Personal notes on Demonic energy

By Shizuka Fujin

  Demonism is the symbol that the subconscious shows to represent the events that are happening. This is where you think then choose then create to work with those that want to work with you. I think this is true for activity that you can use energy or emotion to create with. I think so thinking is right to think of a count down that you think awakens you with peace or no anger yet anger can be useful. It may be a tough job but what you can do is to actually generate anger through a powerful thought and use the emotion as a energy boost and so form the effect by directing your anger and thinking its demonic.

  You have to really be you as you feel the burning anger within yourself by feel of some idea or memory or no use, think to remember then you can remember or not as this uses energy dismiss the thought to work the area concept or use from a drink or you might get hallucination this might not work. It all depends on the individuals surrender to the energy to create as you think is necessary by use and the powerful will. This is the end point you can think to produce anger or peace by the point you make. How you act is up to you.

  Here are some personal notes as points to demonic energy:

Document by shizuka fujin