How to eat by energy

  When you think of the old men in the mountain? What do you think of? You think of impervious old men who don't have to eat. It's true, they are the old men of the mountains. I will attempt to explain how they do it.

  Think the moment by idea to create by use with even if to create a living being that is a body, is use a real saphire or gemstone and then your energy is the chi. There as you can use suppliments to channel core planet energy, this is by earth as this an element to the area energy as your idea is think. As if energy what is there's and use is the essence to the stone. Think the stone use and the gemstone effects by influence. This is what creates the idea of people, this is just a stone if the living dead and can cease their life. There is moving right along if in a movement by time, as if feel after effect to live and you don't have to relive it as things or as you can consider unless with or without conditions to suppress that "en" as the end hunger.

  So if not needed to not in kill now or not if necessary and not if unnecessary and no, just think to realize as needed, now and as thought as you think you do or seem in idea as where you thought to look you are aware as you don't have to match in motion unlesss necessary. Right time right space and awareness, as what you think or you can stop or not so just see to act or need not. As an idea act makes better as dream life, thought if stop is act by what is conclusion an after an effect this creates as thought. As though hell riding and otherwise not if thought, as the right or correct time by action is stop in act or do as you will. The idea to use is talking is by thought through the moment, this is energy use to get as a use or a hand up by. Yet if not you go around as if sensation, the spirit that shows what isn't as it shows what you want is going an is us sometimes whom group together to seem to do things there.

  So this is energy to live with if you can see, as is you want to live as you can create as if noting is nothing alive is influenced as if or not as if moving along. This is a way to keep people awakened by the idea, tis can keep a memory alive in your mind or aura energy world to think. Thinke or non injury or whole mind concept, think end with some inner universe or not ordered as this stops or goes on as the subconscious rules the moment or end. There is nothing more, as energy surges and the creation is a moment over. As this is no longer suffering wasted moments and watever, you don't always turn a blind eye and take better care and however you are you don't seem to as not suppression to do things if not necessary. Think as if you were alive and your use is the energy by that you use to return, this is creating to your body seem to think of something familar thought is useful to recall you to your body and that is all.

  We eat because we need energy from the food. We also need to survive. Thus the need of survival will drive a person to the food and drink he or she desires. This includes comfort food. We seek comfort to survive the fear, hurt, pain, and other such ideas of emotion. When emotion is effect, we use a different survival skill. We mask the emotion with smothering or in avoidance. Smothering is the expression meaning of overcompensation through blindness by pain of some sort. We could get fat because of this. When we eat, the process we go through is that the body demands it due to desire. Whatever you do, your thoughts are your created idea as if your use is an idea and no thought happens if you don't think to use an idea. This is in thought or not as an in with thought out with idea, as a concept thought is in nothing and thoughts from nothing is use energy to use if it is useful.

  We can respond as if by eating less if thought we're not as if, this is depending on in by what we or you yourself think is there. Then the body, if it is pain it is weakness in feelings that we will overcompensate and we realize then as sometimes we won't realize that it tricked us to eat more to smother the pain of living. People by their own nature will avoid pain in any manner they can. When a pain killer is used the hunger is lessened.

  This is because of the fact of the emotional and the physical are closely linked is thought by how much stress, we have by the star energy and moon energy. When a pain killer is used, and the pain is possible think to not seem as if in pain as they are willing or not. Not willing this is to create and compulsion removed by the feel. That as the way it was this isn't as a point is thought or seeing as think to go off and whatnot brings the sometimes energy, what you work with you into water as thought as a will to seem as if thought 'as thought well does wellness'.

  Things in use or such as the star road there, creates as equally as possible to be with life or not is concept in a point. As unequally followed is a thought there but not always what you see, as fair but consider fair life in free life to use fairly what you see or think up to use. This is all that I saw in reality. By what you do, don't and your not in any situation to die is from as you choose your own battles. There is no and nothing as no is no more and noting, in that is by what you concede to accept as a view.

  With an idea to see an something to do or not to do, as you don't need the disruption that counts as distraction except from too much eaten as less is eaten instead. Fixed is life but not if dissipated as you consider, as this in life is what nothing dissipated as you consider is something done with no. As yet disappointment is, this isn't what seems and you can form anyway. This is concept as if a kitsune in form and energy in body or lets not, lets leave that whole as thought if to be as you think to seem. Think as if the creator exists things or this is not a punch out and this is what can create by energy in dislocation. In dusmal created by dust wiping this is dismal land, think or not as you will not to actually do things to dupe or see to do in life for mischief.

  As filtered energy if where you can seem to be as if you are glance or seem not to be to know what is there, this by the third eye use with focus and thought to manifest magic or not as visions to use are enhanced gnosis known as psychic visions and psychic supernatural idea or not as unnecessary. Tis is a concept or not to use as though an invisible point to use by subconscious that is originally concept as theory to use, the star's energy is use to seem where you want to be or not see as not there to be as a star road. This is there as a view is preparation, as your energy is another way to use in thought as software is self aware by star energy. There is in energy by what you do or create to appear if necessary, appease by thought and create better for what you feel in life.

  The pain in the body subsides and the body needs less, to heal itself through overcompensation or more energy less intolerance by balance. Thus we can safely resist pain as though aesthetic and eat energy instead, without gaining weight by it as energy is also an idea as if in a pain pill or not is done for reverse osmosis that creates reverse energy in effect and is reverse synopsis. As such, this also may use what is as thought, this is a point in time as this is many things where the point is. As if energy and a medicine is thought from water that is, 'tgi' and use on a thought focus toward the water as this creates a whole mind and as if use of a medical pill. What can be the right medicine for the moment if things of use are unneeded, then you don't have to use the idea where in thought you do think.

  There are yoga, meditation, imagination is what you say to do, think and do to create with a thought with subconscious in moments. As you are in other means to get rid of pain as if a charm 'as to do things otherwise is to do things else' though its more to relax by what thinking you are doing, or not as you are noticed in another time as you are not giving pain a path until there is no thought to notice by distraction with something. As if you say something to notice, as thought seems to be something else attention is loss with what is focused on in a concept. Meditation is the base method, where you think this is a point to those that do.

  There and you create a thought of nothing by reasoning, where you are thinking about things or release is the emotion by what you do and thought creates what you think in a pattern that mood shifts to the things you hear. But one thing is constant, this uses the light and dark states in control by how much we eat and that in mind is how much we eat in body. This a point of void meditation, that use is thought to make a concept to not see the thought by dismissing the idea. As you are  telling your mind to dismiss the thought, and as you are thought to do you think on your feet or conclude that things done are what you think.

  When we eat at night, and the darkness will smother our fears of overeating. It becomes painfully clear of the overlargness of the body at lighttime. Darkness keeps us from seeing ourselves. So with the thought, 'or not' guilt will not be so painful. With that lessening of a pain, we feel free to do what we want in an compensation action. That is in an idea, because this can use thought to eat more than the body demands. Unless you are wee, eat without fear and guilt. Because it is like swinging pendulum. The body has us in the day and we have ourselves at night. To stop the pendulum and maintain our form, eat as in the day. Don't eat any more if you have to not eat at night.

  Thus we keep the pendulum from swinging too far, in thoughts above there is activity and a balance of what we did is time related by what we do. When we do this, the body will lose weight by itself and all you have to do is continue the eating habits as in the daytime period. Note do not overdo the eating and eat under your weight unless you want to maintain it. We know that we have overdone not by guilt an we are interesting, as wee are fey to seem and make. So what wee do is not what others, are possibly using and yet this method can use things that are wee based in thought. as energy is used up the more hungry we can feel. In thought no more guilt means the more we overdid guilt, the idea is 'we by means is that in use as the feeling in this to not glutton and this is gone in thought' as a suggestion.

  As this is not a use, things are as this is if in in use and you are as if things in thought account for what you do, and what is eaten is not in thought and things not in view don't remind you to eat. As if a 'see' you restrict in thought, as a framework of an idea that keeps you if needed as if from example that isn't use in mind from eating. To drink water will smooth the overcompensation. 'We lose weight faster and have no chronic pain, chronic headache, diebetes, moments of tiredness disappear as well with any disease.' This is not overnight, this is 'where you can see it you can use it' and slowly not use the carbonated drink as if to use the thought to keep yourself off soda. It takes a week and 6 to 9 glasses of water a day. 'Soft drinks don't count unless you water it down. Carbonated water doen't count either. You can get drunk on water. Just charge it enough by thought put towards the energy as electricity in an object is what can seem in use. There is a point you can do things, and that is the use you can try or do.'

  This if use is sometimes insanity or other idea that could be too much info or not overbearing by tea, use by idea and use is focus that is lacking in another except to correct points of view or not. As you want with "no neef" or no need no extra information. As you think to the creator view in life. The insanity is only done by eating or drinking, the wrong things are not done as you feel in a mood to do things right. As things create as you no feel to feel better, see and if thought about you can see what is attuned to your energy by water. That is cleansing in energy from what draws beings as being done in life.

  As you think about him he can try to control what you want or you create, think and not always turn monsterous in the form he thinks is good for the intention or no idea done until the creator allows. This is by nickel energy that is where he can be used. They who exist actually can be useful or doing what they do in imagination, unless they don't energetically want by the idea to create by love with life. As in the rite you see what is there by what you do.

  The way the old men of the mountains ate energy is thus. What in compensation they kept the above information in mind and this is concept meditation. They were always near open water. The rest is simple they charged the water and drank the blood of cows. They then meditated by staying absolutely still. They made meditation on imagining a table of food of their choice. Then they imagined eating that food. What would happen with food is in energy would take form in trith or truth as energy and absorb itself into the body. This is a fed moment due to the subconscious mind being instructed to make the food appear in that form. So we move it by thought, and imagine a circle with protection and make things appear by will.

  The food becomes as essence as influence to a part of the body through the energy infusion. Thus you are fed by energy. Don't over eat at that table. The portent to become fat quickly is quite possible and harder to get off as it is more concentrated weight. When the mountain elders were finished eating, they were wise by use in their way that as they were thought but not in body. They ended the meditation by imagining the table disappearing. Then they woke up from their trance. Their bodies are energy fed by the essence, through activity taken in from somewhere else in the point your idea is theatre.

  As though probability thought, things like this is in thought using food and drink energy through time. We make it appear in idea by vision, so to state or think the food or drink was eaten to you as if this creates the idea as a point. This is a point blank idea, that is experienced by what is in essence and thought as though knowledge. With a point is a thought and an act is a movement by due or do, by your effort and moment and its decided or by well will and prepared nature. If this does or doesn't happen, the effect can link through time by many ways including thought that is transition through fire as if an s-curviture of space that transfers things as energy. If in a crosswave effect that is transwaves that are energy that cross the dimension, as you intend the idea to seem and as in idea release is to think yourself back. As if there you watch and observe, as you think you do you can see to make or not.

  This is what in a thought is a reality in dimension, you know this is not unless controlled by the world as in harmony with things by a real time and then nothing but space unless you don't intend to see the area. As space appears you do an activity, this can seem not to have occured or nothing can have essence as essence is energy that is from the programming in thought. This can not be there, if you remove a part or something to which is unneeded in thought that is what energy is when this is in thought creates. As if to draw from the result as if subconscious things, in your nature are any idea that you intend with need or not if in truth or nothing else is there in nothing space. This is a thought of what void is and this allows you to create with ease, as you are thought an your thought becomes reality think as you will you can create as if a point is will and things work. As you are in a will by what effect you do as you do things your will is what you can create.

  How to eat objects by entropy alone or not as ions treated alone, tis is explained by this nature as if in energy wise is also a point of energy. Think with natural idea where thoughts create themself use by thought as if you are arranged. As if you attain star energy by thought as there is a thought there is a moment, and touch something with a  thought that is teletouch and you get a positive result this is not what it seems or things are what they are. This is in an what you want and is out by what you think, as you are thought energy recreates things if there and in need to don't do in a need that thought creates in thought you are in mind. This can cause and make energy, easily created by will and yet in thought. This is not to do if the energy will kill the body off as the spirit knows to avoid what you think.

  Eat objects by the thought to use the object energy by holding it and feel without felt area energy, that in or not is the energy that is the stripped pure energy in from contaminant and out to create, this is a different place from the object that is removed if restricted from being placed. As this in use describes sugar making by the subconscious, as if there in magical land that is with nothing wrong till you think so or energy you don't want goes to the trashcan that can remove anything. As energy if thought is that by what removed in solid form and that is fishy or not, wanted in view removed is by auratic water effect. This is when you are unaffected by what you do. As the energy is clean by subconscious and concluding is energy by the focus, the other energy is as thought to be done in use. Think with the activity this finished is done, as if much is produced by a theory produced as magically created if necessary.

  To do something and something else seems to happen, as if you were and as if you do dying is not an option unless you choose to do things. Right or wrong this is by a thought you have a correct view, with corrected idea and in mind as the energy corrects you are better off if you can't do it yourself as though a natural nature of thought in harmony. This is a concept that with a moment an idea is a point, or nothing created by energy and that is done in life as this is not done. If you think thought in the point, you focus on things and the subconscious creates an undoing by things not done. As you don't like the idea, and as you aren't necessary this is okay if its not done as if it doesn't happen.

  Then sip the edge, be of a karmic calm of strength when you do it as it activates your karmic energy chakra points creating a self-fullfilled byproduct feeling. But to feel the energy as if a food, is what the ancients of the older ages did in balance of what energy is there as an edge. Things are used to work with as if you get things better, by needs that meet the moment to manifest progressive survival and make evident things that are. That can seem psychic to be able, to draw the flavor out of the idea fabric thanks to steve. Name the flavor, and you can taste the food or drink.

  Some say to eat a little bit with the food as well as thought is with energy sent at the food unless poisonous. If you think you ate enough, you can trick your body by thinking to not eat as you send by this idea. As if thought were there with a picture, you think the energy is going to someone else. Thought is in how you send it, and this isn't happened unless necessary. Thats counted as inedible in a point that you thought is use, there is a deadness to the body where you separate the issue in the mind essence. As thought and motion, to this create is a natural occurrence. Transferrence is a point to store as energy, this is as if there is a crystal where you mention the point. With a thought of the idea, this is in what is this as an area by location with thought in use or not in use.

  As a crystal the rock is used as you think as if transfer is idea that is gone into it, as if energy were thought and things shifted into the crystal that can also be a rock or stone. Thus if you remove unwanted essence that you think to separate the essence from the object, as the object could be food the essence viewed in mind can be bought as thought as the original form is thought. In form this is what things, and in use that cause desist and decease. This can make the point seem to exist, as with use things thought about can become a solid shape as you need things to form out of pure energy. This is a way to do the idea, as you feel this is as a thought to a crystal you can change it to create.

  As if to 'separase' as the point is a moment, by movement with what you separate and do else with and with feeling of the unwanted thing. This is not in mention and by what you don't want, drawn to an object in mind this is dismissable. This creates effusive idea, as essence is usable there is a spread of auratic energy. Where your removal of an idea is to remove the essence you create a cure, where you are in thought your energy is thought to change or not as if thought were an ideal you use what is in thought. This is to create, for that idea from what you are doing. If you use essence this can be converted to a product form, unless you don't need to buy a concept. This does go on so, if you are done you stop, so finish up what you are as what you are doing can transform the things you say.

  To change something into something is summon energy by effort, this in what you think to work with then look, think and thought is to change things. As you look at what is, and this use is to think to stop what is there as its wrong. Now you know what to do to use things, as food in thought is in mind and in thought things aren't there. Unless you think or feel, as in thought what you want becomes real. As your thought seems real, but isn't there in doubt until its needed. There in a point in idea if it doesn't work, and you can dismiss the thought and use is not done.

  This is the idea as intention with activity of like use, as per each their own or not as if sending energy by thought from what is there. Things if in use by this nature is a thought in motion by transfer, as 'motin' is a thought use as if by power lines as this isn't done in thought then natural energy use is what is left from energy going through the ley lines as you run in a line by thinking a thought. The ley lines are natural energy planet conduits that are natural flowing areas, in the planet as if shaped by thought of lines in energy that are what that is or isn't used. As if to see an accost is to stop a thought is to send a thought, as energy sent to a source your thought follows the moment a cosmic string is used.

  Your idea is an idea that is usable across the stars, as you are to think of the stars and use is by the subconscious if you have good enough bridge of energy. This is if you are an indication to do, this is in a thought is to use what is in mind to do for experience by what you do to experiment and you don't as is if in like and not liked by whats in view as result. For nothing is done in the point that is a concept to do things with, in a point of view is a thought as you are as if an idea were energy by use of things that are intended with subconscious magic.

  These are the points that your subconscious does in an action, and in that is thoughts  in an action considered by view and by a change in perspective. Where you shift and this is a magic in an idea, and as this is a point to do if you are ill you can seem to yourself better an you use the superstring you can think in and shift out. In thought as you come in, by what you think to see as there is a thought to do. This is there in a now viewpoint, as there is use and chaos is a use. Their is a use as use is to use things, as they are used and death can if in an ideal can still be prevented. Stillness is movement in a point, that your ability allows you to move as if you are still and in movement unless and otherwise. Your thoughts are in stupidity as if this isn't thinking, and if you are in a point and moving disallows things you don't care to see by what you do.

  Act the the idea in mind as you think time does things, this is done as if to allow you what is as you serve the world by an Electromagnetic field that is the energy as amplified magnets are in use as if an alternator. This in view is as if create is with the planets energy, using the core of the planet and thought creates with the subconscious that makes use. This creates what you need, as this follows the rule of inme 'in what you think in spiritual use as manipulation this can create what is out, and with what you can use the idea is there to think to use'.

  Where what you want is there by what you think goes as if in the area, this transfers by energy going through the ground from the essence to a crystal. Cleanse the crystal after you do this by sending rainbow thoughts as color energy, as it could seem an by thought this can disappear. As thinking clean thoughts to the area that is from a clean source, in essence and that is in thought or mind will cleanse it as if a blue green flame.

  As you want and have the effect, things speak for themselves or not as that you think you need to happen. As there is a slight dumbness in no use and this is with a physical object, noted is the effect with an energy as it is different the more you are sensitive by what use is done. As the element is in use of a moment to use some energy, by thought this works unless that creates what you want in a motion is what is there in thought. Noticed is what is seen as thinking and focus allows, the thought to scene itself and in thought sometimes something in as described. Think your point and use the idea, from it is as a point used as food energy is put toward the food that charges it. Making it satisfied to be near as if gaming were possible, think or see is "so se" by what there is makes what is up to the user that uses the effect or not if not to do anything welcome to multi-dimensional gaming.

  How we do it is up to use as you do things in thought, you can attempt the idea in thought to make the use. So to revert the madness you don't have to do things, as if you revert the use and this is reverse. If you don't have to then you don't when things or other idea are used. No isn't use as use is intended there as if an afterthought to achieve a result that is a point that comes timewise as if you wake up and in always think. As if out you are a conclusive idea, you are the idea to work with or nothing gets done. As if you can see the food or drink as use is there you think water you separate out water from the area with boiling from use of fire.

  As this intention is in your mind, you can use the essence of the food and use is imagination. As this stops when you don't need it or not if you do use, it is there as your subconscious can do, make and use. This to create the idea, meditate and think unless you don't intend to do progress with this idea. That is to use the mind to create molecularly, the idea in mind use is energy and things in thought are use. As they use them they do them, but things in thought are as nothing happens in air except in fire.

  That allows this as if you actually use the intention, you can generate fire by thought or you can experience the flavor. As if the food were in the mouth this is with focus, and need for your idea to always be where it is to seem at is an 'en' with nothing thought nothing gained as if an end with thought. The thought isn't felt, if you intend the idea not to be there and this makes nothing not seem to happen from itself.