience such times frequently, this is when we feel the most alive.  In theory, being present involves learning how to pay attention, and the process of getting there is far easier than you might think.  There are a few simple things you can do right now to help you stay in the present and pay attention to your life experience in a very positive way.

    There are three steps to this:

   1. Start by setting a few quiet minutes aside each day to close your eyes and take stock of what you are feeling, no matter how good or bad those feelings may be.  Don't judge your feelings, just allow yourself to become aware of the emotions behind them.

   2 Next, send your attention outward and become aware of things around you.  Notice if you feel warm or cold, what your clothing feels like against your skin, the feeling of the air moving in and out of your lungs.  Let the sounds around you filter through you and notice the underlying noises that you may have been tuning out. 

   3. Next, open your eyes and notice the colors and sights around you in this same subtle, attentive way.

    By the time you are halfway through this little exercise, you may be surprised at how much you actually notice about your internal and external presence.  If you try this, you will probably find that "paying attention" will take on a whole new meaning, and it will be a very nice one at that.

    I hope that you can take some time this week to practice "living in the moment."  I feel sure that it will change your experience in "now" time. Try not to cut through timeline while trying to do this. By Bethea.

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  The shot effect

  Sometimes gotten by a thought and statement of the words 'in duix' as if you want one effect you go 'in duix'. To get in a shot of something thats thought on, its either a drug or another chance by usage of an upcoming chance or attempting an action in a chance moment. If the chance is a failure then the shot is less effective, if the shot is a chance of a success then the shot is much more effective an somewhat more concentrated in possibility or a drug treatment effect.

  The shot can form on saying or writing 'new shots here'. Again, you can also produce drug shots or addictions if you think about it, by thinking on the effect and in a relaxed or tensed mode. For a drug shot, while you think on the effect, think of it being in a syringe form or needle formed in between your fingers. For another chance, think of the effect and then of your achievement with the effect.

  Where the addiction and overuse is cause of an abusiveness in your behavior as its symbolic in effect or just an abusive behavior. You might also forget things too as it can be the right toxins. Where some toxins can kill. But most toxins actually cause healing as the body overcomes the toxin and makes regeneration happen faster. Most energy shots are at max, in effect an in concentration, and this means the can be five times to one and three infinities times an actual drug effect. If your body is blocked in the chakra system, then the spirit energy shot has less effect. This blockage can appear as toxins or nonworking effects.

  So far, there are actually two types of the energy shot. Cures and diseases, wherein your cure can restore anything or return an idea into becoming effect. The disease can have an effect of efficient use and a run of its idea function. As in, somebody cures what is thought of as wrong, or a disease runs its course due to an energy shot.

  Due notice is brought to the attention of the user or abuser of energy shots. That in order to do certain shot of drug effects, ya at some point actually get the shot or effect done to ya in a form thats based on the physical. That means, ya actually get the effect by getting the shot in a physical moment or physical action.

  In function, the shot effect can be effected by a thought directed at it or of it to do what you desire. To be in a state being of resistant to the effect in body is related symbolically to a chakra block. Only on abuse in action, if the shot is overdone, then you might smell horrible in body. The shot could also cause diahrrea. Only to disappear quickly, sometimes with treatment it can disappear within a day.

  In effect, its to do as though nothing.  If a person dies while being in the influence of the disease, the drug effect and disease disappears as it never existed. The drug effect immunity raises. Each 'cure' causes the body immunity  system to increase its immunity. When you have a bodily injury while under the influence of a energy drug effect, the effect could be memory loss or the injury appears on the body worse than before. Its effect in its fictional efficient use. Some don't actually notice the shot. On death of a person who cast the effects on you, the shot effects may fade.

  There is a binatic user effect. This is onset by the brain and in certain chemistry imbalance. This is caused by chakra blockage of the brain and curable as its reiki that causes this brain condition to disappear. The effect is an effort of him and her to be watched carefully, and if an effect is sought then cancel the effect. In an effect, there is a possibility to cancel by thinking the effect is cancelled. Or, by thinking 'In an effect', it cancels itself.

  As it seems, the binatic is a maniac who binds effects to actions. He counts effects that are as abuses and idea that is instinctive. His body is weak in truth, as its so weak that to fall may kill him. The binatic is noted when an actuality or effect is occurred and is noted. He usually laughs at the effect. Its noted by some, that to go with some shot effects in effect he may devevelope a shits all over or peeing all over effect.  To describe him exactly may cause the binatic effect as its partly a magical condition.

  If the binatic is a woman, they can form the overdose effect. But, they are unusually immune to the effects that aren't their own. Is in effect,  that to do certain things will incite a maniacal response that is from a binding of effect to some idea. To express this idea is in to get either an 'I don't care' or if emotional there is a 'I will overreact' response. She will likely not want to deal with it after or deal with boldly.

  But to bind effects, as things to actions is one of their favorite activities. They, both men and women binatics, sometimes like to disappear for their effects to happen and they want not to be effected or to be noted by these effects. Not to be noted by those who are bound to attack them with it and then be immune to them. Once in the open, they stop or don't do anything negative. As to be negative in the open means they might be dealt with. Sometimes things can be missed, as the binaurial beats can send them to be ecstatic. This is in an actuality so lets stop here.

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Totem magic

Totem Poles

  Totem poles can be based on basically anything.  In native american legends they would depict great battles, stories, and legends. However, it is up to you to choose what to depict in your totem pole. There's two ways to use totems and totem poles, for the magic or for the decoration description. For the decoration description, is just the carving, with the intent that it shows a scene. For the magic, totem poles can hold items and totem spirit effects that can happen from the totem item. These items are what represent the spirit, of the idea that you would want.

  These items can be carved or made in some form. They hold the idea energy to draw the effect of the element that you would want attracted, and can direct the force they summon. There isn't a correct instruction on how to make them, it is up to the individual. But, to stack up the items in some manner, this is including putting the totem items on a small shelving unit with more than one level and right above each other, will make a totem pole. To which is the case of drawing and directing the totem forces. Usually to evoke the force by incantation and idea being directed to the totem item spirit.

  Totem poles are often used in voodoo and freely, otherwise, they are used in representing the animal spirit and what have you as an element by the totem item.

Totem Animals

  Totem animals, they are animal spirits represented by the totem pole symbolism. They will do as they see fit or are prayed to do and the animal spirit is that which can help and hinder people. Each person has an animal totem, as they can also be spirit guides. Each totem animal is a part of the totem pole where there are other things on the totem pole that have spirits of something attached to it. So what I found was, a thing you can do with the totem animal is to cause it to join you and accelerate your healing and to make regeneration from the body. Mine is the cat, how about yours? Oh yea, each time you use totem magic, do a cleansing first as though your in a ritual. Then you will achieve with the effect asked for.

  A general prayer for a totem spirit effect is to have the totem item nearby and state while thinking of the purpose, "O totem spirit, cleanse this object and totem pole. Make it clean of bad influence. Let us get what we desire and have done with it."

  An effect request of your totem animal spirit is to state "O totem spirit, my [name your totem animal], come and cause to do what I need by desire!"

  A general help request is to state "O totem spirit come to be my aid and help me in what I desire!"

  There may be more idea that will work, but it is up to you.

Timeshifting in Totem

  To timeshift in totem is the process of idea being taken by a totem spirit and this idea is timeshifting forward or back. Sometimes to a certain time and date. This takes a totem item, that personally represents time to you. Cleanse the area and the place of the totem effects.

  Usually done with the totem spirit, which lies in any item that you consider sacred. Again, a general prayer for a totem effect cleansing is to have the totem item nearby and state near the totem items, while thinking of the purpose, "O totem spirit, cleanse this object and totem pole. Make it clean of bad influence. Let us get what we desire and have done with it."

  Then, use of idea thats represented in a chant, for time shifting. Consistent to the act of stating near the time totem item, after thinking of the purpose and time you want to go to or send people and items too, "Send me to the time and effects of the date I want." Three times, for personal shifting. Then for someone else or some item, say in a chant, "Send this item in the area and person to the place and time, that I desire them to be in." Three times. Sending items usually doesn't work as well, as for the sending of yourself or people.

  After your done with the effect, then cleanse the area and the totem. So the unnecessary effect of the totem is removed. A general prayer for the totem effect cleansing of the area is to have the totem item nearby and state near the totem items, while thinking of the purpose, "O totem spirit, cleanse this area and totem pole. Make it clean of bad influence. Let us get what we desire and have done with it."

  Due note: Sometimes the effect of sending a person or yourself back in time can shift the area events, around the target person or yourself. To match the time you send the person or yourself to. And, sending objects can sometimes make the  object disappear or be thrown out sometime, as they stop working. As the time you send the object to, is where the object is basically remade or copied frim your own and delivered to a place you will be in. As its given or sold to the person you sent the object to, in another time. When said person receives it, your original object will stop working and somehow disappear from the area it is in. In some cases, it will disappear completely to complete the transferrence.

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Energy folding

  Idea by Arcane of the House of Ancients OEC.
This is actually a very simple technique.

  Take all your excess energy, and flow it into all your cells, compact it in and hold it as long as you can ... then let it go. Do this every few hours, every day. Your energy body will get much stronger doing this.

  I base it on the principle of how the Japanese fold metal to make a blade.. this tempers your body, making it more resistant and more able to handle more energy overall. If you do this correctly, your body will physically hurt, ache over all. This is because energy-working is a physical skill, like football or martial arts. Side effects are that you're stronger, more resistant, need to feed more when you're tired out, and your potency is sometimes too much for what you're intending to do.

  When you're doing it right you'll feel a 'pressure' that feels like it's condensing your whole body - make sure you're not just tensing your muscles, though it feels similar to that - at first it's a big strain to do for more than a few seconds, but quickly you can find that you can do it for longer stretches. Now you can also find that your energy body has become more dense in a natural state. Things to notice; more energy available to use, can use a higher intensity for a longer time without getting fatigued, and a more dense energy field/storage. Try it out.

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Trans-dimensional spells

  Trans-dimensional spells are spells that use a power source and the thought of the place or person to be effective. The effects can be done across dimensions or places of existence. These are trans-dimensional spells in a simple way to think about it. To think about the area or source of energy for an attunement to a power source that will be used to draw from. Then think of the place or person you want to send it, the effect, to. Then state the effect you want to happen while thinking of the place or person to send to, to target the area or person. And then imagine what you want, if you think to be adding effect as the place or person you thought to send the effect to is effected by the idea you imagine and speak to occur. This will work by intention of it to work.

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Molding magick energy

  In molding magical energy, your trying to feel the magick and as it occurs, then trying to think about it to conform and make it do things to a pattern of thought. You can feel the magick change to do the pattern instead of what it was doing. This pattern will occur and then reoccur on a thought of the molded energy to do so till you stop it in some manner. Mostly by thinking to the pattern to stop and do else or molding it again. This process forms the magick energy into becoming as you'd want it to.

  Some patterns of energy molding are considered here and have an idea of importance. As in, making an event on the intention and trigger of your design. Or, making an idea occur that isn't the persons own, but it seems natural. The event can be anything, and the idea can be what you want.

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The Moon and Magic


  Many cultures have worshipped the moon for its power. The moon is just the right distance from the earth and the sun for its size so that eclipses are possible. The moon rotates at just the right speed so that the same side of the moon always faces the earth. Everywhere in the world the moon's phase is the same. Some people believe that the moon is hollow and was created by ancient humans or aliens. The moon certainly has a lot of interesting mythos surrounding it.

Effect on Magic

  Some magics on earth are linked to the phases of the moon. As it wanes closer to a new moon (dark moon), magic seeps from the world and becomes harder to accomplish. These are the worst times to attempt magic. As the moon's phase changes and waxes closer to a full moon, magic gains power again. The most powerful times to do magic are when the moon is full or gibbous, and the most powerful time is a blue moon. The worst times are when the moon is new or a waning crescent.

Thunder Water

  The moon's energy can be stored - a wiccan technique is to make 'thunder water' when the moon is full. It is made by leaving out a container (usually a glass jar or tumbler) under the light of a full moon. Crystals like quartz can be added to the water to enhance its effects, as can some herbs to the water. Rainwater, spring water or blessed water is sometimes used. The water will keep its power for a lunar cycle, maybe longer.

Presented by Caz
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Physical shield effect

  This idea is to hold an object at some point that absorbs the energy of the assault and if an energy effect of say taking something, then it seems the object you used to shield with disappears instead. If it was a breaking spell effect, then the object breaks instead of the targeted idea, spell or item. Basically, the object that absorbed the taking effect is taken by the effect of the absorbed spell. Or, the breaking spell can cause the idea of breakage an etc..

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Spelling immurity

  The process of immurity is something being placed within walls or objects. This idea is all in being able to place effects and yourself or other things in spirit in a wall of force, object or area. Alternatively you can imprison things or peoples spirits. The spelling of immurity is to do things that consist of thinking of the target or object and feeling the energy around you being of the person. Feel and think the energy seal the spirit of the personal target or the object into the wall or object of your desire. Optionally, you can say or think 'cause immurity' or in another language 'cas amuyy' {case amue-in-aye} to make it easier. Once done, the spirit energy can be used as a source of E(nergy). You can use this immurity to seal energy and influence of anything into something.

  There  is another way of immurity, causing the object to be in the wall or another object. Simply stated is the effect you want, and then place the object as you push it into the wall spot while feeling energy around you cause it to be placed into that spot. Optionally saying out lound 'cause immurity' or 'cas amuyy' {case amue-in-aye} to make it easier.

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Soul transferrence/channeling

  Soul transferrance is the effect of an idea to summon e(nergy) from around you to act as a channel for a soul or part of a soul, or other energy. When done right, you will shift in perspective in your mind or feel the effect caused by the energy dissipate. The target person will receive a double soul for as long as they have it. This can cause them to act different, if that was your purpose, as the mind that the soul part generates temporarily takes over. You can learn almost anyones secret with this. Objects can even 'gain thinking' ability as though they were a part of you and yet their own self. If it were e to an item, then the object gets the energy that caused the effect and the energy is gone from the area. Safely to throw away or cleanse of the e, if you so wanted to.

  To do the transferrance and channeling, is to think about and then feel the e become summoned near you and then to form into a horizontal vortex by thoughts and imagination that it will. Attaching its other end to the target as though they were the target. And then, imagine either the soul, a piece of the soul or the energy going through that vortex tunnel to the target and as it enters the target, then you cause the vertical vortex to not exist. There will be some sort of feeling that it was done, like a supernatural coldness.

  Or, you can do the transferrance and channeling by thinking with intention that it is so what you think, that the soul or a piece of it or the e is there where you want it. Feeling the soul (part) or e shift to the target. Again, there will be a slight extra coldness around you when it shifts.

  Due note: What you get from this is knowledge, sometimes, as you send your own piece of the soul and they can gain understanding. But, the shard of soul lost isn't actually regenerated. Otherwise you can get the effect you noticed or someone else notice to disappear. All that is necessary is to think of the e that caused the effect to select it as a source in your mind.

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Synopsis effect

  The opposite in meaning and sometime effects, synopsis is also the alternative meaning that is a summary. But in magic, it is an opposite effect of an idea presented, to do an action to negative feelings or bad luck energy.

  So what feeds the synopsis? Other than negative, more positive energy. The negative energy causes the positive influx to be negative.

  So use it when feeling negative or having bad luck, then attemptin an idea or effect to make it manifested. Some think its useful for simple tasks, but it can be used for complex tasks too.

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The God Guard

  The god guard idea basically is setting a god to protect as if a guard. This will default to being the only two aspects of god to actually do physical results; Tengri, pronounced [taen-ri], and Odin. Although you can use any other as there are many aspects to god. Its not as odd as you might think, as there's a basic reason for it, to set a guard over us by our asking a god to guard us from problems and situations in the future, as with an object or project or else. And, to keep situations from happening by attempts of the others idea.

  For people who don't really know to know this, its sometimes a god's duty to do as he is asked by some means and the same is for for goddesses. So think along those lines and you will know what to think on god and the actions therein of him. As though, god was an annagram of our will projected into the astral to do our will.

  To do this trick, is to focus your mind on the intent of guarding and then try to find the mental state in your mind to call on god in any name that you may think as is him or her. Then state, 'I call you [god/ess's name] to protect me and guard over this idea and do the purpose I have in mind. May it be.' Its possible to get better results to imagine a candle being lit for you or lighting a white candle to achieve the result easier. It is possible also to effect this result, a regard of something to achieve results other than guarding.

  All thats needed is to change the wording of the 'god request'. You will know if it worked or not by the idea of danger and damage being eliminated and not happening. Even if it does happen, then the danger and damage is reduced.

  There is even a wordless version to this idea.   A person can use the "god", if 'god' exists for them, as a work or a thought to activate that part of there ability. As someone was feeling to control what they do and what their intent is forms the action that 'god' helps make happen. If the belief of god is there, then as a psion or psychic or so on, the natural ability to do things will be there.

  What do I mean by "god" anyway? A higher being who works with peoples thoughts, to do as the person thinks should happen and help the effect manifest. This works for everyone..even if their psychic/psion and so on. So its a allution, or a way to bring that power to help them. The result of asking 'god' for better weather wouldn't happen, otherwise.

  Lets just say this power is everywhere, as though a devine will that is directed by thought. By willing something, thinking god will help it occur, you actually ask god to help make it occur with a spiritual/devine influence. But by god, which is a spiritual thing, your abilities kick in and your actually being your own god directed by the same devine will.

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Imprinting chakra DNA pattern by voodoo

   Imprinting an idea that you want to happen on your DNA through the chakras and by voodoo is not as difficult as it sounds. As the effect you think of can be effective through the chakra energy to causing changes to the dna to cause the idea you wanted. This is an improvised ceremony and method, that might work for you if you try it out. When doing it to someone else who is the target, try to remember that their will could resist the changes. Thus, it won't always effect another unless they be unaware of it or they agree to it willingly.
  When one imprints something, there is a danger of doing too much. As imprinting is a will of your own thats programmed through intention into an energy. This energy can effect yourself or another in remote imprinting. You just need to intend to effect the other. What you will need is a candle of black or white color, a mirror and a darkened room. So, to do the imprint on energy to become a DNA pattern that is active:

1. Light the candle and darken the room (turn the lights down or off).

2. Stand in front of the mirror or the target and focus your mind on the idea you want imprinted by thinking about it or stating the idea. And, then the subconscious can pick up on the idea to enforce it.

3. Summon your chakra energy of whichever chakra you want, and feel the energy near you and your own chakra energy, become one with the idea by the subconscious enforcement and stating the idea again, in front of the mirror or the target.

4. Look in the mirror at yourself or at the target and imagine the change you want to occur as though it is there and happening and then happened. Feel your summoned chakra energy do this change as you imagine it and imagine how you would act. Stating the idea yet a third time, as though it were done with an added, 'done'.

5. Make gestures that you decide on with the hand you want, of which you decided will work to help make the change. This, to finish the effort of the voodoo ritual.

6. Feel free and try to repeat the ritual the next two days.

This is most of the method. Optional, is to have music playing. If you feel the method is weak or doesn't work, then feel free to use this idea to make your own. The change will happen within the month, and most DNA changes take an instant to effect but sometimes take some time to work.

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Past life rememberance

  Some remember hundreds of their past lives. It's all thanks to this excellent technique which is going to be shared now. Thanks be to Oneiros.

  Close your eyes and relax. Now i don't know how you work with your mind and what kind of "interface" do you use but the standard one that I've found most people using is that of a room from which they start any sort of mind exploration, so for this post I'll assume the room interface and use that to explain this technique. You can feel free to use any other sort of "interface" that works for you.

  Go to your "room" in your mind, here you might see many things, from furniture to companions and doors or...whatever really, it's lots of fun to explore but it doesn't really have any bearing on this technique.

  Now focus on the purpose of the working, on wanting to find and access your past lives. All your past lives are stored in your soul. However trying to access them directly would be like trying to read assembler code, so we use mental interfaces. Focus on wanting to go to the place where all your past lives are stored. Now will the door to that place to appear somewhere in your room. Open the door and go there.

  Another aside - What I'm about to describe is a completely arbitrary mental interface and you can feel free to change it however you want with whatever works for you. The reason I'm using this one in this explanation is because it seems to work for a lot of people, in other words it seems more or less generally accepted.

  When you walk though the door you will see a long hallway. Now I don't know why, but for most people the hallway will look medieval, vaulted ceiling, torches on the walls and so on. I don't know if the appearance matters, i don't think it does, but I can't be sure. This hallway will have doors on either one or both sides. Behind each door is one past life. Doors may differ greatly and usually will hint something about the nature of this past life. Some doors may glow or seem to attract you or draw you to them, this is usually a sign you should awaken this incarnation before others. Also it has sometimes happened, though very rarely, that an incarnation will be outside, in the hallway, and it's door may be open already, there are various interpretations of this but I simply take it as an even more urgent need to awaken/connect with that incarnation.

  Once you choose a door, approach it and open it. Behind it there will usually be a room or a set of rooms. In here you will find your past life standing or sitting or such, it will usually look the way it did at the prime of it's life or else however it "remembers itself". If the room is decorated in anyway this is usually an indication about the nature of this incarnation. Sometimes there will be some items or even pets/servants present, usually if this incarnation had a very strong bond with that being/item. Approach the incarnation and talk to it, get to know it.

  Another little aside here, some people get hung up on the fact that most of these past lives wont speak english or whatever your primary language is, however that really doesn't matter because this is all happening in your mind so telepathic communication is not a problem.

  When you're done talking and looking around, it's time to actually "awaken" the past life. What this typically does is give you it's memories, it's skills, any of it's still surviving possessions(usually on astral and other higher planes) also any and all titles and such(though those are really meaningless in present day most of the time, but some people seem to care very much about the titles part). In effect, you completely acquire this past life and all of it's benefits. Oh yes I should also mention that any and all magical abilities are acquired as well. Though of course, you must take into account the different environment. Something that in their time/place worked on physical might not work physically here and now, but it all usually works fairly well on astral.

  Now on to the actual method, it sounds really simple but as you will discover when you first do this it is very profound, the feeling is unmistakable so if you succeed you will know instantly. Stand directly in front or behind your past incarnation and then walk into them, become one with them, make them become one with you, as you inhale feel yourself drawing him/her into you, as you exhale feel yourself spreading all throughout him/her. Do this for as long as it feels right. Usually it's instantaneous and one or two inhale/exhale cycles do the trick, but that's just me and seeing as this is a very personal form of magic your experience may differ greatly.

  The feeling of this, as I said, is very unique and unmistakable, it may differ from person to person so I won't even try to put it into words. I will however list some of the possible side-effects. Headache, lightheadedness, vertigo, maybe even nausea, tingling, lightness, heaviness, feeling very hot or cold, sweating or shivering. All of these are perfectly normal and will pass, it may take from 5 minutes to 48 or even 72 hours. Do not be alarmed. It is after all to be expected, you are absorbing a lifetime of information, memories, skills and such. And not only that but also your energy systems, higher bodies, will in most cases be developing too. That's another benefit I forgot to mention, if the past life was a mage or in some other way powerful, if their subtle body was better developed than yours, the awakening will trigger your body to develop and grow to at least partially match theirs. Physical changes are not unheard of though they are very rare.

  It's worth mentioning that you may not feel any of those unpleasant side-effects, you will still get that feeling I spoke of and so you will know that it succeeded. Also as this is happening you may get flashes or even full on visions of moments from this life.

  It may take up to a few days for all the memories to settle in your mind. If you are feeling any side-effects, wait AT LEAST until all of them completely stop before awakening any more incarnations. You may feel like sleeping a lot, this is normal and even encouraged, your mind needs to deal with all of this and it's easier without you getting underfoot.

  Once awakened this past life will be at your disposal, you can talk to it, you can ask it to teach you anything it knows, you already know this of course but it can be useful to have them walk you through it, you can ask any questions or anything you want. You can even have them do magic through you, either to demonstrate and teach you or simply because you are lazy. However be warned about this, you should not attempt it if you are in any way unstable, it is "partial possession" and may go further than you want it to if you are not strong enough to remain in control.

  Last thing i feel obliged to mention is this. You may notice, in some cases, your personality slightly changing, being slightly influenced by the personality of this past life. This is normal, though it is imperative that you have control over it. If you notice it happening, and you approve of it, alright, but if you don't approve of it, it is imperative that you are able to stop it. This leads me to the main point of this warning. If you are unprepared, if you are not strong enough, if you are in any way unbalanced or unstable this method CAN CAUSE INSANITY. Your past lives are not malicious, they are YOU, they will not work against you, they will not directly try to control you or harm you, but once you awaken them they will be present, if you can not control their presence, if you hear their thoughts/voices when you don't want to hear them, if they are in any way out of your control, this is cause for alarm, you are in trouble, fix it quickly or seek help from other mages. Psychiatrists and conventional methods wont help, hypnosis might but the only thing that can certainly help you at this point is magic.

  Also worth mentioning is that some of your past lives might be insane, I'm not saying this will happen but it's obviously a possibility, these are completely unpredictable and I strongly urge you to not awaken them unless you are VERY sure of your own strength.

  Once their gotten. You can also call upon them for advice in certain workings that they have had more experience with (for example, you may have some past lives which were amazing healers, so if you need to heal yourself or another, you can sort of "call them up" to the surface for advice or even to do the healing).

  Another thing you can do is externalize these past lives. Create astral bodies or vessels for them to use temporarily, and externalize them to do things like weather workings or anything suitable. They can be externalized, as far as I know, nearly indefinitely.

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Summoning monsters magick

   The act of summoning monsters with magick is to make the idea of the monster, at least in the imagination. Think about the monster you want to be there, then try to state out loud or under your breath, firmly, 'Come to me, monster and appear near here.' You should be sure to be really clear and sure of what it is you are seeking to communicate with, or interact with, to summon it. Because if you just go out all willy-nilly contacting random things, things could go wrong. And, by thinking of the monster as you imagine it, you contact it. And then, thinking the monster is there, where you want, you act to summon it.

   If your subconscious is listening to your thoughts, then it will manifest the monster to appear near you, or where you want. Where, sometimes the monster will seek you out to attack you, only to be nice to others, but most often if you control it, it may attack others and be nice to you. An whats to help this process? It is to say a word that sums up your intention. Then, your subconscious will make it happen more easily. This is not, as you can say, the idea of a summoning circle.

  There is the fact that exists though, that a monster can create itself, from a thought form and then you just manipulate it to an area, sometimes by thinking about where you want it to go and what you want it to do. Beware, once you summon the monster, it will seek to control. What happens is that excitement exists, but isn't obvious and it will draw the monster, to make it bring out the excitement thats like an idea of potential to the monster. In this way, they can attempt their control. When they get control, they can twist the effect of effort and the idea thats presented. So, to control them, control what happens around them by will, or make events that drive them to the place and effort that is desired. This 'make events' is te effort to manipulate the efforts and events that you want.

   To de-summon a monster, you either kill the beast, use death energy on the monster or work with this idea. To deny them the challenge of the moment with suppression of the excitement and possibilities. This drives them away and becomes a lived memory in their mind. Its especially important and effective, to give them a memory that they relive in their minds. Where they eventually die from repeat action or they end up killing their instinct to do monstrous things.

   Also to de-summon a monster, the chalice can be used,  sometimes on an altar. As they can be used to drive the monster away as well. For the chalice is a symbol of hope, divine idea and functionality. Where you can channel some of your energy into the chalice, and instruct it to do your intent. Feeling it send out its presence of effect. Now, there is the possibility of some people that can value the excitement as challenge, too. So they aren't monsters, but use a similar system of finding thrills to fill their need of necessity.

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Murphy's curse

   Murphy's curse is a directed Murphy's law. As it is, 'If it can go wrong, it will, for that person in particular and highly consistently!!' This is, in truth, an applied idea that the person causes by themselves things and actions to make everything that can possibly go wrong for themselves, go wrong. It's mega bad luck by intent + energy + effort = effect.

  With the intention of causing the target/s bad luck, you cause them to do more good and success than is necessary for things. And that way you cause a flare up of Murphy's law around them, that effects them. When you work with consequence, you have to work with what you get. Where it may seem more as they'd get more people on their side ready to help once things fuck up. More opportunities and with each success, comes more possible chance to fail by Murphy's law.

  So, in chaos magic you are the pope and your own god where methods aren't really listed from what some see, and there's not all too many names either, as its to 'use whatever way works for you" in purest form'. In this effect, its chaotes exploiting Murphy's law. To cause the target to draw the bad luck to themselves like a magnet. Chances are improved, by treating it as a solid fact of reality as real as gravity. Harping on it in a person's direction, hoping to get an effect.

  So feel free to use this effect, as I know it seems like the person would get more help. It just depends, if you wanna totally utterly screw them over, but even if they do, then they wouldn't get some good results. An amplifier for this is, the opportunity to do more things, as if you're doing a lot of good and a lot of people are giving you more opportunities because of it. There's also a larger amount of events, and therefore a larger number are probably going to be bad, just because there's a larger number. Things will muck up but it's still 50/50, until you add the curse.

  It builds up with successful actions, unless you use a god to make things occur without the percent chance of failure, as long as the curse is attached to them. One way the curse is done is to think of the targets an then with an intent to cause bad luck on the person/people, use a stated "I curse ya to do too many good things and successes! The effect transfers to you." As an alternative, focusing on making the target get stuck with bad outcomes, and basic random chance manipulation toward negative outcomes with bad luck. That's how you would treat it with intent, in simplest form.

  So to some, to say that intent is just thinking, is wrong. It's really just thinking loudly and sending it out where everyone does it. It's really just whatever method you come up with, only "think about" (step a) (step b). And if you can't figure out a custom way to do that, maybe they should wait before you start cursing people. As suddenly their best friend's car explodes because their thoughts went off on the wrong track during the act of cursing. It's as easy as walking. or thinking which it is.

  The only part that's hard about it is making sure you get the right target person/target effect. Instead of your mind going on a tangent and accidentally including the wrong people/event, at all, during the effort. This can be where you pass a judgment about somebody. You're aiming a little bit of intent in their direction. You intend for them to be that way and you just might nudge them to be that way by thinking that about them and letting your body act the part. It is intent. Now amplify it. Thats all it really is.

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Nature strength spell

 To try summoning nature energy, so you get nature energy, you get its potent strength. You can lift heavy objects easier and cast larger spell effects. So focus on the nature in things around you, feel that nature as an energy and think 'energy come to me'. You can optionally state it for better effect, too, or say under your breath, 'done'. And, if your successful, you will feel a surge of energy. As it increases potential of energy effects and your strength and idea of self. Also, causing longer lasting effects. If you do not have a modicum of strength within, thats sufficient enough to resist the nature energy. Then the nature energy will overcome your senses and then control you. So, use nature energy with wariness and the idea of 'don't overwhelm me'.

  Nature energy doesn't drain you, as psi and internal magic can, as its an external source that works with you and when you need it. It instead can increase endurance. It focuses your strengths and causes the effect to work easier, in the least. Also, it reduces your weaknesses to not being noticed, in your body and mind.

  Its amazing and easier, if you cast a 'draw natures energy to me' on a stone and place it somewhere, as it acts as though a drawing effect of the energy within things and channels it to you. If you have the item placed in somewhere. It can act better too.

  Due note: Its the natural energy of the 'the nature in' things and the area, that you want, which is the nature in trees, wildlife, the naturalness of things. Not actually the nature of things. Since this is true, you may become more able to shift your form to be like the things around you with the energy, to that which you think on. Although, to draw nature energy to yourself, you have to sense nature energy first.

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The power focus

     The focus of power, to achieve results with, be achieved, by Focusing your mind, and Making thoughts, on what you want to happen. Then, Don't do anything and keep focusing your mind, on what be necessary. It will occur, by your aura causing the effect, somehow and by the action you want, manifesting, by itself.

  The other way to achieve a power focus be, to think of your need, imagine the result, then it should occur. By actions that manifest, in some manner. Somehow, by themselves. This works, by having the intent, for it, the event, to occur. Its great, with shields, and making manifestations. What helps this process, be to say the result. Sometimes, acting the necessary idea out. Anyway, what you feel should happen, will, to some degree, occur. By the intent and need of the action. Sometimes, giving up, on wanting the idea will make it occur, if it doesn't before.

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 Grounding be necessary as it is also simple but really vital, as a skill to cleanse your energy field. This is really easy to do with visualisation. For, your energy can get polluted or 'coloured' by emotions, desires, stray energy, basically any outside influence, that can act as instructions, to your subconscious. This can cause bad effects. The simplest way to get rid of this is grounding, which balances your energy, removes the corrupting crap, and puts your focus back in 'neutral'. You can ground any way you want, making up a personal technique is the best thing to do, but you can use others at first.

 This be one way, to ground yourself. Sit on the floor in a comfortable position. If you need to sit in a chair make sure that your feet are flat on the ground and that you are relaxed. Take three deep breaths. Visualize that there is a root which grows from the base of your spine or the soles of your feet. This root begins to work its way down through the floor\85 through the foundation of the building\85Into the dirt. It works its way down deep into the Earth. Down through the layers of and, rock and soil. \85Deep into the Earth where you see a large pool of brilliant energy. Here your root splits into two. On a nearby boulder, tie one end of the root to anchor you. Let the other end of the root slip into the energy pool.

 Release all of the negativity, tension and stress of the day. All of the heavy energy you called back, into the pool so that it can be transformed. Feel it flow away from you making you feel more relaxed. When all of that energy is gone, begin to allow the root to drink in fresh, clean, new energy from the pool. Only take what you need. When you are finished, pull the root back and untie your anchor. Feel the root slowly work its way back up through the sand, rock and soil\85 Up through the dirt and into the foundation. Back through the floor and return to your body. Take three deep breaths and return to the room you are in.

 Another easy one you can do whenever you're in the shower is to visualise the water as white sparkling drops of energy flowing over you and sticking to all the polluted energy in you, grabbing it and washing it down the drain as mud. And yet another way, to put your palm onto earth and press. This helps with confidence problems.

 Grounding keeps you in the right mood, stops you from getting absorbed by emotions or obsessions, and other stuff.

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   How to do hypersleep, just go to sleep thinking, that night's rest will be extremely effective. As, you at first have, to use the mantra "I will wake up feeling as though I have had 10 hours of sleep." But, after years, of use, you don't have to. With hypersleep, as long as you get 3 hours, you'll be fine, for the rest of the day. For some reason, due to the subconscious, you will never feel overslept-groggy, as if you sleep 12 hours in a row or something. But you can get enough rest that is 15+ hours. It's fairly straightforward, as you make your sleep hyper-effective.

   Some may think its the better reason you have, to get that extra sleep, as the more extra sleep the better it works. And, that's partly based in motivation. Ae by Anon, "I needed a full night's rest, to go somewhere rather important at 2:15pm and be awake, until who-knows-when."

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To stop being lazy

  To stop being lazy, magically, use binding mental contracts, by getting paper, write down goals in table form, where you X when you finish the task, give a timelimit and then a reward. As in, anything. Make it so, that it's granted magically. Feel free to use some irritating red fibers, of existance, to activate it until it's completed as well. And then, when it's all completed, you X the last box.

  To increase the magic, in it, make it so, that you have to put a drop of blood, on the square and then the magic is granted. Thinking, that the stuff you want to do, gets done and you get paid.

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Inadvertent magic

  Inadvertent magic is inadvertent actions done, of magic and magic actions, when the subconscious makes it seem right. And, the body does it, on the moment. As, the subconscious deems it. In order, to activate it, make the intented statement of, 'inadvertent magic'. And the subconscious will do, as necessary, to cause the right actions, from your body. This happens, to bypass the conscious mind. So, it falls along the lines, of inadvertent actions. Which, the body takes its signal, from the brain, when it seems the subconscious triggers, an idea and action. Also set off, by the spoken idea, of, 'inadvertent action'.

  What is inadvertent? This is the moment, of the brain, that be triggered by the subconscious. Its different, from inadvertant, which is the moment thats happens, to cause a stimulation and response, thats automatic. Only later to be realized, by the conscious. Thus, we may have relapses, from this. By, the effect of the realization, triggering the effect, again. To stop inadvertant and inadvertent actions, think, of what your doing. And stop the action, by deciding it will stop, making your will stop your self, in action.

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  A leyline is a great big line, of energy, connected to a network, of the world. That makes it able, to influence people. As, all that's needed be a group, of people, to cause the influence, otherwise, its an energetic moment creator. It has capacity, of energy interaction, to cause a person, to burn out, temporarily. So yes, it holds enough Energy, to act as a gateway, as well. Thats the simple terms, of what a leyline be.

  But then going into specifics, again its part, of the network, of the world, so to speak, if one is near you, then its the spoken intention, that causes the influence. But, only if you had a strong enough will. So, reprograming, fixing, changing directional flow, be easier. The leyline has a tendency, to make people's works come true, but its all part, of a net program, from the earth so reprograming and changing flow is a bit harder than direct intent. You have to factor in the network, as a whole.

  So yea, you got to direct your intent, at the leyline, and not just a specific point. The network, of the earth, uses these leylines and you can program one point, though its programming most the network. A simple way to cause it to effect one area be to focus your mind on that area, to effect it by stating your intention at the leyline, and think, 'it only effects the area I thought on.' As a group, this works easier, than if you have a very strong will worker.

  So, there be almost a sentient life, in the network and it tends, to get info and feed off certain sectional points, of highly concentrated energy and if the specific area, in which you are tapping into has a strong influence, on that particular leyline, this makes it hard to change. Which is why, it takes a group, or a very strong will worker. But, if your not used, to it your gonna get a jolt, you could fry your system for a bit.

  You can treat powerlines, as though they were a leyline. So, if one be near you, then it can be used. In which, the nations energy grid, be the powerlines network. That you can tap into. But, beware power outages, that could occur.

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Elver Spell

  Everyone needs a way to revert an effect to a normal way, of behaving, thats what the Elver spell is for. It can revert the effect to become normal again. Things suddenly become more stable and capable, for being handled. When you attempt the spell, you will notice that their is little effect at first, and then the effects that were going haywire, are normal in action.. again. Except for non-mutated viruses. Where, the virus will always be slightly out of control. To cast this effect, think and will or say the words with intent, of 'Elver Spell' or 'Absolvus' or 'Abcess', to get the effect. This can reverse a fat spell.

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Magic No-Flea and No-Pestilence Spell

 This spell I found useful as it is the no-flea and no-pestilence spells. They can be formed anyway that you want, but here is the form I like.

 The magic no-flea no-pestilence spell works 80% of the time, but causes no fleas or pestilence in an area. Thought on, while doing the spell. The spell be to state, 'nay-fle' [pronounced nay-y fleh] for the anti-flea spell.. and 'nay-mey' [pronounced nay-y me-why] for no pestilence.

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Assemblage point magic

  Assemblage point magick happens when you focus on an idea and then if focused enough, often by doing activity with intent of 'it will manifest'. Then you shift your assemblage point. And the idea manifests, into being created. As though magic.

  This won't always happen, but it will ever occassionally. Its like the idea that is blocked, won't manifest. Usually by another's idea manifesting, thats opposite of yours.

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Coil Strike

  A coil strike is used, to strike fear into the target and with the intensity of many strikes coiled into one, as in a multi-pronged whip, that is a coil at first and then whips the target with a forked force. This is more easily said than done.

  But, the process is to focus your intent to cause the effect by speaking out loud or thinking about it. Then hold out your hand (either one). And, summon energy from around you and from your Hara, for Chi force. Optionally you may add more energy sources, like electrical and heart energy, and by thinking about the source of energy and feeling the energy being 'pulled' from thesource and focusing itself near your hand, you can summon the energy easier.  Then think the idea of 'focus this energy,  into the hand and as a coiled force.' Speak the idea, out loud, and release the coiled force. By, stating 'done', or 'Release strike', with the intent to release it at a target, and feel the coiled energy being propelled toward the target.

  This may seem like a normal bolt of lightning. Only, it strikes as though lashing the target, from a coiled state and it can destroy from within, if using heart energy with it as well. In actuality, it becomes more powerful the more sources of energy you summon.

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Time Walk

  There was a time where I would time my walks, and then I found that events would revert and change, to another event after the walk. When the walk happened, it seems that I ran and would make the moment, that I thought on, to become something else. As, I walked and also used the energy of the walking that I generated. So, it is to use the kinetic energy of the walking or running, to revert something. All thats necessary, is to start walking and think on or say things to yourself of the situation. The energy thats generated by the walking, if you walk or run enough, will do the rest. This can have its moments, but I think its possible, if the intent is there. To think something else while walking, will sometime occur it. This has a 20 % chance of failure.

   The mirror of identity and Mirror of density applies, when you walk in the astral or when in the mirror world.

   Mirror of identity is Ece=xm^2=%; where x is size in height of inches, m^2 is mass in kg squared, in percent this measures the identity revealed by a mirroring process of the energy involved. In the amount of identity revealed, by percent. Ece = (72 inches * 113.4 kg)^2 = 66663959.04 = 4 % (take the decimal as percent).

   Mirror of Density is Mod=xm/2=lbs (pounds) or kg per cubic foot; where x be size in height of inches, and m is mass in lbs or kgs. This is the measure of density of a person, to detail how dense you would be with movement, in astral body and the body beyond the mirror. This be interesting, as it be normal and idea like, to know how dense you would be, so you could use your astral and mirror self more effectively with movement. Proactively its calculated as: Mod = 72 inches * 250 lbs = 18000/2 = 9000 lbs/cubic foot. Or Mod = 72 inches * 113.4 kg / 2 = 4082.4 kg/Cu.Ft.

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Laid pattern effect

  The laid pattern effect is to cause action and effects, through effects made by energy that comes from a laid pattern. The pattern can be made from rocks, popcorn, trash and other materials, to manifest idea. To cause it, the pattern, to effect a manifest is to make thought, at the pattern, as to be linking the points in your mind, or seeing it as a whole, to cause it to do what you want it to do. Stating the desire or effect you want.

  A general idea is better, than a specific one. As per say, it is with the thought, 'make the effect I want', to create any effect that is desired. Where, a specific idea will manifest that you would want. On thought and desire of the effect, it is to make the effect, from the empowered pattern. As, the pattern will pick up your energy and cause manifest.

  When the pattern is broken, through clean up or other idea, it no longer manifests. And, your energy that was expended upon making the pattern, is restored to you. Sometimes, if thought to, it will continue the effect and only actually stop when the astral pattern that corresponds to the pattern, that was laid is broken up. Sometimes this is achieved, through thought or no longer needing the effect.

  Proper constraint is often necessary, for the effect to be truly useful. Proper constraint, be the use of idea that makes the pattern more usable. The constraint comes in, on the laying of the pattern, with the least amount of points laid and the least clutter and mess, to cause idea and effect. Where, it is the effect itself that you want, so use the laid parts without worry. Then, you can achieve the idea manifest easier.

  If there was a reason, then it'd be more effective, as that reason would direct and cause the effect more easily. But, if the force of energy was negative, in the area, then the points of the laid pattern would be negative too. Needing to be broken up, for positive actions to occur from the pattern.

  Direct energy manipulation patterns are useful with this, as well. Some patterns you make can directly manipulate the effect or desire. These patterns are what you decide them to be. You can make allot of connections with the direct energy pattern. As, it can be one, that causes connecting points outside of the  effect pattern.

  Each laid point, outside the pattern becomes a part of the pattern itself, as a connection. Each connection, can be made to do different things. The main pattern isn't broken, if the connection outside the main pattern is broken, by removing it.

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Magic and Psionic Constructs

  Magic constructs you will energy into a form and impart some of your mind, to cause it to do things. As opposed to psionic constructs, where you will energy into a form, and you think it to cause it, to react and do things.

  Imparting the mind is putting some of your soul into the construction through ritual, as you instruct the construct by thinking at it. Thinking it to occur, is just putting your thought, into the act, and causing it the construct, to react. This is where psi is directly focusing on your intention, while magick involves rituals to focus on your intention. The ritual, you can decide on, for yourself.

  Magic constructs can act better, than psionic constructs, albeit this sounds the same, its similar. So, there's no two things are exactly the same. If thats true, its been proven somewhere that the two methods can get the same result, but are built slightly different. Although what you impart though, sometimes doesn't get restored to you, as it remains in the construct.

  This is why magical constructing is almost a lost art, as no soul, no effect. So thats the trouble with the magical construct, if you lose your soul, you lose ability to control it, although, the construct will do as you say, if it remains in control of itself. The secret to making a magical construct, be to cause it to control itself and do what you say. An unstable construct will not do as you say, sometimes. And, it is hackable, by construct hacking.

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Spelling in physical magic

  This be simple, try to make idea to cause effect. using the idea or writing it and thinking it will happen, with the intent that it will. Do the practice, and it will happen, but for fire things. If you can't do that, try to create a goal to come to fruition then. That's a slight physical magick. To, basically write down the idea, thinking it will happen and repeat the activity till it occurs, what you want as an idea and what you write down. The trick is, is to think the idea you write, will effect the right people. And, sometimes doing things yourself, will cause the effect easier.

  It took a few weeks to get any result for me. So, this takes a little time. Then, all I had to do was write it, and the more you try, the more you might succeed, as the chance for things to come true, increases a little bit every time. So your main goal be to get your chance of success over 50%. You may stop though, when you want, and that be the exercise.

  The first thing that went right for me, was I wrote down a food item, and I got the food item. So, by needing it, at the moment, it came to me. I thought about it, too and said 'amazing!' Only a little push is all thats needed to get the ball rolling, in most cases.

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Chaotic Puppeteering

  Puppeteering uses the waves of realty as though they were chaotic strings, and the idea from those waves, in the form of visions. To cause an idea from impression on others subconscious, by 'touching' these chaos strings, and its considered chaotic puppeteering. You touch them, by imagining the black strings being touched and held, with your energy being sent on and as you think of what you want to happen, it will occur to the person, in actions they find themselves doing. This uses a form of black magic and takes practice and basic knowledge of the reality life waves.

  With these impressions, there are many events from them, as the chaos can loosely be defined as an event with many chaotic events. And, the basic idea is that the mind notices the idea, that rings out from them and causes you to be aware of the events that signify themselves, by feel its very easy. In meditation, its easier or in stance its somewhat easy. This where the events are what causes our mind to expand in thought and thinking ability. Where, you review mentally the signified events, one by one. So, you basically can pull the strings of someone, if you wanted to control them. As, you understand what they are doing.

  Due note: As, you can touch the chaos strings to send effective energy through them, you may also pull on them, as you imagine the strings being tugged and pulled on. This gets the persons attention and may cause them, to come find you.

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  Enclouding happens when you try to focus your mind and form a darkened area by will. This be to make the idea of dark thought and then will the area you want, to become darker. And, the light is shrouded in the area afterwards, but sometimes your mind is shrouded and doesn't see the light. This works, if you believe it will.

  What helps the willing, is stating, the phrase, 'make area darker', 'NClod' [pronounced En Clow-d], or 'mai ea drka' pronounced [may-in ee-ah dark-ah]. The least effect is the area may darken a bit, to you. The most is that the area will become dark, within the hour. This can produce clouds for 4 or more hours. If cast on a person, then said person could become darker in mood and skin and clouded in the mind.

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Tendrils of Energy is Sunlight

  Look into the sky outside or look out a window into daytime. Works best when the sun is out. If you unfocus your eyes you'll see little swarming energy dots and tendrils milling about. I don't mean floaters. Floaters are blips in your eye and seem to have a watery-jelly thickness. The tendrils I'm talking about don't have the watery quality and don't move when you turn your head. You can get them to swarm at a location if you ask, but it is hard to force them. If you look at a tree where it meets the sky you can see them float down and get 'sucked up' by the leaves or branches of the tree. If you put your skin in sunlight you can see them swarm to you. If you unfocus your eyes and ask them to swarm there, you can get yourself to glow in a bright yellow-white light.

  On another note, they can power you, to no end, as well. If you ask them to. Then, you'd never feel tired. As, the sun doesn't stop shining, but it may seem blocked. Soo, you still get the tendrils of sunlight, morning noon and night. For, you don't have to see the sunlight, to get the tendrils support or effect.

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Reverse Voodoo Doll

  The reverse voodoo doll. A reverse voodoo doll effect be to set a doll or an object to absorb directed blows to you and bad effects in the area, instead of controlling another. This be easily done, as per say willing the object, to 'absorb blows and bad effects', as you state on touching the object, "reverse voodoo doll" or something to that accord. This will cause the object to absorb blows in the area and bad energy effects. You can even specify for whom, just append a 'for me' or 'for [name]' to the spoken part of the willing, and then actually touch the object.

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Prison trap

 Prisoning is to catch someone for something they did to you and force them to stay in spirit in your room, even though they leave in body. Till the problem is resolved or the effect is undone. The actual doing wrong from the act, is what keeps them there, from the subconscious making it so as its working with your subconscious. Then the deciding to cause this imprisoning and from actions you perceive them doing, will cause the moment as your subconscious then causes the effect. The deciding could take the form of a sigil thats drawn near them, to form a imprisonment ward. Your subconscious is what does the trapping, with help from theirs in truth. If its a imprisoning ward, then another ward of release might be needed.

 They literally are spiritually separated in a dream world, from their body and sometimes their mind is not wanting to see the effect, so it goes off on its own. If their mind goes on a journey, to the dream world, then their spirit self might want to make the effect too, thats expressed in the dream. Them pointing something out or saying yes, to you in the room, might cause their freedom, as its agreeing with the other person. However, a person's fear of reprisal may keep them in the room.

 In the spiritual room, its as though they be in a mental room in your head, but its elsewhere and its with the timing as of 1 minute happening per every 10 minutes outside of the imprisoning area. Thus, the event will have occurred and the person might actually point out an apology. If, they feel guilty for the act they do.. and they always seem to know what their body does. Also, you may point out anything to the person being trapped and they will remember it.

 You can also possess the body by things you do, take them over by making them do things or thinking that they are going to and cause them to take on damage or act the way you want them to. You may act vindictively on them and they will accept it, if they feel they deserve it. Except their spirit won't really accept it, and may attempt revenge in the end. In actuality, the spirits being trapped in a dream room will cause all damage to them to disappear. As, they will heal and regenerate, as though in a dream. You have absolute control of the room they are in, in dream.

 One thing to note, is that the person won't accept everything done to them and thus the effect disappears from them. For varying reasons, namely that if they don't think they deserved it, then it won't stay on them an its effect is annulled.

 Other possibilities are to make the walls filled with jade, in the prison room that is the idea area you put the person in. For, it creates better effect with possible creation of a correcting influence, with dreams and calming effects.

 Due note: you can put a person's spirit in the room and not have it imprisoning. So that you get a treatment of sorts and sorcery on them. To 'correct' their problems or enchant them. The room can have an area that they walk out of, by their own free will. And, they are in their body again. Its a fascinating idea that works with the trap area.

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Sprite Splits

  Sprite splits, when enough dissidence energy by a dissention happens the mind and body split off in thinking by the spirit separating, for a time. And then the body does one thing and mind does another. It causes the mind to be more influenced, for the lack of body warnings. The dissention occurs from sprites that are made or formed from somewhere, to be here and caused to do the job. And also is then idea of a split off from the body's decision, to not want something long enough. Oftentime driven by the sprites. It causes directly easy suggestion. This can lead to easy mind control or persuasion. It only lasts until the effect is nulled, and when the spirit returns, and by then the body is talking again to the mind. Deciding to not be dissentive on the idea it rejected.

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Immersion Fields

  Immersion fields is an immurized pooled energy that is there, in a trapped area that keeps itself, as a desired energy contained. And, it is the effect of a 'dip', or making thoughts of entering, into the pool of energy and that can cause constipation and diarrhea, unless its countered by the mind. By willing it not to be there. And, just taking from the pool and then the energy pool can cause an effect of an increment in ability. Depending on energy saturation.

  The increment can cause increase in effects or just an effect. The energy pool is also possible to make things hazardous to be around. As they can burst into flames from a nearby effect. Or, there could be a moment of confusion, from so much energy. One thing to note, its not actually a concentrated energy that is in the pool and one thing it is considered an effect. As its energy that freely floats around. The act of doing things in it, can get interesting results, due to the commotion as the backlash effect can be concentrated. If the backlash were immediate, then the effect would become deprevated. A person can become wobbly, after intense concentration. Also, immersion fields are great for area effects.

The increment comes about in several forms;
 Where the idea of power consumption creates the actual effect, the affect of the diarrhea and constipation disappear.
 Where the idea of power usage there is an idea that is manifested.
 Where the moment of actual achievement is done, energy from the pool is applied and then the achievement is greater.

  An idea of this pooling is mana and gaia where gaia is a free form of energy. Mana is like an underground ocean someplaces and in others, its a lake. But you can create an Edwards field, that is basically a pool of trapped energy in an area from a pool. This pool can create allowance to effect the area by spoken or thought idea. Simply thinking things with a focused mind, will cause the effect, as though it were a willed effect. An Edward's field has a lesser saturation of energy that is like an underground energy pool. And this is also considered a lesser immersion field. Thus, the immersion field is very useful.

  How to make a immersion pool of energy, is Think energy to be in an area Have more people do the same. Then, instruct your and others subconscious, by focus and phrased idea or willed idea, to do the effect of putting more energy there. When enough time has passed, this pooled energy is a new immersion field. Taking energy from a large body of water nearby will form it quicker. Make sure its pure energy, as corrupted energy will cause body decay and problems.

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The easy ritual

 To do a ritual the easy way. You can basically do the ritual ceremony in your mind. Yes it can be as effective as actually performing it, but most don't actually think of it that way. This is when the subconscious takes it as being done and you save on material costs. Try it sometime, I call it a precept moment. Although I found when you get distracted, the mental ritual isn't so effective.

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Shapeshift Trick

 This method only works, for those who need it and desire their body to change, as its only a trick. It won't work for everyone. However, it might also work for those who believe it will work and desire it, while using the phrase as a key release of tension.

 The shape shift trick is to think of the form you wanna be and then state the command phrase to transform. On use of the phrase, breath slowly in and out when attempting the change. Focusing your mind on the form you want. As you do so, imagine and think of the change, feeling it happen. Feel free to use phrase words as a mantra thats repeated. There's possibility to just will the change and have at what you will. If it works, there might be more hunger or form shifting right off.

 How this does that work, is that this uses the subconscious and this can work on the physical and astral plane. What can you do with it so far, is with a catch, that you gotta want to be the form. Need the form to be you. And, you can transform into the form you desire to become. You can successfully become other human forms. There's no actual proof of other species. But, the trunk of the body is the harder to shift part as it resists more. So you really can't become a dragon or mermaid, unless you have enough power to.

 If your a male trying to become female, you maybe no longer biologically male, no penis and having breasts and everything. What you gotta do to keep the male organ is to tell the subconscious to leave it there. Then it might shrink but it will be there, still and unobvious. You will know its not that hard sitting down to go to bathroom. But, after years it will be harder to regrow back. Literally after years of this trick the male body part is not that large anymore as it 'shrinks'. Also, the voice will rise a bit in quality. If your female trying to become male, then your breasts shrink and your stomach enlarges itself a bit, there may be a growing male body part. Thats after a little while. Most definitely the voice tone will drop.

 There are words you can use, if you are a shaper of effects to help fascilitate the effect:

 To cancel out the effort, of a shape shift use En. Pronounced [N], it can be used in front of the shaper word or by itself as you think of the effect. As in, Enezeim, pronounced [N-Ee-zee-imh] to cancel out the womanly shape.

 To make yaself a woman, state Ezeim stated as [Ee-zee-imh], the male man forming one is Bezeim pronounced [Bee-Zee-imh].

 Ezeem pronounced [Ee-zee-m] is the female girl forming one, Bezeem pronounced [Bee-Zee-m] is the boy form.

 For a grandfather or grandmother in essence, use a bel in front of the words. Or, use ezeep as for grandmother, ebzeep for grandfather.

 For causing your third eye to cause the change, is to use Ezium, pronounced [Ee-zie-um] for woman change, and Bezim, pronounced [Bee-zime] for man change.

 These words are with a ancient turkish word that came from the use of words with 'eze' pronounced [Ee-zehn]. As you can use b for boy and g for girl. There's m for yourself. As in gezeem, for female. And its bezeem, for male form. Alternatively, there's x for man and y for woman, making use of the chromosome pairings. Making Xezeem, pronounced [Xee-zee-m], and Yezeem, pronounced [Yee-zee-m] or [Wee-zee-m]. In this action, your body goes through a girl or boy stage to preceed the adult stage.

 It may be noted, that some ancient languages usually have some similar darivitives. And most the magical phrases that are words in the ancient tongues are not in the dictionary, old latin was one of these magical languages, look for some old latin words, its harder to find them. These are taught mouth to mouth and heard, being remembered. So feel free to try the words out or make up your own! A bit of warning, you probably won't get any result, or seem to. So try ty again until you get bored of this.

 Shapeshifting can also be done more easily on the full moon or new moon. But once learned and strengthened, can be done at any time after. Full moon is a time of unlocking and the new moon is a time of slightly lower chances. However, if you link to lava you don't need a full moon.  Lava linking is described later in this article. This shapeshifting isn't for everyone as some people just can't do it.

  Shapeshifting has to be conscious. With this method, think of the form or shape you want to be, then go into trance mode by breathing in and out while you think of your need that is your intent. Then feel energy as it flows within and outside yourself. Then, will it to change you into that form of choice. Feel the morals flow away from you. What helps it is to decide to change and stating ahm, pronounced ah-m, to get higher energy. The shapeshifting form last for as long as you want.

  This can be taught to anyone. Self practice makes it possible. Anyone can do this with enough actions, and that is anyone whom wants it enough. The more things you do, the higher the ki. The more you attempt the effect, the better you get. This is done by doing actions directed at or with the shapeshifting attempt. For an Q&A and a better method on shapeshifting, look on Blazes guide to shapeshifting.

  Shapeshifting actually occurs when the third eye responds and makes the effect happen. This requires opening your third eye and keeping it open for as long as necessary. The way to open your third eye, is to think its open as you imagine it opening. Then command it to stay open and command it to do what you want. Command is done by thinking what you want of the third eye to the third eye. For third eye practices and more information on the third eye. Read this article on third eye practices.

  What helps this better is to get energy from the earth or space. Then, try to do a linking to lava or space. This is where your imagining a stick figure image of lava or space and yourself. The lava or space infuses you with needed energy. Wait for 5 minutes and then attempt the transform. When you attempt the transform after this, spike it by thinking lava or space and the words 'spiked with 100% energy'. Then, after a week of this, spike it with 500 % energy. After a few days, try 1000%.. and etc. Then, when you achieve the shapeshift, you get the shift easier the next time. You don't have to spike it whenever you want. When you want to speed up the transform, then spike the lava with essence of yourself every 10 minutes.  The speed up point for lava spiking, is at 1000000 %.

  To give back your unneeded excess to earth is to ensure that you don't get overloaded with too much energy.  This is to think of earth and state or will, 'I give back to earth the uneccesary excess.'  Afterwards, you should feel purer and have less likeliness of illness. Too much energy has a black look and feel and can cause instability. The body could get a bad reaction to natural stimulus.

  The alternative method, with the third eye and spiking, then is: Imagine the third eye opening. Spike the lava. Then, imagine the form you want to be or have a picture or the person right in front of you. Then, say or think 'I choose this form' or  "I want to be this form" and feel the energy flow like water and shapeshift you into that form. The open third eye will cause it. Feeling the energy flow helps the process by opening all your chakra points.

  Be aware, if you have any counter intentions to shifting form. For example, if your afraid you'll get hurt from shifting, then it wont happen. Because, then you hold an intention to stay the same. Don't think you will get hurt, specifically, think you won't get hurt. Spend some time creating feelings of safety and wellness around the experience of transforming. So you would only transform into that person and you would keep your same clothes.

  At first there will be pain, but your body gets used to it. There is no instant result with the first times you try this. There is possibility of it working, the more you try the effect of shapeshifting. The more you try with directed energy, the faster it becomes. You might feel hungrier after your attempt at shapeshifting. So avoid eating after the attempt, for 10 minutes. Until the urge to eat dissipates.

  This is an alternate method. On the ground, a circle drawn. Use the star of david connecting the sides. Have a stone of quartz central. Use candle flame, or bowl of water at each point. This is used as desired. Stand central of the ritual area, behind the quartz stone. Kneel or sit. Press hands in front, and invoke energy into the circle. Using the mind to imagine it lighting up with blue light.

  Now charge the lines of the circle until you feel the energy is sufficient. Then concentrate on the desire of what you want to change into. Go and state aloud, "transformatius opum." This is best manifested under full moon's glow. This will give you the desired form that you decide on getting.

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Think to fill with light

 Think to fill with life and light energy, you cause yourself to become better at thinking and not with thoughts that cause your downfall. This process is to cause your thoughts to become a guidance to create a cause, for better effects to come. First make conditions senseless, by stating UUM, pronounced [You-new-m]. This makes the condition of what you think is there, including darkness and bad energy, seem useless to yourself or others. Draw a circle in sand or imagine a circle to be around you, of white energy after saying this, and state the effect you desire or state the mantra to make happen. This is where the mantra book is gotten here.

  One such mantra, that can fill you with light is E-Gyp-To, pronounced [Ee Gip Tohl]. Make yourself feel light and fill with light, this is energy power use to make things otherwise happen. With the light energy that surrounds you. Another such mantra, is Fa-Ra-On, pronounced [Fahr Rahn On]. To make the effect of commanding radiant energy to empower you, you must intend fo this to work, as you state it. If you want you can imagine shine or light energy fill you up. This is a must to be full of and all over your body.

  The more light energy you have, the more darkness and corruption is displaced and the better your body does. One result, of this procedure, is that your body will feel better. After your fused with the light energy, you feel that you can do things.

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The beat you effect

  The 'beat you' effect is done, by stating a certain phrase over until something happens to another person, that causes you to think you beat him or her. Possibly done by stating, "I beat you, I beat you." You set an event off on a person that you think of as you say it. If you wanted to beat the person to death, in some manner, state "I beat you, I beat you, I death beat you." Over an over again, or at least 3 times.

  The more you state those phrases, the more it will be likely to happen. With, the event you set off. As, you might think, the beating sometimes doesn't stop, until the person dies. Of course, the intent must be expressed or willed, to the extent that the subconscious acts on the idea, as a 'programming'.

  To stop the beating, state with intent, "I don't beat you, I don't beat you." Or, "I don't beat me, I don't beat me." Over and over again, until its stated at least 3 times. Thinking of the target. And, if the target is yourself, then think of yourself, as you state the counter.

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Anti-Lice spell

  The anti-lice spell is to state, 'Iti-Lic KLicEgge' [pronounced hIght-in Lice K-lice-Eegg-enh], under your breath and with intent. If you have magic enough, it will work. Otherwise, it will work, by drawing the right treatment to you, to deal with the problem.

  The silent and wordless spell way, is by intent, to think about and will, the effect of fixing the lice problem. Imagining the problem going away, and disappearing. You will find it goes away, as though it never happened, or you find a way presented to you, that will cure it.

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Protection by chakra and with shield effect

 By Jayhawk

  Think to summon the idea, and protection, of the solar plexus chakra. So if by imagining the solar plexus chest area with chakra energy. You will notice a counter clockwise revolving yellow ball the size of a basketball. That means you expand in your mind, this is done by envisioning it to surround you in an yellow globe or the egg shape. This protects against negative energy in assaults of an idea and people.

  Added to this effect, that is the possibility of having one more shield layer formed by thinking its there in your aura. So you have the option of forming it from the heart chakra. Imagine the green chakra energy, of the heart, formed as a ball that expands to your will. Expand it, to form a second layer, of a egg like postule shape.

  Need more layers? Do the same for the other chakras, forming even more shielding, by thinking of the color in a ball shape, that you expand to be like a globular shape around you. For the positions and more information of the chakras, look here. The colors of the other chakras and what they do for protecting are:

 Root (Base): Color Red  and its a grounding effect as a shield.
 Sacral: Color Orange and it uses creative idea, that you have, to protect you, while allowing easier manifesting of idea.
 Throat: Color Blue and it allows for protection against words and idea expressed.
 Third eye: Color Indigo and it allows for a balancing effect, as it uses the subconscious.
 Crown: Color Violet and it makes for an everlasting infinite type shield.

  Opionally,  the only other thing you can do something with, is shield yourself by imagining energy coming from the area and ground. Swirling up from the feet, to the top of your head and allowing it to harden as an extra shield.

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Mentally teleporting to parallel realities

  The mental shift to parallel realities, is to use the effective force, of nature and movement..while you think about shifting 'mentally' to some place, in your mind. Then, focus energy from around you, instructing it to 'make you be there' and do some physical action. You have to move your mental self, with your body, as a physical action. This action, can be anything, including just moving a finger, or body part. Then, your there, until you do movement to be elsewhere. As, your mental body appears where you want, oftentimes, by the movement, of the physical body. The mind can draw the physical energy, produced, by the body in movement and have it be counted, as kinetic force.

  Your mental body also tends, to move with your body, unless you think it will move differently. It will do, as you want it to, or say, for it to do. Which leads, to differentiated problems, of the mind and body, in dimensions, sometimes by the activity. Where some mental actions, by the mind body, is able to cause certain body actions. And, the mental body is doing different things, then the physical body. So, as a way to get back, is to think, 'I am back where I came from', or, to just want to be where you came from, feeling the shift, as you do a physical activity.

  The effect, that is done is, to do an idea and the action, that makes it easy to shift. The idea is what you think about. The action can be any physical thing. The shifting happens mentally, and forms a body from your mental energy, in the place you wanted, to go to it.

  A danger is to be of those actions done, by your mental body, as they can reflect back to your physical body, in so many ways. This includes the damage done, to your mental body, that also can transfer, to your physical body, in a weak form. When the idea is let go, the mental body dissipates, or you can will the mental body, into doing things, by intent.

  Due note: If transfer effects happen, then you can 'forget' being yourself and become your projected self. Until, you need to be yourself, then the transfer effect dissipates and you remember yourself.

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Circle wards

 This be for the circle wards, only, as the colors can mean other things, for other purposes.

 Through wards, you can get a pattern effect, and through pattern, their's efficiency. So, to ward a situation away, use a circle ward. The color white will suit to repulse things and people away. Imagine a white circle, to be an idea that is surrounding you. Think to it, what you want, to program the circle, even farther and get even more results, than the basic effect. Remember to invite, the people you want near, by will or verbal, to have them bypass the ward and stay near. Or, they might be driven away. You can instruct the white circle any way ya want. Its basic idea is to ward things away. To cast a ward on yourself, there be no dangers. To cast a ward, on objects and doors, is even more effective, for the area.

 There's different colors, of circles, for different effects and purposes.


 A black circle will cause absorption.
 A gray circle will cause mental magick, but seems like poisoning.
 A whitish blue circle is absorption and healing.
 A green circle is earth effects, that can heal and block effects. Green is possible, to be with a neutral feeling, for the most part. To be general purpose, when one does not know what intent fits best. As, earth is green or brown, and can be neutral.
 An orangey red is active fire and primal feelings.
 An orange circle, is binding.
 A yellow circle is disease, sickness and weakness. In asia, the color yellow is warmth and cause effect.
 A red circle is inner fire, in effect and can be meaning the taking of rage or pain in effects, to create effects.
 A blue circle is water effect, that's absorbing the energy, and causing adaption. The effect from the adaption, is applied to the person, place or thing, that you want. Its the effects of adaptions that are to do.

 Combinations are easily done, and sometimes must be allowed for, to be effective.

  A combo of black and white in a circle is either making gray or being separate and close together. Then, they make a warding, that absorbs energy to fuel its effects that are caused, by the ward.

  Any other combination of colors in a circle ward, makes the ward effect with the different colors' properties. As well, as the combined coloration effect, as well.

  If you have used sigils before and noticed they assumed different colours automatically that match the intent, mainly colour meanings mentioned here. Now you know the effects they can cause. The wards can change color, to reflect the mood or desire, of the person.

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Magic ward for pain

  Using a ward for pain, be easy and effortless. As ya just need either sand or imagination for the ritual ward. To do the ward, make the circle by drawing it in the sand around you, or imagining a white circle to surround you. And then you 'program' the circle. Think to it, 'block out pain' and then, 'travel with me'. and there you have your ward. This blocks out any pain and can also block out presences that cause the pain. What helps this is to state, 'mai pan go awa', pronounced [may-in pain go aye-wahn], in the circle or at the circle.

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An alternative elements list

  This is an alternative elements list that is from idea and has been rattling around my mind. These are elements that exist in another realm of existence, the astral plane amongst many more planes with allot of energy. It is easily gotten to by thinking your there. The dimension is the thing that shifts you there. This dimension is the twin world, and is the place where most movies model from. But, there are more than 8 elements therein as I only list 9 of them here. The effect of these element idea occurs naturally on the twin world. Still, its like a world away. They are obscure, its that obscurity that makes them so hard to believe. In effect, I found that you can use them and cause effects by them. Then, the effect could be the cause to do else. Or, the effect could be misunderstood and not figured out as to how you did it. The higher up on the element's list, the more obscure it is.

 What you look at when astral working, is the twin world, sometimes without realizing it. As its the world whence idea come from, the subconscious tunes into it for an idea or two and the subconscious can do idea there that manifests in this world as it manifests in there. Somehow what things done there can manifest here, as its a part of the astral worlds. Where it is, is on the other side of the object or person. There's a positive side which is here and theres a negative side which is there. Its only perceivable when working with objects or a person. Indeed this world is parallel to the world.

 There's people that are similar to us there, that could easily take our place. Thus the person that we do things with when astrally doing things, is sometimes the twin world us. It seems that said person is doing the acts we think of, sometimes before we think of them. Mostly its as we think of the idea, that causes the manipulation and mimicking element there to 'catch' our thought to be directed by it and make it reality through a similar person. We can almost always use them as a guide. The twin world us is perceptive and its a reason why we need to think of the astral world area and then what we want to happen, to manipulate the astral plane. Because we instruct the person in the twin world to do just that. They have more ability. Now onto the elements.

 The four elements - the elements of earth, air, fire and water along with their combinations.
 Life - fifth element of the nature of anything that is living and events as well that you think on with use of intent. Often expressed in love, the life element is truly interesting and can overcome anything.
 Negative death impulse - sixth element that makes anything alive near it be impaled or killed off. It forms as an influence.
 Manipulation influence - seventh element that is possible to use and cause actions by thinking and idea near this manipulation element which can manifest the idea.
 Game - eighth element that is possible to be used to create any game instance effect or just to be there in the game, spiritually.
 Mimic and copy - ninth element that is summoned by idea and thought of mimickry, it causes a body double and copying of attributes of the idea and formed into reality if its thought to do so or the idea is thought on with intent for it to be made to happen. A perfect defense for those searching for someone.

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The thousand fold manifest

  This is where you think to manifest your ability and magic by 1000 percent, its normal rating applied in comparison, where you need a power stone, an ability extender stone and a will that can be strengthened or that be strong. When strengthened it is increasing the latent effect in intended magic effects and the idea ya want to manifest will occur easier. The ability stone can direct the power stone by the will and the increase in magic happens. If the will isn't strengthened, then the abuse of the ability will cause it to stop, or if ya instruct the stone of power to stop in overuse it will. The more powerful, the more stricture as its sometimes narrower thinking.
  Use 'pollusk' as in a phrase or eaten to deal with pollution in strengthening body immunity, use mollusk spoken of or eaten to divert attention and strengthen body and white blood cell count. Use a mention of pike in an idea phrase or eaten in a meal to get the need to speak and be cooperative and of that ya thought of.

  To the creation of an effect; Statement of an effect out loud as what ya want to happen, is as thought to ya subconcious that hears what ya want. If in your subconcious it doesn't hear it, then it won't in work as of a self-provider. So just ask your subconcious as in asking for a word that will make ya what ya want by stating a question for which it will act on.
  It is as in "Will ya give me a word that means to make what I will an what I want to happen?" Then ya wait, as ya should speak a word that means for what ya desire. Then it might occur as it is whim an will happen but not by belief, but by ya subconcious making it occur to happen. As ya speak what ya are needing an then spoken as a single word or ya think that word ya subconcious made ya speak. If it doesn't effect the body, it at least effects in the mind. As you might know, as well, all things have some form of intelligence. Although its sometimes a 'low' intelligence that can act like a computer in programming, one line of code instruction at a time.

  I almost forgot, but to create a powerstone is the need to know idea. I know it sounds weird but, this stone idea really works. Take a stone, then think to it 'power stone' and imagine what it will do. Which is basically causing it to amplify power around where ya think about. So that ya can just think about something and it will manifest easier. Then say under ya breath to the stone, 'be a power stone.' An easy manifest, again, is to just think the idea and ya will notice it occurring.

  Now the ability extender stone is just as easy. Think and say at the stone, 'ability extend' or 'ability extension stone' and after that, it should inter the meaning of ya words as inanimate things can be intelligent. Then it will extend and create the ability of the moment an at the moment that its needed. Normally this momentary ability will disappear after its nots needed. So if ya needed ability to do something, then the stone will make it possible as though ya had an ability for it. As for an ability, most need practice with it before it will work right.

  Now for the easiest solution, make a dual purpose stone. This is to think at the stone ya get, "be a stone of power and ability extension." Then an added, "A an aspect. May ya work with ya dual ability and aspects together." Again, the items intelligence that is thought to be possessed by the object is interring the meaning ya intend it as. Ya should then have a single stone with two aspects. These effects should happen to work, around the area the stone/s are as though it may be natural in aspect.

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Astral and physical manifestation

  Astral and physical manifestation is to know how to make something astral physically manifest and is simple.

  Method 1:
  1. To focus your mind
  2. Think of the object or person and relax for a small time. 
  3. Think of the target and feel your energy go to it. 
  4. Think of it as already there to place it or the person using gestures or whatever method. It should make the idea of the target appear. 

  An alternative is simple manifestation and considered part of summoning in method 2:

  1.    To desire what you want to occur.
  2.    Think about it for one thought.
  3.    Then it happens soon enough.

  Technically it, the second method heavily relies on the Law of Attraction, hence why it works. It potentially could alter reality if you so desired, though in very subtle ways. Someone played with it for a lawnmower one day. And it was there in the store waiting on sell as it was found. By Dei and Skyhawk.

  The other manifestation techniques are summoning. Starting with:

  Summoning effect 3:

  1.   Well you think of it, what effect you want to occur, and then that will come about eventually.
  2.   As a form of summoning the pheromone or item, or idea to fruition. The longer you think about the effect, the more chance it will occur as though you had it.
  3.   Any negative thoughts will short out the effect eventually or cause a negative result of the thought.
  4.   Think of the idea enough, as though it was there and you will sometime get that item or effect thought on gained.

  It can be applied in other ways from what you think. As, to apply this with a woman. As to think the person goes out with you, using the same idea as law of attraction for manifestation. Think, of it, as the woman has fallen in love with you. This is like believing that you have a lot of pheromones to attract ladies and soon they will come by effort of your thoughts. This is the simplified form, where you don't have to believe anything. You just have to think about it, as though its a fact and there.

  Summons effect 4:

  1.   To think of your need or want, and then think its there as of the moment.
  2.   Optional is to say your thought as though it were done.
  3.   Then See the item or idea as though it were there. Near where you want.


  I found you can summon anything as long as it is needed. This includes idea, items, events and moments. If you speak negatively, as in, 'no, not, don't, haven't, won't' and etc. Then a negative result will happen instead. Like 'I will not die', makes it possible that you die earlier. But a 'I avoid gaining weight but lose weight.' This will cause avoidance of weight and weight loss. Where a 'I will live on and avoid dying' will get what you need, a will to live on and you somehow avoid dying.

  If done right with the first method, you can see the outline, and then act as though its there and use it as though normal, for the object may still appear invisible except by psychic means.

  If you're going to summon a spirit, you better have salt in case if it's needed.

  But don't put the salt on the point you're going to summon the spirit. If you do so, he/she won't get closer to you. Don't be so curious or doubtful, observe and stay neutral. If you're summoning a spirit for a purpose of someone else's who's not related to these things, draw a circle of salt around him/her. And when summoning demons or spirits, have a token of your appreciation ready to be of the summoned spirit or demon so it will do as you ask. A token could be possessing something or someone including you. This is for a short period of time. Or, a token could be an object that you give to them, the spirit or demon.

  How do you understand that a spirit has come?

   -A slight wind of sorts comes from nowhere.

   -Lights go off/on.

   -Your body sorta reacts with vibrations, fizzlings or electricity itself.

   -Your inner speaking just gets lost as its absorbed by the spirit for energy.

   -You become slightly possessed, but that happens because of the electricity between you and it.

   -Candle flame and thoughts can be blown off.

  You will hear or feel everything related to the object and spirit, or possibly, if done right, see it fully. I got the taste of the food I imagined there where I wanted possible, after acting as though it was there and physically doing the gestures to eat it it was. As maybe, an object or something can appear or be apparent.

  With enough of your energy you can make it happen but it doesn't have to be all of your energy. And also, the effects are permanent so it can be a source you prepared. Some invisible food actually spoiled and it was unseen an smelled until I manipulated it to the trash.

  Real money may be manifested this way. Like, in dollar bills or pure gold. But, if you get uranium in your area and you lay on it unseen you could shorten your lifespan. I thought real money could but if you keep it on you it draws real money and it doesn't shorten your lifespan.

  If I manifest a magical item, I can manifest wants much easier. For example; A pendant made from gold with a large emerald on it enchanted to attract money actually got me $50 from my mother a couple days early, along with my debit card and a book to keep track of my spending.

  Okay, interesting thing on manifesting a living being . . . They need exposure to an energy source every day or they unmanifest. Solutions to this could be a pair of objects that channel energy from the manifester into the manifested at a certain time or times, or to be that exposure to the morning sun give the manifested energy to stay manifested.

  Chaos warps the methods, so that the more chaos nearby can effect as to cause what you want always happens. I mean, it can be completely visible to all. As to gain or lose something is completely visible an it seems to appear as visible when you want it an then need it badly enough. Sometimes your actions make it come appear, as chaos makes it appear or its not there. It doesn't always appear near you. It can also appear by it coming from somewhere or from a friend near you. Idea from Skyhawk and additional information from Anonymous.

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Magic effects and the nine phases of magic

  A thought on magic effects and at some thought the nine phases of magic. It takes little mana to transform a thought into reality, but much more if the thought isn't there before. To rid yourself of unneeded thought and idea and focus on what is important will get the need, desire, focus and idea that you need to get it done. It works more in physical magic and phasical magic than in astral or beginner magic, where dimensional magic is done all by thought and some action.

  Physical and phasical magic is like great idea, as its like a drug and you are easily addicted where you go overboard but you aren't. Think about weed, without the effect of making you lazier or hungry...until you use the magic. And its as shen energy that randomly came to mind with the limit break energy, which is why I don't think of abuse as it holds some vary distinct parallels to infini. If you haven't noticed some things in magic can't be comprehended accurately until they're experienced.

  There are nine phases of magic so far..some between the major phases. Most people can jump around these phases as it depends on the pressure and readiness of the body. But, it that is driven as of the spirit and soul is that which can drive and derive the state of phase.

  1.   Beginner magic is magical idea expressed in phrase words and actions of thought and moment. Starting out you try to achieve the result by any means and get none to some results.
  2.   The Astrel is in between beginner or another phase and astral itself when your starting to do actions, and the event you thought of is somehow appearing in astral world. The astral is responsive as well. So, basically you can do energy actions in other words. And you can see the astral as well. If some are lucky, as its their luck that transfers to you and it becomes a bridge where the sight you see actually is easier. This proves its boneficial or beneficial in a good manner. To add to this, this phase of magic is to be for or to getting something done to astral to get an effect.
  3.   Astral magic is the magic of another dimension expressed is thought and action to be done as though somewhere, it is a soul world magic that tries the idea, and you get reflections from the astral that act as results in the physical. It stems from the idea that you can get what you want, easier, in the astral by merely focusing and thinking it to occur. The general rule to astral is 3 times the force there to get some result here. You could do things for days if you wanted to or attempt amazing feats that aren't exactly possible here. 
  4.   Physikel is now, the stage between astral or the beginning as some people can pass by the astral stage and physical magic. Its called where the getting urges continue to do as to pop up. The elements themselves work with you. As of now, physikel is considered physicyl, as you might say 'the physikel world is far more different as it is first of attention using second of attention of magic. To cause things to manifest physically and this physical manifest can increase hunger temporarily. Whereas, neo physical astrel, astral and beginner will not.  
  5.    Physical magic works off the Magical moment and is what you can call anything that is possible except it uses your body as a source. Its direct to a point and more able to manifest items as of the now by manipulating the now as is to cause events and actions. You might think its your aura that is your power source. The now of the moment is even more intensified with physical magic. Causing a condition of urine or feces at a certain time more frequently. Its to relax or its the demand of the body or price. When the intensity gets above a certain level, it goes into phasical magic.
  6.   Phasec is the in between phase between physical magic and phasical magic. where you start perceiving the other world. And use it as a source. Phasyc stage energy is seeming small at first, and can get large quickly. Where you seem to to start manipulating the past, going into the future and that turns out to be now. Now te phasyc ability an energy is where you start to manifest items to existence. Mostly to where you are unless you thought it of manifest elsewise. as though in an area which is of a darkroom area and may avoid attention. But, it happens still as it could be another room to you that appears and that you can get the item from. An item, that somehow gets to you or appears. As though it were prophetized. 
  7.   Phasical magic is the next phase of magic and works off the Magical phrase and Magical moment. To think of phasic magic you must consider, that effect is done as you sometimes see it to be done. Where you see something and it copies the moment to remanifest it as for you. Where the effect is beneficial or harmful, you can decide when you want the effect as it occurs to your will. It uses your body as though a temple and a world of its own as though considered the physical inner world. Its where you want it and the magic phases the event  sometimes from the inner world or item or person in from somewhere as if by there own will. So, its the ultimate physical magic that deals with time and branches off to use the 4th dimensional time magic. 
      Its not possible at first when you get physical magic. As you can phase in anything to almost any time. It the phase magic does things in cycles of energy that cause phased effects, as you start with one thing, and then you end up with another. As though it did it by steps called phases where phase magic does things from time past to the future of now. It sets up the event and then another till ya get the effect right. Considered phase steps or phasing steps. You already have the first part of it when you do physical magic, as it is to manipulate the now.

      That's part of it, it as phase magic manifests things, and its where thought is that causes the action and reaction somewhere that manifests of itself in phases. You can manipulate the past to get the future of now. Meaning, its the past thats changed first and the event is the effect. Which is subtley repeated without you actually noticing it until the effect occurs. As in, how it was described or seen. As with deja vue, its patterns of effects by actions that are noticeable if one looks. So phasic, again, uses cycles of energy which causes a phase in action that could be as simple as though movement. And these cycles of energy are actions with power. So, with each phase of action, is an accumulation of energy which is used as is and cleansed if you want it to be. To be cause as it is in effect. 
      In phasic magic, first starting up or where your near phasic magic, things around you get animated. Thats the animation world phase, also as  an vision. The vision of this world after thats different that can be attuned. As a space based event, by thinking of the world area in place and watching the media. When you do this, you tune in to that world watching the media and that secondly is the animation world and so, phased in it will do just that. Showing you what you want if you think about it.  
  8.   Dimensyen ability is the stage in between phasic, beginner, astral, physical and the dimensional ability. Where your mind starts perceiving the idea and actions of several dimensions and some at once. These glimpses occur as visions and some visions are maddening. The most interesting idea of this phase is that you start to think about something and it might occur as though it were meant to. Its only as though it wre natural and you made notice to the item or event, and its also as though you were causing the event before the thought and you just noticed it as though it were natural but it wasn't. As it happened in another dimension or variation of time. Its triggered when you speak, think or act as though the event were real. You also start using more of your brain as thought becomes a stimulus for it naturally.
  9.   Dimensional ability magic is where an you are in several places in of your concious, and you can perceive many of the events by glimpses or when focused, a vision or sight. This is where you can manipulate any event by thought. and cause any thing in the multiple universes. As though, just by a thought your manifesting and you are responsible for actions that you sometimes block out. You are in effect, and out of effect as idea and you can sometimes perceive the other places your concious may be as though they were verses and alternatives of yourself.

      Some people can be driven slightly insane by the images and perceptions that occur all at once. As with the power of the idea but its dimensional energy of your choice that effects. Some people are not prepared for the energy, and it may be because they are mortal. But sometimes selective memories may occur as you perceive what you think on and what you want by desiring it or wanting it.
      This may not occur as an outcome favorable to you and actually be true for you but the only thing that actually counts is the events of now. Some may get fearful as though it were the event that would happen here, and it was the worst possible outcome. But if you do things right, it won't happen until you want it to as its your will that urges the event. Much like a demiurge as a person and idea. They urge the event by thought and spoken word or action. When you go dimensional, your mind is single yet separate and in many places of dimensions at a single moment. 

      By imitation, you can sometimes do things as though the cause were your idea, and the imitated act is actually done someplace that you think on. Its your thought that is the manifestation of an item, person or event. At any time in existence. You might get to think at some point, that the event is caused by something you did so you become more careful. As though thought were a trigger unless you state 'whatever happens by my thought is not to happen unless its necessary.'

      To use dimensional magic safely that is with no insanity, one can avoid the seeing of other dimensional places en mass as one avoids the other dimensional perception as it could be too much. Saving your sanity and ability from insane actions which will later on make your life miserable if you remember it.  So then all thats necessary is to think of the place and it appears in mind. One sometimees would want to experience things, and not to leave out experiences and not cheat themselves by blocking it out.

      If your like that, test the waters, see how hot the water can get to which will scorch you. Or, you could find too many events going on at once in your mind that you observe dimensionally by dimensional perception. This is you perceiving several idea and events at first and then more until you go insane by seeing too many. Its safe to block out dimensional perception, by what your use will be and not thinking of the perceived event as you do things. There may be other ways but thats of course up for you to find.

  Some examples of these feats of magic in phases are as the main phases by example as listed above.

  1.   For beginner magic examples, goto section one and read the introduction. Most of these examples used in this tutorial can be used for beginner magic and other phases as well.
  2.   For an astral magic example, as an astral magic example is "To expand your senses into the astral dimension or think your there in the astral to just be there and feel yourself there as though you shifted, then when you perceive the astral, just do and attempt something normal or by gathering energy into an object or the self. And then make use of it by doing something you would do to take advantage of the action, as if you were doing what you consider normal magic. It will act as though you were there and in the astral zone. Remember this rule though if lack of energy, to collect it imagine a hand thats upto you, and then feel the energy flows around the area and pull it into the hand with your mind. To make use of it, think of the energy you collected and then attempt something while thinking of there."

      This follows the rule of say or find what it is, what to do or just do and then think. As you find out or say what it is, do the act necessary and then think about what, how and the results. Knowing it was okay if it got some result.
  3.   A physical magic example is in comparison. The difference between Astral and Physical magic is really quite small. The boundary-line is best characterized as...A wool sheet. I say wool for a couple of reasons; to me, it has a bit of a 'fuzzy' texture, and it's sort of tingly in the same way that many a wool sweater itches (...hard to explain if you don't get it). Also because, once I knew that I had found it, I was astonished that I had never noticed it before. Moving past it was like 'pulling the wool off from over my eyes'. It should have been so obvious.

      The trick is not to tear or burn or harm this 'sheet' at all. Quite the contrary. It should also be said that this is not a real 'sheet' at all. In reality, it is nothing more than a state of mind. The sheet does not truly exist, as far as I can tell.

      (Side-Note: Once I found this sheet, in my own perceptions, it became almost as though there are multiple layers: Third eye, astral magic, 'nothing', physical magic sheet, 'everything'. The third eye looks outward, toward astral magic. The 'nothing' is an empty void at the edge of my usual perceptions. Suddenly, I became aware of this sheet, just beyond my usual perceptions. Just beyond the sheet is the physical world. The last layer, 'everything', I am unclear about. But I suppose that it could be the next step to take.)

      As expected, there are a few ways to get to this state of mind. But, here is how I did it.  I was doing magic, nothing more than enchanting a small notebook. The only thing that made this different from any other day was that I had specifically told myself about a week prior to this, that I would stop using 100% astral magic, and try to make it at least partly physical magic as well.

      It took a while, but when it hit me, the difference was unmistakable. I still had full control over astral energies, but I sensed something different in my body as well. Something new that I could suddenly control, and I could not before. It was to go with the feeling and get to know it somehow.  So physical magic is like that.

      Astral energy feels solid enough when you use it, but when you compare it to physical energy, astral is extremely wispy. Looking at both parts of an object (astral imprint as well as the physical form), the astral is fuzzy around the edges, while the physical is far more solid and the edges are very clear.

      Basically the only true difference between astral and physical magic is that physical feels more solid to the mind, and you have to focus on the physical energies. Other than that, there is no difference. I repeat, there is no other difference between astral and physical magic. Just that one's harder because it's more solid, stronger. That's all.

       When you focus energy into your hand, instead of feeling it like you can feel energy balls normally, you can feel it like your hand was just blatantly numb. When you find the difference, work with it. So stop thinking about it as astral/physical energy and just to think of it as 'energy' and that'll set you many steps closer to achieving physical magic. But you must be prepared in body first to feel a sense of change that allows the physical magic. The method for using an object in physical magic is simple. That thing that you can do with absorbing energy just as it touches your aura, the energy skims accross the surface of your aura. Focus very, very lightly on your pendant or on any other piece of jewelry or object that serves you. And think what you want to happen.

    'I will be able to run very very far and not get tired'
    'this will be easier'
    'this group of people will do this'
    'the teacher will tell me to sit over there'
    etc etc etc

      You can focus energy using the aura method I just said into your pendant or object and let it draw energy in on it's own, AND YOUR DONE. I generally set a time limit, 'for the next 2 hours they will be calm' and then that's ... it. Crystals can be better or just about anything can work. But it depends. When you absorb ambient energy for magic, since you can only manipulate energy within your aura for physical and phasic magic, just as energy barely skims the surface of your aura you can claim it as your own and suck it in.

      (Side-Note: My first experiences with Physical magic closely resemble my first experiences with Astral magic, but I still had to suck it up and essentially live with starting from scratch. On the first day that I did phys., though, I found that I was suddenly able to throw out bursts of energy that would have been detectable by a completely normal person as nearly electric energy, about a foot and a half. The days after that were somehow harder o_o but I can still do the same things that I did that day, with more effort...)
  4.   For the phasical magic example, the phasical magic example is "..Was watching to discover and find out. Reached out with my magical senses. In reaching I reached out far. I reached out and I reached out until I was connected to every single person who had not yet been effected yet would have influence on the process.  And thats when I could suddenly realize how to transcend time with magic. So I reached out further. And then I reached out backwards in time after doing it. And you can focus some or all of your energy into a ring as I did or leave it in the body. And force it towards a single goal. Getting the effect thought on. I reached back in time all the way to when the situation was first presented as an option. And I released all of that intent. And the result was the that effect occurred."

      Once you realize how to, then its easy after that as all you need to do is think about what you want and think which time to then release the energy that could be small and unnoticed. To do the job and action required. If your aware of when you first got something, or when someone else got something, then you can cause influence through that thing since the point of when it was gotten or given. The effect is interesting enough that you can get things materialized.

      As though through another thing the thing is sent, or it through something the thing is there in some form. Sometimes without you even asking. All that you need is to have it sent to you in the past, through a phasic magic effect by thinking of the time and place and the object appearing in the area or in the hand..saying words to strengthen the act in your mind. Then it would seem to be there, as though materialized if you thought about it. It would seem to be that its that easy, to think about what you want and it appearing somewhere nearby or in hand.

      To think its there and act as if its there, makes it appear sometimes where you acted that it was when you want. It seems like it would be there or is there to your third eye. So you can use it with care, as a spilled invisible drink will cause a shorting of machinery if it was on said machine. Or, summoned radioactive ore will react with irradiating you and if slept on may shorten your lifespan. So be careful and remember where you put things. But, to spill a drink on you that smells good will make you smell good although it might leave a stain. This stain will be there in a pattern that needs to be looked for, to make certain it was ridded of by imagining the stain disappear or go away. What happens with this is that somewhere where the item exists interacts with you here and now.

      When you act as though its here, or, make sure you see it appear in your mind, you then cause it to exist here as well. But it is sometimes ineffective as a cutting device, or a effecting device except as an influence. This connection if it continues, may cause it to exist here as well sometime, as though it wre a device that offered protection. Then and is now. Once you can do this act of summoning, and the example act of above then you can consider yourself a phasic magic user.
  5.   An example of dimensional magic is to start to do things with dimensional ability as it relies on the spirit, so to effect the idea relax your mind and focus your spirit though the particles and use your will to cause the spirit to be in resonance for the effect. The idea is achieved by your thoughts that go with the spirit as a programming to the spirit to cause the idea. The dimensional ability happens when you think it and its done as though anything, anytime and anyplace. As you sent the thought to your body and then the spirit beforehand. You have to want the effect to get the effect and as needs are not wants, the want is caused by the need in this.

      So you need something to occur and then you want things to happen, and you feel the need as you want to cause your thoughts to be put to the spirituality effect. The need + the want + the spirit causes the effect. The effect is called the spirituality effect because its sometimes simulataneous and possibly what you can get from it. As though it were there before you thought it as well as being thought of after its effects were noted. In reality, your thoughts were causing it to happen before you thought of it as its the thought that counts and happened so. You caused the events but sometimes it the events happens after.

      Especially if it were thought to be dangerous. Then if you had survival instincts, it would be planned for and made to appear as thought or not happened. The spirit makes it happen before the thought was thought because your thought travels in all directions. that means backward as well as forward in time. The thought was thought of by the spirit but was dismissed by the concious as it was was perceived beforehand and as you thought it in the present. It occurs as though it were there for you but not always for others. As though it were the effect before the thought but it was caused by the thought being perceived.

      For the dimensional magic ability in dreams, its being in-depth and on demand as it occurs that you want them. Causing the effect as you might say, that 'my dreams come true'. Well, in dimensional magic, makes it happen if you want it to. Its very fun, as you say and think about your dream an it becomes obvious as to when it comes to be occurred. When and how it occurred and as it occurs. So with dimensional magic, you basically have the effect and sometimes don't realize it, as I stated before, not until you start thinking about what you dreamed or when you thought it would occur.

      And get this, the dreams can occur as you want them to. As in physical magic, except, its on demand anyplace, dimension or time. So, an easy way to deal with it is think what you want or need to dream of. And then you dream, as you need it. When you drink or dream what you want, imagine the dream and it occurs. However, you feel the dream therein you can give it too and then as in see the idea or think of the idea. And what you put them through is the dream an as what is seen in dimensional magic. It is!

      Then theres the effect of evil and good influence or insolence. Each act of dimensional magic, as counted evil by others but sometimes not as you. Thinking about it, can cause the effect not to be actually noticed. And yet, its felt as a bad influence during an act. From whatever the person does as an act that which is. Associated with that act of evil, done with that dimensional magic. This can make you feel bad, bad enough to want to suicide. As any act of good makes you feel good about yourself.  You don't have any actual problems at the moment. Again, you feel good about yourself and you don't seem to have any problems at the moment.

      So to speak, good actions do well to cause your psyche to be aligned. To be in a better path, evil actions of dimensional magic align your psyche to a darker past or path. Where theres violence or destruction whereas the good path is n't always the light path. The good path gives you a selection and higher vibration. Turn evil by the evil path, gives you a sensation no less than a lower vibration. Each act of violence and badness brings you lower. Till your effected too much by the earth and you can feel the bad so slowly. That you can cause yourself problems.

      So if your thinking to do any one action in effect of one dimension is following laws. Each law causes the effect to be different and differently stated as per each dimension. In effect, its each dimension that sets the effect that occurs. As there's different laws of physics that happen naturally in certain places. Then theres spirit laws, which can effect a place with your rules as tough through the dimensions physics laws.

      Per natural law, theres occurance, as in psychic occurrence or occurance and the psychic phenomena. As per effect, there is a notion of idea and law. What effects is sometimes what you want and thats set by a need of some sort. This need can transcend time. Some laws can be effective against this magic type as well. As to use a prototype effect to deflect the effect, as in shields. 

      In fact, if you state the rule as to how it should be, then it will work to your advantage as if you set the condition that happens to rule the area until you decide it will do otherwise. This can unintentionally rule the people in the area or whomever you wish. As it was stated or thought to be in effect, its stated or thought to be not in effect. You can also counter your effect in some measure by means ae of your making.
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Word and dictionary magic

  Word and dictionary magic is to perceive and manipulate and create effects on forces of the universe beyond common knowledge and current

scientific proof and explanation. To use magic is to embrace yourself in forces in the world that are usually ignored or taken for granted. Think to cultivate them is to impose your existance on the universe through intention and effects. To know them is to understand the universe, and the universe within yourself and the properties of both. Each effect is a property of words. Each word can have been written down in a dictionary. And to remember to say the word with intent, by the force energy that can be used with them of gaia, chaos, or infini can make effects happen.

  Each of these: force, gaia, chaos, and infini can be used to cause a word reaction. Some force can create an effect through conflict, pulling or pushing others to do something.

  Gaia can create effects through speaking to the world mind and changing area effects.

  Chaos causes the effect through the corruption and renewal force and spiderlinks out to others.

  Infini causes the effect through radiant force to a perimeter.

  So, by thinking of the force of energy, then saying the word or phrase ya cause it to exist and manifest changes as to the forces natural effect. Consisider the use of the force a spell and each of the forces effect as a natural spell effect.

The dictionary of words are so forth and among others:

Ouranian barbaric chaos language dictionary @

The atleantian dictionary

The Drowish dictionary

The Druidic dictionary

The Latin dictionary
@ but the spells are @

The rest of the dictionary links are found at

This idea from Caz and partially from Skyhawk

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Anti fertility and fertility spells

Anti fertility spells

  In anti fertility spells you attack the root of the problem, but that's potentially harmful. Somthings like that some people would rather not manipulate at all for risk of damaging sexual organs and out of fear of future retard-babies. Sure, you could cut down the production of sperm by imagining the sperm inactive or force the woman not to present a new egg after every period by thinking and imagining that to happen. It's probably easier to use a condom, however.

  Another way is, way is to think of the energy around yourself and charge it as its streaming through the reproduction organ or reproduction area with a stated "..don't have children or get pregnant till the right person comes around" or something similar. For the women it is usually the reproduction area.

  For a field, its as easy as focusing pure life energy through the area to suffuse the place. And think or say "don't produce effort or fruit".

Fertility spells

  Fertility spells can be to be used for fields or people and are just pure life energy into the womb at the time of conception. As of the body and spirit, there is no sex for pleasure, it's all sex for conception. The more advanced way is to have a thought of pure life energy passing through the reproduction area of the person and think or say 'Become pregnant and or be fertile.'

  The direct word approach to this is as you state the idea you let the subconcious do the deed and its good. It has been used on a few people, especially for healing.

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Life effects of magic

  Life magic is a synopsis of what we do in life for ourselves to make things better around us. Magic follows one rule of thumb, the magic we wield follows what we do in life. Where life effects are simple as to being the effect that effects and impacts life somehow. It is the law that is in the effect. In use its just that, to use life events and energy to create in an act of creation and biology. Life is also possibly the effect of many elements working together. For magic to exist, the moment has to be right and there are some effects that aren't going to happen, as to the time of the effect being, isn't right, and the effect conditions aren't right either. The moment has to be right for the effect, in simpler terms.

  A rule to remember is as you feel whats right or wrong by what the area is allowing and the people that represent and know you are doing things as the concept or a point felt in the face, think again if you change something in life and what you take from it, gets taken from you and a similar change occurs too to you. Except if you think you won't be effected by it and it won't happen to you on the moment you attempt the effect on others. This is a basis of life as a series of exchanges. Without life exchanges, there wouldn't be any living. For life to exist there must be some exchange.

  There might be a question of when an effect actually happens while doing life effects. Well, when things happen from a life effect, is when you feel cool suddenly and its a supernatural coolness or when events are obvious as to being your event. As though the event 'pops' out at you, where your subconscious makes it obvious. As if you are energy or not deranged, as soon as your will is able to sustain the energy and you think your body can handle it. Then you can create what you want as proposal or make use by the idea that is there.

   This meaning will become more clear to you after a bit from when you try to understand it. It comes down to what you do to others will be done to you, if you damage using life magic you get damaged. If you take life energy you get some taken from yourself, this is true unless you try for the exception to the rule where you think it won't happen to you when you attempt an action of life. Yes, you can also prepare for the effect though, build up resistance or similar so some effects aren't noticed as they are done to you. Its because of the fact that life magic is noticed by the subconscious, and when its noticed, it gets repeated by the subconscious. And eventually done to you as the somewhat next thing it does. If you believe that it will happen to you as well, it will but it doesn't have to. If you believe it will not, it will not.

   A note on death: Death is also a part of life, this is right but also wrong. Life and death are polar opposites, like fire and water, even negate each other, and yet at the same time there's the whole 'circle of life' where one life ends and another begins'. And in a literal sense, death IS a part of life. Because everything that lives dies, but your not actually manipulating death by using life energies nor life by using death.

  Oh yea, if you think these methods are weak and won't do them or you get no result with them, then feel free to make your own methods of life effects. Remember, to always think of life being creation and death as decay.

  For more info on life magic, including an idea or two more, go here @

Some basic effects

   Life exchange is the act of being a part of physical magic except by doing an action as an event can make your thoughts happen by the e(nergy) generated from the action and this can be any action to 'birth' any event. The side benefit is that you can elongate your life. This is to do an action or event thats your own and then as you experience the event, think of what you would want to happen as you feel the energy of the event go to do the task you are thinking of by imagining the effect. The e of the event you can create by intent of the event happening as you do an action, as if it comes from the event you do and is directed by the feel of it with thought and imagination. So its an exchange in energy as of life energy that you create and that is giving birth to the effect. You can make anything happen with this and the energy comes from the act. The life action can be as simple as speaking or making a movement with your hand, or a complex ritual that is arduant. Its a part of life effects as it can be adding to the life energy to create an action.

   Shock of life is by trying to do as you do and then something happens to shock you for a bit, you feel alive again. Like you were sitting in bed and then there is a noise that shocks you out of your current thoughts, you can suddenly feel like your lively again. As you deny what you think or not intend to do things, as you feel the area and know what you want you ca do energy idea if necessary. As if the energy is elemental in nature, think and you focus the energy that is near that is the element to create the element or elemental to things as you send energy and make an idea do as your will is possible in life. They can nulle menaces and things to do not necessary.

   A note on the shock method listed here: Think of the time as its right, then do the noise or speak on the moment the other is acting strange or is tired. Like a loud rap on the door when they start acting up as its as simple as that. Some are immune to this, if your body becomes used to it then its effects diminish. Those immune are the insensitive types.

   Event amplification or life amplification is to boost the event effect and then not have it drain you. By tryin to think of the effect and imagine the effect amplified, feeling energy come from the area and sent toward the event, thinking as you imagine this, to have the amplification to have the e come from the area and not you. What helps is to say out loud, 'event effect amp' or 'evnt fx amp'. Its a part of life magic as it is creation of e and its adding life energy to create an action. Sometimes, the duration will be limited in time for the amped effect.

The more advanced stuff

   Life occurance is to focus your mind on an idea by speaking of the idea and then causing it to occur, through the thoughts you have with intention of them to make the life occurance. The idea you use is the idea energy can create, when and if I am thinking, the situations are interesting as the third eye is what manifests as you focus and think as you feel the source to create with a concept or thought life as the spirits are use. The spirits can do anything even thought by magic, idea and design and will.

   Control action life effect, there are two actual idea in this method, E-force and N-force.
  The e-force control action is the e style and is to summon a force of e to manipulate and cause a control of the event action, and idea intended. As per say, its life that it is changed so we cause things to change and become manipulated into the form we want it to be in. We manipulate the e force by stating the idea we want it to change things to. Of course, if theres nothing going on, then there's nothing to change.
  The n-force control action is to do something that pauses the other as its the life shock effect and cause the other to be good, for example, "HEY! that's a good point." Though it's kind of psychology and magic. Except its action that is noticed is what causes the other to do else. As in its a shock or event manipulation, as if clapping really loud all of a sudden while someone else is in conversation, whereas the other was someone else doing that to you. That is a part of life, its interestin how people will react if you make them think ya are police. A simply forced 'Stop' will do that, as its almost more psychology than magic.

   Life law effect is by stating what you want and how you think it is, then directing e to the target by thinking of the said person or thing, the other person or thing will make it true or happen. Something along the lines of '...hey did he know about that one?!' What helps this is to make them think it was their own idea. As the subconscious picks up on the idea and will occur it in some form.

Defense and Attack with life

   Although some can kill with life with no damage to themselves. Simply through a virus effect, that is the way of assaulting with life. That's alteration of organic organisms for your own purposes, as well as creating a virus effect.

   The germ effect is to cause any effect you want through programming a germ, or of a created germ, in the area of where you would want the effect. This can also be a virus effect or germ warfare. Simply think of the germs in the area and then make an idea action to charge them as you state what effect you would want of them. What helps this is to state out loud before something is done, like, 'germ mai' or 'do effect germ' as you think of the germs in question.

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Fairy musketeer's effects

  These effects are called from the anime, of the fairy musketeers and some are very real and quite effective/lethal.

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CU Spell Exchange spells

  CU Spell Exchange spells are by Caz and others.

 Alright. Here l provide several.

 Think of a person, focus on them, say "Ceiling Cat", and you will see in you minds eye what they are doing.

 Think of a memory or a thought you don't want, focus on it, and chant "Memento Not" until the thought or memory is forgotten. This will erase the thought or memory from your mind.

 Think of a person, think of something you want to do to them, like an action, fill the action with emotion, focus on the person, add any gestures that may be wanted, say "Heart Matters". The person will feel the action as if you were physically present. Useful for long distance relationships.

 Think of the person, focus, and say "I see what you did there." You will see the room the person is in and in great detail.

 To think of the purpose and have intention to achieve results, then attempt the act or ritual, is to effect a result that you would need to occur.

 Make an action happen by thinking of the result you need, and freehand drawing the rune or sigil that you make up and believe will do the effect. Then your energy is powering it and it uses other energies to enact the result you needed.

 To cause events, try thinking of your purpose, and beware the blocks that could become a hassle. Then, make some effect from that which you would want to do. Think that, 'this act will cause a result', and by attempting the action, the result could come to be enacted. If you have enough personal power, or Poder, then you can achieve things with this method.

 If you feel hungry and can't get rid of the hunger, even by eating something. Ae you find that you start eating after eating, then state 'en eet', pronounced 'Enn lEEt. Or 'En if', pronounced Enn If, and the hunger will disappear if you have enough personal power. En eet can also be used to end almost any event or effect.

 Now, here's one, that some use, that others may not use.

 Focus on your computer's CPU or network connection. Say "fix-speed-byte-town-ah" until a noticeable speed boost is noticed. Some have broken multiple modems with it.

That is all for custom spells by me.

  Focus on a traffic light, say/think "green walking man oscilla", and you will be able to influence the traffic light to turn green within less than a minute. Or your sitting in a car and you imagine the traffic light change.

  When I do it, it takes me less than 30 seconds. Note that the above spell has only been tested on pedestrian and car traffic lights. Ones for cars may not be affected by the pedestrian traffic light spell. Pedestrian and car traffic lights affect one another; a padestrian light isn't white unless the street that they're crossing is red and the street that they're paralell with is green. It's a simple feat of keeping people from being run over while having a white walk sign and the traffic that would hit them having a green light.

 Circle protection idea:
  First, cast a circle around yourself by visualizing a ring of white light projecting around your person. Next, move and will the circle to follow your steps. If you did it right, the circle will have moved with you. This is called the Traveller's Circle, and is useful for going places undisturbed or for communication with spirit guides undisturbed. You can cause the circle to do anything by thinking it does beside the normal effect and sometimes changingthe color.

  And by being undisturbed, basically, nothing that is not physical will be able to touch you, as in, bother you at all. They will be repelled by the circle. If anything physical and living breaches the circle, it will break. It is best to make the circle about 3-5' in diameter for this reason, as usually, that is a person's personal space. You can use something similar to the traveller's circle, only to use it to divert physical people's attention away from me as well as sometimes an object. If you imagine a travelling circle being grey then you won't be seen and gray black for being undetectable while it protects you.

  Finding spell by dragon; Think of the object you want to find and say one of these spell forms:

  1. What is lost must be found, take my luck and turn it around.
  2. Watlot metfond tamlu tunyround
  3. Fidit

  Then go find what you need to find.

  To make energy or magic larger and stronger in effect, think or say "intezn" as (inteh-zen) or "bentidoct".

  To pull out bodily energy halfway (ie: leaving it still attached but it extrudes 2-4 inches), and will it to warm you. Makes it gutter in the wind, but you may be able to keep it around you and warm yourself up. It will be almost as if you were covered in fire. You can hear it crackle and hiss as the wind blows it about.

 After feeling the effect of this; you can suck the energy back up, and focus it on your arms. Will it to extend in two long strands, one on each arm. Flail your arms about and energy-whip annoying people [who know not of the magerys]. They can apparently feel it, as they look behind them with odd looks on their face.

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Magic word combinations

  To say any of these phrases in the combinations provided can cause a the effect listed beside any of it. Not to do unless you want it to effect.

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Various effects and shields

  These are various effects of small to major action but sometime there will be no effect. Most of these effects cannot be reversed, but must and can be lived through..:

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