Healing Properties of Music

  Music can heal people faster than 1 day if it is constantly being played. Plus they get a musical ear when they learn to listen to music. If one doesn't want to get tired of music they listen to the music off and on and they change it to different styles by listening to different pieces. Music has been around for 1000's of years. It was the first art to have been practiced for entertainment. The clowns at hospitals have used it with the routine to heal people faster while making them laugh. This is done when you meet the mood of the person or they match the mood of the song and slowly bring the person's mood up with the music and this is where you or the person can do what is called music therapy. It also improves the mood as people always have songs they have liked. This helps with patients or patience as well. One irish tune "When irish eyes are smiling" was hummed to a comatose patient by the doctor. The patient joined in and hummed the second line with the doctor, and then became conscious.

  It is because the parents are such staunch supporters to some degree of music that they support it and what they support they will sometimes respond to, except for some rare cases when the parents hate music and restrict their kids in some way because of it. So the animals such as cats and dogs can be soothed by playing music. It also in part may act as a stress remover in stressful situations if you allow the music to soothe the raw edge while working. Music is the language of the emotions some may say. But some people don't know how to express themselves and music allows for their expression of emotion. Music is the universal language, everyone may understand it. You don't have to speak the language at the moment that the other guy speaks to be understood.

  Music can master you and make it where your mind becomes more transmutable and changes then become of the body easier. With this in mind, music can help you lose weight and it causes you to not think about eating. So if you weren't listening to music, then you might go in an do your urges that are bodily unless you are rare and do urges while listening to music. As through the music you are more easily and rapidly responding except to voices. Unless your unconcious. where you rapidly regenerate and respond a to voices an at least in your mind.

  The radio station is a good example of full time streaming music and soothing at the moment. I have two online streams below on this document that are good examples. They are up constantly and make it interesting to hear the songs being played.

  One is called Music launchpad and the other is a link to online music streaming. The Rock Music Radio Stations Online lists Rock stations that plays alternative hard core rock & roll and other. The Musical Launchpad website launches many types of music that is for soothing the nerves. Both are relaxing radio stations to work while listening too, of course you may have your own preference.

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Katt 100.5 and other Stations Streaming Media Musi

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