A thing about vampires

  Vampires started out as an immortal human race created by Morrigan the despised who was the first and now is an archon or non 4th dimension archon, "seia" or vampire elder who allowed as necessary no prey to escape. They are led by their desires of blood into destructive but deadly acts. They have no conscious except for the fact of social conduct guiding them for they are born out with an act of death. This death can happen like this: As a young woman is killed violently and improperly buried by a priest and when the death occurs. This is where things are by the point or activity that your aware so you think. I think so I am aware so I think I will adjust this area then create as I think necessary.

  Sometimes is the point that you not or allow unless needed or needed is where I know this. With the earliest written record classified as such, "i es in" i ask things in the order I have by things that last otherwise, this is no longer useful unless I needed to fix something so I will do nothing else with this. I think they use animal energy so the dog park is useful till you don't have a dog as use is a normal dog. This reminds me of the scene the monster hunters had of a cupabolas monster dog, I think i sensed one near the area, the monster dog was lost as i haven't seen any sign of it for a week. Time to teleport away with no dog near then I can shift to safety. Think this is done so now i am done as finished is finished i will live with safety or peace. This is my last ideal on the blog, how to deal with things so not too obvious or your free. I am outta here.

  So discordent or discardent is interesting if a big deal. I think to work by what you think you can do. then you know what is to do if you thought you can do things you could know what is possible. Live as though all your ancestors were living again through you. This is there by the point you realize to do. This is though by the point you make is the ideal you made. I realized by the ideal you create. So you create you make then you can can create what you work to get. that is all there is to this. This is the end that I saw.

  Some use vampirism as the excuse unless you think. As people died they are aware that is by what awakened that is thier lives as blood flows in the veins, they eat normal food not the human that is the ideal energy. Sometimes the work from below to create above. A healthy vampire sometimes has lust until they don't need as they are drinking water that sometimes like wine or sugar alcohol. So that is the point you can make with life they tend to judge by the feel. See to prove your usefulness to preserve your life. So they know or realize what is there by the senses so they are aware to their fact that they are aware exists. If you think they are there then they are there or bo longer there if you don't think they are there.

  Sometimes they can use energy like a ghost if you think to allow them the energy to survive or live as they wish by feel, work to create by want, thinking with feeding not is the point they are sane or usually can think to live. If they think they are gone from the area they are gone. This is their use or way to go. They in their way or use is actually avoided. So this is think work then do, or not do. As this is think sometime to work for them then you can create what you think or no longer need to work. Your free to do something else. This is think positively to them as some projection then think to allow them, as you do or don't do things your way as their way otherwise not is allowing to do.

  What can keep the hunger or sensation down is leaf of some sort such as lemongrass, lemon basil or spinach leaf. I think I imagine things to create them too much as they are starting to occur. As you see as much as you think is possible to used ideal you can create the point, as this isn't a haunted house its a point you think that is useful till proven useless. So you can see the use as use its use not useful if not wanting to go. They won't have to go to the people that think of them they can manipulate from a distance using their energy. Think your free from their influence then you are.

Creation of a vampire

  The burial is on a full moon or moonless night or they do not exist at all. 1 or more days to create activity where 3 or less nights to work with their thought as though a dhampiric blood god is thought to exist a full moon later, as you see or use as then the corpse is evicted as if a live body or buried. See pick avoided is the use to create the living state. As first step you see the use is creatable if not moving, that is theory when the corpse arises out of the grave in perfect condition to create a body. That is light crawling from light wave focus to form or not alive, let go of the intensified idea and unless thought creates by what you think.

   Their is the point you see or use item or focus "in ine sen" creation or use as use is over with your creation is by what you create. We create by thought or use is found idea. See their use is your idea as acceptable or not is allowable by feel. See this is "dos dropping" or drop an item, think to see somewhere then you find the item you sense to use. So you create or they won't be what they won't mind is by feel or use, so if you walk your area or tailbone is the weight loss or what isn't notice is not use to see.

   See the dislike is dismissal to see or not use or sight as you are with what they are not liking. Sometimes they see or allow, then is the like or allow as no like they won't mind. So this by use don't or other use, explain is your concept near some. See or by is you feel or nor seen, this is a flag room or the person is graverobbing to the vampire. See that doesn't mind you gone or the item disappearing is possible to go as thought.

  As if the body is mouth fill with salt to use by thought otherwise saline solution, sealing the body is creating with thread as you use the body to focus as molecules used are thought to use. Focus energy through teletouch, the body seems by some use the area energy as immunity is from what is done when dead were revised. They were actually listed as the body or sea worm comes out, as they are out from their grave then then come back into their sea hole home as they are no longer out.

   So this is to ignorant use that is thought to use, your use then creates interest so your idea is passivity or no aggression as you do in or not use idea. View the body condition or not to get hurt if energy in use. So the inner fire is life chi to use, thought by use is thought to use to the cells. That merely means you create or feel by senses, thought to create life is intensify as the feel to use the area otherwise they can recover.

   Most lie or cheat after vampires rise after awhile, won't be able to move so you dismiss the father so as you have less harmful energy. They live as they do no harm as you use animals or sustenance to live, this is a part I see in movies but isn't what it is. So this is watcing what seems woozy that you are aware, then focus or passing out isn't until a dawn. So to do more activity, than they regenrate they pass out or die by the wrong felt from them idea energy in atleantian. Temple use as they choose not to manifest.

How they can live

   They are living as they find uses to live with, so that is use by chi your creatable by view is done or you can see the idea if useful. So your idea is what the spirit causes, see in inner life to feel new thoughts. So energy is feel or not to use, as you see you sense or realize as you perceive. So as easily as burying the body you create some idea, that the full moon reassures them to manifest as if an attack can weaken. You see there is none until thought dead. So what you believe can seem to happen, as you focus body energy near them to allow a live state you can see what use this is use by energy that used up they don't come back. Before the body dies this disappears, the area is energy use the ability is what is necessary or not. So yep true you don't have to feel alive to feel alive as a statement with idea.

  So if felt near in the area or want to the people or beasts that eat from the body such as were, as they use in life they can't live as hunted however some aren't cannibals. Not to see this is use by thought to see cool idea, they still can use aura to cause them to live right or use time. Thought to create is by astral points to live as a body is born, by thought together the body thats rising is there yet the spell is l. That finishes them off is feeding as they feed, they die to collapse as they are use your use is over. What kills them can bring them back, or don't as you see use to don't do that ash the right time.

  That is the method by the power with Isis to seem good is create what you want or waning, there Hera is body use with positive resulted use. So Aseio is often use as concent is the creator that manifests is Abbadon for dead rising as you wish the dead till your dead to live. Isis is good protection, to the use as you feel is idea. Perhaps they don't like being eaten or treated that way.

  Assuming the body is fresh without scent or just dead you can create it alive by the creator in use. Not create is use to be or seem, alive memories that are what you feel to use. That is new activity is new experiences, by thought to your use seems cool to use yet you can sense. Sense area activity quickly the fire will bring if not wanting a body alive that is dead or rotting.

   This was an example from Marieh Carie, think or not in other names as thought of disorder disappears taken to control her as if from the point she lives as she wants. Think as thought from a vampires world in thought of her in the world all its own. As she died early in the head and from Mersa disorder, as if a person prisoner or thought to live and memories were an idea in difference. Lust is usula effected or as usual good mood or feel is there or here, you can create lust by what they feel or know the difference between reality or what is a point. Where a bad mate that can come back good. As though a soul in thought is a manifest person, that is believe and not as this seems as you intend.

  As in a point is thoughts to make a vampire you use the energy as a thought of life in the area is viewed as if bloody vision or energy in form as clear sensed beings and if killed in a point, that is not dead but not if you will them to live on. As the thought is a point to seem thought, create as idea is born as thought is an idea in life and your use of their idea. As you use the idea you can give them energy, as their will is as use if youfs are this is "trur unless not use". The area or "b"urn is material rubbing, see this as in they outwardly manifest use in your idea in a point. You can correct anyone with this.

  As from the world the energy as is in from original concept with original concent. See and believe as the idea, thinking makes and you are known as thought itself can "liquify this or create". As a point not always taken, or aura in use is energy that doesn't as to manifests. There is now a point to work with though, thought reveals that if your a born dhampire or vampiress you can get any actual idea to form or cremate that is disentegrate from the spirit.

  This is actually Edgath that is the first vampire in thought and wanted to be thought as this in action is life by the thought that can seem as if something interesting as everything created is almost equal, as in the act as pointed out this creates an interesting afterthought as a thought is activity any energy by aura you use is life but you continue with energy that is love by what you do or not, as you want when you learn how is the feel and original sense. They do things you might not like and the idea point, is think as a concept done and by the third eye that is the "I" or idea not set in amoral purpose can describe the idea. As the third eye can create what you want, as the sensed news in thought by disaster from tomorrow is sometimes news for today.

  They make in life or though not in thought, their unruly act is now long gone and how they can act is interesting. As each chi act done by the person thats alive is done, then the right things will occur to your area and you get positive activity. As if in done its in and not as she died pretty and thats about all, with an idea and is pretty as different found fact creates Isis will to seem by manifest, thought and born out of wedlock with complictions, or as a concept this is a born point or thought that is a different soul memory acted out by the vampire. What you think is done is done unless you seem to use them in life as a source. This means wat you think is possible, or the vampire uses a life energy, as the life of a vampire is nothing you think or they move as you are able to move as the vampire sees te need as though an act.


>Other facts

  Otherwise as your aware if magic you can seem to be a ghoul or lich by actions to see with your spirit and active use is active magic in life source. To defeat them, this is to create an idea and then think and now have a thought, as you know wisely as if decimated in the lich and this can disrupt the life. As the men lich dies from within itself and the women liches, they can kill by what they think by poisonous or disruptive essence and kill or dissolve themselves. Think by what they intend themselves, you can decrimate and by what they do. This example came from the 1700's, to "creatre" see a daywalker as the author is Dheyo. See if you viewed by thought to think, you can create with a thought your use as is a thought energy to them as them if to send as belief and energy they use. That is you shift they drag off the body.

  Condemn and they can create any result as you think and use is a thought. As act or act not, if you condemn a daywalker you condemn yourself and they get a point and create by what they use, including in regeneration by the sun energy as they are able you can create as they use the created energy as then this end is at the end and youth energy is use to them you can create by thought set in them into dhampiric beings. They usually exist as they are aware to work.

  As this dead is the purpose you are living or "as if you are or they were they are near", alter is were not thought they can get immune to the sunlight friendly or use is feel, the seen net or not sensing life or fear then is disodor. See as you are a wizard to avoid people, is no like is so disodor you gnow. So this focus by use is a concept or regeneration and they regenerate. "Long flight over, as you see the sense." See this was to cure america of weight. "Sey moe oe les no" that was the phrase said by a famous caption right before his death named as by death drawn moment, Seal Carpathian of Manim date 3012 to 5051. I saw with the area in his wife Caepothia D Sey was beside him, as he was killed by alienatium death bringers as "explosion by use if life was worth it on the gravestone. Don't be insane like him."

Basic as facts

  See this is from vampiric. Think by a set thought and they do you in, as you can create the essence and they work. As if in the 1800's or modern days as they are formed to use and as they can fix things, probably by what in thought if as a thought with or as you and if you they can get and strength is theirs as they use you and dead otherwise is not moving. If they wish and use your energy, see as you are and no desecration is minded. See use is peace or they seem you or your friend you can get strength from whatever you see as well.

  Nowadays to create them and not things that you don't like you mention them and can create vampires, as if vampires are to be believed use. So if near the dirt they are from they are stronger as energy is being people who are not so immortal, but they can drain away energy and sometimes blood energy, no use is no use I give up as a concept from another. They can be very effective, see a death art or area to realize as this is a point or allow. So say the truth is thought to achieving something on thought and purpose is easy, so seeing as you sense to say to harness and make things. See you say as by true thought energy they are allowed and now can become as sense use or creative. So simply this use you see because they have a focus, created and use that is magnetic vampire art or art with magic amazing to see or not invade or use as if you ask to enter.

  So no feel is no effect, see or not wrong is thought by feel. As you see to move yourself from the room you died in or try to move from you won't as you collapse, see or get the vampire to move its presence from the room that it died in to go away. Then if you've seen or see to get things then you will see tricks to keep it there if even in fantasies or there is some area feel, see to use to work with the idea or the vampire will collapse as the body has to be moved physically from the room. There is the area reason or presence to create or correct to create, what or where you feel to see that you see what is right or correct by the area you sense. The blood is from sense to the area then blood need is from denial, see the need to live where you can or can't normally live without any manicalness as maniacal nature. This is theory in use to think the name, then what you want seen to cause by wishing for incentives will give you incentives thats all that is. See as you are so things that the vampire will or not work by presence.

  They in thought are amazing and release can cause acceptance by idea, so don't seem to say what is unlikable, as your seeing cool points so stopping is good. Think as your seen you are so easily killed. As natural aura or use by idea, fire use is drawn energy allows them in concept if believed to be able and out is energy to them. As to seem themselves as you or not, as unless they are truly what they say and allowed by you in the area they only have to do. Something will happen that is necessary as in a moment and its, as thought a magnetic force or use is crimson energy. Don't need to rub as you cleaned.

  See usually thought as in magenta energy causing blood energization to create as there is trappings in magnetic fields known as flux fields. They can cause charm effects, knowing as to reveal people by thought as a thought is trace this is as they who are aware of your result are acting on how they are living being in body. They sometimes only show people, as with use with idea psychic arts what they want to see by use of the idea. As to get along with people and create what you want. This can use blood links, as with use of blood energy is a link.

Energy uses

  As energy zones known as space zombies or vaults out in space that are in things, thought as subpockets in time and imagined or not and as you do not normally see can manifest these are not too easy. Instances are where you are no longer a chance of failure is a chance of failure except with now is in mention and the right moment thought, as a moment is a time that ends on a point not to do as there's almost always someone against the idea or not. music or not. To manifest and that is mysticism  compelling people as a set idea is in use dark set arts  or shapes, formed by energy as you think is a concept projected forth to respond as this is your bloody energy assumed in the consumation in blood or sanity in witchcraft as a positive idea to use modern day and think to listen to people.

  Energy feedings are often from the thought by what they do to others, healing or other idea seen in drinks when they feel weak or sometimes, when they are in a group. As a point and they can desire, things to do hurt to others, easily, if they deny themselves to see psychopathic actions. As with tune they strike a surface and create effect, as the energy draining or fixture is a thought into water that can make them feel good. They can form people into creatures or restore by will as if to help and a clock with use of time by what they intend and their desires are known, or not as they portray what they think in mind and create with as energy use is an art.

  Thin and create and as with energy by food, combining the energy is thinking by feeling with the psychopathic or other desire, by thought and then your use is possible as their use with greater intelligence is expressed and they are pushed on to greater deeds. Things in lingering effect are nothing but a memory that can be recreated or stopped in a point. These are the moments that what you think or read to become true fantasy, true fantasy is not real as fantasy is this and if not believed is no damage to you as is created or not created as signs your around a dhampire.

  Energy are beings to vampires as they are by heart and desire, driven by lust or thought is idea shaped into form as they can live off others energy, or the use is the method that isn't funny and is the creators energy is to remain strong. They can get into the mental focus, to make any idea real or seeming, when they want to and this is a sign of individuality from duality. As they see themselves, they know as if a second self and can adjust thereof.

  Some vampires are not unliking so they may enjoy rare bloody steaks, and where they love the energy,  they can get energy derived off the blood of others. Any energy can physically strengthen them, to some degree, for as long as the energy remains. This is different from the undead vampires, as their abilities are more interesting, but based off lore and memories. So they walk with sunlight by use of another body or area, day light slightly effects or doesn't effect them where night time they aren't effected.

  The undead vampires were to not be affected by sunlight so much, that is a point that causes immunity with the stronger clan as a vampire gets strength from its clan the more exposure to life, this is the more exposure to light in thought that doesn't always happen to build up resistance to the sun as the less effected in thought by the sun. The stronger the charm, as if they attempt to live they breath in air by sun charm or act normal as charm is amazing through the aura. They use the aura as energy is focus to work then they create what you wish.

  A very strong vampire can look directly at the sun and the vampire may collapse if overuse is energy, will only see red haze in flashes as their feeding off people if glancing at the flames, where the dawning of a sun can kill them. The flames of the sun are not always lies, as you can see and use them to do with focus and create what you think into a child as dhampires are born with love, hate or born as the body is in fear by some threat and if you don't fear them tey won't bother you.

  They can very easily fly because they have such direct in thought is with an idea to focus by will to create of thought. Unhingable jaws are very much apart of the vampire that allows them to bite the neck and unnatural strength comes from the lifeblood of animals, humans and any other thing that has blood including rare steaks, yet not all vampires can accept thepoint as blood is not the wine its only thing they drain as food and drink is also possible for them for tiding them over.

  They can teleport by will alone, or to create a use at least once a day, but the stronger vampires can do it more often, because of their focus of will lending them strength. They can phase through things, and walls, including the ground itself. They also have the ability to become very fast and approximately in a blink of an eye, as they can do ten to twenty things, if they focus their mind on it, seemingly at once. The minds of undead vampires are mostly part, of the universal conscious that transcends time itself and acts like a beehive conscious that is with separate and equal wills.

  The body of an undead vampire can mesmerize anyone who gets near and they only have an idea to say if something is there and its like an auratic magnetic force compelling people to listen. As they accept them they accept vampire presence in life. Possible use is tachyokinetic, tachyokinetic allows small particles (tachyons) or waves (lektons, gravity or light waves) manipulation along with their interaction to form and manipulate magnetic form by the thought pulse as a point of time fields with silver thought in a thought and ideal focus. As in thought by focus they gather the red dots using of waves you think gravity time creates, they can gather force quickly as use is them to create direct results by kinetic energy in blood is magnified, think by in folded energy and released on an instant to create absolute sanity by manager thought with use of psychology and you create what feel they can sense as if kinetica ability.

  They heal extremely quickly and regenerate any lost limb. The most awe inspiring ability of the undead vampire is to do magic because of their focus of mind, and ability with power manipulation, thats due to immortality, and in the ideal this makes them very strong magical users that I would say at an archmages level. They can shift their consciouses to others and only to take them over, as they use this ability, they can gather essence of spirit to possess people. Then if a good reason or the need arises, you can get a good result and use the spiritual essence to shape the will into essence from things to create a living form.

  The body can be based opinion though as they react as though the body hadn't eaten for a long time really to change the body you think to work. Then the body exposes itself to new things then changes to adapt by normal means. So if you are anything the body puffs up then dwells down with less weight.

  Any handheld device is like aura energy that causes the body to live until noones around or the energy cell stops holding charge, so if recharged the body could lose weight by focus or the body loses weighed value with a zap to device. The body doesn't have to respond this way. This could be any response that you think to exist or unexist.

  There could be a no hold or hate response. They think to not respond to us by now.. Otherwise you could try to avoid this hate or living by the aura response when you lose weight. When you lose weight you lose response so you don't react as though I don't agree or don't consider to care.

  Leave it alone then you see improvement. By now your wondering what is happening, so when you leave it alone the device is restored by your aura or not there as the device selestructed. Less weight with selective destructiveness. if the undead are near someone they are capable to absorb by water that's with the cells to shape up this is like the person.

  Then they are acting similar or then relax to appear to revert then shape to seem their natural form. They can be human or other shape, animals or either or one of the people that they kill. This appears in the mind to work as though inner sense by water, Outer sense that is heat sensation there by fire sense.

  I think that's all I can say about them the humans or animals that is sensing what is sensed. I think you are correct, though thought is as you think. The mind is the body that is response so you wish and usually am with the fee or not as you feel in pain.

  That's only hoping on opinion based fact thats based opinion so fact as you know is those ideal with two other viewpoints, seen after some effect where this can change. So I think I will change this now to make things better. Skip the rest. Skip the sleep your rested by thinking you are by the creator. This is immediately ideal with the end you think.

  Think to get near them, this is to say the right things at the right time or space. Thinking the time and make the correct actions anytime you want, so you know or realize you won't get repeat moments with the cell phone based realitity. As there is a possibility to become like them, because you are near their aura and their presence makes the body heal trauma that on acceptance is corruptive by aura and more to being like them. Having sex with them will speed up the process and this includes touching them and to be bitten by them. Finally if you are aware, they are immune to all diseases making the undead vampire able to stand a raging, plague or distaster untouched no matter what this is. That is a undead vampire in a nutshell to my mind.

Astral vampires

  There is another version to the vampires and they come from the astral plane, and they come when called by the thought by the dimension of dreams being recalled as they are able to appear like anything if the energy is their own from the person that thinks to them. As they are listening in as they are what they seem not always to the senses. As they had a life form, as they are in life and thought in love indifferent in view. As they are attracted and target those that lose their dreams as yet if you think no more after they start watching you, the vampire can be attributed by them and yet you can feed off them by auratic feedings if you are picked off as a target feeding.

  They are the astral vampires and they don't necessarily need blood, because they can eat the energy from anything near them instead as this is other vampires as a source, think as if your poison by them draining it and they won't drain you. The blood is already in their veins because it comes with the form they choose to be and they can choose any form as they are natural shapeshifters. They are eternal beings and the sun, radiation or bioelectrical is their major energy source. Think and night time's magic flow is ruled by night as the second largest energy source for them. Energy vampires don't need to do much unless necessary as if to eat is to act or create by will, but their bodies can get into the habit of it, because it is also energy.

  Demons can also be eaten by them but with care of possible mental usurping. They are neutral to each other and due to the energy intake, they have greater abilities in magic and their abilities are at magus level at most. Some even have mind abilities which they use to great effect. They tend to do less and are less active than men because all they have to do is think about something and it may occur. The thing to watch out for is their dark urges which can control them because it is a part of their basic nature. This makes it possible for them to do destructive acts instead of positive. Because they are magus level mages, they can easily undo the event.

  They can control someone with their presence instead of just mesmerizing people. Their bodies are true energy that can take any form and shiftshape easily. Because of this they can lift a hefty 8000 lbs item when trying with focus of mind and enough energy to lift that amount of weight, in a weightlifter body shape or angry. They also share those abilities as with the blood vampires and their abilities extend to time control. All they have to do is touch someone and they transform a person from within, to do their will or become as they want, and it is undetected when it happens, except by the person touched. The transformation is by the fact that the persons energy source is eaten from within, and they become a new person when the body dissolves leaving only the power of the soul and their memories. That allows what is off basis that they are with a vampiric wing.

  They could elevate a blood vampire to their state of being and the only way to kill an astral vampire is to drain it of energy completely and keep it from that energy for 24 hours. The body they formed will remain alive as if a saint's body, but their will is dead if they are killed and if resurrected, by somebody, they will be normal humans. The only undestructable thing about them is the body they form and they can reform the body or energy body, if it gets wounded enough and if they get defeated, they come back 3 times as strong but not strong enough to lift a vehicle. As though by use with power thats sometimes electricity, they could kill then draw a car to hit them 3 times.

  They are bound by the the energy of the action and deal, due to the intensity in the deal making and the sharing of wills while doing it. If they break it they will suffer unknown penalties, by their sub minds, thus they never make an oath unless they mean it. If hired, they must do the job without fail whereas they can break an oath without penalties, if it was broken by the other party in some manner, and this is  including attacking them without warning. When they listen to a song their energy is tripled, thus they are guided by the song but not controlled. Thus the things they think about tend to happen and they are elevated by their mood in power.

  In anger, they can cause the sun to go red or any other event that they can create, in their anger, so theory in use is their desire. They are aware that love exists, they can cause other matings as they excite the particles that causes attraction or they do a mating. I think with sadness they cause sadness without trying and in hurt feelings, they can make their enemies hurt three times worse. When desirous or jealous, the mood of others surrounding tend to match. They do have a conscious because it comes from ages of living, and they will attempt to keep living instead of causing death, unless disturbed, to the point that they won't fight yet allow others to take over unless they resist. The astral vampire is a walking demigod according to these facts. But this is remembered information.

  The idea of this doesn't affect the diseased people, who are different through pofyria or porphyria thats a vampire like disease giving the victim all the symptoms of a vampire. Most pofyria victims are not well accepted in society, and don't have the same abilities except for the strength. There is no actual cure except death as they are still mortal, but with their death the disease is spread.

  Noone has them so they tend to judge them or step in for them. So they only do what they want when they want to. This is their ruling they create with by sme ideal that they wish to follow where they don't have to follow anyone. This is what made me leave so this means no war exists to work as they will as they cease to exist their will disipates away. So your free from their influence. Another vampire can sense them so if they don't want to be sensed, then they aren't as they are aware to work with them, animal or human. So they work with others if they want to work with some ideal.

  That is what I recall of this ideal. This is the truth they are as you think. They act as they want or aren't there to be bothered by others. If animal spirit from killing or saving an animal they can tend to act or are them. So be wary this is some area or dangerous activity group. See they tend to act as they want to yet when they realize their death they can see the realism or cause others death by their desire that they are aware is there or where they think. So best to see them or leave alone. This is useful as they are them. They the animal them the humans. Just do or don't is the thing, remember don't react so you aren't effected unless to avoid disaster.

Species or breeds

  Here you can read about species and breeds of some vampires. You can find more from the info above and here@ the parasitic energy theory doc as probable abilities and here are some that I know that are possible shared traits in clans set by the energy, thought of undead and other types allows you the vampire disease effect, thought with unique abilities:

  •   Shape Shifter- Sasuta are sa'sue'eta a people who sees a person, thing or thinks of the idea to become it in full. It doesn't matter what shape but all that really matters is wat they are observed for and if love it wants or desires to become the shape as it has no true shape but a clear no substance gel form. It consumes energy to fulfill the shape from any source possible by taking the energy from whom or what it wants. It evolves a shape from pattern and it remembers all shapes its been so it can form into any shape any time. These people don't admit to being, a distraugt need creates them to be the shape they are a vampiric breed and act as in dopplegangers. There is energy by the energy necessity, feel or not by the deed is te thought by the energy in he deed by the thought.
  •   The Zaerb'a or the Zaerae are the natural name given by eating someone that was given to the astral vampires, that feed with others cast off energy as they use or take food from others if hungry. As they are the point can seem to be and act normal anyway, tis a point to feel or feed or create as they use essence to create bond and blood relatives. This is the 5th dimensional vampires, tis as you see him he is or isn't to the idea. As if that is natural resources are what they use in a landfill, as they are or live in life. Tey are their natural form by natural energy in the order to march, as they hate or avoid or not, tat is what they cannot understand use of as there is energy within the body with in context. As they are context business or not otherwise are near to the area in what you think so you can block that voice out.

      They are thought to have they are given thought light energy in the area that form things you seem to want. They are as you think or they appear as really strange animal sapes or sapient animal human shapers.
  •   The Zaeb are a clan of 5th dimensional vampires feeding off blood energy from seeing the area of their victims, as "clae-arae-zaeb" or as a dogsune clan there is seemingly one to time temple use. As after they shift they are that to cause work, they are created or can were or they can create. There is thought to be with work to use or make use in life. What they are can if seen to be are if they are in real life, as if they are in real focus they are with thought to be as they want to seem in their habitat. This is some area denoted by the feel.

      Their will is their writing as they perceive the writing they can create is by water in the mouth. Their doglike natural feel is in idea that is now as natural idea is natural will as in the act, known as "Zaeb-are" they arrest the creature or person in a heart attack or other attack. Where the creatures state is a wereish creature that creates animal shapes on idea, as they will or if the area reality will in this is energy creative area called "an areia". The area is able to be or focus, as the thought exists shapeshifter or unexists from form to the creators will.

      They seem to feel or create as they will, as they act alone or are creatures or they will be gone. Their catlike creature is the idea that create the point, this is by by focus as feel is free as the creature is comfort this is by what they feel. As to do this as energy of gods are and what you can do in thought is not give yourself away, as they serve death or life think by whatnot terms as your energy is in focus they form. As you feel with the moment to be, as they create is there is as if the idea you portray. As your away if their in as if the thought. They are as you think to be, think as you are willing to be shaped or not as they are meant to be shaped. They can create any substance, as if necessary they use water as a natural substance base.

  •   Zeva is formed into dhampire as uncursed as a zombie vampire or Vampire who is in undeath and either cured themselves of it or hasn't made the full vampiric shift, this in the mood is by the solar sun star conversion thus has repulsive scent, almost rotted body an the sun is use if to regenerate that is withering to energy with some area attack that is what can or is not noticed. What can't be done is digest food, without uncontrolled swell and can be mistaken for living undead. As they have no soul they have plastic and this is credit, if the feelings they have disappear to the things they get to focus with and turn energy neurotic near the point. I think their will is energy so they think then they do or we do.

      As they run or they make or not laugh as this is funny, tis as for something else different or something they create is energy money. There is no point to this energy as its only exchanges, after the evening in and out if the point they can seem user friendly to field people. Think and create with the people use, the soul energy collected to themselves as if their idea is to use energy. They themselves are not actually there to be found.

      Their energy is highly chaotic with no hatred or the more, they get in violence the more they can calm others and otherwise highly calm. The more they condemn the more they can get calm energy. Give to the shadows is the term they use to their own "pets", as they no to avoid what they hate or think to get is use unless necessary. That is ice water decided by the attempt in life, as either or nothing denied or otherwise by the third eye manifested to use as if proven and already did it.

  •   There are daywalkers or dhampires thats named for deadening with nerve energy by the energy taken from the energy in the aura stronger with energy and focusing, any act that is disruptive is ignored by the influence they present from their aura and they live with the result. Being far more flexible than full Vampires being, that there is life and water in a point is the area energy full of secrets they only walk at night. They feed off gods in an area thought as a monster room in te DnD terms, as the woman that virgin is water to them.

      As the father is blood to them or not, as they are immune then if they seem to die from things they are aware. As they stranger if a stranger acts stranger than accepted to them, unless they suppress the need they are in a rite by right thought to depossess. Product of a vampire father and human mother, this by the influence with the aura to induce children. As to not suck a point that the body creates in the activity to not do any drugs. The drugs are for their human or animal shapes.

      As the children they cause in aura energy manipulation, they can see to create by the creator to use or not use by water in use. The aura energy they are with is energy to them, as planet energy is a second energy the idea "blood" is cleaned with a source that is a third even if lethal. The idea is that they can use no drugs, as is that kills them so as they get they give.

      They possess is use to have or not as hold is held energy or give is thought by feel in area, thinking is thus or no field as energy is from anyone or have unnaturally all of the traits of a vampire. This is a cosmic depossession by cosmic string energy shared, tis with clan or not an create is by the point in energy but none of the weaknesses. If theory are known, they can make a seeming thought unseen as if concept if use if nothing. So I see this is cool to work with except to work alone or not bother.

      Then nothing else happens, as your energy is not much more they may offer a trick to get or work things our way. As they grow older they use area energy or not get if no need, they begin to wield innate ability in intuitive activity. All must be embraced at some time in maturity, usually the trick around them is accept what they want and do what you will and don't guess the human age of life or older. So they that are them are where you don't react as race is defined by species or area form. As height goes above a certain reach their age is lesser that they could live to, where they are where your the person that uses them by the feel or no longer there.

      If a Dhampire is not embraced, he or she will slowly go insane. This from the blood energy gotten if too much by hunger with mana to create magic or things that manifest by manifest if no is manifest, time is energy from the core of the planet otherwise in the area that is in thought. As they think to not need anything including blood then they won't, think or as tin heals them is a concept as your in the area by feel or not.

      Tis is energy to the area, that they return by the feel of a broken neck or dropping something anywhere. This is to not consume energy is as the energy thought is interesting that consumes them, to think and make them die of starvation as their digestive system. As this changes makes them give up and this is to accept, the difference only blood allows for nutrition. So think to work with or feel the best activity from what you think is best.

      The most outstanding difference is that they can beat to bear live children like faery, this without pain without drugs and only thought or the area is essence as things create. As if for them this is on direct focus by the energy in the aura thought is use based off life. So you see the point to this think to them that we are what they want. If you see some reaction think they are aware to not use the tactic to do things. Then they stop to do something else, for they are aware by what you do or not act bothered.

      If they do lust this is by feeling their aura energy and with thought for blood, but they can change forms as they can control the energy or manipulate the energy by will, scenes are viewable although they grow weak and begin to lose their powers if they dont feed or drink water. Normal foods can take the place of blood as if for health and them but their bodies will be expanded by the food greatly. During the day, their fangs shrink to a hardly noticable size or they lose teeth and as long as they are not grinning this isn't notices.

      As then this is shared essence, then the power is manifest energy and the ability is focus to create as energy is what allows. As energy can be programmed, think cleaned and it is without programming as your thoughts create what this is. The energy can create what you want, this is by focus and sometimes movement. As that is the thought to do and thought, "by express I mean intent" is in the expression.

      If they are wanting to get rid of what they don't see reason to keep, if they get rid of the thing it can seem energy and use is there if they can sense its acceptable and seems as the thing they want as reformable. During the night they grow excesivly and are impossible to hide. Their eyes are red or the color of choice by magic, their skin pale, hair most oftenly black or magically chosen.

      If a Dhampire is slain or feels like it they could act an animal or thought is use, by trying to cure themselves they can be revived as long as the head is intact. They feel the heat as fire and sure its like chocolate but its not useful, as not taken in is no weight gained or noticed so they don't care where noone really minds things. Chocolate is like sugar coated blood pieces to them, and acts like a natural powerful euphoric. Make a point and they stop for human life, "as in coated" they are in thought no illness if not near diseases as you are you can see to be better. They are not always better, clean or clear things away to no longer be corrupted especially not by area energy that is water with the ideal you can see cleanliness.

      As for aging goes, the apperence of a Dhampire ages to about 16 or 25 years. This from then on, every 10-15 years equals one year of age in appearance for the Dhampire as an act as they use the sun to not in a point ever age. They can surpass other vampires in strength, including the Elders and drinking large amounts of blood turns them more and more vampiric, drink lesser and they will stay more human. And lastly, the Dhampire's can walk in the sun tho they can only withstand it for so long. For prolonged exposure to the sun can cause a Dhampire to feel the effects and be weakened.

      The older the Dhampire, the more sunlight they can withstand and they can withstand a dawn without death. Dhampires are elemental masters able to manipulate any element at will and are natural shapeshifters as they feel the foul breath or area focus by magic. Their own is use as energy is magic in the aerth they stand on, they are as if your with energy and as energy is magic all they need to do is focus, feel the area and use it as a source. As what happens to what their energy is in can if they want, as what they sometimes want can happen to seem to apologize to them.

      The Dhampeire are Dha'eim'pir as the idea egoist user group, that is what is and nothing in the temporal. Assume nothing wrong and they glean, what is not wrong as necessary. As if they whom work, are not in worth they are what in essence is the concept. As they are not dogmatic there is nothing, they can't do as they can seem monsterous. As their bone energy is what sustains them, sunlight regenerates them by the love or given idea to do. Addicted to candy, they are what they see or want to seem like in life. As with the energy and child support they are a group, to use in the moment is any method interesting and they use the daywalkers as if use is nothing and the zombies they have are enforcement.

  •   Vampsu are the use and of unnatural superlight that is sunlight blackcast in light, think energy does the idea or in sunlight and out thought to kill by the creator allow them to sustain their lifetime with use of the sun. Thinking of them summons them and they seem natural fight creators that are Star vampires, that don't always create with energy as the body is like a fire energy in aura, as a point much not unlike Flame Haze in the Anime and that are not sunlight regenerate. As people are usually carrying a star gem of any variety or otherwise a sun gem. That creates sun energy use to manipulate at will.

      This is for their source of power, as it contains the solar energy and in shadows they are weaker without the solar gem. Their is a use in thought as energy creates, now by the user and hidden knowledge is the words in energy that is thought to be as a use by value. The point is skipped as tis isn't necessary, as unsinned is unskipped if assumed your not as they were there you don't need to do unless not willing. There is a point to not do and other idea is possible that is decided, sometimes a point is an example by spell is to the persons aura to seem an use energy focused as water as this is energy by thought. Think by the energy to not make do upon a victim, if bloodlust or thought is energy by vote or individual use in decision per each as thought energy is recieved.

  •   Vampyl or Vampiele are Wild vampires that can shapeshift at ease, as if they kill all prey on site with no moral regard. The point of this is to do what they want and use the thought to make a point. They go on hunts for pretentive people daily for anything living to torment first, think and kill later as an animal would its prey for unnatural hatreds that disappear on site of their target. They can seem or look absolutely human including their deaths and they can surprise their victim by coming back or "steal" another body as they are body stealers by essence as they get essence and seem to be them. If they see something wrong, they tend to correct for it and elemental use includes the point that make smoke idea to create with energy and feel in the thought by essence. There is the idea if they have to take medicine, they can use wild tactics in the seeable by the person that they intend to use the medicine as a reminder. These vampires come from the wolf as tactics are wolf like and tey can use wild energy.

  •    The Azeman are people in life that create with wildlife, as from 1813 bc they evolved from the use of energy by focus in life. Counting obsessed and use is their wile to create as nothing is there, excepting night animal and animal human shifter as they sense they are allowable, day female human shifter, there is a point this is the point the vampire race who can be fooled by the feel of the area projected upon as if good even if bad, thought by using scattered seed or a broom across the entry can stop them.

  •   Elmvap or elmvamp from Elmstreet are Elemental vampire that feeds on elemental energy and use is beating and thought to kill the victim, as the elemental energy is the energy from the aura use as energy is elven vampires of the type of element. This is creative as this represents near the moment to go with, as lust or feeling at the abnormal time to survive and able to manipulate the represented. Elemental energy at will and can turn into a elemental of represented element type, in any shape. Elmvap can also use mesmerize at will some people to doing something against their will.

  •   Dhiampolie are the vampires of a northern norwegian tribe in city state by state of what they seem to appear in Norwegia. They are sometimes police or are celtish or otherwise in origin yet maintain the concept religion that can seem celtish as religion to some degree is not always an avenue done and to become their friends, speak of the celts or the norwegians. Speaking of things they dislike and they dislike what they liked before but was disproven, unless its pointed out that their idea was correct, what gets instant assault or dislike from them is they were not correct.

      This is as you think you were you can act were or adjust area attributes, as they reason with the area agree as you what or you are what you think as the next idea is thinking by what they may do if interested. Salt will block them from an area due to natural belief in magic or other ability, this is why they all real to you if in enough quantity of planet energy. Well if it seals them like any evil spirit from the area when, used in a ritual circle or spell.

      Because if you lie down you become part or seeming with the energy and the place is real to you, that is why they are something if not ever intented somewhere to be there or not by a twisted moment in fate thought by chaos waves moment from disruptions to the area. As if in trapped or not the point in trapped to be the idea. This is not in an area unless seen as a concept is with wrong or wrought ideal by what you dream, do or create to read in some place or read the mind as if a book as you think you do.

  •   Panopolist are like humans except for they are born with fairy blood before they are taken. These vampires will monopolize or disrupt that which be very hard to understand. Any idea that are very interesting will be attached, to the controlled area or region that they would want to work with. Give them an explanation or reason, as in a tip to the future to drive them away or to work with them, as they will do as desired to control the insane and criminal but leave alone the humane. These people are like astral vampires in ability with probability to annoy the lawful.

  •   Royvap or royeimp are royvamp that suit the purpose of police yet without having joined the police, but through pressure they would join up if they could. On the surface they seem always polite and humane. These vampires willingly do their job and destroy the criminal, from within, as they try to capture them. When the criminal is "stunned" by mentally seeing what the vampire thinks is wrong with the thought that 'it is wrong', they move in or force by circumstance to get them public or "ruin" their image. To evade them, think a positive and nice thought to use this as "evidence" of innocence and whenever they mentally ask you about it, lie or tell a white lie as a reason that misleads the law vampire to something else or some other area. Their tendency is to live awhile in a family environment till death by gunshot or physical wounds in the heart by something with lead in it.

  •   Archon or Vampire elder are vampires considered able to outlast the undead vampire, and live over 500 years. They are called on to end dispute while they observe the circumstances, and rule the clan normally. Elders are stronger than vampires but weaker than daywalkers. Yet they are more ambitious of most vampires. When hurt they leak bluish blood and they heal slower, thus the archon try to be an unknown observer, for the same reason and some try to state they are so old, to avoid attacks. They have manipulation ability and very good psi and magic capacity, while being strict disciplinists.

  • Day Walker and skyhawk