Family and psychic links

 Have you noticed psychic links between family members or perhaps even really close friends? Or maybe even someone you wouldn't expect a psychic link with. We've all heard about twins with ESP, but that's harder to understand stuff. Psychic links are useful when you can finish each others sentences and communicate without words. As in a thought you are not a thought, if you think not to be noticed as though a link of time hides what you do. Do you know if you never give them a name or fast paced life, game session or face as they can't link to you they can't effect you. As to kill an idea likeness this as illness disappears to not do, think necessary to react to visual area until necessary.

 What I've noticed is definite and nope as nothing is there but this is not necessarily intended psychic as links between different people. Immediate family members seem to be born with them, and of course, these links usually only strengthen with time, although surely bad things happen to weaken the links- families breaking up, relationships straining, inner-fighting, etc.

 People in love obviously develop links over time, probably in quick spurts too, although the strength and rate of growth of the link is variable in any situation. Friends can develop psychic links, owners and pets of course. The real reason behind this idea is to construct a point in what you think is important, in life and gnow what is or is now an is an idea. Duel not through the link and no damage you think will return to you will seem there.

 I think a large part of friend/more casual love relationships is 'strands' of these links that develop suddenly, almost poofing into existence in some cases. Sometimes the links solidify due to more time spend together and more strands of link created by interaction and stuff.

 So if you have some friends that hang out a bunch, they'll almost definitely have some sort of psychic link, which is of course largely dependent on their magic attributes, whether they're practicing mages or not. And at this point especially, I'm using the term 'psychic link' for more than just telepathic/empathic communication, now more extending into a connection of two or more souls in multiple ways, including but not limited to psionic links.

 And when those two friends, for example, stop hanging out for weeks suddenly, a lot of the more recent, quick-emerging but not-really-mature/developed links tend to die off, perhaps leaving one or both with a feeling of disconnection with the other person, although the developed/mature links between them will still exist as long as they're not somehow destroyed, or neglected so very long that the whither away.

 A key truth is this, any sharing of energy will form links. The more energy thats shared by working with someone or something, the harder it is to hinder and to break that link. Its the breaking of those links and that is almost too hard, if you share enough energy. So its best to let the link energy dissipate after not dealing with the person and then attempt to break it by refusing them and thinking them away as if a ward. As you walk away you can do what you are able to do, negate, and think. This is a concept to think as to do, as if a point to get a correct is done if thought if possible.

  As with T elf en; Things you do are tricks as there is a point in a point of view, that describes what is there and that is things with common nature by gracve in love and natural ability, there is a trust that bonds us together and as we do things the point is a concept. As a link effect that is with a thought and the idea is where like actions come from like points of view. You become like them if you are linked to them. As if a link exists, you can get better or worse depending on what they do as this is what is there and only in their mind do you see in their soul. Through the link, you see want and need as with their past and future that hasn't in notice seemed as if done yet.

  The moment you do this, you can see to seem and the use on the idea is the use in the moment. If you find a problem you can get a moment as thus the Telemetric elfen energy idea instead is used and this in thought is energy that comes from the rf signals that are not intended for use yet can seem useful so you can get energy back as you are not with enough body movement and as natural harmonic dissonance is reached this in use is in a concept for what is in an idea at the end.

  This creates a natural time lag energy with thought that is 'leage' as a lag by energy that is with the thought and directed by what you will that 'I can't go on and can't do much' and this is a point that is where you care for others and yet care nothing for yourself. Thus, the enrgy is lagged and use is there to pull the thought as if to create, and as you do things you can recreate and gain back energy to do what you intend or nothing is done except to seem energy in the body as the body is what is in illusion that creates itself as thought there to support the idea that is in mind to be shown by link. There is a point that is "en" in life you can get, what is coming as a possible reward in life as if undoing what you did is done that was wrong in the first place.

  As this is with a link in effect, like in energy is with like by energy and by which like activity is in likeness by thought. This to see and seem like the person, and to remain yourself as you are your own mind. As if alive, think what you like as you ate things and you can get other things, as you are a disturbance to others you do what made is and things you do are not done after. This is what can create with things in like actions as in like thought as you do an action, as you think a thought your in a point and in action by activity that is creative thought as this is a creative use. Like action is like activity, as you do the activity you are either moving about or lying down and if you are are doing anything you can do or not do. This in thought is like an action in an action point that is an idea that creates and things happen by themselves in no point as mention doesn' allow.

  So as your action suits your purpose, as you use actions as the thought is energy, that is built by what you intend to do with activity of an active you. This makes like action in energy form create like thought. As think alike is what is that you like, what you do is a link as this in a link assumes that spirit energy is use as effect is dealt with or done by what is in your thoughts. This is spirit and as your point will or will not work, as the energy or ability is not there Your ability soars or dies down. This is a point and is what in a thought is a point of reference in active use, as if your power levels are not equal to theirs in ability. Alike in thought is not alike in power, as energy is power as it is in use or active idea that is possible use.

  You can easily make the power become an equal match to that in he who wants it to be that way or she that need it as that intent. This is where you are and live alone, as if the 'thpought' is thought that in what you strain in the DNa from what you get in the link from their energy. This is in a moment, as if their is in no information that is unwanted. The mind is what can seem of use, in a thought is in power and in a power is in energy and as you do things are a thought put out in idea you can get something in idea for nothing in thought as thought is dismissed till its needed. As you are linked to someone by thinking of them, if you avoid knocking and touch their hand or tap and otherwise stomp foot or hit a table. As without too much strength in the hit, or thought they stop and jarr or jarring something that is linked to you in life. As you nulle what you don't see and don't like fear nothing, you are easily doing positive idea that makes like action or not better prosperity.
   As you think the idea wen you make a blood oath, otherwise known as energy bonding by blood relation you can get the idea achieved. Think as if a moment that is isn't unless necessary, as when you think to wrought you can uncreate it by the wrought moment. Because thats true, as this is the link that exists as desired if described with other words, or words are not in record as this is what is needed. As you can use feeling and things in thought and use is in no knowledge, except that in thought in spiritual is as though modern day made progresses. That which is a point in idea, is an idea in what activity that is in use and thought is in life, as realistically in getting there by this is to do what you think is best.

  Think in "no die", as if in idea and no thought is death, as this and you never will this seem to be as though die is a final death by trying. There is no virtue as if a thought by thought and things in life, that are with a moment as in loss there is no reason for gain as no goal as nothing in thought to do and no gain. Till you are what you think, are with what you think or get what is important done. There is a point to think and if you think you candidly can sometimes do things as if in reason in no mind. As in thought in mind is where you don't seem to concern what you do. Then don't consider unless you have to work with someone, if you thought things you work toward a goal and goal is sometimes or not use is not always in thought.

  As this is nothing in mind there is what you are doing by thought, or not as this is done and if things in thought are things that create you are a 'concept' and as if done by whatever you do. some psychic links are possibly carrying the emotion and terror you might have. Where the link also may carry the neglect of the moment, too. So since some can't break the links easily, bear with it till the linkage effect ends. As by thinking of the person, you can form a link that shares your mind and emotion. This could be a key that allows you to end the link, simply not thinking of the linked person may work. The way to break the link otherwise, then is think its not there and it is as your link isn't and now is to "think" it and it isn't. As if necessary it isn't necessary and so on as etc.

    The home in idea is a release that is from touched area surfaces, as thought is assume as your energy and an inner energy near someone and the inner energy being that forms what is influence by thought formed. This is isn't by the idea in influence unless cleaned or filterred, as if thought is by the taking off the pattern or changing it by hacking and strip the idea like clothes. As you call them to an area by feel, as your a separate insect life or self made area. As if that allows in and observes from what is there, as you think to see through the eye of the animal and the animal response is to show.

  You think and feel to know if you match the frequency in of the body aura, that is what allows the brain through spirit thought to communicate to your brain and thought none is not as nothing happened. Then if you use the energy to get some idea and feel to get near the person or they that need you, if this is to get near you then you or they can find you. If you want them to or you them and need, on sight is gone if they respect you and this works otherwise nothing happens by influence. As not by the influence, if you just ask and the point is made then you can respond despite focusing.

  If you feel "wat" then you know and as you hate the idea, then time things to think and avoid what you hate as to think. Thought then "avoid water energy" or "avoid what you hate" stops what desire there is, as you get them to assume what they think and wrong if there is a link and they felt worse. Think and less craving effect is by the attempt of one bite, now as they see if attempt the idea then there is a way to do what they want, think by thought and think not to do as if nothing done unless creative effect or magic use.

The Alternative by Physical Link effect

  The alternative idea is the home link. The home in idea is originally a release, so seem to not think that you are there and you can appear there as a felt presence is the original form from touched area surfaces. As you call them to an area by feel, as your a separate insect life or self made area. As if that allows and observes what is there, as you think to see through the eye of the animal and the animal response is to show. You think and feel to know if you match the frequency in of the body aura, that is what allows the brain through spirit thought to communicate to your brain. There is no more link so this stops as if this moment didn't seem to occur. This is how drow elf can see the effect as their magic physical based energy.

  The link effect is set by feel and relation by radiation or family idea. To block the link that you feel from others by empathy, that your spirit forms on knowing the idea of what their condition is and use is their energy to think and cause restoration or what they want if their idea or intention to do. As with an idea by the pointer, pointed reminder or idea to create with chi life energy and your and/or their latent ability and use is aura energy, that is energy "fro" as from the area and inner fire energy is energy from drinking water.

  You recharge your soul energy and use carbonation to sustain the feeling, wherever you smudge and wherever you feel the home is from memory. Smudge with energy this is like a point is fire energy that is thought by feel and projected forth, as a small ball of thought energy formed as liquid fire that leaves a black area and done thrice leaves you feeling better. Otherwise touch three surfaces and possibly different area as you are, think "smudging" to create the link to the area.

  There is an area that area linked to is locatable, think by the feel that in likelihood this is possible to get arrested on sight and if not wanted then and there or mobility is possible and your away with nothing wrong as no commitment no life. Some idea commitment is some activity in energy by what, you take the energy to leak as you don't like it its thrown away from you or create by focused idea with spoken focal points by the idea and that is foci. Tattoo and  feeling is with intensity of thought, thought with intensity is a flame by focusing with thought as you do something normal. Some idea or flaming device and air feel in a point, that viewing by psychic ideal can be shown by directed focus and imagination is with focus voice by thought detect methodology.

  Thought to shift as you feel the link and move around as energy gets there and back, as a form by some part or idea that forms from energy that you send by thought and feel by the moment in thought. This is imagination as the focus brings life and life is focus to the body, thought energy is what you consider to create and is formed as the thought is felt by the subconscious in intent. As your idea energy is what timewise that you see somethings, not in life and they assume otherwise as they assume not and the link is gone as if you break the link by device that can break.

  If a thought to exist and with some other area, some physical machine or idea stops as something physical breaks "as" the idea stops or you stop it as the item does what you want. Assumed in thought is not assumed in motion but you don't have to do anything in life. No repeat needed if nothing in desire is nothing felt, as nothing in idea set by the feel in desire created by waves of this energy vibes. This is set by vibration in life as a thought is feeling, this is from the aura in the thought and if focus is altering points by feel. This is by stimulus as this is relation and as you were you can, thus use things like a monitor or manipulate as you think the thought occur by imagination. Now imagine the thought and you, think or others linked can create as they decide to do what is best by the point that is in feeling.
  Think no more need or concept at them, unless necessary and use is the energy that becomes from chi energy named as inner fire of life. Think the link dissipated away as you think and will is to make, care and concentration makes the link that is dropped by thought like a physical idea is gone. Think it not there and it isn't felt as you think like to make somewhat like, and use is make to do and create with love. Creation is thus, a simple way to things, as your will is energy to the others as you think necessary it seems so to those that can be concerned by what they feel is right. Otherwise they could care less, as thought energy is a point to do and create. As thought is unlooked at then or now you stop.
  So is the influence to the point, and other suggested and counterable idea to get done. Thus if you are doing things out of need that you feel, then this is like doing what the other wants, and you feel the need as the want then they might do it by feel if you think to do that idea already done or being done. Assume "as you don't assume" is to not feel a need by willing desire assumed to see use, this if not viewed is gone to become what you or they will by the other links or your own energy that is lineage.
  As you will by the thought, or feel the need and dismiss it your spirit can drop the need and don't always feel to do as you are thinking monsterous. Try to see or think the link broken and it stops as if by the effort or desire, "not thought as no need" is don't and they might stop as you then don't do what they feel. If you feel the point somehere from the other area, bringing by concept and "don't want it" then is "there is no need". The somewhere point he or she as any other can do or make use of is to feel the heart and think heal, as you think no link to create the body regeneration by self-circulation.
  Thinking more quickly you healed by love, seeming and activity is by action with chi with foci from the focused body by water or food in the aura added as energy unless not necessary. The unfocused body can cause you a lax feel, that is from not always what you think and your use is interesting and not always done. As your energy created is from the activity use, think and however it will be different if your thought. Thought and desire is energy by the feel and thought is the will, that you see amid the chaos and concept going on in life.
  Think life and you create life by what energy you manipulation, by the feeling they see or think. This creates what is energy, gone in life is still gone and is a nullation to the instant field via the energy link. The energy you can see with is when they feel your idea and you can see, as you think the idea they want to show with the spirit that flowed free but no more as you feel what you need and your awareness is there of the idea you understand.
  So exposure to the source area energy and aura absorption is what can keep the know how, acting right by the idea you feel to know as you focus and your aware from chi. What you feel to do is feel free by the energy you see to use, keep your mind balanced as if a source of life in life by life by assistance if necessary. What you do is energy by the will, and if you feel that they do things you might do in a pattern or nice idea as that is in life.
  If useful and there is any energy by the point and use, then you can if necessary or not and the idea disappears by the idea light exists or darkness that serves the purpose. There is then and now as energy is energizedear and by the idea to do, however I think necessary or as you think is possible as the point is the third eye thought to use by manifest. This is from the brain, as you think this is witchcraft that could happen. There is noone else so as there is one more, you can choose it to use it or not and it disappears from feeling with the sight and statement by focused feel that you know things from intelligence.

Heron and SH