Serving Earth

   This is where you serve earth and get results by thinking about what you want. All the while, intending what you need to happen. This is where you make a pact with earth, by stating 'I agree to serve you, mother earth.' Then, you get the result of what you intend and by mother is in idea earth's willingness. You get the earth consciousness connection. This is where you get to know whatever you need and you know what and where things need to be done. Then, when your with the earth's aid, you can go where you want in the multiverse very easily, anytime you want.

  When you serve her or not bother to use, you will be able to use the planets power. Thus is the energy as your energy surges to the area, you will be boosted a bit and possibly get instant magic or time modelled remodelling magic as computer changes to cure what ills you. The earth knows what you need and makes sure you have it. The earth can repair you when its needed. When you call on mother earth, all you have to do is mentally talk to her. Then, she will tell you what you need to know or do, sometimes in a 'loud' voice. Things just happen for you, as you need them to, by your subconscious manipulating earth and other source energy. Whatever your race is, you can tack on a 'earth' to your name. Thus, an angel is an earth angel, and a dragon is an earth dragon or the wizard is an earth wizard and excetra.

  To use the earth's energy, think what you want to happen and if you have intention, it will occur. The earth is very able to maifest anything you intend to be manifested. This is where it gets weird and you can find coincidences that are there before you ask earth for it. Again, the earth will do whatever you want and where you want it. Even, allowing use of gravity for a planetwide mass effect.