Projection Stances 

  These are some stances that are possible for projecting. If you want, you may try the take 3 breaths, give out 3 breathes style combined with this. Also, you may attempt the stances sitting down, if you want to avoid standing up.

  1.    Standing stance projection, think the right vision and get the right response as you speak, as the body was working and you are able this is to get into trance by breathing. To use the realization of what you do is to cancel or change things as to correct for things and cause change for what makes for an effort. As if in through your nose or mouth, in and out of your mouth an time is a thought rememberance. Quickly in yet deeply. Make to project your spirit through the trance and iron will "inhereted" is inheriting by absorbing in aura and energy reveals, what you can see there if not by any other means.

       Then breath as you did for the trance, this is to cause as your willed intent to manifest is to get what you intend. Think in a calm feeling, and seem with cool reaction in thought as if repose. This will cause your spirit to be as though you were there and you are immune to suggestive feeling, by thinking you are okay and you are in a frame of mind to not make solid shape to the mind unless you can appear solid. Seem to do what is wanted or thought, to seem needed and you are okay.

       This is as the mind as a subconscious can store your idea and energy that you use or see to the mind as a inner form an is for an interesting idea, you think and the third eye can as if you did and with a conclusion as this use is an object to create energy by thought into activity. That energy can dissipate as you release the idea, stop and give it a reason as energy effects or not. Thought produces a child and as you don't use the programming, and whenever you release thought you can make the energy form as you think it is.

       As this is true thought is what you had that forms the idea, that is a hazard or problem that disappears as energy dissipates in the air. There is a place in the subatomic planck area, that the mind can reach that energy turns into images as this is a form of screening. You can use this and if you wish to have, the idea real it can form if the energy is released or not to seem in form. If you don't need the idea formed think, as you stop needing something and the idea disappears as if you killed what you like.

       Drug use, except alcohol may strengthen the ability till it wears off, this can cause you to be many places as once you realize, then you can seem what and where you want. It helps to be thinking of your place you want to project to. When you are focused on an area that you send your spirit to, then you receive the activity as a vision. Unless you haven't opened your third eye.  
  2.    The mental projection stance, to get into standing trance and think of your message to send as though a moving scene. Then you will the message forth to the person who will receive the message. This is to make it seen. Allow your subconscious to interpret the response by relaxing your mind, with deep quick breaths.

       You may choose to impose a thought or think to them what you will and they can think or create energy to seem what you were thought to send to them, this be imposing is a thought or cause an influence with a thought to there as their aura is effected on someone and have them think it was them as you think and they can receive. This can seem a thought or in an idea this is to seem a use, and as they do things they start to realize the message by a feeling that seems to be a message sent. As to send them mage thought projection, and suggest to the target something as your message. Making the image appear like them.

      Then if you focus in focus with the will as energy is the power and thought is the idea you can recieve or get energy as the message is a thought that is whatever language you want or hear, or not as the person might think it was themselves and it might work better if the projector person wasn't so close and the idea is done. As you can send text to the mind by thought by viewing the screen and with a thought. Thought is more easily done if thinking, as to them and then imagining the idea can create what interesting results realistically there is, as a viewscreen as readable and understandable.

       You can make yourself appear anyway you want with mental or standing stance projection. Your subconscious is useful in this procedure, to do the work, understand and acknowledge. If you don't want a reply, don't acknowledge. Its also useful to perception, as the mind be guided by it. Telling your subconscious to state the words of the response makes sending a mental message a breeze. To fix something, think or say fix and do a motion with the hand as, you make them think it was fixed with no abundance that is too much as if thought were not to much. There is a thought there is as though thought to too much, as if this is not too much done and as you balance your mind with your attempts to get things finished and use is water to create good idea thought can charge the water with energy. As work corrects the thought you can correct, and fix anything by what you think and make them think is done. This doesn't always have to be done.

       If your message be perceived wrong, act like someone else to throw to them the energy and cause people to go off the trace. As you act as though someone else, you energy changes to be like acted person. So, it throws off pursuit. If you change back to normal behavior after you act someone else out. Then you get to be left alone. This doesn't always work, so don't be disappointed by what you think if nothing happens. As then the thought, you can get things more easily done.
  3.    The clear stance, is to clear your mind thinking of nothing. Dismissing thoughts as they come on as 'unnecessary'. Then breathing in and out not quickly nor slowly. Think of clearing or imagine something clearing itself and project the energy to the person or target after feeling your energy build up. Basically, you can be thinking in of the person and out at the target and send a suggestion by thinking of 'clearing the mind' or 'clearing' or stating 'erasing' to be erasing the person or thing. Then allow your thoughts to come back and breath normally. Whatever you do after empowers the effect even more. This can even effect clearing the air. Until, the thing you wanted erased be gone from memory. Then your action is your own.
  4.    The attack stance, is to get into a standing trance. Then, breathing quickly yet deeply, feel tension build up as you hold more and more energy in the body and then strike out with the spiritual fist or whatever appendage. The target is thought about and hit as you want them to be. Build up enough energy and you can, if you overload them cripple the target only if you need to. You can hit them from anywhere as with this, in as the energy is shifted to the target and out on release of the hitting energy. Otherwise its close range. It doesn't effect those who are immune to energy in life.
  5.    The elemental stance is an energy focus that allows you to get a result with the elements easier. This uses stances or standard standing or sitting trance practices. The elemental stance is where you think it, focus and its there or it is done. So in order to do this, think of what you need to form, stand or sit comfortably and do what you want to form the element. Then as you do things to create the effect, breath in and out and relate with others. This is at least in your mind that you relate peacefully, this is with the idea being done and as you beathe you relax. Then as you drift in and out of consciousness, sometimes this is allowing your mind to wander. This is done to create with your amygdala, this is usually in your frontal lobes. Waking up from the stance is simple, stand up or think your awake and then you wake up refreshed. This is just a trance, so you will be able to do anything in a trance. All you have to do after this is imagine the result and sometime it is.
  6.    The projectile attack stance, this be to get into a standing trance. Then, breathing deeply yet quickly till your mind focuses on one thought or nothing and you are in trance. State a mantra consisting of 'Om mani luminoct paki d' under the breathe, while thinking of or visualizing the target being hit by a tracking projectile. A projectile will appear and track the individual. Stopping in mid-air if there's a shield around the target. It strikes when they aren't aware of it and dismisses it.

       Three strikes and the person or being targeted is out cold and possibly dead, unless they be immune or resist the blow. If you wanted to nail their ability to think then hit the brain. If you want them to not to feel, hit the heart. As, it numbs the body and sorta prevents feelings. If you want to nail the Crotch area/Hera area (which is 1 inch below the pelvis on a man), then you nail their ability to make chi and magic happen. Hit all three to create confusion or craziness. Any other area hit makes them unable to feel the area or use properly the organ near it for hours.
  7.    Punching stance is to stand and don't think and do as you are thinking with thought of the things to get some where in life and moonlife is what can make or break a man. This is where you can create, and muse to do as the thought of the punch is there. This is where and focus on an ideal life force mental target, and consider yourself taken advantage of with a spell of distract as you think to target and imagine. This is done or get slain by imaginary creatures and as you punch out and breath in and out as you can to stabilize yourself to do an energy hit as if in the right spot.
  8.   Mirror stance works by you standing in front of the mirror and 'think to it' to do something and it will work. When you send built up energy towards the mirror, while thinking of the purpose. It is likely to do things as it is when it will take the instruction from the energy and 'cause' the effect. The effect will literally, make itself known as though self occurring. Now the track is the mirror will, as now the mirror is gone to mask in what you do to trace even though. You think it an you won't do it, and you can adjust the outcome. This is where the right breathing for trances, will make this work more effectively. Basically, breath deep yet not fast nor slow, till your in mind by focuses in on the idea that you want. When you need things to occur, they are in as the subconscious makes it possible. Where the right phrase or word can create the effect.
  9.    The spirit stance, is effective when you get into a trance, by focusing your mind on in what you want or need to happen and breathing in and out in-between fast shallow and slow deep breaths, and attempt to build up activity energy as you use activity to build up your spiritual energy and send your spirit energy to achieve something, this can be anything your thinking on or needing and possibly feel occur.

       The spirit stance can manifest in any effect with an effect or you can think any effect to cause the spirit of another or near the other to be as if a supernatural effect. And, it effects as though done sometime physically, as its undetectable unless your awareness is good enough. Thus, your conscious or others won't try by feel to stop it if they don't consider it. It can effect the spirit to cast out energy to create affects, if anything occurs physically. Then it is 'powerful' and supernatural to the observer as the activity can be felt to happen as though a ghost were doing it.

       The other things you can do with the spirit stance, is to become like another person, being or alien. Simply by taking in some of the spirit of the other into you and then allowing it to change your behaviour and sometimes the body structure morphs as well. The spirit is stored in you or somewhere else, to effect through your body the 'change' of a greater ability, to become a different person that is controlled by your mind. This may include a different body structure that becomes your own. It depends on your will and control of the spirit. You may store effectively any amount of spirits in you or an object.

       The object you use is used by a touch possibly and the spirit energy is transmuted into it. Until you need it else, then you think of the spirit you need and 'touch' the object to gain it. The spirit is sometimes able to control you at your low point in energy. So be careful as the spirit of another person who touches an object is possible to be transmuted into you.

       How to do it. This is simple, start breathing not fast or slow and in deep breathes. Then, try to find a focus of thought by stating the person, being or alien name. At least three times, the name you use can be a descriptor thats general and to the purpose. This is like "ghost" while thinking of the ghost. This is to draw the spirit near you. Then you can think for an idea to will it to do, ' within an area that I decide on or you can be in me if an energy form and work through me.' Otherwise, the effect if for a roach in the room you want to squash, 'be with me roach if in the room and not in me if energy in form.'

       If you want the ghost to adjust your form to its stature, think or will it to 'adjust my form to be as though yours' and allow the body to change. Also possible, is thought of the shape used to will your body to 'change' itself, this is a willed possession to become like the spirit that you called into your body. Its up to you as to what you want it to do. This is as you think the point, and the spirit does what you want.

       Where you sense the spirit an energy forms the thing, you can keep the spirit energy, which is in your mind. Simply will the spirit energy into a mental room. This room is controllable by you and no one else. It does what you want it to do. Thus, you can lure or will the spirit into the room. You can collect them in separate rooms or this room. So allowing your spirit to work with their spirit energy and you gain strength from it by them doing things.

       Also to let a spirit out and into your body it can find its way back, this makes the change happen of your psyche of some emotion and ability of psychokinesis or psychic knowledge where your spirit knows of things and you realize what it is. So to see and perceive them, think a point that you think they did. Then your third eye shows you what they are doing or looks like, this is so you feel to think and then will your body to become like its form is possible now. Then when your done, you just put the spirit energy back into the room and your done.

       What type of spirit and being do you want to be in you is up to you. But, several people have used this for strategic wins and only after allowing with the spirit to temporarily usurp the body and win for you or join its strength with yours. This is at the direction of your subconscious mind control.
  10.    Mirror stance works by you standing in front of the mirror and 'think to it' to do something and it will work. When you send built up energy towards the mirror, while thinking of the purpose. It is likely to do things as it is when it will take the instruction from the energy and 'cause' the effect. The effect will literally make itself known as though self occurring. The mirror will mask you trace. This is where the right breathing for trances will make this work more effectively. Basically, breath deep yet not fast nor slow, till your mind focuses in on the idea that you want. When you need things to occur, they will as the subconscious makes it possible. Where the right phrase or word can create the effect.

       A positive enforcer effect can be useful with this. A positive effect is to make negative into positive, generally, by energy. A positive enforcement effect is to cause energy to make reinforcement of idea that is positive in nature. This is done through the thought of sending built up energy and charging it to 'do positive enforcement' will. Other things can be directed through the mirror.
  11.    The movement stance, is the stance of causing others to do things and in movement. As, it depends on the inaction of where you are and sending your energy to be movement causing as you think of it. It can shift you, to places and spiritually, to make exploration of spaces and other area possible. Thus, to do it, be sitting or standing. Except standing up and doing the stance will tire yourself out. The movement trance is useful to explore with and do things elsewhere as you do things sitting down.

       When the movement stance is done, you will feel energized, and yet have done no actual movement. So, to attempt it, get into trance mode. Breath in and out and send your energy or your spirit by the effect of breathing in deeply and not fast or slow and breathing out the same. Then build up energy and will yourself or your energy 'there' where you want movement to happen.

       Think of where the thing or person is to go. Then, try to focus your mind as you are breathing in trance mode. And, send your thoughts to the energy that you sent. Focus in on the creating movement idea. Think of the direction, and the rate of movement. Cause the thing, being or yourself there to move in the right direction by feeling the movement of the direction. And, you case the motion necessary to get an idea of what you need to happen. And, you get things done without ever having them here.

       Or, tell your subconscious to do the correct actions to make the movement. And also, make your subconscious show you what be happening there. Saying as a mantra, 'show me what be happening' or 'sho wha happen'. Then when you are done, mentally have your spirit come back to your body. Tell it to come back and the spirit will return. This only seems to work on your own spirit, not really effective on others. Except if you build up energy to send to the person and direct your will to them. What you do there with your spirit is reflected on yourself sometime. Meaning what you do elsewhere is done to you. Unless you block the effect out, then you will get some interesting results.
  12.   Dark trance is where you get dark matter is a point or not thought of materia or dark matter in thought to make matter, this is to subsidize or compress into active energy that in turn can form as to materialize as you trance. This is to think of the term 'darkmatter' and then trance, feeling your need compress and form in form to some idea that you think to make by an idea that with focus is to create. This is with thought and purpose and intent is the form, this is by the act of some by inner use with skill. Think the thought 'dark matter' and breath in and out.

      Keep unbound the product as don't need it or though it is not working and it is repaired as you think "the object regenerates itself" as you think "fix" the energy and feel the object will repair what use there is as you are breathing in and out till you trance and then till you feel your need is satisfied. When it is, you should get something to manifest, this is somewhere. As you can think and you subconscious will bring or use the light to compress and bound is the energy from a source into a product near you.

      To undo is to transfer energy to an object as to think the properties of the item unbound, and keep the object unbound in yourself and not outside you as loosened thought is the separated thought. That is formed as energy to some person that undoes what is in the structure, as the thought disappears the layers are dissipating into different strings of thought. As the point the product dispersion has is done as the layers of the item separated into itself. Then the focus is shifted and feel of the idea is the product and the product undoes itself, as with hope as energy to dissolve into nothing or not as nothing exists.
  13.   The Ascension trance; Ascension is elevating your mind and soul to a new level of existence so you are aware of things as you know what is what. Think go and breathe in and out, imagining falling while breathing out as you focus on the thought of Ascension and imagine how you will be. Do this until you are entranced. Wake up with a snap of your fingers or some loud sound. You don't always know how you will be yet you know that you are ascended. So as you are in trance, make a suggestion by stating the idea to yourself and it will occur sometime if you intend it to happen.

      You know this worked, if you feel observe the idea in some form. You don't always have to feel a result, if to know what occurred. How do you know where you are when ascended? Your spirit self-guides itself and allows your soul to have you realize where you go or are at the moment. In fact, if you state the words of the suggestions right, you can "hear" what they say with your senses as they say the idea and realize what they mean by what they do and this is done in visions of your senses that show you what is what.

  Due note: Feeling the effect will cause your body to remember it. And all that's required to get the effect is meditation or remembrance of the feel for the effect. It can come back as many times as you want. Just think or visualize the effect as you feel it to be on occurance.

   Now for a few drugs to get effects easier. Actinine, acts on a false sensibility purpose and in a weightloss effect that appears in body, so use is thought by feeling to direct the movent and your use is up to you. As a thought an by the metal influence, you can get easier suggestions done by internal drug effects in reactive body reflex. Then you can get an interesting result and that can cause more energy, with more activity you can energize yourself and this is with more drinks, and activity makes less hunger. This is a metaphysical drug effect that is manifested by will and intent into projected form by thought in some drink. Sometimes in a standing trance or meditative trance and this is not effective if not meditative. It is possible to repeat the effect by repeating the name till it is manifested by the user response with subconscious means.

   Its a thought sedimental poison effect, reduced by energy that builds up in the system. And is shitted out, making its effects neutralized after a day. Their will and way projected to you as you, could do what others say as your use is this drug is negated by responsible behavior. This poison is a mild toxin that the body uses to deteriorate the weight and be converted to body energy. However, the body can become immune. After overdose and repeated exposures you risk lost life by heart attack and this or not with water that simulates or does negative ionic energy.

   The drug form of Actinine is Actinex, as you are use with a drug based with metal movement which is formed by combining powdered calcium tablets maybe tums, 2 baby aspirin, vitamin C, molasses or honey and water (1 Liter). Both forms are nonaddictive and good for the heart, unless overused by taking too much. Not to be taken by needle or interveniously.