Soul transformation

  Soul transformations, then is when a persons soul is transformed into something else or when two souls are fused into one. Sometimes by thought, as to how the soul will look like with imagination. And also, its by thought and idea acted out to do the purpose. Letting the subconscious to do the deed as you live you use a moment that you are in life. As you think, your use is life in a moment and energy as thought are with those that are in thought. Then and now are with life, or not as this is by things that are with life in thought existence. Not fated is the idea, as if you are a point and now this is a mention as the mention is an idea.

  Normally in the act, "again" is a dejavue moment as this in a point, that now the soul is in use of the shape of the body. When its seeable by seer's sight or a ghostly sphere otherwise a ghostly form thought, just stop and do something that is normal and the ghost disappears. But the method here is use of what is, as if the act is in a thought is to instruct the subconscious to achieve the deed of a different shape or to being merged by imagination of it, and thinking it has happened, while feeling the effect or merging something together (putting something together). As if an act you care, think seeing and the soul reshapes itself and forms this into the desired transformation by an act and this is imagination of the idea and the subconscious does it. As if you don't care, then you are in your own shape.

  Then if activity, there is the soul shape, that embues different attributes by imagination. As in imagine the act you see things as an art, and the body shape can be altered by the shape the souls in by what you are doing. As you do you can use the thought, and the mention you do is a point that is used with the spirit guiding the moment. As you think, imagination is the art and the act is the ability or aility in ability. As if the moment gives you abilities, as it is in the shape of the soul and is the key to what abilities ya have at the moment. If you added a soul with merging, then you also gain the others abilities in a point to seem.

  So soul transformation also causes physical changes, eventually. But, again they happen slowly. For the person, they know the shape of the soul by how they act. If they form their soul into that of an animal, they impart the abilities of it to themselves. So you could suddenly find yourself seeing with cats eyes if your soul was in the form of a cat, eventually becoming allot like them. However, it sometimes won't give you the thinking processes that are like the animal. Sometimes it will.

  Essentially, you 'borrow' the ability of the shape until released from the body as you think to release it and the animal spirit emerges from you with chi as an animal shape that "apperations" as apparates to your room. If riled by your emotions and feelings that are there it can attack as it feels what you think and reacts to what you want. As you think something and feel the need, chi is the energy taken form with the animal spirit that will do what you feel and form what you think is right.

  It would be hard, as though, when you think its hard then it is hard and to think it easy then it becomes easier. It just needs the right amount of power summoned for the purpose. This effect may take practice.