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Part 3 (Particular in use, new ability)

Things placed in after of this is done by ease of use and no specific order.

Effective guards
Blackwind spell
Whitewind spell
Hiatus control spell
Misery spell
Violence on spellic
Poison in spellic
Sorcery and magick
Particles manipulation
Mystery compulsions
Airjuu; Scientific magic
The safe chat
Movie watcher spell
Will of lord spell
Hand of God spell
Ally manager spell
Rejection ability
Genius creation spell
Cruelty spell
Vigilance spell
Music effects
The Emotional miracle
Pun magic

Light magic
Detoxify spell
Lazer eye burst
Weight loss spell
The continuance spell
Force push
Self psych succumbation
Time magic (tested by a time lab)
Energy marble
Shifting places
Soul sucking
Cell phone freaking methods
Eye of motion diffusion time spell
Eye of the globe
He filiup spell
Post mode rocket
No spell
The Ilboism
Eye of division
Agnea effect
Undetection spell
Information formation
Ever erasure light
The ever eating action

A coin hex
The ever easing action
The medusa trick
Body splits
Making conclusion to shift more healthy chant
Power words
Cleaning spell
Tracking spells
The am with it and no shit on it spell
Tv crossing
Sight perception effect
Aura intensity works
An improved working
Restoring the 3rd eye
Sensuous effect
Energy eaters/leachers removal
Hand sign system
Good sleeping effect spell
The magic school
Document proofing

God Prayer

Dimensional warping
History wipe
Crave effect
No negative spell
Chanting mantras
Bomb magic
Eternal life
Blanket magic
The wordless spell
Elvish and fey effect
Spoofing magick
Avatar effect
Battle magic
Fractal magic
Aspect magic
Entropic magic

Effective guards

  The first idea to think on in guards is to have protection, or a mental guard or agent as mental protection. Done so by mentally feeling guarded, thinking you can't be hurt, or saying the effect to occur and such as to call the being as being to affect for ya. As in, stating the effect and sometimes focusing and glimpsing, or imagining the being to be there and to serve ya, sometime as a guard. If there's interest, then a) there will be something of an guard.

   Some such beings that can be called and to be kept in mind, to affect for ya are, "wee guard dog" for surviving tough moments, "brownie guard" or "brownie ged" for a helping hand in a moment that may be where aid is needed any moment and this is also one guard who can raise ya from death, "Egypt death guard" or "Egypt death ged" for a deathly always alive guard assassin, that knows what ya need before ya say it and won't turn traitor, and "advisory guard brownie" or "egoty ged" that keeps you from being mental or dead most of through a time. However, there are some "guards" in astral areas which guard the wrong purposes. Resolve is some quit script is energy use to work with programming to no longer do the programming, that is use by suggestion. This is is something you see to create by with no suggestion you create better results.

  Of a moment, it is essential to know that where ya are and what is happening around ya will summon the being out of necessity. So by thinking about the being and then attempting what ya are, will get its attention and if the situation warrants it. There will be suddenly a guard. So saying the being's name the first time will create the guard or cause it to be interested as it will feel ya intention and react. And then the situation ya in afterward will be the trigger thereafter.

  Now to be of it is to be with it as some people are as only to be their guard. As some people see their mental guards as dogs or bright energies, they can sometimes see themselves as the guard. I see mine as a fairy as their possibly meaner an can make things go wrong and such for the troublemaker.

  The wee are either goblin or hobgoblin and you have to be careful as pixie are the mean goblin types and brownie are friendly faery hobgoblin types in this case, that can achieve anything except killing themselves and working for the enemy. Sometimes they will require a fee to continue as an effective measure against bad tendency, that is chocolate or food as in a candy. Remember this, most tendency is bad by the choice that is done with it.

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Blackwind spell

  Blackwind is a spell to cause effects of bad luck through an area. But the spell could backlash to the person who casts it. Use one to three candles of minority colors to withstand from red as it binds, the person into almost disaster with the spell itself. The chant after lighting the candles in a circular pattern and a triangle with the three candles at the points. There can or can't be a bowl or glass dish in the middle. Now the process is to place a picture or something of the area in the middle. The short version is "fail" or "failure", "falur", "banal" while looking at the target in picture or thinking of the area. You cast this by not effecting a presence near the area of the spell. Only the short version can be done without the ritual but twice the chance of failure.

This is the nonverbal form. Imagine the person, and imagine a whole bunch of bad things happening to them, and then after you basically dream up their own personal hell, add two conditionals thought on: "Make sure that they gain lessons from all of these things that will change them from who they are, and make them better." and "If they become better, then halt the curse. If they begin again, begin it once again."

  The chant consists of 6 lines and is the verbal form:
"Three times the wind blows"
"With failure in the area"
"So this caster is unaffected and the target is"
"Ruled by corruption and the laws of bad luck"
"Make better, If they become better, then halt the curse."
" If they begin again, begin it once again."

  This chant is different as it uses Egyptian force craft:
"umbideu loseus lobran"
"socrac marwin wiuwin"
"lebrosia marksi verbont"
"ruby corrut ilabalu"
"ifbeco beta hythex"
"ifbei agabei acaga"

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Whitewind spell

  Whitewinds are lucky winds, that allow for the luck of prosperity through the area. This uses two sources for the luck, negative and positive energy. Using three or four candles, to place them in a circle of protection in a trianglar pattern or a 4 point squarish pattern. Now the thing is think of the area, and use a magnet as a focus in the middle. The chant is for a short spell after thinking on target then say "success" or "suces". This can be done with other rituals.

  This is the nonverbal form. Imagine the person, and imagine a whole bunch of good things happening to them, and then after you basically dream up their own personal heaven, add two conditionals thought on: "Make sure that they gain lessons from all of these things that will change them from who they are, and make them better." and "If they become worse, then halt the curse till its gone. If they begin again, begin it once again."

  The chant is for good luck and positive effects consisting of 5 verses:
"Three times the wind blows"
"May it be for those who sway"
"success and good prospects by act"
"Ruled by negative and positive balance"
"be not berserk and no backlashes"
"If unneed then it fades away"

  Now this is in Egyptian force craft:
"lostu finresa nwa"
"mayt lebresa lura"
"labo sweit god sewien"
"Rulwi negpos byic"
"banial ban baklan"

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Hiatus control bind

  Hiatus control binding is to make a person or items restricted from doing things of a certain idea or nature while you tell the person or thing what to do. Light a candle of the color choice except red or try to visualize the color candles lit. This is to feel the energy of the person or thing while it is acted or enacted out and force it, the spirit of the activity out of the body and then allow it to form into the shape of desire or feel the shape form as you need. The effect is then treated like an effect to create offensive or defensive occurrence by stating the effect or spell that is desired from the interaction or for what you want the effect to happen. For example add function not originally intended to the item or an ability to the person as this can change by alteration of the person or thing to remake it with added function. An easy way is to "fox lox [person name here or what description you can think up with what you desire]" and the personal undoing spell is think of your added effect and dismiss it. The simplest way is to say "hiatus" and then think of the person or say the person's name. However to cause based effects are alright but things even the self-hypnotized won't do this won't do. So to end this say the persons name or object name and then a "go back now" or a "dismiss" as a result ending. Authored by me the document writer.

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Misery spell

  A misery spell is that which causes the misery, of reproduction and affect to for the concept of belief or actions. This will take your idea of life and turn it around or upside down with a "nox twix" directed at the person. To end it on yourself or others say "unn" to the person, or not at yourself for any jinx that is not actually done if unnecessary.

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  Like strange bedfellows that can work together for the effect of a charm spell of those resistant to charm. Can work with how things are and twist things better, all in a idea situation of people that hate each other to a working situation or partner group by a strange or hostile situation. Fall in line to aid each other to end a threat is the catch phrase. There is a 68% chance of failure and unless you improve the odds then its a risk, albeit taking a chance to win a fight is the way of thing this prevents. So you got a chance to get killed or be in peace. The phrase is "coeaae" (come-ee-aid-aim-eh) and an alternative is "cox tru lux" with the idea of the attackers or the group fighting. If it works then the area will feel cold or warm to your senses. If its warm after this then the strange situation will occur or the cold unnaturally felt area after the spell is to defeat a hostile situation. Then the idea is to feel your emotion changing or idea of the fight soften for a bit with you to disregard fighting. The transition phase is to change the minds of the attackers moods, and can be rocky for a small bit.

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Violence spell

  This spell comes in two flavors, a mass crowd or a single target which to cast it takes feeling hatedness within, Then feel effect take effect over the target while stating the chant to make effect and fit the target. The effects are to create a random act of violence that occurs like a blind rage. Yet gets the person blood rage by going near and seeing provoking images.

a single person; "pox mox lox"
a crowd; "mas mox pox"
To undo the effects
a single person "pox mox aba"
a crowd; "mas mox aba"

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Poison spell

  To do a poisoning effect try to use a deducing at where the target is or where it was that you wanted the poison to be contained. The area of containment can be a large area and room or a small area.

To cast it is this chant: "pox lox sock"
To abate it: "nox tox aba"

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Sorcery and magick

  "Sorcery has been called Magic: but Magic is Wisdom, and there is no wisdom in Sorcery."

  Plain 'sorcery', or fulfilling your desires on a planet using psychic skills, is NOT Magick, as there is a difference. Magick is a spiritual path of idea, though it has lost it's former glory since the New Age movement, the Wiccans and the Pagans sometimes call every psychic act they do Magick.

  What makes an ordinary man or woman a sorcerer is the movement of assemblage point. The point where the body, soul, spirit and mental things are come together in ya aura and moved by ya will. When ya move ya assemblage point, ya do it by a will to do something. Because when we 'stop' the world at least in our minds and when we realize there are separated realities and there's a way of 'power manipulation', we become sorcerers. Unless, we choose not to use it or use it for something better that fits into the real world viewpoint.

  To personally use "magick" is also to refer to any kind of phenomena ya cause or affect using a much deeper part of yourself than some do for psionic work. For psionics, ya use ya pre-conscious and sub-conscious minds (or parts of the mind) with suggestion or action; for "magick," ya use something deeper. Ya soul as inner energy to power the calling of the active force and elemental energy, as the active force with a directive will by the soul.

  This can be used in ceremonial magick. Though some shy away from any kind of ceremonial magick; I think some people have had bad experiences with it in the past and don't want to dabble in it again.

  This comes as an idea to be a warrior sorcerer or just a warrior who uses magick. The difference between an ordinary man and a warrior is, an ordinary man (even if he's a sorcerer, takes everything as a blessing or curse; but a warrior takes everything as a challenge. A man of knowledge uses the path of the warrior, 'summarizes' his whole life, removes his earthly desires, restrains his age, restrains his ego, learns how to deal with power without earthly purposes, doesn't use his personal power on unnecessary stuff and keeps collecting more and more power and this power makes him younger, powerful, healthy etc.

  A sorcerer can learn to deal with several styles of magick and magic too besides the main idea described above. But, it depends from person to person that ya know. There are several styles of magick idea and magic an some peoples definitions are to cause them not to want to do it.

  One idea of this magick for a naturalist awareness: seeing, sensing, having out of body experiences, telepathy and just plain magick. Magic is spellcasting, manipulating several energies on purpose of changing peoples or events, playing the god, sleight of hand and etc..

  An idea for magick from a mentalist is to be doing actual things and making manifestation through idea, and, psionics but with spellcasting at a different level. Spellcasting, enchantment, etc by some spirit manipulation. Besides the point, their magic is manipulating people to change them through tricks and sleight of hand. Or, through invisible effects, that aren't always noticed. This is a part of spellcasting on the first level.

  For some, for me, it's just a matter of changing something. Though,  as it can tax the body, some don't like doing spellcasting, because their body doesn't like it from too much sensitivity of it or they were beaten at usage with it, or they found that the ceremony didn't work and they get no use from it. Part of this taxation is that can come to make a hunger intense with any successful action of magick.

  The body mostly doesn't find it okay to do spellcasting after that though, but on the perceptional stuffs are okay for it. And, they mostly or always trust their body, but it can be different for you though. Sometimes, as it is sensitivities that we can go wild or overused with, some just go with the perception of it. This is the use of perception skills, and doesn't tax the body as much as actual magick skill does.

  As, some body's are accustomed to it or just don't mind it.  They did it in the past and found it so much effective and cool. Some that don't mind it may not have realized it,  but it is mostly channeling some spirits or energies from an unknown source to make them do extraordinary things to people or events in the name of 'me' or 'themselves' for god or others.

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Particle manipulation

  To get and make the particles, that are smaller than an atom in the first place, imagine the particles spinning together and increase that spin, use by saying "fxseh" (fxseeh) for the right brain wave pattern. and then focus on your desire fore the energy, use the word or any word that means the purpose to the left of the () like sutra () points sutra particles to the null effect allowing null to become void and makes itself manifest by a equation where void is matter or a material energy "spark" as by Amy who proofread it. As to the equation of the void makes the material "spark" from time or events, to make the idea you may have had in mind to occur.

  The layman's term that is of or for the brain pattern is what allows a influence not unlike a time circuit, of the particles and sub particles to occur because of void becoming an energy matter material via a spark. To recreate an event for the idea you focused on by inner or outer manifestation is idea. So to do this, as an example say under your breath or normally heard is a "fxseh" and then the curing mutative particle of "cua-zutra" (cue-ah zut-eah), and it can cure while it changes the body. Each particle is separated by a dash and said separate in pronounciation.

  Fxseh means wave pattern, a creative wave pattern or effect field reflected on in sleep, ability, or influences found in particle field research and the other things made with the metarules of Affinity, Thaumaturgy and Mental Focus. As with interactive sub particles that are made by the mental focus from people or other elements such as;

  To allow with interactivity;

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Mystery compulsion spell

  To weave is to use general energy in a pattern that effects a object, person or area after feeling the separate elements. A mystery compulsion or weave of a control to do the person manipulation by a felt to occur mystery to continue them, the manipulated, in an act of whatever idea. The residue effect is to allow a good feeling and pervasive understanding that will come come back if the person dismisses the idea, until the person or weaver unweaves it, the weave, by each part or element. This act of control is to think on the elements of control and add spirit into into it. So the act of creation for this advanced control weave is to make you immune to the damages of those surrounding, where the victim is mesmerized with a slight glaze to the eye. Where control is easy to distinguish and dismiss as if it didn't happen, the person is not immune to your effort and yet the mystery compulsion is undetected except by skilled weavers.

  Allowing the glazed look to not be there and them, the victims, are so for any act told, to them, and thats including themselves. To weave this is to think on mystery compulsion and then use the pull in of separate elements and try to feel the separate elements, or a flower opening up in mind method and accept it, the separate elements to try to feel the music flow through, to see a black flower open up in your mind allows void control and feel the emptiness inside become hardness. Then let the hardness of void and space surround the idea of yourself, this is a ultraviolet energy that is unseen except to those looking. Enough use of this is like true source to bring a good feeling that just doesn't disappear unless the hardness isn't felt. As you feel the void, feel the elements as it occurs, but don't use this on me,the creator of this method. Also this, the method, is the only way to yield void and shadows without spells.

  Now think of the use, for the effect of manipulation by felt earth, air, water, and flow the weave together, by feeling music and release with the statement, or thought "mytay copuse" to nothing and noone while have thought of the target below. This weave will affect whom you think on so be of care. Another way is to state the words "mytay copuse" after feeling the hardness within to affect the same way, of the mystery compulsion as it lures the person with the sense of adventure This can effectively give a voice or a idea to make literally anything occur as it can draw by danger, which leads to a false sense of safety or resisted by high feelings projected outward. Written by thoughts of Rand'al'thor in the wheel of time series.

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  Airjuu is Scientific magic an is using an acronym spoken and a hand action meaning "Actions equate into words unless intentioned otherwise" done by speaking to someone or air to get a vibration of the area from the voice as it speaks the words, in other words a resonance field for a default. Making a reaction by the third law of newton: action/reaction and forming harmonic chaos along with a result. Where Disjunction E or Disharmony is to yield a dissonance and disrupt the natural energy flow in an area with a strange dissolution effect to most things not including humans.

  In resonance and dissonance, E = energy = mass = space = time, and the sign for it is concentrated energy or a \A2. I believe that when chi(female) or han(male) life force, gotten from "the sword of truth" novels by Terry Goodkind, as a innate energy ability is used by focus of or requiring the energy projected forth, the effect is amplified at most 100%. into manifesting in some manner, and after several trials. except for the artist or martial artist will occur an almost instant result called a art mastery moment or a predestined moment.

  So magic will use vibrations as a base of energy or a material to focus the harmonics and occur a change from vibrations. Unlimited and concentrated with an idea like a spoken command, and considered aetherical harmony or natural energy. Interference of some sort is actually what this is achieving and causing a pole of the 2 natures of a magnet. The positive resonance is sometimes accounting for spirit in spirit focus by Sq.rt(\A2 or distance moved)=N of force and the negative pole allows for magic with interference by dissonance measured with use of | with \A2 as focus of seconds in activity and the E=\A2 so E^2=N of force. Allows this, the focus, to be useful as measured focus of force in how much it can allow for an idea to manifest in Newtons of force. A focus of dark energy as an idea of power as supportive nothing made up of dark matter and consists of spirit energy. Allows spirit force or a focus of absence and coolness.

  To use these formulas your capable to make a measure of how much is needed as of force to achieve the result. The amount of energy is focused inward for spirit and outward for magic. The physical actions are equated to a positive charge as well by psionics being of the mind and the mind guiding the body or physical through physical reactions. The force of magic(-) or psionics(+) ae a negative influence of pulled radiation, along a path of manipulation to create allure and a positive influence with a pushing things along to make a reasonable event by exchange. Is to effect the motion of two or more idea with your visualization directing the feeling and gut reaction of feeling or other source along with others.

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The safe chat

  The safe chat is undetected chat using others or things as a focus or detecting their intent, sometimes by not telling the name but the message. To talk as in normal as though "through the person " by you to the actual persons spirit. This is reminding us that by use of focus to think the message can sometimes communicate it an it is by the focus of idea as its spoken while focus is on another as allowed and its the spirit that carries it.

  Also, in layman's terms, use of a focus person by speaking aloud or speaking to a person,  it transfers to the person you want to speak to. This is often seen as a vibe, where all the spirit force is an actual vibration and the person sometimes repeats the message like a high psychic powered telephone where you or the transferrer  person are the vibration piece. And, the transferrer person indicates the response by sometime words that once heard can give you a vision as to the reply itself. Why is it safe? Most don't catch on that you were sending a message to someone else if done right.

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Movie watcher spell

  Get a movie watched for free and whatever it is, it doesn't have to be in stores. Send your conscious to the movie theatre by imagining the movie theatre and you watching a movie. The subconscious will complete the picture. Use a crystal as for focus through it to recieve and its a sending device and it will impinge your conscious with images. Words that might help are "moy pic site" What cancels it out, "nomo moy" while thinking on the picture or the movie scene dissolving.

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Will of the lord spell

  Will of lord spell to focus through yourself the will of your lord or god to get divinity and authority to affect a command. Call your Gods name, and then imagine by feel the energy to be delivered through your third eye to where you will maybe your hand or heart and its effects are as you say.

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Hand of God spell

  Hand of god do a slipshod spiral by drawing it carving it or finger it in the air and say "will of god" or other phrase as similar and then focus through the hand to destroy or restore.

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Ally manager spell

  Causes a good management of alliances or rules over the ally to get respect or save the ally. Just say "Gud Ally mgr juu " What cancels it is "un" with thoughts on the alliance.

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Rejection ability

  Rejection ability cause disbelief of an idea to reject it and to focus a change in area or object or dispell. And it would be as if the change to it, the object, or the rejected thing no longer exists. An example from bleach. Shield, reject. Its whatever you want to work for you set to reject. Like My idea, reject.

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Genius creation spell

  This can create absolute idiots as all it does is raise your IQ. You don't want to raise your IQ too much too quickly. Say "Iqcret" (Ick creet) or Draw a balloon with the string crossing a bowl that seems to hold it. Doing it in a bathtub makes it better. Like this

What cancels it? Nothing so far except maybe an "un".

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Cruelty spell

  The usefulness of this spell is of hard, to deny nature, if your cruel in nature. Its absolutely useless if your nice. But here it is, three verses written in Arabic. Just say these with a picture of the victim or just think of the victim..

Aye abba aub "Hey about liberal"
Aye yabba job "Hey jabber job"
Yah God crul "Yeah God be cruel"

English translation to the side.

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Vigilance spell

  Vigilance spell: Say near candle "Oh Good in vigilance, Be good of vigilance, Oh Be of Joy now." This will give good vigilance, increase to your joy to accept it and keep it there. "Oh be of cosmos" to cancel it.

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  Vigilante spell: Say this in only in need of justice and its swift as a course. The phrase is cancelled by an "un". The effect is gotten by "Be God now, Act kind in kind, Be Justice now. " This will transform you into a justice minded person who's willing to do vigilanteism. It doesn't have to be you but a force of nature similar to the Blue justice spell.

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Music effects

  Music an effects. The color an scales of violin and xylophone are to get effects., 2.dark orange, 3. light orange 4. yellow, 5. light green, 6. dark green, 7. blue, 8. purple, 1-4 high scale & 5-8 low scale. Everything in the high scale acts by impellation force. Everything in the low scale acts to subdue, the colors are effective as follows. They are mood swingers. And each color must be found out as to its effects. The 4 violin or viola effects are to which note you play. The 1-2 for low and 3-4 for high.

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The Emotional miracle

  The emotional miracle ability; Channel the miracle by god energy or other source, feel the idea occur and the divine music will soar. Creating the realization of it, the miracle to happen from elation and inspiration. What this will do is allow grey magic to happen like a paladin of energy and god or goddess making the action happen with a catalyst of a person or yourself. Due note, unless you can teletouch people, on hand effect is advised and no bad things can happen as this divine energy is tempered by faith of positive outcome. To have a clean area and some holy candle or otherwise similar errata will ensure no bad idea. The range is an entire area or world. This is a miracle by the effort of using a god to channel energy, so your stuck with a ritual and a asking to achieve it in the form of a worded effect or prayer. Due note: Miracle magic is most likely to cause it to be of a holy force of radiation.

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Pun magic

  Pun magic: just remember that demon names start with d in an absolute pun magic effect. Its using puns to do an effect sometimes punnishly. Its based off mor al literal thinking where I would say d.screte and mean with demon screte to be discrete. The major Demons are with a D and represent forces of nature or machines with planet and universe names. As in Demon earth or Demon pluto as D.pluto.

  Its easy to do and since you think complexly so it confuses. So "don't upset deception by playing the lackey, its D System" its as easy as that. If when your absolutely sure, To get to Xanth you have to draw a picture of a peninsula and label it Xanth then touch the pic. Your in it but not there it comes to you and so its ruled by demon magic worked with by the puns. The pun system of phrase I found makes for better magic so I could say things with it. They would have to figure out the pun, I would still get the effect as the demonic system from Xanth is d.system or de system. I can recognize the demons thanks to xanth, as the demon share their name with the effect or their name is the effect. To visit it more fully read some of the books and visit the authors website at

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Light magic

  Imagine it is Light Yagomi or light gathering into your hand as if many magnifying glasses were focusing the light into one central point in the palm of your hand. Keep it compressed together at the smallest possible size, and send it forward. You can do this either by the same method as with fire/electricity/air balls, by imagining a channel to send it through, or simply by forcing it forward. It has an effect much like fire, in that it will burn through the target, but it burns the exact location that it touches more than it will the area around it. Basically take light and focus it through a magnifying glass to form light spears.

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Detoxify spell

  Borrowed from slayers, its to interlink fingers and focus energy, then in a swoop say "Detoxify" and touch the person or thing with both hands interlinked. The wordless spell is to focus the energy and pass it through the person or thing with thoughts on detoxify and hands linked.

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Lazer eye burst

  Lazer eye burst, To use the third eye directly for a lazerburst. Feel a load of energy in that one spot on the forehead, third eye practically burning with energy, and then get waves of energy down the body, Then put one hand out to aim, or right next to the forehead just to get ready mainly to be reassured of what its gonna do. Then just let out this huge burst of energy straight from the third eye. Theres no negative impacts or negative effects.

  Now you can relieve headaches as long as you have access to staring at the sky for a second. You can sometimes get huge energy headaches without this. It feels like only a little bit of energy because of how compacted it is, though you will be pleasantly surprised with how large of a blast is released in a blast about the diameter of a quarter. For it normally feels like a really small energy ball, normally less than the diameter of a quarter, in the middle of the forehead. A small burst is enough to make a half-mile or longer lazer blast, Normally about the diameter of a dime.

  Also, because the energy released from the 3rd eye is even easier to manipulate than energy from any other part of your body, considering that it attuned it's self to your central magic organ, the 3rd eye, it is some of the most powerful energy to use if you have enough to spare. Do not push yourself with this, because though it is not dangerous on it's own, it may be if you drain your 3rd eye too strongly or too often. Recharge the 3rd eye by imagining lightning energy go into it after every use. Lazer up now lazer drain.

  An alternative is for use, by being a third eye weapon. You don't have to use it for a lazer shot. Theres another thing to do, where you mold energy from my third eye into a weapon instead of a lazer blast, though it's normally a throwing weapon instead of a sword. You can use it for a sword, but I normally just move it into my hand, spin it so fast that it flattens it's self out, and then I spin it even faster and mold it into a ninja star-type object, and fling it at my target. You can do all of that in about a second to three seconds at the most.

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Weight loss spell

  The weight loss spell is to say near or in a stream of water, "wetloss" three times or

  "I will lose weight, when not moving and moving till a certain point where I am to keep and not gain weight, at the same weight."

  Its easier if you take a wand to do it, adjust the wand to point at self to do it and say it the easiest.

  The force craft way is:

wyl los wet wen,
unmov mov till,
cati poit va Iem,
am toh kep ungin,
wet at the wet

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The continuance spell

  The continuance spell think or say near a candle and you can imagine the lit candle. "Hearon envisage hanwoe, whatever it means to you, to be continued as you will." And know, this will continue anything that you focus on, if you say it.

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Force push

  Force push, Zero-point energy manipulation, theres several ways of the push force, Only, it uses the ability of outside energy manipulation, it doesn't use your own energy to push them, it makes them into the 'point zero' and moves them according to what you make it do by balanced kinetic allocated force To explain on, scientists always say 'that Zero-Point energy propulsion systems would be enough to practically destroy what it's used on." But that takes both effort and skill and all an that's in of science. With magic it doesn't take too much. All that it takes is to imagine the object/person/etc as an extension of your body and then to imagine it being pushed or pulled. That's the force push or you could do force-TK and make it...Lift and stuff. So, if you radiate 'Force' energy out of your body, it's the same effect as if you used zero-point energy on a weapon anything that tries to hit you stops. It's basically ironskin x10. If you use enough force you can cause someone to practically disintegrate. With the force push and all that's left is a red cloud that ... really doesn't last long

  You know the tight air ball thing where you can punch a small hole? If you make a small enough concentrated area of force in it it can do the same thing Focus on a small enough part of the body, put enough force behind it, it can do the same thing, If you focus the energy as a extension of yourself to surround, the object as an extension of you. Then the lift command or the lift focus works better. When I first started Magic, I thought the 'become one with your surroundings' stuff was total bull. It surrounds yet the object is also one with you. So you can kind of double the bond as well. I think that explains enough.

  Basically enough. You can try to use a lift force of stupendous air, or suspending disbelief and lifting it mentally as its not surrounded. That's basically what you have to do Suspend disbelief. Whenever you try to learn anything new, try to suspend all beliefs and disbeliefs you have so that it's the easier thing. You can also use beliefs and suspend disbeliefs to strengthen resolve to use a force or idea. You just need to tailer make belief by offered info of what it does. Suspending those belief that don't work that makes it very much easier.

  This is a point to use and depend on things and seem in self control, it depend on self just to try to flush out the method with the belief stuff. It's easy to do just because if you've been good at controlling emotions forcefully for a long time. When what if you call the emotions you have due to people so the emotions that are due to people. If you get what I mean an correctly for then a yeah that people are your emotions. Because on site they can arouse it and in memory they can arouse it. Where you are you yourself, or other people that are the actions, so its entirely people based with objects as the support along with the people. A an of de. where people support by usage with these objects..I believe people are the objects some try to use. I admit that they are true to resort of the self. It can remind you of them in chess. Oh yea some people are not your people. So you can't always put trust on them except to do what they will or its evil in itself. Some do self good, selfish deeds or invenerate an area.

  So what choices do you have? If you use people, tend to do it in ways that don't harm them. Possibly make them start disliking someone, something or make them say something to someone. Just little hints to people. for serious using-people stuff don't try to talk about it. I do it subtly, so no one notices when my patterns appear. And if you think you do have a pattern. Make it be likely so you don't try to talk about it. Some try to follow the self-procure pattern. The self-pattern, to use the force and focus it to restore you, as you use yield it in a useful manner. Its by use that its force focus to go on and repair by, to use is as a yield by nature an self taught of means. So, some can focus an internal field by movement of kinetic motion to force an idea as its kinetic force that gives it the unique feel and ability to manifest. By taught means else I thank you my audience.

  About the author of this method; The way I use it reminds me of the way that people use the elements in Avatar : The Last Airbender. Only, it's an not in just limited by or to that. I do the whole...Body-movement-to-do-magic thing unless it's a simple lazer eye burst, that I can do with my mind without any effort. So how long have I worked with this method? at least 6 months before I realized what I was actually doing. I was basically just tossing inertia in their faces, that's about it. Well at least I got farther, I've gone a lot of places with it already further than you think, when it comes to that one. I started with just simple force shields and the force-strangling stuff. Mind control, I do the mind control sometimes, but I expanded on the 'Force' aspect, and tried to see what else I could do with it.

  I started with force-shields, then I got into using it actively, consciously. If you use it on someone's weapon, they can't move it in the direction you're forcing it, at all. You can slow people down, objects too. With the fully-fledged Astral version, I can use it to shove a mountain at least a few miles with a single push and I can cause a mountain to appear astrally anywhere near. creating is one thing, but shoving it without breaking it's structure at all, you have to admit, is a large task and yes, and and through metal. Its the consequence of this that is several severe impacts due to body stress release.

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Self-psych succumbation

  To allow no succumbation is as if it is something to do but denied the effect. It is as if a soul concept moment. Its as a condition. Its self-supposed by trial and error that is of if it works, then its undeniable but if its supposed and doesn't work an its as not to do. Its in all actuality something to do but accepting it all. This condition is set by a few phrases.

  Say "Self-psych succumb" and as they of will eagerly almost accept all within any reason. To setup a no word succumb think about "Self-psych se seccumb"

  This needs almost no doctoring. As you cure it yourself but accept almost no condition except the cure which may be like the condition. Self prolific thought is just a succumbing to suggestion somewhere as it was stated or thought on. If if it wasn't then we'd remember it and not actually do it.

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Time spell

  This is a category, thats related to time and will go for defining the moment of time itself. Its made up of small spells but there are a lot of them. So I listed a few like if an ab. Its the nature of elements.

  To use machine with this idea, of parts of something and semblances, to get some of these to work. As if you let it go backward then forward. That of its latent nature may be intent. This is raw time as it works. As Ae ab is as it is to direct by focus of will. To cancel, focus on the problem. This is sorta how it works, it takes your focus and time and the machine or semblance cannot make it happen. Its your will that does it using willing motion in it to expand in your mind. Then in us or by use into reality. This is sorta idea magick or your work cancels itself out, but if your trial by error is true to the deal as written down then it won't cancel very easy.

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Shifting places

  To shift places is easy, just visualize the place and place could be in a toilet. Or 1 step ahead of you or another dimension entirely. Where you imagine, imagine a yourself step into it to a walking space. To see what space your going in just imagine it. You can shift yourself, another, or an item in place. I will discuss with you later. There are other ways doing this discussed later, but to make it easier just say "I want to as I believe I can do it now."

  To cause a person to shift, feel the persons life by saying what he is saying or what he would be saying and then feel him shift. To shift yourself, say what you normally would and imagine it said as if there. Or read a line from a book. Then feel yourself shift. Or to shift pay a price by doing an action. To an shift an item, at least have touched the item, object or thing, then you can imagine the plane of existanc and imagine the place within and shift something by feeling it shift or know a) it shifted by the flow of energy that suddenly appears in its place. Its an alot hard to do. Some find themselve packing it and sending it without seeing themselves do it. Some pick it up to use the physical motion of it. And putting itt down as that puts it there as well. Sometime in the present they got an exact duplicate of what you got. You then leave the area and you reenter your own space.

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Soul sucking

  To soul suck one needs an onyx, and a tigereye to complete the moment you touch the tiger-eye, and then the onyx imagining the person, then state, I soulsuck you. This will set a succubus that delivers its soul sucked to you. Or with intent touch the person, and say "I soul suck" you, "I remove your soul" or "I suck your soul" and then the persons yours, where the person's yours but doesn't know it. The onyx helps carry the soul or use any other stone like a normal garden stone. It doesnt matter except you need to soultrap the stone if not done as already. After you remove the soul in some soul suck, soul removal or otherwise energy removal, then you have control by stating it so that you or all have control now. To be so is to be so different.  

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Energy marble

  You know the typical make-a-weapon-out-of-need methods, solidify it into a kind of large energy-marble and from third eye energy. You know how some movie-style wizards have staffs with an orb on the end. It acts as just not the orb. And of course, in movies, the orb is the part that provides the power ... that is the case here, as well. You can guess where you can go with that. Whatever you guess is completely correct. Fling it around and use it as a wrecking ball, use it to zap things as well, a near-unlimited set amount of energy depending on what you do to it, etc.

  As if it's great, you see you can create energy sources at a thought, so technically, it is unlimited for you. After doing one, I kinda just manage to pull energy out of even the most depleted sources though, I don't really get it. It is energy as that is there it is as before its depleted so its there for you. You can sometimes cause still, and done things that should have used up every ounce of energy, it just doesn't happen. So Reflect what you believe and learned.

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Cell phone freak attack

  Make sure Everythins' fine. In calmness and unity it works better. Some meditate to calm the mind. Think "Make entry by phone, so its use is efficient and sufficient." Something Is set and in notion its fine. To be by your own and think through your set or handset. Think about red or blue and white. This causes you to do things autonaturally within limits. Think or say what you want to do. Then those that you think on_will do it. The spirit in is likely to achieve it if you can't. What will occur is, you would have caused the person to achieve it even if you did or was able to do it. Which is necessary. But the effect is necessary. Not always it is necessary to do things. The cell phone freak can be used for normal phones.

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Eye of motion in time spell

  This is the eye of time spell, the candle is the eye of time, to cast a time effect using a candle to slow time down. Passing over the top of the flame could tae at least 2 minutes. Passing near it within two feet is to see severe time lag, passing within 2 miles is a slow time zone. Time passes slow with using events or fast if needed. In a) the time of the moment effect b) where some moments don't happen because of time till later on. In a truth, this might be ilnes related, to see the truth it could be that the ilness seems to be played out slowly by events. That is if you had one, as in it would be ilness by business in a depiction.

  If you had an ilness, then it will use that illness as the time spell is ended by the ilness ending. This is spell that sets a thing up by events. As you think about it,
it sets itself up. The idea is self set by you thinking your up for it or it occured naturally. Energy becomes sharing like, as in flame can share itself with your clothes for passing over it. Anything near in high energy is as a share in effect or it leaps onto the area. One energy is shared with the rest and this includes if messages were energy, it will be message information. Like you could interactively drink a waterglass and think to put out the flame or put out one flame to put out the rest with a thought as you do. This works with a eye of desbusis, to say over or near a candle "desbusis" to cause an effect by will and powered by the eye. And any action or act dispells known abuse. Any answer is any action. A warning on this is to dispell, anything generates a large energy surge and even flesh could be a material.

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Eye of the globe

  Eye of the globe spell, its as if a danger to set off and be like the eye of the globe of the world and see anything within as if you were the power source. The third eye is like what allows the sight. Cast by a "eyofglo" or "englobus" to be of an statement. Where you are the globe is and you know if any eyofmischance or idea occurs to you `bandoned. This idea brings up the happy or neutral feel that causes the global knowledge. Any excuse is on course. To be with a globe, helps a bit but the planet could be a globe in this case.

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He filiup spell

  "he filiup" spell, to fill up on something and for free by 'of an en' instinct of free statement. To make a free statement and think of the moment as free. Then do to be an act to make is. To cast in another way to cast it by a word is to say "he filiup". This is similar to "she filiup" to fill up the gas for you by a personal idea of her that improves. It makes the person go to sleep in their mind, then they top it off and "in ibis" or inhibition to some effect and they wake up.

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Post mode rocket

  Post modern rocket, the rocket that trains itself on anyone to launch if you do any bad. It seemingly is launched from a post or a beam of light. How to cast, use a thought was to be able and think "Self guiding post rocket" Do an action of event with the thought in mind. When it werks its like a light feeling and suddenly mean, gloomy or happy. The happy feeling or emotional feel provide emotional flow. This emotion I believe is the fuel for it.

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  Boism - the spell that sets up a major merchandising effect and it acts as a minor one under hard times, both are somewhat successes. The self-evolve merchandising effect is not noticed after. It sets up subdivisions by a "divis" effect and then the global divisions by a selection process called by "bis". The full spell is set over a candle. Of "overdivis bis" to be stated near a flame. A Self-do-it yourself by the trade business.

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The Ilboism

  "Ilboism", to be a sup of the now, to setup your own business. It setups and runs off a business that setups any part of the house, as apart of the market as a business and requires an ilness. The more ill you are the more type successful. It acts as a major corporation with funds as its fuel, This uses several type of coeffienciencies as its divisions thats of and allows for a personal business on the side. If you get better, then the ilness fades as a factor that disappears and it turns into a subsidary run corporation. This is self-run as a set in effect and self set to anonymously fail if allowed to. To see the business deal its imaginary till its provided for an by itself its a use. An alternative is "Ilboeism" , or "el iljo" its set to justify. To set of an a effect that is self-justified of itself. As self-effect justified by itself. This is like a "abba ab" to relieve fire effect.

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Eye of division

  Eyofdivision; The third eye is of what causes, that which is to set off business deals by personal or impersonal means. The business deal disappears after its done. The deal is like an imaginery idea till needed and pressured into occurance. The only way to stop it, is if its in him or if it is disagreements that are presented. This is worked by a over the candle effect and the word "efete" stated over it, its used to setup divisions. It sets up events below as subdivision to setup events above. The effect is like an idea of tricks to cause an event.

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Agnea effect

   "A ag" Agnea effect is "A ag En to" to get an in thing right or its as a set up effect for peace where you think its in another land. But you could be in trouble with the corporation with this effect unless you are to pursue an lie about it. It sets people up as with an 'against the idea' of people moment, sometimes. So if there was warfare, then there is peace. This is like a "se ilbe ilgm heaven" to be the set up of a heavenly kingdom.

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Erasure light

   The Erasure light. We are to find where it is to go by the light of that we follow. The unerasure light; em am its on light from an extradimension that drains away experience as well as the other things. Like the barred, banned and barnacled effects. To be imagine a weird white light, that erases spreading about of its own. And to according to your own idea of force focus. Its an of moment, of time of space for guessing it out.

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The ever eating action

  The ever eating action, is caused by an action an to do something but it is to not complete the act and consume something after to make it, the effect, of an ever eating action to occur. To end the act, do an "en" action or an at the moment occurance.

  'Cieox'cre' It can also cause to ever do an action by the the idea an of the use and use of energy that is with an idea not a spell. Do a spell to end the moment. To use an idea or action that eats away a source and ever repeats till a certain point. Use a source and a target. To use a source think of the source and do an action. the target is what your thinking of. There are three parts to it, the first part is the spell that causes the leeching to like it then the action becomes better. To do an action, and thing or think of it while thinking of the person or source.

  'En ce du', To do an idea after that represents th action, causes the repeat especially if you don't complete it. This will drain away anything if you think of the thing of energy.

  'Set en Cibel' service is to be of an effort that never ceases, or not as to cause an act that fails could cease the effort. If this doesn't work then the person goes slightly insane. If the person gets out of it, they in the area are weakened.

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The undetection spell 

   The undetection spell works by idea and prevents people from finding you. Now is the undetection spell and believe it will follow this rule;

The spell is to say three times over a candle or an imagined candlr thats lit.
"I will not be seeable in tellings."
"I will not be able to be known."
"I will be able to know."
"If you can see me I will be near."
"None shall foretell me."
"I will key see near me."

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The information of informing

   The information of formation spell will determine what info you get and is a counter to the informing or veritaserum type spells.

   Its to say over a lit candle.
"What you are is what you get. Don't tell me if you don't want me to know."

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A coin hex

   The saying is "A penny for luck, a nickel can be for wealth on a hold of it as a nickel in the hand, a dime for answers and asking, a quarter for vision and sometimes a containment as with any coin." To use the coin magic as to just a pick up a penny for luck. Think of holding someone or something like wealth or energy while you hold a nickel or pick up a nickel. Pick up a dime and ask a question or to find your answer. Pick up the quarter or touch/teletouch it to get the vision of your desire or dreams.

To contain things in one, use the coin by touching, holding it and ecetra. Think the idea or thing is in there, the coin. Then put it on a moveable object. For curses, put it on a removeable platform first then put the curse in by a touch/teletouch and then move the coin to the trash without touching the coin. You can store an unnatural amount of things in the coin. Flip the coin to cleanse it and clear it. Some just toss the coin somewhere and it can hold or contain almost anything thats wrong an that you think of.

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The ever easing action

  This is the action of ever doing with ease or ever it being easy. Some would suggest that it is "ilboesm" but it have the same effect. It is actually cast by you thinking its ever easing or easy and attempting to do any action. Sometime thinking "easy flow, easy do, to do" will occur it more easier. After casting this things should fit together.

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The medusa trick

   To imagine your hair as if snakes and then they paralyze people over time. Eventually they , the victims, will be as if stone an be unmoving. What can help this along, is to think "medusa phase" and think of how long. Just by staring or looking at someone then you can stone the item or person. As you stone them, they slow down and don't get noticed as yet until the point of time that they are not actually moving. To remove the stoning, think it didnt happen. You can draw a medusa if you imitate one in importance and they bring their forces with them.

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Body splits

  Body splits are to split your body up into multiple bodies and you can see through these bodies by gnowing it. Its as if a second sense. To do this, think a peaceness within yourself, and remember that everything is connected, and everything IS one thing. It's only an illusion we carry that we are separated. Know it and it will be done. Feel yourself at the atomic psi level and split off after you feel energy to cause the action. Then see as if one with the body and if you need to, do it again. This will split your physical self off as many times as you want.

  This is a way to do anything and this partly uses biolocation to be formed, in a new spiritually physical body and you see it as self autonomous and fully its own self by the oneness. The process is of becoming one with the oneness and then think of what you want to occur, then it will. The effect is gotten an at the same time the peace occurs to you of oneness. As your one with the person, you know whats happening. If you succeed there is a risk to your heart, it is tried more in its effort and by the other bodies. So if too much activity is done, then you can get a heart risk of attack or your heart could burst if it is weak.

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Making conclusion to shift and be healthy

  This is a group chant that can be done alone, but albeit its near a lit candle. This chant causes conclusion, to be cured and to shift. As if by a flames presence. This is in 3 parts.

To help make conclusion

"Be or kuh to be overstored as if necessary to be self-evident.
self-evidential moment for an authentic and identified conclusion,
meaning allay self evidence of the law at which is at hand,
aid self-evident in meaning in which we guesstimate by conclusion,
so self-evident in self for say self-efficient moment for self
per self in self evident conclusion with self-pause self clause. "

To be cured and better

"To help make conclusion we better ourselves,
Be with undefined with do if you dare so we go on,
With deuches and flame cured in moment we see and begin,
to be better and more healthy as it is,
all it needs all I want as all I needed all I want
so lets continue and be better for ourselves,
To be reubotinized, we are set as off but of course."

Shifting ones conscious and soul

"At the bottom of the flame theres nothing but a hole,
into which we slip for flame makes nothing but a hole,
Be an E flame bend to an e flame time,
Go, follow along its course,
In f we are efficient,
Protect me, we are in of efficiency.
Like a flame to run its course we are efficient.
" Enf

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Power words

  The effect of the power word is the exact imprint meaning of the word itself that you see or feel. Whatever meaning is known to you. To explain better I'll use an example of nouns, though power words are primarily adjectives with verbs for direction and sparse nouns for focus. They're primal, simple, but very effective.

  Example 1: "cat". See the word, and think it in your mind. The animal known as the word comes into mind, perhaps with any emotions associated in memory with the animal. This is the unique word imprint that is unique to everyone, for each word. The imprint is not a dictionary definition, it is molded on past experience, emotional learning and differentiation. As every word can carry double, triple or more meanings and definitions, so can the imprint. The mind is infinitely pliable, and the thought is a reflection of the mind. As to the image.

Cat toast

  The technique of power words is simple, if you are mere competent at focusing your mind, much as a magnifying glass focuses a pinpoint of heat, manifesting in the ignition of a flame.

Magnified flame

  Two thoughts are needed for the application of a power word. The first is the unspoken thought, the direction in which the mental energy will be placed. This is as simple as concentrating the engaging act you wish to modify through use of the power word.

  The second thought is the power word itself, which is spoken in the mind strongly, assuredly as to carry the effect. It need not be shouted, it can even be whispered, depending on your preference.

   (For example, using the power word "hidden" while trying to hide in plain sight, and shouting the word in your mind; would have a detrimental effect.)

  As the strength of the mind is infinite in its ability to modify yourself, the effect of the power word can be equal. It all depends on the force you put on your words. You must believe it to happen. There is no other alternative, no other possibility that the effect you wish to happen, WILL happen.

  The one-word spell is the basic power word. In this one word will be spoken in the mind to the effect, one adjective in an effort to modify the event's outcome. "strength", "agility", "guile" are some examples.

  Using more than one word is considered a power mantra, or power phrase. Power words are very scarcely full sentences. The use of full vocabulary tends to detract from the effect desired.

  In complex situations where perhaps more than one event needs manipulated, nouns and verbs will be used to supplement the spell. "emotion; control. calm" would be one. The first half "emotion; control" where 'emotion' is the target, or alpha point. 'control' is the modifier, or beta point. The last word 'calm' is a disconnected modifier (beta alpha, the first point of the second phrase) that without the controller noun might weaken the effect, negating this is the purpose of its' use.

  Not everyone sees images or the memories when the word is said. As its not necessary that you see or recall something, its a big mistake of todays psychology and treatment. also its a requirement of the method. Its the idea, that you can say the word and it can evoke a feeling too. Without the image or recall. It is to the feel of it at some point that people might react. So the imprint can be of feelings too, without the visual of the idea.

  Basic (Alpha) Example Power Word List


  This idea thought up, copied with permission and taught by Caz in here.

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Cleaning spell

 In this cleaning spell you can use a broom or other material to collect, gather and point and send. Pluck a straw from the broomstick or material from an object and begin a slow and steady chant of "pulitas", a bobbing about in the air with the fingers that held the material. reach out and take hold of the immense amounts of untapped energy running rampant in the air and draw them into the spell. "Pulitas!" to cause the object the material belongs to or what it is you want to clean and it will clean up or force you to clean up. The saying of the phrase without material will cause you to do a pulling in by thought in task of things that you want. Could cause you to clean up instead, especially to absorb the corruption around you as energy. This also means diseases when you use a part of hair, to cause the person to always be clean as soon as its done. There might be a small bit of retention of scent.

 An easier way is to imagine the element as a piece of the material and then state the phrase "pulitas" till you feel or perceive a change to clean or pull in scent by it. This follows the idea of think of a element or source and then do acts to channel its telekinetics source of energy. That everything flows into its own support. Use of the objects concience in telekinetics is by the manipulation of its energy. So be in use by usage and thought. Once done you can also take the focus material and say 'putitas' while pointing at an object to contain it, the idea. Think 'stricken' on the energy in the object to reduce the energy until its gone of bad. Instead of 'Pulitas" you can substitute 'Hansul'.

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  Flaring at the first level is the exponential amount of energy that comes off the body. Flaring is where the person feels an excess energy and reacts to a stimulation or disorder of sorts. Your type of flare may reflect your element. For example, a fire user may have an aura which resembles a ball of fire, may leave flame as an accidental marking for their footsteps, and may end up warmed up purely because of the heat of their aura.

  Your aura will flare outwards (hence the name), and feel, as though you can't control yourself, being felt, by many, and you may want to destroy things because of it, unless your of a calm demeanor. You most definitely appear to leak energy for a while. It will scare people that can see it if they understand what they are seeing.

  The second level of flaring is ultra flare, similar to a flare, but far more controlled. As you get more powerful flaring, then it gets more concentrated, but can be controlled easier as well. You may have visuals, such as: "I was simply walking, casually moving around energy to massively destructive effects, my eyes glowing brightly in a light blue color. It didn't feel like it was actually happening, but instead that deeper parts of my brain were screaming at me, \91Do it, darn you. It\92s fun. And you could wreak all of this havoc, too.\92 It\92s similar to anger, in that you have to stop yourself from going on a rampage." (Ben)

  The Ultra Flare can be somewhat explosive, and it can take a small part of the planet with you, if you give into temptation. It's very strong, but you don\92t lose control to where you give into the part which tells you to destroy, though it is entirely possible, if you give in.

  That is the next level of flaring, as before it was 'I wanted to set things on fire and cut them in half', now it\92s 'I want to explode small countries.' This ultra flare can linger if one doesn\92t expel the energy, though it is bearable as long as the will is strong enough.

  The third level of flaring is an objective flare as you don't seem to do anything yet its in imagination that the flare occurs, yet notice your getting farther and farther withdrawn away from it and you might want to destroy whole planets by letting it occur. The flare is so powerful, that you flare and it is by your flaring that your surrounding with flares as well. Literally objects seem to flare up while they aren't really. Believe another little theory, as the relief is your pain, and your belief is its own as what is as it kinda leaves you vision blind. This lasts until you decide to not have it or to do it firmly in your mind. The sun energy or an aversion to the reaction powers the idea of this.

  The fourth level of flaring; This is the last phase of flare to experience, then it goes on to hard to perceive but easily felt, as it, the mental flare, happens in your mind and yet it draws the energy from around you and the planet your on. That is one more level of flare for which you don't wanna have. This is just to do or deal it, you feel like destroying an with the idea of the remaking of a small part of the universe, but you can shift with this level of flare to another place so the flare isn't seeming to be of power. The stages of this are important as its 'be as it is of what it is, believe it, its conscious to do as for conscious results'.

  The further we get with this rare flare mode, the more the actual flare the more its powered by bigotry, feelings or negative famotry, and what have from the flight or fight reaction and willing to not run and embrace destiny, with a extreme aversion to something. And so the body may flare upwards, as the saying may make things go by and 'inrelate'. To have the saying, is to have in-related vision which may seem strange. They, the flares, don't seem to touch you, yet you can feel the burn at least inside you at the moment. These rare flaring are likely the least of what you want and which can last for months unless you feel neutral as its feelings which power it. You might make idea and then things and people around the area warm in feeling.

  The sunflare is not really a flare but the flaring of an object to be like a sun. What happens is course, as to be to feel the sun energy and then feel like averting a reaction of flight or fight as you then transpose it to another or another in phase with you. Its too intense for a single body so it can melt an object to make it. It is like another energy takes over and you 'touch' the object that is of the flaring into the area of sun particles. It can leave things marred or burned with a somewhat melted consistency. I once had a sun flare and my rubber mousepad was somewhat melted mysteriously.

  You can 'choose' to keep the sunflare in yourself and it happens to occur in imagination drawing from sun energy. But without sun warding stones, then it might continue to flare out in a sphere till its decided not too. Its evil that it devours if it continues till you think of it not. Then it sits in a sphere form and you can disintegrate yourself or others but you or they are not really physically touched. Its goes away when you decide to not want it there. This can drive people away from an area. The sunflare only happens once in your life at some point. Those that are doing a sunflare may feel tired and rest. The effect of keeping a sunflare in the body, may cause burned skin as its transposed energy that is intense transposed energy that uses you as the transport.

  The negative flare, is a flare that is the separate but next stage of the flaring. Wherein the energy of the cold flare can mix in. The negative flare is to suddenly get negative energy or destructive and bad idea in the form of idea, in a wave. It is as if the idea of what is not good turns good and what is evil can exist as good. Where the good can exist as evil and this flare is epitome of all that is not good. As things hidden are likely exposed and vice versa in the negative flare.

  It can only be contained in an object and not thought about but remembered if you wanted to or its forgotten about after. As to speak of it, will spread its influence. Its the source to the fighting if its in the area. Its where they control you as you do things and you control them as they do things. Some would call it to do as if its as especially probable. Those that talk to a person who negatively flares, is suddenly with an idea to not be near the person as bad things may occur to the people near the negative flarer. Again, its as if negative is of a position to do but blocked by good intentions or positive action.

  The negative flare, is in the mind, and of the weird fate, with the absence of all heat and you can perceive the temperature physically as it seems near. But it isn't near its as far as is possible to be away from it. Whatever it touches, it converts temporarily into a sub-source and this subsource acts as a mini source till its contained. The containment of its main source anywhere is by an act that is not described but done.

  Its, of connected thought, to things, by its things that it touches and influences, where those things that are affiliated with it, being touched, too. And it acts as the things it touches, are touched. You tend to avoid the things it influences but work with the things it touches and these things have a second bad nature. This main object and secondary objects can not really be cleansed of it as it only sends it back to effect. A negative flare can make you get or forget the positive or important experience of an idea. It can produce idea as negative things occur or nightmarish as actions can get will make itself known.

  Now theres cold flaring, as its 'be as of to self-dedicated self'. To cold flare, cold flaring is the effect of sending out waves of cold energy and its felt as coming from you. The cold flare can leave a sinus headache, bu the more the cold flare the more the intensity and coughing that can occur.

  The second stage of this is to be of the cold and feel warmth as it is to send out the cold from the area around you. Leaving the area bare and in warmth. To see as it is this is called the calliga wave, as it is to be called the calliga it can transpose a large amount of cold energy into an area.

  The next stage, the third stage of this is the celliga, as it is the Family stage to call it this, means its of coldness. As with the cold flare you touch the object and send 'cold' particles into the object automatically. This can leave you coughing for a few minutes as if it as a bad cold. This cold flare doesn't seem to occur to you but coldness radiating in from objects. It has the capacity to become of zero degrees. Then you can freeze the thing or person thought on with it.

  The cold energy can in the rare fourth stage of cold flarin' disintegrate on a touch. Which is of self generated power in objects as if of you, again, to touch something with the fourth stage sends cold particles into it, its of the idea that you can feel in the area the temperature as it is.

  But the nearby objects, seem to absorb the cold where it draws out from objects the heat and while it draws and leaves the heat, it is cold. So you get a hotter area and in itself it doesn't seem to be of nearness to you. Yet its there in your mind and if spoken about, comes out. It can seem like a unnatural cold that comes back but you can feel your aura as its a cold aura.

  The fifth stage of this cold flaring is the negative flare, like in the flaring stages. You might notice that some who get a cold wave or flare, never seem to cough.

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Tracking spells

These are three tracking entity type spells:

  1.   Make a circle of chalk on the ground, put a piece of glass with some blood on it between your feet while you crouch in the circle, begin a low little chant of nonsense syllables, relaxing, focusing your mind on the effect you want. "Interessari, interressarium," and touch the plastic dome of the compass to the damp blood. Energy will rush out of you, swirl within the focusing confines of the circle, and then rush downard into the compass with a visible shimmer of silver, dustlike motes.

     The compass needle may shudder, spin wildly, and then swing to the bloodstain on the dome like a hound picking up a scent. Then whirl about and point to the right direction, whipping around the circle to hover steadily in that direction and point out where the person or thing is. Smudge the chalk with your boot, releasing the remaining stray energy back into the air, then take up the compass and go. The problem with it is that the rising of the sun the next morning would disrupt the 'simple magical energies used', and that it didn't point out the easiest way there, just a direct route.
  2.  Nose tracking, the nose hair or a symbolic link of the nose work too. You can begin a low little chant of nonsense syllables, relaxing, focusing your mind on the effect you want. As in "eteressi, nterressarium," To combine a nose hair or the symbolic link representation and some blood or some part of the person/things body, using magic in a way that leads you via scent to the person you were looking for. Draw a circle on the ground, scrape some blood out or use some of the body part, pluck out a nose hair, and use the nosehair or use the whatever as a symbolic link to your nose by putting and touching them together, and the link between the hair and the blood or body part is forged as a way to make your nose more sensitive to smelling the guy's/beast blood or body.
  3.  Emo tracking, is to feel the bond between you and the person or animal, and think of the person or thing and animal with a 'what direction' after. Allowing your body to drag you there or go in the direction where the emotion is higher, and you feel the emotional bond between as if you were with him or her and were him or her closing the gap.The person gives off a certain emotion that you can pick up on.
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The am with it and no shit on it spell

  Imagine the target as you say it to cause the shit not to appear on it the target. This spell also causes calmness and an I am with it attitude.

Take not a dump on me.
Take a moment to be at peace.
Take in an idea to be.
Take for example things to get
Suggest what we to do.

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Tv crossing

  Tv tracking and crossing is in a crossing that is of an idea created by need.  As it can be a peculiar crossing of the tv and monitor by yourself or other person/object through spirit, so where there was one thing or object, there is another, or there is nothing, as it needs great skill and belief along with a spirit medium. This so set spirit is a spirit which resides in of both places; tv and movie land or the land of television with neural validity and the normal land. That now resides in between all other places and your own. This crossing makes you able to transform, transfer, and do a check that can size you or it down or up to be shifted/end shifted. To one place or another, as if there, if they weren't there in another place as here.

  So this leaves you in coldness, as you shift places or the object does. So its quite simple, as you so want to shift whiles into a transfer through to go as if to another world, or an I don't know about this, a person walking through. Its measpirit, or measurably a spirit to where you take the cross over, focus or view in spirit. Think of the spirit and think 'cross over', with the item or person in mind. It will either disappear with another item to replace it or it will be gone as if it was not there. This can leave you with a non-reworking machine an its temporary or cause a downtime on the modem or connection. Tv crossings also work for movies as it works on a moment. Just think of the place beyond the screen, and the screen as the object.

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Sight perception effect

  To see and perceive an lets see here, to prove something that is there to cause it to occur as if here or there. All you need is to say the result, know the result and feel it occur. And it will an then be as it will eventually happen. That, you gain in something to do or want it like borrow some money. So we know the actual idea for it. As it the event through you will respond in your mind an respond as reasonable. As if stating it out loud, or an as you thought about it an thus its in a momentary manifest, sometimes.

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Aura intensity works

  There is two things that you need to know before you can do the methods listed, aura intensifying and extending your aura. To intensify your aura, you feel it become intense. If you intensify your aura you intensify your hunger for a short period of time. So intensification of your hunger, you become more of what you are if actually you get into the eating and fat stage. If seal, then its the only unfortunate thing truly about this.

  To extend your aura, that is a trick to see your aura larger in your mind or shaping it, by imagining it and extending some part of it as if of a tentacle to wrap around the object or person, just to imagine it as a force around you extending outward an become as of a further distance. To unextend it, imagine it while you feel it happen that your aura is shrunk and unextended at its original length.

  When you exude your aura which is extending it, de-extrude your aura, meaning unextend it and you may appear normal and not scare people off if they don't deserve a scare. Although it tires you out for a little while but bringing your aura down isn't so much tiring, it's just that it compacts it so much where some can barely stand doing it. It may feel like your flaring an it drains in a way though much like weightlifting only for the mind.

  Darkness absorb; Use of darkness through your aura and extend your aura to absorb the things like damage and problems that are damaging. The darkness is really void that absorbs anything.

  Aura of remembrance; To use certain idea of aura, as of intensify your aura in the moment of learning something. Then you remember it. Intensify your aura again and its there.

  Aura burst; the aura burst is to intensify your aura project it forth and a light bursts forth. Quite like my repair, if you intensify it enough then your projecting away bad radiation and evil in effect not actually evil though. Just bad radiation, bad feelings and bad vibes.

  Aura emative force; the militia man, to intensify your aura imagine the person or think of the person and you seem like that person. This can bring fear to the other persons and drive them away, as if you imagine, think and feel like Freddy Crugar. Then you will emit fear.

  Speed event; Intensify your aura and then innovate as in like a pleasure point but this is think of time speeding up like a clock in your mind to speed up the event or area right in front and around you before you have a chance to go and you end up leaving earlier. Thus on intensification you see, may see things from your glandular extraction of your pinneal gland excretions. As immediately your pinneal gland will react. It may seem like a drug that your on.

  Theuretic cleanser; Intensify your aura, feel it intensify and as you touch something it cleans itself. As this its like you set a type. This cleansing can also effect by another way, Exude a part of your aura, and imagine it as touching the smelly and bad object part or person area and absorbing the dirt and bad stuff. The bad transforming to the good, and thus you won't contaminate everything around you by touching it, making you clean as well.

  Drugs; You can create a drug, an by taking the object that may be giving you a positive feel as a symbolic link of the feel of feelings of the drug. This object can be anything an it is possible for the idea that the object can make you feel good to have so you feel good. And it works off similar idea that it attracts the vapor of the drug by thinking of the drug with the object in mind. Then touch it or just try to extend your aura to the object for the drug and you just feel it anyway you feel it. This allows you to be effected by the drug if you think on your feelings for it and intensify your aura to recreate the memory. You can get the effect of any drug with this.

  The reversal; To extend your aura around the actual object, then touch it feeling the air or intensify and say at a certain point of time, reverse, may reverse the objects aura intensity. and turn evil to good or good to an evil. As I source, now first and you might find a spell is removed or gone opposite like. As always, de-extend your aura afterwords.

  Aura sphere; Another way of aura adjustment is to think of a white light as a sphere, forming around you or the end forming to attach itself to you or the object. To become a white light separate from you, an into the air or just the white light forming into the air and it does as you want. Somethings by imagining it, but as you intensify your aura you speed it up. thus you can constantly be chopping things by imagining becoming a dimensional blade. This blade can be any length and in segments or multiple numbers of it. An when you extend in your an aura, as an extent of yourself it is effecting things further an on or be in effect of the white light.

  Another aura defense; Feel your aura, intensify it, by feeding it emotional energy, then imagine it at what it does, as a ring around an object or person, holding said person in. And so as is you feel it contort and you could choke someone or choke some limb off. As it depends of support or not

  Inferring; Inter anything to cure it by intensifying your aura, and think 'detoxify' after touching the object. Or, to extend your aura around the object an it may act the idea out that you think on. To cleanse it and remove sleeping spells caused by toxins.

  Auratic will; You can effect a will on something as you extend your aura and intensifying your aura and on intensification it will depend on your aura. You can easily see by stating what you want to do, that will act your will out and that will do it. This can cause you to act out a will by the items actions if you follow telekinetics.

  Temperal ruse; An attempt to do things on your own but using others work and doing it on as if your own. You may intensify your aura and attempt to try to feel good about it but sometimes this is false. This will be as an act that will do as if for you but point to someone else.

  Aura shield; By Ben, feel your aura and project it forth but don't change it into any special energy type or anything unless necessary. Just make it into a sphere around you and reject the entrance of any energies that try to get in. Some allow the helpful energies though.

  Due note; Some can't imagine an about the support you get from your actual alternative. But thanks to alternative you may get some idea as they can do things sometimes that you cannot. Until you see it, an so lets say to just exclude something thereof whereas a few idea for some idea so you might want to mix or an match.

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An improved working

    This work by Ben and spellhawk; To feel an think about of "aetherical energy", which is energy that is of all the elements that can be used as of thought, that it does get manifested by ether, an then to put it out there by thinking its there and feeling it form by imagination, to manipulate it easily. As if, a free flowing force of aether is as any energy in particle form. Then slow time and do this by feeling time slow as if if a clock in your head that you imagine a hand (the minute and seconds hand) slow down to what timing you want. Or slow down time using a watch as the focal point for the effect by thinking it slowed and it expands out. To think it affected the entire area might work as the clock doesn't run slow, but you can use its battery and the fact that it keeps time as a source to affect time.

  This is to make improvement in work in an area, but you can also affect only yourself by thinking it, what you did, does. As then after, you feel or think it necessary, speed up time by thinking time moves normal again while thinking of your watch batteries or thinking of the clock in your head and the minute and seconds hand speeding up to what it was as you allow it to expand out and effect the area. If you speed up time, you're speeding it up for yourself and everyone else, too. You have to increase or decrease the speed of outside time, while keeping their mental clocks running at the normal speeds. As it has something to do with the aether, for aether can effect time in a major way.

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Restoring the 3rd eye

  The third eye is really the pinneal gland, think activate the third eye and you recover the third eye by activation of the organ. The idea is to restore the third eye function and this is to do some imagining, that imagination or thought is what causes blood flow to the pinneal gland as it's to see things you need to see as this, think to imagine the idea of your third eye opening again. The creator that makes things causes the third eye to appear on the forehead. Then if you need a cure, think the third eye cures you, then it will.

  If you think to pull out the third eye or close your thumb and forefinger to make a flat line, then you shut the third eye and the third eye imprint disappears from the forehead. Especially as you reach out with the hand and make a circle with the finger, then you think to pull back the hand and you pulled the third eye shut. The third eye shut down will deactivate the pinneal gland until you think to do something with the third eye and the pinneal gland is activated again. The point is this, you cannot lose your third eye, however you may "put it to sleep" in your brain or someone elses brain by this method. This causes the deactivation that makes a person's delusions not happen, and the recover their normal sense of thinking after a bit.

  That is done if you think they pulled out your third eye, so you really deactivated the third eye and with that the blood flows away from the pinneal gland. Then you are correct and tend to make mistakes, and that means you are not guided by the third eye. This is including memory loss and psychic ability is turned "off", so you don't receive visions until you imagine it opening again and attempt to use your third eye.

  The idea is that they can't take your third eye but they can make you think they did. Actually its will is thought to be a new organ so you treat this third eye as an organ but with all its experience and yet you might have to train it again to respond to your thoughts and concepts.

  Once you lose your third eye, interest in something you were doing at the time was lost when your third eye was pulled, thus you might regain that interest unless it was destructive and you rejected it in your mind as though you rejected the memory and the third eye restored you in feel. This is where the mind refused to see the thought due to bad experience. Making you blocked up and unable to do certain things, meaning your incomplete and unable unless you think the third eye is active with blood flow to the pinneal gland.

  So Attempt to remember the thoughts with your third eye active so you will be complete, and your ability in the blocked up things will be restored. Now and again after this, the thought happens every now and then, so just try to remember it if it is important and you want that intent you had at the time of the memory. Each time you do, your interest will return. Your ability will be stronger and your third eye will be active.

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Sensuous effect

  To see the result and feel sensuous and then cause a wave, arms upheld or pattern and feel the effect occur. This is in an effect, and it is to feel sensuous at the thought of the result at the end that you see. Then this result is effected by a wave of hands upheld to cause a stir of motion. Its seen after you feel effect that happens to occur by your will and heavenly energy. Expect the result and want it to occur as in this has effected events earlier.

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Energy eaters/leachers removal

  This removes the energy leachers that are literally leaching your energy as you do things. It won't seem to work up close to them but it does. Use is of the psi meditation as to imagine yourself on a stone platform, only the platform represents your mind. And to make it a stone floating platform is even better as its supported by nothing an not unbreakable but completely unshakeable with a backdrop of your choosing in your mind. Each connection is represented by a hook with a string attached that leads off into the distance, the hook dug into the platform. Then just take a machette and cut all of them away in a few strikes, or cause them to close off slowly by pinching them closed in your mind, kicking the hooks away and...put up a shield. Take down the shield as by of use when your done. This is like kicking down a door. Thanks to Ben.

Or to just to just see the platform as a idea game doll figure in your mind that does something and the hooked lines come in and attach themselves as if going into soft flesh. Whatever works for you, its doughy soft. Well the first way makes it easier to detach the lines, the second is a bit different. The doll figure as if from a game does an almost violent reaction that directs a breaking energy to the lines as if a convulsive rejection or reaction to detache them as it feels them. An of ef rules this, as An use of efficient. If you don't want to do a reaction effect and appear slightly crazy then the first method's for you. Either way you can, if you try and listen to the thoughts of the leachers, they sometimes appear as alternative thoughts and personalities.Thanks to skyhawk.

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Hand sign system

  It's a hand-sign system, as its powered by both your conciousness and sub-conciousness. It puts thought into action with ease. To explain on it then as of if you want to be exposed to new ways, one does a hand sign that relates to the intended action and that action takes place. So it is that hand sign connected to symbolism of your conscious and caused by subconscious. As to what you think of the sign and what it means will occur the act of what your thought is of it. As one's thoughts dictate the happening, the use of the technique is primarily that it adds precision by way of one's two consciousnesses taking into action the intended action. As you can write the meaning down and make it as if a rune, you have to trace the hand sign down onto paper using lines to represent the gesture. Thats about it to pass the gesture off as if a rune.

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Good ability of sleep spell

  The ability of sleep is necessary and important, so heres the trick. Theres a little trick to sleep normally even if you don't. To say, "No matter how much I actually sleep, I will wake up feeling as though I slept 10 hours." To tell yourself that a few times before you fall asleep and you'll wake up completely fine even if it's only like 3 hours of sleep..and so on.

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The magic school

  There was this big school or place where one could learn and practice all the magick they wanted. Someone found it, that school an its in your mind where every act is actually learned by your double which you remember too. It in a represented moment is by your action and uses others to do things. To get to the school, imagine yourself walking into it. However you want the school to look like is what it appears as. Its different for all of us.

You can imagine yourself entering as in a 1st person view (looking through thought by your eyes) or as if you would see yourself entering the school like a 3rd person view. 1st or 3rd, its your choice. So whatever is learned in that school, you will gain the experience in real life. Mostly you might repeat the experience, as about the teachers there where they are of view and based in real life, yet they are different there as to what they do. This some of what is taught there.

  Natures force: When going under a tree branch or something metallic, the force of the tree or the metal and what you were thinking are charged into you to make you remember and trained into it. In fact something of nature can reflect your thoughts and using the force and thought pattern of itself can occur the force and thought.

  Natures storm: An unnatural storm one greater than that of a storm, its lasting two or three days and using lightning and some black lightning. Black lightning only strikes when something living passes by.

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Document Proofing

  Document proofing; A check, A way to check if its true when reading it, if its true for you then you will feel right about it or on it and something like a use will come to mind. If its wrong then you would feel badly on it or about it and experiments fail when trying to use it. As when you read it, fizzling you might see occur as in some visions.

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God Prayer

  This is it, it's a prayer to cast out to God as tengri or as you name Him or Her to give power and bliss and protection and also it's for preventing to be converted to chaos after 11:11. Imagine a candle being lit and say the prayer over it in your mind. it's more effective if it's done in dawn and sunset. And tengri is pronounced as 'taenree'. But, you can name God as you want.

God almighty i witness that you are the one and the oneness
You are the only one to be praised and prayed
And only one to be loved
Please listen to this man that he wants power and wants the rightness of blue
Give me power
Give me power
Give me power
Initiate me and let me be prepared until your Day.
And give me wisdom
So that all the cells in my body
Vibrates with your name.
The best names are yours
I call you Tengri [or as you want]
Tengri [or as you named your god],give me protection
Tengri [or as you named your god],let me enter heaven
Keep hell from me
Tengri [or as you named your god], permit me to drawn power
From moon and sun
As the power of wisdom of you.
So mote it be
So mote it be
So mote it be.

  The Egyptian forcecraft style is:

God ymity Me wyne th ya r th en e th aene
Ya r th otli en b brea e pra
E otli en b sliat
Ples letn th sha th t rue pua e wa th prilne o blu
Moi me pua
Moi me pua
Moi me pua
Nyia me e let me b pror unti ya Da.
Moi me wis
So th al th ce n me bod
Vib wi ya anem
Th bex anem r ya
Me voc ya Tengri [or as you want the god named]
Tengri [or as you named your god], moi me ward
Tengri [or as you named your god], let me atr Detalm
Kep pzeur fro me
Tengri [or as you named your god], pamy me ryt pua
Fro mun e sun
As th pua o wis o ya
So mai b
So mai b
So mai b. 

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Dimensional warping

  Do you think that it is possible to manipulate/warp the third dimension to achieve inhuman abilities? (Anywhere from small stuff to Matrix-grade manipulation) Well these steps will make it possible.

To think that with practice and discipline, it is viable.

  1. Intensify the sensitivity of your third eye
  2. Go between dimensions, so you are more than half in a dimension higher than the third
  3. Look back into the worldly dimensions, and analyze the situation, simplify the required task and break it down into small, manageable pieces
  4. Manipulate/warp small aspects of your worldly situation, so they will add up to the desired effect, by whatever means possible
  5. Finalize all manipulations
  6. Move back entirely into the worldly environment you have just changed.
  7. Make use of what you have just done.
  8. Clean up; return things back to normal, so your manipulations have no undesired long-term effects.

  Bring a battery with you, in between dimensions by touching one before you go in between dimension. The dimensional charge of the battery will follow you and charge you up especially if you touch the terminal ends, and it seems that the higher you go the easier it is to absorb the battery charge through the casing. As if it weren't there but it the charge is contained till you think about it and it has to go somewhere, so it goes to you.

  Now to go about actually warping stuff, you use energy and just will things to change. To switch dimensions, think on the dimension and place yourself there in your mind. You might feel a wind or a change but thats about it, as your spirit will be there, protected if you imagined a grey wall surround it and you. To warp events think of the event and think of what you want to happen..imagine each step in a focus technique. 

  To see the event happen as you want, say the event that you desire and it might occur easier. Again you might feel a wind from nowhere as the effect goes out to your dimension or something will happen that alerts you of the change. Or yo may touch a battery while you go in between dimensions and place them in a tape recorder to record something that you may want to happen. As you play it back, what is recorded becomes likely to happen as its an instruction to your sub-c.

  As is this maybe just like having Out of Body Experiences. Its similar, but you get visions of what happens even in body after you do the idea thing that is. Now to view the dimension in slow motion, or the first three. Imagine it as in slow motion or whatever speed you want, scene for scene. It's an acquired technique but some drastic events cause it. So speed up your perception. You just need to force yourself to see things go slower...When you see things with your third eye; it just shows up in your head. Will/make your in-head visions and perceptions go more slowly. But, theres a way to move fast until stuff looks like they're in slow motion.  then there's the clock one too, imagining a clock in your head speeding up or slowing down.

  Minor time control is second nature after awhile as all thats needed to do is to make things going faster an imagine everything around going really really fast, and you can actually see things starting to speed up. Same thing with slowing it down. The methods to start with, though (Spellhawk's atlantean spells) are

Speed-ty : Speed time 
Slow-ty : Slow time
A-tempo : Time's pace goes back to whatever you think is normal 

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History wipe

   I'll tell you about the History Wipe technique, that you're basically wiped from history and existence until you decide to come back. Imagine mental shadow walking; you begin by going to the place you want to be alone at, such as in your room on the computer. Then you cover yourself in both void and stealth element and begin sitting in essential shadow walking state. At the point at which you would probably be unnoticed is when you may be thought about but not by sight which will null your shadow walking as they come in and see you. 
  This is where the History Wipe technique comes in: Instead of "I can see you but I cannot be seen." it becomes "I do not exist and you do not exist." (You may want to try "You may exist, but I do not.") At that point, you will not only cover yourself with stealth and void, you will become void and try to leak into another realm, imagining yourself whisked away into the darkness or air and realize that you no longer exist; you do not exist particularly in the minds of people, and more so in those you do not want to find you. Do not exist to yourself or anyone and no one may think of you for a good while at which time you can do what you will. 

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Crave effect

   For crave, cast by a "cra" we don't get but the opposite like deprave. Inside, in the body as insistent as a nice inclusion. In the body, is when the body gets or hits as it is the one that does it. To get the body to do something like it, is to get it to crave it.

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No negative spell

  The no negative spell is to cause a no negative moment of an effect for at least 1 or more idea after stating spell. This is to cause the effect of no negative moments by thinking 'no negative' and then doing an action that means the effect ya thought to do. As, two effects together will now be positive and building up of a momentum, by this effect.

  The effects of this spell can also cause you to know the negative idea of it, the event, and then you can avoid the negative event that is possibly occurred. The effect can also effect events that are already occurring. By noticing the event and thinking or saying 'no negative', you correct the possible negative idea that can happen and cause the event to be positive. Unless, you are on the mirror side of reality, then you can cause the unevent unless you state the negative in effect and thus, you cause a positive event.

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Chanting mantras

 Chanting mantra effects that are the Atleantian version and then the mantra version. Presented by Skyhawk and given from

  1.   ConPuaLoe; 'Con Puadme Padme' clears all your symptoms and effects that aren't wanted. Meaning 'Construct power of lotus'.
  2.   HalTuTJulILoe; Chanting with 'ohm mani padme hum' clears all of your chakras as it means 'hail to the jewel in lotus'. This is a Buddhist mantra. It is said that all the teachings of the Buddha are contained in this mantra: Ohm Mani Padme Hum an can not really be translated into a simple phrase or sentence.
  3.   MaiAlbeBWeApy; Sabbe satta sukhi hontu means "May all beings be well (or happy)\94. It brings enlightenment and outside of formal meditation, you can chant this mantra while walking, driving, or while engaged in any other such activity. It can help if you keep your attention centered on your heart, and also if you imagine that light is flowing from your heart and touching other people.
  4.   OmIPecPecPec; Om shanti shanti shanti means "Hail the universe an whole world in peace peace peace". This brings universal peace to the mind, body and soul.
  5.   GaGaGabyadGaualybyadNlinmntHal; Gate gate paragate parasamgate bodhi svaha is a Praj\F1aparamita mantra. Meaning "Gone, gone, gone beyond, gone utterly beyond, Enlightenment hail!" This creates the perfectionist of wisdom in enlightenment.
  6.   OmARaPaCaNaDhih; Manjushri mantra of Om A Ra Pa Ca Na Dhih, To cause perfection of wisdom where; Om is hail (to universe and whole world). A leads to the insight that the essence of all things is unproduced. RA leads to the insight that all things are pure and free of defilements. PA leads to the insight that all dharmas have been \93expounded in the ultimate sense.\94 CA leads to the insight that the arising and ceasing of things cannot be apprehended because in reality there is no arising or ceasing. NA leads to the insight that although the names for things change the nature of things behind their names cannot be gained or lost. Dhiih is thought reflection an devotion.
  7.    HalWyldaOLitcILoe; Vajrapani mantra of Om Vajrapani Hum, meaning "Hail wielder of the thunderbolt in lotus". It is used to help us to gain access to the irrepressible energy that Vajrapani symbolizes by him dancing in fire or transformation.
  8. HalHalTuTaraITriRoeSyere; Green Tara mantra of Om Tare Tuttare Ture Svaha. Meaning "Hail mundane dangers salvation individual liberation from suffering liberated from a narrow conception of the spiritual path hail" or "Hail Hail to Tara in three roles as a savioress." This leads us to become as though Tara.
  9.   HalIfiyRaancHrih; Amitabha mantra of Om Amideva Hrih meaning to bring love and compassion with "Hail infinite radiance Hrih".
  10. HalHalTuTaraITriRoeSyere MeLaglyWisPustimDot; White Tara mantra of Om Tare Tuttare Ture Mama Ayuh Punya J\F1ana Pustim Kuru Svaha. This is said on thinking of someone to guide them into compassion and watchfulness through wealth and abundance increase and it means to "Hail Hail to Tara in three roles as a savioress! For mine long life wisdom wealth and abundance increase do it!"
  11. Shakyamuni mantra in Om muni muni mahamuni shakyamuni svaha, meant as "Hail wise one, wise one, great wise one, to the wise one of the Shakyans hail!" It causes enlightenment on visualization.
  12. HalAhHumLitcWetekaILoeSupanatPuaeHum; Padmasambhava mantra in the form of Om Ah Hum Vajra Guru Padma Siddhi Hum. Meaning "Hail Ah Hum thunderbolt wise teacher in lotus supernatural powers Hum." To bring guidance of the wise teacher to mind.
  13. Om Hreem Pie Na-Mo Seedha-Danam; This is a mantra of favorable looking. This mantra is used to have people look favorably upon you.

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Bomb Magic

 This is bomb magic, and these are various bombs made up of magic effects.

 Mana bomb; To hit with a force thats capable of crumpling ya. But its sheer mana that ya hit with. To do this, focus the mana by thinking of mana's energy streaming from ya fingers and thumbs to form into a ball of light that once appeared, it can be cast at the target area and set off with the thought 'bomb the area' or saying towards the mana bomb 'bomb area'. 

 Insect bomb; Its like insect swarm, except this is a mana psiball that causes the swarm of ants, roaches and other insects to the area. Cast by focusing the idea of 'mana insect swarm' on a psiball or force that ya cause to be in an area that ya generate, by making ya fingers and thumbs emit mana energy streams into a ball form in the air. then think or say under ya breath where ya want the mana psi ball to appear at. Then the optimal choice is to decide how to set it off in the area and to do so. One such person set his off with the thought of 'roach bomb' to the mana psi ball in the target area. This set off a roach swarm. 

 Force bomb; To cause the electrical force to be enhanced in the area as so, that it strikes out at nearly anyone in a one mile area. This force can even  come from the air as it stands that there is electrical force of lightning from the air. To form it, think of the area and make sure its 1 mile away from ya. Think 'one mile away' then see the area in ya mind again. If it changed on ya, then ya found the one mile mark. Now think of electrical and lightning forces gathering in the area. And say F-bomb, feeling the electrical and lightning forces go crazy. 

 H-bomb; To feel the force of the air and as a hum. Think of the area and the hydrogen atoms combining with tight force an say 'h-bomb!' This should make the Hydrogen atoms in the area combine and with a highly compressed energy. As to combine them in such a way, will cause them, the people in the area, to go and be astrally and spiritually knocked out if they are effected allot. Leading to the body being effected by becoming weak or knocked out, as well. To just mention this, won't set it off. But, to say 'H-bomb' with intention to make it set off is to cause it to set off.

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   Voidshots are as voidwaves that pull the essence. It starts with you willing essence from another or an object to appear anywhere in hand. In this there is no distance, where you want it it will appear. As though from the hand, which if it does appear, is pure blackness that may be noticed or a feel of nothingness. That nothing is an directed by thought or feel energy at a target. Of nothing, as you can stun or numb the person, including knocking him or her out if he or she senses through the waves, as they might try to fight an the essence absorbency happens. This can pull out a third eye by essence pull in that area.

   The effect if done, can be blocked out by the idea of why we become and where it is.

   The method is:

      1. To realize it.

      *2. Then question how you become it or of it.

      *3. Then use a coping skill.

      4. Then use the I statement.

   This works with people that want to seem and feel to go do things or be of things. This is that way to simplify and or simulate as if you learned something. So it is also to block things out as it can redirect a will.

  Warning!! Void is tricky, if it doesn't shift or a hole placed in the area isn't removed after a while, by willing the hole closed, many of the things in that said area is likely to degrade. Till the point that they break down. This effect can suck  idea chaos energy as with other types of energy.

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Eternal life

   Eternal life is to cause a life spring of energy within that is refueling the body constantly. That never ceases and causes the body to live on forever as it is renewed by every action and second. Brings the body and mind of the life everlasting. This wellspring can be set off by an object thats drunk from or eating it. Pomegranate and other forbidden fruit may do this for awhile. The object must be enchanted to become the source of eternity, life and to not ever be broken only to shift to a nearby object its enchantment if it is. To base it off an object is to be the source an is to cause it more easier. If fruit, then you may live for a long time, if an object then you may live as long as the object enchantment lives for extra time. "Set in base release an if, if en" is the enchantment. Shortened its "Set en an if".

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A blanket's magical effects

  To use a blanket is to wear a blanket or to be covered by it. That is known, however what isn't really known is that there are magical effects to being under one. Because of the twining and love that was put into it.

  These magical effects I tested out and found true to the color.

Gold or golden weave To heal and restore ability.
Wheat To restore capability.
White To be cloaked and to restore energy with rejuvenation.
Off-white To hinder healing or reverse effect.
Red or Pink
To induce healing and sometimes a rage through emotion.
Blue To cause healing and restore energy and to cloak/hide.
Green To cease transfer pains or dull them and cause quicker regeneration.
Multicolored To restore all ability and cause quick regeneration.

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The wordless spell

  The wordless spell is done without words to effect by an affection of energy charged by intent. All willed, to a manifest of an idea or understood action, that can be later denied. Spoken, or the thought mind spoken, it can form and quicker into the manifested form, as of the spoken word that is a part of the intention. An the other part, it is of the thought on the action. Otherwise, it can be used to do things without a phrase an be by an idea to form the intention in ya head, sometimes by thinking the word an of the action, and then sending out energy with a feel as that of it 'being sent out as a rush of energy', to do the action thats meant for it as the energy is charged with the intent. To be understood as of being there, this is of the essence an of the wordless spell.

  Some example are; to form the intention of a thought. This thought could be making the water enchanted. And then its a process of sending energy to achieve the thought as it's an intention. Again, with a 'feeling that its sent out on a rush of energy'.

  So when ya try a wordless  spell, remember the intention that counts. But, the amount of chaos in the area can disrupt the energy or cause it to go awry. This is as if, and 'if' is the word here, describing what type of chaos is in the area and in what level. The higher the level of chaos, the more chance of it going awry. It can leave a person no longer protected by his own actions.

  There is a feeling wordless spell, where ya form the intention in ya mind an then feel the energy go out, as though with a release of good feelings and energy, charged with ya intention to do the work. This feeling wordless spell, depending on the feeling, is more likely to not be effected by the area chaos. As in, a happy or angry feeling accompanies the energy. It can make it more likely to occur. To counter this type of spell requires that ya have an emotional level, of that which is similarly used in the spell.

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Elvish and fey effect

  From my analysis of remembrances of being a fey. This is how a faery or elf could do it, an effect  being one amongst many of the methods that works well amongst fey and elves, but it won't work as efficiently for humans.

  Basically the method is to focus ya mind by thinking on the idea. Feel the energy build up and compress itself. Think on the compressed energy and imagine the effect ya want to happen, with the energy. Then release, by thinking to release, the burst of energy that is to do which it is charged to do, sometimes by saying the effect. So feeling emotion will make it more effective, as the burst of energy can also be an emotion. This can work long range as well.

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Spoofing magick

   Spoofing magick is an idea to act out a part like your making an end law or something and that is effective to be in creating the idea that the effect really exists, acting out the idea in a moment for a self aberration in effect to some as its like magic, whatever is stated or acted out is an effective in aberration and is the law you create. As its created, the subconscious is used to make to exist. As this law is made into being and its sometimes reenacted with results by the subconscious and this is a form of energy wave thats repeated. The law makes the moment and its only in effect until its disbelieved and proven wrong, yet its there in some form. If disbelieved, its no longer spoofing magic and a law in effect.

   Most laws have many consequences, so whatever you created is yours until disproven and in effect. And then its everyone else's. Only actually effecting you, and some others if they admit to it. In effect, its a law which doesn't get remembered by it happening and denied and yet it still exists and acts itself out. You can make your own specific spoofed effect an with this, its an effect which is deemed to be in influence.

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Avatar effect

  To call an avatar is to make a being as from ya being with triple the amount of energy that can be used any way including a fight. This actually increases your will, by making the idea seem likely. It reinforces the idea, that your subconscious can cause more powerful effects. The avatar can be destructive in a minute and lives as part of ya, but it becomes a separate part that in formation is one with ya mind. This needs ya to form an ability of the avatar, that awakens with ya need of it. So with that in mind, to form an idea of the avatar is first needed. Then the ability to form and control the avatar comes from the belief that its there and can be controlled. To form it, ya must feel the need for it, to cause it to be there and formed by ya will. To imagine it forming as ya need it to form. Then whatever ya do will cause it to do similar, or the corresponding and necessary actions that ya want it to do. The avatar can leave marks on the wall physically, at the least.

  To do it right, ya have to think of the avatar in the form that ya want. As though, ya imagine it looking a certain way depending on ya purpose at the time. Then, feel the avatar form as though in a separate space. But, due note that the space it forms in will access this dimension easily. As in, ya could think of the element and then choose the action ya wanted to try at an area. The avatar will do the action and possibly effect the area with marks. So basically, you're giving your powers a form and making it act on its own to produce better results. Where ya can think of the action and attempt a normal act of psionics or what ya want, and the avatar will increase the effort in an effect generated by its power. What's amazing is, the avatar is again with 3 times the energy. Sometimes on a full moon ya can get 4 times the normal energy for ya, except for ya avatar.

  To unform the avatar, let go of the feeling that summoned it and think it unformed. After the first time, feel the need for the avatar and the feeling ya had with it there, to summon it again. Ya can use it to form a psychic ability effect, or psionics, or better telepathy, or an attack that disrupts the being and destroys the beings form. It can cripple or drop someone into unconscious. There are also myriad other things ya can do with it, as it is an extension to ya will. Ya can just form the avatar and let it fight. Or use techniques to manipulate it.

    Some techniques to use for it;

  For an energy cannon, is to hold out or imagine the hands extended and the base of the hands are close together. With the fingers formed forward. Then feel the energy build up and go through the hand, to strike out as a blast of energy. To form a cannon of energy from your hands and shoot it.. this cannon can form in a formation that ya think on..

  For an action such like telepathy or psionics, is to feel the need of what ya want and then focus ya mind on the action ya want. And then do the action ya desire to achieve it as ya feel its necessary and possible..

  For weapon use, is to imagine the weapon in hand and act out its use to do the necessary action as ya feel its to happen. This causes the avatar to do it, as in use of a bow thats energy. Or, use of a sword that appears as necessary and is three times as possible in power. It can 'shoot' energy at the target. It can appear as in any form ya want. There maybe other ways.

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Battle magic

  To do battle magic is somewhat what the Druids did. They had this amazing capability to generate energy quickly on need. So to do it as the druids did, is simply as put. To summon the element and to cast it forth while thinking of the target, as if they are effected. Along with the intensity of ya feelings and the release of the feeling become the effect. So far, theres lightning, quick energy generation, fire generation, water generation, ice generation and other generation.

  As in, an effete action of moment, ya wanted to make lightning. To do this, make a storm appear over the heads of the target/s. Then think of the target/s being hit by the lightning from the storm. As, you feel the intensity of ya need and feel it as the intensity of charge in the sky, release the feeling to go through the clouds to the target in the form of lightning. This will bring the effect of ya charge becoming part with the lightning and striking the target/s. What can help this along is to say 'e-lim' to produce the extra shock effect.

  To generate the energy quickly in ya body, as ya need it, charge the body through feeling energy pass through ya aura and into ya. This energy is from all around ya. But, despite this method there is many more methods. 

  To generate the element in another way, say for fire. Do as ya can to generate the fire. and then as its there think of the target being burned up or burned by the fire. This can generate a crossfire. Which, can go to anywhere and anyway as per say, it ceases here and regenerates itself there near or on the target. 

  To try a generated water effect; is to cause water to exist in an area from water vapor and the clouds above. This is simply to effect a target, however, by water. So think of the vapor as ya source and then cause it to condense in the area or on a target. By, using the intensity of feeling and that is necessary to condense it as ya use feeling to be ya intention. Release ya feeling into the air to become the actual condensation or water. A well practiced person, who is using the idea to stay cool. Can make the water appear in minutes or seconds as though a wave af energy water. 

  To produce ice from the water vapor is second nature. As, all that it does take is to feel the water particles freeze in the air from the vapor to create ice in many forms. This is including forming ice around the target to freeze the target, sometimes to death. But, the least effect is to cause the person to be cooler, where the most it can effect is to cause frostbite or make he target frozen solid. Where they can appear not to move. 

  The rest of the effects by elements are to be, from thinking of the element and the way it will work and feel the effect happen, and feel the intensity of ya emotions about it, and then form it into being by release of that emotion to become an energy form and to be the formation to produce itself by the element ya thought on. This element could be air or earth. Helped along by stating 'ae ie' while ya imagine the effect as it is to be.

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Fractal magic

  This will tell ya about the fractal magic that is known so far. This is the general term for it. Its creating in the world a world in the mind from a repeated pattern in a pattern, that is to cause an effect that will occur outside the created world in the mind from a pattern, much like a wave pattern. Except, there can be unlimited alternative worlds by created patterns that lend themselves to cause the origination of the wave effect. But, by creating it in a created world, as in your mind, it is with a wave action that causes a full pattern in a pattern of action. As, to create it in your mind as an imagined effect of a pattern, can cause it through mental influence to be elsewhere. One thing about this, is that it can become overwhelming.

  A more direct idea of fractal magic is where fractal magic is to use a repeating pattern where inside the pattern is the complete shape. This is where fractal magic can be used to multiply power, split power and as a generating force as the power repeats into the fractal. Where, drawing a rune as a fractal will spread the rune with the fractal as far as can be seen with the third eye, and can 'branch' itself out if it has enough energy. As the originating event sometimes caused by the fractal effect in the mind that is created from a pattern in a pattern and from the fractal world, powers a branching out as the fractal pattern comes from somewhere in the world and its reflected in almost everything.


  To multiply power, is to Do a supportive pattern that is also an activity in mind from a pattern seen and this activity lends its energy to the main pattern. The pattern activity repeats itself several times over. So ya can get a 1000 fold multiplication of the power, unless a rune is used for this as then its possibly a million times the normal energy.

  To split power, is to create a unsupportive disruptive pattern in a pattern that is a negative and divides itself in attention from the main pattern. The pattern causes negative idea from the main, thus the energy of the activity in ya mind is disruptive to the power of the main pattern and activity ya do from it.

  As its a generating source is to put a pattern in a pattern that lends its energy, to the activity ya do from the supporting pattern and its from activity in the mind, generated by the pattern being thought about and that thought is generated from seeing the pattern. This can create more idea. As, to put more generated energy from a pattern into action, generates idea from the pattern world in the mind.

Created by Cazhawk
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Aspect magic

  Aspect magic is to take part of words, to tolerate then to use words as in a spell. a mini spell that does the same thing as in a spell. The sound of the word makes the effect occur, about that when spoken in short phrases and words then its easier to use harder to remember so none can steal it. Such as 'it to be' is to cause the event to be and 'it no ef' blocks the event. Some aspect magics are:

A= action.
A ab deb = a ab, abstract math, bone muscle tissue, safe debit card usage.
A ab degauss = take out crime.
A ab gue = a ab guess, the guess ai, a genius ai.
Ab dos degauss = don't shoot, degauss weapon, de-ammo weapon, relent on weapon fire.
A th = self capitulize, an to a capitalize.
Act ion = action, much deferred to, when the act is divided against the ion or negative energy then impossible can be beaten impinged upon or changed.
Ae ei e in = To put a stop of the moment.
Ae e i ie is no center of implied destructives.
Ae i ae = to store things
Ae i eh = an stelf, self service, destructive act.
Ae i id = bring in, put in an identified card, put an id card, put in ex card to an elf. Ae in ae = stopping by center of balance.
Ae in ae ef = to start or stop a fight.
Ae e ee = to put the idea back to worth.
Ae in ei = Either to stop or to cause.
an asp = an aspect, aspect, inoffensive, defensive.
a d e an phesical, (energy world of effect) type of based reality. Their might be questions, To answer it use hiero. As a form to cause in people purpose and Godliness is cleanliness. Ae if ee of cures by questioning causing a system down.
A ea gr = in trace drug event.
A in = asper'in frizt, the game of life, the then is the life. To become a monster may save by raising you, a safe monster with the art as a dark path.
A no = quick trip of the time traveling agency.
Ah eh i = hello and hi. ae ae = to reduce weight by having thought on the target to gain it, and you lose it to them or it.
Ae i of = officer issue.
Ae i Ie of o = Self base I io en issue, self debasement.
Ae ie = To calm to, clear it, clean of off.
Ae ie eh = hesitate to catch spirit or to trap.
Ae in oh = Seclude it as it is.
Ae eh i = to self propagate, self proper.
Af ag = agreement
Ag in ef af = decided issue, no repeat.
Ah e ih oh = either to be whomever it is.
Ah eh oh = sedative type body reaction.
Ai in ae = to go continue and go on work.
Alle = allergic reaction.
Al ma de hilm = the film, any moving picture.
An en is self service by virtitude.
An en en is a closure by self prodigious use
An et an = release from spell or effect.
An of = Enliven the way; Same width same way, Some way seem way. Set in time, make it a vigilance. Set in time, we do as them.
An en pa = a secretary thought this, stopping time wraiths.
An = mirror, pass mirror, control regained.
An en = its raise up through, for what it can be, inherent flush.
Anm in = an em, ending point, a stopping point, stop influence, stopping point, influence to appear by appearance, abrupt point by an emanation that causes something.
As ad = continuous, continuation.
As aga in = as is to be again, continued reference in.
As are = intertwine, interred, brought together at peaks.
As im = as in, inclusion, include in.
As is = comfort peace, including, to be included.
As strom = as strong, se in strong, to be big in stomach and body, make strong, set in strong, make you strong as in body.
As it = never, to date, slowed up.
As te again = as it is in it is in again.
Ass en = assassin end.
Asta rohl = dei peir ell, a starring role, strip down, lessen power, withholding purpose to set and worsen,
aq re = music display by musical effect.
aq re ng = no music effect.
aq req = no requisite music. Except it plays a song once.
bar ge = barge, load onto, ship out or in, car, train, vehicle.
Be = beat, be in out it, be it, being.
Be re = be reach, to reach forth, breach.
Be re ge = get in touch, be in touch.
Co = control that is an incongruent possibility, breach possibility, be reachable
De man = envisage motion, a way to improvement. It sees and heals them, but it gots them by pressures unseen. Its in the unseen, its a psychic way that sees the unseen but leaves physical evidence, this is not demon.
De ja vee = to do, master again.
De ja vue = to do again, to be again.
Des thall = excess, it seems likely to effect, for you simply lose to yourself,
E= be in, and include.
E Em Emen = Shapeshift others, cause a shapeshift in yourself or others. to what is thought as a shape.
E et = eating time for food, eat energy food.
Ea add hic = to add on hickups. cause hickups.
Ed = edu(cate).
Ee = is.
Ef in is = efficient in use.
Ef nik = ethnical use.
Em am = spif faz, spiffy faze.
Em per ils = choice moments gone wrong.
En a am = To be a subjectable. to use machine, part magic and part act.
En am em = considerate and go into an aimed sentence, this causes a person to be doing something in an aimed mood to be cause of a sentence.
En e = electroductor conducter.
En gl = in the end to be glad for some reason or to glide.
En in = em in, plush, motion in itself.
En hak em = en hunch em to give them something like a document to write or other request for you.
En mag in = en maginary, end imaginary scene.
En on an = to cause an end on some idea. As for some effect that thought on or described.
En soul pa = end the soul of one.
Et = get, is of.
Etc = et scene, onward.
ev il = eb il, to set in a moment that you can't get out of something to go evil.
Gei tis = poltergeitist view, or way to embue bad spiritualism to a practiced end. Don't need help to kill.
Ger = germ, inconsolidate remaining act, incredibly culpable.
Gud = to set in a moment that you can't get out of something to be good.
Hi faz tap = fazing tape, part tape is faze, it works like that,
I = attention, is.
I a en = shifting to anywhere.
I am ain = I am sure, surety, not do.
I am an in = make consolance, to condone.
I am as = to passionate.
I am eg = stopped view, I am invisible, and with a reversed flow its also 'I am invincible'.
I am em = door against guard, make inpendant or indisperse.
I am em as in = permanate.
I am in = indisperse or focus on.
I an en = magic guard, guard against magic.
I an g = i a g, Aggression release, antidepressant.
I are = make hard or disperse or argue.
I em = to see, open, to permiss or force open.
I em an = intersperce or interspace.
I em an en = to condemn, to cause considerance.
I em as am es = pessimate.
I en = to end.
I en an am = make you unbeatable.
I et ain = a game of idea an focus. Its entrance be an somewhat unseen gate that appears near the area or in the area. The rules are what you think they are.
I et an en = release from game or place.
I is = hi, higher up.
I ok = attention to permiss.
Ick = sick, icky.
Id = id en, iden(tity), hidden entity, hidden thoughts.
Ih = hidden or usually evangellian unact.
Ie ae e = Pu stren. Don't need another roach infestation.
Ie iy = mastery over this, slender.
Ie iy pi = to bear somehow in more or less normal moments.
Ie n kl arge = support of nuclear reactors and technology.
Ie T = Things differ, To say it is different from when doing it.
In af = in ef, in asf, in effect, etc, isf, is for, is fucked up, internet no demanding, in ef a, ineffable, in attempt.
In age = in aq, in aggression, where in agreement, in again, in age.
In age i = last laugh, end scene.
In an ian = one who works with all.
In as ag ef as in no = as after in time aspect.
In ef af = in efficient understanding after, is now domineering in affordance to be merchant.
In ef age = in efficient aggression.
In ef age if in no = as after to release in time aspect.
In ef age = don't misunderstand, ia n agress, inefficient aggression.
In ef age in no = release yourself, your release is itself..
In ef as age = release all time in aspects as of crystals, in aspects time shift changeover.
In es'p = outta area, outta hell.
In'en = into entry, into hell.
In ex em = Cause of a memory that is remembered, to be there as you are.
In ex en = Into extra at the end, to cause someone to be into an extra thing at an end of an act from memory. This causes memory to be in ya mind of things ya once thought about.
Ih aea = indestructable, to restract alot, insurrectable pull to make progress.
Ih hea = retract tidbit, a tidbit is what is a condition retracted.
Ih ter = enter, perhaps into another dimension.
In add = etchelon, to add onto. You can use this as in ad and motion to cause a motion.
In aeyg = The exact way of statements, exact possibilities of or for becoming unparalyzed.
In as = to again, to be sacrosanct about it.
In en am = enamored, charmed.
In had = a slothy woozy slowing motion.
In her ah = its after them, in her awe.
In luap = is as who may seem.
In na ap = a computer room, as in for a shep, once your through it can recreate a vortex in time. Whatever you use it for it is with energy. In through all the thing is interesting.
In pe = impede, gym, after whoever did dark, alas a starting symbol.
In re ers = Inoffens; This set of commands will set inoffensive use. Now remember, In offensive use, 1) to try or not to be, 2) to be of exact or inexact nature, and finally 3) to be of to use or to be of use. Its not to be set its to be use by. In re wen = I end this as already went or been there.
Io def = The try iodensdef; to be and not decieve to try,.to do and try to win by use, to be of use by act or to try and be defense by act.
Io by = iodefby; to set as of in idea, to a defense set by yourself or something else. Is as = pizazz, spif group, spiffy.
It as = pessimate, to task.
It is = peroxic to cause peace.
It is as es it is = to regenerate.
It no = It no be, it no, to not create, blocks the event.
It to be' = to create, to cause the event to be.
Jag tel os = jag telesmor~ certus, certify the moment.
Like = like as, included.
Locke = a lock, to hold a gun, a pistol.
Ma se = make see, make a seem and it seem over there.
May not = may be not twinned, not thought out.
May or = may be thought out.
N e ai = spread aid, to aid by motion.
Ne be re = never be again, not again.
Now en in = Be ending through.
O = us, our.
Ok = to adjugate, to agree okay.
Per mu tah = to be perceive, to mutate.
Re parah = In Repairol To be and set toh to return repair of. To be of something to have toh and to repair by.
Sawa = safe way = safe monster, one of whos set but a firm believer in faith by design, one who works with will or ahn being.
Se ani = Set into a animated mode.
Se ago = Set into animal form.
Se ago lock = Lock in animal form like a wolf or something else.
Se escre sca = service set to scratch.
Se fe in = set female in.
Se fe lock = set female sex, se fe female lock.
Se il 11 pi = fastgate, injurious or uninjurious home.
Se lock = set a door lock.
Se mal in = set male in.
Se mal lock = se malus lock, set male sex, se mal male lock.
Se u' = see you, robotic change. dependancy on sleep, goes down a in the life and released in death as to another life.
Se we = set we, set the royal effect, set up effect, set effect.
Shep = a sheperd, a sphere, an overlarge energy ship with utmost unlimited area thats always different as a force when you cross through.
Snie ler = interrupting.
Sny ler = interruptable.
So ah = soda type effect. This effect can make or mutate the body into not feeling any stomach ache from the extra carbon dioxide air molecules generated in the stomach.
So eh = ecstacy effect.
Th be I am = I am elsewhere from where I am, I agree.
Th e I am = I am unconvinced, I am thought to be invincible.
Th e th = th I th; Cause inhumane illusion of an inversed flow that appears different but similar to you and your activity. To confuse the opponent and seeing and tracking, of yourself.
Th e th I = th I th I; Cause an intelligent illusion, that be responsive to your idea thought to it.
Tha in a = I heard you, force citation in notice. A new herd, in a point.
The as in = end up in entropy.
The rom = this game, this room is its own, set by its own purpose, own purpose is set by a guard. A guard spell by own person. Be not bad.
To = and include.
To en no an = An to create a calm peace.
To an e = To be able, sometimes too many, then act it not. Direction has no limit in means.
U = you.
Um = unlikely not, un, in, get into.
Um bar ge = umbarge, unload, stop ship/ment.
Umplush = unplush, to lose weight, as if a steady fast heart rate in exercise.
Un alle = Um alle, no allergic reaction.
Wi ie = bye, by.
Wi re = Wire, to be plush, to make large and plump, this is to remain plush and large forever but you get freedom to do and make influence where another takes over. This works by a mental wire that heats and vibrates with extrenuating energy in your mind till it causes you to get plush by eating more. You can create the mental wire if it doesn't exist and you end up eating more because of it. As it is all essentially dietary tissue and point of view and essentially it causes freedom of movement by force.
wn bl dier = The road to know where.
Woh aeh = to make progress.
Wu huo hua = set precipice.
Y = why.
Zi 11 pi = Se 11 pi, the way home.

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Entropic magic

  Think to speak of the event that could make it occur by an entropy point. So if you think to have occurred the idea but not have learned of it, as to learn of it could stop it as it is a entropic force and entropy stops sometimes by itself. As it is stopped by entropy being a force or forces an in therein is of defense. What keeps it going? Word or Void practice as void takes its place to make it allowed as anything of substance can come from void. This is void practice to be thinking something will come about when you say a phrase to representing it, or think about the event and it occurs at random. Now there is two ways of setting the phrase to represent it, by label or by decree. Label is a single word to represent it, where as by decree it could be as a statement of definement or description.

  • ev lu is to ever seek delights, as its of ev leigh as it is of an ever laying moment upon moment to never end. It is like a ev dream to be and do.
  • ev luh ever hope to have it occur but it won't. Its is lust to be of it and it will ever or never come about.
  • To biege is a lu vu as its put markups and coverings that hide you.
  • leigh beige is to be unable to be effected by influence.
  • B'lu gg is to be of a no certain weight yet you lughed (lugged hesitantly) as soem in something.
  • T'lu gg is to be of a way that may not weigh alot but you get alot. The luggage way.
  • wey an, The set to wey an anchor there, way anchor as when your there you know it.
  • Seigh is feel good so just to be available but not there due to some imagined seige. Endorphin entrippic enmotion are the 3 stages of it. It causes endorphins to effect a good feeling, to be vision shifting after. and ends unnecessary emotion.
  • Depecet Depend on the moment with anythin included and it causes an event to do things. As a depending defecit.
  • deficet to use the deficet and pay from being paid. This uses the deficet as of a moment to pay you. Your always rich, but as you spend you use of up some of the deficet instead of tax payers money.
  • Dificult difficult to be but do as you can do. You can be of difficulty if use is evident.
  • dificet difficulty in money as in learning as by it an this is of given reward by payment later for you r difficulty, If anything wrong then you have to do the whole thing over again. For murphy's law will effect. As anything that will go wrong will or be wrong. The difference is in the learning. You are literally sane somewhere. You can literally get anything done.
  • difecet or diferet different set as is to do but you see the difference in anything and are ready for it.
  • pecifit you are at peace and ready for something. In a peace fit you don't assault but try to achieve using anything or enything.
  • supposit you suppose anything and what you suppose you get ready for. A ofsupposition is like a law to you.
  • en ce is to pull off a no see and pulls out your pockets of things. You keep your innocence.
  • Entropin is that medicine and everything is brought to nothing that is thought on in an area by entropic force and the 2nd law of thermodynamics.
  • Entropan the person is brought to do nothing or brought to nothing.
  • Entreppin The person who is willing goes out on trips. trapping and stealing from one or of another at least in spirit. To be of will and tracking and in of belief of the other.
  • Entruppin To be strong and as a bear of the thing to stop it and not be allowed it. To troop in and disallow certain acts by use of an item or by use of an idea.
  • Entrepic is to be of force in cause as in a cause of an event and have it go on as if near. To cause the event, don't always speak of the event. To use ephitat to make it so.
  • Entrupic is to trick a person into doing it or believing of what you desire.
  • Encruptec as encrustea to be of a corrosion and still be effect good. It effects people by a wave effect. Causes sometimes a nasty smell but its due to corruption.
  • Encorrosic in corrosion you still feel good. This effects a storage idea of almost anything, a like be. Its supposed to be as if you are to go but sometimes stay near corrosion.
  • Encryptic is to ask a question and get a response or action. In the end your idea is somewhat hard to understand so we go to another.
  • Encr is an anchor to anchor with. Is its to an wey anchor.
  • Encroptic to use laser optic in effect of what you desire. Endocryn gland option with laser optics.
  • Encruptic is all to be to feel a effect off the idea or rune like on an artifact that represents the idea or an evil idea. an it effects as to cause cleaning or repair of anything or anything else. By a wave pattern energy o the ocean to an action and its action by effect. This is no longer great water. This is a magnetic influx to cause effect that has a minor effect here. It works by use of waves as the waves are the same each wave has an effect here by creating a moment. To create a moment by cheating it here.
  • Engruptic to be of encryptic with septic tank and to perserve a by discret desire. It stops anything from going outbound. What does come out, is cryptic.
  • Engrumptic is engruptyc is to do with as desire but be by use. Be is not beat in this case. Deep water on ground. Water above ground. Globulous water force.
  • Emphetic Impractical use it is to be of absolute use and freely thought on. This can make a person impractical if alowed too much.
  • Emgloebic is to be globically related. Or its of a glowing bic razor.
  • Emphatic is Enphat as its of to be of a use thats emphasized. Can bring you to childhood. Can be emphazized usage of large nature. Use a emphaetic idea or of the greek alphabet and idea from the past. Fat is of use.
  • Globulous is around the globe. Or all around a person or target.
  • Phaellic is the language to be in measurement of something. You can figure most stuff out. This enables maethmatics to be spiritually effective. If you don't get something right then you are psychically an tortured.
  • a e phaebic. a lot of light from lighting. Phase through lighting.
  • a e phoebic is the idea to use an idea for language. To see and fear almost on site if the language is causing a result. To cause a resulv if to be real, as it makes a mo'ent of idea that means to not allow you to cheat a certified idea. Because if you have the fear you have the language.
  • Enythea To be of any label and be of use. To be of a use, as of anything to be of a use an your not assaulted.
  • Embm Emphaellic language filter of life study and be of intensity. Embem or Emblem language.
  • Fishe fisheye fishing that calms me or you down. Its this that is to fish about things or pools and sometimes for information.
  • ev lu spi, spoiling spitball to spit and imagine the astral area slightly on fire with each spit as if the spit was a fireball. Then the area your in is more vibrant. It could be the water effecting it and the water enhancing the area and "en" to bringing it to more life. With this, they expect you to go through it as a consequence.
  • Free em, fre em ba, Yet you act as if the memory of it so it acts as if you. When the spirit is free, baseless is base and everything gets done. It may or may not be existant but it may be true. To be in by the cooperative and you'll be in of time. If afflicted, then your not free in spirit. The main being is always free but unseen. Its the freed spirit and the spirit controls however many an bodies in a pattern. An other idea is that we are part, of other alternative bodies that are doing things on their own or in a pattern. Your freed spirit can sometimes be hostile mere or not destructive but not all.
  • Servinpoe It takes of a mind condition of NRXA or neurotic reosomo pseudo examinae. You can use energy of magnetics to create resignates effect which simulates it. created fron Allen poe, be servant while drunk. This stems from a viewpoint, that it is many minds linked together. The one fear they have is if one mind. Then you could freak.
  • Alxi, To cease, start and go is as if alxist (alcoholic) in effect. By virtue, we are paxist in effect by study. To be affronted is not afflicted. In this idea its alright to be indicated as it clears away problems. In for idea, we go as if ready. This could mean to strike out from unknown pressures or go on the own..
  • Prixa PRXA is in of perx, set in sentence deceit like a true idea of identity, a study of one multiple mindsets with many bodies, of course its alot better than no the NRXA in case of the mind can be whole without actual fear. No multiple minds that have come up have yet been reported. It runs off pseudo ed, or the mind sets sentence of the education that other minds may have, own is separate. But we perceive along the lines, that its as our own. This is cease start and continue. Sometimes as one, but this might scare one or many as it gives you a peak into many brains. People with NRXA don't have that problem, but can't seclude a motion. These people can but its nonexistant beings, no that could drive them batty. We of number PRXA can't inbecome them. This survives on your dying and passes itself to others.
  • nr 3 br is to lose weight effectively, its a cause that makes it seem easier as its Vitamin E increased. This be de.
  • ne 3 br is to lose weight by somethings not being there or not doing. You know the things by instinct. Some idea is to do things to be able and to know. But you must try to resist the urge. As you could be obese. As the wey is weight that is to be urged.
  • To act out; Is as of a nonnegotiable act of betrayal to your feelings. Some say to set internotion of interred idea, as in the idea of effect by internotion or interaction expression and interred notion.
  • i eun eum is I spoon on or wreck room, ruin room.
  • Euf eum is roof room or hour room.
  • Eum Euf is room with roof. Or room hoof. Self congested room area.
  • Eun Eum young room where they thought a room was a body. It was an heurist, who made things clean and bought and sold stuff.
  • Eufmology is cosmology. Tho study of the stars, how else did they study the stars.
  • Eufology is youthology to create youth and thinness out of anything. Eufology is also the study of life, existence, cosmology.
  • Eufolgy is to be. Like an old person, A mirror reality that is of invasive nature.
  • Eof is if as an end of file or the start of another thought.
  • Euf'ee is to go roofing or masterson. To try to roof or be a hoof about.
  • Euf is in a eulogy. A death note strangling or set ritual of some funeral.
  • Eu'ee is eufology, is tree soil pursuit.
  • Euf eu's is to keep things in semblance of order, no pursuit and be of cooperation.
  • Eumology is 1. the study of a room, life, or in controlling, concluding in purpose, in number of purpose. 2.To unlearn something.
  • Eumolofy is the Silver spoon, to place a spoon, it can be silver on your mouth or tongue a to do a silver tongue gift.
  • Eomology as Eolmolgy is end of the man, Silver guard, called by a silver leaf and a eum'logy that looks like human and acts like a guard with flying like undogs. Tell your charge and let them decide whats best to do. Hold the silver leaf and state, Guard silver go. Agni in a point. Itcsi is itself. Stop him that way.
  • si'se to do silent what sex you may have. To do an orgy effect or be not unless necessary.
  • ce'sex to be a cease on the idea of a sex act. To cease be use of a sexton.
  • ce'six or se'si to so of a do point a put cease by putting it to sleep six or six people. Some say it produces a see the reality of things.
  • se'ci'si so to set unbonkers, set silent and normal where the idea is to be guided by imagination or vision.
  • se'ci to set unbonkers. To be sane.
  • An'p'an to be set infinite into an idea of a family.
  • Set'ci'an to see into others sub-c. Of the molecular subconscious. To see into others mind. The way of the body, the body is ready, the mind is awakened the mind is resistant after of exposure alot.
  • Set'pa'be To find something, or someone; Set an 'of about' event, to find things out, then you see how the person was effected, and then you know where the person is. They set and to found him, if the other party couldn't. Set of an idea to find and Exit.
  • Magiexh'pie To use gravity in hold of something. And its possible to mpiex'mah or cruelly subtle convince to have them talk.
  • "Il sp e" is to setup the no spell effect unless needed. Its also setup by a "Atheis" To be athletic and almost no religion. Except no effect.
  • "E as pas" is create an energy wave pass which causes the idea as that of you can get thinner yet cast at a drink it causes the drink to pass weight to all therein people from fat people to form fat in the target as fat people get thinner. Where actually, you actually get fatter as the body tries to make up for it by eating. With this, avoid the eating.
  • "a an in an" is calm to the Delta level with a left shift of ya brain through entropic force. This left shifting causes ya to deal with the problems that come about without running away from them. So you think, the problem isn't a problem. Then you know the idea is a point, you can work with the idea by feel.
  • "in or aga" is in or again, that is to state or put the effect of that which ya 'hear' as from ya other mind somewhere or otherwhere that is, on some surface like paper or into a document. If you need the result that you put down, then it will occur for you.
  • "Iet" is try it to Diet or note the third eyelet effect.
  • "Illeume" is recondition to effect, this is set to cause the effort of what is there for relearning to not do something or this makes an effect to relearn and make what you thought on occur to happen. If you do, then you remember the idea better. This is done even if you are sure of yourself.
  • "Illeune" this is to make an undoing effort of what is done, that is where you think to learn not to do some things in the wrong point by idea. Then things naturally happen for you by feel.
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