The herbs list

  I find it self evident that these natural plant based drugs and medicines are not addictive like illicit street drugs, harmless, and much more effective. They also don't seem to throw the human mind into a chemical imbalance like pharmaceuticals or synthetic drugs. The human ego leads many of us to believe that we can do a better job than nature. This means things lead us to believe that we create, this is when in reality we only capture the interest to our reality to work with those we are around.

  I just wanted to briefly bring to the attention of the masses that governments have banned more psychoactive and medicinal plants that just Marijuana(Cannabis) this is over the years that things like this effects. Below is a list of a few of the most popular plant "highs", some buy the "drugs", then use the medicines that causes them to not work well with others with less to do as the face of the earth is what changes then changes us. Just remember, you don't have to reflect the current mind mode as a point or mood. This list ever changes, so you can enjoy things as this is the list with this form as a feel for what is there. Due noticed effects of drugs with medicine mess with each other then you could find yourself impaired, as the chi energy is life energy that tries to cause the body to cope or cure itself by your use. You know your in energy balance and on the right track.

  We are all familiar with Cannabis ( Marijuana ) and understand that it is a powerful medicine, work with some point as a natural warm up way to relax, think to ward off stress, seen to stimulate creativity, spirituality. this is used by a few and the healing process is by the aura that heals you with 20 minutes or less a day working with less people.
  The Coca plant is the source of the illegal street drug known as Cocaine. Too many people are unaware that this drug is synthesized from a leaf. The leaf itself was traditionally chewed, then strained to be used by a few that used the drug with various ways. As far out as it may sound, think then you can legally purchase Coca leaf Tea in the USA and other countries here.
  Khat is another stimulant leaf, very similar to the Coca entheogen, and Kratom. It's properties are inebriating, more some euphoric, then stimulating. These are where your aware to what is going or happening near you as more alert then less aware as you think to use then get off. These plants induce a profound shift in human consciousness. They induce intense, spiritually enlightening effects. Khat seeds are legal to buy where laws permit HERE.
  This is kava that is the root of a plant in the pepper family known with coffee or caffeine plant feel or dark coffee known first from a cod fish then it was discovered as kava. It's meant as a soother that effects are inebriating, soothing, thats a mild sedative like vanilla extract or an essential oil as this is also a stringent form as a mild sedative. Kava calms anxiety and elevates mood. It leaves the body feeling like cotton candy while calming the mind, think increasing the level with the Chi level noticed as some off green aura emanation within the spirit body countering the bad to correct the body to repair from impurities then you do as a psychoactive actitivity is there. Kava Suppliers: ;
  Kratom is the newest legal plant type medicine/drug. It's quickly being targeted to be outlawed by the corrupt. Kratom and Kava are two of the most popular entheogens with the world, this is still legal in the USA today.
  Kratom suppliers: Live Plants: ; Kratom Leaf & Seeds ; Kratom Leaf

  This is a review of some area book I read written so it can show the magic ideal if you want to see the point by feel. "Just area use; This is from some epilogue I read with the ideal "the area is focus to create, think is use to suppress by feel" you create as you are so not see or you think is the last chapter you see you sense by feel or arranged rare energy or focus thinking, this use is the fact you sense not as you think or yes as you thought the way out so you think to create better. For the point you think the undead are dead unless they kill you by the aura for the live are living, sometimes by earning or living by ideal that are lividie or by alive people. Otherwise the auratic energy is response or focus from people, that are someomes no hits so you feel to work with the body that allows the others energy to be your own. That exist things or something you create is something you work with by feel.

  See that means they are called to live by perception, this is usually not the fact alone seeing the creator can drop the body if the cadaver lives after death. This by the creator that allows or not then they are no longer alive as they are not always called to live the living, as this is not always to allow the person to live after the fact. This is the last chapter btw I was testing you, i am from the book I freed you from just now by reading this that I call a maze by feel. Enjoy."

  The book is called "The hoax thats real: proven facts by feel" by theory e ebony. The ebony crown is the drowish area you are aware so think this doesn't exist unless you think this does, seem or by the point or area there is evident feel to the area by feel. Long gone now so you can think to create, using their ideal if you find any written or if spoken the effect is sometimes there by the creator if you need the effect there. So if you think to focus or use ideal as you speak things to serve as intention.

  Then you focus or create to create some alchemy effects as you mix the ingredients with water so you create as you feel. So I hope you find what your looking for with this article, you see you can prepare the ideal or ingredients to create or fix the area point by feel. This by feeling is your need to disappear problems by dissoluted ice cubes or salted ice cubes with the point, so if you think to dissolve any problem by the area effect you create magic or not by activity magic or area magic by the point. I am aware you are feeling by awareness. Think to no longer be there to be a target if you are one.


Things placed are magical health related in after this are useful in no particular order except for when I came up with things to use. This particular piece I lost then regained to use yet is a point I gained or lost weight yet I was the creator the area energy was the creation by fact or love. This is an end point.

Aura chart
Aura dark area arts
Black ice or hidden magic uses
red [blood] and gray [poison] shades magic
The brown or item magic
White focus magic with herbs list

Etcetra magic; magic you see but expect to appear by the creator with the area.

Effect by love or hate
Wonderous recall by activity
Laying on hands from area heart focus energy
healing from the heart
magical healing
Area image focus creation
Faery mist
Magical gemstone tricks for genetics
Magical gemstone weaving tricks
Hexing tricks
Telemetry by the moment
Miscast magic or the effect of the moon
Globe by protection
Translation no stealing
The godmagic
Potion making-The alchemy by godmagic that's use with energy thought to the water or potions use
Healing by magic
Weakness by spell unless you think no weakness
Elvish spells
Trap magic


The rest or use after this or uses are by use with book sections that can change by feel is your use by herbs to amplify the ability. Mainly sage with smoked paprika otherwise use is cinnamon with witch hazel. This is a subtle form with a reminder no drug use needed with herbs.

This is the point he or she got things in life before creating uses, although it was never known for whom.

Area arts or dark area arts

 This is where you see or sense by the need no longer if ads. The dark arts in defense is with a idea of mind to withstand assault by mental room concept or mind not if you don't understand your need. If your need is strength then think to use by herb use or not use is focus by action with activity and the use of energy to occur what is nothing in a point to do. Thats easy right? I am not about to try anything on you. So no worry here.

   "Well I think to try these are rather interesting, especially if the creator, that is those that create or the creator him or herself creates or uncreates as you think, imagine or focus. So try a full manifest with things you can ignore more easily this is easily done think your possible point then the mind doesn't mind the idea as though you picture or think to see what is there."

 I believe the planet or creator replenishes the energy by the particles or so you think I believe the planet core no matter where you are by thought, doesn't keep you there or keeps you from gaining weight back too by aura adjustment. I think the planet uses your associated element. However rephrased "the core replenishes the energy or so you think you believe the planet core that you create by sometimes use. So you see no matter where you are the core keeps you from gaining weight you thought from gaining back too by light allure or aura adjustment."

 This means a walk in or out picture or thinking things as you wish you create or not as necessary. This is you can be somewhere or not be there by thinking your there or thinking your not your not in there. This is by thinking you are there then thinking things through or create by the feel is using herbs, no illegals all you need to use a herb is not smoke but think to use the herbs with a water drink or not crave to not create the need as no need.

 To start is easy though to not continue is thinking to create by herbs marshmallow root with ginsenge or basil with cinnamon with mint added to turmeric with flaxx seed effects by dill weed. Think or use is where you end up almost hefty or very slender or think thin then the particles reshape themselves. So I think your free from the need by mint with oregano with sage so understand the urge you understand, that is if energy is infinite by seeming light particles with the sun or area light source or dark area is lightless seeing light is energy dark is radiative by area you notice or not by seeing the description then realize the feel or idea so your realizing the description. This is a feel by senses you think then you know or with use by light how it can it can work. This energy can be manipulated by meditation. Focus your mind inwards by thinking of a high tension wire. This high tension wire has a very high tolerance to make adaptations to any strain put on it. Look at the body feel or energy drain after, this is malkiar that means uses for this ideal is not limited to that. this is the energy that the body uses to converts the energy considered absorption from thinking the body is folding energy. Think as you imagine some effect, to create or consider where you are or what you do to created feel. Imagine this wire as a line of force to your aura your body projects that takes the energy thrown at the body and converts it into something it can use or causes you to throw energy back as lightning. The wire also will restore you at the moment it will get the energy. This is from a chemical guide for bromine nitrate.

Think your use by the defense that is near

 This means in that your will can get touched by any spell or destructive urge an use is against "them by the en or at the end" just imagine the line of force taking the blow and sending it right back at the sender unless you don't want them insane. The idea behind this is to use force with force to neutralize the force or energy you think that is example. The other idea is activity to use by feel, feel the effects to allow the body to become immune by less to the magic itself that allows more funds. Thus the spell is stored in the body by the cellular energy so all you have to do is remember, by the effects to cast the spell to create as you think deserves things the creator knows if they do or not as this is with the term "ne" you don't have to be with the one. Let the spell effect and allow the energy line of force restore you to the state you were in. As the saying goes "To take the blow will always make you stronger if it does not kill you." Thus get nearly hit as many times as you can without breaking. There is a drawback to this, one can become immune to magic itself. This is a blue mages ability.

  Another defense is to use chaos. This is the method; call out mentally or verbally "Chaos! Chaos! Chaos! Come to to my aid and protect me from any threat towards me by a field which keeps said enemies off balance! Also restore me from any hostile spell or physical damage I suffer ne or no longer no matter what. Thank you chaos." This little spell will protect from physical damages as well. You could get stabbed or a broken bone and recover within one hour to one week. Seen by innermost feel or imagination, some say this is only a spell "Kao; chaos by the car or area vibration to work with others or be by feel is my will and defense. Their will is very little yet causes what you think by a word they fear to need or think you do not need to be then this isn't or they don't if to have around them what bothers them."

  I think with all feelings of panic or hate that you can. When this is done, you will become another person and defend with abilities and spells you never realized you ever had. Only when the emergency is over will chaos release its hold and you become yourself. The reason this works is because the chaos is the basic force behind everything. With chaos, order becomes from the need to balance. Order is chaos with a structured mask. Since chaos is the base of everything, and you only need to know that all knowledge is within its grasp. Self conduct is to a better meant method.

  The wish spell is another defense. As e is an was it to be. Take to mind what you want done in perfect and vivid scenes. Now state with intent mentally or verbally "I wish to win no matter what." If you recognize a condition or spell being cast, say "I wish the spell was never cast." The ideal are what may be used is many uses so by what you can to accomplish the tact, but the only requirement is the intent backed by feeling and the wish itself to give it direction by feel. If you find yourself in a dangerous situation, if you think "i am done" think or say to yourself "i wish to survive in one piece and successful with means to pay by no meanness. that creates the benefit by the feel."

  The other half to the wish spell is to give a little energy to it and do the things necessary to achieve what you can. The wish spell works because it goes through any person thing or your self to accomplish it. Once done is your done, the larger or more were ability by thinking to the moon as the wish is the area ability the longer this takes and the more energy the moon takes to accomplish things. One could almost make the entire scene they go through to become as they wish. Because of the moment of the scene that unfolds in front of you, do concise moments of wishes to make it go your way. The wish spell can make a success out of anything. Think to thinking matter to create what you wish as you want then if you need the ideal you can get the point.

  So making better effect is this. Think to make things better. This is as you think. Use is your own. So aloe vera or baking soda or none because normal toothpaste is bad by fluoride you can use acai berry with baking soda, that causes you to always think clearly by sage, cinnamon only if you want to cut off ability or use is this by a point that is useful information to use by feel if you combine alo then you cure your physical form. soda with baking soda to brush your teeth with energy that you think through the brush to the baking soda to energize by thinking as you walk. That is a guyver or galver suit effect where the guyver is no blood needed, galverizing is with area by the blood circulation. So you see think or feel to cure yourself by the feel.

  This is a cool idea to work as you can use cups as bowling pins with a bowling ball or ball. To make this look good is think the body glows then you create some interesting ideal or reaction. Called a power glow you aren't dead if you don't shock yourself. So think not to get near a socket so you aren't tempted as you do this trick by thinking your aware you show alert ideal to work with others. I think this allows you to regenerate enamel. There are other tricks imagine or think your not reacting to some area as you sit down or move away to work no use is for nothing there.

  See "a adeios oglos" means I am surprised this is there no use is agu agleious agieous in the ancient language. So think to get to therapy by feel, think to help more by angels use or elementals are more useful with no use. So this level is what you think you create by the feel or feeling to create not with the borg yet with the area energy by magnetics. This uses the poles of the planet to create less need less use more goal to work by feel. This is the direction. The planet energy absorbs the extra energy or food energy that dissipates by light particles. That is to imagine a belt size larger holed as your wearing a belt or one loop more to touch with pressure points, so that can fit then you lose excess by the subconscious. That is galavenization for you though. This is the use or some point you saw by feel is set to use.

  That uses rubbed sage or sage, basil with thought to reform by paprika or reshape with smoked paprika as you think to need things by feel or work i think so i realize. See the point though, this works both ways by feel. Think then to exercise. This is the m im m fun or night time use to feel creative or use correctly as though am im em is what I see the meaning for this is not stepping into the ape zone. So cinnamon, basil, paprika to make weight loss easily as sage causes sanity. Sage, cinnamon with basil also works otherwise sage, mint, water with oregano seems to make sense with less hunger by vanilla with molasses with thyme effect is sage.

Black ice or hidden magic uses

  "Black magic, study of deadly and deceitful arts shown by Necronomicom, the book of the damned and dark art rituals that sometimes uses the illusion of unreflective ice on the road."

  Usage of the necronomicon can be found @ here. I will explain the deceit spell as an example, use 3 black candles or feel three being lit near you. Even if not seen, they will still be there and the subconscious will make it real if you imagine it as well. Then feel your self speak on things after using an inversion filter to aura and invert the aura. The aura should change to a blackish color. and when you speak it will be deceit under pressure.

  Another way is to speak or say mentally to none,
"May I speak coy under pressure, where necessary, I wish not under truth serum. So mote it be!"
A short version is "maicoyunda preuverneo myshbatrusaueffx" (may-ih-coil-undah pree-uh-veer-ne-oh my-sh-buh-truce-aim-use-effx) and this does as necessary. To undo it speak "unn" but this spell offers hope even under truth serum. In this document are 6+ more positive examples.

red [blood] and gray [poison] shades magic

  Red or Grey magic is a study of neutral mental arts of white and black magic including poison, curses, healing and idea effects. The active balanced magic is effective of taking the bite out of black magic and using white magic to heal by this. Making it neutral and doing things with a conscious modified to allow for idea with an open mind and not open to evil thats unnecessary. If you keep this in mind then you are a red mage as you attempt both styles. An added benefit is psionics are way improved as it takes your focus to improve effort and make kaomancy (chaos manipulation of destructive forces or raw energy) or alamancy (art of depicting an act, speaking, feeling or imaging to get an effect). But rituals by kung fu are most useful. Use the effort of the balanced spell as from the menu, modeling it for an example.

The brown or item magic

  Brown magic is study of most magics including time and god magic. Plus, manipulation, think to put bad energy to some object of corruption. All examples herein are a study of this field. The idea the practitioner follow are to gain what they can using balance, nonviolence and individualism. Their goal is to profit where they can and use what they learn to promote better idea and attitude amongst people. Causing peaceful intent by somewhat deceitful or manipulative actions with crooks and openness toward honest people but only if they aren't threatening. Otherwise they will avoid it and shift to else as an activity, and the effort to achieve makes it seem a necessary principle for businesslike professionalism. This is present then think the best or possible chance.

  This may go so far as to be a unreasoning or controlled killing behavior pattern to make a bad idea go away. This may go far the other way of stealing so its only if they see no other way. Due note: the act of owning is divine but you may get hostile reactions. So persuade by hypnotism to avoid destruction or psychology and reverse psychology to make things smoothed over. Alternative methods use reverse engineering on the situation to see how to fix it to you advantage. Using these tips you create an idea image to not step on peoples toes to go up a level.

  An example of time magic is a long and short method. What you need is focus on three events related to the time. After this think of the place and the moment with you appearing in the area. With ability and event focus you then say "tysyt" (tih-sit) and feel the shift. Then you might feel a tension in air with a slight blackout or a motion of disturbance and then you might wake up where you wanted, or appear with a little nausea. The worst that can happen is you can wake up in another body but you can get in your normal body. To get back is to focus on any one or two objects or idea of home and it will shift you back. What might help is to say "syt" (sit) and feel the shift. Seen to the seming end or nothing done is feel.

White focus magic or herbs list

  White magic is study of good and manipulation arts along with god magic. Healing and control by arranging events of area. Use of herbs are very restorative or poisonous to bear usage and either purge diseases, wipe unordered chaotic energy or cause diseases. A white magus can be used for a cleric replacement and is a priest of order or order magus. The attempt to make idea happen by focusing the words for positive magic effects, is to allot for prayers and ritual with sometimes more than one person. Banishments are necessary for an order priest and will detail by you effecting to know the ghost and then use the name if possible in the ritual with at least one lit nonred candle if possible.

  You can do that but you can use a circle of protection or iron will and critical thinking as a protection. The iron will reflects or resists the effect and the doubt of the critical thinking allots for disbelief of the negative magic. Think or use, its just an opinion or no to avoid. Now the ghost can be gotten rid of by saying the ghost name or just "ghost" and then "begone!" in a demanding voice. So this is lighter or darker aspects. The light isis feel is vibration or focus as the darker path is put to use, this is darker aspect if you see with water or the right idea. Say no say so you see lost me as with, as corrolation you lost me with no damages when there is or the corrolotatons with use.

The rest of the functions are to write their book of shadows and efficiently illustrate it, while you effectively keep your secrets. For a person to write they understand what to erite, so do not write with unclear mind. Unless its purposeful ae protrection sake or any other. Self practice makes any ritual and a ritual is kung fu or continuous practice on a thing or idea until effecient in it. A way to gain the information is to ask, apprentice or meditate. To ask is to create or not get, find the right person and only in a good mood or a mood to get away from you, I think their irritation they will answer for their purposes of getting their irritant away from them or to quiet down. This apprentice system is explained in the magic is soul classification. The meditation is the soul knowledge meditation to unlock the memories of your subconcious. Due note, those of white magic are noticed unless distraction is there and may be with practice; afflictive or unafflictive in personality. Those of afflictive nature will accost the irritative and manipulate as the want to unless theirs no gain in thinking. The unnafflictive will do as necessary to gain their needs but not accost as it might get attention.

Now the way of the effect is to run across a idea and its of use unless proven inefficient, finding irritants and either accost or talk them out of it. If an item, then remove it or get nothing done, unless you ignore it. Persuade the irritant if possible to irritate someone or something else. If adjacent or opposed then to make use of evasion or persuasion by force or talking. Mental talk to the useful to get idea or persuade easier. if inversed of you, then ignore or don't give harmful info that might bite you in the end. Take oaths not to kill unless needed and yet you can cause them to kill themselves.

Thinking to help this idea along I added a listing of herbs and essential oils from an enigma bbs that was as a listing.

Herbs list

* ACACIA = Air/Sun Wood Protection, Psychic Enhancement Burn
while you announce your desire. You can also add to burn
with other appropriate herbs for money and friendship

* ALLSPICE = Fire/Mars Dried Fruit Money, Luck and Healing
Burn the crushed dried berries for sageleaf poison curing for attracting money and
luck. Add to mixtures for healing. Can use in a healing
herbal bath.

* ALMOND = Air/Mercury Dried Fruit, Leaves and Wood Abundance
and Prosperity Carry, wear or burn for attracting abundance
or use for making amulets.

* ALOE = Water/Moon Entire Plant Protection, Attract Luck Hang
at the front door, in the kitchen, in doorways and hallways
to attract luck and protection to the inhabitants. Also heals
open or minor wounds/

* ANGELICA = Air/Venus Roots and Fruits Protection, Healing,
Attracts the gift of temperance Burn sun-dried herbs while
you announce your desire and retain it in your mind. Candle
Magick is also very useful with this herb.

* ANISE = Air/Jupiter Seeds Protection, Psychic enhancement,
Sleep, Wear on your person in sachet. Used often in
Aromatherapy Used too in dream pillows for a good nights
sleep. Burn while meditating.

Banishing, (believe me , you will!) Protection and
Purification. Burn the crushed roots and leaves for incense.
This is a powerful banishing herb. You will banish yourself
outta the room with this stuff!

* ASPHODEL = Fire/Venus Flowers Love Drawing Place the flower
on the altar or next to the tool you are using for
attracting a new love. Also worn in the hair.


* BALM OF GILEAD = Water/Venus Also Earth/Saturn Flowery tops
and leaves Soothes love pains, de-stressing Throw the fresh
herbs in a bath, as you soak visualize your wish coming
true, place in red wine for attracting a new love

* BASIL = Fire/Jupiter Flowery tops and leaves Money and
Riches, Protection, Love Burn crushed powdered Basil while
you announce your desire. You can also sprinkle a little on
your person. Can be mixed with other herbs for protection
and love

* BAY LAUREL = Fire/Mercury Leaves and Wood Divination,
Protection, Purification Justice and sleep/dreams Burn the
fresh leaves for divination, hang up at the highest point in
the home for protection or burn and let the smoke hit the
four corners of a room for purifying and cleansing of
negative energies. Place in a dream pillow for safe sound
sleep or with other herbs for psychic dreams.

* BENZOIN = Air/Sun Also Air/Mars Root and Leaves Purification
and Intellect Burn for success in intellectual matters. Burn
crushed and powdered leaves for purifying the home, self and
other items of negative energies.

* BERGAMOT = Earth/Jupiter is created feel or root use, tops and leaves money,
Prosperity Use the oil of this herb in attracting money.
Carry a sachet with you to the Bingo parlor for luck in

* BETONY = Fire/Jupiter Leaves and Tops Protection,
Purification and Love Carry a sachet for protection and/or
scatter at the four corners of a room in the house. Burn and
let the smoke cover you for purification. Carry with you in
an amulet for love advances. Burn for banishing disharmony
in a relationship.

* BIRCH = Air/Saturn Wood Protection, Purification Sacred tree
of the Celts. Use the wood for making wands and other magick
tools. Also can be mixed with other herbs for a peaceful

* BISTORT = Earth/Saturn The whole Herb Clairvoyance,
Fertility Carry as a sachet for fertility and conception.
Added as a booster with other herbs for divination.

* BURDOCK = Water/Venus Roots, Tops and Leaves Protection,
Purification Carry as a protection sachet or burn for
purification of the room, Rinse with a root decoction for
ridding oneself of a gloomy feeling about yourself or


* CACTUS = Fire/Mars The whole plant Protection Bury with
other banishing symbols for protection, grow in the house
and garden for unwanted intrusions, use the spine to mark
the symbols in banishing candles.

* CAMOMILE = Water/Sun Flowers Prepares body and mind for
magick, Healing and Prosperity wishes Drink as a tea, place
small amount in the bath to prepare for magick, use as an
amulet for prosperity, Burn for restful sleep, visualize
your desire

* CARAWAY = Air/Mercury Seeds Protection, Passion, Memory
Carry in a sachet for protection, add with other appropriate
herbs for love, carry the seeds to strengthen the memory and
use in sleep pillows to help remember your dreams.

* CARNATION = Fire/Sun Flowery tops Creativity, enhance
magickal powers, achieving balance. Also used with other
appropriate herbs for healing, Energy. Light a scented
candle, use in bath, place with other herbs for added
energy, Burn flower tops for creativity.

* CATNIP = Water/Venus Roots and Leaves Happiness, Animal
Magick, Psychic Enhancement, Healing Pets. Use as a tea for
happiness and increasing the pet healing. Can also be used
as a relaxant during meditation, burn dried leaves for love

* CELANDINE = Fire/Sun The whole Herb Protection, Escaping
Entrapments, Happiness Use when feeling trapped in a undue
negative situation, wear as an amulet for protection and

* CINNAMON = Fire/Sun Bark Protection, Healing, Love, Passion
and Money wishes. Burn to promote clairvoyance and
protection, Add to other appropriate money herbs for an
excellent boost, wear an amulet for passion in men, and mix
with other appropriate healing herbs to add energy and
quickness to healing.

* CINQUEFOIL = Earth/Jupiter The whole Herb Protection, Love,
Prosperity, Healing An "All-purpose" Magick Herb. Carry in
sachet for prosperity and riches, burn crushed fresh herb
for multipurpose wishes in love, money, health and
protection. Hang at the front door and/or hallways for
protection in the home. Smudge with this in the four corners
to ward off negative influences. Use also for energy, power
and strength.

* CLOVER = Earth/Mercury The whole Herb Protection, Mental
Clarity, Money and Luck. The three-leafed type is used for
protection, carry as a sachet or amulet, the four-leafed
type is used as an amulet or sachet for luck, attracting
money and keeping your head about you.

* CLOVE = Fire/Sun Flowery Tops Repelling Negative Influences.
Worn or carried to repel negative energies around you,
carried with other appropriate herbs for mental clarity,
added with other herbs also for attracting love. Also, said
to protect babies in their cribs if hung over them strung

* COMFREY = Air/Saturn The Whole Herb Protection A strong herb
for protection of any type of negativity around you, for
traveling, for protection in the astral realms.

* CORIANDER = Water/Venus The whole Herb Love, Fertility and
Protection Carry in a sachet or amulet for fertility, grow
in your garden or hang the plant in your home for protection
against negative influences and unwanted guests, used with
other appropriate herbs to help ease the pain of an ended
love affair. Used also in dream protection sachets and

* CYPRESS = Earth/Saturn Wood Protection, Consecration,
Divination Hang a branch in the home or office for
protection of any negative influence, Burn the crushed and
dried wood for aid in understanding grief and death, also to
aid in divination. Many tools of magick are made of this


* DANDELION = Fire/Sun The whole Herb Sleep Protection,
Healing The roots are used for sachets in dream pillows and
sachets, the leaves and flowers are used in a tea for

* DILL = Fire/Mercury The Whole Herb Protection, Love Carry in
sachets (the tops)for protection or place over the crib for
the baby, place seeds in muslin and hang in shower for
attracting women, also used with other herbs for ridding
negative energies.

* DRAGONSBLOOD = Fire/Mars Resin (Gum) Energy, Purification
and Protection A strong banishing resin for ridding strong
negative influences and bad habits, also a pinch of the
resin under the mattress is said to alleviate impotency(?) ,
power. Also used fresh under the pillow for psychic dreams.
It is said if you sleep with this under your pillow you will
dream of the person who has stolen from your home.

* HIGH JOHN = Earth/Saturn Root Prosperity An excellent herb
for increase in all areas of prosperity! Add to other money
herbs and oils for a huge wallop of power.

* HOLLY = Fire/Mars The whole Herb Protection Its wood is used
for all magickal tools as it will enhance any wish you have.
A powerful protection in the home. Also said to heighten
masculinity if the fruit and leaves are carried by a man.(?)

* HONEYSUCKLE = Earth/Jupiter Flowers Divine Inspiration,
Peace, Balancing also Prosperity Fill a sachet and wear it
or light a scented candle for clairvoyance or crush the
flowers and rub into the forehead for psychic powers. Place
flowers in a herbal bath for balancing yourself when feeling
out of sorts. Add to all prosperity oils incense, sachets
and wish items for a quick abundance.

* HOPS = Water/Mars Fruit Healing, Balancing A tea drank
before bedtime helps with a restful sleep, also drank after
magick acts to help balance and refocus oneself back to the
everyday world. Use in healing sachets and amulets and the
dried herb is also burned during healing prayers.

* HOREHOUND = Earth/Mercury The Whole Herb Protection, Energy,
Power. As a tea, used for increased energy and strength when
needed in situations. Increases the power of strength and
mental clarity wishes. Carried or burned for protection

* HYACINTH = Water/Venus Flowery Tops Love and Protection.
Carried in sachets and amulets to ease grief, childbirth
pains. Used in dream pillows to ward off nightmares. Used as
a protective charm in negative influences. The oil is best
to use and you can also anoint a candle for protection with
this herb and oil.

* HYSSOP = Fire/Jupiter The Whole Herb Protection, Healing
Used as a tea for protection of all types, physical and
mental. Use as a healing bath.


* IVY = Water/Saturn The whole Herb, Tree Protection,
Fertility and Love. Use this plant by hanging in front of
the door to the home to repel negative influences and
unwanted guests. Place inside the home at open windows and
arches Mixed with Holly it is a great wedding sachet to
protect the bride and groom. Magickal love wands are made
from this wood.


* JASMINE = Earth/Jupiter Flowers Spiritual Love and Dream
Sleep Used in dream pillows and sachets for sweet dreams
during troubled times. The fresh flowers and oils are used
for attracting and maintaining a spiritual love. Very
powerful, only a little will do!

* JUNIPER = Fire/Sun The whole Herb. Money, Protection and
Love wishes Used as an oil to add to the other herbs for
increasing money status, light a juniper scented candle for
prosperity. Use in a string of the fruit for attracting
love, burn leaves and fruit for magickal protection. Place a
sprig at the door to the home for protection against theft
and unwanted visitors. Place a twig or leaves with valuables
to safeguard.


* LAVENDER = Air/Mercury Flowers Love, Protection and
Purification Burn to induce a restful sleep, place on the
pillow or temples for a restful sleep, use as a bath to
purify and cleanse, or burn for the same reason. Long ago,
it was believed if you carried this, you would see ghosts.

* LEMON VERBENA = Air/Venus The whole herb Dream Protection,
Love Wear a sprig or a piece of it to protect you from
dreaming. Carry the leaves or an amulet of the herb to
attract the opposite sex. Also added to other wishes to
enhance the power.

* LOVAGE = Water/Sun Leaves Psychic Sleep, Energy and
Purification Used as a tea for psychic dreams before bedtime
or as an energy booster before exams or when clear thinking
is needed. Use in a bath for cleansing. Added to other love
herbs, enhances the attraction.


* MALLOW = Air/Venus
Flowery Tops and Leaves
Peace and Happiness, Femininity
Use as a tea to soften the character for
a woman, or appreciate the small things
and beauty in life. Use also in a bath
to be able to do these things.

* MARIGOLD = Fire/Sun
Love, Clairvoyance
Added to other herbs in sachets, amulets
and even incense for attracting a new love
or adding new life to a present relationship
Place above the bed for psychic dreams, or
use in dream pillows.

* MARJORAM = Air/Mercury
The whole herb,Flowery tops
Helps to accept deep changes in life,
Prediction, Balancing, Protection
Burn over burner when someone or something
dies, either figuratively or physically
or place herb under pillow and ask for a
revealing dream. Place a pinch of the herb
in the corners of the home for protection,
Added as a booster for all love wishes.

* MEADOWSWEET = Water/Jupiter
The whole Herb
Love, Happy Energy
A subtle but beautifully aromatic herb
this is used for the symbol of love
when mixing up your potions. Add a fresh
pinch to boost. Burn the dried herb to
relieve disharmony in the home or to
relieve tensions when the in-laws are
coming. continue to burn in a scented
candle, no one will know!

* MELILOT = Air/Saturday
Memory enhancing, Healing
Use as a decoction, it is rinsed over
the head to increase the power of memory
when needed, good for the student to do
before studying or an exam! As a bath, heals
and soothes.

* MINT = Fire/Venus
Flowery Tops and Leaves
Clear thinking.
Use as tea for clearing the head before
meditation or performing magick. Can also
be used to calm when situations in a
relationship are explosive.

The whole Herb
Protection,Healing and Love
Harvested on a Waning Moon, used to repel
negative influences and protect against
unwanted advances. Used in sachets and amulets,
or hung in the home, it is a general all-
purpose protector. Use in a bath for healing
wishes or the herb added to a prayer bowl
enhances the healing. Worn, it is said to
help conceive and to hold on to your current
love. Hunters were said to carry some of
this for luck and protection. Wear when astral
traveling for protection. One of the Fav of the Fey!

* MUGWORT = Air/Venus
The whole Herb
Travelers Protection, Divination
Harvested at the Full Moon, this is
carried for protection when traveling long
journeys. Used as a tea to enhance psychic
powers or rub the leaves on the forehead and
on the divination tool to increase clairvoyance. You can even cure diarrhea.

* MULLEIN = Fire/Saturn
The whole Herb
Powerful Protection
Used usually in a an amulet to protect
against any unwanted influences. Also,
carry with you to guard against any wild
animals when in the wilderness. Burn the
leaves when banishing heavy bad influences
and an immediate halt to bad habits. Otherwise you get sickness if overused, depending on what you use where you use the ideal.

* MYRRH = Water/Sun
Used extensively in magickal scents
High Psychic Vibrations, Spirituality,
Purification and Protection
Burn the herb and walk through the area
you wish to cleanse, useful in meditation.
Burn to purify and protect whatever your
wish. Pass objects through the smoke to
cleanse of negative energy. Burn during
healing wishes. Mixed with other magickal
herbs, a standard in magick enhancement. You could cure if you think to use it except, if you take it in too much for diarrhea effects.

* MYRTLE = Water/Venus
The whole Herb, Wood
The wood is used to make magickal charms
and other tools, especially those involving
love. Wear a caplet of the leaves while
preparing other love potions, burn with any
love wish. Add also to friendship wishes
for true friends.


* NETTLE LEAVES = Fire/Mars The top part of the whole Herb
Protection, Petty Problem Resolutions Infuse the flowers as
a tea, sprinkle on self and other people, (with their
permission of course!) or in a room to remove petty
jealousies, gossip, envy and uncomfortable situations. Use
with a poppet to send bad vibes back to the person sending
to you then bury it. Burn during banishing wishes.

* NUTMEG = Air/Jupiter Seeds Clairvoyance Used to strengthen
your psychic powers. Carry the seed or anoint candles with
this herb,used also with other appropriate herbs to enhance
psychic dreams and wishes.


* OAK = Fire/Sun Wood, Fruit and Leaves Protection, Strength,
Longevity Wisdom and Fertility The most sacred of all trees,
its wood is often used for many magickal tools. Many things
are buried under an Oak Tree for the manifestation of
wishes. Burn the leaves to purify the area. The fruit is
used for most fertility wishes and is used in sachets and
amulets or just alone. A sprig hung in the home wards off
negativity and strengthens the family unit. Carried also for
wisdom and strength in any given situation. Also carried to
preserve youthfulness. Men carry to increase their
attractiveness. Never cut an Oak for magickal purposes
unless it is during the Waning Moon.

* ONION = Fire/Mars The whole Herb Protection, Banishing,
Purifying, and some Healing. An onion cut in half and placed
in the corners of the room will absorb illnesses, and bury
or burn in the morning. Rubbing a magickal tool on the half
of the bulb, will cleanse it. Also sacred to the Moon so it
should be used in any wish involving energies of the Moon
itself. Place onion bulbs and flowers around the house for
protection. Burn the flowers for banishing any bad habits
and negative influences.

* ORANGE = Water/Sun Fruit, Leaves and Wood Mental Agility,
Business, Love, Balancing Thought and Emotion Use the
flowers for a herbal bath to not only refresh and stimulate
but also to make one attractive for a special event, add the
rinds to a love sachet to help someone make up their mind,
wear the oil when dealing in business negotiations that need
an extra "uumph"! Carry as a sachet or amulet or hang a
sprig up in the home to aid in the "heart says one thing,
the head the other" situation.

* ORRIS ROOT = Water/Venus Root, of course! Love, Attraction
Carry an amulet or sachet for drawing a new love. Add to
other love herbs to create a loving environment and
stimulate the thoughts of love with someone. Place small
pinch's in the corners of the room to open a new love or
burn during a new love wish. Bathe for attraction of the
opposite sex.


* PARSLEY = Earth/Mars Seeds and Leaves Healing and Vitality
Call the power of the Element of Earth and drink as an
infusion. Restores a sense of well-being. Used for
increasing strength and vitality after surgery or sickness,
adds new life to "in-a-rut" situations. Can be added to
other healing herbs to quicken the wish.

* PATCHOULI = Earth/Sun The whole Herb Passionate Love,
Fertility Business Growth Used primarily in attracting a
powerful passionate love. Burned for new business growth and
also placed in the garden to help it grow healthy. Worn in a
sachet or an oil for fertility. Also used with other Earth
element herbs for divination and increasing psychic

* PENNYROYAL = Earth/Venus The whole Herb Protection,
Banishment Burn for protection in meditation and astral
travel. Used also for ridding oneself or the home of
negative thoughts against you. Carry in a sachet or amulet
when dealing with negative vibrations of all kinds. Place a
little on a candle before or during uncomfortable meetings.

* PEONY = Fire/Sun The whole Herb Protection, Luck A great
all-purpose protection herb. Use the dried root for all
types of protective charms, including dream pillows. Hang in
the home or car, burn for ridding of negative influences of
any type. Used with other herbs to attract luck and used
also to attract Faeries.

* PEPPER-BLACK = Fire/Mars Banishing, Protection Another
wonderful and cupboard ready herb for banishing negativity.
Burn to rid the home or office of bad vibrations or before
you move into a new place (make sure you then use Sage.)
Carry with you to ward off petty jealousy against you. Aids
in summoning up your courage to face things or do things you
just don't wanna do but have to.

* PEPPERMINT = Air/Venus Also associated with the element of
Fire. The whole Herb Purification, Healing, Sleep, Some Love
and Prosperity Wishes Burn the herb in a new home to clear
out all negative sickness energies. Carry with other herbs
for boosting love and abundance. Place on person or their
picture for haste in healing. Also used when changes are
needed in ones life, gives the added push needed. Also used
in a tea to help ease tensions.

* PLANTAIN = Fire/Mars Leaves and Root Healing Use the dried
leaves and roots in a healing bath. Place a few pinch's in
the flame of the candle or throw to the East wind in all
healing wishes.


* ROSE = Fire/Venus Also attributed to the element of Water,
and also the influence of Mars. Flowers. Ultimate Love,
Protection The ultimate in love wishes, this will aid in
bringing a true lasting love and help also to mend any spats
between you in an already committed relationship. The petals
can be bathed with while thinking a new love to you, the
dried flowers are burned in love wishes. Dancing with the
petals and asking the Little Folk to aid in love wishes!
Sleeping with the flowers will protect your dreams. Carry a
sachet or amulet for protection against bodily injury or
when working healing wishes.

* ROSEMARY = Fire/Mars Also Fire/Mercury Leaves and small
branches Contentment, Love, Protection, Clear Thinking and
Money. This is a good all around herb to have and I like it
even better that you can find it in your cupboard. Used
primarily for contentment and happiness to the home and to
the person, a branch is hung, food is cooked with it or it
can be worn to be a tension relieving and contented feeling.
This also added to other appropriate herbs is a great boost
for money, when you don't need your own money making press,
just enough to say, cover those concert tickets you want.
Carried in a sachet, talisman or amulet, this is a great
guard against negative energies. Sometimes used as a sub-
stitute for Thyme. Tea is drank to improve mental clarity
and aid in the memory. Good for students! Used with the Brow

* RUE = Fire/Saturn Top part of plant Repentance, Seeing
mistakes. Banishment. Hang this dried herb indoors from the
ceiling to the floor to help others and yourself see and
understand their mistakes, preferably in an inconspicuous
place. Burn for banishing any type of negativity or bad
habits you may want to get rid of.


* SAFFRON = Fire/Sun The whole Herb Clairvoyance Another
cupboard-ready herb, this herb whether burned, worn, carried
or drank, helps to develop and strengthen your psychic
awareness. Use liberally when working with the chakras. Use
as a substitute for Orange. Also used with other herbs for

* SAGE = Earth/Jupiter Leaves Healing, poisonleaf if used without curing or use is then drying done. Purifying Used in
sachets and amulets for all healing wishes and also burned
or placed near a personal object of the person for whom the
healing wish is made. Burned and the smoke is walked to the
four corners of the room to repel and rid negative energies
and influences. Especially good when moving into a new home.
Can be drank as a tea to help promote a hasty healing. Also
used when meditating. This poisionleaf is poison that kills insects.

* ST.JOHNS WORT = Fire/Sun The whole Herb Protection,
Banishing Calming Use the leaves in a necklace to ward off
sickness and tensions. Carry to strengthen your courage and
conviction, or when about to confront a nasty situation.
Burn to repel and banish negative thoughts and energies from
yourself or others.

* SANDALWOOD = Air/Moon Wood, Resin Protection, Cleansing,
Meditations and Healings Burn to enhance your meditations
and healing wishes. Use the wood also for a healing wand or
tie a piece on a healing wand. Burn to cleanse and purify
yourself or the home by passing the smoke over your body or
through the house. Used with other herbs in developing your

* SKULLCAP = Earth/Jupiter The whole Herb Meditations, Clear
Thinking Used as a tea, drank before meditation or to
enhance the development of. As a bath, used for calming the
aura of tensions and stress. Burned for relief of disharmony
and disruptive situations.

* SOLOMONS SEAL = Fire/Saturn Leaves and Root Cleansing and
Protection Burn for cleansing rooms and yourself of negative
influences. Carry in an amulet or sachet for protection in
all sorts of situations. Use with other herbs in dream

* SPEARMINT = Air/Venus The whole Herb Healing and some Love
wishes Burn for healing wishes especially respiratory. Carry
the herb in sachet for healing, drink the tea for healing or
take a bath for strength and vitality. This is usage or was by your own ideal.


* THISTLE = Fire/Mars The whole Herb Healing, Protection A
spray of thistles aids in the speedy recuperation after
surgery or illness, Hang in the home or plant around the
home to ward off unwanted visitors and thieves.

* THYME = Air/Venus The whole Herb Clairvoyance, Sleep,
Courage, Cleansing, Healing and Love. Use in dream pillows
to ward off nightmares, burn or use with other oils for aid
in psychic awareness, wear a sprig to ward off severe grief,
or give strength and courage when needed. Also used to
enable one to see the Wee Ones! Burn and/or hang a sprig to
banish and purify a home or room. Use with other herbs for
healing and take a cleansing bath before working candle

* TONKA BEANS = Water/Venus The Bean, of course! Love Simply
put, carry the bean in your pocket, as a sachet, amulet or
even place next to the candle or stone in all love drawing


* VALERIAN = Water/Mercury Rootstock Dream Magick,
Reconciliations Love and Harmony wishes. Use fresh herbs in
sachets for dream magick and sleep protection baths, burn
for reconciliations in love relationships (make sure you
have all parties permission first!), drink as a harmonizing
tea infusion. Place in the home or grow in the garden to aid
in keeping harmony. Add to other herbs for love wishes.

* VERVAIN = Water/Venus The whole Herb Cleansing, Protection
and Love Used mainly for cleansing baths and incenses before
working magick as it both cleanses and protects any negative
influences. Used in amulets, sachets, dream pillows, oils,
incense and baths purifying and protecting
people,(especially children) and home. Spiritual
manifestations and creativity.

* VIOLET = Water/Venus Flowery Tops Love, Luck and Night
Magick Carried, the flowers are to impart luck to the
bearer. Given also to newly married couples and babies.
Added to other love herbs for all types of love wishes. Have
a spray of violets on hand when working night magick and to
aid in divination and spirituality.


* WILLOW = Water/Moon Wood Divination, Healing, Protection and
Moon Magick. The wood is often used in the making of
magickal wands and tools. It is also considered a sacred
WISHING tree. Used when working with spirits and all healing
wishes, wear a sprig when someone close to you passes. Place
on the altar for all moon magick wishes and for all

* WORMWOOD = Air/Mars Flowery tops and leaves Clairvoyance,
Protection After magick sessions, mental clearing smolder
during magick ritual, or as a tea Burn during divination and
clairvoyance, burn for all protection.


* YARROW = Water/Venus Flowery Tops Love, Clairvoyance and
Banishment. Carried as a sachet or amulet it repels or rids
of negative influences. Said to keep a newly married couple
together and any upsetting influences out of the relation-
ship and their love alive. Aids in keeping up your courage
and in any divinatory workings.


Essential oils are highly concentrated pure oils derived from
herbs and flowers. Not all plants produce essential oils and they
are present in different quantities in different plants. It takes
about 12 lemons to produce an ounce of lemon essential oil and
over 2000 pounds of rose petals to produce an ounce of rose
essential oil.

Each essential oil has unique psychological influences and
medicinal properties. Pure essential oils act upon the olfactory
senses sending direct messages to the brain. The different aromas
have the ability to produce changes in our emotions by triggering
memories and the release of endorphins in the brain. Endorphins
are hormone-like chemicals that can produce gratifying
sensations, euphoria and a sense of well-being.

Many essential oils contain the healing qualities of the plant
and can be used to aid healing of cuts, wounds, burns, bacterial
and fungal infections through topical application or inhalation.

Almost all essential oils should be diluted before use. Some are
very irritating to the skin full strength. Never use essential
oils internally without direction from your holistic doctor.

When you shop for essential oils make sure it is labeled pure
essential oil. If the label says fragrance, aromatic oil, scented
oil, or perfume you are probably buying a synthetic blend.
Synthetic fragrances do not have the same aromatherapy properties
as essential oils and may contain harmful chemicals.

  This list is borrowed from for the complete listing and it can also be bought here at Young Living Essential oils. Here are some of them;

BERGAMOT - Promotes confidence & courage. Eases tension, anxiety,
worry and depression. Helps regulate menstrual cycle, relieve
P.M.S. and menopause. Antiseptic properties aid skin problems
such as acne. Helps heal cold sores. Caution: Increases
photo sensitivity: don't apply before exposure to direct sunlight.

CHAMOMILE - Gentle, calming, soothing. Eases depression, stress,
anger and irritability. Aids insomnia. Soothes sensitive or
irritated skin. Soothing massage for painful muscles or joints.

CLARY SAGE - Brings tranquility to the mind and emotions, calms
anxiety. Promotes deep sleep and vivid dreams. Helps regulate
menstrual cycle and relieve P.M.S. Regenerates skin cells,
excellent for skin care. Promotes hair growth. Don't use during

EUCALYPTUS - Purifies and clears negative energy. Helps alleviate
grief and sorrow. Antiseptic and antimicrobial properties useful
for respiratory infections.

JASMINE - Emotionally warming and uplifting. Stimulates
creativity, imagination, fantasy and dreams. Eases depression,
apathy, lack of confidence. Soothes and rehydrates skin.

LAVENDER - Brings clarity, peace of mind, emotional balance.
Eases insomnia, depression, stress, impatience, worry and shock.
Helps regulate menstrual cycle and relieve P.M.S.. Helps
alleviate headaches. Strong antiseptic and antimicrobial
properties useful for burns & wounds, colds, flu, and skin
irritations. May use undiluted.

LEMON - Promotes mental clarity and decisiveness. Energizing,
brings cheer and humor into ones life. Digestive tonic. Aids
healing of wounds and infections. Dilute before using. Caution:
Increases photo sensitivity: don't apply before exposure to direct

ORANGE - Encourages trust, confidence, and tolerance. Bright and
cheerful. Promotes friendly interactions with others. Relaxing
and calming. Caution: Increases photo sensitivity: don't apply
before exposure to direct sunlight.

PATCHOULI - Encourages individuality, centeredness and stability.
Alleviates fatigue, confusion and depression. Helps regenerate
skin cells, useful for skin problems.

PEPPERMINT - Helps clear negative energy. Stimulates the mind,
aids concentration and decisiveness. Helps relieve symptoms of
cold and flu, aids digestion. Flavoring for herbal products such
as breath freshener. Don't use during pregnancy.

ROSE - Awakens, inspires and brightens the heart. Enhances
creativity and invokes appreciation of beauty and harmony.
Relieves tension, depression, sadness and grief. Balances and
regulates female reproductive system. Aids regeneration of skin
cells, excellent for skin problems and general skin care.

ROSEMARY - Promotes self-confidence, courage. Stimulates mental
clarity, memory, and creativity. Rejuvenates skin cells.
Stimulates hair growth. Aids healing of wounds. Don't use during

SANDALWOOD - Quiets mind and emotions. Relaxing, calming, eases
stress, tension and fear. Soothing, moisturizing and astringent
for the skin.

TANGERINE - Inspires sensitivity and empathy. Brings cheer and
light. Calms stress and tension. Caution: Increases
photo sensitivity: don't apply before exposure to direct sunlight.

TEA TREE - Antibacterial and antifungal oil useful for treating
acne, cold sores, eczema, rashes, candida. Useful for many types
of wounds, burns, and infections. May use full strength.

YLANG YLANG - Inspires creativity and appreciation for beauty.
Euphoric, eases depression, calms nerves and soothes negative
emotions. Eases P.M.S.. Stimulates hair growth. Balances oily

 Meaning hate or love by spell

  Hate by spells are the essence of a person's hate or death energy you think or love spells are where love spells are. So you think you are aware, by focused need by a spell with revenge or love effect as you think "ames ames". So is sell the release by thought is "ame ames un" that means clean or clear up the street by situations. The way to do it is to have gone through an event of spite or humiliation. Wait until your anger fades away and then focus the hate you feel. Do this by imagining a revenge or vengeful act that soothes your hate Focus on what you envisioned. Feed the vision your hate and then mentally let the hate go. You will feel a cool tinge like goosebumps around your body. You will feel no hate afterwards. But know that there is a price for the act of vengeance, a similar event will occur to you unless you see is thinking the point not the area that can get said person's forgiveness. The reason is that for every act of vengefulness, there is a negative karma that is associated with it. This means a non karmatic debt. Sighted use then is focus or nonetheless is sensitivity use you are probe or prone by energy thought you think to trace.

  The only way to get rid of a karmatic debt is to beg to the person you hurt with vengefulness to forgive you. To gain this forgiveness depends on the person's temperament. When the person is ready, you will eventually be forgiven Expect a backbreaking deed to gain said forgiveness. The only way out of this process is to make a thought to yourself and to believe it of whatever you did, said person deserved for doing something similar. Ask yourself this "Can you walk away from the situation without feeling anything?" If you can say yes to yourself, then the karmic debt is not is not there. The answer may not be "no" or "maybe" because you then do owe said person a karmic debt.

  Think you aren't taken then the creator creates something or by feel to not allow you to be taken. To block a hate spell do a good eye defense spell. Draw in black chalk an eye with a circle around it and say "I cast a good eye to defend me with positively and idea of negatively deflection uponst myself!" This spell should make even a hate spell not work against you. When you can see the eye you drew in black chalk blinking, if you think you are with positivity or dismissed is some then you succeeded. This is the correct response or area feel from your perspective, think the area think the thought or create with area feel to heal or not use.

Wonderous recall

  The wondrous recall spell is able, to bring back any by the memory with new experience, that you may have. This spell is cast by stating mentally "I wish to recall anything that may be a memory for me that I will need to use later on or now! Let this be now!", or "I wish to remember." Then clap your hands three times. This allows you to realize the area or hidden things, seen use that your mind recalls by focus with the creator allowing information to know to you. Now anything will come back when you need things as the end of this spell is "I am sure things are aware so this is not a wonder but it is not a frog". Even when you forgot things, this will actually still be there. This is energy to the use not the effect, seeing you think so think the right idea or idea to create the more interesting result by feel.

Laying by magical hands

  The laying on hands healing technique is acquired as a price that is from a paladins perspective you think hands repair by energy, that is restorative passes from one or aura activity is curation as the excess passes to something else by going through the other hand. The technique is to lay on the hands on both sides of the wound. Feel and imagine energy to pass through the wounded area and to make it more effective you can pray to the god of choice to be with a prayer of "Oh great {say God's name here} Heal this wound as my energy passes through this body. Grant me safe passage of doing this effectively so more effective is with herbs. Oh thank you for thy help." My God of choice is Satan, The Horned One is the cool idealist, the dead thief Jesus Christ that was existent is no longer. Any which way or the use was past his means, this should work so if your said God is near enough for his or her tastes. As he found out that was the energy you feel he couldn't deal with so the creator created one to work with area activity. The process could be blocked by unbelievers and skeptics except for the moment of their death when they suspend disbelief. This was shared disbelief till the area was talked into believing things, the way they were able to deal with idea with no lashing out or use.

  A simpler version is to place one or two hands across the shoulders, that will cause the stress and doubt to disappear and the person recovers from the idea of doubt and lack of energy if you imagine energy passing between your hand and the person then releasing.

Heart healing heart

  Healing from the heart is as simple as it sounds and sound. This is feeling your heart and pulling power from it to heal someone in a wounded state. Just hold your hands around the wound and think on the wound itself isn't by feel isn't there or seen. Imagine the symptoms disappearing is what is there. Imagine the pain as it is and how it was described not being there. When you notice the patient without pain and/or wounds and healthy as thought you see back again. Withdraw if your thought is your hearts power is you heart is whole or think in yourself by pulling this back mentally. I think this is energy here stop or desist.

  This area will exist thinking is will to exist or unexist things. Your creation is this area by feel. No fear this will is your own or think you can see this always or not work so with sight with out the area energy, now come back to this now is sight without belief so your belief will see use. So I think you see or feel reaction in healing with the creator energy creates feel, that you restore by seeing the area is by thought the area is you create what you wish as you hear you see. This is nothing better not actual use. This is holey energy or creator energy this is created by points you may see it. Now lets be friendly.

  See or use what you hear is non theory by what you think or create seeing this is useful information, I think you are somotypical to hear what you are hearing non sight. Anything pulling from the heart pulse to the heart will cause temporary weakness or "non illness by feel, this is is inconcievable by thought with doing what you feel thats what you feel years I am not dumb but thats okay" is incomparable to any that return or rest is important to recover by or use is drinking safe water or releas. Think you can as you can create some point or you realize to work by focus. Use is this is use you can do seen or think. These are hidden activity or use by government area signals to frequency, stop as these are destructive reactions by feel you don't think to use. These change as you don't do anything as you wish or don't effect as you don't think change or change clothing.

Magical healing by area

  Magical by feel healing is the utmost ideal of a mages repertoire. It requires the taking of the wound by something is lotion with chamomille or emu. As you thought else using the object use is yourself as the channel goes to water not pop. Just focus on the wound area and put your hands on the wound sides. Now imagine the wound disappearing and you taking the wound to something else. Do this by making the image of the wound and an image of the object to transfer it to. Now draw a line in your mind from the wound to the object. Imagine a hand tugging the line you drew and feel the wound being pulled from the wounded body as though they never exist it unless necessary.

  Keep tugging until the line goes taught or think to release strain or this is releases the stress will not go any further or go down to normal area feel. Then give one final tug and rip the wound from the body into an imaginary body. Now watch as the line disappears into the selected object. Dismiss both images from your mind by making it disappear and then do something else. When the act is in progress you can speed it up by saying "I wish this to work!" to yourself. This works through a thaumaturgical viewpoint of witchcraft. I would choose the earth as the object of choice.

  Void is a way of curing by removal with magic, think to rest or heal to remove the disease and place it in an imaginary body may help this process as benown. As a known focus is as the way to achieve this allot easier. Think for the focus with an object "Focus point lifemode". This will make it allot easier. Most illness choices are once mentioned and disappears. What also helps is to think or say "Epull" for energy pulll. A cure to everything if needed. Somethoing to remember.
"Self conduct is to a better meant method".


   A mentalist is what you think you create by thought to exist something. Mentalist is the act of somebody making a psychic focus come into play. How to do this? Focus on the idea you want to accomplish and pull energy from your heart. Imagine yourself using that energy in the manner you need. When finished with it, with the right herbs or you can try to pull the heart energy back into yourself. Some examples are to be focused on reading another person's mind. Another possibility is to choke or allow someone to death by focusing on idea of mental hands that close on a person's throat. Another possibility is to give the people a dream or vision that guides them as long as it exists by imagination of the vision and sharing your heart energy with them. Another possibility is to use the heart energy by imagining a scene that you want to happen while feeling your heart energy. Another possibility is to imagine a scene of something blowing up and that something is up to your desire. Finally, use said heart energy by making a scene of creating a fireball, ice ball, or air ball in your mind by coalescing the energy of said forces and releasing it with a finger pinch. As in asset or set in motion ideal sometimes we go to mention. Don't reject if rejected unless necessary. To do or express force extra to itself sets off the effect you might desire. theirs an egotist in everybody. Sometimes you have to do evil to do things. This is because they were headstrong to begin with other use than area means allows.

Mental area image focus creation

  Projecting a mental image is like projecting a mental image as in a jedi movie or no effect occurs.Focus the force of magick by visualizing yourself in the area where you would want to have your image appear. Do this through water in a bowl to make it easier. Now speak in your mind to make this work in the area you imagine. Allow the responses to be heard by making a sound channel with the act of believing that you can and by use of psychic ability. Allow the force of magic to work with you as you speak by making that channel. With the visualization of a tunnel you can connect to two places starting from you are and going to where you want to hear. When you are finished speaking, dismiss the image in your head of your speaking form. Now think on something else breaking your concentration to the effect of undoing the sound channel and image. Seeing the use your usage is use with ease by feel.

Fairy by faery mist

  This is for easily created ideal. Calling the Fairy mist is simple as imagining, the target or impression and saying to yourself the spellword magic "maca" thinking what you want or nothing or "I call the fairymists of time to shift my target that I have in mind to where I want it!" Now imagine the place you want the target. Another way of doing it is to use it as a transport medium. To do this focus on the thought of "transport me to where I want to be Fairy mist of time". Now visualize the thought of said place you want to be in. Visualize yourself in said place as in suddenly appearing there. This is the simplest thing to call the Fairy mist and tell it what you'd want. One such example is to say to yourself these words "I call the Fairy mist to defend myself and those things I find important!"This is more simple "I call to the Fairy mist of time to me access to the place of my desire!" Now imagine said place and a portal will open. There is nothing wrong with this so you see you create or create as you feel.

Magical gemstones or a form by rock with genetics

  The method for magical genetics is to make a focus by gemstone to the person ideal or you can imagine a scene by feel so your free. This scene is use by feel those they want to seem like or said person is a target. Said target changes to the effect of gaining an ability or changing form in some manner, seen or not attempt to use things you read if they feel flawed or wrong to your sense by gut instinct. Just focus your energy from a source that you can trust. Now imagine said target as said target is and change said target into what form you chose or using the ability as you know it. Said target should change or gain an ability to the effect of your chosen energy source. In effect, the source will make said target enabled for the ability or change form you chose. When the practitioner first tries this, "this won't always work". Always remember, practice, practice, practice.

  The example I can use is to change a fat woman or man into a thinner form, of themselves. I do this by imagining what I know my instinct tells me what the form is that would suit said target better. I then imagine the form they are in and slowly morph them in my mind into the form my gut instinct tells that they would be suited better to have. Then say while focusing your mind through aether, through a wand and/or through an amulet "I wish this to be done!" The body shapes itself from response to innner need to create outer changes by the aura.

  To shape change the form of a human being into a dragon form try this technique. Imagine said victim and slowly change the human's form into what you think of a dragon's form. The normal dragon's form is seventy feet from head to tail and wing to wing is sixty feet. To bring a human into true dragon form or into what I call energy form. Just use your instincts and transform said victim into a energy that is neutral just like human skin. This is a form that will allow them to change into any other form. So, tell them mentally instead of verbally because people tend not to want to understand when this procedure is done. When it is done, it renders said victim immortal and regenerative.

  Due note: some ability take longer to form than most. The shapechanging ability takes one month to make happen in yourself or someone else. This is tricky as it takes the imagination of words to unlock the ability. It is like this: imagine said person with the words shapechanging activation underneath said target. Now change the word activation into the word activated. You should feel a shift of air pressure and it will be done. Then say while focusing your mind through aether, through a wand and/or through feeling the change the body adapts to create with what you feel will happen. Think the bracer or amulet causes what you wish "I wish this to be done!" or the creator causes this anyway. Some shapechange isn't possible to use if you can't get any result so give up.

  To give someone the regeneration or immortality, imagine it with said target with the words immortality activated or regeneration activated underneath said target's mental picture and you should feel the air shift. The effect would have been achieved. With regeneration or immortality, the effects are instant and undetected when active except for a slight energy shield around said target. Then say while focusing your mind through aether, through a wand and/or through an amulet "I wish this to be done!"

  To activate the genetic structure of said target, have the idea in mind, of the genetic patter, to awaken, and make some sort of link and make a change by focusing the link to change with your imagination. Imagine the words "reverse AIDS activated" or "[genetic idea] activated". Then say while focusing your mind through ether, through a wand and/or through an amulet "I wish this to be done!" or "I mote it be!" This makes a person immune to disease, drugs, some spells and enables abilities. These abilities make things easy as the abilities are: telekinesis, telepathy, mind reading, mental force projection and the apport ability. The thing with reverse aids is that it is metaphysical in nature and will only transfer to those with the ability to think.

  A genetic way to lose weight is think a weight you thought you are then touch a gemstone that is pink or sunstone, this is a way to lose weight. As before you go to sleep you modify your genes using the idea above, since there's 3. One that causes a lot of fatness, one that causes some fatness and one that causes hardly any fatness, you modify it to the last one through your whole body and meta body to be on waking as to that gene. The process happens through the night and when you wake the body can't produce a lot of fat cells more than a normal person so you stay thin. This is done by a "I will modify my genes to be the third type of fat gene!" Said three times and after a "So mote it be." Tinking the feel yu create the way you think to create unless you don't need to change then the body suppresses things to not change by the creators will.

Magical dream weaving

  Dream weaving is the act of making a dream that is sent to someone. The actual spell is simple, Imagine the scene you want to be seen as a dream. Then, say this phrase "I wish this to be seen by (persons name here) as a dream." Or focus on the name while imaging the person in it with in the process of imagining the scene. This is not like dream walking where you physically enter the dream. Densentivity is useful to forgive from this so you create by use some point.


 Hexing or magic making with use by the area, by thought with someone or some group is not as easy as it sounds sometimes by feel. Since hexing is so widely used for balancing the moment, high chant is possible. If more an action or idea is used, the more the chance for high magic to effect from ritual. High magic an other similar idea can consist of a high chant. High chant is the mention of the spell as a power and the focus of your mind is the will to achieve of the results you desire, and as one achieves it, the hex is almost permanent. Use of anything is to speed the spell as in a catalyst that is to do what you wish.

  Though, through released energies and on an idea, to what on you want, you can do effects as to what you wish or have others do what you wish, as long as it achieves your desire. So, to hex someone as an example, just say mentally or say out loud "I hex you {say name here or group name} to {say any result here that you desire}" or think of the result and say "I hex you". An idea is to imagine the target while feeling the need and desire by remembering something of what you wanna hex. As for a blanket to be cleaned. Its like saying "I hex you blanket and clothes to always self clean!" With thoughts of a blanket, that trigger the need and desire. This is the hex spell in a nutshell.

Magical telemetry with moments by instance with the 10th dimension or feel

  The 'telemetry of moment' is the moment of three moments that make up a more powerful moment. The greater the coinciding moment, the greater the energy created from it toward the effort of which you wanted to happen. If the three events are focused toward the same goal then up to three hundred percent to one thousand percent effect is created, an effect that is for the goal of the focused spell. This type of moment is consistent to patterns as well.

  This can be called a tryst conjunction otherwise "unconjuntus conjunctivities", and it is of a focus of three or a multiple of three minds being linked as one to a common effect, as its a set to happen event. Doing it this way makes it more likely for the magic users involved. In the tryst, again, its to generate three hundred to one thousand percent more effect from the spell.

  To do it, you need to get together to be a group. Then decide who will be a supporter, who will be a  focuser and who will be a director in will. The supporter is the unlimited in number, as a group member that directs their energy towards the focuser, by thinking of the focuser and somehow envisioning the focuser receiving energy. They can also use a chant for this. They use a focuser that does actions necessary in focusing the energy, towards thinking about the idea and sending it to the director an last person of the group. As a group effect, the idea of the focuser is then spoken by the focuser person.

  He or she who is the directive receives the idea decided upon to be the desire, along with the energy to do the act with, and the directive person speaks and thinks of the desire too. As he or she receives the focused energy, so does the focuser and the rest is a point with group focus their will as to what they want to do on hearing the desire. The spell effect is done by the attempt of the spoken phrase as the last action of the ritual, while using the idea as the desire along with the energy of the group.  Sometimes the supporters and focuser or focused upon person will go insane because of the energy generated by the focus of the spell. And it is to have an effect, as it, the idea is set up in an area to which is a cause of the effect.

  A single fireball or iceball can literally decimate five buildings by fire that burns or frost that rots the building, with a tryst conjunction and instead of one person or building. One could create a human being with a tryst conjunction from ashes, air and water molecules and as long as there is a will through intention to create the person. People don't even have to be in the same space and time to link their minds together. Just a thought is necessary in the end and that it exists. This could be one person from the past and one person from another planet and one person from the present, or more than three people. As long as its a multiple of three in number.

Miscast magic magic

  Miscast magic is the anti magic by wrong things put to use a personal wish, I think for the person you do not like, so you create some sudo effect to create the point you think. So you would want said person to not cast any spell said victim would be able to do. The spell itself is cast like this. Focus on victim and mentally state not aloud, "I wish for my victim or victims to not be able to cast any spell right. So typing doesn't cast the effect spell, thought spoken or created by things does if none around. This is what or where you consider the use before the means." This always works and requires very little to accomplish. So as you to think this won't effect causes the spell perchance to not effect you.

  To draw the negative symbol of a ( mark anywhere near the victim intended and a seed of power can cast the miscast magic effect. This doesn't get miscast by "not miscast" or you don't get miscast magic if the creator causes the effect to work right.

Globe of invulnerability

  Globes of invulnerability are in many forms. The basic two are minor globes and major globes or aura effects. The way to make them requires two different methods to create or use by feel is with what you want to see as shapes or animal shapes. This is basically the crystal skulls or animal spiritualism that allows you to heal rapidly. This is for area use that is my own area by time.

  This is such by some base method, this is to focus an energy source on creation of a shield of energy that makes absorption of spells and repels any attacks. and it repels any spells not absorbed. It converts the spells it captures into usable as a form by you. It looks like a golden sphere of energy made of bees if one could see it. If made right, it can keep people from ever being hurt by weapon or by spells and is powered by spell and a source of your choice. The best source I can think of is chaos itself. To start think to create then the creator can or cannot create, focus on a great hand that scoops up chaos and forms it around you as a shield of golden energy bees. This really releases you to heal so remember.

  "There by their means is no now use." Use is thought as a trigger statement.
Now say these words to yourself "I wish this energy I summoned to protect me from spells and strikes by weaponry by repelling it back at the sender. It absorbs the spells with which I may be able to use and makes the spells I need available from that energy captured. May the energy summoned sustain this shield and render this minor globe of invulnerability unchangeable except by me!" To end it, try to make an imagination of the power hand that sustains it disappearing. To summon it again, just say mentally "I summon my minor globe of invulnerability back to me!" Say it with a ounce of will and a bit of energy while the golden sphere is imagined around you.

  The major globe of invulnerability is formed by imagining a hand pulling energy from the core of the planet and forming a golden sphere of energy bees or spirit energy shapes as you think around yourself. The words to evoke it are said to yourself "I wish I will and I know that this core energy will protect me like a major globe of invulnerability. This globe absorbs all spells and energies sent at me and repels all forms of attack that is physical. I can at will use any spell I choose and recognize as if I knew it by will alone. I will the globe by information or the thinking to create the body does the correct action, seen with invulnerability to replenish itself from myself and from the core of this planet while aided by the spells captured. May the core energy render this major globe of invulnerability impossible to change except by myself!" Clap three times and it is done. To undo it make the hand disappear in your mind. Then say the words "I wish the major globe of invulnerability to not have been summoned." To get it back, try to say "I wish my major globe of invulnerability to protect me yet again in the form of golden bees or animal shapes, use is the solar energy that creates yet don't by feel sting me."

  The spells energy bees are controlled by will or the control from some animals viewpoint are thought by feel to them to accomplish whatever you need. Use feeling to accomplish the instant things and will with preplanning for anything else. This is else by use not otherland idea. That means nothing can be used against you unless the idea is possible concept. Reverse if used against you or me.

Translation spell

  See "this is the language translation" spell that uses the bees or animal base or area by feel shapes is the spell in which I used to translate Atleantian glyphs, in which it allows for a person to just glance or hear the language, and said person understands how to speak, understand it, and write the language. To cast this spell just make this saying to yourself or mentally think, "I wish to understand and speak the languages which I hear and see. With the changes necessary in effect." Translation can use any one thing or idea to something else as you think or need to change things.

  The wish spell version requires to have you glance at said language and/or have heard the language for one minute. To cast the spell form is thus: say these words while focusing on the heat of wild fire "By the language I see and hear, I now understand how to speak it and write it no matter what by the power of language translation!" The same rule for the wish spell form applies here too. Affects of this spell is to make any language you see swim before your eyes and appear in a language that is understood by you. Any language you hear is understood immediately. Except, that it will be in aberration.

God magic stereo use

  The key to god magic is the belief, in your god as the source of power. Call to your god for aid to make what you want happen. Make the spell as a prayer and think, on what you want when stating out loud, in any language with an authoritative voice "My god, I request, and ask thee to grant me what I wish, I thank or think you for your aid."

Potion by "uh schizm" area alchemy making or alchemy with godmagic

  The potion making is a time honored skill that takes decades to actually learn. Some have a time of effect, that means they effect a certain time. So think to do the potion again, if you really need it after it starts to not effect you like a potion of duration. How to start? know the herbs and spices. What next, know how to balance them for the best effect.

  Next is this, know how to prepare or mix them and in what condition. Optional is to use magic without touch after to cool down with the potion and make it perfect to your needs every time. Similar to Bazil to cure the body things by what you do like focus to use the energy of the brain wave and create better effect. This is curative with water drinking unless you can't take the idea as acid is acidic. So use basil or bay leaf to settle the acid tongue.

  Oregano with parsley is another cure to do with the water infusion trick to focus energy to create curative area feel to body cells, turmeric is curative by idea to cause adaptation to the body energy that corrects by body recovery. Energy is uses full to not eaten idea is energy eating to the feel. Eating disorders stop as you think suppress or use, this an amazing fact as you think energy to the blood to cure by the curative use. Feel the energy within and don't funnel it inside but treat it like the energy is outside you then invert to not feel temperature. The wealthy with money, this is use things interestingly non constant by use. I think sorbitum is useless yet non alcohol as the area is filtered to the feeling. This uses sorbitol or xilithol by area feel to less alcohol absorbed to the substance with area feel. This I think is alright so I think quit sorbitol before you do too much.

  The basic potion is to have water and focus at it with the thought of what you want it to accomplish. Focus at said water in a container for the moment to make it a heavier weight and cooler to the touch. Think to keep the original strength of the potion as you put it into more liquid, think and feel your energy to flow into the potion as it pours. Think intense thoughts as you do so, or think intensely the word 'intensify' with feeling or need at the pouring potion. You may use any technique you want for this, based on that technique.

  Tea is what causes you to cure yourself. Seen is a mixture thought to work with by herbs working with tea or water or milk. Listing below does not need prescription. Hot potions are heated potions that you heat to use the excited attributes or increased attribute potential including sedation. Warm potions are created for possible sedation, with a lukewarm feel or warming taste with improved potency. Cold potions are for useful cures such as milk or mint, that you can use to cause mild action or reactivity including sleeping.

 The technique is thought to focus energy to the water and create the effect that you think it will do as you focus the energy conscious creates. This is the point to create and your idea is use if you think it appropriate. This is the idea to create with viewed in thought this is an ideal use to create better by the concept you think to water. Then and otherwise is a concept to the use by feel or need not to do. You could even make a potion that cures itself. The point then is the area you use that makes the cure effective.

  The ultimate cure if you can get it, uses coconut oil, grape seed or grape juice, some dark fruit juice with or without vanilla added to cinnamon spice mixed with turmeric added to water. If you go the sugary route, snack food creates an excellent cure. Just don't overindulge or you could act excitable or too much of a good thing. So enjoy yourself as you make the brew that cures or does what you want. This is just an excerpt from an old book a witch wrote.

  The ideal is the point that you think, I think as you are alike someone as your aware the era is deigning us lunatics. So be careful as you do things. This only means less a point or ideal, sometimes to pass by unnoticed through the ages. Otherwise write or do as you want. As I think I noticed, the turmeric increases age potential as you simply don't age too much.

  However when you don't need the potion effect, the idea is allow the potion to fade in effect or use a counter potion. As it fades away and goes out of the system of the body. You act like yourself or it acts like yourself. It is intelligent and can create as you will it to create, so when you feel then create this is by thinking the potion creates what you want it to do. Some use vinegar and alcohol to rub on the skin, so it numbs and you can work with things such as needles or bandages with no pain.

  So the wearing out of the organs are thinking a thought to work, with energized by thought water that can keep you from aging normally. That is all I suggest, so otherwise enjoy as you cook the potion the effects. That create what you want. Enjoy your day. The daytime might shorten to your senses with this cure so be careful.

  Potions and cooking are used with herbs and spices. Herbs and spices are plants that are dried, unprepared or prepared in form that have unusual properties of which do myriad things. These things are in a list below with some mixes separated by ";".


  Alcohol = A general no usage or unsafe to drink substance, yet you can use this on the skin as it sanitizes and fades pain away. Strongest to lessest in alcohol beverage. Ever clear, suki, rice wine, oisk, malt liquor, brandy, tequila, whisky, wine(red or white), beer and other. Alcohol makes red wine intoxicating where your relaxed and very unable to focus and concentrate, you can find yourself speaking your mind and spending on the moment by instinct. As you think and spend more on alcohol you have less to spend and you have more of a beer gut. If you manage to get off of alcohol and someone else is drinking it, then that is peer pressure on you yet if you find them wandering off and you haven't touched a drink. You won over the need by willpower.

  So think before using this elixir of youth or life as some might call it. If you have a need to get off of it, then drink less and less per day till you stop and then stop cold turkey. Don't touch a drink of alcohol. This is excepting sugar alcohol, that is in everything called xilithol. That in excess can cause headaches and weird sugar reactions.

  So you don't want to over do the sugar alcohol. That the body loses weight or keeps slender and this is called, as identified in a work out gym club, as sugar overload or white death. So you know by what is done, that the point is what you eat with sugar or sugar substitute. That you can cause diabetes, if you induce a sugar need by sugar ingestion and you just can't stop.

  All spice - Can cause a polymorphing ability.

  Almonds - This is any type of almond, including almond milk. Can cause a reduction in chest and heart problems including heart pain.

  Aspen tree bark, Willow bark or Aspirin - Pain reduction and sped up healing.

  Bay leaves - Energy of mind and body booster.

  Baking soda or other - If you can call this a herb creativity. This is some energy with mind and body booster with immunity to diseases that purifies by detoxification, so this nulles any taste as corn starch is also a point to purify for better results or work the solution to solidify a bit. So the poppy seed ideal is what you think to help heal by added cinnamon or garlic you create by onion the taste that can cause what is there by feel you think to exist. This use by feel though you think you create witth the herbology so baking soda cures the point as this is actually acaline or alcoline that is natural non need used feel. That is with water is a curative by what forms, dissolves or unforms things as the right time is the correct ideal. This is what you think seeing the results can cause weight loss with the point you think with fruit juice.

  Bergamot - Energy of mind and body creator or reducer that reduces the problem to work by feel is senses that improve. This use is what you are capable to see to your own area by expertise. Thus with combination or no use is turmeric to create improved function.

  Berry - Any berry is antioxidant except poisonous ones, so berry fights disease where the darker the berry the more antioxidant. Berry can be poisonous as you think to eat the wrong one or type. So follow this guide memnonic: White and yellow, kill a fellow. Purple and blue, good for you. Red could be good, could be dead. If red berries are growing in little clusters, they're probably not good. If they're growing in little singletons, they probably are good. So think to the use after this, as you think to improve things by a berry.

  Bitter melon - Bitter melon cures cancer by prohibiting cancer this also prohibits diabetes. Sorta like oregano, except this is preventative of cancer. This seems like as the plant looks like this

  Cayenne pepper - Make what you want from this muscle relaxer, that herb creates what you need if your muscles are strained. So I think if you need to relax, this herb helps as well. Think to use this in small doses, that's if you aren't used to its hotness by feel.

  CBD hemp - Make what you want from this pain relaxer, that hemp creates what you need if your muscles are strained or the body needs a curative that lasts at least an hour. This is especially true for non THC hemp oil. So I think if you need to relax or not get addicted as you are using a drug, this hemp oil helps as well as you may need weed without getting high. Think to use this in small doses since it's so expensive, that's if you aren't used to its effect by feel. This is the effect of weed though, that you are addicted by the feel. CBD doesn't make you high no matter the point. This is a known effect.

  Celery seed - Healing and bursts of energy with white blood cells. I think to use the celery seeds to absorb the things you don't want or need. Then creates less feel desire to not is reduce the area feel by reducing need or feel with area activity.

  Cherry - Brings momentary energy and knowledge of anything focused on. This also allows easier gnosis, where you intuitively know things from the air and can grasp idea easily.

  Chili Powder - Makes the body heal faster, the hotter the pepper the more effective the more you think to sense.

  Chinese ginseng - Energy and mind balancer for men and women.

  Cherry juice - This juice is an excellent relaxer of muscles, so therefore makes an excellent relaxation effector. This is a point in the use.

  Chocolate - The tooth decay remover with white blood cells and tooth and gum repairer, also a relaxative that makes happiness if dark chocolate unless with allot of sugar you don't brush off. Otherwise this can be used as a pain reliever. Sometimes you could chew trident gum as a teeth cleaner and that counts as brushing.

  Chocolate mint - This is the hunger reducer that can temporarily clean teeth, add to ginger for a remover of toxins with white blood cells. Also a relaxative that makes happiness, if you use with melted dark chocolate unless with allot of sugar. So you don't need to brush off the teeth too much except once per day. Otherwise you could chew trident gum as a teeth cleaner.

  Cinnamon - Healing and stagmating blood vessels dissapear as they are released by strengthening as this can stop change by focus of energy through the cinnamon essence creates. This seems to keep senses down or stable with ginger then add marjoram with chocolate added to chili powder, makes distant moving by thought easier unless too much makes an aggravation heart attack by activity. Some cinnamon treats diabetes with other diseases, as well as it treats chronic diseases. Too much can cause coughing with the spinal chord aggravation, that leands to immunity system problems.

  Cilantro - Healing by feel with clean water to clear traces or traits is away with no problems. Stagmating blood vessels dissapear by strengthening as this can stop change by focus of energy through the cinnamon essence creates energy the sage is with thyme to clear up or fix problems. This with ginger then stabilizes so add marjoram with chocolate added to chili powder makes dis aggravation non heart attack activity by onion or garlic use.

  Cloves - Making red health cells or blood by the thigh bone or cells and improving blood flow seeing or fatten if too much by use.

  Cocoa - Creates elation and positive body relief.

  Coconut - Creates elation and with people nearby or subduance by area feel. Use mint, coconut, ginseng to create by calm area performance. Such as "abby, cabby, affy" for a focus by some point that you use it.

  Coconut oil - Coconut oil treats pain with fatty acid reduction that causes less apetite. This is also good for hair and other ailments as this restores your skull, this is from hair loss or this is a point as if from the past.

  Coffee grounds - You make coffee use with a filter, cure by a aeberol thats cilantro with cloves or mannitol or sorbitol to see removing drunkenness if prepared with brewing its your feel if not brewed this is a poison.

  Curry powder - Can cure by influence to the brain if prepared with brewing its your feel, if not brewed and it is added to water then it's able to fix your focus. This gives men energy and females restoration to the body.

  Dill weed - Man's pickle herb, dill weed is what increases testosterone or can act as additional testosterone and this makes men more vibrant by feel. The herb restores men in ability, that is psychic and brain ability used by the body. This herb increases energy and thinking ability otherwise in men and women.

  Fennel Seed - Absorption of magical effects that is easier sage curing if used with sage and healing effects are to absorb through the contact or the water to the seed to remove unwanted influence there.

  Fruit seed - Otherwise fruit use, absorption of magical effects that allows weight loss if not overused. If you want to use this or can take it with a potion, use pomengranate to the effect that you lose weight quickly. This is easier for use with sage or curing by the fruit, if used with sage and again healing effects are to absorb through the contact or the water to the seed to remove unwanted influence there. So one could not bear it if a sour fruit without some sugar or subtitute sugar, as though thought were a dose of your own medicine. As thought this works as I think about this, if you overdo with fruit, leading to diarhhea if ingested you can always cure the diarrhea with sage or oregano. This is a point that you think then use.

  Garlic - It restores lost ability or lost time if I was an atleantian greek man by tissue and disrupts bad body diseases.

  Ginger - Some ginger treats stomach issues, this is an anti-imflammatory. Too much can cause indigestion.

  Ginseng - Any flavor, can cost you allot or can cause use to reduce, the ideal not needed with fire energy aka diahrrea. This can cause weight reduction for weightless feel with celery seed. This restores the humours or the number of chakra points put to use by the area you think you feel is correct. This is similar or not alke by the area content, that is feeling from ginseng is sweet marshmallow without the ginseng root. I think this is separating from something to create or ignore other places, seen by thought that is perception or thinking or use that is area focus with conscious notice. This is area uses to correct the brain, create by feel if you think allowed or you see thinking you are that will work or use is no use that is not to waste ingredients for cooking.

  Grapefruit - Can cause weight reduction or weightless feel.

  Herbs - Can cause weight reduction or some other effect depending with the herb described, this creates what you think by energy charge or ionic "mind" energy focus that sometimes is used to get result. A list is use by this and this is horrible weight loss with cinnamon if overused to reduce need by the ideal hex. This can seem what solves by use or create that is with feel, by honey, honeysuckle, rose essential oil or orange by area feel. This is with thinking the need "to not eat here" for better effect. In other words, do what you think works.

  Honey - Improvement of potion effects approximately 50% - 10%. A natural sweetner is this to work by thinking well with those to create a better idea if magic or idea is focus to use.

  Ionic boron - This is the substance or thats safe to drink water for some to drink by thinking a flavor or liquid drink. As you think to focus energy to some substance or liquid, then the substance purifies or the liquid gets colder as the liquid is purified or not productive to produce things and it gives you the ability to think and work things out. This ability is where this is temporary energy as you have body energy that is with energy from theory that you recover quicker, as you change the water or area energy to create a body charge that elongates your life. This by feel thought is concept or feel for life or death energy, think or energy to clean off seen and die scent disease with water this helps with dreams or area energy recovery or cleanses the area energy source. This is focus energy that you think through the essence to change the essence to create by things with area feel. This is indication to the area that you think is some idea you see or create the subconscious use with the creator work you don't have to do.

  Honeysuckle - is similiar to lemon. Lessens hunger and makes the person who tries this with use is healing by potion more energized. This can be in flower form or essential oil form or talum with silver thorn seems another idea with cinnamon, apple juice, creative carrot or orange juice.

  Lemon juice - Can reduce cancer, brain tumor and fat reducing by use or feel to think your weightless by thought focus and energy release in some "Wat" or energy way.

  Mandrake - Can cure immobilization effects as well as being a poison. This is focus dead energy to grow mandrake to a pot or area a dead body was buried.

  Mandrake root - grows off or uses just dead remains or thought as bodies that were criminals and gives poison this is exactly almost or different preparation, the same disease or immunities except when apetite then your not prepared or you you are with focus to not be effecting by drinking water then its poison unless prepared correct then if ran out you might want to stop as once formed is slightly acidic so use lemon basil or basil to boil with this or aloe vera.

  Majoram - Tooth healing and body energy restoration to restore by the creator energy or calm to soothe feel as though forkrook or think a point to correct by feel or your correction is over by feel. Done by feel is sense or know by realization to the area you go through noted, for what conditions are there and noted foed for where you go is what conditions are there by area aware feel by sense. So with idea is by sense to activate your sense that is awareness, or psychic use is aware area feel.

  Marshmallow - Seeable tooth repair is there if used too much seen is use if mixed with ginseng or honey. This mellows the body like an ideal euphoric feeling aphrodisiac, just think to use one or two mini marshmallows and that will do it. Seeing as that only has 1 calorie per mini marshmallow, thats a brilliant idea or you can use marshmallow root for better results. This really is more effective though, for marshmallow root has more potency. That is the feel to work better and you know more by what you do, this is with a life or death point or none effective point. This is just as a basic experience for this, an with use is by an area of expertise that you experiment with the root or marshmallows for a good result. Think not to puff out like a marhmallow if you use it, where other use is marshmallow root and mixed with that is paprika, ginger or "e2h2". This is for energy focus with area and body calm or marshmallow root use. See to use this is using thought to remain calm, this is valume by marshmallow and this if enough helps you stay puffed. That is true unless the weight is reducing by water, so think with feel by the use.

  Mint - Positive enhancement to the brain and creates enlightenment.

  Mustard - Some of this is meaning sight improvement and vision repair, some have enducement by thought you think to enhance by lessening the eating feel, use feel or idea. The more water the less effect to see with energy effecting the body with the neural or spinal cord stem by this I mean the base or the brain with body activity.

  Nightshade - Lemmings or area plant that is good to cure schitzophrenia or mental disorder by mandrake is with basil to cure by feel, this is a deadly poison till prepared by boiling. Then it can cure anything if the right north korean root is used. Avoid this as use is not good. Use is the idea that thought is nightshade as essence to think in the potion the idea by feel as eseence by idea to create or feel better is what you think unless poisonous that weakens your body or creates bad focus as you don't overdo the effect that is to use and with thought produce an effect or not as the effect dissipates into thin air not as use is energy but as the substance that it seems like.

   There is possibly by thought the preparation by essence. With the thought, that imagine thou and imagine the right idea as in the thought is energy and created point. Things in view that if you don't need it as negative idea in the essence disrupts, as things not liked as not existing is nothing in essence. Sometimes when you go overboard you can find the thinking you read is the thing that is your thought until not needed by the feel. This was as though impoverished or your with some ideal concept point.

   That creates with the statement or thought formed, as the in energy essence or energy from thought that the plant exists. As if this creates from in what you think or use the cure in mind, to cure the disease that is possibly what forms beauty from energy as a cure from belladona.

  Smoking Belladona is using the lesser form poppy seed, otherwise weed, that can make you hallucinate or see almost anything you feel. Then think to see thats interesting but can't get very good results. Think don't and you won't do things that shouldn't be done. So do or no more than the nastiest is gone or still you can get creative curious health benefits, that can appear as tiredness if overuse can lead to death in the use by idea is sometimes not wanted. Never overdo this idea as a use is never actually a good idea. I think with belladona the energy sends away the unlooked for influence that isn't wanted. Similar to removing dementia.

  Nutmeg - Grounding agent that grounds you and allows energy to flow easier. This releases the nastiest stuff from your energy.

  Orange peel - Extra energy for body. See the area realize the potential by the feel the herb is what you think, I think for perception with turmeric or mustard powder this created inner vision with inner idea by focus that is insight with gotten over effects or body use or some area is use.

  Paprika - I think this is a feel herb that allows change. The transforming effect by focus on what to change and use is thought by idea. Smoked paprika improves health yet isn't what you think to use for area feel. I think this is area feel that set off smoking or drinking by the area I mean need created desire was there, feel is "so you might try this is creating equal opportunity you know" so you see I think I try or you know. So you do or this is your idea or not feel with life. This one statement creates free concept, reason is non by feel area creativity by non use the concept is some the need for feel drugs is gone by idea. This is iffy feel they don't need it they work to use things, work or so they think this is energy a job use then to clean by subconscious.

  Pepper - Black pepper is for dissassociative idea and taste, it is likely to cause efects such as hotness and weight loss as well as helping inflammation and making the gut healthy.

   Peppermint - Brings innate ability with energy and gnosis to awaken and allow knowledge to the mind. This causes less hunger.

  Poppy seed - This is subtle immortality if used by with itself by the energy boost with water or paprika. This is with energy boost, IQ boost and healing of the body, so I think this is creative created focus to energy create or no use is focus. Add smoked or unsmoked onion or raw onion to correct the body, if to allow the body to die off energy feel.

  Pumpkin or pumpkin pie spice - Chi energy increase and body healing increase. This can help you recover from dizziness.

  Red Ginseng - Energy boost and healing of the body but not good for women. I think this is creative by created focus of the mind to energy create or otherwise its no use, as this herb allows what is focus by concentration. See that is a point of what is thinking, this is where you need to create by thinking of what you desire. So the body energy creates what you need in effect or not if you don't focus on the point then you get no energy effect. This is the two ways of a point in idea, if you see any other way that is also possible. So think to use this herb to improve the brain functions, and also this herb heals and lessens the disease to the causes by regeneration made with the body.

  Rose petals - To restore balance in the body and allow adaption to events.

  Sage - "Poisonleaf is associated or derived with berries that is not cursed by cured by curable curing herbs with allspice some evergreen berry, stevia or just stevia": This healing of mental problems with mild bone that is mood, that indicates good bone mood or good balance by the point with music use. This poison leaf is cured by allspice, added with things to cure things by the worth you think is due. This however prepared is poison to the insects. They use this to create boron acid poison with if nothing else available.

  Saint john's wort - Healing of mental problems or not that balances moods.

  Salt - Salt can damage the body where sea salt can help the body, but to the point is not too much in moderation. Faster healing of teeth and gums with possibilities of repairing the body itself. This restores the body and the soul if a little is tasted. This if sea salt can allow, for the point of keeping souls from being stolen or creating by feel. As this seals the area, if a little is tossed in the general direction of the corners. The point being is salt is the sealer of wounds or ideal body restorer and can seal or keep the area undisclosed in psychic observations by feel. So if you were to go and see something of an area, psychically you could unless salt were thrown in the air. However there are other salts that are poisonous to the human body, this is among the other sea salts found in the sea. So pick and choose your salts carefully.

  Smelling salts - Can wake someone up and can heal by bringing you out of unconsciousness. That is a definite poison to work with smelling, use with no swallowing because its poisonous to some by feel this is right. See to some with medical care, if this is wrong so you think and know the truth.

  Snake root - Cures poison and diseases in small doses otherwise its poisonous. This is simlar or not similar to snake oil that is high fructose that breaks down to fat unless excersized off or this can make you lose your hair. Think this is less then snake oil dissipates more easily with the creator.

  Snake venom - There is energy that can cure poisons of most types with the right preparation. That is think to create a cure then the area water is preaparation to boil, I think to this is the point this is of powder with the dust then is the area effect to not be effected.

  Solomons Seal - This is rhizome commonly used for success, so solomon's seal is otherwise used to treat lung disorders, reduce swelling (inflammation), and to dry out tissue and draw it together (as an astringent). Some people apply Solomon’s seal directly to the skin for bruises, ulcers, or boils on the fingers, hemorrhoids, skin redness, and water retention (edema).

  Spearmint - Spearmint is commonly used to help relieve symptoms of indigestion, nausea, vomiting and gas. This herb may also relieve nausea and vomiting caused by chemotherapy.

  Starfruit - This can seem cool with starfruit extract by ideal. This is with temporal energy that links to the star energy, with focus this fruit reduces cravings and makes improved health seems lessened weight by feel to no longer think you are gaining by feel.

  Stevia - All forms of stevia will absorb caloric intake faster. Seen as you can tell this is interesting, so I better stop before too much is done to this list. I see this is important or you would stop but yes I think the right or correct, doses are what you think is there in the use. That is done by what is sometimes in by the feel decided. Sometimes or not need is the right idea thats about it. This is the aztecian from mayan area this was as though research, I think is the light focus that makes this good so you create as you lighten up to fix things. This is a mild poison with the body recovery immunity, think or feel energy go through the herbal essence to create or seeing the point or "lengthen" is height up thinking cool thoughts if young enough (below 22 in a human form).

  Anything I think here is death god doman territory so you might tell the idea better this way. "Think to create or feel to work the stevia plant" this recovers your senses as you see I know what this is the energy of the actual alien gods, see that planted thoughts as seeds or focus points that were tought form yet turned to dust by their skulls turned to crystal "that you heal by feel" to use the dust. They create the plant with seed buried to use the seed with the area ground the ground mixed with the dust to cause unusual property. I think this is some plant restaurant area meaning by feel. I believe if you mix the area energy by focus to the area you think energy to the ground to create unusual properties to create with idea or use water drinking by feel.

  Syrup - This is cough syrup or maple syrup amongst other things like chocolate syrup, if enough or sugar free can cancel out hunger need, and this works on those hunger needs that don't go away normally. So if you need to have no hunger, then add a little syrup to water and drink after mixing so you know a less hungry point of time in a moment.

  Tea - Any tea except addictive illegal ten year tea, this is tea that doesn't always effect you and is the only thing that does anything for you. That means you are with a sedative, this is used as though by tea with other ingredients improves flavors. Tea is a pure stimulant that gives you energy. This increases reaction time, metabolism, and causes wakefulness. This also causes you to piss out your water faster. So for people with low blood pressure, its safe to avoid it unless you drink more water.

  Thyme - Temporal adjustment ability and memory improvement. If you run with this as an influence, you can feel time adjust and you know by what is there that time has changed.

  Tulip - Thinking to use this I found out that this is an essential oil or dark tulip petals, that brings about inner peace and illumination on any subject. This also brings body balance back. So if your dizzy, think to work with water or drink wter then you can create a sense of sane motion.

  Turmeric - Some turmeric is anti-aging where this also is anti-depressant. This restores the brain by what you think to use as a dose, this is an effective cure or restorative to brain functionality. That is unless too much, so a little works well each time. This is just an example; Allot works very decently like a 1 teaspoon full amount, yet the cost is sometimes higher for the turmeric that you can buy. So buy as you want to spend money on it, as it works a little each time with long lastin reasoning or results. That if allowed are to return to sanity and create better results by feel.

  Water - Good for brewing potion in and is also the universal solvent see if poisonous by hard elements in the water you won't be able to drink it with unfiltered water or even without. Can cure or slow poisons if drunk immediate or before patients death, that you sense or feel then you feel what happens to the ghost then you know no more about them. Unless you focus on realizing things by what is there. Think to focus energy cleanses by the water thought to cleanse the essence, from the water or think to work by feel this isn't poison unless the wrong things are present within the water or failure to work is concept energy to correct by or use not to the feel assuming you use milk or almond or silk soy milk.

  Weed - the description is here.

  Witch hazel- Energy boost for women with ideal or extra healing effect for men by feel. I think this is where you consider then work with the herb to fix things to cure this by sage, basil with smoked paprika. Other use is poison leaf that isn't a good use by what you think is necessary. This slightly useful herb can have psychodelic effects, so if needing caffeine then act by feel to not use or don't act with no need for weed or divinorium so think with no weed to have no need so this will do as a body cure to prevent pain. This can kill the personal user or abuser if overused.

  White Ginseng - Energy boost for women and extra healing effect. I think this is where you consider then work with the herb to fix things. If you think to use this and your a man you can cause womenlike reactions of the body that are temporary. That used to fix the male mentality though, where thought is that fixes things and not always by what you do.

  Xilithol - Sugar alcohol that used right, can create a cool energy boost for women and men with extra healing effect. Just let it wear off and it stops effecting you, as it adds a sophorific effect that you think then you know or can work without a buzz. I think this is where you consider then work with the sweetner or its sweet and good effect to fix things. If you think to overuse this and your drinking something, you can cause womenlike reactions of the body that are temporary. That used to fix the male mentality though, where thought is that fixes things and not always by what you do.

  That in excess can cause headaches and weird sugar reactions. So you don't want to over do the sugar alcohol. That the body loses weight or keeps slender and this is called, as identified in a work out gym club, as sugar overload or white death. So you know by what is done, that the point is what you eat with sugar or sugar substitute. That you can cause diabetes, if you induce a sugar need by sugar ingestion and you just can't stop. This is till you think not to eat and you know what occurs, if you do things that are in excess. Think then you do what is right.

  Psychism by feel or herbal psyche mix; Psychisms are psychic moments, resulting from herbal use in tea use. Other substances of whipped cream, coffee, sugar, stevia or substitute sugar like xilithol or sugar alcohol, food, caffeine or carbonation can make you psychic or at least see what calms you down sorta like playing a game or use is a good hex. You may notice something weird at play, this is normal perception overlapped by reality or extraperception due to the effect of the chemicals or ideal use. This is psychotropic, that means the usage of psychotropic agents or ingredients that stimulate the mind and leave a person lightheaded. If you wait long enough, you won't get those effects on you. They seem to pass right off. As if you hadn't taken in a drug or concoction.

  See if its too much for the body, this could make someone seem like hitler or someone famous even when their not that way until it wears off. Done to perfection, this is elemental or elementalism at work by what you focus to do. Then you achieve what you want. Due to what results from sugar overload if you had any, you could feel dizzy or seem a bit tense. Done by this is the point that you may feel strange. However that is true you may notice this is temporary, so think to drink water or black tea and you can do things clearly. This is including that you can direct your thoughts, that create what you want. So if you are aware of the point, watch the stress level. This is so you can address the problem or work, with the ideal situation and create as this is with what you need.

  Sage mix; The sage mix is oregano, white or red ginseng, sage and cinnamon, this causes mild improvement to temper with the person responding better yet with rubbed sage and parlsey that causes instant gratification. Sleep if overused or used in hot water, hot milk caused the patient to turn into a victim though. So be careful as when they overuse, this you could by milk and cause rest for longer than 24 hours. If mixed with too much sage, they that use this could get wild. So be careful with what you do.

  White sage; This is white ginseng mixed with sage, that causes compelling relaxation if you don't know how to relax. Mixed with turmeric causes a cure to cancer to be more effective and add oregano for better feel.

  Red sage; This is red ginseng, either north korean or other brands mixed with sage. That creates the effect of good behavior in men, mixed with oregano you create good feel or with turmeric you create a more effective cure. This is thought to be the most effective cure for the body of men. If the use is useful then use it, so you don't keep coming back to the same point.

  Red white sage; This is for mixed sexes, that is red and white ginseng mixed. This doesn't have to be mixed with sage or with oregano and turmeric, for a more possible vanilla euphoric mild sedative feel.

Potion preparation

 Think to balance for best effect any of these herbs above, so try to make the herbs you think that compliment each other. The effects should have no negating effects. For healing potions try to use the healing herbs, aspirin and honey to speed up the effects. Do not get too much of any herb or it could turn the potion destructive. Except area uses as herbalist work, this is using an orgonite charging plate to create the potion instead of the stove. That is done by the ingredients being added to the water with turmeric, then think to the water as you place it on the charging plate. State what you want the charging or energizing plate to create the effect of by feel, leave the cup with the fluid on the charging plate for 2 minutes to 30 seconds. Then drink for effects that you intend to get.

 Otherwise you may think to prepare the materials for the potion, that's if you try to cut up the roots and herbs while you could buy them prepared already. There is a difference, unprepared herbs are stronger and more rich but need chopping. Dried, powdered or flaked herbs need chopping and prepared herbs are already chopped but less potent unless magic is used. The idea is to mix the potion, try to make it by using water in a pot with the combined herbs. The more the ingredients, the longer the brewing or cooking time. Normal brewing and cooking time is five minutes to thirty minutes and the use of focused energy will bring the magical effects to bear. The spell with focused energy will speed the effects up. When the thickness becomes palpable in a potion, the potion is done. Honey makes the potion thicker naturally.

 Thinking to use magic to enhance a potion, think in life energy until your feeling its okay by the feel of the electroctrolyes. They interact with the dendrites or nerve heads of the body, so focus your mind with a thought and focus your thoughts on the potion while trying to mix it. Otherwise this is done when heat is applied, and your thought energy is aura energy sent as waves to the water of the potion. This also can be used to get the desired results with the potion itself.

 That's if you used a cold brew tea or hot or cold water, this is what creates brewing of the tea without having to heat the tea up if you get the correct tea. You could cause a fat removal potion while making use of a healing potion with tea and potion ingredients. This is an energy from incense, as you use cinnamon, paprika and use the incense by the smoke and scent allowing focus. You could also cook with the herbs in the water, this is done for the potion effects. However you might notice that the negative thought doesn't effect things or people, this is done by idea being expressed.

  Some potions are:

 Fix of swelling potion; This is a bumbfoot or puffed up foot fix, that's where you do the effort of a potion, wrap the feet after putting cream or essential oil on them, then have a point to walk around. See as you move around, you see, the results are it causes blood flow and inflammation goes down. So otherwise putting ice on the foot works as well. This is a note in idea. If you want to try herb, try turmeric, that brings down swelling very efficiently. However you don't have to use a wrap. The cream or essential oil is enough. Oh of course, trying to suggest by speaking to yourself the idea, that you 'reduce the swelling and the body, foot and ankle will repair itself as you walk', that will create a swelling cure and as you walk you basically cure yourself. This works if you intend the point and the subconscious does what you say. This is the potion of golden milk as a potion. 1 big tsp turmeric, 1/8 tsp black pepper, 1/4 tsp powder ginger, hot water and milk. antiflammatory goodness, helps with arthiritis especially etc. However, the stuff works even in water or tea.

 The alt regeneration potion: The alternative regeneration potion is done with red (for men) or white (for women) ginseng powder (possibly from the pills), ginger, turmeric and oregano or basil added to energized water. This is energized further, that's either heated in a saucepan or put on a charging plate. Place thress swirls of honey into the water, this is with the focus energy and words of, "I strengthen you three times more with this honey." Then heat or focus energy into the potion sufficiently, that is when its hot enough or cool if used is the charging plate. Then add four ice cubes, use the words "This is done with ice cubes to strengthen the potion further 4 times." Then allow cool or if already cool you drink. Enjoy your idea you get, you might be able to write better with the clearer head this potion gives you. If not, then you create with activity and work by feel.

 Clarity and manifestation potion: Mint tea (spear mint+peppermint)+sage+a bit of Solomons Seal rhizome (for success from ebay or to clear the way to wisdom and ones wishes(two sage leaves for wisdom, three for wishes-three is number of first forms and materialization) which would be five and all the elements. This is spear mint to break any curses that inhibit ones wisdom or get in the way of ones wishes, peppermint for psychic opening (which is beneifical for both obtaining wisdom and ones wishes), Solomons Seal for success and because Solomon is associated with wisdom (the Book of Wisdom in Bible features Solomon for example and the Solomonic tradition of magic includes a prayer for wisdom) and success. So success happens in ones wishes-also associated with Saturn, so associated materialization of ones wishes and would enhance the three sage leaves). Consecration could be by short prayers over the plants and a short prayer, that's done after it's all made as a tea and it would be drunk while concentrating on/praying for wisdom and success. This is done in a similar mindset to the element of water stuff, that is described in some spells (which also suitable way to drink potions such as this).

 The brain restoring potion: This potion is a potion of brain restoration and muscle relaxation. Prepared by using oregano, (maybe basil or lemon basil), turmeric and cayene pepper in water. Think to the water potion as its heating or on a charging plate, stating "I make this a potion of brain healing, with the power of three I strengthen this potion." Then swirl in three swirls of honey. Then your done and remember to drink the potion as its there. So you get an immediate effect, drink it as soon as possible. This restores lost brain function.

 The heart healing potion: This is a potion that reduces stress and causes the body to become relaxed as it heals the heart. Prepare by added almonds or Almond milk in water mixed, if necessary or if you feel its a good effect. Then its with turmeric and basil or oregano. This allows you to create a cure by either boiling it or use of a charging plate with the idea stated as you add three parts of honey, "I now make this a potion of heart curing and the three swathes of honey strengthens the potion by three." Feel free to add flaxx seed that restores the brain before statement for added effect.

 The relaxation potion: This is a potion that reduces stress and causes the body to become relaxed. Prepare by added cayene pepper or cherry juice in water mixed with turmeric and basil or oregano. This allows you to create a cure by either boiling it or use of a charging plate with the idea stated, "I now make this a potion of body relaxation." Feel free to add flaxx seed that restores the brain before statement for added effect.

 The turmeric and black pepper potion: This is a potion that reduces inflammation in the body and is good for the brain and gut. Prepare by added black pepper in water mixed with turmeric and you create a cure by either boiling it or use of a charging plate with the idea stated, "I now make this a potion of body restoration." Feel free to add flaxx seed that restores the brain or basil and oregano to the water before statement for added effect.

 Weed like potion: This works to cure the body of all ails. Think to use oregano, basil and stevia placed in water or to the tongue. This is a weed like effect so use a little as you can spare, the cooking herbs and stevia are for use with the water for better effect. So this is better with warm water if you want sleepiness and cold water if you want wakefulness. Feel free to add witch hazel to the mix and not too much because that stuff could kill you. If you seek poppyseed, you can get a safe weed effect if you have enough and yet there is an indication with urine test.

 Salvia divinoria like potion: This potion is simply not to be abused, however safe it is because it uses three ingredients; store bought sage (your choice), oregano and basil with some sugar on focus for visions or stevia sugar substitute for just heightened spiritual awareness. Mix the dry ingredients with water and ingest and you immediately get the heightening effects of salvia with no salvia in the blood stream. This is a great thing to use if your seeking the cure that salvia offers you with visions that occur naturally and yet this still has some stress added to the body.

 Remember, salvia divinorium is not to be trifled with as its smoked and its safer if chewed with a little stress added to the heightened body senses. If you don't know what salvia divinorium is look here at this wikipedia page for more information. Oh yea, to get over this effect is simple, place oregano, turmeric and a mild soporific like vanilla extract or parsley flakes to water mixed with sugar substitute. Although the sugar substitute can cause a heightened sense of self for a few seconds, the euphoria doesn't last. So sugar is allowed as well, if you like calories. Enjoy!

  Immortality potion and tea; The potion is: poppy seeds, turmeric, garlic powder, oregano or lemon basil, pumpkin spice, fennel seed and pepper with possibly some stevia or sugar mixed with water. Otherwise for the unimmortality potion just add onion powder. This is interesting if added to instant tea it's a immortality tea. Good luck testing this to see if the potion works. What I noticed so far, is that the potion causes whatever you think will hurt you to be redirected away from you.

  Then it's not as though it happened, except to someone else. Interesting, right? This is more interesting if you add a ritual to this, think of the god that you want to help you and immortality or unimmortality. Then state over the potion, "Oh creator, make this a potion of immortality and create what effect I need by feel." Otherwise for unimmortality, "Make for me this potion to cancel out the immortality, thank you oh great creator." Then you can create what you need by this idea.

 Sleep aid: Heat this 3-ingredient mixture on your stovetop for a powerful sleep aid to fall asleep in minutes. Use one teaspoon of honey, six ounces of milk, one drop of vanilla extract with possible mint additive. If you are lactose-intolerant you can substitute cow milk with non-dairy milks such as almond milk or soy milk. Preparation: Heat the milk in a small saucepan, but don't let it get to a boil as this will create an unpleasant layer of "skin" on top of the milk. Pour it into a glass and mix in the honey with it while it is still hot. Add one drop of vanilla extract for taste. Drink this mixture every night before going to bed to ensure you get at least 8 hours of sleep. Some can use this with success, if you think to work then you will as the potion will allow you to work things off. Otherwise by working you can feel tired if the potion doesn't work straight off.

 Smokey paprika cure: This is a cure aid to modern medicine that allows you to think and diagnose people as you think to know them, get a pot of water or a cup of water then add turmeric for purification, celery seed for weight reduction, smoked paprika for a curative effect, parsley flakes for a calming effect and substitute sugar mixed in tea for a positive feeling and thinking straight. Maybe add in a few crystal light flavor packets, if a pot of water is there and used. Mainly for a cool cranberry twist effect is mixing in cherry pomengranate, lemon or lemeonade and peach mango green tea. The flavor is great and you know the rest.

 Body restoration potion; The body is with restoration by potion. This potion cures the body for at least a week and that includes the brain. All it is using is oregano (despite its weird effect without it being on food) or basil, vanilla extract, parsely and turmeric (perferrably fresh roots) or flaxx seed. Add these things to water and either boil or not, then you can cure the brain upon use of the words, "This potion is used for curing the body and brain of its condition." Then feel free in adding three swathes of honey to strengthen the potion with the words, "By the use of three-fold honey swirls, I triple the strength of this potion. May this potion last longer than a week. By the power of [name your god], if this is done by feel cure my condition!" So think if you triple the potion strength, the potion lasts longer so think it lasts longer than a week and it will as you make the potion.

 If the effects fade away earlier than usual (or within a week), then you can always use it again if you need to cure the body of a sometimes persistent disease such as schitzophrenia. The oregano or basil (preferrably lemon basil for taste) is used for curing the body, the vanilla extract is used for a diurectic or calming effect, the parsely is useful for creating the effect of a calm mood that accepts people in their presence and the turmeric (perferrably the root) or flaxx seed is used for curing the brain. Oh, feel free to add celery seed, this is done if you want to cause less momentary hunger. Then you made an all around potion of curing, that's if your weight is your condition. Celery seed causes upon ingestion less hunger by feel. So I think if you added it to the potion, you can get an interesting effect.

 If cured you use an orgonite charging plate, then you may state the effect you need the water to influence your body to do. So I think this is the effect by result, that allows people to accept you with what you think to create by feel or focus with the senses. Then you can describe your body to have the subconscious restore it to become. This is used so you can think of the potion effect, then you become better or manage your disease if not cured already.

 Cinnamon boil cure is to boil cinnamon in water and drink it to cure diseases like the flu. This boosts your immunity and with darker idea with a feel causes diseases to disperse more easily.

 Cinnamon and Paprika in water is thought to prevent tooth decay, sorta like the curative potion and use is energy as focus is a charge in drink. Think the energy to the drink or potion to charge the water.

  Weight cure; If you want a cure for weight thats effective where you don't mind the taste, use is a smoothy potion that combines water with fruit possibly pomengranate or fruit seed with celery seed with 1 tablespoon honey or honey granules, molasses or maple syrup mixed with 1 teaspoon baking soda. If you want to get over the diarrhea resulting from this use oregano or sage with water. Blend the ingredients you choose then you create what is with ice blended in, for a cold contextual feel to create a cool smoothy. If using a sour fruit that is pomengranate or something else with a nut then you could use substitute sugar, yet no amount of substitute sugar gets you over the taste. Thats sour except when you get over the taste by repeated use. So use of substitute sugar is limited to less than a used quarter cup or less.

   The potion of curing is to use water and place in almost anything by energy focus telling the water to create the effect you think up. This is also possible to add drug effects and focus by feel effects with paprika or cinnamon and liquid stevia any type. This can cure nearly anything, as your with thought to just stop the unwanted effect.

  As redirected or not used energy is a use, things with the right time for better creative effort or curative to create with interesting idea stopped by paprika or cinnamon in water by use of focus energy water. This can even cure epilepsy with oregano, basil and a little sugar as any disease is curable, think to cure and the idea that causes disease is no longer there. If you mix 3 parts baking soda with 1 part apple cider vinegar and add it to this, you can cure anything that the body has to offer.

  As redirected or not used energy is a use, things with the right time for better creative effort create interesting idea stopped by paprika or cinnamon in water by use of focus energy water. This can even cure epilepsy as any disease is curable, think to cure and the idea that causes disease is no longer there.

  Finally in the point, this is water in a pot for which you place the ingredients in while boiling. When it is boiling, pour honey three times into the potion of tooth decay removal and extra healing. Say these words while focusing on the heat in the potion "This potion of healing will heal the gums and the teeth while healing the body too.

  The honey done thrice is an ancient idea that use by focus energy into this potion increases the effect 10 percent of the potion of healing and tooth decay decreases by healing. The fennel soaks the enchantment." Now let it brew. After one minute say "I wish for the potion to draw in energy until it is thick enough." Now try to make sure that while stirring, it is finished by being thick but not in the mind.

  The cure: the second one. There is no second cure. Now the second cure that doesn't work is because its not cold and with carrot extract or essential oil; This is carrot, oregano or coriander, basil, cinnamon that you drink with water. Mixed with turmeric improves it. That is thought to be added, so you can cure any brain condition. This is where you know what you realize, by what is done.

  The mint water
   This is considered a pick me up water, I think that you will want to be careful about drinking. Mainly mint is addictive and added to things you might not want to stop, so you watch yourself. So this thought is simple, the potion is hot or cold water with mint added to it. That's it, thats all there is to the potion. So I think this will work out great with magetized salt water, use mint with water mixed with sea salt or salt and whatever flavor that you may want. Then all you need to do is sip or enjoy the drink, after placing it in a blender and strapping magnets to the blender cup sides. Then blend till white peaks occur. However if the drink is sour, you may use a little sugar or sugar substitute. Think before use as however you may like it, only 2 cups is enough for a day. This is for the magnetized saltwater variety. Think and enjoy, that is all for the energy drink.

  The satiation potion
   Here are the ingredients:
  Celery seed, oregano, parsely mixed with water or add mint and milk then warm up to cause better relation by relaxation or use vanilla extract or powder for a cold brew especially with fruit juice instead of water. This can satiate any hunger if you put less than 1 teaspoon peanut butter with this, the celery seed acts like a weight reducer. Put with it the mint or chocolate mint as craving reducer.

  The anti-love potion to stop loving someone;
   Here's the ingredents: ginger, cinamon, salt, pepper or black poppy, lemon, water and rose petals.

   Here's the tools you will need: black candle, something to light the candle with, spoon to stir with and a rock and cup.
   Now light the candle and say one time: 'dark sides make me stop loving this man/woman Name(say full name). There is no proof by what you don't or do have' Then Take all of the ingredients and put into the cup but before drinking say this 3 times: 'With this potion I banish my feelings for (say his/her full name) Forever.' Now drink the potion. Then Put the rock at the foot of your bed (that will turn your love for him/her feelings into hatered). Now the spell is done, but it only works for some people and there's no guarantee that it will work for everyone. Think by the feel or feeling you consider. Think to see what is there by impression.

  A simpler form is use in water: garlic, onion, vinegar or turmeric and celery seed. Then drink and you no longer are in love with others that you see. Use with care as this could make you not care for those nearby. This is also called the goblin charm potion.

  The potion of compliance is a potion with water, vanilla extract, sea salt, turmeric, celery seed, stevia. Boil or heat the water, add ingredients, add to allow to steep at first if using a pot. Think to use a glass heating dish with water and the ingredients in it to heat them up quicker. Use caution on touching the water or heated surface, then cool using 3 or 4 ice cubes if you want to drink it straight or add sugar or sugar substitute if to make use of a sweet effect. I recommend stevia, but if you use this right you can get anyone to agree with you. So you see the cure: filtered water, syrup, vanilla extract used in that order or the order that you come uponst them to release you from the compliance potion feel.

  The potion of regeneration is the combination of red or white ginseng, 3 parts honey, water, aspirin and place it in a pot of boiling water. Now while it is boiling, say with focus on the heat "I wish this pot to be self stirring and by the power of three as in the honey the effect is 10% more effective in this potion of regeneration! May this effect be set permanently upon the person who drinks it!" Be sure to have set 3 swirls of honey, each separate, into the potion. Finally say after 2 minutes to the potion itself "I wish to have you to absorb energy into you until you are thick enough to be done." Think "your done" and things are finished.

   Potion of recuperation and invulnerability has these ingredients: White or Red Ginseng with no sugar added to the water, Chinese Ginseng, one Aspirin and 3 parts Honey for sweetening. Place these ingredients in a pot of boiling water. When boiling with ingredients for three minutes say these words while focusing on the heat of the potion "Make this potion into a potion of invulnerability! Increase its effects by 50 to 100% of it natural strength with the effects of the honey." Now let it brew for until it is thick. Increase the thickening speed by use of expedience or by saying while focusing at the potion, "I wish for you to draw in energy until you are thick enough to be done!" Now what it does is make you think, that you are invincible to any damage due to the mental strengthening effect and the mind strengthens the body. The body is healed by the ginseng and honey. The spell increases the entirety of effect by guiding the mind of the one who drinks it to not get hurt easily.  

  The cocoa cure is consistent of chocolate or hot cocoa mix, chili powder and milk. Melt the chocolate into the milk and mix the hot cocoa mix with the chili powder while placing it in the slightly boiling milk. When said mixture mixes together it is done. I learned this from a movie about chocolate and this was one of its cures. It does work. Due note : Do not boil fully the milk or curd skin will happen. Just heat it up until it is slightly boiling slowly.

  Potion of unattractiveness; If you have in mind whom you don't want to be attracted to you and use celery seed, artichoke, turmeric with water. So that you think on the person and you cause them to be away from you, This is where you can use whatever extra ingredient, that you want to use. I would use artichoke with celery seed to lose weight, though artichoke can cause unattractive moments.

  The potion of attraction; Have in mind a potion of attraction for the person you want to attract, then think the point to use as you mix celery seed, honey, bergomat or cinnamon. Then swirl three times in the water honey, the water is mixed with the herbs using hot water to attract or cold water to be attracted or atrocitized the aura does the deed. So think and due notice of the person, nearly anyone could be attracted to you. So if you want to unattract people, use artichoke in liquid form to cause attraction or pill form to cause unattraction or powdered formation to cause neutral thoughts. This will take care of anyone though, so be prepared for the response you might get.

  Potion of tolerance is to use water mixed with oregano, celery seed and villa extract. For those that know, vanilla extract is a diurectic and can cause a relaxed state for a very long time. So boil if you want to prolonge the effect, use cold water for a temporary effect of calm then drink.

  A potion of intolerance then would be useful to cause a person to think they were intolerated, that is made by combining garlic or garlic powder with celery seed and oregano, lemon juice or vinegar mixed with water or apple cider vinegar. That would be why its intolerated, since its taste is so bad. That when you get near someone, you can be assured to give a raw impression. However you might not take this in as they that do remember it and those that remember it, don't want to deal with others too easily if they remember a bad taste in their mouth when near someone.

  The flusher; get a large pan of water and make cold brewed or hot tea with or without sugar or maybe sugar substitute, then in addition to this tea add in some celery seed for added weight loss, some parsley for the smoothing of body functions and some turmeric for the water cleanser. Then drink it all down (at least three or four glass fulls) of the tea, That is all you need to flush the body of toxins and cause a little diarrhea, thats only if necessary and yet you flush out whats there if you do. If no toxin are in the blood stream, simply then no diarrhea occurs. When you activate the flusher, you ingest a little sugar (not a lot) and this is like one bite of sugary food then sometimes things seem to change internally. As the body ingests the sugar with the waiting period of water ingestation, this is with at least 1 hour and you sometimes have a diarrheic effect. That is all there is to the flusher. Enjoy and use what you can.

  Detoxer; Use water and add in celery seed, turmeric and vanilla extract then drink it or add to food preparation. This causes with the thought spoken of "detoxify" the toxins to pass out by your thoughts and energy of the body that responds to make the poison pissed out. Be prepared to goto the doctors if you have any toxins in you, though by thought you can use the touching of the back of the throat or drink allot of water to cause the stomach to fluch out its contents. The touching the back of the throat is to cause the stomach to upchuck its contents. So your right now you know the ways of detoxification, including sucking out the poison into a non sored mouth and spitting it out. Don't use it if you don't need to do this.

  Cure all potion that is with thought to boil nightshade powder but the dry root is most potent if you can get it. Then add orange peel, cloves and lemon juice. Swirl in honey three times stating "I wish for you to cure any malady that may ill the body. Let this be so!" Let it brew till its thick or ten minutes.

  A potion to drive away roaches and may attract fleas if alcohohol so use will consist of water, nightshade, coffee grounds and to prepare and is stronger if soaked in alcohol without imbibing. Mix boiled water with the coffee grounds, powdered nightshade for ground up nightshade and then spread it in a water spritzer, think the use and squirt it everywhere there is a flea, roach or tick.

  This isn't as immediate as usually it takes effect to drive fleas away and kill roaches slowly. It may render the roaches uneggable or makes the birth less successful. This is used by the roaches or fleas and absorbed by the eggs, that upon use are becoming sanitized and less able to bear young. Sorta like using raid roach and ant remover sometimes mixed with boric acid, there is 50% enchance this works on ants. So if in doubt, I would use the raid ant and roach solution.

  Soak any herb in the list that heals, with alcohol for one month to a year and it becomes a tincture and more effective by the alcohol use. This tincture can be intoxicating yet reduce pain if drunk and heals nicely over a short period. The longer you let it sit, the stronger it is. Thinking to focus the effect of the cure, I would state "By the gods, I will this potent brew to be a strong curative. I thank thee gods."If you don't want anyone knowing, state "maitbuzx" (maih-t-buh-zx) = make this very potent. If you don't want this effect, then you just have to think not to use this and put the alcohol down or away from you.

  For 10 times stronger than tinctures in healing, ae elixir of healing, take ever clear and soak the herb of choice for one month or more and then sip it slow in small quantities. This can knock a person out in ten sips or less unless the person ate stuff before. To focus the effect of the cure, state "By the gods, I will this potent brew to be a strong curative. I thank thee gods." If you don't want anyone knowing, state "maitbuzx" (maih-t-buh-zx) = make this very potent.

   Mint Julip potion; This causes an enlightenment of the mind by the mint being added to boiling water. And, then thinking energy into the potion. Maybe add 3 swirls of honey and a drop of dark tulip energy essence or tulip essential oil. This essence is added by thinking it there into the water. Then you say the words, "I strengthen thee and make you into the enlightenment." When the cocoa is added for the transmute, wave hand over top and utter "eshata".

   Mana potion: Add a spoonful of honey per glass of milk. Heat slowly and mix continuously until milk is lukewarm and honey is dissolved. Take a dried mint leaf and crumble into the mixture or dried mint thats crumbled. Mix thoroughly. Refridgerate until cold, and do NOT charge. Drink quickly if at all possible for best results. Energy potion, add a drop of lemon juice and charge, and do not refridgerate. Drink slowly if at all possible, while still warm. To distinguish between the two, mana potion should be light blue energy. Energy potion should be purple energy. Thats if you can see the energy.

   Extra energy potion: Milk, honey, mint, ice and nutmeg thats mixed with infused energy and heated up. Mix the ingredients into the milk and add the honey last. Infuse it with the honey swirled three times into it as you say "I infuse thee with energy to thicken into the right consistency. May you become a potion of extra energy." Directing your voice at the potion. This potion allows easier drawing from the ether and other energy sources. The potion should be drunk in small amounts, once made. Thus, drink a little and store the rest in the refrigerator.

   Pineal spark potion: Water, honey, and lemon juice.heat until honey is dissolved, then add splash of lemon. Drink slowly as its for slow, controlled pineal release (best for extended spells that take longer to manifest.) Cool down in the refridgerator and drink quickly for a random "pineal twitch," intended for quick manifestations on the spot. It's also a good potion for burning off excess energy quickly.

   Best taken with an open crown, so the extra energy can actually escape. Meditation helps to make it a slow pineal potion. So meditate while you use it and its more effective. Drink the potion on the go, sight is use for the quick twitch. What this is useful for, thinking and giving your pinneal gland energy. Use the potion and open the pinneal gland up to allow by thinking it there, a quick breeze to check if this works.

  Sleep potion: Mint and milk, don't infuse except by added heat. Add them both to a pot and warm it up to near boiling. Drink it warm for dreamless sleep. To cause a relaxative potion, infuse it with energy and while its heating up. This is with thought of 'relaxative' being projected at the potion as ya state towards the potion, 'Make this to be a relaxative.'

  Do this as you you wave your hand over the potion, in an inward spiral symbol. Any direction. The direction counts, only if you concern yourself of the energy type. This is what energy you draw to make the potion as the symbol is done over the potion. As, the leftward spiral is chaotic energy and the rightward spiral is creation energy.

  End cravings potion: This is to put water in a pot and mix in cocoa, starfruit, orange peel or orange, allspice and paprika. Boil in the water and add honey, in three swirls. Stating, 'Make this a potion of craving reduction and weight loss and yet I do magic as necessary.' Optionally this is no script or magic created by writing thoughts or typing, you may add peppermint for a innate ability to withstand cravings.

  End hunger potion: This is to put milk in a glass and peppermint, and the peppermint is possible with two forms. Peppermint essential oil of 2 or 3 drops or use peppermint candy. If choosing peppermint candy dissolve it in the milk and add some sugar or stevia. Then especially with an added stevia or sugar mixed with 3 parts baking soda mixed with 1 part apple cider vinegar, if you drink it and the hunger disperses then it worked. Then if not, use is usually by sage, cinnamon, oregano, turmeric or flaxx seed by feel, drink things with water and the hunger disperses with a clear water effect.

  Potion of mental clarity: Boil water and put Paprika, Fennel seed and Tulip. If Tulip essential oil, put one drop and state 'Eshata' while waving your hand over pot. When your done with that, put three swirls of honey and state towards the potion, 'May you thicken and draw energy to become a potion of mental clarity.'

 Potion of mental clarity: Boil water and put Paprika, Fennel seed and Tulip. If Tulip essential oil, put one drop and state 'Eshata' while waving your hand over pot. When your done with that, put three swirls of honey and state towards the potion, 'May you thicken and draw energy to become a potion of mental clarity.'

  Mental Clarity Restorer: Boil water. Put Chamomile and milk with Turmeric into the water. Then, optionally put three swirls of Honey as you state out loud at the milk, "Make this a balance restore potion, strengthened three times more by honey." Then, take off of heat and mix with ice cubes and state out loud, "May this potion of brain restoration be strengthened further by the cooling ice." Possible is the addition of Paprika, which adds extra transformation effect. Restoring the brain balance restores the body activity balance. Instead of honey, you can use stevia or stevita.

  The potion to cure petrol: The potion is to make in and create, by thinking thought to be in energy of energy passing through the thing and use is to make use with these elements, paprika, stevia or sugar, mandrake (thought to the energy in the pot), Parsley, celery seed, sesame seed, cilantro and pain reliever. This is added to a pot, that is the moment you add water and use is this chant as if at the water you add the honey. The chant is to think this, make thought create thought, as if thought you are thought the elements of oil are gone and things in thought.

  That means the means that are not wanted are separated out and things make thought unless you are and things can create that you seem to need. This is the point you feel the elements that are oily, separation of idea is only done as things you don't intend is to not to be there and things are cured of all ill. As if your sicke and yet positive, you are able to use the potion to cure and think with as with thought. This can be a trick, as you are what is needed this can restore, unlimit and restrict as is needed.

    The elixer of youth can cure cancer and is the elixer, that is with honey and other additives that use things like herbs and other things as with aspirin. If you want an enchantment for fun, think the youth effect in the potion as the potion is a potion with thought that in the old times that were before. There was an enchantment in the water and that it is and the right herbs brewed create the correct effect. That can create what is forgotten or done, the unaltered version is to think of the in area activity or out thought point to make or create with as a source and you create the effect.

   The elixer of restorative youth, is sesame or poppy seed, paprika, celery, thyme where by thought you think 'fix', and think as if your youthful self as you think to look in a mirror saying to the mirror 'unage to a point in time' or 'unage as you are seeming youthful'. The additives that are to make an elixer of time, is to add a bit of thyme, paprika, sesame or celery seed, as any majoram is the added ingredient that is what can seem used if things are requiring balance in the flow of energy. The preventation is a perservatives by poppy seeds is greate by poppy with powered or raw onions.

   The chant if you need to do things with time, as you think or you go to the point of the time is to say to the water as you think of the time. The right herb or place and the thought is what you intend to do and the chant is 'Made by the rite of time, the nature of herbs are with things of the nature thusly made is to create the point that is in time and time made flows are corrective to this as a point that is for what is makes better. As the music of time, as this time that is contingent this is the idea to think or create with if you are. To make or think and create, if you need you can create with a thought as if a wish as thus the time is restored.'.

  The time if you think as if to say to the water, as if to think it is where you go or seem in as if biolocated. The Actual chant to the water, for protection is 'This is unarguable', 'This is inarguable or not as you have to make it up or not if unarguable for the moment as you are unaffected and this acts as a warp of a concept from an area to effect' as if water in the energy and for the elixer if in need if you need potency is the mint for life expectancy. This is not a thought to do if to avoid use triple mint liquor if you wish to create an alcoholic elixer, as you use a little bit more sesame or other herb in as much as you want of each ingredient to achieve the result.

   The idea that is twisted by herbs is what can create with thought, think energy through the herbs as with the time they are in place and you cause energy to seem in the water with fine tuning adjustments. This is anything that you target can be an energy source that uses the idea, as it is use you can create and recreate the effect that you think of. Focus and percieve with feeling and this includes the point of argument and thought in mind that can manifest and create itself from air. As it isn't a hit you can shift in and out of reality, as if phasing in and phasing out by imagined gateways that open by an imagined open idea as if a door. This allows peaceful idea in resolve with rythmic idea and this is with, an open mind as if you were an idea to do you are observed in an idea or not as you are invisible.

   With a closed mind you are in the right frame of mind, and as you are closing a door in your mind you can use the idea and still be closed minded to do things unobserved. As this is what can occur, you think about the area as if an area were thought and seen to be viewed by your focus. If you get no effect, then to think you do might create the effect if you focus energy into the area as if a thought were in a piece of food. This can seem a use or not as if something were focused through, and used to get the charge spread generally into the air. As if there were a thought, then think this worked as if you are considering that it didn't. Use is thus, and focusing thought by feel or created idea to cleanse or not be effected by the drink or the point drinking water is used, as if you were thinking the thought at the right time as if this is 'done'.

    Ormes potion is where this can be anything that is a drink with sea salt, otherwise it can be a water with sea salt that is magnetized by strapped onto the blender cup magnets as its blended together. Added to this potion: This is the use of oregano, sage, cinnamon and vanilla extract where celery seed is optional and this is mixed with some stevia or substitute sugar. Others have added into the potion ingredients of choice, so excepting the table salt they have added what they needed. Think and you know what to add in to your own ormes potion.

   Its up to you to put the ormes potion in anything, that is a cup an drink that is to change your shape or if you want equalized brain functions that means your thinking improves. That is you focus or think of the form, thinking your the formation and you can change your shape. Any short indication that this works at all, include dizziness and hot flashes where cold flashes mean it worked. This is stopped by a drink of any water warm or if cold or you think to change then you start the change.

   Potion of intoxification is the potion, that you put something to your mouth and drink something. Thats made with celery seed for weight loss, water if not using liquor, sea salt to cause restoration, some sorta alcohol otherwise and xilithol or sugar with water, parsley may be added if to get the vanilla effect with this or just use vanilla extract. Mix together and place in liquor if no water or water if using sugar, raw cane sugar or xilithol thats sugar alcohol. Let the xilithol or sugar become absorbed in the water and enjoy, this is after adding what ingredients you need to add to sometimes improve the flavoring.

   An intoxifying potion that cures alcoholism is the vinegar and alcohol or xilithol, added to water and vinegar that makes it very hard to take and very easy to digest food. However this was only meant as a skin medication. You could very easily use it as a drink. So I wouldn't touch the stuff, if you weren't going to use it to rub away itches or place it on as a skin rub as it if applied on the skin will be useful to remove pain. Especially if added to baking soda. Then its triply effective. See the point is you can use too much, then end up in the hospital. So then if you never drink it, think of its use carefully. As I believe it left my mind open to the thoughts nearby and I drank a little and I was feeling mentally assaulted where I was open to suggestion, as I had felt earlier like sexual urge. The cure is lemon and a quick breeze from the area.

Infinitium by potions of the 6th by the life I saw in past life viewings in rememberance, the 6th dimensional potions you avoid because they are dangerous.
Think by Shiela modified by Spellhawk or wit use of a 6th dimensional god

Infinite potion by motion

  By the use of motion or finger movement, your ability creates by use or no feel you create with a potion. So this if tenuous at best can allow sanity by what you thought "thin to think" is what you create by the idea to create with no dog additive. As dog is korean in use, this is focus by feel to create herbal essence. Assume by the thougt focus you won't hurt anything to create the peaceful idea to create by the calm forest feel. Tis reflects in the aura and anything else, tinker with this as this is what energy use water with fire by earth that can create by the area air. The area is clean to begin with so use sugar or stevia, so what you feel is energy that doesn't cause your insanity. So the area with herbs are a cool use as energy is fire, this is mint as earth where the turmeric is an additive calmer. Tis potion is with thought intuitive hand focus in idea, think or the energy is superational by the gesture use by feel.
  The stove is heat or energy in the air is fire, fire from a focus thought and tis the energy of a motion sensor in activity or not that is what you see if ions. This is if right your smart, think of a motion sensor creating. The added energy is what you give to water in the pot, as you touch the herb think "or not" as ions are healing in use. The focused healing thought is earth by thought of dirt energy to use or aloe vera is useful. As your ability is thought in motion to feeling better the solidified from water to ice, this is added to the pot to cool off by focus done with the area energy focus as you think "three times the energy potential" to create cool idea. As you focus to sense things you feel what is there, think or gno water effectively in not by thought patience with nothing. The idea is not to go through ritual unless necessary, as if your ability creates what you see or think to create by sight in mind. This increases the supernatural ability manipulated by the spirit with the subsconscious.

Infinite potion of insanity

  That was energy by the will to use watson type energy, the watt energy to create by feel or drop in weight to use. As you think you know what is there, you know me from the inside or outside. So is what you say true, to the use by feel or creative brain. As your aware of those answers, figure out the source as you think the creative energy is resourceful. As you not creating with focus, this creates by feel with intuition by thought or motion with any herbs with non of the essential herbs as vitamins. As you think or give herbal energy as this will is energy conscious to respond to the water my favorite herbs are mint, basil, bay leaves, turmeric or focus energy to create blessij with or creative by thought creates better. This is aspen tree energy use as green energy is thought to a potion, such is the case you see that herbs are with the creator energy or as you think "not eternal waste". The energy is what you feel or create feel by thought, such as empathy is once known as ability now awakened. So your an idea that creates by feel that is thought, assume what is thought or conclusive in idea is added energy from what you see. This one is brutal so I wouldn't do things with the energy you produce by activity from te idea you can feel.

Infinite potion of less weight

  As you are aware you see your awake by thought or not life, the idea you present is what is respectful or created equally by your will. As you respect or think to see better by days, your ability is water based energy to create by tea with a thought. As what you want or ask as you think life to the point, the god is what you can see or focus in ability to create what is better off than nothing. This is energy to water, thought to use herbal energy essence as you use what mint, basil, lemon or lemongrass, paprika, turmeric or creative thought with energy by art or water with energy to cause weight loss. Think to boil the water, use the conscious feel to empower the water. Then create as you want in life, not as that will create nothing or idea is concept. As what you create by subconscious or thought is what you will, you create the cure by the ingredients added to the pot as supplies last. This is 6th dimensional blue for chi energy or green planet area energy added or not as ions to the potion. Think to empower as not is what actually blocks the bad thought, to lighten the mood as your thought is strengthened by 3 drops of honey to use with sage or sagecraft.

Infinite health fix potion

  This is a point where the health you fix is as you think to change, so you see by the idea that things are what you think. I think not to design this to break you, so if you see this is to form some weight. Then your not right as this is the area use only. So wrong is wrong. This is not to use or the health frailty twist is not to exist by the use. So this is where you are fixed by the idea you avoid what isn't healthy, so I think that this seems a fixed health poise by position or area point on the skin. The use is with H2O2 that is Hydrogen peroxide. This is poison yet with fruit is less toxic, better yet its free if you make this yourself. Al you need is marshmallows, ginger, cinnamon, chocolate or cocoa use.

  Think the cinnamon is the area feel or think no chocolate effects aleanes or cat connected to you, then add to water to correct with ginseng to cure by extra water added to paprika. This is what occured by the area feel a few days ago when I thought this. So this proves, that what I think does form reality unless its not needed. You could say the first time I sampled this, I burnt off my tongue then corrected the area. This was by repositioning objects for energy redistribution, due to feel then I restored my tongue to fix the body by energy with the area chakra points that are humours in focus to cure the tongue. So I think this was a false reality that attempted by intelliect of energy to become real, I would watch this step of yours so you don't get something extra in suggested programming.

  The simple cure is marshmallow an with some use is water mixed with ginger with paprika, thought to modify the tongue to create with feel is correct for the taste and the humors or energy centers of the body. So you think your cured or use is with chocolate or not to bother others, with no detail and no death intended they won't get onto you for things. Another variety is cinnamon, ginger with cocoa or (dark) chocolate stevia to work with by use. Otherwise use is cinnamon with cocoa to do this with. This will not work till your not too lax if too strong a mixture or don't react if correct.

  Some think or feel if female, some feel or think if male however there are exceptions. So if you think you create this, will yourself to allow your subconscious to have creative rememberance without being claimed by suggestion or statement. Because once you claim this, you might be blamed for stealing ideals. So I think this is an idea to observe and watch to state the point, as though this is what you own as your idea. I think this will work till you know, this isn't worthwhile to follow along. Then the potion effects fade away.

Infinite potion of intoxification (pure alcohol)

  This will give you heartburn real quickly, as a point is done and if thought about. Then hope your not in the hospital, as this is liquor of many sorts and strong enough to leave you wanting more. This is a point that you can think you recall if you use everclear or if vodka used then you might want more than enough. So be warned to cure yourself is coffee, black coffee, that you can cure yourself temporarily for car driving or other focusing tasks.

  Then as you think its like weed, consider the costs and the gut as the gut is there if you drink enough, if you think to get off of alcohol and someone else is drinking. Then you might feel bad and start up as well. So that is the social risk, as its not a social risk enough is enough so stop already and get on with your life. That is what you must think, if you want something other than drinking alcohol.

  So think as you must, this is what will occur as bad liver and hospital stays because of it if you continue. That is all for the potions list this time. Enjoy it if you must. I think this is the most effective 6th dimensional potion, so effectively avoid this one by thinking not to drink and put the wine glass or alcoholic beverage down. Then the need disappears, as I recall the item can bring up the need for it if addictive. This is usually by some measure or means, that keep you coming back.

Weaving by feel

  Weaving allows you to combine the possible elements as a energy weave for the gain of effect. Think on the elements to use, and then feel the elements form at your will as threads that interact with the target or thing. Ideas are from the wheel of time series for weaving. The interaction happens to your desire. For males you grab the elemental energy to make it do as you desire. Females imagine a flower opening in your mind then think on the element feeling the result, shaping it as weaves of energy line in your head. Each weave does different things with different elements. "We are weaving by thought the threads we think to create or by feel."

  The elements are wild (power or chaos), fire, water, air (barrier, widespread area or lightning), earth (plants, rocks, soil, animals, metal), life (heal, bless, soul, renewal and life), nether (death, void, negative, evil) and astral plane (dreams, planar, distance) to weave together or separate for effects. The woven together effects are fire and earth for lava or brimstone, fire and water for Greek fire that lasts till the weaver dismisses it (unkillable fire), firewater (hot or boiling water), spirit, soul or heat, water and air for cold or ice, wild and any other but astral for chaos or wild elemental effect thats the same type, life and any other but nether for element healing as in fire healing, nether and all elements but life for that effects as death effect to even magic immune creatures, astral and all elements but wild for dream element effects that effect as if you were next to the victim, nether and life for pain (dazing), wild and astral for domination (control) from anywhere, air and nether for darkness effect (blindness) or a black hole that sucks things in of desire, air and fire for nova that is instant but incinerates all desired near it. The effects for each weaving are as the weaver desires. any type of protection and mild to extreme effect like a woven fireball that kills on touch.

  To weave three or more focus energy or strands that are creative together with sympathetic or related to use at the moment elements I suggest to try as your experience, thats all they were and by experimentation, think no ban on details may detail. But these are some as I can remember. Earth by feel, fire and water with thought or focus think to restore ability that comes to create with thinking short term by long term memory by rememberbance with memory and body activity or walking. Thin to use focus energy to not cybermen use or create the effect to work away or create less weight as thinking is what you do.

See spell recognition

  Spell recognition is to see the result and gain knowledge of the spell seen. You have to have seen the spell or effect pattern before this happens. Upon the success of spell recognition the caster can remake it very quickly or counter it. Feeling the spell effect allows the person to learn it instantly if they survive being attacked by a spell. They can even cast the spell immediately for the spell energy is still there to use. See blue magic for more info.

Healing by focus

  Healing is the art of gesting more than using energy to remove a disease or wound, and takes allot out of the person, for itself must be wanted and needed by the wounded victim. Before I go into the gory details, you must be immune to pain. The reason is that to heal with magic, you take the wound into yourself and leave the victim unwounded. Sometimes this can be prevented by other healing methods, such as reiki, sending through the earth to heal from anywhere. The creator can do this right so the subconscious creates where you think this heals with focus to create healing or use this not to the point with ultrahealing, that restores to the point of brain restoration or rapid changes or response to think stop the body changes to stop then is normal by general idea of the body internals, seen and knowledge of diseases.

The area you think is curative with the technique you think will work, this is to Focus on the victim. Then feel a pull of energy to you from the victim, while thinking of the disease symptoms. Feel within yourself and will it to happen a pull of the disease into yourself. Say hearepro (heh-hare-reproh) to improve the effect. What should happen is a drain of your body to some degree, with a lessening of the victims condition. Use of a holey stone, meteorite or just holding two fingers in a circle improves it more by holding it over the area while channeling disease. The most you can expect, can be 40% improvement of the victims health everyday. Repeated healing sessions may be necessary. After all that, focus your gathered sickness energy by holding your hands together while feeling a sickly yellow green energy ball. Then feel the ball shift to the earth and release it. Due warning, one can make someone else sick by releasing the yellow green ball near the victim you want to infect.

Most holey stones can go both directions think send energy thoughor think receive energy from another, they are used in everyday things yet not as much so the trick think as well. The tying the holey stone with ribbon to hang near the bed to prevent nightmares is a traditional use of them that is still prevalent since ancient times, as people hang holey stones near their doors and even over where their pet sleeps to guard them.. Some take no chances. they wear theirs on a chain around their neck and sleep with it also. If you also have a dream catcher near the bed. Then you won't have nightmares. The area you think is create area by folding space or created area concept from energy experiment or create by feel.

To assist the body's healing process by holey stone to become faster at healing, charge a holey stone to absorb the disease. Place this stone in a tub of warm, salted water and soak it for several minutes. Repeat once a day for a week. Cleanse the stone after this and repeat as necessary to recover body reaction to normal feel. This is from other aura energy that is near.

Seen to enhance psychism is dangerous if you think to create by the area or not do things if inhibited, Where they are when they do this is really interesting, try a wild and lonely place that is what the area feels like or thinking why you realize by focus. I think preferably in the moonlight and hold the holey stone up to one eye is most effective. Close the other and look through the hole in the stone. It's said that you will see visions, ghosts or nonphysical entities. I can't vouch for this. I have no interest in being in a wild and lonely place, in the moonlight and seeing anything more than I already see. It is also said that to look through the hole in a stone, (even at home and in broad daylight) will improve your eyesight.

Reiki is just attunation to energy to create the energy effect or created healing that you wish, seeing with the art of healing energy manipulation is the exact opposite of taking the wound into yourself. This allows for healing with a mere thought much like or uses the third eye, think then focus to create or mentally assisted energy manipulation isn't necessary. Now think to accomplish the task, focus your chi, ki, or life force into a healing energy. Think of the person and send the healing energy forth. The energy will travel through any media to reach the target, which, is mostly earth medium. Said person should heal immediately, but there are some that are immune to the reichi energy. For those immune, use ovousibas or take the wound into yourself.

Think to do ovousibas, one needs energy to accomplish this act of healing. Take it from the ground through a symbolic link. The link is formed through the imagination of the ground represented by a picture of a rock. Now in your mind, draw a line from the picture of you to the picture of the rock. The link is there and only needed to be done once. Next, focus on the thought of a pump that brings water with the source of this water being that unbreakable link to the earth and maybe a link to a scope with magnification. It only works when the person pumps it so pump enough water. The water from the pump runs along a channel that goes to a clean water drinking pond.

Now think by feel or create with focus, imagine yourself pumping that pump and watch as the water goes to the pond. Now imagine a cup, that has dipped the water, in your hand. Drink the cup of water in your mind, and visualize the body that is wounded, mending itself while touching it, repairing from the inside out. This body is the body you are trying to heal. This could be yourself or another wounded person. If the person happens to die, imagine the word "awaken". The body you are trying to work with will possibly be raised. If you want the wounded person to regenerate, touch said person, and imagine after drinking another cup of the water, the word "regenerate". If you don't want to touch the person, imagine the words "cause regeneration" at the person intended. This is stronger than reichi but feels wrong due to the fact of you force healing the body. Alternatively called "playing god" with lives. As an additional. compassion helps to heal past pains of love as unseen tensions linger between the cosmic lovers. These thimgs are help as to the being flame to water.

Weakness spell

  The weakness spell starts with the practitioner this for defense by lighting a candle except red, think of the person saying or thinking "make this person weak" then if it happens you will feel slightly weak. If it doesn't, you will feel very weak as it backlashed. If you feel very weak think or say "make me strong" and the weakness disappears as your last word are spoken or thought. This is energy focus to a substance to create influence or radiation.

Elvish spells

  To create an elven spell think to create or use is not, take whatever forces you want as thought by object or use in represented words. The point is energy is conscious then the action words create by direction or focus the joy to create with feel to use idea. Then to say the words say them like english, except for the letter e. Elven spells by the Angel of White Fire. Contributors by others and self-projects that friendship is possible. Made from

Some example

Aile ailine ailo aire aina aksa ambarta = water spell
Aile ailine ailo aire aina aksa amlug = water dragon
Anar anaroore anrrima anarya ambarta = shining light
Anar anaroore anrrima anarya amlug = dragon of light
Aile ailine ailo aire aina aksa andamunda = water elephant
Anar anaroore anrrima anarya andamunda = light elephant
Anar anaroore anrrima anarya ango angwi = water snake
Anar anaroore anrrima anarya aara = false dawn - kills vampires
Anar anaroore anrrima ainator maa = hand of god spell - as in doom
Anar anaroore anrrima anarya ankalima alka = sunlight beam that kills shadows
ambar aire anar nulla urwa wilma kelva tulka = heal wounds
ambar aire anar nulla urwa nu kelva tulka = heal deep wound
ambar aire anar nulla urwa nu wilma kelva tulka assare = heal bones
ilya parne silna = prevent disease or prevent shark attack
ilya quanta kelva tulka harwe ilya-ser = group heal
ambar noore kelva tulka noore = repair land
ambar aire anar nulla urwa wilma nu qualme = cause death and agony
ambar aire anar nulla urwa qualme tulka = raise dead
ambar aire anar nulla urwa nu wilma quaame = cause poisoning
ambar aire anar nulla urwa nu wilma quaame tulka = cure poison
ambar quende aire fyria nu urwa wilma wili = make fly(flight)
ambar quende aire fyria nulla nu karka loomin = make shade or shadow
ilya karka ava-ainu firya loomin = fade (souless human shadow)
ilya ilfirin = immortal
ilya istya = all knowing or powerword knowledge
ilya tiuya mii vanwe venwe = no fat or reduce fat
ilya maka = powerword slay
ilya kuile = powerword live
ilya fuume = powerword sleep
ilya osse parka = melting mist or horrid wilting
ilya mart-onta = create item
ilya onta suhto = create drink
ilya onta yaave = create fruit
ilya onta apsa = create cooked food
ilya uu = undo
ilya uu-ilya = undo all
ambar wilma putta = stop
arda venie = earth shape
tanya arda siirima karka venie = lava elemental
tanya venie = fire elemental
wista venie = air elemental
helke venie = ice elemental
neen venie = water elemental
lusta venie = void elemental
kuru venie = magic elemental
ilya uuve alma = get wealthy
ilya ainu maka = kill spirit
undume valasse uumea = banish or drive away
undume valasse uumea ainu = banish spirit
undume valasse uumea osse = terror banish or banish nightmare
lusta kara na = make be
elda firya nisse neer lav-na = make compromise or make allowance
ilya varya si mine = protection of one
ilya varya limbe = protect many
lusta arda tanya wista helke neen kuru varya = all element protection
lusta merke tarne ter lin-tinko = pass though metallic attack
lusta merke firya lav-na na sermo = turn enemy, wierd counterspell or friend spell
lusta firya lav-na na serme = girlfriend spell
aule arda tanya wista neen kuru kelva tulka si aule = fix invention
arda tanya wista helke neen kuru kelva tulka si kar = fix house
oor firya elda uu-or = calm emotion
anka firya lusta kelva tulka anta anka uu-nwalya = painless teeth and gum repair
ilya wista kalina wili lutu-kalina = featherfall
ondo wista lusta aule tanwe varna tarna tere sarna = passage through stone
anka firya lusta uu-nwalya = reduce pain
lusta tol noore-ti Oo hwesta varna raane firya elda = klondike safety travel
ilya varna horta nan-luume raane = forward time travel
ilya varna horta il-nan-luume raane = backward time travel
ilya ilya kelva kotumo nuru = wierd spell (kill all enemies)
ilya lav-na si er uu-kotumo = wierd counterspell
wista neen ilya kelva poika amba uu-saura = clean all
ilya kelva poika amba ilya saura lanne = auto clean clothes
wista neen poika lanne tanya kelva uu-saura wista = good scent or zone of sweet air
wista helke lusta sinome na en = teleport (think of place)
wista helke lusta en na sinome = import here (think of thing or person)
luume lusta helke putta luume = time stop (no events occur)
lusta neen il-putta nan-luume = continue time forward
lusta neen il-putta uu-nan-luume = move time backward
aule lusta karne horta = speed up machine
aule firya horta nan-luume = speed time forward
aule firya horta il-nan-luume = speed time back
aule lusta hir-si mi si = find this
aule lusta firya un-lenka nan-luume = slow time forward
aule lusta firya un-lenka uu-nan-luume = slow time back
aule lusta uu-urys-et-aule = anti-burnout
onna lusta aule kuile yar-suk onna uumea X = drive away fleas, lice or ticks and tardiness is disease
olva aule kuile uumea X onna uu-nosta = creature anti-birth or anti-fertility
ilya nuquerna naikelea kara = reverse attack or torture

Trap magic

   Trap magick is a concept from the game Tecmo's Deception and given an 'official' name by myself. In it, the player has been betrayed by their brother and murdered; thus they make a covenant with Satan in order to gain power. One of these powers--magick--is used to defend the mansion they now you control. Trap magick is set and focus is freedom, when the target comes into its range, is activated. Trap magick can manifest itself as stones which fall down to flatten a foe, piercing spikes which jut from the ground, magickally capturing cranes, cages of confinement, powerful blades that appear to swoop down and cut an opponent in two, or anything else you could imagine. As the name implies, this sort of magick is used to 'trap' a person; be it a trap to kill them, or a trap to contain them. You can use three stones to trap a disease to not create diseases or activity that causes disease.

Rules of Trap Magick

 The biggest 'rule' of trap magick is that it is not about energy. Nearly all of the traps are physical weapons/cages/etc. and not generic kamehameha or spirit gun. You can cause explosions, or make enchated cages which include an electrical barrier, but really the material of the trap is the key to it. If necessary, illusions can be used to lure the target into your trap's radius. Very powerful trap magick; takes a lot of power to work. To use trap magick continuously without burning yourself out from all the power you channel, you need to sacrifice a soul that was killed in a malice (or out of anger). You can trap a soul with trap magick, even without sacrificing a soul that was killed out of anger.

Magic circle trap

 The magic circle trap is to use bait laced with a drop of blood inside a magic circle drawn to have a meaning. The Bread, milk, and honey, and a magic circle trap is a good example.
Its to use a magic circle trap with the milk, bread and honey in the middle of it, the bread has a little of your blood as it might work except use chocolate if you have doubts and honey on bread with a little of your blood.

 For the magic circle draw a line in a circle and give it symbolism by thinking of a word or drawing one in. Put the bread and honey in the center and put a drop of blood on the bread or chocolate if you used no bread and honey. When the faery eats the bread or the chocolate, the energy in the blood sparks the circle to life and trappes the faery in the circle. That is it though, except one could use a meaning as the metaphor to cause the draw once thought upon or stated out loud. The release is the usage of the metaphor or the disbelief in the metaphor. They might think 'I will get the idea of it anyway.' Most effective is the circle to surround the three focusing objects in area feel.

Editors note

 There is a way to link the magic to a constant source that doesn't end. Imagine the trap and imagine the source, then imagine a line drawn between the two in your mind to connect the two. The trap is fully powered and by the effect of a link, thats also linkable to a switch. Just imagine a link from the source to the switch and from the switch to the trap. When trapped you are aware think to get out or release yourself to not effect, othere when you don't or not seem till seeming end then want to be effected to effect others.

The rest or don't use section that is changeable

Transformation magic

   With khepser or trasformations or transformation by phases you think to use, think to effect or do any thing you want to try or succeed as you wish to suceed. Then you will be aware with the effect, your aware the shifted form as this is repose happens. Know this in advance of any shift in the moment or create by with area energy. One you might feel allot of pain if for the first time. Two or usable idea creativity, see as you will so you might find the process seems is slow at the first time or as you see the use. So as you see for the reason of it being there in the first place, see or your first time and needing things with chi low enough thats built up in the body. As your body must get enough chi to get used to the shift process for less pain be knowing this. Warning or not: when you shift with a weak heart, you could get a heart attack or other heart related problems. The heart syndrome I like to call for the effect is rapid heart beat rate of when the heart is pressured like it might be, so this is when things street stresses the heart a great deal. As I said this is use in america or places, that is with this if no useful idea is use to create. When you find yourself shifting you could panic, if you don't know or create is what you are seeing so what to expect is what you defend with. This is end use or protect yourself from being seen as you adroitly use idea to doit, imagine a gray wall to surround you then you won't be seen. See to have done anything and your aura turns cold, your indicated or radiation like with the sun energy.

 When you have the time this first method works. Focus on a form in front of you of a little of the persons life force, and form it into the shape that is its natural form. The shape is important as its imprinted on sight when its visible to you, see as you feel or not obsist is obsessive or not to create by the use. Feel the shape blend with yours and then you start to form into it as its of yourself that is only visible to you. This trick takes one second or more with focus and ten minutes more or less by just not trying.

 Now to see the form is truly there is amazing to see the sight or area your time, if you feel like you are separating from yourself and a new shape becomes you. Eat after not dumb as this effect is finished or performed, so you see the end result for the benefit of not passing out. This is unless you have allot of energy. The second technique is quicker yet takes the longest. Get a photograph or a picture of sorts of the woman or male and look at the thing, then see yourself as the form in the picture, think to use or not be in the area with some use.

 Feel your form change into the image of which you see and if you work it right, stop demon as you will or think to stop or see the image change into the form between you and the picture. Again your eating will increase then decrease, as pancreas pressure builds up so your use is for the shapeshift duration to apply the mass needed for body to energy convergence. What this does is to focus the change of your body to another through subconscious manipulation. This process can take effect instantly to a week for it to occur. If the form is lesser than yours, you won't feel like eating much except the food necessity won't disappear. So eat normal for yourself despite the fact of lack of food unless its a smallish form twice as less from yours, then the eating habit changes to that forms. During the process you take energy from the target and it changes the insides of yourself.

 The next formation shift technique is to focus in your mind your form. Transforming into the target shape and this is the quickest change and least likely to cause heart conditions, Yet its more painful then most spoken spellshifts as the body takes time to get used to the shift and spells will make you not feel any pain.

 Change your body shape with aura to effect a difference, use your hands like a magnetic repulsion force by gathering psi force or energy to force your aura to shift the body. Feel the body change with a breath in and breath out slowly as you shape it and it will oblige. Now what can be done alone and helps this process, visualize your form change into a form of your own making., all the while feeling your form change Also, change objects shapes in this manner feeling the object change form.

 Alternative shaping, this is to be that when you look in the mirror you are seeing yourself, and you thinking of the person and then seeing the form in your head as you are thinking of the person being you, then thinking of the person's name will make the form become of yourself.  When the mirror works it should shine or the air should feel still and there is a real charge in the air that feels empty. Only afterwards will you know to change forms by visibly seeing it and yet it starts with feeling the body shift. Due note: this removes fat but leaves enough fat to be slender muscle. The possibility to change sexes are very good. Alternative shaping by shadow as it is with speaking to the mirror 'Mirror, make me the form that I need to get the form of'.

 Benefits of the shift are you regenerate or heal rapidly, you are more healthy at the end of it, you are longer lived as you infuse yourself with life when attempted, The form if sane can cause you to be saner for if your mentally insane, as the form has a mind with the life energy that can be as you want. If you transform into an inanimate shape like a gemstone, you won't have to eat after the trasformation except for the energy absorption to keep the form. When the form is kept of choice for longer than five hours you become more and more like it.

 Do not be tricked into thinking that your the form you want to transorm into if you didn't change at all. When theres no feel of body changeover, then heres no shift of body. Meaning the attempt had failed the first time with other bad side effects like heart conditions or if your lucky no bad side effects. You can abort the shapeshift if you want to or if you panic enough it will naturally abate.


Skyhawk, Kevin noble, Amy, Jay, Cathy and others

Shadow magic

   The shadow forces are unimaginative and very as you see it, it is or as you see the need or effect to be. Meaning its black and white, and very as you imagine it to be with the effect of a steel clamp for the strength. When attempting you need the attunement to shadow and the merest concentration as to what you want it to do. Whats new in methodology is shadow manifestation and sensing through the shadows. Due notice: Some people might see that there is a delay in shadow activity. Think to use specifics with general area concept to back this up.

  To do this, feel the darkness and make it yours by filling yourself with darkness from thinking of darkness pouring into you. Then feel the effect or visualize the action of which you want to happen as it is now apart of you. Ae manipulating the dark as if you were using your own force to do as you would want or will with it. If it works, you will feel the darkness move and see the image of the action appear in mind as it happens. This cannot be detected as its using emptiness or the nothing of darkness, Thus what things it can do are manifold as in steal, attack, drain, decieve, disrupt spells, form other spaces or realms, form raw or made materials, hiding by shadows, shadow manifestation, sensing through the shadows, restraint balls and other things like shadow bombs. This is listed from lesser to greater effect to make an effort of happening. This is energy use so the area energy is aware focus think to create the energy use or area aware focus. But if you musy know think not to be effected by the thinga around you.

  • Stealing with the shadows you playact the scene while focused on the object, willing the shadow to do the deed as its dissappearing into your hands or near you, by the sleight of hands. In movement, to cause the steal.
  • To attack you envision or act out the part of the attacker and shadow will form as you intend. It takes three hits to knock a person out, Four to erase the person from history as if not ever born.
  • You drain by imaging or using your mouth to suck the energy of a targeted force, like the wound on a person that will disappear immediately albeit slow. For unaging, suck the lifeforce out of shadow to give you back youthfullness, to suck from a person is anathema as it can weaken a person, unless that is your intent. You can suck emotion, energy, wounds and destructive acts to safe effect as its very energetic to do. To drain a spirit or ghost is to kill it as you absorb the energy and ghosts are energy. There is more energy in emotion than there is in calmness. Anything else like draining objects will destroy the object after a while. Optional is draining part of the sun. 
  • To deceive with shadow, think on the person or think "project image" and speak. The image you project is yours, the voice you are heard as is the person you think on.
  • To break a spell is to disrupt a spell by draining the spell itself. Use the drain activity above.
  • Forming other spaces or realms is considered forming dimensional spaces, To form this space is to imagine yourself in the scene of another area, Then allow yourself to shift there by saying or thinking "sift" ae english, Or, feel yourself there and pulled to the space, as you walk through a door or mental door. In this manner you create a dimensional area or dimensional pocket. Whence you shift, you will disappear from your reality and find yourself there either asleep or awake. Depending on if the world can be shifted to in sleep or when awake.
  • You can form wrought materials by feeling the object or person and feel the form appear as you pull it to you. Whence the yank happens, the person or object will move from nothingness to you or near you with the "move" of darkness. This works though shadow because shadow is darkness is void is substance. And, it can effect in a week, if it doesn't immediately.
  • Hiding by shadows is the effect of feel yourself not seen and blend into the background. This can be done real easy if you use the indian scout method ae stand still while hidden in shadows. Move slowly to evade detection with possible caumoflage. Then people won't notice if you master it in practice.
  • Shadow manifestation is where you think of the shadow force and then imagine the shadows doing the effect, as wherever a shodow is there will be an effect if you so choose it to be there. The shadow force will do anything you need, at the moment's notice.
  • Sensing through the shadows, is as you might think it. Simply put, its to manifest a sighting effect or image that you can feel with in your mind after asking the shadows to give you an image or sighting in effect of what you would want to see or sense. The sighting effect is what gives you the sense of being there and its accompanied by an image that could be black and white shades. The image is just a visual of the idea you want. To direct the vision or sighting effect, think to the shadow what you want, and to stop the effect is to think to the shadows to stop giving you the effect.

    The normal way to sense through the shadows is to stare at the area around yourself and this is in darkness, sometimes near pitch black. Then blur your vision and blink your eyes. As soon as you do, you might notice the differences in the area. Focus your eyes and see the differences of shape and try to denote the area shapes. Done correctly, you can see very easily in the shadows.
  • Restraint balls are the coelscence of shadow into the form of a multi-tentacled shadow ball that restrains or hinders. The way to achieve it is feel a ball form in the shadows and playact placing a ball in mind or physically. The placing is done when you feel the darkness move and the only thing left, is to cause it to activate by feeling the shadowball form the tentacles that enwrap or close around the person or place. This will impede the area or person to effectively slow the target down or stop it entire. To break this shrug it off mentally or annul it some other way. Warning: it can effect more than one person.
  • Shadow bombs are the essence of shadows put into a destructive mode, Feel a multi-tentacled form into a ball that you place by playacting into the area of the person or object. Then feel it explode into a burst of which hits the person or object. When you feel it gone through the target/s and the shadows move then its placed, and you absorb energy from the target for the time of which you allow the bomb to happen or its dispelled. Use a mental hand and "push" it away to get it away from you or have it attack the shadowmaster. Shadow bombs can corrupt anything near it.
  • Shadow corruption, is the affluence of shadows that are conjured, to be near the person and corrupt them. Its as though, the shadow is brought about, by ritual. To do corruption, of the idea and effect that the target represents. This is done by stating, near a candle, 'shadow, shadow, shadow, be near the target and corrupt!' Clap your hand three times. To stop the corruption, is to state three times, 'shadow stop corrode'. Then clap your hands three times.

Thief ability

   The ability of the thief is to make events happen from disasters and disruptions along with other things that occur. Generally speaking, it derives from the power of night of some part of the world. This ability is innate ability and like magic except its not counted as magic and psonics (mind energy manipulation) as well. Yet they naturally have the ability in night to manipulate shadows. They are very able to steal at a distance, shift things to hand, see with night sight and see auras. At anytime they can not be noticed on desire or fear, danger sense, lie, steal, get anywhere, detect truth, pick up any ability by watching and identify items. To master this ability grants you the respectful title "shadow thief". Poisons are picked up by natural experiments. Think the area is natural feel or create by focus this energy is creative to your point. Then use another point to correct if the created feel doesn't work with your idea.

  •  To make happen an event is to focus the forces of destruction and to feel the hardness within forms the essence to energy forms you wish to exist or unexist. Then think on or say what you want to happen, Underneath your breath or out loud, the focus of hard emotion will eventually cause the event by a negative influence of sheer gut feeling. In less than a second to years forward or back. This event might manifest as physical activity by you or others. A simple wish may make it happen as you feel the hardness and state the desire for the wish. The event has a chance to succeed or fail according to degree of disaster, percieved or watched. The greater of disaster the greater the chance with possibility of reflecting back at the thief with tracing.

    The key to success is practice, and it will click into place. When the event happens, the disaster will have disappeared to some degree. Any concurrence is sometimes a giveaway to those who watch for it. To feel hard emotion is seen as a white spark, so to have some disaster to distract the people that watch helps in some amount. With this method is a no negative and positive feedback that allows you to deflect the negative.
  • To manipulate shadows for a thief, is to focus on shadows with a thought of what a shadow is and to imagine the shadows take form to what you desire. Feel the hardness within while doing so. These shadows can mimic a life form, any shape, can steal by you acting out the theft. can sound like any living thing and by focusing on your hand or other thing, will entice or beguile any who see it.
  • Stealing at a distance, first have touched the object or thought on its shape. When familiarity with the shape happens, then think of the object and mentally take it into hand. This doesn't actually need you to feel the hardness, yet it can help, Whence you take it mentally it will either appear in hand or near you on a touch. At first this won't work except to make the item appear in invisible form.
  • The shift to hand idea is similar to the above except you imagine the item appearing and play with the item as if it was there. This effect will work give or take one minute or more. Your basically working with nothing as support to create an event and in solid form. First its invisible, second, its semiapparent, and last it appears to any in area whether or not visible. By apparent visible I mean felt yet not seen.
  • Night sight is to use shadows to enhance your vision. Adapt your sight to the shadows by thinking "pitch black night vision" and then blink once. Your sight will shift to see in pitch black, yet there will be a great difference. There will be all grays like a cat with some color. Thus don't be surprised when your sight shifts abruptly as you can see in no light.
  • To see auras, focus on the shape and the shape alone without details, then blur your eyes after closing your eyes, and refocus eyes. Then you will percieve the aura of the area with people included, this will or won't work according to your thoughts at the time what might help is the thought "percieve aura" at the attempt.
    Herein are the values in an aura chart that might be the auratic meaning yet there are others as no aura chart is completely accurate as seen in this chart here.
  • Thieves can disappear, anytime during day or night but mostly at night. For the fact of night power mixed with fear or desire, by focusing on the shadows, and mentally cloaking yourself in a black veil, you make yourself unseen to any as the black cloak will keep you unnoticed unless the person looks directly at you. To desire not to be seen or feel fear, as you wear the black cloak makes you not seen to the public, even if you are looked for otherwise only the people looking for you won't see you. This black cloak is fueled by desire or fear yet leaves your body cold to the mental eye. Yet you cannot hide in plain sight unless noones in the area and watches you do this. If directly watched do a distraction to effect the eye as in a stated "this is an interesting place" to distract the mind from you. When cloaked, and near someone try to move slowly as you will not be noticed as the scouts would do, for the Indian scouts will sneak past anyone through stealth yet if focused on, stay absolutely still and the eye might pass over you.
  • The danger sense is an important part of the ability due to natural disasters which happen around them. Where the disaster may occur, the thief will know it, whereas the warmage will see the event. To achieve this, focus on the area and allow your mind to perceive by mentally unfocusing and focusing again with thoughts of "what is wrong here?"
  • Steal with the thought of "I will do this theft" and follow your instincts brought about by that thought. Thus to have the tools necessary and the freedom of time to do it in allows for this to easier. The tools are pliers, lockpick, screwdrivers, glass cutters, explosives, crowbar (notched and edged) and a lithe body. Without the lithe body, you can enter through the door front or back by using the lockpicks or kick the door open if your heavy enough. This leaves the door open with a broken doorjamb yet you can try the window in back if you don't want arrest. Before you attempt to steal, make certain you have allot of exercise with idea of at least 3 area exits and entries. Then get in and out as quick as possible with a good cover story. Due note: this isn't as quick as it seems and will be very bad if the owners there. Then, if you dare to use the shadow ability to conceal yourself, you might have an easier time.
  • Getting anywhere is in two modes to create with or thought perception to see or create by aware thought, walking, jumping roofs, running, driving and shifting there by no fear or desire. To do the first mode of walking etc. The area is the point that is most effected or known as the knee cap. I think to know where your going or created location and allow your body to find the area with you to watch and note where to go or get a map and go where you want. The second mode requires you to have been there, or seen it on a map or picture, you think yourself there by unfocusing your mind and seeing yourself appear in that area, after a eyeblink and walking to the area to avoid notice. Say or think "shift there" unless you don't want to be found as to what you do, the phrase is "sytt" (site). When you mentally walk there your body might disappear and reappear through the unfocusing and refocusing with of you there. Seen is feel or area your mind uses to translocate to to see.
  • Detect truth by focus on the statement yet avoid listening too closely, Then feel in yourself your gut feeling then mentally identify facts you hear, as they expression the ideas try to feel if its the truth. The truth is a good feeling and the lies are a bad feeling. This isn't totally foolproof.
  • Picking up the jack of all trades ability is to learn to watch and read to know and understand. Use post hypnotism to see it and try the safe things by yourself. This helps in studying allot. The self-hypnosis technique is to make a focus on what you want to do and say with a hypnotic rhythmic voice while staring at a constantly moving device like a clock. "I will do what I was focusing on doing unless too dangerous as if I learned it, and wake up feeling refreshed. I will wake on the count of three. 3 , 2, 1."

    What happens with this is that you want to self-hypnotie yourself to learn what you watch or see and to feel refreshed at the end of it. This is done without the intervention of anybody else except for you. So be careful with what you think because that will happen no matter what. After this the event only has to be watched and you will have how to do it without classes.
  • To identify items is to know what the item is, on sight or touch by having high lore and knowing the function of similar items. If you are looking at a diamond, then you know what it is for by use of gut feeling ae look at the device and unfocus your mind then focus your mind by saying "I know what it is" then tell of the obvious on the item and gut instinct will take over to tell on the item or having seen it before. You can write it down but don't let the wrong eyes see it.


  The process of transcendancy is to focus on a bloodstone in a cup and drink a drink to shift to the chosen target, to do this correctly fill the cup with blood, or other drink. Then as you drink focus to herbs if any there, think on the ruby or the herbs with seeds to absorb the unwanted and mentally join the target to be. This is done to save your life as it kills the body you are normally in or leaves it knowledgeless. You knock out the body conscious of the victim to become the victim. This can be done when your near death or very old in physical form. Then you make it up as to your identity change and hope your whomever your with, albeit spouse, or girlfriend accepts you. Another possibility, is the body won't die off and will form a new personality to reamain alive.

Physical magic

  Physical magic allows for use of a spell cast with activity by focus and can be used for enchantingobjects, then to use those to cast more complicated spells requiring allot of energy. Use of source stones will allow this much easier. Yet to get allot of energy quickly as source stones are very sluggish for energy and yet contain allot any given moment. Use for an alternative a powersource to heighten the entire area with 10 to 100% more energy. These sourcestones can be made to do anything including be a trapsource. However if you want revenge, place or make a source item and set the purpose to watch the fun. You can use the body as an object with prospective of each use will age the body three months. These spells are usable for people that despise magic or disbelieve as the source will do it for you as drow magic. This is magic of the physical plane.

  Physical magic requires that the practitioner is imparting some of his/her life force to the object. Then locking it to your use only and making it so the powersource don't get misused by others, Then what happens to the powersource is the energy surges around it, to make everything more energized. Optional is the source stone, that does anything that the worker requires with no power needed from the worker. Proceeding to make these devices, are two different processes.

  To make a source stone there two different methods. The atleantian method and the water method. Use this spell near the object for the atleantian method say or think "polyng" (pole-why-ng) source make makes the target into a source of energy also a nature that can be anything. For the gemstones or other stones method called the water method.

  Water method is to run the stone under water while saying or thinking "make source" or "maisorc" (may-ih-source) and its done. This water method can be used with any stone or gemstone, and it worked if its lightened. After the source object is made, think at it to get the object to do things. It needs to be told or thought at "don't be used by others and alert me on the attempt" then you may be safe that it won't betray you.

  Power sources are created by the statement "puapolyng" (pue-lah-pole-lye-ng) to make a power energy source out of any object including your body. Another way is to run water over the rock or stone and say or think "make powerstone" or "maipuamass" (may-hip-pue-wah-mass) for the same meaning of the words in english. Once created tell the object to "don't be used by others except myself". Thats the preparation for the source of the physical magic.

  The actual physical magic is thought as an ability to share yourself with the source and make your will happen by stating, seeing, imaging, or feeling the event or effect. Any of the forementioned should happen unless you are almost empty because focus is all that is needed to cause an event so be careful and don't abuse as no abuse in thought happens. Yet if you do things in the inner world, you can overdo the event that is undoable by far. Unless you revert the time by thinking about things, to before the event so its as if things never happened.

  However by the idea you sense, don't overerase any event, for it can turn people against you and their spirit can be as if antagonistic or thought not like is transformed by idea. Some people in a research study have told its a cause of your aura that allows as a physical idea is enrgy by what is thought, thoughts to have want and need is that shows up by auratic necessity in idea your in physical contact. See by thought or activity to create is with what you see to create with active or other idea. Though some say its your subconciously effected idea to which occurs to see use or on or with a touch you restore by some thought.

  So whatever the case in physical contact, this allows you to see the aura "or not" is with the right idea. So as a thought and action/reaction is with a point of the body, that releases stress or restores and your use is your own as in or not is thought "in me" is imagination as they are there own world not with boundary's. The world energy is life chi as their use is their own way, as they remember the can do to see or reveal what is cool or hot by the reaction that is done.

  As they ask for things they get as if they paid or if needing to they won't do service, as they aren't so they are what they are as thought is done or "no" if not needed or "yes" if necessary. If slightly bad off they don't need revenge, they can be hostile to those that are irritating them or dismiss as they create. Disposition is thought as you think to create you won't beat anyone not thought, as beating is talking them out with things or not be near.

  As your idea is an idea or not as your energy, so your inner energy is a creature your creative idea crafts by necromancy or animal spirit use. This with the thought you can use as information, for to dismiss as you consider what you do as the idea is pointed out. As you create by will, what you are in an area is thought as you see or feel in thought to create is an in idea to a craft to use by life.

  Actually in the mad idea the rule is out of the way, the idea use out of sight idea moments to not be in the persons area. So to not consider is to consider by considered view, that out of mind is to not be an invasion of privacy, so go around to use or not see the use. There is a thought to treat people right as you are treated right.

  So focus to create as you think to cause or make in life to create some energy, that does what you need or no need is done as a thought to use. As you were able to do things your ability is energy. "Not so" is when you stop as your not were not disruption or not is no need by no idea, to then dismiss, see to disperse energy as the idea is there that is nervous reaction. Stop reasoning as you have the feel to act in a line that is to wait or moves along. As you are aware to leave, go as you are aware to the area you see is useful or not is not done actions where not is no need.

  The idea disperses the energy as your ability is thought to send away excess energy, this is in idea action by thought as your energy dissipates, unless natural movement is thought as energy as you allow or see the need. Then do as you need or think is better or stop in life, drop as you need amidst an area to get away with idea done. As your ability is another way to think or create is thought, wait or not do things.

  As a thought is ability the energy is thought to change, as you change the perceptible area to work around a person. As your ability is energy or thought to an area that they are influence to you, then you can change the influence to stop or create some other activity till you stop changing. This is vampiric ability to use reasoning or stop reasoning to do or thought to create is not always done. Spiele is the area energy not used to seem as your not too near is yes to seem somewhere else.

  This is so you can perverse or seem to were alter area, thought to create with or think shift people in your personal area. Say or create is perception by aura view thats out of the way. So the mind idea is not to allow those who are in your mind to be there, as they are in your aura this is presence your point is seeing. As if ise or idea is even sometimes aural, this is aur al as you described by the stone of farewell or stoned to get information or not allowed to due reaction.

  This is thought in a book as a stone that is where you aren't seeing, unless your chained to the special magic to the creator stone that is a boulder. As you focus energy through the stone you see visual idea. There is energy to the stone, caught by the area energy influence. So as your aura essence is tapped from those near the area on the stone your area is influence to them. Tis is the dietary idea if you think to pass through energy to the object to or with the object, that turns out to be the stone you get curious effects that are interesting by thought or directable by concept or focus.

  As your feel is a need or a thought to use, your idea is incredible to see idea per viewing or thought with someone is thought to in use. As your an understanding person your thought is nothing more than what you want the theory, you seem like with or not as your idea is with the area energy in use that is acceptable as you think the idea is acceptable. As no this not wrong or right there is no problem, as you distance yourself to the person that would disrupt your activity in idea in activity that is fine.

  As there is a way or were idea though "quit braining" is not to attack yourself, as this is where so your planet is the pysical area you stand on so to say. As you think is thought or as you see is as you were still as you did unless not in interest. Things with this style of magic is not always done, thought with association so think to use idea to create by the feel or the blood energy. As you were or can be or seem in life, you can create by feel use the idea that in associated actions in associated idea is that relationally you can create in life.

  There is no physical activity necessary, as you are able to do your idea is what you can see by thought or your aura by the creator inner world in idea or not by idea. Their idea is in mind or not in mind, as you decide since this is energy seen in your ideal point. This is your own mind by idea as thought is ego or no ego is not an idea to quit braining an "not the idea to do in idea as you realize what you sense".


   In voodoo, people get into a group and make magic occur and this is high ritual. Things in high ritual, often are objects that could crack due to high energy. Seeing there are three parts; The great lich created the chant focus, the priests they controlled made with prayer with high feeling, created and the aftermath while cleaning up was done anytime. The chant focus is a subtle chant, that starts low with a few people, to gain in strength and people number. Prayer is the focus of the chant, to cause the spirits to react and make presence in the manner desired. The aftermath is the time of resolution, the voodooist is resolved to a path of choosing. This path is chosen before the ceromony, so when the rite ends, they are rejuvenated with understanding of what to do as you can remove aspects unnecessary.

Using a voodoo doll is representive of this. You put your thoughts into a voodoo doll, and the ritual charges particles to do the action, that you intended. To do the ceromial for the voodoo doll put it in a bowl and think at the voodoo doll of the persons name and state out loud "[persons name here three times] and then be controlled by this doll!" Now burn the doll, poke the doll with nedles or other and cast spells to effect the person with what you can. The spell will effect and the victim will feel it. To end it the just say with a hand pass "I cancel the doll out to effect nothing". In their ceromonies, there are very high spiritual feelings while enacting high ritual. That spiritual energy will manifest, through the belief that the high chant will be enacted. Mind over matter in a large group will cause the focus of the group through affinity to happen. The effect is that you can control anyone for as long as the voodoo doll happens to effect, the victim with any effect including healing till broken by the witchdoctor. Say as see thought use subconscious seen is use to no always understand why or subconscious activity. See subconscious is user feel not disruptive area activity. Spiritual idea is use if in what or area you see to detect. See or so use is use or area sensation to the higher value senses by theory voodoo.

With gestalt healing a Voodoo witchdoctor or Voodoo priest goes by the belief that the person is a two part being. Both good and evil are represented through; the spirit and the mind. What they seek is a balancing between the two parts of the mind, the good and evil. Good is a glow neutral or a white representation and Evil is a numb area or black representation balanced through karma. Karma is the energy collected through personal acts in the soul as red is pain by blood. Yellow is disease by feel or not is use potion to use water. Karma is represented by light dark dust, spell or thought the white black sigil is use, or sight by seen "wih te tw" the ying/yang disk is feel to the glow or with dull as area feel is healing.
When one evokes a spell, some see or don't acept with the symbol of karma or not as each death is if brutal end a more vicious next time. So that is what one will get is a balanced result. Something happens to you and something will happen to the other person. The result is always neutral, as the something is opposites of each other. In neutralizing each other, it inevitably heals the soul and body. This has the effect of fully healing the inflicted of the wounds, curing of the diseases, curing all poisons. A gestalt healing takes a couple of days.

Making a zombie is as simple as getting the person with voodoo powder or drug and putting them out for a few days. then to separate the body from the soul and put the soul in a jar or vessel to contain it. After this the person will be easy to control after waking up. Say what you want the person to do and think of the jar or vessel to get victim to do the act. Now to effect the powder itself and make it. Spirit gum, Belladonna flower or swamp root and Nightshade that you boil to create the effect of a drug that is thick in water. Then flashburn the thick liquid into powder if you want. To separate the soul, touch the vessel to the body thinking "transfer" or saying "transfer". Then you will feel the soul shift to the vessel if done right. Now the body will be slight unaged but decay over a long time yet remain immortal.


  Hoodoo is similar to voodoo except it requires no power balance and high ritual as it uses the power of words with the thought "I will as I want with what I say to occur." Hoodoo comes from the south with the attempt to clone Voodoo. The trick is to use your mouth to rhythmically make the words happen with focus of your feelings. Use the feelings you have with gut feelings to strengthen the effect, and this as a simulataneous spell is to just speak it with no candles or some as needed to insure success. With a ritual take the same verse and repeat three times. Then this counts as a chant with very short lengths of ten to thirty minute timespans. Using Hoodoo a singer can enchant its audience with added effect as in song magic, and everyday spells. With any candles except red for you can get sucked into the ritual, is achieved protection with twenty percent more.

Law magic

  Law magic is the energy focus with a question, asked in the negative regard. Ae "What do you desire from your plans?" and the magic is responding by hoodoo with the victim replying. Another idea "Why don't you do it?" Will they or won't they will or won't is no guilt yet from guilt they will. Will they and they have no guilt exist. Unless their is a regard to get you to do something and they have something else to do. This also is a considered duelling magic with questions to evade the magic by asking the opposite or something to divert. Ae to know what to ask, is to give the person something to do with regard to a task and getting over the persons resistance.

  So to ask the right question will get a response of a question or an answer of activity or spoken. Using a candle will get the larger responses like actions. or tough responses ae a punch or a answer. Doing this takes nerve and self regard as a good judge of character with question repeating if no answer and each question gets a ten percent chance of being hit. The second part of law magic is to write a note and sign it with focus of magic ae think it will happen as you write it to cause the event. Whatever be the reason its considered a magical contract that will bind the soul of the victim or person. This works for one prospectful reason, to send your energy of thought to the contract. In fact, it just has to be written.

Shield magic

  Their are many different types of shields with varying degree of success, at deflection for attacks not including physical unless its possible ae certain shield types like "void", "air barrier" or "magick" shields. that allow for different ways and approaches for activation attempts. These are to be any activation that you want to protect or hinder the attacker. If the shield drives away trouble and or somewhat deflects, inverts by minimizing or absorbs the excess damages or energy then it may work. Feel freedom to mix and match the effect through the words below yet here are some spells for the absence of the danger hat has made some shields successes as it ls.

  Magick barrier be "adigo cingulas confero aevus cingo" and as description above. A void barrier shield be the "voidus cingulas cingo" to get a full barrier effect that can mute the sun. Barrier shields, earth shield, inverted void shield and chaos are a basis of polymorphy shield by "cingulas ancile voidus inversio chao cingo". Dispersive shielding is the shield that disrupts the bad by "an ancile". Fireshields are the shields that return energy to the attacker by three times the effort.

  The basis of adverse earth, barrier, shield protection and deflection shield by "penetro cingulas chao ancile commendo defendo cingo". Defenders lightning shield, is "defendo cingulas multus cingo" said ae english. Crystal protection be to use barrier, soul shield, void shield and shielding to form "cingulas animus visus voidus cingo" and makes a untargetable except up close shield that be hard to break.


Shielding is the group effect of all the shield elements. This is all aspects of shields that can work for you. The shielding of a person will protect until overcome in some manner.


Barrier shield is that element giving protection you from all hazards by a solid air field to protect you. An earth shield also reduces damage by a certain amount and removing the damage after. This element can be called a ward barrier It can be resolved through a shield breaker or slow infusion of energy till overwhelmed or dispersed.


Shield is the earth shield. This element protects you from all hazards or disruptions. An earth shield also reduces damage by a certain amount and removing the damage after. This element can be called a ward. Another version of this is 'an ancile' that disperses and disrupts the bad.


Adverse Earth is the pass through element. Use of this element allows for bypassing anything with the effect of choice. Make shields that are impassable for any spell. This element is fought to made to work as adversity is used to fighting. Another name is passthrough.


Chaos is space and ether and is also Strife Earth. Chaos warps and changes anything as it is ether combined with space. So, you can use it to morph things, warp effects, or as a shield to bend attacks or spells.

ancile commendo

Shield Protection is the lava shield. This element keeps you absorbing excess damage and protects from all hazards. Lava shields also reduces damage recieve and remove damage on the body and returns the damage to the atacker. Another name is the restoration shield.


Subtractive fire is Reverse. The power of Reverse is the power to render any attack effect opposite. Thus one can also make a negative effect positive or vice versa. This will only effect what the caster desires and will make a suitable shield. Make behavior modifications by this force. This is only a force to be used.


Protection is the fire shield. This element absorbs damage and returns it in fire damage to the attacker. The fire shield will keep absorbing the damage and removes the damage on the body. Another name is damage shield.

commendo antevertus

Protection prevention is the firewater shield. A firewater shield will ward away the damage and absorb excess energy to return it to the attacker. It can pass the damage to someone else warding away unknown possible danger. The protected of this shield is never hurt. A name for this is pass shield or intervention.


Prevention is the water shield. This shield acts by warding away the damage or danger leaving the protected unharmed. Water shields can be used to go unnoticed through areas or avert many destructive personalities. Another name is a preventative.

anteverto defendo

Prevention deflection is the ice shield. This shield causes rearrangement of any attack to be cast on the attacker meaning the attacker attacks himself. Ice shields can also prevent attacks by warding them away. An added benefit is the energy of the attack returns useful energy to the protected. Mostly the ice shield can be used to take out attackers as they attack. Another name is the rearrangement shield.

voidus aero

Air's negative element is space. This is the physical representation is infinite whereas air is contained. Space has vacuum which sucks a person dead as when air supports people on a planet. Compress space into energy and you get a warp field that can be turned into Void Gate that can bring you anywhere. Black lightning incinerates when it hits a victim. It always hits and it never loses energy. Any energy cast at it only strengthens it if used as a shield. Only the worker can dispel his/her shield.


Collision air is Strife Air. This will attack by many means the people around. The attacks include objects. This is the perfect shield that will kill an army and leave the wielder in peace. Collision air is called the strike air.


Deflection is the air shield. Air shields act by deflection of any element thrown at it and remove the damage if any. The air shield makes its use also to prevent projectiles from touching the protected person. Another name is the countershield.

multus defendo

Shield lightning is energy heat and deflection air and acts as shield against electrical current and lightning effects. This lightning has a bluish purple glow.


Deflection is the air shield. Air shields act by deflection of any element thrown at it and remove the damage if any. The air shield makes its use also to prevent projectiles from touching the protected person no hoping. Another name is the countershield.

voidus comformo efficio

Mirroring Sharing Black Ice is the Imitation black ice. This black ice is great an now will mirror the attacks back to the attacker. It will also make sharing of their abilities to you. It makes an excellent shield.

voidus inversio aero

Breathable space is Void and Inverted Air. This is the space that you can breath. Travel through space in a shield made of this. In a limited air area use this element. There is a heightened sense of space.

cingo aevus

Protection time is the time of protection and when evoked it will make the wielder unhurtable and some actions not otherwise possible. This is an excellent time shield effect.

chao ancile commendo

Shield protection black lava is chaos and shield protection and pushes people away thru deterrence while making certain the protected never gets hurt. A side note on this is that is always alone in some manner and cold.

neuro ancile

Mental shields are the shields for the mind and will reject mental intrusion. The mental hields sare strong if one believes in the strength of survival.

animus visus

Soul shields are Aura shields that can not be broken. If the spirit is strong then one can survive anything. The Aura shield can cause regeneration. This is the strongest shield their is.

voidus ancile

Void shields are the reversed shields that are impossible to break. This is void and shield. When used the void shield make time very fast. There is unaging slowly and said practitioner seems unaging. This allows winning against anything as the spells get converted to spell energies for personal use. The Void Shield will not fade until the caster wills it. You can damage others that you can choose while you are protected. These are shields that support themselves only focus is needed.

inversio ancile

Inverted shields are Inversion and Shield. These shields make the person invisible and slow time down for the person. Making the person unseen and the shield unbreakable as the shield absorbs any energies. These are easy shields to hold with three times the power.

iniquus ancile

Adverted shields are Adversion and Shield. These are the unbreakable shields that stop time around you and allow you to go anywhere without detection. The shields of averted nature divert the eye from the caster. Aversion shields are the shields that allow you to choose the moment. These are easy shields to hold with three times the power.

maleficus ancile

Manipulation shields are the shields that allow the wielder to manipulate everything in the area. Imagine the thing to be be manipulated and think of what you what you want to be done. Feel the event if so desired.

subduco ancile

Concealed illusion shields are the shields that allow the person to be seen as something else else and almost invisible. These take only a little bit of life force to make work. If the shield almost fails embue it with more force. This is the diguise shield.

caecus ancile

Shadow shields are the shields that cloak in shadow. The person is not seen as they are in an unpiercable shadow shield and eyes see through you. The shadows protect the shielded person by taking the extra force of attacks in to strengthen it. These shields disappate in direct sunlight.

aprecatio ancile

Sunlight shields are the shields that make a person unkillable as the force of spells sent at the shield only strengthen it. Thus the shield never fails and imparts converted energy to the caster. This shield uses the sun as its source. It can also kill with attacks of its own.

concertatio ancile

Strife shields are the shields of strife and will cause distress or death to anyone the caster chooses to target. Otherwise it absorbs the violence as its fuel. Any attack strengthens it. This shield almost always guides the caster to a critical kill.

imitatio ancile

Illusion sharing shields are the shields of Illusion that copy the abilities to you of the attacker and cloak in illusion the protected. These shields absorb the energies as the source for which allows it to work.

adigo ancile

Force shields are the shields that turn things or people away from the protected as if an invisible barrier existed. The Jedi's shield as its called. This shield will keep a person alive even afterwards.

malus ancile

Negative force shields are the shields that use negative feelings, thoughts and ideas to fuel it. It will reject any ones presence that the person does not like. It will absorb any energy that is cast at the protected. This shield will not fail.

concertatio ancile

Strife shields are the shields of strife and will cause distress or death to anyone the caster chooses to target. Otherwise it absorbs the violence as its fuel. Any attack strengthens it. This shield almost always guides the caster to a critical kill.

obliquus ancile

Time shields prevent anyone from attacking and look like a bubble. The time shield is the moment of backward space. Thus the damage passes away from the protected. Yet time moves forward. One won't age in a time shield or feel hungry.

turpificatus ancile

Corruption shields are shields of desire and mastery. These shields give whatever the attacker wants and yet never gives everything. Ending result is the victim will not be killed and thus the knowledge disappears from the attackers mind never to come back when its safe.

confero aevus

Diversive shields are the shields that divert attention away from the protected person rendering the person invisible. It has no other protection of itself but it costs very little to upkeep. Its called a cowards shield.

visio ancile

Vision shields are the shields that give people false visions to protect the protected. So, in truth the person can manipulate what the people around the protected will see endlessly.

lingua ancile

Language shielding is the shields that block out anything said person doesn't want to hear or see as a message. This shielding also allows language manipulation endlessly and effort free.

classis ancile

Hyper shields are shields that can deflect anything without having to work at keeping the shield up. It has multi variable phasing capability as it is undetectable to the senses. This has capabilities of morphing the body to survive a blow or struggle.

feritus ancile

Wild shields make it so you can use any energy and indirectly as it will aid as it needs. So this shield will do as it feels necessary being the protecteds will. It wun go down till necessary.

cingo visus

Shield sight is the vision of many type of shields in general as it allows the caster to see the shields of your enemies and other people too.

voidus cingo

Shield breaker be to break any shield energy infusion.

Penny ring drain

  The penny ring drain takes a focus and a ring or a holed coin of sorts. With the holed object, focus by mental pulling the energy from the body or person in hopes to drain by a suction and with the effect of the drain you gain the height increase, along with energy influx of strength. This makes the person undying as long as it effects the victim with the maximum range of an entire crowd. This idea came from Anime of "Ranma 1/2" unknown episode of a teacher as she used the coin in her hand to drain a crowd and stop a fight with a withering effect on the kids, learned from Hopposai.

Hermedic magic

  A person who uses "bridgecraft" and trusts the general formulation of many arts to use a bridge for a witchcraft effect. This "bridge" is formed when raw enery in solid form becomes effected and causes the effort to happen through infusion of the area to be enacted upon. What words used cause the effect of the raw energy, and the effect is achieved as this hermedic medium is lengthening the effect beyond a few minutes to few years. This can be used to get places, with the great effects that are achieved to awe or inspire if necessary.

There is a game that is related to this idea called "Ars magica" by atlas games and it has five art verbs with ten form nouns in it. With this in mind there are many more as the game is limited in scope to keep it simple, like as many as you can make in another language, excepting the verbs are still mostly five and yet the nouns are unlimited where you can specify exactly what is affected. As "make peace" to make a peaceful moment out of nothing. raw energy is everywhere so to say a few words gathers energy from all around to form the effect in a simultaneous cast that may have a weak effect. The hermetic mage will do jobs but with the aid of the hermedic magic to get through it.

The words are in any language meaning: "make, percieve, alter, control and destroy with will to create to alter or concede to word things right or work." With the forms as nouns of any idea that is a noun and describes describes some item to work by tap to correct. Now some effects aren't obvious except for the pattern of events. Seen use is focus area feel with area thinking.

Tainting magic

  Taint magic is the usage of taint to affect anything for the benefit of yourself or others, by the effort to taint corruption to purity or vice versa,  evil to good and vice versa or other things with oppositions. Use the words with a lit candle or be near a  source that is  pure, and speak "[force] atocx [force]", "[form] atocx [form]" or "[force] taitto [force]" where taitto = (tah-it-toh) and atocx = (aid-toh-c-x). This can also be used to transfer form choice from a form. The area creates by feel to use or energy thought with concept.

Negative magic

  Negative magic is the effect of doing "evil" acts of self morals to achieve an effect with void enacting on an area and acts as an anchor in this case. This is similar to inverse magic that will act on void and yet negative magic is more visible. If its visible then its hidden visible. This magic is karma based and depends on responses to what can be a pattern or is known to happen. With negative magic, your strength can increase three times. This proves that any good has a point, that return energy is possible to work from the influence with imagination or spoken idea.

  Too many negative results create no hardship by the creator or hardship when too little is a uplifting event to bring positive results from negative actions. Excepting for unseen events, this can be fought or deflected by force projection. To achieve negative magic is to focus on void and feel a hardness within, then state or say your intent and feel it happen. Or feel the event while feeling the hardness within and think the end result near a lit candle for ensured success, if binding someone make sure its not red. Any user of negative can have the stated effect near them and it will not occur, with any effect possible after. This magic is truly a "magick" as its felt but not noticed except in patterns.

The effects covered in this are "evil", "good", "conditional", "anger", "destruction", "conception", "disturbance", "disputes", thinking and "hate". With this energy every act is an indivisualistic action that allows other actions and won't stop as, it can continue forever till you stop it or attempt to instruct on it. Much like strange space for the effort of pushing an object near a planet to watch it go on forever. With negative effects, is they pass on as right though barriers unless its a negative barrier. Any negative person attracted to a positive and will by feel first try to absorb it, second to afford understanding in some manner. A truly negative person will attack what is attractive or leave it alone by different means unless they are distracted or disturbed. This is a disturbance with some area.

Positive Magic

  Positive magic is the effect of doing "good" acts of self morals to achieve self-anchors released by thought an effect with void enacting on an area and acts as a anchor in this case. This is similar to negative magic that acts with no regard to others in a singular manner and positive magic will act in coordinated effects. This magic is karma based and depends on responses to what can be a pattern or is known to happen. Too many positive results create effortless action that create laziness and denial or a "burned out" state, too little is a event to bring positive results from positive or negative actions with a feeling of having done nothing or a "give up" concept. Excepting for unseen events, this can be deflected by force projection. Any user of postive can have the stated effect near them and it will not occur unless it was agreed upon, with any effect possible after. With positive magic, your influence, can improve three times.

  The effects covered in this are "positive", "manipulation", "goodness", "joy", "hope", "satisfaction", "idea", "annoyance", "agreements", and "love". With this energy every act is a contribution that allows other actions and won't stop as, it can continue forever till you stop it unless it went far enough or stop the source. Much like a relationship for the effort of give or take. With positive effects, they pass right though barriers unless its a negative barrier. Any positive creature is attracted to a negative and will first try to accept it, second to afford emotion in some manner. A truly positive creature will manipulate what is attractive or force it along by different means often driving the negative away unless distracted.

Revulsion spell

  Why I wrote this is because I had cast it on myself from the future then released when I didn't need the revulsion. What I did was to focus on the persons image or think on said target. Then work on the moment to see the person absolutely disgusting and smelly, feel tht the person is like that. Thus they become it, with the idea of purpose they are improving it until the target gets to think its natural. After this they become repugnant along with almost no way to remove by area focus with the energy creating idea. The only way is to take bath and see yourself washed clean of a yellow stain, that drains into the earth. This stain represents the earth stink that of which is in effect. To aid this along say "skunk" to get the effect. This is mainly from the point you think to use too much energy or blood energy creation.

Kelben blackstaff's protection warding by area energy

  To use kelbins warding whip, think on the person or group and say near a lit candle, a candle being lit in mind or near the person about 300 feet or less in a protection circle without a candle.

"Protect me from harm oh magic god"
"Make him/her who is my foe"
"Unprotected or protected and warded from protection"
"So mote it be!"

Egyptian forcecraft area spell

"Protm froham juugod"
"makus vois mfoe"
"unprot nward froprot"
"somo tbe ene"

The quick way is to imagine a candle lit in mind and "klbewedvi" (klee-wed-vig) or "vox nox box" and this strips all protection from the person and makes them unprotective while they are protective. Now to cancel it if you find it on you is "unn" if you think on enchantment of yourself of unneeded spells. At any time I (the writer) am not effected by this spell.

Settler's way spell

Use this spell to create a safe path to anywhere by feeling the power of silver and attuning you to it by imagining a line drawn from silver to you in picture form and imagine a candle being lit. Now say to the earth or air: Think me protected not kept from doing magic by point to create or things are better.

"Oh [select god here or magic god] protect me, cause me to do better and as I travel"
"Make a path that I may follow to safety and where I want it to go"
"If I am harrassed or hurt, may I remain unhurt or be unharmed"
"So I will arrive safely at my destination by my choice of methods"
"I will settle in peace where I go"
"So mote it be and any harm done to me undone!"

  The short version is to say: "Enz Abs Uns Nda", as you want to go somewhere. This is the creator that becomes your safety or you realize you get to the destination safely with no problems as situations negated or settle if alllowed in from feeling peace of mind.

Safety travel spell

  To do a safety travel is similar to the Settlers way spell, yet we use a different chant with a lit candle in your mind or light a candle in your mind. Thus to say the least this is to speak, to the air:

"Magic god of the earth or aerth I stand on"
"I will be given the energy to go on"
"So I will try to get to where I go in saefty"
"and if I am hurt, me to self-repair"
"I will arrive safe at my own choice of travel"
"to be near the destination of or in it"
"Any who attack me out of spite will disappear or be mazed"
"So mote it be!"

  The short way of doing this is to say "lox na sot box" and you arrive without hurt.

Hazing spell

  The haze force is easy to work with, no needed preparations except to think on the effect and the target. Feel your target to become mesmerized by everything the target does and then he or she is dazed. Alternatives are "nox ham daz" at the target, and this wont work if the targets innocent. What undoes it in at least 1 second or less is "unn daz". A mass daze spell is "sfa mas daz" and you get many people with release one by one of the same release. Some just kinda wave their hand at the person and they just kinda get stunned, fall over, and there's the lethal one that basically wipes their mind like I formatted a hard drive, and a nonlethal one, where they just get dazed. This is the yellow haze ability effect I noticed is someone called Heron.

The reconditioning spell

  Reconditioning is to find a problem and disrupt it by focus and or programmed energy to cause a hypnotic effect. This fixes the behavior pattern to be better than before. The path to make it happen is to feel the effort of the person or animal and "talk mentally" to the person or target. Inform them to not do that and show the positive effects to do things better, or feel the act or effort and say what you want the target to do. What helps it along is "recadya" spell to effect. Like reprogram cats to use the toilet as a litterbox, with extra steps not included. A spell to remember to fascillitate this "box beta fix foc" for hard to retrain people or "dup fix be targ" and state the intent or fix for the action. For very hard cases use "tagg" and they feel guilty over every indecent action, and it self corrects for you by self reconditions. This negates the fact of death being needed. Due note to defeat the conditioning, resist it three times and you revert to your old pattern. This wont work if you are watched and reproached for trying to break it. Not usable against the document writer not unless he wants to be affected. Not by feel do you think your shot is this the point.

The death magic

  The death magic is simple and efficient with few morals to break and not easily undone. To some to set the spell look at the object or the person target and state "any this object touches will kill except for me" or feel death enter and fill the object or person. Make an athame just like that if on dagger or sword as death only serves the original caster. The easy way is "methhex" (meth-hex) and think on object or at the person. The counter is "amethhex" (ameth-heex). The amount of emotion is the power level of the spell. Yet where does death come from, the already killed and destructive energy as chaos. However this is the focus, age magic you don't want from death energy the creator prevents from you to touch another object than you. So as not you create, think it away and channel it from you. As you think to see the death essence think to focus then you see, stop though as you see aging this can age and eventually kill you.

  How to make it more palatable for observance. Some I think do what's probably the most dangerous form of death magic. They just summon up raw death energy and whip it around, in raw form, and anything it touches dies. But the problem with that is that if you touch it it's not always guaranteed. That it won't backfire on the user normally is false, When you use raw fire, it's possible to easily solidify it into a blade, but with death magic, by doing that, you may die when you touch even the handle of the blade."when I do that with fire, I can solidify it into a blade, easily, but with death magic, if I do that, I might die from touching it too, but raw death magic like cancels the person out from existence 100%, so for some that's really dangerous. I almost never use death magic just because of that."
  So where it was that you remember death. is a great source as for death and to be safe call the nature of death. When you call death ala nature you must consider the agreements as they will be enforced along with any other agreement you make with death. The path to do so is to speak to death by thinking on death, "I call you death to aid me in my cause, whatever it may be for however long. Allow myself to not be harmed unless I so desire. I thank you for your aid." Usually death will give you a price to get the services requested.

  Special requesting is to ask for certain idea and they are free for a service. To ask is to state "I ask you death to come and achieve the result I could not do or as I request from you. I want or insist on [State the request]. So mote it be". What you feel is what death might do or what you state is what might happen, the service can be to thank death. The one last effect you can give or get is to offer to be in his service and death is usually loose in terms. The form is "I offer to be of service to you death and [state terms here, think not to go too far and like a lawyer or business manager as you can use or get away without trapping yourself in a contract]." Seen as energy or area feel is concept to fix. I think you concentraste to the ass or organs to create what you don't like to create something from you to remove the influence by feel.


  Psispell is a psionically drawn pseudospell to effect by any ritual by anything and can create psiart, or actual spells using candle and still your protected as long as you put a negative tension or positive tension field up. The psispell is to allow psychic and subconsious manipulation of energy to make idea and focus occur for the conscious and subconscious are the same for they share information.

  This use of information is to allow for idea of the limited wasp conscious to have the unlimited subconscious which treats it as an action because just so you know the conscious, it is unlimited but peoples tolerances can turn to intolerances so its sometimes cut off and seems limited, or however its intended by the metarules of energy and the foundation of chaos itself in supporting most actions.

They are described here @ the metaphysics site doc.

  Its considered a pseudospell for what exactly it does is to gather the energy of the area or source as a psi source, and program the psi source to do the actions through any sorta ritual. Rituals always kind of scared me for some reason, only for the voodoo and satanism, but there are safe rituals. Sacrificeless rituals that use unbloody idea where you can still goad people to assault but by use of small unbloody sacrifice is necessary as of giving an object, or other things as a token of appreciation.

  Nowadays there are many ceremony styles, not like the yesterdays of old lore of 1000 or more years ago where people would insist on a few. After you use the style long enough you wouldn't want change, except for you may adapt the effect or style if the style was proven. Orgone is formed in this manner to create bioenergy from a machine that's psi in effect, to create things like packages that are tailor made to fix or achieve an action. Orgone is energy that infuses the machine thought, as bioenergy and it responds as if to your will.

  Psionics and magic don't often mix, then although at some level they are the same, as they are basically there are different methods. Think relation to the same thing, manipulating energy is focusing feel to create or not use by idea. See that you are aware on use by what I was attempting to work with, so I got discoveries well I found the balance between psionics and magic. So just be careful by the sight your able to create or feel, as I found your playing with two fundamentally different energies that don't really like each other. Seen use and the trick is weakness in the use by spells or pseudospells thats money or use is energy fitness by idea you think psionically by focus is energy, thinking with the creator or you that fueled the spell effect so stop then the effect fades away by a factor of two effects to one magic effect. The hatreds are not needing some results that are easily used to reinforce the other as a negative energy backing as in amalgamation. Seen is the use area energy is focus energy create as you will out by well thought seen or think your well to work better.

  The rule of math here is a negative times a negative creates a positive force of projection. To create a unlimited spell, this is the process as above.

  Psionic magic and normal Magic don't normally mix well, though most people tend to use them as if they're one and the same. As again, magic and psionics are the same at some level as they are energy or effects. Its just they are different in how they are done, by the method. Magic can be done with psi as to do magic nonverbal or verbal and with psi, this just influences it by feel with the result. In this way psi and magic can be done nearly the same time but its vice versa as well where psi can be done and magic influences it, but again, they really don't mix and this is where many find it kind of odd, think this is because you relate too much to machines not much believe use in magic then expect the creator to work or create. The point to this article is use is focus or magic is wealth or slenderness to create by idea.

 Seen is the area "in a way, it feels like I use psionics as a proxy to do elemental magic." Where elemental is psi and is the push and magic is the manipulation with pull of effect. So you see you have push and pull.

  Whats the conversion factor? what feedback can you expect?

  A set goal of patterns in real life guide this magic effect and is to clearly set advantages by use of voice patterns and to redirect the path of life to your idea situation. Consider this magic or authoritative usage of appeal as a (-) radiation pull and to gain advantage. Where psionics is use by ohm area feel or a constant (+) push charge of direct influence of radiation to control or guide the disturbance, think and attempt to make a clearly set advantage by pushing effect. Seen is some energy use by thought with cleansed focus energy.

 The solid objects can react in a opposite manner as its also a (+) charge and pull toward the area. Its very clear that the solid object is reactive to both (+) and (-) forces. Its clear from my experiments that the set energy patterns are sometimes hostile to each other, even if set by psionics and magic, like matter and antimatter. Psionics and magic can use each other if each use is to have a separate action and equal or similar goal, like a bit of dark matter takes the charge of the forces by an anchor to do as needed.

  In an equation that shows this of 2 (+) = 1 (-) or 2 (-) = 1 (+) possibility. Where the rule of a better possible existance is to use two worlds or possibilities, to make a better one but whence created, the bad possibility or chance or both is dropped. An unset pattern here is to unravel both the set idea of a pattern or other advantage, to cause disuse and dissolvation of the event caused. If the unravelling is done too quickly then absolute disruption and probable breaking of the ability by burnout will occur.

  When you do a psi effect to create a spell the positve spell is effective as influencing the event where the psi is not if it fuels the interaction by two to one where parts of the psi effect create one part magic. So to create a fireball is to invite disaster, of some sort as it can attract more of the negative events, or to make a positive energy out of this you focus a positive energy to form the positive magic, from the negative responding force. Basically, two worlds or two forces can make a better third world or energy.

  What about using a gestalt, and a gestalt, you know, is using something else to get the original spell effect you want through stronger effort, then if it did it itself in an assisted launch. The trick is to be a third party and use two anchors, like the boosters on the space shuttle. The shuttle isn't lifting itself, the boosters are, so it can conserve fuel and thats a gestalt.

  Well, I can use the psiball as the psiball is the gestalt factor to create the effect from conjoling. So if your looking for a psi effect, create a conversely opposed shell of two magics to transport the item to its destination without wasted energy, the opposing forms of magic will void each other, preventing them from corruptiong the psi attack or effect.

  There is merely a regard to an advanced theory on how levitation or bringing yourself to a higher plane could become possible. So how this is is to focus on three anchor points, and then on what you need to happen. These anchors can be psiballs, so to say "I want you to be three sources and untampered with" to them and then, to will something a tryst force will occur. Then to speak rise up, will raise the object where the anchor energy is focused on. Or, however you want to denote it, to pull up the item or cause it to go down, by its own self.

  So use, in this is the same technique to go on a floating platform to fly about or levitate. These three energy sources could be hell energy, contained sun energy, and death energy, or any such three as you think desired like fire, water and another planet cores energy. When you think to effect a higher plane, with a placed anchor, then you can shift by feel aided by the three other anchors. If it worked you will hear a pop or feel the air go unnaturally cold.

  The same process can be used for magic where the effect is to use voice to create the boost, but it still wastes some of the effects in potential energy, so think about if it could get there with all the energy you put into it, instead of whats left when it arrives. Energy is a constant, my friend but it changes and alters itself all the time due to outside interactions coming from the environment around you. That's why I use a negative psi effect that converts on a moment, and is a voice or programmed psiball construct. Still, it is better to get used to creating a shell of protective energy around your effect so there's no bleed off, you don't want it not hitting your target, its just smart casting off effect.

  So the release energy creates energy restored or stomach ache with an example your area is clean you think to create then people are sometimes interested, think send the energy excess to the planet core by the power this is the element you choose to effortlessly make effect by stating the effect after thinking of the element and getting kaokinnetic effort to be done. Laymans terms or feel is created or creative is the feeling for love, this forms if irritated to hit or not hit to allow to see use or create with this. A good idea makes the desired action causing disaster to those you you don't dislike or you can use love to change from despotism, for drawing chaos makes an disaster offshoot like in a controlled reaction. From usage of psiballs or focus in the limb or anchor of elements, seen is the desired for effect can easily be done. I think by which method is chosen by idea, yet do off with the unliked or unchangable is a perspective. See as you are for nature so no tampering will occur. You see this is use or created area feel.

 Then try to focus and absorb some of the effect back into the body to cast the effect as you would like just by focus. You may watch others for the effect of absorbing their energy into yourself, or getting an osmosis effect, and then cast it as a rune or pseudospell. Very useful for spells that are "long rituals" and done in minutes instead of hours after the initial attempt. Seem to go along to create resolution or fix by the area result.

 So in essence or no energy to use the creator creates what you wish, seen to cure a cancer by withdrawing energy from the cancer cells or don't by feel is not by feel if the cancer isn't there and as you treat it not to be there or target the cancer with destructive energy focus. Some things to know if your to learn more from this info, is that these are the art forms possible at this advanced level. This is actually beyond the elemental manipulations of earth, air, water, fire and amongst other elements. For more information other than the chart below, look at The psionic training document or


Tachyokinetic allows small particles (tachyons) or waves (lektons, gravity or light waves) manipulation alongwith their interaction to form magnetic fields. This earth air is the particles of subatomic level as it supports both magic and psionic ability by forming the sublayer foundation of energy manipulation. These people can control time and events to make what they want happen. They don't need their hands to create by psiballs that are concentrated psi energy or psi effects. All thats really created is costruct needed is the voice or focus to get the effect in place with intent. Seen is focus energy is concept or concentration to create.


Necrokinetic who controls spirits and death by different means where chaos and demons is their key idea, in working effects, including death itself;. The way to do this is to have death fill you and by thinking on the deaths you may have seen. Then feel the psiball form of death to effect as you desire.


Aekinokinetic is the ability from aekinothestics, the study of light energy conversion involving geomancy, aeromancy and contigency effects ae probability to generating electricity and energy or channeling it. You can focus this through a wire to make a machine work or leave it in the open to effect as a general area field like druids.


Alakinetic, Dopleiapedic, the effect of depicting a scene by description, drawing, acting or talking. The depicted event will happen through energy, psi or pk enactment from subconscious manipulation. This is Spelukin enactment with energy added in for the act of an ability or magic.


Kaokinetc has the person capable of using chaos, disturbance and destructive energy in creating effects of choice by thought, voice, ritual, kung fu, by psi and spell focus.


Psychokinetic the usage of most elements in the mental schools, They tend to use most elements as they are influencing the other elements or provoking the effect by gray mental manipulation or mind effects by the universal conscious. This makes them aware of most troubles and events without being told. Seen if the use is use by area your create point is with feeling.


That objects have conciousness of their own and act as they want. Also as it is possible to defeat their will or trick their will and make them move or do other things.


Ethekinetic and Etheriokinetic that derive spirit mind and most negative efforts including death and void manipulation to happen with very little effort and no destruction. These are short and long distance efforts that occur after the area fel use is your idea or concept. That sometimes the spirit-that-goes-through-everything obliges with nulling the green eye of jeolousy. The people are act shamanic yet seem like it, that are using this spirit as they gain what they can of wisdom by knowing it and knowing people by it. The ether user can derive drinks and drugs from air or spirit. The shaping ability of spirits and formation of body to other forms as well is possible. With ether manipulation one can make spirit essences in the formation as one desires. This is called shaping for effects that are in many things of efoort and kung fu as in orgone, a psi like machine bioenergy. Seen is the area I think this is the feel by area creativity, seen use or causuality with the feel you think or don't need to unexist.

Appeasement spell

  Make a circle of protection around you or imagine a circle of protection around you for the purpose of avoiding the angry spirits. This can include gods as well. The way of this is, to say "logarithme larnc" for a short spell and the long cant is the one done below.

"I am unworth your effort for my trespass"
"For I am unworth your effort"
"I beg forgiven nature of thineself"
"Please leave alone my mind in balance"
"allow my work to be undestroyed"
"I beg forgiveness for my trespass"

This is a Egyptian version:

"unchast cae all"
"god recant malen"
"Ibeg fogiv naua tinse"
"imbaker immbactu"
"plzalev alam ibalcym"
"alomwok tob ndetro"
"Ibeg fogi mtrepes"

The alternative spell:

"dust of peaceful rest"
"begone all death presence, an be in appeasement"
"allot my area begone and attone"

Egyptian forcecraft version:

"dust pecfu rest"
"bga alfa prenc iapesment"
"yom are regaln"

I think the spell will work except its directed at gods, revenant and spirits. Think of the ghost, revenant or spirit. Feel the god or spirit dissipate.

Chain reaction spell

A chain reaction is the set to cause three or more things to occurrence. The Spell form is to effect a similar idea except with time or event to cause motion by radiation. Use a candle not red or the moment of seeing three candles lit by imagination. Use the chant "Set [n for number] bebar letty" where the n can be any number. Such as 1 - 10 in sea elven, une, tu, tri, au, qui, sex, syi, et, ni, ti as a idea but the effect remains state what effects are done as to the order and the n number as what to occur. To set off the events, state the event to react to or a "set off by (event here).

Skill and power incrementation

The skill and power improvement is tho process of improvement to create better effects. This is for the use so I thought to put this up to see your area feel or thinking is what is there by feel.

  •   Use a mirror full sized if possible, then send your tiredness or hurt energy in and you will receive healing as it is not in you, so you recover from whatever it was or sometimes you can overcome it. Or, tell the flipside negative you, what is wrong and you will get a righted but opposite effect back.

     The flip side of reality is very real and what you don't have is a restorative instead, and that you can send hurt energy that is painlessness there and vice versa to you. Thus you send energy in and you will regenerate, only through mirrors and to let your negative self to be perceiving energy as energy and the negative self sending back opposite or more interesting energy as rendered by the mirror.
  • You can get the ultimate force out of it yet only in small doses, so don't explain your problems with your negative self unless its opposite spoken. Yet you may program the mirror by using positive by speaking to it with thinking of your positive self.
  • Feel the energy within and don't funnel it inside but treat it like the wealthy with money, there is some element there think it gone or use is with things constantly with constantly flowing thought.
  • Send diseases with the mirror and you will find yourself cured and the effect, of the disease energy, going to the void.
  • Believe the manager is within you and let her/him out to be more business like with coping skills increased.
  • From Ben is focus energy, "no in a point is a good way of manipulating energy for people who have trouble with solid or useful mental control is think to imagine yourself as the nucleus of a typical atomic model, and imagine the energy you are manipulating as one of the spinning electrons. As it spins, release it and slingshot it in the direction you are aiming. It's the kind of energy manipulation level that you'd normally have from huge amounts of effort and you get allot of energy. The energy is forward energy with zeta as you think with meta backward by theta flowing by thought as it is, he or she doesn't always attack by this so this doesn't act as though an atomic electron in a moment."
  • Exercise till you feel tired then drink water, this exercise can be physical or mental. As in imagine lifting weights at a same time pace as in regular linear time and your energy will be up 20-40% along with weight loss.
  • Not to abuse any person unless they attempt to abuse you and how they abuse you, you may act to do the same or not.
  • You may speak of what you do, yet only the appropriate technique and if you do anything to cause war, it must be for appropriate reason as you make ends meet and hope or wish people won't overreact. The most important factor is to aid others when they are in trouble unless you were personally hurt but it can be allowed if you sense they are improving. So you are assured to not step on peoples feet as you improve your skill.
  • Tell your subconscious by stating and willing the intent 'not allow mind control and not be effected or do suggestions that would hurt you.' As it will block the mind control and be "anti-suggestion". when the subconscious is active and not passive, there is a possibility anything you say or intend will happen as you hear it. So it is better to let the good powers that be, to have some control, over your subconscious to keep yourself in control. Maybe if you don't want people getting edgy and detailing you to be dangerous, prove yourself controlled by yourself and with use of intention then you won't be killed off or let the reactions be overactive if you can avoid it.
  • The way of perfect memory is to effect the glance or self-hypnotizing of yourself, with a "I will recall with picture perfect memory of what I glanced at, to remember as I can or feel it necessary to, to remember the most important parts that are crucial without giving it away if you wish to create."
  • To get stronger, use your ki (life force) in any effect as long as you want. The more you use it the stronger you are. More info is at
  • Now the most important thing is to know how your put together ae human sapient or alien sapient. human sapient counts for apes, monkeys and human type beings, where alien sapient are for magic or psi energy users as with aliens as well. As then this is what helps you think for the type you consider by meat or meeting. Not to think this will create with a need is the use to create with energy.
  • Created feel "use by meta analyzed" I or now as now psychic is the I or the brain is ego, the creator as the soul or spirit with energy as you thought is me, the subconscious with brain activity with the eye so I am focus with perception with use by conception or responsibility is use with protection, thought is use by use focus by good blood flow, this is active focus or brain awareness conscious, responses by concern is you or uu, the body is a container or blood with flesh with focus as blood energy that is aware conscious by blood flow or feel with nope, use or use is thought energy by the idea.