Ranks of magic users and energy weavers

The ranks of a magic user are listed below and starts of at: mage, hermetic mage, empath, wizard, magi, sorceror, open sorceror, warlock, witch, wiccan, druid, dark mage or hell mage, kaoist, dark wizard, dark witch, necromancer, white wizard, white mage, palemaster, shaman, voodoo witchdoctor, subliminal magi, subliminal sorceror, demonist, hell sorceror, diviner, mystic, healer, warmage, Blue mage, maverick, wishmaster, Archmagus or Seraph.

The ranks of a weaver are listed below and starts with: weaver, channelor, Aes Sedai, Asha'man, palemaster weaver, dark weaver, nightrunner, sunrunner, creator weaver, hell weaver and forsaken.

The ranks of a forcemaster, or psion are listed below as Forcecrafter, Elemental master or Jedi, Bard, Sergoi.

The ranks of ninja are accepted, chunin, junin, mastery by arts are ranks for a master using art. They are sometimes called by what they want to be called considered reronin or ronin for short. This is just a study of mine but I figured out that was me just venting or work in how to work with others is calm peace by area is done. That is all that is with the ninja art symbolism, think, act or don't act. This is starting with acceptance, working is chunin, activity is junin or mastery is art working by nice thought or I thought this was nice. Think to see or be nice activity I think this activity or no longer by quitting happening nothing or actions you think are done. Some say you can quit anytime create by ideal so you think non are there if not to be bothered. Think by the way you thinking is activity. Your will is physical activity or metaphysics are what work. So think a symbol or now by activity is a symbol to use as magic or think the symbolism does things or not to restore, the activity is energy sward or focus sword otherwise weapon mastery. Their use is a taught ideal intuitive by feel that anything is a possible weapon or ideal use, I see with area feel or acting as though you have one or no longer need as you won't. You can create by acting or work or not reacting to junin. Think of use then create by water drinking, "I think enough of this, this is the enthis enough for me I think I passed the test so farewell to end a test." Think something useful to create with love or created is uncreated by feel. That I think is there to work. "This I noticed you doing attacking or loving, thinking or tragedizing or focused energy feel the en is done, I think stop now to the hell being or do something else."

The Possible Training

The training for magic users starts, at rank 7, as the starting rank, to rank 1, as the finish:
1 Magus, magician, reactor -does the effect of short and long ranges with competency.
2 Long range user -teaches long range concepts to do tasks at a distance farther than what you can see.
3 Short range user -teaches the basic structure built from the journeyman stage adapted to what be in sight.
4 Journeyman -self experiments and formation of own idea with testing.
5 Apprentice -teaches the completion of a task with fair progression.
6 Acolyte -simple constructs based from idea understood and tested.
7 Neophyte -basic tenets of idea taught for the belief or magic system.

Weaver and Channelor skill training starts, at level 4 and ends, at level 1:
1 Weaver or Channelor -the full ability of the channeling and weaving skill with self-learning.
2 Focuser -focus advanced weaves to great effect and do self-chores with alot of chore time.
3 Apprentice -teaches the task completion with fair progression and simple weaves or channels.
4 Acolyte -simple patterns and structures with idea taught along the way.

Forcemaster or user, just or not is where elementalist rankings start, at level 1 and ends, at level 3; To learn, find someone to observe, or self-experiment and ask advice, as is necessary using the documents that are readable to you.
1. Young jedi or Acolyte, that starts with learning and achieving by self experiments along with chores and practice for expedience. To pass this you must lift something up or move something around by psionic attempt. If bard training write a song.
2. Apprentice, Trainee or Beginner to attempt till you move on as your trying to master the forces of energy and harmonics. To pass this you must show mastery by a performace of skill and expedience or beat someone of similar strength with expedience.
3. Je Bard, Jedi(-Master), [Element]-kinetic like pyrokinetic who is capable of working objects to other area, or other masteries and doing a performance as needed with almost no flaws as is possib.

These are the possible by the feel or their feeling training for what the ninjutsu user or ronin that can do or are called by what they think are necessary with what training they have. the training is think to create then learn for apprentice, chunin is create as you wish or think what you want, junin create as they self assign themselves to do ronin points or ideal by the things they do. this is end point, they are you that work with others to create they are aware to make some effect usually use is energy. they usually can create by a focus that is a hit or ideal to use sometimes using the math or symbols the person creates or they think then focus to create to create with feel.

These are the possible classifications for what the magic user or weaver can do or are called.

Magic user classification

Magus or Magician = General name for a magic/k user who makes devices, enchants and events on request or for self as a thought to be paid for success or self-fulfillment.

Mage = Hidden magic manipulator and enchanter or illusionist through "magic" manipulation. They sometimes go out of their way to manipulate and get their way by tricks of magic. If they don't get their way, they force by hidden means or interesting manerisms to do as they desire.

Hermetic mage = A mage who uses "bridgecraft" or to trust the general formulas to use the bridge for a witchcraft effect. This "bridge" is formed when raw enery in solid form becomes effected and causes the effort to happen through infusion of the area to be enacted upon. What words used cause the effect of the raw energy, and the effect is achieved as this hermedic medium is lengthening the effect beyond a few minutes to few years. This can be used to get places, with achieving to awe or inspire if necessary.

There is a game that is called ARS Magicus related to this idea called "Ars magica" by atlas games and based on nothing like this system shows and it has five art verbs with ten form nouns in it. With this in mind there are many more nouns as the game is limited in scope to keep it simple, like as many as you can make in another language excepting the verbs are still mostly five and yet the nouns are unlimited where you can specify exactly what is affected. As "make peace" to make a peaceful moment out of nothing. raw energy is everywhere so to say a few words gathers energy from all around to form the effect, in a simultaneous cast that may have a weak effect. With each effect is the effort of temperature drop, to make a instant recovery as two minutes pass. The hermetic mage will do jobs but with the aid of the hermedic magic to get through it.

Empath = Visible feel manifestor, feeling enchanter, feeling evoker through "magick". They live near family to live off the feel and then outlive the family to cause destruction on persecuters or use the point that is by feel and sometimes get positive results for helpers. They self practice and study for long ages to sell their trade for profit or to adventure and explore new areas of feeling magic. They don't get this thought that is what you think you feel.

Wizard = Visible magic manifestor, enchanter, evoker or conjuror through "magick". They live near family and then outlive the family to cause destruction on persecuters and positive results for helpers. They self practice and study for long ages to sell their trade for profit or to adventure and explore new areas of magic. Think then work to create as you do things by feel.

Magi = secretive good event manipulators and light guiders by "inner source ability" sometimes self taught and "chastised" or "rewarded" if caught doing wrong and they live in clans. Magi are very good with weapons as its their second study.

Sorceror = Secretive event manipulators that act as self examples or dark guidance through "inner source ability" or "psychic ability" sometimes self taught and if they figure out a way, then they will use it to manipulate energy or by energy, yet they are regarded as "outsiders" with no morals if doing wrongful activity, and openly.There be no "reward" or "chastisement" except pain from enemies who catch them. Through dark inner source or psychic workings, with a developed idea to trade with and gather information through experiments, they gain self-concepts to provoke or lead others into what they want. They are considered the dark magi as they won't consider people as near themselves or will but not consider the feelings.

Open sorceror = A person who uses a source of his or her choosing to get effect by believing in himself or herself and thinking about things to happen. They sometimes use demons and demonology to achieve their goals, by a sacrifice of being possessed for a time or something thats given as a token for an idea or action that they want. He or she is open to some explanations, and is willing to explain his or her way of doing things. They definitely use the idea of soul bonds  or energy elementals given to a purpose. They live with their imagination and idea as though it were alive. They experiment with their energy golem or soul bonds freely, always willing to try something new.

sorcier crimimalis = A person who uses a source of his or her choosing to get effect with no regard to the laws until he or she finds the laws useful by believing in himself or herself and thinking about things to happen. They sometimes use demons and demonology to achieve their goals, by a sacrifice of being non possessed for a time or something thats given as a token for an idea or action that they want. He or she is open to some explanations, and is willing to explain his or her way of doing things. They definitely use the idea of soul bonds  or energy elementals given to a purpose. They live with their imagination and idea as though it were you are or were that is long discovered abandoned or they're alive. They experiment with their energy golem or soul bonds freely, always willing to try something new.

Warlock = demonic chaotic manipulators through "conflict" or "chaos" usage to control events or weather. They group in secret areas to meet and do rituals. When paid they will do an open ritual.

Witch = An open magical scientist through "magic" or "metamagic". Living where they want and yet group near covens or grottos hidden during the meeting. They openly work magic and get asked for the rituals when they are spotted or as they see trouble.

Wiccan = witches that don't openly acknowledge being a witch to avoid being asked for help. When the wiccan spot trouble they deal with it with help or being alone.

Accultist = People that are similar to the occultist yet are activists and do magic acts with an open view and use any typical source including "spirit", "elements", "metamagic", "magic" or "magick" to achieve the activity desired. Through instant spell casting, rituals or groupings consisting of however they want in a open, yet unseen place. The atypical accultist will attempt to not do violence unless necessary, or unpushed so they won't be seen as the disrupter and show an example. These accultists are viable to violence in an instant when they don't get what they want, unless their are people in social areas which mind this, or might arrest them. An accult worker will use torture to a sum of money or as part of a ritual if they have to. These are much like witches except slightly antisocial and original in which they will use others work if they don't mind.

Occultist = Dark ritualists who study most their life in understanding life by trial much like monks and can do rituals or simultaneous magic of nature, demonic or other possibilities including time yet they will do one or two sources at a time for safety. Their are close minded silent types or open minded types that will speak without worry except in too open an area. If anyone sees them, they erase the person of any dangerous sightings or info.

Druid = People that love nature and watch for problems, some can use demonic energy while they will do, as they please despite others anger, unless its tasteless, as activity. They guide people as to a greater achievement through good, light, neutral, dark or evil activities. Thus they are herders in the field of people that arent aware of them. When they want a large effect they use a concert "link" or tryst to achieve results with three or more people in a ritual. Unless they simultaneously cast to get a quick result using raw energy gathered from the surrounding materials. Their information comes from anything they want as theirs were the materials used to form others belief or practice.

Their lifespans are 500 or more years due to the natural energy and healthy diets they have. Their are light druids or dark druids that follow the path of the goddess and god or their own god and goddess of choice. The dark druids skew the idea they come across to fit their own and they try create their own identity as a deity to suit their purposes. The dark druids are shadow druids willing to poison the victim before they do violence or take wrath yet no violence so no proof. They are "chosen" to be trained at an early age and follow the guidelines for training above.

Famed were Morgana le Fey, the "lady of the lake" and Alente, a "researcher" high priestess along with others. The older the druids are, the more crazy or insane they turn out due to elemental energy.

Dark mage = Kaot, Caot, Chaoticist and somewhat separatists, Hell mages that are the epitome of darkness and violence with a little bigotry added in, yet they look good to others. This next part is mostly true. Their sources of energy are "hell", "wild energy", "negative" "life", "astral". they are out for themselves to create the desire of choice and sometimes through secret rituals and handshakes as security, to make their dark deals unknown as their worst fears are to have revealed themselves unknowingly. So they do rituals at night with simultaneous spellcasts, any other time. With probability of any source they prefer negative energy as they are untouched by it. their will be to control and their voice be to manipulate, cause any event through calamity. their favorite places for the meetings are the astral plane, dream world aka "tel'aran'riod" taken from "the wheel of time series" from Robert Jordan with whom they deal with, for fun.

Dark mages dislike the light and will ritual suicide if caught too often in dark desires with controlling criminals and destructive people due to the rememberances of hell. Draining energy from the event be their favorite activity to get the evil deeds undone or stop the crime. Dark mages use "magic" to achieve the result along with darkness, deception, hell, demons, light and manipulation. they arent bigots, biased unless pushed and prefer not to fight and yet to resist aka "dirty fighting". their most useful allies are the drow ae "dark elf", outer dimensionalists, other darkish people as partners in unseen disruption. When anythings wrong they punish the person responsible unless its an ally. Satanists are their natural enemies. If the dark mage gets a job then they could be punished, they arent easily accepted because of their life view and non participant attitude. Some chaots are Julie, Ravenwolf, Rachael and others.

Kaoist = felt mystic energy, chaos manipulator, chaos mage, Mystic master that are trained by monks and are considered a monk yet aloof. They use the open hand combat techniques as well other weapons, yet limited to no weapons of pointed nature except staves. As many prefer the stave or staff yet use chaos and void to achieve results with the rule "void is substance and substance is void". thus the kaoist is used to do nonspoken and mentally scened, felt magic. Void is within boundaries of infinity and substance comes from void only to go back to void. Chaos is used by them to form events that are ordered for positive results. Whether or not its negative or positive energy, its the same for their purposes. Sometimes the chaoist is able act the scene and or speak what a person does, the person or scene is achieved most cases. Also the witchcraft action almost always occurs by chaotic energy.

Dark wizard = similar to dark mages yet they use "magick" for the visible effect along with "shadows", "light" and "negativity". These people are more dangerous as they view people as innocents who don't deserve destruction. yet pursue the evil doers to the death unless convinced.

Dark witch = Death witch, Users of people, idea, persecution, and light through "magick" and "metaphysics" to create the event, while in serving the dark gods and goddesses. These witches cause the witchhunts to seem necessary as they would use any to get their need. Yet they follow tenets of darkness that direct them to decieve, destroy enemies, do evil in the name of good while they do dark to control or compulse evil doers. If a good person gets in their way they ruin them as it seems fit or to leave the victim alone as it suits their purposes. They abuse property rights to steal and they break laws as they wish for sheer joy and to feel good. The dark witch cannot stand light very easily but will tempt it for job seeking and work at night or day.

Necromancer = Dark sorceror/ess, Death sorceror that will use the dead to give them joy as they raise or restore a person by the attempt. Using the apprenticing system they learn at the masters heel. Yet they are neutral evil at their core with "negative", "demonic" and "death" energies for personal use. If they catch the wrongdoer then they will tear the wrongdoer to pieces with death or negativity. Without a care for many except themselves except for those they respect, they will do vigilante justice unless higher ups say to let the constabulary do justice. They can get jobs as they want and yet prefer solitude.

White wizard = Life wizard, Person who will use any thing to get what is desired as they use the "arcane vitras" for magick to get as a goal the desire when blocked or not. Life wizards are optionally able to share memories with, from others to do top notch in the field of choice. With the machines, they know quite a bit as they are part dreamwalker and can manipulate dreams, visions at a whim. These wizards don't have to study if they can share the memory of the machines use. Their special ability is to switch places with another. Life mages can bring people back through pattern actions, idea with "life" energy.

White mage = Life mage, A person who is in service to the hidden way of life, "arcane vitras" and uses many life lengthening "tricks" along with things of other magic to suit their purpose. Their sources be "life", "earth" and can make possibility of anything through, mutative, changing effects as life will imitate any source to suit the purpose. They are immortal till they choose to die by removing the aging process and natural mutations. This can be used on others for the purpose of interest and only with permission, unless attacked, panicked and then they change a person from the inside out. Their special ability is to switch places with another. There are three types, light, gray and dark life mages. Life mages can bring people back through pattern actions, idea with "life" energy.

Life mage of the light are very noble and know their entire lifepath given to new idea sometimes expressed by others. To use life means your exposed to much and can go insane more quickly per spell to get the result. Yet they can "borrow" memories to get the results in hidden ways that are obvious to the right people, those that recognize a pattern. What that means be to see where its coming from and know what to do to unravel the spell from events. The light life mage may bring something alive to get the device enchanted. Yet they most definetly will change an object to show the properties or ask first. The object used are animals and mundane with rare exception those humans and humanlike that agree to be adapted with reassurance to be undoing it if told by the person. Light life mages won't use genetics unless necessary.

Life mage of gray will share both light and dark, while being deceptive to those who are untrusted, yet will strive to create an inner life in anything that can live and keep it hidden from those who would hurt it. This is unless the object is a animal, construct or humanlike and are given permission by the object, human. They are arguably the most likely to use their own idea with possible inclusion of other interests for positive
results. They get no pleasure from torture with great possibility to make a new form if allowed through creativity. Yet the gray life mage will alter their own body to suit their purposes at a good time where they will be unnoticed. Their techniques are to use mutations, genetics and changes to do as necessary for good results.

Life mage of dark will use "hell" as well as the normal sources of "life" and "earth" as a concept to create the perfect mutation. These people have no morals and keep no oaths unless its worth their while, They will use anything that be useful ae humans, animals and objects, to mutate, experiment on where the experiment can turn into any shape, enchantment. They may play with genetics at some point to improve results and to improve the looks. Dark life mages will get humor, pleasure from torture and anger from failure.

White witch = a person devoted to good and sometimes not allowing themselves, to attack except by psychology or reverse psychology. Able to heal on necessity, work with most with or without manipulation except to charm those who insist on stupidity. Use what they can for creation purposes and create crafts, for people who insist on the good purpose. Use no demons except to study it, demonology and control demons of others instead. Otherwise they are like the witch who openly does witchcraft but they are closely tied to their covens.

Palemaster = Spirit sorceror, Necromonger, Mastery of spiritual energy for people or things and considered spiritualistic that allows for any typical manipulation. As in stealing the spirit from the body to make it into objects, different shapes, and put into an object or put into another body and back again as if a voodoo priest. This ability is given by being a voodoo zombie who got a soul back, or tortured to death and brought back undead. Thus his/her body regenerates, with no destruction left even after the body be decimated or chopped to pieces as it comes back like a zombies would. Lifespan be for as long as the body doesn't wear out which means 400 or more years. They can't get jobs for the "zombie" scent that remains after the original separation and smells as of a dying diseased person, yet they can if they have musk or perfume on.

Some don't prefer to be around them for the raw scent and almost revulsion of the senses yet some don't have this scent. The problem exists that their faith is very intricate afterword to drive them almost position hungry intending to get what they can get. Otherwise the palemaster prefers neutrality to fighting and yet they live almost fighting for things. Their faith is to outlast by any means, the fight and win despite odds. With each success their is a glory sense that empowers them a little more as the victims life force is taken into themselves. This religion can be described as a chaos faith.

Shaman = Life priest/ess, White priest/ess, Spirit masters that speak to the dead and speak to the living spirit through the-spirit-that-goes-through-everything and can tell the shaman anything about a situation as well as allow control the person or spirit through the-spirit-that-goes-through-everything and this allows the scout ability, to work better as you know when something will happen like omnipotence. The energy of the user will go up on usage of spiritual lifeforce as well with unaging as long as the spirit supports it.

This renders the user a wiseman and a ageless person who does not die as he can merely ask god through the-spirit-that-goes-through-everything for a boon and it will be granted with a good reason. What jobs they can get are myriad as the spirit can tell you what you need to know to complete the job. Shaman will guide in two ways; white shaman to peace and light and practice "white" magic rituals. Red shaman guides toward light and war who practice "red" magic rituals. The shaman can't get a job unless they want to because as you can see the job they have are to guide and live off the land.

Voodoo witchdoctor = Dark priest/ess, Death witch, Death wizard, Death priest/ess, The zombie crafters and voodoo priest/ess that are most likey to use any event or create their own by spiritual manipulation from ritual activities or just thinking on it with a gesture. The voodoo priest/ess also know by spirit what be happening and are the opposite of shaman or consleidered dark shaman, ae they guide toward the dark path. These people live as long as they desire with no aging. The voodoo priest/ess will oversee the ceromonies as a job that pays almost nothing except with a spiritual push. The witchdoctor will use a drug powder called voodoo powder to put the person in a coma for 24 hours or more. Then separate the soul and place it into a bottle or other container. Where the efficiency comes in voodooism theres alot of support people to effect a high ritual and then gets glorious sense of self afterward. What jobs they can get are to be a voodoo priest/ess for the effect of a lifetime unless they seek else.

Subliminal sorcerer = Prescientific sorcerer or prescientific magi who can use their subconscious, to do the spell effects and it seems like a wishsong effect. The subconscious has taken over and subsumed the conscious, the conscious turned transparent and acts as large focus, either way it no longer viels the mind with the subconscious controlling the body. They also have inner sources that are fed by the subconscious in a continuuos balance. To selimagi all time is available to manipulate and seen as they want, a focus. Feeling the result is instinct with causing it to occur as well thinking it out. Their inner source can replicate any ability with the right instinct, feeling. They can become insane for the moment if alot of outside presences due to internal mental pressure. They follow the rules of the magi.

Subliminal sorceror = Prescientific sorceror who like selimagi can use their subconscious, to do the spell effects and it seems like a wishsong effect.
To selisocao, all time and people be available to manipulate and seen as they want, act a focus. Feeling the result is instinct with causing it to occur as well thinking it out. Their inner source can replicate any ability with the right instinct, feeling. They can become insane for the moment if alot of outside presences due to internal mental pressure. They follow the rules of the sorcoror with similar abilities.

Diviner = People that need idea or recieve images to get an idea to form a focus and then they call this a vision, usually the idea comes from the focus of words or an object to create the event in their mind. As in: tarot cards, crystals, crystal balls, revelations, disruptions and pendants. The efficiency of this vision is to be more proficient with less time for a clear reading by "sensing" it frokm the target. Any glimpse be to give a hint and for the moment that be reconstructed mentally, what they use this for is to see where its safe to go as a path. What the deviner identifies be the object with which will change things or lead them along. Jobs are easy as they know where to go and when or what time as divination will effect by the persons need to know and what they get out of it.

Mystic = A great example for those that will listen, They use "spirit" to divine stuff, "people" to get stuff, "magic" to manipulate people or events and enchant objects, "magick" if they can to effect the visible effects and create strong artifacts through any element energy they can. The things they do make them "eccentric or concerned" geniouses that are very diplomatic and enigmatic. The work situation are self projects able to devise any solution if there are materials for it, and if no materials then they buy or trade. They will work for a living if needed or accepted as money demands or they have to buy something. When they get a free item, they are grateful and yet they will give a favor for it when they are forced to.

Healer = Clerics come in many forms that can channel a deities raw force through concentration, hell clerics channel hells energy with regard to neutrality as they are demons and paladins will heal anything on the human body including regeneration effects to make a body recover from sickness through a focus of energy. Where the body be in bad condition, use topical herbs or herbs and focused will of energy. By the use of "god energy" or any "elemental" energy including hell itself and "body" energy to heal through use of aura manipulation, by a talisman or focus device and effect the disruption of sickness by forcing the body to recover, where it wouldn't.

Through the aura they can percieve anything of the body and thoughts, including humours and mental state. Where it be to use this aura healing and describe where to get at the area of pain or feel the area for tension. The aura vision be necessary to percieve the actual condition of the body, since the healer doesn't have the machines to aid. With thoughts of this their jobs. can be any that like doctors or eccentrics.

Warmage = Magical soldier with war magic, that causes insight to events, heated body and ability to withstand great pain without flinching. the war mage is psychic and psionic with the hitch to this as it is they become warlike and very skeptical. When they are this skeptical as to doubt even a good deal when you look at it, you won't make very many friends. they are good at insults and know how to draw out a person, in converse with said target. Instinct of primitives are very important to the war mage as to strike on an insult is second nature. Giving a chance when the person tries for it is a necessity till you feel tired and antisocial and they give up. Yet to gain this, they are born with it as its the nature of warriors, and its inherent in the person. Innate ability is a part of the bodies resistance to cold and pain while it gives psionic ability. this includes dimensional manipulation skills that are very hard to detect. They are often considered aurors of magic to be fair.

The warmage has magical power as it is the magic of kinetic motion. It is the moment of movement that is hardly noticed but focused to create an effect. this effect is the concept of motion which is focused by the warrior's single-minded purpose. Imagine the effect you would want, and focus it through your motion of body, weapon choice. the thing to do is to believe that your motion will allow for the effect. there are many thing they can do with this including the usage of air as raw energy. this is what they can do: Traveling, Human defense field, Human kinetic attack, Kinetic manipulation, Flight, Funnel, Kinetic rune, Kinetic metal manipulation, Choke a person and Elemental power focus.

Blue mage = The worker of this blue magic is doing an act of capturing any spell or radiation sent to you, albeit an attack or aid spell. Then to use the energy to influence or make an action, by absorbing the captured energy or disturbances and reusing it. Most blue mages live indefinately until their demise by albeit bad result. At their demise their body is like a uncorruptable saints body, With which it doesn't turn to dust or decomposes, the body remains demigod like(undecomposed) or whole if their is energy remaining in the body.

Maverick = A corrupted magic user that is gimwis, gimwyk, gimlir, gimmlock and gimmelmaa. Gimwis is a corrupted wizard be to use chaos in the form of visible "magick" and make ends meet, having insanity fits all through the act if in an unstable mode. They have gained magic back and were burned out. The gimwis is considered a "maverick" wizard. Gimwyk, a corrupted witch is a "maverick" witch who has no coven yet isn't very witchlike Given reason to do magic, metamagic in self projects and jobs, they would quit if they had no desire, poor moral unless forced. These were burned out witches who found reason to continue. They may, may not go beserk with tough jobs as they become unstable from reawakening ability or magic usage. Gimlir is a corrupted mage who uses any idea to form spells and causes corruption through activity of some sort, ability usage or magical usage that sometimes is mutative by magical corruption of the result. These are the burned out mages who regain their arts and considered "maverick", unranked and uncontrollable. Gimlir can insult anyone into a rage.

Gimmlock, a corrupted warlock who uses chaos to aid themselves and are demonic or don't repeat, monsterlike with possibility to destroy their own works and do other things for position. The items not destroyed are either sold, used as their value is deemed. These are maverick warlocks yet have not lost their ability, but can hardly use it without fits unless they are stable. These people can turn on a dime unless their projects keep them in line. Gimmelmaa is a creative person who burned out on ability and to reawaken is to blast open all the mental ability doors by energy striking or hit by lightning. When they are able again, their attitude is mild to happy with aggression to those who do it better and yet they think theirs is better anyway or they tend to match it and dismiss the so called better after beating it. They have moods or crazy fits and willingly take risks if their are proofs. The ultimate desire is to "gain ultimate ability" or"gain ultimate understanding" from people. The most often needed job is denied if they are schitzophrenic but not if they arent. What they need is what they get but not always realize it and they might deject it for the crazy fit on doing the activity. Some are lucky to not have these "crazy moment". These are considered "maverick" psionicists or force masters. If this is mentioned near them then the person can go berserk or moody.

Wishmaster = Wishmaster starts as a wishdoctor, and they are people like voodoo witchdoctors who came from the Nords a few thousands of years ago. Wish is a focused need, desire, want as a focus that happens by natural subliminal, activity acting as a high energy bridge with subatomical particles being influenced, causing the people that the energy interact with to achieve your desire. Otherwise its a desire that achieves the result when felt, spoken through influence on the area surround, and its not magic as its metamagic through atomic structure being hyperactive from the energy of a being. Now any energy source can reinforce the pattern aroused, from the programmed particles. the wishdoctor would use this technique without knowing it. Knowing only that it worked and used with the thoughts of the problem of a moment, they used it as an attempt to make amends, wars to stop, disruption to crime and curing, healing people.

How long do they live due to the wish aging them according to affect and effect was like 300 or more years. the pattern they caused from a wish sometimes formed a storm, worse. Where they grew old, they wished for youth and drew from the air, the earth to achieve it. Some became wishmasters that were consecreted neutral, evil with intent of achievement, and a wishmaster are people that give statements of a desire to effect change and were wishdoctors making the decision to grant wishes to others as well for themselves. they come in three brands good, neutral and evil. the good wishmasters are moralistic conceptioners that will agonize over a wish,, be watchful of results and maintain the results if needed. they often work with those of worth, for a cause and will mess up those of evil intent including evil wishmasters. the good wishmaster often has trouble and sometimes death for the aiding of friends who have enemies. Still there are to date no good wishmasters left unless a new one comes around, but wishmasters of good will allow some aging unless their youth fades.

Neutral wishmasters are egotists that will grant a wish if they are able to and only when they feel like it through payment, force. Given that they are sometimes chased away and their projects ruined for aiding the wrong person. these people are able to survive with a little bit of impetus, sometimes they won't but their wishes outlast them. they do live longer than good wishmasters and if they age they won't seem aged through a wish and natural energy effects. Evil wishmasters never die with probability of evil tricks to fool the person as a way to mislead them. Otherwise they give a wish to the willing and those who ask, yet the wish end is disaster for the wisher as they are often losers in what they gain. they most often will look old and somewhat forlorn yet the looks aren't the appeal, its the power they offer.

Archmagus = belmagus, Archmage is a person who is a magic user and older than 300 years, with not dying yet they appear young and might be weaker for after 200. they can use 3 methods, take a young body through "transcendance" that is strong and 10 to 14 years of age. Shine to another body on death by shifting through death to the slayer at long distance, short distance on touch. the body becomes the person who shines, and they are transformed in minutes, remain different as the person desires. Finally, the third method is become regenerative by any means including changing to a creatures form, like a shapeshifter, troll, other as of atomic, particle shapes.

Seraph = Immortal sorceror that comes in two flavors, good, bad with indivisual tastes as corrupt as one might think. Good seraph comes from magi and will accept funds, offers of info while doing as they want and seem to take a bribe. they don't seek power nor do they need fame except they are known and not challenged, unless they are caught doing what said person don't like. the self-involved projects that are done, achieved with people freely aiding, Ranging from any of interest and they might change the projects given a diversion of any concept. When they can attempt a free community project, they will but one thing which is not to share everything as is desired, thus its a need to know basis that seems like sharing. these people are rolemodels and teachers that draw inner knowledge to teach with, foregoing the research if they could. they will ask for information if they can and rely on flukes of events to get by. the average starting age for a seraph is 700 years, above. If their body is old, they will use the archmage techniques to gain youth if they have no other.

Evil seraph come from sorceror and are very likely the epitome of lyers and criminals that guide people to be better. these people will come back as they want through their "undying" nature and drive to continue, much like a draegaran in a "Vlad taltos" book their not aging unless they want to. All the while they do their own self-satifying deeds, without a care to help others but secondly. Now their ambition is high and if they don't succeed, they do other alternatives to get to the same success. Yet they don't seem corrupt, to have killed anyone although there is suspician of wrongdoing. their self-projects consist of genetics and destructive spells that could affect bad. thus don't trust them unless you have too as they could mislead you as they think their better. somewhere they figured they could do what others can't so pointing out mistakes will you nowhere, unless they are thinking on the problem.

Weaver classification

Channeler = General name for a pattern maker by energy and considered weaver or channelor. What they use it for be sustaining with what is there or finding things to do and generally being of help.

Weaver = People that will use general elemental forces to effect a weave gaining the result. This weave be to focus energy through anything that can be used as a channel or their bodies. Their organization depends on sex unless they are self-taught as their sources are three. "ying, han or saidin" for males, "yang, chi or saidar" for females, "true source or astral" for both sexes. A typical weaver lives 750 years or more, middle age be 400, old be 750+ years, the female be honorbound or strict in discipline where the male be chaotic and much like warlocks except they are free and considerate. They each have self-goals taught by themselves to themselves from peoples reactions. Their general strength can be "linked" to each other for larger effects or strength. The range of effects are any one necessity to any effect.

Channelor = Like weavers they can channel energy straight without much effort of a ghost or concept to effect the human or idea of patterns and make it occur. These are the mediums for ghosts and spirit working and added to this be electricity, astral and void weaving if they wanted to risk it. The technique be the same except they use their bodies as the channel without feeling pain. Due to the chaotic energy and possible body aftereffects, their lifespan be 100 to 200 years. Their appearance be youngish for most their life till they decide to die.

Aes sedai = A weaver with half the life length of a weaver with the three oaths to cover for safety as an attempt to soothe the public fear or full lifetime without the oaths and yet they can be faked. Their only added benefit be their athame or magic knife that allows the person to be struck once and the victim dies with added benefit to be woven through. What athame does for the weaver, the athame won't do for people who don't deserve it, instead it kills them. He or she if they can use "saidar, saidin, han, chi or yang" for the beginning till "true source or astral" is learned. Their methods are rote and learned by self with personal potential expanded due to limitations. They earn their sash of color y choices to earn how their treated of black for without oaths and neutral, red for men haters or feminists, blue for mischievious or political, brown for knowledge or studiers, white for good and violent or gray for neutral and information gathering. Their effects are nonlimited to killing on necessity or any one effect to many.

Asha'man = Man Weaver who are apart of a unlimited organization that take similar oaths and non-limiting to ability to defend at need, be honorable or courageous and use dicipline at need. They use "ying, han or saidin", "true source or astral" for the efficiency of not being noticed and "void" for the extremist. The asha'man treat the sources as a witch would and create with it like a warlock, for new idea and effects.

Men weavers live as long as they want with a learned trick if they know it, yet normal lifespan be the same as weavers with the exception of when they want to die. They are wild and very free spirited that do as desire with a group sometimes. Red and black sashed sedai don't like them as they are too wild or they outright kill them unless they are killed. Their pin represents ranks and are soldier, knight and general awarded from actions of honor by the commander-in-chief. Their range of effects are to cause one event to many affects.

Dark weaver = People that will use general elemental forces to effect a weave gaining the result of elimination or control. Their organization depends on sex unless they are self-taught as their sources are three. "ying, han or saidin" for males, "yang, chi or saidar" for females, "void or astral" for both sexes, "negative" for the risk taker with 20 times the power and the true source is traded for void as its nearly the same. A typical dark weaver lives 1000 years or more since its the nature of void to preserve yet destroy from pressures within, young be 250, middle age be 500, old be 750 years, ancient be 1000+ years. No dark weaver uses a sash and on becoming one they remove it.

The females be strict in discipline with a little insanity where the male be chaotic and much like warlocks except they are free and considerate with crazyness. They each have self-goals taught by themselves to themselves from peoples reaction that are ignored only for the dark weavers enjoyment. Their general strength can be "linked" to each other for larger effects of at least 200 percent more strength. The range of effects are any one necessity to any one effect, of control or elimination with other results possible. They can create any one item as void be matter and matter be void. Dark weavers prefer to be unknown as they can sometimes work with Forsaken but at other times with neutral standing for they are very similar.

 Nightrunner = Nightrunners are night weavers and often aloof and dark in mood, as they are in the night and they specialize in the weave the dark strands of energy that emanate from the planet and the darkness itself. They can cloak, cause events, manipulate and suck energy. They can use the planets emanations in the daytime, as well. Their alternate sources are demons, evil and shadows that they can use to cause effects they decide on or control with. The possible lifespan for them is 700 to to 900 years at the most. As, they can use the dark to become immortal vampires and other such creatures. They are mostly dark vampires if they do. If otherwise, they can become slightly insane, by dark usage.
 Their idea they can do is that of which casuses reactions and provokes thought, but one thing to worry about with the nightrunner is the darkflame. The darkness that cumulates with more intensity the longer they channel darkness. As they channel darkness and idea into effect they can start burning from within with the darkflame. This extends their lives. If they burn too long with intense effort by the darkflame, they can turn into a living skeleton that is animated but there as an immobile form. As, the darkflame will cause a convert of their body into that skeleton. If you are a nightrunner, its advised to use darkness to do effects for not very too long, at a time.The darkflame can also cause you feel intense hunger at certain times and regeneration. They can shift with the dark and when the mood hits them. Where they become and appear is up to them. 

 Sunrunner = Sunrunners are sun weavers that specialize in the use of channeling the sun energy considered sunrunner's fire, into causing effects. They can channel sunlight only when they focus on the idea they want to achieve. And their talent allows the sun energy to be used as a source. Thus they channel the energy around them and the sun's energy to achieve a goal. Through intent, they can shield, work an effect, cause idea to manifest, aid, and make influence to become a reality.

  They can live until they die, by being consumed by the sun energy thats like a flame in them, considered the sunflame. The sunflame burns in the Sunrunner, and extends their lifespan and the greater the sunflame within, the greater the effects they can achieve. Where they literally become a flame in the sky as they spiritually are separate from their body. They live to achieve results and protect that which they desire. When they enchant, or call effects into play, the efect lasts a longer time. They can shift with the light and appear or become existent anywhere they desire. They can regenerate in the sun energy, which can be called from anywhere.

Palemaster weaver = Thats working with or by the dead. A weaver who was channeled or woven to life through soul infusion with an undead scent as result and ability to work with ghosts so things work out or are by channel any typical way with energy through abstract thought or mere focus, this is by ideal intent to have an effect. The effect be to work with "true source or void " or "astral" as its unseen or other energies and seen to a few. Yet they are never seen to have woven anything as this isn't counted as true weaving ae weaving through "metaenergy or aether" conjoling any other energy to work with an added spirit manipulation ability.

The weave be done through speaking the effect or feeing the effect. These people live ages with a self regenerating body. Their special abilty be "shining" or switching bodies to another body and efficiently control the target with ease. The undead weaver cannot die from attacks and yet won't attack unless necessary as they can bring themselves back by channeling. When the person wants a job, its use cologne or musk to cover the scent and then they are fine.

Creator = creator channelor by use is creator weaver. Visible magic weaver manifestor, self-thought enchanter. I think through "magick" they evoke a weave then channel though the creator is the being that creates. They live near family and then outlive the family to cause no destruction except on persecution or working habits that are sometimes destructive and positive results are for helpers. They self practice and study for long ages to sell their trade some go for profit or use their skill to adventure and explore new areas of magic. Magic is the use by energy to create or work the way that is thought. This is grey magic so think as you will do or like with self-thought to do with some great thoughtful ideal.

Hell weaver = A person who works toward the light from redemption to being in hell at some point. The person can weave any power including "hell" itself who are often mistaken for the past as he/she was. This weaver has a demonlike ability to affect instantly as its willed with a demon transformation ability. With regard to spawnlike ability to manifest a new form and the efficiency of resisting corruption. When done so, they can manipulate anything through effects or ability like a dreamweaver for turning people good or to the light, yet good people are turned neutral by watching the effort. These are immortal people who are ageless and don't mind what other people say or do.

Yet they can "link" to others through "true source" or "hell" that be 1366.48 Kelvin, this was found to be true, from an oil drill to hell and interactively powered by millions of tortured bodies. When this hell source be woven by reaching into hell itself, it interacts a vision to effect the action. A range of effect be from any one to several torments to positive results. When there be hell weaving, it disrupts the evil activity with a bad result except at the weaver itself there be no effect.

Forsaken = Men or women weavers of criminal, outlaw or vigilante nature and who broke oaths or did a accounted murder that was against some sort of nature. These people know more than the normal groups other than themselves except for weavers as they are men and women who do their own thing, for the sake of themselves to help others. Like asha'man, except they are considered anathema to the Aes sedai or weaver cause for being neutral or very wild and they expect obedience or understanding as they work or they just do it and leave it alone.

These people are like weavers and black sash sedai with dark weavers ability in that they have ability to focus ability beyond lesser weaving skills. These people commit cold blooded murder to protect themselves or outright sabotage to prevent. Their range of effects are many to more than one event causing interest and sometimes mayhem due to the need for revenge. On interaction, theres a huge ego that works with most and gained from achievments.

Their control is based on fear and who they can bully with a outcome that suits them, some won't bully though so your safe that they trick by manipulation. If they won't bully or trick, then they would kill when they achieve nothing with control after refusal. Who they bully is dependent on the personality and those that abuse. They, the controller, use the idea of force or motion or words create the situation, when this fails they resort to trial and error. Some would go to force of abuse to get a message across.

Forcemaster classification

Forcecrafter = Shaper, Psionicist and Elementalist are the crafters of wordcraft and represented elements sometimes reflected by wordcraft manipulation, So far their is earth, air, fire, water, spirit, music and others like earth is also objects and body. The forcemaster is a general name for those who use the forces of the elements, Some make the art where people can admire it as a performance such as spiritual manipulation by music. Elemental master = Psionicist, Jedi (spirit force controller) with an appended -master, Specialistic force master with a -mancer (practicioner) and -mancy (master) at the end of the element name or psionic force user with -kinetic (channelor) or -kinesis (ability) at element name end using any one element, the element can be summoned or formed into focus. These abilities fall under Magic or Psychokinesis for the mental ability of psychic mind and energy manipulation in practice, by Metarules of Affinity (likeness attraction), Thaumaturgy (like effects like any distance) and Mind over matter or Mind focus (focus of mind rules over objects and bodies).

With regard to understanding how to use the element efficiently, and how to make effects to appear along with speed improvements. The true worth is the fields in this usage as they are different named. So far people use the terms of the four elements along with others for the elemental forces, like;

Biomancy or Biokinetic is life interacting with objects and people that allows, for the reading of genetics or body type and races in people. Through looking at the soul aura with focused sight to percieve the colored aura pattern by brain interaction and by blinking your eyes. The aura can be seen as rendered perception of coloration in the original shape reveals what the aura is within the limitation of how the mind can see it. This will work in pitch black too. Anything of life manipulation by biokinesis is through reeiki as pk effects sent through a channel of energy as to the target by earth or a body channel by feel or voice to conjole the action intent by the wave molecules to enact a vibrational carrier wave through a medium of earth materials from the planck level.

To control bodies is the effect if told in some manner to do the action and it will happen. Using the einstien law of gravity in simple terms to explain the wave effect, is if you move forward and then space moves around you by displacement particles or electrons. Your kept down by centrifugal force and the displacement happens from that of air molecules that look like waves that flow as you shift in movement and reallocation of weight that flows in movement from the centrifugal force.

Beomancy or Beokinetic as pheromone control that makes you able to to control the body scents to speak or for feeling interpretation. The pheromones of the body are capable of being a totally different language in itself. This language can make what you say very understandable. The control of pheromones can make attractions possible. It can make you attractive to the other sex or to your sex. It can control within reasons, others as well. It is very easy to do by the quick way meditation.

The quick way to doing this, using pheromones is to use intention of seeing aura for pheromones by feeling that you can from Dr.lehr, To blink your eyes and then sniff while expanding your consciousness to allow the brain pheromonal adjustment as your sniffing, activates your scent detection. See the scent by allowing your eyes to adjust to the persons aura or even food and then to sniff for the pheromones. After this, use the effective feel and watch idea, to adjust and see the reaction of others and the effort is easy as you feel the pheromones.

The easy way of blocking out the scents your aware of and don't like smelling. Use the thought or active scent of that which is not desired. Then shrink your consciousness of it, the idea, and how it seems to you. Thus, ignore the result of its scent to dismiss it. What does this accomplish? You subconsciously manipulated, through the meditation of your body to be able to control, pheromones by your will.

Geomancy or Geokinetic as earth where these are healers by feel or seeing brown molecules in a scrubbing motion to scrub out the disease while thinking of the disease, manipulators by pk movement or restorers by destruction or repair of objects and bodies, Along with shaping ability and dimensional effects as your forcing the earth to shape by pk movement with thinking of the effect and seeing the brown earth molecules rubbing together, Some would say this falls under the lines of pk as your moving earth as a energy. They have a limited ability to control lava as in control its flow until its positioned right and as you the controller work with the effect, the objects touched by manipulation cool down only if you the worker see the brown molecules stop rubbing.

Liquentmancy or Liquentkinetic that allows for lava control (liquentis control) and can control volcanoes along with emotion in general because the emotion is used to control volcanoes. similar to geomancy yet this offers more control over lava as it is lava specialization and where the earth is brown, emotiion is purple or pink and lava is reddish brown. The lava manipulator can control the emotion by inciting the pink or purple molecules, like love or hate along with other emotion in most people including themselves. The liquent master can cool down or heat up lava with a will to move the molecules slower and not get burns easily unless not done right. They can control the flow of lava as well as geokinetic.

Pyromancy or Pyrokinetic for fire masters that are emotional and sometimes capable of loving destructions along with tricks, their control on fire can be to make or unmake it at will. They can excite any fire particle of heat (red dots or tachyons) to some destructive force and little excess. These people are not needing their hands to make psiballs unless they desire to.

Hydromancy or Hydrokinetic who use water from air and other water source manipulations to get their result, they can see and breath water well enough to effect form it anywhere including in people, and dry things up by removal; See the light blue or aquamarine colored molecules and attempt to incite them
by making the particles vibrate and rub together while you feel the result or think on a result you desire on a focus at the object or area.

Cyromancy or Cyrokinetic for ice and cold to freeze or unfreeze objects at will, they excite or compress any cold particle (blue particles) for the effect. including water, fire (putting it out) or air, leaving a excess of energy.

Aeromancy or Aerokinetic controls air and get readings psychicly through reading a universal conscious of most time, they have omnipotency, force form barriers and air walls, support or mental control of mind.

Tachyamancy or Tachyakinetic allows small red particles (tachyons, active energy subparticle) used in pyrokineticism or waves (lekton, gravity or light waves) manipulation used in biokinesis along with their interaction to form magnetic fields. This earth air is the particles of subatomic level as it supports magic and psionic ability separately because at the base level, the planck level of quantum physics that forms the sublayer foundation of energy manipulation. These people can control time and events to make what they want happen. They don't need their hands to create psiballs that are concentrated psi energy or psi effects. All thats really needed is the voice or focus to get the effect in place with intent.

Necromancy or Necrokinetic who controls spirits and death by different means of kung fu and ritual where chaos and demons are their key idea in working effects including death itself; For the necromancer its ritual and the necrokinetic think of death particles as bone white. To cause death just incite by feel the death particle of bone white to rub or vibrate. and incite the particle to uncause death by causing the vibrating death particle to stop or see the particle rubbing together and then stop the rub by feel. The reason for this is to stop death instead of causing it.

Aekinomancy or Aekinokinetic is the ability from aekinothestics, the study of light energy conversion involving geomancy, aeromancy and contigency effects ae probability to generating electricity and energy or channeling it; To incite it the current, feel energy sparks to occur in the area and then incite the sparks by feeling the spark flare. Then shift to normal vision to see the results unless its not near.

Atheomancy or Atheokinetic are also Alamancy and Alakinetic the effect of depicting a scene by description, drawing, acting or talking. The depicted event will happen through energy, psi or pk enactment from subconscious manipulation. This is Spelukin enactment with energy and magic effect added in. The material is what it needs as in psimaterial that you infuse with energy as its worked with or is of a psiball combined to the object or item. As you work with the item infused its instructed by speaking, feeling or seeing the event and making a portrayal on what you want, Such as in laymans terms, paint the scene while feeling its alive and the energy transferred from you in small bits creates the psiart from depiction and a psiball effect. Due note: the red dots of tachyonic energy can be used to infuse the objects without touching it.

Aethemancy or Psychokinetic the usage of most elements in the magic and mental schools, They tend to use most elements as they are influencing the other elements or provoking the effect by the law of invoking gray magic or mind effects by use of the universal conscious of many minds. This makes the person aware of most troubles and events without being told by omnipotency. To do this think of silver or gray particles for most elements that are incited with a feeling of the particle vibrating or rubbing together or alternatively, feel or think on the element or feel energy. Then shift your frame of mind to the normal idea of your own and speak the result, see the result or think of the result.

Ethemancy or Ethekinetic is the same as Etherio is Ethe is Ether and derives spirit and most negative efforts including death and void manipulation to happen with very little effort. These are short and long distance efforts that occur as a dream after the spirit-that-goes-through-everything obliges. The people act shamanic that are using this spirit as they gain what they can of wisdom by knowing it and knowing people by it. The ether user can derive drinks and drugs from air or spirit. The shaping ability of spirits and formation of body to other forms as well is possible. With ether manipulation one can make spirit essences in the formation as one desires.

There is a key to the effort to help the effort along and idea to occur, its the color black or ghost white that allows the effort to occur with an exciting of the particle, by adjusting your frame of mind and see the particle excited or rubbing together with the color of choice. To get the result you only have to excite the particle, speak or feel the effort you desire and when finished the occurences can be stopped by unexciting the black or ghost white energy. Then unadjust your frame of mind to normal view. But, if you find yourself in a dream vision as these visions are prescientific in nature and range from any time point including in the past, then the only way out before it turns bad or worse than ever, is not to fight the vision but manipulate it through actions until it, the vision ends. Feel free to use lucid dreaming to control this vision.

A vision can end through thinking it ended, die in the vision, sleep or unexcite the black particle. If you die in the vision you lose the memory of what occurs in it. Within the vision the rules are to have fun and make the vision of your dreams once you gain control of it, the vision that I described. Due note: people within can act if given permission outside it, call them troops if you want as they will try to protect you unless they were attacking you. All thats needed is to deny their permission to being there.

Bard = Ability of song and bardic power, By use of these atomic charges I am using (+) positive as push, (n) neutral as sustaining and (-) negative as pull. Normally the bard is a singer and performer with usage of voice (-) with or without harmononics (n) to create fascination (-) or fascimilation (-) with a crowds responses (+), but by the use of psionics that is amplified with harmonics or just voice to conjole the effort, makes an idea that is portrayed or felt to occur, the bard can make magic with a balance of voice (-) and/or harmonics thats neutral by harmony (+) + melody (-) and add psionics (+) as a boost for magic (-) and that which is negative conjoles or provokes the listeners response (+) to see a change in mood.

Visually see the event and it might happen while feelings are evoked from the sight of the worded events. One, the bard only has to use voice tones to gain results, by speaking or to feel the intent of others to use as a blue mage would. Which has the ability to channel energies directed to other purposes that were focused at them with direct or distance recognized energy. Same for a bard that can use the interest or disinterest of people in a crowd to fuel the effect, as if thoughts were a radiation and a gang or crowd were easily worked with. The bard can manipulate reality very easily and shift areas if they could figure the trick.

A song thats (+) is not interesting as its pushing where the enticing song quality is pulling (-). To detail a (+) song is if the song is a bad peak vibration and not the mood of the person, where the (-) song is either bad or good and the mood matches as a good song has vibes that match the mood. A very good song provokes the imagination or feelings to be better as a response (+) and a bad song makes a persons mood drop by not fitting the mood as a response (-). Another use is to shock or subdue a crowd or person with a (+) intent or convince and manipulate a crowd with a (-) action and volume adds a (-) for a response. So crowd control is (+) push + (-) loudness + (-) reaction = (n) resolution + (-) reaction = (-) attraction. Forced control or captive audiece is (+) push + (-) pull + (+) reaction + (+) loudness = (n) provoking + (+) activity = (+) emotional responses or angry mob. Arguement is (-) pull + (+) reaction = (n) give and take. Finally for rock'n'roll (+) push + (-) reception or (-) pull + (+) response + (-) loudness = (n) attention or inattentive + (-) loudness = (-) attractive.

Antiwitch = Kxc981, antimage, One who bargains to get deals but will watch those of the other magic ideology. To hurt those with criminal tendency and openly appear to aid them. Any negative requests are apparently done without asking, except in secret they do the opposite of what is asked. Any positive idea is to help others or to get aid for doing the action. The moment of which requires the motion to occur is psionically achieved. The coven may be visited but not actually worked with. Some scientific idea is approved but not always looked for and thus ignored if given it without earning it.

Where some attempt to create the distraction for evil witches and keep them from evil unless its deserved. The ancestors of the antiwitch/antimage is Inquisitors whom tortured any who were reported except another inquisitor. This group doesn't torture unless necessary and drives people insane, by control if they are suspected or observed by long range viewing. Usage of reverse psychology is sometimes necessary and the original froyd techniques are done to mess up the person who mess with them.

An antiwitch is similar I suppose to the CSICOP except they disseminate where, the antiwitch kill the unsuspecting disruptor or control them in a process, of reverse witchcraft. They use suggestions and tokens, of power, to help their effects along, that they cause. The witch in the Antiwitch group are lenient to them with exception to those who torture. An antiwitch is unseen and unheard except to those who know of them. These are mostly understood people of illusions who torture mentally without leaving a scratch, and up close they would seem harmless.

Even if they manage to kill someone they can raise them and use them as undead but they seem alive. With a slight reverse field around them to keep hidden, they support at a distance with dreamwalking or long range viewing. To think of and set guards to keep stealing down, they try to keep the thieves distracted to other houses. Optionally is to use the weaving techniques and train those else who can as well.

Mostly allowed is to use lethal force and anyhow they can, with weaving and martial arts. Some who know of their special "questionors" may fear the name or site as they can weave or psionically make a person do whatever they want. As if they were a puppet and with their own life to live. Except these baddies use manipulation techniques to keep control of their chosen puppet. Any slave they come across they free or make it hard for slavemasters. These are like terrorists against terrorists and sometimes seek other planets as vacation spots.

Are they the "good" terrorist group that keep the aliens at bay? Some, like ex-long range viewers say that they, the antimage exist but not for the reasons stated, as if they are spied out, they arrange events, to cause the effects and these effects make them hard, to remember. They are also a surviving group that pays for itself.

Sergoi = ageless psionicist, old jedi, Ageless elemental force master, are omnipotent(mentally aware and found by energy signature trace) and omnipresent(spiritually aware and not found from distance) and most able to pick up new tricks by observing or feelings. Most that watch them are slightly disturbed by the amount of energy and understanding that is shown. Some have a mad cackle and some very stern or concerned with others or at least for themselves. Able to master time and probable control over reality, they serve to please if they want something. Starting age for sergoi is 300 and the sergoi is usually from the early ages and with some ancient bloodline, cursed to live forever or fairy immortality. They are known on site as the body is slightly deformed, shows signs of many breaks and they are curiousities or curses to be around as they love to perfect skill by getting info and learning it or with inner knowledge. Their methods range from chaos to mental effects as in spars and experiments if nothing else.

However, if someone wants to not be under their shadow, as they consider most people young beings unless they show maturity, they drive them away or "act a friend" till they can disappear. Most knowledge comes from within and from what is learned by sight. Most use any element that suits them and they suck it like a kitsune to keep alive or young for spells or psionics that drain them. Their way to get things is to spread info, or connive by means sometimes unknown to get the effect or object and compliments are an option. The sergoi are neutral as they deal with troubles and fix conflicts by deals, negotiation or chaotic manipulation. To get one off your back pay them peaceful respect ae negotiate or compliments and you might find their regard to doing their own projects. Everything is a resource to them including failed idea. To this point you might think they bathe often, they are like aggies in that they bathe when they can. Some are cannibals, but some are not and share the aggies attitude. The seroi sound like children yet act mature with an old voice even at age 100 and some have adult memories at a young age but some don't.


Other and experiment
Jay, Paul, Danny

Wheel of time series by Robert Jordan

Book source:
"Ars Magica" by Judith Tarr
Source of A.H. Dahr