Intention of purpose in actions

  This article is about the purpose of the idea it'self, whatever it is sometimes you don't have to do it. This is how real life is with what can reflect on what is in other lives then, thinking and various relational idea is within how this purpose of intention is between or allowed for by feel.

  The thought is what you think exists with the area that formed that is between, where this is meant as your not done unless you think of where to go then you are there. See to recognize things as you do is with or without things, according to what they do and how aware of the moment that you are with them.

  You are an idea and to them you are something, sometimes that are involved so think on the moment. That is the effect and the idea is what may happen and how it guides as disgust us in thought is how intention is formed by feel. The intention as you think is what makes or allows use in the originator point, this is where you think as you are creating what can make this work, I am thinking by a moment as the intention is the being with the purpose you have. Think as it's in action, that's if self act is self moment. The only thing about this in integrity is a thought, you are not your thoughts so to act and make work as you think you think right. This is where it's okay, so you say what you think by focus then you choose the form, you think what you think is right with no violence.

  Then things go along smoothly, otherwise you aren't there for chat unless you just think to talk. Then you think as you focus or go along for the ride, as the free ride home to or from from the area, place or time you think to exist with life with mayan or other ideal or death with aztecian ideal otherwise you choose what you think then you are there when you consider yourself there. That is the cell formation ability that you think then your aware by the feeling, that you have with the air or area that is your element. As if no dope so you associate with feel or maybe other things or ideal you do think. As thought if no doping they act freer, so I think their will is free. So that is their ideal, if you think to know. Then the spirit lets you know so that is all there is to this.

  The important first step is to set the purpose and intention. it's as set by thinking about what you want as the idea, and this makes the idea before the action is set and what you thought forms the essence of the action. It also acts as a guide to the action, you can decide where and when a thought of the future is there. There is a point that when you get the idea, that's as if you can usurp the mind and you can think and this is as what is there that you would want to happen.

  It also serves as a guide by causing it'self to be imprinted on the energy, as it's energy thats summoned by action and the idea as it's focused on. This imprint carries from the intention by the energy being programmed by your purpose  being thought on or stated. This acts on and with the target that you want the effect to occur with. So the purpose of this moment in time in thought, is in between the dimension effect and various is the idea that nothing is new and all has been discovered. So if you knew the idea by focus, don't have to if the thought comes as it already exists and guides the action by it'self in life or not and you guide yourself. 

  Lets go into the idea of intention and how it works with psionic effects and magic. Now, it works by guiding the action that occurs, as stated above. What we know so far is that it is formed by thought. There is nothing to be done as if you are well in thought, as if then you can see things this is a vision in a point of view from a psychic idea that is point to point. This as a thought is a point of view, and as a sign of bad interaction you can see a car crash or other idea where it works. See it's thought of intention that makes things go into the action you create, because of the re-imprinted point or idea suggestion, if a challenge rating you are what you are in how you act with life. This makes a comparison as though to understand anothers perspective viewpoint. This is a future point of reference, this in part is departure as you think to act. You can get things to go, as if where you think resolves it'self.

  In fact, it works by the fact of it also being part of the power of will. This is added to the effect of action is the effects already there that can deamplify or amplify the effect with what you want. What makes it stronger is  emotion. Emotion is what make the effect formed by intention stronger.

  So it's a purpose that is now in-between the idea and effect that forms an action and this action is powered by emotion and is the power of will. Now lets explore by example what happens when we apply this.

  Lets say we want to effect an idea to occur and have it happen on another person. So we set our idea as to what we want. and how we want it done. We then do actions that cause summoned energy by the attempt of the action. This energy is charged by stating, or thinking the intention of purpose in thought, and it then is imprinted onto the summoned energy. This take on life isn't an act as if a view is nothing. With a moment of time an this is a point to wait, and this energy is released by intending this to act on the person. That is a thought to those you think are needing an idea as "we", or not and want is to "have the effect" is where you aren't there in need and if we are there may be an answer. Whether yes or no, depends on what is there.

  If it's not made to effect or thought to create any effect, then it won't as the intention isn't there. But, if the intention is there, then the energy will effect and do as you want. Also, the intention can be blocked by a counter intentioned energy. When that is there, where you want to effect, then it either makes the effect not occur or it blunts the effect. So, in essence, the effect may not be noticed unless the person is able to detect and sense it yet not do anything until necessary.

  So, in essence, the thought forms the intent and the intent serves as the purpose of an action that is in-between idea and effect. And, sometimes it makes it'self manifest through summoned energy by imprint on the energy and affection of the person or thing.