The art to discussion and arguing 


   The art of discussion is to use an integrity that allows you to be kind, interesting and to the point. This is making a point that can be talked about and worked with by the other person. Yet seem to brook no arguement if you want none. Where, the art of discussion takes place, this be when there's sometimes a switch-off to commanding or arguing. To which is using a different set of idea or where the other doesn't agree. The goal is to get an understanding between the people discussing things. So remember this, when you want to get along and get their agreement, you can make your idea seem like theirs and then if possible make it seem to have come from the other person. Sharing a viewpoint, if you can or asking a question for a question.

   However this is what I remember. When it goes to either of the two, then its up to you. The discussion has to be ended sometime, so be aware of that and try to either give an excuse to talk another time or to state that you must do something else or let the conversation end as you 'choose' to walk or go away from the discusser. Sometimes not saying anything is to end the conversation early and you have option to choose to go away from the other. So sometimes when there is no way to continue a conversation, it is ended and somebody walks away.

   Where I am certain that it is somewhat more interesting. This is when you are trying to bring up what they said and tell it in your own words, as a restatement to make the other assured you heard the thing said. The other thing is to restate what they did as a fact. When you make them think, by doing so, then you can get them to be swayed to your point. Sometimes to discuss something you gain a possible friend and someone to work with. Sometimes they may be abstinate or obsessive and go into arguing a point. The conversation with discussion is to make a point, not to actually argue. So, make it seem as though it were a good point as it can make a difference.

   Otherwise if you feel good, you can state your problem or situation and in the place of a response. This can be useful when you don't have anything to say about what they say. It serves to point out something of the moment that can be discussed or resolved. Try combining those idea of conversation, if you want to try something different. Try using the feelings you get through empathy, then you will know what to say, thought as things feels right create better.

   This is the point though, to seem to give in and yet make a point to get you a winning point in the discussion. This is like a debate, where the art of discussion is the idea of working with another for a result. So, they can turn into associates, and it can lead to pride and friendship. Which leads the future conversations you might have. On the other thing that can happen, be that the meeting can turn into nonchalance or dislike.

   So watch what you say as tis can happen, as some things said could lead into disaster. This be where the idea of holding back on saying the irritating thing in discussion works better for you. In fact, I believe its knowing when not to say something, also called saving face, where you state what they want to hear and leave off the rest. What feels right to say, should be a good approach than just bluntly saying things. Always remember the final last words. Where the dismissal of a discussion is the final last words.

  Arguing and Disuading

   How you argue is with a win win type situation. That is to win and have the other win, in some manner. The arguement is key to the conversation. So if your will is cool, to argue one work out their viewpoints and must be aware that each side has views that must be expressed to get understood. Thus stop the debate, to win or lose one must wait out the anger. Thought or emotion and otherwise not is still something so don't react, to it while thinking of what he or she will say.

   The emotional outburst can cause a reaction in a heated moment. This reaction can lead to attacks, or nothing by thought of many sorts. If the other person feels they are ignored or useful in a worthwhile ending, then they will leave off arguing or attack something else. The key to this is discussion. Don't be afraid to express your thoughts and get things understood. When an understanding is reached, then you are free to do as you want.

   Worthwhile ending is thus, thought if you know in death or life as creating is creation by an aspect art. Use is with ability that is energy, as if this with ebb and flow from energy or this is with an act. If this is acceptable an act as nothing is energy right off the bat. This changed as things progressed faster, as things were the point or concept happened quickly we realized. As that if we were to progress the things we do, were not always what they seemed and things can change by what you feel realized by tinglings in the energy.

   This can change as the moment is kisses or love in the idea, or so you see the time is cool to see as use is okay to the moment. This is not as the night of freaking or freak night, where the death scepter is with the idea as shape is what changes form as thought is nothing that creates necessary or other idea. Tis sped time timed things out not wanted, or not as necessary and made use that ended our lives earlier than usual. Thus as this is as thus is the life I live, we should have lived beyond the point as life wasn't cheated so be it I will as I need.

   This idea you see isis protects, as to live beyond the death is to work as you want. This is the effect as that is with life is interesting information, as it really can't be used except by the creator if the source is dead. Without the disruption try to focus by feel with a sphere. This is to create creative thoughts to feel by the use as use is usage in life.

   This is to creative changeable approach, by idea by imagined in use idea so feel the energy release as you foxus or create life. This is in focus by summoning things to be as you are in thought necessary as you create. Tis can be useable by the thought to do things in life. Through the creator this is useful in debate, think as to stop the debate you stop the debate and create by feel. This is life and life is life with intuition as you give if I am done with things.

   This is with things 'no en an' or 'no in en', as tis energy woven in the soul as thought as is at the end. As you know it or if not as you gnow or see by thinking. If you aren't even thinking as about things your with things, tis in the statement "in the end if you are about to die or do a goddess trick to live." If you aren't beaten, you were or make yourself worth the person's while or seem useful.

   This is done in many variety of ways, one of which is presenting your arguement in a firm or focused manner that makes sense to the other, as long as its practical they will agree and may end the arguement. Unless the other is obstinate, they will agree. Another such way is to present the idea an you want to discuss in a manner that causes them to think they won the point, where you actually win by sacrificing something you want for getting the agreement. Thus, feigning or seeming to lose is sometimes winning. This may be seeming to give in, and presenting a point thats similar to their point will win them over. So, if done right you both win.

   Be willing to say what is correct, 'Ok' every now an then or make it a point to allow them no arguement. Be willing to be concillatory to the point of effort, by any method you want to use. This means accepting the point of view and working with it, adding your idea in with it, and presenting it. The arguement is best ended quickly before it gets bad or violent. Albeit, don't seem to be a pushover too many times, as they might take advantage of you. In the arguement, be sure to state the situation to get the other to understand where your coming from. If necessary, make a stand-off moment where you may request time to think it over or similar. Waiting 10 seconds by counting backwards from 10 can work wonders. Don't be afraid to to say 'no' and point your reason out. This is being assertive.

   Stress the point that is important to you and they will get the point. Don't yell it though, just firmly state it as it can act to get attention to you. Thats the reason you can't always tell what the outcome is with concillatory moments. As the concillatory moment is changing the outcome where you can tell what's going to happen with the person who's dead-set and made to act with emotion. Its better to act with concillatory moments. It makes an interesting point, either ignore the points that don't fit with the object you have in mind.

   Think or see it to be as this is to seem, this is a worthwhile ending to take notice only when it deems important. Ie is thought or they must make a point of it, with evidence that supports their idea. So the only way to actually seem to win is sometimes not or accede the point, accept the situation and work out an agreement. The one exception amongst many is that sometimes people argue over the idea, they have to release stress and they can make up after working things out.

   So in the moment you see, be willing to laugh the problem off and let go of your pride. Pride is ego and takes up a position in your mind that promotes emotion. Emotion can make stress and a health problem may result. Thus, to lose the stress requires meditation or a decisive mind to achieve and not sweat the small stuff.