How to Dreamwalk, OBE and Astral travel

For those of you that need to know of meditation go here.


  This is based in the point of view you have dream views. I recently asked how to perceive others dreams. I got an answer as thought with usual points of view not really is a dream based in reality, so use is a dream interpretor using dream objects or idea called with meaning from or something you look up on google. That you think and you perceive in a relaxed state of mind. You then can work with the dream or the subconsciousness of others, thinking to make it seem as though your apart of the dream. Then you perceive the dream, that they have or you perceive your own dream more easily. Seeing how thats how you can do it with great insecurity.

  Except with security all you need is to think you can perceive them in a relaxed mood, as you think of the person and work with the idea you get. Think you can recieve visions and relax your mind. As the visions come in as a form of memory recall. Then comes dream walking or walking in or out from their dreams, as you think you are walking in then you enter their mind or as you think your walking out of their mind as you do things then you leave their mind. This can leave them sometimes in use an unstable mood, so I would wait if you were going to approach them. See this only means to wait a short period of time, maybe 5 to 10 minutes then its safe to talk to them again. An if there is a thought, then look at what you want. If your wanting more information, look at the rest of the dreamwalking section which follows so you know what you need to know.

  Think what want to know, then you know what you want or otherwise find what you need by feel. Adjusting your brain thoughts just to know things by spiritual realization. Then if you know things, sometimes you know that your energy by intent can act out the dream. So sometimes your spirit energy is the guide just by thinking, your energy body uses your subconscious to act the dream out. So you could find yourself sleeping. This is also in a process of meditation sleep or simple dreamwalking meditation:

  Meditate and as you lay still you are acting as thought if asleep. See if you close your eyes as your thinking or not thinking where you dismiss your thoughts, excepting for those images that you think to interpret that you see. Think to sleep then you'll get to sleep, sometimes breathing in and out slowly as you listen to music helps. Then you can find yourself asleep for short naps, for long periods of time you can think of peace or resolution. So for short periods of time, focus and think of things then you know if it will work. This is for a point as you direct your mind, so for long duration sleep breath deep or normal breaths and "slas" or just as you want to breath. You can use this to dream or envisualize anything, encapsulate or make real points by what you do with your dreams. This is using your dream body, just as its doing what you want. As if an ending is clear, then you know things by what you feel.

Dreamwalking in a general store

  The process of Dreamwalking is the moment of thinking the import or important concept of walking dreams to make work, sometimes lucidly control and use understanding of other people of ability, easily or not to get places. This process uses focus and astral plane projection. To make this process work just focus on the idea of projecting your mind into the astral plane with a purpose. Then as a feeling, feel a shift happen to you to the dream plane, by feeling a lighthearted feeling or happy thought of what you will achieve while focusing on the 'being there or subsist in subsistence' so "he didn't believe it so you do this is use is unwaste by being". Now let your mind rove through peoples thoughts and dreams as it needs to with your direction of desire, need and thought. I can control you with this.

  The desire to remain undetected in thought is the utmost necessity, so imagine a gray shield around you to make yourself unseen. The other thoughts and imagination will make the actions happen that you desire, the thought of direct action will occur a direct action. You must understand that the moment of actively doing this, you will be partially blind. The reason is because you make your vision as though it was from another dimension and sometimes from other people's eyes. Another fact of this is that you need to understand what dreams are actually meaning as in dream translation, as the vision you will receive will be in a dream language mostly and dream translations are here, dream intrepeter and here or download the dream dictionary here.

  Nothing in dream is as it seems. It will take some understanding of them to get the actual picture or ideal, that is the dream understanding by some point you think is there as a thought point or dream image. That they use as a thought point, that they use as dream interpretation. Think or not, useful is the point the ideal occurs. Dreams hold our subconscious wishes and fears mixed with tidbits of memories and things we see from day to day.

  Think as your aware, as I am aware I knew what is there. I could be lots of things that are wandering around up there in your head. This is a point, then the dream symbol is there. That is usually what you want to see. When things or ideal are used by feel, then nothing is there if your in dream. So I think this dream is with time to wake up. Think about it then you wake up. That is the point this is there. The dream image or symbol is the thought or some ideal you need. You can set the point by feel where you think or can use the dream symbol, that is a point as dream interpretation or the dream understanding.

  Think to get people to do things sometime or not, talk to them through your dreams that you create and by having purpose of sending a dream to accomplish the goal, that you think on. A dreamwalker can directly communicate with people as though they were there and near them. They use a slightly more powerful psionic telepathy ability. They can send and manipulate people within milliseconds of them coming into range of their minds. A very powerful dreamwalker can control ten to one hundred people at once and said dreamwalkers range is the entire world. A very old dreamwalker will have almost milky white eyes because they will see as though through other means for a long period of time. I think there is no more to work with as material so this is basically done, if you want to read further then you can.

  Useful things to know are when you are aware there are beings that could influence you by the ideal you think. This uses hypnotism, acknowledgment of dreams and their meanings, prescience, otherwise use is timeshifting or spellcraft with healing techniques. Think you ward the bad influence away with the creator then the influence seems to not happen. Have the purpose to use these items of abilities, with utmost skill and desire to be effective and it will have a modicum of improvement to your ability. It is a necessity to know things yourself to use some things right or now your not any influence. Influence comes from anything you end up with or doing.

  You can learn it though from anyone else or self-activity, just by asking for a copy from the thought to their subconscious. Their ability and understanding of it with the experience they have by ideal. If they hear it in their mind, then there is a possibility that they will do it unless they don't want to without thinking about it. The things I use this for are to drive criminals sane and to make them make a mistake at a critical point in times. I also use it for teaching by instant imprint on the mind, this is by thinking by feeling and thinking about the training you want to know to impart your own ideal and then mentally touching the forehead of the intended pupil.

Doing an idea through a dream room and other things as well. Dreamwalkers can make ideas work because if they use it at least ninety-five percent of their brains and the will of a dreamwalker is the effect or thats not the point, as you think peace to remain peaceful by this I use whats here to indicate something so don't mind as you ignore the voice. Usually something causes the dreamwalker to dreamwalk your at peace, so seek to resolve the ideal to peacefully settle things or use caution by feel so you are aware its obvious point of view by the feel. Think to resolve your issues to think there is no issues by ideal if no issue. Then your done by area use that you think is over. This ends the day or the date or that what you had so your ideal is or isn't done according to your will. This means things are awareness by your aware feel or focus to work unless you won't need to. You can create easy ideal by this point or use by feel. This indicates the point by what you sense. This is uses by the area so think to visit as you want.

Advanced meditation

  Dreamwalking is also advanced meditation and an out of body experience.  If you haven't tried to meditate using the previous meditation techniques then don't try this.  Unless you already possess the ability and it is showing itself already.  The meditation practice is necessary to awaken this ability as this ability is the logical next step.  Visualize a gray wall around you. Visualize the void askance in your mind and make a haven for yourself in your mind. Calling the void is a necessary protection to keep anyone from hurting you mentally and the gray wall keeps the body neutral to what you run into and reject or repel anyone tampering with as you are by them not sensing you.

  Bioreallocate is if someone does sense you, project a red-white wall at them and give a suggestion. Even as if they don't, its enough for protection. Visualize your body as a shape all to yourself.  Then visualize the wall moving with yourself, as you place yourself there where you want to be. The wall now represents protection from anything evil in your mind as well as shading your body gray to those that would hurt you.  When this happens you will feel a shift in the body and now you are dreamwalking.  After this always have a firm belief that you will never come to harm.

  The moment your mind slips up everything you are going to attempt will probably fail or you find yourself in a limbo of nothing but emotions.  This is because of  the fact that we do it every day when we go to sleep and have dreams.  Thus, we place ourselves in an extreme danger an when we mentally are there by our intentions. The danger sign that the person was too long from the body is that the body will forget how to do some basic functions and the mind will be forgetful.

  Now shift with your mind using your gray wall as a field of movement and your mental vision of yourself moves with it. Feel, Visualize, and Know where you are wanting to go and thus you are there.  When you want to return visualize an unbreakable golden cord representing the link to where your body is and feel a jerk bringing you back to your body.  When you are away from the body for more than 12 hours immediately come come back or else your body may die.

Stress reduction  
By Dr. Molecule by the molecular stress tester or molecule energy

  Words are cool so all you have to do is pass the excess energy to the thought planet core as you think to shift te stress away with a body tense as untense or its an allowable idea. As its an allowable exception to the rule you are aware in area activity. Words are cool so all you have to do is pass the excess energy to the thought planet core to collect energy to not seem as shift away, though energy through stellar reasoning is sunlight from star as you think to shift with energy somehow the stress is away with a body movement. So to tense as untense is focus to an idea the ground is thought to release tense idea, idea reasoning as lets let you get some sleep are reasons so everything in the area is strike or not its an allowable idea thats even unreasoning or nothing.

  As its an allowable exception to the rule you are aware in area activity or not if no activity no need. As the area is thought to seem in as sometime, sometimes the personality can change as you can create or feel an idea to use or create with as you see the use to see by what you feel in idea as awake. As soon as your energy stops in use as you realize, as in you are in are out wakeful in idea to a way to use wakeful points by thought to use for some item. So to sit still or not focus as you realize is release area power as you set to use, thoughtshifting as "thoughtwalking" is recognition of sometime.

  That is a dream person energy in use by focus as in the idea as thought dreamwave is energy by feel as your aware your awake. So to state the idea is idea to direct or think wake up is use as energy. So as animated by use is a dreambody assuming thoughtwalk or not is an area, so don't overwhelm the brain as long as you acknowledge for lucid focus or what you create. That is not ability as energy realizing is unrealized potential to lucid in thought control so stop dreamwalking. Oh awake?

  The first thing that will happen when you are returned by your own mind is that, some will notice a shimmering of a gray wall or air with the element around your body.  Now visualize your gray wall shimmering with reasoning disappearing and immediately, there will be a shift and you are able to see as you walk so seem whom is respectable in idea that won't get you in trouble. As this if lucid and of your body again and you don't force the hand.

  Think to dispel the void in your mind and think a padlock. If you see that is imagined as only you or thought is what can unlock the idea attribute, that so nobody else can get in your mind as you see. Now when you dreamwalk realize what you dreamwalk to see as , this is truth as one does one doesn't if not needing to or seeing that one doesn't if another doesn't or one does if there is reason.

  Doing natural idea, as a different feel is not as this is so this does it in the end. That is energy generated so take in allot of energy from your aura, see you look like a wild person if with animal spirit to allow. Think and as this would be your head, think wise to wait a few days or go as if a wishspell not to do. Say is thought to see star patterns in the sky, the area you dreamwalked to as you realize. This use is as seeable by thought that you are seen, so do it or nothing is use you see is what you do is. The chaos mind is an ancient mind where the difference is a dream energy use, you focus or this one this is one isn't with this. So if aware with focus you can change ionic wise, thought to non use as a change in focus is a change in form or placement. As a dream focus think you can see by feel on your body or hands and you can.

  Your body is what you will to do things, so you might be incredibly weak afterwards but just not obvious. Thus after a few days unlock the padlock within a gray wall and thus do things as you will with a grey wall protection. See a circle walk or not as you create in idea, that is what wakes you up sometimes by feel. As you are your aware you reallocate to create or not as I love is night, day is life as your allocation to somewhere is by a thought to deallocate by star energy. As you see that is how judgements or rulings work, as you create with idea or work your idea is not sustained as if unnecessary.

  Reallocate is deallocated energy from thought he died. If some mayan disease that is malaysia may flies sleep as your stuck with your subject, as want then think that is useful measuring with weight. So think your back to a body to create or use with the body as alive in concept or by feel, body energy to create the body moving to the feel to rhythmic body flow.

  So if feel is flowing energy to use. So not is by aura is create by circulation in biorhythm focus as idea is new experience. As your aware that is 3 to 10 seconds, see omnipotency is that you realize to gnow all as this use is telepathic. See or feel the creator that allows, things or thought is creative so not react as if someone else unless necessary.

  This is the effect of creating manifestations using ghosts and the bones of people. It also protects you from disturbing moments, as you try it. This is using ritual to cause bone to make the spirits be your guide and create the effective result to manifest. This can use a string of words. Direct your will at the object not the head. Focusing your thought on energy and intent, some shift to influence the spirits by te stars. This is through touching the bone or holding in an item, the bone or some in other things that object is representing death by idea. Boost is concept as anything you are aware or capable to use, as idea is a point to use with idea.

  So no extra drugs that makes the effect as you see the use to create sprite, this was by subconscious you can allow to you create as you are you don't not know more with the area use. The shaped effect is more like crafting and the attempt to make shapes and objects manifest. Mostly, by thinking the object is there and then creating it with an intent to make it be there. Acting as if its there makes this more interesting and possible. As awoken in a cool idea, imagining it there and acting. As energy is aware thought, your energy is aware energy to use is thought by feel or focus.

  As though you were near the area energy, focused by a non cursed amulet or holding it you draw away energy to create by aura a touch. The aura is energy is created view or thought in use, by the idea to use by valued area idea energy tat your subconscious. As you are what you see or create you use, so the person you think can see you. That is what may see you or creates by focus, if thought by what use you have is thought you use in aware idea your use is an aware conscious idea. That is aware use to create by unusual supernatural ability to crash, see or seeing as you are or touch is to an object to be aware by life.

  As there is "no more in the cup", thats the saying so they said to not create by use to return. As they who were creatable is energy used in, for idea is without information. Time in thought by te area you use, see as your area is energy your ability is energy. As you can that is the more energy, that is a drug with impurities by the move you make so the more insane. You can get energy to absorb to the aura to use creative approach, if emotion or if noticed by watching you in idea.

  Some result should manifest by itself, after 1 second to 1 week. The spirits, through the bone or objects influence, mainly the spirit of the object, will guide the moment into creating its own result. The spirits can guide anything into manifesting itself, as a result of your will and energy sent to cause the effect. The ideal moment is the result you get after realizing that it worked. To cancel it, is by using the + sign over an x as a sigil. This works when your thinking about the unwanted result, see this is liable by use and signing as you think about yourself or those you work with.

  The necrotic notion with the crystal skulls, or can be used in with the script by written words. This is scripts that operate as though orgone. Instead of machine energy its spiritual influence. That influence emulates and creates the living moment using the words as a will. This script uses the ghosts to cause the manifestation. This only works when you intend the effect of the ghosts, thought is attuning by points to use the words as a directive.

  As pure or good idea is avoided influence by idea the corruption disperses. As the area is the area you see, your corrupted no longer but even mentioning by this is energy changed to better. As the object that created, this is created by touch to shift the area or person is good as useful information is not misused. Forget the misused use the idea usable, as you remember this is in use. Displace the object to that you think.

  That is linked to the area or scherlosis thing, that displaces the curse if any of the point to dissipate in earth energy as it reforms. Say or realize that taken by the translocation to some area unknown is where curse is gone. So in thought use is thought that is avoided energy that rearranges things to cause better behavior. So your restored by virtues so don't use, by the energy you thought so to use by what your calling vilosity or natural energy by death energy use.

  Some of this is use is idea to do, as you reason to use to idea think to be or somesuch. As you see if tel'aran'rhiod to create as you feel think as focus is cool, use is hot or use sprite in a world that is see or think or focus by feel to seem as a were would. As you are there by brain aware thought to not seem madness or nulle ever anger results.

  This was sighted by a few psychics that around the world to create, was with energy matrixes that the skull use can tap into life to correct as you see by no idea your subconscious creates. I is the till point to use as a tool create by words, to feel so focus is creation thought as use is manifest thought is material manifestation. That is stupidity effect removed by removal or thought with understood idea.

  Well as you see or sense idea that rearranges or by thought you create idea to use, so by thought concept as your free to use or create. This is as you can or are using idea created with credit, you see the reason to recognize. Where you are or remembered is where you can come back to, as you feel the reason as thought to be is unique in feel. As you focus in fear not to a moment you create by thought, as some idea to get the good energy is leave the bad with this as you see what is with useful idea.

  What you can do with this is listen to any conversation and you'll remember it afterwords. Make someone forget things or watch a great moment in the time, there as you see if you were there and thus a history lesson. See because there is no time limit whence you are dreamwalking.

  Thus you can go anywhere as you see or not in use by idea as this uses neurons, anytime as you will or anyplace is possible you believe and have a firm mind of thought in yourself and seem yourself.  So this is concept and what you are doing, then you will do things you find familiar or well. 


  Here we deal with Out of body experiences (OOBE or OBE). In outer body experiences, what causes them is the effect of spiritually being somewhere else. When we think, we send ourselves to the place or idea we think on. So it being set like that, we make our own destiny. We percieve the area and idea of where it is by and through nuances. Its a mere suggestion sometimes that leads us to remember the experience. As it if we do, dare to summon strength from it. Sometimes we percieve the idea of a place very clearly and so out of body experiences can be of a standard fright and sometimes not understood.

  It can be to understood as if we were able to see everything we do. Then we get to see other things as our minds reveal most of what we see to us. It a possibility that music can be suggestive in this and be in the idea. Shown are the idea by which we come by this. To think of the place and then feel if you were there makes it happen sometimes, as feeling what we do or think of somewhere with interest or warmth puts us at least spiritually there, thats the theory of it.

Meeting people

  Sometimes on our OBE we find the idea of meeting people who might use us later by a 'speaking' through us. As my friend has met, 'Sometimes I get the effect of saying things that don't come from me, I mean, the human incarnation of me. They seem to come from a deeper innate sense (A lot more sense than I have usually to be honest) Say or feel logical and has hardly any pity or mercy, but a lot of chaos.'

  So or not mislead them or use nothing as noting, showing and intentionally illusion creating from your house or place to not be effected. See the use from where you are is not always safe, so your spirit safeguards you as you can see somewhere else. What is the idea done, some say its to make up for what we have done so meet the people that will change our lives or go on a course to get better results.

  Some say that astral projection is OBE similiar. How it works is the same, as trying the method of thinking you are there. Stay or go is the thought and there's four versions of astral projection;  the easy way, the simple way, the hard way and the alternative hard way to use what you want education for by obeservation or feel. Say no more or use whatever you say, so to create by feel or create by thought is thought to seem where you can listen or hear by the thought spoken.

  See to use this idea isn't easy or use, as your easily feeling or going about places you will want to sense the area so you see wat set foot or area. So say your want or not, you feel to return say so or do as you need. Saying idea is thought or use by feel, so you create by the subconscious or if not. So focus is not that or is a great connectivity to your area, as you can use what energy is there or not get that good results.

Fixation and some methodology

  You could end up in a state of fixation or staring. As you see that was energy use from vibration with tiredness, after the fact the body or energy body uses your body or objects as energy till you stop. That is the effect you see, so you create your energy to use or "thought so this is not to do as an effect". That is energy efficient use, so you see the body uses energy in itself to create what you thought. This is an idea that you have and not what you get if you think to misuse it. Think to focus by feel and feel calm and peace from within, then think of what you want and your energy body does it.

  As you don't have to do the chi use, the idea is not there to seem in use to not overuse fixing to not overcompensate. As you don't get observed by those not wanting to see or hear you. See that to want to see in use, so as you no there, there is nothing wrong by the use except safe idea in thought. By thought your use is evillish as you wish, so you stop or use idea to do something else by focus. So as you focus, think or feel you became or can become by idea you create. That is using the crystal skulls, this "is or not" is where to create with is not out as if you were as you are allowed.

  The easy way is to think yourself there and focus on the area you want to go in by talking is about things that are enough, as if you don't want to seem effected then when you think your near its presence there long enough your not effected. Its as though you went through a gate, those that are and appeared is an idea there at least in your mind.

  Then use the generated by the spirit thought energy body to explore with inner beings. But as you thought, you don't always get instant results. See as its to be getting memories to use the area to correct you can create nearly anything. What your spirit did is what, that is what is known that generates the memories.

  As you see you are not as you seem as nothing, say to be released from aware sight. The memories is there to focus your mind on the another view by area thought. Direct is to the area or not as you want, thus as you dream or even if not you are not dreaming by others you think in manipulation. Curse there is gone by non use as drugs created the curse, as no use is thought as you were not here you are alright.

  Thought is there by thinking about idea and saying by ritual to seem done, telling your subconscious to let you see as you are the area your spirit is thought in use. If you don't think of the action there you want, the spirit will do things on its own. This is the curse that removes by feel, so you do what you want is what you will. As if you are awake, alive, aware you see no use the crystal skull stops.

  The other easy way is by concentrating on the ringing in your ears until your body feels like it's "buzzing" from there you will be released from your body. Saying as you are aware, what yopu thought is nothing so things are repairable. Thus on your willing use of 'release' and thinking of where you want to be your aware state is cool.

  That indicates you are actually somewhere else so think, as the indication is uttered or not thought to do don't speak of the idea to cause the idea that you don't want to effect you. As you speak if it exists, you don't get effected by what you think won't effect you. That is the only othere protection, as other points you use are unspoken that can seem intuition by the soul to use spirit information.

  This in strangely done causes your in use thought is a spirit to be 'jarred' , loose by vibrations with chi or you think you are you seem as you want. That is saying "If you war you don't", where you should see no war as use. If you are you were so you are aware. That is similar to "So if you are were your won". So your cured, sane sanity. If you are you are won.

  Then if your aware as you are, your aware by idea or your use is your own. You go where you want to be. So by thinking or use is you yourself, still with the idea your target is location with your own results. So no bad no situation that causes problems. This was suggested by Anthony. As I saw a note somewhere that reminded me what I saw so to speak was not idea.

4 in the morning method

  The simple way to astral project Is called the 4 in the morning technique. Set your alarm to 4 am, when you wake up you should be in a groggy state. As you say or are quckly gone to throw some cold water on your face, to the fire if any and go back to bed in a couple minutes. When you are back in bed constantly say to yourself, see the astral projection is the point you realize your focus is where. The area you feel by energy in done point by activity, thought you said the idea shifts you.

  As then move your sense of awareness to outside your body. Think, focus or seem energy aware. As just keep or not think this, until you either fall asleep or project to use stance or trance not. If you just fell asleep and woke back on or up, while astrally projected then your spirit may had no actual time to reenter. The body and you could be undead as its actually dangerous but seems safe.

Hard and easy ways

  Both the hard ways of the bone spirit that consists by feeling a separation of spirit and body, then 'shift' where ya create an image or presence. Seen in different manners, as you see this where you are alive. This can leave you feeling as though you were awake there.

  This can make you appear solid no matter the method, as though you were there. This happens only with enough energy channelled to and through your spirit. This can seem what forms the sensual energy sense body by feel, think to imagine being there and let your subconscious make up the images of what you do there, you are there with that feeling which comes when you feel that you shift there. It will seem as though, as what you see and feel as do is connected to your memory. So I think in civil trials by the mayans, they were not fortcoming by all evidences. So to say in truth, the feel of being there is recalled with your memory. Usually by a thought or point you come up with.

  If you have a bad memory, as if it seems like its the same as waking up after a dream. Then you know things are sane as you can interpret what you saw as a dream image.

Other means

  However there are a trap or two by dreamcatcher where the dreamcatcher catches the dream body, that is the spirit energy body is caught and releases on a touch. This is done if you will the dreamcatcher to release. There is more possible counters to it, the effect of dream walking, where a prayer effect is useful as you see a concept point, otherwise think a spell to use or you could use something you devise.

The hard way

  How to go about the hard way is to; Try to focus your mind, and breath in and out. Slow your heart by thinking it slowed. Try to feel a little pressure of energy behind you pushing you out of your body and think of a question or think of an idea and let your spirit roam to find out. Stating your purpose could be asking for trouble, so keep that to yourself. Some breath in and out to get results. As to do so is to put yourself in a light trance and this makes it easier. Or you slowly stop yor breathing and heartbeat. Your "spirit energy" leaves your body and finds self energy with the astral plane. Where from there you can go to anywhere. how the body doesnt rot while you are outside is beyond me. So to come back to your body, think you are there in your body again.

  I know it will work to project yourself to other people. Your focusing yourself, using a little psi energy to give you the idea and you are focusing that energy after to do one thought to send your spirit to go and act for you by sometime slowing your heart and breathing. The idea that you do this actually means you are self-projecting yourself as if a solid spirit. You could easily see a use to do fooling or to cause an effect that could be taken as ghostly activity.

  What do you think happens when you sleep? More specifically, when you dream. Its a 'Standby mode' in almost the same way, depending on the type of dream. Yet the stand-by mode is in Astral sending in the form of the dream journey. Your on a dream like journey or real dream while in Stand-by mode.@ Very few people can really do the stand by mode. Most common of astral projection is at newbie state and is done in the dream world, limbo. Stand by mode is very risky in cities. The vibrations in the cars could disrupt you true. But even of they do disrupt you its better as its to see it as a moment and dismiss it so you won't be in a invaded upon mood. Some stand and talk, and cellphones and wifi modems and radio broadcasts and i think this includes the ideal. Thinking ahead only encourages people. So think to work not give. of course the larger numbers of people who can do things to you.

Waking up and warnings

  All of them can wake you, where you musn't be woken unless your done. People near you might awaken you. You might hear a significant sound. Alot of things to trigger your 6th sense but some say its your 6th sense that your using. So, its better done under some pine forest in a cave. Some might think that to do it in a cave in your mind, it might effect the same. But no... the cave in your mind is at a lower concious. your other senses like the 6th. One is open, its closer to your current concious. But none of this helps. Imitation only helps you to do the real thing. It doesnt do it for you. It can only do it as you if you did the correct thing. This might as be of doing it physically and mentally.

  Astral projection is no bs. People can sever their silver cords or let it break and lose their minds or sanity or lose their God given abilities. Or so people have witnessed the lethal danger and thats at the least of what can be assured to you. Only when you don't want to come back could it happen. So I've come to know a lot of people who project often and have never even seen it come close to being strained. I can only want to come back but not actually do the mistakes mentioned. It only strains when you are slightly calm enough and can break when you are mad as you don't want to come back sometimes. Be calm when you astral project as you think no effect to yourself.

Some successes and things

  From a Forum on some success from here, "Yeah whenever I get to the vibrational state I usually freak myself out and wake up. I've only ever OBE'd twice or so, but those were a few years ago. I haven't pursued it since... I get irritated lying in the same position for a long time while trying not to fall asleep so the body can shut down.

  I got a few times of sleep paralysis though. Waking up and feeling like someone was suffocating you, or driving a knife into your throat while not being able to move, etc.

  The main reason I never got far past the vibrational state were the sounds, sights and feelings from being able to look into a higher state. It seemed a lot stronger than just looking through the third eye, even though they're technically the same thing."

  To lucid dream is similiar in this regard, its an experience similar to astral projection, its called a lucid dream; you go into a sort of waking dream and free your mind. After you innitiate the lucid "dream" by using light patterns, you are totally aware of your surroundings and in control of your "dream", in short it creates a sort of quasi dream world in which you can manipulate every aspect of it. it is a useful for the "soul searching" if you will. Some go into a semi-lucid state of dream whenever they do, though rarely fully lucid. They can manipulate thier abilities to the point of super stamina, strength, agility, jump 50ft and glide, rarely flying, some telekinesis etc. Sometimes they can manipulate the dreamscape on thought.

  This is from a friend of mine from here, "I actually went on a dream journey and found this true. They are places like ours that have strange residues and these residues can manipulate what one thinks that we go on with. You can shift to these places without the dream state but I wouldn't as you'd have to excape the essences. Some essences are on objects and have stories behind them but I was stuck for 5 years in one area with bad things and bad essences that I at first wanted to see. Then I wanted to escape which I did by walking out the door not thinking about it except for other things. So to dreamwalk is to use memory to seem somewhere, to create energy by focus in somewhere to cause. The right idea is a cool image or hot image by the correlated thought, feel that is warm or correct idea sometime cold colder by other arae. Energy as seeming feel by vision, as is needed is the right image to manipulate what you see.

  Some area of dreamscapes you can manipulate and control your dream by using a overwhelm on the objects and essences eg realizing what you did and what you'd normally have done. then correcting for it. Then telling what you want by thought and actually speaking. This is more than what most could figure out except to think about it."

  Think to be or not to seem concluding of different feel is as its set in memory glands by what were altering as changing something, that is with activity that is energy by the molecules with fire. We believe where we go or as we go to get where we are going, sometimes to be in a virtual nightmare. So we begret what we see and relate this for not, that is by non with what its actually in deed by focus or energy with water. As in it if in exact idea. Just where we were but in a different form or as an idea that watches. We get experiences from the vision or idea we watch. There is creation by feel or thought with therapy to create by thought, if necessary to soothe the idea with feel or proven statements. Think to help by ideal or no longer bring bad spirits to you, although not all the time as influence is there by your area as this is sometimes a haunting. Think don't effect me where i am or not to have no dreams are haunted dreams from bad energy, so you can release the energy through piss to the bathroom. You have to think to not piss on a chair.

Haven't done it yet?

  So you never actually had an OBE yet? Well maybe you did but didn't realize it. If you had a daydream or nightdream then you might have let it slip as it is of where we think of. So had any dreams? Yeah there you go, you had what is called a safe OOBE behind the veil of dreams. Doing the other version of OBE is a little risky. Best done in the mountains or a forest cave. Why in the mountains or a forest cave? Less distractions. More free time as the next level up for OBE is dreamquests or dreamvisions, and the next from that is dreamwalking. Some doing OBE like the astral projection that get distracted could cause themselves to be less one ability or a concious as you cut your golden cord accidentally, where the safe response would be to go and snap back to your area without a cut.

  Due note, dreams are of our interest, to do and we are in one. Dreams are visits to the astral plane, but very self-centered creatures as we are, most of them are centered within our own mind, our own problems, what we face on the 3rd dimension... Those are the most common dreams. Other ones are ones on the winding dreamscape, you will know of them as they are places you have never seen before, they have no familiarity. These ones have a sense of lucidity.. and the other kind are prophetical or journey dreams, in which a realization is made in moral or spiritual standing, of the future or what is to come.

  Note this point, though we say 'centered within our own mind', they are still in the realm of the dreamscape, places you have visited or known, or imagined in your life. They are 90% the same for everyone. Each place holds residual energies that make it what it is on the dreamscape. For example, there was this house near mine and whenever myself or others dreamed of it, it was a huge, almost citadel-like building with many rooms.. My own house was sorta like this rotting dungeon, I've asked several people who've had dreams in places and they have all been identical in their location properties.

  You can speak mentally to someone and they can become as a dream coach. To coach you through the dream control. They can also offer support to not freak out on yourself and you can explore the dream. But you can give full control or partial control for a bit if you want to sleep. Note: never give control to someone else without first thinking about it.

There's yet another way to have an OBE

  You simply lie down on your bed and relax until you don't feel any part of your body. Don't let your mind sleep, hear your own 'zzzZ's. And start spinning around yourself, like a propeller. (Don't care about anything or how-to-do s', just 'will' to do, and you'll do) If you can keep this feeling, you're about to have an OOBE. Don't panic when you're out, you're not going to die or get lost or something. It's a bit scary tho, but achieving this is really awesome, it just drives the horror parts away

  What someone 'Felt' while trying it. "I Felt that I was spinning but after that the feeling disappeared ]: and after awhile I fell asleep. Another night, I almost got it again, woke up at 6 am plus to wake my sis up, then when I got back to sleep, it was easier. I kept very still and after awhile my body went numb or something. Then after some time I felt insects crawling over me.. more and more, its the first time I'm experiencing it, so I couldn't help but feel excited and forgot that I'm not suppose to move and I broke it and the feeling disappeared."

  But really, that means we can 'have' this feeling, so let's practice that. I'm having good results these days, I'm sure we can get much more than we think. It's easier to get the feeling when you lie down again in 4-5 minutes, just after waking up.

More steps that you can do with OBE and astral projection

   This is the alternative hard way. As you probably already know, Astral Projection is the act of separating your inner body from your outer body (the releasing of your spiritual body). In time, we will all be forced to separate our soul from our physical body, and the most important aspect is not to be scared! With these lessons, you may learn how to separate your bodies, and some may just learn principles and techniques but choose to reserve them for later in life and death. Whatever your approach, these lessons should be beneficial to all. (even if you can not astral project immediately).

  Astral Projection should be taken one step at a time. It is a learning process that most cannot master in a short amount of time. It usually takes extensive mind training to achieve results, but with these techniques and this information, this timeline can be cut in a fraction. I also strongly suggest utilizing our Astral Projection and Free Flow recordings when doing these exercises. The recordings will help you reach the conscious state where you can forget about your body quickly.

Step 1:
Step 2:
Step 3:

  Note: The above steps can most easily be accomplished by first letting your thoughts go, followed by programming the correct Brain Theta Frequencies. Our Astral Free Flow Recording Package is designed perfectly for this exact purpose.

Step 4:

  Remember, the "Separation Trigger" above is only an example and the process must be done while maintaining a Non-Alert state. You may and probably will fail a few times, and your mind may become awake and active from the excitement. When this occurs, it's best to forget about the process, and and return to relaxation before getting up. If your brain becomes alert, shake it off, and clear your mind again, but do not re-attempt to separate at that time. Always remember, force is not the way.......

Now for the finale!

  You may have read other sources that instruct you to physically try moving. This method has validity, but simply trying to move a body part at the wrong moment will end your session, and break your thought process. The final key is to move at the right time. Moving prematurely is an urge you must try to avoid, as timing is everything. Basically, your "Separation Point" must be extended almost (if not more than) half your body length before you try to physically separate in totality.

  If you have been practicing the last lessons on expanding the "Separation Point", you should aim to ultimately progress till half or more of your body is misaligned or separated. A good indicator is when the tip of your head feels like it is where your lower rib cage should be. This feeling is going to be dictated by your "Separation Trigger". For instance, some may find their trigger by letting their body rise. When your entire body is more than half way separated, it is time to make the move.

Making Your Move

  Once you progress to the point where you are separated by 50% or more, it becomes possible to use physical actions to fully separate. If you try to physically separate before this point, your inner body will return to the outer body, and your entire self will move. The whole objective is to separate yourself enough so when you move your inner body pulls away from your outer body, and the connection between the two are broken. When you make your move, it should feel effortless. You decide it's time to stand, and you will be standing without exerting physical effort, but your mind will determine when it's time to stand.

  In the OBE, Moving the body when the separation likely to happen an is done, is as, in one move, generally to rise and rise or fall down on the bed but on the way of separation as it takes much time and length that will work better when you move. Generally you can say to yourself. "I'm going to touch to the wall when I get there" by rising but the rising process becomes longer and longer an the distance between the bed and the top wall and that results in logic that comes again. So you'll rise as long as you can an then do a physical movement at the right time. Some try for 5 years but seem to always be tried an to be pulled from the top.

Returning To Your Body

  Returning to your body will happen naturally. You will think a balance as to not have to exert effort into this stage as natural points of idea. When it's naturally time to return, the spiritual connection to your physically the body will take over as intuition is there. When you awake, you probably will not even remember how you returned. In the spiritual etherical planes, distance and physical obstacles do not exist, and the spirit is with natural ability that has natural thought from traveled through area that is the almost exact same plane many times in the past.

Differences In Practices

  There are many ways to train the mind, and many experiences that can be had. My tutorials and writings are by no means the only way to achieve Astral success. My techniques discussed in these letters may not work exactly as described for all, but at the very least, thought I hope the process and descriptions changed the way you view Astral projection. What all valid practices have in common is that the basic outline of relaxing, separation, and achieving. Remember, our Astral Free Flow Recording Package can drastically help with Astral Projection.

  I personally have Astral Projected dozens of times, and most of them were intentional. Mastering Astral Projection and being able to do it "On Demand" with 100% success is something I have yet to see, but with proper practice and the desire to succeed, you can learn to Astral Project.

Astral travel

  What do you think about the astral travel as you can find yourself in front of the mirror? Its a bit surprising as your body pulls you because you were nearby. To tell by discussion on astral travel. It was in dream, but to awake in dream. You can get relaxed, maybe with wine or relaxation techniques then stand near a mirror and let yourself to be pulled. This is how it can be done.

As to someone who did it:

  "Then many times I fell from my bed to the nowhere, but at the end unfortunately my concentrate goes. Then i fell again, but at the christmas day. Actually no, never thought about the place to go during this. When doing that, just feel and think like your there and then you are? Yes I try it sometimes now. In christmas day I found myself on a seaside and it was not a dream. I was just trying the astral projection, not the travel. I saw the sea beneath me and the coast. It was lovely, every light was such bright. There was a war galleon on the sea, I mean the galleys at 1700's anyway. But I was seeing like an eagle. It means you can time travel by astral and I mean I could see the place totally from sides to sides. Then I went to the coastal,and walked there and I went to see if I was in dream. I get into the sea, and I felt it real as I was wet. But then just a paper turned, then I was awakened. I even brought some home when I came back as it was a blue energy that slowly dissipated."

  These are real dreams, but to think it's a place not an imaginary one in astral travel. Do you see such kinda camera, do you see yourself as a camera? I can see myself as I want and that is as of a method due to choice. About the third parties as you can see them. Yea, they reflect themselves in the water, any water if you think of the term "3rd parties". But if you're aware of them you can prevent them in astral projection. That is a gray wall along with the whole blue and white auras. These auras can reassure you that your safe, if you use them of white and grey aura. Add blue to absorb energy and you can extract water from it as if a well or osmosis. The blue comes from water particles.

  The way to deflect a lot of them, is think of a grey wall surrounding you and then if any are near except gray dark if you think your suspected, send a red aura from around you and they will be in pain as it can drive you to frenzy and rage. With red you get rage that you can direct at third parties..the blue is self-absorbative.that means in winter there is no heat to cause it to appear as it resonates. It can absorb other energies. When blue goes some can lose thier positive emotions and thoughts as its of water. See yellow energies spots people as yellow can indicate healing but leave you seeable. To see yellow with a greenish haze or to see yellow and to get a bad feel or to feel bad on seeing it is sickness. White auras are of purity an idea that is to be of the moment.

  What you can see and think to see of astral travel and projection is some symbols and this opens your mind to see images. These are people and things that you may come across. What they seem to project is what may happen to you. If they were violent, then they could do violence on you if you were intending violence or if its sometimes on the spot as they can also stop you in your mind before you can do anything about blocking them. They can project violence at you to cause on the spot pain and hurt but its only if they appear to look at you as its they are aware of you. They could also try to find you as if to be as in recognition of an area that you know and they accidentally find. Then they wonder and do else.

  They can see you if you see them in your mind. Its like an open door that is in a thought of a moment to see them but they see you and if you were aware of them in your mind and they want to be aware of you then its that you push open and only if they want to see you. Its a dangerous door as there's always been a fear for the third persons as of the door being opened by a you of them. The guys around me who're trying something psychic may fear them. To avoid the people you might meet as a third party be aware of them and think away as to avoid them or if your aware of thier nearness be away from them and they won't notice you. They only seem to notice a disease and bad off body or mind. Salt, it prevents all that you will think is unnecessary or think in a point that what your use is you can create as the animation is energy, what you think and are with an effect to use and thought creates what is nothing in use.

  They respect situations and diseases, where they are used to and know violence. As the graphics change over so does the situation as some can seem to move. Sometimes you can think you are spotted and some energic breaths beneath our heads. Well only the astral/spiritual actions on you. What about real? Real is not real or similiar to your world. As the only way to prevent real is to recognize who it is on sight then don't actually go near. When they come its in the physical, or its lights that goes and comes and you see some broken lightbulbs here as they sometimes fully manifest. As they use electricity to form a electric ghost, most times they manifest on a physical action.

  Besides the pictures that are a good indication, as what they will do to you as what the scene is. There are filthy words written on the walls and they may also indicate the future. These words if you say them could cause the effect of what is happening to the person or thing that is represented to happen to cause you to be in a similiar situation. It is possible to see them ever occasionally and be thinking you were mad or crazy. Your not. Its just symbols that if you recognize them then thier meant for you to gnow. To translate them, you need to know whats relevant to you. As its bound to wake you up before the moment of realization, unless you use lucid dreaming techniques as you can just use dreaming techniques.

  The effect of effort here is that if you do effort and you use ability you can sometimes appear as in a strange reality where there are souls locked behind walls and objects. As you can sometimes see faces looking you, but in an eye winkle it disappears. These are the demons world area, live souls are in the walls and area. Because in order to do some effects you shift there and away to back again. All someone want in these acts are psychic activities, the demon world exists on a plane of existance that is its own. The idea there creates as you think, as you consider the view you create by metainfluence or not as the realization releases the stress.

  What the idea place of the people who appear on a wall is like. These are the conditions of it. as have you ever felt that your mouth is totally open in a very deep relaxation but you know it's closed? The mouth is open when its closed before you know it because its a reversed world, the world we go into when doing things but we don't know of it. Unless were psychic, we actually do the opposite in the world thats reversed when we do something so it works the same duality of the universe. as like the world that is doomed and things in we don't freak out, as thought is a truth in concept but we do things about it there.

  But I suppose the world is going to get into some serious troubles at 2012 or beyond. Things done set a pattern as think in a thought to create that this is generally followed, as if necessary and things you do are not always repeated though. So being an indigo is to think your a starseed and can't always go as thought you do is energy use in idea to create, this is in energy by what you do in considered use that gives you the right idea tips as you bet so and can win or a win is a point by some loss in idea.


  What we think and do to except thought in the idea is use the power of command to create and command, this is the shaping in use by the energy body with an idea and the shape is done as we do things or is thought and energy. That creates idea to speak it is to use the energy and if this is to make the effect, this is where make is thought as you consider to let go stressful energy. This is to think or do something that "creates" uses with the stress energy, such as using a source in some point with the idea but theres magic involved unless necessary not. This is used in the psychic idea, where they do things by circumstance and yet the opposite believe the words we speak. This I think is the idea, uses are attempts or where things are felt and this uses that what counts.

  As what you in thought can do magic with is not always possible but its not the psychic art, as to command as theres laws that say that in life is a point to do if necessary. its to make it happen without seeming to or to speak and seem normal. There we speak as this is in command to suggest here and vis versa as you think to remember is sometimes to forget an so on. I got that its the old world before the collapse. As you can say it was something that you "ntwixt" or inwardly twist on things to do but you can see its of regular idea. As we see it, yes I absolutely think likewise that even sirius star group is involved of the universe.

  But somehow a paradox at most inconvenienced them, an on destruction of the previous universe it now goes backward. while we go foerward. So we see if old world of psychic is the leading edge and technology is the support. An then we can explain the changing polars, as can we say "the sun will rise from the west" because that's a prediction for the apocalypse..okay, did you know the effect in time is a due paradox to them? As paradoxes are energy to create and make an ideal, as the concept is the point that are what is a connection that appears like what you think to seem and can make connection.

  That can connect to any time from another or not, this is to cause the anomaly to seem or so this would seem there. As no, its not there in life. Likewise in the worm-hole, but its funny though as we would unage if we shared a link to there or not seem to there in life. But it's as a copy in astral areas, not and time is not there working as were the action they are the support and as well, time was paused in the astral.

Written by sh, as Jim McElwee and suggested by Stevie an Libertine the contributor