Christian "one God" church

   The christians believe in God. You see as you ask Him for things he asks you to believe. The being will create things using your energy. Yet he asks you to do things as well, its usually simultaneous. What God asks of you, though? Ah to believe in him. So just to know that He is real and that people love him is all He needs in return. If you do believe in him, you send some of your energy that keeps Him existing. So yes that's all you really need to do. Its a weird relationship.

   The confusion is thought to be the Devil's work to try and get me away from God. Know you really aren't away from Him. He exists in you, around you and everywhere. But to follow more Gods than just Yahweh sounds wrong, yet your not. God is with many aspects, Odin is one of them. You see each aspect reacts as you expect, he really is just One being like a gem of God that has many faces. It leads me to think that he has many personalities.

   What about the Greek gods? Like Zeus and Hades, Hermes, Ares, etc? Same, the Greek gods are just different personalities of the same God. The belief of the greeks, made the aspects seem so real they appeared on the planet 10000 years ago. It was amazing as each aspect was different. I think He is actually neutral and wanted to create using our energy.. so He created the aspects asked for and served as a power base for them. As though the aspects were lesser lords. Its interesting at the same time a curious effect of the God.

  The basis behind this church, is a legend, that came from greece, of an ancient person named Gyrion that lived on atlantis with three heads, three legs to a side and six arms. A myth was that he was killed by orion after being led into bowshot from chasing a thief named Artemis, that stole from his hut. She later became an assassin and bounty hunter, by Orions soldierlike influence. Gyrion was opt to attack invaders who wanted his land or head and he was also known to torture, as the idea came upon him. Gyrions revenge was to claim Artemis as his new body, that was her body that his spirit took over. Forming an idea of revenge of those of humankind, she spread that she was "The one god". She was told to have ascended to godhood yet never was seen or heard of except, for being a myth.

   His spirit was resurrected, by an effort, to fix the effect of unlawful persecution, in which he was put down, after getting known four times before, except for the last two as in different places. Yet the recent citing of him appeared in egypt as "Hepitites", and the three americas with a "one god" of different names in Amerind that was in indonesia as "God", Amerindia in indonesia is "the-spirit-that goes-through-everything", and successfully, in Rome due to the initiative of the martyrs dedicated, in and of the early christians.

   To denote the truth of this claim, Look at the rules as listed below, and note that people are restricted from stealing and that golden rule exists as a general guideline. Gyrion was as stated above "killed from arrowshot by chasing a thief". Later on a priest was acclaimed to say "a spirit claimed me to smite my foe" by religious experience from a priest as he tries to defend against invaders with name "Peter Larange" and if he did exist today, he would be later known as the avenger priest and proved an effective guard by driving away the rats sometime around 100 - 200 BC, giving the legend of Peter the piper a background that today can only be speculative.

   Only to be forgotten about, as of todays time, but this showed that Gyrion's spirit did exist and this spirit was "dubbed" many names, of which were, "liira" by the gokan tribe in 2000 BC, bombasdoria for "one god", "akyra" in a headheadhunter tribe that was separate as they derived their power to "head shrink" from the spirit of akyra or "spirit of bound energy", and thus, the other tribes against it went and deliberated to slaughter them, "hiri-shiri" or "kiri-shima" as in the buddhists faith. and the "holy spirit" from christianity for Father, Son and Holy spirit.

   This is where Christianity was created from Gyrion's influence, God created things and then used a demon to control the population, so that they'd not try to do unintentional or intentional harm. But, the organised religion, namely christianity, was created for before and the middle ages and when the masses were unruly. Since it intents, this is sometimes done on pushing it's beliefs on others and it always involves money to survive.

  It was allot more bloody and violent then, in the middle ages. But, some might see it being more bloody and violent because christianity made it so. Allot of corruption still exists in it, today. For, those going for another belief were burned as witches. Scientific writings were burned, and most people in that time were killed in the name of god. The reason we're seemingly less violent today is because, of the split of state and church. So, the christianity wasnt actually helping, it hurt people, instead.

   So, some might be under the impression, that Christianity was founded by a man named Jesus where he was only a carpenter and wanted to live without notoriety. Christ was his son named Ahiem, meaning madness where the idea may have come from other religions. In truth, it started before him, an it was officially 'founded' by him, with the Christian bible making things up to control further the populace. The thing is, is that the church wants you to have that impression. So, you will have a figurehead to take examples from. And, stay the point in line of cooperation.

 The early christians started around 2300 - 2500 BC from the romans who had claimed the land. Christianity means "political spiritualism" and came from old welsh of "krist ean" meaning "intent of solution" or "intent of control". with the early faith coming from persecution of thier followers that brought Gyrions spirit to bear and to form their rules. They never fought till cornered with the classic resolve due to fear and "the will to go on".

  1.   The golden rule of "Do unto others as they would do to you". In truth this is based off math that is now a physics law called Newtons third law of Action Reaction that started as weights and measures, by Heron of Constantinople who improved Rome, by inventions and remained, as a "machine god". For every action there is a reaction and this reflects in the others' rules, where the cause of laws and control came from the reactions, to maintain good behavior from another way of thought, to use cause and effect, as for what happens will happen in a balanced return, through some constant counter motions.
  2.  Petty theft was unallowed with the consequence of penalty if caught. Related as "you may not steal" from the idea, to control thievery and protect peoperty. With this is the other eight biblical laws, that use the same basis, as, "you may not do debauchery", "you may not do unlawful destruction" and etc.
  3.   Consideration to the other despite what they did made, for fair judgement originated from the druids, as to treat others with fair treatment, for fair results. What the christians were doing was to get paid to provide permission, as in a "tief", that fed them and allowed the thieves to get away free. This was done through he church activity, or through a pastor who consented, and to listen.
  4.   To win you must conquer unless there is a peaceful solution from the Romans, in their wartime pursuit, to conquer, for profit and the empire. To see for yourself how this works, look at the way of war and peace, to collaberate the moment and persuade, or fight like equals. This came from the druids with their attitude, of "fight till death or be forced to peace." With this is the accumulative prospect, of the warlord who wins the fight, by connivance or brutality, and this meant that the world order was very warlike and with hardly no peace except truce.. A truce comes from the warlike ideom "make use of the people who are willing, or peaceful for remorse, for the living". With this rule you could do the conjoining of kingdoms who are, at peace.
  5.   Through a small rule to allow information freedom stated as"for every concept desired, you may achieve it from an available source" made the druids always able, to survive. Thus, the early christian rule arrised of "make use of what you can and for what you can't win, leave it alone or fight another way.". This allowed the christians freedom, of choice, and to believe what they could under persecution.
  6.   The druidic rule "in a fight that is unwinnable, run way to try try again later" gets the sixth early christian rule "run when the circumstance allows you, to avoid persecution, or make yourself a martyr". These both arrive at the same idea "run away when its too difficult, to come back and fight again".
  7.   Martyrs were coming from the sixth rule, by this additional one, "stand up for yourself, as it gets respect". Where this saved lives and the affrontive would be stopped, seeing that the action was too much, or martyring would be considered a lesson and cause confusion or inspiration.

  When the Christians gained power, on the acceptance of Jesus christ, and this is a great event because it lasted, for at least 800 years or more. What it was based on was druidic concepts written with the bible, as a reference guide. This naturally happened, as the druids weren't around, to be jealous of and the church got greedy. The Pope gained political power, for once, and the church of christ was in a position to take control. They took it.

  They elected a pope, through idea of maintaining the land, and through gaining Rome itself, as a prize who was undeposable till death and gave him power over the king and queen, amongst other powers. They stated "christianity ruled over all and those who were against, got imposed upon." In a dominative power grab that succeeded, from the weakened wartorn lands. The pope got the rights, to crown the king or queen, to preach where he wanted and within reason. That they did, with gusto, as they grew poisoned by the non-resistance, of the world to their power take over. Corruption happend after 100 years, with the stolen lore, from the druids and other religions, put into a book called the bible, in a modified form.

  The new testament showed Jesus doing good works in story form, that reflected rules, to live by and to make living, in times of hostility easier and that's all it was. A storybook of moral idea and prophecy. In this case, the only good prophecy is a failed one, unless it reflected a positive event. There, in the Old testament, is the history of the Atleantian travels, on the voyage they took, as they moved from one day to another through disaster after disaster of volcanic eruptions, as meant by the dust of the volcano will cover a city, if near one. Otherwise, the magic acts are clearly shown, as miracles and there are even some very good meditation acts. Yet, the Jesus portrayed is not who he truly was as Jesus was a thief and when they said "Jesus Christ!" It was meant as a curse. I worship Jesus as a God of Thieves and I do this because it gives him proper accord.

  A story of this time is where, someone goes into a church and all said person has to do is walk up, to a preacher, and pay them a tithe. This gets a "free" saying, of your guilt, to which the priest never remembers, yet acts the psychologist in a undisclosed place. The church priest is a good psychologist, or psychyatrist thats cheap or free, if you think about it. This is an example, of how corrupt the church was and to date, the church loved to torture. Where was the political power of the church was broken was when the USA Judge made a ruling, to the effect, of the separation of church and faith, so any faith can be practiced throughout the land, freely and without guilt, except, this judgement may not actually effect other countries with different rules. Thats when the church lost its power with people, and now they only try, to paying lipservice to it just so, as to remain publicly loved.

  The ones who tortured, are Inquisitors. Inquisitors were a white cloaked church group who sought and questioned "witches and similiar, of different beliefs." Where they spent hours just asking, until the victim was tortured enough and answered them. The "high inquistor" is the group leader and able, to give or take a life, handle a torture session and goes with pay. He paid the others under him with what he had and commanded whom he desired, or they got tortured with the thought they were doing disobedience. Any rumor was all it took for a person to be drugged or dragged to torture. These people were less constrained, to whom they chose, than the KKK for blacks.

Christian classification

 The christians are classified as four types, however there are many denominations and groups that are named differently; Unorthodox, Normal, Zealot and Anarchist:

Unorthodox Christians are very aware of whom they are, or what they were in their past lives, with no eye gleam or plastic look as in they do as they are told if they see if it will work. These people will do as they want unless told by the pope, and unlikely to try other religions, as they are not bible beaters yet they won't resist to do alternative methods. They are known to accept other religions with spite by other of the christian order if they are known for it. Unorthodox christians will avoid church sometimes as they are unbrainwashed. By looking into their eyes. They will give into the consent rule or calm naturally unless pushed.

  Normal christians are regular church goers with the "brainwashing" of the church and a plastic look that reveals that they are sealed to other idea that pass there way and reserve thier judgement. They are easily controlled by the priests or by a speech and try to avoid anger. Most normals won't believe it because they feel good about themselves with an open mind except to their faith. These people reject other faiths in favor of thier own.

  Zealot christians are similiar to inquisitors, known to act on faith and not care for the results if bad. They will relent if given a reason to by force, reason or payment, but when they see reason for anger they will strike out or be angry. The zealot will go to church and make certain others will too or they torment them in little ways. They really go against the magic use, when they see reason to. For, they are the bible beaters who make the difference, of seeing whom they are with strict consent and a crazy glaze to their eyes. There is no seeing their souls with looking into their eyes, like the unorthodox, and where they are pleased, they will dothings, or sometimes they do favors, for the pleaser.

  Anarchist christians sometimes fall under the classification of unorthodox christians. Except, with a twist. The Anarchist know themselves, and are willing to share their idea and resources, but not money or goods, unless its required. They have belief in their own God, and worship in their own way. Excepting their views of anarchy, which they follow, as a guide, to their moral beliefs. They, at some point removed the plastic look. That so many christians have. So, in the event, some idea, they follow their own beliefs and theory. Not just about God. Aolbeit, they won't kill, in the name of God, uf they can avoid it.

  With this in mind the idea of the church, is to now to see it, as cleaned up. Now the church suits the peoples needs with their desire and with a small donation, with the church going on, as its only a figurehead in which people work, to better others in a act to provide a "good" image. Some churches are so poor, so the funds are required for it to survive. Guilt sayings or confessions are now free with things, from daily life spoken, as lessons. The pope is restricted, to unpolitical power and acts to reinforce good intent with visits, to other countries. Finally, an end concept, to this idea, is to concede the church is weaker and might fail unless war breaks out and this typical war must be catastrophic. The other religions are now practiced with the regard, to the freedom act and allowed by the church.

  But, beware, that the church in other countries are still corrupt, in more ways than one. As, for the idea of condoms in Africa, where the chuch preaches, considered, "tools of Satan".  Some can consider the christian church, to be with pedophile priests and their goddamn hypocrisy, ensuring millions of unenlightened people. Some still imagine the condom to be an object of satan, because of the priests. In actuality, it prevents diseases and pregnancies, that will otherwise end in death. Where, they are helping even more people die of aids.


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