The history of the peoples

  Half this stuff is bullshit unless its useful. Thus its true if its useful, even if not with second opinion to back up the story. So whatever your use can be, this is of use as this helps in white lies. Sometimes by the aspect. An aspect you can think then not or focus to act out so what do you think then can think to work by the feel. The plant, herbs or use with medicine agents are capable to show other people by aspects or people you think to see near yourself or area feel as the body language is perception.

  So now you know that is the universal you but they are or can be real by looking around you can make sense. So you can percieve things with intelligence are aware then reason by activity with you by some area or understanding. These are namable as the plant, animal or other agent by aspect use. See this i know is the true ideal or truth by the area point. So everything is opinion till proven true. Remember this takes two points or two peoples opinions to make a fact. So this isn't just opinion.


The beginning

Ancient races

The human race waves

1. Ogres with were

a 1st age
b.2nd age

3.Humans or weres

a.Some human groups

4.Classified area of race descriptions:

a. Dragon life:
b.How to denote Vampires
c.Weres detail
d.Mostly on liches
e.Other demihuman
f.Quick references to bored astral planars on races

5.God theory

 The beginnings

  The history of the races on earth is described, to a small degree in this document and begins before 2,000,000,000 or 2,000 millenia ago as were are shapeshifters. With centra or genjy, a nomadic tribe on a large undecided planet that had little population, and only after the other planet colonization was it undevolved and left alone, spreading a people that were star beings considered zackal, creators, eternal being or eternal ones that are able to go anywhere on a whim and by focusing on effects, they can gain the effect. Centra created aether or mind force and as a force to be manipulated by minds that were interconnected across the galaxy through the universal conscious, called aether. They later on divided into two tribes in mimickry of the force created, Ether and Aether, explained as eons ago of a war that was represented by destruction later on, as a stars explosion. I believe from a mammoth blue star in the gutelmar.

  Telepathy is psi that wouldn't happen without it, so for a test try to attempt a single part of telepathy without aether by the focus the true aethericists were using self-made elements with then thought area focus. I think to do this experiment is folley without aether, so I focus on seeing the thoughts of others and not feeling that you do. Just lock away the thoughts of necessity as well, because thats a part of it. Then unlock those thoughts while you feel that you can see the thoughts and you might see a difference, as if you could see every thought a person might have. The thought locking is useful to deliberate away stress. Some have managed it, telepathy though even without the aether. Thinking of this i can think try to visualize the Centra as a form then they might be here, as they created the worlds with aetherical elements. Somewhere in the mists and formed with aether somewhere in midst of creation some of the universe, and some of their bodies got consumed by the energy used and turned into the force called Ether (spirit), during the process.

  This is the spiritual force and the backing of Aether (mind force) that guides all by being the "spirit that goes through everything", and is considered all as in the book "the way of the scout" by tom brown as he describes it as a spiritual force that effects all with spirit. The idea is thisin that we might be the centra in locked body pform as we, the humans can create as they did or didn't or I think yes they were human. We can do amazing mind tricks and so did they, but we're not that great yet as to lose our force.

  If we ever do lose our energy force, we could die or dissipate like in this tale. So I think the target then you create desistance by energy with the aura, so think that they won't attack you by use then if manic they won't. Then if you are aware you can create by area feeling the ideal you think. This is the point i found interesting. Seem easy going then people agree with some good reason or area. This is interesting This is a play by creation system unit, a way to work with this is think to get along though you know what is there.

  So i think i am aware things work. As a sight if you think your aware. Seen as far as i know most manics would want to do the opposite if given a reason. Just do as requested or don't mention it. As I know your reason by the point you know but save the reason. Once you know if I don't I want. This means your capable to the area use by use I know. So I think this use is uses by what you think for use. I think this thought is nothing so do what you are capable of doing.

  As I think thought exists so be with care. I think this is where you know or what you think is thought by your use. As you are well this I think is careful work to work by the area or by area feel. So think creates the ideal I am aware as you know. I think so I aware can create what I think, thats their mindset by the area ideal or area point. If we see or set things to the area use, I know the area point that is by feel or the area aware thought. I think that is their thought, so the thinking they do is action or activity. So I say the area word or area energy to the point is what responds by the area you think. So I area is what or where they use.

  After the dissipation of the creators bodies they were just the energies that support and monitor the universe and some Centra remained as the form they chose guiding their creations thus they became part of the gods. then to better watch for the peoples populating worlds they made vessels for the power they had. Call them Avatars and the avatars are morally the same as the gods themselves. Some Gods came about by the people of the planets scheming, beliefs of the people so not all God's formed the same. the creators mostly hide themselves as they dont want to be bothered most of the time.

  Centra or Cientra or workers turned out to be brood and do not have blood instead they were composed of Ether and Aether. Being with this I work as the point is I can, I am here now so they were able to control cosmeria (universal substance) to a higher level, using their own body which was comprised out of elements that were of choice and were as fuel and this allows them the forming of the body as they wanted with or without blood. though even then Cosmeria was highly volatile to them, and in attempts to protect themselves from it they were then divided into two tribes, Ether and Aether, and with it the secrets of Cosmeria were divided. the Ether tribe focused on Ether and the mind while the Aether tribe focused on Aether and technology. Separate they could not use the opposite's element/substance, but atleast Cosmeria was unattainable now. Meaning they could work energy and bend matter to make existing ideal if they thought this was necessary.

  Sadly the point is we disappeared in a bright light flash, as time grew by they descriminated against each other, one claiming that their tribe was superior. This finally led to a war that destroyed their existance, for most of them at least by creating vessels and places to assault with as they also kept the universe in balance, creating too much causing the centra body dissipation mentioned by being overwhelmed with some who were smart having survived by keeping balance. The earth by this time was not of in a orbit around the sun,
it was somewhere else with a roach human civilization on it before they were roaches most-time. Their history is here in a separate document. They form to create animals that form humans so those, that are humans can climb walls or use a second spiritual armset that is painful to use. So think to work or create by ideal with the ideal you think will work with you.

  Then they were able to work out from this general chaos about 6,000,000 years ago, the golden ones existed that were also true humans or the immortal ones. As clones were possible or otherwise called truu, otherwise they were as truely glorious beings that were absolute energy beings, that can be anything and has no true form except as they were as though some act that was thoughtup. They in true form speak star speech of true musical harmony and live in clans. Seen as some cool yet hostile if confronted by the hostile you could think they were allowed as they were alive.

  How to get the tones, this is to compress the english speech and use a tone generator from a video music player. They are thought to be the originators along with several other clans to settle earth and disputes, so you could use a tone generator or neutral tone to cause them to leave. When the area was settled they were peaceful to their point yet not peaceful by the area with disputes. The race was called the golden ones or human as they considered themselves, the roach humans were sometime later on the planet from the roach people. So that this measure they were named by azuketh named barkthelow as a racial name that turned into roaches after becoming a half-race if cream or other colored I think they were allowed, so they ruled a colony on the moon with another moon as an azuketh colony. This is with the earth in orbit around the particle energy charged by the sun, interacted to interceed so if as you can think you can create. They were able then available to the area use so your right to think they are aware.

  What the golden people looked like, was beautiful with myth this was 6 fingers (5 fingers and one opposable thumb) for the hands and feet. See that means they are where you think then I think to know them is to work, so as you wish then their work is knowable or known to the ideal you think. Their golden skin that is aua that was beautiful to behold by feel assuming they could change an their shape is the easily done. As the energy they recieve by thinking can create a shape, if they want to change their body. They were 5 feet to 6 feet 5 inches tall and able to change their height or weight at will. Their weight could be anything they wanted to form or release, this is just as you don't release you hold the stomach or tongue to create the shape.

  This was by water or energy that changes the aura to change the body. They are very good fighters and raw energy, seen or chaos manipulators see they could do this. Finally they so thought were what you think, they were as expert biologists and biotechnologists. As they made biotech devices and only not the biogases as they were natural chemists. Just remember, as you get stronger the beauty fades so you know I like this topic just don't go too far or you could end up dead or poignant. Enjoy the points though as the intelligence I enjoyed, so I think this is what I know is true. I think taylon fits this group so I think I will work with this ideal. I think this was well thought yet there isn't a way out once you start transforming.

  They are an immortal race, considered a master race. They lived or breathed something by feel, this is used with space and they could breathe space by breathing air. So think the were actually were wolf headed humanoidal that were strong, very psychic with the point they were as they are now some other space that they disappeared with the light blast. The fact is that they worked by the ogre, so they are aware where they came back as a race able to shift away. Then they if they left or the energy shifts them timewise this was enough to convince me that they are actually apart of the humans heritage. This is from heritage as where they came up with stuff. The fact if that they disappeared doesn't mean that they are gone. They just don't want to remain seen by now because you think or I think things are well, till you are aware things are bad or risk alienation. I think this means nothing by the warfare I saw by training. This is aware enough so I think they think I will go do something else.

  They had an enemy that has no name, the akuza barkeleth reformed by themselves from barkthelow except they were sometimes named klekta. They were if there as a final ideal cream colored if they thought to work with the white skinned. The black skinned were very able to work with others. They however ormed as a race on the surface bearing spears so this was the point. The enemy with no name was the 6 armed, seen and formed was sometimes insectoidlike killing as from a body practice and thought paralysis by energy with an by a touch to those hostile race, with the head like a human crossed with the insectoids, the exoskeleton much like cockroaches, 5 feet to 6 feet tall and under 100 lbs. They were better fighters than the golden ones.

  Yet as they were alive they were capable with long activity runs, the golden ones had the ability to make a new body. This in itself compensated in equality to the sun energy, think to the point the hostile races wre experience to them in fighting ability. They owned the second moon, which no longer exists. The two races got in a fight, over who could exist there. See however they are now there is no racial differences, for sometimes there aren't other hostilities that are seeable as there are no differences being the moment.

  The fight lasted a long time, and , when the old one, the last golden one, got near death, the end result was the second moon was destroyed, through a singularity rift. The golden ones destroyed, to a single person and his mate. The hostile race destroyed to 6 of its kind, after destroying the golden ones. The moon is their gravesite, and the earth was a planetoid that wandered, into orbit around the sun. It was an iceball at first, then in the orbit around the sun, it melted and refroze at the icecaps, having an orbit that was different than today. When the last golden one was through, sending his mate into a safe place, in a stasis pod.

  He descended to the earth by shifting and It was a fateful day for him as he found great apes, and destroyed another race that was there. He turned them into wasps and used them as a conscious. Wasps are annoying now, they were more annoying as the people, that annoyed that golden one. Yet notice how wasps are and humans are if they listen to their conscious when emotional? They fight, and attempt to recuperate after things settle down they, the humanoids and humans are waspishlike.

  This golden one was a geneticist. He made long term plans for the great apes, and transformed them into humans, in the image of the people he was a part of. He specifically thought of his beloved wife when he did. He genetically altered their DNA to do it, by various natural means. These people were the first race, and. they were mature 1,000,000 years ago as a form of hominids or hobbits. They had no tail, yet were engineered for intelligence, perception, ingenuity, and some aggressiveness.

  The roaches were the actual first humans the second were the water races from this process described below. They were human once and suffered a shapechanging curse to the form they have now. Its as described in the all about roaches doc.The roaches came from before the wasps being transformed into wasps usually from the azuketh by some ancient humans. The way it worked was the roaches were human and then roaches. As after there were the waspish humans that got ransformed into true wasps.
Theres for some a second pair of limbs as of arms but not legs. To reflect the first humans roachlike appendages and considered an energy arm and hand pair. This pair of energy hands can be used by thinking about it and willing it, the arms to work. The effect of them hurts for some.

  To make the new humans, he took his people's mind and made it into the subconscious. He took the wasps conscious and made it the humans conscious. The soul is the energy source that contains the memories and feelings. The third eye, or the subconcious eye, in perticular is the "mouthpiece" of the subconscious. The subconcious now is like the Golden ones, the subconconcious women will freely poison but only those that deserve it and act doministic, and the sunconcious men will coexist by submitting or attacking. Either can go to their wild side. By tricks and treasures. Niether actually need to breath. By menton they gain abilities and they can gain or lose pounds in a instant. On a thought they can do anything within idea. Some like being the thought to be the wasp and being the quote 'to waste away'.

   Within strictures they deul to do as in a law. To see as use as is in they use programs, to define the desire by perimeter law of effect. The law of confliction, their strength is to collade or energy collide, and is as of ten men because to collade we gain strength. To explify themselves, some people of the 6th coincide with the 3rd as an alter ego. As you can see they are under a different moon. Peace rules and peace in rules in pairs. To see the idea of those we mention, the subconcious people, is to note of that they take everything in alarm. And they doit right on a boat. The soul idea is to take it stern with them and state what you want of em de to do or happen but not what you plan. What you externally plan to do is okay but not what you immediately plan. If given reason, then you could be given permissable. Some will go em so far and poison you. If males are in fear, then they will poison others to get over it. Once you get out of their view, then they forget about you. The law is to mention pol and the ice over is as in effect. As in a moment of mention they come and shift in as in instansei. So police is the police of ice like effect.

  They follow this rule, to act is to say and move as behavior as to do is to say, to say is to do as say. To say is to speak and state, but to think is to place. To move is to think, and sollelique. To any sollelique, to know is stop now or kill now and no something. To sow or sew is to show. To go is to see. To act to go is to go see and do things. To act to do is to go an do as is. Act to know go, is to stop things as you do things unecessary. Act to know sow is to act to know and see. To act is to do or goe as to go, sow and know. What they see is what is happening. To effect is to manifest. So far we have these, act, say, do, know, show. So is act to sentience. So now we have so.

  Its simply as in emulative mode that we see other lands. By some self made idea, and limiters to the effect of what we allow to see, we see to do or know as spirit enduced. Whatever is spirit enduced is really ki effected to happen almost anything. The stronger the ki, the stronger the spirit we believe to have. The spirit particles is to be of ki effect by use. As I is in a count of personal feel. The subconcious people may believe their is no spirit but the ki. Chi in another land. We see to do and we sow to show. Field theories is what is their psych and physics are. What they do won't effect the physical. However, they could control people through their mind manipulations. Where free will is a way to cause motions. As they are doing, its preconceptive and be motivated. Subconcious people could do anything. As they actually borrow, the home as is because they don't have any actual family but some actually do. But they are similiar to their hosts. Now thats over the spirit is different, as the spirit is a harmonic energy that binds all the parts together and that has a conscious from the chi energy and made from the ki energy.

  The last golden one in pain, taking from his wifes memories in perticular he became apart of the people he made. He did it by being reborn into the races he created. A chart of the human conscious and mind makeup is below representing a cup. Where the subconcious, is to be like as described. Not shown are the five parts described in the human makeup.

  In comparison to alien and true human with a ghost image from the cup. Whose language can be gotten from listening, idea by transmission, reverse the speech and allow the result to be slowed down till it, the speech is heard, some say to use a voice recorder and unencode it using voice tone to normal with the tone as per millisecond for each letter of the alphabet. This depends on the frequency of the letter and how quick it takes to say it. And to encode in alien use a voice imprint and play it backwards very fast. As each tone is represented in wierd music, you can try to use a tone filter and music to back it up as a background. Done by english scientist Gary Ruperd. This is fun to play with. Aliens also learn by thought processes of mental imprintation and projection for an osmosis effect of learning by absorbtion. To combine physical activity and thought projection with hearing and mentally heard by lessons create a 60% osmosis rate.


  Ancient races

  Another race was the shapechanging ancient cats, "Praktas" came from the name "catl-f," or "catokla", for ancient cat. They were twice the size of a small cat, before they were bred by humans. and they could shift at will to any place. Like a ghost in the wind. the ancient cats would appear, to the person and flit away. To tame one, was to gain a hunter friend, capable of killing anything. They hunted humans and other for food. They often acted as guides to humans and other people.

  Amongst the ancient cats, were the cromagnon men, which came from the word "crog" meaning ancient human. The Cromagnon moved to the american area to live by migration to the separate space called with each tribe by different laws in different area clans in different spaces. That were 7 feet tall, and grew in height from violent acts with violent moments or otherwise knew what they could use from what they used depth perception by what you knew and near the great apes in height and weight though the great apes were shorter and heavier.

  Cromagnon men were strong psionicists by psychic nature and women were viewing easily in fire by focus and mind, they had different traits for sea roles. Set apart by the efforts they did, cromagnon women would be dragged by the hair when stubborn or if they kept, the cromagnon male waiting. Males of the race would, be dominant with the ruling of the clan. Females were psychicly gifted and innate, while males were aboriginal and instinctive. They didn't need to learn to know something, as they are naturals. All that was needed was to study something, whereas the females of the clan, had to observe others doings to learn.

  Females, were the spirit guides, males were the nature guides. They worked together to find pathways, through an area, Females were the healers, and took care of the children. Males were the shaman, the word shaman came, from "kip" meaning spiritualist. Shamans would use healers to help them, in their tasks and they would do the surgery. This included magic and bone tools. Cromagnon were very strong, and most likely to survive. Today, they are called abominable snowmen, or other such names. They lived on the Northern american continent, while it was very uncivilized. While they were were widespread, the bombing wiped them out, except for a few.

  The fairies and elves are a separate group, of the first humans, who long ago found themselves, in a cave that, they stayed in. Fairies are sometimes uncivil to humans, Elves are civil and born to life as energy fairies except in that wild dream chance. As that can cause wildness, or shapshifting by felt need as a will or they can form anything as white spheres. They could form imagination as the body is energy easily, as the wind flows easily and what shape. They desire that would seem, to use a point as a friend to humans if given reason. Drow are used to the energy turned by fairies and elves, they are people that are dark and cruel in nature as the hate humans and despise.

  As they won't avoid what in thought is learning, as what they dislike in what they despise they ignore attribute as they avoid what they hate. They turned into energy beings, by absorbing a lot of energy, as they lived beyond a thousand years, they became smaller, and smaller till they were, one to five feet tall. They were pure energy, ever since and able to take form, as with thought they can see the soul in any form. As they are able to turn the tables, hit on te body by those who turn on them. They use them for their energy, and will is their own idea.

  Their social grouping was this, the shaman was the head of their clan. The king and queen ruled over the imperial clans, unless unacceptable. Their were people, within this clan, that did as they desired. Noting the rules of the shaman, or the king, and queen, Most fairy, will do as desired, fully on their own, till they choose a mate. If no mate, they will steal a human, to mate with, sometimes with wild abandon. Some fairy will kill the victim in only what they see, some will allow them to come back. Most fairy, will switch a deformed, fairy child for a human. Their are two types, Goblins and Hobgoblins, Goblins are Nasty to the humans and other races where they are also considered faery, as whereas Hobgoblins are human friendly and try to be a friend or guide and considered fairy.

  But, if you found them targeting you with boredom, I wouldn't pity you. If you were their friend, which meant they were helping, instead of hindering. Then, I would use the services they offer with a thanking them that they aided you, in the way they the fee, did. They live in the fourth dimension, or the plane of time. Time differences are every minute, that passes in the fairy mist or fairy world = 10 years passing outside, in where you live. You want to be forgotten, because of the crimes you've done? Then, go into the fairy mists, for three minutes and come out of it, then you would have been forgotten and forgiven.

  So, the fairy exist as immortal and they interacted, with most of the peoples, while living alongside them. I realize now most who go are then exiled if they tell of it. Where they find amusement they will seek to use it, and not abuse it. They are always after knowledge, but they have a rule though and that rule is to never seek, what they don't intend to use. The expression "the mind flits to the moment, of interest like a moth, to a flame" fits them very well. There are crossbreeds, of half-elven people, that this rule does not apply to. They are most like men, and can be called demihumans. Some fairy take human form, they are devoted to seeing the deed that they set to be done. These people are amazing, in their patience where they can make objects, from air itself. For more info, on fey, look here.



  The humankind called themseves differently per each wave. Their are three waves. The magelords or "ogres", the atleantians or "sea elves" and elven of many other types, and the humans or "aliens". The ogres were too perfect, so the golden one thought, and the suit of armor called bioarmor, made them into maniacs. Their pride did the deed of death to them, as there are only 6 left in this world. The rest bombarded by the high ones who lived on another planet considered the tenth planet, but not counted is the planet on the other side of the sun, who traded with them, the ogres and then when the white dwarf star made orbit between the earth and the sun.

  After you know about this culture, you will want to know about this sun device. Used to the angle and taught to the few. They eventually perished and left behind things. Just like a Space odyssey 2010 movie with the ruins on the obelisk magic possible on the Io moon. This is dependant on the focus of early belief and thought, that you wanted to happen as you wanted to focus on the area in mind and use. Their magnetic effects to create, energy is by thought directed to their area which was done. This is by the effect on amplified energy, and tone magic by tune directed to an area.

  Much is not known about this civilization, except they were immortal, immoral, and had to fight, if their pride was wounded. Theirs was the first true advanced civilization to exist, and they used biology. They were, 4 armed, grey skinned, 5' to 6' tall or taller, and they cloned often, lifespan of 10000 years or more. Lived on mars and earth, and had ships that, responded to their will. Their will was tied into the planet, as they tried to preserve, the planet they were on.

  They made great artifacts which, can be called wells of power now, one such was the pyramids of Egypt. To them, they were useful tools. As a magical object ages, it becomes more powerful. and these are 1,000,000 years old. They are just crystals buried 1 mile down in the earth, with different personalities. Powered by heat, they are indestructable because, heat regenerates the power crystal. There is no other artifact from the time of the magelords anywhere that survived. There is no trace of their society left, except for the crystals, and technology caves, deeply buried.

  When these people died, it was a civil war that ended in everyone dying of their race, caused by a race of people that bombed the earth, and jumped from a white dwarf star, carrying a part of the star with themselves, except for a few survivors. These people ranged across the earth, trading with natives at first. If the ogres were still alive, they would be the rulers of the earth now. The 6 survivors, that got reborn into other forms by permission, of the last golden one are called the magus. Magus can just think about an idea, and they could make the sun, go red in their full power. They could move mountains with just a thought, and they are natural born blue mages, which can trap or absorb peoples powers, abilities, and knowledge. They are almost all geniouses, including the crazy ones.

  Their were 4 ships remaining, of the original earth colony, and most the ogres were dead except the pilot. The pilot was human looking, yet when he left the ship, caused a 6 hour nationwide blackout, that forced the DOW marketplace trading collapse. These ships had been captured, by the governments, in secret, and unseen. They float off the ground, to hover as if suspended from gravity, and everything within the ship, is biological machinery, with other mechanical devices, including bombs.



  The second wave were called atleantians. they were around 11,000-10000 years ago. They were demihumans. They had perfect teeth, Could run miles without any loss of energy. They were masters of magick, and they were perfect to Odin as a race. The God that is not a God and Creator to these people. He had become this way, because of the worship of his people. When he created them, he taught them as well, using the memories of the first people, as a guide. Avoiding their death through the avoidance, of his mistakes with the first race. They actually have had two eras, one to themselves and one with the humans.

  This is an reborn atleantians memory excerpt by Gimbold: "Can I tell you of some Atleantian philosophy? When an atleantian is born. they will be paired up with a creature of the sea where they are mentally bonded by the creatures choosing them. An atleantian is born in a pod if I am not wrong. They hatch in pods like shark eggs I think. What forms do they take as first and how do atleantians look like in the first place? Energy as they take any form they want, probably something close to their partner truly any form and they live in colonies or clans seperate from each other and meet every once a year somewhere. They have the festival of the music songs where they dance at their clan leaders pick and each clan had a dance of its own when they dance together its all beautiful. This is their language, described
at this page.

  The clans are fun as it lasts for 3 days and 3 nights called the dance of the winds where they go round in rotation. Each round faster than before then it stops suddenly with giving thanks to their maker. The most beautiful part comes as they go clan by clan, family by family, each forms a circle thus they blend their energies together sharing thoughts and memories etc. Then they part and give their thanks thus say goodbye to each other and promise to meet one another again. What they do in the meantime is experiment, practice, and work together as a human regulation force. Some actually are inventors that make things and make fame for newly devised items. One was the laser gun but there are many more and what is accomplished are achievements and goals that last a lifetime or longer."


 1st age

  The first era to the atlantians, called sea elves as the age to themselves. It starts with the stones of Atlantis. The stones of Atlantis were also known as threshold stones that cause magic ability and they lose there power at 2013 which is 2000 years from the last time only to be renewed at 2013. This is as two primary 'threshold' stones that are in the Gobi desert in central Asia", and in the US. This 'threshold' WE possess is known as the "STONE OF POSEIDON". There are others in the ocean. The stone of Poseidon as explained here @ The stones or threshold stones helped people to master the art of the ability to cause event to do the fact, to make life and use life as to have what is resource energy in the land and of crystal magicks and crystal energies as well as magic an magick with Firecrystals grouped in three that were 1 - 20 feet high and 5 - 20 feet wide, they absorbed the fire energy of the earth to produce results and their purpose were to use certain materialization properties and they held alot of power at a thought, nowadays some are damaged but there were 10 zones. They were moved to the ocean because it was a destiny that they were to serve a purpose of and to improve magic and psionic effect. The shift ability of todays time is controlled by the working crystals.

The nonworking cracked crystal clusters are a use of the 1st wave mage as a cause of a Bermuda triangle effect. As the Atleantian crystals in the sea and land is producing more effects for us. As you were able to focus and cast energy forth or think, and thin and become well with or without the Atleantian crystals in the sea and these are huge fire crystals, and again there would be no magic effects nor the psionic effect. The crystals are hidden/protected by magic, if you mess with them while not with the purpose they will accept then you could be insane. They won't send too many images, to those that have purposes to do things with them. To do the fact thats thought of, although when you send too many of the extra ideals then you can cloud the message. But, they will have sent too many images to those who want to mess with them or to do the fact with the warped nonworking cracked crystals. Essentially driving a person insane. A greater area of the Atleantian crystals is the North pole. The north pole is a gravity source by a martian rock or gravity stones and with waves and Firecrystals in a group of 6 at the centerpoint that power the gravity stone.

The timekeeper crystal, thats hermedically sealed is about the effort to control and manipulate the events that is sealed in time. It causes gain day by a side effect and creates events by imagination and visualization.

Gainsday is on Sept 25th, Nov 21th and 27th and its caused by the standing timekeeper crystal set by Atleantians, as if to new age stuff this is to start in morning or middle of the day and end at three days later. You start to gain 1 pound per every other bites. But its a few other days too, Oct 27th one in the 15th but it usually happens on a leap year day. But the last year will be a bit harsh as the timekeeper crystal is spiritual and the demands of the negative is like making it almost an underboard motion of any positive event as its a steal of everything everyday.

If you denied the weight, the weight drops and so does extra weight but doubles the money or wealth itself because the strange spiritual energy disperses and causes a 10% increase per everyday. As increase in thought is by crystals and harmonies in focus, by in the aura and created as your well in use.

In this era, They brought in energy humans that were able to shift instantaneously and go nearly anywhere much like power ranges but much cruder and more likely to attack. The crystals were the main focus because because they chose to live on a volcanic island. The magick they used wove an energy, if each their own will in concept and turned the iron in the ground to their use, that they mined to turn into steel. Thus, their blades were always impervious to corruption, kept the edge without dulling and could cut through anything including stone, provided enough force. The thoughts of this era was, they were ruled by five pair of twins. Men and women were equal to, the most powerful weapon was a plasma laser drill. Because of the sulphur of the volcano, and energy manipulation, their water actually healed people from sicknesses and broken bones.

  Noone ever aged their as time passed by in life. The place to be was the marketplace, called bazaar as it had fair prices and no price hikes. The atleantians, traded all over the world, with the fairy being more or less helpful. Their was no taxation, during in the era this entire concept is of world trade due what trade to the idea listened united trade commision in from need and out to the trade. This formed the United Trade Commision of Amerindia that allowed business to rule itself for this is what was known forgotten is their own sake and when some asked the business, there was always an answer but not brutal unless desired.

  This world is based off the old world before the middle when fas inries ruled the world as freeborn men or slaves with enjoyment with the dark elves, yet living amongst the elves and alive sea-elves. The world was known as a united traders world and world dimension considered Amerindia or in the old name in the past called "Ambigascar" was its name as it owned the trade, even then the the world was unpeaceful and not truly incited to war for the truce and pacts of which held it together called "t-elect-teeves" meant as the free world trade pact and it was counted as peaceful. This was truly the world of before the Atlanteans fall in from the earth. with rare beasts and strange humans with other forms attached to them. Freedom calls to where an Amerindia would be for they would fight to the end if they had to and then they banded together as they could. This formed the United Trade Commision of Amerindia that allowed business to rule itself for its own sake and when some asked the business, there was always an answer. However compared to todays united worlds, they were corrupt to the point of absolution and any would kill for gold had they to get some as a world without regret and no strain as this is dispersed by the energy.

  The people are apart of a free trade alliance who traded for drugs, slaves and other things like high tech stuff without any illegality or disruption. yet the worst was the willingness to torture and negotiate for that was all except for the crystalline equipment and modernlike machines that would do as they thought at it or spoke what they wanted. This culture was backward and varied as to unknown degrees and very suited to adventure and information to the willing except for weak people who got killed if they upset them. The advanced old ages are hard to forget as it allowed open swords and armor, yet was advanced with problems of kingdoms and early democracies. Where this world is advanced the middle ages were similiar yet unadvanced in technology, and is what dnd, medievil wargame, along with some other adventure games were coming from as they were copying some personal and world attitudes at that time. But on the other hand some would say a game is a game and this world is a good choice to "steal" from along with others as in middle earth and middle ages.

  The source of power and the source of all power is raw force, pick and choose and you get what you want unless that you think is, unnecessary and that surrounds everyone if negative there's born evil and if positive there's born good. This and other power gemstone magnetic generators created by the sun like, the solar energy device then radiated by the planet core as its useless to send at night creating a constant wild energy field coaxed by night and field by field. All this energy fluctuates like gravity and is shaped by purpose like runes, weaving, command words etc to direct energy by thought and direct is the focus as your will is thought as "iell" which is your word expressed by action or spoken voice. As you are thought and you aren't, intending or thinking to seem the shape, you aren't that shape.

  This energy is undepletable as the sun will send it radioactivity that replenishes the planet core as in sunlight as energy and yet isn't noticed till a sensitive works with it or by meditation. This makes the raw earth energy ever constant death as wild constant in filtered sun regeneration isn't done by sun filter as possible effect to prevent failure was used. At any given time there could be a fizzle because wild energy is in a state of flux. Radiating such as ship and crew by the tone and energy of sun gems created, the entire area at need by what is thought or not as you are a point to create with as each their own effort and every possible idea is possibly impossible.

  This power is called mana and feeds the body energy in which is pooled by the body as stamina (life force). Magic users tap into this mana for direct use and other classes use the bodily filtered stamina from mana that takes a small bit more, to achieve effects because its channeled through the body. They only did good to enhance their idea and create what good for what they saw to do for themselves. If others served their pupose, they served them well by feeding or otherwise given what they thought was needed and served the needs of the purpose. They are what as that was proposed intending actions. The only exception are the gods that grant magic for those who champion their cause, for the only fact that they lived was because divine ability was used in means that saved them.

  Thus if your comfortable, with the decision you make they still see a purpose as what they decided, was their purpose in life as dissuaded they would do else. This is the idea they can work with in country, as life is what can serve. This is a point you make by existing and this is divine magic as a count, makes bodies thought as energy and built stamina as they are possibly a trap to demons sent away on detection. This is to kill the demon create, making with wish is with the idea as your direct will. This is energy usable by fled demonic presence, essence is formable when they get there. Think or you are feeding by energy if you feel good and eat as you want, as food will come or funds will find you as you feel the need. This shapeshift is shape and in create or too much desire, this is powered by what you lust or considered or the energy is food consumed by the idea to shaper will. As if a point your the director, think is and they are the make with your will.

  In the thought in as see and you have no need for food you won't get hungry, as you are not with too much energy use for living purpose such as shapeshifting. Think not as you dismiss the felt desire, to make and will no need by which you travel there and back again. Only those who are worthy can channel this raw force to make effects happen. Sometines these people are "god touched" and act like zealots only when in a "religious experience", did they get acnowledged in as this happens and they are rendered unharmable. This is by thought that they were non harming others, as thus not harming themselves by harm that wasn't done as harm didn't exist.

  However, compared, to todays united worlds, with a government controlled trade system and this free trade commission was company owned, they were corrupt to the point of absolution and any would kill for gold or items had they to get some unless they could earn it. During the age of the 1st age, the Druids lived with the Atleantians. The end of this technology era, as for the atlantians began and ended with the eruption of their volcano. The eruption happened after a power wave, or magic wave, that hit the spells they had in place to keep the volcanoe in energy from the volcano erupting and caused an eruption.

  These people are apart of a free trade alliance who once traded for drugs, slaves and other things or not as like high tech stuff from psience like energy and stone effects without any illegality or disruption by regulation. Yet the worst was the willingness to torture and negotiate, for that was all except for the crystalline equipment and modernlike machines that would do as they thought at it or spoke what they wanted except for abusive behavior. This culture was backward and varied as to unknown degrees and very suited to adventure and information to the willing, except for weak people who got killed if they upset them. The advanced old ages or rock ages, are hard to forget as it allowed open swords and armor, yet was advanced with problems of kingdoms and early democracies.

  The next thing that was worse, with three tsunamis to wash over the land. It swallowed two, whole continents and left the rest, eden "lies" or "Liedes moralis", for "life continent" or "life garden". In its day eden was lemuria, the continent of great delights, liesure and creatures, also the place of the first fairy tribe. This land is now mris. a forbidden place of dark power. Mris is so forbidden, that within 1 week a well supplied person would die from a death shade, that came at night to eradicate the people. They, the previous people had recieved early warning of this event and made a second false island.

  The lesion field was the elysian field, called "beleisiea" in the liesure field of death that is now antarctica (dantartica, ice land) and located beneath the ice, with hundreds of creatures ice locked. But it was used as a staging area for armies and a "free beauty park" of creatures and myth. Lore legends that account for this region are to be understood as area of great motiff and moments of looking at walls, if you could would reveal histories and cultures that warn us of future events. Considered the "big book of lore", as written on a wall.

  They moved to it in a timely manner. Almost no high priests and priestesses survived, yet they made their way to the greek city called greece, first as survivors and other places as well. doing so, they taught most of the humans to speak and live in a society, to work together, teaching a language to those they sought, to form a perfect society, as they had it. In this process, they were called "white devils", "angels", "devil spawn" and the christians "original sinners". Till they eventually found their way, to the second island. Thus, the second era, occured to the atleantians, the one with humans.


 2nd age

  The second atleantian era was the longest lasting. They, the Atleantians became through soul rebirth to their Avalonian or Druidic half children, druids over time. This allowed the mage culture, that actually was from the druids and felt split off as if felt from the chest as a plain of glass that breaks. As energy and the heart eases and you yourself feel better, your body feels better and your mind heals in and over time. When the humans discovered them they thought they were survivors with strange markings over the bodies. These survivors were taken in by greece, they had left after 1 year had passed. They had learned everything they could from the people of greece, and left of their own means.

  Their means of travel was through circles of stone that centered around a power well. These power wells are the world stones that the magelords had made called Ogiers. The moment had left the worldstones at certain locations, hate and avarice had a limited effect except to cause cooroperation and despise as the idea was looked up or seen. As some of them are at summerset island, in the islands off the east coast near sunset island and other places. Over the millenia, you realize what you think as you consider the disaster that was you think the worldstones had sunk about a mile down and you can seem. As if to feel a bit interested as you see the resolved idea, actually to seem to focus and think you see as a vision from what you have in thought a focusing device such as what you can use. As crystal or amulet that happened awakening of valued thought, as a vision in thought by a point in air from fire. This allowed vision learned by rote and rote is from memory, by call is by what is learned in experience indifference taught interest to observe.

  Since the worldstones had not melted due to the great heat of the earth at that depth, through heat regeneration, because of the magical nature of them. They served as the power sources to the circles of stone. Thus, at the middle of the night. the atleantians would go there. They would stand in the middle of stones, and hold hands in a circle. Thinking of the place they would go unnoticed, they imagineg themselves in the place. The effect of the focused as if the will exists if the energy exists to form, the linked hands and the power upraised, as wells made them disappear from whence they were standing in created circle by a moving circle in life, no in thought to no in evil and they will help as since and however they are modernist.

  As you think energy you get energy, as now they are survivors that reappeared at the spot of the imagined place in an area they created. As you see the spot in mind you can see and do to feel the "arae" is their, sport to make progress beyond god and otherwise the area and the spot. You feel can easily seem the past or present now, think to seem and allow you as sensed to more easily in deal with the present out by future progress. As the present or thought future is considered in hidden feel, your mind can show you the time you think about or not and you can feel a way to "make better". As if were a way and their will is help as your subconscious, this is done to make you a better point in time. Now that is pure existence.

  They emerged unscathed and they remain in their in there on their own powered by closured energy body otherwise "notas" as if an external upper dimension alone. As with a democracy in some service transaction or not by modeled view modern born society. They who cross the line die, and appear as drawn by animal spirits they are reborn into atleantian "forns are animals by will and shape with thought imagined as felt in sex fornication into shaped forms by the will by the creator, in life shaped by desire and formed by wind energy or formation formed from natural materials".

  To come to the circles of stone easily, they imagined themselves in the circle of stones. This worked by the well of power, each spirit is a stored energy in stone quest was under the circle of stones drawing them in to that spot considered the power well in life. That was to use a stone by touch with spirit, as you get a power well energy in life to use a rune. As to see or think, you think to see and you see by what you think. This is by flowing in the wing to stop flowing free, in thought you come back in hard work to your awareness and see what you want powered by the stone. You come back to your body, as you are aware in your body your aware reveal all by what your body is feeling. At the moments notice, as if in glancing about reveals all.

  Other things that they did were build electrical sources. These were called the pyramids of power. They were constructed out of charged gold, and modelled from the Egyptian pyramids, that were huge electrical sources. The pyramids were aligned to the true north. It was powered by the direct focus of seven druids to convert energy from the surroundings. The results were to spread energy into a one mile net effect. If you wore steel of any type, you were at risk, to being killed by it, unless you were immune to lightning. The story to this, as is a tale of Roman Soldiers, of 100 men that were marching by a cave. They had sudden jolts, go right through their body. All but one still remained, alive to tell the tale. The rest was electrified by pyramid generators to cause death in life those that wore anything metal.

  From humans, did the dragons come, and the Druids were shapeshifters at that time. They could also shapeshift normal, humans through energy infusion as focused into a form. The druids could changeshape, some human into a dragon, yet most were not successful. They would do it at request, because it freed them from responsibility. When humans mated in dragon form, with the mate also transformed the result would be a true dragon. The ability of such dragon is awesome, in an idea use is up to you as they be representation of raw force controlled. An idea of what that could mean, is assumed in together is thought and you create what is there as if in a thought, so if you don't assume you won't get worse if you get too tired. As you are a point to do things, you can create or uncreate in manifest by what your thought is out with will by the in thought creator.

  As long as you use a void use in produced effect this is considerable from what material in energy, they used as from your essence. A raw energy blast of white fire is from the mouth, of a dragon would destroy the aught on fire building. The instinctive telepathy of a dragon, is great in life by elemental energy indeed, for ten miles in sight is distance. When it needs to talk, for you know you can talk as a people called it can talk to you from anywhere, this and they are raw power, with direction of the will, and thoughts they have. The dragons have a very good chance, to be ultimate shapeshifters, as they are true energy in form, from a forced, unnatural transformation. Druid Marlei, was the first to ever in concept, as some do to create and make do with a shapeshift.

  This is the age they became, under the tutelage of Odin and the gathered clans of fey and progenitor clan races, in a myriad of ways. They learned magic at his hands, and became masters of it. They used another false island, as a tourist place, Glascony, until the christians started the war to get jealous. The hostlities grew and the druids started disappearing. The druids left glascony for the christians, who converted the false island, into a church of Glascony. Then they seemed to abandon the island, entire. The island got taken by monks. The iron bell disrupted the druids' magick. This was taught from apprentice to lore master, and loremaster to the people that were pupils as interest or not as noone was interested.

  As they were underneath the island, each night they would come up and dismantle the bell. Each evening or morning, the monks would repair the damage, and put it back up. The rhythm of events went like this, for a long time until the monks, got tired of it and abandoned, the place to time. The druids are in hiding, and allowing themselves to be seen, only at this great day and age of america. The druids cliamed america first, as for some time before the vikings, they protected the land, working with the people living on it. I was a painter who painted twenty and paintings of indians, scenes of rituals, scenes of battle and scenes of death. To work with indians, you need patience, so don't try to go into hostile nations, for some tribes would kill you on sight.

  The druids would leave, to the lands to new caretakers. Before they got to the place, they would be gone and most are likely to appear only to those they found worthy. If they saw a worthy apprentice the person would disappear and no one would think twice. The druids would see to caretaking and land upkeep otherwise. Thus, their would be no damage till the new caretakers, or landowners did it themselves.

  The greatest events of this era were: The druids were teachers of the other people, The king arthur legend, and the christians gaining power. The druids made the concepts of good and evil, as this was just a viewpoint to which only they look hard and work real. When it happened, a few tourists were listening. The discussion was like this: To look in hard and know real life it was between two parties caused by druids. One was arguing "People should be accounted for by the actions they do. It should be the accumilation of the things accounted in life is for life. If it was to the destruction end result of the goal that the person achieves, they are evil. The positive achievements of people make them good." The other druid states "I believe so, there is another side though. The accumilation of actions that are positive in effect. Think what was added to the writing that make it unreal and adjust to correct by results proven. As then the negative effects actually make an accurate account of people and expecially their own doings. Their must be in a balance of the two sides." That ended the argument. Thus the overhearing tourists spread the news through rumor of the argument.

  The Athurian legend is quite interesting and full of conflicting ideas. King arthur was one of the atleantians. In brittain itself, he became king, and he did it by being a prince of Great Brittain, when Luther pendragon died by a setup, in the campaign, from an traiterous general. The celts had slaughtered him, yet left the other soldiers alive, and the general took command, to slaughter the celts. The Britains were originally of the Romans, and they had won their freedom, .by the Romans nation fall. He used his genious to reunify through force, conniving, and bribery the fractious land, it had become. The result was he became a king, within a month. He was assigned a magician, named Merlin, by the druids.

  The first Merlin retired, without telling anyone 10 years, after the Kingdom went to Arthur Pendragon. The second Merlin slipped into place immediately after. The courts of Camelot, was the capital of brittain then. Druidic practices were allowed to flourish and so were christians. It wasn't considered a threat, until the jealousies occured. The christians started stealing, from the druids, and they were a threat afterword. The Second Merlin was a weakling, yet had bonded his apprentice Jason with a demon, for the reason of tampering, and he's still alive one thousand or more years later. The bishop of Glascony, staying at the court of camelot, talked merlin into christianity. Merlin the second talked, King Arthur into christianity as well.

  The druidic practice disappeared, and was not seen in the courts themselves afterwords. The tourism to the druidic island, was cut off and the druids themselves seemed to disappear. Jealousy of the christians overcame, the presence of the druids, made them disappear. The island turned abandoned, the next attack was disaster and the monks claim as we did it unknowingly for themselves. King arthur seemed to forget about the druids, by the pressure of the christians. The second merlin started the fight, he stole the cup of revival and the sword excalibur, from the vaults of the druids. They appeared as The Holy Grail, made of star ore and Excalibur, the sword that could, cut through anything. King Arthur seemed to possess both, in thought by merit and attracted Gueneveer. He married a queen, called Gueneveer. She really was a bitch, as King Arthur was madly in love with her, yet didn't seem to care.

  Five years later, the Druids get the upper hand. With King Arthur had sex with his Atleantian Sister, Morgana La Fey, lady of the lake. She had a son called Mordred, an evil knight, unknown to King Arthur. He comes to King Arthur, after being raised from birth, by Morgana's step sister and says "I am the bastard son of King Arthur, I am here to claim my crown." King Arthur replies "I accept you as my heir!, You are welcome here." The king is kinda old, at this time, so he was looking for one. He had not gotten any heirs, from Gueniveer. Thus he finds the son, he always wanted.

  This son betrays him 6 months later, by saying he needs a contingent, of armed knights that he chooses, to take care of a problem. He gets granted his request, after much arguing. The king allows for his heir, to make his choices and the next day, Mordreds' forces disappear. The King knows he was betrayed, so he sends out knights to find him.

  Meanwhile, the cup gets stolen from the chapel, by the druids who snuck in. The king now knows it was his heir, that betrayed him. His knights return without finding Mordred, and when the knight's get finished, with their report, the kings face is red. He says evenly "Find the cup, which has been stolen, and bring it back to me. For this is of more importance."

  "Two years pass me by in life, they come back without an inkling, as to see where I am to go in life is as to where the cup is. When he next looks out the window, he sees an unfriendly army." In Mordred comes and has returned, and in comes a messenger, comes in and he states "Your heir, Prince Mordred has sent a parlay. He states to come at midmorning, to the fields of Glascony, two days hence and we will fight to the death. My force and your force, in a clash that will end it all. The king says, "I agree with your parlay. Send that as reply." The messenger leaves, and when looks out the window, he sees his message is retieved.

  The army retreats slowly, Two days later, and the armies of knights from both sides, are arrayed in front of each other. Ready for the fight, Prince Mordred and King Arthur, walk near each other. They give each other threats, and they both signal the charge. The knights come forward, and the clash begins, then King Arthur, and Prince Mordred start fighting. Their clash silences the other knights, people on both sides, stop fighting and watch in amazement, as The Prince and The King fight singlehandedly. The King Arthur has Excalibur, The Prince Mordred has the Spear of Wounding, and the upiercable Armour. The spear is said, to be able to cut through anything.

  The Armour Prevents weapons of any type, to pierce its breast, except the kings sword. They fight until everyone, else stops fighting. That is because they fight, with expertise, it is death of both people that, stop the fighting. The king is pierced in the breast, by the spear, and the prince is pierced in the breast, by the sword. In the end, both of them are dead, and in the knights remorse, they take both bodies and the weapons, they bore and prepare them. The weapons they give, to the Lady of the Lake, as she rises in the lake, then disappears. The body of King Arthur Pendragon, is given back to the Druids, for Burial.

  When they get back beneath the surface, of the lake under the isle of the druids. On a full moon, they revive Arthur Pendragon, with the cup of. He has his memory back, and his repentance is done. I believe the druids, that lived under the lake, no exist there, in some form. If we travelled the tunnels of gold, their would be only bones, to be found. A great deal of history as well, as I think the lost artifacts, mentioned are still there. Waiting to be found, and if one forebore the ghosts, and wraithes which live there now. The Druids will come from the past, or already are there. The christians will fall, and the druids will be back again, in open on the surface, and without fear.

  The Christians gained in power afterword and this is a great event, because it lasted for at least 800 years. It naturally happened, the druids weren't around to be jealous of and the church got greedy. The Pope gained political power for once, and the church of christ was in a position, to take control. That they did with gusto, they then grew poisoned by the non-resistance of the world to their power take over. Corruption happend after 100 years with the stolen lore from the druids, had been put into a book called the bible.

  It showed jesus as madness that really was christ that was his son that meant madness that is madness doing good works. This in story form, that's all it was. Yet they were the history, thinking by what the Altleantians travels were or the people were senseing as they were doing. Otherwise they were as they want to seem or are, The magick acts or ideal are clearly shown, actually describing normal things that is some holy language as miracles or things that happen not related to religion. Even some very good meditation acts, yet the jesus portrayed is a story that was just a person.

  This is not who he truly was. Jesus was a person that is sane so he sometimes seems after what he thinks is important by those that thought or not to use his service otherwise he was creating by area activity. When they said "Jesus Christ!" It was meant as a curse. I worship Jesus that was not christ, some think as a God of Thieves. I do this because, it gives him proper accredation. A friend of mine as my friend remembers, a couple of gold in an ideal of his money pouch.

  A story of this time is when, the person goes into a church, all said person has to do, is walk up to a preacher, and pay them a tithe. This gets a "free" saying of your guilt, to which the piest never remembers. This is an example, of how corrupt the church was, and to date, they loved to torture. When was the political power, of the church broken? When the USA Judge made a ruling, to the effect of the separation of church and faith, so any faith can be practiced, throughout the land. freely and without guilt. Thats when the church lost its power, with people only paying lipservice, to it so to remain publicly loved.

  For more information, on the church of christ, look here.


The humans

  "The funny thing about Humans is they can seem a were if they concentrate energy not to let go the need as you think to alter some energy, otherwise you let go you strike a wall or let go the need sending the ideal thats energy sent to the ground is that need to hit or a lot of them think they know you. But think to work things out then you can get what you wish, dismissing the need or use from memories that really, almost no one does know. Noone really knows each other so just remember, as its all in perception the ideal you think."

  Finally as you think, the dogs or animal humans or normal humans were last wave of humankind are the humans, as they are the first as well, along with the other breeds mentioned here from for the star breeds of humanlike progenitors mentioned by the 11:11 club. They are of four types: white, black, indian, and mixed. White men are the caucasion people, and these people are the original, descendants from the great ape. They have little hair, and no tail with bad balance. They are bred for intelligence, instinctual nature, stubboness and aggressiveness. The Black men have been descended, from the white men and the interbreeding, of the hostile races with humans. They are called africcaners, and they were left alone, on a lone continent called africa, only to be discovered, by the caucasians, to be useful slaves. As they came and took them, for slaves and they have, been bred of violence, from the interbreeders.

  As so Temperance from the white men, to live with them instead of, fighting them, long endurance, incitefullness, agressiveness, intelligence, and better at sports. Indians are from the peoples, of the great ape, and they lived in a different enviroment, than in a normal, white men experence. Their name came from "injin" and means "original people". They are bred by life, for incitefullness, instinctiveness, spiritual nature, endurance, self-reliance, and aggressiveness. Mixed people are further crossbreeding, from the 3 distinct classes. Each cross has different traits, from the three. It is never the same, with any person. The breeding is bred true, for the main first three.

  The humans were left alone, with no guidance by Odin, to be ignored except for their own, gods and goddesses. He ignored them, to do whatever they wanted, and when the humans came about, it was less than 1,000,000 years ago. They evolved from the ape, as they were changed by, genetic manipulation, and the proof is in the smithsonian. The proof is the tree people, they can speak five minute, bursts at a time and it was english. These tree people have black coarse hair, and shaped like humans with no tail. What they believe in, is the skygod that will take, the spirits of the dead. When a skyperson dies, they take the body, and put it into a tree for one day. Then they take the body, down and burn the body, the humans have found their own way, by faith. They believe in Gods, that have been created by themselves.

  What the humans gain best is ideas, and information through many varied of ways. Their aggressiveness is very unique, to aiding in this gathering of information, as well as getting what they want. A bull in a china shop, is a quaint truth, for humans will sometime in blind agressiveness, destroy something instead making it better. Leave alone what is not broken, or don't fix what is not broken, is a chinese proverb. What is most said about people, called humans is that they can get ideas, into a working and sellable full sized model, in less than 6 months from just getting, the idea itself. Humans are inventors, and the most amazing thing, is that they breed like crazy. They can get a child off anything, that is living, and when they have the feeling called love, they don't care if you were a horse.

  They have a DNA pattern, which allows for it, yet its never always successful. Humans have been known, to breed with demons, fairies, elves, alien species that are carbon based, animals and themselves. Don't breed with brothers, sister, and first cousins. This causes damaged genetics, think and you might notice integrity in some of the Roman Emperors were good administrators that were sometimes mad by different unsettled in affairs by incest, insane by solidity and non conformity, or stupid because of inbreeding and familiy affairs. Some practices were not really liked, by what you thought and deposed if thought were unwanted.

  Famous events are written throughout, the entirety of the humans existence. The creation of science, starting with the techniques, written by Roger Bacon himself. The creation of at least fifty, different writing styles, such as the chinese alphabet, the english alphabet. The creation of art, and the different philosophies, such as Kudulini, Magic, Zen, Meditation, peace, and the persistance of it, and the creation of space travel. That is almost all of it, along with others, when men and women put their heads together, as in a group discussion, then amazing ideas can be made.

  Humans are not all humans, as they are interbred species between different aliens, demihumans, subhumans and mixes. First designed as great apes or monkeys, the dwarves whose female and male look alike and others like the halfling common people and hobbit nobles and yet they come from monkeys. The special breeds are vampires and weres ae wererat, werewolf, wereroach along with others like energized ageless human or elves(civilized faery of 1" to 7' tall), immortals and energized 1-inch tall flying human or fae(somewhat wild faery) of the elements water and earth of wave and flow.

  Yeah, its true about that, humans not being all humans. I've been trying to get at this for ages. How did most of them become so twisted? I was thinking of their genes and ways of life that kept repeating in some manner. There may not be many good personalities, but humans might just be able to be salvaged. I don't know, personally, how to tell if a Human is the original, true Human, or just a new-age person hybrid. I asked and was told that most normal Humans would fear Psionic/Magic-doing people, and most real humans would sense the magical potential of another with ability usage of their potential. Judging by this, there is an increasing level of them. Not many, sure, but there are quite a few cases lately, where I'll be in a store or something, and feel a certain...kind of... Emotion thing (no, not love..) drawing me to them. I've noticed that this has been happening for a very long time.

  If you're a Human yourself, can you tell which kind you are?

  This means that things are aware by are is training, kinda depends on how you think ignore fear then back away and who you human or not get along with. So the training is what kinds of things you do or not bother. Some in training can create unusual results as you think or drink water, then eat a little you shape up by now. See I think then you are aware. then you think to them so they speak with the non dangerous or correct ion image. So they can speak to you as they show you an image that you think is english or there as language. Mostly of the fear by ideal. Show trust or think then they agree.

  There is no guarantee that you won't be bit. So stay away from the larger aggressive dogs unless to attempt to make peace with them or train them to speak english, walk, run or bark. This depends on the association you use as you speak that you think to them or ideal. This means they are aware to what you do then react. So their way is for cats you think then they see incentive. So then they think to play with you or the object is played by the area by their claws. This means you overextented your welcome near their area or they want to be left alone.

  I think the shape then you are so they could eat you in their minds to appeasr like you, then they change their shape to speak or not as though you as though animal communion or communication. Sometimes they back away then do something as you do something else so they bark. They don't associate with you in their mind so you could walk away then as they think some object is you by you touching the item. So they eat, you are aware. Sometimes this is usual as they see you eat with jesus or whomever in their mind they could eat whats near. So you see they area aware are capable of anything.

  I could guarantee thats you or your energy they sense. They could change things so you get things as you think fetch then show the picture or use object. They are aware you by that means or not use the object. Seen is barking that is their not or a meow is the cats response. So thats how the dog or cat get along. So show no fear then they won't react. So the reason they growl is to warn you away or sense, then you don't trust that they sense near yourself for some reason to work off stress. Imagine this as though you were with a human scene. Then if your right you won't get hurt. Then they speal just your thought. See then think safety to work with others ideal area objects. Then they I think what they want. Give it to the person or them then they create what you can aware see. As you ask or create so they are aware. If you think they are safe then they are. So they are your best friend or animal shape. They can appear like you think. If you give then act they take away. The conscious is awareness to your mind so think as you want then as you think away they move away. So if you think a difference, then a different thought they leave you alone so they are safe to move around.

  See then you could sound like them as they speak to you. seem to agree then they agree. Seen for a cat you can think then create interesting ideal to them, as you think to them as a projection of your thought with imagination to create the correct response or ideal that if you really were you you are yourself. See this is not you though so don't worry. oh yes for or normal people that aren't trainers or think to use precaution. See as you hold your hand near then they attempt to speak you can be bitten, so hold your hand near with no fear then if you are accepted by association they won't attack as to speak english or your language is a trick by feel. Sometimes they can fool you that you speak to yourself. So this i think is your use so you know whom safe or not by this. So no, if you don't always let them in your mind. this is precaution that you use. This was info from a past life. So this was kim that explained this.

  So if this is neat by now so ask the owner before attempting. So as they aren't beforer they always bark em or speak em is use as a emergency room so go there if bitten. So if you hit them in their mind they will respond better then you seem let out of their mind. nothing more than that is needed. So if you think the energy to their ball then toss, then you can get them to go dodge or toss to have retreated then they retrieve. See you don't do this if you are constantly dodging seen by your presence of command to them. As you owe the bill. So by now as they are aware you are safe by the point you think. So say don't then you won't get bitten as they don't. Ask the owner before approaching them if you can. See the use before the means, think the user feel to use the ideal not more to the use this is so the hit isn't always necessary.

  This seems machine use this is the machine use. This is the machine use you realize so that is the area, so point things out if you want to or think to observe unless you go somewhere else. they are aware to what you do or act, so stop the mind mimicking to work alone this with them by no mincing then do or go to do things on your own. so work with me then i work with you so otherwise we ignore each other. your the creator of this by now that I think is energy. so i think this is something new or old. you have to test it to realize the point that the device does. so this works for you or doesn't. if not then don't bother. The point they make stays with them or doesn't come across so each person does what they think they should do or those that think are what they are to them. this was a transfer from south mcarther park that isn't there so the park is here now. so you see thats where this is now or where this came from.

  The true Humans are normally more able to do Magic-type or activity is use by things, and they are more welcoming to people, that is if they have not seen how truly stupid most of the Humans recently are, and have gone hermit, and they are sometimes (of what I have experienced, at least) nearly "drawn" to certain people, namely, other true humans. The recent kind of Human hybrid is more people that can do Magic, or that have a bit of Psychic power, scare them at times. They can probably do magic, too, of course, just I doubt it would be as strong. If you look at the way some of them actually form, so if your aware think after the point then you would be or the shape is too appearant. The point is too useful to them so they could go elsewhere.

  The trolls and halfling and dwarves and midgets are just different people, that are different shapes or sizes that come from genetic defect of mutated or mutative genetic combinations. The magic strain came from radiation added in and as the child is born. The uranium and other hazardous materials mines are very distinct along with inbreeding to causing the troll or "two-headed" condition along with regenerative ability. They can be made as well by magical effects. Yet the giants, dwarves and halflings (hobbits) came from 1st cousin marrying first cousin and brother to sister a long time ago and 2nd to 3rd and etc. Yet this sorta stuff happens in the past sometimes and was allowed for not knowing it was dangerous. The worst dna strain damage was insanity and major deformity (aka 2-heads or deformities otherwise).

  I think the five parts of yourself represent the self, in its different form of 5 elements

  1.   Earth (oerth or naerth; overhead or adverse earth, irth; irrational nation, drthl atacker subearth, urth, fairymist ir dimension earth, aerth; mind land, noerth; ships or artificial land).
  2.   Fire.
  3.   Water.
  4.   Air.
  5.   Spirit is including yourself and considered by chinese as good (strong), bad (weak or no) bone, deformed (looks good, but acts bad in exposure or pressure) or good, bad or misaligned value and character is gone.

  In order, as measured by psychologist of several normal people and respective and unresponsible, to this idea pertaining, to humors formed, by attributes.

  1.   The formation is positive for normal attributes that can be visible and are accepted at least by you with scientific measure. Form and idea with energy are similiar with recognition and are in the earth element.
  2.   Negative are with attributes of opposite idea and energy with a form very much like air.
  3.   Inverse is the same form and opposite idea with similiar energy, it can not ever be quite the same as in flame. Some consider this an emotional spirit and yet its not spirit without emotion.
  4.   Adverse has an opposed form (opposite) to the normal and but same idea thats similiar with opposed energy as in water.
  5.   You can get rich quick with spirit, from combining the opposites to get nothing except extraplanar energy, the more energy the more wealth. Like earth and air forces create energy vibrations, or upsurges from waves of manipulated air force through gravity. Fire and water to create steam and moving parts of a turbine and create immolated electrical power.
  6.   Inconsistent behavior can be found in Positive energy but Negative energy begets predictable patterns and when your neutralizing by opposite forces, energy is created by active movement.

  So are peoples ego, yet they are sometimes in physical form.

  1.   The "understood" positive you of earth with physical representation by a mosquito for the conscious. Tk, telekinesis, is the understood "you" power force.
  2.   The negative alter "evil" ego of air with representation of a centipede and seen as unconscious manipulation. Biokinesis or Bio-PK (Bk) is the unconscious influencing control force.
  3.   Alter "disturbing" adverted ego, alter adverse ego, of water represented by the brain personality and its a moth. Cyrokinetic or Ck is the influence used by the alter adverted ego on water force.
  4.   Alter "manipulative" inverse ego, alter inverse ego, of fire of the "I" interceder, shield and subconscious with a flame as a symbol. Pyrokinesis or Pyro-PK is the understood fire power.
  5.   The "pure" alter high bone ego for the pure spirit self, representive of the me with a air wave symbol. PK, psychokinesis, the creative idea and etherical spirit force of physical spirit of substance by alcohol and drug, and felt spiritual "we" force of duality and the "me" force of indivisuality (singulality).
  6.   Now in the case of a normal negative you, or any other then switch the position with the opposite ae a normal negative you, but positive alter ego. If you can get along, then try but don't expect any help.

  This is food for thought on solving a problem, job or a fight, near death or defeat but unseverely wounded and ready to give up. A person will attempt an idea or reaction to recover, that which is accounted for by the ego idea.

  1.   The alter ego will fight for yourself, or your rights, to get help and perserve your life or area, only if you can't fight or solve it. If not, then the alter ego won't win through, as its you helping.
  2.   Then the alter adverse self will defend and attack the problem by examining all possible routes not looked at or tried, thinking of defeating the foe or solving the problem. Added by alter ego. For if your near dead or stymied then the alter adverse ego won't have anything to do and in a pique of guilt, the alter ego will stop fighting.
  3.   The inverted self will restore as needed with different techniques. The alter inverse ego will attempt a destructive or stripping to fight with, after the near defeat of the alter inverse ego, he or she will fight to keep existence or preserverance by driving away the foe or stripping the problem.
  4.   However, to remain pure and undiminished in others eyes after the alter inverse ego. The spirit self calls the "we" if with a mate by spirit bond thanks to Goku, or "me" if single as a force of hawking and allows you yourself to adapt and change in the flow of aggression or peace, to create a calm and sometimes possess the attacker.

  Admit it you can be wrong, as a way out is that the problem is the alter egos deed and admit the problem with the solution that was tried and stop with it. As what the alter ego, then they would do unless its expected to work out. Your not knowing what your other selves will do, so expect some sort of result. So according to this you won't ever die or fail unless the other 4 parts fail in some manner as in a preemptive strike. Where, according to this most people are born with 4 other physical parts counted as selfs. Not always is this true, so don't always believe you will get lucky. If your alter ego gets involved, it can undo what you attempted, but with a curse it can't, if actions are emotional or logical and easy to see or do. At least we know of our alter ego, its the type of person to manipulate by many means. Now to be in way, now treat it like a person.

  Small actions led me to believe this, I knew my alter ego, she only does a slight evil with a negative trace behind, so this was too bad yet no evil trace, It was an act of sabotage, that I had an object that disappeared on me after I had reworked it, only to find it later altered and giving me blessings?? I had named it, the alter inverted ego that was a priest. So after this I found signs of destruction by my hand that I didn't normally do, and a deliberate debilitation. of myself coined "the alter adverse", I found more traces after that, it led me to catch my alter adverted ego but I only locked it away. It was speaking to my subconscious of evil things! So, I attempted a voodoo curse removal and it disappeared. I was only half numb and slightly shocked to be free. Yet I had a male form before and a female/male form after, so was my intelligence. I only had gotten rid of my evil, by a voodoo ritual. I follow these idea rules:

  1.   If your male then your alter ego is female, and vice versa with a reverse language and its true name is exactly an opposite of yours with excellent lying ability and is immune.
  2.   If your male then your alter inverted ego is male faery or other race thats inverse of yours and vice versa for females but all the same, its language is your secret language yet it knows most other languages.
  3.   The alter adverted ego is a deformed somewhat monstrous or similiar to yourself in concept, faery or vampire that has shifting ability that makes it immune. Its views are corrupt and it can manipulate any. This side of yourself always seeks control and monopolizing greed. It, the monster can feed off fear and idea with emotions. The affiliate languages are attributed to what it can read off of others but for monster speak, vfindr weiir, except for the idea of skills that are similiar but its instinctive and an evil genious.
  4.   Where the alter bone self is to effect a change with adaption through energy, or absorb trouble and attacks to cause survival thanks to Kevin Servo (Donavan). Its any sex in appearance or neuter (androgyous) with no control, or actual form unless it wants a form and physically androgynous with very little ability to absorb chaotic events except to deflect things away or possess things and for its own energy. In this its very lich like in being. Most bone spirits are invulnerable to all and yet only when its necessary to the self will they allow themselves to be hurt, as in a state of energy formation thats changeable only to the mind and self idea. Most languages are known by it, the spirit, and sometimes from emotion its very much amour(in love) with the effort. So its easy to see the good bone spirit in action but hard to stop.

      Its an atleantian or other world spirit type, being born of an age that is universally linked to yourself. They make the things happen that yourself deserve. Including feelings and motion to achieve the desired and end result. Simply call to atlantis (atlan) or the spirit world or both to get double linked and to get your desire as the self or similiar might respond, but most won't respond lightly to an idea they can't accept. Thanks to the grocery store (crest) people. Now, if you see another spirit self then its to possess, control, madden or kill unless you did things of positive values of good bone for him/her and then they explore, seek to help or guide by control. So its two to one if a semi nice thing and you get controlled if the person is spiritually there as support. Add value to the deal and you yourself get a standard friend or valued appreciation, even without actual meetings.

  Everyone has them sometimes with no suspician with exception to the opposite alter ego is obvious. Its a natural condition of the human brain that these ego trips occur even in others, yet it can be noted physically that the interaction is there.

The Normal positive self and Pure spirit self could make a lasting pair.

The Negative evil ego and Normal positive ego can work together, even love.

The Adverted monster ego and any other corrupted side that is talked into a relationship, works together, except the Adverse monster self and Normal positive self might not get along by natural repulsion.

The Inverted manipulative self is matchable, with any but evil and somewhat by the bone spirit who is likely to revulse at the manipulation. 

    With the normal positive your cool calm and able at least in mind.
        With the alter ego is your calm and persuantly confident.
            The alter adverted ego leaves you in a panic after discovery.
                The alter inverted ego makes you crazed and suspicious.
                    The alter high bone ego makes you assured and introverted.

  They, the alters are not reprehensible and the soul feeds the memory to which the alters get their direction from. To control the alters just state the command and then they will obey the soul. Only these attributes can change to your beliefs, habits and don't count as multiple personalites but the same person. But each switch, the person senses some energy loss of about 1/4E=% where E is energy and E=K/4=%, and take the decimal and drop the before decimal as percent. K=(DegF-32)/1.8+273.


Some Human groups

Groupy, Groups that are ruled by those above in a similiar idea or association. Some are ruled by three people who are ruled by the upper authorities. Formed from the necessity to keep order and civilized to their tastes while existing with the world. Try to know them and you achieve results for status and understanding, with a mention for proof that is needed to describe them. The other prestigious self near is to respect you yourself and vice versa, for the other actions result in desparate acts like a get away or fight by wounded honor and pride.

Classified area of race descriptions:

  1. To denote elves:

      To identify the other species types further, is to note the different activity and habits. The different types of faery or elvish are known by elements and places as earth, fire, water, air and the gender is sidha for male fey or sidhe for woman fey.

      Elvenesti = Elves such as earth type elves are gnomes and land elves and elvenesti, labelled sometimes for the land mass and takes the active identity from the land itself, such as mountain, wood, forest and very scholaristic people that have 3' to 6' height, slightly weighty, and have a moment of flighty minded nature or suffer dumb blond mistakes.

      Vulcan = Fire elves that are also then elves as vulcans or space elf who follow the cycle of fire at teenager to manhood stage, logic and consideration at adult age. Vulcans can transfer thoughts by touch and spirit with manipulation of mental patterns. Some are well adapted to the area, if named for it and self-adaptation allows their survival. Some can learn by example or/and Osmosis.

      Atleantians = water elves or spacial elves that are reactionists but will create moments for pleasure and participation and also are smooth talkers with persuasive personalities. Ad hoc, a personality for thrill seeking.

      Sylvan = The element of air representation for elven are elemental apes, aerial, sylph or sylvan that work with land, and can shift anywhere with a abhorrant soundas they are part energy in form. These atypical elven are the type to command and use psychic power ups by strange sounds that is frightening and with abilities, to effectively try to work with people (any). They are known for decisions that come
    from back experiences and other influences. This elven half gorilla is as approximately 4 feet tall, with a very thick physique similar to a gorilla only it stood more upright. A remnant from the ice age that survived within the mountains. The magical Baboon is another type that live with them in sylvanic. in the vast mountain ranges of North America that are left untouched by man, within a well hidden canyon nestled
    deep within the depths of the rocky mountains.

      Kagonesti = There are wild elves of the lava element, kagonesti will be wildly interpretive of self-taught motives and well based conceiving that they, treat with activistic attitudes. The wild idea of these people lead to passion, that occur often are association with earth and shaping of materials. Sometimes they are war types.

      Freeborn = The freeborn elves are sometimes born by choice into half-human form, and represent the ice element that fits them as they're free natured wanderers and often clanless, so the association to some may be of black hunters that are clanless self-natured mercenary warrior ninja.

      Dragonesti = Elvish of the firewater are the dragon elves and dargonesti and draconesti that are very rare. Once they, the elf shifts to dragon and back again in form it gains a ability to be energy in form, with the added benefit to shapeshift to else. They, the dragon elf are strict and slightly aggressive with a thicker body than other elven. Their intelligence is instinctive and their activity is very amazing. as it fuels the body strength. I saw one and recognized it right off as her form was aggressive and loud with a palpable aura. They use consequence to make up for lost and bad moments or to make a response to those they dislike. Almost like a villainous activity.

      Eldar = The fire and air elements of light, warmth and electricity are kleugeny, of the early tribes of men who disappeared and remain unseen, unless looked at directly or for. They discern men as apes and monkeys who play with unique gifts. So they act the part of the storyteller and artist like painter, bard and explorer. Their mentality is to guide and to have backward thinking. Much like freudal psychology and lore of mystic nature or other types. They go up into the air for nothing and otherwise, with reverse thinking are accounted muses of history. They exist things if they want to exist the area point. This comes from what they consider if they are bored enough.

      Faery = lights, fee, fey, fae, goblins or hobgoblins, phaery, fairy, small white lights or larger that are a energy form human that are a separate group of demi-humans who long ago found themselves turned into energy beings by absorbing a lot of the power in themselves, they are pure energy and able to take form in any manner by manifestation. Their attitude is to target those who they find when bored and/or call to them unless a good reason for them to be there.If you were their friend, which meant they help instead of hinder. then, I would use the offered services with thanking them that they aided you in the way they did. If payment in necessity use chocolate as its their favorite but you need alot. they live in the fourth dimension, the plane of time and mists where time differences are per each one minute in = ten years outside the fairy mist, fairy world, where time can be manipulated.

      Dark elf = Gravity, ash, dust, current and earthair are drow, cilfark, turned elf to the dark powers and they have dark manipulation ability, can turn anyone to their side, is partly aloof and self-dependant, their innate wild magic ability is very replete, with shapeshifting ability, their sun shy and yet shadow form keeps them protected. their charismatic nature and they are weapon master along with excellent lying ability. Last cited near babylon and they prefer underground cities or area. With usage of drow ability, they, the turned person turn ebony skinned and gain dark sight(vision of all dark shades). This darksight is unaffected by the light of day.

      Hycilf = A high elf and representation of spirit, Note: not all this is true for everyone. Aristocrat elves that will refuse a fight unless they desire to fight. Find somewhat amusing pursuits that make some people irritated. Consider themselves highborns yet are freeborn. Will hunt people, animals for the fun of it. Find missions to do as adventures and aid people in the process. If the price is high enough, they will guard you. they are more intelligent than humans and elves, yet make no indication of it. Immune to all spells that arent their own, Jack of all trades(good at everything).

      To some they are shapeshifters that will torture those they catch in a hunt. Unless what they catch, proves themselve valuable in some form. Humans are neutral allies to them, elves will respectfully do as requested unless they decline or their secretly despise them. they are loremasters and are considered civil faery till they see those they dislike, with which they get racially hostile, disputive. Finally, they hold a grudge forever and are bold in spirit like nobles. they tend to make contracts.

      Nether elf = The element of void has netacilf, meditucilf, negcilf, negative elf, chaos elf made of pure dark matter, void substance, they are called into existance by need, desire. they represent nothing and will do anything if its in their desire. they can only manipulate chaos, by chaos and otherwise order. Where the called being is like a seen doppleganger to the caller, except it acts like a clone. To others, they appear as the summoner in appearance, unless it desires to appear like other forms. Its only defense is to form anything at will. It can make any event to occur for whom they want. they will make events for people when paid and their prides not in the way.

      They speak the negative language, and if you beat them they do a service unless they want something or despise the act and act somewhat like sore losers. They think in reverse due to their voidlike natures. What they touch, brush they absorb the energy of. They sometimes kill or torture those who aid them unless they are respected or loved. Those they disrepect they torture, and those they dislike they humiliate. Their enemies are dragons, oni, okaki and elves, which they desire to torture on sight. On sight of each other, their is instant hate that is saved for later.

      Elemental elfman = Now their is another type of concept of men and elven who "walk on water", watermen, elemental elf or elemental man that can form as they want and their element of choice is as desired. What they choose is sometimes not seen nor spoken but its felt, much like riverlords they are very able and are used to, warm rage(anger rage, striking rage, moody rage or favour rage), blood rages(blood debt and the persons enraged or beserked over some memory like berserker rage), white rage (emotional rage that blood boils and the voice is calm and they do mishaps and destructive urges), cold rages (emotionally blind and likely to be treacherous by striking the nearest person, or follow suggestions in tragedy for the unseen rage) or three other types not mentioned but their control is better in some cases.

      Their almost dominating and perfectionistic attitudes are very noticed to those that look much like ogers. They can turn into a elemental as flesh or body with elemental force by direct influences or elemental influences called and otherwise. With land, air and sea. Added with ability of walking on water. These people practically live on the ocean and on solid ground with activity and thoughts to manipulate or watch. They, the watermen, take things serious, sometimes with a humorous approach. With much focus their will can do a project for 3 hours more or less.

      Their approach is to use "body shells" from various methods that include, demonic skin stripping, mythical body swap, body switching and various others. They see by zen focus or hearing the voice and the person or objects are felt first and the brain reconstructs the scene into protected progressive ever adapting images as a viewed "lucid dream". Their nature is derogatory and idea oriented, so they will become realistic or reactionistic but nondestructive as they, themselves, are unable to kill each other so they think its similiar for others like them.

  2. Dragon life:

      The growth cycle of dragons - starts at the wyrling stage to grow to wyrm stage, then at some time its draco stage.

    1. Wyrling or a wilding, child dragon, Dragon child stage that starts from egg and lasts anywhere from upto 200 years till they decide to grow up. Most times they are energy given form by another, this form is what they like and isn't restricted to human, and yet sometimes they have wings. They feed off emotions or destructive responses by making people suffer or other events. The human transformed into dragon remain their shape yet shapeshifting may be enabled, so its just for looks as a "human wyrling".
    2. Wyrm, Wingless dragon that molted the wings off unless not a first, in which the human transforms after 200 years to this form. Its said to be painful unless the pain is muted but not destructive. This is similiar to a teenager in dragons.

    3. Draco or dragon, The dragon turns adult and grows wings and flies after enough energy is achieved. Some say the dragon at this point can change to any form including human and only at need or desire. Conclusion, people can assume until proved as this is theoretical, and I got this from reading a dragon bone at a distance.

  3.   To denote dragons:

      A dragon is a dacto, dragon, draco, drako, dacto, dakt, and for more information, look here, for dragon lore.

    1. A type of cold blooded large lizard from japan or off islands that is a result from a egg and looks like a large alligator, that lives onland and offland in water nicknamed as a species kimono dragon.

    2. Overlarge intelligent elemental force and formed focus, meaning something to someone like dragon lines(ley lines) of force.

    3, Large flying armor scaled and some feathers 20-100 feet long body 40-120 feet wingspan giant lizard; able to shapeshift to any form as their body is true wild energy. there ability to manipulate energy is limitless and it takes a demigod to face them to a standstill. Their are different types of dragons to different types of powers they have represented by scale color. The dragon scale has healing and elemental resistance properties again dependent on the dragon color listed below. They are invisible till they want you to see them and thats if they are hungry or interested, and then they lurk where their are things to learn. The dragon are born from eggs that hatch only at the mothers command or formshifted from human. On reaching 2000 years of age their essence dissipates and they turn into the voidal element.

    4. From a modified "Dragons" cable tv program by THOP, A large flighted or non-flight scaled form evolved from the dinosoar like the pterodactyl that uses a bladder of hydrogen caused from stomach bacteria formed as they ate..Directed to flight by flying through bladders and breathing fire. It, the dragon, had two double chambered hydrogen filled 'flight bladders'. They ate sweets and other stuff like platinum, rocks and humans, and, the bacteria in their stomachs gave off gas, like a lot of animals do have. Just theirs gave off hydrogen except with plankton. Which was instantly diverted or channeled directly into the flight bladders like a fuel injection system. Or they'd set themselves on fire and hydrogen + platinum = flame.

      When they breathed it, they had a 'false pallate', like Crocodiles, but Crocodiles have it to keep water from filling their lungs when attacking prey underwater. They had it to avoid flame backfire, back into their lungs. And the
    hydrogen filled things also helped out with giving them extra lightness for flight. For the other types of dragons, it is the helium gas effect from the anti-bacteria in the stomach and from helium + actinium or other radioactive ore = poisonous and toxic gas. The breath is poisonous noxious breath. The ice breather dragon is bacteria + adamantium or iron = icy breath.

      Sonic breath is the hydrogen + reverberating vocal chords + sea salt ot other salt = high pitched sonic death that knocks people out. The lightning breath is from copper + helium = lightning. For water breathers they, the dragon, take in water and to fuel-inject the water to the "water tank" in a single "false bladder" from a false-pallate like that crocodile, For stone and crystal breath the use of stone or gems are eaten with metal and people, except the stone and gemstones weren't totally digested, just broken up and shot out from a "containment bladder", connected to use the false pallate like a breath weapon. So, helium + rock or gemstone = acidic rock or acidic gemstone particles to cause damaging effect with toxic helium gas.

  4.   Dragon lore for different identified types:

    Ajator is a Black swamp dragon that lives in swamp using water magic with a little destructiveness with angelic power weakness. These dragons can get manipulative and cruel with possibilities to break any deal if you could speak to it.

    Etaaiu is a Undead sea dragon horse with dragon tail.

    An Ogoenco is suspician, Silver dragon that turns up on farmland to turn into a large cat or peacock and specifies a momentous event.

    Ogonco or White dragon that turns every fifty years into a golden bird signifying a famine or great hate.

    Ogoedo or Ogoeco, Black dragon that appears every 25 years to signify a death of a bad leader, imminent war or bad luck by appearing as a human or black cat. Before it appears it will blast a black wind through an area and if they stay they last out the war.

    Ogornco, the Gold dragon that turns every two hundred and fifty years into a multi-colored bird signifying a momentous birth.

    Ceradon is a 6-headed dragonlich that upon calling or discovery will kill the incident maker.

    Cyian is a 100 headed unsleeping dragonlich that a person can latch into to use it as a means of getting things or actions to occur.

    A dactu is a sea dragon ae a small water dragon that looks like its mythical cousin or sea dragon that makes its home in sea of any sort and they use water magic, they have no wings, yet large fins and a flipper tail and normal claw feet. their scales are light water blue(sea blue) and armorlike, Thus they are invisible in water and the sea strengthens them and where there's ocean or water there is possibility of shapeshift for them. On land they cannot fly nor shapeshift though they can run very fast, being invisible till they find a victim. Keep it from water for over four hours, dehydrate it somehow to kill it. Their breath weapon is like a water guyser with steam breath possibility. Due note: in the human formation, their breath weapon is a water particle stream.

    A dactolm is the elemental dragon can live in any condition and can use all the elements as it wishes. Deprive it of all sources of elements. or, use the same sword as you would use on the rainbow dragon to kill it.

    So a dactovy is the white dragon, and prefers the cold environment and uses ice magic along with a icy breath so use demonic powers on it, drain it of all ice to kill it.

    A drakbrun is a dragon brunette, 1. A person with a commanding tone and draconic personality like a stern mistress thats almost ever angry, 2. Brown dragon that lives in the forest and uses earth magic to grow trees and plants or other things at will. To kill the brown dragon destroy the area of living trees and plant. Albeit its breath is rock particles that are particially acidic.

    Dactouna = Snap dragon, dragon shapeshifter that eats a person, their energy and grows larger with each meal only to go back to normal size after digestion. Can be invisible till it wants to be seen and it teleports at will and is asexual. It has a tail that is extendible, nonvisible. Snapdrgon can eat essence, souls like kitsune and the actual form is six feet to twelve feet tall and walks on two legs.

    A Dactuo allows a cat dragon of five feet long w/o wings in size teleport ability and breath weapon, Sometimes they might eat a dog, human if they could, otherwise cat food.

    Dactuoh is a wind dragon thats invisible yet will utilize all sorts of wind magic and psychic power and this includes heat flow manipulation. It breath is heat so it possesses people at will. It will grant the callers desires including prophecy but you need not say a wish on call because it reads your souls desire to grant a wish. It uses mental magick to beguile and to kill it, use earth magic for no sword will touch it.

    The Dactuok or Tail snap dragon is dragon that can snap anything with its tail and stands like a lizardman except theres no breath weapon and its hide is armor thick with wings on its back, allowing it to limitedly fly. Its an old norseman sorcerer creation after he found a dragon egg.

    Dactocu or Lightning dragon or the copper dragon lives in the mines and uses lightning, air magics. Use the fire element on it if possible to kill it. Its breath is lightning.

    A Dactub is the Crystal dragon that shoots high speed crystal shard breath and can form any type gemstone shift. The crystal dragons live in the volcanic areas, in areas where wealth is, in power areas or they use knowledge as their power and aether as well. Gemstone dragons can also use and manipulate the effects of the gemstone they are named after. Deprive them of fire and/or use an ice spear on it to kill it. Where they stay or live, there is a uncorruptable well of power.

    Faery dragon, Dactbidh, A dragon whom will attempt the druids mist and is able to shift into any energy form and they bring a little torture to those if hurt. Joy to those who despair and work with them, punishment to those who deserve it. The size of them are 1-10 inches or larger as desired, and their scales are misty white mixed with other scale colors except in energy form, They can eat in the mists or energy food outside. They, the faery dragon, is a shapeshifter that can change during disruption or calm. The fey drake live where humans are to cause trouble where they can this fey drake can make other people into a dragon of choice.

    It prefers invisible fey form as it can observe and manipulate. the breath is a pure focus conic force that freezes a person in place. their magic is innate faery magic thus they are able to accomplish things by will focus or experimental study. these dragon absorb energy of any sort as a power source so they have constant energy supply. Deny them magic to kill them for ten hours or more. Torture it to get information and threaten to get its attack if its not fed or denial if its to sated.

    The Chaos dragon or Dracokao lives in any chaotic area that is mischief ridden. It creates more chaos through chaos and has no true form or breath weapon. The chaos dragon is prone to travel and its magic is effectively chaos. this dragon recieves chaos visions of possible events. Chaos dragons are very good manipulators because of these visions. Use chaos against it, order magic of some sort or a magic blade to kill it. It has a flame breath.

    Detonaa is detination or nether dragon or dragon lich, The undead form of any dragon and can live in any place, condition as it feels no temperature and pressure. the magic it can use is of any element and death. Kill it by using Holy Water, some weapon that has been blessed by priest using blood, dipped in holy water.

    Human dragon undead or dactowndo and is that which is a undead human in appearance but can shift to the dragonlich form which is dragonscales and bone when unseen and pure energy.

    The green dragon or Dactogre is evil that lives in swamp and its magic is poison or drugs. The breath is poisonous. Use the fire element on it, if possible to kill it.

    Gold dragon or Dactur prefers caves and, enclosed areas He/she garners knowledge and goods. So the gold dragon can materialize things and breathes poisonous gas. Reveal anything evil to it to strengthen it and get it to react, reject its knowledge or use gas to kill and weaken it.

    Snap dragon, Dactuna or Dragon shapeshifter that eats a person, other things and grows larger with each meal only to go back to normal size after digestion. Can be invisible till it wants to be seen and it teleports at will and is asexual. It has a tail that is extendible, nonvisible. Snapdrgon can eat essence, souls like kitsune and the actual form is six feet to twelve feet tall and walks on two legs.

    The stone dragon or Dratbty is the guardian dragon as it moves more slowly but has more impact and its magic is stone and rocks. Stone dragons manipulate their forms very well. Use energy of some sort or psionic attacks to weaken or kill it although they be immune to most spells. Absorb most energy to be used as a spell of there own and the breath weapon is stone particles. They very easily meld into stone and can pull others in too. A special ability is to turn people to stone by "freezing".

    A Detuon or Dragon unicorn polymorpher with single horn dragon true form that has dragon fear, purifying cleansing horn, psi horn amplified mind, goring attack, white feathered wings, white feathers, can heal at will with healing aura including ability restoration but if hungry will eat the food it goring killsor selects. the dragon unicorn lives in ancient power places. Douse in negativity to kill it.

    The Detoibo or Rainbow dragon has the ability of all the other colors and able to kill the others, yet can be an oracle. It lives near people and shifts its shape to that recognized as friendly by people. Must use a magical sword, and stab it in the chest to kill it. This dragon breathes fire.

    The Detanka or Giant man eating dragon phoenix, giant roc-like dragon sized phoenix with 1700 year lifespan and lethal breath of flame, white wing-tips, and dragon tail.

    A Detiid or Dragon god is the eternal dragon that reached over 2000 years age. It grants power, abilities, spells and wisdom to those deserving. this is a wise dragon thats exact size is not known but it could block out the sun. this legendary beast is invisible till it wants to be seen thus it appears as a muted multi-colored form but it shapeshifts and is unkillable. It remains a mystery today as of its existance. Yet you can worship it by thinking on it and asking it or doing things for it. This sends it energy as ae to achive its own idea for activity. The breath is that of energy of a conic voidal force.

    Two-headed dragon or Detotued with one head that breathes fire and the other, ice much like the jabberwocky except it shapeshifts and has poison tail. The elements it can control are fire and ice with limited ability in poisoning.

    Energy dragon, Drae, The dragon that is pure energy and thus no color controls time and space. However any of the other colorations will have a limited control over time and space. Use ANY weapon on it to weaken, kill it. Its favorite form is a detoee, energy bird that part energy frontend giant raven backend with black wings.

    Dark dragon or dreodek that is made of darkness and can assume the form of any dark creature as it serves neutrality while having innate darkness ability. Expose to sunlight and its weak and mortal, Then stab it with an obsidian knife.

    The silver dragon or drakag is prefers to live in the mines and uses mirror magic. Heals with its presence and is lightning wielder with lightning breath. It can also use and manipulate anything with silver in it.Take it away from the caves and/or deprive it of all metals to kill it.

    Female dragon, Draken or Octopus like squid giant natural form 350' in size compatible with dragons. To mate with them dragons contest and win as a suitor. They have a will which can manipulate anything despite their great size by keeping the victim in thrall. But the draken will achieve schemes that sometimes win through and seem impossible by taking other forms. Sometimes you will find a draken human with human and draken ability along with superior form. Their child is perfect genetics yet the draken lifespan is 100 to 1000 years or more. The female or female/male hermaprodite draken can live 100 to 200+ years. What kills them is the enchanted weapon or a emerald mace.

    Drau is a draught, a Fire drake or Red dragon that live near places of great heat sometimes prefer volcanoes. Their magic is fire based and they rend things to pieces. Stab with a crystal Emerald Dagger. Flame of reddish hue is their breath.

    Dragon firelich or drao is able to manipulate elemental fire with incinerative fire breath and made of fire particles. Use darkfire or black fire to snuff it out. Some maintain that the fire dragonlich has a liches ability yet most havent lived to tell the truth.

    Fistputo, Saloacto, Formless dragon species that upon sight of any other species including humanity will take that form including experience if it desires till the species leaves the area, to recall the form later and it has a form of true energy; Thus trick the formless dragon into a killable form to kill it. Their aura freezes like a medusas.

    Dragon phoenix with dragon size and phoenix ability thats smaller than giant dragon, the wings are white feathered and its breath is sonic waves. Draconian, The human dragon that has a human shape but thick scale armor with thick tail and a dragon head standing on two clawed feet. There ability is to manipulate energy is relentless and their ambition is great. Their power is to wield all elements. The half dragon tear and aura has healing and elemental resistance properties. They are invisible till they want you to see them. The half dragon are born from humans and the half dragon possess anyone and will, command the presence of spirits and lesser beings. The human dragon can polymorph at will yet only dragons will notice them as they are hard to percieve unless they want to be percieved.

    A hydra is 9-headed water dragon with a mean petsonality and materialization ability that sometimes shows its face by using 9 people to represent each of its heads. Unless it shows its face by appearing and its those 9 who are a body that will act separate but equal. They at some point were assumed to be a assassin or hacker group that are demi-gods and good at the work they do.

    A jiky is jabberwocky, 3-headed walking dragon human and tail and separate personalities.

    Jeg means draggy, driy, spring clean, weg, Little dragon that acts as a pet but eats meat with tendencies like a dragon cat and psychokinetic abilities.

    A matetrix is a winged dragon-headed 6' long 3' high grasshopper with knowledge and wise lore.

    Mushussu = 3-headed dragon that sometimes acts with three peaople in unity to strengthen the workman bond between, even if seaparate actions.

    Pi-psi is tortoise dragon, dragon headed tortoise with long tail of spiny spikes
    A ruh is an animal or all hair dragon like creature

  5. How to denote Vampires

      Vampirism started as a plague that killed or someone, that disrupted themselves living too much then the body adapted by changing the blood. A regenerative person named Morrigan came back spreading a mutated version, causing living undead slightly affected by sunlight and unable to see a dawn, without death. Now as things are or exist, it may be different for the poinbt that exists that shouldn't be isn't here. See in todays time, this means they are aware. They can eat anything tho without trouble unless a little sickness occurs, plus rare steaks be a very good substitute. Vampires are an immortal human race created by Morrigan the despised who was the first and now is an archon, a vampire elder is one who lived beyond the humans who allowed no prey to escape unless he desired it.

      They are led by their desires of blood into destructive but deadly acts. They have no conscious except for the fact of social conduct guiding them for they are born out of an act of death and drainage. This death happens like this: A young woman is killed violently and improperly buried by a priest and when the death occurs, the burial is on a full moon or moonless night. One full moon later, the corpse arises out of the grave in perfect condition as a vampire. This example came from the 1700's.

      Their full abilities are to not be affected by sunlight so the stronger a vampire, the less effected the vampire is by the sun. A very strong vampire can look directly at the sun and the vampire will only see red haze flashes if glancing at it and the dawning of a sun can kill them. They can very easily fly because they have such direct focus of thought. Unhingable jaws are very much apart of the vampire that allows them to bite the neck and unnatural strength comes from the lifeblood of animals, humans plus any other thing that has blood including rare steaks, yet blood is not the only thing they drain as food and drink is also possible for them for tiding them over..but some say they turn more human without blood.

      They can teleport by will alone at least once a day but the stronger vampires can do it more often, because of their focus of will lending strength. They also have the ability to become very fast and approximately in a blink of an eye they can do ten to twenty things, if they focus their mind on it at once. The minds of vampires are part of a universal concious that transcends time itself and acts like a beehive concious that is with separate and equal wills.

      The body of a vampire can mesmerize anyone who gets near plus they only have to say something and its like a magnetic force compelling people to listen. They heal extremely quickly plus regenerate any lost limb. The most awe inspiring ability of the vampire is to do magic because of their focus of mind and ability with power manipulation due to immortality makes them very strong magical users that I would say at a archmagus level. To get near them there is a possibility to become like them, because as you are near their aura presence corrupts the body more to being like them. Having sex with them will speed up the process and this includes to touch them and be bitten by them. Finally, they are immune to all diseases making the vampire able to stand a raging plague untouched. That is a vampire in a nutshell to my mind.

      The facts don't affect the vampire like diseased people, who are different through pofyria or porphyria thats a vampire like disease giving the victim all the symptoms of a vampire. Most pofyria are not well accepted in society, and don't have the same abilities except for the strength and speed. There is no actual cure except death as they are semi-immortal but with their death the vampiric disease is spread.

  6. The vampiric types and clans:

    Atryvap = Atryplievap, Astral planar vampire, another version to the vampires and they come from the astral plane, the dimension of dreams. They are the astral vampires and they don't need blood because they eat the energy from anything near them instead by draining it. The blood is already in their veins because it comes with the form they choose to be and they can choose any form as they are natural shapeshifters. They are eternal beings and the sun or electrical is their major energy source, plus night time's magic flow is the second largest energy source for them. Energy vampires don't need to eat but their bodies can get into the habit of it, because it is also energy. Demons can also be eaten by them but with care of possible mental usurping. They are neutral to each other and due to the energy intake, they have greater abilities in magic and their abilities are at magus level at most.
    Some even have mind abilities which they use to great effect. They tend to do less and are less active than men because all they have to do is think about something and it may occur. The thing to watch out for is their dark urges which can control them because it is a part of their basic nature. This makes it possible for them to do destructive acts instead of positive. Because they are magus level mages, they can easily undo the event. They could elevate a blood vampire to their state of being and the only way to kill an energy vampire is to drain it of energy completely and keep it from that energy for 24 hours.
    The body they formed will remain alive as if a saint's body, but their will is dead if they are killed and if resurrected, they will be normal humans. The only undestructable thing about them is the body they form plus they can reform the body, if it gets wounded enough and if they get defeated they come back 3 times as strong but not strong enough to lift a vehicle. They are bound by the the energy of a deal due to the intensity in the deal making and the sharing of wills while doing it. If they break it they will suffer unknown penalties thus they never make an oath unless they mean it. If hired, they must do the job without fail whereas they can break an oath without penalties, if it was broken by the other party in some manner including attacking them without warning.
    When they listen to a song their energy is tripled thus they are guided by the song but not controlled. Thus the things they think about tend to happen and they are elevated by their mood in power. In anger, they can cause the sun to go red or any other event that their anger desires. In love, they can cause other matings as they do a mating. In sadness they cause sadness without trying and in hurt feelings, they can make their enemies hurt three times worse. When desirous or jealous, the mood of others surrounding tend to match. They do have a conscious because it comes from ages of living thus they will attempt to keep living instead of causing death unless disturbed where they won't fight yet allow others to take over unless they resist. The energy vampire is a walking demigod according to these facts.

    Shape Shifter- Sasuta are a people who sees a person, thing or thinks of the idea to become it in full. It doesn't matter what shape but all that matters is if it wants or desires to become the shape as it has no true shape but a clear no substance gel form. It consumes energy to fulfill the shape from any source possible by taking the energy from whom or what it wants. It evolves a shape from pattern plus it remembers all shapes its been so it can form into any shape any time. These people don't admit to being a vampiric breed and act as dopplegangers.

    Zeva is a zombie vampire or Vampire who is in undeath and hasn't made the full vampiric conversion thus has repulsive scent, almost rotted body, can't digest food without uncontrolled swell and can be mistaken for living undead as they have no soul.

    Dhapi = There are daywalkers or dhampires thats stronger and far more flexible than full Vampires, being that they only walk at night. Product of a vampire father and human mother. They posses all of the traits of a vampire, but none of the weaknesses. As they grow older, they begin to wield innate ability. All must be embraced at some time in maturity, usually around, the human age of 18 or older. If a Dhampire is not embraced, he or she will slowly go insane from the blood hunger that consumes them, and die of starvation as their digestive system changes to accept only blood for nutrition. The most outstanding difference is that they can bear live children.

      They do lust for blood, but can control it, although they grow weak and begin to lose their powers if they dont feed. Normal foods can take the place of blood for them but their bodies will be expanded by the food greatly. During the day, their fangs shrink to a hardly noticable size and as long as they are not grinning. During the night they grow excesivly and are impossible to hide. Their eyes are red or the color of choice by magic, their skin pale, hair most oftenly black or magically chosen. If a Dhampire is slain, they can be revived as long as the head is intact. As for aging goes, the apperence of a Dhampire ages to about 25 years. from then on, every 10-15 years equals one year of age in apperence for the Dhampire.

      They can surpass other vampires in strength, including the Elders plus drinking large amounts of blood turns them more and more vampiric, drink lesser and they will stay more human. And lastly, the Dhampire's can walk in the sun though they can only withstand it for so long. For prolonged exposure to the sun can cause a Dhampire to feel the effects and be weakened. The older the Dhampire, the more sunlight they can withstand plus they can withstand a dawn without death. Dhampires are elemental masters able to manipulate any element at will plus are natural shapeshifters.

    Vampsu are Star vampires that sunlight regenerate, usually carrying a star gem of any variety. This is for their source of power and in shadows they are weaker without the gem.

    Vampyl are Wild vampires that kill all prey on site with no moral regard. They go on hunts daily for anything living to torment first and kill later as an animal would its prey. They can seem or look absolutely human including their deaths and they can surptise their victim by coming back or "steal" another body as they are body stealers.

    Azeman are Counting obsessed, night animal shifter, day female human shifter, vampire race who can be fooled, by using scattered seed or a broom across the entry.

    Elmvap or elmvamp are Elemental vampire that feeds on elemental energy, of the type of element it represents at the time to survive plus able to manipulate the represented, elemental energy at will and can turn into a elemental of represented element type, in any shape. Elmvap can also mesmerize at will some people to doing something against their will.

    Dhiampolie are the vampires of a northern norwegian tribe in Norwegia. They are celtish in origin yet maintain the celtish religion to some degree and to become their friends, speak of the celts or the norwegians in some degree. Speaking of things they dislike and they dislike what they liked before unless its pointed out that their idea was correct, gets instant assault. Salt will block them from an area due to natural belief in magic or other ability, if in enough quantity. It seals them like any evil spirit from the area when, used in a ritual circle or spell.

    Panopolist are like humans except for they are born with fairy blood before they are taken. These vampires will monopolize or disrupt that which are very hard to understand. Any idea that are very interesting will be attached to the controlled area or region that they would want to work with. Give them an explanation or reason as in a tip to the future to drive them away or to work with them, as they will do as desired to control the insane and criminal but leave alone the humane. These people are like energy vampires in ability with probability to annoy the lawful.

    Royvap or royvamp that suit the purpose of police yet without having joined the police, but through pressure they would join up if they could. On the surface they seem always polite and humane. These vampires willingly do their job and destroy the criminal as they try to capture them. When the criminal is "stunned" by mentally seeing what the vampire thinks is wrong, they move in or force by circumstance to get them public or "ruin" their image. To evade them, think a positive and nice thought to use this as "evidence" of innocense and whenever they mentally ask you about it, lie or tell a white lie as a reason that misleads the law vampire to something else or some other area. Their tendency is to live awhile in a family environment till death by gunshot or physical wounds in the heart by something with lead in it.

    Archon or Vampire elder are vampires able to outlast the vampire, and live over 500 years. They are called on to end dispute while they observe the circumstances, and rule the clan normally. Elders are stronger than vampires but weaker than daywalkers. Yet they are more ambitious of most vampires. When hurt they leak bluish blood plus they heal slower, thus the archon try to be an unknown observer, for the same reason and to state they are so old to avoid attacks. They have manipulation ability and very good psi capacity, while being strict disciplinist.

  7. Weres detail

    Now their maybe more were out their, but the main quantity are wolves. Like other animals of gorillas, rats, snakes, cock/roaches, cats, dogs, gators, bears and lions. The least expected were species is weredragon that can transform into any existing wereform, werewoman and wereman or other were species. For more information, look here, on werewolves.

    As popularly known, a werewolf is a person who is transformed, voluntarily or involuntarily, into a wolf under the influence of full moon. The word werewolf is a contraction of the old-Saxon word wer (which means "man") and wolf--werewolf, manwolf. Another term lycanthrope, often used to describe werewolves, however, refers to someone who suffers from a mental disease of fantasizing being a wolf. This particular mental disorder is termed lycanthropy. In human form they had bushy eyebrows that met over the bridge of the nose; blood red fingernails were long and Almond shaped. Their mouth and eyes were always dry and they were often thirsty. Ears were long and narrow, laid back on their heads. Their skin was rough, scratched and hairy. It often had a yellowish, pinkish or greenish cast. In addition to such physical features, the werewolf also displayed certain psychological traits. They commonly preferred the night and solitude, had an inclination towards visiting the graveyards and were known to dig up corpses and feast upon them.

    For the wererat is quoted as "When a rat is near and their are felt dangers nearby, Then a wererat could be there to surprise and eat you."

    More information on wererats, be here.

    As unpopularly known, a wererat is a person who is transformed, voluntarily or involuntarily, into a rat under the influence of rats or the many-as-one and full moon. The first wererat was a person who was immortal and was rat bitten, who then recovered after a slight sickness to be able to transform into ratform without need to do ritual. All he needed to form bretheren is to scratch them or mutate at a difference. The many-as-one is a group of brain rats that get together and form a collective concious. A single brainrat had a larger cranium with a focus to disrupt and almost kill the victim. Together in groups of 3 or more they could kill by energy manipulation.

    A single rat near the wererat gave them unusual psychic ability. The wererat was almost always near unusual animals and hated rats in general. Their manifested abiliy was to mutate anything at will that was near them. They can talk to many animal types including the other rats. In human form their silver fingernails were long and Almond shaped. Their mouth and eyes were always dry and they were often thirsty. They regenerated and smelt slightly when they did. Their instinct was to innately know anything and what they didn't know they got from others.

    Their skin was rough, scratched and hairy. It often had a brownish or greenish cast. Their nose was long and narrow. They had a repulsive scent that could drive away anything near the age of 10 o 12. In addition to such physical features, the wererat also displayed certain psychological traits. They commonly preferred the night and solitude, loved smelly area, had an inclination towards visiting the sewers and were known to feast upon anything except metals without sickness. They collected things like packrats and almost never bathed except every now and then.

    Werecat, human to cat and vice versa shapeshifters. they can take shape of any form between. It shares the masters, if any, skills or abilities.

  8. Mostly on liches

    A lich in ancient times was an undead mage plus this undead mage came about because of an accident while working a spell or was killed in some manner. Their life force then consumed the dead body and they were alive thereafter able to manipulate anything or everything except other liches. What are the mythical things of a liche? I will try to explain them below.

    A lich has these properties to my mind:

    They have invulnerability to most weapons, spells, and energy itself. This includes electricity, lightning, fire, cold and most items that could be considered a weapon. When they attack, they have effect absorption of the humans life force. This is pure evil. When liches feel like it, they can jump bodies or become more than one body because of their undead life force that is totally undefeatable except when you yourself are one. These beings gain their life force from anything made of energy or that is energy. When we break down items to their atomic level. The beings can be energized by anything at all.

    When they eat they absorb all the energy from their chosen prey which includes humans and these beings are pure evil. They will yield anything to kill their prey in a methodical way of their devising and when they actually do, they become you, leaving the body as their own second by consuming the body from within. They literally make you miserable until you give up and by that you lose all hope giving in to their will. When they absorb you, they eat your mind at the attempt much like deep ones eat the mind of their followers. So, when in consideration of them and their actual presence, do not fight them but resist and keep hope until they give up unless they are actually there near you. Only then block them away from you and they could use anything you throw at them as an attack against you.

  9. Other demihuman

    abatwa = ant size human creature who reveal themselves to under four year olds, wizards, and pregnant women and if the woman sees a male then the child will be a boy.

    abatwal = human unicorn yeti that shapeshifts into any form, can strike very quickly, mutates anything at will, single forehead horn that cures, purifies, presence that strikes dragon fear at will drains emotion and psionic illusionist, clawlike human, hands on human body. kills anything it wants, hairy body and prehensile feet with great intelligence.

    auian = abomination, elephant unicorn human thats seven feet tall bulky elephant 2-legged form, a single horn that creates calm while it enhances psi ability, causes fear in weak willed minds and whole body covered in black coarse hair that smells of undeath weighing 400 to 600 lbs yet silent on the feet

    al = long nailed floating haired young women corpse feeder, fire eyed boar tusked iron teethed brass clawed copious shaggy hair human beast.
    alian = human sea elf, Land atleantian with shapechanging energy shaping instantaneous travel ability with energy true form.

    alkari = Bird human with a standard of advancement like humans, these are non-human heads with beaks and birdlike eyes. The feet are webbed and the fingers are 4 in count, varied colored feathers cover their torso, except the altitudes are higher that they live in. Their attitudes are to torture intruders and to help those of their own nature, otherwise to take over an area. In a calling they might aid when their allowed to otherwise have a good excuse and they won't attack. On special occasions they, the alkari, color the feathers over the body.

    atryhum = The astral human is a wild energy based human that is faerylike and very easily shifting and yet in astral land they can live. By live I mean energy manipulation and powers of somewhat unlimited ability. Without astral energy their lives are without ability temporarily except for the physical area and physical magic. Their rules are to live as they can with how they can and the weakest will live unharmed. But their language is the key to getting places and to speak makes it happen unless they don't desire. The Astral human rules are to desist with explanation and if forced, then they will attempt to do as desired. Their similiar to the energy human.

    ehu = energy human, energy being thats mysterious and very willing to talk sometimes. Some would say they, the ehu won't communicate well but the process is if they do speak its with guarded tones and pure music. The speech has been heard as human and in imitation voice as it doesn't have one of its own.

    empusae = cannibalistic female monsters and have sometimes been confused with the lamia. they are half-ass and half-human, but could change themselves into bitches, cows, beautiful maidens.

    arakum = human spider

    arakhihu = death spider human

    iqronk = intelligent wrongful kind, undead intelligent human that is made into a machine golem. oragatung = human headed orangatang that is half human sized.

    babua = magical ape male, male baboon.

    babui = magical ape female, woman baboon.

    baginis = female animal human with claw-like fingers and toes who rape captured
    men then let them go.

    bendithu = human mamau, stealing human goblin that can shift into human shape at will with pleasant true form ugliness cruel nature vengeful and instinctive intelligence.

    blog = Humanoid thats misformed and moves very quick and is part spider and ape. It has an enticement to form into a human to lure the unsuspecting or a online news and opinion list or a flogging in the back.

    brihu = ostrich human with forward walking backward legs but the rest of the body humanlike.

    ceasg = human salmon of salmon lower human top half.

    cecrops = Serpent tailed lower half; human was the first athen king.

    cerebo = Snake head & dog head & human dog on all fours that has paralyzing stare.

    concaib = Deal making shapechanger that look absolute human yet targets anyone whos willing to make a deal for anything they would want and the deal details are hidden.

    citar = Centaur, tophalf human male back forelegs and lowerhalf is horse.
    citaohu = Centaurlike human centipede with eight ' long centipede body human front end.

    cyclops = One eye storm giant whom controls the storms.
    changeling = left in place deformed shapeshifting faerie children of human babes.

    chehtah = human cheetah cat that can shapeshift into any form between human to cheetah.

    chichevache = thin bodied human face cow that fed on faithful wives.

    chimera = she-goat, goat bodied lion head serpent tailed fire breathing creature.

    chinfox = an extroadinary fox with 800-1000 year life span fire striking tail future sight shapechanger that appears as a old man, young girl and a scholar and counted as a trickster. Similiar to the kitsune as the kitsune are also fox in japan. Noted were several emperors who attempted an idea that was unusually wise and counted as kitsunic.

    crang = craing, craig, live brain, brain being that sometimes have levitation ability.

    crocottahu = human wolf dog that is extremely strong and stands on two legs with thin grey wolf hair covering body and a wolf tail.

    ctia = cthuloid, cthuluist, deep one, mind eater psi manipulator, mind flayer, illithid who live in deep places that have great mental powers, they would eat the minds of their victims(worshippers) but they also controlled the minds of key people so that they could one day call Cthulhu to return and their greatest threat was in making anyone who met them go insane, and you can get rid of them but not if they consider you a threat through resistance.

    crocottahu = human wolf dog that is extremely strong and stands on two legs with thin grey wolf hair covering body and a wolf tail.

    ctiau = mind flayer human who live in hidden places that have great mental powers, they would eat the minds of their victims, suck the life of them but they also manipulate the minds of key people sharing the pursuits of the cthuloid and there threat was to manipulate people getting rid of them but not if they consider you a threat through resistance.

    dahu = human duck, human with a duck bill mouth, webbed feet and a feathered torso. dahuemy = animalistic duck human, animal torsoed duck headed human lower half with webbed feet and entirely feathered human body.
    dakuemy = animal torsoed duck headed humanlike furry lower half with furred feet creatue.

    dimnall = badgerbear, bear spider human that kills by a touch and has six arms human bearlike torso below able to eat anybody they kill after fluid drain and polymorpher with web ejection ability.

    duergar = dark dwarf that live under the earthen area or oerthen area and create civilization for themselves. Living by the dwarven kings rule of faery intentions. Their traits are similiar to dwarves and yet added is to take deep pressure and live in a minelike living area. They don't often care to bathe unless absolutely necessary.

    dagar = man headed shark.

    dekib = Dark hobbit, sewn, dueribs, Deep halfling, Deep hobbits that are very controlling and 1" taller than normal halflings with alot of muscle. They live deep underground with ability to manipulate anything and manifest anything. They have innate skill, similar to halflings their abilities are more developed without much writing skill. More devoted and independant but evil and with a good reputation that makes people look good by comparison. Sorta like Boo radley in DBZ. Rxcepting their innate sorcery and honor allow them to seem good. so when they reach surface they are unusual but not looked at with shapeshifting ability. These people raid and destroy those with items, as their rules are to be self-ruled. The clans are ruled by council with the king to sign the laws in and queens are allowed by marriage or consent. Royalty are immune to most things that could hurt them. As from hobbit de frodo, the dark ib speak the opposite language but know most other tongues except in opposites. They think they are tougher and smarter than duegar but advanced in technology. Their cruelty is reknown as very emotionally enticed otherwise they be nice as they have no fear.

    dagon = fish man of lower half fish, top half man.

    dapluiga = Doppleganger, double walker, fylgia, doppleganger shadow soul guardian angel, invisible human shadow self only seeable by its owner and once the owner sees it said owner will die not trusted. the doppleganger gives advice to friends, takes the form and experience of the victim before it takes the victims place if threatened or a good reason.

    dni = magical book writer, magical human aided by use of any story media to shift places. Accounted the Astral humans half-children as they share abilities yet arent limited. The dni almost always have a magical book to cause events or to travel with. Yet their one rule is to personally do things if they have to. Otherwise they don't do much or follow along. If a crisis, then they just do as desired and get places.

    djin = air being that wish grants like jinn.

    fedaru = blood roach, feeder roach that feeds off humans incessant to use them as hosts that act like a live human yet will erupt with roaches to kill all in an area acting on the humans in a similiar manner. If the host is angered the roach will burst forth. Unless the host is killed within 24 hours of being a feeder roach host then the roaches die with the host. the feeding phase of a feeder roach is a red tinged shell otherwise its normal brown. these roaches can teleport to any food or drink to get into the human and the victim can control anyone with them, talk to roaches at will. the feeder roaches can create enhanced fear of the victims fear.

    fliyged = wild ninja guard cat shapeshifter of fey birth in human body that takes shape of any human the size of a small

    fuhu = fw, human phoenix that has human legs and webbed feet, vibrant winged small vibrant feather covered human torso, human head and arms with clawlike human hands, asexual and phoenix-like ability to come back and healing tears regeneration lightweight ability aura effect innate restoration ability.

    gantika = Human giant phoenix is ten feet tall with giant vibrant wings giant feet human body torso and legs and two arms ending in clawlike hands, this giant can come back to life after it dies reborn of itself, translocation ability and regenerate,

    ganesha = Four armed pot bellied elephant man, male knowledge fey.

    ganeshe = Four armed pot bellied elephant woman, instinct fey.

    gorou = very hairy, werewolf like.

    goga = gorgon, medusa, live snake hair, scaly neck, boar tusk, golden handed, bronze winged human woman.

    hla = Snake human with humanlike head that has a long tongue and shaped like a snake, the rest of the body is human except they are cold blooded, and alien with pure animal instinct and logic along with cold eyes and heartless as a snake thats very treacherous. They are passable as humans at a distance with a slight revolting auratic field rgats stronger as a person gets stronger and yet they are vulnerable to fairy magic. A plausible example is Harry Potters "Voldemort" who is said to be part snake.

    gogahu = human gorgon with snake hair can manipulate anyone with thought, voice and with ability to freeze people at will, they have a shifer ability to appear human and else.

    gaue = horned one, horned human with, without wings.

    gyrion = Strongest living man with 3 joined body, six arms, legs and hands. A myth was that he was killed, by orion, after being led into bowshot, from chasing a thief, named Artemis, that stole from his hut on, atlantis. He later became an assasin and bounty hunter. Gyrions revenge, was to claim Artemis, as his new body. Creator of the christian church for revenge on his death and always willing ro protect through his followers by possessions. He uses his people as info and idea foundation support

    gabezu = Shark elf human that appear human, but have a inner eyelid, will strike if angered, always seek revenge if crossed, immortal, when the inner lid is closed; they are blind yet unblindable and enraged.

    goblin = okake, mischievous human hateful faery that plays tricks and very mean things

    gawk = half-human size great hawk.

    ghoblin = mischievous human hateful wraith that plays tricks and very mean things

    glabezo = long neck wedge head mule

    greibs = greiby, Great hobbits are human and hobbit offspring often by a love potion or love spring, that once lived till they were hunted by men and only for aberration as they were unaccepted by humans and tormented by mortals, the promise was to be like ogres except they were perfect to slime in mentality. the more perfect the better they came off as odd and the more slimier, the better in image they were to being nasty in appearance. Albeit they are geniouses to the point of being smarter in istinctive lore, yet able to observe and learn. When they are adults, they have most of the good traits of both including adenturous, not to be killed easy, slight madness, power hungry slight tufted feet and very able to go without shoes as its leathery thick. Added to this is danger sense, direction sense, slight jealousy, inferiority complex, can be devoted. suicidal actions and mental abilities along with manifestation ability.

    Great hobbits are not likely to play games with humans with a goal of living in the family. their gifts are instinctive with power to aid and they have instincts like a bloodhound with innate omnipotence. Counted as fairy they will be demi-immortal and very tough to kill. With great pride and effort, any skill learned is a blessing from their creator. If angry they might cold rage, the essence of confusion and greater strength that lasts weeks to months much like river lords. they are picked on by other goblins till they are controlled by the goblins machinations and then led to their demise after telling all, great disaster. What happens after is the great hobbit turns demonic and true neutral. After demonic, their prospect is to be "alive" and not killable except in body as they borrow another body which becomes them. their abilities become fully demonic added to their natural abilities, and they start using pattern like thinking. Hobbits can steal at a distance, close up when they realize an opportunity unless they don't want to by belief.

    The height compared to the cousins are 4'5" to 5'9" tall and anything that is told of them, is considered "heresy" by hobbits unless they have a just personality, except what they want to hear. Quite often they will fight unless there is understanding, a quest that happens. Most informed of their nature will note they can shapeshift and yet seem very ambiguous as in a group, their might be great confusion if they so desired just with speaking. Yet where the hobbit can be red, black haired, these can be blonde as well. Most likely the great hobbit is found in hard to reach places and old ruins only surviving as they can, and being restorers, natural engineers with haughty attitudes. the attitudes may get to humans, other people as a concept for a "too perfect" attitude that says "show off".

    If forced they will always listen, and try an idea out but not if forced too much. When confronted, they will run, tell white lies yet not when the truth is good to behold. they most miss the hobbit homes and will be away with a happy feeling, failure that pushes them on. When reminded of this they go beserk and almost don't realize they destroyed anything nearby. Yet they can go back if they desire, if they get over fear.

    grendel = grindlylow, giant man monster who is a babylon shapeshifter whom will kill and then eat the heart those who find out. Possible jack the ripper later on except in locked body formation with necessary potion to shift. this potion could have been H2O3.

    huaqia = shark human transformer

    huotle = human turtle that has no shell humanlike body stretched neck overlarge head and shadow innate ability.

    huyiao = human alligator with crocodile head, humanlike leathery torso, clawed feet and it fight very well and has lots of strength with allot of agression.

    huyfit = elephant human that is a walking elephant half the elephant bulk.

    hag = witch shapeshifter who for being loners drive off people, manipulate them for pleasure.

    huhedgoa = human headed goat.

    hellion = hell denizen, usually devil, demon and similiar. that were once human.

    hind = woman centaur, behind.

    hindwy = winged woman centaur, lazy.

    hynn = hind(hind legs), human centaur shapeshifter.

    hirow = drow human that can stand the light but has an acidic tongue with normal human skin and lying ability, shapeshift ability, manipulation ability, shadow form, natural weapon ability, innate universal energy ability, instant shift ability, loremaster, almost insane and psionic ability. hameh = murderer blood drinker bird

    harpy = harpie, bird human thats human body is feather covered, intelligent and beaklike mouth, high instinct leads the harpie female to wander and the harpie male to remain watchful, hidden territory protectors that kill anyone that gets near the territory. One rarely sees a male harpy but mostly will see a female for the fact they wont attack on sight.

    hufu = pheonix headed human with phoenix wings human body and can make anything lightweight around it.

    hufe = iron human who consists of mostly ironlike particles.

    hufy = Human fey children of fee and human mating with the female fee will leave the child at the male maters doorstep, switch the half fee child with the human child for revenge for marrying another. If the fee was male and the human female had it then no switch happens but the outcast child will remain till fey come child snatching but allowance to keep the child happens in the case of no other children. Most are born with some sort of defect in body.

    heulm = wildlife shapeshifter that attacks on site of anything living with the form of what the living prey fear most and it eats the prey after.

    huba = human bat with adult human size, clawed feet, clawed hands, gliding black wings, very strong, flight ability, eats anything, can lift five hundred lbs and weigh 80 to 150 lbs.

    huphu = Human phoenix is human with phoenix ability except the offspring are formed before, the death of the body or desire of offspring and in fire of sorts (emotion, flames or on desire to get a child).

    hutobb = human plant, plant clone that is perfect human form on the outside but plant in the middle.

    hutrol = human troll looks human but can regenerate anything at will, automatically

    hudawg = Human dog is the dog head and ears with human body and a dogtail.

    huru = human cockroach, a human with harder skin, two arms, one spiritual pair of arms and able to eat acid and they have to eat acid of sorts, that on a full moon turns to a large roach painlessly standing up and halves the intelligence unless its resisted. The farts are acidic with continuous gushing for one minute at the beginning of it, till the transformation ends and it is over. Where they, the victim is hard black skinned with what seems like wings on the back and a big fart lasting 2 - 10 minutes. The body is now 2 arm pairs un;ess the transformation didn't take and then its normal like human again with two arms and 1 extra spirit arm pair with two standup legs. Their capacity of palatte is unlimited to eating almost anything. This lasts till the moment of turning back to normal on desire to be normal or resting.

    hustafyai = ravenlike attack bird human with brasslike beaks, human torso, brass toes brass fingertips, birdlike webbed feet and sharp arrowlike feather body covering and metallic wings

    huwom = Umiwom, human worm that has a human trunk, serpentlike body, worm head and neck; giant tubeworm that matches as the reformed body of the hellion, to mark the location to hell as a place and hell is actually right under it in a 1000+ mile area as 2000 deg Fahrenheit. The hellvoice is a single voice of 1,000,000 or more screaming in pain people.

    hyfy = ibs, ib, halfling, half-sized men, sometimes good thieves, explorers, tough and hairy feet, often can go shoeless and slightly chubby or slender, very agile and strong. Survival rate is strong amongst them with a natural luck, The nobles of the halfing are hobbits and they, the hobbits, will attempt anything to get what they want with slight disagreements by natural philosophy of halflings. Hobbits will not steal as they have a noble bloodlines and a will of determination of the thief to affect almost dishonest dealings, in two cases, to get what they desire when desperate or to effect attack and escape for revenge. When told a direct order, if they respect your repute then your good as gold. If their is disrespect, then its despise and denial if non-harried. The harried hobbit and halfling will assault with intention or run. The ability of the halfling and hobbit are psionic and magical, if they so chose bur some don't get the option and its very strong where their born but weaker outside. The ability of the bard is very much theirs as its used sometimes for writing.

    hyforc = human orc with piglike nose fattish, five to six feet tall human body and great body strength, five-fingered hands hairy feet hairy body coverage, ingenious enjoys cooking instant innate magic and most up to trickery

    kysu = foxx, magic fox, kysu, fox with or without mystical skill. fox, kitsune, This entry be changed from the original to reflect new idea. Fox that sometime have magic or mysticism and are an mysterious animal, fascinating, and mischevious. And be believed to be very grateful for the kindness done to it, as seen in many tales, and be also affectionate as revealed in some dramas. It be godlike becauseof mystical ability such as shapeshifting able to bewitch men in charming girl form.
    An exceedingly interesting and entertaining beast Kitsune is.
    Kitsune are ageless non immortal being spirits. Kitsune manifest with 900 yearslifespan before they leave/die and return to spirit world. Kitsune 900 years old, older are rare as energy amount to fuel physical plane existance would be extreme and they would be doing more harm than good. the kitsune represent elements meaning they have abilities from each. This incidentally places them as Dragons but on a
    smaller scale.

    Dragons and Oni are their enemies and the elements are thirteen
    catagories and kitsune are divided into each called clans, dynasties, houses. The elements are Wind, Earth, Fire, River, Heaven, thunder, Mountain, Void, Spirit, Time, Forest, Ocean, and Music.

    In the book 'Kitsune' the word Heaven be Celestial and Void be Dark. Each kitsune has it's own element based strengths its aligned to. Elements reflect the kitsune's powers origination and elemental affinity like Fire Kitsune be unaffected by fire
    easily feeding from fire to self strengthen and use fox-fire with ease. Water kitsune wouldnt use fire easily but naturally heal and thrive near water. The most common kitsune are Celestial kitsune who follow. Inari, Wild kitsune, Dark kitsune. Celestial kitsune are 'High Kitsune'.

    Kitsune are physical spirits and everything has spirit in some form, to them, and these spirit are Kami. Animals also have spiritual counterparts more commonly known as Kitsune and Tanuki. there be Tengu but this be unessential as from
    what I've read they have background and diversity to make a thesis. Kitsune have a number of options to manifest. Most draining be to appear in physical world causing storms, unnatural events. Kitsune who simply manifest lose innate essence faster feeding more often, suffer weakness but they gainstrength after twelve hours in the new world.

    As be stated "when you eat from a
    place you can return to it, stay" from a greek story. This feeding depends on kitsune strength usually meaning region blight surround if fed too much though the weaker kitsune have less effect. When kitsune manifest it has optional choice number. It can appear as kitsu (fox), fox-headed person or very attractive normal person. In any case the tail number that kitsune have will be obvious unless shapechange masked which be draining. Note however they can shapeshift, at will so concealment be easy. the second option be possess either fox, person. Fox-possession was a most common kitsune manifestation means.

    kitsune possessing someone had to overcome willpower thus usually the process appeared insanity similiar where a kitsune willpower fed. Taking a sleeping person usually was a lot quicker since kitsune could invade the dreams taking time to willsap targets. Possession be not shared easy as once done the kitsune body control and once they leave their host will experience remember not.

    Kitsune possession was not long-term unless kitsune truly had reason to stick around. Possession was blessing, exorcism broken, by Shinto, Buddhist priest,if someone called a Guardian kitsune to deal with the matter. Also note that unless kitsune be powerful the shape-shifting was foxform limited, fox-person form and person form they're possessing. the third option was possess a child, fox very young, unborn. This method be least taxing and resulted in a kitsune hybrid possesed person/fox. If child/fox possession the full possession takes longer and with pre-born it's instant.

    This be the 'avatar' method because this be
    the least taxing method to show. This also incidentally gives a long-term physical body. Kitsune who use this method have no extra tails visible and eat, drink, sleep, breath, and suffer the full moral life all 900 years. they bleed and possibly get sick unless a regeneration be enabled. Using this method transforms into fox-form/human-form and development of possible other forms.
    As additional note a kitsune with avatar can't be banished, exorcized easily. One common thing be kitsune once here can become enraptured with full senses, as in physical form.

    This turns kitsune into thrill-seekers that experience any new

    forms albeit pleasure, pain. Older kitsune who have lived physically for long time may be more jaded. Another spirit aspect be manifest ability and physical survival level that requires sustenance. Gaaki feed off many different things
    depending on gaaki type you come across. Some feed off scents, blood, pain, tears, and more dangerous from souls. Kami usually require small gifts and prayers sating them, they are hostile and dangerous. these gifts and worship 'fed' the kami.

    Kitsune feed from land essence, elements, and people. they are sensically
    vampires that require sustaining essence. Kitsune who have avatar does not feed like other kitsune. Instead as long as they don't tap into abilites they posses there be normal function for human, fox. Using abilites will weaken them although if given a relaxing chance they will self recover. Kitsune who possessed someone still has to feed to keep a body a long time. Feeding be in the same manner as manifested kitsune. Kitsune are capable of host draining, as in manifested kitsune thus feeds most often. Energy amounts used to stay
    material can be extreme.

    To keep manifestation and use it's ablities kitsune
    draw off much energy around them. This chi essence be found in the elements and like Chinacats kitsune are capable of knowledge feeding. With this kitsune are learning capable and abilities developing and possibly grow quickly. Kitsune body can be attacked, killed but can simply leave the body any time
    leaving the victim to suffer the fate meant for the kitsune. To harm kitsune requires a weapon spirit harm meant. Avatar taking kitsune are physical harm vulnerable. Anything that do mortals harm harm kitsune. these not regenerative kitsune are unlike others thus spend healing resources, natural rate heal.

    Magic weapons and faith can't harm these kitsune easy because they are physical world 'natural' having world attunation. these kitsune reanimate once killed spiritually much weaker than their brethren. When kitsune heal wish they expend energy so when desperate they sacrifice tail, artefact gaining huge chi influx for fuel. Kitsune who spend healing energy become more essence desperate and feeds sooner. they should be careful to not eat normal food as in overeat for possible weight gain.

    When kitsune are killed unless destroyed spirit their be options. Dependant on recent fed amount they can re-manifest in any form sacrificing tail, artefact for sudden chi influx manifestation allowing. If no manifest they wander worlds biding time and waiting for a convenient time. While in spirit
    kitsune are spiritually attack, magic vulnerable. Kitsune are amoral spirits with basic right wrong understanding and make decisions based on what they think will aid them most. Kitsune core personality be type dependant.

    belief be elemental focus and kami which possess them:

    Wind - Flighty, these kitsune are wanderers, never staying in

    one place for long.

    Earth - Solid and unyielding as these kitsune are rooted
    in history and resistant to change.

    Fire - Quick-tempered and reactionary
    kitsune are constantly moving thus very emotional.

    River - Natural healer
    kitsune are quietly peaceful.

    Ocean - Furious and tempestous kitsune are
    natural warriors.

    Time - Contemplative and quiet kitsune are seers being oracles.

    Void = Dark and brooding kitsune are malicious and very domain protective.

    Mountain - Distant kitsune are withdrawn silently preferring observance before acting.

    Forest = Quiet and serene kitsune watch those around them. Once
    satisfied with what they see become playful and mischevious.

    Music = Pleasant and polite kitsune enjoy company and experiences.

    Thunder - these are loud arrogant prideful kitsune.

    Celestial - Protective and noble kitsune believe they guard all under their

    Kitsune are not innate sorcerers however they have innate abilities
    that fall under magic concepts thats called 'Fox-magic'.Kitsune are innate illusionists. To them, illusion be as real as anything else, so a seeming is actually real life. A kitsune who uses illusion to appear human be human and can talk, act, love and sire children while the illusion exists. A kitsune who transforms staff into snake creates crawling,
    biting and killing snake.

    They use this glamour to make objects, weapons,
    people, homes, and even landscape manipulate suiting desire. One kitsune be capable of creating illusion and manipulating landscape in small vicinity, though when kitsune gather collective resources whole cities are made.

    Kitsune can make pockets in reality meaning they can make a castle under someone's floorboard with people. This world be real by ether (spirit) material. In which, its easily destroyed, by the idea and material items there. There can be time-dilation thats one Earth day = seven Realm years, unless specifically made different, as these realms are just homes mostly, forests,, their favorite places and aint whole worlds. It
    usually takes three to five kitsune to make a whole realm and populate it linked together. Kitsune can dominate those they want and this be a enchantment form and this can cause someone sight of anything wished, overlook wanted things, by desire.

    Once control be established the victim be held until someone

    can break magic. Usually, by pulses of energy, and idea, caused by some effect.

    Foxfire (Kitsune-bi) can produce lightning, fire by tail rubbing their tails.
    This becomes a melee weapon and they breath fire to about five feet, less. Kitsune can also create small fire balls sometimes using these as lights, thrown weapons,, as playtoys. Kitsune can possess targets, taking over minds and bodies.

    This be sometimes out of necessity of protection as possession lasts
    until next sunrise, sunset unless the kitsune be using this, as a manifestation form. they have not targets ability access, memories. A kitsune can transform into anything covered by an elements formation. This means they can turn into trees, forests, rocks, water,, other people.

    The limits are that the transformation does not give them the innate abilities
    of the form they have taken, and they are vulnerable to what can harm that form. Kitsune who are possessing someone can not use this form of transformation,
    unless they are doing it through illusions. Kitsune can create small focused power balls. these balls look like small spheres that easily be child toy mistaken.

    These balls focus kitsune abilities and contains their spirit usually when they take on avatar, possessed someone. Kitsune enjoy playing with this ball using it, as a magic focus. If anyone else gets their hands on it, wills it away from weak kitsune sometimes they coerce kitsune into helping them. Kitsune can study any magic field. A problem be that to use any magic
    form requires to draw energy from power source, self draw it.

    Unlike mortals
    they weaken when they self draw energies which does not self replenish. One who casts magic too often will become weak and starved. these are oriental magic examples. Akasic be the magic of chi essence. Mages can see auras and power sites, manipulate, draw on,, expel chi as in will balls that contain elements.

    Akasic magic be powerful combined with other magics. Its good for things like
    healing, regeneration and reversing essence loss feeding caused. Kitsune follow the Elements being tied to the represented elements. Kitsune can influence any
    element they be of and if elemental magic studied become very good in the study field.

    They sometimes study:

    Wind - With this study, they can create winds, cause tornadoes, and influence local weather patterns. This be also effects ice and snow.

    Earth - they move rocks, transmute minerals, physical objects and build things.

    Fire - this be a kitsune's specialty as they create fire, control fire, and cook meals.

    River - this be a life-giving power as they create water, control creatures living in water and they heal others with and bring life to things around them.

    Ocean - this be river cousin to River but larger scale. This be where they
    cause very strong storms, flooding and tsunamis. This be how mages depth creature conjure.

    Forest - this control and manipulation of wood trees, and forest creatures.
    Those who study are druidic in their ability to wood strive and blend in and find herbs and roots making salves with.

    Mountain - Cousin to stone as this element allows for mountain control and
    those living inside. Kitsune can cause earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, and landslides too.

    Thunder - Wind cousin a mage can throw lightning with, cause storms, and
    create energy shields, manipulate machines without detection, and without computer net-run aka neuracanulla link.

    Celestial - this be astral and heavens magic. Mages teleport, call upon magic
    creatures, and throw target meteors. Kitsune can do most other reduced effect magics.

    Dark - this be void magic and this magic can cause blights, drain life, summon
    dark creatures, manipulate darkness, shadow vanish, and light drain from areas. This study isn't 'evil' and a quarter of the kitsune race are Dark Kitsune.

    Time - Allows no time travel except with right methods thus this allows kitsune
    to speed up, slow time down, age, then targets and objects. To predict future events and this be the perception and manipulation of time plausibly to master
    reality with celestial magic worked in.

    Music - this be sound and music control. Kitsune can sing spellsong effects. This can entrance others, ward off supernatural creatures, and control moral.

    Spirit - this be spirit world, demons, and other world manipulation. This
    nature magic doesn't work well on mortals since mortals have souls which are similiar to spirits so they have to wait for someone to die for this to effect someone well.

    Kitsune can bind, summon, banish, ward, trap a spirit even in a human being if powerful enough. If the kitsune have some of the persons essence then they can control the person, demon throught essence manipulation.

    Feng Shui, to them, be the
    Geomancy study, power sites and ley lines being largely this magic. A person can find out the best way to site build, power location creation and a means to tap
    into leyline, nexus. This allows someone to travel Dragon Lines (ley lines) getting from location to location and also allows them power tap Ju-Fo be runic magic and some kitsune mages can write power words, speak spells creating magic. Ley lines
    are good places for banishing/controlling spirits and binding sites. Kitsune can hide themselves, in places by ley lines for manipulation and concealment.

    They were given an exact description of how they act. "Playful, kind of mischevious, tried to play a few semi-harmful pranks and they were all playing around with their Kitsune Balls. I can effectively say that I don't have to consider kitsune and vampire as different parts of myself, since there's the kitsu-vampire combination as well. The transformation makes them like a werewolf as they can form into dog or wolf. Some are half human half kitsune, full human, full kitsune. The older they get, the more forms they have.The older they get the more sophisticated they get. Kitsunes can drink the energy-blood of a vampire or animal and turn into it. As A kitsune with the speed of a vampire, they're a lot more powerful. I think it's the kitsune that's bitten by a vamp or drinks the vamp blood. well vampires are technically human and kitsunes can be half human.

    Which means that they can be half vampire. You just have to make your form fully vamp instead of half vamp half human, and then transform into a kitsuvampire.
    The kitsuvamps extract and manipulate energy a lot easier than either basic kitsunes or basic vampires. So they can form gates that act like wooden doors or look like anything. As using the wooden doors or the objects as fuel. That's like a twist on pockets in reality as basically they can twist things. An if to suit of their necessity, But its not a dark twisting, except for the users of void. It almost feels as easy for them to transform into anything (not just human, not just vamp, not just fox, not just kitsuvamp, but actually able to mutate into any form I want) as it is for a dragon."

    knio = angel knight, knight that rose to be a guardian over humankind and aid people in fighting and defense.

    lamassu = human headed lion, human headed bull.

    lemola = ancient space race.

    lichu = liku, human lich that has human undead body and has instant innate magic but is alive and shapeshifts able to call and control vampires at will.

    lympago = man lion, man tigermanticor = manticore, Red lion body human face with ears and blue eyes with 3 teeth jaw row scorpion tail end poison spine tail and deep brass voice.

    matahum = Material human is Material base and bias. So if its not there, its not believed unless unnecessary with alot of information for expedience. But, the idea of spiritual guidance is an allowable with spiritual laws that work with them. Yet they are backward in some manner of mind similiar to niceness is allowance or slight meanness if emotional but they have not ever beat people up of positive intention. Some are all around nice with few occurences like celebration points where its cruelty'r'us.

    Their color is coalblacky or inky, willing to gain knowledge and material goods and seek it out while doing so for material values. They the person are responsible to doing many things with a good disposition. Their motion is for the person to see the truth and accept almost any answer. The emotional state is for bringing grief to the person who hurts them with revenge of grief, otherwise they downplay the feeling.

    metamid = mastermind, a being created by polyvirus(shapechanging virus) with no form and all heads that can take any appearance while manipulating as it wants and its an illusion master that absorbs beings into itself as in humans ghosts and animals.

    minotaur = bull human that are honorable till offended afterwhich they kill offenser.

    miruh = manimal, man animal with man face and animal form.

    mrbfix = androsphinx, human headed lion.

    muit = mutant, abnormal human that most time is part machine part human or part anthing they can get that is adaptable, to the body and they are damage immune.

    muitotle = mutant turtle that has armor shell long prehensile neck largish human head with ability of mental magick and shadow ability, mutant ninja turtle.

    pegeus = human headed great eagle.

    parnau = fearless fear away aura human patronach with body like energy, being tranformation always positive and enlightning to those around, and body looks solid till attacked thus it disappears into mist.

    pixi = magical hand sized malevolent human with green eyes and red hair.

    puck = benevolent magical hand sized human.

    rialod = Riverlords are guardians of the land and they shapeshift and manifest at will. they can follow passions to very destructive ends. Once they begin something, they can continue it to the end. Any project is a long term project to them. they are as old as the rivers, and they grow weaker as they travel further from their rivers, water. they can control all elements sort of but not fire. they live secluded, unless in family. they can commit themselves to cold fury, which can be disasterous and when they mate, we call this the monsoon sometimes.

    Cold fury is when they go crazy and nothing can stop them, floods you get the idea. they commit to cold rage and slaughter the foe. Cold rage is a very powerful move but cold fury is different from cold rage. Cold rage is like berserker rage yet cold rage is a longer term attack where beserker rage can be maintained for hours, with the same benefits. Cold rage increases attack strength, stamina, memory, emotion and will give you focus on anything near to attack. this lasts for days. Cold fury makes them uncaring on whom to attack lasting for weeks.

    Via cold rage, they can at least know their friends. they could consider killing nieghbors but not do it. Via cold fury they wouldn't care. Cold can be controlled. With the rage, they can control their strength to be greater. They will keep awake for long periods, albeit the long term effect can kill them. Cold rage attacks the person whom you aim it at, where cold fury attacks anyone. Via cold fury they could kill assasin, friend and pets with anything else nearby. Yet cold rage, fury and berserker rage makes the effected person unkillable and unhurtable. there is controlled fury that allows the same enhancement as cold rage, yet leaves them unknowing who to trust. Cold fury results in some riverlords going comatose. People that show cold rage are: vagita on the dragonballz.

    Known facts on riverlords are that they can't take acid because it renders them powerless and causes them to die, fall very ill. Riverlord tears can be used in healing and they hardly cry, scream even in pain. Huge turtles help them in transport. their worst enemies are the rock demons and if a riverlord screams disaster happens. Water can heal them of anything and a bath causes regeneration. Drinking water, any drink is instant recovery. Any magic won't drain them as there power source is any water source. Water sources can be ocean, river, inland sea, bath. they can heal anything at just a thought or intent. their thoughts are like action to happen and music increases their power focus.

    ruetahum = human spiritroach or hierodoht.

    rathu = rat human, human like rat 3 foot to five foot tall.
    shadow ability, mutant ninja turtle.

    sahn = giver, demihuman, super human.

    seagiu = live electricity form that a human, other humanoid including pets can transform into making it unnecessary for eating except for any energy force it absorbs. this form follows along the same rules as seagy.

    siktofu = silken tofu statue that comes alive at sight of strangers and assaults with acidic touch and absorbs most damage as energy.

    selki = seal human.

    senmura = mammalian bird the size of a human and human limbs.

    hunnswan = hunnswan, human headed white swan.

    sylph = air elemental, primaire, human woman gate.

    satyr = half goat human.

    sluu = human sloth that be midget sized human with sucker-like hands easily able to climb a wall but sluggish movement.

    sfynx = sphynx, lion with eagle wings human head.

    slughum = human slug who has acidic spit with very large sluglike body and java the hut is a slugham to name a few.

    syuanda = salamander, fire lizard, fire elemental.

    stafyanfu = regenerative phoenix-like attack birds with brasslike beak arrowlike feather lightweight innate ability and able to rebirth itself at will.

    stafyaigu = ravenlike attack bird human giant with brasslike beaks, human torso, brass toes, brass fingertips, birdlike webbed feet and sharp arrowlike feather body covering and metallic wings and ten feet tall twenty feet wingspan

    sfix = sphinx, human bird lion.

    taylar = crab human is a giant crab with six human legs six hand feet crustaceaus shell body hand pincers.

    tibhuru = animal plant human that has any animal human shiftshape but will be plant inside.

    tesseract = dark mindless killer giant.

    tesseractiq = dark giant god, twilight giant.

    tofuobj = animated statue sculpture that serves as guardian or general healthy diet food.

    tofuigaobj = Celestial tofu sculpture that serves as guardian till it sees an intruder thus it acts as a gorgoyle. It cannot be damaged by normal weapons and absorbs all damage of normal weapons. To kill it you need a magical blunt weapon with a point to break off its parts as possible.

    tengu = bird human leprecaan that does malicious human tricks.

    tigron = tiger human shifter.

    truu = True human, golden ones, absolute energy being that can be anything and has no true form except that thought up. They in true form speak star speech of true musical harmony and live in clans. They are thought to be the originators along with several other clans to settle earth and disputes.

    tri-kreen = insectoid humanoid worker

    troleta = spirit troll, regenerative being that can turn into real form, remain spirit form.

    trolloc = energy twisted tusked boar human that stands on two feet able to speak clearly and has very coarse hair along human torso, yet they are progressive by prophecy and blood frenzy by intentiontion.

    vyhauhum = high planar human being that has instant magic at command and is natural shapeshifter.

    rink = wrink, part undead human half sized cyborg with exposed glass braincase

    ronk = wronk, wrongful kind, undead human that is made into a machine and human part golem.

    zakmatahum = Void material human are with physical needs and goals but is empowered by physical magic. Experienced by physical and spiritual laws. Astrophysical idea is what guides them with the learned laws, by observance that sometimes create a fear to goad by. They can exist off nothing and live with their own rules consisting of moments learned as in imagination and silent emotion. Except their imagination is not imagination except real moments that happen to link to them with or through association. Mainly consisting of real time events to coincide and allow a greater idea.

    zomb = zombie, slave, Living undead creature that is human but no soul and acts slavelike to the soul holder and after a time the body decays but remains alive with the ability to live.

For the quick references guide to bored astral planars:

  Known earth roots to guess the location of things by their activities and idea, as these cannot be used for the location of certain people:

aerth = arth, anti earth, mental world, mental land, positive fractale, astral land, 10 m there = 1 s here

earth = erth, homosapiens land, neutral land, main root, 1 m = 1 m

ierth = irth, starland, starkland, tenacity or tendency for fame, 1/10 s = 1 m unless its acted out moments.

oerth = orth, old order, old earth, adverse earth, pre-universe earth of the old religion(every person is a self god ae demihuman or is devoted to one, unless in a churchlike organization where the self god become part of a multifaceted[schitzophrenic?] mind source that reflects everyones religion, except may not always be accepted except as a false god or aborigine faith thats tolerable), 6 m = 1.2 hr

uerth = urth, fairymist, time world, 4th dimension, reverse world, 1 m = 10 yr

yerth = yrth, lying area, elemental zone, 0 minutes = 0 minutes unless in momentary time

derth = drth, darkland, negativeverse, undead world, sigil, runic land, 14 m = 18 m unless legendary moments of 1.6 s = 1 ms,

gerth = grth, big land, happyland, fatland, 1.8 s = 1 s

perth = prth, personal land, bastard zone, tel'aran'riak with hysterics and paranoia, thin land; 1 second = 1 year, unless hysterics are present, where 1 minute = 1 hour

serth = srth, pah'lah, shayol ghul(volcanoe), everyones free market, fa'arka(farcry) ruus(rules) with shades of light, the land of hidden appeal where things unseen are useful, 0 in moments of frozen, unless momentary time to suit another world; 1 month = 1 year

l = hell, land of torment; 200 yr = 1 ms or compressed momentary time

Heaven = roller coaster land, making land, manifestation land; instant(?) = instant thought(?)

Elvish: The elvish type and race
element = elven type

earthair(gravity, ash, current, dust) = cilfark, drow, dark elf, turned elf

earth(or earth root variety) = land elves, gnomes, elvenesti

earthfire (lava) = wild elf, kagonesti, keagonesti

fire = vulcan, fire elves, space elves

firewater = dargonesti, dragon elves, draconesti

water = atleantians, water elf, spacial elf

waterair (ice) = freeborn elves

air = aerials, air elf, sylph, sylvan

fireair(light, warmth and current) = eldar, kleugeny

earthwater (flow, waves) = lights, fee, fey, fae, goblins or hobgoblins, phaery, fairy, small white lights

any elements = watermen, waterelf, elemental manelf

spirit = high elf, hycilf

Dragons & elements chart:

 To state the summoning speak the name of the dragon, or use dragon color and the word [drake, dacto, draco] or the latin element and the "[]" words. aero draco, A way to summon successfully is focus energy outside yourself and state the phrase, as it will be the focus for where the dragon appears or is near. The more energy you put into it the more you get of a dragon with visualizing of power(aura) and the dragon type or size.

Dragon element

Dragon color

Latin element name


earth dirt brown, black

humus, geo

lava, passion, love, emotion

goldenrod, pink, brown and red

magma, liquentis, myma

fire, emotion, destruction

red, vermillion

pyro, pyr

indying fire, emotion, destruction

red lightblue, magenta

pyrohydro, pyraqu

absorbing, cold, ice

dirty brown and yellow, black brown, brown gold, sea green

hydro, aqo

sea, absorption, water, corruption

blue and some other

cyro, ic

psychic, lightning, air

light blue, sky blue, white, unseen

aero, air

gravity, support, earthair

gray green

geoaero, ditair

stone, protection, guard, rock

gray, gray and brown

custos, ro

gas, electrical, chemical, metals

metallic color

mettallis, mey (think or say the metal)

pollution, poison


virus, poe

pestilence, disease

black brown

tabes, dees

wild, sun, mutation

red gold, red yellow

solaris, sun

particle, gemstone

pure color of gemstone or similiar

lapilus, gem

elemental, most elements

rainbow like, dull shade, earthen shade

natura, ele

chaos, raw energy, astral

black red, red brown

chao, kao

shadow, emptiness, absentness

pastel green, off green, dark gray

opacus, sad

death, nether, undeath

no scales, bone white, transparent

immortalis, meth

fairy, hobgoblin, mystical, mists

misty white with other colors

nebula, misty

devil, demon, evil, disturbance

brown grey white. dark blood red

malefactor, teufel

void, nothingness

pure black, pitch black

voidus, meditu

spirit, most elements

none(human dragon, no scales)

ether, spiy


 God theory

  The theory is this: If enough people with focus, believe that a being exists, said being will be awakened. The proof of this is in the, New Book of Knowledge Encyclopedia. Look under psychic and find a story, on how a group of scientists created a ghost. It took five scientists, in a steady pattern to create the ghost out, of a six months. This pattern was to walk in, to greet the ghost, and they then sat a table with an extra chair. They started to talk in a normal, discussion and including the ghost into it. The ghost finally responded, 6 months later, it lifted a chair and a table, then it wrote its name, in the dust on the tabletop. Thus it was proven that a ghost, can be created. The same thing for a God, except it takes 1 million or more worshippers. The God will change its people to improve them, when that God is made conscious its said to be a moment of stillness in the air. Said God will change them, from the beginning of when they believed in said God first. To be as they want to be. For more on gods and how one can be made look at this site.

  The reality of this theory:  There are many Gods not just one. However, there is an all providing force. Nirvana, and this is all that is. Nirvana is all and none at the same time. It gives life to these Gods. They serve us, only because we believe and want them to. We create with nirvana, and nirvana is the darkside of ether. The unseen side of ether that actually gives results. Infinite, ether is the spirit of nirvana. The noticeable traces of all. To use ether, we use nirvana. We can feel really good by such use. Nirvana is also unlimited love that is infinite in nature. So, we can easily get overloaded. Unless we open our hearts and thus the crown chakra. Only then, we won't get burned out. Those that use it, often give back the energy of what was given to them to keep sane.

   Ether resides in the etheric and is the spiritual element, or the active element. The etheric is with chaotic and spontanious creation of imagination, and that's where all ideas are first created. Then the idea get's reinforced and goes lower and lower in frequencies such as the astral, to then manifest in the quickest way possible on the physical. Ether is part of the fundamental principle of magic and manifestation in general.

   This is such in which all you do is focus enough and what you imagine happens. Otherwise the more you focus on an idea, the more chance of it happening. Ask the spirits to guide you for better results or feel and think what you want to happen when using ether, to always get the act desired. Ether responds to the mind and thoughts. This is with feeling and is instant. Ether works with you as you desire.

   You can focus the spirits to aid in idea that is in anything, as yet again this is not unlike magic for a better result in what life you live for the moment. As, it is with the etheric plane where all our imagination manifests, and where the creation of our lives begin. This includes forming any object. The physical world is inputed as ideas on the ether, that manifest closer and closer to the physical. If the spirits are angered, they won't do anything at all. Always thank or think of them afterwards.


Druid skyhawk


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