Healing effects

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  Healing is destined to happen or defined herein, that's with an idea to cause the self or another to repair the body. This is done by some means or through natural healing caused  by the body, that is being left to heal by doing things to itself. But don't overestimate the body in its way of healing. As healing is also the natural process by which the body and the mind repair themselves, be it spiritually, emotionally, use or mentally aided creation. There is Eft tapping, that is tapping the area or meridians of the body to get results as you use reinforcements by feel. That means they are voiced affirmations. Then there is reiki healing and other forms with healing now.  First we will go through the reiki healing, useful by water thought to use then we cover the other forms of healing. Dark thought is plant and also a plane that not in use is a great idea as aloe vera if a euphanism as if you are able to go almost anywhere you can think to go. This can create the idea to make, as the aura focus is there your aware with anything you think about as though a thought with a point and use is a point by disposition that can make or create in life, and if you can create a great idea as grand is a thought your idea is the idea to think. This is a point that exists, but isn't there if you don't need it there.

  Focus in the thought as point to do and if need be is to shift with, assume a single polite view or thought is adjusting your thought on an idea to allow a new area of experience. As though a point exists, this is if a thought were to work or this is to do things you do and your brain signals are noticed, as that creates the adjustment to the right body frequency by a signature energy that is a maskable. This is with the area by feel that is not seen with a thought, this is by a location viewed this is sensed out. This is an idea to create or conclude by what you see with the way psychologists are for better results, just as you can see in a use that things are statements to reveal or create what you feel is correct. This is thought to state or correct. Just as you see the necessity in life, think as you see the reason or create better by a pointed out thought or note the feel.

  As a cease and desist idea with a thought and mention, your brain shows you the area in a vision. Some things are use and this is "ease use" by a voiced in area or voiced thought. As a single idea destination is there to shift to and that is done by the Electromagnetic Band energy matrix, that is stopping situations or its your thought that is what uses the crystals and this does things. This is just to seem and use the planet energy, that is the thought matrix as crystals that in thought make the effect.

  This is from the sun and heat that surrounds the ozone layer, or outer layer as this is charged to create core gravity by spinning. That the calls the leyline of magnetic energy, that is what you think at to cause thought to seem created. This is the thought that seems to allow you create things by feel. This is useful in EFT Tapping, this is used by what you think and say as you tap the meridian point or chakra point. This is a point along the nerve ending of the body.

  As you focus on the area in focus and think to see what you feel to know, think as the electromagnetic field band is felt to let it bring to you the thought as you want to see what you want as is. The earth encloses the surrounds of the earth, that moves you through space and time with the superstring instantly. Say what you think as the end result and think "thin" and think back to create the effect, as you feel the idea form as focus is energy formed in thought in the area. Use in this is the idea that allows think talking, this is used to create what you think. This is appliable to the area or target as your thinking to say and the expressed idea creates what is there.


  Thinking to perform a healing through reiki there is four methods ya can choose from as with focus, three methods for long range and one for short range by feel and not, each one has the possibility of after awhile if ya do it often enough, ya get more aware and alive each time ya do it, as you also strengthen your effect with use. Basically the more ya do it, the more aware ya are as water and food also are restorative and open to positive feedback energies with or not too much. I would avoid too much, as the idea is the concept to know water treatment and thought that is and isn't your own. This can occur more naturally on close range reiki. That are absorbed in ya through the skin and by the soul interaction. Basic energy can be absorbed with ya near the moment of short distance reiki to act as a supercharge and to keep going. Think is thought as you do isn't always as if you can create any idea to happen with the body, even though the idea is to heal you can create any transfer of energy by thought to create what you think the body to do.

  There are more than one Reiki energy type caused by attunements. Ya can get ya attunement with energy from the creator to Reiki I here and the other Reiki levels here. Ya can't really use Reiki without an idea but turmeric or area use, that is an attunement done by a Reiki master allows energy focus or done by the self, except in a limited manner. On one attunement ya reach Reiki I energy. Off two attunements you reach Reiki II energy and so on until Reiki IV energy is subconscious energy manipulation, by energy thought thats to the moon reached to create a thought by manifest as if by the activity and the area is what you think. As your doing things your able to achieve anything, as if energy is a thought and what you think in an idea to do can create. As thought a pattern which the third eye can do as I thought up or not at all will happen, according to an odd natural energy healing from a Reiki book. Now Reiki I energy is short range and bound by distance in what you are intending that creates what will there is, wherein it can effect at a distance, as well and the longer the distance an the less the effect. The creator can create anything good then erase the bad.

Reiki II energy is  boundless and can be and "beis" used any distance at strength. Reiki III energy is master level and short/long distance effects at nearly full strength. Reiki Iv is a "God level" of energy that is largely unknown, that allows one to manipulate the body and mind by thought by ease in the subconscious manipulated moments. This is to think, and focus in the rhythm and concentration to create a manipulated vision. As a rhythm with time as set by music is by time with biorhythmic energy, that is use with chi that is fixous, and maybe even the soul. Reiki can be used without any bad brain influences as effects  for other things that block healing and this creates a possible idea as more than healing is regeneration.  But its basically used by some for mind in thought, body in motion and soul is effects. The attunements are named differently according to the Reiki style. With reiki however, it uses a lot of yuan chi, and thus makes the healer lethargic, if over used.

   By adjusting the energy field of the body, through pressure points and releasing the energy of the chakra. Then ya get all the pent up energy freely moving, it becomes interesting as ya can raise ya level of reiki, with this technique.

  Due note: Some can use things and find distance work easier or more difficult to concentrate on, as they can use a teddy bear or themselves to substitute the other's body, but when they do it in person, they get feedback. This gets easier, if ya use an idea to relax your mind and then focus your thoughts on the idea of "healing", maybe stating the word 'focus' or any word that focuses your mind on the task at hand and reverse paranoia by what you think and a touch to go on.

The methods are:

  This is the first for long range method one called "reiki magic", think of the person then think what ya want to occur. Imagine it and ya can also say things to make it better that will make a transfer of earth energy, with thought to send or whatever ya element is to create a healing effect, if ya thought of healing thats to occur. Or if magic possible by other effect, if ya so imagined it that way as of the victim getting better. Just don't and reduce bodyweight on the self, unless ya want to or things could increase ya weight 2 times more not less. I would suggest letting someone else drop the weight for ya. There are some reiki exchange effects that decrease intelligence until ya sleep. Same for stamina and constitution or health. These effects increase it in others.

  Well that theres increasing the others IQ, that temporarily drops ya IQ and you increase it by energy from the area. If ya are tired when ya do it, you won't be tired after an attempt as it again works off exchange reiki. So again till use again, to increase someones stamina or health (constitution) decreases ya own with this method of reiki until ya sleep. This effect takes practice yet ya don't get tired, and there is that law that states '..whatever the action there is an opposite but equal reaction or thought that is energetic.'

  For a side note: Reiki is what you attempt in an adaptation to natural area energy, this is as you think to use your aura to create by the use with the energy. This happens if thought to adjust the body is to fix itself, and use the area if you can seem a use this is to corrective energy. Otherwise this is energy that is felt with the thought, so if you can this is if you are to "correct" by the area energy.

  This is just to influence the body through the auratic energy, so think "or not" for the weight loss by however you want to lose weight. This includes weight that dissipates. Despite some claims by healing as in an ionic energy, the body restores itself as Reiki restores the body with focus. So think and you can control the body function, this is just by feel or thought with what you want. This is with what you consider is necessary.

  Seen idea by what you do is a theory in thought, this is as you do some concept you thought up. That is to focus the idea, and think in focus as you are in breath and thought is energy that moves around the body as energy to do what you think. This is thought and the energy is programmable nanobots. As the trick is in to use timings, or seem things like some food. Using the area outside, this is to program the bots to correct for themselves the food use. This is just as the body works, and as if you had the nanotech.

  Thats if the body is wounded from chemicals and bad food, and diet that causes the weight gain without an aura that is clean or clear. By healing the body, therefore you undo some bad results by cleansing the body and through out the focus is elemental energy. This is done as if a water thats pure, that flows through out the body and that purifies the body from bad effects of the harsh chemicals in the food. The body restores itself to lessen the weight of itself. Maybe by putting reiki energy in the water, that you can take in will act as though someone else or cure things as though to restore something or you could think yourself did it by self-reiki practice. This is the point by feel, that means you can do things and get results by feel.

  It depends, some harsh effects cannot be undone by reiki so it may seem like it cannot be used for such. And for the IQ, the brain is also damaged by the harsh chemicals in the food, so by healing the body you can heal the energy in a point by the energy within a viewpoint put to use. This is what can create brain function if with Reiki focus. Increasing the focus and Iq is raised by yourself as you increase your potential, and ability sometimes by an opposite that you sense and don't have to get near. This is where you avoid the hate that the opposite will bring.

  This is the second long range healing concept and is method two, if the person is about 700 miles away you will need high willpower as this is possible. As if to except with Reiki II energy which is a thought to be limitless in effect and distance, and you stop producing a certain chemistry effect. This is set by thinking by energy to the brain, that unblocks the brain and causes the flow of energy. That doesn't allow blocks to the ability energy, as you are to use and create more potential. This is seemingly set like a watch battery placed in the watch. But can be in applied to the human body.

  Thought or not is by cause to increase energy or decrease to a possible good fast feel, as the activity makes with the idea that use is the concept. As this is that part of the brain that is disrupted, this is a point when energy is up enough, so you create what is normally seeming by focus as figlia is the area. The brain uses figlia to cause psychic idea with the amygdalla or psychic brain organ. Say as you are seen is focus, that is thought by most or the feel by what you see. Not to use this feature as you don't want to kill those in the vacinity or area feel that is known, that works by focus or mention with energy to create yet if overwhelmed you can get moments that seem insane or not if you feel put to use.

  Say as a part is a point where brain activity is not really functional, or some drink water to refresh themselves and to restore this is free energy creation. So to create with area energy to use the third eye, this by focus this with turmeric and sometimes dysfunctional activity is not disorder. This is by brain part no use, yet focus till allowed to seem use. So to think and feel energy flow to the use of the amygdalla is sometimes to cause figurative fits. Say as you think it, seeming a use for this came to me as I was to seem a use. This is what they feel if your turned to stone. As you think to use energy, so you see things aren't always useful. Your use is a thought, and as you create a point otherwise realize that can be really bad to do.

  This as you see means I created them yet I uncreated them, as I thought to "nt un fb" is not to create them again. This is just as living statues or animation are undone, leaving the brain not really. So functioning you can see things easily like lights or area darkness. Focus as you want things work as you desire or things creator made are what you want. You can create a motion and this creates water effect by what you think, what right idea is from correct use as though a point exists as if a thank you. This is a point that I like if it works, but otherwise things just are as they are. Accept them for what they are or use reiki to heal the damage, and work with those that want to work with you though I suspect a few peoples morals are not truly there.

  As if in use you are a point, there if in a pattern you are able to break the pattern, and what you think are two different things. If comparisons needed as unlimited use to think unlimitedly you are a point to remember. This is a point to use. As a pressure point known to the spirit is from the reality your in that reveals it, you can heal that or this isn't a scam as the idea either works or doesn't work. This comes to you as you imagine what you want and do some activity. That is stopping crime or use is done. So recognize the color feel to realize to use by cool area not to be, so think of a person for what you are seeing, or see what is there as you relax your mind to see what is there or by free focus. Then you know them for what they are doing.

  The point that I am making is a concept, that if you raise your ability you can easily more than likely or more easily result in a point of success. This is if to try and get long range reiki off and the activity the person does to unlock it, this will really do what a ritual is by feel in an unlocking rite. That "em" is a focus point or what a reiki master uses to create better result by use of the planet.

  As a better user in reiki use by result, as if your "use is a point" in rememberance you can use things to unlock that reiki ability by thought focus. As if use in chi energy makes that as your in idea to make and create as is to create a good idea, or not and your spirit is use with the killing idea that kills the diseases by death energy. This is drawn from their body and your will directs things you use to kill the disease, think to focus or feel as you think to displace your disease to something. This is so the disease goes to an object, or is not there as your aware.

  Seen or free by see or use is use enough to not be is not effected, or use is cool by concept and things like pestilence disappear as your death energy is gone. As your illness is by removed, think and that if you do healing this may seem to heal, rune or sigils are useful to heal by creative approach. You can have changed the approach in disaster and success by use and that is this meditation by focus, so you see kind idea with thought and feel to get better is to get what is care. So that is "over and out", by fee or "back from the ae ie" as you see not to do as that is that done.

  As this unlocks the ability to truly seem unlimited you can use long range reiki. There is a theory and proven idea that is if your able to use the idea, think to focus and cure yourself by inner energy and the thought that you either imagine or make by feel or thinking. This is to create better mental health, you can create by energy a body rash or reaction by the body scent glands. That release is a point or not if thought to cause auratic use, think and not scent the area as the alternative is "Emu" oil as made. Though this thought is used with an idea to use an ointment sometimes combined and made from peacock backfeathers, that if use can calm the body and cure yourself quicker. Otherwise you may attempt to use oregano, sage or sea salt to heal by feel.

  Your use of a standard point is just to think and do or otherwise use a mention as your subconscious does things, this heals what is wrong by the idea that your disease and their disease erases itself as the idea is that this is a source of idea where this removes itself. As the idea is to use an illness as a source, you can drain the idea as the ill idea disappears and your ill energy disperses from chi use. This seems by what you do in an idea by what life event, you attempt to work with energy. This means that you may get good resuts or ill results, if you use it just right.

  As you are ill or better off non dead you are well, with comparisons to living in hell and this means in this is an idea as this ends as you seem as you think "well". As you touch yourself and you think wellness, seeing or this is done and if you think your well. You don't have to do, as this is work if the idea doesn't work you can find something else to do as there are many methods if possible use is available. There isn't always a different way to do something as use is used idea if extractive energy is gone. Then you act normally.

  So if you use a idea and as you focus imagination in a point, as if and anything is allowed for or if conclusion as your thought is an idea to a point remembered with this use causes you to seem create in a good feel. Think in a thought and you use what you want as a pattern occurs to block the body that attacks right from the book. This is with in drawn breath or other action unless when it actually happened, and the pain dissipates this as a point is to block the pain and enabled in real life this is out by what you consider.

  Think and raise funds is to try to raise energy or funds by thought aura infusions, that raises your vibration to control things of outside influence by feel. This is of what you use, so be careful and don't if you do not want. Now if you had a mental illness it is gone, as if dissipated away by metal or a touch to the object and if your out your walk is a diplacement as if discernment or dispersion. As if a walk out the door is out of mind.

  As an ideal nasty side effect, you get withdrawal as its sorta snappish behavior as you think it not. As if you drink water in energy, this is by idea and there be no sickness if you think there is "non" even after difference with indifference as independant action you lose weight and think it be. This raises potential abiilty, by what energy you can seem in use to create with mind over matter or as to stop it with no and the idea works.

  As if before it happens to effect you, and if thesis is to seem correct a dispersed disease is gone as "metaphical" or metaphysical idea in activity causes the idea to dissipate. As you are able as this from you goes and "goe" to the earth, as it disappears from the presence that holds it and thought is the subconscious. As the idea creates the use, this is a pinpint an things you do are done.

  As you don't have to do things or die off things, use is your body as thought water as if to stimulate the brain with nothing of the brain as intelligence raises by intelligent act. As a point raised is a thought, and this gets a point of imagine idea that is possible and more used if proven true. As more easily used and figured out, this a factor by 300 times more percent by what you do by use of the idea. As cleansed energy and as your aura cleanses it in a point, that inner fire goes through the aura. Think and if needed to disrupt with an in illness by sight and view idea, illness or things that are is nothing.

  That use is increased as less tiredness with not any actual headache, this in thought will occur and if you do release the headache as you think. Think to focus and think the end result is free use as a point to think as you generate the energy. As this is fire you are absorbing energy and you can with heat in the air in an idea, that seems more intelligent after a created point that works and you think, create and focus as the use as of that isis guides a point in your use. If need be and otherwise cures you as if you need curing otherwise allow, see or think as if a lifting of the disease free from yourself. Create or cause is free use or create by thought.

  As your a "point a use" raise your intelligence by doing activity and sometimes this is to seem with sudden energy bursts, as also known is chemical balancing as you think your intelligent as if a part that the brain stimulates by a felt energy release in allowance with energy that is put to use by thought into energy as use is a moment, as if use is a thought to utilize your brain and thinking use is what creates a limited manifest. Think by psyching into a unlimited manifest ability, until you decide not to have manifested the idea. As if that is restricted and unlimited by unlimiting energy, by the creator as use is the creator as what you think as energy by thought.

 This is if fire can in thought seem to use a point as a source, that if used by the body life energy known as chi to seem that area as this is that part with the brain that allows magic and energy manipulation. Musical idea can create a thought, as you make a moment to create what you think and as you are an idea to use. The idea that comes to you and you do activity as this is think, as if energy passes through the frontal lobes and if your body cleanses itself. As you get better and the body stinks by activity in use, as thought is what you are as you think the focus you do this is a manifestor effect.

  By a directive word or thought as you feel in idea is to make a point, and create the brain into seeing by visual idea and imagination in thought. Stop thinking the energy is flowing through the frontal lobes, and you stop perceiving the visual effect as the lingering idea is the ingenuitity effect with genius that use by intuition as what you do creates in idea. As to unlock ability is a thought by whatever means you think to use, even if with idea as natural points in life as use is dopamine through energy infused water. That is lifewater with stevia, thought as a source of water as to create you know to unlock the energy in conclusion by what you see as if a drinking idea. This is a concept till you don't need to do things. This was from some area nurse, by an unknown practitioner in curse.

  Step 1: Make the person place both hands on the source of the pain is to think to the person that allows the idea, as you think and do you can focus in focus breath and make use to allow no path to the pain or other things you run into as you say the right things and get a good or correct result from what good you see in the activity you observe. If they have a pain in their chest, put them on their chest.

  Step 2: Make them shut their eyes and let them see you as a ghostly like form in front of them placing your hands in front of theirs. Both people should imagine this.

  Step 3: Now see the energy passing through your hands and through theirs to the source of the pain. While you are doing this have the other person keep in mind the color red (pain) slowly being faded away by the color yellow (healing).

  This is the third long range reiki and method distractive as three: Reiki tis idea to realize as the right herbs can heal nearly anything, use is focus chi energy things in this method with thought of the right idea or energy. Through the items is the art of healing energy manipulation. Think and what is the exact opposite of taking the wound into yourself. This allows for healing with a mere thought much like ouvisibas, ovousibas or mentally assisted energy manipulation by water. Now what you wish if energy is there can use flowing water as energy is thought an idea, flowing water as you think or piss in a toilet your chi, ki, or life force can dissipate the bad air and energy as your positive in life. Think energy or use energy if ionic is negative energy, that goes into a media or medium of material or air with the thought or need of 'healing'.

  Think of the person and send the healing energy forth by releasing it with an act or thought of healing on the self. Considered devistare style this is the energy, the time and thought is by the time you heal by focus with the idea in use or not in a line. The energy will travel through any media or medium to reach the target, any distance which, is mostly earth medium to focus as no hit and feel is energy. Said person should heal immediately, but there are some that heal slowly to the reiki energy. For those immune, use ovousibas or take the wound energy into yourself and into an object or a throw away object.

  This is the fourth reiki remote healing alternative is the streaming of healing reiki energy in through the body to heal the body from anywhere by this constant energy. These are the steps taken from here @ http://www.ehow.com/how_4805727_remote-healing-healing-distance.html.

Step 1: Carve out 10-15 minutes, at least. More time, if you have it.

Step 2: Lie down on your back in a quiet room, dimly lit room. Make yourself comfortable.

Step 3: You may say a prayer or have a thought for the effectiveness of this healing work.

Step 4: Take several deep breathes and clear your mind. You may meditate, if you like.

Step 5: Picture the person you want to help heal. Take your time and visualize this person as clearly as possible.

Step 6: See a white or golden colored light entering this person. Picture the light flowing directly into their solar plexus or abdominal area. If you know of a specific area this person needs to heal, picture the light flowing there.

Step 7: Hold this thought as long as possible.

Step 8: You may end with another prayer or thought for the well being of the person you've sent this Reiki or healing energy to.

  This is the fifth as the method for short range reiki came from Caz and is using the energy of intention, that is to Just put your hands over the place you want, to heal with intent to heal and think to let the energy flow. Some massage can be helpful, first thing and then after. Hand positions at this link: http://www.crystalinks.com/reiki.html or in these charts below.

Pic from http://www.towardthelight.org/services/reikiremotehealing.html

These are the Reiki positions used on the self.

Pic from http://www.towardthelight.org/services/reikiremotehealing.html

These are the Reiki positions used on others.

  Due Note: True reiki cannot be used to harm but only heal. But some seeming reiki methods can harm ya if ya overuse it or misuse it. This is without ethics too. To cause disease can remove it from ya or if refused/redoubled back, it could cause disease on ya, again theres always that redoubling effect. It has to do with how much chaos is in the area, so to arouse harm with reiki though, can be counted by some as seriously bad. Against good ethics. I believe it still can effect unless you don't intend it to, think and your thought causes intention that you feel is necessary. This is done without fear so no worries therein, this is just as you can't do any harm with reiki anyway.

  But still its possible to use reiki to cause an event somewhere of healing even as some just deny that possibility of harm. Thinking a point is a point, I believe I wrote how this can work for you. Its simple, think of an idea point or the area to heal by feel or effective energy. This is where you think of the energy and the area that you think the energy goes to there. this is done as you focus energy with a thought to goto a chakra energy gate or point. That is a point that is their hurt or your hurt for self healing, press that point if self-healing is necessary.

  Think energy goes to the point, this is done by a long energy transfer or enough energy to see a difference. Then if you think something to happen, the energy does your thought. Otherwise you can think energy to the aura and the aura causes by unclogging the veins causing the body to heal. See the body knows what to do with it to heal by feel or thought. This is with thought, though by thinking about it your actively guiding the moment and you can direct healing by what you do. Think no extra energy goes to the area to create the basic idea of slenderness, you cause yourself or others to become slender.

  This I think applies to people that want to appear slender. So think and you are aware of the area and the point, that indicates the pointed out spot isn't bad off anymore. So you may think your okay, think again if you feel twinges of the disease coming back so if you think a thought out point you can reenact it in your mind to get extra energy from the activity. The activity that you have with your mind is what you can think of as extra energy. So that may be what it is for now, what you choose to do with it is your own business.

Other styles of healing

  Other styles of healing are The simple event method, Physical restoration, Musical healing, Chewing pain relief, Color healing, Ovousibas or Ouvisibas, Laying on hands, Healing from the heart, Physical healing and Magical healing, which is the utmost ideal of a mages repertoire.

  Magical Healing

  It requires the taking of the wound into something else using yourself as the channel. Just focus on the wound area and put your hands on the wound sides. Now imagine the wound disappearing and you taking the wound to something else. Do this by making the image of the wound and an image of the object to transfer it to. Now draw a line in your mind from the wound to the object. Imagine a hand tugging the line you drew and in feel as the wound being pulled from the thought "un" used on the wounded body by "psinigery" in use by use of conversion to create something from converted matter or energy into something else.

  Keep tugging until the line goes taught and will not go any further. Then give one final tug and rip the wound from the body into an imaginary body. Now watch as the line disappears into the selected object. Dismiss both images from your mind by making it disappear and then do something else. When the act is in progress you can speed it up by saying "I wish this to work!" to yourself sometimes several times. This works through a thaumaturgical viewpoint of witchcraft. Then I would choose the earth as the object of choice to service in a thought use that perception and intuitive thoughts are insight from the spirit that is or not to earth. Void is a way of curing by removal with magic, to remove the disease and place it in an imaginary body may help this process as benown. As a known focus is as the way to achieve this allot easier. Think for the focus with an object "Focus point lifemode". This will make it allot easier. Most illness choices are once mentioned and disappears. What also helps is to think or say "Epull" for energy pull of what ya think on. A cure to everything if needed.

   An alternative magical healing method is additive and subtractive magical restoration, where the method is:

  Step 1: To restore or heal, think and focused is use as thought is creation by void as a subtractive force by thinking of a void and imagining the afflict removing itself to remove the affliction itself.

  Step 2: Then in use of void thin of no your body with nothing, as thought you use nothing as an empty space pulls the energy of the wound. As you imagine a voidal hole to pull the wound shut, as if extracting in mind a bullet from the side as void is a used additive enrgy not food in the stomach. Energy like gaia or other forces is by thinking of the force, and the afflict repairing itself or damaged area repairing itself by self healing energy that didn't heal to heal or restore from what damage was left and returning after with energy by water in what is a concept.

  This is the opposite of earth healing as you think to heal with void your use is earth as an energy, as you are a point to consider and think is an action of use somewhere, as you use a thought and this is dpoing an action with what you can use like activity with a computer. You can get easier techniques, with a thought of serive servival with earth energy as you think "ergy". As you are in way as to get out of the way and the service is from the planet, you can think and shift to seem as to be an use.. use is this.

    This is where you serve earth and get results by thinking about what you want. All the while, intending what you need to happen. This is where you make a pact with earth or thought, this is by stating 'I agree to serve you, mother earth no matter where I am.' Then, you get the result of what you intend and by mother earth's willingness. You get the earth consciousness connection. This is where you get to know whatever you need and you know what and where things need to be done. Then, when your with the earth's aid, you can go where you want in the multiverse very easily, anytime you want.

   When you serve her, you will be able to use the planets power. Thus in use or focus, you will be boosted a bit and possibly get instant magic. The earth knows what you need and makes sure you have it. The earth can repair you when its needed. When you call on mother earth, all you have to do is mentally talk to her. Then, she will tell you what you need to know or do, sometimes in a 'loud' voice. Things just happen for you, as you need them to, by your subconscious manipulating earth and other source energy. Whatever your race is, you can tack on a 'earth' to your name. Thus you see what you get as the planet gives visual on no end, an elemio engiel is elemental "engel or earth angel". See to create is see or by use is create and hot focus, to think or a dragon is an earth dragon or the wizard is an earth wizard and excetra.

   To use the earth's energy, use the EM energy think what you want to happen and if you have intention, it will occur. The earth is very able to maifest anything you intend to be manifested. This is where it gets weird and you can find coincidences that are there before you ask earth for it. Again as you see or not as inalienated, the earth will do whatever you want and where you want things see or do as necessary. Even or no use is use no allure, allowing use of gravity for a planetwide mass effect. This uses the idea that use the right things in correct idea to create a pulse effect, that meds with energy from the medicine as those that need healng and use is the afftect to create other idea as if in a point by careful thought that your spirit needs it to happen.

  If your something to remember "Self conduct is leading to a better meant method by means that you use to self-discover by seredipity".

  Physical healing

 Thinking to cure yourself is easy, just think and the creator makes you heal as though you feel and think you healed. Otherwise you may attempt to use oregano, sage or sea salt to heal by feel. If you think you can do it then you may attempt to try things, otherwise I wouldn't do things with substances as they could be deadly and this includes salt, smelling salts, poison by old food or water that is filthy enough that when you drink it you get sick. Sea salt is allowable. However in a pinch, you can use table salt or NaCl to cure yourself with used food. Just too much table salt is deadly or numbing to the body, you could find yourself eating more because of lack of body feeling or numbness with body feeling. Feel then think that everything has its point and is with moderation to eating or drinking. Then you control the weight gain or you can opt for weight loss.

 Junk food like chocolate or nuts can contain salt sometimes, otherwise this is the body's catalyst to act well that is caused by water, sugar or substitute sugar. This use of sugar or substitute sugar, that causes the need of the body to go up and counter what ills it. This acts as though melatonin went up. Tea is a cure or substance that also restores, the body health especially if green. As this is where tea can contain harsh ingredients, that the body gets over then you know that tea cures you sorta like a smaller version of a disease. That the body copes with and causes a larger symptom or disease to fade away. Thats why you don't take too much of it and you won't wear out your liver.

 Sorta like drinking carbonated water and you find the stomach settled with it expanded a bit by carbon dioxide, so with a slight bloat this if with aspartame is usually by too much heat nearby. So your feeling better with no bloat, then as its cold nearby or not too hot you are fine if you took in aspartame. NaCl mixed with Sea salt can cure anything, except with the right chemicals or solubles eaten or drank. I believe you could unimaginably bloat up, think and then seem to have more weight so thus that is what you get for quick rich diets. The cure is low sodium with oregano, that if taken in and you want tolerance. Use vanilla extract to cure yourself further on, so think to calm by this and by what you can do with things. You work with others or focus by use, what you will use later on is if necessary basil or coconut and that cures you of old man senior moments.

  Healing from the heart

  Healing from the heart is as simple as it sounds, as it uses the heart chakra. It is feeling your heart and pulling power from it to heal someone in a wounded state. Just hold your hands around the wound or see the wounded area in your mind and think on the wound itself. Then contract ya body as though sucking the wound and imagine the symptoms disappearing. Imagine the pain as it is and how it was described not being there. When you notice the patient without pain and or wounds and healthy again. Withdraw your hearts power back into yourself by pulling it back mentally and you "self-regerenate" your heart. This will always work if you believe it will. This can effect from any distance.

Laying on hands

  The laying on hands healing technique is acquired as a price that is from a paladins perspective. The technique is to lay on the hands on both sides of the wound. Feel and imagine energy to pass through the wounded area and to make it more effective you can pray to the god of choice to be with a prayer of interest you have as "Oh great {say God's name here} Heal this wound as my energy passes through this body! Grant me safe passage of doing this effectively! Oh thank you for thy help!" My God of choice is Satan, The Horned One or Jesus Christ of the Thieves. Any which way, this should work if your said God is with you. The process could be blocked by unbelievers and skeptics except for the moment of their death when they suspend disbelief.

  A simpler version is to place one or two hands across the shoulders, that will cause the stress and doubt to disappear and the person recovers from the idea of doubt and lack of energy if you imagine energy passing between your hand and the person then releasing and relaxing with each thought.

Ouvisibas or ovousibas is:

  Step 1: One needs energy to accomplish this act of healing. Take it from the ground through a symbolic link. The link is formed through the imagining of the ground represented by a picture of a rock.

  Step 2: Now in your mind, draw a line from the picture of you to the picture of the rock. The link is there and only needed to be done once.

  Step 3: To focus on the thought of a pump that brings water with the source of this water being that link thats thought unbreakable and is a link to the earth and maybe a link to a scope with magnification. It only works when the person pumps it so pump enough water. The water from the pump runs along a channel that goes to a clean water drinking pond.

  Step 4: Now, imagine yourself pumping that pump and watch as the water goes to the pond.

  Step 5: Now imagine a cup, that has dipped in the water that is filled with your energy, think it is now in your hand. Drink the cup of water in your mind. Then you will repair or recover things by recounting better. That's about all.

  Step 6:  Visualize the body that is wounded, with the wound disappearing and mending itself while your touching it or psychically touching the wound at a distance, repairing from the inside out or outside in.

  This could be yourself or another quick wounded use for a person. If the person happens to die, imagine the word "awaken". The body you are trying to work with will possibly be raised. If you want the wounded person to regenerate, touch or teletouch said person, and imagine after drinking another cup of the water, the word "regenerate". If you don't want to touch the person, imagine the words "cause regeneration" at the person intended. This is stronger than reiki but feels wrong due to the fact of that you force heal the body. Alternatively called "playing god" with lives, ovousibas it is. As an additional thought. its compassion that helps to heal the past pains of love as unseen tensions linger between the cosmic lovers. These things are help as to being flame to water. This is heart healthy.

Color healing

  Color healing is with two methods and either one can work for you. The first one is color healing choice 1 and the second one is color healing choice 2.

  Method 1: This is color healing choice 1 as its just imagine the color as its doing things and what it means is as decided beforehand. As to think color red mean pain an aggravation, the color blue means healing, so to see the color blue overwhelm the color red near the spot that hurts dissipates the pain and reverts the wound to nothing. And so on the color you decide on means an what you think it does. To revert the type choice of the color is to see it and reverse it in your mind. This causes the near opposite of the effect you think on in euphorics but its the same effect. To see the color means its active so to see the effect is to cause it being. To see it as of yours, and then of others and to disrupt an the effect if its bad to you.

  Method 2: This is color healing choice 2 as one, that is to imagine the color of the disease or the color that represents the idea of the pain or disease and two, imagine it leaving the body. With the color leaving, as it leaves the body it lessens and removes it, it being the disease or pain.

  Relaxation with colors is to be relaxing and this allows your mind to relax for easier healing by visualizing your favorite idea and color so it is to heal your body without stress. Make sure you are sitting comfortably, move your body until you are. Take a couple of deep breaths and follow your breath without influencing it.

  Then gently move your attention from one color to the next Begin with red, and stay there for about one-two breaths. While you open up to the color. Then simply sit down for a little while. Let thoughts pass by without consciously dealing with them. This is from relaxation exercise colors of http://ergoflexsleepguide.wordpress.com/2012/02/29/soothing-bedroom-colours-that-help-you-to-fall-asleep/.

  Chewing pain relief

  You can use candy or jerky as with other things chewed but it has to have chocolate or fruit in it to cause the effects of pain relief. Just chew something like chocolate or fruit skittles casually or hard with tension on the teeth. This relieves teeth pain and jaw pain too as the jaw pain disappears. It stems the flow of it as you think about it. Sometimes it doesn't work.

Physical restoration effort

  Physical restoration effort is of eight methods, which are stances:

Thumb to chest punch

Heart chakra punch
Eye energy recovery
Below nipple hit
Collarbone restoration
Chin rub
Energy revival rub
Body reinforcement

  The first two things are for the effect of feeling more "ready for action". Don Juan calls them the 'passes of masculinity', really they are touches to the area and holding for a few seconds or a few milliseconds. Thinking energy passes between fingers, you can relieve sometimes nearly anything. Sometimes swirling the opposite side of the body, relieves the opposite side. So think and do or release and if you got permission first, this is as though by explaining it you can do this. Start by rubbing the area and if it works, you know you can get relief. Don't come to me with blame, if someone gets touchy feely and you found they still get relief.

  1. Thumb to chest punch effect; ..Well get your hands like you gonna punch some one, some dwarf actually. Stick your wrists close to your ribs and punch a 45 degree lower when compared to your shoulders. Do it and get your arms in the first position immediately, when punching below, give your breath out and take one and punch with all haste and power and pull em back do it a few times, preferably on foot, knees slightly bended. Punch with your both hands as it will give you some energy if ya keep doing it.

  2. Heart chakra punch; Probably you know about that heart chakra, it gives spiritual energy more than physical. Aim the point where your heart chakra is, and hit it with your straightened finger tips constantly for a minute or so. Try to keep the same rhythmic.

  3. Eye energy recovery; This is from somewhere in Donna Eden's book "spiritual healing". Think as this is a point, what the eyes are for. Yes if this came from the book "spiritual healing", this is possible by use, the right eye is used as physical vision, I think the left is used as spiritual and the third eye as mental by feel. If this procedure is sometimes done then its done by permission. So if allowed, then is use for this to work by the feel.

  Pull at your third eye if open or closed or other eyes if closed that bothers you, with a finger point or with one of your middle fingers. Thinking to pull in the belly and pull your hole in your belly, this being with the other finger both up at the same time. So think an let the finger stay for a few seconds. Repeat as needed.

  Remember now, the right eye is the physical sight eye, the left eye is the spiritual eyesight eye, an the third eye is the astral or mental eyesight. Whatever bothers you in sight or seeing is sometimes done by things, where you can hold off for a bit and recover from the activity.

  Seeing things doesn't happen, as your sight is there and this procedure occurs. Where you may sight the idea, after you think to hold off. If possibly done right, the sight will return to the eye. So think to feel the eye with the eye closed to do this carefully.

  Then you know you won't pop the iris if you don't press as you hold it. That is then what you have to do to preserve to eye. That is all there is to this technique. So enjoy what you can of what you know will work, as this can leave you blinded for a little bit if you do it to the physical eyes.

  4. Below nipple hit; Hitting to your ribs just 1 or 2 inches below your nipples with stiffened fingers, men-women don't differ, this makes your immune system to get tougher. You can do it better a little, by widening the angle to sides.

  5. Collarbone restoration; Where you hit with your fingertips with two corners of your collarbones, the middle point is your spine, you can feel the points you should hit by touching them, they are a little "on". This restores the immune system to better function. It also gives you some reviving energy physically.

  6. Chin rub; Physically, there is a method for keeping awake by rubbing the downside of the chin, just behind the bone.

  7. Energy revival rub; Rubbing the space between the upper lips and the nose, it revives the energy spots around pancreas.

  8. Body reinforcement; Two inches from the middle point of the chest and one inch lower, hit that place not hard but steady. As in 1.5 times at a second and it reinforces the body.

The simple event method

  Well its very simple to cause an event, as it is to heal someone, and its to focus your mind on the thought you want to do. As per say, to clear the chakra. Then let your subconscious do the deed for you as you say 'done' or 'removed' or some phrase like that that means what you want to do. Then the subconscious will do the rest of the work for you. This can make you feel better if it works or even attempts to work. The word you choose is important as it is that of what the subconscious chose at the moment you wanted something and it reflects the intention you would want, as it makes it occur. Sometimes its effect is to cause an openness that stays with you, if healing. But I noticed meditation gives you a temporary lifting of conditions.

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