Meditation Schedule

Meditate for 3 to 10 minutes or less on achieving what you want.
In between the day, if there is stress present or knowing before the moment. This is just as your spirit or mind knows, and you think nothing in panic by a thought in situation. This is to think, act or use with thought to do and know.
Think as if you are in an ideal area, imagine that it soothes to relax. This is while your extending your arms hands linked, think to focus the energy and the area. This is focus by use to use things in the area, by use with an idea to create energy from the heart that is with the energy. So you see that is used after you use the idea. Break the moment in link by breathing in and out, then break the link by thinking it broken. This is just as the idea is there and as you are where you are, and just focus to think "mai relax" to "unclip". As though your body energy is auratic feeling you feel normal.

This is the feeling of energy that the body gives off, that is impressive if you can feel it and if a sun flare then don't attempt to do things with explosives as it could explode or if not there; then you can use energy to do things. Then you can think and visualize in your head something that regains your calm; this is with your balance regained and you surge your body energy to create a semblance of thought to seem calm even in unusual circumstances. Next, you breathe in and out and the body is relaxed or not do things as you think to calm down.

However, anytime your calm or stressed out, you can focus all the stressful energy and form it into an invisible or otherwise worked with sphere in your head and make the energy pass from your body, as if to the ground yourself and that is to think energy goes to and through the ground to the core of the planet and leaves you calm or focused. Otherwise, this is just by a focused thought, where you could think the energy of the sphere or stress goes into an object or water for example, this is with the instruction to allow it to work or make it work. This also works to create a stress free body. Thinking per use of the water or area energy, then focus it to use the energy and summon the energy to cause the situation to fix itself. This is just as if never a probable worst case scenario.

This is where you think to use the energy or consider the point and guide by a thought. This thought is what causes the third eye to create with your idea. So this is thinking for you whether in stress or not in a stretching exercis. The goal is to think to tense your muscle. Next, as you think to release the tensed muscles, thought is energy with focus and release to make the muscles lose their stress; this is just as you aren't stressed anymore by what there is. This means that you can control stress in the body, so this is done by a stretch or tense and release that is taught in meditation. If this doesn't work, you can use your own technique. However you do it, it becomes your energy again after your done. This is a recycling idea or energy effect.

Your energy is not overwhelming (don't think of it this way or allow it), so your of use is as though energy is there to do things. It is soothing by experience realized if by what you see, this is with manifests sometimes that occur with the pinneal gland (a part of your brain). This also known as the third eye (not a real eye socket, but an invisible energy center in the brain that can act spiritually) located between the eyebrows; a little above the brows themselves. This is sometimes done using an in drawn breath, where you think what you thought to use and in focus to create.
1 hour before going to sleep and or when stress arises
This is sometimes from others feel that you feel things, otherwise known as empathy. So if you think your feeling it, you may use this idea. Think to collect the stress and release to the empty air. That is how you do it. So being that with others, meditate for 3 to 10 minutes or less on what you want to achieve. This is where your thinking or feeling the need as you breath in and out, and what you are; I think this is what you want to occur for best results that you feel as a need. Think and you know what you want or need to do.
Due Note:
Meditation normally takes time. Many people may think it is done in an instance, but if you think about the idea, then indeed meditation takes a bit of time. This is depending on what you want to do to how long it takes, of course by feel you know this, but if you think about things taking time and taking only a small second to do it, then you can create what results you want. If you think to just release the tension energy. That is the technique I put above, written in detail.