Magic Basics

  Magic basics is the basics of what magic can do. This idea came from: specifically here. Enjoy it as its there, for this is just an excerpt.

  Magic basics: These things are what you by magic will sometimes use by feel. This means that the idea is realized through the point, the area is the scenerio and the point ends when the moment the scenerio changes to something else. This helps them realize things, that is innate knowledge and comes with working with your own and other people's energy.

  This came from a different form of nirvannic meditation: that is listed below and not actually listed except differently in the how to meditate.
  Nirvannic meditation; So nirvanic is the flow of free energy and particles, sometimes with the absence of thought and this is not hyper thought. It's really not thinking until your done meditating. Also not moving around is suggested if you attempt this because you might run into something. So if you do things, then the idea is this where you are feeling the point and doing what is appropriate or thinking and considering. Otherwise to start meditating, lay or sit down, and start listening to meditation music. Sometimes you can listen to the radio, for things like music pieces. If any. It's fascinating what is playing on the radio nowadays. So realize this, meditation helps some things. Meditation is said to cure the brain and body of things if you drink water during the meditation mixed with turmeric. So if you think your relaxing, then your relaxed and focusing in on a point to do or have done. If you want to think nothing, then dismiss the thoughts. That's nirvannic meditation. Enjoy.

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